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Coat hangers Please!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Summerstown

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Terracotta pots

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

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Wanted old cupboard and old wooden wine boxes any condition happy to give a donation!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Summerstown

Sally H
Do you have an old cupboard hanging around?or some wooden wine boxes I would love them for a garden project pls get in touch. Sally
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Garden fence mender needed

Recommendations in West Brompton

My old wooden fence is in danger of collapsing!  Any recommendations for a handyman that can fix it would be welcome. Thanks
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Matthew R
I can be and do exact what your looking for If you like to message me back we can go forwards on getting a quote. Kind Regards Matthew on 07908-494225 thank you.


Recommendations in Wandsworth

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Borrow rake and 12 mm drill bit?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Putney Heath

Guy D
We live on Geraldine road, SW18, so just hoping one of kind streetlifer neighbours (ideally a short walk away) might be able to lend us either of the above for a day or two. Thanks, Guy

Free for collection - Adams Trail a Bike

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Neil C
I have a tag along bike free for anyone who wants it. Unfortunately it is missing the saddle and seat post but imagine that wouldn't be hard to replace, and also missing the 'hitch', ie the bracket that goes on the adult bike. Those are available on ... [ more ]

Landlords house clean

Local Conversations in Upper Tooting

Jane B
Hi .. just a shout out to other landlords. I've just had a bill via my management agency for a 'pre-tenancy' professional clean of £300. I can't help feeling that is steep for a small 2 and a half bedroom house with 2 small bathrooms and a galley ... [ more ]
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Simon F
Yes with VAT and a'cut' for the agency it's probably about right as long as the job was done well. The trouble is, as with most things, that is the going rate for good and bad jobs and it's only after the event that you know if its been well done or not.

Found Female Terrier Coldharbour Lane SW9

Lost & Found in Streatham Park

Lily W
Cross posting from Doglost and Lambeth dog wardens. This female terrier has been found on Coldharbour Lane SW9 and she is microchipped but the chip has not been registered. Does anyone recognise her? Thank you. ... [ more ]
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Lily W
Thank you and I would Jules but am on quite a few forums and find them a challenge to use. I did look on the forum you mention and none were reported missing. I did get over 80 retweets on twitter too so word is spreading. I have searched to see any ... [ more ]
Jules K
I hope so too. Sadly, she may have been abandoned. Hopefully she'll be reunited soon :-) You clearly have a big heart  Jules

Wallpapering table

Give, Lend & Borrow in Herne Hill

Bryan S
Hi , does anyone  have a wallpapering table they no longer require,? the hardboard top type would be ideal,  Regards
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Share local knowledge...

Recommendations in Pimlico

Sally P
After another tired delivery curry experience, I wondered if anybody could recommend a place for great curry delivery (and indeed eat in) close to the Streatham Hill area?
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Rosy S
Deliveroo deliver food from local restaurants so if you know a good Indian restaurant it may be that they can deliver from them.  I live in Clapham and am not sure if they deliver in your area but you can check online. Good luck!

Patio table 4 chairs and bar-b-que

£20.00 in West Hill

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Stone Pebbles available

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

I have I reckon 3 bin bags of medium and large stone pebbles free if you want come and pick them up. I have broken them down into smaller bags as I couldn't lift them in their original bag - must weigh over 200kg! I'm on magdalen road if you want them. ... [ more ]
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Borrow cardboard boxes for car boot

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

Steph Lou
Hi, Does anyone have any large cardboard boxes they could lend me for one day? I am doing a car boot sale tomorrow and would really like to use the boxes to put clothes in. I can return Sunday lunch time if need be. Must be able to collect today. ... [ more ]
John T
Whenever I need heavy duty cardboard boxes for moving etc. I go to the local supermarket and get the banana boxes for free.  They are really strong with a lid.  When I'm done I just put them out with the recycling.

A1 Art bag to giveaway

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

Charlie C
Offered it to South Thames College this morning but they didn't want it as was too big, so if anyone would like an A1 art bag you're welcome to have it. Just drop me a line and arrange a time to collect it - I live just off St John's Hill close to ... [ more ]
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Charlie C
Annie A  I thought that I was doing people a favour however it appears that there are a lot of chancers on this site - hoping that it'll be 4th time lucky! Am in all next week if you'd like it you're welcome to it - 118 Plough Rd SW112AL

Long Term Private Rental wanted

Recommendations in West Hill

Hello, we have been privately renting a Tonsley cottage for the past 13 years and now our landlord is returning this winter and wants it back.  Is there anyone out there who wants to do a private rental, unfurnished in the area.  We would like 2 bedrooms ... [ more ]
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Matthew Q
Good luck MeezerB. Privately renting always carries this uncertainty of being asked to leave or a huge rent hike. You make somewhere your home and then have no control over how long you can stay but can't afford to buy. Keep us informed on how you do. ... [ more ]
Tarenn G
Hello Meezer, We are going to be renting our two bed maisonette in Cedars Road on the northside of Clapham common with a small garden in the coming weeks. We would like to find reliable long term tenants. If you'd like to send me a message I'd be very ... [ more ]

Britax child car seat

Give, Lend & Borrow in West Brompton

Angela R
Granny is now disposing of this seat used only for 4 occasional grand child visits over last 10 years.  They are all now fully grown!  Although the normal advice is that you should not buy a used car seat I can can vouch for the fact that it has never ... [ more ]

Car foot pump

Give, Lend & Borrow in West Brompton

Angela R
I know I will never use this foot pump again so happy to give it away to a good home.  Collect from North Battersea.
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Wooden Bed and free standing shelves

£200.00 in Clapham Park

Hello, Anyone interested in buying : - a wooden bed w:150cm+ mattress £150 - Ikea metal and wood free standing shelves : w 86cm h:214cm d: 40   £60

Louie Williams: his hooded fleece found on Tooting Common

Lost & Found in Furzedown

Mat S
If his parents or anyone who knows who they are can contact me on, I have this item left on Tooting Common this morning. Thanks.

Framer recommendation in SW11 please

Recommendations in Streatham Hill

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Gemma C
Definatly recommend Johnsons, have used him many times and am always happy with his prices and quality of his work.


Recommendations in Battersea

Rita H
My laptop is crashing a lot and I need some help to sort it out - whatever the problem might be...? Rita Please do PM me
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Hi Rita, It may be the memory. My housemate was just having the same problem so I gave her an external hard drive so she could move all her photos and large files off her laptop and onto the drive. We then defragmenter the C drive which is very easy ... [ more ]
Shahid Rafiq
hi Rita, I work as an IT and Web Consultant and have helped a number of people on streetlife over the past couple of years. You can see quotes from the people I have helped on my profile. I have over 20 years experience in fixing computer problems. ... [ more ]

Wooden floor restoration

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Vicky E
After several years and two months recent building work I need our wooden floor in the hall and sitting room sanded and restored.  Looking forward to hearing from you about reliable and friendly companies! Thanks.
Tara R
I used Richard Reynolds 07944 204922 about 5 years ago and was (and still am!) thrilled with his work. He was so thorough and an artist by background, so his attention to detail was flawless. He was recommended by a neighbour, who was equally pleased. ... [ more ]
Anne S
I am just about to have mine done and am using a great builder called Pete Krasniqi - I've been using him for many years and he's also now the go-to guy for a lot of my friends. 07809205076.

small desk lamp

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

I have a small silver desk lamp to give away. Works. 31cm if fully upright.  To be collected from near Earlsfield Road.

found black kitten

Lost & Found in Upper Tooting

Nirmalee D
We have found a well-nourished black kitten with no collar in Heathfield Square.  Very friendly and crying continuously - my partner is going to give her some food.
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Jane S
Also can you ask the blu cross at south wimbledon - sorry dont have link or phone number - but alot of people register losses there and will check for chips for free, cover all of south london - thanks
Almuth T
Please also knock on all your neighbours doors and ask if they have lost a kitten. Somebody might know whose it is. (It might be fun to get to know your neighbours in this way) But the first thing would of course be to take it to a vet to check for a ... [ more ]