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Missing Black and White Cat

Sophie B in Southfields
Our cat Bea went missing on Monday and we are very worried about her, especially since the storms this week. She is black with white patches (picture below) and quite small, with short glossy fur. She does not wear a collar (although we are aware that an ... [ more ]

Chanteroy under threat

Patrick M in Southfields
Dear local friends, The Chanteroy Deli on Wimbledon Park Road is under threat from developers who want to convert the property in to flats. This is of course totally unacceptable and could provide a precedent for other such developments. If you wish to ... [ more ]
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Eileen J
Hello everybody - there is another thread about this from last week which has some of the information about planning applications and how you can object - see the thread  'French deli and other shops going in Southfields'

Tour de Tooting

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Franciscan Road to Fishponds Fields in Tooting
Malsara in Earlsfield
Imagine a world where people-powered wheels are celebrated and roads are not for cars alone. You can be a part of that reality this summer by entering the Tour de Tooting on Sunday 3rd July.  The Tour de Tooting builds on the conventional format of a ... [ more ]
Transition Tooting
Please see the weblink here for more information: Anyone interested in helping devise this year's Tour de Tooting, do make contact with us or come along to a workshop.  All ideas welcome, ... [ more ]

Deaba @ Devas. Community Lunch Cafe Every Friday

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Devas Youth Club, 2a Stormont Road, London SW11 5EN
Deaba in West Brompton
Come and meet the local community. Great food, great music and good company. This week's menu: Chicken in peanut butter sauce, Thai fragrant Rice, Sauteed Red Cabbage, Dessert: Cheese cake

10,000 vinyl records - Yep, 10,000

Richard in Roehampton
Good Morning one and all........The Wandsworth Oasis charity shop at Amen Corner has had a donation of 10,000 vinyl records - from the 1950s through to the 80s.....mainly in the Jazz, Swing and Rock and Roll genres.....come on down and take a look (run ... [ more ]

Nat West

Louise S in Putney Heath
Is Nat West going??????? One of the helpful ladies in there said she had been made redundant. This will be terrible and not only because they are so helpful but also the the ones here will be empty all the time due to the pressure of people using them. ... [ more ]
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Richard N
There's a rumour that yet another estate agent is coming to occupy the vacant HSBC branch in the centre of Southfields. Unbelievably there are already ELEVEN estate agents right bang in the centre of Southfields, within a short 50 metre radius of the ... [ more ]

Window Cleaner

Almuth T in Summerstown
I am looking for a window cleaner to tackle mostly ground floor windows in a large-ish domestic building. Is there a section on Streetlife where recommendations for services are pooled and one can look up past comments?
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marble paint effect

Lucinda P-J in West Hill
My friend is looking for someone to do a marble paint effect on her fire surround?  Any recommendations please. Thanks
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Mortgage advisor

Fitted wardrobe recommendations

Louise H in Earlsfield
We've just moved into our new home and wondered if anyone can recommend a fitted wardrobe company? It will be for two wardrobes either side a fireplace in a bedroom. Thanks!
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Angelo A
Hi Louies. You may want to consider coming out four inches in the chimney breast and continue across the Chimney itself. Slding doors. Two of them Mirrored. This means you can put more shelves in. Floor to ceiling is imperative. I do hope this is great ... [ more ]

Re: plastering

Masae T in Merton
I am looking for a reliable and good value plasterer.  Could you please recommend someone you have hired before?  Many thanks.

Reconditioned Washer Dryer..

Mateen2011 in Upper Tooting
Hi, I need a washer-dryer, reconditioned (budget) or low-cost new, can anyone recommend anywhere? Thanks!
Lucy S
Rob came and serviced my tumble drier this week, bought second hand from him years ago and still going strong.  he often has reconditioned machines for sale, worth an ask.  tel: 07956 17943
Roz H
British Heart Foundation at Mitcham -- haven't been there myself but friends tell me there's a good selection of second hand appliances all tested etc.

THANK YOU everyone who voted against the Dr Johnson Ave & Elmbourne Rd closures

Colin T in Tooting Graveney
A big thank you to all of you for taking the time and making the effort to vote. Thanks also to Bruno and Matt for organizing the campaign and all the other people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes knocking on doors and leafleting. Not everyone ... [ more ]
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Sarah B
First of all, I really don't understand why the LibDems still allow him to be associated with them. On the "what next" front, I think he's working to cut off the road/s that run across Clapham Common.

Borough Commander

Jean G in Upper Tooting
There was a time that if you wished to speak to the Borough Commander with concerns  you were able  to, two of them belonging to groups like this,  but now  "you can only speak to him if you are a dignitary"  their words not mine. So being a Wandsworth ... [ more ]
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andrew h
Obviously the man is fairly busy.....but the "staff" (who have also been cut back heavily), maybe could have responded better. I have a few dealings with this Borough Commander and with many previous. I would place the current one among the best we have ... [ more ]

Sash Window panes

Autumn G in Balham
Hello! I know others have asked, but always great to hear fresh recommendations. We have bought a house with the original lovely sash windows, and are looking for someone to replace the single glazing with double within the same frames. Thanks for any ... [ more ]

Windows 10 and Outlook 2013

Kate B in Summerstown
On my previous laptop running Windows 7 and Office 2010 I had a folder labelled Journal.  I can't find this on my new equipment.  Is it hiding somewhere?
Kate, see here:

Get in contact!

Alex H in Wandsworth
Hi all, I am your local reporter for Wandsworth, and if you would like to get in touch with me for something you feel should be reported on, please do not hesitate to contact me: email Best, Alex
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Gwen E
Alex, maybe you could highlight the sorry relationship between the councillors in Wandsworth and us, the ordinary voters. On so many issues (such as the use of Battersea Park for a race track, or the change of use of so many shops into flats) the Council ... [ more ]
Jean G
I do agree   with Gwen E    I met   one of my councillors today   and raised concerns about a local issue but the Mayoral election is more important

white Camelia bush about 4 foot high needs a home

Sally H in Earlsfield
Currently in a pot needs planting out, pls collect Sw12  Would love pot back after planting out, n.b likes acidic soil!
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Mac expert needed urgently

Annette Taylor-Anderson in Streatham Vale
Hi There I have a problem starting up my mac pro computer and I'm not sure what to do now.  I'm a designer and have a lot of work to do and feel that my hands are tied right now.  Can anyone recommend a mac expert to take a look at my computer? It's ... [ more ]
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Annette, I'm an IT guy and local to you too. I'm Ellerton Road. If the issue still remains, I might be able to help tonight if you pick this up soon enough.

Great live music this Friday evening in Balham

Mat S in Streatham
This Friday in Balham: great live music just yards apart at THE WINE TASTING SHOP in Hildreth Street and upstairs at THE BEDFORD. 'Tis barely 24 hours until the May Bank Holiday Weekend kicks off. And London town boasts nowhere more soignée, ... [ more ]

Singing teacher

Stephen I in West Hill
Would anyone know a singing teacher who can visit our house in Southfields or teaches locally? It would be for my two daughters aged 5 and 9. Thanks
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World Heart Beat Music Academy
Hi They are welcome to come to World Heart Beat Music Academy in Kimber Rd in Southfields. We have an excellent singing teacher and a lovely small group for children on Tuesday's. Tel no. 02088703042

Stainless steel metal worker required

Tonsley Man in Putney
Can anyone recommend a man who does stainless steel metal work as I need someone to price a job ?
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Attention Streetlifers - Elmbourne Road - permanent "no right turn"

Sarah B in Tooting Graveney
For any Streetlifers who aren't yet aware, a decision is being taken to permanently close Elmbourne Road to right hand turns.   This will be done at the same time as Dr. Johnson's Avenue will be closed to all traffic. Once these plans go ahead, there ... [ more ]
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Candida J
Just by way of an update Fleur Anderson, Labour cllr for Bedford, has just submitted 2 petitions at the town hall opposing the plan to close Dr Johnson Ave and limit access to Elmbourne Road. There were 1771 names of local residents on it and the ... [ more ]
Sarah B
Thank you for the update Candida and also to Fleur for submitting the petition. With our Tory councillors also against this ridiculous scheme we hopefully stand a chance of having it overturned. I also find it very encouraging that we have all parties ... [ more ]

Repeat appeal for unwanted bras

Tracey R in Upper Tooting
Hello Streetlifers, Back in January I put out an appeal for used/unwanted bras, to help women in need, mainly in South Africa... And the response from this community has been staggering!!! Thank you so much !! Here's a link to the original post for info: ... [ more ]
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Tanya M
Wow!!! Congrats on your work Tracy R. Unfortunately did not get to you i thime for this last visit but still collecting and will drop them by soon. x