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Chris G to Washbrook and 9 more areas


Hi, I live in Washbrook & am looking for a local Yoga class...anyone know of one? Also if you want a good meal that's not microwaved & with locally sourced produce try The Brook in Washbrook...highly recommended...
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Joan D
Hi Chris I attend a yoga class at Stoke High School at 6.45p.m. on Mondays. There's a second class at 8p.m. You can just turn up to try it. It costs £5.50 per session.
Chris G
Thanks so much Joan, I've got a couple of leads now. x
Linda P to Capel St Mary and 9 more areas


Is there anyone who does crochet for people.   I have a 'cuddly tortoise' pattern that I would like to have made up.   I would be happy to pay for the time and skill involved.
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SuffolkBoy1956 to Capel St Mary and 9 more areas

Anyone tried Symprove?

Our Drs surgery has started promoting a product called Symprove. They're dropping a leaflet in patients' packs of medication (through the pharmacy). It's some sort of probiotic, and I guess it's one of those harmless/useless snake-oil type things and ... more »
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Paul F
I haven't tried it myself, but I do use other probiotics which seem to work reasonably well for me.  I had a look online and found this link that might give you a steer: ... more »
Sara W to Bramford and 9 more areas

Italian Food event with Emma Crowhurst Friday 7th March Taste Academy Ipswich

Join us for a fun evening of Italian cookery demonstrations and tasting with local cookery school teacher Emma Crowhurst from Ipswich 'Taste Academy'. Tickets are just £10. All proceeds to the Dame Vera Lynn Trust Suffolk. Supporting babies and children ... more »

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Taste Academy Ranelagh Road Ipswich

Mar 07
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Leon to Belstead and 9 more areas


Oh no! My new girlfriend likes to dance at clubs and pubs but I never have danced....which isn't good for a night out lol. Anyone know of any good places to learn? I now wish I attended all those school disco's years back lol :)
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Malcolm S
Leon You don#t say what type of dance you wish to learn - if ballroom/jazz then try the Lait Dance club they are based in Clarkson street, although they also offer classes at other locations for more details see their website - 
Thanks folks!!! I may try Beryl's advice and do it with my girlfriend after a few beers lol :) I also considered those Xbox 360 Kinect Disco Dance games but not sure if they would help much.