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Football area in parks?

Kathy P in Pinewood
Does anyone know a good park for playing football? My son says the Ellenbrook green area is too rough (though I often see other lads playing there!). A permanent goal would be ideal, though not essential, just flattish grass! Thank you for any ... [ more ]
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Alex G
Top end of Christchurch Park is often used by Ipswich school children playing football. Nearest entrance to the area is in Westerfield Road.

Kodak printer

Dave F in Mace Green
I have a printer that does not work. Maybe ok for spare parts. or someone who knows how to fix it. Free to first one who wants it. collection only.  IP3 area.


Alex G in Maidenhall
I have an old microwave cooker needing disposal. Any idea where I should take it? It is currently located at Pinewood near Chantry.
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Nothing was mentioned about a collection being arranged in the first post, and location as "outside" wasn't clear whether that was someone's garden or public land, so it did sound like fly tipping to me. I thank you for the clarification and apologise ... [ more ]
June B
When I had my kitchen done the workman left the fridge just outside my house at the end of the day and said they would pick it Up first thing in the morning. It was in no ones way. The fridge was there when I went to bed and when I woke up early the next ... [ more ]


Tony O in Copdock
Hi.Can anyone recommend  a recycle place or group that will take in left over paint. many thanks Tony O
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Mandy M
Thank you very much, that's very kind. I've only just joined this site & am hoping to set Emmaus up on their own area too which is Dales Road. Mandy M.
Tony O
Your welcomed Mandy. This is a very good site,We all get on well.We do have different views,and opinions but we do respect each other opinions. You are doing a very good job and keep up the good work. We like to help people and hope you get a good ... [ more ]

Tow bar

Tony O in Copdock
Hi All. I have a tow bar to fit on a 2007 espace. I have phoned several places to fit it,but they will only fit one,if I bought it from them.Somebody on here last year said they could fit one for me,but must have forgotten. So if anyone could fit it or ... [ more ]
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Girly G
My friend Russel could fit it give him a call on 07775740587 he has has been very helpful with several of my cars and reasonable price

Old Carpet

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