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Gutters & Window cleaning

Carla S in Battersea
Hello can anyone recommend someone for gutters and window cleaning that is reliable and not too expensive please? Thanks in advance!

London Hospices for Christmas No1!

Royal Trinity Hospice in Clapham
The London Hospices Choir music video is out now! Check out the amazing video filmed at Royal Trinity Hospice and remember to pre-order your copy on ITunes and Amazon. With your help, we can be Christmas No1! ... [ more ]
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Sian R
I have a couple of friends singing on this and I know Jim the choir leader and producer. It really is a labour of love and the stories behind the faces are very moving. Hope it does really well.

Iphone and laptop advice

Guy D in Putney Heath
Some strange happenings with my iphone tat I hope someone may be able to help with. When connecting to my laptop, there seems to be an automatic process where a new directory is created periodically that the the latest photos on my phone are in, ... [ more ]

SW Racetrack

Alan P in Furzedown
I am writing this as I sit here listening to the high power very noisy motor cycles using the SW London racetrack, AKA Trinity Road!!. Is there nothing that can be done to curb the antics of these lunatics, there has just 1 gone past speed has to be ... [ more ]
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Jason R
Ian N this is kind of irrelevant Ian, but yes as someone who drives on the roads of London daily in my work, 20mph speed limits are pointless, there are many parts of London that could be driven faster, but are not because of blanket 20mph zones, but ... [ more ]
Ian N
Jason, if you think that serious or fatal accidents are a price worth paying for a perceived reduction in journey time I think we might have to agree to disagree. I just hope that my kids don't get in your way. I know when I have driven through the ... [ more ]

Bi-Fold Door Engineer/Fitter Required

Barbara J in Battersea
Does anyone know of an engineer who may be able to adjust a bifold door which is not shutting? I am in the SW11 area near Clapham Junction. Thank you


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Kevin G
My wife is from Thailand and was trained in Thai massage by traditional and medical teachers and has six years experience of helping clients here in the west.  We live in Pimlico, so she can easily visit you if required.  My wife is in Thailand at ... [ more ]
Embody Wellness
If our location in Vauxhall suits (we're just a couple of minutes from the bus, tube & train station), we have an excellent team of massage therapists available 7-days a week, offering a variety of massage styles including deep tissue, sports, ... [ more ]

Rose pruning

YD in Putney Heath
Does anyone know of someone who might be able to prune roses correctly? I have a climbing rose and several others that need pruning. Many thanks

Electric heater / radiator

Autumn G in Balham
Hello all! Our kitchen is bone-achingly cold in the current weather. Does anyone have an electric heater or radiator they're thinking about getting rid of or wouldn't mind lending? Thanks in advance!
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caroline w
Your kitchen probably has ventilator grills to help with the condensation. If your kitchen side faces North or East, these can be avenues for Siberian winds to whistle into your kitchen. It won't harm your kitchen if you sellotaped thick paper over ... [ more ]


Lisa in Battersea
Hi guys , I am off work due to a operation. So trying to work from home, but my laptop as just decided to pack up on me :( not good timing 😩 if anyone has a laptop they don't want or sell please can you let me no please thankyou
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Help with installing Humax - Youview - internet

a B in Wandsworth
Hi - anyone out there that knows a good guy that can install Humax.  I want buy one ASAP - but have no idea how to install.  Thanks!
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a B
Tony P Carol R   thanks guys .  Might go for the Youview... I read some reveiws about your one carol... You got the Freeview one and they came out really badly, lots saying about the problems that you have had.  So maybe I wont go for all singing and ... [ more ]
Tony P
I should have made clear I have the FreeView version too!  Just not had the problems Carol describes. The reviews for Humax machines are usually pretty good  (eg but as with all machines, searching ... [ more ]

Dripping taps

Karen H in Balham
All my tap washers seem to have worn at same time, can anyone recommend someone reliable to fix them? Thanks.

Loose floorboard

Jan T in Sands End
I need a loose floor board fixing , under a small section of carpet , so I guess it would need someone with one of those tools that carpet fitters use to put carpet flat again ? Not sure ! Thanks for replies
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Wanted: Fish bowl / small fish tank

MM in Pimlico
Has anyone got an unwanted fish bowl/ small tank they could spare? Much appreciated!

Carpet repairer sought

Miriam M in Stockwell
Please could someone recommend a good carpet repairer? Clapham area. It's a fraying Mexican rug. Thanks. MM

Technology Help and Tea - Free! (1st trial of our community research)

to , (ended)
Battersea Library, 265 Lavender Hill, SW11 1JB
Matthew R in Clapham Park
Hi all, I am from Imperial College University and am a member of the research group looking into how we can improve our sense of community. After some fantastic feedback from Streetlife members we will be piloting our first ever event: A gathering ... [ more ]
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Matthew R
Thank you for all the positive comments and useful feedback! We really enjoyed meeting you all, and this is something we definitely would like to continue. For those asking when the next session is, please stay tuned - there are currently 5 of us in ... [ more ]
Jane H
Thank you so much Matt it was great.  The scan sorted out most of the problems with my laptop.  I hope you will be able to organise another one of these meetings as it really helped me.  And if I can help, please let me know how.  I wish you all a ... [ more ]

Advice needed from a local enough baker to know Paul Bakery/Cafes and their caneles.

Dmitriy in Balham
Under the threat of having my message removed, I wonder if there is someone local enough to know Paul Bakery/Cafe (local to London and France, but I don't speak French). I'm trying to figure out how to make those caneles they bake. All recipes on the ... [ more ]
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Isabelle L
There is a recipe for Cannelés by French chef Michel Roux in He is normally quite reliable. Good luck, Dimitri
Isabelle L as far as caneles go the mix recipe is the same as many others that I have seen. This really makes me think that Paul's version is not the classic one. However, I did not see that site before and I found a few other recipes that I now want ... [ more ]

Fed up with Virgin broadband and considering Sky Q

urbangardner in Wandsworth
I've been with Virgin for years, so paying through the nose (administrative inertia!). I'm prompted to action now because their broadband recently has been rubbish, my TV  box and router are both antique and haven't been upgraded, and it seems as if ... [ more ]
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Jon W
Depending on where you are located it might be worth not getting into a long-term contract in case Wandsworth's Community Fibre one day make it to your house - possibly the fastest residential internet in the country but currently only serving ... [ more ]
Thanks to everyone for really useful, thoughtful comments.  The consensus seems to be stick with Virgin but beat them up about service, old kit and cost.  I will gird my loins for battle accordingly.  Ironically, the service is so poor today that this ... [ more ]

Flooring for 140square meter space in Battersea.

Jonathan K
Hi am am a professional across the board contractor whom runs a small family building & timber business here in London for over 38 years. I would welcome discussing your add and requirements with you and too assisting you with guidance and help ... [ more ]

Telephone scam targeting the elderly

Citizens Advice Wandsworth in Battersea
There is currently a telephone scam where a recorded message is left, allegedly from the tax man, stating that HMRC are bringing a lawsuit against the individual and is going to sue them. The recipient is asked to phone 0161 8508494 and press “1” to ... [ more ]

Southwest Songbirds - Christmas concert

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St Andrew's Church, Garratt Lane, Earlsfield
Mrs H in Clapham
Join the Southwest Songbirds for a candlelit concert of Christmas choirs and carols at St Andrew's Church, Garratt Lane, Earlsfield on Friday 9 December at 6.30pm. Tickets on the door, £5 adults, £2.50 children with all proceeds going to Just Shelter, ... [ more ]

Local choir- Clapham Chorus

shelley hj in Wandsworth
If anyone is interested in coming to see or joining a local community a cappella choir, please come along to our free concert at 8-9pm on Thursday 8th of December. Venue: The Church Hall, The Church of the Ascension, Malwood Road London SW12 8EN ... [ more ]
Ania O
Am attaching a flyer with details of the inaugural Clapham Chorus Christmas Concert. Our repertoire includes songs from around the world as well as a few carols; all sung a cappella. Do join us on Thursday for some wine and a mince pie!

Helping the homeless

Lisa in Battersea
Hi guys I have some friends that run a page called "EVERY LITTLE HELPS" on Facebook for the homeless,if you have anything you no longer need i.e., blankets ,duvets,old clothes,toiletries they would be very great full for the donations, just friend ... [ more ]
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On Facebook I found two groups... one closed: and a public group:

stair lift engineer required. please help.

IT help for ageing technophobe

Sue M in Chelsea
Does anyone know of someone with endless patience, a good sense of humour and basic IT skills to drag my husband into the 21st century?  He has an ipad which he hardly uses and on which I have failed to teach him any more than the basics.  He has ... [ more ]
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Cougz H
If you are an elderly person, South London Cares does teck support sessions at least once a month with its volunteers. Also does a lot of social events and support for the elderly in our community.

Leaseholder buying loft space for conversion from freeholder (LB of W)

Paul in Clapham
Any advice from a leaseholder re buying loft space for conversion from freeholder (LB of W) Kind regards Paul
james d
Paul,take a look at - property 118 on the 'net, its free and dedicated to all landlord / tenant issues. Regards James d