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It's a little quiet here at the moment!

Don't feel deflated if your neighbourhood hasn't yet collectively wiped out crime, saved your local high street or got together to dredge a lake or plant a forest. To help get things going, why not:
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Pond needs re-doing

gillyB in Coles Green
My pond liner needs replacing and I would like to enlarge it slightly. Can anyone recommend a gardener/builder type of company who would do this. I don't want landscapers..............have tried getting quotes from a couple of companies, I could move ... [ more ]


Claire B in Burstallhill
I need some help with mowing throughout the summer. Ideally the right person would have access to a ride on mower as this would cut down the mow time considerably. I have a self propelled and a hover mower which can be used, but the first few cuts will ... [ more ]