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Mobile phone reception

Helen H in Clapham Park
Would be interested to hear others feed back about mobile phone reception in the area around Wandsworth Common  I am having horrendous problems, people unable to hear me, I can hear them and phone cutting out mid conversation.  Is any one else having ... [ more ]
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Sophia W
I used to have fantastic reception in my flat in Clapham North but about 2 or 3 years ago it went to shit (I was on EE). When I called to complain they said one of the masts was being fixed and when it was my signal should improve. It NEVER improved and ... [ more ]


Angela R in West Brompton
I am trying to find someone to do a regular job looking after the internal and external common parts of a Victorian house on Battersea Rise split into 5 flats.  Probably working out on average at no more than 2 hours a week.  Keeping bin area clean, ... [ more ]

Free guided walks - very pleasant routes

Ian Bull in Wandsworth
Hullo everyone I'm one of TfL's walk leaders and a couple of months ago I offered a walk along the Wandle Trail. This was well received and we all enjoyed the day. I said I'd offer another when the weather was better. I'm just trying to gauge interest ... [ more ]
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Balham Waitrose card theft gang alert

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Bike to give away

Andre A in West Hill
Hi guys, as I have recently bought a new bike I am giving my old one away. It is working but it may require some service if you're looking for a long term bike. Anyway, let me know if any of you are interested. I Live at Clapham High Street so we can ... [ more ]
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Handyman/gardener recommendation please

Londoner in Chelsea
We are situated near The Latchmere and need someone for an hour or so to cut back a climber which is intruding. Can you please recommend someone trustworthy ?
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After school care Wednesday / Thursday balham

Joanna C in Streatham Hill
Hi I am looking for someone to collect our two children aged 4 and 6 from school at 3.10pm in balham and look after them until 6pm on weds and Thursday from September. Duties will include playing with them, making tea and helping with their reading ... [ more ]

Dog Friendly Cleaner Recommendations Please

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Anne S
My lovely lady, Beate, is great, efficient, and adores my dog, and also has one of her own. Highly recommend her, she's on 07854-225957

Lay laminate floor

Audrey B in Battersea
Hello Can anyone recommend someone who can lay laminate flooring and may be do some painting in the Shaftesbury estate area?

Has anyone use Bathstore to install their bathroom?

Suzie B in Tooting Graveney
Hello, I'm thinking about using Bathstore to install my new bathroom as I have to confess that their one-stop solution is quite appealing compared with sourcing multiple trades. However equally a one-stop shop makes me nervous so I'd be hugely grateful ... [ more ]
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Suzie B
Thanks so much for the thoughts / feedback. There seem to be quite a lot of negative reviews online too so I'm going to steer clear. Any recommendations for a bathroom refurb co?
Kenna Plumbing and Heating
Hi there I know that you are looking for personal recommendations but I can assure you that my company comes highly recommended by customers on both Streetlife and Which Trusted Traders. I would also provide a quote for considerably less than ... [ more ]

Good tiler needed

Kenna Plumbing and Heating
Hi there I know that you are looking for personal recommendations but I can assure you that my company comes highly recommended by customers on both Streetlife and Which Trusted Traders. I would like to ask any of my previous customers on streetlife to ... [ more ]

PawSquad House Call Veterinarians - 25% OFF first consultation

PawSquad Mobile Vets in PawSquad Mobile Vets
At PawSquad we believe that the highest quality and most convenient veterinary care happens at home. We are redefining veterinary care with the goal of making it less stressful for the pet and more convenient for the pet owner. Our promise: For a ... [ more ]

Lettings negotiator

Philip B in Sands End
Does anyone know a lettings negotiator who would like a move? I am looking for an experienced high caliber person to head up our lettings operation in Wandsworth, if you know anyone please PM me there contact details.. thank you

Battersea Park retains its prestigious Green Flag

Wandsworth Council in Roehampton
Battersea Park has again been confirmed as one of the best green open spaces in the country after successfully retaining its coveted Green Flag award. Described as “the jewel in the crown of London's parks”, the award from leading environmental ... [ more ]
Jane E
I'm amazed.  WBC clearly see Battersea Park as a cash cow, not a green space worthy of preserving.  Great to see some of the things they are doing now but what about all the things they haven't done in the past and how exclusive they are making it ... [ more ]
Grannie Annie
no mention of the works that should take place to bring the park back to the orginal condition before the first e-formula race.   it is important that the extra tarmacking is lifted and the ground replanted as it was.   I celebrate the new works, but ... [ more ]

The ever expanding Tarmac woes of Battersea Park

Mr Squirrel in Battersea
There is now a Commons committee set up to consider the exploitation of our parks by greedy Local Authorities. A prime example is Wandsworth's attitude to Battersea Park. When Formula E were granted a planning consent this included permission to dig up ... [ more ]
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Mr Squirrel
Sounds like the Council are picking off the HLF and peddling their downright lies about these areas of extra Tarmac being improvements. I urge those who have not already done so to contact the HLF and the man involved Let him know ... [ more ]

Bosch Dishwasher repairs

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Blue sofa going free

Motor Bikes

Alan P in Furzedown
I know I have mentioned this before, but why is it some nutters on motor cycles are allowed to use Trinity Road as a race track??. I have seen them at more than 60mph, up on one wheel and ignoring the keep left signs. They make the most horrendous racket ... [ more ]
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Alan P
BUT, no deterrent, these losers get away with it all the time, police too busy chasing hate crimes and the like!!
Jo H
I've also seen those chunky three wheeled motorbikes. They make a terrific noise like gun shot. There's usually two together .You can't hear anything else.

Water Butt Free

Bryan S in Balham
This has to be gone before Wednesday , 1 x 160 liter water butt wall mountable , no stand ,it does have the tap,  I used it to trap the water from my shed and I had it built up on bricks which you can have if needed P M me please for details
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Invisible mending for jacket

J L in Battersea
My son has ripped his new jacket (polycotton sports jacket) - it's a branded item which he bought on line with money saved ....oh dear. Am looking for recommendations for someone to make it look as good as new! The rip is near the pocket and he wants it ... [ more ]

Ready Mixed Concrete Free

Bryan S in Balham
I have this to offer , I only used enough for 1 post , so bag is  3/4 full please Pm me for pick up address
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Desk and coffee table to give away!

Justine P in Balham
Hi! I am giving away an ikea white desk and blue coffee table. You will need to collect and it has to go before Thursday. Thanks, Justine
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Justine P
In case anyone is interested or knows someone, I have a king size bed and memory foam mattress that need to go! Brand new! I have photos!

food colouring

Jenny S in Wandsworth
Does anyone know where I can get liquid black food colouring? I do't want the gel as it is to put into a small bird bath/water feature, to try to control algae. I have tried the big Tesco at Clapham South and the Waitrose in St Johns Road.
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I'd try algae-busting dye from pond /fish shop, which is designed to last outside in sunlight and to be animal safe. Algae in small water bodies often stops of its own accord due to using up nutrients, but this won't happen if you keep cleaning/adding ... [ more ]

Clothes airer

Richard B
James Thanks for your interest, but someone got in before you and it's gone. Regards. R

Random Bits 'n bobs

Sarah C in Wandsworth
Hey Streetlife! Myself and four others have recently moved into a new house in Clapham Junction& are in desperate need of some dinner plates & any secondhand vacuum cleaner on the off chance should anyone be giving away any of those?! Happy to ... [ more ]
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Susan H
there is a takeaway restaurant by the southern bus stop near battersea bridge and they have been clearing out some plain white plates etc very cheaply. I am not sure what is left but worth a look