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whitehouse park

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Peter P
It seems the park near meredith rd has been invaded by caravans, and I spotted one person driving a motorised quadbike with a child on the front racing round the park, with no thoughts of safety to the child or other park users. We need action to stop ... [ more ]
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Andrew T
It seems that now they have gone we must shut up about them. We would if they didn't leave such a mess.
Citizen of Ipswich
The 'travellers' at Gippeswyk Park also left bits of broken glass scattered over the grass that the council clean up crew missed. I heard reports of dogs getting cut feet. Just watch your step.


Give, Lend & Borrow in Westerfield

Richard C
I have one 20kg bag of postcrete left over from a job, going spare if anyone wants it free and can collect. It is unopened and a couple of days past its use by date. Give me a call on 07443 522569.

Missing cat

Lost & Found in Castle Hill

Shirley B
Can you help ... This cat has been missing 4 weeks ... Last sighting was wherstead road if you have friends or family living in this area please ask them to keep an eye open for him .he is very missed
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Local Conversations in Common, The

Janet A
Has any one had a problem with having lots of moths in the house this year? ¬†I had some the end of last year especially in the kitchen then it stopped but now it's awful & has been for over a month now. Does anyone know where moths like to nest & ... [ more ]
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Helen M
Oh glad you found them, I hope that is the last of them. I believe the ones we had were in a few packets which shows how messy I am!

LINK: Power Movie Night

Clubs & Groups in LINK

MAY 18
to , (ended)
Thomas Wolsey Pub, St. Peter's Street, Ipswich
What does it mean to be in power, what are the consequences of its misuse? Come and vote for your favourite power themed film and let the debate ensue. The idea is you bring along your favourite DVD on the theme, you tell us about why it's so great and ... [ more ]
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Sounds interesting and will try and make it, work permitting. I'm not sure if I have an appropriate POWER themed DVD as the movie I would have selected, the Great Dictator, is currently at a friends. p.s. I've checked out your link and facebook pages and ... [ more ]
Dear Diceman, I've never seen the Great Dictator, that would be a great one to watch. The LINK welcomes everyone, whether you have faith or none, it's a place for the curious and a place for sharing ideas. Hope you can make it.

Someone to repair lawn mower

Recommendations in Westbourne

Barbara C
Can anyone recommend a petrol lawn mower repairer. The self propelling mechanism has broken and it also needs a service. Thanks
Sally M
Sproughton garden machinery repairs 77-79 Cullingham Road, Ipswich IP1 2EG01473 251526 We have used them and for a small fee will asses and advise on cost before starting, if needed.

Great British Tennis Weekend

Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

MAY 17
to , (ended)
Sproughton Tennis Club, The Playing Fields, Church Lane, IP8 3AX
Howard K
On Sunday, 17th May, Sproughton Tennis Club is taking part in the LTA's Great British Tennis Weekend. This means that from 2pm to 6pm, the courts are open for anyone to come along and play for free. 2 - 4pm all ages and standards welcome for fun ... [ more ]

Couldn't possible do that?

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

Baz M
Reluctant partner? Not sure what it's about? Curious and intrigued? Game for a laugh? On ones bucket list? Ladies - ever wondered why women enjoy a lifestyle without clothes (weather & circumstances permitting). Springwood Sun club nr Colchester are ... [ more ]

Parrot found in Felixstowe Road area.

Lost & Found in Ipswich Town Centre

Abandoned car

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

This Ford Focus is seemingly abandoned in Larchcroft Road Ipswich. Having arrived overnight a couple of weeks ago it hasn't moved and nobody locally seems to know who it belongs to. Reported to local Police and apparently it's not registered to anyone in ... [ more ]
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I am beginning to think we are wasting our hard earned money for the services we want are failing us every day. Paperwork and increased levels of bureaucracy simply getting in the way of getting the job done. Come on IBC get a grip and take on community ... [ more ]

Missing Cat

Lost & Found in Westbourne

June H
My mums cat has been missing since last 1/5.15, around about 9pm, she is a tabby cat with a white chest and white front paws. She is a timid cat and don't go to people easily. She is nearly 12 years old and much loved. She went missing from stratford ... [ more ]
Sarah L
Hi June, Try putting this on animal search UK. Great website. Hope she is found real soon!

Golf Clubs Knowledge

Recommendations in White House

Mark St
I've inherited a load of Golf Clubs which am thinking to drop into a Charity Shop,¬† but am also thinking perhaps as they came from a seasoned Golfer that they may be worth something more than a few pounds. Is there anyone on Streetife near Burlington ... [ more ]
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Matthew S
They could be worth a few pound! Depending how old they are and what make! Like titliest, ping or Taylormade, if you need me to pop in and look I can pop in early Friday evening, Just let me know

Missing cat

Lost & Found in Claydon

Joe S
Our cat has been a much loved part of our family for over 17 years and he has disappeared. We put him out about 3 am yesterday, Friday morning as he was meeowing so we put him out to do his business. We are in Defoe Road just about opposite the junction ... [ more ]
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Susan H
So pleased he was found! We once had a very elderly cat, we inherited him with the house we bought.¬†After a couple of years he¬†started to have fits now and again but was always fine afterwards. He definitely had odd 'senior moments' and memory lapses, we ... [ more ]

General Elections - 7th May 2015

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

MAY 07
to , (ended)
Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich, IP1 6D
Castle Hill Community Centre
SITUATION OF POLLING STATIONS¬† Ipswich Parliamentary General and Ipswich Borough Council Election Castle Hill Ward Hours of Poll:- 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Notice is ... [ more ]

Aldi car park

Local Conversations in Westerfield

When parking in Meredith Road is at a premium, with many of the Aldi customers parking on Meredith Road and along Highfield Road because their car park isn't big enough to accommodate them, have Aldi got the cheek to use five of their parking bays to ... [ more ]
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Elaine D
Just ignore them! I know it takes nerves of steel, but they are not legal or backed by the courts. They are merely invitations to pay, but more threatening language is used! Obviously you shouldn't take the mick! If you know the car park belongs to a ... [ more ]

Holiday caravan / lodge

Give, Lend & Borrow in Westbourne

Barbara C
We are looking to rent a caravan or lodge on a quiet site in East Anglia for the last week of July, in order to give our seven year old granddaughter a week away, rather than be stuck at home with us!

Liars Storytelling Contest

Clubs & Groups in Maidenhall

MAY 04
to , (ended)
Margaret Catchpole pub, Ipswich
Robin H
To mark Election Month we are holding a Liars Contest. Each storyteller will regale two improbable tales, one of which happens to be true. The audience must guess which one is the real story. Come along and listen, or tell stories, and enjoy a drink or ... [ more ]

NEW Members Required for 3 x Arts & Crafts Groups

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

Janet A
New Members Requred for Castlehill Arts & Crafts Group Bring Art Gear, Knitting, Crochet, Sewing, Felting or any Craft you're into @¬† (1) CASTLEHILL COMUNITY CENTRE, Highfield Rd, Ipswich, IP1 Mon¬†Eve 7pm - 9pm Tues¬†Afternoon 1.30pm - 3.30pm ... [ more ]
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Exercise Bike

£25.00 in Castle Hill

Kate H
Good quality Reebok exercise bike.  Originally cost £250.00, used a few times and has been sitting in the garage ever since!
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New friends!?

Clubs & Groups in White House

Kiki Y
Hi, Following the break up of a long term relationship and a house move, I am on the lookout for new friends :-) I'm 31, I have 3 kids aged 8, 11 and 13. One of which has autism. I have two dogs so get out and about with them quite a bit. I'm a ... [ more ]
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Jennifer H
Hi kiki im a lot older than you but not like my age am going though a divorce so understand how you feel I have 1 elderly dog and 3 cats if you want to chat just let me know sorry to hear about your son/daughter I had 4 children and hv 8 g kids
Janet A
I'm looking forward to meeting you & your Mum at Knit & Natter tomorrow morning. Janet A

Window cleaner

Recommendations in Little Blakenham

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Anne D
I've had Hightop (owner Neil Ayers) window cleaners for years in Claydon and found them very reliable. They will come when you want. Tel 01473 231232
Susan H
I've just started using a young chap who operates as Rosco's Window Cleaning Services, does a good job so far. His number is 07812 370390

Spring Fair ' Westbourne Library, Sherrington Rd, Ipswich

Clubs & Groups in Stoke

APR 25
to , (ended)
Westbourne Library (next to Broomhill Swimming Pool)
Heather R
Books, Cakes and Crafts being sold in aid of library funds.  Sample delicious cakes by  Scrumcious Sisters while browsing the books or examine the locally hand made crafts of Novelties by Jan and Timmys Mittens

Taxis for Disabled Wheelchair Users

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Citizen of Ipswich
Since my elderly mother became confined to a wheelchair due to illness, I have become aware of the dreadful lack of taxis available to wheelchair users. My mother has taxi vouchers to replace her bus pass but they are useless as she struggles to be able ... [ more ]
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Citizen of Ipswich
Thanks Mark J. When we next need a taxi I'll give him a ring. It's not often that we need a taxi but when we do it's frustrating that there's not one single taxi available in the whole of Ipswich.

Activities for young wheelchair users!

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

MAY 02
to , (ended)
Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Rd, Ipswich, IP1 6DG
Castle Hill Community Centre
Whizz-Kidz is organising this Caf√© to find out what activities young wheelchair users would like to do in the area. Why not coming and trying out some of their activities including wheelchair skills training, crafts, cooking and sports. There will be ... [ more ]

Laptop Repairs

Recommendations in Bramford

Luana B
Hello there, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend someone that repairs laptops? Mine got slower and slower and now it won't even turn on. Many thanks in advance!
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John W
I would never buy a new computer from PC world, they do not have a good reputation. John Lewis have non-pushy and knowledgeable staff, a great reputation for customer service and often offer free additional year or two warranty.
Paul B
It's some years since I bought a new computer from PC World. As it turned out it was a good one and lasted well beyond its technology "sell-by". I did find that they did have more staff trained in selling without much computer-specific knowledge, but ... [ more ]