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IOS 10.0.2 update trouble...?

Marianne I in Wandsworth
Since I updated my iPad to IOS 10.0.2, I am experiencing annoying "bugs", such as not being able to get a direct response when clicking on virtually any link or website..... Instead it just opens the general browser window. I invariably have to return ... [ more ]
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Alex B
ISO 10 also has adjusted your settings in updates iTunes and apps store is automatic so updates while your on your 3G or 4G using up vast amounts of data mine used 12gb of my 14gb last month good job I spotted it early so turn them of in your iPhone ... [ more ]

Unintended but funny messages

Dmitriy in Balham
Is it only me or messages like these not written with intent of being silly? >>I have something and urgently need something done to it. Can someone quote?<<

Cleaner Required Earlsfield

Vicky K in Balham
Looking for a recommendation for a cleaner in Earlsfield. To start between Christmas and New Year and continue from then.
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Laura B
Vicky i can recommend Helena she's very good cleaner. She is perfect in everything she does. Her phone is 07872394894. good luck

Excellent local property managers

HJ Property Management in HJ Property Management
We are an independent local small business providing flexible property management services to landlords and tenants.   With 5 of us in our Wandsworth office we look after more than 80 properties across South London. We want to keep properties ... [ more ]

billy bookcase to give away free - 80cm(w) x 106cm (h)

Ribbons free!

Sally H in Earlsfield
Big bag of Ribbons kindly given to me by from Tony H got some left over if anyones want to collect from Balham
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2 child (backless) booster seats up for grabs

Allison in Balham
I've got two booster seats to give away. One is Halfords red and black. The other is Britax black and grey. Never been in an accident. These are the type that are suitable for up to 12 years / 135cm and they do not have a back.

Keep warm this winter

Age UK Wandsworth in Balham
Information on the link below to help you keep warm this winter.  Please help your older friends, family and neighbours to do the same.

Adobe InDesign tuition wanted

Linda W in Sands End
I need a few hours of tuition to properly get going with Adobe InDesign. I have a basic grasp but would be grateful for some help. Thanks.
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Susan H
Putney Art school have very good courses and it helps get you started - I learnt about it there and i bought manuals from Amazon that help

Replacement electric car key

Jo M in Summerstown
We've lost one of our Honda CEV electric ignition/ door car keys and have found it's going to cost over£400 to replace from the dealer.. anyone know anywhere I can get one cheaper?.. or do we have to swallow that type of cost?
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Kitchen installation.

Jane S in Fulham
I'm looking for a man to make a new kitchen for me. I don't like anything I've seen so far in all the various catalogues. Thanks.
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Simple fruit one-tier wedding cake

Hi Alex I'm a local cake maker. I make a variety of flavours and styles. Happy to send you some photos of recent cakes. Many of my customers are repeat customers and all say my cakes taste as good as they look!

New sophisticated card scam highlighted in the latests edition of Which? magazine.

Dmitriy in Balham
We all know that when shopping online you would often get a pop up screen from your bank to confirm the transaction... There is a new twist on the tale. A computer infected with a specialist virus would throw up that message to confirm your details ... [ more ]
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I have seen this on PC at work a few months ago. I rang bank; on phone for nearly an hour. They were clueless and said it was ok, but it didn't feel right so I quit the transaction and did it again at home with no problems. It asked for additional ... [ more ]

Hi all, any recommendations for chemistry and physics tutors for GCSE

Nemca N in Wandsworth
Looking for a tutor to help with GCSE physics and chemistry. Preferably in the Tooting and surrounding area.
Chris C
Morning. I am  Tooting resident hand have been tutoring Physics and Maths for many years now to student of all abilities and ages from 14 to adult. I have a full DBS check, references and some fantastic results from August 2016. As a former head of a ... [ more ]

Door needs re-setting

Elvira in Merton
Can anyone recommend someone who could re-set and probably file a door so that it doesn't catch on the carpet. At the moment the carpet gets rucked up every time the door is closed and then opened again. The carpet fitters should have done this but it ... [ more ]
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Local cat not home yet! Cats do have their own temperament!

sc m in Streatham Park
Still looking for a local cat Jimmy! ( Jim ) I am sure he will return of his own accord but would be nice to get him home a little sooner! Anyone who has owned a cat, should know! They rule you, not the other way around. ... [ more ]
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Crossrail 2 - possible impact on Tooting Market

Tracey R in Upper Tooting
I've not seen this posted, but apologies if it's a duplicate... There is a potential impact to Tooting Market from CR2, as explained in this article on TimeOut's website: ... [ more ]
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Paul W
These proposals have been around for a while now and it's a bit more than Tooting Market that's affected in the whole Tooting Broadway area.   Best place to look at the details is at source on the Crossrail 2 website at: ... [ more ]
There are loads of unused and vacant areas along busy roads and railways - Crossrail needs to get someone to do a survey of the local area to find a place to the ventilation shaft on one of those (owned by National Rail or TfL), rather than whacking ... [ more ]

Can anyone lend me a Puppy pen?

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sc m
Haha! Sally H  Streetlife does amaze me! Just when looking for 1 baby gate...3 come along...

Carpet Cleaner in Tooting

Heavy T in Balham
Hi, We have light coloured carpets at home that have become dirty. We tried cleaning themselves but they are still quite bad. Does anyone know of professional carpet cleaners in Tooting who might be able to clean them for using some fancy powerful ... [ more ]
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Merry W
I'd recommend Your Cleaners Team - They use water extraction machine and I believe they cover your area.

Aerial cable repair

Tash in Southfields
Can anyone recommend someone who can fix the pin at the end of my aerial cable which is broken. Thanks in advance.
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caroline w
Tash, it's really easy.  The cable is a central wire surrounded by a mass of copper wiring.  You push the central wire through the pin thing and the rest of the copper wiring just gets cased around it but so that they are kept separate. It's not ... [ more ]

Restart and Sew-vember

to ,
Mushkil Aasaan, 220 - 222 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7EW (next to Nando’s)
Transition Tooting in Furzedown
Come and join us on Saturday November the 12th for an afternoon of fixing and mending! Whether it’s electrical or electronic items that you don’t want to throw away or a sewing machine that is broken or you’re not sure how to use. Have a favourite ... [ more ]

Cat Portrait Painter

Caroline in West Hill
My daughter has a very loved cat and I was thinking I would like to get his portrait painted as a Christmas present for her, does anyone please know of someone who could do this at a reasonable cost? Thank you
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Fiona M
I can very much recommend Judy Young who lives in Battersea.   I have seen her SUPERB dog portraits but believe she does cats equally well.   (I bought a very fine picture of a sea gull she did which is very much admired by all my guests; she also ... [ more ]
Linda S
I commissioned Megan to paint my cat Billi. So, beautiful with nuances of colour in his fur and captured his personality perfectly. Then Megan painted my British Blue cat. She captured the richness and density of her fur. Both paintings measure ... [ more ]

Help - Edit 4K video

Stuart W in Balham
I have been using a new 4K sony camcorder over Summer - AX100.  It's truly brilliant.  However, I am finding it a challenge to edit the 4K/UHD clips and render to HDMI.  I have Sony Playmemories software - this works but is very limited.  I have also ... [ more ]
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Lily W
Thought I would chexk and saw this which may help

Advice on the best way to back up a massive photo library

Jo in Summerstown
I have over 1000 photos in an iphoto library on an old mac. Does anyone know the best way to back them onto an external hard drive? There are so many on the market and whilst some say they are mac compatible, the reviews say otherwise. Also what ... [ more ]
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Spare a thought for some photographers, their pics easily hit 30MB each. Btw, SSD cache did make wonders to owners of DS1815+ though they are at 7TB use now.
Shahid Rafiq
I know I wouldn't resize their photos as its cameras and storage is the tools of their job. However I have zipped up the files and labelled the zip accordingly. Yep SSD cache has improved life DS1815+ owners.