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Gutters & Window cleaning

Carla S in Battersea
Hello can anyone recommend someone for gutters and window cleaning that is reliable and not too expensive please? Thanks in advance!


James in Furzedown
Hi,I am looking for a qualified and reasonably priced electrician who is known to the streetlife community. Thanks James
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Mark- Local Electrician SW11
Hi James, Mark - Electrician on Street Life. Unfortunately I was away with the family, hence the late reply. I hope all went well with the other Electricians. Just as a back up for the future. If you would like any advice, or my services. Regards. ... [ more ]
Neil C
Well any decent sparks can solve problems ... In fact making things work/ problem solving sorts out the men from the boys . Glad alls good . There are a few of us who have pride in our work . Dunno maybe it's a generation thing . How and who we were ... [ more ]

Can any one post when the next Tooting WI meeting will take place and, a brief agenda

Proposal to reintroduce Space Protection Order by Wandsworth Council

Sylvia in Upper Tooting
so pleased to receive notification of this which means that  consumption of alcohol on the street will be not  allowed in a large area around Tooting Broadway. The police will confiscate alcohol in order to deal with anti-social behaviour. This worked ... [ more ]

Christmas day transport required from Brighton to Southfields please

Lily in Wandsworth
Does anyone have friends or family travelling  by car from Brighton or Hove to Southfields (or nearby) on Christmas day morning? If so, my son would love a lift and pay a share of the petrol. I gather no trains run that day.
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Thank you, Elizabeth. I will try BlaBla as well. Leaving late on Christmas eve would mean he had to leave his lovely partner overnight and as she is a nurse working all day on Christmas day that probably isn't fair.

Park mobile.

Simon S in Summerstown
This service never fails to get me going. The time on my phone is set by the O2 network. Every time i use this service lately, it starts with three minutes on the clock, so overcharges me. But to cap it all, today it sent me not on but two messages ( ... [ more ]
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How frustrating. Did you get a ticket Simon S?   What gives me the irrits is the ones that want to know how long I am going to park before I even start. It forces people to over-estimate (ker-ching!) and you can't do that civilised thing of giving ... [ more ]

Hifi cartridge alignment help

Anthony W in Earlsfield
Hi all Vinyl junkies.  Can anyone give me advice on alignment of  an  AT120eb cartridge in a Linn Akito arm on Linn Asix deck ?
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caroline w
Vinyl does just that because it's analogue and, potentially, the sound reproduction is infinite. Digital music on CDs has already had the upper and lower extremes chopped off because they are deemed to be outside our hearing range.  MP3s take it even ... [ more ]
George T
Well said Caroline...Couldn't have said it better myself...good to know many people are returning to vinyl and many bands are actually releasing their new work on vinyl as well

plant pots - apart from what was Neals and is now Capital - and B&Q - where can i find some?

Lucy S in Mitcham
am looking for some pots that are worthy of being Christmas presents and holding 5 hyacinth bulbs, to go outdoors.  Neals didn't really have anything that i liked that i hadn't already given on a previous year .... where else can I go and look for ... [ more ]
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Paul B
I'm a keen gardener too, Lucy S. You can get quite good pots from Homebase, but IKEA produces a wide range of good pots and tubs

Local cleaner

Pett in Southfields
I'm looking for an independent  cleaner local to Wandsworth/Southfields area to clean a flat in SW19. Cleaning is of communal areas kitchen (i.e oven, hob fridge/freezer) and bathroom, the bathroom is small. Not a large space. I'll contact all ... [ more ]
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Chris J
Dear Pett I highly recommend Eden cleaning. Their standards and professionalism is very high and their prices are very comfortable. Here is the contact Roberto 07832980337 Thank you

FOUND Black Credit Card Wallet with cards on Balham High Street.

Isobel B in Wandsworth
I have just found a black credit card wallet containing 5 credit cards on Balham High Street. Please PM me if it's yours by the end of the day, as I will then go and hand it into Wandsworth or Tooting Police Station!
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Isobel B
Just rang the bank and they say they won't/can't let the owner know... I will take it into the local bank branch tomorrow. Just wanted to avoid the owner having to cancel all their cards, in the run up to Xmas.

Iphone and laptop advice

Guy D in Putney Heath
Some strange happenings with my iphone tat I hope someone may be able to help with. When connecting to my laptop, there seems to be an automatic process where a new directory is created periodically that the the latest photos on my phone are in, ... [ more ]

SW Racetrack

Alan P in Furzedown
I am writing this as I sit here listening to the high power very noisy motor cycles using the SW London racetrack, AKA Trinity Road!!. Is there nothing that can be done to curb the antics of these lunatics, there has just 1 gone past speed has to be ... [ more ]
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Jason R
Ian N this is kind of irrelevant Ian, but yes as someone who drives on the roads of London daily in my work, 20mph speed limits are pointless, there are many parts of London that could be driven faster, but are not because of blanket 20mph zones, but ... [ more ]
Ian N
Jason, if you think that serious or fatal accidents are a price worth paying for a perceived reduction in journey time I think we might have to agree to disagree. I just hope that my kids don't get in your way. I know when I have driven through the ... [ more ]

Rose pruning

YD in Putney Heath
Does anyone know of someone who might be able to prune roses correctly? I have a climbing rose and several others that need pruning. Many thanks

Christmas Tree Festival

to ,
St Mary Magdalene Church, Trinity Road SW17 7HP
Suzie H in Merton
Come and see the wonderful decorated trees, sponsored by local businesses at St Mary Magdalene Church on Saturday 10th December between 4-6.30pm. Music, a chance to buy some homemade produce and floral decorations. Festive children's crafts and ... [ more ]
Rowan M
This is a wonderful  event - magical Christmas Trees and lots of family activities .  The kids are so excited when Santa comes in, illuminated by 30 large twinkling Christmas Trees. So pretty. Raises money for a good cause too!

Printer recommendations please

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Go for something like the Canon Pixma ip7250. Not expensive to buy and the compatible cartridges are very cheap. i have had this for a year now and it works perfectly. Unlike many inkjets, the cartridges never seem to clog up if the printer is not ... [ more ]

Electric heater / radiator

Autumn G in Balham
Hello all! Our kitchen is bone-achingly cold in the current weather. Does anyone have an electric heater or radiator they're thinking about getting rid of or wouldn't mind lending? Thanks in advance!
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caroline w
Your kitchen probably has ventilator grills to help with the condensation. If your kitchen side faces North or East, these can be avenues for Siberian winds to whistle into your kitchen. It won't harm your kitchen if you sellotaped thick paper over ... [ more ]

Perennial tradesmen question

Richard G in Wandsworth
I need someone to do some window frame painting, guttering and some small lighting tasks, (replacing transformers). These are probably different specialities but if anyone has any ideas of people who maybe able to do all these or selected tradesmen ... [ more ]
I would use an electrician rather than a handyman.I have used David white,excellent and turns up when he is due and very professional.07880 987157

Help feed a homeless person this xmas

Jo in Summerstown
On 23 December, I will be delivering hand made goodies to a Missionaries of Charity hostel. It is a hostel and soup kitchen in SE1 nr Elelphant and Castle. The nuns do a great job and it is very satisfying to do something in the true spirit of xmas. ... [ more ]
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Help with installing Humax - Youview - internet

a B in Wandsworth
Hi - anyone out there that knows a good guy that can install Humax.  I want buy one ASAP - but have no idea how to install.  Thanks!
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a B
Tony P Carol R   thanks guys .  Might go for the Youview... I read some reveiws about your one carol... You got the Freeview one and they came out really badly, lots saying about the problems that you have had.  So maybe I wont go for all singing and ... [ more ]
Tony P
I should have made clear I have the FreeView version too!  Just not had the problems Carol describes. The reviews for Humax machines are usually pretty good  (eg but as with all machines, searching ... [ more ]

Can somebody recommend an upholstery please?

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Wooden palettes needed

M M in Balham
Dear neighbours, We are looking for wooden palettes for an art project. If anyone spots some in the area by shops etc. or has some spare, please let me know! Thank you!
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Thanks! I think ISaw the alley way ones, were a little damp. Managed to get a nice matching set now, thanks for the help everyone!!

Sofabed available free of charge

Ray C in Wandsworth
It is 190cm wide by 100cm deep. Bed is in good working order. The cover is sound but piping showing  wear as you can see.   To be collected asap please, from SW18 3LG, and by 24 Nov latest, thanks.

Advice needed from a local enough baker to know Paul Bakery/Cafes and their caneles.

Dmitriy in Balham
Under the threat of having my message removed, I wonder if there is someone local enough to know Paul Bakery/Cafe (local to London and France, but I don't speak French). I'm trying to figure out how to make those caneles they bake. All recipes on the ... [ more ]
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Isabelle L
There is a recipe for Cannelés by French chef Michel Roux in He is normally quite reliable. Good luck, Dimitri
Isabelle L as far as caneles go the mix recipe is the same as many others that I have seen. This really makes me think that Paul's version is not the classic one. However, I did not see that site before and I found a few other recipes that I now want ... [ more ]

Fircroft Primary School Christmas Fair

Nicki W in Tooting Graveney
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!! (eeek) And the Fircroft Primary School Christmas Fair is just under two weeks away :) Friday 16th December, 5.30-8.30 pm. We have over forty fantastic, festive stalls provided by the school and ... [ more ]

Bach's Christmas Oratorio

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St Paul's Church, Augustus Road, Southfields SW19 6EW