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Budgens and Turban Centre Car Park

Local Conversations in Ufford

Barry W
Does anyone know anything about Sainsbury's buying Budgens in Woodbridge or the plans to build a multi-storey car park in Turban Centre Car Park
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Jill R
Not interested in people sniping at each other!! Let's stick to the agenda - the future of Budgens - & if it leads on to advice on local produce etc. so be it.
Charmian B
I was not sniping Jill R simply excerising my right to freedom of speech and supporting someone whom I felt had a legitimate comment to put forward - I also didn't realise there was a set agenda - do we have a chairperson present ?

Builders 'ton' bags: free to a good home

Give, Lend & Borrow in Melton

Free - Teenager's Study Bunk Bed (Model B with two wardrobe doors)

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kesgrave

Bob B
Originally purchased from Moriati's Workshop, Kent for a teenage daughter's 6'4" x 12' bedroom, this study bunk bed (like picture but with two wardrobe doors and wider clothes rail) accommodates a 6'2" x 2'6" mattress (not supplied). It is plastic ... [ more ]
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Andy S
I think my daughter may be interested if the bed is still available, they should be home from holiday by Monday

Kitchen Fitter Required

Recommendations in Broom Hill

Darren L
Can anyone recommend a reliable and cost effective kitchen fitter who would be prepared to fit my kitchen in Melton? Many thanks
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Darren L
Thank you for the recommendations - I'll contact both and see from there. Darren


Local Conversations in Martlesham

Emma R
Thank you for the offers of help. The place to re home the peacocks is the other side of Sudbury (not Woodbridge as I previously thought). I had a detailed conversation with the owners who breed peacocks who are experienced in catching them. It is ... [ more ]

Woodbridge Library Local History Fair

Clubs & Groups in Mill Hills

SEP 12
to ,
Woodbridge Library, New Street, Woodbridge, IP12 4DE
Neil D
I'm organising this and would love local people to come along! Woodbridge Library is holding a local history fair on Saturday 12th September as part of Heritage Open Days which celebrate historic buildings. The fair will take place at the library from ... [ more ]

whos tree is it anyway

Local Conversations in Ufford

Teresa B
I have just been round to my mum and stepfather that lives in St Andrews. My Stepfather has been to Melton hill Suffolk Coastal District Council and stated that he spoke to Mr Willis (willos) very helpful and stated he had left him a message on the phone ... [ more ]
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Martin M
Hi. Richard H is right-responsibility for the tree rests with the owner of the land it is growing on so you need to establish that. As a public highway the County Council have a duty to maintain safe and unobstructed access for bridleway users and have ... [ more ]
Teresa B
Thanks I will I had a response from SCC and hopefully someone will come and have a look I was trying to get the name of the lane but its not even on Google but there for was really good as they asked where it started and finished The tree was quite ... [ more ]

Feedback wanted for potential business idea

Local Conversations in Bromeswell

Gregory G
My partner and I are considering set up a business of hiring out vintage china (cups, saucers, plates, cake forks etc) to anyone wanting to host afternoon tea as part of a birthday party, wedding celebration or any other event for that matter. We would ... [ more ]
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Janette R
Like Carrie C, my daughter had an English tea party after her wedding breakfast four years ago.  We also scoured boot fairs & charity shops for them - which we still have in several large boxes!  The problem was the three tiered cake plates which at ... [ more ]
Yvonne T
I think it would be more viable if it was run alongside a little shop - which, I realise, is even more expense. On its own, you'd really need to have continuous bookings throughout the year to enable you to pay your business and personal overheads. ... [ more ]

Shepherd & Dog

Local Conversations in Maidensgrave

Anne C
Went to She[ & Dog other night  Absolutely chaotic.  Skeleton staff, long queues etc and food nowhere as good as it used to be.  A gentleman in the queue told me it was closing next weekend and would be taken over by Toby's.  Anybody clarify/verify ... [ more ]
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Tony G
Keith,Maidensgrave,or,more commonly Maidensgrove is the area of Woodbridge occupied by the John Grose Ford dealership.

Need affordable person to clean guttering and fix small part on end.

Recommendations in Ufford

Alice K
House based in Ipswich, Guttering needs cleaning and part of the pipe ha come away at the end. Need a decent company/person who can get the job done at best possible price. Thank you

Woodbridge Country Market

Local Conversations in Bromeswell

Woodbridge Country Market
Please look at the Woodbridge Country Market organisation page to find information about this small but very valuable local market every Thursday morning, selling lovely homemade food, veg, craft, and other items.  Better still, also come along and visit ... [ more ]


Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave

No, but what I can suggest is a new course on FutureLearn starting on 15 September. I have done several FutureLearn courses and they are excellent being run by various Universities including the OU, renown for distance learning. There are usually ... [ more ]
Martin W
Hi sandie b, I've been teaching the 8 week mindfulness course locally 3 times per year since 2004; currently run from Framfield house medical centre, Woodbridge. The next course starts Sept 29, 5.30-7.30. Still taking bookings ..See ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Woodbridge

Shelagh K
Anyone know of a campervan for sale? Just need something roadworthy and reliable, a good runner able to get us up to the Highlands and down to Cornwall to visit family
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Plumber and DIY man needed in Ipswich

Recommendations in Ufford

Alice K
Hi, I am looking for an honest and hard working plumber/handy man to: - Service a boiler and provide me with a Gas Safety Certificate - Bleed and service radiators - Fix 3 leeks (one under sink and one under a radiator) these could just be washers. - ... [ more ]

Lost Licence

Local Conversations in Martlesham

Charlie S
Moved to Woodbridge from London a short while ago and paid a visit to the doctors yesterday morning. Came out of doctors and drove home. A short while later me and the wife saw a police car pull up across the the road. "Who's in trouble?" we thought. To ... [ more ]
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Patricia K
We moved into the area in October returning from France and like the other newcomers we have found Suffolk people to be very helpful and friendly we have some wonderful neighbours who have made us feel welcome
Penny H
Similarly, I dropped my purse at the Tesco petrol station last year. It was handed in at the police station the following day. I was amazed. Certainly a good place to live, for this and many other reasons.

Found in the woods

Lost & Found in Great Bealings

Christine S
Hullo This teddy was found in the wood beside the Police HQ this morning. I was a bit wet so have been taken home to dry off. If you know who the owner is please pm me and I will tell you where it can be collected from.
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Paul C
If you go down to the woods today you're in for a big surprise. If you go down to the woods today you'll hardly believe your eyes. Poor Ted missed his picnic in the rain!!

Crime Brief 11 - 17 August 2015 - Kesgrave, Martlesham and Rushmere

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Criminal Damage Woodbridge Road - overnight 12 – 13 August – rakes and green damaged on golf course Rushmere Heath - 13 August 2.40pm – golf green damaged when pedal cycle used to skid on green. – Offenders identified Vehicle Crime Foxhall Road ... [ more ]

Free - Starwriter 30 Personal Publishing System

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kesgrave

Bob B
This is a working personal electronic document writing/storage/printing system complete with power supply, user's guide and floppy disk with a letter head file. Ideal for writing letters without a computer. Uses Canon CR-100 ribbon which is still ... [ more ]

Flypast today

Local Conversations in Melton

2 wheeled shopping trolley

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kingston

Chris H
Shopping trolley, used but in good condition. Collect Woodbridge. Would appreciate recipient donating £5 to a charity of his/her choice (optional).


Clubs & Groups in Broom Hill

AUG 17
to , (ended)
Waldringfield Village Hall
Libby R
This week, we're having our Eurochat Summer Party: Lucy, our Spanish tutor, will be giving a taster session in Latin American dancing, and there will be boules, drinking songs and music. Free entry - bring and share 'Euro' snacks and drink


Recommendations in Broom Hill

Gardener / handyman.

Recommendations in Martlesham

Alan G
Can anyone recommend a gardener/ handyman who could tidy up my garden, cut back a quite tall hedge , and remove rubbish . someone reliable and reasonably priced.Thanks.
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Wanted...unwanted fruit and vegetables-swap for jam/preserves

Local Conversations in Ufford

Alice K
I've started a new hobby making jam and chutney. Does anyone have any unwanted fruit or vegetables? Happy to come pick from tree or collect from ground in exchange for a few jars.
Martin F
I've got a load of Greengages with me at work today to shift. It was the overhang into next doors garden that I had to cut back , some are now slightly on the turn but the majority are fine. Free if you want them, but they'll need to go asap before they ... [ more ]

Shop Closure

Local Conversations in Kingston

Charlie T.
Does anyone know the reason why the Green Olive Tree deli in the Thoroughfare has suddenly closed?
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Carrie H
I saw a man doing a stockstake the other day when the door was open. Personally, l am not surprised it didn't work - there was a limited rànge of mostly fairly ordinary produce and uncovered food on a table in the centre. For a while there was a really ... [ more ]