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Local Conversations in Castle Hill

ATM cash points at local ASDA not dispensing cash-- anyone noticed problems elsewhere--any thing to do with HSBC closing down??
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Recommendations in Whitton

Hi can anyone recommend a good reliable builder that they have used please. I have a couple of smallish jobs I need doing.  Mine was supposed to start work today and never showed. Unable to contact him.
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Sarah L
I use RW services for all my work. Not 100% sure he would be able to do them but may be worth giving him a call? Reasonable prices and very reliable. 07506697313.

Come along to the North West Area Committee!

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

JUL 28
to , (ended)
Whitton Baptist Church, 209 Highfield Road, IP1 6DH
Community Team IBC
If you live in Whitton, Whitehouse or Castle Hill, you can come and raise local issues at the North West Area Committee. This is a public meeting between residents, Councillors and the Police, and your opportunity to get involved. You can find the ... [ more ]

Dog day care

Recommendations in Akenham

Lindsey D
Hi Rod C, Lindsey D here!  I am just starting out as a self-employed 'Pet Carer' so you may want to have a look at my website and see what you think!  I am away next week but will be able to check emails again from Monday the ... [ more ]
Lynne G
If its the kind of thing you are wanting we can totally recommend Suffolk canine crèche at Martlesham.

Claydon chippy

Local Conversations in Darmsden

Arthur C
What is peoples general view ot the chip shop in Claydon? I was recently told by the staff that I was rude , the only thing I done was called "hello" a couple of times as the counter was void of staff when I walked in. It took more than 15 Mins to get ... [ more ]
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We've never had a problem with the food but having to wait for everything to be cooked fresh can be a pain. Not exactly fast food .
Margaret W
Since the Claydon Chip Shop was taken over last year the few times I have had fish and chips they have been good, yes you have to wait for them to be cooked but surely better to have it freshly cooked. You can phone up and order. Meredith Road and ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Common, The

Janet A
Hi can anyone recommend an electrician? One of my douyble sockets in the kitchen is making an electrical buzzing noise & needs to be looked at.
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Pat R
I would like to name and shame a company that came out to Claydon to fix our  aerial in kitchen all they did was extend aerial wire put plate back went into the loft and said to check aerial played about with some electrical gadget came down said some of ... [ more ]

Stanley tool box

Lost & Found in Akenham

Does anyone know a man who bought a Stanley tool box at witnesham garage sale yesterday ? I still have the handle and would like to let him have it, I promised to ring him about it but lost the phone number ! If so, could he get in touch via ... [ more ]

Be on your guard

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Four or more shed's broken into on Whitton Church lane allotments, all allotment holder's else where be on your guard, about this time last year allotment shed's all over this area were going through the same thing, whoever they are they are at it again, ... [ more ]

What's going on then?

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Some time ago I joined the police email, and we use to get emails every day of crimes/ breakin's etc etc covering North Ipswich, I also know that other streetlifers belonged to this email alert system, we use to get alert's nearly every other day, it was ... [ more ]
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I also emailed them. got a reply by phone but got the impression they were hedging. nothing clear came out of the conversation.

Help Needed due to no collection of brown bins

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Sheila L
I am disabled and we are both pensioners living in Castle Hill. We need someone, with a car, van or trailer, to remove garden rubbish which consists of hedging and tree branches. Happy to pay petrol/diesel money. This has occurred due to bins not being ... [ more ]
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Sheila L
Our bins and all the garden refuse bags we left by the bins were finally removed today. They only left 3 bags that they said were too heavy!! These were bags carried to the road by my husband. There were also 2 wagons on Highfield Road and they were ... [ more ]

Share your views on crime in Suffolk

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Community Team IBC
University Campus Suffolk (UCS) is working with police in Suffolk and Norfolk to understand the public’s perceptions of crime, anti-social behaviour and local policing services in their area. You can fill in their survey here: You ... [ more ]
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Several years ago I phoned in to report a robbery in progress. The uninterested female who took the call said they would send someone if they had the time. I won't bother again.
Buzz R
Richard G -the fight in question lasted a sight longer than a few minutes. None of the "participants" would have had the facility to call the police, even if they were so inclined. I would never consider criticising the health service who do an ... [ more ]

Vax Hover help

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

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Hello Guy's been to Ajax they have found the fault-- took it this morning can pick it up tomorrow job done thanks for all your help,

Claydon Garage Sale

Clubs & Groups in Castle Hill

JUL 12
to , (ended)
Nadine H
This went really well and was very popular. hopefully it has raised lots of money to help Luke with the purchase of his new wheelchair. well done people of claydon and barham.

Iceland closing

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

While shopping in town yesterday, we went into the Iceland shop in St Mathews street, where a member of the staff informed us that the shop will close in September, sad for them as their is only a small chance they will be taken on at the new store, ... [ more ]
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Simon B
Not surprised this has happened, I had a feeling that once they opened in Tower Ramparts Shopping Centre the St Matthews one would not survive. As Elaine D stated, they should have said it would close when the new opened and transferred the staff across.
Richard G
To think that the town would need two Icelands was naive ? Was always going to happen . Did you think there was going to be two River Islands

Area Committee projects in May / June

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Community Team IBC
Here are a few of the projects funded by Area Committees in May / June: Central Area Committee: - Alley gates in Surrey/Sirdar Road to tackle anti-social behaviour. - Holiday at Home at Christ Church for local elderly residents. North West Area ... [ more ]

Wheelie bins

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

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I looked on the council website just now and it said to find out what was happening go to the news report, all that said was there are problems due to staff shortages. I'm in IP2 so Norwich Rd problems wouldn't affect me. My brown bin should have been ... [ more ]
Peter M
A bin depot at the end of the street?  I wouldn't want to live in the house at the end of the street in that scenario.

Cats the killing of.

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Just recently I have heard that in the crofts area some one has been snaring cats,this is near to where I live. I have four cats which are part of my family. If any one knows any thing about this or the perpetrators,I ask please give the information to ... [ more ]
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Because of their nature cats will roam they were not designed for cages. I prefer cats to mice or rats neither of which invades my home bringing diseases with them,not forgetting the droppings, also mice are incontinent which means they are continually ... [ more ]
Jo S
The cat torturing will not be ignored by the authorities as it is recognised that those who start by torturing animals in this way are possible candidates to migrate to other species.... A lack of empathy and enjoyment of cruelty are signs of a mental ... [ more ]

School Summer Fete

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

JUL 10
to , (ended)
St Pancras Primary School - Stratford Road
Everyone welcome and welcomed! Homemade cakes and jams. Raffles, tombolas, games, books and bric-a-brac. Trampoline, bouncy castle and beat the goalie! Relax with something cold and a burger from the barbecue whilst watching a karate demo and listening ... [ more ]

Road mystery

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Susan H
Can anyone advise me as to who I need to contact about maintenance to Thurleston Lane? In one of the passing places there are several massive potholes, I live in fear of meeting someone coming the other way who expects me to pull over into that area, it ... [ more ]
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Hugh B
When Thurleston Lane was resurfaced in 2003 all correspondence was from the Borough Engineer at Ipswich Borough Council rather than SCC as most of the lane is in Ipswich. Some of the "passing places" have developed since then and the work at the pumping ... [ more ]
Susan H
I went to Ipswich Councils website to report it, but the link about potholes on the Ipswich Council website takes you to the SCC page, so you cannot report it to Ipswich. This did confuse me and I have emailed them for clarification, but have had no ... [ more ]

Qigong seminar for beginners 18-19 July

Classifieds in Qigonguk

We would like to invite everybody to take part in the next Zhong Yuan Qigong Level 1 seminar which will take place on 18-19 July 2015 at Castle Hill Community Centre. You will be able to learn about an ancient self-development system from the heart of ... [ more ]
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Hello Samantha, you are welcome to do just Saturday this time. There are two options - paying full seminar to attend Saturday this time and second day next time and getting a certificate; or paying half price to attend on Saturday without certificate. ... [ more ]

Missing staffie

Lost & Found in Castle Hill

Shirley B
Lost ... Staffie missing from white house last seen in Bramford owners are desperate to get her back ..if found please contact me .. Thanks

Whitton Baptist Church

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Whitton Baptist church
Everyone is welcome to our lovely Whitton Baptist church ..great Christian company and a wonderful service held by our Minister Stuart Balmer come and praise God and learn more about the Chtistian faith 🙏☺🙏☺🙏

Claydon Pre-school Summer Fete

Clubs & Groups in Whitton

JUN 27
to , (ended)
Claydon Pre-school, Thornhill Drive, Claydon IP6 0DZ
Nadine H
Claydon Pre-school are holding their annual Summer Fete with fun for all the family on Saturday 27th June 2015. We have a Bouncy Castle, Ice Cream Van, BBQ, Cake Stall, Adult Tombola, Children's Tombola, Teddy Tombola, Hook a Duck, Welly Throwing, Face ... [ more ]
Nadine H
Only 4 days to go until Claydon Pre-school's Summer Fete!  The forecast is for lovely hot weather, so if you are looking for something to do on Saturday afternoon why not pop along and join in the fun.  We are situated on Thornhill Road, Claydon near to ... [ more ]

Jumble Sale

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

JUN 27
to , (ended)
11th Ipswich Scout Hall, Chesterfield Drive, Ipswich
Jumble sale lead by local Scouts and leaders fundraising for future planned activities for the group. Refreshments and cake stall also present. Come and support your local group.
Hi, Please have a look at their website for a closer look at the group. Your son would be old enough to join Beavers, but please either pop along and have a chat with someone or give Fiona a call on: Beavers ... [ more ]

Cones on Public Council Land

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Morning all, Thought I might start a debate! I have noticed a huge increase of people putting cones out on council verges (outside their homes) and wondered what the majority of Streetlife readers thought - is it right or wrong?
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Honesty may hurt
In complete agreement about time to walk into town. Public transport is as said expensive, unreliable and can put those that are frail weak or vulnerable at risk. The papers are full of incidents. I digress, this is about us legally parking on council ... [ more ]