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NHS Dentist

Recommendations in Brightwell

Gwen R.
I have an abscess can anyone recommend an NHS dentist who could see me as an emergency? I've searched previous comments on here.
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Heather O
Have just checked number is now 111 for urgent treatment but not appropriate for A &E at hospital. Good luck hope u get it sorted soon.
Gwen R.
Thank you so much all. I've got forms to drop in for Foxhall Road. Abscess causing headaches only, but bad ones, tooth itself is ok. Thanks again all.

keep Martlesham Tidy Group

Clubs & Groups in Woodbridge

Shelagh K
Is there such a group? I regularly pick up a bag full of beer cans/fizzy drink bottles, wrappers etc when out walking the dog. Felixstowe Rd after RSPCA centre is really bad, guess people have munched their snacks bought from Tesco's or wherever, and are ... [ more ]
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Susan T
The new fencing along Heath Road near Hollesley seems to be acting as a litter trap.I would like to help clear this area and also the heath itself as litter seems to blow from the road,I have recently noticed people driving down Heath Road throwing ... [ more ]
Deborah P
thinking about "people driving...throwing litter" do we educate people NOT to litter?  If we do a clearance, could we put up a little sign saying eg "This area cleaned by Litter Pickers United on Saturday 28th February, please help us by taking ... [ more ]

Ladies cycle for sale

£70.00 in Maidensgrave

Lynn J
Ladies cycle for sale. 3 years old, but not much use. Has been serviced and in immaculate condition. Would like £70 but open to offers. White frame with basket and dynamo lights.
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Window Cleaner

Recommendations in Kingston

Thirza R
Please could anyone recommend a window cleaner that works around the Melton area  I would like 5 first floor windows cleaned and the gable end plastic white fascia board cleaned. Thankyou
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Recommendations in Ufford

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detering cats

Recommendations in Broom Hill

John W
Most garden centres and shops like QD sell cat repellents, not sure how efficient they are. Also spiny shrubs, pruned and the trimmings left amongst beds, and a dog is quite good too!

lost dog on sutton heath

Lost & Found in Hemley

Andy S
Just met a man that has lost his border terrier on sutton heath this morning she is 14 and deaf please share and get them reunited Tel no. 01394 460730
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Dianne W
I can imagine how u feel.  Our jack russell terrier got lost in Thetford Forest, and we spent an hour looking for him(he knew where we were!) we started the car to go home, and out he popped from the trees! We r just about to take ours for her walk, and ... [ more ]

local language conversation club

Classifieds in Broom Hill

Libby R
Hi all, Eurochat continues this Monday 2nd March at Waldringfield Village Hall. French, German and Spanish tutors will be on hand, and Swedish and Italian speakers in attendance. Join us for a friendly, informal hour of chat. £2.50 or £10 for six ... [ more ]


Classifieds in Broom Hill

MAR 02
to , (ended)
Waldringfield Village Hall
Libby R
Eurochat continues this Monday. French, German and Spanish tutors will be on hand, and Swedish and Italian speakers in attendance. Join us for a friendly, informal hour of chat. £2.50 or £10 for six sessions. Includes glass of wine, beer or soft drink.

Kesgrave, Martlesham, Rushmere Crime Brief 18 - 24 February 2015

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
Vehicles Holly Road - At around 1am, Saturday 21st February, an offender was seen entering an insecure silver Renault that was parked in Holly Road, Kesgrave. Two Motorola walkie-talkies and some cash were stolen from within. Police would like to ... [ more ]
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Tai Chi

Clubs & Groups in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy

Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
So as the Tai Chi Society are closing the Wednesday evening class at the Lindos centre Melton. I have arranged a replacement not for profit class in the St Mary's Church Hall Ufford on Wednesdays after Easter. I will post the finalised details later.  If ... [ more ]

GU10 Spotlights

£40.00 in Broom Hill

David G
Have just replaced 17 spotlights with LED versions and have 20 GU10 type in all for sale. 3 still in their box; 2 only put in place 2 weeks ago; other 15 obviously with an unknown remaining life but we only moved here a year ago and several were new in ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Broom Hill

David G
I've just replaced17 spotlights with LED versions  -  have a look in Classifieds for the sale of the century !! David Griffiths

Help, please! Lift to Dunwich?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kingston

Cordelia R
Hello all, We are new to Suffolk and have booked on a birdwatching course for this Friday, 27th Feb at Dingle Marshes. We (my husband and I) didn't realise it would be so hard to get to and we don't have a car. Just wondering if anyone else from ... [ more ]

Taster Night - Diddy Water Polo - 19th March 2015

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham Heath

Suffolk Coastal Torpedoes are holding an open taster night for our youngest squad, 7-11year olds who train on a Thursday Night at Martlesham Primary School Pool 7-8pm. Swimming ability not a issue, the game is more about having fun with a ball in the ... [ more ]

Date your old Family Photos! Learn about local war heroes!

Clubs & Groups in Kingston

MAR 07
Long Shop Museum, Leiston
Maggie S
Have you got any old family photos which you can't put a date to? Bring them along to a Special Family History Open Day at the Long Shop Museum in Leiston from 11am on Sat 7 March and let our expert advise you. A variety of exhibits will be on show, ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Ufford

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Caro B
We had a letter from Anglia Water in Hollesley to say it may be off from 9pm to 6 am on 25th/26th Feb as they are flushing through....hopefully that will help some of you....

beginners Tai chi

Clubs & Groups in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy

The OK Chorale in concert

Clubs & Groups in The OK Chorale

MAR 28
to ,
St. Mary's Church, Market Hill, Woodbridge IP12 4LU
The OK Chorale
The OK Chorale's annual 'at home' concert in Woodbridge. With a repertoire of songs from around the world, expect spine-tingling Georgian and Balkan harmonies, upbeat gospel, infectious African rhythms, and much much more in a vibrant celebration of ... [ more ]

Tidy our garden

Recommendations in Martlesham

Carrie A
Does anyone know a local person who can help us tidy up our garden. We live in Woodbridge and will pay of course. We need our lawn cleared of leaves, treated for moss and mown and other general tidying jobs.
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Jennie W
My husband does gardening work, regular and one off, no job to small, reasonable rates, just retired from full time work so looking for gardening work to keep himself busy. Contact info. Ronnie Wood 07765961631 or 01473 737571

Police Message - Attempted burglary, Martlesham Heath 16 Feb 2015

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
WO/15/293 BURGLARY - DWELLING (attempt) LARK RISE MARTLESHAM Heath 16 February 2.35pm – entry to via insecure door. Victim has called out on hearing door open. Two youths seen running away. Nothing stolen Please ensure your doors ... [ more ]
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Old Plod
Sympathy for the victim. It makes me angry when people acquire stuff dishonestly. Was it the front or back door?
Swan Close Scheme
I understand from the Police Connect message that it was the front door. Nothing was stolen in this case but as you say, it is a bit of a shock having to challenge strangers in your own home.

Speeding Sign

Local Conversations in Melton

Jan W
I live in Melton at the bottom of Yarmouth Road and was wondering what is the best way to get one of those flashing "30 SLOW DOWN" signs installed. The cars come down the hill from Ufford to Melton at tremendous speed which is dangerous for the following ... [ more ]
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Nicola G
Jan, my parents live close to the flashing 30 sign, as you come into Woodbridge before Notcutts, and they are always saying how ineffective it is. I would suggest that an actual speed camera would be better (but probably more difficult to get approved) ... [ more ]
Suffolk County Council
Hi all, In case you were unaware, Suffolk County Council can introduce traffic calming measures, aimed at reducing vehicle speeds on most of the roads in the county. If you follow the link below to pop all the details down, once the report has been ... [ more ]

Tailors Dummy Dressmakers Dummy

Give, Lend & Borrow in Ufford

Teresa B
CAN ANYONE HELP. My daughter 11 years old has a interest in making her own or revamping items. (Got her a sewing  machine for her birthday) I would like to either buy second hand or borrow Tailors Dummy Dressmakers Display Bust Mannequin Stand as not ... [ more ]

Suffolk Police - Non urgent crime reporting via the web (an alternative to 101)

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
There is a Police contact web page for any information you are able to provide in relation to crime or suspected crime. Ideal if you don't like phoning 101 or you are an avid texter. You need to be in 'View All' mode to activate the blue hypertext.
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Peter L
Robert Peel put the Police out on "Foot Patrol" in order to prevent a and apprehend crime, and in each community. Progressing from that through Bicycle Patrol to Large Fast Motor Vehicles, loaded with technology and weapons has'nt really taken too long. ... [ more ]

Silver Earring

Lost & Found in Woodbridge

FEB 17
to (ended)
Gillian G
Unusual silver earring sentimental value. Round hoop with cat LOST Tuesday 17th around Martlesham . I'd be over the moon if someone has found this