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Expert wanted to service a vintage pair of binoculars, prior to selling.

Recommendations in Broke Hall

David S
I have an old pair of Zeiss binoculars I would like serviced. Does anyone have the expertise to do it?

Who wants my expertise in computer

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Conrad P
My name is Conrad and I have cerebral palsy My expert skill is computer those who want my expertise and experience are very welcome to share.
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Conrad P
I'm highly skillful on computer. wide range from computer building to Internet. anything you think of. You name it.


Local Conversations in Maidenhall

Janet R
Passed the KFC on Felixstowe Rd today and it is no more. Anyone know if its moved somewhere else or just closed down
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Carol R
The good thing is John B & DAF I have lost weight, and feel healthier with much more energy, I used to feel quite sluggish after a take-away, but never feel like that when I home cook.

harvester Ravenswood

Local Conversations in Warren Heath

Colin C
after the initial problems with this food outlet when they first opened we decided to give it a second chance, last night about 7 p/m our family party of 7 had to wait 70 minutes to get a table usually set up for 4 people, very cramped conditions, the ... [ more ]
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Alf B
Most of these places that serve meals, use Frozen Food packaged  weighed portioned. Just use your kitchen and eat real food you can cook a good meal in an hour
Holly P
Went in May for first time, and asked to be moved from first table offered as spilt milkshake all over the floor and table legs. The service was slow and poor, the spilt milkshake was not cleaned up during the time that we were there. The food was ok ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Castle Hill

Jim J
I have some extremely tall conifers 60 ft ish can anybody recommend anybody to cut them down for me
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Angela W
When we used them they provided the cheapest quote out of all the tree surgeons.  We did use an unqualified person to cut down a conifer a couple of years previously and the mess was unbelievable with sawdust covering our entire garden. It took months ... [ more ]

Looking for recommendations for acupuncture

Recommendations in Broke Hall

Angela C
Hi new to the area and site, so hope I'm posting this in the correct place.  Has anyone had acupuncture and would recommend them? TIA
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Charging for Brown Bin Collection

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Ray L
It is reported that Suffolk County Council are planning to charge £50 per year for brown bin collections; the exception is Ipswich Borough Council who plan to continue to subsidise the annual collection to the tune of £124000 annually. Good for me as I ... [ more ]
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Toby P.
It's the modern world Brian T. The government and banks are the worse offenders. Men in grey suits all sit round  a table after a liquid lunch and discuss ways of making more money out of people like you and me. The more money they make the bigger the ... [ more ]

Horse Riding

Recommendations in Playford

Carol R
Hello, Probably a long shot but are there any knowledgeable horse riders on this site, who could recommend a very understanding riding instructor for a lady in her 50's with a confidence issue.
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Cheryl W
Valley Farm run 'Take back the reins' courses for people returning to riding who have not ridden for a while. Nicky is very patient and encouraging and lets you proceed at your own pace. Highly recommended as I did it myself and am still riding!

Dog Sitter

Recommendations in Rushmere St Andrew

Sue W
Looking for somebody to look after a cockerpoo for three weeks in January can anybody recommend please live in Rushmere St Andrew
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If you are looking for a good dog-sitter then I can recommend Julie Baker - she has been doing this for years for loads of people, including my dogs.  Give her a call - 07739 476922.

Make my friends grandson a special birthday cake

Recommendations in Playford

Alan H
Hello all again, my friends grandson is 5 in a few days time and she wants a special birthday cake made for him at a VERY reasonable price. It needs a speedway rider on it and perhaps in a 5 shape, is there anyone out there you can recommended that will ... [ more ]
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Andrew G
Hi Allan sorry for delay in reply been away Rachels Cakes of Martlesjam, made us a great Anniversary Cake would definately reccommend Andrew G
Trevor W
My daughter in law makes some real magic cakes. Her website is as follows: As for price, my son continually tells her she doesnt charge enough, so they must be reasonable

mobile mechanic

Recommendations in Rushmere Street

Esther S
We are looking for a mobile motor mechanic asap, who is honest and will give a good service. Our Hyundai hand break has broken. Appreciate your recommendations.
Mark S
I would not hesitate to suggest you use . They have serviced and Mot'ed my cars for several years, and will pick your car up for you and deliver it back to you when its fixed, prices are good and i have never had ... [ more ]

local knowledge

Local Conversations in Priory Heath

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Neal S
I was running a stall there and it wasn't to bad in the afternoon and lots of people there. The air show was good. If you have a chance pop down today and take a look.


Lost & Found in Priory Heath

Karen N
Missing - I am a pet sitter and two of my clients have lost their cats this week. Both female, tortoishell adult cats. One went missing from Cemetery Road area of Ipswich, the other from Chatsworth Drive. Completely out of character and two very ... [ more ]
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Karen N
Good news is that one of the cats, Jilly, has turned up safe and well a couple of streets away from where she went missing.  She was found on a roof looking rather hungry, but is now back with her family thankfully.  Unfortunately no news on Olive who is ... [ more ]
Hayley G
Still no news on my missing cat Olive, missing since 1/7/15. If you know anyone who lives around broke hall area please please ask them to double check garages, sheds etc... Any news at all would be much appreciated... I'm on 07854454304 or call pet log ... [ more ]

Keys found

Lost & Found in Ipswich Town Centre

Sadie C
Set of keys found by my husband on Christchurch Park today, around 6.15pm near the vicinity of an icecream hut. Please message me if you know anyone that has lost some.


Recommendations in California

Christopher N
Hi all! Does anyone know of a way, or know anyone, who can get rid of ants for good? Every year we get invaded with ants and flying ants. They seem to be coming through the wall under the skirting board. To top it off, there not coming through an outside ... [ more ]
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No, honestly, I thought she was crackers but felt it couldn't hurt. Only did it when no one was around, but it truly did work. Believe me, I was as surprised as anyone.

Holywells Park Grand Reopening on Saturday 18th July

Local Conversations in Rose Hill

Barbara G
Come to Holywells Park this afternoon! Grand official reopening! Lots of things for kids to do, plus entertainment including Singing Safari! You really don't want to miss them!
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Liz H
We've been through the charging bit which is not possible for various legal reasons - we are talking about local government!!!  There are staff and then of course insurance problems but I absolutely agree that notices should be prominent so visitors know ... [ more ]
Liz H
The land is in private ownership and I believe is for sale if not already sold.  There have been various rumours that more apartments would be built but I am not sure whether that is still the case.  I agree it would have made an ideal place for parking ... [ more ]

Does any body make and sell trellis?

Local Conversations in Tuddenham

Anne C
Hello Just wondered if there might possibly be any one that makes trellis as I would like to buy some. The main size would be to fit 6 ft panels but I do also have some smaller odd sized panels as well. I would either like it 2ft or 3ft high. I thought ... [ more ]
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Papworth Trust at bottom of Foundation Street (dock, sorry, Marina, end) make some along with planters, bird boxes, insect boxes and a lot of other wooden things. My daughter who has learning difficulties goes there, have had some nice planters and bird ... [ more ]

Lawn Mower repairer

Recommendations in Rushmere St Andrew

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Richard G
Email me  You live nearby i think so i can pop and have a look . It will be easy to sort out . Noticed your comment and guess the cord is not broken , so i am 99% sure it will be simple to fix . May be able to do it tomorrow or ... [ more ]

Close encounter- or not!

Local Conversations in California

While browsing the BBC News website last week I spotted, or I think I did, a brief article on a meeting held in Woodbridge the previous weekend regarding the UFO sightings at RAF Bentwaters some years ago. Apparently some of the main characters of the ... [ more ]
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Paul S
Still can not find it on the EADT website, but the EADT did carry a report of the meeting. Its in the 14 July edition on page 32 (article title - Witness to 'UFO incident' returns to the scene of mystery)
Julie L
I know Mark Murphy from BBC Radio Suffolk has been involved with this so perhaps it might be worth contacting him


Recommendations in Playford

Alan H
Hi everyone, could sometime recommend a really good honest pc engineer they know is reliable to do a good job?
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David B
I am interested to know what goes wrong with a PC that warrants the attention of an engineer. Unless your machine has suffered physical damage it is surely a matter of software not running correctly. Do you use a program such as CCleaner to get rid of ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Gainsborough

Gloria E
Hi I wonder if anyone can help. Some kids possibly 10 years old or so have been playing football in the road outside my house. They know if they hit the fence with a ball my dog will bark and even though dog is indoors they continue to do this. Asking ... [ more ]
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Richard G
The "Do Gooders" of this country have alot to answer for ! Children not getting told off or being punished has led to the society we have today . About time things changed ? Unfortunately those children that weren't told off etc are now parents ... [ more ]
Bob B
Our Police and Crime Commissioner will be available at Ipswich, Corn Hill on 27th July 2015 (late morning and early afternoon). As your representative regarding policing policy in Suffolk he will be pleased to see you. I've posted more details on the ... [ more ]

Outside hand rails

Recommendations in Rose Hill

Marion S
My elderly Father-in-law is looking for a handyman to fix a handrail down his outside five steps. Can anyone recommend anyone who could help me out?
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Glen P
I think age concern has a list of approved suppliers. I funding is an issue and he is ex forces, British legion may help.

Computer Engineer Wanted

Recommendations in Playford

Alan H
Hi everyone Im one of those old fashioned guys who likes to use a table top pc. Im looking for an experienced competent computer expert who is very honest, reliable and will not rip me off to clean up my pc and take all the built up rubbish off. I will ... [ more ]
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David B
I am interested to know what goes wrong with a PC that warrants the attention of an engineer. Unless your machine has suffered physical damage it is surely a matter of software not running correctly. Do you use a program such as CCleaner to get rid of ... [ more ]

CCTV Cameras

Local Conversations in California

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Felix F
I'm fine with with CCTV being used for traffic surveys - but doing surveys just as the schools start their holidays will give a very odd picture of traffic flow. It seems to be much easier to get out in the morning without the school run and the ... [ more ]
Mike H
It would appear that all of the cameras have gone now so the schools starting there holidays will not affect results, however all of the roadworks that were going on would have affected the results.

ladies bike

Recommendations in Rose Hill

Stuart G
anyone where i can find a secondhand bike a teenage girl as adult bikes a shade to high.
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