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Belstead Meadows

David P in Copdock
The developer of Belstead House and the Belstead Meadows area has submitted an amended planning application. It is on the Babergh District Council website under planning. I am a parish councillor for Pinewood and can assure you that the Parish Council ... [ more ]
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David P
The Belstead Meadows amended application is being discussed at the Pinewood Parish Council meeting on Monday at the Community Hall 7.30
Thomas L
I am utterly amazed. Is this scheme still current ?? Whereas this will not directly impinge on my household the fact still remains that - as I think most of us agree - this proposed development is the height of inappropriateness. We have the Veterinary ... [ more ]

Photo ID.

SMM in Ipswich Town Centre
I am after a some information please. I'm going to have to get some form off photo ID (Can't open a new bank account, take out a new phone contract, can't get a new dentist etc.) with out doing so regardless of the fact I've lived with 10 miles of my ... [ more ]
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It's not going to be cheap Spotty Dog. I need to get a medical report from my doctors (Private appointment not NHS) same with opticians and my licence might not be renewed and according to the lady I spoke to at the DVLA this morning could take approx ... [ more ]

For Sale New-Ladies-Military-Army-style-olive-green-Cotton-Jacket-Coat-UK-Size-14-EU-42 New-Ladies-Milit


Joan L in Chantry
Has anybody been prescribed statins, have you had any side effects? I have been taking them for about nine months and have had severe leg pains! Had X-ray and MRI. Have been told they both show nothing unusual. I would love to hear your experience.
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Joan L
I have tried 3 different stations. 1st gave me stomach problems, 2nd windy problems, 3rd joint pains. I do not think I will be trying another.


Ian C in Chantry
Can someone tell me why people who work all day seem to feel the need to shut there dogs out in the garden so that they can bark and cry all the time and then when they come home let them in for five minute and then back out ,if they dont want them there ... [ more ]
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Thomas L
I have a horrible suspicion that I know the source of this. Dogs are wonderful loving creatures, They want affection and to be properly cared for, fed and watered and exercised correctly. They are also great company and a great source of exercise for ... [ more ]

Door fitter

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Claire B
Irene, I know that Luke B broke his phone yesterday - should be back in action later today, but if you need to get hold of him this morning it may be best to private message him on here!


Colin H in Pinewood
Looking for someone who can put up coving in a small bedroom we have the coving but just need an experienced person it fit it.

Old Batteries

Andrew P in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, Has anyone got any old Car/Van or Truck or leisure batteries or other lead acid batteries sitting around which they don't want, I could do with a few and would be willing to collect from the local area? Ideally they can still hold a bit of charge, ... [ more ]

Grand Booksale

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich
Cathy G in Copdock
Grand booksale- ex library and donated books- 10p each or 12 for £1 Proceeds to Friends of Chantry Library Refreshments available
Cathy G
Thanks Ellen. Please do spread the word about these- we will be holding them the first weekend of every month

St Matthews Street

Finchy in Ipswich Town Centre
The vacant flats above the shops along St Matthews Street are undergoing another paint job. Going for dazzle camouflage this time around.
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Help needed

bryan P in Greenwich
Hi Folks I am looking for a young lad to help and learn the carpet trade, must be able to lift and be available as and when needed .  also looking for local painter to paint reskimmed ceiling and coving  thanks very much
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Mark C
Busy bodys is very harsh Helen 😕 ,he was given some good advice on possible legalities and unfortunately no matter how indescreet asked it's too easy to come unstuck on such matters. I was gonna apply as the young applied to me but I'm a young 40 ... [ more ]
Paul H
Figure of speech. It's a Suffolk thing I guess. When I need a hand in the building trade, I ask in the builders merchants if anyone knows of a lad not afraid of hard work. Way of life. In over 10yrs, I can count on one hand the female "trades" I have ... [ more ]


The Meeting Place Centre in Ipswich Town Centre
TABLE TOP SALE AND CREAM TEA. This Saturday 11am til 3pm at The Meeting Place Community Centre, limerick close ip1 5lr. All welcome. Fundraising for new carpets. Any unwanted items we have a small charity shop in the community centre and would ... [ more ]

Take the first step in overcoming the fear of speaking in public

Keith D in Chantry
Thursday, 8th October, 2015 at 7:30 PM at UCS Waterfront building, Neptune Quay, IP4 1QJ, Ipswich Ipswich Speakers Club, the ideal friendly, informative place to come to improve your skills and confidence in speaking and presenting, whatever the size of ... [ more ]

TV Repairs

Justine S in Copdock
hi just wondered if anybody knows of a good place to take my TV to be looked at? It went pop at the weekend and as it's only about 3 years old would like to try the repair route before having to buy a new one! - thanks
Jonathan B
R.s. ward foxhall road, Ipswich component went on my parents tv and stopped it from turning on , fault found and repairs completed within a few days.
Tony G
I have used R.S.Ward on Foxhall road just past Parliament Road on left for repair to a 1990 hi-fi. Excellent & speedy repair

Street Racing

Steven K in Greenwich
Could anyone else hear the cars racing around the centre of Ipswich last night. I could still hear them at 3am.
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Steven K
Well it started again last night so i called 101 and spoke to the traffic police over at martlesham( the operator said he heard it sat night) they said they'd put it out on the radio and shortly after it stopped. Hopefully if people keep phoning itll ... [ more ]
I heard it quite clearly on chantry. Thought it was motor bikes heading to chantry but none arrived. Surely the police would have heard it? More speed bumps needed maybe. About two feet high that collapse when normal people drive over them! Will leave ... [ more ]

Batteries Wanted Please

Andrew P in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, Has anyone got any old Car/Van or Truck or leisure batteries or other lead acid batteries sitting around which they don't want, I could do with a few and would be willing to collect from the local area? Ideally they can still hold a bit of charge, ... [ more ]


Linda E in Maidenhall
I hope to be moving soon and have found great disparity in the quotes obtained from local removal companies. Can anyone recommend a local firm that they have used recently?
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Jean A
I don't know if they still do so, but Wyards used to offer an hourly rate for removals within Ipswich.  If you are in a 'chain' then an hourly rate may not be cheaper if the people moving from the property you are going to are taking longer to 'get out' ... [ more ]
Gary W
Risdales at Newbourne were brilliant a year ago when we moved into Ipswich, they were able to help when we had a last minute panic owing to someone further down the chain playing silly b..... .They were very reasonably priced as well

Manual typewriter

Suzanne M in Wherstead
Does anyone have a manual typewriter tucked away somewhere? One is needed by a disabled old gal who has lost the use of right arm. She can type one handed on a portable and needs to get out letters. Also needed, a washing machine drum. Thank you!

Learn how to play Bridge

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Kesgrave Community Centre

kodak printer

Joan L in Chantry
I have a Kodak printer that needs repairing. It copies and scans. If anyone is handy at repairs and can make use of it, let me know. A donation to charity would be nice in exchange.

Star Gazing

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Chantry Library
Cathy G in Copdock
Come and view the stars with Orwell astronomical society outside Chantry library. Activities and an interactive talk beforehand in the library with free space themed refreshments. Cost 1.50 per adult, children free (aimed at 9+ age group)

Astronomical afternoon

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Chantry Library
Cathy G in Copdock
Astronomical event for primary school children and younger. Free games and activities and cheap space themes refreshments to celebrate new Star Wars film

advice please

Angela W in Greenwich
My neighbour is  elderly and is looked after by home help who come several times a day.  One of them spends the majority of her time in her car smoking and texting.  This may be legitimate however I am concerned that my neighbour could be being ... [ more ]
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Anne L
How long are they spending inside the house? Visits last from 15-60 minutes, depending on what care is required. It is most likely though that they have arrived early and are waiting.
If I was you I would ask the carer .I am a home carer and quite often get asked by a neighbour how a person is getting on ,they won't mind if there's nothing to hide

Table top/craft sale

The Meeting Place Centre in Ipswich Town Centre
Table Top Sale/ Crafts/Cream Teas 3rd October  11am til 3pm all welcome Tables £5 Contact Mags on 01473  745470 or email  to book. Fundraiser for the new carpets for the centre. The Meeting Place Community Centre, Limerick ... [ more ]

overcoming fear of speaking to groups

Keith D in Chantry
Thursday 24th Sept - 7:30PM at University Campus Suffolk, Waterfront, Ipswich. Do nerves,anxiety or fear put you off speaking and presenting? Or perhaps you just want to get your points across more effectively, come along to the first of this season's ... [ more ]