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Loss of more local trees

Jackie C in Broom Hill
I noticed the big group of at least 12 silver birch trees opposite Melton picnic site was being cut down this morning, even though they didn't seem to be in the way of the car park being built around them.   Does anybody know whether permission is ... [ more ]
Nikki B
I spotted this on Saturday Jackie as I was surprised by how many trees were being taken down for the sake of a carpark.  Very sad.  I thought we were meant to look after our trees.

Wilford Bridge Traffic Lights & Cyclists

Woody Man in Melton
I appreciate the traffic lights at Wilford Bridge are proving annoying for all road users, and once through the holdup we all want to be away on our journey as quickly as possible.  However, having been clipped by a car yesterday as I rode up the hill ... [ more ]

Land North of Woods Lane opposite Bredfield Road with permission for housing

Barry W in Ufford
Does anyone know what the timetable is for the housing development at the above site and what the arrangements are for accessing Bredfield Road when it is complete. It really needs a roundabout or traffic lights but I understand that Suffolk Highways ... [ more ]
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Marion B
Isn't it time to learn the lessons therein and call a halt to this thread. We can't change the facts by slinging words around.
Alan P
If people want to get involved, then go to District & Parish council meetings. MPC planning meetings get some members of the public attending but never as many as you would expect.

Broomheath Burglaries/Sandy Lane area

Lindsay J in Mill Hills
Residents beware. Lots of activity at night and breaking into sheds, outbuildings etc. Coincidentally they are a group of travellers parked at Top Street, Martlesham. Please be aware.
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Jackie C
Sorry.  Read it too quickly.  I just couldn't understand why you mentioned a 'coincidence' between burglaries and parking of travellers in Martlesham, though. 

A long shot

Debbie W in Broom Hill
After a little bump on Foxhall roundabout now looking for bonnet for Peugeot 406 Rapier HDI Estate 1997CC 11/09/2001 Many thanks.

Spare blankets and pillows.

Polly in Ufford
I have a number of unwanted warm wool blankets I don't need plus an old duvet and some pillows.  They have been used for animals to sleep on.  They have been washed. I would like to donate them to an animal charity locally?  
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McColls Martlesham Heath

Amanda P in Maidensgrave
Absolutely disgusted that McColls in the square has been broken into twice in the last 10 days! Even more shocked and appalled that the broken glass door has still not been repaired. Come on McColls treat your staff with respect! 😡😳
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Rushmere Handyman
I expect it hasn't been repaired as it may be being upgraded as far as security is concerned. The biggest issue is that local councils rarely give permission , if ever for roller shutters , which would stop it ever happening again.
Naomi E
My understanding from the staff in mccolls is that alcohol was stolen, not cash. They do need to get the door fixed though and update security. Really shocked something like this has happened so close to home.

leather settee

White and black cat found

Terry G in Melton
Neighbours have found and are caring for a small, under-nourished white and black female cat in the Mill View Close area of Woodbridge. no collar or micro-chip.
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Terry G
Sorry Emma, I've just had another word with the lady who found and is caring for the cat but the owner has now been traced so she can't be yours. Hope my posting didn't raise your hopes too much. Terry
Emma L
Hi Terry I didn't think it would be Millie after such a long time but I'm really glad the cat has found her owner. Thank you for posting and replying Emma

Free A1 plan chest

Lucy B in Mill Hills
Does anyone want a plan chest? Unfortunately it doesn't fit into the house we've just moved into :-( I really don't want to just chop it up for firewood!
Carol L
Hi Lucy. My husband would be very interested in this I think. Would it be possible to give me the dimensions and a photo of it? Many thanks. Carol

Free Admission Today

to , (ended)
Newbourne Village Hall

Recommendation of plumber?

Lucy B in Mill Hills
I need to convert a spare toilet room to a shower room. Can anyone recommend a good plumber?

Woodbridge Farmers Market

to , (ended)
Woodbridge Community Hall
Cordelia R in Kingston
Do come along to our market on Saturday for the best in local, seasonal food. Please note also that our December markets will be held on Saturdays 10th and 17th NOT 24th! If you would like something to be made or reserved for you, why not come to ... [ more ]

can anyone recommend someone to fit new doors???

Whisstocks Boatyard Development

Barry W in Ufford
I was shocked to see that the new wall had been demolished even though it is only 18 months old ; as a taxpayer I am angry that this money has been wasted by the Environment Agency who are financed by Central Government. Perhaps someone could explain !
Roger RT
Barry, Have you contacted the Environment Agency directly to find out exactly the reason why the wall may have been demolished?  It seems an obvious first step before getting 'angry' about it. Do let us all know.
Carrie H
At least it gave 18 months protection. Surely better than leaving a gap until access was required during Whistocks' development.

Drum for raffle tickets

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Plumber recomendation?

Hi Charlie, many have asked before, if you stick 'Plumber' in the search bar at the top, you should find what you're after :)

Recommendations for Water Boiler Installation Firm/ reliable brands of boiler.

Mike in Woodbridge
Can anybody please recommend a local or national heating and domestic hot water boiler installation firm they have used successfully?  We are looking at replacing a conventional boiler unit and having the system power flushed prior to installation?   ... [ more ]
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Doug S
we use Mills Heating of Ipswich.  Were by far the best price when we needed a new boiler.  Local and reliable
Stella B
Had a new Viessmann (German) boiler fitted last month by Deben Plumbing and Heating.  Very pleased with installation but too early to comment on reliability !

Fly tipping

Dawn N in Kingston
I took my dogs for a walk on Saturday and noticed 2mattresses dumped near the bridleway on Saddlemakers Lane. On Sunday at the same place were bags of rubbish. Does anyone know what we can do about this?
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Thomas H
I also agree that fly tipping is bad. However the landfill site charges and arm and a leg for thing to be recycled/ disposed of. No wonder it happens as we are having to pay twice as we already pay through our taxes, and we still have to pay for it ... [ more ]

Christmas Fayre

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St Andrews Church Melton

Christmas Bazaar

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Newbourne Village Hall
Debbie W in Broom Hill
Come and join us for some festive fun and find the perfect gift for that someone special.

Volunteers Wanted

Framlingham & Saxmundham CP in Woodbridge
Framlingham and Saxmundham Cats Protection volunteers attend a number of shows and events throughout the year to raise funds for our work with felines in the area. We are looking for a volunteer who has a large car or small van who would be able to ... [ more ]

Christmas Bazaar

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Newbourne Village Hall

Woodbridge Farmers' Market

Cordelia R in Kingston
Our next market will be held at Woodbridge Community Hall, 9am - 12.30pm on Saturday 12th November. We will have sweet and savoury bakes and cakes, home made soup, jams, marmalade and preserves, gluten free, gluten full, apples, seasonal vegetables, ... [ more ]

Queen's House, Woodbridge School, Proposed Housing Development

Tina R in Bredfield
A planning application has been put in to build a total of 32 residential units on the site of Queen's House, Woodbridge School: 6 apartments by converting the existing building and 26 newly-built houses around the site. Access will be from the 5-way ... [ more ]
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Woody Man
I can't see anything on the planning application relating to a change to the highway - as Tony says, Cumberland St is 2-way except for a small portion at the Cross crossroads  - which was changed less than a year ago to allow the 'no entry' sign to be ... [ more ]
Tina R
Thanks for the clarification Tony G and Woody Man. As I emphasized in my post, I had only heard that the road system was to change in this way, and I have not had a chance to see it for myself in print. If I have time to look at the planning ... [ more ]