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TV aerial man

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Indian restaurant

Lol in Rushmere St Andrew
Hi can anyone recommend a good Indian restaurant we are hoping to go next weekend for a family celebration.
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Sheilah S
Maharani  is  good----they offer  you  a  free  drink  at  the  end  of  your  meal. We  always  used  to  go  to  the  Ghandi  which  is  good  quality  until  we  were  told  to hurry  up  one   night  because  people  were  waiting.

Death Cafe

Interested in Ipswich Town Centre
Just a gentle reminder about the first meeting of the Death Cafe, which will be on THURSDAY, this week, at the Cycle Cafe in Tower St. in the centre of Ipswich. It starts at 2pm and I shall be the one with the flower between my teeth, so you know who ... [ more ]

Lattice Barn Christmas Fayre

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Lattice Barn Pub
Lattice B in Ipswich Town Centre
Raising money for the Air Ambulance we are holding our annual Christmas Fayre. Come along and treat yourself or buy some gifts for xmas. we have silver jewellery, treat box cakes,toys, avon, ladies shoes, forever Christmas, cards and wraps and much more.


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I tried to post a comment on the Ipswich Star page when I read this report basically saying 'why'. The Archant censor would not publish my comment, reason, 'other'. I assumed that it was to save someone's embarrassment.
Nosey Ron
On the report of an animal possibly being shot I would expect the Police to attend , as most people would deduce a person with a gun in a public place is a job for them.

Garden Design and Landscaping

John E in Westerfield
Can anyone recommend a reputable company who would redesign our garden, and do the necessary landscaping? Must be well-established outfit. Thanks.
Alan K
Notcutts have done mine and when you look at their propositions, if the price seems out of your range, see which of their ideas you can do yourself.

Gutter clearing

Carole A in Bucklesham
Any recommendations for where to go for gutter clearing?    I have some grass started to grow in my gutter which needs clearing before it gets worse, fascias need doing too.  Any local recommendations appreciated.
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Sid K
Try  "Jarrolds"  Brunswick Road,  Ipswich 430963,  or Chris King Windows and Doors,Fascias and Guttering  Ipswich 274725

Drone found inTuddenham Road garden 25th October 2016

Robert R in White House
I have found a tiny drone in my Tuddenham Road garden today (near the Hervey Street/ Christchurch Street Junction). The on-board micro-SD card has no aerial recording on it, nor does it show the owner's contact details (A simple Word doc. copied to ... [ more ]

Blue budgie found

Death cafe.

Interested in Ipswich Town Centre
Does anyone fancy the idea of starting up a Death Cafe? It's where people can go and chat about all things death related and anything else too, but primarily death and dying. I feel that we don't talk about death and dying enough in this country, ... [ more ]
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Carolyn T
Oh, meant to say, I had a really positive response to a post I made on Facebook asking who's interested in a Death Cafe - so I'll let them know about this.



Gemma S in California
HAs anyone else noticed the rise in fly tipping on our pavements and grass verges. THe worst area I have come across is the grass verge between spring and nelson road, all sorts of household items, clothing, litter, also the trees need cutting back ... [ more ]
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Walter S
Gemma S. Re:The Nelson & Spring Road Tipping. This is the response I just received from the Council: "Unfortunately, as the waste is inert we do not have any regulatory powers to request the landowners to remove it." We all totally disagree with ... [ more ]

Case is altered

RAP in California
Also the case is altered Woodbridge Road, has new management, please support your local , many have gone in recent years, last night a singer was in the lounge ,good night, good prices, great night.

New butchery

Chelle H in Rose Hill
There is a new butchery opening in the old post office Brunswick Road. Brothers butchery , new venture owned by Craig and Jay , Craig has been a butcher locally for 15years and has decided to set up business. Lots of ideas for the new venture with a ... [ more ]
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Vicky K
Went in today for the 1st time. 2 very helpful gents and they offered a great service. Good products too. Will definitely be going back. 👍🏻👍🏻
Chelle H
Fantastic, I bought some of the ready prepared beef stir fry for my husband last night , he said it was lovely. I think £ 5 worth would do 2people I just added some ready to work noodles.

Free computer advice and support session at AgeUK Ipswich (3 November)

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AgeUK Help Centre, 41A Upper Brook Street, Ipswich Town Centre (opposite Sainsbury's)
Kennedy in Ipswich Town Centre
AgeUK Suffolk and Lxpert are offering FREE computer advice and support to older people. Those browsing at the AgeUK shop in Ipswich Town Centre will have an opportunity to speak to one of Lxpert's volunteering local IT experts about any computer, ... [ more ]

Free computer advice and support session at AgeUK Ipswich (27 October)

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AgeUK Help Centre, 41A Upper Brook Street, Ipswich Town Centre (opposite Sainsbury's)
Kennedy in Ipswich Town Centre
AgeUK Suffolk and Lxpert are offering FREE computer advice and support to older people. Those browsing at the AgeUK shop in Ipswich Town Centre will have an opportunity to speak to one of Lxpert's volunteering local IT experts about any computer, ... [ more ]

Thieving at Ipswich Hospital

Gruffalo in White House
Mentioning to a friend on the theft of my dying father in laws wedding ring, new slippers and various clothing items whilst he was in Ipswich Hospital and it seems so many people I've spoken with have had items stolen whilst in Ipswich Hospital. Is it ... [ more ]
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Streetlife is just the platform for alerting people to the fact that thefts are still happening at the hospital. Yes, report it, but at least now it's now in the open.

Litter Pick

WWD in Broke Hall
My sister and I armed with a litter picker (2.99 from Elmers) and a sturdy pair of gloves, plus black bin liner, decided as we are fed up with seeing litter causing an eyesore in our neighbourhood we would do something about it. From the footpath ... [ more ]
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Reg S
Dogs lincence yes then b,,,,,,.. cats I will soon been putting my onions in don't tell them

Car boot sale.

Mark O in Priory Heath
Hey all streetlifers I am doing a car boot sale at st clement social club i am selling lots of girls clothes and other viaretys as well please come you will find good bargains there.
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Sheila O
The car boot was last sunday 12_3 5pounds a table if you want more you have to pay extra as i said i was dissapointed after the initial rush that was it people packing up at 2pm the next one is 6th nov look on website foxhall community cenntre or as ... [ more ]

Hall for Hire needed

Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
We are in need of a new Hall for our Thursday afternoon class. It is held at the moment at Henley Community Hall. We have had to step aside for the Playgroup. So we need a new home close to Henley if possible. Your suggestions would be appreciated. ... [ more ]
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Mark D
Why not try Kesgrave Scout Group Scout Hall?

Sweep for woodburner

Ian W in Racecourse
Hi , can any one recommend a flue sweep contractor for a woodburning stove in the Ipswich area. What kind of price do they charge. Thanks  Ian
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Lindsy C
If your into DIY we bought our own brush and rods and do it ourselves. It's paid for itself over the years.

Anyone got a builder recommendation

Adam F in Ipswich Town Centre
Looking to get one storey extension done on house. If anyone has any recommendations for builder would be most appreciated. Also if they are non vat registered all the better, but not essential.
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Jo B
Nc mallett. A fantastic all round builder kitchen fitters. He on time his work is meticulous and he does a fantastic job.
Michael A
AP Builders. They have just done a super conversion for me at a very reasonable price. Phone 01473 725660 or 07720 853 250.  You would be welcome to see their work for me.

A14 Multi-Pile Up RTC Sat 15th Oct 2016

Ipswich Entrepreneur in Chantry
There was a multi-car RTC on the Ipswich-bound carriageway of the A14 on Saturday night near Creeting St Peter, several cars involved and debris all over the road.  I couldn't see any news about it in any local newspaper, nothing on twitter or ... [ more ]
Well lets hope that no one was seriously injured.  But some people never seem to learn about speed and road conditions do they, they think they are invincible in their little metal boxes on wheels !!
Ipswich Entrepreneur
Indeed Madge, that is the problem... and what is worse for the rest of us, is their actions can take us out at anytime. I don't want to speculate but an educated guess would be the first group was the initial collision, and the second group was ... [ more ]

Missing Cat Kai

Hannah C in Racecourse
I have been told that there was a report of a tabby cat being found near Powling road and then take to the vets on Felixstowe road? I'm desperately searching for my boy, he is chipped so I'm hoping the vets would of scanned him. Can anyone tell me ... [ more ]
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Julian H
Try to go out when it's quiet, i.e. late night or early morning. If he's shut in somewhere and calling it may be easier to hear him. Apparently most cats that go missing are not that far from home, 100 yrds or so. Also, they often come home in the ... [ more ]

B & M Ipswich Carr street ?

Neil in Castle Hill
It appears that B & M are planning to open in the recently closed Poundland in Carr Street. I saw this in the window today.
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Home bargains and Pound stretcher... loved them both in Midlands when visited friends...
Ipswich Entrepreneur
To be fair, it isn't a democracy in enterprise. Businesses will go where they think the money is. You could petition for IKEA etc. to come to Ipswich but unless they see a business case they won't.  Sad to say, looking at the area from an outsider ... [ more ]