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It's Showtime at Kesgrave Community Centre.

Clubs & Groups in Playford

MAY 29
Kesgrave Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach.
Allan R
It's Showtime! is a glitzy review show from the Stage Door Theatre Company. We have a great cast of all ages, performing song and dance from popular musicals, as well as a couple of surprises along the way! Performances are on Friday 29th and Saturday ... [ more ]

Perils of the A12 roundabout.

Local Conversations in Waldringfield Heath

Peter W
Something really will have to be done about the difficulties of leaving Eagle Way at the Tesco roundabout. People do seem to be abiding by the new lane changes now, and we're all used to queuing for a gap in the traffic, but I hadn't reckoned on the ... [ more ]
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Ian W
The Highway Code allows for road markings on roundabouts and is quite clear what drivers should do. The problem is many road users claim they know the Highway Code but have probably never even read it.

Replacement windows

Recommendations in Warren Heath

We are looking to get new windows installed. We have had several quotes, which have all come out at a similar price and are not sure who to go with. Are there any companies that people out there would recommend? ... Or any companies we should avoid? We ... [ more ]
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Annie n richard B
I would thoroughly recommend Ironglaze, they are reasonably priced, they do a very good job, are Fensa registered, and any problems should you have any, they are on top of it.
Garry W
You or your window fitter do not need to be fensa registered but you will need to pay building regs fees if they are not. You can fit them yourself as long as they meet current building regs.

Solar Panels

Local Conversations in Warren Heath

Marie R
We had a conversation about solar panels - one of us was considering having them. There was a really good programme on Don't Get Done, get Dom on BBC1 this morning. (Will be on the iPlayer). It covers some of what was discussed here with a really good ... [ more ]
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Mike B
We've generated 3309 kWh per year from a 4 kW system from July 2012 to March 2015. The roof is south facing but we have a bungalow with a two storey house next door to the southeast so I was worried about shade in the early morning but those concerns ... [ more ]
Bob A
As a result of having panels installed and our telephone number and some details passed on we get a lot of cold calling. My advice is to ask for an email giving technical details of any proposals. They have not yet complied with that request in our ... [ more ]

Strawberry Fayre & Table Top Sale

Clubs & Groups in Woodbridge

Ann A
'Strawberry Fayre & Table Top Sale' Saturday May 30th 2.00pm at Waldringfield Village Hall , IP12 4QP In aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance & St Elizabeth Hospice. Admission 25p Cream Tea with strawberries £3.00 There will be stalls ... [ more ]

Free Wood

Give, Lend & Borrow in Rushmere Street

Meg P
I have plenty of wood to give away.  Ideal for garden, some pieces already treated.  Making pet hutches,  burning for B.B.Q. etc, all lengths and sizes.  Let me know a.s.a.p. and you can pick it up from tonight, or this weekend.  I am at Woods Walk .
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Tricia W
Hello if you still have the wood I would like it. Have been away so only just seen your message could come tomorrow about 4 1/4 past.

exercise bike wanted

Give, Lend & Borrow in Rushmere Street

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Computer Help

Recommendations in Rushmere Street

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Bob A
I found Easy PC (Bixley Road/Foxhall Road roundabout - East side) very helpful. They spent over 30 minutes cleaning dust out, testing and disconnecting a redundant fan. No charge. They said that they would catch me next time, but I have very rarely had ... [ more ]
DMonkey Computers
I must say a big thanks you to everyone on here that has recommended me. THANK YOU. I've just registered with StreetLife as my previous customer mentioned that he heard of me through these pages. Please let me know if I can help you out with your ... [ more ]

Computing for Beginners

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave Community Centre

Kesgrave Community Centre
Due to the progress of participants on KWMCC's 'Computing for Beginners' sessions we now have capacity for additional people to join the sessions. The sessions take place during the day time on Thursdays, and last for one hour.  Group size is limited to ... [ more ]
Brian C
Don't be nervous about signing up, I'm one of the instructors and am very friendly. The sessions are tailored to your needs and level of knowledge. If you've never even switched on a computer, or just want to learn specific aspects of using a computer. I ... [ more ]

For sale Half price fabric

£20.00 in Kesgrave

Sandie B
I bought 4 metres of greeny grey material from Dunelm today to cover my headboard but found it was totally the wrong shade. I paid £9.99 a metre. Would anyone be interested in buying it off me for half price £20? 62 inch width (158cms) it is called ... [ more ]
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Cycle Sportive

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave Community Centre

JUL 26
Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre
Kesgrave Community Centre
SportiveUK Limited will be holding a Cycle Sportive at KWMCC on Sunday 26th July 2015. Cycle routes will be of 3 differing durations, and once further information is known this entry will be updated.

Cycle Sportive based at Kesgrave Community Centre on 26th July 2015

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave Community Centre

Kesgrave Community Centre
SportiveUK Ltd will be holding a cycle sportive in Kesgrave on Sunday 26th July 2015.  Using Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre as a base, there will be 3 different routes of varying distances available to cyclists.  Further information will be ... [ more ]

Cycle Road Show at kesgrave Community Centre on Sunday 14th June 2015

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave Community Centre

Kesgrave Community Centre
To celebrate the Women’s Cycle Tour arriving in Suffolk on Wednesday 17th June there will be a fun filled, action packed Cycling Extravaganza between 10am and 2pm at Kesgrave Community Centre on Sunday 14th June 2015 including Stunt/Trial Display ... [ more ]

Dog poisoning

Local Conversations in Rushmere St Andrew

Gary P
We have been told TODAY that dogs have been poisoned both in Fentons Wood and Dobbs/Kesgrave Wood. Is this true or just an urban myth.
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Kesgrave cameras .
Ian W - As a photo-journalist with a wife that works in crime/incident reporting at Police HQ, I have found out enough not to write it off as "Nonsese". I have seen a sick dog first hand (a Red setter) and spoken to it's owner who told me it was ill ... [ more ]
Ian W
So you can't link to anything about missing cats, poisoning of dogs or your expertise at illness diagnosis. You should make it clear that what your saying is hearsay without anything to back it up or people will become unecassarily worried.

Pig Racing

Clubs & Groups in Kingston

JUN 06
to ,
Woodbridge Football Club
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
The Hog Roast Runners, a dynamic team of battery powered, pink porkers will be returning to the track on Saturday June 6th, at Woodbridge Football club. Individuals will be able to place their bets on their favourite, and hope that their oinker makes it ... [ more ]

Granite Worktop

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kesgrave

Ash S
Hi. I need a small piece of granite for my bathroom, supply and install. Please can I have some recommendations?

Rubbish dumping

Local Conversations in Maidensgrave

Amanda P
I have just found a black bag of rubbish in my wheelie bin that isn't mine! I've also seen two random people in the last few weeks dumping rubbish in my neighbours bins. What can I/we do about this?
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Jo L
Sadly it is not only people who live in flats who are doing this.  This happened to me - kitchen rubbish dumped in my recycling bin, including a glass jar!! And this rubbish wasn't even in a bag!!  My road has only homeowners and some rentals.  I have to ... [ more ]
Stephanie F
Jo L,  I like your idea but I can hear the refuse collectors moans from here let alone the amount of extra time it would take to complete the bin rounds.  Also the refuse collectors have trouble putting bins back to their rightful addresses even when the ... [ more ]

Paella & Bingo Evening

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

JUL 10
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White Lion Ufford
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
Hosted by the Ufford white Lion, In aid of the Home Start Suffolk Coastal, your compares for the evening are Mr Alex Bringinshaw & Russel Stowe. Tickets are £20.00 per person which includes authentic Paella cooked on a wood fire by Nina, Stephan ... [ more ]

Free Wood

Give, Lend & Borrow in Rushmere Street

Meg P
Still have the wood to give away after Streetlifer decided at short notice that he could not make it today! Shame for it to go to waste, as lots of very good pieces.

Supreme Court has rejected NANT appeal over Adastral Park development

Local Conversations in Kesgrave

Miles W
NANT have not been given leave to appeal, so that looks like the end of the road legally. Report in the Ipswich Star - and on the council website ... [ more ]
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Stephanie F
Lawrence, there is no chance on this earth that flying junctions will ever happen where you have suggested. The planning office at SCDC don't give a stuff about the infrastructure needed to support the development of such land as will be used. The ... [ more ]
Karen C
How sad but a forgone conclusion. I think Stephanie is 100% correct we came to Suffolk to escape the noise, traffic, pollution, over population for the peace and quiet of the countryside, to enjoy nature the laid back pace of life and the clean air, ... [ more ]

Water Butts

£40.00 in Rushmere Street

Meg P
Two Water Butts for sale. Free standing standard Butt  £10 Large Butt on stand - fix to down pipe - never used £30 Also free wood available - some really good pieces.

Poor road surface on Ropes drive

Local Conversations in Warren Heath

Jeremy H
I wanted to raise awareness of the poor road surface on the eastern end of Ropes drive on the other side of St Isadores roundabout leading to main road. In particular a very large split in the road just after the bus stop that seems to be growing weekly. ... [ more ]
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Stephanie F
Please contact either Robert Whiting or Christopher Hudson who are the county councillors for Ropes Drive area and ask them to take this matter up with Highways. When either Robert or Christopher get back to you please post their reply on here.
Stephanie F
If you have already contacted the two county councillors please contact me on before 5pm Monday evening (tomorrow) as we have a Full Town Council meeting and I will raise this point with them for you.

grass cutter required

Recommendations in Great Bealings

Denise P
Can anyone recommend someone to cut my mother in laws grass on a regular basis for a reasonable price, she lives in martlesham.
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Wine making equipment

Local Conversations in Playford

A friend of mine has approx 30 demi jons and other wine and beer making sundries for sale.  She wants 50p each for the glass jars and the rest is negotiable.  If anyone is interested, please pm me with your tel number and I'll give you her contact ... [ more ]

Skip hire

Recommendations in Little Bealings

Anyone know of a cheap skip hire around Ipswich, there was previous conversation on here but can't find it 😔help!!
Richard G
Get one of those hippo type bags .... They all quote about the same . Depends on how much and what you want put in the skip/bag too .
Thank you Richard, that's what I decided in the end amazed how expensive these bags have become 😊