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Lazer Eye Surgery

Karen C in Broke Hall
Pro's and cons , i am researching , but most of it is sponsored by the company,  Who would you recommend. xx
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Karen C
That is really good advise. i went to my gp , who basically said its up to me to choose one, they couldnt recommend any. What happened to nhs opticians ? thank you . xx
I was referred by my gp to NHS consultant after I told them that was diagnosed abroad while being on my holiday. Mind you I have not seen one since I started wearing glasses at the age of 19 with my sight worsening badly and quickly. Anyway I now know ... [ more ]

Norwich Road Parking Enforcement

Jeremy C in Castle Hill
Any one else noticed that in past few weeks the IBC Parking Officers have been ticketing illegally parked cars outside shops on Norwich Road.
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Ginny S, yes I have seen road-signs in other EU countries with an illustration of a car being towed - no doubts there! Further, if the owners of non-UK vehicles are resident here in UK, then surely the vehicles should now be registered here, with ... [ more ]

Ipswich traffic (again!)

Jan D in Ipswich Town Centre
I know the subject has been done to death, but... all last week I worked in town at my old place (I've semi-retired so it doesn't happen often). Each morning took less than 10 mins to get there around 8 - 8.30, but each evening, no matter what time, took ... [ more ]
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Richard G
Once you are past the stop line at a traffic light junction you are past the control of the traffic lights. You cannot be prosecuted for continuing if you are held up mid junction and should continue when able to into the road you require.
Jan D
I didn't realise they were sensors rather than cameras, I hadn't looked that closely. I would normally have moved forward but as the lights were on red people were crossing the road in front of me constantly. I was in a quandary! I didn't realise I ... [ more ]

Brown bins

Peter P in California
Brown bins not emptied this week, still not next day  dales area. anyone know when they will ?
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Charlotte W
Our brown bin is collected alongside our black bin (they changed it from alongside the blue bin a couple of years ago), so will be collected this Tuesday. Was it your black bin collection this week because if not, you probably need to put it out next ... [ more ]
Sarah W
Our brown is still collected with the blue, and the brown bin usually goes very early and the blue later in the morning. I think it depends where you are on the route.  I don't often fill my brown bin unless I've been pruning woody shrubs as I have a ... [ more ]

Garage Sale Trail

Marilyn C in Kesgrave
Broke Hall Garage Sale Trail takes place on Saturday May 21st from 10-2. Maps available on the day from 76 Arundel Way, IP3 8QQ for 50p. Process to the charity Operation Christmas Child. Around 120 homes will be holding a garage sale. Loads of bargains. ... [ more ]
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Graham F
Last year could not get car out without indignant looks from those blocking my drive, gave up and tried to go by bus, only to find the service was withdrawn as they could not negotiate Penshurst road. Only found this out when a passer by reported ... [ more ]

Rosehill House Names

Holywells W in California
Hi, I am doing a research project on the Freehold Land Society houses and would like to ask Street-lifers for help. If you live in a Victorian house in the Rosehill area with an original name plate high up on the front elevation, would you mind sending ... [ more ]
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Anne S
That's a very interesting site Lesley F! I have often looked at all those name plates and wondered where the names came from, so thank you for enlightening us all!


Christopher R in Broke Hall
I live near Queensway can anyone tell me why there is so many bluebells in this area they are nice to see but they are everywhere in my garden and the surrounding areas just a matter of interest
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Sarah M
I was walking in Bentley woods this morning and I have never seen so many bluebells - glorious!  And of the English variety I presume..


Ryano in Gainsborough
Hi Streetlifers, My wife and I are looking at buying a house in the new development in Ravenswood and I was looking for any information good or bad about the area before we take the purchase any further. There doesn't seem to be much online and I would ... [ more ]
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Electrician Required

Steve Smith in Kesgrave
Due to my company aquiring a new contract we have a place for a quallified electrican Urgent start Please call me asap Steve Smitj 07850567000

Norbury / Westbury road garage sale

Walter S
Hopefully one should be taking place in the Weymouth Rd, Tokio Rd, Marlborough Rd. area Sunday 5 June..look in the Star events page for an ad to confirm the street sale nearer the date. Suggest  buyers may wish to brings some bags with them, now that ... [ more ]

Ipswich Beer Festival

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Suffolk Police Lost & Found New Procedures

Albchiv in Racecourse
I read that Suffolk Police are changing their procedures concerning lost and found property. In short they will no longer deal with most items and encourage finders and losers to use the Internet to report and reunite. Would not a dedicated section in ... [ more ]
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Jeremy C
It won't deal with lost Property as not Suffolk Police policy to now collect it. Will deal with general enquiries face to face.

Ipswich Branch, Suffolk Family History Society

The Pioneer Hall, Co-op Education Centre, 11 Fore Street, Ipswich IP4 1JW , Car Park Waterworks St.
Howard K in Ipswich Town Centre
What are: “Weavers, Higglers and Moze Makers”. Michael Holland explains These trades and others are based on a document by a parish overseer in Halstead, Essex, for the 1831 census. detailing names,addresses, and obscure occupations. You may ... [ more ]

NHS Dentist

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Ted M
My wife was misled by Elm St charging for work she was led to believe was free on NHS. If so many people warn about Elm St and so few are satisfied you should all beware !!

Carburetter Tuning

Mike S in Rose Hill
Does anyone know a garage or mechanic who can adjust the balance and mixture strength for twin SU carburetters. My usual garage got rid of their equipment when things got computerised. My MG is running very badly at present, my fault for tinkering! ... [ more ]
Alan K
There is an MG specialist on the Bramford Road (at least that's what the signs outside seem to indicate), called NTG Motor Services. It's between the Yarmouth Road and the railway bridge, squashed next to a pub called "The Red Lion". Just pass it every ... [ more ]
Chris J
My twin choke Weber was running badly, so a local garage recommended me to go to their specialist, Mark Robinson who did a great job. He's out of town near Stonham Barns, but knows what he's doing. Checkout Good luck!

Jubilee Park

Buzz R in Castle Hill
Does anyone know what's happening, if anything, with Jubilee Park? I know they recently removed the remains of the "play ship", but other than that nothing seems to have been done. No CCTV, no fencing, no additional facilities. On the subject of the ... [ more ]
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Buzz R
To be fair, there has been an increased police presence since a nasty confrontation between rival gangs of dealers some time ago.
Buzz R
I've corresponded with Carole Jones, one of the local councillors,. and she explained the many problems and challenges presented by the immediate area, telling me that the redevelopment of Jubilee Park is on pause for the moment while everything else is ... [ more ]

Gas Fitter Required -Can anyone recommend one please

Jackie S in Priory Heath
Hi, I need to get in contact with a reliable gas fitter to disconnect a gas hob and re-connect gas to a free standing gas cooker. Your help is appreciated
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Rita K
I confirm what Pat says. Used our previous plumber for many years but he charged us more than Peter from Pete's plumbing for the same job and this was 2 years ago. And indeed Peter explained everything we must and should know.

nacton road

Cathy D in Rushmere St Andrew
Just wanted to say I thought the new road layout at Nacton is excellent with the traffic at five o'clock driving through without stopping. Worth all the inconvenience and for once, a job well done so thank you road people!
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Barbara G
Yes, it's a funny thing, this merging! People seem to try and barge you out of the way or slam on the gas to avoid just letting you in! A sign of the ignorance and discourtesy we are becoming used to on our roads!
Kevin M
Dont think it makes any difference still takes atleast 15-20 to get down nacton road at the best of times bumper to bumper!

Upper Orwell St closed!

Martin C in Ipswich Town Centre
The road is closed as part of the current works in the area. There was no pre-publicity in the area for this actual closure, nor any indication of how long it will last. However according to the website it should have been closed from 18th April 2016 to ... [ more ]
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Helpful suggestions

Tricia W in Broke Hall
Hello community, I need to sell everything in my house (that is not personal ho ho) Any good ideas the best way to achieve this. I need money and no clutter am down sizing in a big way. Any good suggestion would be welcome.
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Tricia W
I have been trying gumtree but the photo came back upside down. I tried upside down and it was still,upside down but when I tried on its side it was on its side eeerrrm I emailed gumtree and they suggested a couple of things. Also said they were ... [ more ]

The old Little Chef on the A14

Christopher N in California
Does anyone know what the old little chef by the Orwell bridge is now. It's got a yellow sign above the door with white writing on so can't really read it. Thanks :-)

Paving slabs

Jack D in California
I'm after a few paving slabs for a small project in my garden. If anyone has a few spares I'd be very happy to have them.

.Memory blankets

Christine C
Does anybody know of anyone in the Kesgrave  Martlesham area that can do dress alterations please?

Free computer advice and support session at AgeUK Ipswich (5 May)

to , (ended)
AgeUK Help Centre, 41A Upper Brook Street, Ipswich Town Centre (opposite Sainsbury's)
Kennedy in Ipswich Town Centre
AgeUK Suffolk and Lxpert are offering FREE computer advice and support to older people. Those browsing at the AgeUK shop in Ipswich Town Centre will have an opportunity to speak to one of Lxpert's volunteering local IT experts about any computer, ... [ more ]

New shed, base and re-paving

Teresa C in Greenwich
Hi, don't know where to start! my small back garden needs 'doing over', need old shed taking down (before it falls down), proper base put down and new reasonable quality larger shed constructed, also new paving. Can anyone recommend a professional ... [ more ]
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Base was already there,but he would of done if needed,He has family & friends who help him, He's a proper carpenter who takes great pride in his work,He made mine to measure,I don't know how to put photos on this but if your on WhatsApp i can send ... [ more ]