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Prime Spot

Alan H in Broke Hall
Its occurred to me Weatherspoons must pull out of building new Pubs such as in Felixstowes prime spot where the surgery was and just leave a heap of nasty rubble where reasonable buildings were once. Why is such a huge concern so worried about paying out ... [ more ]
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Dennis L
I am afraid I cannot agree with you Alan H I used for the first time a Wetherspoons in Beccles and I could only find one meal with chips  ,in fact for heathy I would strongly recomend  them , I had a good heathy meal and a pint of Suffolk Ale for £5-40 ... [ more ]
I actually laughed out loud when I read that Alan H considers Felixstowe to be upmarket when comparing it to Ipswich and Stowmarket!! Wetherspoons is what it is. If Felixstowe is so upmarket, why is it not attracting other food chains or investors?

Gents bike wanted

Sunday electrician

Martlesham Heath Green

Michael Hallatt in Maidensgrave
Hi Everybody, The green I am talking about is the one with the pavilion on and near the Bader pub.  Just thought I would let off a bit of steam about the young people (13 - 17 years of age) who all congregated under the horse chestnut trees yesterday ... [ more ]

Martlesham Heath Aviation Society

Alan P in Martlesham Heath
Don't forget our Control Tower Museum at the rear of Parkers Place off Eagle Way is open every Sunday 2 to 5pm. Drop in and be amazed at the rich aviation history of the village. Helpful volunteers always on hand to help Refreshments always available. ... [ more ]

Speeding In Kesgrave Area

Pam S in Playford
I have never posted on here, so here goes.  I've recently moved to Bell Lane area Kesgrave. I've been incredibly shocked that in such a populated area the majority of drivers do not abide by the 30 MPH limit. Most are travelling at 40, 50 or even 60 MPH. ... [ more ]
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Swan Close Scheme
The policing strategy in Suffolk has undergone major reorganisation recently including the police's role in communicating with the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Coordinators. If there is a local safety issue, like speeding, the Safer Neighbourhood Team ... [ more ]
Stephanie F
The nearest SNT to Kesgrave is based at the Heath Road SNT. The dedicated PCSO for Kesgrave and Rushmere St.Andrew is PCSO Sarbutts. He can be contacted by calling 101 and asking for him by name.

Walking football taster session

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Kesgrave High School
Noel W in Kesgrave
Hi everyone We are running a try it taster session for walking football on Tuesday 26th July 7.00om Walking football is a slower form of the beautiful game designed for the over 50s who want to enjoy a friendly social game without the worry of injury . ... [ more ]


Teresa in Playford
I know this is a bit un-pc, and sorry if i offend anybody, but does anyone know if there are Gypsies around the area. I have spotted the same white van coming out of 3 different tracks in Little Bealings and Hall Road today. The first time i saw it they ... [ more ]
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Hi Brigid, We have today been told by police that we are not allowed to block the track with our car because it is a fire exit for the farm buildings. (The buildings are empty and falling down but i suppose they could still catch fire) So I also am ... [ more ]
Brigid B
What a world we live in! Make sure you stay alert, secure anything that is movable. Not a lot more one can do. Good luck.

New Dog Training Class starts Wednesday 14th September at 8pm

Martlesham Heath
Dave's Dog Training in Dave's Dog Training
Dog training classes for all levels/ages/breeds. Taken by Dave P, a retired Home Office drug detection dog handler and trainer. Please call to register your interest. Also, one-off Scent Detection Training Days: next one is Sunday August 14th,10am - ... [ more ]
Carole F
Morning - can you please let me have full details about these classes - lixation, venue, cost etc. I'm getting a new pupoy furdt week of Augyst. Many thanks.
Dave's Dog Training
Hi, I have only a couple of spots left on the September class. Please therefore give me a call on 07759 227459 or PM me your contact number to discuss your training needs. Dave P

Green Days School holiday programme for girls

Caston Woods (Martlesham)
Bec E in Martlesham Heath
Green Light Trust are running a School Holiday Ecotherapy programme for girls aged 13-18 struggling with anxiety or low confidence and self esteem. The programme runs mon -fri during school holidays (exc bank holidays).  The programme will include bush ... [ more ]

Underpass overgrown!

Janet G in Martlesham
Have this morning walked through the Martlesham underpass at park and ride roundabout, it's so overgrown with brambles and shrubs! Must be a nightmare for cyclists ! Please could we have this cleaned up!

Escaped Dog

Pam T in Boot Street
My elderly neighbour who lives at High Purvy, Martlesham Road, re-homed Melony a grey brindle whippet aged 8. She came home on Sunday, but has escaped by opening a downstairs window, overnight last night - Tuesday. Please contact me by text to 07880 ... [ more ]
Hi, has this dog been found yet...if not could you put it on DogLost group and they're really helpful Jeanette🐾

new boiler recomendation and local installers

ks in Beacon Hill
My boiler has packed up, insurance cant repair as beyond eco repair (its a 12 yr old keston c25) any recommendations of good efficency boilers and installers who can do all job (intall + electric) i have a tank on 1st floor that stores water in the ... [ more ]
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Alan H
Try my sons firm they are very efficient with over 40 years experience with fantastic feedback. Ring Southgate and Cullam on 07595793197 and mention my name and get a good deal.
update on this my boiler insurer replaced the burner and a rubber pipe which just sits over boiler, it is running again i have some time now to get quotes and get the work done.

Low flying something!

Janet G in Martlesham
Any one know what was flying over at 1.30ish this morning? Was so loud scared my dog and me!
Nikki B
We had something flying very low over Hollesley last night. I fell asleep eventually around midnight. I wonder if it was the same thing?
Christine S
Probably the police helicopter which was over Martlesham. I understand there was a catalytic converter stolen from a Lorry on the industrial estate around about 11.30pm.


WWD in Broke Hall
Looking for someone who can move a gate on my chicken run, and put up 4 fencing panels.
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Hello William, could you possible pop round and give me a quote, as you may find the job is more involved and that could reflect in the price.

Bring and Buy Cake and Coffee morning

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12 Fynn Road, Woodbridge IP12 4LS
Sue V in Beacon Hill
We are holding a "Bring and buy cake and coffee morning " in aid of dementia research. Please come along and support this very worthy cause. See you on Saturday

Hedge doctor

Bill V in Beacon Hill
Hi all, Can anyone recommend a hedge 'doctor'' please? My hedge that has been nice and green for years has started getting brown patches, which are slowly spreading. I'm no expert but reading online it could be a case of a bug that needs treatment. ... [ more ]
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Debbie W
If you take a piece of the foliage, a photo of the hedge and any bugs you find to Notcutts, the knowledgeable staff there are happy to diagnose and recommend a suitable product.

Bicycle assistance

Anne C in Tuddenham
Hello I wondered if there was anyone who is quite good with bikes who could spare 5 minutes of their time? My back brake rubs on my wheel and makes it hard to cycle.I could cycle to you from kesgrave. I hope this is not a too big of a ask.
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Clifford Road Air Raid Shelter

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
I had been planning to go and see this little museum which is in the playground of Clifford Road primary school for years but yesterday we finally went.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  Perhaps going on a sunny day was a waste and we should have saved it for ... [ more ]
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School Holiday Drama Activities

Cheryl H in Playford
Calling all budding actors and actresses Fun Drama Workshops for Children (aged 8 to 12) at Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre on Tuesday 26th July 2016 Tuesday 9th August 2016 Tuesday 23rd August 2016 9.15am to 12.15pm £12 for the 3 ... [ more ]

4 Aircraft

SAR1920 in Kesgrave
Anyone else hear/see 4 low flying aircraft over Martlesham Heath about 10.15pm this evening..what on earth was that all about??
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Charlotte I
My partner said they were possibly doing an exercise off Bawdsey where they drop men in the sea then they get rescued by boat he was doing a powerboat course at Levington Marina a few weeks ago and with him were two Americans who were training to do the ... [ more ]
Peter T
I only saw the 4th aircraft and that was definitely a Hercules, I know this for certain as have flown in a few.

big corner wardrobe + side wardrobe free

Tom W in Martlesham Heath
Hi I have recently dismantled a big corner wardrobe and one of the side wardrobes from same set. It is in good condition, only problem is i have no instructions for rebuilding.  Free for collection in martlesham heath.

Folding Highchair wanted

Rob H
Hi I have a folding High chair that we do not use any more in good condition. Please give me your mobile and i will send details. Rob


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Anne S, has your friend put all problems with the rented property in writing to the Agent. If not, she should do so immediately. Keep all such letters and keep a log of all calls, emails, texts as well. As suggested earlier, dampness is the one to attack ... [ more ]
Carol O
Andrew G  Hi Andrew G I am a producer for Martlesham Country Market. We 'cook, craft and grow' and are based at the Martlesham Pavillion on a Tuesday morning 9.15 til 11.15. When were you thinking about having your market? Why don't you come along to ... [ more ]

Painter decorater and Plumber bathroom fitter

Patrick R in Brightwell
Can anyone recommend either or both painter / plumber /bathroom fitter please for work in Martlesham Heath .
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Beverley J
We have just had a total refurb in our shower room (Martlesham Heath).  This was carried out very satisfactorily by Mick Banyard Plumbing & Heating - tel: 07802 369367 / 01473 311664.  He co-ordinated the plasterer, carpenter and tiler in addition to ... [ more ]
Alan H
Try my sons firm on 07595793197 they are excellent for your plumbing and fitting and mention my name and get a deal.