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Lost cat Wandsworth Common area

Alison B in Earlsfield
My black cat Jefferson managed to escape this morning and as we have only just moved in he will be completely lost. He is a completely black short haired male about 8 years old, has a collar with my name and number and a cat chip, and distinctive big ... [ more ]
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Edwardian Door Restoration?

Oskemen9 in Upper Tooting
Does anyone know a good company or person who could restore an Edwardian front door, i.e. sand and paint, etc? I think someone may have asked the same thing recently on this website, but I can't find it...thanks
Hello Oskemen9 ,  please feel free to contact me on 07985096207 or check my website , im a wood restorer . Thanks  Stefano
Hi Oskermen9, there are a variety of Edwardian doors and it depends how far you want to go with it.  Applebie Interiors should be able to help, call them on 07956655437.

Green vertical line on TV screen

Rachel B in Upper Tooting
I have got a Samsung 32" Smart TV, and it has developed a bright green vertical line down the right hand edge of the screen. The TVs is only about 18 months old, but, by Sod's Law, is just outside its warranty. Does anybody have any experience of this or ... [ more ]
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Yep, the contract was with the seller not manufacturer. Curry's are not known for their cooperate approach but they dig deeper and eventually one of the managers will admit the knowledge of the law.
Julie W
If you dont have any luck there is a tv repair shop in thornton road thornton heath. They are called ambervision. I have dealt with them before and they offer excellent service. They even come to pick up and return. I hope that helps.

Soil fertiliser recommendations

Louise H in Earlsfield
As a rookie gardener with our first garden, I have been told to get some fertiliser for the soil in our garden. Does anyone know where I can find some? Or the best fertiliser to get?
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If the soil is impoverished you really need to add organic matter to improve the structure not just the nutrient level which is all fertiliser itself does. Well rotted farmyard manure is good but it needs to rot down from fresh for about 6 months. You ... [ more ]

Thai Restaurant

Phil M in Tooting Graveney
Anyone who has not tried PLOY will get a pleasant surprise. Good value  family runTHAI restaurant which is a few minutes walk along Trinity Road from Tooting Bec Tube Station.
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agree!  haven't been in there for a while but liked it - and was also surprised by the good find.  there is also a decent noodle bar a few doors down that looks dubious from the outside but is genuinely good

FREE trampoline for the garden suit child 3 years to 15 years Tooting Broadway

n w in Furzedown
FREE trampoline for the garden suit child 3 to 15 years old, no holes in the outer meshing and zip works perfectly well. We are located in Tooting Broadway Not the best picture of it as my neighbour just had her tree cut back and all the shavings fell ... [ more ]


Dave M in Streatham Park
Can any recommend a good place in Tooting (or surrounding areas) to get a chair re-upholstered?
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Dog sitter

James in Furzedown
I am looking for someone who looks after dogs in their own homes and does not have dogs or cats of their own.I posted this message a few weeks ago and received some interesting enquirers but I would still like to meet some more dog sitters. Thanks James
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Our dog has similar needs (no other dogs or cats). We have been using Not the cheapest but we have been very happy with the people with the agency.
Clare B
I have a dog of my own so can't offer to help directly. Have you tried ? Also, if you are interested in working with your dog to reduce their anxiety around other dogs I suggest contacting Craig Steiff of Mild Mannered Mutt dog ... [ more ]


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Carine M in Herne Hill
Hello, Can you please recommend me a local plumber who can come as soon as Monday 2nd or Tuesday 3rd? Thanks Carine

Internet engineer

Jane A in Balham
My broadband has become incredibly slow and there is no diagnosable fault on the line.  Does any one know of an affordable internet engineer?  BT prices seem very high.
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Benazir C
Hi Jane, We used to be with BT had this sort of Internet issues all the time and had a similar story where everyone weer called them they quoted is some very expensive prices to have an engineer come out as the problem was "bound to be on our end ... [ more ]

Wooden pallets/electric cable wheels

Susan D in Wandsworth
A little plea from a teacher in need of wooden pallets/electric cable wheels ... If you know of anywhere local and free please let me know. It's to create a bug hotel and to make small world tables. Thank you for your help 🙌
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Fleece that needs spinning

Christine B in Sands End
Ann, I didn't see you at the Wetland Centre yesterday, we meet up over the shop when we are there. if you are thinking about coming to a guild meeting the next one is on the 14th of May at St Stephen's House, 48 Emperor's Gate, London, SW11 2HR 4HJ at ... [ more ]
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Ann W
I am away from London Wed to Sat. How about meeting at the weekend or the following week? I think that the guild be at the Wetland Centre on 11th May?

Garden design/ Astro turf specialist

Saskia W in Upper Tooting
Do you have any recommendations for cost efficient garden design and Astro turfing. We desperately need help as currently we have a fox, which has buried itself under the decking in the garden making it unstable!

Pink coat found

Fridge/freezer required

Kate B in Summerstown
Having found a splendid 'new' gas cooker for my old lady friend I am hoping to find a fridge freezer for her as her old one is on its last legs.  Preferably one with left side door hinges.
Angie D
I will have one available in about 2-3 weeks time. Good working order. We won't need it when the new kitchen goes in. You're very welcome to it.

Loft companies

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Graham C
Thank you for your recommendations.  May I add a question?  If I may not add a question to someone else's question then I apologise as I am new to Streetlife, though not new to Brixton Hill (here for 34 years) Has anyone had an attic conversion which ... [ more ]
GrahamC, these loft conversion companies are adept at making use of the the space as you describe. Once again, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Doran Brothers - I have seen a loft conversion where they fitted a shower room into the 'interim' area.

Megaflo/unvented cylinder specialist plumber

Andrew G in Tooting Graveney
Hi all - I'm looking for a plumber who is a specialist in unvented cylinders/Megaflo-type installations. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who really knows these? Thanks, Andrew
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Excellent and accurate response from Kenna Plumbing. For my future reference, are you Gas Safe Registered and, if so, for what appliances?
Kenna Plumbing and Heating
Hi SLSH Thanks for your comment. We are members of Gas Safe and are qualified for work on domestic gas appliances except warm air. Please feel free to visit our website We are also on ... [ more ]

Neighbourhood Network Wednesday Sing Make and Do

to ,
Southside Scout Centre, 197 Balham High Rd (corner of Elmfield Road) SW12 9BE
Neighbourhood Network SW12 and SW17 in Neighbourhood Network SW12 and SW17
Neighbourhood Wednesdays- we are back to monthly now so come and join us for 'Sing Make and Do' on May 4th, June 1st and July 7th at . Everyone welcome from the under 5’s to as old as possible! From 9.30 – 10am singing and dancing with ... [ more ]

Shutters for windows - any recommendations?

Michelle G in Upper Tooting
I'm thinking about getting shutters for my windows. I would like to hear from any one who has shutters and your experiences both good and bad. I know there are companies like Hillarys Blinds and Thomas Sandersons. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks Michelle
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Ian N
I had Shutterly Fabulous in for a quote and thought they were the best option for fully fitted shutters. I ended up buying from their sister company - California Shutters. They supply exactly the same product as Shutterly, but as a DIY kit. My shutters ... [ more ]
Mary F
Hi - I, too, used Shutterly Fabulous in Brighton and some 8-10 years on they are as new. They had a special 10% discount offer at the time, so were especially good value for money. You could always ask?


Hannah O in Balham
I just moved into my new flat and need to replace the broken washing machine. Unfortunately, the previous owner had the laminate flooring placed over the foot of the washing machine by about 1cm. I need a carpenter to come around for a quick job to cut ... [ more ]
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Hi Rachel...its quite common for this to occur..I suggest once you have got it out, is to put a sheet of wood in the space first, then it will be flush with the floor for future removal ; ) I know a guy who can help. Let me know. Moi

UPVC Door and Window

Mark in Tooting Graveney
Door 32" x 47" inc frame Window 27" x 47" inc frame window sill used but good condition for shed or allotment project .
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External Hard Drive is corrupted

Adriana P in Balham
Hello All.  My external hard drive went on strike displaying a message that it was corrupetd / inaccessible.  My 200GB+ of holiday photos have gone.  Help!  Any recommendations, please.  I am still hoping to retrieve my photos, but would not like to ... [ more ]
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Adriana P
Thank you both very much.   Simon, I will ask my husband, Peter, to call you tonight.  He will be able to explain  the problem much better.   Dymitriy, totally agree.
Shahid Rafiq
Adriana, I would do an cloud back up as well a back up to external drive. The main issues with backing to external drive are: The drive can get corrupted If there is a fire in your house then you can potentially lose both computer & drive if someone ... [ more ]

Cooker installation

Tara R in Streatham Park
Hi, Can anyone recommend an engineer who is on the Gas Safety Register to disconnect and reinstall a cooker? Thanks!
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Michael K
I would call Jane Graham, gas engineer. Qualified and professional. Call her on 07908959937.
Donna P
Hi I can recommend Jamie from Kenna Plumbing & Heating. Very reasonable also on Gas safe and a Which trusted trader. Mob: 07534 279691

Sash Window panes

Autumn G in Balham
Hello! I know others have asked, but always great to hear fresh recommendations. We have bought a house with the original lovely sash windows, and are looking for someone to replace the single glazing with double within the same frames. Thanks for any ... [ more ]
Anne P  refurbished one of my windows which was very draughty. They were very efficient.