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Northern Bypass for Ipswich

Watchfull in Castle Hill
It has be suggested that we bring this subject up again--can we have your views on this and the reason why--if the Orwell bridge shut down the Valley road gets grid locked--if the big expansion comes about North of Westerfield--it will get worst--I can ... [ more ]
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Carol C
Bob F is right!  The Queen and Prince Philip have stayed at Helmingham Hall in the past on private visits as guests of Lord and Lady Tollemache, on one occasion surprising commuters on a London to Ipswich train in the process, and driving themselves to ... [ more ]


Peter P in Castle Hill
Is there anyone out there who can decipher the attached autographed post card. It,s from 1938 and I want to know who it is. I've tried all possibilities I can think of but with no success.
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Builder needed

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Mark - M T Groundworks 07786 638457 really nice guy and I was super pleased with the work carried out 😊

Claydon High School PTA Family Quiz Night

Claydon High PTA in Barham
Remember the Quiz tomorrow night  - 11th February, 7 - 9 pm  £2.50 per person in teams of up to 8 Tombola Refreshments In Claydon High School Hall

Door repairs

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French Conversation

Margaret P in Ipswich Town Centre
I have seen somewhere, but not sure it was on Streetlife, reference to a local French Conversation Group. Does anyone know or have any information please? Thanks
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Avril L
Hi - for anyone a member of U3a I run a conversation group for beginners.  The group is full at present, but you can put your name on the waiting list.  There is also an intermediate group.

Time to Talk Day 2016

Community Team IBC in Akenham
We are proud to be supporting the Time to Change - Time to Talk day 2016.  It's easy to get involved. Just have a chat about mental health with a friend, loved one, colleague or even your Streetlife Neighbours, in any way that suits you.  Let's get the ... [ more ]

Temporary home for cat

Jayne in Akenham
We are going away for three months from the end of February and would like to find a loving foster home for our beautiful pet. He is 8years old and loves people but unfortunately is not used to living with children or dogs. Is there anyone who would ... [ more ]
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Thanks to everyone who helped and offered advice. I am pleased to say we will have a house and cat sitter who is known to us. There are some very helpful and kind people about
Carol C
That's great news! Like Rhiannon R I have two cats and they would not of been pleased! but would of willingly come and fed him, but he probably wants company too! Good Happy Ending!😺

Removal Company

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Jubilee Park Play-Space Survey

Community Team IBC in Akenham
Do you live in the Jubilee Park area? If so, we need your help!  Please take 5 minutes to complete our survey on the play-spaces in the community: Your feedback is really appreciated.
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Buzz R
The football/netball/basketball area next to the play area has high fencing which would be virtually impossible to climb. Similar fencing around the play area would pretty well ensure its security overnight.

Claydon High PTA Family Quiz Night

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Claydon High School Hall
Claydon High PTA in Barham
Family Quiz Night - £2.50 per person in teams of up to 8 To book a table email or just turn up (booking helps with refreshments) Everyone Welcome - questions to suit all ages! Refreshments Raffle for the adults Tombola for the ... [ more ]

Walnut tree

Beryl B in Claydon
Does anybody know why the walnut tree in Winchester Gardens has been cut down. As I walked down Bacon Road yesterday I was shocked to see two men in orange hats, up the tree with a chainsaw. I think that tree must have been well over 100 years old and ... [ more ]
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Jan B
Yes John, but it takes hundreds of years for English Hardwoods to mature. We really should force the councils to reinstate the duty to place protection orders, and to enforce them. This issue has been a victim of cuts but once an old tree has gone, it's ... [ more ]
Mass R
As you say John T trees with a protection order can be lopped but you have to get permission before doing this.  I was told when a 60 year old cherry orchard was cut down by a developer in our neighbourhood that if you suspect a tree is in danger you can ... [ more ]

Ipswich Hospital Care Parking

Val S in Sproughton
I am so fed up with the car parking situation at Heath Road.  Sadly we are in the position of having to visit the hospital frequently to attend appointments and the time lost by driving endlessly round and around the car park looking for a space is ... [ more ]
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Patricia D
I started a thread about trying to save the park and ride some time ago as  have found it so easy to attend the hospital. One can wait inside the spacious hall at either end so no need to be cold or wet, and the bus stop at the hospital is covered. If ... [ more ]

Barham pits

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John T
This is part of the Gipping Valley River path, so who owns this bit ? Is it a Barham Parish Council responsibility ?
Anne D
Perhaps it would be worth contacting the Rver Gipping Trust - their website has a contact telephone number.


Janet A in Common, The
Can anyone recommend anywhere good to go to have a new will done?
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Rita P
We had a party when we made our wills and gave a copy to each of the executers so there would be no unpleasant surprises for our children.

Claydon Recreation ground car park

Mark C in Barham
I was walking my dog earlier and I noticed how poor the car park area is these days. It's never been great, but it just seems really bad now. there are large pot holes (which may now contain fish) and large rocks that are surfacing from the generally ... [ more ]
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Anne D
Hi Mark please contact Claydon & Whitton Parish Clerk by email at or phone 01473 687384 (Mon-Fri). The Recreation Ground does urgently need committee members, so I'm sure she would be pleased to hear from you. Thanks.

Post hole digger.

Andy W in Barham
Please has anyone got a post hole digger I could borrow or rent as I need to fix a busted post. I will pay for the loan or make a donation to a nominated charity in return. Many thanks, Andy White.

Exercise bike

Bramford Village Stores

Bin Collections

Not K in Henley
I have just been searching for this year’s dates for bin collection and note that the Mid Suffolk twitter site gives this link as they no longer send out the leaflets. Does this mean that those without internet are psychic, or do ... [ more ]
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Nadine H
I had seen the Mid Suffolk Christmas/New Year recycling calendar on this site and therefore prepared to put my bin out today. However, yesterday (my usual bin collection day) it seemed that everyone else in my area had put their bin out causing me to ... [ more ]
Anne D
I'm glad it helped, Interested. I saved the image as a photo - from Facebook I think.

Cycling on Pavements

Not K in Henley
On a recent trip to London I had a close encounter with a cyclist riding on the pavement, apparently in some parts it is the norm. I note that Claydon Parish Council and I quote from InTouch “is very concerned that cycling, sometimes at speed, by ... [ more ]
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Its no use having laws that are not enforced ever.  Cyclists ride up and down pavements,on and off pavements. Most do not have lights,most do not ride as per the highway code. This has been the norm in Ipswich since about 1980. Also in Ipswich they ride ... [ more ]
Anne D
I agree entirely with Nadine H's comments. SCC - our local PCSO is fully aware of the problem and the High School have been alerted to it too, but it still continues. A few school children do wheel their bikes past the bus shelter which is ok, but many ... [ more ]

Jumble Sale

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25th Ipswich Scout group, Bramford Road, Ipswich
Lyn A in Ipswich Town Centre
On Saturday 16th January the 24th Ipswich Scout Group will be holding a Jumble Sale. Doors open at 1pm.  Bramford Road Railway Bridge 330A Bramford Road Ipswich IP1 5AX

Proposed Housing Development in Barham

Not K in Henley
Today I noticed that a tiny yellow poster has appeared on a lamppost in Norwich Road between Coopers way and Barham Church lane for a planning application for 14 houses with responses due back by the 29th December! There is nowhere to park nearby so ... [ more ]
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Not K
It is interesting that Barham is not alone, other areas are being short changed on consultations. For those who have not seen the reference in yesterdays EADT to 52 houses in Creeting St Mary. Thanks YM for your comments and ... [ more ]
Not K
Just noticed in yesterdays EADT this planning application had been entered with a cut off date for comments within 21 days of 6th January, ie 27th January. So we have a local yellow posted notice saying that it is 29 December 2015 (not that you can ... [ more ]

Once a thieve

Mars in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi guys. I'm a private landlord who rented his house to a couple in Chantry. Husband works for Ipswich buses. Unfortunately I did not register their rent as I did not realise it was the new law. This couple haven't paid rent in 5 months. I have engaged ... [ more ]
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I think you need to take a stand with your sister. Sometimes one has to actually stand firm with someone, even if it is a family member. Do you have no rights regarding YOUR house? It's bonkers that you have to work more hours because your sister's ... [ more ]


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Vivienne S
Hi Sara My son is available he can turn his hand to almost anything he is at present revamping our shed if interested call 07743964094 to discuss . Vivienne