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Woodbridge Litter picking

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

Charlie Z
Following on from a post on here previously, Transition Woodbridge are organising a day of litter picking to publicise Earth Day on 22nd April. We will be meeting at: 9.15am outside Kyson School main entrance, 2.30pm outside ... [ more ]
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Jon A
Lovely J, you can buy them at Poundland (guess how much) but they do break easily, I bought one at Hardware shop on Hamilton Road Felixstowe for under a tenner and is still going strong 6 months on. If not then Internet where all things can be obtained.
Deborah P
"litter pickers" are identical to what I call a "long arm reach" as used by people with mobility problems.  can get them at various stores that deal with aids for the disabled.  My mother had one for picking up her book as she couldn't get out of her ... [ more ]

treadmill repair/sale

Recommendations in Kingston

Jo L
A challenge to repair a full size studio treadmill. It switches on but does not Start. Not wanted anymore. Ideally I would like to sell it and I would accept offers to collect in present good condition (fairly new but not under guarantee) if buyer is ... [ more ]

rabbits hatch

Give, Lend & Borrow in Hasketon

Local builder recommendation

Recommendations in Maidensgrave

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Tom J
I can also vouch for Ben Childs if you've not already got someone, BC property services, based in Woodbridge / currently fitting my kitchen / has done other work for me too. Ben hasn't balked at some of the non standard requests I have made / very ... [ more ]

Moving to Kesgrave

Recommendations in Martlesham

I'll be moving to Kesgrave near the Bell Pub and wondered whether anyone could recommend any nice local takeaways, shops, restaurants, open spaces etc. which are in that area. I currently live in Woodbridge so I pass through Kesgrave, but don't know it ... [ more ]
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Last time we went to the Farmhouse, we waited 30 minutes for our meal while people who came in after us got served before us.  When my husband went to see how much longer we would have to wait, we were told another 30 minutes.  We called the manager ... [ more ]

Woodbridge Spring Treewatch

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

APR 11
to ,
Meet at the Cherry Tree pub Car Park
Charlie Z
Transition Woodbridge are really lucky to have two local tree experts give us a tour of special trees in Woodbridge. Martin Minta and Steve Coghill, both local arboriculturalists, will be taking us around Woodbrdige on a 1-2 hour walk for a look at our ... [ more ]

M R King (parkers) garage grove road A12

Recommendations in Ufford

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Teresa B
Thank you very much for your comments as its always a bit of a problem with who you can trust
Julian H
Hi Teresa, I found them a good family run company , I bought a car from there Woodbridge branch last July and got good service . QUALITY ! ☺ ☺

Dog Socialising

Clubs & Groups in Broom Hill

Claire A
I have a one year old boxer dog who we've had since 8 weeks old. She's pretty nuts but has a big heart. Over the past few months we've met several rescue dogs who have either been very nervous of people or other dogs and it made me wonder about starting ... [ more ]
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Patricia P
Hi all, I´m sorry we didn´t find anybody... we are new in Suffolk and took a while to find the place. I don´t even know if we were in the right park. We arrived at 10:45 and were alone in the enclosed area with the double door (I´ve attached a picture). ... [ more ]
Christine S
Hi Patricia I don't really know where you went but it looks interesting! I met up with everyone with my 2 dogs but decided to take a walk around the heath. I was joined by Susan and her dog - we had a great walk together. We are meeting again tomorrow - ... [ more ]

Document Binding

Give, Lend & Borrow in Melton

Vanessa C
Could anyone suggest where I can get my dissertation bound in the Melton/Woodbridge area?  this has to be the sort of spiral/cone binding type.  Likely to be between 30 and 40 pages of A4 paper. Thanks.
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Janice P
Yes it is a spiral binder.  It's a Rexcel CB3000 if you want to check out what it does.  Just give me a ring about a week before you need it so we can make arrangements.
Vanessa C
Janice thank you so much - this is very kind.  I will give you a call as you suggest.  I am going to uni on Tuesday, so hopefully they will give me the definitive instructions about how I must present the dissertation. Will be in touch

Knitting club

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

Anne B
Anyone know about a knitting club in Woodbridge which meets at the old fire station ? Days ? Time ? Can anyone join ?
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Patio slabs needed

Give, Lend & Borrow in Ufford

Beccy C
Morning!  Hoping that someone may have some patio slabs laying about not required? Recently moved to new home and would like to spruce up the sorry state of a garden!  Would be great to hear from yo, can pick up pretty much anywhere. Thanks in ... [ more ]
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Catalytic Converter Theft - Martlesham Heath, Anson Road

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
Police have recently reported the theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle in Anson Road. Vehicles with a high ground clearance are more vulnerable as it is easier to use a mechanical saw to cut them off. Police advise owners to park in such a way ... [ more ]

Martlesham Heath - Thefts from vehicles week ending 14th March 2015

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
Here are the details of what the thieves took and their Police reference nos: WO/15/443 THEFT - Carlford Close 11 March 5.10am – entry to insecure vehicle. Sunglasses, loose change and golf clubs removed. WO/15/446 THEFT - Carlford Close 11 ... [ more ]

Hypnos 5' mattress and Airwave DMs boots

£130.00 in Broom Hill

Pam G
For sale: 1/ Hypnos Sonata Kingsize mattress. Bought from Barretts 18 months ago. Too soft for      careful, single, lady owner! £100. Must collect. 2/ Pair of Brown Airwave Dm industrial boots. Size 6. As new - worn only once. £30 Phone 01394 615632. I ... [ more ]

fridge freezer

Recommendations in Hasketon

Julia G
Have you tried the shop which is on the Foxhall Road Roundabout near Pin High and Revolution Cycles?  They are always good and reasonably priced for second hand white goods.  Not sure if they will deliver though. Good luck

Gardening aid

Recommendations in Broom Hill

David G
A few weeks ago, in reply to an enquiry for mowing etc, a lady said that her recently retired husband could be available for such work.  I can't find those exchanges, so if the offer is still live, please give me a ring on 01394 549517 David G

Looking for curtain maker/sewer

Recommendations in Bredfield

Siobhan H
Hi I'm looking for someone who has an industrial sewing machine, so can make up simple patterns in heavy materials. Some simple bags and aprons. All small runs of between 1-20 pieces. Finishing must be excellent. Any ideas?? I am near Ipswich.

top soil wanted

Give, Lend & Borrow in Broom Hill

Averill M
Has anyone in the woodbridge area got any topsoil they are looking to get rid of, we want to fill a couple of raised beds
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Phone Scam Poll

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
I'm using Streetlife to communicate with Neighbourhood Watch Members in Swan Close, Martlesham Heath. At the moment I'm trying to find out how we can tackle phone scams before they become a reportable police issue (i.e. fraud). I'm reaching everyone in ... [ more ]
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The last virus on your computer one I got I said the time as if writing it down and then asked and what was your number please? surprise surprise they rang off!

Registration Through The Ages

Clubs & Groups in Kingston

MAR 16
to , (ended)
Leiston Community Centre, King George's Avenue, IP16 4JX
Maggie S
In 1538, Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor, (he of TV's "Wolf Hall") ordered all clergy to record every baptism, wedding and funeral that took place within their parish. Three centuries later, civil registration of births, marriages and ... [ more ]
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detering cats

Recommendations in Broom Hill

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I have tried most things but in time the pesky animals always come back and I have 2 dogs. I did buy a cat scared that works 95% of the time. Runs by battery or you can plug it in to run by electric.
Jill R
I sympathize   if cats use your gardens as litter trays, but, as a cat owner (my daughter bought me a kitten when my husband died) I have to say that I have no control over where he goes or what he does when he leaves the house via his cat door. Did I ... [ more ]

Looking for relaxed tenant to share home with young couple

Recommendations in Ufford

Alice K
We have a room available from Easter as current tenant buying own home. We are 26 and 30, looking for a relaxed tenant. 300 plus bills.
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Richard H
I know of a delightful, relaxed 20-year old girl moving to the area from her family home in Wiltshire. She is starting a new job in Saxmundham and will need to have accommodation by the end of April.  I have no idea what her budget is but may I have your ... [ more ]

Broken down vehicle scam continues in Southeast England - March 2015

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
Police are advising motorists that individuals are continuing to use a scam of offering 'valuable' rings in exchange for cash to get fuel. Bogus ID cards are likely to be shown. Such activity should be reported to the Police on 101.

Wonderful singing concert for Water Aid 28th March

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

John-and A
The wonderful Woodbridge-based OK Chorale have their annual spring concert in Woodbridge on 28th March It would be lovely if you could pop along to support us (and the charity WaterAid). Full details below. Tell all your friends! THE OK CHORALE ... ... [ more ]

New Store - Martlesham Heath Retail Park

Local Conversations in Martlesham

Does anybody know what the old Seapets shop is being turned into? I've heard rumours of Aldi, Poundland and others? If you've got a news article about this, could you send it my way? Thanks,
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Carrie H
I agree, Marie. We occasionally walk through the retail area and the pavement/bike lanes come to an end at the vehicle entrances so to enter the sites you have to walk down those. Some do have pedestrian entrances, eg Next, but not all.
Ian W
There application actually claimed there was good pedestrian/cycle access both to the site and between the stores. The actual lack of it was one of the key challenges. What I found intresting was how they used the national transport plan to encourage ... [ more ]