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Abbi L to Chantry and 9 more areas

Doggie meet up/walk

Hello, I'm new to the website. I have a very social 7 month old puppy. I have been looking for a dog meet up/walk in Ipswich, unsuccessfully. I have a car so area isn't a problem. Wondered if dog owners would be interested in setting a meet up, say ... more »
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Sara P
We have a very friendly 7 month Cockapoo who would love to have other friendly doggies to walk with. We work so walk him evenings and weekends, so would love to hear if you arrange anything :-)
Abbi L
Anyone else interested in joining us?? Guys let me know days/times you can do. Feel free to email me Thanks
Margaret F to Stoke Park and 9 more areas

Missing Cat called Tink

Please can everyone around the Fritton Close/ Neath Drive  area please look out for a pale Ginger Cat called Tink Missing since Saturday the 12th April  please check sheds and garages please contact lee or Sharn on 07432406422 the are really upset.
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Margaret F
Thanks to those of you looking out for Tink he is still missing although people have said he been sighted over Chatsworth Close both lee and Sharn are out each day looking but nothing so far. Thanks Jean L for going that bit extra for Tink
Margaret F
Anyone around Castle Hill Community Centre tomorrow Wots up are holding a Easter Coffee Morning with Raffle and Tombola so pop if you are in the area. Mags
Pat H to Stoke Park and 9 more areas


I am in the IP2 area and in need of a local plumber. Anyone know any good people who do not charge the earth for a simply job please? We have some bath taps that need a washer of similar but cannot find how to get into them so only a small job I am ... more »
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Catherine E
try glc plumbing good cheap and reliable 07415768404 i have used them my self lovely person 
Pat H
Thanks for all your help with regards to a Plumber.WE have a nice man coming to sort us out tonight. Good site for getting really knowledgeable and low priced workmen
SMM to Chantry and 7 more areas


I've just seen an advert for a new TV programme which will give someone the chance to have their dog cloned. Do you think this is right?
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Kevin F
I agree with SMM totally. Not a good thing at all.
John G
Apparently there is a South Korean firm that will do it for £60,000. Watch tonight programme (Wed April 9th) at 10pm on Channel 4.
Gary Jarvis to Stoke Park and 9 more areas

Parkrun Christchurch Park

Do you run or jog to keep fit? Do it on your own and fancy going to an organised/timed event every Saturday morning. Why not come down on Saturday morning at Christchurch Park and join us.  It's 5k and open to all ages and physical abilities. All you ... more »
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Gary Jarvis
The pensioner in his 80's, you must be talking about James.
Dave L
That's the guy - what a great chap. I once ran with James as Tail End Charlie and jokingly asked "So where are your mates today James?". His reply: "Well they only run three days a week and I like to get out for four" :D
Chris G to Washbrook and 9 more areas


Hi, I live in Washbrook & am looking for a local Yoga class...anyone know of one? Also if you want a good meal that's not microwaved & with locally sourced produce try The Brook in Washbrook...highly recommended...
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Joan D
Hi Chris I attend a yoga class at Stoke High School at 6.45p.m. on Mondays. There's a second class at 8p.m. You can just turn up to try it. It costs £5.50 per session.
Chris G
Thanks so much Joan, I've got a couple of leads now. x
Kuhli to Chantry and 9 more areas

New Streetlifer.

I'm new to Streetlife and just wanted to say hello.
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Yvonne H
Hi Kuhli, as a new girl on the block  what have I to offer,  I am  a retired church minister  what a desire to deeper understanding  of both the secular and the sacred.
Yvonne H
Hi Kuhli, as a new girl on the block  what have I to offer,  I am  a retired church minister  with  a desire to have a  deeper understanding  of both the secular and the sacred of community life in the Ipswich area
Nick W to Belstead and 5 more areas

Chantry Grasshoppers Football Mash Up - Maidenhall/Stoke Park

We are looking to start a new Football Mash Up group in the next month that will give 13 to 17 year old Male/Females the chance to attend a once a week hourly session. The sessions are for Male/Females who have played football in the past, present or ... more »


Maidenhall Sports Centre, (Next to Stoke High School) Maidenhall Approach, Ipswich

Apr 25
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SMM to Chantry and 7 more areas

Buses versus Cars.

I'm not surprised that more people don't use public transport, I have been trying all morning to get through to First Buses for information on a couple of routes but all I get is the engaged tone. Looks like I will have to try and get one of the children ... more »
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Matthew Percy
Besides, it's not called Solar any more - it's been re-branded as the East of England Co-op, but it's at the Great Eastern Square shopping centre - opposite Felixstowe Railway Station.
So Matthew, if I got a train would it be much if a walk to these shops at Walton?
SMM to Chantry and 7 more areas

Wool Shop.

Does anyone know of a half decent wool/knitting supplies shop either in Ipswich or within approx a 10 mile radius? I'm after some 'normal' knitting yarn ... Not that trendy hand spun stuff. Thanks.
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Jenny Wren's Yarns in St Peter Street is very good. Busy Fingers in Northgate Street is worth a look, they don't have as much as they used to but occasionally have some nice stuff. In Woodbridge there's Anjay Fabrics in Gobbitts Yard, Bears and stitches ... more »
I bought some wool on the market and it wasn't very good, it changed thickness several times throughout the ball. It wasn't that cheap either. The buttons are quite good though.
Angel T to Belstead and 9 more areas

Missing Cat, also Information needed on a RTA involving cat on corner of Campion and Hawthorn

***MISSING SINCE AM 5TH MARCH ~ IP2 area around HAWTHORN DRIVE/ MALLARD WAY ROUNDABOUT*** Female Classic Tuxedo, still growing her fur back from her Spay 5 weeks ago (on left side) Wearing a White collar with Pink polka dots and a Butterfly Charm. She is ... more »
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Lynne M
When my mums cat went missing i put loads of posters up on the telegraph poles but the council remove them, try all the Ipswich things for sale sights i often see lost cats mentioned and it is another way circulating his details . 
Hayley J
Hi Angel. There's also a website called that you can advertise on It's for cats also. It's a brilliant site for getting word everwhere. I wish you all the luck in getting your cat back. And please keep us updated.x
Lou P to Stoke Park and 9 more areas

Shower room installer

Hi, we are trying to find a professional plumber/tiler to refit and re-tile a small shower room in London E11.  We have been let down up there, so wonder whether there is anyone interested locally who could do a good job and wouldn't mind the 1 hr 15 min ... more »
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I recently had work done by S C Plumbing (Simon Cook).  Very reliable and reasonable - 01473 412493 / 07809 143681
Lou P
Thanks poppy, I'm following up a couple of recommendations but will contact him if nothing comes of them. Thanks for your time.
Angela W to Chantry and 9 more areas

Dog owners

More and more councils are banning dogs from public places, I feel this would be  a real shame , however unless dog owners are prepared to compromise  I feel this is inevitable. On a walk in the nature reserve in Felixstowe  I counted 18 out of 19 dogs ... more »
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But what about the cats who mutilate the birds and defecate in people's gardens?
John S
Dej again, it's a animals natural instinct to hunt, kill, defecate, it's our job, as responsible pet owners to clear up after our beloved pets.
Nick W to Stoke Park and 9 more areas

Chantry Grasshoppers Girls FC

Chantry Grasshoppers FC. A FA Charter Standard Club where all our coaches are FA CRB checked and have a minimum of FA Level 1 coaching are looking for more Females to join their Girls section if you know of anyone Aged 8 plus who would be interested in ... more »
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Julie A
Freddie will be 11y in June, he is looking to join a football team. where do you train and play please?
Nick W
Various locations give me a call on Ips 692055
Leon to Belstead and 9 more areas


Oh no! My new girlfriend likes to dance at clubs and pubs but I never have danced....which isn't good for a night out lol. Anyone know of any good places to learn? I now wish I attended all those school disco's years back lol :)
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Malcolm S
Leon You don#t say what type of dance you wish to learn - if ballroom/jazz then try the Lait Dance club they are based in Clarkson street, although they also offer classes at other locations for more details see their website - 
Thanks folks!!! I may try Beryl's advice and do it with my girlfriend after a few beers lol :) I also considered those Xbox 360 Kinect Disco Dance games but not sure if they would help much.
Robert A to Belstead and 9 more areas

Wind Turbine Hurry to Object Now!

The application for the Pannington Farm turbine has been registered at Babergh. Ref no. B/13/01476 Time to write an objection letter to the Ipswich Wind Turbine Now !! You have untill the 28th Feburary 2014 ... more »
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Celia C
The worrying thing about this application is that it will act as a precedent allowing turbines to be built near peoples homes anywhere a landowner feels tempted by the large subsidies we all have to pay. The area it is in is heavily used by thousands of ... more »
Nicola S
I bet Jimmy Doherty wouldnt agree to having one so close to his own home, but happy to spout on about green energy as long in some-one else's backyard.