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Qigong seminar for beginners 18-19 July

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We would like to invite everybody to take part in the next Zhong Yuan Qigong Level 1 seminar which will take place on 18-19 July 2015 at Castle Hill Community Centre. You will be able to learn about an ancient self-development system from the heart of ... [ more ]
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Kath B
Hi, I have been really stressed out recently as I have to do my studies alongside work. I get very tired but then can't sleep at night and feel exhausted during the day. I am looking to find some sort of exercise to help me, would qigong work for me? ... [ more ]
Hi Kath, qigong is known as an effective remedy for stress relief, and disturbed sleep patterns usually result from imbalance of energy. You are welcome to join our seminar to learn simple methods to get rid of stress so you can be more productive at ... [ more ]

House removal company

Recommendations in Pinewood

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Rodney C
We have used Ipswich Delivery Service a couple of times and found they are competitive and provide a very good service

Cleaner wanted

Recommendations in Copdock

Cathy G
Can anyone out there recommend a good cleaner living in Chantry area would could work about 2 hours a week for my Mum?

Barbeque provider needed

Recommendations in Copdock

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Richard G
Presumably he has improved ?

Charity Collections

Local Conversations in Copdock

Linda N
Since moving into the area 7 years ago, we have had a steady stream of charity collecting bags posted through the door. Not ONCE has one been collected on the said day! The latest was this week - a bag from the NSPCC came, which I duly filled and left ... [ more ]
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Carol B
Last time I got a bag contacted local charity shop British Heart to find out if they had put these out they informed me they had.the reason why I put this on this page because there are a lot of bogus collections so if you are not sure check online.  
Tony O
Mind is a good could take it to them or ring to see if they would collect.I take my bags to them.they have a loading bay next to Iceland at the back.entrance is at the back of the police station.

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