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Garden Lawn Turf

Joanne S in Greenwich
Does anyone know the best/cheapest place to buy garden lawn turf? I'm patching in a small area so only require 2 or 3 rolls. I live in Pinewood area of Ipswich. Many thanks
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Dave L
+1 for Victoria Nurseries. They sell good quality turf and you can buy as much or as little as you need.

Wallpaper needed

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Asda trolleys

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Christine M
Buying a cheap shopping trolly on wheels comes to mind. Must be easier than trying to push a supermarket trolly any distance. But guess these people are too selfish to shell out on one!
Barry S
This problem has been going on for years ,just after Asda was opened . I was the councillor for the area and had numerous meetings with Asda . I would suggest someone contact the local councillors for help.


Sam in Belstead
Hi. I'm looking for someone to hang four interior doors, any recommendations please? TIA

Ipswich Town Centre Bikes Stolen

Nick W in Belstead
Please feel free to Share There have been a steady increase in the number of Cycles/Bikes stolen from the Ipswich Town Centre Area. Please ensure that you do not leaver your bikes in these areas or you will face the same dilema that our son is having ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
Nick W, I think they just take it and leave/dump it. I think it one of the reasons why the police aren't so bothered. It is anti-social and perhaps criminal damage; but unless they intend to keep it or sell it, it isn't theft in their eyes.  Maybe we ... [ more ]
Nosey Ron
An Oxford Hardcore Motorcycle lock would stop the thefts happening. I have used one for ten years, never had a bike stolen


Lou P in Belstead
Hi, can anyone tell me where I may be able to buy a nerine plant? They sell out very quickly and I don't really want to plant spring bulbs. I feel like I've searched everywhere to no avail! Many thanks.
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Lou P
Fingers crossed! I've been searching for two years but just kept missing them in plant form! If anyone is splitting any in the future I would be extremely grateful. Happy to pay/make a gardening contribution.


Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
Took my grandson to the Pizza hut at Ransoms euro park last night ( his choice ) horrible. Sticky table, grubby finger marks everywhere lukewarm pizza. Tired looking salads a rip off in my opinion. Won't be going there again. Staff were very nice though
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Window Cleaner Required

Joanne S in Greenwich
I require my windows cleaned, inside and out but I need them cleaned this week. Can anyone recommend, I'm in Pinewood. Thanks
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Joanne S
Thanks everyone, coincidentally Giles White was the first window cleaner to respond when I contacted him, I contacted about 4 in total. He can do them in the timescale, tomorrow/Friday and so far very professional.

Re: Wedding Cars

Suffolk Wedding Cars in Suffolk Wedding Cars
Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is allowed on here but I have just created a Streetlife page for my wedding car hire business. I am based at Pinewood but cover all of Suffolk, south Norfolk and most of Essex. If anyone is needing a wedding car ... [ more ]

Missing pet

Andreia V in Chantry
His been missing for 3-4 months now no signs off him Missing from ip8 pinewood area Can everyone check gardens/sheds or everywhere If someone has him or picked him up I want him back His has a family that are suffering without him being home There ... [ more ]

Seeking an electrician.

NatureGal in Belstead
Any electrician recommendations please? Will need an electric cooker disconnected, removed to tip or front garden, and new electric cooker moved into place & connected. Hopefully happening between now & Christmas. Thanks!
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Ashley S
Hi I'm a self employed electrician based in Ipswich. Very happy to help hive me a call or text. Smy electrical 07989305638
Simon D
I used Steve Smith as DAF recommends, very good service, good price and on time. Failing that I could come and do it for you,( free of course), but think your always better using a qualified electrician for insurance reasons.

Ipswich Buses

lilykim in Ipswich Town Centre
Not sure where to post but here goes. I work full time, travelling from Chantry to town centre 5 or 6 days a week. I see all sorts. Parents letting toddlers run up and down the bus whilst said parent is on mobile phone! Empty buggies parked up and not ... [ more ]
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Roz B
Sometimes i went for the bus 9 but not come and the bus 10 come it is full no were seat and stand bus driver the roads are busy it go
These Mum's with their trippers (pushchairs for those of you who don't know!) have it all these days, when my son was a toddler, I had an umbrella buggy which I made sure was collapsed just as the bus arrived, I grabbed him and sat on a normal seat ... [ more ]


Lou P in Belstead
Can anyone please provide a removal service on either Monday 3 October or Wednesday 5 October to move the contents of a 3 bed house in Holland on Sea to Ipswich? Not tons of boxes, mostly a couple of sofas, beds and bikes/golf clubs but would ... [ more ]
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Sue H
Was going to say economy budget removals on felixstowe rd. Have used them a few times. Very good.

Town centre shops

Andy A in Ipswich Town Centre
Does anyone know of any shops in the town centre that sell interesting gifts and things like vintage style stationery. There used to be a really good shop behind the bank on Cornhill that sold a large variety of really nice and unusual gifts.
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Buzz R
Try the Fairtrade shop in Upper Brook Street, a few doors from Sainsburys/Wilkinsons
Linda E
The Tourist Information Centre in St Stephen's Church have lots of nice gift ideas; mugs, prints, books, jewellery etc as well as cards.

Tree Surgeon/Arborist

Patricia D in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend a knowledgable, reliable and professional tree surgeon/arborist please? We need some advice about the trees in our garden, having moved recently to the Ipswich area.
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Coffee morning

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Belstead allotments
Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi all you walkers and dog walkers, we are having a coffee morning in aid if Somersham ward the cancer unit support group at Ipswich hospital. There will be cakes, jams, chutney a book sale, also a tombola. If anyone is interested in taking a plot or ... [ more ]

Garden fence

Jenny A in Ipswich Town Centre
We are looking for a reliable and efficient fencer to replace the slatted fence at the end of our garden. Can anyone recommend please?
Joan L
Boxted fencing. 01206 272797 they fabricate panels so are more competitively priced. They use their own people. We have used them many times and have never been unhappy.

Where are our police after 6pm

Kathleen E in Rose Hill
I live just off Belstead Road in IP2 area of town. We are now having to put up with revving noisy speeding racing motorbikes & scooters in the Stoke Park area and along footpaths from Belstead Road to Downing Close, where are the police to prevent ... [ more ]
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Kathleen E
I do hope to be attending the SWAC meeting at St Peters Church this coming Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. I will be interested to see if this question regarding lack of police on our streets after 6pm is tackled!

Children's toys

Jenny A in Pinewood
We have a lot of really good quality toys, games and books ,outgrown by my grandsons. Sure Start is unwilling to take them. Has anyone any suggestions as to how I can get these things to children who would really benefit?
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Jean G
give them to a charity shop ,I work at cat protection on bramford lane ,and we very are always grateful for good quality toys to sell .  I have bought most of my toys from the shop for my grandchildren to play with when they come and are really good ... [ more ]

Waste Site Extended Hours

Keith D in Chantry
Now that we're into Autumn, officially anyway, the extended hours at the local site and I guess all of them no longer apply. That is six hours less opening. Local site was as busy as ever today. So I guess we can look forward to it re-opening on ... [ more ]

asbestos removal

Ron B in Blacksmith's Corner
I have two "double bagged"  contractor removed bags of asbestos (chrysotile) from my domestic property (found after foundations dug for conservatory). Can anyone suggest the cheapest way of collection / disposal? Many Thanks Ron
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Buzz R
I read that you can simply take it to your local council tip, and what I read seemed to be authoritative. Maybe worth a call first?

Computer, printer

Suzanne M in Wherstead
Anyone interested in a Mac mini, late 2012, minus keyboard/mouse, and a printer? Mac mini; Processor 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 - Memory 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 - Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB - Software OS X 10. 8. 5 (12F45) Printer; HP PSC 2355 ... [ more ]
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