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It's a little quiet here at the moment!

Don't feel deflated if your neighbourhood hasn't yet collectively wiped out crime, saved your local high street or got together to dredge a lake or plant a forest. To help get things going, why not:
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Major traffic problems

Local Conversations in Coles Green

Kathy P
Traffic seems to be at a standstill in many roads to the Southwest of Ipswich at the moment (10am Monday 26th). There's been an accident on the A14 travelling West at the Sproughton turn off and it's causing major problems on the surrounding roads. If ... [ more ]

A12 North closed tonight

Local Conversations in Coles Green

Kathy P
I see the A12 will be closed overnight tonight from 9.30pm on the Northbound carriageway from East Bergholt to Copdock Mill roundabout. I assume the diversions will be via East Bergholt and the A137.

Garden table cover

Lost & Found in Chattisham

Paul F
I have been given a green and buff tarpaulin, a cover for what is probably a garden table.  It was deposited in my front garden , presumably, by the wind, last night. If it is yours please give me a ring on 01473 311516 and we can arrange to take it ... [ more ]