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The very best thing about Streetlife is the people who use it daily to talk to their neighbours, share, and support one another. Here's a selection of conversations from across the nation, showing communities in action...

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Margie B
in Norton Woodseats
his pdf has been comprised by a SL member on the Totley area. It is very interesting & well worth reading before you decide about the move, Many thanks to Peter from Totley
Wendy N
Thank you Peter for taking the time to explore all of this and for sharing it. Only a couple of weeks ago I was asked to verify my address, I did, but didn't like the feeling I had about it. If we want to develop more community, let's please ... [ more ]

What Birds Have Been Visiting Your Garden?

Wendy S
in Play Hatch
In the last week or two the following birds have visited my garden. Blackbird Blue Tit Coal Tit Great Tit Chaffinch Greenfinch Jay Wren Woodpecker Pigeon Goldfinch Robin Red Kite Collared Dove The silly male blackbirds are so busy chasing each ... [ more ]
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Barry H
Quite often there will be a Heron perched on our neighbours roof, it will always sit in the same place, and doesn't seem to go onto other roofs, we live on Southlake, so its likely that the bird comes from the lake, but why only to that roof is a ... [ more ]

Antiques & Collectables Fair

Roxley Hall, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew, NR7 0QZ
in Great Plumstead
There will be an Antiques and Collectables Fair on Sunday 22nd January at The Roxley Hall, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew, NR7 OQZ from 9am to 3.30pm.  Refreshments will be available.   Admission £1, children under 12 free. Fundraising for PACT.

FREE Tshirt fabric for crafting/raggers....

Red C
in Brighton City Centre
Hello,i work in recycled fashion and i have lots of regular bags of tshirt scraps perfect for anyone in to the moment we have about 3 black bags full.depending on where you live i could maybe drop them to you or you can pick them up from ... [ more ]
Red C
Colin R hello colin,i can't send a message as i've not verified my address on here yet but yes you can have these husband regularly drives around so can probably drop them to you,here is our email address to sort out xx

Buttons, Buckles & Craft Tools

Roy M
in Great Bookham
Anybody interested in any of the buttons, buckles and craft tools shown in the attached images? I live in Bookham and they are free to whoever is willing to collect.
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Christmas Cards

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Christine R
in Norwich City Centre
Does anyone have any single duvets/curtains bedding they no longer require I work across two supported housing schemes in Hellesdon and we could use them when people move into our schemes with nothing.
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Moira T
I have at least one set of single bed linen which you are welcome to have. Also may have some curtains. Please PM me. Moira

Seville Oranges 🍊 🍊

Sandra C
in Great Bookham
If, like me in January, you're always on the look out for the first really good Seville oranges, thought I'd let you know that I just bought some really high quality ones in The Fruit Grove, Lower Shott, Bookham. Off to make my marmalade now.....
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Sandra C
Hi Dee, The Fruit Grove is in the parade of shops known as Lower Shott. It's a group of small shops with a car park (you can park for free for 20 minutes in the bays directly in front of the shops) across the road from the top of Bookham High Street. ... [ more ]
Sandra C
Sorry Dee, I've just read your message again - I thought you said whereabouts IN Bookham, not whereabouts IS Bookham! Bookham is near Leatherhead, en route to Guildford.

Burglary in Ashby St, NR1 yesterday pm and laptop stolen

David Meddings
in Eaton
We were burgled yesterday pm - massive mess of broken glass by some desperate person who left blood all over the house. So please lookout for a black Lenovo laptop with username containing Elneel.
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Martin H
Have shared on Twitter and as much as possible on Facebook (esp. buy/sell groups in my area). Hope they catch the thieves and you get computer back or at least enough insurance payout to replace it.

Art classes

Sylvia N
in Brighton City Centre
Start again tomorrow at the URC Christian centre Lewes road Brighton. Anyone welcome whether you are an accomplished artist or if you have never ventured into the art world. 2.30 pm £4.00 including a cream tea. Hope to see you their. For further ... [ more ]
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Picture Framing

Jon G
in Chester City Centre
Happy New Year to all Streetlife members. I am looking for a reliable and reasonably priced picture/photo framer. Does anyone have any recommendations
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Peter S
do you mind if I ask where you went in the end? were you happy with the results?
Jon G
We have not visited any yet as we have been tied up with family issues. We do plan to have a look this week

Coffee Meet Up

to , (ended)
Café Noir
David and Safina
in Dean
Hello fellow Streetlifers! We hope you've had a lovely festive period and the New Year has boded well thus far. Once again, after the success of the last Coffee Meet Up we organised, we'd like to open an invitation up to everyone once again. We ... [ more ]
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Mary A
Hi guys, got home ok! The auld fella had tea ready for me! Thanks for making me feel welcome. I'll be there at the next one if I can.
David and Safina
Hi Mary, T'was great to meet you, and thank you again for joining us. It seems I am unable to private message you at the moment, so I'll just add it here. RE Volunteering: The following link is a great resource to start with. ... [ more ]

Yarn and Cake knitting and crochet

to , (ended)
Liz S
in Thorpe Hamlet
A lovely opportunity to meet up and enjoy a chat will knitting and crocheting and eating cake 😊 Please come and join us. Finishes at 17.30 The Acorn Cafe, (Yogatree studio) All Saints Green. Up past John Lewis towards traffic lights in the lovely ... [ more ]
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Old blankets, doggy items, Wanted!!

Lucille T
in Brighton City Centre
Calling all dog lovers of Brighton....We need your help! Wanted * Old blankets * Any unwanted dog coats or beds * Puppy pads * Tinned food for the puppies Hello to you all, we are wondering if the lovely people of Brighton ... [ more ]
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Lucille T
Thank you Gemma, that's a really kind lovely thing to say, but we really couldn't it without everyone's help and kindness. X
Lucille T
This just some of what we have collected from you lovely people...We will keep you posted.. but this run of donations will be taken to the collection point on Monday..🐶🐶

Volunteer Recruitment Day

to , (ended)
Cats Protection Hove Shop, 103 Blatchington Road, Hove, BN3 3YG
Cats Protection Brighton and District Branch
in Cats Protection Brighton and District Branch
Right now, we are looking for volunteers in Brighton and Hove to help us run our local volunteer branch of Cats Protection. There are quite a few roles that we are looking for at the moment - a new Branch Secretary, someone to administer the neutering ... [ more ]

Window cleaner wanted

Lilian C
in Golden Triangle
I live in a flat on the top floor of a three storey building near the city centre, and need a window cleaner. When I first moved here I was told by another resident that we couldn't get one as they wouldn't take it on unless they could do the whole ... [ more ]
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Nigel W
Hi i am a local window cleaner if you don't have any luck with the other recommended window cleaner's i would be happy to come by and have a look to see if its something i could do and give you a free no obligation quote, thank you nigel

Black and white kitten found wandering in Brunswick Street East

Laura K
in Hove
Black and white male kitten found wandering in East Brunswick Street and given to us temporarily by neighbour with dogs half an hour ago. White collar with black spots but no ID tag or capsule. Anyone know who this little chap belongs to? We have fed ... [ more ]
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kitten found

Mandy B
in Thorpe Hamlet
Hi, I am in the nr2 area and tuesday morning 3rd jan a kitten ran into my place and didn't want to leave, I have put an ad on facebook lost and found cats and a lovely lady frances came round and scanned him and he hasn't been chipped (she also said ... [ more ]
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Mandy B
the kitten is going to catchums where they neuter, chip and vaccinate before they will re-home him, such a shame his owners didn't come for him. Thanks for all your comments and offers of help. Mandy x

Decorator recommendations needed

H C Hubbard
in Edinburgh City Centre
I have an old basement flat that needs some major decorating TLC. In particular I need a decorator that can advise how best to 'deal' with the wood-chip covered ceilings in three of the rooms. Recommendations on reasonably priced, reliable decorators ... [ more ]
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Sue C
Hi. Can thoroughly recommend Hynek Kliment for really professional, excellent work...he's always prompt, tidy and cheerful and not expensive. Gives speedy quotes, advice etc. His no is 07976 959 586.
Mette W
Hello  We have an interiors renovations business that could help with your project , we would be happy to come and discuss the work , ideas and free quotation .  look forward to hearing from you  our web site milk  or call on 07710 ... [ more ]

Organic butcher

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Maria L
We buy our organic chicken, beef and eggs from Hugh Grierson's stall at the farmer's market Saturday mornings on Castle Terrace and have for years. A family farm based in Perthshire, you can order ahead as well :
Leanne H
We get a veg/ fruit / egg box delivered every 2 weeks by East coast organics based outside Edinburgh. Produce is fantastic and lasts longer than supermarket fruit and veg. They do meat too. They deliver by electric van now too. They are also at ... [ more ]

LOST DOG: Can you help? - Found Shoreham Beach

Adur & Worthing Councils
in Adur & Worthing District
LOST DOG: Can you help? A male, not neutered, Spanish street dog was handed into the vets today around 2pm. The finders found this little guy on Shoreham Beach. (The finders are known and trusted so we don't believe they were dumping the dog.) He ... [ more ]
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Keith G
in Watton
I read recently that goldfinches are doing well. They certainly are in my garden. The other day I had 7 of them. Three on one feeder tucking into sunflower seed hearts, two enjoying the niger seeds in another feeder, and two in the nearby tree waiting ... [ more ]
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Chris H
We have always had finches of all sorts on our feeders until a few months ago, now we have none of any sort. We do have a lot of House and Hedge Sparrows, Blue and Great Tits as well as various other visiting Long tails etc. Doves and Pigeons ... [ more ]

Free Shoe Storage unit

Gary G
in Queen's Park
We are moving house and don't need this anymore.  It's from Ikea, so I'm sure you can find the dimensions on their website. It is in good condition with the odd very minor mark.  Also, I have drilled a small hole in the side to allow a cable to pass ... [ more ]
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Gary G
Thanks for taking them John and sorry Jane, they are now with their new owner. More furniture to follow in the coming days/weeks...

Borrow Wii Remote Control

Colin F
in Pilrig
Can anyone lend, give or sell me a Wii Remote Control? We brought my wife's Wii to Scotland for her to do her exercises during the holidays - I gathered up everything - Wii, balance board, cables, infrared receiver - before leaving, except for the ... [ more ]
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Tony L
Thanks Colin for returning the controllers with new batteries. Much appreciated. Have a good trip back tomorrow

Small animal cage needed and old towels for rescued hedgehogs

Anne H
in Flamstead
Would anyone be able to help out with a small pet cage that I can use indoors to house a pair of little rescued hedgehogs who, on the advice of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, are too small to last the winter outdoors.  Anything from ... [ more ]
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Julie C
Anne I am going to buy some chicken cat food tomorrow for the lovely little hoglets. May I please have your address and I will leave it on your doorstep. They are such wonderful little creatures, well done Anne. if you prefer would you have time to ... [ more ]