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Railway pub

Jack D in California
Is it true the railway pub is reopening very soon on foxhall road. What a cracking venue it always was for music.
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Colin C
with you on that one Jan             nice to see new bands,   when we get a contact number / mail from the new people we can suggest what bands we want to see, covers are o/k as long as they include some of their own material at the gigs.
Clare O
I've lived near the railway since I was a little girl. I remember watching status quo pull up in their limo and thinking how wonderful it all was. I also remember the windows of our house shaking with each boom of the base, which at the time wasn't ... [ more ]

Dying Towns

Buzz R in Castle Hill
People on Streetlife often denigrate Ipswich or areas of Ipswich for being run-down, with boarded-up shops, and so on. I am currently reading 'Thunderbolt Kid', a Bill Bryson account of his childhood in Iowa, and came across this passage: "...most ... [ more ]
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Joanna A
That's a bit bizarre Buzz. Do you also refuse to use ATMs to get cash because they steal jobs? Or refuse to fill you own car up with petrol? And a hundred other things. Self-service tills are part of the never-ending march of technology, it has ... [ more ]
Jim D
One problem with the self-service checkouts is the lack of reliability. I use them but the town-centre Sainsbury's ones seems to have the only reliable ones in town. Waitrose's are terribly unreliable for example. Another option is having one of the ... [ more ]

Death cafe.

Interested in Ipswich Town Centre
Does anyone fancy the idea of starting up a Death Cafe? It's where people can go and chat about all things death related and anything else too, but primarily death and dying. I feel that we don't talk about death and dying enough in this country, ... [ more ]
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Vera S
I'm not sure about this, but might just give it a go and see. Good luck with it, I hope you get a good turn out. Incidentally Thursday is the 27th!


James in Castle Hill
I went to B&Q Saturday afternoon they are either getting ready to shut the doors or doing some refurbishment just about all the kitchen displays have been sold some of the shelves are almost bear
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Charlotte B
Madeleine C Laura Ashley are in trouble any way that's not Ipswich's fault over the last couple of years they have closed lots of stores and their profits this year were still 5% down on last year's.
Pam T
Just to answer the question about b and q they are having a brand new kitchen and bathroom range so have closed that area off so they can build the new displays

Water at the bottom of Cliff Lane

Pip in Broke Hall
All summer there has been nasty sludgey water covering the pavement at the bottom of Cliff Lane. I'm guessing it's something to do with the park and the waterways there. It's covered the pavement and has made it very slippery. This is rather annoying ... [ more ]
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Mike T
Thanks for advising me of the house rules Anthony P. I will of course raise any such topic as a separate issue in future. Please accept my profound apologies for any hurt, confusion or inconvenience caused.
Anthony P
Not a house rule Mike just advice cos if you raise something as a separate topic you will receive more response or advice from the other members my comments were not intended as a criticsm

Combi boiler engineer

Chelle H in Rose Hill
Hi, can anyone recommend the services of a good combination boiler engineer , that is good at sorting problems as well.
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Gwyneth R
Someone on here recommended J T Wilding to me and a job which no-one else would do was done by them within 24 hours of my asking !  They were brilliant!

New butchery

Chelle H in Rose Hill
There is a new butchery opening in the old post office Brunswick Road. Brothers butchery , new venture owned by Craig and Jay , Craig has been a butcher locally for 15years and has decided to set up business. Lots of ideas for the new venture with a ... [ more ]
Vicky K
I'm really happy that this butchers is opening as it's just around the corner from me. I'm hoping that they are going to offer gluten free options 🙏🏻 Good luck Craig and Jay

Heath road/Woodbridge roundabout 'con'

Kelvin L in Ipswich Town Centre
Has anyone else noticed the sneaky way that the number of days that were displayed on the yellow information signs for these roadworks, has 'mysteriously' been altered from the original 11 weeks to a new 13 weeks! Obviously this means that the works ... [ more ]
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Bob A
What do you do Angela, when you are being paid to do nothing. It is not the workmen's fault that somebody hasn't allocated them something else to do.

Woodbridge Road East shops

Anita H in California
Anyone know what's going into the two empty shops (HSBC and Boots)?  Be gutted if another estate agents!
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Mandy M
Just had a late lunch at greggs Martlesham, not much left and the cheese and ham toastie was so greasy and chewy. Coffee was ok. Think I'll stick to the bakers
Martins have a very loyal following and sell possibly the best bread and cakes in Ipswich. If it is Greggs coming there I know who I will continue to use and my guess is that many customers will do the same. There is no competition on who would win ... [ more ]

Staff Recruitment

Peter M in California
Would anyone be able to comment on where Suffolk (or surrounding areas) business recruit office staff from?   Are there any recommended agencies, or do they use national agencies such as reed, monster etc? I'm thinking specifically about IT/Business ... [ more ]
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As a prospective candidate late last year I found Hurren & Hope to be better than the average recruitment agency. It was clear to me that they worked very hard for their clients. They are specialist IT recruiters and Ipswich-based, check them ... [ more ]

Ipswich Waterfront

DC in Stoke
Imagine if our Council and associated organisations promoting Ipswich actually had a vision and truly believed in turning the axis of the town centre we could have ended up with something like this  Maybe then ... [ more ]
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Joanna A
People would just complain if the council bought the Odeon, just as they would if they bought town centre shop sites. Look at the ridiculous road system, SCC had a plan, it has failed spectacularly, councils don't acknowledge the problem, local print ... [ more ]
Ipswich Entrepreneur
The problem with Ipswich is the "elite" few are bums on seats all over the board. They take up posts in political decision making all the way down to non-profit organisations. You know, just to add to the portfolio.... A new evil that has appeared in ... [ more ]

Chair repair

Janice W in Ipswich Town Centre
My beech carver needs a new arm.  Can anyone recommend a joiner/carpenter with such experience, please?

The NCP car park cut through

Kelvin L in Ipswich Town Centre
What brainless idiot decided to allow NCP to open up the entrance to the Tacket  Streetcar park behind the old Woolworths to allow access from Upper Barclay Street/Cox Lane behind the old Co-oP building? I'm guessing that it it yet another SCC ... [ more ]
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Sherry F
Unfortunately you can say that about any road in any town at any time, the roads in general are a lot more unsafe now than ever, just don't see the point on picking on this particular one which I'm sure is not as bad as most. If it really causes that ... [ more ]
Linda C
it has not been there very long I came across it by chance hubby was picking me up and I stood there at the end then a car came along and he wanted to get in to the car park right where I was standing so I moved but did look around behind me and Hey ... [ more ]

Free computer advice and support session at AgeUK Ipswich (29 Sep)

to ,
AgeUK Help Centre, 41A Upper Brook Street, Ipswich Town Centre (opposite Sainsbury's)
Kennedy in Ipswich Town Centre
AgeUK Suffolk and Lxpert are offering FREE computer advice and support to older people. Those browsing at the AgeUK shop in Ipswich Town Centre will have an opportunity to speak to one of Lxpert's volunteering local IT experts about any computer, ... [ more ]

Cornhill Revamp

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Ipswich Entrepreneur
Fulcrum, I had an interesting conversation today with someone about the state of Suffolk, and although Norwich was briefly mentioned at the start with the basis of it being a well established city (obviously in Norfolk), comparison were drawn between ... [ more ]

Former Barnes store Upper Orwell Street

DC in Stoke
I cannot find the original conversation for the life of me but I remember reading that the Barnes store which has stood empty in Upper Orwell Street is being scheduled for demolition. At the time someone raised that this was very strange that it had ... [ more ]
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Richard G
Look at ipswich vision document to see what is planned for that area.
Iain C
Richard that was the ham fisted document I was referring to. It would appear that the redeveloped buttermarket has take the leisure aspect with restaurants and bars etc. So be interesting what they do. The main issue with this area is the land ... [ more ]

Is anyones t v with virgin not going

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My On Demand has gone down this morning.  Will check it later to see if back up before contacting Virgin!

Young cat found.

Andy B in Greenwich
Hi all, Number one daughter found a young cat in Freehold Road. It kept following her and crying and was drenched and rough looking so she called me to go see. The cat was cold and didnt seem happy, had no collar so I used our pet carrier to take it ... [ more ]
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Chris B
I can"t believe the amount of people who don't microchip their pets. It doesn't cost much and prevents unnecessary suffering to both pet and owner should the animal stray. Blue Cross do it for a small donation.

Foxhall stadium car boot

James in Castle Hill
The car boot is going to run into October (subject to the weather being ok ) now and not finish on the 25th September as originally planned

Poundland Carr Street Ipswich

DC in Stoke
The front of the store next to Argos (ex- QD store) is now festooned with posters announcing the closure of the store on Wednesday 21st September obviously 3 Poundlands was too many for the town to support. It does sadly mean that there is now a big ... [ more ]
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Tommy S
same old Ipswich story half finished buildings around the docks and now another empty building the coop ,7 screen cinema  high car park charges what will be next ?

Woodbridge Road debacle

Beth T in Gainsborough
I have just had the misfortune to experience the new Woodbridge Road lay out. It was a terrifying experience. I had my 8 year old nephew in the car and I was trying to turn left into Christchurch Street... I indicated to enter the left hand lane but ... [ more ]
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Martin C
yesterday I came around the slip road and merged as you should without stopping, just as someone pulled out of the first road opposite on the left (Cobden Place), but instead of getting into the left lane pulled straight across in front of me, I had ... [ more ]

Wheelchair required

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Foxhall Stadium boot sale

James in Castle Hill
It has been confirmed that Foxhall stadium car boot sale which runs on a sunday is to run through October (weather allowing) and will not finish next Sunday the 25th September as originally planned,thanks to that I won't be doing tasks at home on a ... [ more ]

Architects slam totally illogical Ipswich bridge contest!

Jan D in Ipswich Town Centre
Suffolk County Council, what are you playing at? Not a great start, is it?
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Joanna A
I notice the Star still haven't mentioned this at all while running a story about IBC reconsidering the Cornhill plans due to feedback from the public. Meanwhile SCC ignores feedback from an expert body.

Rushmere Creative Writers's 2nd Meeting

Sandy H in Broke Hall
After a thoroughly enjoyable first meeting we received many expressions of thanks including this: "Just wanted to say a big thank you for tonight. Really enjoyed it. I do hope we can get enough people so it can continue. " If you're still wondering ... [ more ]
Pat C
I can recommend this to anyone wishing to start or progress with writing. It was a very enjoyable first week, with no pressure but plenty of help and advice