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Cleaner wanted

Recommendations in Battersea

Jeanne C
Hi, House a 6 flatmates in SW11 Battersea looking for a cleaner for common areas, 2 hours once every two weeks (so twice a month), on a regular basis. £10ph. Very reliable. Many thanks, Jeanne
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Annabel C
Hi Jeanne, I can highly recommend Maria who I found via another Streetlifer a few months ago. She is very reliable, thorough and trustworthy - she has my keys and just gets on with things. Let me know if you'd like her details and I'll PM you.

Teenager looking for work at events and parties

Recommendations in Wandsworth

My son aged 18 is taking a gap year. He is looking for work in customer service/waiting/etc to get experience so he can get a working holiday job next year. Please could someone suggest how to get him started? There must be lots of catering and events ... [ more ]
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Vivienne H
Have just seen your message on Streetlife - I am looking for somebody to help me put up a small marquee (4.5m x 3m) next Saturday (5th September) - it may be of interest to your son - if he is interested please ring me as soon as possible  on either ... [ more ]
Thank you Vivienne, my son has got a Saturday job for the next few weeks now, but I have passed this on to a couple of nice reliable friends of his who might be able to help out next weekend.

Cat needs rehoming

Give, Lend & Borrow in Clapham

Sara C
I am sadly having to move my mother into a nursing home and she can't bring her cat with her. Sindy is an 11 year old cat who is slightly overweight as my mother has spoilt her rotten. She likes going outside and would be a very devoted cat to an owner ... [ more ]
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Dave  - you (and you wife) are a star. I just watched the you tube video of rag tag tigga - the poor little fella has obviously had a few knocks in his life. It's great to know there are people like you to balance out the nastiness. I'm really pleased ... [ more ]

Knob required for unknown make of electric oven

Local Conversations in Balham

I need to replace a plastic knob for a temperature control on an electric oven, but I don't know the make of the oven - there is no logo on it and the instruction book is missing. Here's a picture of the oven and of the part itself. I've found the ... [ more ]

Gutter problem

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Susan O
We have water pouring out of our back and front gutters.  Can any one recommend someone to come and take a look, diagnose and then take efficient action.
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Susan O
Hello Catherine and Grannie Annie. Many thanks for for replies.   Grannie Annie, we agree, the first thing is to get the gutters checked. The problem is that we have a high house - basement + raised first and second floor, so we do need someone with a ... [ more ]
If you do get new, larger hopper heads installed (and the first question would be to verify that a hopper head is actually needed as occasionally they are put in as an alternative to a pipe, wrongly) then it is wise thing, indeed, to ask the plumber to ... [ more ]

Motorcycle Mechanic / Garage

Recommendations in Clapham

Robin FT
I have an old motorbike that won't start. (50 year old Honda step-through). It was working perfectly a couple of days ago. I am pretty certain it is an electrical fault. Battery or broken wire somewhere. Can anyone recommend a good garage or mechanic ... [ more ]

Free parts for IKEA kitchen available

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Lisa C
I have a bag full of bits for an IKEA kitchen if anyone is in the process of buying one. Lots of hinges, feet, accessories. Most still in packaging. Free to collect to anyone interested. Seems a shame to just dump it!

Guitar teaching advices!!

Recommendations in Sands End

Anna G
Hi everybody! Is there any guitar teacher that can give me any advice about teaching?? I'm thinking about starting to teach to children, as I used to do in Italy, but I don't know the methods here, the books that are used for children and so on. So I was ... [ more ]

Free bag of concrete

Give, Lend & Borrow in Battersea

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Mary E
Hi Regy, I will be glad to have them please. Pls ring me to collect immediately. My number is 07985132426 Mary E

English School Clapham area

Recommendations in Clapham

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Chloe T
Hello Tolo, I'm a private english teacher who has been teaching in Japan and London the last 7 years. I meet in cafes around London and would be happy to help if you are still looking for a teacher. My lessons start from £20 for 70 minutes and can meet ... [ more ]

Rubber Plants in need of homes

Give, Lend & Borrow in Summerstown

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Carine M
Hi Linda, Angela, Thank you so much for the lovely plant. What healthy and vibrant plant. The pot is also a great addition! Take care Carine

Moving house boxes

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Julie G
I will be moving next week. Packing boxes would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any they do not need or if somebody knows where to buy them?Thank you, Julie
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Jane T
Autumn. ... My friends are about to move and would love some boxes if they're still available. Thanks Jane

Slate roof tiles-need a few

Give, Lend & Borrow in Sands End

Hi does anyone have any old unwanted slate roof tiles any condition. Just need some for a project. It can be a few or more. Thanks

recommended decorators required

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Gohar H
Looking for  good, reliable painter-decorators for 2 rooms and a bathroom Please. Live in SW12. Many thanks Gohar
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Judith M
Hi if you still looking my husband Simon is a builder and has his own team of very tidy inexpensive trades guys and painters and decorators. Simon@stone 07976204442. Cheers judith
Gohar H
Thank you very much all for responding! Greatly appreciated! I have few contacts to work with now. Many thanks again Gohar

Stitch & Bitch

Clubs & Groups in Battersea

SEP 01
to ,
Publove @ The Crown - 102 Lavender Hill

Building surveyor recommendations

Recommendations in Furzedown

Ania O
Help! I need the wisdom and guidance of an experienced building surveyor to check out a damp and mould (possibly rot) problem I appear to have on the outside wall of an end of terrace house.  Want to ensure diagnosis is accurate before taking on any ... [ more ]
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Marianne I
After many expensive and unsuccessful remedial works to a wall at my property, I finally got a specialist surveyor, recommended by an architect, who very quickly established the cause of the problems and advices on the required works and procedure. This ... [ more ]
Ania O
Many thanks fellow Streetlifers! Advice noted Marianne I. Will follow up on all recommendations - thanks Bill B, Martin H and Marianne All the Best - enjoy the Bank Holiday week-end! Ania O

Slide Projector to borrow or buy

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Bettina M
I'm wondering if anyone has an old slide projector that I can borrow (or buy) for an 80th Birthday party in October. Many thanks.
Richard C
Hi there Bettina, I have a slide projector you'd be welcome to borrow for the party. Its an Kodak Ektalite which has a circular carousel on top for your slides. Its a bit noisey, but really bright. I'd be happy to lend it to you,  Richard

Help please :- transfer video clip from Mac to dvd

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Gillian P
My son is visiting from Australia :- and I use to download my photos to his Mac . I've just looked at photos and realised MY travels in certain places in Australia have been edited to music and are great. He's away abroad right now Please can someone ... [ more ]
Hello Gillian, This should not be too difficult if you already have a place to download them to (and there is enough space on that device). I can offer a remote assistance for this, which makes it so much easier in terms of appointment times. Please let ... [ more ]

Personal trainer

Recommendations in Battersea

Judith M
Hi, I believe someone is looking for a personal trainer? If so I can recommend Sally Humphries- 07946064910. Sally has been training for for 4 years and without her I wouldn't have been anywhere near as motivated as I am. She is very well educated in ... [ more ]

chimney sweeper

Recommendations in Furzedown

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Rachel B
Chanda, I always use 123 Chimney Sweeps. It is a family run business and they are friendly, punctual and reliable. Here is a link to their website, and feel free to mention that I recommended them.

Samsung phone email problem

Recommendations in Summerstown

Kate B
I have recently got a Samsung phone and am having problem with email.  Gmail works fine but my email account behaves oddly.  Not all the mails come through and as soon as I've seen them, not even read them, they disappear for good.  I've ... [ more ]
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Shahid Rafiq
Hi Kate, I am in Glasgow till Monday. I will have a look at this for you on Tuesday if its not been sorted. if its urgent then please give me a call tomorrow. Thanks Shahid

Social Media Course

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Hayden Murtagh
Hi Guys I am looking to enrol on a Social Media course/class that possibly covers Twitter/Facebook/Google etc Can anyone recommend or suggest a great business that offers such - i would need to be in a classroom as learn faster that way.  Thanks in ... [ more ]
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Moving house boxes

Recommendations in Balham

Hi Julie we have lots of boxes to sell that we have kept after our move. Medium and large. If you are interested drop me a pm. We are in Tooting Bec.

Cookworks blender to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Summerstown

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Cleaning of wood flooring after builders dust

Recommendations in Clapham Park

R. Y
Lots of white builders dust is on my wood flooring and does not seem to clear even after washing. Has anyone any idea? Would white or brown vinegar in the water help or what? Thanks for any ideas.
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Naomi E
Vacuum alot. I had my floors sanded recently and had to use a very fine grade sandpaper. I was however going to varnish afterwards and followed the very light sanding with a white spirit wiping. It worked 100% but not sure if that's too much for your ... [ more ]
Vassim Aslam
Go to a proper shop buy some decent chemicals . One in Clapham North bensons I think very good the will tell you what to buy and do .