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Claydon Pre-school Race Night

Clubs & Groups in Whitton

MAY 15
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Gt Blakenham Village Hall
Nadine H
Claydon Pre-school are hosting a family Race Night in order to raise much needed funds for the Pre-school.  All details of the Race Night are on the attached poster. In addition to the races themselves we will also be drawing our raffle on the night for ... [ more ]
Nadine H
I will be selling tickets for the Race Night outside the Pre-school, Thornhill Drive, Claydon tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning between 9am and 9.30am if you would like to pop along, find out what it is all about, and purchase your tickets. Why not ... [ more ]
Nadine H
It has just been noticed that there is an error on the poster.  The price of a child's ticket should read £4.50 and not £3.50.  Sorry for the confusion.

Exercise Bike

£25.00 in Castle Hill

Kate H
Good quality Reebok exercise bike.  Originally cost £250.00, used a few times and has been sitting in the garage ever since!

Window cleaner

Recommendations in Little Blakenham

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Anne D
I've had Hightop (owner Neil Ayers) window cleaners for years in Claydon and found them very reliable. They will come when you want. Tel 01473 231232
Susan H
I've just started using a young chap who operates as Rosco's Window Cleaning Services, does a good job so far. His number is 07812 370390

For all Ladies

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

JUN 07
Springwood Sun Club
Baz M
How would you like to lead a more active outdoor life, keep naturally fit and healthy? Be more body-confident?  Enjoy a great social life?

Claydon Co-op

Local Conversations in Upper Street

Gillian B
Does anyone know what happened at the Co-op? I saw police tape cordoning off the door this morning so am assuming it was broken into last night.
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Taxis for Disabled Wheelchair Users

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Citizen of Ipswich
Since my elderly mother became confined to a wheelchair due to illness, I have become aware of the dreadful lack of taxis available to wheelchair users. My mother has taxi vouchers to replace her bus pass but they are useless as she struggles to be able ... [ more ]
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Citizen of Ipswich
Thanks Mark J. When we next need a taxi I'll give him a ring. It's not often that we need a taxi but when we do it's frustrating that there's not one single taxi available in the whole of Ipswich.

Activities for young wheelchair users!

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

MAY 02
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Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Rd, Ipswich, IP1 6DG
Castle Hill Community Centre
Whizz-Kidz is organising this Café to find out what activities young wheelchair users would like to do in the area. Why not coming and trying out some of their activities including wheelchair skills training, crafts, cooking and sports. There will be ... [ more ]

Volunteer drivers needed!

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

Castle Hill Community Centre
Drivers and passenger assistants required for Ipswich Dial A Ride. Could you or a friend help? As little as 4 hours per week Full training will be provided For more information please contact Billy on 01473 345342 or via email: ... [ more ]

Women In Naturism Day

Clubs & Groups in Whitton

Wendy P
Ladies - ever wondered why women enjoy a lifestyle without clothes (weather & circumstances permitting). Springwood Sun club nr Colchester are hosting a Women in Naturism Day and invite ladies of all shapes & sizes, ages, single married or ... [ more ]
Baz M
Reluctant partner? Not sure what it's about? Curious and intrigued? Game for a laugh? On ones bucket list?

Childs car seat

Give, Lend & Borrow in Akenham

Albert george P
Albert asks Is there  anyone who can lend me a childs car seat ffor ttwo weeks in May, I have relatives coming from the USA with a 1 year ojd child. It will be required  from the 10th to the 24th.  Albert

NEW Members Required for 3 x Arts & Crafts Groups

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

Janet A
New Members Requred for Castlehill Arts & Crafts Group Bring Art Gear, Knitting, Crochet, Sewing, Felting or any Craft you're into @  (1) CASTLEHILL COMUNITY CENTRE, Highfield Rd, Ipswich, IP1 Mon Eve 7pm - 9pm Tues Afternoon 1.30pm - 3.30pm ... [ more ]
Janet A
Hi Mariette, You can just turn up no need to book - you will be very welcome, I think this Tues Gerry is busy so Andre will be leading the group.  We look forward to seeing you. Janet

looking for a homeopath practitioner

Recommendations in Common, The

Louise M
Hi, I am looking for a recommendation of a Ipswich local homeopath practitioner that doesn't cost the earth. I have been feeling more and more low in mood recently and due to the lasting side effects of previous antidepressants I am not keen on going ... [ more ]
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In the past my GP has suggested this site: Not everybodies cup of tea. Bit happy clappy for me, but worth a look.
Sharon I
Talking about CBT and mindfulness, I have recommended and given a book to many friends and family members, it is on Amazon and isn't expensive. It is called "Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world" by Prof Mark Williams and Dr ... [ more ]

Coffee Morning and Second Hand Book Sale in aid of the St Elizabeth Hospice

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

APR 18
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The Parish Room, Great Blakenham
Sharon I
Come along with some friends for a chat over a cup of coffee or tea and some home-made cakes and scones. There will also be some second hand books for sale - both adults and childrens. All proceeds will go to the St Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich.
Sharon I
People have been very generous with their book donations - we will have over 600 books! There will be lots of lovely home-made cakes (victoria sponge, chocolate sponge, gluten-free lemon sponge, rocky road, date and walnut cake, pineapple cake, tea ... [ more ]

Garden Fire Regulations

Local Conversations in Akenham

Sarah M
I wonder if anyone can clarify  the regulations regarding garden fires please? A house on Edinburgh Gardens that backs onto the garages had an enormous smoking stinking fire at about 2.30pm on Easter Saturday!  We initially thought it was the garages ... [ more ]
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Allotment rules are similar to garden rules. No toxic waste to be burnt, this is also the law,it is a criminal offence. Fly tipping is also a criminal offence, trouble is catch them in the act of doing so,hidden cameras is about the only way of catching ... [ more ]
Sarah M
Oh dear, what have I started?  I would just like to say in answer to Susan H that I understand people will probably have garden fires at the weekend but please could it not be lit till after 5pm for instance, giving others the chance to enjoy the garden ... [ more ]

photography club

Clubs & Groups in Akenham

Margaret H i i am looking for a friendy photography club in or around claydon for myself and my 12cyear old son both new to photography and would love to learn from some kind experts margaret
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I too have said I am interested in the Four Communities Photo Group, so hang on in there it may happen yet....try 01473 298686 this man may put you in touch with the Photo group organizer.....

FREE Community Project for 16-25 yr olds organised by 4YP.

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

APR 20
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Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich

Hero Ride Windsor June 21st

Clubs & Groups in Barham

JUN 21
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Andy W
Help for Hero's Hero Ride is taking place in Windsor this year on June 21st if anyone is interested in taking part please get in touch. I have managed to get transport to get cycles there and back and am organising a coach . There is a group of us ... [ more ]

charity shops

Local Conversations in Akenham

Denise H
does anybody on here think the prices in charity shops have gone up a lot....The one in Needham market Station yard is shocking with there prices seeing every thing is given to them for free....I think they have got very greedy ....or am I the only one ... [ more ]
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Jean G
hello pat r I can reassure you that our donations are looked at everyone of them if grubby they are not put on sale or at least that is how the Thursday crew work and that's how the rest of staff should work as well as far as I know we don't sell dirty ... [ more ]
Tania R
Very well done Jean G, I have worked in a charity shop & it is quite a busy day, very rewarding tho :) Is that the one where one of the ladies was robbed of the takings? I was horrified that happened! It sounds like a very good shop, with lots of ... [ more ]

Sackers gt blakenham

Local Conversations in Akenham

APR 07
Yet again, another explosion and fire at Sackers at 6pm today. This photo was taken from my front window. They should not be operating in what is now a residential area
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Yes, there was another one at 9.30 this morning. On this subject, another problem is the entrance to the works is so close to the railway crossing. There is often a queue of lorries, etc waiting on the road to get into their yard, and the traffic is ... [ more ]
Thanks for confirming that Jayne. I took a photo of three lorries parked along there blocking the road a couple of months ago and handed a copy  to Mark Bee at the recent meeting he attended in Great Blakenham. I wonder where that went?


Give, Lend & Borrow in Ipswich Town Centre

hi streetlife friends, I am still looking for a slide suitable for 5/6 years old please. if anyone has one hanging around that they no longer use, I would be truly grateful.... many thanks
Have you tried looking on either Gumtree or the Facebook selling pages? They do tend to come up quite often on there.


Give, Lend & Borrow in Sproughton

I am looking for paving slabs that any one wants to get rid of,one or two and even more even if it means several trips. Sizes  3ftby 2ft =   600 by 900mm            2Ft by 2ft  = 600 by 600 mm and  18 inches by 18 inches = 475 by 475 mm. Pattern and ... [ more ]

Cleaner required

Local Conversations in Claydon

Rachal W
Hi, looking for domestic cleaners for Claydon and the surrounding area. 2-16 hours per week. Cash paid on the day from £8.00 per hour.  If interested please call/text me on 07521 622197. Thanks
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Old Photos

Local Conversations in Henley

Not K
For those who have not seen them follow this link for some old photos of the area.
Thanks for the link Not K, I've just spent a pleasant half hour or so browsing Kindrid Spirits. My gran lived in Robeck Road in the 50s, so when my we visited my brother, cousins ans I would go to the Lairs in the summer. What a shame Pipers Vale has ... [ more ]

3ds game

£20.00 in Claydon

Carole F
nintendo 3ds game,Dead Or Alive Dimensions game, only on it 15 mins, not for my age [71] bought new, 748754 Bramford will except £10


Local Conversations in Claydon

Shirley H
I have a friend urgently looking for a little work to top up part time hours to be able to live. Have CRB check. Any help with care, shopping, dog walking. Feeding cats. Please pm me if you know of anyone needing help. Thankyou.
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