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Local Conversations in Kesgrave

Andrew G
I would like residents views on the travellers near the farmhouse pub/cardew drift. You should all read the article on the SCDC website, it appears that they have more rights that local taxpayers. We all need to lobby councillors to remove the people ... [ more ]
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Puppy/dog training

Recommendations in Beacon Hill

Patricia G
I have a 4month old puppy, I would like to enroll her in a training course. She already  knows and does the basics .  Thanks in advance.
Mags O
Would highly recommend Suffolk Dog Training on 07971 030960. Sue came to our house for the first 121 training when we got our golden lab pup & we followed up with weekly training which was excellent & helped us all so much.

Alice Grange Care Home or Other

Recommendations in Little Bealings

Sara R
Hi everyone.  My grandparents have just been moved into a care home in Southwold.  At 96 and 97 they are now unable to cope with just carers coming in and we are too far away to help on a daily basis. As we live on Grange Farm and Woodbridge we thought ... [ more ]
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Mead Drive Car Park Closure

Clubs & Groups in Warren Heath

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Local news

Local Conversations in Bucklesham

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Stephanie F
Before you knock KTC I would like to point out that in this instance they don't have any powers. The land which the travellers are on belongs to SCDC other KTC.
Exactly my point not knocking them just seem to be a cost that could be removed from our council tax, if they have no powers.

Missing passport

Lost & Found in Martlesham Heath

Jill S
My husband lost his passport today ( between farm house to Kesgrave post office on Penzance rd). The passport cover is green, issued by Taiwan. If anyone found it, please contact 07729251420.
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Join our team

Clubs & Groups in Warren Heath

Kesgrave Community Centre
Have you got what it takes to join our team? We are looking for casual bar staff, shifts may include weekend evenings and occasional weekend afternoons. As a member of our customer-facing team, you will be responsible for delivering top quality service ... [ more ]

Darrell's Day at Landguard Fort

Clubs & Groups in Rushmere St Andrew

Laurence H
Next Sunday the 5th July the Royal Marines Association will be at Landguard Fort as well as bands, displays and re-enactments.  In 1667 the Dutch having sunk part of the English fleet in the River Medway came up the coast to create a bit more mischief ... [ more ]
Laurence H
Hi Patricia, starts at 10 am but if you miss the start a lot of the program will be repeated after lunch, the events finish about 4 with the Fort closed at 5.  There will be a stall selling food but if you want to bring a picnic and camp out for the ... [ more ]

Charity event Bring and Buy cake and coffee morning

Clubs & Groups in Beacon Hill

Sue V
My mum died in November 2013 from vascular dementia. Last year we raised over £500 for dementia research  at a            BRING AND BUY CAKE AND COFFEE MORNING so we are doing it again this tear. Saturday 27th June 2015 10am until 2pm So please come ... [ more ]
Sue V
Thank you one and all, what a fantastic morning we had. We raised a magnificent £400...........You supported us both with your time, your wonderful cakes and of course the money we raised. Great full thanks to one and all.

Paint Sprayer

Give, Lend & Borrow in Brightwell

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Richard G
My house is all rendered and if i could spray it on i would , be assured of that , this is the fifth time painting it all . You need to put on two coats and don't skimp on the thickness you apply it . Our house takes 25litres for 2 coats . Eight people ... [ more ]
Andrew G
Hi Richard I appreciate your comments but just to give you an idea of the sheer scale of work I am trying to complete I have attached a file, this is only one side. Andrew G

Adjustable dress forms

Give, Lend & Borrow in Maidensgrave

Maureen R
Does anyone out there have an adjustable dress form they no longer use, have never used or just don't like? I have clothes to alter and am sure I would find one of those dress making forms useful. Maureen R
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Gary P
Not for sale, unfortunately.  BUT a loan may be possible.  I will contact you again in a week or so.

Walking dogs off the lead

Local Conversations in Little Bealings

Paul S
I know many dog owners won't hear a word said against their dogs but I just wonder if any would give me an opinion on this? If you had a dog, dangerous or not, that you clearly couldn't keep under control, would you let it off the lead in a public ... [ more ]
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As a dog owner I am ashamed someone would act this way, my dogs are both friendly but never, never would I let them near a child that was frightened by one. Don't suppose you heard the name of the dog? Must say I haven't come across this man and dog by ... [ more ]
Paul S
Sadly, the guy is definitely very familiar to me. See him a lot  around Kesgrave and Martlesham but I just can't place where. Got a feeling he lives near Cedarwood. It will come to me at some point.

Woman Driving Instructor

Recommendations in Waldringfield Heath

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Letter and lost cat!

Lost & Found in Beacon Hill

Gemma I
I was surprised to get a letter inviting me to this site but what a brilliant idea!! I look forward to getting to know people on here and seeing what is going on. Also as a side note my cat Peter has been missing for around 8 weeks now. He is black and ... [ more ]
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Janice P
have you got a photo of him you could pin up along the posts around kesgrave - asking if anyone has seen him or take a picture to the orwell veterinary group in Hartree Way, they have also got a facebook page, they might download a picture if you sent in ... [ more ]

idiotic cyclists

Local Conversations in Playford

Whilst driving along Colchester Rd this morning towards Heath Rd, a couple of cyclists on racing bikes  who I should say were in their 20s, were ridingmslowly,  two abreast and holding up a flow of traffic as there wasn't room to pass due to oncoming ... [ more ]
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Paul S
To recap, the cycle lane is a 'shared use' path. Lots of junctions, lots of concealed driveways, pedestrians, dogs, obstacles. In short, it's not really a cycle lane at all and is way more dangerous than being on the road, a choice the cyclist is legally ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Kingston

Sheila B
Why, oh why, must people have large bonfires during the day.  I have been looking after my very young grandson and someone had a massive bonfire which affected the lower end of Chandos Drive.  We couldn't go in the garden (and it was a really lovely ... [ more ]
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adult bicycle

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kingston

Claire F
I am looking for an inexpensive adults bike, if anyone can help I would be grateful.
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Pam S
We are selling a gents Holdsworth Ventura road bike in excellent condition, 20 gears £70 o.n.o. in Kesgrave
Keith B
I have a bike which works OK, but gears need attention. Free of charge, but perhaps a small donation to charity.  Ring 01394 383929.

Woodbridge and District SNT - Crime Brief 17 - 21 June 2015

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Thefts: In Woodbridge Thoroughfare - 17 June between 9.45 and 10.15am – purse removed from bag. Quayside - 20 June between 2 and 4.30pm – purse removed from elderly person whilst in busy location

Burglaries - Martlesham Heath and Rushmere

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Suffolk Police Reports: wo/15/1044 burglary - dwelling lancaster drive Martlesham Heath between 5.15pm 16 june and 8am 17 june – entry to property via garage window. old copper piping removed from room at rear of property wo/15/1045 ... [ more ]
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Swan Close Scheme
The Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team will be holding a public meeting in Grundisburgh on Monday 13 July 2015. The meeting, being held at the Playing Field Pavillion at Ipswich Road in Grundisburgh, from 6.30pm, will give you the ... [ more ]

Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave

JUL 13
to ,
Playing Field Pavillion at Ipswich Road in Grundisburgh
Bob B
The Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team will be holding a public meeting in Grundisburgh on Monday 13 July. The meeting, being held at the Playing Field Pavillion at Ipswich Road in Grundisburgh, from 6.30pm, will give you the opportunity ... [ more ]


Clubs & Groups in Rushmere Street

Eric F
We are a couple with a very small charity. We need to learn how to organise some office basics on our computer, e.g. putting documents and photos into folders and files,so that we can find everything when we need it. We are generally computer literate ... [ more ]
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Hi Eric F, sorry have been away for a couple of days. Now about to send you a private message.

Electrician for minor repairs in Grange Farm house

Recommendations in Brightwell

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Puncture repair on bicycle

Give, Lend & Borrow in Tuddenham

Anne C
Hello Is there anyone in IP5 or IP4 who would fix a bicycle puncture for £5? We have a repair kit and could bring the bike to you. Someone who knows what they are doing might be able to do it in 30 minutes.
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Janice P
you could try pedal power in Gloster road martlesham near the bowling alley or the cycle shop on the corner of heath road roundabout ....
Anne C
Thank you so much for your advice and thank you for your kind offer to fix it for me Kesgrave Cameras. I think I may have managed to fix it my self last night. The tyre does not seem to have gone down over night. The test will be once I go for a bike ... [ more ]

Alert: fraudsters are sending spoof text messages

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
The scam text messages claim that there has been fraud on the recipient's account or that the account details need to be updated. The texts encourage people to call a number or visit a website, often claiming the matter is urgent. However the telephone ... [ more ]
Swan Close Scheme
Further details on how to protect yourself from this crime are at ActionFraud's web site at:

Womens Cycle Event

Local Conversations in Beacon Hill