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Open Day

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MAR 08
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32 Kelvin Road, Ipswich, IP1 5EH
Prom and Beyond
Please feel free to come along to view our stock of nearly 300 dresses for Proms, Parties, Balls and Weddings. Entry to Prize Draw with every dress purchased. Also you can view  on   or ring 01473 371634. Thank you.
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Jo G
I agree Sarah, we all look for our best buys, to be able to go along and view a selection is brilliant. I know a couple of people who have bought from them, and they have been thrilled with quality and choice.

Belstead House Development

Local Conversations in Copdock

David P
An outline planning application has been placed to built 155 homes and a care home near Belstead House in Sprites Lane. Many people have already voiced there opinions on the Babergh Council website. It appears that there is a lot of new development ... [ more ]
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Reg S
We have the same prob they want to build 2bungalows at. The bottom of my gardening in the process they pince 2parking spaces Is it no news is good news
Paul B
If it is now in the system awaiting planning permission lets hope it takes as long as permission took to get a tiny play area on brookwood estate!  Several years!  It seems that as long as a few "constructive"  objections keep arriving on BDc planning ... [ more ]

Speed limit on the A12

Local Conversations in Washbrook Street

Tina Y
Does anyone know how long the work between Ipswich and Colchester is going on for. Going towards Colchester I can see that they have resurfaced the road, but I never see the workmen at work. Just wondered.
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Birthday cake

Recommendations in Mace Green

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Linda C
Yes they are Michelle W everyone commented on how nice my cake was and she done me a 3 tier one. brilliant, I think she added the photo to her FB page it was 3 tiers with gold roses.
Michelle W
Same here she done my daughters birthday cake it was delicious normally cake gets wasted cause it goes dry not this one every piece went her work is really the best and at good prices 2

Dog poo

Local Conversations in Copdock

Tim F
Is it me or is there more dog poo being thrown into bushes or left at bottom of styles/path converge areas? I cannot understand the mentality of going through the rigmarole of picking it up......doing what is law.....only to then throw it in hedge etc!!! ... [ more ]
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Kathleen E
Hello Robert, On the last Saturday each month we Litterpick the footpath that runs from Downing Close down to Stoke Park Drive (opposite ASDA) and then the Greensward in Belstead Road from St Joseph's College to Girton Way. It takes 3 of us approx two ... [ more ]

Theft from van...

Local Conversations in Copdock

Tim F
Hi all just a quick mistake..left my van open last nite and some scumbag of all the nights decided to pinch and search stuff from it...typical ! All that matters is a red snap on tool box plastic carrying kind. If anyone hears or sees anything ... [ more ]
Matthew S
There has been a lot of that in pinewood area over last couple of years I think there is a gang of chances that go around quite often checking for unlocked vehicles, I have made the mistake 3 times and had loose cash taken twice so I would say they are ... [ more ]

Chantry Library Author talk and Friends AGM

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MAR 16
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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive
Cathy G
Come and hear best selling local author Charlie Haylock on "the eccentricities of the English Language"- this is part of the Friends of Chantry Library (FoCL) AGM- all are welcome to this free event which includes a buffet supper and an opportunity to ... [ more ]

Qigong classes restarting from 21 January

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After the holiday break, Qigong classes will restart from 21 January at Castle Hill Community Centre. People interested in qigong, looking to improve their health or grow spiritually, are welcome! Address: Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield ... [ more ]
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Hi Eric, you are welcome to join our classes. Healing Qigong is known to be helpful for back problems, as you continue to practice the energy blockages in the body will go away and your condition improve. Our instructor was trained in qigong in Shaolin, ... [ more ]

Garden table cover

Lost & Found in Chattisham

Paul F
I have been given a green and buff tarpaulin, a cover for what is probably a garden table.  It was deposited in my front garden , presumably, by the wind, last night. If it is yours please give me a ring on 01473 311516 and we can arrange to take it ... [ more ]

Sports Trophies

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Helen T
Does anyone have a use for unwanted sports trophies?  Can they be recycled or would a school or charity want them? I have well over 100, mostly in very good condition and the title plaque could easily be removed and replaced. Otherwise, they will just be ... [ more ]

Grape Vine Advice/Help

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Joanne S
I have recently moved and have acquired a grape vine in the garden. ‘Monty Don’ says this is the time of year to prune it and I would like to train it along a wall. I was wondering whether there was anyone who has knowledge of this and is prepared to ... [ more ]

Kitchen Fitter

Recommendations in Chattisham

Can anyone recommend a kitchen fitter to replace an existing kitchen. We need someone that can manage the whole caboodle - fitting, flooring, plastering, electricals etc. Preferably local to Capel St Mary.
Peter E
Bonfield Brothers, builders, of Capel St. Mary did a great job in fitting our new kitchen a few years back. Would certainly recommend them for commitment and customer support.