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Fish Poacher

Give, Lend & Borrow in Clapham Park

Penelope K
I would love to have your fish poacher - it will be so useful to poach salmon for my birthday party! I can collect as I live near to Clapham South. Many thanks, PM me and I can arrange pick up!

Round back chair for sale

£50.00 in Upper Tooting

Hello! We're selling a chair for £50 ONO that we bought for £140 because we've moved into a smaller flat and are downsizing. Excellent condition and a really nice chair! Pick up in Balham
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Maths tutor for Alan test

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Wonder Woman
Great, friendly patient tutor needed to get my daughter the Alan test in numeracy level 2, it's a must to get into her chosen university, can anyone recommend someone amazing!
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Garden Tips!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Summerstown

Jaime Johnson Garden
Todays' Garden Tip: Feed your emerging spring bulbs! It takes a lot of energy to make a flower so help your bulbs along with a feed.  Bulbs in containers need a high potash feed such as tomato fertiliser, and those in the ground could do with a general ... [ more ]
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clare rees
Goodness me - you really have started something here! It's wonderful that we have so many green fingered residents in the borough! I'd love to hear from you too if you can squeeze me on to the list! Keep up the good work! Clare rees
Irwin N
Jaime Johnson Garden Didn't see your comment until now...and I really needed it! I have two amaryllis bulbs ( one of which was rescued from the bin ) but wasn't sure what to do with them, whether  you need to remove them from the pot once the flower is ... [ more ]

Gaggia coffee machine to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Streatham Park

Princess Leia
Gaggia coffee machine, free to whoever collects.  It works (I think) but needs to be serviced as water flow is slow.  Can get all info. for cleaning/servicing online as does not come with instructions or box. Clapham South area.
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Free Electric Hotplate

Give, Lend & Borrow in Streatham Park

Stuart McCall
Hi Streetlifers, We were given this by the Gas Board as we had no gas for 2 days. We have no use for it. It has only been used once. Free to a good home! Thanks Stuart
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Elizabeth C
Yes please as we cannot make any food and we will use it on our open days , 07903112290 I can collect this morning or on my way home I am on webbs road battersea , thank you

Rattle on the Stovepipe- Friday 27th & the County Arms

Clubs & Groups in Furzedown

Doreen L
This great trio- Pete Cooper, Dave Arthur and Dan Stewart- perform a fascinating 'crossover' of Irish, English and American 'old-timey' traditional music, with fiddle, guitars, 5-string banjos and even an English melodeon... 8.00 pm Friday at the ... [ more ]

Please vote for Age UK Wandsworth in the CFC collection ballott!

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Age UK Wandsworth
Age UK Wandsworth has been lucky enough to be in the ballot for the opportunity to hold a charitable collection at Chelsea Football Club. Please vote for Age UK Wandsworth by 27th March by clicking on this link! ... [ more ]
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Accountant needed

Recommendations in Balham

Kevin B
Hi all, I'm looking for a recommendation for an inexpensive accountant to take care of company account filings for a one-man band consulting firm. many thanks!

Looking for someone to test a new service collecting deliveries while people are at work.

Local Conversations in Upper Tooting

Andy W
Receiving deliveries is a real problem, with people having to take time off work or run the risk of their deliveries being left in bins or on their doorstops. I'm trying to find a better solution and I think the answer could be to pay one person on a ... [ more ]
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caroline w
Yes, I think giving the job to a local business as a way of their making extra income is the best option. A few of my friends live in a squatted community in South Spain and all the community's post is delivered to a local hippy shop and then picked up ... [ more ]
Andy W
Thanks for the feedback folks, I've received a few messages to. A number of companies have been trying to develop the shop delivery option, but it seems that they're moving away from using small local stores to partnering with supermarkets and the ... [ more ]

Gardener wanted please

Recommendations in Tooting Graveney

Rachel M
Can anyone please recommend a gardener who would be able to cut down a big hedge (incl roots) and take away all the debris? Thanks.
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I want a tall cabinet for my bathroom

Local Conversations in West Hill

Hazel H
I'm looking for a tall bathroom cabinet, up to 1800mm high, and preferable no deeper than 300mm.  I've seen a Laura Ashley one in a shop, but it's over £500 and that seems a bit steep. Any ideas, or has anybody got one they want to sell?

Handyman to put together Ikea wardrobe?

Recommendations in Clapham

Karen S
Hello Can someone give me a cost for putting together this Ikea wardrobe for me?  It should arrive Monday 30th March.  Thanks PAX Wardrobe , white, Vikedal mirror glass Width: 100 cm Depth: 60 cm Height: 201.2 cm Article Number : 590.252.73
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June C
Any jobs - large of small (except plumbing and electrics) we aways use and recommend Shane of Multiproof Ltd. 07837530813 - web page He is a friend of my next door neighbours work colleague so his credentials are A1.  Started off ... [ more ]

where is bear?

Lost & Found in Balham

Laura B
Dear people of Tooting - i am sorry to post about Bear again. And i am sorry if you have seen me walking the streets in tears recently (v embarrassing) ... my boy Bear still hasn't turned up despite hours of searching and calling around the area each ... [ more ]
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Laura B
Thanks everyone. The search is indeed still on. Here is a potentially useful photo of his fluffy tail and what he looks like in the wild (aka my garden last year). Being a black cat he doesn't have distinguishing markings so it's proved hard- the main ... [ more ]

Someone to put in a dog flap

Recommendations in Wandsworth

kate c
We have a jack russell who needs a jack russell sized dog flap in the wall.  Is that possible?  Is there anyone out there who can do that?
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Images of Tooting

Clubs & Groups in Streatham Park

pete k
Hi, I'm an amateur photographer living in Tooting and I've started a "Tooting image project". I think Tooting is a great place to live and I'm going to be taking photos of whats interesting and sometimes over looked in the Tooting area. I've already ... [ more ]
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anne O
Hi suggest you go on the tooting history group facebook site and ask for advice there. Lots of people who know the area very well!

Professional Roofing Company - Call Scotts Roofing Limited

Classifieds in Scotts Roofing Limited

cleaner for Earlsfield

Recommendations in West Hill

Lucinda P-J
Good Morning people,  My lovely cleaner has just told me that she has to leave due to hic ups in her family so I am looking to replace her. I live just of Earlsfield Road, (in the middle) and can afford £10 per hour I would like to start with once a ... [ more ]
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Laura M
I tried to email Violetta but the email address seems to be incorrect. Suzanne, do you have any other details for her you could send me please. thank you  Laura

Help with pet burial

Local Conversations in Streatham Park

Natalie C
Can anyone come to help dig a hole to help bury our cat today? We had to put him to sleep last night and want to bury him safely in the garden but need help with digging a deep enough hole. Hope someone can help. Thank you.
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Robin FT
It is not necessary to dig too deep a hole as long as you put something over the place so foxes don't dig it up. I used a lot of bricks and after about 4 weeks no disturbance I'm glad to say.
Natalie C
Elizabeth and Robin - thank you for your messages. We put stone slabs all around him, soil over him and then another stone slab to keep his body safe. Until this experience, I had no idea that foxes would do such a thing - a terrible thought. We have ... [ more ]

Help with broadband/Mac nightmare

Recommendations in Balham

Hello Can anyone please recommend someone who would be able to come round and look at our broadband and computers(Macs) to try and sort a problem? Have spent many many hours on the phone to BT and not getting anywhere....thank you streetlifers!
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Ecomputing E
If you are in Balham BT is the best. You can book a callout from us and we can deal with BT at your premises speak to their Technical Department. Talktalk, Virgin etc. are not that great to be honest. BT owns the exchange so even if you change the ... [ more ]
IT at Home
Jane E , What you are describing sounds like contention affecting your browsing experience.  If you take the analogy of a water pipe and flowing water, the exchange you are connected to has a pipe able to to provide 'fast flowing water' to a certain ... [ more ]

Wanted: CD Audiobooks and/or simple-to-use CD Player for residential care home in Balham.

Give, Lend & Borrow in Furzedown

Does anyone have any Audiobooks on CD to give away which would be suitable for older people? Also needed, an old CD player/portable walkman which isn't too complicated for a partially sighted old person to use. (They're getting very bored because they ... [ more ]

Ownership of Freehold - WITHOUT a limited company

Recommendations in Streatham Park

Ann W P
I have heard that you can jointly own a Freehold on a property without a limited company. At the moment I am having to file accounts for the dormant company every year - I've been fined twice for doing it days late so I would rather be rid of it! Is ... [ more ]

Cleaner for Balham

Recommendations in Streatham Park

Laura B
Hello, We are looking for a cleaner to come 2.5 hours a week on a Friday whilst we are at work - so they must be very trustworthy and therefore I am looking for recommendations please. We basically need our 2 bed flat cleaned including changing one ... [ more ]
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Fionnuala S
I can strongly recommend Fatima who is currently looking for work on Friday mornings. She is 100% trustworthy and an excellent cleaner. She used to clean for my niece and did an excellent job at that and then filled a vacancy as childminder to my niece's ... [ more ]
Nara M
Hi Laura I'm a professional cleaner with 10 years of experience . I have 3 cleaners that work for me too. I have many references if you need and I can work for you on Fridays. Let me know if you are interested in my services. Many thanks Nara

Women's Winter Cycling Gloves for sale - NEW

£25.00 in Upper Tooting

New SealSkinz winter cycling gloves for women size M for sale.  I wore these once but they were too small so I had to buy a large and couldn't return them.  RRP £40 as seen here: Thanks!

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes for sale

£20.00 in Upper Tooting

Maroon leather Salvatore Ferragamo shoes in very good condition for sale. Size Euro 40 with a 1 inch heel, soles in a very good condition as well - scuffed but not worn down. Pick up in Balham. Thanks!