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It's a little quiet here at the moment!

Don't feel deflated if your neighbourhood hasn't yet collectively wiped out crime, saved your local high street or got together to dredge a lake or plant a forest. To help get things going, why not:
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R.O.M.E.O. Lunch

to , (ended)
"Harvest Moon" Cafe, Capel St. Mary
Peter E in Potash
Capel Men's Group invite all men to join them for their monthly Lunch. Are you retired and looking for a¬†sociable group to spend some time with? You will find a friendly welcome here. Around 25 of us meet each month to share an informal meal and take ... [ more ]

Wanted - boxes for moving

Melanie S in Lattinford Hill
Just wondered if anyone has any moving boxes laying around or know anywhere i could ask? We are moving house soon and need to get hold of some but would rather recycle than buy new ones. Thank you.
Melanie S
I'm only moving within the village so won't be needing a removal company but will need boxes to pack stuff into the van which I will hire.

Boxted Airfield Museum open day

Boxted Airfield museum Langham lane Langham Near Colchester CO4 5NW
Boxted Airfield Historical Group in Colchester
Last open day of 2016 is Sunday 30th October from 10-4. Admission donation ¬£3 child under 16 is free. How a military airfield in WW2 & 3000 military personnel affected a small village. Social history the surprising use of the airfield after the ... [ more ]
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