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Ambulance by Chestnut Grove School

Fiona V in Clapham Park
Does anyone know what happened outside Chestnut Grove School in Balham on Wednesday?  The shop keeper said there was a young man being treated by the paramedics.
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Sarah B
no problem Allison - i just don't like things to get too personal, especially when your post wasn't supposed to be critical of the whole school.... i hadn't heard of ANY kids drinking on the Common - was it in the papers??  Does anyone happen to know ... [ more ]

crossrail2 digging

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Rebecca R
If the conditions are more *difficult* in Tooting, they could still go ahead as the increased cost would be covered by not having to dig on wandsworth common, and they persevered with the same conditions at Farringdon so why not here to stick with the ... [ more ]
Sarah B
wherever they do decide to dig, it's going to be a traffic nightmare for years to come..... and i can't imagine the log-jam when all the people using Crossrail 2 decide to get on the tube at either Tooting Broadway or Balham.....

Zumba classes during the day?

J L in Tooting Graveney
Does anyone know of any Zumba classes relatively local to Tooting that happen during the day in the week (not weekends) on a drop in basis?
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Estelle is also at the Penfold Community Centre behind Southside Shopping centre (the road can be accessed through the rear entrance near Waitrose or going around the road where the COOP is.) Her class is on Thursdays from 9.30am. Why not drop in and ... [ more ]

Are there any citizens advice bureaus in the area

June C in Balham
a work colleague has been living in a family house (owning a quarter share) caring for parents. Both parents have now  passed away and his sister having got power of attorney (having changed all bills Council Tax into her name)  has been leasing out ... [ more ]
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Michelle R
Try, lots of info on their website. Also Fadiga & co in Balham offer a free 30min assessment every Saturday 11am - 1.30pm (I think its same company that biscuite is referring to). Wandsworth citizens advice are now based in ... [ more ]

Anyone getting rid of a small working fridge by any chance?

Guy D in Putney Heath
we're on Geraldine road in Wandsworth and hoped someone local might be having a clear out or moving and have a small fridge they no longer want.  Please get in touch if you can help, thanks, Guy 07810 753 815
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Stainless Steel Wall Tiles - Scratch Removal Tips Needed

Maia A in Balham
Hello, can anyone give me a few tips on removing fine scratches from stainless steel mosaic kitchen tiles? I stupidly cleaned them with an abrasive sponge which has left scores on the tiles!
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Mo T
Hi you could try and use bicarbonate of soda with a little water on a soft cloth. Rinse it off dry and buff it up with a bit of flour. Odd I know but it works try it on your draining board or so k to see the result.magic

Free Oboe

drole in West Hill
We have an old Oboe in its box unused for a very long time. Available for collection if wanted
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Our school is currently looking for woodwind instruments to be loaned to children and expand the number of children learning to play. If it doesn't get collected please let me know.

Carpet cleaning

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Trevor is not a general builder (what makes you say that? Do you know him personally?). He does carpers but his family also does other things which are related to building services. This is not to demean you in anyway but a rental cleaner machine is a ... [ more ]

House plant to give away

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Samantha P
Okay, brilliant. When are you free. I live on Garratt Lane - Tooting end so can pick up at an agreed time tomorrow or any time after 12 on Saturday (all day Sunday). My number is 07985 196 580, you can let me know anytime tomorrow even short notice as ... [ more ]

Loewe 32in Flat Screen crt TV to give away

George T in Summerstown
This was a very expensive TV when new (about £1200). Its got 3 scarts so I used sky,freeview box and a dvd player with it....It will auto find the channels. Its called a Loewe Mimo and is quite a cool retro TV and I have the remote and will dig out the ... [ more ]

Needed - unwanted/old bra's

Tracey R in Upper Tooting
Hello Streetlifers, I've volunteered as a CupHolder in the general Tooting/Wandsworth area, for an initiative to recylce old/unused bra's for use in the poorest communities in South Africa. (I'm from S. Africa myself) I have 3 "asks" please! I have 3 ... [ more ]
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Sue H
Hi Tracy, think we had a private conversation but now can't seem to find it!  Have sorted out the Bras I brought back from my Mother's house, and from my own drawers - pm me about how I can get them to you. Sue
Tracey R
Hi Sue, sure, I'll PM you now - and thank you!! I've just been packaging up bras which are travelling to Durban with a friend on Monday :)

Free gypsum board / plasterboard at Homebase

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Pest snails for tank

Samantha M in Upper Tooting
Does anyone have a fish tank which contains those annoying snails. I need some snails. Pet Shop ones aren't as good as community tank ones. Please let me know if I can have some of your pests. Thanks

Latest on Wandsworth Common station footbridge

Sarah M in Furzedown
Following the submission of the over 450 signature petition, I will be speaking at Wandsworth Council's Passenger Transport Liaison Group (PTLG) on 14 March to ask officers to work with Southern Rail to keep open the right of way over the station ... [ more ]
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Can I borrow a trolley

Anne-marie N in Wandsworth
Hello all, I'm moving a cooker and wonder if anyone has a trolley I can borrow to get it on and off the van and in and out of the house.  Thanks
Anne-marie N
Hi Adriano that's great I still need it, will probably try and move the cooker on Saturday or Sunday.  I could collect the trolley and then drop it back.  Can you send me PM to let me know your address and what is convenient for you.  Thanks Anne-Marie

Missing Cat: Dobby, b/w medium hair, Wimbledon Chase SW19

RSPCA Wimbledon & District in West Hill
MISSING CAT: Dobby, b/w medium haired, Wimbledon Chase SW19. Do you recognise her or know of her whereabouts? Dobby turned up around 6 months ago & the finder had since tried to trace an owner but when no one came forward, they took Dobby in. Dobby ... [ more ]
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Joanne T
This maybe a long shot but ive seen few posters for a found cat in Chartfield Avenue Putney no photo maybe worth checking

Wandsworth Common station footbridge campaign - success!

Sarah McDermott in Balham
Thanks to all the support of local residents and businesses signing the Nightingale councillors' petition, Southern Rail have decided to put the work on hold and think again about the barriers. We, together with David Dean and Dan Watkins, will continue ... [ more ]
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Dear Mr Khan, Many thanks for taking the time to review our comments in this thread. We are grateful that you could spare the time. It is disturbing that you only discovered the possible footbridge closure on 12th January when in fact the Local ... [ more ]
Andrew S
Methinks Mr Khan doth protest too much... I remember a similar leaflet going out near where I live about the Tooting Bec Lodge, where Mr Khan claimed credit for the Council taking action without even bothering to acknowledge, let alone give credit to, ... [ more ]

Found: stolen ladies bike

Tracey R
I think it would be a good idea to report/hand it in to the police as it's possible it has been reported .. so they can reunite it with its owner. It might even be marked with one of those security pens , with a post code...

Specific Donation Request: Cat Mascot Costume

RSPCA Wimbledon & District in West Hill
Specific Donation Request: We're looking to obtain a CAT MASCOT COSTUME, similar to the one pictured here. We would like to use this at our fundraising events throughout the year but brand new they cost nearly £500, a helluvvalottamoney! Does anyone ... [ more ]
Ginnette S
If you don't find one, check out ebay:

Anyone know a good heating engineer to fix a boiler in Earlsfield?

Viv B in Earlsfield
Looking for someone reliable, Gas registered, not a rip off, who can fix an old but good gas boiler in the Earlsfield area. Any recommendations?
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Have just had Evans and Graham from Sutton to fix my 14 year old boiler and now it is going like the clappers.  He must have worked some kind of magic on it as it has not worked so well in ages.  They work up here all the time and it is no fix, no fee.

Looking for a good solicitor & accountant

Nick L in Earlsfield
Can anyone recommend a good solicitor who can help with expanding small business - employment contracts, insurance, general legal advice etc. - and an accountant to help with ltd co taxes etc. Preferably based in Wandsworth / Earlsfield / Tooting / ... [ more ]
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Kish M
Great accountant is Susan Rahman at based in South Wimbledon Solicitors - my contact is Hatice Mustafa at Good luck with the expansion.
Victoria S
I can recommend Zaib @ Lanop      Tel : 0208 392 9375 Mobile: 077 6973 6060    389 Upper Richmond Road Putney London SW15 5QL

Arts & crafts

to ,
Tooting Market

Wooden Pallet and Builders 'ton' bag to give away...

Ian N in Streatham Park
I have a standard wooden pallet and 'bulk bag' ( like the sort of thing sand is delivered in, but this one was full of logs ) . The bag is useful for removing rubble or soil etc. If either of these could be of use to somebody, please PM me. ... [ more ]
Anya B
Hello Ian, I should very much like the bag if you still have it.  If you could leave it at the front of your house and tell me what number Mandrake Road you are I can fetch it tomorrow if you are agreeable. Kind regards, Anya

20mph. Chance to have say in your road.

Sarah M in Furzedown Great news that all residents will have a chance to have a say on introducing 20 mph zone their roads - if they want one. See details above.
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Joanne H
This conversation has made me angry. My husband USED TO BE a driver who believed that as he concentrates on his driving, kept his vehicle in top notch condition, including daily tyre pressure checks, and had megs fast reflexes, he was safe to drive ... [ more ]
John G
Totally with you there Joanne H. I once represented a young male driver who was prosecuted for causing death by reckless driving after he struck a young boy who ran across the road from between cars to get back home after one of his friends told him as a ... [ more ]

Need curtain hems let down - know anyone?

E-J in Clapham Park
I have 3 pairs of ready-made curtains, all need their bottom hem letting down to the maximum possible length. On a budget! Can anyone help, or recommend someone who can, please?
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Tracey R
Sylvia , as Emmsar said,   ( ) is very good with all this sort of stuff - send her a PM :)
My wife and I can thoroughly recommend Ella who lives in Tooting. She is very professional and reasonably priced. Her number is 07786 605463