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Dancing Through Time

Travel back in time 100 years to the fun of the Music Hall, then journey back to the present day, stopping off along the way to revisit many favourite songs - you'll be treated to hits from every decade! From Dame Vera Lynn, The Beatles, Chubby Checker, ... more »

Ipswich Regent

May 17
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Dog Boarding Kennels

Does anyone have any recommendation for good boarding kennels where I can put my dog for a week please?  I know the Copdock Kennels have a good reputation but just wondering if anyone has experience of any of the others.
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Tim M
We have always used Bourne Hill , always friendly and happy staff , dog always come back happy and smelling nice
Carol C
Thank you for the recommendations. I have been out to Browngates this morning and booked my dog in there, as they are the right side of town for me and very convenient.  It is useful to know about alternatives though, in case they are fully booked any ... more »
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Helpful Streetlifer

Over a month ago I asked for help, the problem my roof gutter needed cleaning out and I am too old for climbing ladders, S here said he would come around and do it for me as a good will favour for nothing, what a pleasant shock he knocked on my door this ... more »
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Hello thediceman so you offered to help some one, then for one reason or the other you could not, please don't upset your self, things like that happen to all of us at some time in our lives, as for the warnings to the OPs some one was not thinking right ... more »
S here
Thats very interesting about charity organisers (thediceman) it seem they are taking over everything they can make money from to fund their silly high salaries,
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Whitehouse Community Centre

I have heard that The Centre has closed and has been boarded up It's a shame as I always use to like going to the centre. It was a lovely place with good friendly people. I have heard a lot a tales about the Steward. I do not know if they are true ... more »
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That's what I thought at the time of your posting but did not like to say so in case I caused offence, although it may well be true one should aire on the side of caution, we can only keep our ears and eyes open,---- and wait and see.
S here
Yes it could be misguided gossip so should not be broadcast but looking for another club Try The Rosary 170 Bramford rd Bar manager Sarah
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What was that large bird soaring over Ipswich?

Two days ago I when it was a lovely day I was outside in the garden and happened to glance up when I heard a plane going over.  What caught my eye instead was what appeared to be a rather large bird of prey circling round, this over the Fircroft ... more »
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Reg S
Yes it might be but where will land and feed. With the amount of houses being built every nook and cranny is being filled in I have possibly 2 more at the bottom of my garden my garden has so few birds now aday
Linda O
As Villager says, buzzards definitely around Fynn Valley - saw one last week circling high over Northgate/Colchester Road area too. So pleased to see them spreading ever further. When I was a child (many years ago!) my Father & I would be really ... more »
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Did any one notice the very small paragraph in the star, and one national news paper that the Ipswich borough council and the Suffolk county council had a secret meeting to discuss whether or not to re open the Ipswich under ground railway, this is to ... more »
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Jannette T
No i am very new to Streetlife, yes you are right, i always love a bit of a wind up especially on April Fools day. :))
Kevin F
Wouldn't it be great if we did have an underground railway though...I think we'd all be aware of it if it had been real at one time.
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Hi, with whats been said in the news recently about the advantages of eating 7 - 10 pieces of fruit and veg a day and it's proven health benefits, is any body worried about the cost of this and the time and planning involved?
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Joe S
Agree that you do not have to spend a lot of money on these fruit and veg. Market is good , also the Aldi super 6. They have 6 specials fruit and veg on all the time  -- this week all at 59 pence. We are not veggies but have veggie meals quite ... more »
Jannette T
It's so great to hear all of your suggestions, yes i have done all of that, i buy from the Ipswich market, i have frozen fruit and veg in my freezer, i buy from Aldi supermarket too so great minds think alike. What i was really meaning is that the recent ... more »
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To all Newbys

Welcome to all the Newbies Just like have been said by others on here you can join in all the chats, offer your own opinion on many different topics that come up from time to time, help each other with problems, pull each others leg but with out getting ... more »
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Janet A
There are 2 classes held at Castlehill Community Centre there is on on a Monday during the day not sure of times speak to Anaick at Castlehill on 01473 747053 & another one on a Wednesday night 7.15pm - 8.30pm run by Caroline Glason I've been told ... more »
Judith D
Thank you Janet A. Much appreciated.
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Power cuts

We had two short power cuts last night any body know why? and did they effect you in your area? hope you remembered to check your oven and alarm clocks etc.
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we had two tuesday night, no idea why, havent heard anything, just one side of shenstone drive
Alex G
Might it have been during the sudden but short storm during the early hours? I did not have a power cut, but my phone reacted to the lightning, and it might well be that a short surge  tripped some network safety trips.
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Suffolk control room

Have any one heard or know what the latest is, this would seem to have gone very quiet.
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Ben R I certainly hope you are correct on this, I for one hope it stays in Suffolk we have already let Norfolk and Norwich purloin too much from us as it is.
Alex G
Article about the issue in EADT of 17 March, Pages 1,4,5. Also follow this link to access the Suffolk Police Commissioner's page:  and follow on to a page that ... more »
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lazy neighbours

I have 5 neighbours that share my garden bounderies. Now, I am a council tenant who have always kept my garden nice. During the last few years it  has became harder due to mobility problems. My step daughter comes regularly every week during summer to ... more »
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have read your link simon, very helpful thank you
Try Age Concern.  They have volunteers who will help with problems like yours.  Weed killer will kill off all the insect life and is not very organic.  All very well for people to say use it but they don't think of the consequences to our little ... more »
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What do these teachers think they are doing, messing with our children?  Get back to work and get on with teaching our children.  Teaching in Suffolk is the worst in England.
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Joe S
I am a retired teacher, and a parent and a grandparent so I can see more than one side to this, but I agree with every word that watchfull has just said. I paid into the teachers pension for 31 years and ended up with less than 40% of my former pay. ... more »
Many years ago, teaching was a wonderful job. Everyone felt teachers knew what they were doing and all seemed happy to let teachers get on with the job. Good teachers enjoyed what they did and the kids they taught came out of school well educated.  Then ... more »
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I'm looking for a friendly and helpful cobbler. Who do people use?
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Tony B
Very few genuine "cobblers" around these days..what is it you need one for? Most people in Ipswich would use Timpsons...The Walk or Tavern Street near McDonalds or Tower Ramparts Shopping Centre..
Katherine S
The only one I could think of was in Morrisons. I want one to replace an elastic on a strap on a shoe that has stretched. I want to have this pair of shoes fixed, but having never needed a cobbler since I moved down here I fancied getting a local ... more »
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Control HQ for Ipswich & Suffolk

Tim Passmore is giving every one the chance to have their say on where the control room should be based, if it do get moved it could mean the loss of 170 jobs or more, if you want your say click on link if you can not make it on ... more »
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Where on earth did you get that from? if Mr Passmore and we the people of Ipswich and Suffolk have been hoodwinked then the those responsible should be chucked out what ever position they hold, and dare I say it, have their arses kicked, but of course it ... more »
Ben R
Deal far from done, nobody in any position of power in Suffolk believes for one second that Tim Passmore will agree to merge the control room with Norfolk. Unlike the previous Police Authority, his direct election means he is immediately accountable to ... more »
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Re Survey

I have just had an email from the police HQ if any one can get on the link that I gave you for Tim Passmore's survey please try www.surveymonkey./com/s/suffolkcontrolroomsurvey if you cant let me know and I will do my best to find out what the heck is ... more »
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Jo G
Did you try the links on my post, I cheched and they worked. Well done for signing I just hope others have too. :-)
Roz B
I did mine from papers like ipswich star  also east anglia times
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Street and Hip Hope classes starting soon

STREET AND HIP HOP CLASSES FOR THOSE 13 Y/O AND OVER  Ipswich based classes Working towards becoming part of a London based arts company  Classes to start in April No experience needed just a creative passion  keep a look out for dates and arrangements  ... more »
Justin J
Beryl S
My dancing granddaughter will only be 12 in April so will keep this in mind for next year. Thanks for the info and I'll bookmark the link.
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You are creative! days of Creative Fun!

Organised by Ko-An Arts on behalf of Activities Unlimited from 10am to 5pm. Open to 9-24 yr olds with additional needs and their siblings! At Community Action Suffolk - Castle Hill CC, Highfield Road, Ipswich, IP1 6DG On Monday, 7th April and Tuesday, ... more »

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Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich, IP1 6DG

Apr 07
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Fridge Repairs

Hi folks, can anyone recommend someone who could possible repair our leaking fridge? I'd rather have a recommendation than go to the yellow pages if at all possible. I live in the Claydon area. Thanks.
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Gutter cleaning

I live in a semi detached house and too old to climb ladders, do you know anyone who is willing and able to do it for me for a price, (cleaning out only no repairs) I have a double extending ladder if that will help.
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Tony G
Like Watchfull, I'm of an age where getting up a ladder is not an option. I've always thought there must be a business opportunity here for an honest tradesman who will offer to clear out guttering for a fixed price. I bet that person would get many ... more »
Jeremy B
hi, i used a contractor on a house that I rent out to clean the gutters, he has a fixed price for this job of £45. Property garden maintenance services contact Lee 07761 500439 He was very efficient and I had been looking for someone to do this job for ... more »
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Friends of Thomas Wolsey School AGM

The AGM is a chance for existing members and new ones to get together and review what has happened over the past year and look to the year ahead.  There have been lots of changes at the school and there are challenges and opportunities ahead.  If you ... more »

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Thomas Wolsey School, Defoe Road

Mar 11
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