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Thanks for the success of Formula E

Local Conversations in West Hill

John C
What a success the Formula E has been. I was there on Saturday. The noise level from the cars was way below that of the music, and probably minimal only a short distance away from the track. Large numbers of families were having a great day out, with ... [ more ]
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susan l
Maureen C Not that much, considering the previous two weeks. As a local celebrity said: "They sold Battersea and its Park down the river".
Philip B
Sorry Susan I question was "What is your minority sport" comment based on caroline w ? the number of spectators verses number of park users ? or are you referring to some other calculation ?  and as a point of correctness, the batteries are ... [ more ]

Carpet supplier

Recommendations in Streatham Park

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Super Sally
Base Flooring I too recommend highly.  Haven't used them for a few years now, but I know that friends of mine North of the river used them recently as they were very reasonable.


Local Conversations in Streatham Hill

Karen H
A big thank you to St George's for prompt service. On Saturday my husband had a heart attack within 6 minutes of our call an ambulance arrived, he was admitted to A&E who where brilliant, was referred for treatment within an hour. Yesterday he came ... [ more ]
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Joanne H
Tragic that such a good hospital is in the red to the tune of millions. So much so my son was refused a vital piece of equipment to make the management of his type 1 diabetes hugely improved meaning his health and life expectancy will suffer. No ... [ more ]

altered bus routes

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Anyone know what has happened to the 219 and 319 bus routes through Wandsworth? In particular the changes to accommodate the three-month road works project in and around Trinity Road. The authorities have removed all my favourite bus stops in both ... [ more ]
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Jo M
219 towards Tooting now turns left down Bellevue Road and right into St James Drive - temporary bus stop is by right by Old Hospital Close, then connects back onto Trinity Road and resumes as normal.  Going towards Clapham Junction - all in place till ... [ more ]
Thank you Jo M.  But I think you mean that the 219 & 319 now turn LEFT, when heading south, from Bellevue into St James Drive, stopping at Old Hospital Close, and then onward as normal. When heading north the 219 follows the usual route along Trinity ... [ more ]

Tickets to Milan Expo

Clubs & Groups in Balham

Age UK Wandsworth
Age UK Wandsworth  has received a donation of two tickets to the Expo in Milan 2015. Usual price are 32 euros each. The theme of this year’s Expo is food. This is a fun consumer show  These tickets would be ... [ more ]
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Age UK Wandsworth
Brilliant news, thanks very much indeed!  Wonderful that you will be in Milan this summer. It was so lovely to receive these tickets as a donation to help us raise money for Age UK Wandsworth. The total cost on the tickets is indeed 64 euros for the ... [ more ]

Silver Plating

Recommendations in Fulham

I have a small EPNS tray that needs re silverplating. It might be electroplating? Does anyone know somebody local please?
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Vanessa G
Caroline I would be grateful if you could let me have contact details ,if you do find someone who does silver replating. Vanessa

New term starting for Tia Chi and Chi Gong in Balham

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Jonathan Priest
This group is for all ages and abilities from complete beginners to advanced. I have been going for a year now and find these gentle but precise exercises very rewarding. Derek Pierce is a wonderful teacher and you could not wish to meet a nicer group of ... [ more ]

Gone within two hours.....

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

clare rees
I left two large sacks of unwanted clothes outside my front door this morning - partially hidden-for collection by a recycling company. When I checked at 11 a.m. They had gone so I naturally assumed they had been collected. Imagine my surprise when an ... [ more ]
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Joanne that was a very well worded response and I was essentially thinking along a similar vein.  If something is unwanted then I am grateful to anybody who takes it or wants it and usually no good deed goes unrewarded.
Jane L
Yes I agree.  And if someone needs a doormat more than me, well then they must be VERY much in need and they are welcome to it.  I have replaced the stripey Ikea one with a rather kitsch one from the market with wreaths of flowers and "Welcome" in florid ... [ more ]

Wandsworth's tree policy

Local Conversations in Putney

Jane E
I have just returned from Kew Gardens.  What a brilliant experience made even better by the intelligent spacing of trees, so that it was possible to admire individual trees.  How different from what Wandsworth has done on the open space opposite me.  ... [ more ]
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Jane E
But I am sure they are cheap and it gives the boys a chance to pretend to know what they are doing whilst climbing trees!!
Jane E
I was looking for an email address for Wandsworth's tree people in order to forward a link to this discussion.  I did find this:  which seems to imply that they have no plans since 2013 for any ... [ more ]

Carpet cleaner

Recommendations in Sands End

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Karen H
Also, David Parmenter - local and very good
Hello Vivian O, We can provide you with a professional and experienced carpet cleaning technician. Our technicians are equipped with the latest equipment and use children and pet friendly detergents. If you still need the service and you're interested, ... [ more ]

Any cake decoration out there ?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Amanda M
A few years ago I did a decorating cakes course I have a few items that I don't use anymore I am happy to give them away I am in Clapham Junction
sc m
Hi Amanda M  If they are still available would love to take them. Can collect later today if convenient. Kind regards. Stella

22 Paving slabs to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

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Hayden Murtagh
Hi Guys Veronica B and Lorna D/  BEAUTY THERAPIST  or anyone that is interested!! The slabs have not gone. I will give them away on a 1st come 1st serve basis!! Hayden 07903 141 248

Stitch & Bitch

Clubs & Groups in Battersea

JUL 07
to ,
Publove @ The Crown - 102 Lavender Hill
Sharon L
New knitting & crotchet group looking for people to join. Currently only a few members looking to meet others in the area.
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Looking for a Dentist

Recommendations in Stockwell

Catherine C
I am looking for a dentist preferably in the Battersea area if anyone can recommend one.  I know of Dentistree already.  I'm also wondering about the Lavender Hill Practice.  Any suggestions will be very welcome.  Many thanks.
Clare G
Yes, I can recommend Melanie Tadaion at the Lavender Hill Practice.  She's looked after my teeth for several years now.  She is gentle, skilful and conscientious - and has never tried to talk me into unnecessary work.

Mac Clean

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Hayden Murtagh
Hi I am a Photographer with a Mac that needs a good clean as its become cluttered!! Its has suddenly slowed down but would like it cleaned. Can you recommend a good fast Mac service person to help. thanks. Hayden 07903 141 248
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Quai G
I highly recommend Dele Ojo, who has been my IT guy for the past 10+ years via remote access. T: 07868 717 458

Job moving some paintings this morning in Sloane Street!

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Sally H
Are you free fancy some cash? My husband Tom runs a Film prop transport company and has been let down if you fancy earning some cash today call 07836659227 NOW!  Thanks Sally

Free dog walking.

Give, Lend & Borrow in Battersea

Sam. Regents Home Improvements
Hi, I'm currently living somewhere where it wouldn't be possible to own a dog however would love to find someone who would be willing/or needs myself to take their beloved dog out for a walk for an hour or two. I used to own a lovely dog however and ... [ more ]

Garden project!!

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Audrey P
I'm looking for a person who knows about gardens, as my garden is in need of a revamp!! I don't mind gardening but lots of things been happening and still are so unable to give it the full attention. I'm looking for some one who's not to expensive but ... [ more ]
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Small kitchen revamp

Clubs & Groups in Stockwell

Beloved blue scooter lost

Lost & Found in Balham

Mia S
Did anyone find a blue scooter on Tuesday? It was our school sports day in the dog free area near Clapham Common bandstand and at the end of the day our scooter was nowhere to be found Hoping we will get it back

Petition Battersea Park sign it please

Clubs & Groups in Earlsfield

Gillian P
Battersea Park Formula E Action Group Battersea Park Formula E Action Group 320 Signatures Goal: 1,000 Without consulting local residents, Wandsworth Council has seen fit to provide a planning consent for Formula E to race 140mph electric cars in ... [ more ]
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susan l
Odd, isn't it?Jane Ellison says she cannot interfere, yet Mayor Johnson interfered right from the start, and what a mess he caused. I am afraid that is just an excuse, Jane. 

Does anybody own this cat?

Lost & Found in Earlsfield

Gwen E
I live in Saint John's Hill Grove and this cat is always around, looking in the cat flap this morning at 6.45 for instance. He's a friend of my cat (her only friend in fact). He is rather mangey and very tentative. Definitely not an alpha male. I don't ... [ more ]
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Jane E
Please be careful about feeding him!!!  I had a cat with a kidney complaint on a special diet.  Other "kind" people decided to feed him which destroyed his diet and had the effect that he alternated between feeling very, very hungry when toxin levels ... [ more ]

Gardener to remove ivy, roots and all

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

I know there are masses of gardener recommendations on here but as far as j can tell there's no easy facility to search previous conversations. I am looking for someone who can remove what's become an ivy "tree" with a large trunk that needs taking ... [ more ]
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Can second the recommendation for Peter Norey, who posted above. He just completed another job for me yesterday and, as ever, he was prompt, tidy, bang on budget and a pleasure to deal with. Good luck with your ivy!

Paving Slabs available - see link to ad.

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

Hayden Murtagh
Hi all I still have the paving slabs wondered if anyone knows of a bric brac person that could take them away? Or can you recommend one? thanks
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Jo R
Hi Hayden What time would suit you?  I'm due to collect the van in the morning and have some minor stuff to do around in Mitcham. Would you prefer morning or early afternoon (1-2pm) for me to collect? Have also sent you a text! Cheers Jo


Recommendations in Wandsworth

Could someone tell me:- a) how much I should expect to pay someone to unblock my kitchen sink.....say 2 hours in SW11? b) how apart from word of mouth can a "layperson" avoid a cowboy plumber?
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Man Friday Services
Good evening Susan, Please do give me a call or PM me when convenient for a chat. We are a Property Management company called Man Friday Services (which includes Man Friday Services (London) & Man Friday Property Maintenance & Building ... [ more ]