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Temporary lights

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Angus M
Be aware there are temporary traffic lights at the Dales Road shops crossroads. Went up last night (Mon 27th July) No idea how long they'll be there.
Suffolk County Council
Hi there Angus M, I’ve had a look and it seems the lights have been installed whilst Anglian Water make repairs to a burst water main. The works are expected to finish on Wednesday Just so you know is a really useful website to find ... [ more ]

Friends, Whitehouse area.

Clubs & Groups in White House

Kiki Y
Hi :-) I posted on here a little while back about looking for friends in the area. I was speaking to a few people, but unfortunately lost my phone and all of its contacts. I was wondering if those I was speaking to could contact me again. As a recap, I ... [ more ]

Furniture Upholstery

Recommendations in Westerfield

Angus M
We used a little company called Anglia upholstery. They are in Farnham on the A12 beyond Woodbridge, but the owner lives in Ipswich and will call round with fabric samples to give you a quote and he'll pick up and deliver. Did an excellent job on our ... [ more ]

Help needed to re-wire a phone socket.

Recommendations in Westbourne

Tony M
Hi all, can anyone recommend a local electrician or someone with electrical knowledge to run an external supply wire from an outside telecommunications box to a socket situated in a bedroom directly above ! ! ! I recently removed an old supply wire ... [ more ]
Dave L
It really shouldn't be too difficult to sort this out. You shouldn't connect anything to the box outside as the demarkation point between you and BT/whoever is the master socket inside the house (often in the hall or living room). It is from this socket ... [ more ]

Lawn Care Companies

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Carole P
Has anyone has had any experiences with a lawn care companies. Our grass looks pretty awful despite trying to do all of the right things so wondered if it would be worthwhile getting a professional in and what it may cost. 
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Carole P
Thank you Angus M for such brilliant advice. Must admit lawn feels very lumpy and looks dry. I suspect it was laid by the builders as I have a reasonably new property, and probably wasn't done with the best of care. Looks like very inferior turfs were ... [ more ]
Tony G
I did use Greenthumb, but now use Grasshopper and much prefer them. Excellent advice from Angus,, if the soil is poor, you'll never get a decent lawn and so far better to relay.


Recommendations in Castle Hill

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Angela W
When we used them they provided the cheapest quote out of all the tree surgeons.  We did use an unqualified person to cut down a conifer a couple of years previously and the mess was unbelievable with sawdust covering our entire garden. It took months ... [ more ]

Boarding kennels

Recommendations in Maidenhall

Robin H
I'm going away for a weekend in August and cannot find any friends willing to look after my dogs. I'm loathe to put them in kennels, as I don't think they will cope well with it, but see no other option. Can anyone recommend a good boarder in Ipswich (Or ... [ more ]
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Local Conversations in Castle Hill

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Janet A
My brown & black bins were emptied the Tuesday just gone 21st July - so next one will be in 2 Tuesday's time on 4th August.
Susan H
Our bin day changed here in Akenham, I think just for 3 weeks from the way the sticker was worded, but they didn't warn us beforehand, we all just found they turned up a day late, then they put stickers on some bins but not others to say they'd be ... [ more ]

The Meeting Place/Wot's Up events, Whitehouse, Ipswich

Clubs & Groups in Castle Hill

The Meeting Place/Wot's Up in Limerick Close, Whitehouse has just published some dates for fundraising events and discos and I'm helping them promote them (voluntarily), so if you can share/attend I know Mags Fortune there would be very grateful! ... [ more ]
And the Fancy Dress disco is now Fri 11, not Sat 12: Please check dates on the website calendar which is being kept up to date: and download posters from the news ... [ more ]

recommend a business to cut down some conifers?

Recommendations in Bramford

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Julie A
Can highly recommend J & S Four Seasons (Jim & Steve). Currently finishing off a lot of work in our garden and they've carried out the work in a very professional, quick, tidy and friendly manner. Took all the rubbish away. The best bit is, they ... [ more ]

19 bus service/ transport manager

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Heather H
Since the reduction of service 19 areas of the crofts are without easy access to the town centre. Ipswich buses has a new transport manager called Jeremy Cooper who featured in the Ipswich Star and said that he wanted to make sure everyone had bus access ... [ more ]
Peter S
I have received a reply to my letter from Mr Cooper of Ipswich Buses. He states that there is simply not enough income from this end of the 19 route to run the bus. The majority of prospective passengers in this area would be Bus Pass holders so the ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Common, The

Janet A
Hi can anyone recommend an electrician? One of my douyble sockets in the kitchen is making an electrical buzzing noise & needs to be looked at.
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Pat R
I would like to name and shame a company that came out to Claydon to fix our  aerial in kitchen all they did was extend aerial wire put plate back went into the loft and said to check aerial played about with some electrical gadget came down said some of ... [ more ]


Give, Lend & Borrow in Castle Hill

Lindsay W
The Bumblebee Children's Charity received a cheque for £86 today for collecting 215kg of textiles for the ragbag appeal. I have since posted on here for donations of textiles for the charity and thank those that been in touch and donated. The charity ... [ more ]

Hakkoryu Jujutsu lessons at St Mary Magdalene church hall

Clubs & Groups in Castle Hill

Lloyd A
Hi, fancy learning a genuine Japanese martial art ? we have classes running every Saturday morning 10am till 11.45 am at St Mary Magdalene church hall, Highfield approach Ipswich. Lessons cost £5.00 per lesson plus £20.00 per annum insurance and ... [ more ]

Be on your guard

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Four or more shed's broken into on Whitton Church lane allotments, all allotment holder's else where be on your guard, about this time last year allotment shed's all over this area were going through the same thing, whoever they are they are at it again, ... [ more ]

LINK: Birth Movie Night

Clubs & Groups in Castle Hill

JUL 20
to , (ended)
The Thomas Wolsey Pub, 9-13 St Peters Street, Ipswich, IP1 1XF
The first in our Life Stages themes: Birth. Exploring that common place miracle that brings us all into this life. Why is it so wonderful and painful, beautiful and sometimes tragic? Come and join the conversation on the highs and lows of new life. The ... [ more ]

What's going on then?

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Some time ago I joined the police email, and we use to get emails every day of crimes/ breakin's etc etc covering North Ipswich, I also know that other streetlifers belonged to this email alert system, we use to get alert's nearly every other day, it was ... [ more ]
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I also emailed them. got a reply by phone but got the impression they were hedging. nothing clear came out of the conversation.

Help Needed due to no collection of brown bins

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Sheila L
I am disabled and we are both pensioners living in Castle Hill. We need someone, with a car, van or trailer, to remove garden rubbish which consists of hedging and tree branches. Happy to pay petrol/diesel money. This has occurred due to bins not being ... [ more ]
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Sheila L
Our bins and all the garden refuse bags we left by the bins were finally removed today. They only left 3 bags that they said were too heavy!! These were bags carried to the road by my husband. There were also 2 wagons on Highfield Road and they were ... [ more ]

Extendable ladder

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Peter P
I have a wooden extendable ladder that I am willing to sell.  It is in good condition has been stored in the garage for the last 11 years.Give me ring on 07760368064.

Vax Hover help

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

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Hello Guy's been to Ajax they have found the fault-- took it this morning can pick it up tomorrow job done thanks for all your help,

Recycling textiles for Charity

Give, Lend & Borrow in Castle Hill

Lindsay W
I am collecting any unwanted textiles under the rag bag scheme for The Bumblebee Children's Charity it is an independent preschool for children who have difficulties with movement and coordination. It was formerly known as ... [ more ]
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Car boot sales

Recommendations in Castle Hill

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Claydon Garage Sale

Clubs & Groups in Castle Hill

JUL 12
to , (ended)
Nadine H
This went really well and was very popular. hopefully it has raised lots of money to help Luke with the purchase of his new wheelchair. well done people of claydon and barham.

Iceland closing

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

While shopping in town yesterday, we went into the Iceland shop in St Mathews street, where a member of the staff informed us that the shop will close in September, sad for them as their is only a small chance they will be taken on at the new store, ... [ more ]
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Simon B
Not surprised this has happened, I had a feeling that once they opened in Tower Ramparts Shopping Centre the St Matthews one would not survive. As Elaine D stated, they should have said it would close when the new opened and transferred the staff across.
Richard G
To think that the town would need two Icelands was naive ? Was always going to happen . Did you think there was going to be two River Islands

Wheelie bins

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Zena W
Does anyone know why the brown bins weren't emptied today in the Beechcroft Road area?
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I looked on the council website just now and it said to find out what was happening go to the news report, all that said was there are problems due to staff shortages. I'm in IP2 so Norwich Rd problems wouldn't affect me. My brown bin should have been ... [ more ]
Peter M
A bin depot at the end of the street?  I wouldn't want to live in the house at the end of the street in that scenario.