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Do you have any left-over paint you no longer need?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Sands End

Joanie p
I need to do a small patch-up job on my ceiling and only need a very very small amount of Dulux Pure Brilliant White Matt paint. It seems crazy to buy a whole tin as I haven't found one smaller than 3 litres so wondered if any of you good people out ... [ more ]
Yes I've got part of a big tub of Dulux Roll and Go pure brilliant white matt you can have. If you would like it just PM me and I'll give you the address.
Dativa M
Yes about two tins.. pink and other colour  etc If you need call me 07506258720 11th July sat morning to collect at dalyell Road SW9

Thanks for the success of Formula E

Local Conversations in West Hill

John C
What a success the Formula E has been. I was there on Saturday. The noise level from the cars was way below that of the music, and probably minimal only a short distance away from the track. Large numbers of families were having a great day out, with ... [ more ]
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John F
Hugh a lot of people are aware that the consultation and planning process was very carefully managed by the Council. Very few planning letters seemed to reach their destinations and then only to a few people and no notices were seen in the park so the ... [ more ]


Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Trinity Road closure having awful effect on roads around it

Local Conversations in Tooting Graveney

Sandy G
Ever since the closure, cars, HGVs and god knows what else have been racing up and down Eatonville Road - setting off car alarms they are so heavy and are travelling at such a pace. Is there a way to ask Wandsworth Council to limit traffic on this road ... [ more ]
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Dear Allison, What horrible and completely unacceptable behaviour from that total idiot you unfortunately encountered. So sorry for you. But, it seems to be the way of the world - no manners anymore. Not that I condone or think we should accept this ... [ more ]

Job moving some paintings this morning in Sloane Street!

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Sally H
Are you free fancy some cash? My husband Tom runs a Film prop transport company and has been let down if you fancy earning some cash today call 07836659227 NOW!  Thanks Sally
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Sally H
Hi Jonathan Thanks you for your reply  Yes of course I recognise you! Will explain more when I next see you at the Lido thanks for getting in touch  Sally

Window cleaner

Recommendations in Streatham Park

AA Balham
Can anyone recommend a good and not too pricey window cleaner in Balham area. I have had the same person for years but he has dropped off the face of the earth and not replying to texts or messages- my windows are now looking very grubby!
Daniel W
Hi there, my name is Daniel and I run a local window cleaning company, I have over ten years experience of internal and external window cleaning and my rates are very competitive. If you are interested and would like a free quote my number is 07940159640 ... [ more ]

Fixing a computer

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Spencer C
Hi can anybody reccomend an IT person in southfields who could fix my computer? I am looking to upgrade it anyway but would like all my pictures taken off and all my documents moved. I look forward to local reccomendations in southfields. Many thanks ... [ more ]

Blow torch

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Upholsterer recommendation appreciated.

Recommendations in Summerstown

Mary F
Loved but tired Edwardian chaise longue requires total restoration i.e., re-covering, stuffing, broken armrest fixed etc. Seeking an upholsterer who can give it quality TLC. Don't know if this is a repeat query, but apologies if so.
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Linda J
I can highly recommend a local company based Wimbledon: Andre Upholstery. They did a great job on our sofa and were reasonably priced.


Recommendations in West Hill

Elizabeth D
Hi All.  Can anyone recommend a really good cleaner, someone who knows how to clean and not just tidy up? I thought of using a company but would prefer someone who comes regularly and I can get to know.  Look forward to your recommendations. Thank you.
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Aga S
Helo my name is Aga Im polsh lady I cleaner .Im clean from six years, I have cleaning company with my mum.i havegood reference. I live in southfields.My contact number is 07586031029
suzanne f
Hi Elizabeth I can thoroughly recommend my cleaner, Violetta. She has been cleaning for me for the last six years. She also cleans for my neighbour. She is totally trustworthy and reliable. Her telephone number is 07590 472704.

free garden storage chest

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

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Small kitchen revamp

Clubs & Groups in Stockwell

A very sad reminder - dog dies in hot car while owners shop at Ikea

Clubs & Groups in West Hill

RSPCA Wimbledon & District
Every year this happens & every year we still have to remind people! NEVER leave your dog in a warm, let alone a hot, car. Your car will reach temperatures that can kill your dog. This is an upsetting video so please be warned; ... [ more ]
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Elliott M
999 shouldn't necessarily be the first response in a situation like this:


Recommendations in Summerstown

Andre A
Hi Kerry, The company I work for, Plantation Shutters Ltd in Battersea, can surely help you out with it. I'm not in the office today but if you call 020 8871 9222 and speak to Khara or Charlotte they will be more than happy to assist you. Good luck!

Bed base

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

Jeremy F
We have a virtually new king size bed base to give away as long as the mattress is taken as well. The mattress is not new.

Fox repellent - advice, please!

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Liz B
I need to stop the foxes coming into my garden, especially as the other night one got into a nasty scrap with my small dog. I think they had been eyeing each other for a few weeks. Can anyone recommend a good repellent, please?
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I've had a 6 year on off battle with them....  Everything works for a time and then it's as if this get wise to it.  Pepper, lemons, chill,onions, Lion roar...   Products in the defenders range such as the spray and gels and even the gel you can get ... [ more ]
Ann H
I have fox problem too garden man said best is thirty pounds sort of stick shape amazon rmitd noise foxes hate I use fox repellant trying first but know spend money as ruining or ruined my lawn. Your thoughts appreciated

Request for 3 to 5 years boy's reusable cloths to give for charity.

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Bina Naik - RX Creation
Hi All, If anyone of you has the clothes for 3 to 5 years old boy to discard for recycling in a good condition for good cause than please let me know on I can come and pink them up. Thanking you in anticipation. Best regards Bina ... [ more ]

Help finding a cheap holiday with Monarch airlines on 8th July please

Local Conversations in Wandsworth

My son and his partner have been disappointed with a long-planned holiday in Tunisia because of the beach shootings. They can still fly somewhere with Monarch Airlines and are looking for an inexpensive apartment for the week. If you know of anything I ... [ more ]
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Jill P
Hi Lily So sorry to hear about your sons predicament. We have an apartment in Spain that they could rent for a week. We don't usually rent it out as it's a home from home. You can fly to Alicante or Murcia. Let me know if they require further details. ... [ more ]

English teacher for French Au Pair wanted

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Simon L
Hi, Does anyone know of a good English teacher for a French Au Pair (for the next 6 weeks) ?  Her english is fairly good already  thanks
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Jojo S
Hi I am a TEFL teacher based in Clapham.  I have a French student arriving on 30th June from Paris for one week but I am free to give lessons to your au pair.  I don't speak French which is good as your au pair is here to learn English.  If you are ... [ more ]

Free chester draws needs a home

Give, Lend & Borrow in West Hill

Matthew S
Morning everyone, still clearing my garage - I have a chester draws that needs a home - All draws and handles attached. Someone may want to give this a varnish or a lick of paint for the home or as I used it as a tool case. Would be great if picked up ... [ more ]
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Gwen E
I think it has been established through common usage that on Streetlife a chest of drawers will always be called a chester draws.

Does anybody own this cat?

Lost & Found in Earlsfield

Gwen E
I live in Saint John's Hill Grove and this cat is always around, looking in the cat flap this morning at 6.45 for instance. He's a friend of my cat (her only friend in fact). He is rather mangey and very tentative. Definitely not an alpha male. I don't ... [ more ]
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Gwen E
the RSPCA is offering to lend me a cat trap. If he is prepared to get in it, I'll get a taxi and get my vet to dig around for a chip. What's this cats' protection where you are a volunteer?

altered bus routes

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Anyone know what has happened to the 219 and 319 bus routes through Wandsworth? In particular the changes to accommodate the three-month road works project in and around Trinity Road. The authorities have removed all my favourite bus stops in both ... [ more ]
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Thank you Jo M.  But I think you mean that the 219 & 319 now turn LEFT, when heading south, from Bellevue into St James Drive, stopping at Old Hospital Close, and then onward as normal. When heading north the 219 follows the usual route along Trinity ... [ more ]
Jo M
Yes, all very confusing.  My daughter now has to walk to Routh Road just to get onto the 219 to school which is quite a trek too.

Tickets to Milan Expo

Clubs & Groups in Balham

Age UK Wandsworth
Age UK Wandsworth  has received a donation of two tickets to the Expo in Milan 2015. Usual price are 32 euros each. The theme of this year’s Expo is food. This is a fun consumer show  These tickets would be ... [ more ]
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Age UK Wandsworth
Brilliant news, thanks very much indeed!  Wonderful that you will be in Milan this summer. It was so lovely to receive these tickets as a donation to help us raise money for Age UK Wandsworth. The total cost on the tickets is indeed 64 euros for the ... [ more ]

New term starting for Tia Chi and Chi Gong in Balham

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Jonathan Priest
This group is for all ages and abilities from complete beginners to advanced. I have been going for a year now and find these gentle but precise exercises very rewarding. Derek Pierce is a wonderful teacher and you could not wish to meet a nicer group of ... [ more ]

Gone within two hours.....

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

clare rees
I left two large sacks of unwanted clothes outside my front door this morning - partially hidden-for collection by a recycling company. When I checked at 11 a.m. They had gone so I naturally assumed they had been collected. Imagine my surprise when an ... [ more ]
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Joanne that was a very well worded response and I was essentially thinking along a similar vein.  If something is unwanted then I am grateful to anybody who takes it or wants it and usually no good deed goes unrewarded.
Jane L
Yes I agree.  And if someone needs a doormat more than me, well then they must be VERY much in need and they are welcome to it.  I have replaced the stripey Ikea one with a rather kitsch one from the market with wreaths of flowers and "Welcome" in florid ... [ more ]