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Skill ability/level based groups in classes in schools year 1-5

ks in Martlesham Heath
Hi I wanted to ask any teachers/parents here if schools still group pupils based on their ability in classes, with higher ability/level pupils in one group and other groups with lower level/ability and if they do are parents told about which groups their ... [ more ]

Kesgrave Park Run

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
There was a good article in the Kesgrave News this month about the Park Run.  Not for me though I have never liked running but those that do get my admiration.  The one thing is the damage being done to the path through Dobbs Wood when the ground is ... [ more ]
I am with you on this Laurence H and also don't like the spraying of tree roots all over the place. The run itself which I wholeheartedly support lasts only an hour or so but the unsightly spray paint stays there all week. It's an all too typical example ... [ more ]

Free to good home

Kate P in Martlesham Heath
Trouble in the coop? Fancy hatching some chicks this spring? We have a beautiful home reared cockerel free to a good home. He is friendly and used to children. The only reason we can't keep him is we hatched two chicks last year and both are cockerels, ... [ more ]
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Rocking chair required

Allan R in Playford
Hi Streetlifers. The Company of Four are looking to borrow a rocking chair for their panto. Red Riding Hood's granny needs somewhere to sit! Has anyone got one we can borrow for just over a week?? We will need it for opening night on Friday. Thanks
Allan R
Hi Rosalyn. Thanks for your response. I have just heard that one of my fellow cast members has found one. Thanks so much for your offer, but I don't think Granny will need two. 

Another ask!!

Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Kingston
Is there anyone who would be able to donate their time and expertise to film a short 2/3min promo about our charity? We are looking for someone who has some experience in this area, as the video will be shown at our many events, to promote the service ... [ more ]

Street lights not being fixed

Woof W in Brightwell
We have two street lights nearby, one not working since early January, and the other since mid-January. Advised repair dates given have come and gone, and still we are no further forward.  Is the problem only here, or is it the same across the area? At ... [ more ]
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Woof W
Lamp 361 Demesne Gardens reported 7/1, fixed 3/2, nearly a month. Lamp 358 Squires Lane reported 16/1, still not working today, 10/2. Shows as fixed on SCC site, but although engineer visited on 25/1, it was not working after that, and was re-reported on ... [ more ]

Snowflake Ball

Milsoms, Kesgrave Hall
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Kingston
Come along to our Snowflake Ball on Friday 20th May at Milsoms, Kesgrave Hall, 7pm onwards. A glamourous night of fine dining, music and entertainment! Tickets are £55per person to include an arrival drink and three course meal with entertainment ... [ more ]

Tree felling on Foxhall rd near Bell Lane

bunnykins in Great Bealings
Anyone seen all the trees being felled by the side of the road? It has been confirmed by Spedeworth that it is nothing to do with them so obviously the owner of the land doing it......anyone know why? Sad to see woodland being removed!
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Charlie R
Well, houses sound likely (don't mean to be a prophet of doom) but if they build near the Stadium is that a coffin for Spedeworth !! Let's hope it is just coppicing.

Half term attractions

Landguard Fort Felixstowe IP11 3TW
Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
Having seen the number of people at the viewpoint at weekends when we have been doing our winter maintenance we have decided to try opening the Fort for the February half term week.  Open every day at 10 we will close at 4 pm.  Whilst there is the chance ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
Hi Tricia, number is 01394675900 but we are talking snow, ice and hurricanes to shut the Fort, not a wee bit drizzle. By the way dogs are welcome too.

Foxhall Road/Bell Lane Junction

Reg W in Kesgrave
I hope whoever is responsible for roads in this area reads this message. Once again, another accident at this junction with people hurt. Some time ago somebody came up with the stupid answer of asking drivers travelling away from Ipswich to turn on their ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
For a roundabout to work it needs to be a reasonable size and not a dustbin lid like the one at the Lattice Barn.  That would mean acquiring land and that costs and more importantly takes time.  If you want action now or as soon as possible then a speed ... [ more ]

Error re Landguard Fort

Viewpoint Road FElistowe IP11 3TW
Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
I was careless yesterday giving the dates that the Fort would be open for half term.  Please note the correct dates and my apologies for any confusion.

Sewing Tuition

WWD in Broke Hall
I recently bought a sewing machine with a view to making simple things like cushion covers etc, but I am completely clueless and cannot even thread the machine. Is there anyone on this site that could help please.
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Jo L
Hi, I run a small Sewing group. Always happy to share my knowledge ( no expert). It's A relaxed informal Sewing group who meet at on the 1st Saturday of the month at the Ipswich indoor bowling club 10.30 - 12.30ish. All welcome, under 16's to be ... [ more ]

cardboard boxes for house move

Linda P in Martlesham Heath
Wanted please- I am moving and need lots of strong cardboard boxes that can also be closed securely. Any suitable boxes would be much appreciated- thank you
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Steph F
Hi Linda, I have 4 strong boxes and 2 strong "banana" boxes as Silvergran recommended that you are welcome to have and I also live on the Heath. Private message me if you want them....

Bathroom fitter recommendation wanted

Woof W in Brightwell
We would like a bath removed and a double shower with seat fitted in its place. Any recommendations for this type of work would be appreciated, thank you.
Heather T
DP Interiors did a fantastic job in refitting our kitchen bathroom and cloakroom. All as a separate job. Call Phil on 07758215618 or Darren on 07809723186.

Ipswich Branch, Suffolk Family History Society, Monthly Meeting Thursday 25/2/2016

to ,
The Pioneer Hall, Co-Op Education Centre, 11, Fore Street, Ipswich IP4 1JW
Howard K in Martlesham
John Field presents: "Giles and his adopted Town - Ipswich . A description of the cartoonist Carl Giles, and his life, exploring the degree which Ipswich and Suffolk locations form the setting for many cartoons. Then looking at the various local ... [ more ]
Rachel J
Oh that sounds really interesting! I would love to be there but unfortunately I don't drive/own a car, is there a kind lady from Woodbridge going, who would give me a lift both ways please? Naturally I would be happy to help towards the cost of petrol.

Collars that are too tight

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
Neighbour was away so I was walking his labrador yesterday and she needs a longer walk than my Llahsa so I was walking roads different to my usual patch.  Fortunately I had my Stanley knife with me.  I keep seeing trees that were planted when the houses ... [ more ]
Sean G
Good idea. I was slightly worried however when I read the headline re collars, and then references to dogs and a knife. I thought you were going to say you had reason to cut off a dog's collar with your Stanley knife!

Mindless idiots - Front garden vandals

Martin F in Martlesham Heath
Anyone else in the area near Elmers had their walls kicked in?. mine as well as at least 5 others down Oregon Road have been vanadalised by idiots. I'm sure the mindless fools are very proud of upsetting the mostly elderly population of the road. They ... [ more ]
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Bob B
Just to add to Laurence H's advice I suggest completing Suffolk Constabulary's 'Report a Crime Form'. These criminal acts will then be formally logged with Suffolk Police. These can then be reviewed by the Safer Neighbourhood Team who are able to ... [ more ]

Solicitor for House Sale

Hopeful in Larks' Hill
Anyone know of a good, local solicitor to deal with a house sale?
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Catherine B
Can highly recommend Kerseys - have moved house several times and they provide an exceptional service! Contact details: Jane Riley Partner | Kerseys Property Department T: +44 (0)1473 407122 F: +44 (0)1473 257739 E: 32 ... [ more ]

Extra session walking football over 50s

Noel W in Kesgrave
Due to its popularity we are now running a extra session of Walking football aimed at the over 50s at Kesgrave High School indoor hall starting tonight and every Tuesday at 7.00om . The 8.00pm session will continue also so if you thought your playing ... [ more ]

Clothes dummy

Christine S in Great Bealings
Does anyone have or know where I can get a full size clothes dummy to display a uniform in a museum? We are able to pay a small amount.
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Painter Required

WWD in Playford
I am looking for someone to do the exterior windows on a property in Grange Farm, the window frames require sanding and re-staining, having been let down on several occasions I am looking for someone who is reliable, who could look at the property and ... [ more ]
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thank you for all the suggestions, have passed them on to my friend who is not on strreetlife, and she will contact etc.
Charlie R
Try Roger Butland, 01473 729007 / 07785766008. Used him on two occasions (the first while we were away in New Zealand, lounge, study, master bedroom and en-suite and guest bedroom),  and a second job, hall, stairs and landing. Recommended him to our next ... [ more ]

Dining Room Tables

Stephanie F in Brightwell
I have two dining room tables which I need to sell. The first one is a six seater glass topped table with chrome legs and six high backed black leathrr look chairs. It has two extendable end sleeves and is in good condition. The second is a round ... [ more ]

Kesgrave Ropes Drive roundabout lights

bunnykins in Great Bealings
Brilliant news.....lights off permanently! Pity they didn't listen to residents in the first place!!
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Stuart R
Signs to tell you to indicate? Whatever next? When the electronic signs were erected around the outskirts of town (which I hasten to add would give useful and meaningful information) there was so much opposition to them (and not just the position of ... [ more ]
Barbara C
What a great idea! I would say 50% of drivers dont use their indicators at roundabouts. I have waited many a time at Tuddenham Road roundabout waiting to turn right, and could have proceded if only motorists indicated that they were about to turn into ... [ more ]

Tumble dryer

table top charity

Eric F in Rushmere Street
If anybody has any suitable material for our table top sale @ Kesgrave Community Centre in February, in aid of Portuguese Animal Welfare UK, please let us know! We are happy to collect. Tel 01473.613379 Eric
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Eric F
Sat 20th Feb.  We need stuff a few days beforehand to sort out and box up to transport as it's a 9.00am start on the day of the sale. My tel: no is 613379 if that helps. Thank you. Jillian