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WLFE Motor Company

Alan H in Summerstown
Booked an MOT on line with this company last week and recieved Email to confirm booking only to turn up today and find no such booking. Aviod this place

problems with wi-fi broadband. HELP!

Allison in Balham
Hi all, hoping someone might have some advice... My wifi broadband signal keeps dropping out. I have had a BT technician here to run all the tests and we are getting a good strong signal to the hub so that's not the problem. We have the usual gadgets ... [ more ]
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John Mulvey
I left BT 9 months ago because of the same problem, I'm on Greyhound lane, and my exchange is in Norbury, They replaced all the cables and boxes and i had them out about 6 times, (each time being told if the problem is in my flat, i'll have to pay ... [ more ]
Carol C
Some times of the day recently my BT has failed too. Perhaps we need to do a joint complaint?

Laptop recommendation (for a kid)

SpyAquamarine in Putney Heath
Hi. I am looking to buy a basic laptop for my 9 year old. She will mainly use it to play in some educational websites recomended by the school. I am very indecisive and don't understand technology that much so any suggestions will be appreciated. TIA
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Angela S
I went on John Lewis website which is really good as it gives all detailas and comparisons and I think I picked about 8 items and got them all on one page so that you could really compare then I printed it off and had a discussion with staff in the shop ... [ more ]

Yoga for over 60s

Jane C in Upper Tooting
I am keen to start yoga at an advanced age (67). Is there a group in the Northcote Road area already set up that might be suitable? Any ideas or recommendations welcome. Thanks
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Jane L
Hi Jane, my friends and I (all over 60) go to the Satyananda Centre in Thurleigh Road ( Really recommend Leila's gentle yoga class at 6.00 on Monday evenings! Gentle moves, keeping your joints moving, relaxing breathing.
Hi Jane, I think would tick a lot of boxes for you. Stephanie offers Individual or small group classes, 3 gentle practices to suit your needs. The lovely location overlooking Wandsworth Common is very relaxing too. Hope this works ... [ more ]

Recommendations for someone to attach a door number plaque to my steel door

Kim N in Summerstown
Hi, I have now received my new door plaque: and require it to be screwed into my new steel door (see photo). I have the fittings ... [ more ]
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Ian N
double-sided carpet tape would probably be best, but any of these adhesives might let-go when the summer sun gets that metal door nice and hot!

Do you have any decorations for street party I could borrow - bunting, flags etc?

SLSH in Furzedown
We are having a street party in mid June and we would like to keep the costs to a minimum so we can make a donation to St Georges instead. If anyone has any bunting, flags or any other suitable decorations lying around that we could borrow, we would be ... [ more ]
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Richard C
Hi, I'm the co-organiser of the Ritherdon Road Street Party and Balham Food Festival. I'm not sure about the ones still up in Ritherdon - you'd need to ask Johny at Gallery Midnight on the road, but I've got a smaller amount you can borrow. I'm in ... [ more ]

Party Wall Surveyor contact needed urgently

Roz H in Merton
Can anyone please recommend a good surveyor who deals with party wall issues -- urgent! Many thanks
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Edward Cox surveyor
Thanks for the recommendation. Always appreciated. Streetlife has some lovely people on it and we are looking after a dozen or so in Wandsworth and Tooting at the moment with their party wall issues

Anyone want a sturdy cardboard box with bubble wrap/fragile packing?

Clare B in Upper Tooting
Hi, I've taken delivery of an item today that was packed in a large sturdy cardboard box (54cm x 44cm x 23cm) filled with bubble wrap and those plastic pockets of air. Before I pop the bubblewrap and breakdown the box I thought I'd offer it (the box and ... [ more ]

Free seedlings!

Marianne I in Wandsworth
Does anyone fancy trying their hand at growing some Capsicum (sweet peppers)? I have an abundance of seedlings. Just potted up almost 60 of them and I still have 150 seedlings left........ They are mainly at a 2 or 3 leaved (a few with 4) stage and need ... [ more ]
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Budgie found

David in Wandsworth
Budgie found in garden near Wandsworth Common. Let me know if you've lost him. Currently living happily in our old fish tank and eating well.
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Jill C
David, as you were. Budgie didn't go missing till today from Pretoria/Penwortham Road. This one is young, blue with a white head and answers to the name of Buddy. Jill

Stainless steel rod and toughened glass shelf FREE

Someone who understands private urban water gardens and fountains.

Matthew S in West Hill
Morning  I would like to work with someone that has experience in building and making garden ponds/fountains . I have a neighbour that wants a new one. (The walls have been built by the builder but that is as far as it goes) I have two clients that I ... [ more ]
sarah o
I assume this is 'the Matthew S' who has rescued my lawn?? I have a lovely client who may be able to help you, Charlie Held - 07973 404 289. I have told him you will give him a call


Jean G
I have just seen on the Furzedown site that a budgie was  lost in the Penwortham and Pretoria rd area  could it have travelled that far

Water Butt to give away

Roz H in Merton
I have a water butt which I don't really need and would like to give it away to some deserving streetlifer.    I also have a compost bin which I would also like to give away to someone willing to help remove the compost that in it!  Afraid both have to ... [ more ]
I am interested in the water butt, please let me know how big is the butt as I only have a hatchback car. I am in Morden, and can pick it up tomorrow.

Any WD MyCloud experts out there?

Clare B in Upper Tooting
Hi, I've bought a WD MyCloud from Maplin but am having trouble setting it up so that I can access it remotely. Is there anyone out there who can help?
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Hi Clare, Try this link to the WD Learning Centre. Chris

Hiking boots men's size 6 wanted

Mrs B in Furzedown
Does anyone have a pair of size 6 hiking boots they no longer use.  My 12 year son has a residential trip and they have stated we must have hiking boots .. not shoes (which we have)... am loath to buy a pair for five days wear so thought I would try ... [ more ]
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Mrs B
Thanks Sue.. I will try Horralump's offer and fingers crossed they will fit .. if not I will get back to you.  But many thanks for your offer.

Man/woman With A Van

Nikki C in Putney Heath
Looking for someone as reasonably priced as possible with a van who can help me move some boxes into storage this week, from Battersea to Putney Bridge Road near the one way system.  Many thanks in advance.
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Rebecca C
Hi Nikki If you are still looking for a man and van help then my husband does this part time. He has helped other streetlifers. Very competitive prices and can help you this weekend. Please let me know . Thanks.

Double Divan Bed

Nikki C in Putney Heath
Double Divan Bed and mattress to give. Mattress comfortable, but slight pale staining. One drawer in base has slight musty smell which I've located to the under fabric of drawer which can easily be removed. Was going to tip, so apologies for upright ... [ more ]

2 x bedside drawers

Nikki C in Putney Heath
I have a set of 2 x bedside drawer units. Heavy; one with 2 drawers the other with 3. One set has chipped across tthe front, which would be fine be if anyone wanted to you paint them and both have a couple of chips and scratches. Dimensions are: ... [ more ]

Carpet fitter and supplier needed

Sally H in Earlsfield
Hi I have chosen a hammer carpet and would like it fitted as a runner can anyone recommend someone to give me a price to get the carpet in and to fit it? Thanks Sally
Carmel K
Good morning Sally We would be more then happy to give you a quote to Supply and Install a Hammer carpet runner for you on your stairs! If you would like to book an appointment for us to come along and measure up you can call our sales office on ... [ more ]
Ange B
The carpet store on Goldhawk road W12 . They done my whole place before Christmas, so please with the results and fab customer service

Offered free: G4 MacPro (not working) for spares

David C in Southfields
Old G4 MacPro offered for spares. Good condition. Includes keyboard, power cable, but drive removed for obvious security reasons. Was working recently. Now machine does not boot but power comes on briefly. A computer whizz might be able to fix it but ... [ more ]

garden fencing

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Grischa Daniel
Hi David. I do fencing. Should you still need someone feel free to give me a ring on  07725 442707 to dicuss the job. Best wishes. Grischa

Garden clearance

Louise G in Summerstown
Anyone recommend a full on garden clearance person who died actually know about plants but can clear large amounts of debris too.
Grischa Daniel
Hi Louise. I am a gardener & landscaper. I do have plant knowledge and I deal with removal. For a mixed waste (ie. green and rubble) I would get a skip. Please feel free to give me a ring on 07725 442707 to discuss the job. Best wishes. Grischa ... [ more ]

Free unopened packets of Thompson & Morgan seeds - anyone want?

Allison in Balham
Aubrieta, dwarf nasturtium, phoenix nasturtium x 2, music box sunflower, mirabilis x 2, moonwalker sunflower, coreopsis dwarf mix x 3. Happy for them to go all together or break them up. All unopened and within date. collection Balham side of Tooting ... [ more ]
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Hi - another streetlifer has claimed them, but if for some reason the arrangement falls through I will let you know.

Lost dog Tooting

JCL in Tooting Graveney
Jennifer Emerson (@Jen_L_Emerson) 23/05/2016, 08:17 #lostdog missing from Matilla Rd, #Tooting last night. She is deaf & chipped. Plse share @TootingInsider
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