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Great window cleaner

Suz in Clapham Park
I don't usually upload recommendations however I wanted to let you all know about our fabulous new window cleaner. Daniel Wager cleaned our windows inside and out beautifully, they have never been so clean. He turned up on time and actually came back a ... [ more ]
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Michelle G
I also recommend Daniel. He is simply the best. Very honest and decent. One day it was raining and like Suz he didn't clean the windows as he wanted me to see the results. He arranged to come back another day when the weather was better.
Super Sally
I must admit that £70 sounds like a lot of money. I paid £40 for inside & out a couple of years ago & I have a loft extension with 3 velux windows & balcony doors.

Dog groomer

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Jasper M
Bronwen at Surrey Paws has a fantastic dog grooming van and does home visits. Mobile Dog Grooming Bronwen Smewing Tel No 07794800123

Paving slabs needed for access in a school garden

Richard C in Tooting Graveney
Hi Streetlife, how are we this lovely evening? I'm helping improve the wonderful Ravenstone Primary School veg and fruit garden and am in search of 10 to 12 paving slabs to put down on the main walkway in and out. The plain and boring type is fine. ... [ more ]

Offered for free - 2 drawer filing cabinet

Vix W in Streatham
Wooden filing cabinet, painted white but pretty scuffed up. Could be repainted or stripped back to the wood. 2 drawers, foolscap size. On castors. Has a key but lock has seized, might be possible to work it loose. Collection asap from SW16.

Water butts needed for Ravenstone Primary School garden

Richard C in Tooting Graveney
Hi again, Another item we're looking for is a water butt or two to put in useful places around the school, anyone got an unwanted one? Or spare connection kits? Cheers!
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Richard C
Roz H Oh dear!  Jason M, cool! Is it possible at all to collect it sometime after 12.30pm on Friday 3rd June? Where about are you?

Barriers up along Tooting Bec Rd - why?

Michelle G in Upper Tooting
I noticed this evening on my way home lots of barriers along Tooting Bec Rd waiting to be put out. Anyone know what is happening? Just curious. Michelle
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caroline w
It was mentioned in another post because, if you want to dodge it, they are making Stapleton Road (that funny road that runs alongside the tube) into a 2 way street for the duration of the resurfacing
Jean G
But   the  reason    I  posted in the  first  place  there are road  works  in Stapleton rd    and there is no entry

Map of Tooting Common

Dave C in Streatham Park
I found this old map of Tooting Common on my hard disk and thought that people might find it interesting. I think it's from 1862. The position of Balham station definitely dates it between 1856 and 1863.
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Jo P
Dave C this is fascinating. I could (may) spend hours finding interesting things on these maps ... Just found a building called 'Clapham Retreat' ... Why? Who? Great imagination stimulating stuff!

road surfacing

Jean G in Streatham Park
Do   the  council  know   what is going on?  Reading the notices in the local paper this week    it  says  during   the  resurfacing    of  Tooting   Bec  rd    that  starts tonight    Stapleton   rd  will be made  two  way,  seeing  the work  that is ... [ more ]
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Clare P
Hmmm. Batches of metal barriers have appeared on the pavement of our side (Sainsburys) of Tooting Bec Road today, all ready to be laid out. I'm guessing this is what they're going to be used for...
Suzz Bee
Seems it's TFL doing the works, which would make sense as it's a red route.

Free seedlings!

Marianne I in Wandsworth
Does anyone fancy trying their hand at growing some Capsicum (sweet peppers)? I have an abundance of seedlings. Just potted up almost 60 of them and I still have 150 seedlings left........ They are mainly at a 2 or 3 leaved (a few with 4) stage and need ... [ more ]
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Marianne I
@ Dimitry, Sun is needed, so a good sunny garden, will help; Mary told me that she grew them successfully in her garden (in London), outdoors, before. Linda had success with her plants on her windowsills, indoors....... I have borrowed a mini-greenhouse, ... [ more ]
Marianne I
All my spare Capsicum seedlings have now been allocated & collected, so there are no more available, currently. Good luck to all! Happy growing 😀

Gardener - help required

Julia in Tooting Graveney
Sadly I've been let down by forest and stone today. They were due to install a rose arch in my garden but have failed to turn up. I'm hoping they are ok but in the meantime I really need some help with installation of a rose arch in my garden. Any ... [ more ]

Cleaner/Iron Lady!

Solena C in Clapham Park
Hi everyone! We're looking for someone with experience and references to come and do our laundry/ironing and cleaning on a regular basis either every week or every second week. Can anyone recommend someone trustworthy? Thanks :)
Fabulous and Fast Cleaners Fabiana 07588546632 Jackie 07540453371 They've been referred to me here on StreetLife and I'm happy to confirm that they DO match their motto very well!

Architectural Victorian moulding

Leon S in Balham
Looking for a pair of over door spheres as below anyone got any ideas where I could find these or have them made ?
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Leon S
Ok thank you very much for your kind offer of help , I'm not sure that even with your guidance I would be able to do this . Am totally hopeless with D I Y , but thank you very much for your very kind and generous offer
Andrew G
or.... you could fill a couple of cheap goldfish bowls or old footballs with cement. Then smash the glass or cut the ball off when it's dry... Just a thought.

Best take away in tooting?

Niamh in Summerstown
First night in our new house in Tooting Broadway area and looking for take away recommendations!
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London Bird Reports

Roy V in Furzedown
Free for collection - London Bird Reports, 65-77 (2000-2012), tracing the changing fortunes of London's bird populations.  Collect from Bedford Hill area of Balham.

Anyone have any packing boxes

Lavish Habitat in Furzedown
Hi - I'm moving home soon and wondered if anyone has any spare packing boxes? I previously had some but gave them all away on streetlife.  thanks Jane
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Alice T
Hi, again; Could you let me know if you're interested? I have a range of sizes of box, and some bubble wrap. I live in the So. Wimbledon area.
Jane F
Hi Alice Sorry - I've been out the last few days. Yes please I'm interested. I will contact you this evening.  Thank you Bruna for the top tip. I will try this also. xx


Gillian D in Balham
I've been managing my tax return on my own but now need an accountant's advice on some aspects.  Don't know where to start so grateful for any personal recommendations.
Frances C
Hi Gillian,  My accountant is great, can highly recommend him. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to give you some advice.  Jacques Steenkamp Easy Online Accounting Limited 02034052320 Frances 

Have you seen my stolen red & grey Piaggio Gilera Runner 125cc Scooter Reg. V89 MGO?

Colin T in Tooting Graveney
This morning I woke up to find my driveway gate had been forced open and my 16 year old grey & red, Piaggio Gilera Runner 125cc Scooter, Registration V89 MGO, had been stolen, even though it had a chain and padlock round the front wheel. My Solar ... [ more ]
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Colin T
I still feel very violated and worry that they will come back and break into my bungalow. Your responses have really lifted me. Thank you, everyone.

Bee Count in Balham - fun for all the family

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The Bedford, Bedford Hill, Balham -- Tooting Common
Harry C in Balham
Hi all! Wanted to let you know about a free event next week Saturday 4th June.  Balham Literary Festival is teaming up with Friends of the Earth to go on a bee counting walk around Tooting Common. The Great British Bee Count is a nation-wide attempt to ... [ more ]

problems with wi-fi broadband. HELP!

Allison in Balham
Hi all, hoping someone might have some advice... My wifi broadband signal keeps dropping out. I have had a BT technician here to run all the tests and we are getting a good strong signal to the hub so that's not the problem. We have the usual gadgets ... [ more ]
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I know! I can't quite believe it. The one I got doesn't seem to have a brand on it (I got it from my husband's IT department) but there are various ones for sale at Currys for between £10-£20 which seems like the bargain of the century. Thanks all for ... [ more ]

Dishwasher Repair person

Jenny D in Battersea
My less than 2 year old indesit slim dishwasher is leaking (seems to be coming from the bottom front left hand side). Can anyone recommend a dishwasher repair person?  Thank you. Jenny
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Tuition in computing for GCSE exam

TP in Upper Tooting
Does anyone know of a good tutor that could help my son with his computing revision over half term (next week)?

Carpet supplier/fitter

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After getting loads of quotes we finally settled on Peter Jones!  Their carpet and fitting servce was the cheapest and the fitters were very efficient.  And the quality is great.
Ann W
I have used Capitol Carpets twice in the past, and Peter Jones once. I found Capital Carpets excellent. Peter Jones were equally good. BUT, this was about 9 years ago and things can change!

Garden clearance

Louise G in Summerstown
Any recommendations for garden clearance. I need someone prepared to take on a lot of plant / tree cutting and clearing but someone who has a knowledge of plants and may be able to move and replant as well.

Speed Dating For You And Your Dog

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Sandra S in Streatham Park
SMOOCH AND POOCH Speed Dating for you and your dog Let your dog lead you to love If you not have a dog we can lend you one Age 25 to 45 £20 per person including a free drink and prizes Email : To book and for extra ... [ more ]

Neighbourhood Wednesday- come and join us, adults and children for 'Sing Make and Do'

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Southside Scout Centre, 197 Balham High Rd (corner of Elmfield Road) SW12 9BE .
Neighbourhood Network SW12 and SW17 in Neighbourhood Network SW12 and SW17
Neighbourhood Wednesday- come and join us.Everyone welcome from the under 5’s to as old as possible! We will be having a stall with plants, jams and chutneys and craft items- cushion covers, door stops and children's bags and bracelets From 9.30 – ... [ more ]