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Dentist Recommendation for Anti-Snoring Device

Minxette in Upper Tooting
Please can anyone recommend a local dentist (SW17) to make a personalised anti-snoring device.  I've tried off the shelf products but they don't work so I want to try a custom-fitted device.  Many thanks.
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MInxette -have you gone to an ENT specialist to ascertain why you snore ?  There are several reasons that you may have stertorous snoring with different solutions.   In our cities many people have chronic sinusitis that can cause snoring.
Yes, I was referred to the respiratory clinic at St George's where I was diagnosed as a snorer rather someone with apnea. :(

URGENT - 5 stolen dogs at large in Tooting Common area

Ian Hart in Streatham Park
URGENT. About an hour ago a dog-walkers van was stolen and then dumped on Heritage Park, opposite Tooting Common. All 10 dogs were let loose by the thief. 5 dogs have now been found but 5 are still at large. Please be vigilant for stray dogs in the ... [ more ]
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Rikki S
I'm not too sure why you'd be so against transporting dogs in crates, it's not inhumane or cruel but safe. Even dogs that get along can suddenly have a tiff. A dog in brighton was killed by another dog in the boot of a car whilst the walker was ... [ more ]
Jill C
Gosh Rikki S. I nominate you for the role of the Mayor of London's Dog Walkers Czar for your thoughtful, reasonable and extensive exposition! As I have only had one dog in my life I had no knowledge about this and I have learned a lot from this post. ... [ more ]

Gutters & Window cleaning

Carla S in Battersea
Hello can anyone recommend someone for gutters and window cleaning that is reliable and not too expensive please? Thanks in advance!

Bookcase and chest of drawers to give away

Jacqueline W in Balham
We'd like to give these away preferably by the end of the week. Very good condition. Will need two people to pick them up and we're on the third floor! SW12
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James in Furzedown
Hi,I am looking for a qualified and reasonably priced electrician who is known to the streetlife community. Thanks James
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Mark- Local Electrician SW11
Hi James, Mark - Electrician on Street Life. Unfortunately I was away with the family, hence the late reply. I hope all went well with the other Electricians. Just as a back up for the future. If you would like any advice, or my services. Regards. ... [ more ]
Neil C
Well any decent sparks can solve problems ... In fact making things work/ problem solving sorts out the men from the boys . Glad alls good . There are a few of us who have pride in our work . Dunno maybe it's a generation thing . How and who we were ... [ more ]

Garden clean up recommendations

Richard A in Balham
Hello, With all the leaves now fallen from the trees and winter upon us, would anyone have any recommendations for a garden clean up service - collect leaves, weed and generally do clean up work in the back garden?  So, not garden design or anything ... [ more ]
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Can any one post when the next Tooting WI meeting will take place and, a brief agenda

Proposal to reintroduce Space Protection Order by Wandsworth Council

Sylvia in Upper Tooting
so pleased to receive notification of this which means that  consumption of alcohol on the street will be not  allowed in a large area around Tooting Broadway. The police will confiscate alcohol in order to deal with anti-social behaviour. This worked ... [ more ]

London Hospices for Christmas No1!

Royal Trinity Hospice in Clapham
The London Hospices Choir music video is out now! Check out the amazing video filmed at Royal Trinity Hospice and remember to pre-order your copy on ITunes and Amazon. With your help, we can be Christmas No1! ... [ more ]
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Sian R
I have a couple of friends singing on this and I know Jim the choir leader and producer. It really is a labour of love and the stories behind the faces are very moving. Hope it does really well.

plant pots - apart from what was Neals and is now Capital - and B&Q - where can i find some?

Lucy S in Mitcham
am looking for some pots that are worthy of being Christmas presents and holding 5 hyacinth bulbs, to go outdoors.  Neals didn't really have anything that i liked that i hadn't already given on a previous year .... where else can I go and look for ... [ more ]
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Paul B
I'm a keen gardener too, Lucy S. You can get quite good pots from Homebase, but IKEA produces a wide range of good pots and tubs

FOUND Black Credit Card Wallet with cards on Balham High Street.

Isobel B in Wandsworth
I have just found a black credit card wallet containing 5 credit cards on Balham High Street. Please PM me if it's yours by the end of the day, as I will then go and hand it into Wandsworth or Tooting Police Station!
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Isobel B
Just rang the bank and they say they won't/can't let the owner know... I will take it into the local bank branch tomorrow. Just wanted to avoid the owner having to cancel all their cards, in the run up to Xmas.

SW Racetrack

Alan P in Furzedown
I am writing this as I sit here listening to the high power very noisy motor cycles using the SW London racetrack, AKA Trinity Road!!. Is there nothing that can be done to curb the antics of these lunatics, there has just 1 gone past speed has to be ... [ more ]
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Jason R
Ian N this is kind of irrelevant Ian, but yes as someone who drives on the roads of London daily in my work, 20mph speed limits are pointless, there are many parts of London that could be driven faster, but are not because of blanket 20mph zones, but ... [ more ]
Ian N
Jason, if you think that serious or fatal accidents are a price worth paying for a perceived reduction in journey time I think we might have to agree to disagree. I just hope that my kids don't get in your way. I know when I have driven through the ... [ more ]

Facial in or local to Tooting

Rachel B in Upper Tooting
I have a friend who is looking to have a facial in or around Tooting. Can anyone recommend a salon please? Many thanks in advance x
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Rachel B
That's great! Thank you Sylvia! One of the girls at work has her hair done there and raves about it, so that sounds a good place to try :-) x
Sandra N
I recommend Ann, a mobile beautician I have used for several years. Nothing more relaxing than treatments in your own home and not having to go outside afterwards. 07947249156

Printer recommendations please

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Go for something like the Canon Pixma ip7250. Not expensive to buy and the compatible cartridges are very cheap. i have had this for a year now and it works perfectly. Unlike many inkjets, the cartridges never seem to clog up if the printer is not ... [ more ]

Electric heater / radiator

Autumn G in Balham
Hello all! Our kitchen is bone-achingly cold in the current weather. Does anyone have an electric heater or radiator they're thinking about getting rid of or wouldn't mind lending? Thanks in advance!
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caroline w
Your kitchen probably has ventilator grills to help with the condensation. If your kitchen side faces North or East, these can be avenues for Siberian winds to whistle into your kitchen. It won't harm your kitchen if you sellotaped thick paper over ... [ more ]

Baby Sitter wanted for this Thursday

Devika S in Streatham Park
Hi,  We are based in Streatham Hill. Want a Babysitter for 2 and half year old boy on this thursday for 3 hours. Please contact with phone, hourly rate and reference if any. 
Jean B
my daughter babysits on a regular basis and can supply reference Please contact me for her details if interested

Aerial/ radio engineer needed

Minestra S in Streatham Vale
Looking for a an engineer to fix my aerial cable as it has been chopped and I am using a dodgy portable aerial at the moment. Any recommendations on local and friendly engineers who I can get in touch ? Thanks riccardo
Khalida I
Try John at goodways electronics in West Norwood. He has done lots of things like for me and others on our street (where I heard about him) and he is great value. Also the business has been around as a local independent for decades ... [ more ]

Help with installing Humax - Youview - internet

a B in Wandsworth
Hi - anyone out there that knows a good guy that can install Humax.  I want buy one ASAP - but have no idea how to install.  Thanks!
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a B
Tony P Carol R   thanks guys .  Might go for the Youview... I read some reveiws about your one carol... You got the Freeview one and they came out really badly, lots saying about the problems that you have had.  So maybe I wont go for all singing and ... [ more ]
Tony P
I should have made clear I have the FreeView version too!  Just not had the problems Carol describes. The reviews for Humax machines are usually pretty good  (eg but as with all machines, searching ... [ more ]

Dripping taps

Karen H in Balham
All my tap washers seem to have worn at same time, can anyone recommend someone reliable to fix them? Thanks.

Wooden palettes needed

M M in Balham
Dear neighbours, We are looking for wooden palettes for an art project. If anyone spots some in the area by shops etc. or has some spare, please let me know! Thank you!
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Thanks! I think ISaw the alley way ones, were a little damp. Managed to get a nice matching set now, thanks for the help everyone!!

Is your Boiler or Central Heating not working as well as it should???

Kenna Plumbing and Heating in Kenna Plumbing and Heating
Get your boiler serviced before the big day. ☃⛇❄ We carry out Servicing on all types of domestic gas boilers. We are based in Clapham and are Which trusted traders. We also carry out a Central Heating Health check service, where using the latest ... [ more ]

Wanted: Fish bowl / small fish tank

MM in Pimlico
Has anyone got an unwanted fish bowl/ small tank they could spare? Much appreciated!

Sprout Arts Christmas Market - Members only Preview Evening Friday 9th December, 6-8.30pm

Sprout Arts in Upper Tooting
SPROUT ARTS CHRISTMAS MARKET   Members Only Preview Shopping Evening Friday 9th December, 6-8.30pm (then open Saturday 10th - Friday 23rd December every day) We would like to thank our great Friends of Sprout for your support this year. We’ve had a ... [ more ]

Cat Killer - appeal for help

Clare P in Tooting Graveney
Sharing this post from SNARL's Facebook re Operation Takahe APPEAL! Do you know someone who has traveled to most or all of these areas on the rough dates provided: Please be aware that whilst ... [ more ]

Technology Help and Tea - Free! (1st trial of our community research)

to , (ended)
Battersea Library, 265 Lavender Hill, SW11 1JB
Matthew R in Clapham Park
Hi all, I am from Imperial College University and am a member of the research group looking into how we can improve our sense of community. After some fantastic feedback from Streetlife members we will be piloting our first ever event: A gathering ... [ more ]
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Matthew R
Thank you for all the positive comments and useful feedback! We really enjoyed meeting you all, and this is something we definitely would like to continue. For those asking when the next session is, please stay tuned - there are currently 5 of us in ... [ more ]
Jane H
Thank you so much Matt it was great.  The scan sorted out most of the problems with my laptop.  I hope you will be able to organise another one of these meetings as it really helped me.  And if I can help, please let me know how.  I wish you all a ... [ more ]