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Garage recommendation

in Greenwich
Can anyone recommend a garage in Ipswich that will service and MOT our car at a reasonable price? Thanking you..
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Jacqueline S
Landspeed....opposite holiday Inn at Copdock (so very near you). It's large and behind the Proveeda garage. Very straightforward and profession. Average prices I think.

Caterer required

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Footcare 2U - mobile foot care in the comfort of your own home.

Footcare 2U - Mobile foot care clinic.
in Footcare 2U - Mobile foot care clinic.
My name is Deborah, I am a registered foot health practitioner, fully insured, offering foot care in the comfort of your own home. I cover Ipswich and the surrounding area. I treat all ages, many of my clients being elderly, I have experience with ... [ more ]


John W inactive in Westbourne
Like being outdoors, want some exercise but don’t want to go to the gym, like to have a go at growing your own, don’t mind a bit of hard word? Then why not take on an allotment? Email for further details if you’re ... [ more ]
Jean A
We also have some vacant plots at Castle Hill Allotments.   We are also working on setting up a community plot which will be for people who don't want a full allotment but would like to grow a few vegetables   For our community plot, there will be ... [ more ]

What's happening near Stoke Bridge?

Graham C
in Gainsborough
Anyone know what's happening in the closed car park at the Stoke Bridge end of the Waterfront? The site has been sold and now they're digging big holes! I must have missed a notice somewhere... hope it's something exciting 😉
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Ipswich Ltd
Archaeological. It is a requirement before they can build on the land. A lot was found rather close many years back including when they did the Star Lane gyratory.

Ipswich Museum

Ipswich Ltd
in Pinewood
I have stumbled across information on the I-AM project. This is... Ipswich Arts & Museums. I have to say I am glad Ipswich Borough Council failed to obtain funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. A rarely seen YouTube video of the plans aimed to ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Ltd
The reason I asked about the future of Ipswich's Museums is we already know of the joint scheme between Ipswich and Colchester but in order to get their funding they formed a new charity called the Ipswich Arts and Museums Trust (I-AM). The members ... [ more ]

Save IBC Ipswich crown pools creche

Kevin A
in Sproughton
A very recent announcement has been made with regards to the closure of creche facilities at Ipswich crown pools. This is very sad news that would affect the pools and society. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AGAINST THE CLOSURE OF THE CRECHE ... [ more ]
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Sheila O
Nosey ron cant imagine a busy mum taking her child with her to the gym cant take a child on the treadmill !! Also have you not heard of mums just having a little space while you are busy at work you are able to talk to your nearest collegue mum has 4 ... [ more ]
Nosey Ron
To run you don't need a treadmill , walking is also very good for the child too. Why should taxpayers pay for the parents jolly ? People get too many easy options now , bad for all of society imho.

Lost ring

Lorna S
in Chantry
Gents gold sygnet ring was lost in Sainsburys store or car park on Saturday 28th January. It is engraved with the initials HJB. It belonged to my dad who has sadly passed away, and my mum has been wearing it since the day he died and it has slipped ... [ more ]
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Lorna S
Yes Alex you can, as there was no good news from Sainsburys when we checked,  we decided to trace her steps back, and it went right back to making her bed in the morning. She had tucked the sheet in and the ring came off and was lodged in between the ... [ more ]

Laptop repair

Joan L in Greenwich
Can anyone recommend a reliable person to sort out my laptop before I throw it out of the window please. Since upgrading to Windows 10 it's not been right.
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Although Windows 10 is not everyone's cup of tea, there are ways to make it work better. Come and speak to one of our local IT experts for free at Suffolk AgeUK Ipswich Help Centre (in Town Centre, opposite Sainsbury's) to get some some impartial ... [ more ]
Nothing wrong with Windows 10... you just need to read, search, and the set it up the way you want too.. Mine works just like Windows 7.. but its faster, and more secure. Just stick with it... it,s the best operation system.

Speak with confidence

Keith D
in Chantry
Do you want to become a better speaker, better presenter? Learn how to get you point across. Come along to Ipswich Speakers Club on Thursday 26th January at UCS Waterfront building, Neptune Quay,  Ipswich (7.30 to 10pm) A friendly, supportive and ... [ more ]

French Windows

Julie D
in Chantry
Hi could anybody recommend somebody to realign my French Doors please. They are nor sealing properly and allowing in some very cold draughts.

Capel and Great Wenham Walk

to , (ended)
Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich, IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
It's time for a walk! This month it is to Capel and Great Wenham. Meet at the library to share lifts to Capel shops, at your own risk. This month it will be a 3.5 mile walk. Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. The walk ... [ more ]

Street Dance Workshop

to , (ended)
Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich, IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
Come along to a Street Dance Workshop at Chantry Library! The class is aimed for children over 8 years old and teenagers. Come and see what it's all about, learn some new moves and have fun! Sponsored by Ipswich Borough Council South West Committee.


Angela C
in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, Belstead Allotments have a couple of plots becoming vacant soon. If you are interested in growing your own fruit and vegetables or have any questions let me know.


Girly G in Chantry
Wanted a pram or pushchair for a new grandma what is a reasonable price I don't mind second hand but I have just brought a lovely one and sadly no good breaks on it so starting looking again
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Windows, carpets and Oven cleans.

Ipswich Cardinals American Football

Nick G in Chantry
Cardinals back in training this Sunday! Both the Senior & Junior Teams return to regular preseason training on Sunday 8th January at Northgate Sports Centre, Ipswich - 11am start. New players are welcome to attend so why not come along & ... [ more ]
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Nick G
The games are held at Northgate Sports Centre between March/April to end of August, a ten game season, five home and five away games, and spectators are welcome, with a small admission charge. Fans are also welcome to away games. The weblink above ... [ more ]
Nick G
This years league alignments are up, so fixtures will be confirmed soon:

New Beginner Tai Chi Class

Witnesham Village Hall
Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
A new Beginners Class starts in Witnesham on Thursday 2nd February 2017 5.45pm. At Witnesham Village Hall, Church Lane, Witnesham. IP69JD £5 per class. Your instructor will be Marc Levy. Tai Chi is suitable for all adults. We welcome new beginners ... [ more ]
Hi, Can I join these classes at any time? Through work commitments I wouldn't be able to attend any session until March. I've viewed your website, seen other classes and locations, the same applies but some beginners classes and their time and ... [ more ]
The classes always welcome beginners. Anyone is free to learn by following any of our classes. We are all very generous to beginners and accepting of their limitations. Hope to see you soon.

X large dog crate for citron Picasso f

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Chantry Library's 50th birthday party!

to , (ended)
Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
Come and celebrate the library’s 50th birthday with us! We're going to party like it's 1967! We will have games for children, a quiz for all ages, birthday cake and refreshments. Arrive in 60s clothes and browse a variety of books to transport you ... [ more ]

Harry Potter Book Night

to , (ended)
Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
Chantry Library and Ipswich Children’s Book Group present...a night at Hogwarts! Come dressed as your favourite Harry Potter character for magical fun, food and drink. Enjoy our stories, refreshments and games! Tickets are free (excluding ... [ more ]

Ipswich Crime

Ipswich Ltd
in Pinewood
Very concerned about the crime spree in Ipswich recently.  Ten years after the serial killings and zest nightclub shootings, our very "sleepy town" has been awash with crime. Two fatal stabbings (two murders), arson, two more stabbings, and at least ... [ more ]
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Joanna A
I have no problem with paying higher taxes to fund things which benefit us all such as the NHS, education, law enforcement, the fire service, broader social care and many other things. The problem is in this country the politicians (of whatever ... [ more ]
Thomas L
Dear Joanna,  I couldn't agree with you more. It is my perception that developments will completely overtake the politicians - the pressures will just be too great. The country cannot afford the costs of care for the elderly based on the current ... [ more ]

Anti Social Behaviour


Barbara in Ipswich Town Centre
Does anyone know a plumber who is willing to take on a small job please? I just need a new kitchen sink fitted. With thanks - Barbara
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80's/90's video themed fancy dress party night

Cathy W
in Pinewood
Hey all, are you in need of something to look forward to? Well.... I'm organising a fundraising event which is an 80's/90's video themed party Night it'll be held on Friday 28th April at the Manor Ballroom Ipswich tickets are £10 all proceedings are ... [ more ]