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Free guided walk - Sunday 7th August - Most attractive scenery

Ian Bull in Wandsworth
Hullo everyone I'm a walk leader for TfL's 'Walk London' project. As an enjoyable 'busman's holiday' I've recently led some walks along the Wandle Trail for Streetlife members and these were extremely well received. On Sunday 7th August I'm leading a ... [ more ]
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Lottie B
Hi Ian, The walk sounds great, my dog loves long walks but under vets instructions can only have short walks currently. I wondered (if there is a future date) would I be able to bring my dog? Thanks! Lottie
Ian Bull
Hullo Lottie B Yes, there is a future date, 25th September. That walk is already almost fully-booked so please send me a Personal Message with an e-mail address I can write to if you'd like a place. Dogs are welcome and I hope yours is feeling sprightly ... [ more ]

Stray cat in Gilbey Road/Coverton Road, Tooting Broadway

Helen D in Furzedown
A long haired, black stray cat has been seen wandering around the vicinity of Gilbey Road and Coverton Road.  A neighbour has managed to coax it to have some food and water.  The poor cat is very hungry and dehydrated and is in generally poor condition, ... [ more ]
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n w
My mum lives on Garratt Terrace her garden backs onto the gardens in Gilbey Road she has also mentioned seeing a long haired black cat not looking very well looked after she has tried to get near to it but it runs of ...
Alan L
Lara B don't give up hope see

White book shelves FREE

Cat Advice Please!

Sarah B in Balham
Dear Streetlifers - my beautiful ginger cat Nemo is shedding his fur all over the house and no matter how much I brush him it doesn't seem to mAke much difference. Do any Streetlifers out there know if I could maybe have him clipped because he won't let ... [ more ]
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Rosanna F
I bought a furminator and after I realised that it was collecting a lot of hair only because it was cutting my dogs fur off and that it was very rough on my dog skin I throw it away. Please be aware

Letting agent recommendations

Mel S
Hi, For years I rented a property from a Walker Wyatt - they're an independent agent at a Tooting Bec. It's only since I've been renting from another well known high street letting agent that I realise how fantastic Walker Wyatt were. I know you were ... [ more ]

boundary issues with neighbour

Sylvia B in Balham
Hello Streetlifers!  I need your advice.  Our neighbours have built the back of a brick shed onto our property, as built a fence on our property.  Any suggestions of them getting a surveyor to check the boundary is just laughed off.  And as for the party ... [ more ]
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Susan H
Sylvia B, I would check planning first, sometimes planning is required for outbuildings not attached to the house, I do not envy you we had a boundary dispute with our neighbors who could lie for Britain, it went on for years and cost us thousands, they ... [ more ]
Do you mean that they have built onto your property? Or do you mean that they have situated the wall of their brick shed along your shared boundary but not encroaching onto your side? It makes a big difference - if the former, it's not allowed without ... [ more ]

Wooden double bed base

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Anyone recognise this cat?

Jessica G in Balham
He has been hanging around Brudenell Road for a few weeks now and is being fed by various people but we are concerned he may be lost. So if you recognise him and know where he lives please get in touch so we can return him to his home. Thank you Jessica 

Large Moses basket plus stand

Louise G in Summerstown
Anyone want a large Moses basket plus stand we've used it as a spare for a friend with a baby but he's now grown to big. The brand is simply elegant nursery . Pic enclosed
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Office Furniture - free

Jackie K in Balham
9 office desks - solid wood, so very heavy.  Available for collection in Kensington.  They need to be removed on Thursday 4 August.  Some old chairs available too, if required.
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Jackie K
I described them to the man at the hospice shop and they are not interested.  My colleague sent the photo to BHF and they don't want them either.  Sadly, I am not the person in the office dealing with the disposal and I am now on holiday for 2 weeks so I ... [ more ]

In search of... a slide...

Richard C in Tooting Graveney
Hi all, My sons and I were talking up a cool extension to our DIY/scrap/homemade/recycled treehouse/den on stilts in the back garden and the idea of a slide came up... I thought I'd just ask if anyone has a slide they no longer need and would like to ... [ more ]
John S
Hi Richard, I may well have a slide and also a double swing on a metal A frame which you may find of use.  I'm just checking that there are no sentimental reasons for keeping them and will let you know.  You would need to collect and they are located ... [ more ]

Toddler bed to give away - needs to be collected

Editrix in Balham
I have an Ikea toddler bed to give away and base slats, but no mattress. The wood where the side panel is has slightly split as in photo but can be fixed with wood glue (i have some so will try and do if anyone would like it.) I've already taken it ... [ more ]

Vintage Sideboard

Emma C in Balham
Free Needs to be picked up before Sunday at 5pm from Tooting Bec 140cm wide 40cm deep Been painted but it's coming off so needs redoing Good storage

Osteopath recommendation please

J L in Tooting Graveney
My 15 year old son has had an on-going back problem and I would like to know if anyone can recommend an osteopath who might be able to work wonders!  Many thanks
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Philip Hartley in Balham is amazing. Has helped me on a few occasions, always wit great results. He lectures as well as running a busy practice with a loyal following. Lovely man and I highly recommend him.

Billy bookcase

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Sport in the Park

Battersea Park,
Kate M in Wandsworth
Yes we are back. The Battersea Summer Scheme's sport in the park is back again this year 2nd - 5 th August, Battersea Park by the running track. Open to all children (8-16 ideal age), come along, pay £1 for the day and try some sports. Lots to choose ... [ more ]
Kate M
Just wanted to bump this up! It is next week Tuesday to Friday.....fingers crossed for good weather lots on...falconry on Wednesday and Thursday masses to do, a fantastic day need to book just turn up and buy a wrist band for £1 for the ... [ more ]

Lost cat SW12

Nina K in Stockwell
My good friend Jo's lovely dark brown Burmese cat has gone missing somewhere between Clapham South and Balham. She's never wandered off before and poor Jo is distraught. She's been gone for 36 hours now and I know that Jo has spoken to neighbours, put ... [ more ]

Packing boxes

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Nuisance & Dangerous cyclists on Tooting Bec common footpath

Patrick in Furzedown
Hi Everyone. Is anybody else concerned about the huge increase of people cycling along the footpath between Thrale road & Tooting Bec road? Running parallel between the race track & West Drive. Cycling is prohibited on this footpath but on my ... [ more ]
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Jo P
This week, another commuting cyclist killed in South London when a parked car opened its door, knocking the cyclist onto the road into the path of a van. Photos of mangled bike in press ... Makes me think about the cyclist. Another totally unnecessary, ... [ more ]

An offer of work....

Sarah B in Balham
A friend of mine who works at Carter Jonas in Bellevue Road has asked whether there might be any Streetlifers or their student offspring who might be interested in working as a Lettings Negotiator in their office. The position could be either temporary ... [ more ]
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Sarah B
Hi Adam V - my friend is actually away at the moment so if you just call the office direct and explain why you're ringing, one of the Team will be able to talk you through it.......

neighbour problem - 2

Rebecca R in Earlsfield
my next door neighbour had some pipe work done in his front garden where the workmen lifted up tons of soil and put it up against my fence which has now been left there for a year. The fence was immaculate before then but has since come off the posts ... [ more ]
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-and just realised this is the same person mentioned in neighbour 1 post  -if so then my comment ref 'not mentally unbalanced' doesn't apply to this scenario
You can get possibly some help through the Wandsworth Mediation Service.  This seems to be the sort of thing they help with. 0207 223 7744 or email Regarding the tree, your neighbour ... [ more ]

Two white book shelves

Emma C in Balham
Two white bookshelves with extra shelves as you can see I've not finished packing! 60 cm wide 17cm deep 177cm tall Must Pick up from Tooting Bec before 5pm on 31st as we are moving house


Emma C in Balham
Sideboard available Needs painting, has chips Good width for small flat Must be collected before 5pm on 31st Will add a pic..

book shop closing

Kate B in Summerstown
Turn the Page on Garratt Lane, Earlsfield is closing this weekend - very bad news.  Used to be by Balham Station - wonderful, mostly second-hand books.  Everything is marked down.
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Kate B
I gather it's his choice to close, and sell on-line.  But there is nothing to beat browsing in a real book shop. Ian it was posted on here when they opened in Garratt Lane, pity you missed it.
Diane N
I always feel sad when I hear of yet another bookshop going. I also love holding, browsing and of course buying from a real book shop is vital or we will loose them all.....😢

Sree Krishna Indian

n w in Furzedown
Thought I would post as I visited the Sree Krishna Indian restaurant in Tooting last night with some friends we ordered our food and then waited and waited which was eventually for an hour still no food. When I spoke to the person in charge he said they ... [ more ]
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Vito W
Me too The first time it happened I thought it was just a bad night so tried again. Same thing, my neigbours also confirm that experience. While Im on the subject of bad service! My young friend had a terrible experience with the Mobile phone place in ... [ more ]
I'm really surprised to read this as I've only ever had lovely meals there with great service. It is my local Indian and I've been many times over the years but not so much in the past few months. I wonder if it has changed hands.