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Cleaner Required Earlsfield

Vicky K in Balham
Looking for a recommendation for a cleaner in Earlsfield. To start between Christmas and New Year and continue from then.
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Emily Weston
Hi, Vicky I highly recommend  Your Cleaners Team on 020 3026 6114. They are reliable company trustworthy and did a wonderful job. Regards, Emily

billy bookcase to give away free - 80cm(w) x 106cm (h)

Free guided walk - Sunday 30th

Ian Bull in Wandsworth
Hullo everyone I'm a walk leader for TfL's 'Walk London' project and this year I've personally offered five guided walks via Streetlife. These have been very popular so I thought I'd conduct one more at short notice, it would be the 7.5 miles from ... [ more ]

New sophisticated card scam highlighted in the latests edition of Which? magazine.

Dmitriy in Balham
We all know that when shopping online you would often get a pop up screen from your bank to confirm the transaction... There is a new twist on the tale. A computer infected with a specialist virus would throw up that message to confirm your details ... [ more ]
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I have seen this on PC at work a few months ago. I rang bank; on phone for nearly an hour. They were clueless and said it was ok, but it didn't feel right so I quit the transaction and did it again at home with no problems. It asked for additional ... [ more ]

Local cat not home yet! Cats do have their own temperament!

sc m in Streatham Park
Still looking for a local cat Jimmy! ( Jim ) I am sure he will return of his own accord but would be nice to get him home a little sooner! Anyone who has owned a cat, should know! They rule you, not the other way around. ... [ more ]
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Where can I get rid of /give away vinyl LPS , classical and '70s rock ?

Diana S in Wandsworth
I need to get rid of a collection of Vinyl LP records of classical music  and '70s rock ,as soon as possible. Collect behind Clapham Common West Side. Ring me on 020 7228 0439
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EE 4G reception in Clapham South Area

Sir Lurchalot in Upper Tooting
I have just ported over from O2 last week as I am now on a business contract.   I have an iPhone 7 Plus and the reception on O2 was brilliant in the Clapham South/Common area.   Since switching to EE, the reception has been dreadful.  Normally 1-2 ... [ more ]
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Sir Lurchalot
Thanks for all the advice.  I still have a bad signal.  EE have given me 30 days so Iets wait and see.   They also offered a signal box in my house which doesnt really resolve the issue as this happens in most buidlings.  In fact I was in the Avalon ... [ more ]

Can anyone lend me a Puppy pen?

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sc m
Haha! Sally H  Streetlife does amaze me! Just when looking for 1 baby gate...3 come along...

Ribbons free!

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Cat Portrait Painter

Caroline in West Hill
My daughter has a very loved cat and I was thinking I would like to get his portrait painted as a Christmas present for her, does anyone please know of someone who could do this at a reasonable cost? Thank you
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Fiona M
I can very much recommend Judy Young who lives in Battersea.   I have seen her SUPERB dog portraits but believe she does cats equally well.   (I bought a very fine picture of a sea gull she did which is very much admired by all my guests; she also ... [ more ]
Linda S
I commissioned Megan to paint my cat Billi. So, beautiful with nuances of colour in his fur and captured his personality perfectly. Then Megan painted my British Blue cat. She captured the richness and density of her fur. Both paintings measure ... [ more ]

IOS 10.0.2 update trouble...?

Marianne I in Wandsworth
Since I updated my iPad to IOS 10.0.2, I am experiencing annoying "bugs", such as not being able to get a direct response when clicking on virtually any link or website..... Instead it just opens the general browser window. I invariably have to return ... [ more ]
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David C
I am also having the same issue with an I pad air. Charged and rebooted with no difference. Sounds like this is one for Apple to fix in iOS 10.3.
Marianne I
Thanks everybody for your reactions and suggestions. Like David C, I have an iPad Air and tried the "fully charged reboot", but it doesn't seem to have made any difference...... I agree with him too, about an Apple fix requirement. But when I have ... [ more ]

Adobe InDesign tuition wanted

Linda W in Sands End
I need a few hours of tuition to properly get going with Adobe InDesign. I have a basic grasp but would be grateful for some help. Thanks.

Petrol Stations with Jet Wash

Sir Lurchalot in Upper Tooting
Does anybody know if any petrol stations in the Clapham/Balham area which have a jet wash?  There used to be a garage in Balham which had one but thats closed down and the other one near Wimbledon Dog Track is still broken.
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The shell garage by Wandsworth bridge on York road and there is also on the way to the A3 from Wandsworth on the right

At last- No Cycling signs on The Scope

David R in West Hill
So many cyclists don't understand the Signs at either end of the diagonal pathetic across this 'wild' part of the Common that children, mums and 'oldies' have been at great risk from great speeds. Today I saw clear signs have appeared on a few ... [ more ]
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Jane E
I certainly have reported the incident to the police but I think I must have misremembered the registration number and, apparently, the cctv cameras do not pick up the registration numbers of motorbikes!


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Loan of a Puppy Pen please!

Sally H in Earlsfield
Sorry I may have misworded my post I am after  a puppy pen for a few weeks , (not a dog's crate ) If anyone has a pen happy to hire it!

Coat hangers

Bag of materials, embroidery silks, crochet hooks etc

Anne K in Parsons Green
Would anyone like a bag of material offcuts (ideal for patchwork/small articles) and embroidery silks and sets of crochet hooks? Collection from north Battersea on Saturday afternoon.
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Looking for mirror and house plants

Megan H in Battersea
Hi am looking for a full length mirror if any one is looking to get rid of one? Also a few house plants / where in the area can I buy house plants from? (Don't have a car)
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Mark C
Hi , I'm Not sure if it's too late in the year. However in the past I have bought beautiful rare cheap plants from Battersea college car boot on a Sunday. Also Chelsea garden centre has a wonderful selection of house plants. I have also bought some ... [ more ]

lace tablecloths

Lost cat

Mike L in Battersea
Hi neighbour, Not the nicest first introduction of myself but I would like to report our lost cat Jim (Jimmy). He is missing since last Friday (September 30th, 2016). He is a very social and likable cat, not shy and he loves food and people. I can ... [ more ]
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Mike L
Hi Stella, thank you for your kind words. It is getting harder and harder to stay positive. Our cat Jimmy is now lost for 3 weeks! I'm not even sure where to look for him. This area is just so big and there are many places he can hide. Or perhaps he ... [ more ]
sc m
Your welcome  Mike L  I wonder if the local radio station could help? Maybe contact them if they can help, it may reach some people who are not on the internet. Click this link for their contact profile here on ... [ more ]

Labradoodle Breeder

Sally H in Earlsfield
Does anyone happen to know, or can recommend a breeder for large labradoddles. It's a mine field out there! Thanks
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Car vandalised with graffiti late last night 20 Oct

Johanna L in Nine Elms
I was wondering if anyone in Warriner Gardens was aware of a person, possibly female sprawling graffiti on a Red car in the early hours of the morning (21/10) ? I found very specific black marker pen writing on my drivers door,this has distressed me ... [ more ]
Susan L
I used to live in Warriner and was the Watch Rep. But I moved last month. However, I will circulate all those I know and warn them, and ask if they know anything.

Help with listing a weird item on eBay...

Al C in Sands End
Hi, I have this crazy old TV, shaped like an egg. Firstly, I can't seem to find anything about it, does anyone know what make it is or how old it is? My best guess is Hitachi and about 1970, but there are no markings on it, and there is nothing on the ... [ more ]
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Francois L
I'm not sure why there is some doubt about the brand, as it is visible in the youtube video! This is definitely a Telefunken TV. If one Googles for it, one will see this model existed in orange and is likely c. 1977: ... [ more ]

Need some one to take in jeans and tweed coat.

R D in Sands End
Hi Gang Does anyone know where I could take my jeans and one coat to have them altered, taken in at the waist. I lost weight and now my jeans are too big. My coat I want to have taken in at the sides. Any recommendations please!
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Gillian P
Yes Sangita all in one piece front and backs no knee seams !. Those were the days 2 of us working in Kings Road Chelsea we made up to 10 pairs a day between us no Mistakes either!. 😄