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Runaway homes development

Not K in Henley
For those who have not seen, this is the title of the recent article in the EADT ( ) which relates to Trimley. However it could equally describe what is happening here along the A14 corridor at Sproughton, Bramford, Claydon, ... [ more ]
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Perhaps all the more need for a NBP for Ipswich--but as it has been said not joining the A14 at Asda--there are other places that would help the villages of Claydon--Barham----Needham market etc.--you are also correct about schools--shops--in some cases ... [ more ]
Susan H
I think this Saturday's EADT contains two articles that show why this is a problem. On one page you have a story about Waveney Council identifying areas where housing development could take place and inviting the public to voice their opinions. On ... [ more ]

B & Q

Miriam1@20 in Great Blakenham
With B & Q closing in August is there any news on what is happening to the site?
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Steve P
The Bury rd store....The cheaper timber multipacks have all been split and all timber is now being sold as single pieces, therefore charging the higher price, less the 10 percent of course - sneaky.

Clarinet tutor for a grade 8 person wanting to refresh their skills

Sarah S in Castle Hill
Could anyone recommend a Clarinet teacher who could give clarinet lessons to a grade 8 player whoop hasn't played for a while and wants to refresh their skills? If anyone knows of one please could you let me have their contact name, telephone number and ... [ more ]

Northern Bypass for Ipswich

Watchfull in Castle Hill
It has be suggested that we bring this subject up again--can we have your views on this and the reason why--if the Orwell bridge shut down the Valley road gets grid locked--if the big expansion comes about North of Westerfield--it will get worst--I can ... [ more ]
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Have the time come to say thanks for all that have taken part in this debate and bring it to a close--or just let it run on--We have achieved one thing--we have got them discussing the need for a NBP again--and I feel that we will have to wait a while ... [ more ]
Sorry to start winging again-- ITV News tonight Cambridge closing off roads in the rush hour--if Ipswich don't get the NBP sooner rather than later it could be us doing next--

Removal Companies

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Jackie T
We used Orwell Removals based in Westerfield, 3 bed terrace to a bungalow with loft conversion, they actually came and took most of the contents day before move then arrived about 9,30 on day, all sorted and put into new place by 1pm. Nothing was too ... [ more ]
Terry R
I used Wyards once, never again, the driver spent more time on his mobile than he did working, at the new house they damaged the floor, denied it was them,the crew were permantely moaning, I would never use them again even if they offered it free. I ... [ more ]


Julie A
Our plumber, Nick, is thorough and reasonably priced. Cannot recommend him highly enough, 07599462299. We don't know his surname as he was recommended by family (who also didn't know his last name!), but he has his own local business!

Jumble Sale

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24th Ipswich Scout Group
Lyn A in Ipswich Town Centre
On Saturday 21st May the 24th Ipswich Scout Group will be holding a Jumble Sale. Doors open at 1pm. Bramford Road Railway Bridge 330A Bramford Road Ipswich IP1 5AX

Removals company

What's up with BT ?

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Beside the fact that I am on S/L Ipswich I also on belong to Northampton S/L--My daughter who lives in New Duston NN5 lost her internet/broadband--some thing that has not happened before--she phoned BT and was informed that there was a problem and it ... [ more ]
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Mike B
The internet service won Recommended Provider in this April's Which? magazine (only 1 other provider won - Zen Internet). If you get broadband, you'll get free LED bulbs for life for your whole property, also up to £200 to recompense you for any early ... [ more ]
Jean M
Change your broadband provider, we are with Utility Warehouse. Not only do we have broadband with them but phone line and utility services. Even now thinking of using them for our mobile phones. No problems with them.

takaway deliveries

Arthur C in Darmsden
I ordered a takeaway meal to be delivered this evening, when the food arrived it was stone cold & one part was burnt & inedible. It seemed to me that the delivery driver had picked up a few meals in one run & I guess I was ne of the last on ... [ more ]
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Sarah S
Richard G - Oh I didn't realise that. £5 on a Mc Donalds order is not worth it.
Richard G
Well thats what it was when they set up a few years ago. I met the man who had started it up in Ipswich , he was doing the orders and deliveries himself , think he may have had a scooter man helping him.


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Jean G
perhaps they cleaned the pipes out as they do that overnight usually they send letters out if they do that as it may effect the water and they usually tell you to run it a bit first .

Live in carer

Beryl B in Claydon
My mum lives in Enfield, Middlesex and needs a full time live-in carer. Does anybody know how I go about getting one please.
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You could try Prestige nursing and care who are at 28 silent street Ipswich, they are approved by the care quality commission, tel 01473 559750, they may be able to help or point you in the right direction

Touring Cycle.

Andy W in Barham
This cycle used to belong to a very active member of Suffolk Cycle Touring Club who has recently passed away through cancer. His family are very keen for it to go to someone with similar interests if at all possible. They are not selling the bike but are ... [ more ]
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Claydon Pre-school Summer Fete

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Claydon Pre-school, Thornihill Road, Claydon IP6 0DZ
Nadine H in Whitton
Claydon Pre-school are holding their annual Summer Fete fundraiser at the Pre-school, Thornhill Road, Claydon IP6 0DZ. There will be many fun stalls with prizes to be won including tombolas, hook a duck, human fruit machine, pick a lolly plus a bouncy ... [ more ]

A psychic Evening with Ryan Gooding

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Claydon & Barham Community Centre
Nadine H in Whitton
Claydon Pre-school are hosting a fundraising evening at Claydon & Barham Community Centre with the well renowned modern psychic medium, Ryan Gooding. Tickets are £10 each and are available now from either Claydon Pre-school, Claydon & Barham ... [ more ]

Ferret seen

Mike F in Claydon
Over last week we have seen what appears to be a tame ferret foraging in our garden near Claydon High School. If you have lost one please let us know. Also how do we catch it?

Pathways Maintenance

Sarah M in Akenham
Can anybody please tell me who is responsible for the maintenance/clearing of the paths that run behind the gardens to the garage blocks in the Edinburgh Gardens area? I have cleared weeds and rubbish myself in desperation and my property doesn't border ... [ more ]
Suffolk County Council
Hi Sarah M, If it is weeds and rubbish that need clearing from a public path, this falls under the District or Borough Council’s responsibility under their street cleaning team. If you are referring to Edinburgh Gardens in Claydon with the footpath ... [ more ]

Cycle hire

Rhiannon R in Great Blakenham
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere you can hire a bike and cycle? I know there are a couple of national trust places in Norfolk where you can do so, but being new to the area I wasn't sure if there was anywhere similar in the local area?
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Andy W
There used to be a place in Rendlesham forest but not sure if it's still there. Bicycle Doctor in Ipswich just off Spring Road does cycle hire.

Painter and Decorator required

Hayley S in Henley
Hi folks. Can anyone recommend a good painter and decorator please? We need our ceilings refreshing! Thanks.


H465 in Upper Street
Hi can anyone recommend a plumber? I'm changing my kitchen so I'm looking to have a new sink and tap fitted but will be requiring this rather soon .
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Richard G
A recommended Plumber on here was passed on to a relative , they had them attend their house quite promptly , the problem diagnosed and a part required to be ordered. A deposit was given for the part BUT they have failed to go back and repair the problem ... [ more ]
Thank you all I have managed to get a guy from Ipswich who will come and remove my tap and blank it off. He will do this Friday then come back Monday to fit new tap, But you are right most just want a big job . My shower broke last year and was in need ... [ more ]

Diabetes UK

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Diabetes Uk meetings held at St Augustins Church hall are trying to increase their membership--Please take note--it would help if they published the DATE & TIME of these meetings--then they might get more to come along--
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Lewis L
The 2016 Diabetes World Summit is a free online event running from the 18th of April  to the 25th.  See
the bees knees
Lewis L, thank you for this very interesting link.  I agree with the findings of the third chat that I read early am this morning. Have you read it yet? 

Claydon chippy

Arthur C in Darmsden
I tried the local chippy tonight for the first time since it re opened. Food was good but still have to wait for order to be cooked to order. The price list on the wall is not very well laid out though. Good to see the plaice ( pun intended) open again. ... [ more ]
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Mark C
Last time I went there, it took nearly 30 minutes for a saveloy...the chippy in Needham is very good...they cook to order, but manage to stay awake while they do it 😄
Paresh P
I am sorry you had to wait so long for Savaloy & Chips, that is too long. We don't know when you came in. It may have been when we were busy and had 6 or 7 customers to serve first. If we had served the Savaloy order first, we could have comments on ... [ more ]

FOCUS: Contemplative Meditation Group

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La Tour Cycle Cafe, Tower House, 17, Tower Street, Ipswich, IP1 2PP
Timothy Yau in Whitton
An open group were we explore contemplative meditation as the practice of focusing or quieting the mind, sometimes called ‘mindfulness’, which in turn, opens us up to a relationship with the Divine. COST; Donation towards room hire TEL: 07964 ... [ more ]


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Sheila O
We used to have a toad every year in our garden but remarked the other day i haven't seen one for the last 2or three years goung off subject a bit we used to have a squirrel that used to scuttle along our fence bur he has vanished as well but the trees ... [ more ]
Susan H
Our garden is full of toads, but then we are in countryside. We also find newts. As for squirrels, don't get me started. I had 3 bird feeders destroyed by the blighters last year, despite having 2 dogs who'd love to have squirrel for dinner. I have to ... [ more ]

Poppy is home!!

Hayley S in Henley
Thank you everyone who shared Poppy's post and regularly asked after her - the brilliant news is that after a month away she is home! Her family are so happy and grateful for everyone's support.
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