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Vicky S to Balham and 4 more areas

Garden decking

I'm looking for someone to deck a small portion of my back garden (3m sq or so) in Balham, and create a corner bench - any recommendations? I have the design just need someone reliable the with woodworking and reasonable rates. Thanks for ... more »
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Polly M
We used Greg from Bedecked. He was great. V reasonable and does any shape you want. His website is or! His number is 07590 401780.
Tina J to Balham and 9 more areas

Street Entertainers

Hi I am looking of street entertainers to join us at Brixton night market at Windrush sq this is an ongoing monthly event. anything goes as long as it is safe and family friendly.  whether it be facepainting, bands, jugglers, dancers or maybe even a ... more »
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Tina J to Balham and 9 more areas

streetfood market traders

Hi I am looking for market traders for  two events one in Brixton which is an ongoing project and another in waterloo. for more information email or call or text me on  07429507027 tina
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Tina J to Balham and 9 more areas

promotional work

Hi I need to people to help promote two events one in Brixton which is an ongoing project and another in waterloo. for more information email or call or text me on  07429507027 tina
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Tina J to Balham and 9 more areas

need a freelance photographer

Hi urgently need a photographer as I need high res photos for media publication of an event this coming Friday and  Saturday night . contact me via streetlife or at or text or call 074295070727 tina
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Sylvia to Balham and 9 more areas

local scaffolder required

to scaffold the side of a semi detached house in order for repointing of brickwork inc chimney stack. please PM me if interested
or to hire a mobile tower/safety deck c. 25 ft high -any experience of this please?
Ann H
guttering lkcally who isnt going to cfharge a fortune - could you possible phone me on 0208 769 9578 if you get replies as sometimes my street life things dont come to me - thank you so muchi need help too f
C Q to Balham and 5 more areas

End of tenancy clean

Hi good experience or recommendation to share please? Moving out early May at terraced house Thanks!
Denise W
I would recommend Man Friday Services,  Martin Gilbert they are a very professional team Tel. 020 3598 2669 - Best of luck with the move
Bonnie P
Hi, I know the perfect person for the job! He lives locally, is super reliable and extremely thorough. Please consider him as you would most defininatly not be dissapointed :-) 07904 803243
Bonnie H to Balham and 5 more areas

Anyone keep racing pigeons?

If you are a pigeon fancier,  race pigeons or know anyone that does please contact me?
Kelly J
About four years ago I was visited by a stray racing pigeon which simply would not leave. The Royal Pigeon Racing Association helped me to get in touch with the owner, who was in Staffordshire, and it was arranged that I should take the bird (which ... more »
Jane B
Hi Kelly .. My brother trains, breeds and races pigeons. Best wishes, Jane
Caroline U to Balham and 4 more areas

Sky Broadband

I used to be with O2 for broadband and paid £12.50 a month.  Sky took it over in February and Sky now have informed me that they are going to take £24.87 a month for the identical service.  I did speak to someone at Sky who told me that this has happened ... more »
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Sandy B
I am with Sky now.  I found BT to be useless.  I think most of them are and never go with Talk/Talk.  I told them three times that I was leaving my address and they then tried to get money out of me for a bill for 6 months after I had left.  They knew ... more »
Jane B
Yep Caroline I had exactly the same experience. I was with O2 for broadband,  never wanted ever to give my money to a Murdoch owned network and not only was I forcibly moved (I know they bought O2 so there was no choice) but like you am charged a monthly ... more »
Leanne U to Balham and 9 more areas

The castle

Popped in to the newly refurbished castle pub on Tooting high street, what an amazing job they have done, the interior is lovely, the food menu looks great and the beer garden is fab, staff are really friendly, a real credit to the area.(:
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Tara R to Balham and 4 more areas

Side return extension

I'm looking to extend my kitchen into the side return. Has anyone had this done recently and could recommend someone? Would be great to see any pictures too if you can PM them to me as looking for inspiration! Thank you, Tara
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Lea T to Balham and 5 more areas

Spring Bat Walk in the Cemetery

Calling all nature lovers! Enjoy a late evening stroll in a place of tranquility... Friends of Streatham Cemetery are having an evening BAT WALK on Thursday 1st May 2014 Meet at 8.40 pm at main gate of the cemetery on Garrett Lane, Tooting, SW17 0LT  ... more »

to ,

Streatham Cemetery in Tooting

May 01
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Lea T
Thank you so much for your encouraging replies. I cannot promise there will be bats on the night but I can promise that we will look!
Nigel G
Thanks Lea. I will be happy to just be there amongst people with an interest in nature. It would be a bonus to see some bats. I have put a bat box up in my garden but so far no takers.
Chanda to Balham and 9 more areas

I have an Antique Wardrobe if any body want it

Hi every one, wardrobe need to go, it is Antique  single wardrobe, n bedside cabinet if any body want it, it is old but very strong, do not have room to keep, and also have expendable small-dinner table, n coffee-table, all must go, contact me ... more »
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Sheira C
Hello Chanda I am interesting in the bedside cabinet, is it still available? Could you send me a picture if it is? Thanks Sheira
Denise B to Balham and 4 more areas

Garden terracing maintenance

I have a small terraced courtyard that appears to be sinking after the drenching it had this winter. Can anyone recommend someone local who can rebuild my terracing back to its former glory. Not looking for garden design as this would be out of my price ... more »
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Anna S
Dear   Denise, My husband Tomas does gardening (including fences, patios, paving, artificial/natural turf), photos of his previous work can be viewed on his Facebook page:  He would be happy to give ... more »
Denise B
Thank you all for your recommendations, I have been away so sorry for the delay in replying. I will start ringing round tomorrow. Thanks
Vicky S to Balham and 4 more areas

Ladder and patio cleaner - short borrow please!

Hi, We're attempting garden spring-cleaning this weekend in Ravenstone Road, between Balham and Clapham South. We need a pressure jet cleaner to tackle the mossy patio, and a ladder (to about 9 foot) to tackle the out-of-reach ivy. Does anyone nearby ... more »
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Denise P
We have both. Please call my husband, Paul on 07973 255 815. You can arrange to collect. We live on Stapleton Road, SW17.
Vicky S
Will do - thanks so much! V
Marlon to Upper Tooting and 4 more areas

Siblings still living at home - A fair rent?

Hello everyone. I have two children, in their twenties, still living at home? What is a fair monthly rent to charge them?
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Valerie H
I agree with Urbangardener I returned home a long time ago after uni and whilst I did not feel hard done by as some of my friends were paying more in rent at that point of time £35 per week prepared me for the real world and the cost of living. This was ... more »
Janette B
I also agree with Urbangardener eveni if you do give them a nest egg when they leave. there are two lessons here, learning the cost of living and the value of saving! Even if someone else saves for you its a great example. Be brave, charge close to ... more »
Stevo C to Upper Tooting and 4 more areas

Is Anyone Selling A Cheap Van

I need a anyone selling one? I don't really mind what it looks like as I'll only be putting a whole load of Sports Equipment and Rugby Kit in it. As long as it works for getting me around town. My budget is around £1000 tops!!
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Ru to Upper Tooting and 6 more areas

Missing micro-scooter - orange

Hi, My 3 year old has lost her mini micro scooter. It's neon orange with a red and white light on the handlebars and a has a broken front end. Last seen somewhere between Tooting Market and Franciscan Road last week. If anyone has spotted it please ... more »
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