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TV to give away

Knob required for unknown make of electric oven

ianfreeman in Balham
I need to replace a plastic knob for a temperature control on an electric oven, but I don't know the make of the oven - there is no logo on it and the instruction book is missing. Here's a picture of the oven and of the part itself. I've found the ... [ more ]
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Thanks so much everyone for your help - much appreciated. The knob Ru kindly gave me, a universal one with several different spindles - fitted just fine. Both Marks - I've searched high and low for a model number but it's nowhere to be seen. It's not ... [ more ]

Meet & Make for Tooting Foodival

to ,
Sprout Arts, 74 Moyser Road, Furzedown, Tooting, SW16 6SQ
Transition Tooting in Balham
Come to SMART Meet & Make at Sprout and help us paper maché one of the centre-PEAces of Foodival's Festival Day! Led by Jeni Walker, you can also help to make signs and posters for the weekend. The session is open to all ages and abilities. ... [ more ]

A good building company

Claire J in Streatham Hill
Hello! We have recently moved in to Clapham Common, we want to invest in some building works in our house (loft conversion, maybe extension). Can you recommend a good local building company for that? We would love to complete the works by Christmas. I ... [ more ]
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Claire J
Oh guys, can't thank you enough for all those recommendations! I cannot contact all of them but it's good to know that there are so many reputable companies in the area. I'm waiting for the quotations now from Lifestyle Design and Build and from Weald ... [ more ]
Aram S
I nearly got these guys in, but judging by the two negative comments at the link and backed up by two nearby neighbours who actually employed them (both had problems with LL), it seems I dodged a bullet... ... [ more ]

The Trafalgar Tooting High Street

Sue C in Balham
Has anyone else noticed how expensive the drinks are in there. £5.00 for a pint of lager. Only had the one and then went elsewhere!
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Simon F
The food is expensive and ok but certainly not brilliant. My meal was let down by very poor service. Interesting that there is no means of offering feedback on their website so one can only think they're not interested.
Alun P
Simon F Complain at the time, pointless even finding their Yelp page or whatever since most people working in such places are absolutely clueless as to usage of social media. They rely on the outdated concept of the "British stiff upper lip". I work as a ... [ more ]

Boules in the park

J K in Balham
Is the boules/petanque terrain still functioning in Battersea Park? I had an idea it had been requisitioned for the electric car racing.

Social Media Course

Hayden Murtagh in Earlsfield
Hi Guys I am looking to enrol on a Social Media course/class that possibly covers Twitter/Facebook/Google etc Can anyone recommend or suggest a great business that offers such - i would need to be in a classroom as learn faster that way.  Thanks in ... [ more ]
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Roz H
Hi Jenni A please could you send me an e-mail as well cause I definitely would like to go to that -- need to brush up on social media skills so I can do a better job for my clients!

Just moved to Balham ... any help with a spare tv?

Lucy H in Balham
Hi everyone - I've just moved to Balham and thought I'd get on streetlife to get to know my neighbours :) I'm also looking for some bits and bobs for my new flat - does anyone out there have an old or spare tv that they're looking to pass on? If so that ... [ more ]
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Alun P
Ann W P The bins in the area are technically a free section, too, found me an antique painting in a wheelie bin the other day. He who dares, Rodders!

Any odd or spare bits of Lego Duplo available?

Marianne I in Balham
Hi All, I look after my youngest grandchild one day a week, so have a collection of toys and books for her to play with, at my house, but she is rapidly evolving and "growing out of" some of the items. She seems ready for the next stage of toys to ... [ more ]

Boiler repair/replacement

Julie B in Balham
Hello, I think my Vailant boiler may have given up the ghost urgently need someone to assess and potentially install a new boiler. Any recommendations would be a help before I start googling.  Thanks 
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Oh, one more thing... I messed up with the warranty for my boiler when I failed to register it for 5 years in the 30 days window from the day of installation. If you go Vaillant again, don't miss that window!
Julie B
Thanks super helpful, met Dean this morning, he's got the job hopefully a new system in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed the weather doesn't get too cold before that.

recommended decorators required

Gohar H in Earlsfield
Looking for  good, reliable painter-decorators for 2 rooms and a bathroom Please. Live in SW12. Many thanks Gohar
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Gohar H
Thank you very much all for responding! Greatly appreciated! I have few contacts to work with now. Many thanks again Gohar
Darren M
Hello I'm a builder / handyman & am soon to be available, if you still need someone. I've been working locally & have great recommendations. Please call to arrange a quote on 07971 093 787 or please see my website Regards ... [ more ]

Dehumidifier wanted

Gillian P in Balham
Morning all , I need to borrow a dehumidifier for a few weeks please. Anybody have one they are not using right now ?. Thanking you Gillian 07729865500
This time of the year, this is a usual problem and you are not likely to not need it until heating goes up. Consider buying one. My vote goes to Mitsubishi made dehumidifiers. There are a few that seem to be sold under a different name but Mitsubishi ... [ more ]

Marks & Spencer local drop off points

Sheila P in Balham
I only realised recently that I could return my online purchases to M&S by just taking them to my local corner shop and get a printed receipt.  What a fantastic service and I wondered how many people know about it.  I am hoping it also gives the shop ... [ more ]

Toilet seat fixings

David B in Balham
Does anyone know if you can buy toilet seat fixings anywhere? (don't really want to buy a new loo seat)
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Pilates classes in Balham or surrounding area

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Sheila P
There is also a brilliant Body Alignment class in the dance studio off Balham High Road on Tuesday mornings. The teacher and process are fantastic.

Architect for granny annex...

TP in Balham
Can anyone recommend an architect to design & help with planning for a small annex to the side of our house? (Lambeth borough)
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Lara Z
Hi TP, I would recommend you speak to Philip Masterman, he's based in Balham/Streatham area had has been practising for over 26 years. He's fantastic on residential and comes highly recommended. His number is 07932073595 or 020 3700 0517. Wish you luck ... [ more ]
Thanks for those numbers, I will give them a go. Rachael, are you in Wandsworth or Lambeth? I hear it's much easier to get planning permission in Wandsworth…I don't know what our chances are for Lambeth…or how long it all takes.

Green plastic milk container tops to recycle

Jenny L in Balham
I've got a shopping bag full of these and used to take them to the Looking Glass nursery on Macmillan Way but having just rung them they no longer collect them. Does anybody know anywhere that does please? Thank you if you do & let me know. Jenny xx
Clare P
Hi Jenny - Lush will take your milk bottle tops (and any other plastic tops) as they recycle them into the containers for their skincare products. Even the tiny one in Waterloo Station was happy to accept a bagful. More locally, Oasis in Trinity Road ... [ more ]
Maroussia R
Have a look at  They recycle all sorts of unlikely things, including plastic bottle tops.  They are located in Blackshaw Road, Tooting.

Single mattress clean offered

Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet for sale

Alun P in Balham
So I've had a graphics tablet lying around that my ex left here, I'm absolutely terrible at drawing so I'd like it if someone with artistic merit could take this off my hands. I'm looking for around £30 for it but I am very much open to offers. Cheers, ... [ more ]

Slate roof tiles-need a few

R D in Sands End
Hi does anyone have any old unwanted slate roof tiles any condition. Just need some for a project. It can be a few or more. Thanks
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Hi Leon Just back from work. Thanks that is great. Do you want to PM your address and how many you have. I need just flat slates, not ribbed.  Again many thanks for that. Will be able to pick up tomorrow afternoon if that suits you. Kind regards

St Johns Rd

Gems in Wandsworth
I noticed whilst walking past JD Sports on the corner of St Johns are that it has closed alongside Clinton Cards next door and Ash next door to that is closing. Has anyone any idea what these three shops are going to be?
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Karen:  yes, we have plenty of banks along there already, but none of them are open 7 days a week like Metro Bank is.  And none of them have early and evening hours every Monday thru Friday like Metro Bank does.  And except for HSBC, none of them have ... [ more ]


Alun P in Balham
Anyone got a small footrest they're looking to get rid of? I have problems with my feet and figure when I'm mucking about online it'd do me good to have something to rest my veruca ridden tootsies on. If anyone has one of these going free I would love ... [ more ]
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Roy V
If you're not already treating your veruccas I'm told that attaching banana peel - the inside surface next to the skin soon gets rid of them.
Alun P
Roy V You're not trying to make me look like a character in a Looney Tunes cartoon are you, mate? ;) I'll keep that in mind, though the veruca is getting better with that there Bazuka gel; managed nearly 25,000 steps while walking around the area ... [ more ]

Packing boxes to give away

Rachel in Tooting Graveney
My cousin has good quality packing/moving boxes to give away. For collection from Furzedown area. PM me if interested. Thanks.
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help with computer fault

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It is a nice program for scanners that are not provided with drivers any more but if the problem lies elsewhere in hard ware the VueScan will not help.

birthday cake

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Carla S
Hi I used to buy birthday cakes from there, in fact they made my wedding cake too but I think their pastry chef has changed as the last I had wasn't good at all sadly. Now I go to Nuvola Bianca, she's an ex Ottolenghi pastry chef and I cannot recommend ... [ more ]
Leon S
Thanks everyone for your suggestions . We have decided to go ahead with Ali who was the first person to respond but in very grateful to you all for your reccommendations