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Aldi Meredith Road Car Park Overstay Charges

Robert R in White House
I've just received a demand for ¬£70 for staying 25 minutes too long at Aldi in Meredith Road whilst shopping in the store. In case you don't know (and I didn't) the car park is run by Parking Eye and they photograph the numberplate of every vehicle as it ... [ more ]
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Citizen of Ipswich
Whilst I sympathise, there are plenty of notices to warn you of the parking conditions. I have always been unsure, however, whether the car park is for just Aldi customers, or customers to all Meredith Rd shops. We used to sometimes have a breakfast at ... [ more ]
Natalie S
Would you be interested in speaking with one of our reporters? We would be interested in running a story in the Ipswich Star, it may even help your fight? You can email me a contact number to

Building services

Mrs Tiggywinkle in Playford
I need to get the loft hatch moved from the bathroom into the hallway and to have a ladder fitted. Any recommendations for a reliable tradesman to do the work?
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Sara S
A and M builders are excellent....reliable, fair on price, hard working and I wouldnt hesitate to use them again. They have successfully completed two major jobs for me.

Social Group

Kaz P in California
Just wondered if anyone knows of a local group for the over 50's that arranges trips to the theatre etc
Brian V
Hello Kaz, iFriends-Suffolk is a social group which do various trips to theatre, cinema, restaurants, pub drinks, etc. Have a look on facebook.... Brian :-)

Unload a van

Usha in Rushmere St Andrew
Hi there, would any one know or recommend some one who can help to unload a van of household stuff as my son is moving some furniture from London. It will have to be Sat or Sun 20/21 or 27/28 February. We will need someone for about two hrs. Will pay ... [ more ]

Shepherd and Dog

Thatch in Broke Hall
I've just read a review on Trip Advisor that says the Shepherd and Dog, Nacton will be reopening in the future as a steakhouse. Does anyone know if this is true and whether it will be the same staff?
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Janet R
Changing the subject, does anyone know why the trees along the Foxhall Rd (up the hill from the Nuffield towards Bell Lane) are being cut down.

Ipswich Traffic Light Scheme

Brian B in Gainsborough
Why are our local MP's not creating an outcry over the fiasco traffic light scheme in Ipswich. I believe the cost was in the region of 20 million pounds and is now looking like being three years overdue. How many potholes would that have filled?! In ... [ more ]
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Fohall stadium car boot

Jim J in Castle Hill
The car boot starts Sunday the 27th March and is on the 28th Bank holiday Monday according to the stadium management, i have been told there will be no car boot on the( suffolk showground ) trinity park this year .Don't forget to put your clocks ... [ more ]
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Sherry F
Thanks for letting us know on here Jim. It's better than wondering exactly when you start up again. Can't wait, my hobby is bootsales its gets you out in the fresh air, plenty of excercise and you just don't know what you will go home with!
Jean A
We weren't impressed with the Foxhall Stadium boot sale we were to one Sunday last Summer, much prefer the Needham Lake Boot Sales on Saturday and Wednesday mornings (they started last Saturday) - its also free admission at Needham

Gardener needed

Heather O in Westerfield
Can anyone recommend a good gardener to just tidy up and maintain my garden please. Would prefer someone who is retired etc rather than a company as have been ripped off previously. Thanks.
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Gardener needed

Heather O in Westerfield
Can anyone recommend a good gardener who can help maintain my garden please. Would rather have someone who is retired etc rather than a company as I have been ripped off in the past. Thanks
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Sheila O
You could try growing places at claydon they are not a big firm. but a group of people who may have mild learning disabilities but work very hard they are reliable and love what they do there number is in the book and they have a website they keep the ... [ more ]


K T in Rushmere St Andrew
Hi can anyone recommend a good decorator who is reliable please also someone who could stain doors?
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Cold room

Christopher R in Priory Heath
I have lived in my two bedroom house for the last 5months my bedroom has always been cold two weeks ago I went in my wardrobe and got some clothing out and the were damp and mouldy I look around and found in the corner of the ceiling a patch of water ... [ more ]
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Graham D
Chrisopher.Something to bear in mind,Most people feel it necessary to ram as much insulation into the loft¬†space and up against the roofing felt.As a roofing contractor this is not good practice ,you must always leave a void between the felt and ... [ more ]

Parking on Grass Verges

Albchiv in Racecourse
My wife tells me she saw a person writing down the registration of vehicles parked on the grass verge in Renfrew Road. Does anyone know if he is a council official, a road tax official or a concerned local resident collecting facts to present a case to ... [ more ]
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Moblie Found

Beth T in Gainsborough
A black ASUS INTEL ZENFONE has been found on Landseer Park this morning, Sunday 7th Feb. If anybody knows who it may belong to please reply to this message and I will arrange to return it to them. Thanks
I was getting excited then! Still no word on my Samsung Galaxy s4 mini (burgundy with flowers) which I lost outside Lloyds Bank, Nacton Road on Friday 22nd January :(¬† Hopefully this phone can be reunited with its owner -¬†have you checked to see if¬†there ... [ more ]

Chantry Library

Steve W in Chantry
Hi, Several months ago I posted about my wife arriving at the library to return some books 10 minutes before closing time to find them already closing up. Unbelievably it happened to her again on Friday. Our books were due back and she arrived at 4.55, ... [ more ]
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Steve W
i wasnt going to add any further comment, however, I cannot believe the number of people who have tried to champion second rate as being acceptable and somehow trying to infer it was our own fault by not turning up earlier or not going online. because ... [ more ]
You must have thought that they would probably be closing up by 4_55 when your wife went before at 4_50 it's rubbish trying to blame the staff for wanting to get home on time .They had probably been standing around waiting for somebody to come in and ... [ more ]

Fresh Start for Hens Rehoming

Collection from IP4 area of Ipswich
Donna V in Westerfield
I am running a collection point again on Saturday March 19th for Fresh Start for Hens. We are a not for profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to rehoming hens from the commercial egg production sector. OUR AIM is to ensure as ... [ more ]

A Tribute To Norman Carter

Dennis M in California
Norman Carter Who Live and Worked in Ipswich, Died in September 2015 Norman was well-known as a promoter of charity shows And has raised thousands of pounds for various causes over the years. So Sunday 8th May 2016 I am putting on a Tribute show for him ... [ more ]

Prowler Seen

Bob F in Rose Hill
Just thought I would let readers know that a prowler was caught on a property at the felixstowe end of Derby road on thursday night. He was seen off and the police where informed. Might be a good idea to keep an eye out if You live in the area. We were ... [ more ]
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Sheila O
Thanks for that I will be keeping an extra eye open its only a year or so since us living in the rosehill area had our tyres slashed .

IBC Profiles Gym at Northgate School

Mike S in Rose Hill
Profile gym members were given letters from IBC informing us that from the end of February the gym would no longer open at 6am but would open at 8am instead. Those of us who like to exercise early are very upset about this. There are usually more than 10 ... [ more ]
Sheila O
It seems to be the thing I go to the y m c a and they have just done the same as you say not much good if you are at work early I don't know what's going on and I don't think they do either.

Sewing Tuition

WWD in Broke Hall
I recently bought a sewing machine with a view to making simple things like cushion covers etc, but I am completely clueless and cannot even thread the machine. Is there anyone on this site that could help please.
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Jo L
Hi, I run a small Sewing group. Always happy to share my knowledge ( no expert). It's A relaxed informal Sewing group who meet at on the 1st Saturday of the month at the Ipswich indoor bowling club 10.30 - 12.30ish. All welcome, under 16's to be ... [ more ]

Free of Charge Rooster

Stephanie K in Priory Heath
I have a 6 month old Blue/Black Copper Maran Rooster that needs to be given away to a new home. We've got 2 bantam cockerels and he's too big to live with them. He does have a slipped tendon which has resulted in one leg sticking out at an angle. This ... [ more ]
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Sarah D
Are you still giving away your rooster? If so, we're very happy to have him. When would be a good time to pick him up?

Ring folders

Liz H in California
I'm downsizing does anyone want a whole bunch of A4 ring folders before I throw them away.  Other empty files as well.

Stolen Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: 11am Friday 22nd January

Laurie in Rose Hill
Today I dropped my phone when I got out of the car. I didn't notice. I went in the bank. When I realised I didn't have my phone I checked everywhere. Staff at the bank (Lloyds on Nacton Road) checked on CCTV and TWENTY seconds after I dropped it a man ... [ more ]
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Thank you both for commenting - I thought I'd posted it where nobody could see it (I've never started a post before). Yes, reported and statement given. Blocked it online at 'immobilise' too (great to register all the details of all your gadgets incase ... [ more ]

Good dentist

Bill G in California
Hi, I moved back to Ipswich a couple of years ago and need a new dentist. Used to be with Mr Fordham, but don't want to go back. Any ideas?
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Ipswich Branch, Suffolk Family History Society Meeting Thursday 25th February

to ,
The Pioneer Hall, Co-Op Education Centre, 11, Fore Street, Ipswich IP4 1JW
Howard K in Ipswich Town Centre
John Field presents: "Giles and his adopted Town - Ipswich . A description of the cartoonist Carl Giles, and his life, exploring the degree which Ipswich and Suffolk locations form the setting for many cartoons. Then looking at the various local ... [ more ]

Not for profit Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich

Marc L in Rose Hill
New Tai Chi Class for Beginners with Marc Levy Thursday 4th Feb at 5.45pm - 7.15pm.¬† At Witnesham Village Hall. Church Lane, Witnesham, IP6 9JD. No joining fee, no upfront payments. Just ¬£5 each week. Looking forward to seeing you there.¬† Marc. tel ... [ more ]
Marc L Hi to all interested new beginner tai¬†chi students here are two videos of the beginning of our Tai Chi. Don't worry we will not be doing it outside as in the videos. ... [ more ]