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Man with a Van Recommendations - Help with Removals to Hampshire

in Streatham Vale
Hi All, Can anybody recommend a reasonably priced Man with a Van service? I'm looking for someone who will help me move furniture/belongings out of my 1st floor flat and transport it down to Hampshire, so would need to have a large van/Luton/small ... [ more ]
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House Elf
Hi StHGirl, Hope you're well. We just moved a lady (from Streetlife) last Friday from a 4+ bed house in Balham/Tooting, so a flat would be a simple, welcome relief! Ha! As a concierge company based in Balham, we are definitely more ... [ more ]

Fleeced by a roofer!

Viv T
in Earlsfield
We are having our roof mended. The roofer who seemed quite popular in online reviews, is charging a lot, more apparently than others do. (Hindsight!) When we look down onto the roof from next door, we can see that it is very shoddily done. So far we ... [ more ]
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Rebecca R
if you want a roofer whos honest, reliable and very good value call dave and his dad who ive recommended on here many times and have had rave reviews.  ive known them for over 20 years and they cannot be beaten on any front 07956 601 048.  He can prob ... [ more ]

Clothes hangers....

Qualified Gas fitter

Marion R
in Balham
I am having a gas cooker delivered and require this the be fitted. Can any street lifers recommend someone in the Clapham /Balham area.
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Purse stolen

Jane F
in Furzedown
A heads up to Street lifers.  I had my purse stolen from my handbag whilst in Caffe Nero in Balham on Friday.  Luckily, I had hardly any cash in there but all my bank cards, loyalty cards etc. were in there.  So annoying to cancel everything and wait ... [ more ]
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Jane F
Caffe Nero don't appear to have CCTV. Yes everything is cancelled but just frustrating waiting for replacement cards. I'm in Caffe Nero again but my bag is under my nose. Thank you everyone for responses. 😃

Lost Dog On The Run: Please Keep A Look Out for Buddy!

Love Generation
in Balham
*** Sweet Cockapoo On The Run: Cavendish Road / Balham High Road Area of South London *** Buddy is a Sweet Young Male Cockapoo He Escaped From His Groomer's House This Afternoon [Friday 13.1.17] He Escaped from YUKON ROAD [SW12] ---> In the ... [ more ]
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Farrow & Ball paint leftovers

Gilly S
in Furzedown
Before I go and buy sample pots, just wondering if anyone has a little leftover Farrow and Ball emulsion paint in, I think, Dimity (2008) or possibly White Tie (2002). I decanted and saved a little to finish off and touch up a job, but when I got ... [ more ]
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Gilly S
Hi Barbara Have left a message, but my number is 0781 807 1834. I live in Garratt Lane at the Tooting Broadway end, about three minutes from the Broadway.

Car keys jammer in the area! SW18 3NH

in Balham
Came out this afternoon and found that my key would not open my car. It is a remote radio key... I took a spare one - same story. Then I thought that my battery in the car is flat, so used a physical key to pen my car. The alarm went off, which ... [ more ]
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I'm booking an OFCOM person to come and investigate this recurring annoyance. I've spoken to them and it is part of their field of operation. It may just be that it is not malicious but still it needs to be dealt with.

Anybody need four large cardboard packing boxes....

in Upper Tooting
packaging  from on-line purchases leading up to Xmas -to collect from Tooting Graveney. Please PM me.

Free - a length of skirting board.

Ian N
in Streatham Park
I have some unused MDF skirting board to give away. 1 length of 3500mm and an offcut of 700mm height is 195mm x 18mm deep. it's finished in white. Free to collect in Tooting Bec.
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Ian N
No worries Ann - I will bring it indoors until Weds. Would you like mr to saw it in half? It's quite long. Also, MDF isn't very good for outdoor work, but your grandson is welcome to it if it helps with a treehouse interior!

Skirt tailoring/making

Mel S
in Tooting Graveney
Hi All, I have a skirt that I love and has been incredibly useful... sadly, it's been so useful it's about worn out. I've looked and looked for a similar replacement and can't find anything... so I wondered if anyone knows someone/where who might be ... [ more ]
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New windows/doors

Jenny S
in Wandsworth
I have to replace some very large sliding glass doors on the second floor of my house. It will be a difficult job so I want to get several quotes. I've already had a recommendation but I'd welcome more.
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Lambeth faces legal challenge over ‘noisy’ Clapham Common music festival

Wandsworth Council
in Roehampton
Wandsworth Council is taking legal action against neighbouring Lambeth over its backing for a noisy three day summer music festival on Clapham Common. Wandsworth will ask Camberwell Green magistrates court to impose new conditions on the licence ... [ more ]

Bead rethreading

Sue in Summerstown
Hi, I am looking for someone who can rethread 3 or 4 necklaces for me.  I have all the beads and clasps although in a couple of instances a new clasp might be better.
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Jayne S
David Simmons on Garrett Lane near Earlsfield Station - other side of road. Family run by excellent knowledgeable people who know their business. I have been using them for years. Couldn't get better.
My understanding is that David Simmons does not deal with costume jewellery so you need an 'arty crafty' into necklace making.

Wanted smartphone on loan

in Wandsworth
Hi Streetlifers. Happy New Year. I am hoping someone can lend me a smartphone while I send my Huawei to their servicing and repairs centre for dealing with the overheating problem when the phone is in use. They reassure me that this will be a week ... [ more ]
Marie B
Hi Emmsar - if Tamara's phone doesn't work out for you - I've got an iphone 5 - but it's locked to EE - so only useful to you if you're with them ;)

Orange glow on north horizon

Jean G
I  live  at  Tooting  Bec    and   my  son   saw  this  but  I  couldn't  see  anything  when  I  looked  out.    He  was  so  pleased  when I  told  him  about  your  post
Ram Brewery
It was still glowing strongly at 6am this morning and looks like coming from Earls Court direction to me

Book shelves

S B in Kennington
Hello Streetlifers Does anybody have shelving units they know longer need?  I need 3 and a trip to Ikea proved uneventful.  Please PM contact details if you do and I will call you to arrange a pick up. Thanks S B

Small Fridge

S B in Kennington
I have a small fridge approx 3 ft tall.  Old but in good working condition.  If you are interested PM a contact number and I will call you to arrange a pick up. Thanks

Recommendation for an English speaking nail salon

in Summerstown
Good evening all The nail salons where I live are great! I visit, make use of and support their services often. However, I now require a salon in the Tooting, Earlsfield or Balham area where someone within the nail salon must be fluent in English. ... [ more ]
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Sarah B
Well I think they will automatically go into archiving after a certain amount of time but, to be on the safe side, I agree with Sylvia that you should contact the Administrators to remove your message...... Good luck!

Looking for our dream kitten

Becky C in Streatham Hill
My partner and I are looking to get our first cat together. We would like a ginger, male kitten but due to our working hours it needs to be at least 9 months old. We have of course looked into rescue homes but they are all either 2 months of over 2 ... [ more ]
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Veronique V
Becky and Helen, I highly recommend Mitcham Cats Protection but I also suggest you don't get hooked on the idea of a colour/gender/age. If you follow them on Facebook they post lovely updates on their cats and their website seems to be always up to ... [ more ]
Elisabeth B
I agree with Kate W - there are so many kittens-to-first years out there. Try Celia Hammond Animal Trust - you actually need to go (a number of locations including Canning Town and Lewisham). We got our two cats there. One was a three year old female ... [ more ]

FREE stair safety gates

Editrix in Balham
I have three Lindam baby safety gates to give away, but only have all the accompanying parts for two of them but worth taking three as different sizes.  Free collection from by wandsworth common or could deliver if nearby. Picture attached Also have ... [ more ]
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Hi Leonie and Debbie Someone on Streetlife had asked for these. I'm waiting to hear if she still wants them otherwise happy for yu to have them.
Hi Debbie and Leonie, These gates are available if you'd still like. The other streetlifer ,who responded first, now says she can't collect for over a week. Sorry for the delay.

Talk on Ida and Louise Cook by biographer Louis Carpenter.

St Mary's Church, Battersea Church Road SW11 3NA
Jeanne R in Wandsworth
Here is a notice about the Battersea Society next talk on January 19th about the fascinating Ida and Louise Cook Battersea residents for sixty years who rescued Jewish refugees funded by Ida's earnings as a Mills and Boon author of 127 novels. Ida ... [ more ]

After school nanny/childminder required

Elaine S
in Streatham Hill
Hi, Does anyone know of a local nanny/childminder who can pick up my daughter 3 x a week (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday) after school? Hours required are 3:30-5pm. Many thanks! Elaine

garden clearance needed asap

in Balham
Hi, we are getting a new fence put in and need to clear the jungle that has grown up along the current fence so the builders can access it. it's over 50 meters long, so a big job that will require 2 or 3 people. Can anyone recommend any local ... [ more ]
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Don M
Hi Allison, Yes I have all my own tools, I take the rubbish away, and I charge £15 per hour, Please give me a call 07588584499.

Artificial Xmas tree

S B in Kennington
Probably a really redundant offer but does anybody want a really good quality artificial green xmas tree with some decorations.  I can't find anywhere to store it so its yours if you want it.  Thanks S
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Sam A  Hi Sam It would be helpful for me to give it away this evening.  Can you pick up from Kennington?  PM your details if interested. Thanks