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Tina J to Balham and 9 more areas

need a freelance photographer

Hi urgently need a photographer as I need high res photos for media publication of an event this coming Friday and  Saturday night . contact me via streetlife or at or text or call 074295070727 tina
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Alexandra L
Hi Tina Please take a look at my boyfriend's website. He does lots of events and is free tonight and tomorrow night Thanks! Alex
Chanda to Balham and 9 more areas

I have an Antique Wardrobe if any body want it

Hi every one, wardrobe need to go, it is Antique  single wardrobe, n bedside cabinet if any body want it, it is old but very strong, do not have room to keep, and also have expendable small-dinner table, n coffee-table, all must go, contact me ... more »
Sheira C
Hello Chanda I am interesting in the bedside cabinet, is it still available? Could you send me a picture if it is? Thanks Sheira
Hi sheira, sorry the cabinet n wardrobe is gone , thanks for interest Chanda
Fabienne J to Balham and 7 more areas

External hard drive unreadable

Hello I need help with recovering data from an external hard drive that has become unreadable. I hear conflicting views about how successful such a recovery would be and also about how much it would/should cost. I realise recovery success depends ... more »
Jimi S
John Kazantzis of Streatham PC is a very reasonable IT Consultant.  He'll be up-front with you if he can sort it or not. His details are:  07962 058 553 He's on Mount Ephraim Lane, SW16 for ... more »
Fabienne J
Thank you Jimi, I'll give John a call tomorrow! Best, F
emmsar to Balham and 6 more areas

Visits to Beig Ben and the Parliament

Hello Streetlifers. There will be a trip to Parliament exactly like the one already mentioned by Battersea Social. In both cases the visits are planned with the local MPs. The one I am writing about is for residents of Earlsfield, Balham and Tooting. ... more »
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Samantha P
Great, can do both dates,two spaces please (if you can), both residents of Tooting. Do I need to PM my contact details? Sam
Marianne I to Balham and 9 more areas

Have you seen the new signs......?

Have you seen the new signs? All those years, we have all been doing it wrong......; I remember my grandfather taking me, aged 2 or 3, to the park on his bicycle, to feed the ducks😀 So is Brown bread ok? I like the small print: "Grains, seeds, vegetable ... more »
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Lucy S
do you think the foxes would pay attention if i put up a sign telling them not to bring their takeaway rubbish into my garden?
The council has taken measures to stop the proliferation of rats in the parks and then into residential areas by prohibiting feeding the ducks. Stale bread can be blitzed into breadcrumbs and used in cooking so you don't have to throw it away. It is no ... more »
Antonia M to Clapham and 5 more areas

Property accountant/advice needed please

Hi, I am after advice on what taxes I will be stung for if I refurbish a second property and sell it on. I will be living in my current flat that I own and presently have no other job and plan to do as much of the work myself. Many thanks in advance ... more »
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Hi Antonia, You will only pay capital gains tax on any profit on the sale of an investment property (non principal private residence), so you will add on to the cost of the property you have all the refurbishment expenses, buying costs (incl stamp duty ... more »
Antonia M
Thank you both for your replies, much appreciated : )
CC to Balham and 5 more areas

Garden Labour

Hi, I need a couple of strong bodies to move earth from a flower bed to ground level.  The area is about 8ft by 8ft and around 2ft tall.  I can get a skip in the drive and the house is empty.  Pay would be around £7.50 per hour as just require hard ... more »
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Scott C to Battersea and 4 more areas

Silicon Junction - Summer meetup

Come join us all (digital businesses, bricks and mortar ones, freelancers, start uppers) for another Silicon Junction Meetup. It's a chance to meet new contacts, local businesses, find work, find freelancers, and ultimately see how we can all work ... more »

TBC - Please see

Jun 03
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Rachel C to Sands End and 5 more areas

Family dentist

I'm searching for a local NHS dentist, who's good with nervous children!  Any recommendations, greatly appreciated.  Many thanks.
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cleo d Caoimhe at Dental Arts Studio, she's great with kids. (I work there as an orthodontist) Good luck
Rachel C
Thanks so much for the recommendations, Jennifer H and Cleo D - really appreciated!
Vicky S to Balham and 4 more areas

Garden decking

I'm looking for someone to deck a small portion of my back garden (3m sq or so) in Balham, and create a corner bench - any recommendations? I have the design just need someone reliable the with woodworking and reasonable rates. Thanks for ... more »
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Polly M
We used Greg from Bedecked. He was great. V reasonable and does any shape you want. His website is or! His number is 07590 401780.
Tina J to Balham and 9 more areas

Street Entertainers

Hi I am looking of street entertainers to join us at Brixton night market at Windrush sq this is an ongoing monthly event. anything goes as long as it is safe and family friendly.  whether it be facepainting, bands, jugglers, dancers or maybe even a ... more »
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Tina J to Balham and 9 more areas

promotional work

Hi I need to people to help promote two events one in Brixton which is an ongoing project and another in waterloo. for more information email or call or text me on  07429507027 tina
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Battersea Social to Clapham and 5 more areas

Private tour of Parliament (Common and Lords)

Dear Members, We have had an invite to have a private tour of Parliament at a date to be fixed in October - probably a weekday at 11am but not agreed yet. I am just sounding everyone out to see if enough would be interested in going. These private tours ... more »

Houses of Parliament, Westminster

Oct 13
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Battersea Social
Unfortunately as these tours are sponsored by our MP only people who are residents of Battersea can come on this tour. However, if you check with your local Council you may find that there will be a tour at some stage for residents of Streatham.
I live in SW18 so does that count me out?
Bonnie H to Balham and 5 more areas

Anyone keep racing pigeons?

If you are a pigeon fancier,  race pigeons or know anyone that does please contact me?
Kelly J
About four years ago I was visited by a stray racing pigeon which simply would not leave. The Royal Pigeon Racing Association helped me to get in touch with the owner, who was in Staffordshire, and it was arranged that I should take the bird (which ... more »
Jane B
Hi Kelly .. My brother trains, breeds and races pigeons. Best wishes, Jane
Caroline U to Balham and 4 more areas

Sky Broadband

I used to be with O2 for broadband and paid £12.50 a month.  Sky took it over in February and Sky now have informed me that they are going to take £24.87 a month for the identical service.  I did speak to someone at Sky who told me that this has happened ... more »
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Sandy B
I am with Sky now.  I found BT to be useless.  I think most of them are and never go with Talk/Talk.  I told them three times that I was leaving my address and they then tried to get money out of me for a bill for 6 months after I had left.  They knew ... more »
Jane B
Yep Caroline I had exactly the same experience. I was with O2 for broadband,  never wanted ever to give my money to a Murdoch owned network and not only was I forcibly moved (I know they bought O2 so there was no choice) but like you am charged a monthly ... more »
Michelle D to Wandsworth and 4 more areas

mechanic wanted

Can anyone suggest a good mechanic that does mots ..reasonably priced . New to area so don.t want ripped off . Thanks
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Lucy S
the completely wonderful Trevor Matthews and his team at AutoTechnics in Merton.  tel: 0208 543 1233.  did my MOT in the autumn for my ancient Merc and it cost me around £50.
Zlatko Z
Agree with Claudio. Have been taking my car(s) to Zoran at Z Cars Engineering for years and always will. I can guarantee that once you take your car to Zoran he will change your perception of car mechanics and you will never ever look for another ... more »
Lorna P to Earlsfield and 4 more areas

Recommendation - Garden help/work

My husband and I are looking for someone to complete work on our garden & courtyard with materials supplied (but advice very much welcome) to include paving, laying of artificial grass, seating build etc. Would like to get our outside spaces ready ... more »
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Angie F
I can recommend Bulut Gardening Services. Very competitive, reliable, honest and hard working. Prefer to use ypur equipment/tools. 07808116823
bob zozo
Mobile Phones 07460916677 07440 113427 Address london Email
HannekeK to Battersea and 5 more areas

DIY Helper required (Not a skilled handy man!)

Hi - we are moving house and need someone just to help with odd jobs around the house for a couple of days (sanding a bench/bits of wood, holding things whilst my partner builds furniture, a bit of easy painting, helping to lift things). There was an ad ... more »
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Angie F
I can recommend Secho Bulut 07808116823. Reliable and hardworking. Charges £10 per hour.
bob zozo bob 07460916677