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Road maintenance!

Jennifer S in Pinewood
Hello, I have reported the shocking state of Sheldrake Drive and had a reply from the council stating this road is not an issue. Anyone else feel this road is in need of attention?
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Suffolk County Council
Hallo Everyone, You may find the information about potholes, including how we inspect, monitor and repair them in Suffolk helpful if anyone has any highways issues ... [ more ]

Ipswich Park & Ride

Ipswich Entrepreneur in Chantry
Ipswich Park & Ride due to close after the festive period; what are your views on the service and the concept? Does anyone else use it? I use the London Road site and there is 3 really annoying bugbears... 1. Concession tickets. 90% of users of ... [ more ]
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I thought it was going to be taken over by Ipswich Buses and the no13 bus would be used for pick up. When did that change?

Football area in parks?

Kathy P in Pinewood
Does anyone know a good park for playing football? My son says the Ellenbrook green area is too rough (though I often see other lads playing there!). A permanent goal would be ideal, though not essential, just flattish grass! Thank you for any ... [ more ]
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Dog companion required

Lorna S in Chantry
I am looking for someone to look after our dog for the odd day and when we go on holiday He is a small dog about the size of a lassa. He is nine months old and a lively little boy who loves company. He is very friendly and playful. I think he would ... [ more ]
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Lorna S
Yes I did I have just sent you a message, sorry for the late reply but the message explains, thanks once again

Old Zest/Hollywood night club...

Graham C in Gainsborough
... would make a perfect ice skating centre! Ideal location near the railway station. Big space inside for the rink, with many bar/dining spaces. Such a shame to see its being marketed as a potential office building - totally inappropriate for that, and ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
Knock it down ...for redevelopment... or simply extend the neighbouring car park... It is approx 200m from both the railway station and football ground... could always build "riverside" flats... ideal for London commuters lol

Knitting needles

Girly G in Chantry
Wanted knitting needles to borrow or keep size 1. 2.5 MM mine broke in the middle of a project they are very thin ones thank you so much
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Jean G
its not near any other shops its near housing on the corner of Richmond road . I'm sure somebody would help you if you asked .


Maureen S in Chantry
Has anyone else noticed the lack of butterflies this year?  I have a large buddleia bush which is usually full of colourful butterflies at this time of year but not a single one has been seen as yet.  I also have two smaller bushes and the same applies ... [ more ]
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Maureen S
I would guess there is a definite problem with our butterfly population and that of other insects. Perhaps heavy rains at a time when they were vulnerable affected them - perhaps someone more knowledgeable will come up with a possible answer!

Missing cat

Andreia V in Chantry
His been missing for Nearlly 3 days and I'm desperate to find him His gone missing from pinewood area ip8 His microchipped and has a blue collar on If anyone knows any information or knows where he is or has him I want him returned There will be a ... [ more ]
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Annual Summer Fair

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Chantry Library & Hawthorn Children Centre, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
Join us at Chantry Library for our Summer Fair extravaganza! There will be loads of fun activities including face painting, a tombola, stalls and sales. As well as a BBQ, cakes and a bar available. To top it off we will have story time with Elmer the ... [ more ]

Dog Sitter

Lorna S in Chantry
I am looking for someone to look after our dog for the odd day and when we go on holiday He is a small dog about the size of a lassa. He is nine months old and a lively little boy who loves company. He is very friendly and playful. I think he would suit ... [ more ]
Maria B
Hi I work for Saffron Sitters. Please do give us a call on 0330 221 0583 and Helen or I will be happy to help. The website is Kind regards Maria

Big Garden Party

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People's Community Garden - Maidenhall Allotments, Halifax road, IP2 8RE
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Big day out at community garden’s annual fun day The People’s Community Garden is making ready for its Big Garden Party on Saturday 23 July from 11am to 3pm on Maidenhall Allotments. There will be Mr Bean’s circus skills, face-painting, a bouncy ... [ more ]
This event was superb last year. Definitely going along this year. Come on people, please get involved!

Smell of burning

Linda E in Maidenhall
On Wednesday evening there was a very strong smell of burning in the Valley Road area. It git so bad that I had to close my bedroom window because of the fumes. I haven't heard any news of a big fire anywhere. Any one else smell anything?
Peter S
Yes, we got it as well along Henley Road. We had to shut all the windows because it was affecting our breathing! Our thoughts were that it was a garden bonfire which was a bit antisocial on one of the hottest evenings of the year when most people had ... [ more ]

Plumbers and roofers

Julie C in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi. Anyone know a good plumber and roofe r both for minor issues....roof leaks ear chimney when rain manic and incoming stopcock fixed / toilets run a little when shouldn't. Exactly...not major stuff but impossible to find one!!!
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Lorna S
My son is a plumber and as the other chap said is thoroughly recommended, he has worked on our own house and many of my friends, his number is 07762673306 and the company name is Flotek, feel free to call him

Dog sitter

Lorna S in Chantry
I am looking for someone to look after our dog for the odd day and when we go on holiday  He is a small dog about the size of a lassa.  He is nine months old and a lively little boy who loves company. He is very friendly and playful. I think he would ... [ more ]

Festival of Paganism

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Oddfellows Hall, High Street, Ipswich
Robin H in Maidenhall
A free event for people interested in learning about what modern day pagans do and believe, hosted by the Ipswich Pagan Council. Refreshments available during the day. Talks, discussions, storytelling, information stands. A friendly event for open-minded ... [ more ]

Window Cleaner

Pat H
Yes give Frankie a ring on 685837, local and very good, been doing mine and my Sons for a while and no complaints, Hope this helps.

Windows 10 start up problem

Brian H in Stoke Park
Hi. Can anybody advise/help on why my pc will not start up, despite trying the Windows self diagnostic cure.
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Simon B
Toby P. Here is the download link from Microsoft: It is part of the Windows Essentials programme. However, if you have an, (or e-mail address, ... [ more ]
Brian H
Hi. Many thanks to everybody who posted with their help and advice. Amazingly my laptop/Windows 10 is working fine now; all I done was to close it down for a few days. Not a great technical cure but it seems okay now.

Carpet fitter (Experienced)

bryan P in Greenwich
I am looking for an experienced carpet fitter driving license would be advantage for part time work

iPad screen

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Thomas L in Chantry
How many  of you have nearly been knocked down by speeding cyclists  along Tavern street/Westgate street? This morning was I think the 5th time for me in the space of a couple of weeks and no policeman in sight as there used to be outside Debenhams. The ... [ more ]
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Thomas L
I am talking about any time of the day. These cyclists have no consideration for pedestrians. Along Carr Street to Tavern Street through to Westgate street and also in the Buttermarket there are people of all ages walking in different directions. Mums ... [ more ]

Is this your cat?

Wendy P in Whitton
This pretty grey cat has been roaming around Bennett Rd for the past 10 days or so. She is not chipped, no collar but a very loud voice especially at 04.30!!!. Does anyone recognise her?
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O J M in Ipswich Town Centre
There was a conversation on here recently re free furniture removal. I didn't need it at the time but now I do. Is there a free removal service for a 3 piece suite? Furniture Project don't want it as they can't collect for two wks and it's in the front ... [ more ]
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Maureen S
I'm not sure about the landfill element - our greenhouse went to an allotment holder - a charming Iraqi gentleman who turned up to dismantle it with an English gentleman - associated gardening items went to people who obviously were genuinely glad to ... [ more ]
Mandy M
Unfortunately it's illegal to sell furniture without the fire hazard warnings on. I work for a charity & it breaks our hearts to turn perfectly good furniture away because it doesn't have the labels but our hands are tied.

Boiler engineer

Steven K in Greenwich
Could somebody please recommend some one who will service my boiler at a reasonable price and not rip me off please.
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Broomill Summer Fete

Annie M in Westerfield
Broomhill Summer Fete Saturday 16 July 2016 A community event in support of Broomhill Library and Sherrington House Care Home Fun for all the family - please see attached poster

Cat Found in Balmoral/Holyrood Close, Belstaed Road.

Veronica B in Greenwich
Does anyone know anything about a smallish ginger cat in the Balmoral /Holyrood Close area. It has been hanging around my garden now for 5 days. Do you know anyone that is missing a cat in this area. It cries incessantly.
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Veronica B
The power of the internet. In the past I would have been knocking on doors to see if anyone or knew of anyone who was missing a cat. I would never ever go to the RSPCA as years ago when I found a kitten they told me to take it up the road and loose it.