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Douglas Bader

Michael Hallatt
in Maidensgrave
I live in close proximity to the Douglas Bader pub.  Has anybody else heard the loud music and shouting?  On Friday evening 13 Jan 2017 the new landlord held a live band party and the music was very loud, not only this but a large group of young ... [ more ]
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David R
You live near a pub, it gets a bit noisy on Fri Sat evenings. It has always been the case Complaining about the noise is like living in the countryside and complaining about the sound of tractors or the smell of manure.
June B
A bit unfair David R. Think of all those pubs in Ipswich, sourrounded by homes. I use to live between two pubs. At o e e d, never heard a thing. At the other end, never heard a thing until it was given license for live bands and that was when the ... [ more ]

Lost dog Martlesham

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Laurence H posted by one of China's previous fosters Yes, really good ideas, Jeanette - I'll pass these on, hadn't realised the Blue Cross had a place up there. If you have a chance then pls pass on a big 'Thank you' to those on Streetlife for ... [ more ]

Also Sunken Drains

Alan H
in Broke Hall
There also is a massive Sunken Drain on the Main Road at the entrance to Maidstone Road this has been here for god knows how long and is a disgrace. Luckily enough Ive only driven in it once because I know its there but someone will lose their ... [ more ]
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Marilyn C
Just looked on SCC website at reports for Ashdown Way. Several reports including one of young cyclist falling off bike because of pothole. All reports seem to be marked as "Closed". It appears that SCC definitely need to look at this a bit closer. ... [ more ]
I stand corrected. I have just walked down Ashdown Way and one, yes one, pothole has been filled in although it looks like a Blue Peter job, sticky tape and glue. Any odds on it lasting to next Friday?

Social Group

Barbara M in Kesgrave
I'm sure there are a lot of people on their own or wanting to extend their social group in this area and for one reason or other have difficulty doing so. I'd like to get a social group going so people can have company to go to the theatre, jazz ... [ more ]
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Good morning Barbara M As we have at least 6 do you think we should call the cafe to reserve our table ? The number is 01473 738269 and they can get busy some days..just a thought. See you next week.

Suffolk School Admissions Portal - What a Palava! Please help....

Balkees J in Brightwell
I have just registered myself, got an account and tried to "add" my child's name and details to apply for a school. The deadline for applications is 15/Jan, so I thought I had better make an application. Unfortunately, the portal won't save child's ... [ more ]
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Iain W
What a ridiculous situation where users are prevented from using a local authority system simply because they use an Apple computer rather than a PC.  Wake up SCC there are many operating systems and browsers out there.  If you require someone to use ... [ more ]

Douglas Bader in Martlesham Heath

Laurence H
in Rushmere St Andrew
My wife heard a rumour that the Bader in Martleham has changed hands.  Is it true and who has taken over?  Another Hungry Horse or a Brewers Fayre?  If so will it have a Charlie Chalk Fun factory for the little ones?  Another rumour is it will be a ... [ more ]
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Mark F
Such a pity to be insulted for sharing an opinion people don't agree with. I don't expect everyone to agree with me but I do expect to be treated with respect and not have assumptions and insinuations made about my parenting style. No wonder Dave ... [ more ]
Betty A
This is not a comment, I can't find the right section. Can anyone tell me how to remove entries from Streetlife? I have two or three in,which are very much out of date. Betty A

Sacked on Christmas Eve

Laurence H
in Rushmere St Andrew
One of my fellow volunteers has been on Jobseekers for quite a while.  In September he was instructed by the Job Centre to get 'Work Experience' at Poundland in Felixstowe.  The initial plan of 20 hours per week for 4 weeks turned into 30 hours per ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Ltd
Our society is still based upon privileges. So many people have been brought up with this UN and EU equality nonsense they assume everyone at birth has an equal chance to succeeding in life. This is nothing further from the truth. (I believe everyone ... [ more ]
Laurence H
In a way it is like a pendulum.  In Victorain times the workers were seriously exploited and then the unions started to get them a fair deal and then the unions got too strong and took liberties.  Then Thatcher's government brought in legislation to ... [ more ]

Carpet Cleaning recomendation required

Laurence H
in Rushmere St Andrew
I have a bedroom carpet that is looking a bit shabby but I do not think it worth replacing yet.  Can anyone reccomend a firm who does carpet cleaning?
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Mike B
Kesgrave Cleaning Services They can alternatively supply you with some professional stain remover for a very reasonable price.
Christine S
We used Hawkins homecare Ltd from Bealings 01473807514 done a superb job of our lounge and hall carpet. 3 days before Christmas. Where we had previously done it ourselves his was far better.

Miller and Carter

in Playford
Has anyone eaten at Miller and Carter (what used to be the Shepherd and Dog)?  If so what is it like, ie is the food good and reasonably priced for what you get, ie is it value for money.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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I never said I had had a meal there, I was just asking for everyone's opinion so please read my posts correctly before accusing me of complaining.  Admittedly my previous post should have read 'I've decided against this particular place' and I also ... [ more ]

Cleaner Needed

Lost Cat

in Playford
We lost our cat back in November, but have had a possible sighting this week in Brook Lane, Playford.  His name is  Elvis.  Would be grateful if anyone living in that area could keep an eye out.
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Thank You Barbara. Our cat was chipped so it probably  wasn't him. It was really nice of you to let me know.

Nice parking in grange farm

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Keith P
Well Nosey Ron, 40 is relatively young to many of us having a whinge on here but it is stretching the definition a bit.☺

Cars not using lights

in Playford
I could not believe the amount of cars driving in thick fog this morning without any lights whatsoever.  Do these idiots realise it is dangerous not to put car lights on in this sort of weather?  Shame there weren't any police about to pull them up.
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Kittens stolen from RSPCA Martlesham

Debbie C
in Broke Hall
I have just had a message on Facebook that RSPCA Martlesham was broken into last night and two kittens were stolen. A tabby and a black and white one. They need a special diet apparently. Can anyone help?
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Tracey C
I was told that the RSPCA at Martlesham was not really connected to the main one and relays mainly on donations how true this is I don't know . But they do have s lot of lovely volunteers who help out a lot . Most organisations have the fat cats on ... [ more ]

Parking 😡

Sharon L in Kesgrave
Perhaps this lazy inconsiderate person . Would like to park in my garden next time . 🙄 what is wrong with people ????
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Peter L
This is going on all over Ipswich, ill & infirm pedestrians are unable to use The Footpaths and wheelchair users are ignored, as does The Borough Council. No Policing and you get lawbreaking.
Peter L
Ipswich has developed plenty of local "bylaws" but does not employ the means to Police these laws, hence law breaking and The encouragement to commit "Crime" and ever more serious crime.

Small double glazing unit replacement

Martin S
in Woodbridge
Does anyone have a suggestion for a local company to supply and fit a small replacement double glazing unit? Woke up this morning to find the outer pane of our bathroom window broken. Thanks, Martin
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Only just seen this post Try Admiral home improvements I  and my family have used them a lot Hampstead House Felixstowe Rd Ipswich  IP10 0DE 01473 659062

Painter and Decorator

Emmie H in Culpho
Hi just wondered if anyone can recommend a painter decorator who can paper and emulsion stairs. Thanks
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Martlesham Area stolen Christmas decoration

Gina R in Martlesham Heath
Last night someone stole our Christmas decoration that was on our front door. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up who also has things hung on there front doors or decorations as this happened late last night. Pretty sure it was stolen as the ... [ more ]
Alf B
Sorry to hear about your loss but they steal anything now and if its no use they just throw it on the road side Happy New Year

Christmas Lights - Deben Avenue, Kesgrave

Doug S
in Playford
We were walking the dog after dark and went along Deben Avenue, Kesgrave - what a joy to see all the lights at so many houses - well done.

Kesgrave Computer Club

Brian C
in Great Bealings
Myself, Punna Athwall and Gavin Hamilton are starting up a local Computer Club in Kesgrave. We will be meeting at the Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre on Thursdays 10.30 am to 2.30pm starting 2nd Feb 2017. Sessions are free (£1 for Tea & ... [ more ]
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Does anybody know the Christmas bin collection dates for Martlesham?

Gina R in Martlesham Heath
Cannot find the information online and wondered when they will be collecting as usually are collected on a Monday.  Thanks
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Barbara R
Found this on SCDC website, a leaflet is being delivered to everyone. All recycling and refuse collections will run as usual until the week commencing the 26 December. During that week only, collections will be made one day later than usual.
Gina R
Thank you Christine for posting the tag.  Our bins are collected on Monday's so probably will go home today to find the tag on our bin! Thanks for all your help.

Thank you- cat collar returned

Sara H
in Great Bealings
Thank you to the kind gentleman who returned our cat collar that had gone missing off our cat two weeks ago. Thank you for your concern regarding the cat. He is fine and now has a replacement collar. I am surprised how far he travels! Titan says thank ... [ more ]

Christmas Fayre at Landguard Fort Yesterday

Laurence H
in Rushmere St Andrew
Too late it was yesterday.  If you were part of the 800 visitors we had yesterday or were part of the choirs, bands, traders or display people who assisted in the day thank you. The visitos leaving all seemed to be very happy and lots of comments on ... [ more ]

Lost earrings in Woodbridge...Maybe!

in Kesgrave
This is just in case anyone shopping in Woodbridge over the last few days, has found any silver hook through earrings, which are quite sparkly and shaped like a leaf.  I wore my hat and scarf at the time and maybe they became unhooked from my ears ... [ more ]
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Car Wash

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Cardinal B
I took a look at them washing cars and took mine into town to the place in St Margaret's street. Ive been very happy with their service.