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Pinking Shears

Margaret A in Furzedown
Has anyone a pair of sharp pinking shears that they no longer require and would be prepared to pass on to me? Mine are no longer sharp, even though I have tried several times to use the method of cutting aluminum foil to sharpen the teeth and I must also ... [ more ]

Handbag repair?

Jane L in Balham
Hi, does anyone know of a local place that could replace the handles on my handbag? I've found a couple of on-line places but would like to use a local shop if possible. The "ordinary" cobblers can't do it. Thanks!
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Alan L
Next time :-) have a chat with the leather experts in New Malden in Leather and Grindery
Jane L
Konstantino did a superb job. Made completely new handles (matching the rest of the leather) and undid the lining to sew them on. They are stronger and better than before! Thanks, all, for the recommendations.

Meta Data Specialist Needed Urgently!

Wyatt P in Balham
Hello everyone, We need a META DATA specialist to do a one off piece of work. Could all those with this expertise or knowledge of where one might find one please personal message us. We've been told that academia might be the best place to start i.e ... [ more ]
There is no such a thing as a "META DATA specialist" You need to outline what you need to do and then people with a technical background may be able to suggest the kind of professional you need and give you some pointers.

Single Mattress - Free

Candlelit Charity Christmas Concert

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St Andrew's Church, Garratt Lane, Earlsfield SW18 4SR
Mrs H in Clapham
Join the South West Songbirds and the newly-formed Junior Songbirds for a candlelit evening of Christmas music, including traditional carols and well-known favourites at St Andrew's Church, Garratt Lane, Earlsfield SW18 4SR on Thursday 17 December at ... [ more ]

Minx The Beautiful Cat Needs A Loving & Forever Home

Love Generation in Wandsworth
Minx is a beautiful Clapham cat [see pics below]  Unfortunately Minx's owners are no longer able to care for her Could You or Anyone You Know Give Minx A Forever & Loving Home ?  She's A Gorgeous Girl :-)

Wandsworth cutting costs?

Sarah L in Battersea
I'm wondering whether Wandsworth Council have cut back on street cleaning and maybe also recycling as a cost cutting exercise? For weeks now I've been applying online for more recycling bags but none have been delivered and I've seen little evidence of ... [ more ]
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Sarah L
Just to update, not only have I now received a full compliment of recycling bags for each missed delivery, but a man came around to personally hand deliver some and double check I'd received some earlier. Fantastic! Could not have asked for more.

Christmas Fair

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Henry Cavendish School, Hydethorp Road Balham Sw12

Advice: re-homing my cat

Carla S in Battersea
Dear cat loving Streelifers, Please can you give me any good advice me on the best (safest) and quickest way to rehome our lovely cat.... :,( Snow is a healthy and beautiful 14year old fluffy black British short hair and she needs re-homing to a ... [ more ]
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Maria A
Carla, I imagine you would prefer a direct rehoming for Snow, so I hope Paula's offer comes through. I really do feel for you both, it's a very sad situation.  I wish I could have her but I already have two rescue cats (from kittens) who are 8 years old ... [ more ]
Carla S
Dear Streetlife friends, Just to say THANK YOU for all your posts and messages of advice and understanding. I'm so glad to report that earlier this week a lovely lady, met via a mutual acquaintance and who is an experienced cat owner, has offered Snow ... [ more ]

Tumble dryer fires spark Indesit, Hotpoint and Creda warnings

Yvonne N in Streatham Hill
Hi, In case you had not seen this item in the news, it is worth checking your appliance. My friend had a serious fire at her home but had never seen any of the warnings in the press. ... [ more ]
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Tim B
Thank you very much Yvonne. I have not seen or heard any official warnings about this but saw your message, checked out my Hotpoint model and low and behold it is on the list and is therefore potentially dangerous. Thank you for passing the message on. ... [ more ]
Yvonne N
You are welcome! My friend had a serious fire in her flat caused by her dishwasher. Basically, the general advice is never leave a washing machine, dishwasher or dryer running when you are out!

Spare beds looking for a good home

Susie H in Tooting Graveney
I have a single bed with a put up bed underneath if anyone is interested. Not an expensive mattress, but useful as a spare or for sleepovers.

Stolen bikes recovered from an arrest in South Norwood

Lily W in Streatham Park
I just saw this on Twitter in case it may be useful if you have had one stolen. There are some photos. Sent from my iPhone

Butcher's Lean and Tasty Dogfood - FREE

Ann W P in Streatham Park
I have 8 cans that my pooch is turning her nose up at .... Free for collection on Cavendish Road SW12. Ann x
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sofa bed

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Free consumer advice guide to heating your home this winter

The Hamilton Group in The Hamilton Group
Choosing a plumbing & heating engineer isn’t easy. Why? Because you’re surrounded by unqualified, inexperienced plumbers in an industry that seems to tolerate hit-and-run business practices; as well as confusing advice on which boilers or heating ... [ more ]
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Steve C
All good advice - just a heads up that your web address in your signature is missing an 'o'...

Need a school sports bag handle stitched

Editrix in Wandsworth
The over the shoulder strap on my son's regulation school sports bag has detached from the bag. Does anyone know where I could get this firmly stitched back on? Thank you
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Replace sash windows

Oskemen9 in Upper Tooting
Can anyone recommended a company to replace sash windows in the Heaver Estate?  We'd like to use a company that has done jobs in the neighbourhood since the windows are intricate.  Many thanks!
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Heather L
I did a search on Streetlife on this subject the other day as I am looking for double glazed ones - you will find several recommendations on several threads - here's the link. Hope it works ..... ... [ more ]

Crossrail 2 in Balham

Edward Cox surveyor in Wandsworth
A public meeting last evening at Wandsworth Town Hall confirmed a plan to build a Crossrail station in Balham between 2020 and 2030. It is alleged that this would improve access and support growth in our town. Given the huge numbers of people ... [ more ]
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Peter F
There is an overhead railway in Wuppertal in Germany. It would cost a fraction of the proposed budget to erect supports and have the railway occupying the space above the main roads in the form of a suspended monorail. Bit late I know but food for ... [ more ]

Single Iron Bed Frame and Mattress to give away

Patricia G in Wandsworth
Single iron bed frame (from the The Iron Bed Company) and mattress.  Missing one brass knob (just discovered) otherwise in great condition. This has been our daughter's bed.  Available for collection immediately.
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Washing Machine Repair

Sally H in Earlsfield
Does anyone have any recommendations for  someone to take a look my machine does not spin, not sure if it's terminal! Sally
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Lol S
Hi, try Mac on 07960 955226. He's excellent, does a lot of repairs in the Furzedown area. Reliable, honest and reasonable.
Alex S
Hi Sally you must have something stuck in pump/filter check that out first before you get someone out. Take care Alex

Glass saucepan lids

Suz in Clapham Park
I have a selection of saucepan lids, some brand new and unused and all very clean. Free to collect from Tooting Bec SW17.
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Really sorry but lids have been taken subject to collection. I'll let you know if they don't get picked up. Thanks

Plumber required

Stuart W in Balham
Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced plumber to replace a toilet cistern water fill valve with a vertical inlet?  Not a big job.  Thanks.
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Lara Z
Speak to John Leatham 07843 262 071 - top guy been working the Streatham area for over 11 years and is highly reliable.
Stuart W
Thanks, all. I went with Mark Drinkwater.  Came when he said he would and quickly fitted the new valve at a reasonable price.  I can now recommend him, too.

shop to share

Bryan J in Tooting Graveney
Small retail shop to share with work room and main road fore court in Wallington. would suit someone who is interested in small painted furniture and decorative items. With low outgoings.

To fix a fan oven

Juliette Y in Balham
I am looking for someone that can fix a fan oven, it has stopped working and we can not take the screw out! Do you have any recommendations please for someone that can fix it and is reasonable priced? Property in Streatham. thanks
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Rita H in Battersea
I am looking for some one who can install a new oven. Thank you Rita
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Alex S
Between £65 and £75 that's how much Ags plumbing services charged me and I thought that's reasonably priced.