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Traffic lights Henley Road

Alison B in Henley
What on earth has happened to the phasing of the lights today at the Henley Road/Valley Road junction??? Collecting my daughter as usual at 5pm to find the traffic backed up all the way to the railway bridge. Took 20 minutes to move about 20 car ... [ more ]
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Alison B
Hi Clare at SCC, yesterday's lights were the normal traffic lights. There were no temporary lights. I notice this morning there are signs up for the forthcoming works and the lights seemed to be working as usual again. The phasing was definitely ... [ more ]
Suffolk County Council
Hi Alison B, Sorry for the confusion - glad they are working fine now. If you ever notice any technical faults with fixed traffic lights, you can report this to Dinniq, who maintain them, on 0800 298 6815.  Have a great weekend - Mel

Continuation NBP

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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Thanks David R for your comments I was beginning to feel a bit lonely because no one was posting -- but I suppose none of us can expect much more until spring of next year, that of course is when the SCC will have concluded their talks -- we hope -- ... [ more ]
David R
There is an advocate of a NBP who posts on the Ipswich Star website, they post under the name of deeber but can't contact him through the Star site.

Sloe Berries

Emalkuda in Ipswich Town Centre
Morning all, does anyone know if there are any slow berries ready for picking yet please? Got some lovely ones last year by recommendation from someone on here last year in Great Blakenham.
Sandy H
there's usually loads down at Nacton Shores.(Near Orwell Park School) Park in the car park walk to the end of the path so you're on the river bank turn left, walk along until you reach the first big bushes on the bank and you're there.

Barham Housing (or the politics of persuasion)

Not K in Henley
I cannot be alone in thinking that I am being manipulated, and I have two options; one to just ignore the situation and blame the system or I can have an uphill battle and try to do something about it. We have a housing development process that ... [ more ]
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Stuart P
Agree that the council need to find land, but why a green field site when there are alternative brown filed sites?
Susan H
Exactly the argument put forward by Dan Poulter when I went to that conference. And yet the response of many people to the Ipswich proposal for a massive new development on green fields is to demand more roads through the countryside to distribute ... [ more ]

Public Payphone Removals

John T in Castle Hill
For those who are not aware there is a consultation on the removal of 47 phone boxes, follow this link. There are two in Claydon and Barham , one outside of the Village Hall and the other in ... [ more ]


Susan P in Claydon
Please can anyone recommend a (good)carpenter to fit new skirting/architrave and hang 2 new doors in our living room? The old skirting and architrave has all been removed already as we were having the room skimmed.  Will be paid on the ... [ more ]
Marty A
Hi susan i could come and see you on that one I'm doing some of my own work and i live in Claydon please contact marty on 07539206480
Susan P
Thanks Marty, we're sorted for now, but I'll keep your contact details for another time. We've got quite a bit to do in our home so will need a carpenter again at some point. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Sue

Carpenter Needed to Make 2 x Wooden Gates

Janet A in Common, The
Can anyone recommend a good Carpenter to make 2 Wooden Gates:- 6'2" x 4'6" 3' x 6'1" Thanks
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Hayley J
I've been following Missy on the Doglost site also,and after just checking if any news I'm relieved to say that she's been found safe and well.

Ipswich Northern fringe 1100 houses

Not K in Henley
Just in case you are not aware an outline planning application has now been submitted for 1100 houses to the north of the Railway line and east of the Henley road. I understand that all the traffic from this development will use the Henley Road This ... [ more ]
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Mass R
If all you can see in this protest is spending an extra 15 minutes in bed and allowing a bit more time for car journeys, you are seriously mistaken.
Susan H --- No Comment--- I honestly was under the impression that you had completely washed your hands with us lot and this subject SOH by the way some human beings are ok thats them others

total confusion

Stella C in Claydon
Does anyone know how to find Claydon's SNT ?? I have just spent the last half hour trying to find it, we are supposed to be able to find out information on it (I thought) found the bit that says find your area, put in your post code, done that, it ... [ more ]
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Mass R
Police Safer Neighbourhood team. Fyi Ipswich West SNT has a drop in surgery on Meredith Rd, Ipswich tomorrow morning that is Wednesday, 21st, but I think as some have already mentioned Claydon and Bramford come under the Hadleigh based SNT.  You can ... [ more ]
Suffolk Police confirmed at a meeting last night that Claydon & Whitton (rural), Barham, Great Blakenham parishes all come under Hadleigh SNT, which covers Mid Suffolk and Babergh. Inspector Kevin Horton has responsibility both for Ipswich West ... [ more ]

Motorcycle Ride to Great Bentley in Essex on Wednesday Nights

Terry W in Castle Hill
My daughter (pillion passenger) and I have just taken up motorcycling after I last had a bike back in 1979. I am still a little rusty (so is the bike a Honda CBR1000f) but gaining experience every time I ride. To get into the swing of things, we have ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
Terry W, seems that there are a growing number of motorcyclists in Ipswich. I don't know about historic comparisons but I would say there are more in the last 5 years than before. I think vlogs on youtube and filtering have made it popular; with ... [ more ]
Terry W
Sorry my delay in responding to your messages but I only sometimes dip into social networking then dip out. If it helps Jan, I am an old fogey as well, but mentally alert. I get by mostly on will power... Thanks for the feedback Ipswich Entrepreneur - ... [ more ]

Coop -- School

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Carr st old Coop to become a central school? for over 450 places Will it have a play ground? Will over 50 % of the children be brought to school by car? How will this be catered for? Ipswich bogged down already with traffic problems. A central school ... [ more ]
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Not K
Perhaps IBC should be talking to Needham Market, they have a school that has become spare! No doubt to be turned into yet more housing. Where is the joined up thinking.

Bus shelters

Beryl G in Claydon
Why are they taking down bus shelters. The latest one to go is in Bramford. What is the idea behind this pointless thinking.
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Wayne H
Things are not always bad. The Bramford bus shelter at Gables corner has been removed in order to make way for a new one. Just have a little patience.

Wolsey Theatre Ticket Prices

Sarah M in Akenham
I spent last night at the Wolsey watching "Made in Dagenham" which was brilliant. The only thing that spoilt it a little was the changing ticket prices.  A group of possibly 7 of us were going and we rang on a Thursday to check availability and price. ... [ more ]
Shirley B
I think that is totally wrong , I also have been to the Wolsey several times which I have enjoyed but unlike you I have booked when I phoned them don't see how prices can change like that because the prices are worked worked out long before the show ... [ more ]
Sarah M
Also, I hadn't noticed before but with the exception of the Panto, the ticket prices are no longer in the programme. There is a note on the Panto page however saying "As demand for tickets increases our prices are subject to change so book today for ... [ more ]

Martlesham Ward. Ipswich Hospital

Val S in Sproughton
I have recently had spine operation and was on Martlesham ward.   Apart from the fact that I was in pain and couldn't move much, it wasn't a bad experience at all.  Everyone was pleasant and respectful, the food was fine (quite tasty actually) and ... [ more ]
Lindsy C
If your into Facebook the hospital has a page The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust. I'm sure they would like to hear positive feedback. Hope you make a speedy recovery.
Andy W
I have had both hips replaced and was on Martlesham ward both times the second time was over a Christmas period. I honestly believe I could not have been treated better had I gone private apart from maybe having my own room but personally I preferred ... [ more ]


Graywolf in Henley
Clown seen near to Shrublands standing in the middle of the road tonight . Beware of these idiots.

Radio repair

Jayne in Akenham
Is there anyone who would be able to repair a small Bose cd/radio ? It is not new but I don't want to dump it. I would be glad of any recommendations?
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Claydon Pre-school's Christmas Fayre

to ,
Claydon & Barham Community Centre, Church Lane, Claydon IP6 0EG
Nadine H in Whitton
Claydon Pre-school is holding it's Christmas Fayre at Claydon & Barham Community Centre this year and we aim to make it bigger and better than last year's event.  There will be Craft and Gift stalls selling handmade items and gifts for all the ... [ more ]

Recycling jam jars for Autumn produce

Maria S
I have a few jars that were going to the recycle bin. You are welcome to them. Send me your phone number in a private message if interested. I also live in Great Blakenham near the Chequers.


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Shirley B
Mr Booth Ipswich 727746 not sure what you call cheap but you can give him a ring and find out 😊

knitting for charity

Annie n richard B in Common, The
Am trying to find out if anyone knows if Ipswich Hospital have a charity where you can send in knitting for the baby unit? Have they done this in the past, did it work, does it still exist now? Am in a group on fb, but that's helping out hospitals up ... [ more ]
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I saw on the FB page that they are 4inches square, I took a chance and used 25 stitches and then later read they use 21. I think it's only a guide though, I noticed in a couple of photos that someone makes triangles. I've been knitting since I was a ... [ more ]
There is a charity shop called Cherry Blossoms at 199 Bramford Lane (next to the Co-op and the Post Office) that supports a free and confidential listening and support service for unplanned pregnancies, miscarriage, baby loss and termination. They ... [ more ]

Portland Recycling Centre

Michael M in Akenham
Just been to Portland Recycling centre! WHAT a SHAMBLES! Five operating attendants either sitting complicating their naval, or standing talking in a group. No one directing traffic! Cars and vans every where all locked together trying to leave or get ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Hi Michael M, Sorry to hear of your experience at the Ipswich Portman Recycling Centre; I've passed on your comments to our Waste Management team. All the best, Abbie
Suffolk County Council
Hi Michael M, Our Waste Management Team have received your comments. If you'd like to take this further, please email them directly at: including details of the date and time of your visit so that they can look into it ... [ more ]

Car break in

Jane H in California
Spate of car break in's Cotswold/Cheltenham ave area, all please be warned.
John E
Attempted in Tuddenham Rd ( northern section) 4 weeks ago, 3am. They were disturbed by alert neighbour. Nb police came immediately on being called: commendable.

Old Cattle Market Disabled Toilet

Anna in Whitton
I understand Suffolk County Council is responsible for this toilet. Yesterday there was no toilet paper, no soap and no hand towels in there. The towels bin was full of used paper. Please can this WC be restocked and cleaned more regularly.
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Suffolk County Council
Hi Anna, Glad to have helped. The team are trying to get this resolved as soon as possible - I'm not sure if the ones at the Buttermarket will be the next nearest to the Old Cattle Market one, but there is a list of the ones run by Ipswich Borough ... [ more ]
Thank you Abbie. These are useful sites and I appreciate you help.

Any truth in it?

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Rumours are flying about that the Co-oP Meredith road is closing down-- although the staff know nothing about it-- these rumours are even floating down to them-- anyone know anything?
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David R
Quite right Ipswich Entrepreneur that's why I said in an earlier post 'keep an eye on that one'
As you say Ipswich Entrepreneur the TUPE  is in place so the Coop employees should be alright -- I certainly hope so -- some have got a lot of service in --