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Northern Bypass for Ipswich

Watchfull in Castle Hill
It has be suggested that we bring this subject up again--can we have your views on this and the reason why--if the Orwell bridge shut down the Valley road gets grid locked--if the big expansion comes about North of Westerfield--it will get worst--I can ... [ more ]
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Hi Martin C While I agree this debate might do better or needs a different forum I do not know what might be the better--I am signed in to facebook but use it very little--the reason is that there can be too much abuse on there--on the other hand ... [ more ]
Now that all the hellabaloo of the elections are over perhaps some one will answer the question asked by Martin C of Mr Gummer and myself of other people as to the time scale of the talks regarding the NBP and other road problems facing Ipswich--I can ... [ more ]

Public Toilets in Ipswich Town Centre/Waterfront

Claire R in Akenham
Decided to take a walk down to the waterfront with my daughter one evening last week. Apart from Majors Corner public toilets (anyone know the opening hours for these? ) realised that the lack of facilities is actually dreadful. Unless I wanted to go ... [ more ]
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Roger A
Planning permission for development of the S. W. Quay stipulated the provision of a public toilet.  This is the island site, right down beside the lock gate.  So not that helpful really, but will be when we once again can walk around the whole wet dock ... [ more ]
I brought this up with the Ipswich Tourist Office a few years ago. I was told by their staff that I could use those in the Corn Exchange (when it's open) or any public house in town! So pleased that Isaacs have come to the rescue - I do hope they know ... [ more ]

Norwich Road Parking Enforcement

Jeremy C in Castle Hill
Any one else noticed that in past few weeks the IBC Parking Officers have been ticketing illegally parked cars outside shops on Norwich Road.
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Peter M
Maybe the solution is to ticket UK registered cars, and take the non-UK registered cars to the pound?   Ginny, one question.  Where do you propose the notice is left for the driver?
Jonathan W
Same place the Spanish do presumably.... Spanish kerbs are covered with stickers left by tow trucks telling the car owner who parked there illegally where their car now is!

Brown bins

Peter P in California
Brown bins not emptied this week, still not next day  dales area. anyone know when they will ?
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Sarah W
Our brown is still collected with the blue, and the brown bin usually goes very early and the blue later in the morning. I think it depends where you are on the route.  I don't often fill my brown bin unless I've been pruning woody shrubs as I have a ... [ more ]
Mike S
My brown and blue bins were collected as normal on Wednesday this week. I had expected them to be collected a day later.

Ferret seen

Mike F in Claydon
Over last week we have seen what appears to be a tame ferret foraging in our garden near Claydon High School. If you have lost one please let us know. Also how do we catch it?

Black Cat's Missing

Carol C in Castle Hill
Just come through Henley Road, and three seperate black cat's have gone missing, plus a friend of mine black cat gone missing from Nacton. Seems like black cats are starting to go missing again. Please be aware🐱🐱🐱


Keith H in Castle Hill
Well so much for the 60 mile speed limit to stop accidents on Orwell Bridge  Mr Gummer.This is only the second week and a lorry and car crashed on the bridge causing congestion once again. this morning in rush hour
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Not to go off the OP, but I disagree that the A12 is calmer I'm afraid.  I have seen the same accidents happen after the speed camera installation as before they were switched on, these being as a result of the short slip roads and that not all cars have ... [ more ]
Steve W
The OP is misguided I think. Firstly, the new limit was never guaranteed to stop accidents. Secondly, the lorry that crashed is limited to 60mph on a dual a carriageway anyway. I drive over 20,000 miles a year and can say without reservation that speed ... [ more ]

Ipswich traffic (again!)

Jan D in Ipswich Town Centre
I know the subject has been done to death, but... all last week I worked in town at my old place (I've semi-retired so it doesn't happen often). Each morning took less than 10 mins to get there around 8 - 8.30, but each evening, no matter what time, took ... [ more ]
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Richard G
Once you are past the stop line at a traffic light junction you are past the control of the traffic lights. You cannot be prosecuted for continuing if you are held up mid junction and should continue when able to into the road you require.
Jan D
I didn't realise they were sensors rather than cameras, I hadn't looked that closely. I would normally have moved forward but as the lights were on red people were crossing the road in front of me constantly. I was in a quandary! I didn't realise I ... [ more ]

Speeding Vehicles in North Ipswich

Mick in Castle Hill
I see from previous entries, that 4 YEARS ago people were complaining of vehicles travelling at illegal and dangerous speeds in North Ipswich. Now a 20mph limit is being considered. This seems pointless if the current 30mph limit can not be enforced!
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Richard G
On a simlar 0.5% statistic , the Police get a bad reputation by less than this percentage of bad press and people judge them all by that minimal percent ! Unfortunately the Police NEVER defend themselves anymore or respond to criticism when the finger is ... [ more ]
Susan H
I think that is a valuable insight and puts the problem in perspective, Richard G. The sad thing is that as with litter, (which my other half and I regularly clean up from our local lane) you only need a few bad apples who indulge in anti social ... [ more ]

Missing cat

Carole R in Ipswich Town Centre
Black cat with just a smudge of white name of Sparky missing since Sat 30 april  from Fircroft rd area  near shops. Please look in your garages and sheds he might have got shut in. Sending this message on behalf of owner please contact me on private ... [ more ]
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Sarah L Incase anyone wanted to see a picture of the cat.

Swallows and Cuckoos

John T in Castle Hill
Out in the garden today and what a pleasure to see that the swallows have braved the journey back from Africa especially considering the recent unseasonal Northerly winds. I also heard a Cuckoo in the neighbouring wood. Thank goodness some people ... [ more ]
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Carole R
I will rephrase that last sentence in the previous comment they are  the lowest of the low and not fit to be classed the same..
Nadine H
The swifts should be back soon too. It's usually around my mum's birthday on 16th. Love these birds and they always nest in the houses by the co-op in Claydon.

Finding job

Sue T in Castle Hill
Hi everyone, I had to give my job up last year due to having knee replacement in Jan this year. I have done really well and getting out and about. Because of my age (56yrs) I am finding it really difficult trying to find a part time job. If anybody out ... [ more ]
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Ian P
Helo SueYou may find this helpfullWhen I retired I started helpig with the MORI Poll as an interviewer.This is done on individual aspects. They just ring you up and give you the details. how much it pays, when it runs, where is is running.Not standing ... [ more ]
Mike B
I have something that may help you Sue. PM me if you're still open to another way to get an extra income stream.

Ipswich Beer Festival

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Jeremy C
St Jude's is great. As for Watchfull idea beer is good in moderation, fags are bad in moderation.

NHS Dentist

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Ted M
My wife was misled by Elm St charging for work she was led to believe was free on NHS. If so many people warn about Elm St and so few are satisfied you should all beware !!

Jubilee Park

Buzz R in Castle Hill
Does anyone know what's happening, if anything, with Jubilee Park? I know they recently removed the remains of the "play ship", but other than that nothing seems to have been done. No CCTV, no fencing, no additional facilities. On the subject of the ... [ more ]
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Buzz R
To be fair, there has been an increased police presence since a nasty confrontation between rival gangs of dealers some time ago.
Buzz R
I've corresponded with Carole Jones, one of the local councillors,. and she explained the many problems and challenges presented by the immediate area, telling me that the redevelopment of Jubilee Park is on pause for the moment while everything else is ... [ more ]

Bathroom Refurbishment

Linda E in Maidenhall
I have recently moved into a flat and need the bathroom refurbished. Electric shower and cubicle plus tiling. Any recommendations welcome. Linda E.
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Theresa H
I had a guy called Adrian who made a wet room for my dad a couple of years ago and did a very good job indeed. So much so that I am going to use him this summer to sort my bathroom out with a complete new bath suite and tiles. He lives in Colchester but ... [ more ]

Grey cat

Hayley J in Ipswich Town Centre
There's a small Grey cat with collar in our area and we haven't a clue who it belongs to. I haven't seen it but my neighbour has and she says it doesn't look well. Has anyone lost one? Please PM me .
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Hayley J
Hi Carol and Sarah. We haven't seen this cat since. I've spoken to neighbour and she is going catch it if she sees it. Thank you for your comments.

Zumba Friday Mornings 9:30!

Sarah Ann Gray in Castle Hill
9:30-10:30am at Bramford Road Methodist Church IP1 4AY Drop the kids off at school (if you have some), then come shake your stuff! A great way to start the last day of the week - with a party! Suitable for all levels and ages.  ... [ more ]

Zumba Ya Bumba with Sarah-Ann

Bramfrord Road Methodist Church Hall
Julie A in Westbourne
Sarah has been leading our Friday morning "party" for many weeks now, and we are trying to spread the word about this fun and friendly Zumba session! It's held every Friday 9.30-10.30am, £5, parking available, and we have all ages taking part! Whatever ... [ more ]
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Planning applications

Jean M in Ipswich Town Centre
Anyone know how to access on line planning applications to Ipswich Borough Council? Trying to find out what is happening to the B & Q site after they close. Read in Ipswich Star that an "indoor entertainments company" were applying for planning ... [ more ]
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As far as I can find out--there has been no planning applications for the B & Q site--unless some one knows better--


Toby P.
The pigeon racing season has just stared Shirley H. and many don't find their way home. I raced pigeons for thirty years, but not any more. The place you can report lost pigeons is the R.P.R.A (Royal Pigeon Racing Association). If you google RPRA you ... [ more ]

2 seater settee

Jean L in Castle Hill
cream with leaf pattern washable loose covers to give away. Donation to the hospice if you feel the settee is worth it. Looks like new.

Police to be dangled from crane to view whole town

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Loss of national rock station for East Anglia

Jan D in Ipswich Town Centre
I really hope no-one minds me posting this. If no interest, please just scroll past! I listen to Planet Rock all day every day and a switch to new transmitters means many areas of the country are losing it, being expected to listen online, which just ... [ more ]
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Martin C
Well that's it then. They turned the station off for all loyal DAB radio listeners in this area yesterday it seems. Yesterday morning in the car I still got them as I was travelling around Suffolk and Norfolk. Today its just a rolling advert telling me ... [ more ]
Jan D
If looks could kill my car DAB would be dead, I gave it a proper glare when I sat in the car this morning! I've tried a few other stations, briefly, but there's nothing whatsoever that plays any music I like, or can even tolerate! Thankfully I still have ... [ more ]

I am trying to find a guy called Martin.

Theresa H in Maidenhall
I am sorry, but I am trying to find a guy on here called Martin who took away some kitchen units from us a few months ago for his garage. I just wanted to say a special THANK YOU for putting some photos through our door. You have done a most wonderful ... [ more ]