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Keep warm this winter

Age UK Wandsworth in Balham
Information on the link below to help you keep warm this winter.  Please help your older friends, family and neighbours to do the same.
Hugh LB
My problem is keeping cool. I have COPD, so breathing is a big issue for me and in the nursing home here there are window restrainers limiting the opening to 35 mm making them almost useless for ventilation. 30 deg. is usual rising to over 35 in the ... [ more ]

Excellent local property managers

HJ Property Management in HJ Property Management
We are an independent local small business providing flexible property management services to landlords and tenants.   With 5 of us in our Wandsworth office we look after more than 80 properties across South London. We want to keep properties ... [ more ]
Julian S
Hi, Unfortunately I don't have any properties to manage but I do know several useful tradespeople who can help with maintenance if you need plumbers / electricians / builders / renovators etc. Let me know if anything like that would be useful and I'll ... [ more ]

Free guided walk - Sunday 30th

Ian Bull in Wandsworth
Hullo everyone I'm a walk leader for TfL's 'Walk London' project and this year I've personally offered five guided walks via Streetlife. These have been very popular so I thought I'd conduct one more at short notice, it would be the 7.5 miles from ... [ more ]
Kate B
I would love to join one of your walks sometime but I'm working this Sunday.  Lucky people who can join you.

Suspension files to give away

SammySamak in Summerstown
I have a large quantity of foolscap size suspension files to get rid of. Rather than bin them, would anyone like them? They are in excellent condition, some are unused. There are approx. 80 of them - various makes & colours (mostly Crystalfile ... [ more ]

Heathrow Expansion

CDT in Upper Tooting
Hi streetlifers-pls can anyone advise me how best to fight Theresas plan to expand H'row? Other than contacting my local MP are there other groups coordinating efforts on this?  Much appreciated

Blood testing at St George's Hospital is stopping.

JEAN in Furzedown
Hi All There was a post on here last week stating St George's hospital Tooting would not be taking any more bloods as from today.  It is actually next Monday.......I have spoken with a Research Fellow at the hospital and she has confirmed as from ... [ more ]
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Why does nearly every post on here have to end in a major debate!!  I posted the information just purely to tell people about the closure of walk in blood tests at St George's...................NOT to start a massive debate about immigrants and the ... [ more ]

Cardboard needed

Mrs H in Clapham
I have an urgent need for about 15m2 of flat cardboard - can be flattened big boxes. Any ideas anyone? Thanks!

Cleaner Required Earlsfield

Vicky K in Balham
Looking for a recommendation for a cleaner in Earlsfield. To start between Christmas and New Year and continue from then.
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Lumi D
Hi Vicky!Please give me a call if you are still interested .We ran a business on the area so we'll be pleased to help you.My no is 07507877240.Best regards!

Setting up TV

Jenny L in Upper Tooting
This is one of those things I SHOULD be able to do, but can't. I have a new TV. I can't find the way to link my DVD player to it. I have no idea what leads I need or what slot they should go in. Do I need an engineer or an electrician? Whichever, want ... [ more ]
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Jon W
You SHOULD need a HDMI cable which is the same at both ends and used in most video devices nowadays. If you have an old non-HD DVD player then you need a SCART cable which has a massive connector on it. Both carry audio too so there is no need for ... [ more ]

Wanted: Indoor or outdoor small bistro table and chairs

S B in Kennington
I have a small kitchen so need a small table and chairs to go in the kitchen and to use in the garden.  Any help would be welcome.

Marconiphone Reel to Reel Recorder

Bryan S in Balham
Hi I am looking for a company who can repair / service the above , hopefully locally , I have located one in Eastbourne , but that is to far away , any advise would be great  , thanks

2 child (backless) booster seats up for grabs

Allison in Balham
I've got two booster seats to give away. One is Halfords red and black. The other is Britax black and grey. Never been in an accident. These are the type that are suitable for up to 12 years / 135cm and they do not have a back.
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Janet D
Hi Allison,  Please can I have one too? I think we're ready for one - my boy is already 4 and super tall! I can also collect anytime.  Thank you so much,  Janet

EE 4G reception in Clapham South Area

Sir Lurchalot in Upper Tooting
I have just ported over from O2 last week as I am now on a business contract.   I have an iPhone 7 Plus and the reception on O2 was brilliant in the Clapham South/Common area.   Since switching to EE, the reception has been dreadful.  Normally 1-2 ... [ more ]
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Sir Lurchalot
Well that's it. Moved back to O2. Better the devil you know!! Certainly wouldn't recommend EE in the Wandsworth area. Dreadful reception!!
Lynn M
Have just seen this thread, very helpful. I have had terrible reception with EE since Orange pushed me onto them.  I live in the Streatham Hill Area and we have no signal at home, at my daughters school or at my Husbands workshop in Tulse Hil.My ... [ more ]

Banana plants/trees - free if you know how to remove them properly

Victoria L in Furzedown
I have a "bunch" of banana trees in my garden, some fully grown (trunk is c 7ft high with leaves reaching as high as 12 feet), some juvenile (one year? trunk is c. 4 feet high) and some suckers/shoots. My garden is very sheltered and all the tropical ... [ more ]
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Last week's Gardeners world on the BBC had a section on removing banana plants for the winter - you can cut the leaves and due to shallow roots they can easily be dug up - but advice was to keep them somewhere dry and inside over the winter. Should ... [ more ]

Covers for bolster cushions - sewing

Victoria L in Furzedown
Can anyone recommend someone to make some covers for two large bolster cushions? I have the material already and would like a zip/buttons sewing in so that they could be removed and washed Thanks!
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Cathy M
Hi Victoria I am a local seamstress and would be happy to make your bolster cushions for you. If you send me a PM we can discuss price etc. Thanks , Cathy

Looking for spare cork tiles

Minxette in Upper Tooting
I want to use cork tiles as floor protectors for my sofa. If anyone has any left over from a job or going spare, I'd be very grateful. Many thanks.
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sc m
Hi Minxette  If you still need? Found you some free brand new pieces of carpet. Collection is Clapham South. PM for full details.  Thanks. Stella.

Two travel cots - clean and in excellent condition.

Dawn B in Balham
I have two travel cots to giveaway, one was kept at my house and the other at my mum's for overnight visits. Both hardly used much, easy assemble, clean and in excellent condition. One has a cover case the other doesn't. Happy to giveaway feel free ... [ more ]
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Door to door enquiry for Spanish speakers

Jackie K in Balham
I opened the door to two women, one young and one much older.  They asked only if there were Spanish speakers in the house.  Unfortunately I did not ask why they needed to know and they went on their way.  It then occurred to me that they could have ... [ more ]
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I had a similar experience a year or so ago when two men came to my door in Clapham asking for Spanish speakers. When I asked why they said they were looking for people who might like to come to a Spanish bible class .  I got the impression that they ... [ more ]

IOS 10.0.2 update trouble...?

Marianne I in Wandsworth
Since I updated my iPad to IOS 10.0.2, I am experiencing annoying "bugs", such as not being able to get a direct response when clicking on virtually any link or website..... Instead it just opens the general browser window. I invariably have to return ... [ more ]
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Alex B
ISO 10 also has adjusted your settings in updates iTunes and apps store is automatic so updates while your on your 3G or 4G using up vast amounts of data mine used 12gb of my 14gb last month good job I spotted it early so turn them of in your iPhone ... [ more ]

Wanted: Garden table and chairs

S B in Kennington
I have now finally moved and have a garden.  I would love a garden table and chairs if anybody has any going.  It would be great to enjoy my garden as soon as I can.  Thanks in advance

billy bookcase to give away free - 80cm(w) x 106cm (h)

Builder recommendations for opening up supporting wall?

Linas A in Balham
Hi,  I'm looking for builder recommendations for opening up a supporting wall between two rooms and installing French doors. Many thanks! Linas
Lara Z
Hi Linas, you might want to speak to Bart from Pristine Finish. I have used him on a number of occasions and he's very good. He'll do a detailed quote to really assess what you need and is very efficient. His workcrew are very professional and his ... [ more ]

Ribbons free!

Sally H in Earlsfield
Big bag of Ribbons kindly given to me by from Tony H got some left over if anyones want to collect from Balham
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Man and van needed for washing machine swap

Rebecca M in Streatham Hill
Can anyone recommend a man and van that might be able to help us with swapping a washing machine & a washer-dryer between 2 properties that are just half a mile apart (one in balham, one between balham & streatham hill)? We can manage the ... [ more ]

Pull out wire baskets for kitchen units.

Jim F in Balham
I have 2 wire baskets with fittings for a standard 600mm kitchen unit offered free. Never been used  and easily installed.