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E-J to Upper Tooting and 4 more areas

Waitrose collection box

If you are re-stocking at Waitrose Balham in the next few days please don't forget to pick up your green token at the checkout. We would be so grateful if as many Waitrose shoppers as possible could pop it into the left hand box in aid of First Touch, ... more »
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Joanna G to Southfields and 5 more areas

Free Ladies Networking 22nd April

The next Meeting of TOOTING Ladies Who Latte is Tuesday 22nd April at 10am  If any of you want to bring along a visitor, you're most welcome to - the more networking, the merrier!  PREMIER INN at Merton Abbey Mills, near Colliers Wood Tube. Free ... more »
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Joanna G
Just pop by! If you can arrive by 10.30 that be great
Linda H
will try my best to attend. do i need to bring anything with me ?
Lianne R to Upper Tooting and 4 more areas

Central heating help needed

Hi. Seemingly we need Honeywell 3 port md position valve fitted in our central heating as ours is broken and the boiler is not receiving enough volts to enable it to work properly. Can anyone help or recommend anyone who can fix this for us? Any advice ... more »
If your diagnosis is correct, then you only need to change the Actuator/Head (around 50 quid if my my memory serves me right) whereas the complete valve is around 100 to buy. No need to drain the system when just changing Actuator. Not a difficult job ... more »
Lianne R
Dear Keith When you say not difficult... We were told what the problem was by a potterton boiler man so presumably he knew what he was talking about. I, on the other hand, do not have a clue! Thank you for your advise any more would be so gratefully ... more »
Tracey R to Colliers Wood and 9 more areas

Where to sell old cameras?

Does anyone know where one might be able to sell old cameras in excellent condition? I have an old film camera (SLR) and a digital "hybrid" that both work brilliantly, but I want to upgrade to one really good digital SLR. Any suggestions (besides eBay) ... more »
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Tracey R
Thanks everyone for your advice & suggestions! I'll do research over this long weekend - much appreciated... Happy Easter :)
The Fashion Cupboard‎ if none of the above work for you Mrcad in Pimlico is one of the last left who will even discuss film cameras unless leica etc he will may/take film off you. I have just got rid of some kit but most of it went to the charity shop ... more »
Rachel D to Balham and 9 more areas

Wardrobe Giveaway

I have two white wardrobes to give away. They do not need to go at the same time if you only want one. The first is a white Ikea Pax Wardrobe body without doors measuring 236cm height 96cm wide 60cm depth There are also 3 white shelves A Hanging rail 6 ... more »
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Jane E to Battersea and 7 more areas

Cyclists and dog walkers spoil the day

Yesterday, I took advantage of the weather to walk from Tooting Broadway to Colliers Wood and back to Wandsworth, mostly along the Wandle.  Only 2 things spoiled it.  The first were the cyclists who came up fast from behind with no audible warning (I had ... more »
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Jonathan P
As a dog owner and a cyclist I agree totally with Jane and like Denise have never knowingly not picked up and disposed of correctly. Really winds me up that people ignore cleaning up after their dog and even more so when they just chuck the bag in the ... more »
Jonathan P
Sorry...when clicking the above link, then click on "Who can enjoy the Trail"
Valeria to Battersea and 5 more areas

Ironmonger/wrought iron railing/fencing

Does anybody know a company or individual that supply and fits railings? Many thanks in advance! Valeria
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Thanks from me too! I need a piece of creative/ art metal work. Would you all recommend the same people or others. I do want to use someone local, if poss.
If you want something unique, Try Conan Sturdy in Streatham email: conansturdy@mac.comworkshop: 0208 764 4895 mobile: 07866 264 755 He made a swinging chair for me.  Good price, but a bit erratic on delivery!
ALISON L to Southfields and 5 more areas

2 very large cardboard storage boxes available

Must be collected this weekend or the bin men can have them! Am in Southfields. Alison
Bob Z
hi im bob 32 years where this plz acn you contac me on 07460916677 thx
Hi Alison If no-one has beaten me to it, I might be interested in these. Any possibility of texting or giving me a call, please? 07507 261037 Many thanks.
C Q to Balham and 5 more areas

Stolen carpet

We just had a roll of grey carpet -just newly delivered- stolen from our drive !!! Omg what has this world come to???
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Everything has a price! Deterrents depend on the wherewithall and the determination - both closely allied. The Council/police will only act if deemed truly necessary and within certain remits. Money is tight...........
Good Heavens! How disgraceful, our plumber had his expensive bike stolen 15 minutes after he locked it to a pole in front of our house so I suppose it is not surprising. A friend of mine said her daughter bought a house in Mitcham and left their ... more »
Maryam to Wandsworth and 3 more areas

Teaching resources for free

I am an EnglishTutor and have loads of excess resources to give away (huge variety of  English exercise sheets, practice test papers, exercise books, reading books, teacher support resources, etc. etc.) ranging from primary-adult. Currently, there are ... more »
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Hello I could come today or tomorrow. Where are you? Best
I'dbe interested in adult teaching material. Please PM me about what is available and how one may collect. Thanks
Julie D to Wandsworth and 4 more areas

Solicitor recommendation

Dear Streetlifers, Can anyone recommend a good solicitor who specialises in renewing flat leases?  Many thanks Julie
TWN are handling my apartment block's collective enfranchisement but also do lease extensions. They have been chosen by several other leaseholders on my estate (Heritage Park, Tooting Bec) in the past and are at present handling several other projects ... more »
I'm with Trainsmart
Julie D
Many thanks Minxette. I will give their details to my neighbours to see if they would like to get a quote from them.
Caroline to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Broken Washing Machine

I live in Wandsworth and my Bosch washing machine, that is not that old but not under guarantee, has broken down and I would be grateful for any recommendations for a repair man. Thank you
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Alvaro is wonderful He repaired my 12 year old machine 07703356873 Mary king
Julie D
Hi Caroline, David Kidd @ D. K Domestic is very efficient and reasonable. Mob 07836792807 Tel. 020 8647 0645.  Good luck Julie
Mary P to Summerstown and 4 more areas

oven repair

Does anyone know of someone who can repair a stoves fan oven? What a bad time for an oven to break down!
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Julie D
Hi Mary, David Kidd from D.K Domestic may beable to help you. He does repairs for white goods. He changed my gas oven and replaced it with an electric one. Was very reasonable and efficient and took away my old gas oven for me too! Tel. 020 8647 0645 ... more »
Karen S to Upper Tooting and 6 more areas

Want to learn how to play Squash? Total beginner? So I am!

I am thinking about learning how to play Squash and take lessons in Balham but then I will need some other total beginners to practice the game! Does anyone want to join me in learning?
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Karen S
We are looking at Tues 6th May.  7.30pm.  £10 per person.  Let me know if anyone else wants to join and I will send more details. Thanks
Nina O
I would be interested in the future - can't make 6th though. I am a *total* beginner but love the idea of whacking a ball around!
Gwen E to Wandsworth and 4 more areas

Organic compost

I keep wondering why some gardeners on this site talk about taking their borage down the tip when it makes the most wonderful compost. Not only does it rot down quickly but according to ........Comfrey and borage are both ... more »
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Michele B to Summerstown and 4 more areas

Did you know the the excellent Osteopathic Centre for Children is on our doorstep?

Just to remind everyone with children that this excellent place, the Osteopathic Centre for Children is only in Putney.  It helps "alleviate all kinds of childhood problems, many stemming from a traumatic birth process."  I can say it has helped my ... more »
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Aussie Caramel
Thank you Michele. I didn't know about the Osteopathic Centre for Children.
Paul R to Upper Tooting and 5 more areas

Rubbish collection over Easter

Anyone know of a way to find out normal rubbish collection days over Easter public holidays? The council website is seemingly useless on this question. Paul
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Diana K
Not unlike Lambeth! Lambeth do the same except on Christmas Day. I hope Wandsworth gives employees one day off at Xmas.
I'm with Age UK Lambeth
Paul R
Hi all, really helpful. Thanks for coming back so quickly everyone. This site is so friendly and helpful. Paul
Valeria to Battersea and 5 more areas

Garden inspiration

Hi Everyone, My garden is in need of some inspiring ideas. I Enjoy digging, planting, chopping down but my problem is knowing what plants to buy and what goes with what and as a result, regardless of how much work I am prepared to put into it, it's a ... more »
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Stephen T
Hi Valeria, I have a diploma in garden design among my qualifications, and my company offers a complete garden service; design, landscaping, and maintenance. Among my services I offer garden consultations. Please feel free to get in touch at ... more »
Gilly S
The National Garden Scheme (NGS/Yellow Book) is a wonderful source of inspiration - for a small fee that goes to charity, you get to mooch around a private garden, and can often buy plants at a good price and have tea there too. What could be nicer? ... more »
Karen H to Battersea and 4 more areas


I noticed loads of dead or dying bees, around the wooded area of the old Gothic Patriotic Building yesterday.  Any ideas of what is going on - spraying or something?  Seems like they may have ingested something.
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