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Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

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Neil C
Hello again Jenny, I'm not sure whether you got my PM? Anyway, the rest of today is tricky now, but I will be here from 4:45 tomorrow or Saturday morning til 10

Recommended mother's help/cleaner

Recommendations in Nine Elms

Fionnuala S
I would like to recommend my niece's wonderful mother's help. She is currently looking for more hours in the mornings until 2.00 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in the Clapham, Battersea, Balham areas. She looks after my niece's kids in the ... [ more ]
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Fionnuala S
Hi MM - by the way, you can access your PMs by logging into your page on Streetlife and clicking on the open envelope symbol in the banner line at the top of that page.  FS

Milliner in Balham area?

Recommendations in Streatham Hill

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Linda S
If you want something wonderful, eye catching and creative and in Brixton Hill, go to Andrew is wonderful too

Looking for a reasonably priced dance studio or room to teach Burlesque

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Emily F
Hi, The venue I was teaching in has had another booking so cannot accommodate my 8 week burlesque course which was due to start in February.  The class has an average of 6 - 10 students so a small room or studio is all I need for an hour ideally on a ... [ more ]
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Emily F
Thank you for all of the suggestions.  I've been away for the weekend so it has been lovely to come back to all of the messages thank you.  I'll let everyone who has asked know when the course it up and running xx
Eve P Hi Emily, we offer space for hire. SFX, 10 Malwood Road, SW12 8EN. Reasonable rates of hire, free parking, just around the corner from Clapham South tube.

New Yoga Class in Balham/ Clapham area

Recommendations in Clapham

Karen S
Hello I have a friend who is starting up a new yoga class in the Balham/ Clapham area. Does anyone know of a good space to hire for this? Also- if anyone is interested in joining the classes then let me know and I will provide details. Thanks
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Christine C
Finally . . . NEW YOGA CLASSES @ Balham Community Centre starting March 9th, 7:30-8:30pm! £10 per class or £50 for 6 classes! FREE class for first timers! Step off the train and have a great yoga class! Hope to see you there! Contact me today to book ... [ more ]
Eve P
Karen, we hire space in the evening and at weekends at SFX. 10 Malwood Road, London, SW12 8EN. Free parking. Please see our website

Tooting Common Triangle: dog poisonings

Local Conversations in Furzedown

Mat S
Dog walkers and owners using Tooting Common might have heard rumours surrounding dogs being poisoned by cheese laced with rat poison laid down by an individual claiming to want to kill foxes. Leaving aside the legality and morality of his explanation, ... [ more ]
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Cllr Antonia Dunn
Thanks Mat S for being so pro-active. It now seems that none of the local vets have treated/reported any dog poisonings. Neither have the Police received any reports. I addition not one of us has been able to identify/meet a dog owner affected by these ... [ more ]
Love Generation
Dear Cllr Antonia Dunn  - Thank you for being so helpful and proactive - as you were in last year when an innocent dachshund was killed on Tooting Common & the attacking dog's owner looked on & did nothing as she chatted on her mobile phone! ... [ more ]

A requirement for socks and underwear

Clubs & Groups in West Hill

Salvation Army Shop .
Good Afternoon to you all..... This might seem an odd request, but most people feel donating socks and underwear to charity shops is not for discussion around the coffee table...... But here at the Sally Army in Wandsworth we are in desperate need to ... [ more ]
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I'd like to donate these and buy new ones as well. I think they are very essential items to have. Please send me your address and opening times. Thanks

basket or wicker work

Recommendations in Parsons Green

Penny M
Do you know anyone who can repair the base of a wicker crib?  This is hard material.  It must be at least 100 years old. Also the handle of a moses basket? relatively soft material. fingers crossed!

Recommendations for economical way to heat one room

Local Conversations in Streatham Park

Flair Fairy
Can anyone recommend an economical portable electrical heater I could buy to heat one room when I'm working at home, rather than blasting the central heating. I've looked online and they say halogen heaters are the most economical followed by oil filled ... [ more ]
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Flair Fairy
The Dyson has poor reviews for the amount of noise so that's not an option.  The house is well insulated; it's just that when I'm working from home and sitting at a computer for several hours it makes no sense to heat the entire flat when I can heat just ... [ more ]

Damage by Wandsworth Council

Local Conversations in Chelsea

We are in the Latchmere Ward and yesterday a tree team came to cut back trees nearing telephone wires.  They had to leave one because of parked cars.  But the other tree, a beautiful flowering cherry has been badly savaged by them and is now wounded.  I ... [ more ]
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No one is moaning and groaning! We are just airing our views and disappointment at the councils response which is the same every year by the way. Also I'm sorry to say that we don't live in Lambeth

Mug Repair Needed - can anyone help?

Recommendations in Southfields

Hi All, I have an earthenware mug that was given as a present for my husband for becoming a father. However I managed to smash the handle from the mug. I tried super glue but found that it needs resin? to fix/bond it back together and fill some ... [ more ]
When you have mended the mug be sure to NEVER use it for hot drinks. You must never trust the handle again. I know to my cost. Use it for flowers - or pencils... or whatever!

cane chair to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

I have a beautiful high sided cane chair to give away. I had it re-upholstered in pale brown linen. Slight damage on one of front legs where the cane has unravelled. Very comfortable. Measures: 80 cm deep, 90 cm wide, 78 cm high. If you would like it, ... [ more ]

Garden Tips!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Summerstown

Jaime Johnson Garden
Todays' Garden Tip: Feed your emerging spring bulbs! It takes a lot of energy to make a flower so help your bulbs along with a feed.  Bulbs in containers need a high potash feed such as tomato fertiliser, and those in the ground could do with a general ... [ more ]
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Jaime Johnson Garden
Oh I'm glad you enjoyed it Lucy, and thanks for saying why. I'll add you to the mailing list for the next issue. Bryan, sorry, I some how missed your post! I'll message you now. Jaime

Portable tv in lodger room no signal

Recommendations in Putney

Miranda F
I have a small portable tv made by Polaroid from ASDA in my lodgers room, it is currently showing no signal, it is plugged into main outside aerial. Any ideas or recommendations for someone to have a look or can help me please.
Lily W
Sorry it posted too soon. If yours is that model there are instructions to fix it or you can return it as it is a technical fault.

Academic Help Tutorial needed for Data Analysis course work.

Local Conversations in Camberwell

Hi Neighbors, read trough please, I'm sure out there there are experts who find this a piece of cake... I'm studying for a Degree in Health, and need to complete this coursework in 2 weeks!! In exchange I can offer yoga lessons, Shiatsu or relax, ... [ more ]
Diego C
You found it! I am a Data Analyst, it's my job. I do not use quartiles and meridian but I use a lot excel and access (don't mention other tools, QW SSIS SSAS SQL etc). I am interested in the exchange cause I am looking for fisio or osteopath cause ... [ more ]
Hi Diego Great! It sounds fantastic, as our areas of expertise really complement what we can exchange! I can really help you to relief your back problems and provide management solutions for you posture! Look forward to met you so you can helo to ... [ more ]

anyone stopped for driving on phone when you weren't?

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Rebecca R
I wondered if anyone had been stopped by the police for driving whilst on a mobile phone when you actually weren't? This has just happened to me, I totally understand why the policeman thought this - he told me where he was - on the passenger side quite ... [ more ]
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Check it properly because entering a plea of not guilty would meant going to court I imagine.  You can usually plea guilty or not guilty by post, so online would be similar but not guilty pleas involve a trial.

Huge Cafe Clearance Sale

£5000.00 in Summerstown

MAR 07
Flavin's Tea Room (at The Sweet Life) 204 Trinity Rd SW17 7HP
Miriam K
Tables. chairs. counters. kitchen units. sinks. wall display units. appliances coffee machine. crockery/china. cake stands. cash register. AND LOTS MORE.........

curtain cleaning

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Vicky E
I'm looking for a company to clean some large, heavy, old (good quality though) bedroom curtains.  Preferably they could take down and re-hang too.  Grateful for any ideas.  Thanks.

IT support wanted

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Ruth S
I work from home and am looking for somebody who could give me some IT support. Just a small (but v irritating) problem at present, but I am sure I will want more in future. The person I was using seems to be too busy - he has taken two weeks and still ... [ more ]
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Bathroom painter plus tile

Recommendations in Furzedown

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Hi every one many thanks for recommendation of painter,I will try and call them,coz some of them the price is so high.  

Become a home-reading volunteer!

Clubs & Groups in Battersea

The Doorstep Library Network
Are you available Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays between 3.45-6.30pm during school term time? Come and join an enthusiastic team of volunteers who are passionate about books and helping children to love story time, and have lots of fun along the way! ... [ more ]

New Yoga class in Balham- first class FREE!

Clubs & Groups in Clapham

Karen S
Some time ago, I posted on Streetlife that my friend Christine was due to start a new yoga class in Balham!  It's now arrived! The first class is FREE for new students! BOOK your place NOW before mat space runs out! Hatha Yoga mondays 7:30pm – 8:30pm ... [ more ]

Gas fire basket free for collection

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Lisa C
I have a fire basket to give away if anyone wants it. Photo attached. Size: w49cm, d26cm, h37cm. Collection from between the commons SW11.
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Hi Lisa I'm very interested if it's still available. I'm able to collect it today if it's convenient to you. Thanks and regards
Lisa C
Hi Poppette, it's all yours and collection today fine. Text me on 07815839382 with a time that works for you and I'll send you my address. Thanks. Lisa

Singing workshop this Saturday in Teddington

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

I signed up for this singing workshop with Ken Burton a while ago but unfortunately am now unable to attend. It's this Saturday… Would anyone like to take my place? All day workshop on Saturday 7th March 2015, 10am - 4.15pm. Workshop ticket price £20. ... [ more ]

Painter and Decorator Needed

Recommendations in Streatham Hill

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Rita Miller
Hi Jeffrey, call Martin Gilbert from Man Friday Services, he has a local company that deals with building maintenance! Highly recommend! His number is 0740 390 946
Gheorghe S
Hello Jeffrey if still in need painter and decorator then give me a call on 07886769250 George I'm happy to provide a free quote.