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Norwich Road Parking Enforcement

Jeremy C in Castle Hill
Any one else noticed that in past few weeks the IBC Parking Officers have been ticketing illegally parked cars outside shops on Norwich Road.
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Richard G
It could have looked that way. I would not be copying much of what the Spanish do with all the corruption that exists within their system. Towing cars away is generally only occurring in seriously gridlocked major cities , Ipswich is definitely not one ... [ more ]

Public Toilets in Ipswich Town Centre/Waterfront

Claire R in Akenham
Decided to take a walk down to the waterfront with my daughter one evening last week. Apart from Majors Corner public toilets (anyone know the opening hours for these? ) realised that the lack of facilities is actually dreadful. Unless I wanted to go ... [ more ]
Joanna A
There are none. Whatever idiot designed the red bus station decided not to have any. I don't think there are any on the Waterfront either, or there wasn't last time I went which was a long while ago admittedly.
Richard G
Toilet shortage is a major issue in many towns now. Ipswich has very few , but every park has them. Why not more in the town centre areas ? People complain about night time revellers urinatinng everywhere , but there are no toilets ! The Council darws ... [ more ]


Ryano in Gainsborough
Hi Streetlifers, My wife and I are looking at buying a house in the new development in Ravenswood and I was looking for any information good or bad about the area before we take the purchase any further. There doesn't seem to be much online and I would ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Beer Festival

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NHS Dentist

Janice W in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend an NHS Dentist please, in or near town centre?
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Ted M
My wife was misled by Elm St charging for work she was led to believe was free on NHS. If so many people warn about Elm St and so few are satisfied you should all beware !!

Jubilee Park

Buzz R in Castle Hill
Does anyone know what's happening, if anything, with Jubilee Park? I know they recently removed the remains of the "play ship", but other than that nothing seems to have been done. No CCTV, no fencing, no additional facilities. On the subject of the ... [ more ]
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Buzz R
To be fair, there has been an increased police presence since a nasty confrontation between rival gangs of dealers some time ago.
Buzz R
I've corresponded with Carole Jones, one of the local councillors,. and she explained the many problems and challenges presented by the immediate area, telling me that the redevelopment of Jubilee Park is on pause for the moment while everything else is ... [ more ]

Bathroom Refurbishment

Linda E in Maidenhall
I have recently moved into a flat and need the bathroom refurbished. Electric shower and cubicle plus tiling. Any recommendations welcome. Linda E.
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Theresa H
I had a guy called Adrian who made a wet room for my dad a couple of years ago and did a very good job indeed. So much so that I am going to use him this summer to sort my bathroom out with a complete new bath suite and tiles. He lives in Colchester but ... [ more ]

Elmer Day for Children

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich, IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
Help us celebrate our first Elmer Day (Elmer the elephant) at Chantry Library! 10am - 12pm We will have stories, games, crafts and refreshments. Come wearing your brightest clothes!

Chantry Library Junior DISCO (7-12 Years)

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich, IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
Come and join us for dancing and games at Chantry Library on Friday 13th May, the friends of Chantry library will be hosting a Disco for 7-12 year olds! Entry for the disco, dancing & games is only £3.00. Parents are invited to stay for the event. ... [ more ]

Tabletop fridge

Yvonne B in Chantry
I have a small electric tabletop fridge free to a good home suitable Bedsit or Mobil home good working order but a small amount of discolouration sorry cannot deliver IP 2 area


Keith H in Castle Hill
Well so much for the 60 mile speed limit to stop accidents on Orwell Bridge  Mr Gummer.This is only the second week and a lorry and car crashed on the bridge causing congestion once again. this morning in rush hour
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Christine M
If people drove sensibly without tailgating and only using outside lane for it's purpose of overtaking, traffic would probably flow better. As for bridge speed restriction it is only for a few hundred yards hardly enough to slow down a journey. I think ... [ more ]
Not to go off the OP, but I disagree that the A12 is calmer I'm afraid.  I have seen the same accidents happen after the speed camera installation as before they were switched on, these being as a result of the short slip roads and that not all cars have ... [ more ]

Dog Grooming Parlour

Patricia D in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend an experienced dog groomer/parlour for my 13 week old cockerpoo please? We live near the Copdock roundabout.
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Teresa C
I took my cockapoo to Four paws on Foxhall Road when she was about the same age for a 'puppy groom' which is a bath and dry and brush up, just so her first experience was short and sweet rather than the long complete groom, the staff are incredibly ... [ more ]

New place for Chantry Library news

Circular walk to spring wood nature reserve

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich
Cathy G in Copdock
Meet at Chantry Library- all ages welcome- a three mile walk to see the bluebells, with tea and cake afterwards in the library, and quiz for children. This is a stepping out health walk and free of charge
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Peter M
Cathy G does that mean any future postings will NOT appear here?   If so, doesn't that defeat the object?

Pot holes

Tony O in Copdock
What's happened to our local council. Pot holes everywhere. We live on the Chantry Est, and we have big holes on the Hawthorn roundabout near the Kingfisher pub and the Doctors I have seen cyclists dodging these pot holes and nearly been hit by cars? ... [ more ]
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Tony O
Hi Mel. Have now reported it to highways dept. Thank you for your quick response.Hope we can sort out soon. Kind regards Tony
Anita S
Have reported other end of Kingfisher Ave too,when you turn into it from Robin Drive.It is getting extremely bad with potholes and bumps yet again.It's no use keep bodging.They need doing properly once and for all.This road had workmen on it several ... [ more ]

Free shed


Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
Belstead allotments have a few plots vacant, it is a lovely site at the bottom of Bobbits lane. Everyone is friendly, we have a community shed and a loo. A great way to meet new people get fit and grow your own dinner.
Mark J
Hi Angela, who would I need to contact to obtain one of the plots please? :-)
Angela C
Phone the council 433512 they will put you in touch with Judy Mills field secretary or look on the Belstead allotments facebook page. Hope to hear from you soon

carpenter and kitchen fitters

bryan P in Greenwich
I am looking for Kitchen fitters must be reliable and reasonably priced and good workmanship also looking for a carpenter I would welcome any recomendations Many thanks

Repointing needed


Kuhli in Pinewood
Can anyone recommend a ladies hairdresser in Ipswich town centre area please? I'm looking for someone who isn't scissor happy and will do a wash and set at a reasonable price. TIA.
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Hi. Amy. Thanks for the reply. A list of your services and prices would be useful and also where exactly are you setting up? Ginny S, I have tried the salon you suggested but they don't do wash and sets and the prices stated are misleading. A friend ... [ more ]
Amy Maes
Hi Kuhli of course I will list my prices below, I do also offer a OAP discount and can also offer shampoo and sets. I will be based in Stoke park IP2. Any more questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Trim from £15.00 Cut and blow-dry from £20 ... [ more ]

I am trying to find a guy called Martin.

Theresa H in Maidenhall
I am sorry, but I am trying to find a guy on here called Martin who took away some kitchen units from us a few months ago for his garage. I just wanted to say a special THANK YOU for putting some photos through our door. You have done a most wonderful ... [ more ]

Collections for British Red Cross!!!

Paul F in Stoke
Hi!! My name is Paul Fleet and I am the Senior Community Fundraiser for British Red Cross in Norfolk and Suffolk. The charity has been given permission to collect from 9am-5pm at the following places: • Ipswich Tesco – Thursday 5th May and Friday 6th ... [ more ]

Rubbish and many other problems

Block paving cleaner

Joan L in Chantry
Can anyone recommend a block paving repair and clean person. We inherited a drive in poor condition and want to clean it up before deciding to rip it up and replace with something else. We have our own jet washer but this needs more professional machines ... [ more ]

A good home needed for a Meditec stairlift.

Theresa H in Maidenhall
My partners parents are moving from Hollesley into a bungalow and will no longer need their stairlift. It is a few years old but is in good working order and has recently been serviced.  They are quite happy to let it go to someones home free of charge. ... [ more ]