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Consultation on plans to replace tarmac with grass at Tooting Common

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Wandsworth Council
Wandsworth Council has unveiled proposals that could see parts of a tarmac road through the middle of Tooting Common being replaced with grass, trees and plants. The town hall is to consult people living near Tooting Common over plans to close Dr ... [ more ]
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J SW11
Grannie Annie, that's the political arts coming to the fore. Only set out a sham "issue" you know you will win. Yet to hear their response to the Battersea Park views expressed on this site.
Cynical behaviour by the Council to ameliorate for the destruction of many established trees and shrubs and the subsequent new tarmacing of Battersea Park for the annual Formula E races. It's another shocking waste of money, our Council rates that is, ... [ more ]

Window cleaner - Earlsfield/Tooting

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Hello Lucy W We would like to help! If you would be interested, give us a ring on 020 3404 0454 and we'll give you more info about our service and how we can be of help. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Fantastic Services Check a ... [ more ]

Battersea Riverside / York Road / Lombard Road Development 'Consultation'

Clubs & Groups in Stockwell

The Candlemakers Apartments
We attended Wednesday evening's public exhibition (I just can't bring myself to use the term 'consultation'!) and were appalled to discover that the attitude of the council towards local residents is far worse than we had imagined - it could aptly be ... [ more ]
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Ed C
Here is Dave Clark's heritage advice on our site before he did his now infamous "U" Turn ….. they make it up as they go
Ed C

Advice About New Puppy

Recommendations in Southfields

Hello. We are soon getting a new puppy and I would be grateful for any recommendations regarding a good vet, puppy training classes and pet shops. Also anything else that you think I should know. Thank you so much for your time.
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If you are in the Putney area Max and Molly vets in Parsons Green are simply lovely. I would stay away from chains such as Goddards as they are business and quotas first, animals second in my experience! Winkie at Lavender hill vets is amazing and get ... [ more ]

Boiler engineer recommendation?

Recommendations in Summerstown

Helen M
I'm looking for a registered/ recommended boiler engineer in the earlsfield/tooting area who can service my boiler and issue a gas safety certificate - thanks

Therapy room

Recommendations in Putney

Joy M
Hi Pine, We have a lovely bright, airy room looking out over leafy Wimbledon that will be available from mid August till 10 October if you need a stop gap? You are very welcome to view - just give me a call on 07717894414 Joy

Lovely wooden lounger, wooden chair and a vintage deckchair to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

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Wandsworth Community Transport - free days out for the active over 60s

Local Conversations in Balham

June C
I posted a message last night regarding free trips but just listed under WCT so people may not know about the freebies - there are no catches - honestly - please check earlier message to find out dates and venues - August to Worthing, Eastbourne and ... [ more ]
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June C
Hello Robin - that's a shame but don't worry we have been around 30 years so I am sure we will still be there - see you then!  All the best - June

Old pots and pans / Kitchen utensils?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Putney Heath

Anyone getting rid of any old pot / pan or kitchens accessories like can opener or cooking utensils? It is for a family living at a b&b who didn't realise they would have cooking facilities so packed and stored their kitchen things away. There are ... [ more ]
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Gwen E
I have a four-egg poacher and a small saucepan I can happily do without. PM me.

A case of road rage on a cycle lane - is this a first?

Local Conversations in Furzedown

Teresa G
 A glorious Sunday afternoon. A SHARED cycle/pedestrian lane under the bridge near Tooting Triangle. An older man on a bike slows down to let pass a young father with a little girl. She is riding a tiny bike . Just to make is clear, the path is divided ... [ more ]
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Wandsworth Metropolitan Police Service
Hello, from the facts given, this would have been a justifiable use of the 999 system at the time. Now that it's passed this can be reported to us in a number of ways, either by attendance at Lavender Hill Police Station, or by calling 101 or reporting ... [ more ]
Teresa G
Thank you all for your sympathy and advice. It is comforting to know that the Met Police follows Streetlife, The victim has recovered but may not be cycling just yet.

2 x White Wood Venetian Blinds

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wimbledon

Nathalie M
I have two white wooden blinds to give away, sizes 52cm(w) x 161cm(long) and 102.5cm(w) x 161cm(long).  35mm slats.  Metal brackets.  In good working order, just need a clean!
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Marian B
oh dear, so sorry, i was at a conference and forgot to let you know. sadly they won't fit I'm afraid. So sorry not to have let you know.

Local Dentist wanted

Recommendations in Putney

Jane E
Does anyone know a good local dentist?  I don't want one of those glossy businesses where the dentist looks at your mouth and then passes you on to the hygienist.  I want a minimalist who just keeps my mouth and teeth as healthy as possible and only ... [ more ]
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sarah o
Stephen Salt at Century Dental Clinic in Putney (very close to Putney Main Line station) is wonderful.  all my family go to him.
Joan B
I too recommend Stephen Salt at Century Dentil clinic. I have been going to him for years. In fact my Employer and and a couple of friends now go to him and couldn't be happier with his services.


Recommendations in Earlsfield

Gwen E
Cleaner wanted for one day  - either 12th or 13th August, near Saint John's Hill. £10 ph.

Anxieteehee Pub Quiz at The Imperial Durbar

Local Conversations in Furzedown

AUG 23
The Imperial Durbar
The Imperial Durbar
The Imperial Durbar is going to be working with another great cause, Mind UK! Following the success of the Anxieteehee cake sale earlier this year, Anxieteehee held its ... [ more ]

Popular Tooting pub is listed as asset of community value

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Wandsworth Council
A popular local pub in Tooting has been given an added layer of protection from redevelopment after the council agreed it should be listed as an asset of community value (ACV). The ACV designation means that if the current owners of The Selkirk pub ... [ more ]

Free Ladies Golf Taster

Clubs & Groups in Earlsfield

AUG 03
to ,
Central London Golf Centre
Diane R
Thought of starting golf? If you have then this is a great chance to learn a few basics of the golf swing and to try a few shots! Free* one hour golf tasters are now available for you to try the game for the first time. Clubs are available to use at your ... [ more ]
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Tanya M
I would love to try this unfortunately I work during the week any at the weekends? Saturday afternoons or Sundays?) Regards Tanya

Free camping stuff; free light bulbs

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

jody f
In a box free for first people to come and take outside 30 Mayford Road, SW12 ,but please leave the plastic boxes: Especially good for hikers or D of E candidates: Decathalon sleeping bag for cold temperatures, sleeping bag liner,2 lightweight inflatable ... [ more ]

2015-0881 Homebase, York Place - Planning Decision

Clubs & Groups in Stockwell

The Candlemakers Apartments
Despite 169 letters of objection and 0 letters of support from local residents as well as several rounds of independent experts' reports, particularly a substantial amount of evidence of a detrimental effect on sunlight, daylight and overshadowing of ... [ more ]
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Alexandra B
I am so sorry to hear this. The Right to Light is a very complex area which I have had to deal with lately also. I can recommend an expert in the field and he would be able to determine if you had a case. It may be worth it to spend the money for an ... [ more ]
The Candlemakers Apartments
Alexandra B Thanks for the offer - we consulted two independent experts over the course of six months who submitted three rounds of reports each to the Council, each one a damming condemnation of the scheme's failure to meet basic levels of sun and light ... [ more ]

Wandsworth Community Transport

Local Conversations in Balham

June C
We have a few vacancies on our free trips which have been very kindly sponsored by Wandsworth Council - so if you live in the Borough are an active over 60 year old and you fancy a free day out - please contact Wandsworth Community Transport on 8675 3812 ... [ more ]

Wanted Cleaner with Clutter and Mental Health Experience

Recommendations in West Hill

Lindsay P
Happy to pay £10 hr for a cleaner who is happy to clear clutter in a kind and supportive way. ASAP please..I am ready to clear. Having a car should be helpful
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Birgitta P
I can't do this Saturday, sorry.  I'll see you at 1.00pm on Friday and we can pop some definite arrangements in our diaries :) x

Grow your own hazel nuts!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

Jenny S
Hazels seedlings, free to good  homes. They are  only a few inches tall at present but potentially will become a handsome bush, hedge or tree. I'm in south Battersea.
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Jenny S
At present they have all gone. I will hunt around in the undergrowth and if I find any more and pot them up successfully I will re-post.

anyone do garden waste removals?

Recommendations in Parsons Green

I have a few pieces of board (around 5ft x 4) and a box of rocks that need to be removed from my garden. I am willing to pay 25 pounds to have this collected and removed if anyone is interested in the job Thanks!!

Cat Sitter Wanted

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Clare W
Does anyone have a recommendation for a Cat Sitter in the Earlsfield area? I need one from 14th to 22nd August.  Thanks Clare
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Sara O
Morning, I do cat sitting! Please get in touch if you have not yet found someone. I'm local and reasonable - 07767816361

Missing ... Ginny (small Tabby cat)

Lost & Found in Putney

Hi, I have posted a comment about Ginny going missing before and luckily for me she has returned home each time.  She has now been away from home for four days and I am getting worried about her.  She lives in Replingham Road and can often be seen in the ... [ more ]
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Hi Angela, the last time Ginny wandered off was 11 days ago and she came back very late the same evening. I am pleased to say that she hasn't been out for more than a couple of hours at a time since then. Thank you for your message and I hope the cat ... [ more ]

Engravings on a silver jewelries – recommendation wanted

Recommendations in Sands End

Bianka C
Can someone let me know – is there any place around where I can give one silver bracelet of mine to be engraved with special message? Can someone share some experience – how much it would cost? Is it worth it?
Clare G
Try a high street jeweller first.  F Hinds in St Johns Road were prepared to engrave an old silver napkin ring with initials for a christening present, but that was a while back and it wasn't cheap. It also took a couple of weeks, as the ring had to be ... [ more ]