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Charity Collections

Local Conversations in Copdock

Linda N
Since moving into the area 7 years ago, we have had a steady stream of charity collecting bags posted through the door. Not ONCE has one been collected on the said day! The latest was this week - a bag from the NSPCC came, which I duly filled and left ... [ more ]
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Carol B
Last time I got a bag contacted local charity shop British Heart to find out if they had put these out they informed me they had.the reason why I put this on this page because there are a lot of bogus collections so if you are not sure check online.  
Tony O
Mind is a good could take it to them or ring to see if they would collect.I take my bags to them.they have a loading bay next to Iceland at the back.entrance is at the back of the police station.

4 way extension socket

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wherstead

Suzanne M
I've come across ten 4 way extension sockets in premises that I am clearing. Can anyone use them? They need fuses and cleaning up but working. Free to new home. Suzanne
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Can anyone help please?

Local Conversations in Wherstead

Suzanne M
On 13 January 2014 I was given a Sony Stereo Unit, Model No. HCD-WZ5 Compact Disc Tuner without a FM antenna! I am desperate for the round metal female plug so that I can listen to the radio as I have no Telly and have tried everywhere to obtain one.    ... [ more ]
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Suzanne M
I did check Maplins last year but they couldn't help. Thank you for the suggestion though, Suzanne
Ray L
Hi Suzanne I bought an FM aerial for my old amp about 3 weeks ago; female plug because the amp had the male connector. These are a standard type of connector used in many devices: ... [ more ]

Quiz afternoon

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
Quiz afternoon Sunday 10th May 1pm til 5.30 pm Teams 4 / 6 £ 5 per player includes Jacket spud at The Meeting Place Community Centre, limerick close ip1 5lr

Lorries in Ipswich.

Local Conversations in Blacksmith's Corner

Pat H
Can anyone tell me why there were 23 lorries within 10 minutes passing me travelling along Colchester Road, Valley Road and Yarmouth Road in the direction of Woodbridge and Felistowe at 9 30 p.m. on Tuesday evening 7th. Was there a problem on the Orwell ... [ more ]
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Michael A
I beg to differ with you I've had four incidents in the last eight years each of which was a vehicle hit me in my HGV I do know what I'm talking about where these vehicles are concerned as l have been driving HGV for over 30 years. One of my friends ... [ more ]
Ian W
The figures are DFT stats, the key point though which we both seem to agree is that HGV's are not a suitable vehicle to share the road with vulnerable road users. Their design is the result of poor legislation and changes are scheduled (delayed by Volvo ... [ more ]

Quiz, Disco

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
Quiz afternoon 10th May 1pm til 5.30 pm Teams 4 / 6 £5 jacket spud, bring your own drink. Book teams in by Friday 8th contact me on 07985638026 or 01473 745470. Disco and Solo Singer Andre 23rd May tickets £5 please purchase by the 22nd of may. ... [ more ]

Sycamore seedlings

Local Conversations in Rose Hill

APR 29
to (ended)
Stoke Park, Ipswich
Kathleen E
Have you noticed the thousands of sycamore seedlings that have rooted and are growing in this part of Ipswich. When carrying out our monthly litterpick along the greensward in Belstead Road, the amount of seedlings that have landed and rooted are ... [ more ]
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Paul B
I do not remember so many before. We always have quite a few, but this seems exceptional. I am fortunate enough to have an old garden vac, ands filled two black bin bags almost full just from our smallish back garden!  is this some weird alien invasion ... [ more ]
Janet A
I've had loads of Sycamore seedlings too - they are everywhere much worse than usual.  Maybe the conditions are just right for most of them to grow this year -what an awful thought a lawn full of trees!!  Better get back out there & pull them all up!

cash for clothes

Recommendations in Copdock

Tim F
Hi Dennis there was a business called Choices on a farm on the road out of Claydon to Henly on the right. We used to take all our children's clothes there. Goggle them.

Jumble /book sale

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
Come along for some bargins Saturday 25th 11 til 1.30 at The Meeting Place Community Centre, limerick close, Whitehouse Rd, Ip1 5lr . Jumble, books, jewelry, cakes stall raffle. Fund raiser for the centre.


Clubs & Groups in Copdock

Cathy G
We are holding a "get connected" week at Chantry library (Hawthorn Drive) from Sunday 10th May to Saturday 16th May. We now have free wifi and throughout the week you will be able to find out more about how to use your tablets, iphones, ebook readers or ... [ more ]

Speed limit on the A12

Local Conversations in Washbrook Street

Tina Y
Does anyone know how long the work between Ipswich and Colchester is going on for. Going towards Colchester I can see that they have resurfaced the road, but I never see the workmen at work. Just wondered.
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I travel from Ipswich to Stratford St Mary every day and have noticed that permanent speed cameras have been installed on both sides of the carriageway in the Stratford half of the 40mph zone. Colchester bound - first camera is just after Woodgates ... [ more ]
UPDATE: I went to Colchester and saw that there is another permanent camera on each side of the A12 near the bridge that goes over the A12 on the Essex side of the Essex/Suffolk border.

Tennis Club

Clubs & Groups in Maidenhall

Louise W
Looking to join a Tennis Club? Why not join Roundwood Tennis Club, Salmet Close Ipswich. Very friendly club, good standard of tennis , 3 floodlit courts. League tennis available, also regular club play sessions. For more information phone Louise on ... [ more ]

to buy

Give, Lend & Borrow in Washbrook

Jumble / Book sale

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
Saturday 25th April 11am til 1.30pm jumble jewellery book sale. With Raffle and cake stall, Refreshments lots of bargins to be had. At The Meeting Place Community Centre, limerick close, Whitehouse Rd, Ip1 5lr please share, other events an ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Copdock

Tim F
Just looked out from my window to see a man scrumming under the bushes next to stream collecting rubbish. What a fantastic thing to see, he has several bags and a picker. I have been out alot on dog walks with my bags collecting litter as well as so ... [ more ]
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Rodney C
I saw statistics recently which show that the cleanliness of streets across the UK has generally deteriorated with the Local Government cut backs. Whichever party forms the government there will continue to be massive cut backs in budgets for local ... [ more ]
Trevor W
Why does everything go back to politics and who is in power? It's just an excuse to do nothing. Why don't people just clean up their own mess and keep things tidy. It's a total lack of respect for our environment and the country. The bags and litter ... [ more ]

Large 2 seater sofa

£70.00 in Chantry

Keith J
Large very good quality 2 seater sofa from DFS. 5 Years old and in excellent condition. Blue/grey fabric covered. Fire retardant. Covers recently cleaned. No rips, tears or stains. Must collect. 01473 677353. Pinewood area.

Street Lights

Local Conversations in Blacksmith's Corner

Pat H
Thought that "certain circumstances" enabled the street lights to be left on when needed. Obviously the council did not think it would help with the forecast high winds last night for people to actually see the trees or large branches on the ground ... [ more ]
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I didn't know that. When my motorbike was repeatedly vandalised and they attempted to steal it, nothing was ever done. The only reason it stopped was because I got rid of the bike. Our lights are always off at midnight, even when I reported what had ... [ more ]
Ours were on but I didn't realise why until after a few weeks when police were doing house to house enquiries after a neighbours garden was vandalised. The PC who called at my house explained it to me. A few other similar incidents meant they were on for ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Mace Green

APR 04
to (ended)
Pauls social club
Steve R
Disco required for a party at Pauls social club on the 29th August Need to book asap Please private message me Thanks

dog and guinea pig boarding

Recommendations in Greenwich

Angela W
Can anyone recommend a dog kennel in Ipswich? I've seen a couple advertised but they seem rather big and I'm not sure they would be suitable for a nervous dog.  Also I have two guinea pigs which I need to board, any ideas?
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Kathy P
Sorry Maisie, no difference!  I don't tend to use the phrase dog boarder as that's also what kennels do, and looking after someone's dog in your own home is nothing like putting them in a kennel!

quiz afternoon

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
If you get bored cause the weather is a bit pants today The Meeting place, Community Centre,Limerick Close IP1 5LR is a holding a Sport/Music Quiz today from 3.30 if you want to rustle up a team of 4/6 its £5 a per person includes Jacket Spud bring ya ... [ more ]