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Chicanes Nightingale Lane

Local Conversations in Battersea

Bonnie H
I am back to the conversation of the 'chicanes'  in Nightingale Lane, those jutting 'aprons' which force drivers coming out of the side roads almost into the ongoing traffic. I have seen several very scary near misses lately when huge petrol tankers and ... [ more ]
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Goodness knows why anyone would think they are a good idea. They inflict really dangerous situations. There must be effective ways of slowing traffic that don't put road users in such danger.
Bonnie H
I've always thought that speed cameras   would do the trick because then drivers who were speeding down Nightingale Lane  could be caught on camera and fined...  That would soon slow things down .... 

Looking for an aerial electrician...

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Kate L
Hi Streetlife  I have bought a flat, and there is no aerial, and keen to find someone who can give me advice on what I should do to get one installed?   if you know anyone who can help, that would be just brilliant!  Thanks Kate

Has anyone used The London Kitchen Extension Company?

Recommendations in Pimlico

Just wondered if anyone had experience with The London Kitchen Extension Company? We are considering using them and would welcome any feedback. many thanks!
Thank you for that Bunty. Yes lots of useful info on nappyvalley. Unfortunately not much feedback on that company.

Restart party - fix your electrical! For free!

Clubs & Groups in Tooting Graveney

Richard C
Transition Town Tooting are hosting at Mushkil Aasaan, Upper Tooting Road. Come along if you have an electrical item that you would like to fix - those who know how will be there! Full ... [ more ]

Streetlifers beware - TK Maxx Clapham Junction

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Mrs P
Whilst shopping in TK Maxx at Clapham Junction at lunch time today, I had my wallet stolen from my handbag.  Once I had calmed down, I realised that this very likely happened when a young woman brushed past me whilst I was distracted looking around the ... [ more ]
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Christine E
Used to work with delinquent youths and am so used to keeping my valuables close to my person that I cannot relax even when visiting friends and family. It's been remarked upon! But I want to keep it that way. Second nature. Vigilant 24/7.
An elderly friend of mine was robbed last week in central London.  A couple knocked into him as they walked past, causing him to lose his balance.  Another couple, who saw what happened, rushed over to help him to his feet.  In doing so, they stole his ... [ more ]

Psychic Recommendation

Local Conversations in Furzedown

Caroline S
Can anyone recommend a good Psychic to go to as I think I fancy getting my cards read. Would like to go to someone reputable.
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I have been reading the Tarot cards for over 30 years but I dont like doing it and used to only do it to raise money for charity.  I dont believe anyone can predict the future. If we could, life would be hardly worth living.  The main reasons I do not ... [ more ]

Mystery knitter vote Sadiq Khan banner

Local Conversations in Furzedown

n w
Was crossing the road last night between Tooting Broadway tube station and the bit that goes over to Cafe Nero and then saw Tootings mystery knitter has struck again . A vote Sadiq Khan banner in red has been beautifully knitted and tied to the railings ... [ more ]

PVC Windows Locks and Hinges Repair

Recommendations in Balham

Helen Y
I have old tilt and turn PVC double glazed windows that are in need of repair. Some require new handles/locks and some need re hanging I think. Does anyone know anyone who could take a look at them? I have had quotes already for replacing all the windows ... [ more ]
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Hi I had some repairs done by Window Doctor, about 3 weeks back.  Really good service and they guarantee the work for 5 years. Cost was the same as another company I used a few back.   Based in Epsom 07410544732. Will come to Tooting.

Trustworthy roofer / plus trusty painter for house exterior recommendations please

Recommendations in Summerstown

Sally H
Does anyone know of:  A. a good, trustworthy roofer I can ask to look at some tiles that have dropped down. B. Painter for house exterior. If anyone has had work done recently and feels the firm/s were reasonable and not a rip off we would love to ... [ more ]
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Fiona C
Hi I would recommend Denis of D.E Roofing Services 07932356477 I got him through this website and he has done a lot of work around the Wandsworth & Tooting areas

Antique dresser scratch repair - SOS!

Recommendations in Streatham Park

Becks R
Looking for a recommendation - I accidently scratched a friends antique dresser and it needs to be repaired. Any suggestions for someone which can come and have a look and give a quote? Thanks for your help!
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Gemma B
I would recommend a furniture restoration/carpenters business called SW Solutions, based in courtyard immediately behind Tooting Bec tube, on left hand side as you're walking up to Balham (signposted from road/pavement by large sign on wall). They did a ... [ more ]

Free packing Boxes to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

Furniture painted

Local Conversations in Summerstown


Recommendations in Summerstown

George T
Hi, Thinking of adding a pretty large extension to the side of my house that will almost turn it in to 2 houses. Can anyone recommend an architect who can come and have a look for me and give me planning advice etc.? Depending on what they say,I will use ... [ more ]
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Anya B
You have so many choices here, I hesitate to complicate things by adding another.  Both our families have used Liz Borowiecka (Boroviettska) She had made both our houses sensible price, comfortable and elegant without making silk purses from sow's ears. ... [ more ]
I would highly recommend Jo Cowen ( She had excellent advice for me, both practical and innovative so I could decide on which routes to take at every point. She lives off Wandsworth Bridge Road, so if you're in Sands End she's ... [ more ]

Cream leather swivel chair

Give, Lend & Borrow in Furzedown

Victoria L
I've always loved this groovy chair but it's just been replaced by a sofa. It cost me £500 new but isn't looking its best, as the "leather" has started to flake (see photos). If you're into the idea of re-upholstering, it would still make a focal point ... [ more ]
Richard C
Hi there Victoria, I'm very interested in your chair! What a good project. Could I come take a look this afternoon? Richard

Kate found a cat without collar in tooting

Lost & Found in Summerstown

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Working freezer give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Sally R
Integrated under counter freezer - old style, not branded but works well, free for collection. Call me/ pm me please. 07850 496500


Local Conversations in Furzedown

Alan P
I found a Bentley car wind deflector today, looks like new, still in a very nice case. I will not say where I found it, for obvious reasons, but it is a high value item, looking on Google, over £1000. If you are the owner, please contact me. I have also ... [ more ]
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Alan P
The local police came yesterday to look at what I found. It seems they no longer take in lost property, nowhere to store it they said, so they left the item with me and said enquiries will be made. If nobody claims the item within 28 days, it is legally ... [ more ]

Live from the Met ticket going cheap this Saturday

£20.00 in Wandsworth

Jenny S
I have a spare ticket for Cav & Pag at the Chelsea Curzon tomorrow. Cost £30 but available for £20 (just been let down by friend). Please contact me on

carpet/rug cleaner

Recommendations in Balham

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Grania M
Hi there!  Thx for getting back to me..sorry who is HSS? Do you think it wd do the job well for rugs too?  Thanks
Julie K
HSS are a hire shop at amen corner. It means you have to hire a carpet cleaner and do the work yourself. Having looked at yr post again I think you may be wanting to physically take your rugs somewhere for them to be cleaned in which case this is not for ... [ more ]

Abbotswood Rd SW16 Street Fair

Clubs & Groups in Abbotswood Rd SW16 1AP Street Fair

APR 25
to ,
Abbotswood Rd SW16 Street Fair
Abbotswood Rd SW16 1AP Street Fair
Save the date - everybody welcome to Abbotswood Rd SW16 Street Fair is on Saturday 25th April 2015 between 1-5pm in support of The Haven - a charity which supports anyone with breast cancer. Please join us for live music, dog show, entertainment. food, ... [ more ]
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London Bricks

Give, Lend & Borrow in Furzedown

Liz S
We are building an extension with an exposed brick wall and wondered if anyone has london bricks to give away or sell. Thanks Liz
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Jackie P
Hi Liz, we only have around 20 bricks! The photo is from the same wall and gives an idea of the variation, but doesn't really capture the colour. I am around today and over weekend if they are of any use Good luck with search jackie

WANTED for Spring cleaning: a carpet steamer and a chair steamer

Give, Lend & Borrow in Pimlico

Sun is shining (well... kind of!) and time has come for a big spring clean at Omnibus! That's why we would need a carpet steamer and a chair steamer to make the place look as new. If you have one to give, or even to lend, please get in touch. Thank ... [ more ]

Can anyone recommend a technical drawing (CAD) person? I need it quite urgently

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Hi, I want to re-create drawings very similar to my neighbour for loft conversion. Anybody can or knows someone who can re-create the drawings for planning permission purpose? I don't need architect, as I know exactly what floorplans we want, so no ... [ more ]
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Hall needed for local Slimming World group

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Susan D
I attend a slimming world group in Balham and we are looking for a new meeting place. Does anybody know of any locally? We would need it on a Saturday morning. Please let me know if you know of any... Thank you very much for your help 😊
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Part Time Vacancy - Property Administrator/Negotiator in Balham

Local Conversations in Streatham Park

Sean P
We are looking for a well presented person to work at our office in Balham. Part Time Vacancy Property Administrator/Negotiator Hours: 18 Hours per Week Saturday - 9am to 3pm Monday - Wednesday – Friday (4 Hours per day – 10am to 2pm or flexible ... [ more ]