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Wanting to buy old saxophones and clarinets.

Max E
in Summerstown
Hi! I am a professional musician and training woodwind repairer and enthusiast. I am looking to buy old saxophones and clarinets in order to repair. I'm interested in older instruments of any age and condition! Please do contact me if you have ... [ more ]
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Jo M
A beginners oboe is over £1000 so sell... thought old ones can vary on quality, take it to Howarths ( near Baker Street). and they will tell you.
Nathalie M
I had no idea it would be worth that much.  Howarth is where it came from in the 70s!  I will call them.  Thanks for the heads up!

FREE stair safety gates

Editrix in Balham
I have three Lindam baby safety gates to give away, but only have all the accompanying parts for two of them but worth taking three as different sizes.  Free collection from by wandsworth common or could deliver if nearby. Picture attached Also have ... [ more ]
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Morning Newspaper Delivery - Balham

Alan J
in Battersea
My newsagent in Cavendish Road is stopping delivering morning newspapers from the end of the month. Does anyone know of an alternative Balham newsagent that continues to do so? I'm not interested in digital subscription thank you.   Thanks

Wandsworth now limiting to one parking permit?

Richard in Battersea
Hi, I live in Balham. Own a car and was wanting to get a campervan. I know you used to be able to have up to two parking permits, but this seems to have now changed and you're now only allowed one. Seems a bit harsh in this day and age. Can any one ... [ more ]
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Kris B
Ivor Rawlinson  I am very happy for you in your choice to have no vehicles and rely on other ways of getting around. I have 3 cars and a motorcycle because they are fun, and just like yourself , It is my choice.  I pay insurance , road tax and a ... [ more ]
Kris, I would disagree just on the basis that "just because one can doesn't mean that one should". At least not for everything in life.

Car keys jammer in the area! SW18 3NH

in Balham
Came out this afternoon and found that my key would not open my car. It is a remote radio key... I took a spare one - same story. Then I thought that my battery in the car is flat, so used a physical key to pen my car. The alarm went off, which ... [ more ]
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Financial planning for retirement

Hazel H
in West Hill
I need some very practical advice about how to plan financially for retirement. Does anybody know someone who can talk about finance without using tons of jargon, or a book which does the same!
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Karina C
Hello Hazel, I run Bluebird Care in Wandsworth and was very sceptical of financial planning for retirement per se until I met this lady Alison Allen of Stone King  she's absolutely brilliant, ... [ more ]
sarah o
I would be delighted to have a chat on the phone initially and then arrange an appointment if you feel it appropriate.   I have been advising clients for over 25 years and live in Wandsworth, but have an office in the City.   Do feel free to give me a ... [ more ]

Lambeth faces legal challenge over ‘noisy’ Clapham Common music festival

Wandsworth Council
in Roehampton
Wandsworth Council is taking legal action against neighbouring Lambeth over its backing for a noisy three day summer music festival on Clapham Common. Wandsworth will ask Camberwell Green magistrates court to impose new conditions on the licence ... [ more ]
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A 'no brainer' to be forced out of your house for three days every year? Lucky you Charles if this is something you can do easily but what about those of us with dependants, pets, jobs that require people to work over the bank holiday. And I'd like to ... [ more ]
I've done nothing but offer suggestions, and I've tried to share my 23 years experience and knowledge in a constructive way, to help educate a little, with regards the audio. What you do with the information and your situation is entirely your choice. ... [ more ]

Northcote library to be Sainsbury's local

Sarah K in Balham
I heard that Northcote Library is to become a Sainsbury's Local. Does anyone know anything about this?
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Stephen H
Plans were unveiled on Tuesday this week to demolish the Northcote Library and substitute it with a mixture of shops and flats - so maybe Sainsbury's is included here - and in compensation to develop the Chatham Hall site opposite with a huge complex ... [ more ]
Julia Matcham
Stephen, do you have a planning number? I will certainly be following this. I live in Chatham Road and have been trying to find out what is going on for ...well...years now! I wonder whether they even know AT the Library?  I need to know what is ... [ more ]

Advice plotting locations on google maps??

Guy D
in Putney Heath
Is anyone a bit of a whizz with google maps? Need some advice on plotting some locations and calculating distances for expenses purposes and in importing postcodes of my customers to figure out where they all live? Would be helpful if there is some ... [ more ]
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Guy, It's dead simple. Google Maps has a directions facility which measures distance and estimates travel times by different means. It even shows you the current traffic situation.  Have a look, if it's still too complicated just say and I will call ... [ more ]
Guy D
Cheers Jon  , I understand how google maps works for getting directions to a place but I'm trying to plot multiple points and then add to them as my business expands and I'm kinda getting there (see attached) but don't find it very intuitive. Are you ... [ more ]

Any recommendations for having curtains shortened and any idea how much it should/could cost?

Emma C in West Hill
I have bought some new curtains for my daughter and need them shortened. Any recommendations would be great! Many thanks

Recording the memories of your parents and grandparents...

About Me For You Ltd
in About Me For You Ltd
My company 'About Me For You' specialises in recording the memories of parents and grandparents. We create a living record of their life and family history, as a DVD and book, for sharing with their family and future generations. We are based in ... [ more ]

Tooting Consultation: Neighbourhood Planning

Jane E in Putney
I cannot select posting for Tooting, it would seem. For those who live in or work in Tooting but haven't had notification from Wandsworth about this consultation: ... [ more ]
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Sarah M
I suggest you contact the Neighbourhood Forum who are the applicants and have a useful summary newsletter: Also my post 10 days ago (above) has a link to the Wandsworth website that explains more about Neighbourhood ... [ more ]
Sarah C
Praying that the Conservatives have set this up ! The dreadful Labourite Rosina Khan took 6 WEEKS to reply to an email - her predecessor never even bothered and moved out of the area ! Useless !

Choir Thursday evenings

shelley hj
in Wandsworth
New Year, new challenge! Join our choir ; Clapham Chorus . We meet every Thursday 7.30- 9.30 Church Hall, Church of the Ascension Malwood Rd SW12. No audition required just a love of singing and music or the wish to try something new. World, folk, ... [ more ]
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Annie O
I've just rejoined the Clapham Chorus.  It's such fun and we actually make some good harmonies too.  Louise, our choir leader is so encouraging that even if you're not an experienced singer and can't read music you will come away singing all the way ... [ more ]

Post script to Purse Stolen

Jane F
in Furzedown
I reported on here the other day about having my purse stolen in Balham Caffe Nero.  I thought  I had acted quickly in reporting my cards stolen however, today a whole load of contactless payments on my current account have appeared.  All local shops ... [ more ]
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Elisabeth E
I trust my experience is helpful to all of us Street People and neighbours ! Have alovely day in sunny London and : No hand bags ! Large pockets are best ! Or a small one hanging across the body ...

Tech & Tea at Battersea Library

to , (ended)
Battersea Library, 265 Lavender Hill, SW11 1JB
Matthew R in Clapham Park
Following a very successful pilot run of this event, we will be running another in the new year. This a scheme being set up by students at Imperial College London in association with the Royal College of Art. We would like to see how useful a weekday ... [ more ]
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Kate B
I am really sorry that I didn't make it last night - I was in the area at about 20.45 and thought it just a bit late to arrive! Next time perhaps please.

Good puppy walking/training classes in Streatham/Norwood/Crystal Palace areas

Vix W
in Streatham
Hi - looking for recommendations for a good local puppy class for our new puppy arriving at the end of this month.  Lost of suggestions please!
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Ann K
Hi I would highly recommend South Eastern DTS. I took my Basenji puppy there and they were have great and have a huge amount of knowledge and tips on for life skills for you and your puppy. Their course are for 12 week and Leoni and Chris are really ... [ more ]

Please vote for domestic abuse charity

in Streatham Park
If you have a spare 20 seconds, could I please ask you to vote for yourSanctuary to be charity of the year for Surrey based Eagle radio station please? You don't need to register or faff about ... just scroll down the page link & click on 'vote' ... [ more ]
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Architect needed

in Battersea
I'm trying to think of ways in which I could make more use of the available space in my small house. Can anyone recommend an architect who might have some ideas and could do an onsite visit, please?
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Johnny L
Hi JK, I'm a self employed architect based in Balham. My website is under construction but you can still have a look at (I love small spaces)! Happy to have a chat over the phone about how I can help. E: ... [ more ]

Your Local Electrician

RSS Electrical
in RSS Electrical
Fully insured and qualified part P domestic Electrician with over 20 years experience. From changing a plug to a full-rewire I am here to help . Free quotations and advice, OAP discounts. Call- 07932 212 227 or 020 87935910 Email- ... [ more ]
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Hi Ricky. It's Sods Law! Whenever I put a comment on for you, I create a problem for Me! This New Little Rescue dog keeps setting my Pendant Alarm off at the Socket! Please can you put in a Double Socket for me? I'm not Computer Lit.  Therefore, ... [ more ]

Looking for an unused soda stream

in Battersea
Hello I am looking for an unwanted soda stream, does anyone have an unused one taking up space they would like to give away. Happy to make a donation Thanks

Hall for Hire

locksmith wanted

S B in Kennington
Do you know of a locksmith that is reasonably priced who could fit locks in a personal property?  Please PM your details and I will be in touch with a job request. Thanks
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Thank you all for the call helpful information.  I am sure I will find somebody who I can trust from your list.

21st Century Women Artists

Janet J
in Clapham
Three talks on women artists at Dulwich Picture Gallery  starting next Wednesday morning. Speakers include the Curator of the New Hall collection and 2 eminent artists working today. See attached flier for full details.

MIcrosoft Entourage

Lola P
in West Hill
Does anyone on this fabulous platform use the above email programme on their Apple machines? Perhaps someone who has encountered an "error 150" since last Friday? ...
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Shahid Rafiq
I agree using outlook for mac with exchange. That's what my mac business users use. By saying its a disaster, I think its a bit over the top. Most people use the email functionality of outlook on the mac. You can export for outlook for windows but ... [ more ]
Lola P
Thank you all for the very helpful & detailed opinions on systems ... I am looking to fix an issue not replace a whole system 😀 7 years of no problems, it is a little odd to throw it out just because it is temperamental for a few days...some other ... [ more ]

Curtain maker

in Streatham Hill
Can anyone recommend a curtain maker? I am looking for someone who can make interlined curtains.
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Joan B
I can highly recommend Polly Harrington. 07976 955 648. She has made my bedroom curtains,  and also doing some for a friend of mine. Good luck Joan 
and upstairs at Wimbledon Sewing M/c Co. Craft store on Balham High Road -they have a curtain making service which I believe to be priced at £50 a metre.