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Sue D to Balham and 5 more areas

English Tutor

Can anyone recommend a patient english tutor for a Spanish adult living near to Trinity Road in Wandsworth? All thoughts gratefully received.
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Susan J
I am a fully qualified efl tutor and live nearby. I have some slots available tuesday, thursday and friday mornings and can arrange most sunday afternoons. Apologies as the phone won't do any capital letters within a sentence!!
Judith C
Have a look at - it's a very user-friendly site, free to students, with a wide range of excellent qualified tutors all over London. You can study their individual profiles and prices before contacting any to fix a first meeting.
Jane E to Battersea and 7 more areas

Cyclists and dog walkers spoil the day

Yesterday, I took advantage of the weather to walk from Tooting Broadway to Colliers Wood and back to Wandsworth, mostly along the Wandle.  Only 2 things spoiled it.  The first were the cyclists who came up fast from behind with no audible warning (I had ... more »
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Dianne Meyer
I agree with everything Jane has said.  I guess you have to catch them in the act.  If like me you actually have caught them, you might get a bit of verbal abuse, but as childish as this may be I have taken photos of the culprits and their dogs and sent ... more »
Jane E
Respect, Dianne!!  I'm not sure I would dare, but I have stood pointedly and watched someone until they did pick up and then thanked them for respecting the environment.  (I do also thank those who pick up without me glaring as I thank cyclists who warn ... more »
Lea T to Balham and 5 more areas

Spring Bat Walk in the Cemetery

Calling all nature lovers! Enjoy a late evening stroll in a place of tranquility... Friends of Streatham Cemetery are having an evening BAT WALK on Thursday 1st May 2014 Meet at 8.40 pm at main gate of the cemetery on Garrett Lane, Tooting, SW17 0LT  ... more »

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Streatham Cemetery in Tooting

May 01
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Samantha P
My friend JB is so excited about this event, but unfortunately I will not be able to attend with him. Sounds so interesting, maybe next time.
Nigel G
Thank you for providing this information. I am really pleased that the Friends of Streatham Cemetery have organised this event. I will make every effort to attend. I will also take up a membership and perhaps get involved with the bees.
Paul R to Upper Tooting and 5 more areas

Rubbish collection over Easter

Anyone know of a way to find out normal rubbish collection days over Easter public holidays? The council website is seemingly useless on this question. Paul
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Paul R
Hi all, really helpful. Thanks for coming back so quickly everyone. This site is so friendly and helpful. Paul
Michael S
Hi all, Just to confirm that Wandsworth Council's rubbish and recycling collection services operate normally throughout the year except on Xmas and New Years Day when they occur on Mon-Fri, following which collections will be one day late for the rest ... more »
Toni K to West Hill and 8 more areas

Curtain maker

Can anyone recommend a good curtain maker and/or supplier of reasonably-priced curtain fabric?  Thank you.
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Irene S
Thanks I will try them next.
Polly H
I also make up curtains and blinds and supply very reasonably priced fabrics - do call for a chat if you wish: 07976 955648 Irene - try for shutters
Sue I to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Recommendations for a plumber to install an outside tap

Can any one recommend a plumber to install and outside tap for me? Needs to drill through a wall and a bit fiddly as a 1st flat so needs a run of pipe work, Many thanks
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Sandy B
Jeremy Dunnill.  He is on the internet.  Just look his name up.  He is local.
Sue I
Thanks so much  -  will be contacting them today!! 
Tash to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Estate agents to manage rental property

We are debating whether to manage our own flat which we will be letting out or getting an agent to do it. Any recommendations of local agents in Southfields worth their weight in gold????
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sarah o
I would second Colin Brown of Seymour Green aswell.
I do manage my own property in Putney and have had no problem so far. If you live locally there is no need for an estate agent in my opinion.
Inanna to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

iDVD and Premiere Pro (CS5) - Tech question

Hi there, A question for the techie folks out there.  I'm creating a DVD in iDVD with videos created in Premiere Pro CS5 (mac version).  The videos have worked fine.  However, when I import them into iDVD, i lose a great slice off the left hand side.  ... more »
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Hi Sandra, thanks so much for getting back to me.  Quicktime - for some reason, proved problematic.  But importing videos (exported from prem pro) into imovie and exporting to itunes to create .m4v videos worked well.  Checking out link to oxelon. Much ... more »
Filmmaker Sandra
You are welcome. I am glad you managed to find a way. idvd is a fantastic dvd authoring program but I find it a bit selective with the type of file it accept. I had a similar issue when trying to burn a video made with Corel video studio pro. However it ... more »
Michelle D to Wandsworth and 4 more areas

mechanic wanted

Can anyone suggest a good mechanic that does mots ..reasonably priced . New to area so don.t want ripped off . Thanks
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Donna B
Hi Michelle, I do believe that the council do mots, in Wandsworthsybe take a look at there website
Lucy S
the completely wonderful Trevor Matthews and his team at AutoTechnics in Merton.  tel: 0208 543 1233.  did my MOT in the autumn for my ancient Merc and it cost me around £50.
Marianne I to Balham and 9 more areas

Have you seen the new signs......?

Have you seen the new signs? All those years, we have all been doing it wrong......; I remember my grandfather taking me, aged 2 or 3, to the park on his bicycle, to feed the ducks😀 So is Brown bread ok? I like the small print: "Grains, seeds, vegetable ... more »
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Janette B
Apart from feeding the duck I think sadly general litter which includes fast food is contributing to the expanding waistlines of rats just as it is in humans! But I certainly wont be feeding the ducks (rats) so as not to encourage them not to rely on ... more »
Lucy S
do you think the foxes would pay attention if i put up a sign telling them not to bring their takeaway rubbish into my garden?
Flair Fairy to Balham and 8 more areas

Whinge about Waitrose in Balham

I wanted to have a whinge about Waitrose in Balham. This morning I went to buy lamb to roast on Sunday and was shocked to find they had no legs or shoulders of lamb (boned or unboned).  Several of us complained to the manager and we pointed out that it ... more »
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Simon - your response made me smile and yes how trivial the original post seemed in comparison to the cold facts detailed in your stats. Loved the overheard in Waitrose and the other link too. It seems bizarre to me to celebrate new life whilst eating ... more »
Jo - I fully agree. Actually, I am vegetarian since 1991..
Fred to Balham and 5 more areas

Painting of Tree Stump at Clapham South

Hi I dont know if this is in this area or not, but there is a tree stump on Clapham Common by Clapham South Station which has been painted with very bright colours and a bird attached to the top. Does anyone know anything about it? Who did it? Does it ... more »
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As long as it is confined to tree stumps i wholeheartedly support it. The bird on top looks more seious to me so i wondered if it was semi official. Fred
Janet J
I like it! Imaginative and cheerful! But please no copycats or it gets boring
Rachel D to Balham and 9 more areas

Wardrobe Giveaway

I have two white wardrobes to give away. They do not need to go at the same time if you only want one. The first is a white Ikea Pax Wardrobe body without doors measuring 236cm height 96cm wide 60cm depth There are also 3 white shelves A Hanging rail 6 ... more »
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Rachel D
Hello Mercy, Sorry for late reply. Are you still interested in the wardrobe? We only have the large one free now. This does not have doors but it is possible to buy doors from Ikea. Let me know. Rachel
Mercy M
Hi Rachael Thanks for your reply and apologies for the dely in getting back to you. Unfortunately the van i was going to use is not available this week so you can let someone else have the wardrobe. Regards Mercy
Ally H to Earlsfield and 4 more areas

Private Stalls

Dear Streetlife, It's that time again... Allfarthing Primary School are holding their Summer School Fair on Saturday 14th June 12-3pm. We are looking for private stall holders as we had a fantastic response last year from Streetlife which resulted in ... more »
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Filmmaker Sandra
Bad luck... I am not available on that Saturday otherwise I would have taken a table. All farthing summer fair is always brilliant.
Ally H
That's a shame!! Sandra. Next time..
Peter to Balham and 9 more areas

Chainsaw Sharpening Service

Hello, Can anyone recommend local Chainsaw Sharpening Service? Thank you. Peter
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Dave M
Hi there Peter, Why not do it yourself? It's not actually that difficult. Have a look through the Oregon maintenance manual PDF. Obviously specific to Oregon products however the principals are basically the same. ... more »
Andrew H
Lucy means W Austin, I think. See the thread on scissor sharpening from the other week.
Maryam to Wandsworth and 3 more areas

Teaching resources for free

I am an EnglishTutor and have loads of excess resources to give away (huge variety of  English exercise sheets, practice test papers, exercise books, reading books, teacher support resources, etc. etc.) ranging from primary-adult. Currently, there are ... more »
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I'dbe interested in adult teaching material. Please PM me about what is available and how one may collect. Thanks