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Spider Plant Cutting Wanted

MM in Pimlico
My daughter would like a spider plant for her bedroom. Does anyone have a Spider Plant we could take a cutting from? Many thanks!
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Thank you ALL so much for your responses.  Wonderful to think of all those lovely little spider plants out there!  Kate and Lilja may I PM you first  as you are closest, and if for some reason that doesn't work out I may well come back for more from ... [ more ]

Pilates classes at Dimson Lodge, Battersea Church Road

emmsar in Wandsworth
Hello everyone, Today we had the first class of Pilates, we were not as many as we would have wanted, Raquel gave us a good work out. We would like to have another five participants for the 1pm class. We will probably combine the 2 sessions to have ... [ more ]
sc m
Thanks emmsar. Yes, the class was beneficial and not too fast paced. I am wanting to learn the breathing technique within each movement! So in my opinion the class offered this, rather than just move on to the next position. Have 1 more lady to join ... [ more ]

Lambeth Palace Gardens

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Lambeth Palace Gardens
Rotary Club Battersea Park in Upper Tooting
Why not visit Lambeth Palace Gardens, see leaflet for more details. The money raised will go towards the Rotary Club of Battersea Park 'Christmas Day Event' for the over 65's.

Wimbledon Football Stadium development

Sarah M in Furzedown
Don't forget that you have until Wed 10 August to get in your comments to the Mayor of London on why he should make the decision about the building of a 20,000 seater stadium, 602 homes etc on the borough boundary between Merton and Wandsworth. Impact ... [ more ]
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I hope that someone can keep an eye on what happens to those poor greyhounds when it closes. Racing greyhound owners don't have a great reputation for their welfare once they've lost their monetary value.
Rod C
That is true, and there are groups who do that. But hopefully this will be the beginning of the end for this cruel "sport" completely, allowing dog lovers to keep greyhounds as pets rather than money making machines. After that we need to end horse ... [ more ]

Bathroom needing renovation

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What's wrong with cardboard and the rubbish collection service?

Dmitriy in Balham
I have some cardboard that rubbish collectors DO NOT wish to collect. Nothing special about, just a crashed Amazon box. For over a month now they were ignoring it in the bin shed and on the bin shed. Do I have to glue a quid on it for them to get ... [ more ]
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Just spoke to Wandsworth rubbish collection department and they are perplexed too about crushed (flattened) cardboard not being collected, so reported it as an issue.

Really really really thorough cleaner!

Hannah C in Streatham Park
Hi there I've not had much luck with cleaners of late - I used a lady recommended on here yesterday and she really wasn't very good, plus she was an hour late!  Can anyone recommend someone who is thorough and really takes pride in their work?  I ... [ more ]
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Posting to China - Help!

Sarah B in Balham
Dear Streetlifers - i've done something really silly and bought some clothes on line that turn out to be from China.....  I now need to send them back and i've discovered that air freight is going to cost me around £50 per lb of weight! Are there ... [ more ]
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Sue H
I've seen a few of these cases in the last few weeks - people had bought what they thought were designer wedding dresses, prom dresses, or trainers.  All rip offs - bought from what they thought were reputable companies, but turned out to be from ... [ more ]

Free CD-Rs, DVD-Rs

Free 14"CRT TV (the old kind)+ freeview box

Pegasus in Upper Tooting
Old obviously but has had little use and works fine. There's a Scart socket so freeview box or an older DVD player can be easily connected.

Private flat to rent

Julia B in Balham
Any Streetlifers know of two civilised, reliable potential tenants for a two-bedroomed mostly furnished flat (plus study room) with amazing views over London on one side, Clapham Common on the other in a lovely old, well-maintained house. It's at the ... [ more ]
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John Lewis and Waitrose both deteriorated

Angela Bunt in Streatham Park
Am I the only one who has noticed a marked deterioration in the quality of products and customer service in John Lewis and Waitrose? Had two recent bad experiences with JL re quality of their own brand bed bases and appalling customer service. Still ... [ more ]
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Totally agree about Waitrose Balham and glad I'm not the only one to have similar views! Have complained many times on twitter and on their website - mainly about their fresh counters and lack of trained staff there. The response is always prompt and ... [ more ]

Wanted A2 Math & Physics Tutor Recommendation

R D in Sands End
Hi Everyone Can anyone recommend a good qualified Math Tutor & also a Physics Tutor for my son who is in his last year of A levels (A2). Must be willing to travel to my home in Furzedown. Thanks

Epson printer repairs...

DaisyDog in Earlsfield
Any recommendations for someone to attend to an Epson R1800 printer? Mine is no longer printing well despite replacing all ink cartridges and initiating the head cleaning process.
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Speak to Simon Thwaites  on: 0208 874 7111 can't remember the name of the company but he's on old colleague of mine and he specialises in Epson.
I will follow up all suggestions given, starting with a head cleaning kit (the cheapest option) and then other paths will follow if required. Thank you all very much!

Virgin land-line problem

Kate B in Summerstown
My cable land-line is not working and I don't know how long it's been down because I rarely use it!  TV and B/B all fine.  The phones themselves are powered but there is no signal.  Virgin say there is no problem.! Has anyone else had a similar problem?
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Matt D
Whereabouts are you? I've just had a real battle with Virgin Media, had no tv for 31 days... They kept telling me it was an area outage. I eventually got an engineer round (last Friday) - he took one look at the box, replaced it and now everything's ... [ more ]
Matthew G
I've had periodic problems with both Virgin landline and broadband. This week it was the landline. I went to Virgin Media online, and the test showed no problem. But the site still enabled me to book an engineer visit - which I proceeded with. He came ... [ more ]

Tooting Common Chestnut Avenue - All the trees will be detroyed

Rosanna F in Furzedown
The trees of the beautiful Chestnut Avenue will be destroyed even the healthy ones.
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Leonie C
The Friends of Tooting Common have decided to host an informal meeting to allow for discussion of the proposals, which are likely to be rubber-stamped by the Council's Executive on the 3rd October. The meeting will be on Friday 30th September, 7-9pm ... [ more ]

10 days left to run Paradise of the Assassins

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The Payday Salon presents two sensational bands at the Balham Bowls Club this Thursday

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Balham Bowls Club
Mat S in Streatham
The nights are drawing in and the season of mellow mists and fruitfulness settling upon us. But there is one place that is always an inferno of sound, style and savoir-faire. And that is THE PAYDAY SALON in the luxurious setting of the Ballroom of ... [ more ]
Mat S
Hi Jo, yes indeed! Don your dancing pumps and head on over for an evening of terpsichorean bacchanal! And bring your hoofer friends!!

Local salvage yards?

Vix W in Streatham
Does anyone know of a local salvage yard that might be interested in buying two original mid-century radiators?  They are both a nice shape and worked well when we took them out of our house, so it seems a shame to take them to the tip.  Or any other ... [ more ]
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Just tried the links Jonathan E posted but they don't work - here are the correct ones: SalvoWeb international: SalvoWeb UK:

Join Which? campaign in fighting nuisance calls.

Dmitriy in Balham OR a shorter link for those who can't access that long one:
Amanda G
Thanks Dmitriy. I have signed the petition. Nuisance calls make me so cross. I worry about the vunerable people who can be taken in or at the least distressed by these calls.

Missing Cat in Streatham Hill

Victoria R in Balham
Hi all,  My 4 yr old tabby cat (goes by the name of Amy, or any kind of whistle), has been missing since Wednesday 21st Sept.  She's never missed a meal, so this is very unlike her. We live along Ambleside Avenue, so she goes out through gardens and ... [ more ]
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Adam V
I'll keep an eye out for her for sure. The cat that was in the garden is a new one...I know all the local cats and there are no tabby ones that come to our garden. We live at number 89 so we are close to the garages. Maybe pm me your number in case I ... [ more ]
Victoria R
Thanks Justine! I was patrolling tonight but with no luck. I managed to get a crowd of other cats though... I think the best bet is that she will turn up in someone's garden and hopefully can be coaxed in. Adam, I've sent you a PM. I've had another ... [ more ]

Urgent call for blankets and sleeping bags for Calais refugee camp

RHM in Tooting Graveney
A friend is taking stuff to a refugee camp in calais next Sunday. The distribution centre at the camp has put an urgent call out for sleeping bags and blankets. If you have any, please PM me. Thank you!!
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Fitting Gas fire

Liz S in Furzedown
Hi we have an old Victorian house and are looking to fit a gas fire into one of the fireplaces.  Has anyone had this done and does anyone have a recommendation please. Thanks Liz
I am also looking for advice on this.  Please can anyone help? 
Morris Walkden
HI Liz S, I know someone who deals with plumbing and heating. He will be able to do this job for you. His name is Callum. Here are his details. Phone Number: 07850087373 Email:

Repointing on a chimney stack

Lost/stolen brown leather card wallet

Julia B in Balham
Woe is me.!... Left credit card wallet at Waitrose, Balham, around 7pm yesterday on an empty till as I was re-packing the shopping, discovered the loss within an hour or so. Popped back, but nothing handed in.   If any Streetlifers see it around, ... [ more ]
Lily W
Julia do check again with Waitrose. I left my phone is Tesco Express, they said they did not have it. I returned later on having borrowed my friend's phone, rang my number and heard it ringing behind the desk. Got it back.