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Laptop repair

Joan L in Greenwich
Can anyone recommend a reliable person to sort out my laptop before I throw it out of the window please. Since upgrading to Windows 10 it's not been right.
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Nick G
Windows 10, absolutely awful operating system. Take it back to an older version, or go Apple
Although Windows 10 is not everyone's cup of tea, there are ways to make it work better. Come and speak to one of our local IT experts for free at Suffolk AgeUK Ipswich Help Centre (in Town Centre, opposite Sainsbury's) to get some some impartial ... [ more ]


Girly G in Chantry
Wanted a pram or pushchair for a new grandma what is a reasonable price I don't mind second hand but I have just brought a lovely one and sadly no good breaks on it so starting looking again
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Windows, carpets and Oven cleans.

X large dog crate for citron Picasso f

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Peter P
girly g, if you ring me I will try and bring it to you. I will be home about 7 pm thanks.

Anti Social Behaviour

Ashby Investigates in Chantry
Does any have or know of any Tenants who are or may have had issues with GW Rentals in Ipswich?? If so we would love to hear from you........


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That's good. Hope they catch them soon. I was out jogging and dog walking over the brook so went up and down Quilter Drive numerous times that day but didn't see anything unfortunately.

Ipswich buses

Angela C
in Ipswich Town Centre
I have just returned from town on a no 15A bus a young mum got on the bus with a tripper and lots of bags of shopping. People helped her put her shopping on the rack but by the time she reached her stop most had got off. The young lady driving the bus ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Ltd
I think Alex was referring to buses generally - but it was important to make the distinction as with the title of the topic. Chrissie W, this is the man running the bus company...

Tumble dryer repairs

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Katrina E
Hi. Was it one of the machines that had a recall notice on it or just a problem you can't solve. If a recall one (check number on website). Type in recall tumble dryers it will bring up link. If not can't offer any other suggestions but to say go with ... [ more ]

found alcatel phone

Angela W
in Greenwich
I understand the police do not deal with lost property anymore I found a Alcatel phone in Gippeswyck Park today it's locked but has a picture of a man outside his home.  I have been walking around Chantry trying to find the house but have given up.
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Old Hat
Hi very good idea Jan D re the locked screen info we have Samsung phones with my number on my partners and vice-versa how to do this was in the phones instruction book always worth a read another way is some phones have emergency contacts which are ... [ more ]


Pamela Dade
in Burstall
Hi , I lost my phone a galaxy Samsung j3 I last had it at 11pm Christmas eve I was in the pinewood area acorn close & the car park by shepherds drive church it was in my bag I also went to ncp lay by area of car park for mass at st Pancras ... [ more ]


Steve R
in Mace Green
i am looking for someone to do a ironing service has I need ironing done on a regular bases please contact me on here please.

Stuck in Lidl car park due to traffic lights!

nutty nita
in Blacksmith's Corner
Now they've made it easier to get out of Suffolk Retail Park,it has made getting out of Lidl worse!Got trapped in their yesterday for over 20 minutes.Lights were only letting out about 3 cars,which couldn't go as traffic out of retail park were ... [ more ]
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The traffic may well get better if the range get the permission off the council to move near the old B&Q Whitehouse
Ipswich Ltd
I am not sure if Ipswich Borough Council would allow The Range an exemption of the Bulky-Goods requirement. Dunelm will have a similar issue.  It is a lot of lost business rates if the Suffolk Retail Park becomes vacant due to everyone relocating. ... [ more ]

dog attack

Angela W
in Greenwich
Just to warn you my dog was attacked in  Gippeswyck Park today by an alsatian.  The owner a short fat man had two alsatians one of which attacked and chased my dog. The owner tried to say his dog slipped the lead but he hadn't as I had seen both dogs ... [ more ]
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Angela W - this guy is clearly intimidating and threatening in nature and definitely needs reporting to the Police if he does this again to you.  Sounds like he is out of control too as well as his dogs!  Take your phone with you next time to the park ... [ more ]
Oh and if you say the Police didn't take you seriously when you reported him in the past, ring them and tell them you 'think' he's either got (a) a knife or (b) a gun, they'll be there in a flash and can deal with this b'stard once and for all! 


Angela C
in Ipswich Town Centre
We have recently cancelled our Virgin Tv subscription, it was getting far to expensive. Can anyone recommend someone who can sort out our TV for the freeview channels and internet please as its a bit beyond  me. Thanks in advance
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Paul C
I have had Freesat for a few years now and suits me fine as I don't watch much sport. Also use Chromecast (£20 - £30 for the dongle) which allows you to "cast" the internet (plus anything else on the computer) so Iplayer, Youtube, etc can be accessed ... [ more ]
Steve S
Sky basic which is cerebellum their flagship channels ie sky1 sky 2 over 300 channels phone and broadband but sh*t speed about new Q box about ,£28 per month for the first year plus {£15 Mau have to haggle but that's what we were ... [ more ]


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Jenny A
We can thoroughly recommend Richard James 07799205836/01473272086. He has recently replaced a fence for us. He was reliable,tidy and very reasonable. Actually he was recommended to us on Streetlife.
James H
I have 17 years experience in the trade, im local and have had several jobs off streetlife previously, references available.  Competitive prices and available now!

New Year's Eve disco

to (ended)
The Meeting Place Community Centre Limerick Close Ip1 5lr

Rukus Band and Disco

to , (ended)
The Meeting Place Limerick Close Ipswich Ip1 5lr

gas hob

Tony T
Hi Tony, Kingsley's Plumbing and Heating Services will fit it for you. £115 ish if within one metre of connection. He's local on 07823446339.

Christmas Fair

to , (ended)
Chantry Library and Hawthorn Children's Centre
Cathy G
in Copdock
Fun for all the family, with raffle (display of prizes and tickets available from the library now) Gifts and crafts, refreshments, tombola, cup cake decorating, lucky dip, bargain books, children's games and stories and a chance to see Father ... [ more ]

Power cut

D in Washbrook Street
Has anyone else had a couple of power cuts this evening in the Pinewood/Belstead area? couple of seconds each but enough to knock out TV and broadband. One at about 8.20 pm and one at about 7.10 pm
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Ruth L
Virgin was affected by the power problems too,  that was mentioned on facebook last night...the text updates I got was that a cable was fixed in Birkfield drive, though the loud bangs worries me...
Ipswich Ltd
It is poor. Telecommunication companies should have Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS -  Google it, not science fiction!) to stop any problems. Not exactly a diesel backup generator but should have enough capacity for 10 minutes battery-backup ... [ more ]

Wanted baby stuff

Girly G in Chantry
Wanted baby stuff for a grandchild expected in May can't remember all I need and could anyone advise where to find maternity things for a first time mum thank you
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If you are on Facebook or know someone who is, there are groups that you can join which sell specifically baby stuff. It's great as you can see photos and know what area and price is wanted straight away. Prices are normally very cheap, it's well ... [ more ]

Charity gig/disco

to , (ended)
The Meeting Place Community Centre

Christmas Coffee Morning

to , (ended)
Shepherd Drive Baptist Church (car access from Laburnum Drive)
Rodney C
in Washbrook
Coffee morning at Shepherd Drive Baptist Church (near the roundabout at the junction of Hawthorn Drive, Belmont Road and Shepherd Drive).  Crafts, bird boxes, etc  and homemade cakes, preserves and plants to buy. Also designer Christmas wrapping ... [ more ]


Tom C
in Washbrook
I have a blocked section of roof guttering and also a small section that needs replacing , I live in the Pinewood area and wondered if anyone in the area would be able to help thanks
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Jean G
hi tom c just a word of warning don't display your address on the page private message the person for security reasons !

RSPCA Christmas Fair at Holbrook Village Hall, Holbrook on Saturday 26th November

Janet C
in Washbrook
10:00am to 2pm.  Lots of great stalls; including gifts, tombola, cards, cakes, jewellery, raffle and lovely homemade refreshments; including delicious hot soup lunches! Free entry and amply parking. Full address is The Street, Holbrook, Ipswich IP9 ... [ more ]