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Asda trolley's

Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
$ Asda trolley’s all parked together in Stoke park drive, it is the same chap that takes them isn't there any cctv or security to stop this ?
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Alex G
Some few years ago, trollies were being left around the place in Tendering and often ended up pushed into a stream. I heard that the authority that had had to clean them out of the waterway, then took action by imposing a fine on the now departed ... [ more ]
Those trolley tokens aren't cheap to buy either!! So probably would encourage people to take them back.

Silicon cake decorating moulds

Jules in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, does anybody have any cake decorating moulds relating to the birth of a baby girl to borrow or buy?  I am looking for something like baby feet, teddies, baby clothes, bottles, letters etc where you use sugar icing to make the decorations. Or if ... [ more ]


Wendy A in Ipswich Town Centre
Am I the only one who thinks that it was outrageous that there were so many police present for the match on Sunday? My paramedic daughter and her paramedic partner were refused help by the police when they had to attend a patient in a volatile ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
I quite agree Wendy, I assume it is because (unless I am mistaken) ITFC have to pay towards the policing so the police force see it as an additional income.  I don't see why some of the police there couldn't have been on standby for other ... [ more ]
Richard G
It has always had high numbers policing it , nothing new. Those there would have had their day off cancelled too from all over Suffolk and only in duty to police the match nothing else. If the supporters could behave then zero police officers would ... [ more ]

glasses found Bourn Park

Fold up bicycle

Joan L in Greenwich
I have an older fold up bike. Could do with some tidying up but has good tyres and brakes. Free to anyone who would like it.
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Motorbike and fireworks

Dawn E in Blacksmith's Corner
Has anyone else heard the motorbike that goes over Belstead Meadows every day and now for the past week fireworks go off over the same field.
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Alex G
Seems to have been Sprites Lane/ Sycamore Close, and last night, also in Belmont Road/Pin Mill where there is an off road cut through between Sprites Lane and Belmont Road. The path way extending from Sprites Lane down to the brook is a very ... [ more ]

Missing cat

Andreia V in Chantry
His been missing for Nearlly 3 days and I'm desperate to find him His gone missing from pinewood area ip8 His microchipped and has a blue collar on If anyone knows any information or knows where he is or has him I want him returned There will be a ... [ more ]
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Girly G
It sounds like you have given up on your cat keep posting flyers as someone on holiday may have shut him in
Sally H
My friend from chatsworth crescent has a missing little black cat. Missing since saturday, she is desperate to find her. Any sightings please.


Patricia D in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend a good podiatrist in the Ipswich/Woodbridge area please?
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dog poo on path

Neva R in Blacksmith's Corner
I'm fed up with avoiding dog poo on the path in jovian way. I walk up their every week to pick my grandchildren up and there is always lots of dog poo all the way up the path. People who let their dog do that shouldn't be allowed to have pets.
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Tony B
Alex G..Neva might live in Blacksmiths outside the borough but she was commenting on Jovian Way inside the borough!

Pot holes

Tony O in Copdock
I would like to say a very big thank you to S.C.C .for fixing the pot holes in King Fisher ave and Hawthorn drive .You have done us proud .Can you tell your workers that they have done a very good job.I can drive over the roundabout with pride .Once ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Good morning Paul, Please could you report these defects on our Highway Reporting Tool we will then be able to identify the exact location of the holes to carry out an investigation.  Many thanks- Lisa

Road maintenance!

Jennifer S in Pinewood
Hello, I have reported the shocking state of Sheldrake Drive and had a reply from the council stating this road is not an issue. Anyone else feel this road is in need of attention?
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Suffolk County Council
Hi all, Firstly, as Richard mentioned with regard to highways insurance claims, anyone pursuing a claim is asked to provide evidence that the Highways team has failed in its duties to maintain the public highway to an appropriate standard. They ... [ more ]
Ipswich Entrepreneur
It is not just car drivers having a problem with the state of Ipswich's roads, yesterday Ipswich Buses suffered cracking to the upper front windows of TWO double decker buses likely caused by the unsatisfactory condition of the roads...

Plumber/bathroom fitter

D in Washbrook Street
Can anyone recommend a good/reliable plumber/bathroom fitter who could give a quote to remodel our bathroom ? (Remove bath, replace with walk in shower and retile floor and walls) Many thanks
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Paul F
I have found Don's Plumbing to be really good - reliable, highly competent and very tidy You can get Don on 01473 310856.


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Tom C
It is a female bichon frise 2 years old, Where are you, my son usually helps but if he not able to I need alternative place Thanks
Christine G
I am just off lower Radcliffe Drive. I am busy this month but have plenty of free time September 12th onwards.

iPad screen

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Knitting needles

Girly G in Chantry
Wanted knitting needles to borrow or keep size 1. 2.5 MM mine broke in the middle of a project they are very thin ones thank you so much
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Jean G
its not near any other shops its near housing on the corner of Richmond road . I'm sure somebody would help you if you asked .

Carpet fitter (Experienced)

bryan P in Greenwich
I am looking for an experienced carpet fitter driving license would be advantage for part time work

Cat Found in Balmoral/Holyrood Close, Belstaed Road.

Veronica B in Greenwich
Does anyone know anything about a smallish ginger cat in the Balmoral /Holyrood Close area. It has been hanging around my garden now for 5 days. Do you know anyone that is missing a cat in this area. It cries incessantly.
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Veronica B
The power of the internet. In the past I would have been knocking on doors to see if anyone or knew of anyone who was missing a cat. I would never ever go to the RSPCA as years ago when I found a kitten they told me to take it up the road and loose it.

Lost Dog Collar and tag on ellenbrook green park

Jules in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, I have lost a brown leather dog collar with tag on the ellenbrook green park on Saturday 9th July in the afternoon.  My dog was running around playing and then came back without his collar on.  If anybody finds it could you please contact me. Many ... [ more ]

Scramble Bikes at Bobbits Wood

Wendy W in Rose Hill
Has anyone reported the scramble bikes that continue to ride from the field on A137 opposite the ski slope through Bobbits wood to Belstead/Stoke Park? We call the police at least once a week to report this constant drone of bikes but nothing is done. ... [ more ]
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I have an allotment at Bobbits Lane and they are there every weekend. We have watched police go up to the field this summer but not very often. I will keep a note and inform Environmental Health. The more people that do this the better though.
Wendy W
They are breaking the law. The land belongs to Paul's who have put up fences to stop them entering but they find a way around them at the top of A137 by ski slope on the footpath or via Belstead end. Environmental health is a very good idea. We will ... [ more ]

Found cat early june

Leyla in Maidenhall
Can everybody check their friends relatives ect for an owner of a female siamese cat. She was found early June IP8 with medical conditions. She's now on the mend after hefty vets fees and care and attention. She has a great new home to go to soon. ... [ more ]

Wanted someone to sew in a zip

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Sewing group knitting craft groups

Girly G in Chantry
I am looking for a sewing group and or a knitting group in Ipswich that myself and my guide dog would be welcome at I have a lot of projects on the go and find it is nicer to work with a friendly group of people rather than on ones own sometimes thank you
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