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Angela W in Greenwich
I can't help thinking the anglers I see in Chantry Park and other parts of Ipswich have a disproportionately negative affect. They ride their motorbikes to the lake where they camp out for days, they leave a huge amount of rubbish both in and outside of ... [ more ]
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Angela W
Nick G. I also clear up a lot of cans and litter myself, just goes to show how much there is. The ones causing the most problems have expensive motorbikes and camping equipment,
Nick G
Camping equipment is almost part of the fishing life, and it doesn't have to be expensive, a basic tent costs around ¬£50ūüėČ I actually used to fish the lake regularly, but the anti social behaviour from some people, not just anglers, but dog walkers as ... [ more ]

Metalworker wanted

Irene G in Wherstead
Can anyone recommend anyone who could make me a metal fence with a metal gate adjoining. Would like it about 6ft tall .
Tim F
Hi Irene....yes I can help...Haven't been welding long but sure it can't be that hard. I've even put a new blades in my hacksaw. Will pop over ok


Tony O in Copdock
Hi.Can anyone recommend  a recycle place or group that will take in left over paint. many thanks Tony O
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Nikki B
Tony - I think soil does just as well.¬† We put a little soil in ours and left them to dry out.¬† But dependant on how much is left in the can, just leaving the lid off will dry them out in no time once the sun comes out. I was told by Foxhall tip to leave ... [ more ]


Patricia D in Ipswich Town Centre
Having recently moved to Ipswich I seem always to be asking for recommendations. Streetlifers have been very helpful. This time we need an electrician to do change a bulb in a floodlight please.

Dog Boarding Kennels

Patricia D in Ipswich Town Centre
Could anyone recommend a really good, fairly small if possible, boarding kennel for our 7 month old puppy? We may need to board her in September for 11 days. It will be her first time away from us and we should like to find a kennel where the dogs really ... [ more ]


St Peters by the waterfront
Carol W in Belstead
providing children and young people with workshops to develop their creative skills through songwriting. book now or telephone 01449-761930 for more information.

street lights

JH in Belstead
Can anyone tell me why all the street lights in the Pinewood area  were on all night last night (Friday/Saturday) This is the second time in about the last 6 weeks
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Suffolk County Council
Hi again Paul H, The street lighting team have advised that they are currently half-way through a 10,000 lamp change over across the county. The main traffic routes are being changed over first as these lamps are kept on all night and this change ... [ more ]

Roller Blinds

Patricia D in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend a local independent roller blind company please? I need a blackout blind made and fitted soon to prevent our granddaughter waking us at dawn! With the days getting longer we find lack of sleep increasing.
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You can buy a huge blackout blind from Amazon. It has suckers to stick onto windows and can go on and off like a yoyo. I think I paid about £25 and it was worth every penny. It's called a 'gro anywhere blind'. This one is 198x130cms. Any help?
Patricia D
Thanks to you all for the helpful recommendations. I am following several of them up as I hope to have the blind in situ by late June.

Dog groomers

Andy G in Stoke Park
Hi can anyone recommend a good dog groomer in the area,I recently bought myself my a little friend and he needs his first trim !
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Patricia D
I recently asked for grooming recommendations, the results of which may still be on Streetlife. Four Paws in Foxhall Road was suggested by a number of members and I took my cockapoo there last week. They do a bath and brush and very light trim for a ... [ more ]


Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
Has anyone noticed the huge amount of rubbish laying around the shops at Stoke park ? Not sure why this is not cleared up as have seen people picking litter in the area.
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Dog Grooming Parlour

Patricia D in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend an experienced dog groomer/parlour for my 13 week old cockerpoo please? We live near the Copdock roundabout.
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Give the new vets  by Suffolk One a try, they are very good.
Teresa C
I took my cockapoo to Four paws on Foxhall Road when she was about the same age for a 'puppy groom' which is a bath and dry and brush up, just so her first experience was short and sweet rather than the long complete groom, the staff are incredibly ... [ more ]

Circular walk to spring wood nature reserve

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich
Cathy G in Copdock
Meet at Chantry Library- all ages welcome- a three mile walk to see the bluebells, with tea and cake afterwards in the library, and quiz for children. This is a stepping out health walk and free of charge
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Peter M
Cathy G does that mean any future postings will NOT appear here?   If so, doesn't that defeat the object?

Pot holes

Tony O in Copdock
What's happened to our local council. Pot holes everywhere. We live on the Chantry Est, and we have big holes on the Hawthorn roundabout near the Kingfisher pub and the Doctors I have seen cyclists dodging these pot holes and nearly been hit by cars? ... [ more ]
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Tony O
Hi Mel. Have now reported it to highways dept. Thank you for your quick response.Hope we can sort out soon. Kind regards Tony
Anita S
Have reported other end of Kingfisher Ave too,when you turn into it from Robin Drive.It is getting extremely bad with potholes and bumps yet again.It's no use keep bodging.They need doing properly once and for all.This road had workmen on it several ... [ more ]

Free shed


Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
Belstead allotments have a few plots vacant, it is a lovely site at the bottom of Bobbits lane. Everyone is friendly, we have a community shed and a loo. A great way to meet new people get fit and grow your own dinner.
Angela C
Phone the council 433512 they will put you in touch with Judy Mills field secretary or look on the Belstead allotments facebook page. Hope to hear from you soon

carpenter and kitchen fitters

bryan P in Greenwich
I am looking for Kitchen fitters must be reliable and reasonably priced and good workmanship also looking for a carpenter I would welcome any recomendations Many thanks

Repointing needed


Kuhli in Pinewood
Can anyone recommend a ladies hairdresser in Ipswich town centre area please? I'm looking for someone who isn't scissor happy and will do a wash and set at a reasonable price. TIA.
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Hi. Amy. Thanks for the reply. A list of your services and prices would be useful and also where exactly are you setting up? Ginny S, I have tried the salon you suggested but they don't do wash and sets and the prices stated are misleading. A friend ... [ more ]
Amy Maes
Hi Kuhli of course I will list my prices below, I do also offer a OAP discount and can also offer shampoo and sets. I will be based in Stoke park IP2. Any more questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Trim from ¬£15.00 Cut and blow-dry from ¬£20 ... [ more ]

Block paving cleaner

Joan L in Chantry
Can anyone recommend a block paving repair and clean person. We inherited a drive in poor condition and want to clean it up before deciding to rip it up and replace with something else. We have our own jet washer but this needs more professional machines ... [ more ]

Laptop repairs

Joan L in Chantry
Can anyone recommend a good repair person to look at my Asus laptop? It is very slow even after defrag and clean up. I have had somebody look at it in the past but made it worse.
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Maggie F
I sorted mine out by downloading iOrbit. It is free, easy and incredibly effective. It took a couple of hours for the first session and then each time you run it, which I do after every session on my PC, it gets quicker and quicker. My PC is running like ... [ more ]

Curtains turned up?!

Hi, I can turn curtains up. If you would like to PM me if you would like to discuss this further. Thanks
Martin H
Hello, we¬†are on Pinewood and my wife does loads of clothing alterations for people and she¬†sometimes has curtains brought round to work on. She used to make bespoke wedding dresses¬†and bridesmaids dresses etc but just sticks to alterations now. She has ... [ more ]

CP Ships Reunion - 10th Year

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Bourne Vale Sports and Social Club, Halifax Road, Ipswich, IP2 8RE
Nick W in Belstead
CP SHIPS / Contship 10 Year Reunion In the 80‚Äôs and 90's a crack commando unit was sent to a Waterfront building called Contship House in Ipswich by a marine court. These men and women escaped and continued to work in the maximum security stockade and ... [ more ]

Circular walk to Spring Wood nature reserve from Chantry library

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive
Cathy G in Copdock
Meet at Chantry Library- all ages welcome- a three mile walk to see the bluebells, with tea and cake afterwards in the library, and quiz for children. This is a stepping out health walk and free of charge

Author signing and 60s afternoon

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive
Cathy G in Copdock
Come and meet Sheila Hardy, a local resident and author of the newly published book "Women of the Sixties. Enjoy cakes we were eating then, play sixties games, hear sixties music and have a go at our quiz

Landscape gardener

Carol M in Belstead
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced landscape gardener who could design, plan and alter my awkward shape garden, to make it manageable for me?