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Northern Bypass for Ipswich

Watchfull in Castle Hill
It has be suggested that we bring this subject up again--can we have your views on this and the reason why--if the Orwell bridge shut down the Valley road gets grid locked--if the big expansion comes about North of Westerfield--it will get worst--I can ... [ more ]
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Kathy what worries me is, we might not hear any until June and streetlife close down debates after they have been running for about six months, especially if there is no activity--but there again one can not blame the punters if there is nothing to talk ... [ more ]
Kathy Bole
I don't know if they even have someone moving this forward, other than what Mr.Gummer has said. I will keep asking, and see where we go. I know this is frustrating. I am afraid that once this election is over, we have all the furore of the EU referendum. ... [ more ]

Grey cat

Hayley J in Ipswich Town Centre
There's a small Grey cat with collar in our area and we haven't a clue who it belongs to. I haven't seen it but my neighbour has and she says it doesn't look well. Has anyone lost one? Please PM me .
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Loss of national rock station for East Anglia

Jan D in Ipswich Town Centre
I really hope no-one minds me posting this. If no interest, please just scroll past! I listen to Planet Rock all day every day and a switch to new transmitters means many areas of the country are losing it, being expected to listen online, which just ... [ more ]
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Martin C
Well that's it then. They turned the station off for all loyal DAB radio listeners in this area yesterday it seems. Yesterday morning in the car I still got them as I was travelling around Suffolk and Norfolk. Today its just a rolling advert telling me ... [ more ]
Jan D
If looks could kill my car DAB would be dead, I gave it a proper glare when I sat in the car this morning! I've tried a few other stations, briefly, but there's nothing whatsoever that plays any music I like, or can even tolerate! Thankfully I still have ... [ more ]

Diabetes UK

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Diabetes Uk meetings held at St Augustins Church hall are trying to increase their membership--Please take note--it would help if they published the DATE & TIME of these meetings--then they might get more to come along--
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Lewis L
The 2016 Diabetes World Summit is a free online event running from the 18th of April  to the 25th.  See
the bees knees
Lewis L, thank you for this very interesting link.  I agree with the findings of the third chat that I read early am this morning. Have you read it yet? 

Claydon chippy

Arthur C in Darmsden
I tried the local chippy tonight for the first time since it re opened. Food was good but still have to wait for order to be cooked to order. The price list on the wall is not very well laid out though. Good to see the plaice ( pun intended) open again. ... [ more ]
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Mark C
Last time I went there, it took nearly 30 minutes for a saveloy...the chippy in Needham is very good...they cook to order, but manage to stay awake while they do it 😄
Paresh P
I am sorry you had to wait so long for Savaloy & Chips, that is too long. We don't know when you came in. It may have been when we were busy and had 6 or 7 customers to serve first. If we had served the Savaloy order first, we could have comments on ... [ more ]

400 Houses for Barham

John T in Castle Hill
Where is the sense of proportion, do we need more houses or less people? Where is the strategic plan for the area, by the time one evolves it will be too late. Never mind we are told “growth brings 'short term' prosperity and jobs”, we also get a ... [ more ]
Nadine H
I also saw this quietly hidden away in the in touch magazine which is the first I have heard of it. I have to admit though, when I moved to Barham 11 years ago, I thought that it would be inevitable that the fields adjacent to Barham church lane would be ... [ more ]

FOCUS: Contemplative Meditation Group

to , (ended)
La Tour Cycle Cafe, Tower House, 17, Tower Street, Ipswich, IP1 2PP
Timothy Yau in Whitton
An open group were we explore contemplative meditation as the practice of focusing or quieting the mind, sometimes called ‘mindfulness’, which in turn, opens us up to a relationship with the Divine. COST; Donation towards room hire TEL: 07964 ... [ more ]


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Sheila O
We used to have a toad every year in our garden but remarked the other day i haven't seen one for the last 2or three years goung off subject a bit we used to have a squirrel that used to scuttle along our fence bur he has vanished as well but the trees ... [ more ]
Susan H
Our garden is full of toads, but then we are in countryside. We also find newts. As for squirrels, don't get me started. I had 3 bird feeders destroyed by the blighters last year, despite having 2 dogs who'd love to have squirrel for dinner. I have to ... [ more ]

Poppy is home!!

Hayley S in Henley
Thank you everyone who shared Poppy's post and regularly asked after her - the brilliant news is that after a month away she is home! Her family are so happy and grateful for everyone's support.
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local gym

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Missing cat in Great Blakenham

Gavin W in Akenham
Our 2-y-o male cat "Strike" has gone missing from the Plummers Dell area of Great Blakenham, last seen on Thursday afternoon, he is all black apart from a few white hairs on his chest, he was wearing a black & yellow collar with a bell. He is ... [ more ]
Carol C
I live the other side of the B1113 and have not seen him over here, but will keep an eye out! Have you tried looking on Gumtree Ipswich,under found OR put him on the lost section. Hope you find him.
Arthur C
I'm down on junction of gipping rd & masons drive, not seen him around here, if I do see him i will post on here

Cats Protection Ipswich - Car Boot Sale

to , (ended)
Foxhall Comunity Centre (ex St Clements Sports & Social Club), Foxhall Road, Ipswich Ip3 8ls
Kitty Bank in Sproughton
Our Boot Sales are continuing into 2016  We'll be on site at Foxhall Road from 10am for those wishing to set up If you'd like to book a pitch please call Dave on 01473 680210. £5 a car, £7.50 for car and trailer/van Free entry to public to ... [ more ]

Cats Protection Ipswich - Quiz Night

to ,
Bourne Vale Social Club
Kitty Bank in Sproughton
7pm arrival, quiz starting prompt at 7:30pm Tickets are just £8 per person and include entry to the quiz and food. The menu for the evening is jacket potatoes with chilli (mild), cheese and beans or cheese and coleslaw. Teams should consist of 4-6 ... [ more ]

Cat Protect Ipswich Quiz Night

to ,
Bourne Vale Social Club
Kitty Bank in Sproughton
7pm arrival, quiz starting prompt at 7:30pm Tickets are just £8 per person and include entry to the quiz and food. The menu for the evening is jacket potatoes with chilli (mild), cheese and beans or cheese and coleslaw. Teams should consist of 4-6 ... [ more ]

Cats Protection Ipswich - Spring Fayre + Rehoming Day + Neutering registration

to , (ended)
St Augustines Church Hall, Bucklesham Road, Ipswich IP3 8TH
Kitty Bank in Sproughton
Cats Protection goodies for sale, raffle, coffee and cake, FREE Neutering registration and all our current resident kitties will be there, hoping to meet their new owners. Do please come along and support us.

Washing machine

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S here
thanks DAF & Richard G unfortunately Peter could not fix it cheaper to buy a new one this I have done from A.O be here tomorrow

Fence repair

Mars in Ipswich Town Centre
I am looking someone who can repairs wooden fence due to recent storms
Mars if you scroll down there is another link on here about fence repairs.

window cleaner

Pat R in Whitton
I do know  a very good window cleaner .get in touch with P.R.

Poll Cards

Citizen of Ipswich inactive in Sproughton
I was disgusted and shocked to discover that my poll card, along with my neighbours, had been dumped in the communal hallway of the block of flats where I live. We all have individual letterboxes so why someone should leave them in the hallway amazes me. ... [ more ]
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Mass R
Funny you should say that Citizen I remarked yesterday that the poll card delivery person had bent our cards in half and only pushed them a little way through the letterbox.  Also left the front gate wide open!  Something you expect from a junk mail ... [ more ]
Citizen of Ipswich inactive
I've also informed the local councillors as they will be the ones to lose votes if people don't have their poll cards. I know you don't have to have one to vote but many people think you do. It's just amazing that the council (who are responsible for the ... [ more ]

window cleaner

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Sophie M
Alan Everett: 07748 072349 I used him when I used to live in Gt Blakenham. He is from Whitton & uses buckets & ladder
Diane B
I use ICS, Ipswich Cleaning Services. No pole, ladders, more affordable than other quotes at the time. Nice, friendly blokes too.

window cleaner

Opposition to Northern Bypass

Susan H in Castle Hill
Seeing as there are people on this forum campaigning for a Northern Bypass, I think the other side of the argument needs to be voiced. I would like to ask how many users of this site are likely to be affected by the revival of talk about the Northern ... [ more ]


Madeleine C
Try Peter West Landscape, 775, Foxhall Road in Ipswich, Phone 01473 714409. Not sure if they do brick patios but worth asking. They laid a beautiful patio at my sisters a couple of years ago and will be doing ours in the next few weeks. He may not be the ... [ more ]

Lost dog

Shirley B in Castle Hill
Anyone with friends or family in Tattingstone ... Bo the dog has been missing from Tattingstone since March 6th there is a substantial reward if found ... Any information please contact me on this site ... With thanks
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Carol C
Oh! How sad, you would of thought somebody would of found her and handed her into the Authority's or a Dog's Rescue! because if anyone wants a dog there are plenty in these rescue homes!!


Jennie W in Castle Hill
We have quite a few pond goldfish of varying sizes and colours that need a good home. If anyone is interested can you please let me know.
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