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Mary T in Castle Hill
I have a couple of pairs of trousers that need shortening and my   lovely lady who has helped me over many years has retired at the age of 84.  What a wonderful achievement... This means I would be exceptionally grateful if anyone out there would be ... [ more ]
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Lesley S
Mary, if you don't have any luck, try my brilliant daughter Zoe Woods in Crafty BaBa (32 St Peter's Street).  Who said nepotism was dead...?

Smell of burning

Linda E in Maidenhall
On Wednesday evening there was a very strong smell of burning in the Valley Road area. It git so bad that I had to close my bedroom window because of the fumes. I haven't heard any news of a big fire anywhere. Any one else smell anything?
Peter S
Yes, we got it as well along Henley Road. We had to shut all the windows because it was affecting our breathing! Our thoughts were that it was a garden bonfire which was a bit antisocial on one of the hottest evenings of the year when most people had ... [ more ]

Hail stones

Val S in Sproughton
We had a really heavy hailstorm in Castle Hill last night and the stones broke the roof of our conservatory in many places. Did anyone else get damage?
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Stephanie C
We had some large ones in Witnesham. I don't know if I am giving my 3 geese more intelligence than they have when I say that they were standing with their necks straight up to the sky so their bills were being hit by the hailstones rather than their ... [ more ]


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Stephen B
My Father's shop in Leicester was near Woolworth's and I remember a lady coming in to buy one nail so she could hang on the wall the clock she had just bought there!

ipswich hosptill

Jim G in Common, The
hi i was just wondering if any body knows if the physiotherapist department is closing down in september
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Theresa H
I have not heard anything and I work as a nurse at the hospital. How about phoning them directly and they will then tell you.

Continuation NBP

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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Once again thank you Martin C for providing a link to the old NBP debate-- much better than my way-- whether or not we will see a satisfactory end to the talks now taking place I do not know-- but surely our efforts will have been worth while-- at least ... [ more ]
I have just come across some interesting facts that I think should bolster up our demands for a NBP-- and I wonder if the SCC are aware of them and taking them into account in the talks that are in progress-- The Ipswich Star July 2013 said the ... [ more ]

Trying to find Trixie

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Some while ago I was trying to find an old friend named Trixie-- there was a kind lady on here that tried to help me I dont remember your name-- at that time Trixie was about to move house-- she has now been in touch-- was it YOU who tried to help? if ... [ more ]
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No Andrew not stupid I use to have problems with-- LOL-- TLC-- and a lot more so I invented SOH-- yer your right CW means Country and Western-- cant stick this Line Dancing stuff-- that's not CW-- we have another name for that it's known as SK-- SOH

Festival of Paganism

to , (ended)
Oddfellows Hall, High Street, Ipswich
Robin H in Maidenhall
A free event for people interested in learning about what modern day pagans do and believe, hosted by the Ipswich Pagan Council. Refreshments available during the day. Talks, discussions, storytelling, information stands. A friendly event for open-minded ... [ more ]

Window Cleaner

Pat H
Yes give Frankie a ring on 685837, local and very good, been doing mine and my Sons for a while and no complaints, Hope this helps.

Windows 10 start up problem

Brian H in Stoke Park
Hi. Can anybody advise/help on why my pc will not start up, despite trying the Windows self diagnostic cure.
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Simon B
Toby P. Here is the download link from Microsoft: It is part of the Windows Essentials programme. However, if you have an, (or e-mail address, ... [ more ]
Brian H
Hi. Many thanks to everybody who posted with their help and advice. Amazingly my laptop/Windows 10 is working fine now; all I done was to close it down for a few days. Not a great technical cure but it seems okay now.

Set up web link?

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Our debate Northern Bypass for Ipswich is now closed-- do any one know how I can set up a webb link for reference purpose only-- I have no idea myself-- thanks

Muntjac deer

AR in Castle Hill
Last summer our garden was ravaged on several occasions by muntjac deer. I haven't seen hide nor hair of one this summer (yet!) Anyone else had sight of any? In other words, is it safe for me to let my begonias out?!
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Pamela G
I sat in traffic at busy London Road /Sainsbury junction and watched a muntjac emerge from Pet City carpark and bound across the road in front of me. You may as well put the begonias out!

Is this your cat?

Wendy P in Whitton
This pretty grey cat has been roaming around Bennett Rd for the past 10 days or so. She is not chipped, no collar but a very loud voice especially at 04.30!!!. Does anyone recognise her?
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Jim G in Common, The
hi does any body know of a good cheep person who can take up a pair of trousers for me thanks
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Jean G
Richard g i have bought wonder web to turn trousers up it doesn.t work as soon as u wash them it disssintergates
Arthur C
There's a Hole on some of my jeans front pockets, anyone in claydon or gt blakenham that can do a decent repair please, must be local as I do not have transport. Thank you.

Wedding venues near bramford

Mike W in Claydon
Hi I was wondering if people could help with recommendations for wedding venues near bramford. We are looking for somewhere with a fairly big outdoor area as well and to be able to hold around 200 to 250 people. Any ideas or recommendations would be ... [ more ]
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Susan P
Tudor Barn at Belstead looks pretty amazing, old barns have been renovated into a very special venue.

Broomill Summer Fete

Annie M in Westerfield
Broomhill Summer Fete Saturday 16 July 2016 A community event in support of Broomhill Library and Sherrington House Care Home Fun for all the family - please see attached poster

Oven repair

Joe S in Claydon
Hi the grill element in our electric cooker has stopped working. Can anyone recommend someone who does a good job and can come and repair it ? Thanks
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Haydn L
For any kitchen appliance repairs I've always used Carey's. I've found them to be very reliable and they have always done the job with no messing about. 01473 233533
Richard L
You could try Dick Williamson on 07769662545, mine went on my SMEG cooker and he repaired it, cost around £150, so u may want to consider your options.

Broomhill Summmer Fete

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Broomhill Library, Sherrington Road, Ipswich IP1 4HT
Annie M in Westerfield
A community event in support of Broomhill Library and Sherrington House Care Home.  Poster attached.

Get playing

Ipswich town hall
Mrs B in Maidenhall
Just heard, there are going to be FREE guitar lessons for over 50.s at Ipswich town hall on the 28th. Part of the BBC get playing initiative.
It is with a guy called Michael Alton. Here are the details from the above link: Contact Mike on 07807777528 email:

Cat Sitting

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Julie P
Thank you Carole for your comments. Just for one cat and for a week to 10 days. No holiday booked at the moment, just looking into the possibilities of getting cat sitters.
Julie P
I made a mistake in my original message and thought I had sent a correct one, but doesn't seem to be on here. I meant to say the Crofts area, Ipswich. Prefer an accredited sitter that someone has used and could recommend.

Free Family Fishing Fun Day at Suffolk Water Park IP8 4JS. Saturday 16th July

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Suffolk Water Park, Bramford IP8 4JS
Caroline E in Bramford
FREE Family Fishing Fun Day! Saturday July 16th at Suffolk Water Park, Bramford IP8 4JS. 11am - 4pm. All sessions are FREE with fishing tackle provided and instruction from our licensed coaches, plus there are many other activities for non-anglers and ... [ more ]

Northern Bypass for Ipswich

Watchfull in Castle Hill
It has be suggested that we bring this subject up again--can we have your views on this and the reason why--if the Orwell bridge shut down the Valley road gets grid locked--if the big expansion comes about North of Westerfield--it will get worst--I can ... [ more ]
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Mass R
I went to the Headlam group consultation on the proposed distribution centre behind B&Q. Look to be a reputable company who are investing a lot of money in this new facility and hopefully will employ many people from NW Ipswich. They are fully aware ... [ more ]
I to went to the Headlam group consultation and I agree 100% with what Mass R have said-- I was lucky enough to have a chat with the gentleman who will be managing this new warehouse-- I did ask him why the HG was not interested in the B&Q site-- he ... [ more ]

Temporary shop closure

Emmaus Ipswich in Emmaus Ipswich
Just to let any of our customers know that the shop at The Dales will be closed on Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th as we are having some very generously donated new flooring being laid. If you need to contact us about anything please ring ... [ more ]

Temporary closure for refurbishment

Emmaus I in Castle Hill
Just to let any of our customers know that the shop at The Dales will be closed on Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th as we are having some very generously donated new flooring being laid. If you need to contact us about anything please ring or ... [ more ]

Singing for children

Louise D in Westbourne
My daughter (9yrs) has shown an interest in singing, and I wondered if anyone knows of any clubs / classes in the Ipswich area? Thanks,
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Stephen B
Children in towns and villages always started learning to sing in church choirs. I did and it gave me a life long love of choral music and I imagine this is still the best way if you can find a church with a choir. Claydon has a great choir.