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Anyone with female relatives in the Felixstowe area

We are running women only cycle training courses starting Saturday 3rd May in Brackenbury Sports Centre.  Learn to ride a bike, or build confidence.  We provide bikes and all other equipment.  Please pass this onto any women relatives or friends in ... more »
I'm with Pink Sky Cycling
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PinkSky C
Training in Felixstowe starts next Saturday 3rd May, so there is still time to sign up.  Good exercise, good company and good fun.
I'm with Pink Sky Cycling
Jenny T to Racecourse and 9 more areas

Wheelie bins

I think Im losing my marbles. I am sure I had notification from the council to say they would be emptying brown and black bins on the same day. Guess what black bin emptied but not the brown one . Should have been done Thursday Nacton road area. Anyone ... more »
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Sheila O
your`e not loosing your marbles it is black and brown together round our rd rosehill area and our day is wednesday our brown bin was collected and empty quite early wednesday !!!
It depends where you live.  Consult the form that the council sent you.  States everything on there.  Alternatively, go to the council website.
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Charity Bingo night

charity bingo night at the lattice barn in aid of Papworth Hospital come along and have some fun while supporting a great cause

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the lattice barn

May 12
Lesley F
My neice has found this little terrier type dog in Robeck Road. If you know who it might belong to, please call her on 07977 455651.
Lesley F
The dog has now been claimed so no further action needed.
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Window Cleaners

Hello all, I need a recommendation. We live in a flat on a 2nd floor and need our windows cleaned from the outside. Could any of you recommend a good, reliable and not too pricey company that does it? Do any of you have experience with the service? Any ... more »
John W
we had an awkward conservatory cleaned by Ricks Rise and Shine, 01473 570209, did a thorough job, in fact I gave them a bit more money as it was so awkward and took them longer than they thought, trouble is the Sahara sand arrived about a week later and ... more »
Debi K
I find HighTop to be very helpful and reasonably priced :)
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Home help/ cleaner etched

Hello everyone This is my first post here. Please can I just advise anyone needing home help or a cleaner in their home, to always request a crb (DBS ) check. I run my own cleaning company withy husband and daughters, I'm not promoting my business. But I ... more »
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Deejay tony W
As a Mobile DJ & Radio Presenter I also have a CRB (incase of any childrens parties) plus Public Liability of £5 million.  It's not that costs, I think about £11.00 per month.
Andy B
Thankyou for the information guys, Any particular companies better for public liability Insurance?. I have an enhanced Crb for my daily job so not sure if I'd need to do another one. I think I'll have to start up a new thread/posting on here as I didn't ... more »
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Information on medical data

If you are as concerned as I am about your medical data, then now is the time to see your GP ( an extract from weblink as shown) All and any medical data held in your local Ipswich Drs office will be used by non medical departments and unless you opt ... more »
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Jean L
Claire L , thank you for bringing this to my attention, I had not a clue about it. I am going to opt out, as I have no doubt that whatever this is all about, it will be the normal sham that it is when involving large organisations such as the NHS or ... more »
Claire L
Jean L  you make some valid points concerning all things that come under that much used  throwaway excuse as you quoted "we will learn from these mistakes" and also their never ending attempts to make it sound like its the fault of anyone else but ... more »
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Beach Hut

I just wondered if anyone knows of a beach hut for sale at the brackenbry dip Felixstowe, preferably with a sea view.
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Nosey Ron Always check Rightmove website
Jenny H to Ipswich and 5 more areas

bed & breakfast

does anyone know of a cheap b&b in ipswich. i've googled and the cheapest one is around £40... does anyone know of one that is cheaper than that say around £20 for one night?
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Victoria L
You could try looking on  Its not bed and breakfast (although some maybe), but it would be a cheap room if that's what you are looking for.
Jenny H
Thanks guys thats really helpful xx much appreciated xx
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Bond street.

Well i see they been digging Bond street up yet again.all the time we had that road up cant believe they at it again.I got stuck there yesterday took ages just to get on to Bond street as nobody would leave a gap to get out at the lights.there were ... more »
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Colin C
Same old story, just one lane in use, cought me out too last week, everywhere the situation gets worse, coming home from Lowestoft this morning 40 miles took an hour and a half, the Blythboro, flood work is on for 4 months, horrendous delays just ... more »
Ruth L
OK I've found it-waterboard, due to finish Thursday. Don't forget Northgate st is also shut by the gas board today, hopefully back to normal soon...
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The BLISS Ipswich Buggy Push

Hi there I just wanted to let you know about the very first ever Ipswich BLISS (Babies born to small, too sick, too soon) Sponsored 5km Buggy Push in Christchurch Park at 11am on Friday 9th May 2014 (meeting in front of the mansion). We will be having a ... more »

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Christchurch Park

May 11
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Marilyn C to Broke Hall and 9 more areas

Broke Hall Garage Sales

Broke Hall Garage Sale Trail. Saturday May 17th from 10 -2 is the 3rd annual sale trail on our estate. We already have 37 people booked and there will be loads more signing up over the next few weeks. Last year we had over 200 sales. If you live on ... more »

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Broke Hall Estate

May 17
Peter P
Will there be any toilets any where this year?  we found this a problem last year.
Marilyn C
Afraid not. I don't really see how we could do that as it is just a private estate with no community facilities. The only place nearby with toilets would be the Golf up Foxhall Rd.
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Allotments ePetition

Hello Anyone who has an interest in allotments or a desire to not see this important resource possibly ruined for good might be interested in taking a moment to consider this recent ePetition: Thanks ... more »
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Emma R
We have vacant plots at the Norwich Rd Allotments situated at the end of Broadway Lane off Norwich Rd if anyone is interested. We would love to see all the plots being used so if you are interested please get in contact with me 01473 221011
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Speed limits - Bixley Road and Heath Road

I sent this email to a local Councillor over a year ago - he promised to look into it and reply........I reminded him last July but still no response. I wonder what other people think?? Dear Alan  Thank you for your “in touch” newsletter, it is good to ... more »
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Richard G
Sometimes this forum shows how little some people know about a subject .
Ian W
Ron- haven't we had this chat before? I'm still interested in the reports that support your facts, genuinely can you reference them? (popular press doesn't count). Mark- from the perspective of someone sat behind the windscreen of a car you may be ... more »
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Suffolk Police Control Room

Have just received this latest news......... Thank you for taking the time to show your support for the campaign to keep the Suffolk police control room in Suffolk. Because of our campaign Tim Passmore, the Suffolk PCC, has already agreed to a public ... more »
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Kesgrave cameras .
I spent fourteen years of my life working as a dispatcher/controller/call taker in Suffolk Police Control Room before coming out on a health pension a few years ago. Whilst there I saw many changes, all of which were for the benefit of the accountants, ... more »
Jo G
I so agree with you Kesgrave Cameras, it is my fear that we will get a much poorer service from Norfolk, it's rediculous we can only stop by it making our voices heard. God bless Gordon Roberts a man with wonderful common sense of knowing that local ... more »
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Parking for 'Race for life'

I am hoping with a few friends to do the 'Race for Life' at Chantry Park  on the 15th June, does anyone have friends or relatives who live near the park and would be happy for me to park my car for a couple of hours outside their home or in their ... more »
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Gerald W to Broke Hall and 9 more areas


I'm involved in the Bucklesham Players we do pantomime and summer shows if anyone wants to join in or come to our show ,give me a shout
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Claire B
hiya... I've been involved in am dram for many years but am yet to join a group here. I'm interested in perhaps joining you... please can I have more details? Thanks :-)
Gerald W
What we also can do with is help in painting the back cloth so any budding artist now is your chance to let your  creative efforts to be seen....Gerald