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Door fitter

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Belstead Meadows

David P in Copdock
The developer of Belstead House and the Belstead Meadows area has submitted an amended planning application. It is on the Babergh District Council website under planning. I am a parish councillor for Pinewood and can assure you that the Parish Council ... [ more ]
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There are also now plans for another development around the Holiday Inn called Chantry Vale for about 750 houses. That combined with the Belstead development should be interesting.

Grand Booksale

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich
Cathy G in Copdock
Grand booksale- ex library and donated books- 10p each or 12 for £1 Proceeds to Friends of Chantry Library Refreshments available

TV Repairs

Justine S in Copdock
hi just wondered if anybody knows of a good place to take my TV to be looked at? It went pop at the weekend and as it's only about 3 years old would like to try the repair route before having to buy a new one! - thanks
Jonathan B
R.s. ward foxhall road, Ipswich component went on my parents tv and stopped it from turning on , fault found and repairs completed within a few days.
Tony G
I have used R.S.Ward on Foxhall road just past Parliament Road on left for repair to a 1990 hi-fi. Excellent & speedy repair

Star Gazing

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Chantry Library
Cathy G in Copdock
Come and view the stars with Orwell astronomical society outside Chantry library. Activities and an interactive talk beforehand in the library with free space themed refreshments. Cost 1.50 per adult, children free (aimed at 9+ age group)

Astronomical afternoon

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Chantry Library
Cathy G in Copdock
Astronomical event for primary school children and younger. Free games and activities and cheap space themes refreshments to celebrate new Star Wars film

Belstead Break in .

C T in Copdock
Did anyone see anything suspicious on the evening of Thursday 10th September along The Street, Belstead as there were 2 break ins . The first was an elderly couple in the village and the second was my son who lives on the edge of the village. If anyone ... [ more ]

Road works on Elm Lane

Kate H in Copdock
A sign has gone up saying Elm Lane, Copdock is going to be closed on Sunday 13th September. Does anyone know why as they recently resurfaced it and we haven't had another letter about it?
Suffolk County Council
Hi there Kate The roadworks on Elm Lane are being carried out by BT so that they can make repairs to one of their structures. They are due to be carried out from 13th - 14th September. More information, along with details of the diversion route can ... [ more ]
Kate H
Thanks, we had searched the council website but couldn't find any details so appreciate your response. Kate

Belstead meadows

Tim F in Pinewood
Hi all just been thinking we haven't heard anything from Mr Harding and his merry men and his quest to build on the meadows and develop Belstead house. Its been well over a year since the meeting about his plans and ideas. Has anyone got any up to date ... [ more ]
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My husband moved to the Pinewood surgery 5 years ago Maureen S. He was removed from the practice he had attended since the early 50s (what is now Ravenswood) as we were in the wrong postcode despite him moving to IP2 as a young child. I suppose I could ... [ more ]
Maureen S
Oh dear! What if you need to see a doctor fairly urgently - a bit worrying! We have extremely wealthy friends who have been unable to get a credit card  because they have not got a credit rating having never borrowed or had a mortgage! There are ... [ more ]

asda car park and asb

Nadia C in Washbrook
Hi all those who live in Stoke Park near Asda. I'm trying to gauge the amount of anti sociable behaviour that happens on the car park and surrounding area in evening. Some residents are calling me to tell me of incidents and I want to feed it all back to ... [ more ]