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Cat Antifreeze Poisoing

Carol C in Sproughton
On Saturday I lost my dear sweet little cat to suspected antifreeze poisoning.  She had been off her food for several days but tests revealed her kidneys had suddenly lost all function and there was nothing that could be done.  I am in Fircroft Road near ... [ more ]
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Nikki B
Just read the posts here, and it looks like we are all in agreement that Ryder Davies are fab.  My dog was put to sleep 5 weeks ago, and I have nothing but praise for the way they handled a grief stricken 'Mum' who would talk for crying.  They are very ... [ more ]
Ian H
hi nikki they are not just pets but a very important member of your family ,i expect the same treatment from my vet as if not better than the hospital ,and i have nothing but praise for ipswich hospital ,so ryder davis are tops for their  services

St Mary's Church Gt Blakenham, Christmas Tree Festival

St Mary's Church
Jane C in Common, The
CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL on the 27th-29th November 2015 at St Mary’s Church, Gt Blakenham from 10am - 4pm Entry is FREE! Refreshments and stalls available from 10am to 4pm in the Parish Room with Hot food available between 12noon and 2pm Join us ... [ more ]

More Roadworks. More Delay

Citizen of Ipswich in Sproughton
As well as the usual delays caused by the slow progress of the roadworks up by the Euro Park, I was further delayed yesterday by temporary traffic lights on Henley Rd, Bramford Rd and at the junction of Nacton and Landseer Rds. None of these delays were ... [ more ]
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We all know that the SCC cant do without their little red lights, stick all them thar lights on the Cornhill that would brighten the place up.
Suffolk County Council
Hi everyone,  Just to let you know, we've had some information from our highways technician about the signs.  Our information is sourced from other departments within the council as well as from the internet, media and our own traffic information. ... [ more ]

Claydon Preschool Christmas Fayre

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Claydon & Barham Village Hall IP6 0DF
Nadine H in Whitton
Claydon Pre-school are holding a Christmas Fayre on 12th December 2015 between 11am and 2pm at Claydon & Barham Village Hall in order to raise funds for the Pre-school. There will be various craft and gift stalls including Usbourne Books, wooden ... [ more ]
Nadine H
Less than three weeks to go now until our Christmas Fayre! Please come along and enjoy the fun.  One of our stallholders who was going to sell jams, pickles and preserves has pulled out.  If there is anyone out there who sells these types of wares and ... [ more ]

Trefoil Guild Tablecloth missing

Anne D in Whitton
A red Tablecloth has gone missing from the Scout and Guide HQ in Bramford. It has 'Bramford Trefoil Guild' embroidered on it in gold lettering. It may have been put up for auction or sent for jumble or to a charity shop by mistake. If anyone knows where ... [ more ]

Wanted - Parts for HP Photosmart Premium C309A

Nadine H in Whitton
If anyone has one of these printers (working or not) that they no longer use or has any spare parts for this printer I would be very grateful.  Our printer is playing up and despite my husbands best efforts he cannot get it to print.  We would like to ... [ more ]


Andrew T
Hi my partner susan is very dependable and an excellent cleaner, do you have a phone number she could contact you on? Regards Andy

Bike to give away

Sloe berries

Emalkuda in Ipswich Town Centre
Just wondered if I was too late picking sloes or if not does anybody know where there is some please? Thanks
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Denise H
not too late and there are some up the lane heading to blue leighs static home next to the chequers pup have to walk right up....
Just want to thank you all for your replies. I was hoping to go last weekend but things cropped up unexpectantly (as they do). I will go this weekend and hope they are still there, if not - thanks Dave for your offer, very kind of you 😀

shopping at ASDA

Philly57 in Ipswich Town Centre
If your going shopping at Asda, take cash with you as their card payment service is not working, is refusing to accept payment on all debit cards, causing long queues at the checkouts.
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There was never any bad remark made about those that work there-- only the way Asda are beginning to alter things.

More building and loss of allotments in Great Blakenham

Kim in Darmsden
The allotment holders at Great Blakenham have been given notice to clear their plots. Apparently the field that the allotments are sited on and the one beside it, that runs parallel to the even numbered side of Chequers Rise/ Stowmarket Road is up for ... [ more ]
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Kevin W
Dan is struggling, as am I, to do the right thing for Gt Blakenham.  We cannot stop the Kingfisher Drive development - it's been in the pipeline for too long and there's enormous pressure, both financial and from housing demand, for it to continue as ... [ more ]
Kevin, you have not made it clear why you think the village needs another survey? Is this not an unnecessary expense to the Parish Council when one was done so recently? What has happened to the previous one? Are you hoping for different answers if ... [ more ]

Fundraising for the St. Elizabeth Hospice

Douglas W in Ipswich Town Centre
Would anyone like to help us with raising money for the Hospice ??? We are organizing an event this Saturday afternoon at the Selkirk pub in Rushmere ... there's an "Open Mic" and a raffle ... so we would love it if you could come and join us ... have a ... [ more ]

Claydon High School PTA Quiz Night

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Claydon High School Hall
Claydon High PTA in Barham
QUIZ NIGHT for Claydon High School PTA Everyone over 18 welcome £2.50 per person in teams of up to 6 Licensed Bar Raffle We are also holding a Family Quiz Night on February 11th so no one misses out!
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Claydon High PTA
:) yes we have wine, ale, lager and cider as well as coke, lemonade and fruit juice - crisps and chocolates too! If anyone has any specific requests feel free to ask and we'll see what we can do!

Flower Arranging

Margaret P in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, does anybody know of flower arranging courses in or around Ipswich? Especially table flowers for a wedding? Thanks
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Tracey D
Hi Jo. They vary. Take a look at this link if you like, it will tell you a bit more but maybe call them too. . Be warned though that if the certificate aspect is important to you, they can ... [ more ]

Kitchen worktop fitter

Mark C in Barham
Hello! Can anyone recommend a good worktop fitter? Will need 2 mitres and sink hole cut (poss fit sink also)....
Steve P
I can quote for your job if you like. Facebook page - Website - Mybuilder profile - 07743 654277

Work tops to be fitted

Jennie W in Castle Hill
Can anyone recommend a good kitchen fitter that can fit work tops in a "u" shaped configuration. Many thanks
Steve P
I can quote for your job if you like. Facebook page - Website -  Mybuilder profile - 07743 654277


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Rhiannon R
Hi Kim and Jayne, Thanks both for your comments. Ideally I'd like it to go through the patio doors if possible as it would look and function better. Jayne, do you have the details of the company that did it for you at all? Kim, I'm glad to hear someone ... [ more ]
It was done by a relative who had a windows and door replacement company. I will ask if he can do the same for you, alternatively you could ask local companies if they do it too

FOCUS: Contemplative Meditation Class

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La Tour Cycle Cafe, Tower House, 17 Tower Street, Ipswich, IP1 3BE
Timothy Yau in Whitton
Taster Class to Discover Ancient Techniques COST: Free TEL: 07964 078330 EMAIL: WEB: In the West the term meditation was always used to describe the focus of the intellectual mind, in the ... [ more ]


Watchfull in Castle Hill
Hi everybody--at the moment I am running my security camera off of the old VFH system--tape recording-- its coming to the end of its time--can any one recommend a disc or hard drive system--not too exspensive--where to get it and have it fixed up-- so ... [ more ]
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Ted M
Check this out Watchfull it is far superior to the old VHF tape system about £100 but buy a hard drive for it about another £18. I have just set one up for my Daughter. Four recordable cameras definition is fantastic. If you buy from the likes of Maplin ... [ more ]
Hi Ted M sounds brill. have looked at the link--problem is I am a complete duffer when it come to all this new stuff and would not know how to go about--buying or fixing it up--will have to have a rethink of how to go about it--best suggestion as ... [ more ]

Broom Hill Swimming Pool.

Andrew T in Westerfield
It looks like Broom Hill might once again be open to the public, i heard on the radio today that they have secured some serious funding. A spokes person for the project has said that if all goes well the pool could be reopened in about 2 years. This id ... [ more ]
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Margaret D
I always found the water too cold, almost freezing in fact!  On a hot day, I nearly cooked like a fried egg when sunbathing on the concrete!!  Oh well.
Jill W
Good morning folks, We are very excited to hear about Broomhill coming back to life after years of being closed !! Our family have lots of happy memories at the pool in the past. Why are there moans and groans about parking when we have a good local bus ... [ more ]

Gardener and cleaner recommendations

Rhiannon R in Great Blakenham
Hi, I've recently moved to the area and was wondering if anyone could recommend and good gardener and/or a good cleaner at all, please? Thank you!
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Sarah L
Hi Julie, RW Services for the garden maintenance he also does maintenance on houses to. Excellent work and very reliable. Contact number is 07506697313. Thanks.

Unlit Cyclists

Citizen of Ipswich in Sproughton
As usual as the nights draw in I become increasing aware of the great number of cyclists who ride without lights or don't wear reflective clothing. Anyone who drives a motor vehicle knows just how difficult it is to see them against the glare of ... [ more ]
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Tony B
This subject has been discussed so many times...all interested parties please for current legal requirements. BUT as many have pointed out, govt.cuts mean no police to enforce. So the body count will get bigger..

More Abandoned Shopping Trolleys?

Citizen of Ipswich in Sproughton
Will the 5p charge for shopping bags mean an increase in abandoned shopping trolleys littered around Whitehouse and Whitton estates? There's already a huge number of Asda trolleys one wonders why they don't do what Aldi do and make you put a pound in to ... [ more ]
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Citizen of Ipswich
Tony H. You obviously don't live in Whitehouse or Whitton where abandoned trolleys litter most streets. Yes the supermarkets do collect them eventually but they are an eyesore.
My household is very impressed with the "carrier bag" pedal bin liners with tie handles, 40 to a roll from Poundworld. Much thicker and superior to most pedal bin liners. 2.5p each so half the cost of store carriers.

Disappearing Squirrels

Beryl B in Claydon
Where have all the squirrels gone? We always had one or two visit our garden to take the nuts that we have out for them, but so far none have been. Does anybody know why? Animal lover
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Arthur C
Maybe the seagulls from the other thread have frightened all the squirrels away.. Lol

Tradesperson required

Emalkuda in Ipswich Town Centre
Morning all. I am thinking of moving a few things and wondered if anyone out there could recommend anyone? 1. I want the plumbing moved for a washing machine from one side of the room to the other. 2. A small stud wall put in. 3. Possibly a new ... [ more ]
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Alan K
Hi I'm a plumber if you have a look on my face book page you can see work I've done. Iceni plumbing&heating Regards Alan 07763710569
James H
Hi, I'm a carpenter, materials and fixings available for your stud wall, references available, kind regards James Hurd Carpentry. 07901 381057