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Lost cat!!

Bronwyn L in Martlesham Heath
I was stopped by a lady in Trimley at Mary today to ask if I knew if someone has lost a cat about a year old it's white withe ginger patches on it a bit like a tabby this lady says it was very thin and she has had it for a week now but she cannot afford ... [ more ]

Who's responsibility

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Sharon M
Thank you for your comments , now going to check my deeds, but the posts are on the side of the house at the back of my house , hopefully it will get sorted soon ,ūüėē
Spotty Dog
Ah, so you are taking the picture from your house, you don't live in one of the houses in the picture, then yes I would think the responsibility is with the four houses pictured.

New to Area

Christine J in Kesgrave
We will soon be moving into the area - and cannot wait! Is there anyone out there who can recommend a good general small works builder, a gardener. Also any glazing company who would be able to erect a conservatory? Sorry for the long list !!!
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Christine J
I am overwhelmed by the kind responses, thank you I am certainly going to investigate these trusted contacts.
Sid K
Hi,Sue, another D/Glazing firm who has a good reputation is Chris King Windows and Doors,  telephone number Ips 274725 or 07957 282 488,hope this helps

Chimney Cowling's.

Patricia G in Beacon Hill
I am looking for two Pepperpot chimney cowls. Can anyone help, have you one or both that you do not want, do you know where I can get them from at a reasonable price. I have looked on ebay but they are so far away.
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Street parking.

Reg W in Kesgrave
Street parking. Please take care how and where you park-that is, if you have to park in the road. Parking on a bend is dangerous and parking in the turn round bay at the end of each road is crazy as if the bay has cars parked it causes vehicles to ... [ more ]
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fish & chip van

Julie L in Rushmere Street
Whats happened to the fish & chip van that used to park near little tesco on a thursday evening does anybody know ?
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Floor layer

Stephanie H in Kesgrave
We have some 'click 'n lat' flooring that needs laying. The room is a conservatory roughly 10ft square. Anybody out there recommend anybody? Thanks.
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David H
Hi Stephanie I would be able to lay the flooring for you . I have laid numerous floors of all styles . Thanks David
Stephanie H
Thanks David. Now having a rethink as there are lovely tiles at the moment seems a shame to cover them.........may come back to you!!

T V Aerial man

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Debbie W
Like Keith, a very satisfied customer of T C Aerials. Quick, efficient and very professional. Gave us lots of great information and as we wanted to move position of tv, they checked what level of signal we would get.

The Hollies Foxhall

WWD in Playford
I noticed something going on at the Hollies in straight road when i passed today, does anyone know what is happening to the site.
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Holly P
When I worked for the MOD in the late 80's it was the civil services social club but I didn't know the area then and couldn't find it but no-one I knew went there or recommended it so I didn't bother with it.
I worked at BT research dept from 1972 and the Hollies was bought sometime around then. I think it was originally the Research Sports and Social Club (RSSC). At some we had to join the CSSC as well which was the civil services social club.

Dog Owners Again

Gary P in Rushmere St Andrew
In my previous posting I expressed¬†the opinion¬†that some dog owners are just careless.¬† I was wrong. I have just cleared up SOME of the mess left in the same small area of the field and it looks like the crap of the same largish dog. It seems that this ... [ more ]
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Shaz P
I think the result of having such high licences would over whelm the rescue charities. and dogs would be dumped everywhere. Not a practical solution im afraid.
Kesgrave cameras .
I suppose if you take Alan's argument further we could limit households to one car each with road tax starting at ¬£1000/year. After all, cars do kill and injure people, that's much worse than stepping in dog poo. Car drivers could also be branded as ... [ more ]

Ratty with Mole

Slimline T in Broom Hill
Hi  Streetlifers, I have a real problem with moles! They are undermining the path up to the front door, the garden edging, the borders, the lawn, in fact my entire surroundings. Does anyone know a reliable mole catcher and how much they charge. Thank you
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Slimline T
Thank you all for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated. I am currently trying to catch them myself but don't hold out too much hope. If no success after the weekend I shall start calling your suggested mole catchers.
Stephanie H
We have them in our garden, husband has been tracking them and has been known to stand over a new mound waiting with a big rock in his hand! Have tried traps, bombs etc.

Kesgrave Main Road Post Office

Jay in Playford
Does anyone know when this Post Office is due to close?  Or is it still open at the moment?
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Laurence H
There are 2 car parks for the shops in Martlesham so if one is full drive over to the other one.  I have never had an issue parking at any time I have gone there.
Laurence H
You are right Sivergran but it is only just in Kesgrave and hardly in the centre of things.¬† If I lived in Dobbs lane and the Port Office was not moved there I could easily walk into Martlesham to the Post Office in McColls or even to the one in Black ... [ more ]

Pizza i Paella at the Riverside Restaurant & Cinema

pizza i paella in pizza i paella
Great news, It has been confirmed that POP UP at THE RIVERSIDE RESTAURANT AND CINEMA is happening this Friday 20th of November. We will be serving wood fired pizza all day from 12 noon and wood fired mixed paella from 5 pm !!! ... [ more ]


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Is this an abandoned bike?

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Bob B
Thanks Bob, I will see if this is still there later and collect to book into our property Regards ¬†Jeanette ¬†Kesgrave and District SNT Jeanette Pither PCSO 3220 Suffolk Constabulary Tel. 101 Email ... [ more ]
Hi Bob, I checked earlier when football was on the green and it was gone, if it's there again please let me know. I will stick a note on it regarding crime prevention. Jeanette

lost watch

Timandra H in Beacon Hill
Yesterday in the car park outside M & S and Poundland a watch with a brown leather strap and gold face, with a gold wedding attached was lost. If you have found it please let me know. Thank you

Beginner's Patchwork and Quilting Class

Manor Road, Martlesham Heath
Gillian S in Brightwell
This is the first of 4 classes to learn patchwork and quilting from start to finish! ¬†We will start with the basics of accurate cutting and finish with a lovely quilted table runner. A small, informal and friendly class (6 students maximum) with tea and ... [ more ]

Fly tipping

Silvergran in Playford
Does anyone know the person who dumped empty paint tins in the rural area of Dobbs Lane, thus spoiling this area.  Maybe the person would like it if we dumped our rubbish near his house.
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The disposal of paint is very difficult. The advice in Suffolk seems to be : Emulsion, small amounts let it dry in the sun/ absorb in sand etc and dispose of Oil paints, varnish etc etc, buy what you need and no more? use it all by painting any surfaces ... [ more ]

Dog owners

Gary P in Rushmere St Andrew
I have just walked my dog across the Millenium Sportsground - yes Sportsground. I picked up an enormous amount of dog faeces because I loathe the idea of some young child returning home from playing fouled¬†with dog faeces. We all walk our dogs on this ... [ more ]
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Please Andy don't even start with blooming cats, disgusting things, they choose right next to my front door. And you have are right it's not the dogs its the owners, I am now off across the football pitches to do my daily clean.
Gary P
I was wrong.¬† I have just cleared up SOME of the mess left in the same small area of the field and it looks like the crap of the same largish dog. It seems that this dog is now using this patch as its latrine - probably under cover of darkness. So, I now ... [ more ]


Silvergran in Playford
Did anyone else hear the fireworks in the Dobbs Lane area at 1.00 am this morning set off by idiots, waking everyone up? 
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I don't mind private firework parties if they are well organised.  What I object to is fireworks going off in the early hours of the morning by idiots who more than likely are returning from clubs/pubs and think it's funny to wake the neighbourhood up.
Christine S
I am getting fed up with being woken up with fireworks going off late at night. Fireworks should only be sold For organised displays. But the problem is people will always find away getting their hands on them.ūüė¨


Karen H in Kesgrave
do anyone want an upright fridge freezer stainless steal it works but don't keep the temperature even . its free if you collect it.

on line groceries

Reg W in Kesgrave
Delivery made by Waitrose with a number of items having 2/3 days to go until   best by date. Took this up with Waitrose, both locally and Head Office, who stated this was within their guide lines. Tesco and Sainsbury both have acceptable dates.
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Debbie D
I have only used Sainsburys and in the years that I have used them have only had a couple of items that had a short shelf life.
Sarah S
Hi, I have used Waitrose for about 7 years and the Ipswich store has been rather a let down, I have complained about use-by dates etc, some have been in the past! ¬†They are very quick to remedy and compensate but this is no good if you have ordered ... [ more ]

Celebration cake wanted

Anne C in Maidensgrave
I am looking for someone to make a small 50th birthday cake for my son in November.  Any recommendations?
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Claire M
I used Rachel's Cake's for my husband's 50th, would highly recommend. I gave her a picture of what I wanted and it was spot on, tasted lovely too. Cost £60, she is based in Martlesham.

Beware of Inland Revenue E-Mails

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
I got an e-mail purporting to come from HM Revenue & Customs last night advising me I was due a tax rebate of over ¬£400 split over the last 3 years.¬† All I had to do was open and complete the attachment.¬† Now I might have a use for a ¬£400 refund but ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
I bought a call blocker too with limited success.¬† The problem arises when you do want calls from say the doctor's surgery or the hospital.¬† Since they go through a central automated switchboard there is no number for your blocker to recognise so you do ... [ more ]
Anne L
Easiest thing to do about doctors and hospital etc is to give them your mobile number then they text you about appointments and it's quite handy because it is also a reminder of your appointment I know the doctors at the square and Ipswich hospital do ... [ more ]

need to scan and send a document

Jerry S in Beacon Hill
Hi all, I need to do this tomorrow (friday 30th) anyone advise where I can get this done. many thanks in advance.
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Jerry S
Thanks all for replies, I will find the Kesgrave library, failing that Woodbridge library. We cant seem to get our pooter to wireless link with the printer scanner, wife thinks its since she went onto Windows 10. Too technical for me. I f anyone in the ... [ more ]
Stephanie F
It might well be a problem with Windows 10 as various people I've spoken to say they are having difficulties. I know if I upgraded I'd have problems with my talk talk email address - yes apart from the recent hacking.