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Continuation NBP

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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David R   Tactics with a ? of course it is  -- Nothing surprise me anymore I have been buying the Star for years -- not anymore -- they are capable of jumping on band waggen and thats about all -- they are ignoring this debate to suit their own ends ... [ more ]
Sorry folks bad spelling and English-- a couple of words -- recognise -- wagon -- on band wagon -- should have been -- on the band wagon -- my dinner cooking and watching the stove at the same time -- A MANS WORK IS NEVER DONE

Farmers, bridleways and horses

Stella C in Claydon
Can we much wonder why farmers are anti-horse?? While walking the bridle paths from the Claydon Church Lane area yesterday, it noticed in 4 places where horse riders have gone out onto the planted fields, bearing in mind most of the bridle paths have ... [ more ]
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Santa in the Buttermarket

Maud C in Westerfield
Following a message I read on here,  my 2 sons & their wives took their children to see Santa in the Buttermarket on Saturday & they were very impressed.  They said that Santa spent time talking to the children, including a 2 year old who ... [ more ]

Nisa Shops

Beryl G in Claydon
Does anyone know where there is a Nisa shop in Ipswich which sells Heritage food. Their lasagne is really lovely, but now our Village shop has closed I cant find anywhere that stocks them now.
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Jeremy C
If you put Ipswich into Nisa shop locator on their website it on shows Clacton shop as being open today. Nearest one outside that is Haverhill.
David K
I work in Maylandsea where there is a branch. I could pick some up for you

SnOasis Planning Application 4494/16

John T in Castle Hill
I understand that residents in Gt Blakenham have received a notice about the SnOasis application, others in the wider area may not yet be aware. There is a useful link on the Mid Suffolk website providing information and links to the 237 documents ... [ more ]
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Arthur C
John Terry. I have tried the link in your last post, it shows up as documents unavailable at this time. Hopefully should return soon
John T
Arthur Sorry about that I have tried different methods of getting  the link to work and they all fail. You could try this. then type in the number for 2351/16  and you will find the site ... [ more ]

Felixstowe late night shopping

Derek F in Barham
Just come back from the first of the four Friday  late night shopping nights at Felixstowe.  A bit quiet for the first one but the night was made by our ride on  a pedal powered rickshaw.  The 'driver' was a most personable chap called Ian and for the ... [ more ]

Fridge stopped workinh

Joe S in Claydon
Our hot point fridge has stopped working. Could be because one of us left the door a bit open or because we have it in the garage where it was very cold last night. I have checked the fuse in the plug. Would be grateful for any suggestions of what we ... [ more ]
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Joe S
Thanks for the posts. It has started working again thank goodness. Had a. look at the handbook which said it should NOT be in a room where the temperature goes below 6 degrees C for prolonged periods. It has been that cold recently, minus 4 one ... [ more ]

Street Lights

Stuart P in Claydon
So the parish council have decided to leave street lights on all night as we no longer have "plastic plod" in Claydon. How often did he patrol during the hours of darkness anyway? Another ... [ more ]
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Susan H
I think you have only to see how groups of young people in urban areas congregate in well lit areas such as outside shops, to see that the provision of light is a magnet for people and areas of darkness are less attractive - a policeman once told me ... [ more ]
Stuart P
Having also lived and worked in Hackney, Dalston and Highbury I think Susan H puts the point across wonderfully well.

Barham Housing (or the politics of persuasion)

Not K in Henley
I cannot be alone in thinking that I am being manipulated, and I have two options; one to just ignore the situation and blame the system or I can have an uphill battle and try to do something about it. We have a housing development process that ... [ more ]
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Michael M
Hi Folk of Barham and Claydon, Barham Parish Council have a meeting on 5th Dec in the village hall. I believe on the agenda there is a discussion on the application for the SnOasis project in Gt Blakenham. Anyone with concerns with this project should ... [ more ]

Santa at TK Maxx - Buttermarket

Kitty Bank in Sproughton
Santa is taking a break from the North Pole and will be arriving at Buttermarket this December from the 1st right up to the 24th! You'll be able to find him on the ground floor of the Centre by the TK Maxx Queen Street entrance & for just £4.50 ... [ more ]
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Jean G
that's very good news as I was looking for somewhere to take my grandson on Friday week to see a father Christmas . its a great tradition that should carry on ,I used to take my two girls to the coop in town there's was the best in those days . I will ... [ more ]
If you click on the link Kitty put on the first link it gives you day by day all the opening times. Look forward to seeing him - thanks Kitty 👍🏻

Claydon High School PTA Quiz Night

to ,
Claydon High School Hall
Claydon High PTA in Barham
£2.50 per person in teams of up to 6 people Refreshments available PTA Grand Prize Draw also taking place with a £250 cash first prize as well as lots of other fabulous prizes - tickets available on the night Everyone is welcome -  questions to suit ... [ more ]

Ironing service

Arthur C in Darmsden
Is there someone local to Great Blakenham that offers an ironing service please? Must be able to collect as I don't drive. Thank you.

Blue Badge drive through Ipswich to see the lights.

Lyn A in Ipswich Town Centre
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew if Ipswich Borough Council are allowing Blue badge holders to drive through Ipswich Town center this year to see the Christmas Lights as if they are I would very much like to take my residents.
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June B
I agree, we could learn a lot from Bury St Edmunds. I am spending a day out there next Monday, on a coach trip and starting next years Christmas shopping . Lol

Bad Drivers

Bob F in Common, The
Just like to say Orwell Bridge closure is no excuse for bad driving.This morning I had an appointment at the doctors surgery, on hearing the bridge was shut decided to walk into town.On trying to cross Valley road crossing, on the way in, motorist ... [ more ]
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And I meant to suggest that people using the crossing on Anglesey Road, near The Greyhound, take great care. In the last couple of weeks I have had to stop half way across as 2 cars didn't bother to stop but just zipped along to the junction, and the ... [ more ]
Jeremy C
I have seen a person that crossing hit by a car. There is a problem there when there is a low sun and drivers getting dazzled. They then can't see the person waiting to cross. As a pedestrian I also have the same problem in that section of Anglesea ... [ more ]

Barclay's Local ATMs

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Have anyone noticed that Barclay's ATMs are no longer printing out advice slips -- phoned them and was told that this was decided by their directors weeks ago -- do you think that they should get away with it? surely if we have money in the bank we ... [ more ]
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Nosey Ron I am so please that you know him -- twist his arm for me and ask him to come back I am sure that there are others like me that think the same  Seasons Greetings to you -- and pass the same onto him if you will please --
Susan O
I like to keep tap on my balance all the time..alot of people like me that count their pennies given ever increasing cost of to check balance before spending... Barclays bank is full of it and should not be allowed to take this from ... [ more ]

Save a tree

Val S in Sproughton
I want to save a tree.   I have watched this tree grow and mature over the years and now I fear it may be cut down.   Can anyone tell me how to go about getting it protected please?
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Val S
Thank you so much everyone especially Mass R,  I am over the moon to know that "my" tree is protected.

The Old Rectory - Flint Wall

Stella C in Claydon
Apparently there is another application to move the driveway that will need even more of the old flint wall to be demolished. See this link I have always thought this wall was protected does anyone know how I could find that ... [ more ]
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I believe, like you, Stella C, that the wall is a very important part of Claydon's history because of it's connection with the notable Revd. Drury in the 1800s. I hope the wall can be retained. I see no reason to demolish any part of it.
Stella C
Just to remind people that you only have until Dec 2nd to put your objection in to more of the wall being knocked down, I am surprised that although many people have commented on this piece of history being partly demolished, I have not sen any ... [ more ]

School Parking

John W in Claydon
School parking is a problem.The parents come in from surronding area and park in York Crescent and surrounding area.This then becomes a problem for people in these areaes. Can anything be done to stop this. 
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Lisa H
Great then we will live in a town instead of a village with 100's of large cars containing 1 child, the village will be a death trap! How many new houses in Great Blakenham but no sign of a school!
Nadine H
He told me that was because each development in Gt Blakenham was below 600 houses and so they only had to pay into the education fund rather than building a school. It is because of the mistakes made in Blakenham that i think they will push for over ... [ more ]

Ipswich Northern fringe 1100 houses

Not K in Henley
Just in case you are not aware an outline planning application has now been submitted for 1100 houses to the north of the Railway line and east of the Henley road. I understand that all the traffic from this development will use the Henley Road This ... [ more ]
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Hi Not K I have been digging around the IBC web site but I cant find 16/00987/ful at all? but dont forget there are other sites also being proposed ie. Fonnereau and Red House I may be wrong but I think the application your on about could well be ... [ more ]
Not K
Watchfull , I thought I may have typed it incorrectly but I had not, I think that there must be a fault with the planning website. As I said this in not directly related to this post but is another 30 houses and associated traffic coming onto the ... [ more ]

Gipping Valley Art Society Exhibition

Margaret W in Great Blakenham
We are a local group of artists who meet weekly and we are part of the 'Four Communities Action Group'. We are holding an exhibition at Claydon Village Hall on Saturday, 26th November 2016, from 10.00-4.30pm. Affordable art on sale including framed ... [ more ]
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Margaret W
Post code is IP6 0AB. It is between Hamilton Smith Estate Agents and The Bakers Shop. Extra car parking behind Hungry Horse car park.

An Example To All Councils

Tony H in Ipswich Town Centre
Ipswich and Suffolk Authorities take note -

Airport taxis

Maud C
JR Travel 01473 255050. Have used them a few times before & actually they are picking us & our family from Australia up from Heathrow at 6.30am on Tuesday!

Old photograph restoration.

Kate H in Castle Hill
I have an old black and white photograph which I would like to have enlarged and made clearer,  there is someone on Streetlife who has previously advertised this service, please would you message me if you can help.
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Claydon Pre-school's Christmas Fayre

to , (ended)
Claydon & Barham Community Centre, Church Lane, Claydon IP6 0EG
Nadine H in Whitton
Claydon Pre-school is holding it's Christmas Fayre at Claydon & Barham Community Centre this year and we aim to make it bigger and better than last year's event.  There will be Craft and Gift stalls selling handmade items and gifts for all the ... [ more ]
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Nadine H
Today! Please come along. We have more than a dozen craft and gift stalls plus santa will be in his grotto and children can wrap a secret gift for their loved ones.

Dangerous Driving

Susan H in Castle Hill
I am not sure who to report this to - I have emailed the address under contact for Ipswich Waste. On Wednesday Nov 9th at about 9.20 am I was driving from Whitton Church Lane to Old Norwich Road through the narrow bit with brick walls. A waste lorry ... [ more ]