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Venue and help for a party required

Recommendations in Furzedown

Liz S
I have a BIG (age) birthday coming up and am looking for a local venue for about 40 people for Sat Aug the 29th.  I want outdoor space, music and dance floor and am very short on time not only to find a place but also to plan the party.  So if someone ... [ more ]

Help! Shelf too wide.

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Veronica B
I ordered a shelf to go in one of my alcoves and it's literally about 5mm too wide. Is there anywhere cheap and local I can get it trimmed? Thanks.
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Arthur C
how can you have a wood shop on Kimber road and not call it Kimber Timber? Missed a trick there!

Free Rabbit hutches

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Karen R
I have one but need one where my rabbit can run around safely on the grass during the day. Do you have one of those please?

Garden table and chairs

Give, Lend & Borrow in Furzedown

Marie H
Alexander Rose Teak garden table and 6 chairs to give away.Well-loved,slightly green around the gills but lots of use left in it.Needs to be picked up this week,will need van to transport.
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Plumber required

Recommendations in Streatham Park

Window Cleaner wanted

Recommendations in Balham

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I had Ergul, recommended at his site,last week in Streatham Hill. Very good, cheaper than others, and cleaned window sills and frames also . 07877123115.

How bad are the roadworks. How much time will I need to allow

Local Conversations in Tooting Graveney

Lianne R
Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I have to take my son from tooting bec, just near the tube to clapham junction for 9am on Thursday. I don't normally drive that way, basically up to wandsworth common and then along it, but know it can be quite slow on a ... [ more ]
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Doesn't the Sainsbury's car park in Balham have a time limit? I would certainly take the tube and the train in a normal day, but Thursday may not be a normal day, if there is a strike in all likelihood the trains will be packed to the rafters. When we ... [ more ]
Lianne R
Thank you all I think we are going to attempt to walk and bus it. The trains, if they are running, are bad enough at that time in the morning with the school kids but on a tube strike day they will be ridiculous. Thank you everyone for the advice

Local TV repairman

Local Conversations in Upper Tooting

Daniel J
Hi everyone, My TV just stopped working yesterday. It's only 2 yrs old, so must be repairable. Can anyone recommend a TV repair man? Thx
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Lin S
You are very welcome my family have used Goodways for years and he has always been able to repair the TV at a very reasonable cost and as you say he is a really helpful and nice guy

Volunteering my time as a Reflexologist

Give, Lend & Borrow in Streatham Park

Hannah C
Hi Everyone I am wanting to volunteer some of my time and skills as a Reflexologist.  I have just called UCLH cancer ward but they are not recruiting at the moment.  Does anyone know of anywhere locally that would appreciate a highly experienced ... [ more ]
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Hannah C
Thanks Angie - your charity sounds fabulous but I'm looking more to offer my services to people with illnesses such as cancer and the like.   Many thanks for your email. Best wishes Hannah

Wooden chair repair

Recommendations in Tooting Graveney

Jane R
I've used SW Solutions just by Halfords in Tooting Bec to fix a couple of mine and they did a good job for a reasonable price.

Person and van needed

Recommendations in Clapham Park

Polly C
I need a person and van to bring my student son's belongings back from Brighton to Earlsfield if possible this week. Could anyone recommend someone please who may be happy to do the round trip? Thanks
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Ikea Piral gilt mirror to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

Offered- Sash windows from a typical two bed Tooting maisonette

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

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Conservation area

Local Conversations in Streatham

Melanie R
Hi there Streetlifers, I hope you can help me. I live in a conservation area in Streatham Common. I want to make a few improvements/ adjustments to my property such as moving a gas meter and replacing windows and garage door. Does anyone know if you ... [ more ]
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Elizabeth S
Hi Melanie we replaced the church windows ~ having the added problem that the hall is covered by conservation area but the church (as an ecclesiastical building is supposedly exempt!) the like for like rule applied which was fine for our purposes.  ... [ more ]
Mark W
The rules and Article 4s in particular vary from one Conservation Area to the next, in order to protect the specific aspects of the area the council intends to conserve. For example, in the CA in which I live (near Streatham Hill) there are specific ... [ more ]

Upholsterer recommendation appreciated.

Recommendations in Summerstown

Mary F
Loved but tired Edwardian chaise longue requires total restoration i.e., re-covering, stuffing, broken armrest fixed etc. Seeking an upholsterer who can give it quality TLC. Don't know if this is a repeat query, but apologies if so.
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Advice on giving notice to a tenant

Recommendations in Streatham Park

Ann W P
I have a difficult tenant who is threatening and abusive so I have given him one month's notice .... on a 6 month Shorthold tenancy agreement in month 7. He insists that I need to give him a reason for it .... and get a possession order from the courts ... [ more ]
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Stolen kids table & chairs

Lost & Found in Upper Tooting

rachel m
Hi I live on Hydethorpe road today someone stole my 5yr old daughters plastic table & chairs from our front garden. The table is blue & two green chairs. If anyone try's to sell you these items please message me. I am very angry but have a very ... [ more ]
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No, it is not that. What I mean is that if you want to keep it and just forget it outside - it is a gonner! Leave something for someone to take and it will never be taken... My place was burgled three times whilst it was a building site. CCTV, alarm and ... [ more ]

Free Craft Workshop - Come and help build a giant carnival bird

Clubs & Groups in Balham

JUL 09
to ,
Streatham Cemetery Chapel
Dan B
A Mindful Making workshop where you can help to construct a giant carnival bird and adorn it with “borrowed” feathers. The workshop, led by S.M.ArT of Transition Town Tooting with help from fanSHEN is fun, free and open to all ages. A great opportunity ... [ more ]

Free Puppet Making Workshop, Walk, Picnic and Games in Tooting

Clubs & Groups in Balham

JUL 12
to ,
Tooting Library
Dan B
Tooting Field Days are local safaris based in and around Tooting; a chance to get outside and play, walk, chat or make something. We can’t promise lions and zebras but you might discover something you’ve never seen before, think something new or have a ... [ more ]

Oak flooring planks

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

We have some oak flooring planks to give away.  Approx 17 sq metres of 125 mm x 18 mm pre finished varied lengths. Tongued and grooved but following removal some damaged to tongues and grooves.
Bob C
HI  I'm looking for flooring for The New Brighton Film School and would be happy to take these for them if still available. Going down Wed and I have a van. Cheers Bob

Free refrigerator/freezer

Give, Lend & Borrow in Tooting Graveney

Mel S
Hi All, I'm moving home and there is a fridge in the new kitchen so I have this one to give away. I'm on Franciscan Rd, Tooting. Any takers? Mel
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Sylvia J
My transport is flexible so let me know the address and times you'll be around I still have to confirm with him. Thanx Sylvia 07831 22 00 34

Can you help find best South Asian restaurant in Tooting?

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Sadiq Khan
Good afternoon,  I’m looking for your help in showing the rest of the country the fantastic restaurants Tooting has to offer. We all know that Tooting is home to the best curry restaurants in the country, and now it is time to make sure they get the ... [ more ]

Ronald McDonald House Family Fun Day

Clubs & Groups in Tooting Graveney

JUL 19
to ,
St Georges Hospital car park.
Rachel T  Family Fun, BBQ, fancy dress Competition Princess, knights and dragons theme £50 cash for the best dressed child.   Fun Fair, bouncy castles, bucking bronco, food stalls, tug of war ... [ more ]

Fresh roll out turf

Recommendations in Streatham Park

sc m
Hi Streetlifers Can anyone recommend, where to buy fresh roll out tuft, reasonably priced. Either local or online. Only need a small amount to cover 3sq meters. Thank you. Stella

Free - Fireplace surround to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Ruth S
Description for the fireplace Hardwood fire surround with 125 cm wide x 15cm deep mantelpiece wide. Marble fire back is available too but hearth has a cracked. Collect from Furzedown before Thursday lunchtime.