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Garage recommendation

in Greenwich
Can anyone recommend a garage in Ipswich that will service and MOT our car at a reasonable price? Thanking you..
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Jacqueline S
Landspeed....opposite holiday Inn at Copdock (so very near you). It's large and behind the Proveeda garage. Very straightforward and profession. Average prices I think.

Laptop repair

Joan L in Greenwich
Can anyone recommend a reliable person to sort out my laptop before I throw it out of the window please. Since upgrading to Windows 10 it's not been right.
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Although Windows 10 is not everyone's cup of tea, there are ways to make it work better. Come and speak to one of our local IT experts for free at Suffolk AgeUK Ipswich Help Centre (in Town Centre, opposite Sainsbury's) to get some some impartial ... [ more ]
Nothing wrong with Windows 10... you just need to read, search, and the set it up the way you want too.. Mine works just like Windows 7.. but its faster, and more secure. Just stick with it... it,s the best operation system.

Speak with confidence

Keith D
in Chantry
Do you want to become a better speaker, better presenter? Learn how to get you point across. Come along to Ipswich Speakers Club on Thursday 26th January at UCS Waterfront building, Neptune Quay,  Ipswich (7.30 to 10pm) A friendly, supportive and ... [ more ]


Angela C
in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, Belstead Allotments have a couple of plots becoming vacant soon. If you are interested in growing your own fruit and vegetables or have any questions let me know.


Girly G in Chantry
Wanted a pram or pushchair for a new grandma what is a reasonable price I don't mind second hand but I have just brought a lovely one and sadly no good breaks on it so starting looking again
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Windows, carpets and Oven cleans.

X large dog crate for citron Picasso f

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Anti Social Behaviour


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That's good. Hope they catch them soon. I was out jogging and dog walking over the brook so went up and down Quilter Drive numerous times that day but didn't see anything unfortunately.

Ipswich buses

Angela C
in Ipswich Town Centre
I have just returned from town on a no 15A bus a young mum got on the bus with a tripper and lots of bags of shopping. People helped her put her shopping on the rack but by the time she reached her stop most had got off. The young lady driving the bus ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Ltd
I think Alex was referring to buses generally - but it was important to make the distinction as with the title of the topic. Chrissie W, this is the man running the bus company...

Tumble dryer repairs

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Katrina E
Hi. Was it one of the machines that had a recall notice on it or just a problem you can't solve. If a recall one (check number on website). Type in recall tumble dryers it will bring up link. If not can't offer any other suggestions but to say go with ... [ more ]

found alcatel phone

Angela W
in Greenwich
I understand the police do not deal with lost property anymore I found a Alcatel phone in Gippeswyck Park today it's locked but has a picture of a man outside his home.  I have been walking around Chantry trying to find the house but have given up.
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Old Hat
Hi very good idea Jan D re the locked screen info we have Samsung phones with my number on my partners and vice-versa how to do this was in the phones instruction book always worth a read another way is some phones have emergency contacts which are ... [ more ]