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Continuation NBP part 3

in Castle Hill
Streetlife closed our debate down --Northern Bypass for Ipswich which had around about 650 hits plus -- our second heading -- Continuation NBP is about to be shut down also with about 370 hits -- we are now awaiting the out come of talks this spring ... [ more ]
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I emailed Mark Ling and within 10mins received a phone call -- I contacted Mark because I found out he has his own website and is in favour of a NBP and has been for along time -- he told me a lot in confidence which would be wrong of me to pass on ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
I am not sure how they assemble their cabinet - does anyone know? Is it simply a case of handing out sweets to people of their liking? This goes to show how much of a shambles the operation is... a leader plus 8 cabinet members... Suffolk population ... [ more ]

Fence Panels x 2 Fence and Fence Post x 1 to Provide & Fit them

Janet A
in Common, The
Hi can anyone recommend a carpenter/gardener/handy man that can provide 2 x 6' tall regular fence panels and fence 1 post & fit them in the Ipswich area.
James A
Janet, Try John Blair of JB Turf & Landscapes on 01473 890740. He has supplied and fitted fencing for us on two occasions and both times his prices were very reasonable and the work was completed quickly and to a very good standard. John works ... [ more ]
John of JB has done quite a bit of work for us in the last few years and I can completely endorse what James A has said. I would never use anyone else.

CYCP Holiday Activities for 9-16yr olds: Looking for activity ideas and providers.

Cycp C in Claydon
We organise activities in Claydon and the local area for ages 9-16yrs in the holidays. We would like to know what Young people in the area would like to see at CYCP... what activities would you like to try? We are always looking for new activity ... [ more ]

Planning Application For Industrial Site between Mockbeggars Hall & Travel Inn, Claydon

Margaret W
in Great Blakenham
Hi, I don't know if people are aware that planning application has been submitted to build an Industrial site on farmland along Paper Mill Lane, Claydon, between the Travel Inn and The Grade 2 Listed Mockbeggars Hall. The application s for 18 units, ... [ more ]
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Margaret W
I take ours to Hinds Jewellers in town, it costs just under £10 but you get free battery replacement for life of the watch, you just take the receipt in with the watch when you need the next replacement battery and it is free of charge.
Not K
Kim, I agree that many people are just resigned to the fact that those in authority will do what they want despite comments. However I think the tide is turning, and perhaps we need to remind those making the final decisions that they are paid ... [ more ]

Carpet fitter

Mark C
in Barham
Hi, anyone able to recommend a good carpet fitter? Or any local fitters out there interested in fitting a carpet in a small bedroom? Ideally want it done next week. Room is clear and I'll have the new gripper, underlay and carpet ready to fit. Cheers.
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Recommendations for reasonably priced vehicle bodywork repairers please

Carol C
in Sproughton
Can anyone recommend any bodywork repairers that would be able to do some cosmetic repairs on an van conversion type motorhome please?  It is an older vehicle in good tidy condition but now needs new sills plus patch repairs where some rust is ... [ more ]
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Carol C
Many thanks for the recommendations.  I have spoken to BM Car Body Centre and will follow up next week.
Tony H
Good for you. Let us know how you get on. We rarely get a follow up to this sort of request for a recommendation.

Can you help a local charity?

Frances A in Castle Hill
Suffolk Family Carers is based in Old Ipswich road, Claydon on Hill View Business Park. We provide information, advice, guidance and support for anyone who is caring for a friend, family member or neighbour. The person that they are caring for may be ... [ more ]

Mountain bike needed.

Andy W
in Barham
Does anyone have or know of anyone who has a mountain bike they no longer require? A friend of mine is looking for a bike to use for work this year . Condition is not too important but they are looking for a frame size to fit a rider of approximately ... [ more ]

Barham Housing (or the politics of persuasion)

Not K in Henley
I cannot be alone in thinking that I am being manipulated, and I have two options; one to just ignore the situation and blame the system or I can have an uphill battle and try to do something about it. We have a housing development process that ... [ more ]
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Susan H
What is the real situation re Snoasis? I've always been given to understand that even though permission had been granted, there were so many conditions attached and so many other factors surrounding how it was to be funded, that I've always been given ... [ more ]
Not K if it is of any help to you why not do as we have done on our debates NBP and that is to do a continuation etc -- for instance -- SnOasis part 2 -- It have worked well for us -- We started off with -- Northern Bypass for Ipswich it was closed ... [ more ]

Wasps nest

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Martin B
hi, we can highly recommend Richard at east anglia pest control. We have used him a  couple of times  and recommended him to our neighbour, who was also very pleased with the service. The wasps nest was 100% removed and he guarantees his work. 01473 ... [ more ]
Mass R
There is really no need to go to the expense of hiring anyone if you are physically able to do it yourself. If it was an active nest it's a different story but wasps die off in late autumn.


Susan F
in Castle Hill
hi any animal charitys local to ipswich that would like two willing helpers?. i dont mind the dirty jobs. my partner is a car driver.
Jean G
cat protection need voluteers in the shop for sat and sundays they are in bramford lane phone Ipswich--742226

Seemstress required

Hayley S
in Henley
I have a small bedroom child's stool that needs recovering (just the pad). Not a big job for someone who knows what they're doing but I'm no seemstress! I have the material. Can anyone recommend someone that could do this for me please?
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Continuation NBP

in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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Have just started the third part of this debate off under the heading of -- Continuation NBP part 3  --  have a gander folks --
Ipswich Ltd
No need to drop buzzwords like "Brexit", it has been fact checked that on average farmers make more money by subsidy than agriculture and this isn't safe in the future as the EU subsidy is likely to disappear. It is highly unlikely that the government ... [ more ]

New Year Resolution ? Want to help others ?

British Red Cross
in Castle Hill
Can you make a cup of tea, help someone with their shopping, and make someone's day? The British Red Cross is looking for volunteers to provide practical and emotional short term support to people living in Ipswich and the surrounding areas coming ... [ more ]

Nisa Shops

Beryl G
in Claydon
Does anyone know where there is a Nisa shop in Ipswich which sells Heritage food. Their lasagne is really lovely, but now our Village shop has closed I cant find anywhere that stocks them now.
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Alex G
Not quite an answer to the question, but a friend visiting from  Clacton (coincidentally) tells me that a Lasagne I had bought at Ipswich Lidl was the best that she had ever tasted! SO if Nisa is to far too far away, that might be worth a visit.

virgin media

Jim G
in Common, The
hi i  wondering has any body had the same problem as me i got my bill this week and it was 50 pounds more than it should after investigation i found out somebody had been watching adult movies i know it was not us but after speaking with virgin thy ... [ more ]
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Alex G
David B. I thought that would be a great idea to reset the pin,as I live alone  but it got a bit confused with the bit that followed on AFTER your helpful instructions! I reached "RESET your PIN", but then 'clicking blue'brought up "Select TiVo box : ... [ more ]
David B
hi SORRY BEEN BUSY THIS WEEK, OK,  got as far as 'press blue button' but did not get any further. Must be a Virgin glitch! I tried this and it did work. Press home go to Help & Settings then Perental control enter pin  1234 default click ' Change ... [ more ]

Cat Been Hit

Sarah L
in Ipswich Town Centre
Ginger with a white belly Cat sadly been hit on Bixley Road next to the junction of Ashdown Road. I have phoned Ipswich Borough Council and they are arranging to collect it. Hopefully the owner will be found.
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Roger A
Please do contact  the nearest vets: Trinity Veterinary Surgery 476 Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, IP3 8SU Telephone  729369 They might recognise the cat and can inform the owner. My local vets also keep a diary and record all such incidents. I don't ... [ more ]
Roger A
Also Provide lost and found pages, only it's a little-known website

christmas post

Peter S
in Akenham
I dint know how many people are not receiving Christmas cards this year ??. We have a small number of cards that have been correctly delivered but there is no relationship to the names at our address. If everyone put a return address on their ... [ more ]

TIME ART 001 - 161209

Douglas W
Hi Folks ! We saw Rod Frost playing at the Flying Horse on Friday Night !!! You are all invited to come and see him play again at his next gig on Friday 23rd December ... Flying Horse Inn, 4 Waterford Rd, Ipswich IP1 5NW ... [ more ]


Louise M
in Common, The
Hi, I am looking for a beginners yoga class. There was a post a while back with lots of local sessions but I can't seem to find a search facility on streetlife?
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Santa in the Buttermarket

Maud C in Westerfield
Following a message I read on here,  my 2 sons & their wives took their children to see Santa in the Buttermarket on Saturday & they were very impressed.  They said that Santa spent time talking to the children, including a 2 year old who ... [ more ]

Felixstowe late night shopping

Derek F
in Barham
Just come back from the first of the four Friday  late night shopping nights at Felixstowe.  A bit quiet for the first one but the night was made by our ride on  a pedal powered rickshaw.  The 'driver' was a most personable chap called Ian and for the ... [ more ]

Fridge stopped workinh

Joe S in Claydon
Our hot point fridge has stopped working. Could be because one of us left the door a bit open or because we have it in the garage where it was very cold last night. I have checked the fuse in the plug. Would be grateful for any suggestions of what we ... [ more ]
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Joe S
Thanks for the posts. It has started working again thank goodness. Had a. look at the handbook which said it should NOT be in a room where the temperature goes below 6 degrees C for prolonged periods. It has been that cold recently, minus 4 one ... [ more ]

Street Lights

Stuart P in Claydon
So the parish council have decided to leave street lights on all night as we no longer have "plastic plod" in Claydon. How often did he patrol during the hours of darkness anyway? Another ... [ more ]
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Susan H
I think you have only to see how groups of young people in urban areas congregate in well lit areas such as outside shops, to see that the provision of light is a magnet for people and areas of darkness are less attractive - a policeman once told me ... [ more ]

Claydon High School PTA Quiz Night

to , (ended)
Claydon High School Hall
Claydon High PTA in Barham
£2.50 per person in teams of up to 6 people Refreshments available PTA Grand Prize Draw also taking place with a £250 cash first prize as well as lots of other fabulous prizes - tickets available on the night Everyone is welcome -  questions to suit ... [ more ]