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Information from SNARL about the awful killing of cats

Rosanna F in Furzedown
M25 ANIMAL KILLER - WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP: As most people are now aware, there have been a number of victims of the person killing cats and foxes in the M25 area. In brief, confirmed cases include: Ukiyo in Addiscombe Amber in Shirley Oscar in ... [ more ]
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This is really disturbing this sick & evil individual / people need to be caught asap . They say serial killers start abusing & torturing & killing animals before they make move on humans . :-( Lavender Avenue is literally up my street ... [ more ]
Maria C , I hope your cat comes home very soon and my heart goes out to the elderly gentleman in Mitcham. Angela S thanks for bringing this to our attention ..

Photographic Exhibition

Beckenham Public Halls. Bromley Road, Beckenham, BR3 5JE
Fred in Upper Tooting
All Beckenham Photographic Society invites you to visit our annual exhibition, that opens for public Thursday 18 February at Beckenham Public Halls. Bromley Road, Beckenham, BR3 5JE Open hours: Thursday 18 February – 11am to 8pm Friday 19 ... [ more ]

Old car tyre - what to do with it?

Dmitriy in Balham
I have made a mistake of popping the old tyre back in the boot after having it changed. It is not patched, 3mm across but I don't need it, now that I think of it. Tried to ebay it for 1p - nobody wants it... Can anyone suggest how to dispose of it now ... [ more ]

Local plumbers

Tarin T in Streatham Park
Please anyone could recommend me a local plumbers to build an extra bathroom or toilet depends on spaces and cost thanks. Tarin
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Ambulance by Chestnut Grove School

Fiona V in Clapham Park
Does anyone know what happened outside Chestnut Grove School in Balham on Wednesday?  The shop keeper said there was a young man being treated by the paramedics.
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I saw 3/4 police coming out of there earlier in the week but it didn't look like anyone was being arrested. There seem to be some pretty dodgy kids at that school, from what I've seen over the years. Hope he is ok.
Patricia G
A lovely school that continues to get better and better.  I enjoy walking past the site and seeing the pupils being pupils.  When I see an ambulance outside somewhere my first thought is not whether the incident involves dodgy people but rather wondering ... [ more ]

Stainless Steel Wall Tiles - Scratch Removal Tips Needed

Maia A in Balham
Hello, can anyone give me a few tips on removing fine scratches from stainless steel mosaic kitchen tiles? I stupidly cleaned them with an abrasive sponge which has left scores on the tiles!
Mark H
I would try Bar Keepers Friend first, it's good for cleaning metal. Or a fine wire wool, but use it very gently till you get an idea if its helping.

Refurb project management

Eliza C in Streatham Hill
I am fairly new to the area and looking for a design and building company that will manage and deliver a full house refurbishment project. Attempts so far to source advice and services from separate trades, and get people to even quote for let alone ... [ more ]
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Guy M
Hi there, On the interior side of this i could certainly recommend a company called AMOK.check out their website for more details.
Rachel B
Hi Eliza, I have a feeling I may have been recommended to you on Streatham Mums Network and at the time did not have the capacity to take on further work. Things are freeing up somewhat so I would be able to take on another project in the near future if ... [ more ]

Pest control recommendations

Abigail C in Streatham Hill
Can anyone recommend a local pest control company. Have a little mouse issue! Thanks in advance.
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Wandsworth parking, cash free but not exercise free

Mark H in Clapham
Has anyone else noticed how while Wandsworth has made it's parking cash free (if you choose) and removed a lot of meters the location number you need to pay with your mobile phone is usually only on the meter. I park outside the house where I am working ... [ more ]

Any EU citizens out there?

Jenny S in Wandsworth
I am writing a short article about the implications of the EU referendum for EU citizens living or working here. Would any streetlifer from France/Spain/Poland or wherever be willing to have a short chat over the phone or to answer a few questions via ... [ more ]

Replacing carpet with vinyl

Hazel H in West Hill
In anticipation of the return of my resident moth guests any time soon, I'm thinking of getting my (moth ravaged) carpets taken up and replaced with vinyl that looks like floorboards. Just before I do it, does anybody have good advice to offer? I like ... [ more ]
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Hazel H
Hi Bryan. I assume that will also be fairly quiet. I'm in an upstairs flat and have got a lovely downstairs neighbour. I've told him the plan and he's fine with it but I really don't want to upset him.

Ebay Seller

Ursula B in Balham
Hello All, I am looking for someone who sells on eBay for other people - for a fee, of course.  I have quite a few  items I would like to try and sell.   Has anyone used or known such a person?

Lost black and white cat?

Ms Smiley in Furzedown
Has anyone lost a friendly black and white cat (probably female) around Church lane SW17? She's been hanging around the area since Friday and my lovely neighbour felt sorry for her so she took the cat in. If you've lost your cat or know anyone who did ... [ more ]

Garden vacuum cleaner offered.

David B in Earlsfield
Garden vacuum cleaner, good for leaves and light debris, all attachments, instructions. Works from normal power point. Little used. Collect from off Northcote Road.
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Lost keys in Balham

John R in Furzedown
I lost a pair of keys in Balham around 11am on Saturday in Balham.  Both were ERA brand:  one Yale-style and the other Chubb-style.  It would have been in Oakmead Road, around Balham Station, Chestnut Grove, the Chestnut Grove end of Endlesham Road, ... [ more ]

Baby Shower Venue

Kelly D in Balham
Hello all this is my first post! I am wanting to hold my baby shower in June. But have no clue where to hold it. Does anyone know of any halls or function rooms in Balham which are free of charge and can be used for a couple of hours on a Saturday or ... [ more ]

Cushions need rebacking

Looking for a local Physiotherapist

Amber M in Balham
Hi there, My partner is having problems with the back of his knee, we are training for the London Marathon. I wondered if any one new of a physio ideally based around Tooting Broadway? Thanks!
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Female singer needed

Stuart R in Upper Tooting
Hi all, I'm a songwriter in Tooting, and I have a song that I wrote about 3 years ago and would sound great with a female voice on it. I have a demo of it with a girl singing it, but it's not quite the right voice. I'm looking for someone probably early ... [ more ]
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Sue H
Hi there, I'm a female singer (24) keen on doing some collaborations. You have some really decent songs on your website! Would you be able to send me the link? Thanks, Joanna

painter for metal windows

Rebecca R in Earlsfield
can anyone recommend a decorator for metal crittal windows pls?  they need to be stripped along with the wooden frames, sills etc & started on from scratch. I do have a decorator but may prefer someone whose done this type of work before.
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Steven N
Hi Rebecca I painted aluminium windows myself as I couldn't find anyone I trusted to do them properly! Make sure that they know to use the appropriate metal primer prior to painting the window.  It is absolutely CRITICAL. If they don't know what you're ... [ more ]

Campaign to stop the closure of a respite centre

Ania O in Furzedown
Hi All, A friend of mine has started a campaign to try and stop Ealing Council from closing a respite centre used by the parents of children with special needs.  Resources like this are in short supply and once gone, are unlikely to be replaced. I ... [ more ]
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Ania O
Many thanks to all the wonderful Streetlifers who have added their support and passed on details about the campaign to others.   The petition now has over 4,000 signatories and an article has appeared in the local Ealing Gazette; ... [ more ]
Ania O
The petition against the closure of Heller House respite centre in Ealing has attracted almost 5,000 signatures.  If you've not signed yet, and are against a local authority closing a much needed resource which supports special needs kids and their ... [ more ]

Packing boxes for house move wanted

Louise H in Streatham Park
If you have any spare packing boxes that you would like to give away, please let me know. The more the merrier and I can collect ASAP. Many thanks.
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Louise H
Thanks to you all for you kind offers. I have actually collected more than enough for our house move now so don't think I need anymore.
Anyone still have cardboard boxes available? I am looking for some big ones soon for our flat move. Please PM me or reply on my recent post. Thank you!

Good plumber needed?

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Incident in Streatham ?

lightlady in Furzedown
What has happened in Streatham? Mitchum Lane is blocked off for traffic and pedestrians at the junction with Streatham High Road. Lots of police activity. Needles to say the traffic is awful all around that region.
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Rod C
The incident I referred to had a bloke actually on the roof. These two are only a few feet off the ground though. Still I bet it caused chaos for Friday prayers at the mosque next door........

Missing tabby cat - Balham

Tara R in Streatham Park
My gorgeous cat Zola is missing and I'm desperate for his return. He is such a lovely cat and very inquisitive so thinking he may have got himself trapped somewhere. He is chipped, no collar, neutered and around 5 years old. If you could keep an eye ... [ more ]
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