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Henley Gate Development Approved

Carol C
in Sproughton
Very disappointed from the Ipswich Star article to see this has now been given the go-ahead as SCC have dropped their objections on the infrastructure issues, but there is no mention in the Ipswich Star article as to how these are to be resolved.  ... [ more ]
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David R
Spot on Ipswich Ltd. I think some people are now waking up to the fact that support for a NBP is really gaining momentum with the population of the Town. For electric cars to become the norm let alone self drive will be years, the weekend papers were ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
The growing support may double or triple next week - or month.  I think anyone arguing taxis or electric vehicles as reducing congestion doesn't understand what congestion is. The space the vehicle takes up on the road and not how it propels itself. ... [ more ]

Continuation NBP part 3

in Castle Hill
Streetlife closed our debate down --Northern Bypass for Ipswich which had around about 650 hits plus -- our second heading -- Continuation NBP is about to be shut down also with about 370 hits -- we are now awaiting the out come of talks this spring ... [ more ]
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Joanna A
Are Orwell Ahead planning any sort of campaign for public office? An independent candidate in the GE for instance? I'm sure they would gain a lot of local support given the mess caused by the squabbling between the two councils. There are plenty of ... [ more ]

Planning Application For Industrial Site between Mockbeggars Hall & Travel Inn, Claydon

Margaret W
in Great Blakenham
Hi, I don't know if people are aware that planning application has been submitted to build an Industrial site on farmland along Paper Mill Lane, Claydon, between the Travel Inn and The Grade 2 Listed Mockbeggars Hall. The application s for 18 units, ... [ more ]
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Susan H
Yes, we should all be able to debate these things without resorting to having a go at one another, we all need to take a deep breath sometimes, go away and come back to read what we're writing before posting! (I include myself) I have no answer as ... [ more ]
Nosey Ron
The real issue around pensions is that those that do not contribute at all still get a pension and support from society. So a reward for a lifetime of laziness when those that did contribute and worked hard end up hardly any better off !


in Castle Hill
My gas oven needs a good clean and oven bulb -- help -- can you recommend anyone
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I do keep phoning Jon Widdick all I get is an answering machine? -- anyone else out there with an alternative person in mind, who can do the job?
Joe S
Just tried him myself. Answer phone again. Tried someone who knows Jon well and he's not answering either. If I find anything out will let you know.

Henley WI Winter Warmer

Susan H
in Castle Hill
Henley WI are once again holding one of their popular 'Winter Warmer' events, in Henley Community Centre, on Thursday February 23rd. Doors open at noon. Lunch costs just £5 and consists of homemade soup (with bread) and a home made pudding with ... [ more ]

Attention budding Musicians...Open Mic sessions restarting following the Christmas break

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
Open Mic nights are a brilliant way for young people to gain performance confidence. Whether they sing, play an instrument, are a budding comedian, poet or ventriloquist, this is their chance to perform to a small friendly group. It doesn't matter if ... [ more ]

Pine lodge

Julie E
in Westerfield
Hello my name is Julie and we have enjoyed living here for almost 4 years. I run a bed and breakfast which has been really successful!

New Year's Resolution- Join Rushmere Creative Writers

Rushmere Creative Writers
in Rushmere Creative Writers
Hi, we're a friendly group who enjoy writing and we're looking for new members to swell our numbers. Enjoyed writing at school? Always thought you've got a novel inside you that just needs coaxing out? Why not give us a try? We meet on Wednesday ... [ more ]
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Lynn L
Thank you for a super evening, I really enjoyed myself and went home in a very enthusiastic mood, I hope it lasts. I meant to ask you Sandie where you go for Tai Chi, if that's how it's spelt?
Jeannie A
Sally Wilden came to one of our writing groups at Woodbridge Library.  We paid for a two hour session.

Vinyl wrap

in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi guys. I'm looking for someone who can do fridge/freezer vinyl wrap. I have already got the vinyl. I'm also looking for an electrician to fit some lounge lights.
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Textile and paper recycling banks now available in Claydon

Claydon High PTA in Barham
Claydon High PTA have installed a textile and a paper recycling bank at the school. Everyone is welcome to use them. Please see attached poster for details of what can be put in them and times of use - the only time they cannot be used is when school ... [ more ]
Nadine H
This is great news. I have been looking for somewhere convenient to recycle textiles since fortnightly doorstep collection ceased. Most other recycling banks only take reusable clothes which I always give to charity. Glad to help the school at the ... [ more ]
David M
Good to know that we can recycle shredded paper ,as previously had to put in waste bin.

Fence Panels x 2 Fence and Fence Post x 1 to Provide & Fit them

Janet A
in Common, The
Hi can anyone recommend a carpenter/gardener/handy man that can provide 2 x 6' tall regular fence panels and fence 1 post & fit them in the Ipswich area.
James A
Janet, Try John Blair of JB Turf & Landscapes on 01473 890740. He has supplied and fitted fencing for us on two occasions and both times his prices were very reasonable and the work was completed quickly and to a very good standard. John works ... [ more ]
John of JB has done quite a bit of work for us in the last few years and I can completely endorse what James A has said. I would never use anyone else.

CYCP Holiday Activities for 9-16yr olds: Looking for activity ideas and providers.

Cycp C in Claydon
We organise activities in Claydon and the local area for ages 9-16yrs in the holidays. We would like to know what Young people in the area would like to see at CYCP... what activities would you like to try? We are always looking for new activity ... [ more ]

Northern Bypass Routes

Susan H
in Castle Hill
Well, I've just been looking at the proposed Northern Bypass Routes announced today and despite the fact they say they've used a 'broad brush' to avoid blighting any properties, I think it is pretty obvious it's not possible to take another road off ... [ more ]
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Stuart F
Susan H; I too winched when I read the comment that you have no idea about shunting kids around! I thought respecting each others opinions was the cornerstone of Streetlife; obviously not, as there are two or three regular contributors who think they ... [ more ]
Susan H
I am always rather amused by the 'Debate' on this site about an NBP which is in fact a campaign by a few vocal people, who happen to find the large amount of traffic using Valley Road inconvenient and just want roads built, which they hope will take ... [ more ]

New Beginner Tai Chi Class

Witnesham Village Hall
Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
A new Beginners Class starts in Witnesham on Thursday 2nd February 2017 5.45pm. At Witnesham Village Hall, Church Lane, Witnesham. IP69JD £5 per class. Your instructor will be Marc Levy. Tai Chi is suitable for all adults. We welcome new beginners ... [ more ]
Hi, Can I join these classes at any time? Through work commitments I wouldn't be able to attend any session until March. I've viewed your website, seen other classes and locations, the same applies but some beginners classes and their time and ... [ more ]
The classes always welcome beginners. Anyone is free to learn by following any of our classes. We are all very generous to beginners and accepting of their limitations. Hope to see you soon.

Carpet fitter

Mark C
in Barham
Hi, anyone able to recommend a good carpet fitter? Or any local fitters out there interested in fitting a carpet in a small bedroom? Ideally want it done next week. Room is clear and I'll have the new gripper, underlay and carpet ready to fit. Cheers.
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Beginners yoga class

Jennie W
Yoga class at Thomas Wolsey school, Defoe Road, IP1 6SG. 7.30pm on Monday evenings. Beginners are always welcomed. Lavinia Gurney 01473 690762

Recommendations for reasonably priced vehicle bodywork repairers please

Carol C
in Sproughton
Can anyone recommend any bodywork repairers that would be able to do some cosmetic repairs on an van conversion type motorhome please?  It is an older vehicle in good tidy condition but now needs new sills plus patch repairs where some rust is ... [ more ]
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Caravan required

Karen T
in Henley
Does anyone have a caravan they would like to sell? We are about to commence major refurbishment to the inside of our house in Henley and need temporary accommodation during this period.

Can you help a local charity?

Frances A in Castle Hill
Suffolk Family Carers is based in Old Ipswich road, Claydon on Hill View Business Park. We provide information, advice, guidance and support for anyone who is caring for a friend, family member or neighbour. The person that they are caring for may be ... [ more ]

Mountain bike needed.

Andy W
in Barham
Does anyone have or know of anyone who has a mountain bike they no longer require? A friend of mine is looking for a bike to use for work this year . Condition is not too important but they are looking for a frame size to fit a rider of approximately ... [ more ]

Barham Housing (or the politics of persuasion)

Not K in Henley
I cannot be alone in thinking that I am being manipulated, and I have two options; one to just ignore the situation and blame the system or I can have an uphill battle and try to do something about it. We have a housing development process that ... [ more ]
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Susan H
What is the real situation re Snoasis? I've always been given to understand that even though permission had been granted, there were so many conditions attached and so many other factors surrounding how it was to be funded, that I've always been given ... [ more ]
Not K if it is of any help to you why not do as we have done on our debates NBP and that is to do a continuation etc -- for instance -- SnOasis part 2 -- It have worked well for us -- We started off with -- Northern Bypass for Ipswich it was closed ... [ more ]

Wasps nest

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Martin B
hi, we can highly recommend Richard at east anglia pest control. We have used him a  couple of times  and recommended him to our neighbour, who was also very pleased with the service. The wasps nest was 100% removed and he guarantees his work. 01473 ... [ more ]
Mass R
There is really no need to go to the expense of hiring anyone if you are physically able to do it yourself. If it was an active nest it's a different story but wasps die off in late autumn.

Lost scarf, but now found

Hugh B
in Castle Hill
Chantry Park is one of the places we use to walk our dog. Yesterday near the end of our walk my wife realised she had dropped her scarf. Without retracing our steps we gave it up as lost forever. We took the same route today and some kind soul had ... [ more ]

Barham Manor

Stephen B
in Hemingstone
Would anybody know if the building used as the Claydon Workhouse still exists? During the War Jewish refugees were housed there and it was referred to as Barham Manor though that property is now a very elegant house next to Manor Farm.
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James is correct. The Workhouse I mentioned was in Barham. Another interesting link, about the Workhouse and Kindertransport, is
Stephen B
How very helpful of both of you though still strange it was referred to as Barham Manor! Maybe a joke as it was clearly pretty grim !!