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Nordic Walking Classes

Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group in Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group
Why not come along and get the benefits of Nordic Walking.  We are a friendly group and once you have completed the course you can join our weekly walks.  Get more information from Lesley 07967653217/

Fancy dress

Silvergran in Playford
Hi, I've been trying to find an adult witch's outfit for Hallowe'en without success.  I've got the hat but need a long black dress.  I'm size 12/14.  Does anyone have anything suitable that I could buy or hire please.  I've tried everywhere but few ... [ more ]
Thanks S F but I didn't want to take the risk as I need it by next Thursday.  However I went online again and managed to order one from Asda which I'm picking up early next week.  Just hope it fits!

Car bodywork

Christine J in Kesgrave
Can anyone recommend a good and reasonable bodywork company for a car that needs a little attention. The main dealers are very expensive!
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Barbara R
Best guy is Ferguson Car Body Repairs Tel: 01473 611906 Unit 7, Springbank Farm, Monument Farm Lane, Foxhall, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP10 0AQ Fantastic work, very reasonable price.
Ipswich Accident Repair  11c Gloster Rd, Martlesham, Ipswich IP5 3RJ Phone: 01473 624890   I have received good service and the job was well done.

Lidl or Aldi in martlesham?

Stephen P in Warren Heath
A friend has said that an Aldi or Lidl will be built on the spare land in front of Next. I have searched the internet and can find nothing about it, anyone else have any knowledge of it or is it just another rumour. Notwithstanding the traffic ... [ more ]
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Christine J
I am going to be moving into the area soon from Kent and lucky enough to have all the major 4 plus an aldi and a lidle and I have to say the so called cheapie ones are excellent value. I can save a third on staples such as bread, tin tomatoes, and ... [ more ]

Litter Pick

WWD in Broke Hall
My sister and I armed with a litter picker (2.99 from Elmers) and a sturdy pair of gloves, plus black bin liner, decided as we are fed up with seeing litter causing an eyesore in our neighbourhood we would do something about it. From the footpath ... [ more ]
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Wreath Making Workshop

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Martlesham Heath Pavillion
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Kingston
Come and join us for a wreath making session. £10 per person which includes the wreath ring and refreshments. Please bring  your own foliage and decorations. Contact  01473 621104 or to find out more information or to ... [ more ]

Halloween at the Fort

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
I am told the tickets for the Zombie Fortress at Landguard Fort are selling well.  Following last year's experience we are selling the tickets in timed blocks so that the queues for the scary tunnels are not too long.  There will be no tickets for ... [ more ]


Lost dog

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Yes thedog has been caught and taken to Orwell vets haven't heard if the owner has come for it or not.

M&S and Brantano Martlesham

bunnykins in Great Bealings
Solved the who is going where question....asked the builder! Brantano is moving into the new building where Chris Lings used to be. M&S have had extra electric boxes added so it seems probable that they will go into the present Brantano bullding.
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Valerie H
Spoke to one of the assistants in M&S who told me they are expanding into what is currently Brantano.  They are expanding the kitchens and the café she said.  However, there will be no extra services there, still just food.  Hoped they might at ... [ more ]
Paula E
What a shame. They could incorporate a Laptop Lounge where we could sit and have coffee, look at a big screen at their website or on our own devices and buy and return goods in this section.

St Elizabeth Hospice Retail Warehouse.

Geraldine M in Kesgrave
Can anyone tell me when the St Elizabeth Hospice Retail Warehouse in Martlesham is going to be opened? Also where in Martlesham is it going to be situated please. Unable to find anything online as to above info.

Christmas Shopping Evening

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Kesgrave Community Centre
Fiona F in Warren Heath
Christmas Shopping Evening ..... Pamper Treatments available too!  Please contact Fiona Farrell on 07739 848910 or email: for tickets, pre-bookings of treatments and more info.

Caretaker Wanted

Kesgrave Community Centre in Kesgrave Community Centre
Kesgrave Community Centre are seeking someone to take care of their facilities at weekends, someone who is reliable, efficient and flexible to work as a Caretaker in their busy centre providing support for the many events and activities that take ... [ more ]

Photo Album

Marian D in Larks' Hill
Is anybody selling a Creative Memories 12 x 12 Album?  I have the pages so just need the cover set although pages would be welcome. Just on the off chance!

Free - Caravan/Trailer Wheel Lock and old style Hitch Lock

Bob B in Kesgrave
Bulldog Titan 180/F Wheel Lock (Haven't found keys yet but number known) and old style Titan Hitch Lock (with keys).
David & Jennifer B
Hi Bob. Just what I need. Please could I have these, can I arrange to call and collect, perhaps on sunday?. Mobile is 07860710000.

Asbestos at The Walk's Main Bulding

Andrew H in Kesgrave
I received this information from a friend who has a relative in the 'sheltered' housing in The Walk. The flats within the main building. Apparently they have had no hot water for at least a week. Asbestos has been found. They have received no details ... [ more ]
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Tracey C
Andrew I'm discusted to be honest as Heritage dis run it but not sure who does now as the wardens are working for Orwell housing it's discusting as it is supposed to be sheltered housing it's a joke they get called on the intercom no contact made . ... [ more ]
Andrew H
Not being local, I ask is anyone interested? Your elders could be coming here. But none of you appear interested. The contractors are not delivering a full service, and the monitoring is non existent. I assume this is the Local Athority. Why are you ... [ more ]

Craft Fair

Northgate School
Silvergran in Playford
A craft fair is being held on Sunday, 16th October from 10 am to 3 pm.  There will be many craft stalls selling lovely gifts.  If you are looking to buy an early Christmas present, come along to this event.  Admission is free.
I've been asked by the person organising the craft fair to put the address of Northgate School for those who don't know where it is.    Address is:  Northgate High School, Sidegate Lane, Ipswich, IP4 3DL. Thanks.

Learn to Nordic Walk

Melton Playing Fields
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95th Rifles at Landguard Fort

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
Come and join the 95th Rifles military re-enactment group. A weekend of soldiering, musketry and drill. Normal admission charges for the Fort apply. The 95th come to the Fort every year in April and October and are always popular with the visitors.  ... [ more ]
Laurence H
Good point Angela.  This weekend the 8th & 9th and I shall be working in the shop all day so I will get the best view of their drills and re-enactments. I was speaking to the chap who is planning the Zombie night and tickets for that event are ... [ more ]

Carpet repair man

Sandie B in Kesgrave
A few years ago I had a insurance claim for a burn on a carpet and a gentleman came and plucked carpet strands out from a the carpet in a corner and repaired the carpet burn. I do not want to claim on insurance,does anyone know a retired carpet repair ... [ more ]

Control Tower Museum

Alan P in Martlesham Heath
Only another four Sunday afternoons until the MHAS Control Tower museum closes for the winter period. Come along and be made welcome. 2 pm to 5pm

Wasp Nest Removal.

Julie G in Little Bealings
Hi. I have a wasp nest above our patio door and although we have tried to leave it as long as possible they are now regularly coming into the kitchen. Can anyone recommend someone who would be able to deal with this for me. Can't get near it with wasp ... [ more ]
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John R
I agree with Keith C. .. Ashley came to ours yesterday and dealt with a hornets nest in the eaves, very promptly and efficiently, in fact they were all gone in a few hours. Excellent job Ashley, and can thoroughly recommend.  Only problem we could not ... [ more ]
Ashley S
Glad you were happy with my services much appreciated . For any other pest problems such as moles rats rabbits etc give me a call on 07445314489 an I'll be happy to help we always try to use the least toxic method for such pests

Does the car park for the Millenium Playing Fields need to be made larger?

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
Saturday mornings is a joke when trying to use Century Drive due to the number of cars parked for the Fun runners and the footballers. 9 am is the worst time with the runners parking all the way round Century Drive,  I expect the people in Terry ... [ more ]
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Janet F
Not if you live a long way away tigerlily, you'd be knackered before you even started. I walk but it isn't very far away.
Laurence H
The problem would be eased if there was someone assisting with the parking in the car park as there are many wasted spaces or they are hidden when cars turn up so the drivers just stop in the nearby streets.  The thing is Century drive is narrow so ... [ more ]

We need a Security Camera in the the underpass tunnel...NOW

Paula E in Kesgrave
Hello Can we please campaign for a Security Camera to be positioned in the underpass from Eagle Way to Tesco's..Perhaps Tesco could link it into their Security Camera  Monitoring system? My husband has frequently had to take a brush  and sweep up ... [ more ]
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Nosey Ron
Look at Bixley Farm shops area where youths hanging about has been a problem for 10 years, local councillors and Police have been involved. If youths choose an area to frequent an area then that is what will happen and very little will change that. I ... [ more ]

Local taxi

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Inks P
JR Travels are good professional but they are higher on price side, have used them quite a few times.
Gatwick, two travelling, two together card, left Ipswich rail station at 15.43 arrived Gatwick 18.23. Cost for return tickets?, £57.