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Clean Smart Beach and Cream Bedroom Furniture up for Grabs

Ania O in Furzedown
Does anybody need any furniture?   I was in the process of dismantling it all before taking it to the dump where it will unfortunately go to landfill. The local house clearance companies advised me that second hand furniture merchants don't want the ... [ more ]
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Iona K
I'll be back in London tomorrow night and need to check in with my son who needs the furniture but I expect the tall drawers useful (Not sewers as I wrote below !)
Stella A
Hi Ania, just wondering if you still have any of the items please. Will be interested in the ones that are yet to be taken. Please advise, thanks.

Need a boiler engineer

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Bill B
Hi, I can recommend John at Bluewave plumbing, he's gas safe registered and has helped many streetlifers. His number is 07843262071 Hope this helps Bill
Give Hamilton group a call 02077388967 They installed a new boiler and have serviced it for me for several years. (Recommended by others on Streetlife)

Domestic Technology handyman needed

Liza E in Streatham
A Trustworthy /reputable and experienced technology handyman needed. need help at home with getting more out of the router /broadband and also other installing gadgets. Anyone know if someone please?
Allan Chivers (Electrical)
Hi Liza Feel free to contact me if you need any technical/ technology advice. Also feel free to contact me for any free no obligation advice Regards Allan Allan Chivers Electrical NICEIC Approved Contractor 07450865510 ... [ more ]

Free guided walk - Sunday 7th August - Most attractive scenery

Ian Bull in Wandsworth
Hullo everyone I'm a walk leader for TfL's 'Walk London' project. As an enjoyable 'busman's holiday' I've recently led some walks along the Wandle Trail for Streetlife members and these were extremely well received. On Sunday 7th August I'm leading ... [ more ]
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Hi Ian  A friend of mine recently enjoyed one of your guided walks and I wondered if your were planning to do any more in the near future? It sounds as though quite a few people are already interested in participating on your next walk ...
Ian Bull
Hullo Lotty I'm repeating the 7th August walk on 25th September but it's completely booked-up. If people drop-out I'll advertise the spare spaces here in a new thread. On 2nd October I'm leading a walk for Transport for London that also concludes ... [ more ]

Welder needed for my car.

JG in Summerstown
Good afternoon, can anyone recommend a good Welder/car mechanic with a Welding machine. My car needs some heavy duty Welding. Our local mechanic doesn't have the right welder for the job. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Many thanks.
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Reliable Cleaner needed Clapham Common Northside

Lotty in Stockwell
Can anyone personally recommend a reliable, diligent and good cleaner for 3 hours a week? My cleaner has had to leave due to health problems and I'm struggling to keep up with keeping the house clean. I'm looking for someone who is quick and ... [ more ]


Tom C in Balham
Hello, We were thinking of getting a new kitchen and I was wondering if anyone had any particularly good or bad experiences in the Balham/S London area, please? Thank you very much indeed in advance. Tom
Kenna Plumbing and Heating
Hi there Here are some before and during pictures of a kitchen we are currently installing. It will be completely finished by this evening. My company is Kenna Plumbing and Heating. There are other examples of work and plenty of reviews on my Which ... [ more ]
Jayne S
George Dominant Construction 07903 769245 just finished my bathroom brilliant job hard working group of people recommend to me by 2 neighbours who had kitchens and extensions done. Mention my name if u like. Jayne

New food shop in Battersea

Jenny S in Wandsworth
Good news! There is an excellent new shop on Battersea Park Road, near the end of Falcon Road. It's called Hoxton Fruit and Veg, but it also sells other things. A lot of the stuff is organic. They only opened a couple of days ago so they don't have ... [ more ]

Handyman needed

Donna P in Balham
Looking for a handy man for a few jobs. Putting a king size bed together, putting up a bathroom cabinet on a tiled wall , putting a blind up and three ikea shelfing units Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
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Andrew L
Hi Donna I could fix those things for you. You're welcome to message or call me on 07882 808056 Regards Andy

Animals are not Freight global day of action.

Parliament Square (or online)
Jill C in Balham
If you feel strongly about the live transport of animals (against it that is!) like I do, there is a chance to show it tomorrow. All information you need is here


Alan P in Furzedown
I saw about 10-15 green parakeets roosting in a big tree on Trinity Road, yesterday evening. Have they moved into the area?
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Alan L
I guess they have to be awake for this? “The owls appear to have adopted a simple but effective method of hunting parakeets. Perched in the top of a tall tree, waiting for potential prey to arrive in a neighbouring tree at a lower level, the owl ... [ more ]

Wasps Nest Removal

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Lara Z
I'd recommend Jason Stockham from Pestalance - he's done mice and wasps for me in the past and helped a number of friends out with unwanted "friends"! He'll do a free survey so worth a call 07802 346323 Hope you sort the problem out! Lara
Almuth T
The wasp nests are very beautiful. Ask whoever is doing the removal of it to keep it intact and you may want to have a good look at it.

Wooden Chest of Drawers

Andrew M in Balham
Have a wooden chest of drawers available - three long drawers and two smaller ones. 4- inches long and 20 inches deep. Reasonable conditions. Could too with a bit of a polish!
Camilla Y
Hi Andrew - could you attach a photo please?  I don't quite get those measurements ! but they'll make more sense when seen. Would be grateful for the overall measurements? Thank.

Drape a wall for party

Learn Italian books to give away

Cristi in Clapham Park
Amici workbooks and 2 CDs, Affresco Italiano A1 Corso di lingua per stranieri and 2 CDs, Anche in Italiano 2, Grammatica e pratica, Italian grammar in practice, Italian for children activity book, 3 little books collezione Una Fiaba in tasca. Used ... [ more ]

Urgently need handy person to put up four IKEA beds and do a handful of Diy tasks before tenants move in

Alex T in Balham
Hello there - does anyone know someone who could put up four IKEA beds, fit a couple of door handles and prop up a couple of floating shelves which no longer float? Needs doing by early next week. Thanks!
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Amy J in Streatham Hill
Does anyone know a good tailor that could make me a suit in the local area who is also reasonable in price?

Air fryer advice please

Rachel B in Upper Tooting
I'm thinking about getting an air fryer and wonder if anyone has any advice about which make/model is best quality and value for money? Thank you lovely Streetlifers!
Elizabeth S
Hi Rachel ~ I started a number of years ago with the Tefal (small) airfryer and was disappointed with its presentation as it did not seem to be made as substantially as the makers name would imply.   It did the job very well however and was used ... [ more ]

Do the ponds on Wandsworth Common have names.......?

Marianne I in Wandsworth
Having arranged to meet friends near the Bolingbroke Grove pond, on Wandsworth Common, I wondered if the ponds actually have names? During my Internet search, I came across the following bit of local history, which I thought I would share: "Main pond ... [ more ]
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Aviva W
The pond on the Bolingbroke Grove side is called Three Island Pond ( the 3rd island now has been planted to protect people and waterfowl on the road side), also known as the stock pond. The 'ponds' on the other side are known as the Lakes with a new ... [ more ]

Gardener recommendations

Alistair H in Balham
Hi, does anyone know a good gardener/landscaper? We have just moved in to our house which has a small garden that needs overhauling. It's currently a concrete jungle so they would need to be able break up and remove rubble before doing the pretty ... [ more ]

Lost cat in Tierney Road

Jess C in Streatham Hill
Hi all, our tabby and white cat Alan has been missing since around midnight on the 18th August. We were waiting for an emergency locksmith and saw him briefly then but by the time we were into the building he had disappeared. He spends a lot of time ... [ more ]
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6 dogs stolen from walkers van SE23

Lily W in Streatham Park
Today 6 dogs were taken from the back of a dog walkers van Kemble Road SE23 Forest Hill 1 dog a Shih Tzu has been recovered from Crystal Palace Park. To date 5 still missing. The van that was used to steal them was a black transporter van.
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Lily W
No nothing, really sad. Both crimes still have 2 dogs missing plus a little French bulldog was stolen last night near Streatham Common station.

Male French Bulldog Stolen from garden

Lily W in Streatham Park
Hank was stolen 26th August about 11.30pm near Streatham Common station. The photo is of a poster I saw today on the high street, the link is to Doglost.

Cat Advice Please!

Sarah B in Balham
Dear Streetlifers - my beautiful ginger cat Nemo is shedding his fur all over the house and no matter how much I brush him it doesn't seem to mAke much difference. Do any Streetlifers out there know if I could maybe have him clipped because he won't ... [ more ]
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Sally H
Super! Enjoy 😄😄 I haven't tried it on my clothes yet as not all my clothes are suitable for the dryer but I might try some of the delicates on a low setting. This is revolutionary!!
Rachel B
I do this all the time! I do it with both the cats blankets and any clothes that have become furry! It's brilliant!

Female kitten found Location: Aldrington Road, Streatham, SW16

Lily W in Streatham Park
Dear Streetlifers Cross posting the information from Pets Located. To contact finder if this is your cat you need to get in touch with them. I am not the finder :) Thank you. ... [ more ]