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Recommendations in Battersea

Rita H
My laptop is crashing a lot and I need some help to sort it out - whatever the problem might be...? Rita Please do PM me
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Keith C
Rita H  I would advise against downloading anythinyg, As Shahid Rafiq  has stated it could be a number of things causing your problem. without someone visibly looking at it you are relying on guesswork.
Julia E
Yes, a laptop crashing could be caused by many things - but checking the health of the hard drive is simply the FIRST thing to check, and it does only take 10 minutes. This is based on PC troubleshooting I have carried out over 15 years, and in many ... [ more ]

new lining for a coat

Recommendations in West Hill

Lucinda P-J
I have a loved coat ¾ length, the lining of which has long gone and it needs a new one pattern cut and made.   Do you wonderful 'Lifers' have any recommendations of where I can take it to be lined I have the silk for the lining but my daughter is now ... [ more ]

June 6th Wimbledon Choral concert in Southfields

Clubs & Groups in Battersea

Jeremy C
Following their sell out success at the Royal Festival Hall last month, Wimbledon Choral Society are performing locally at St Pauls Church, Southfields, on June 6th. A fascinating collection of choral works by current composers, this will open your ... [ more ]

Yard sale in Geraldine Road

Local Conversations in Putney

Jill D
Just wondering if anyone knows who is organising the Yard sale planned for May 11th in Geraldine Road. Wondering if it's exclusively for Geraldine Road. Does anyone have a contact number?  Thanks

Do you have a wood-burning stove?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Southfields

Kelly J
I have a car-load of garden-generated (and therefore untreated) logs and branches, that have accumulated over the last few years, and now need to dispose of, in preparation for moving. As I understand it, in Wandsworth you are only allowed to burn wood ... [ more ]
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Hariette S
Hi Kelly, If you haven't given it away by now I'd like to have it for our wood burning stove. Won't be able to collect until May 1st though

Calling all our Streetlife friends and neighbours

Clubs & Groups in Fulham

Peter F
I have a favour to beg... We've entered South West London TV into the Virgin Media #PitchtoRich awards and desperately need votes before 4 May. If you vote for us we stand to receive a whopping great £250,000 prize for marketing, which as well as ... [ more ]

Curtain maker/alteration

Recommendations in Balham

Small floor standing chest freezer

Give, Lend & Borrow in West Hill

Hi, I have a small silver chest freezer to give away for free. 6 years old but works. Collection tomorrow preferred. Many thanks Emilie

FREE Key Stage 3, English, Math Science & more

Give, Lend & Borrow in Sands End

I have 8 x KS3 levels 4-7 & 5-7 work books to give away. Some have pencil or pen. Many newish. Hope to help your kids learn!

Singing Lessons

Recommendations in Southfields

Jasmine M
Does anyone know of any places or classes for musical theatre vocal training? Preferably quite ininexpensive and not too far? Thank you x

Beware parking cameras!

Local Conversations in Putney

Paul G
I was recently very surprised to get a parking ticket by post about 3 weeks after my car had been photographed in Garratt Lane outside shops not far from Earlsfield station. I had stopped for a couple of minutes during the morning to drop off or pick up ... [ more ]
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Lily W
If you get a ticket and the signage was confusing or ambiguous go here and you will get help on how to appeal
I thought the white cars that drive around with cameras in were being banned? I see them in Wimbledon all the time. One hides on Haydons road, every morning during the week just where the station is and usually on double yellow lines so it can catch ... [ more ]

Need help removing old shed & extending concrete foundation

Recommendations in Furzedown

Lois B
Hi, I have an old shed in my garden that is falling apart and I want to get rid of it and extend the concrete foundation so I can can put up a newer, bigger shed. I would like someone who can start fairly quickly for a reasonable price. Thank you
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Early Year's Parenting Workshop

Clubs & Groups in Earlsfield

MAY 19
to ,
Leather Bottle, Garratt Lane
Kirsty E
Would you like to learn more about managing the trials and tribulations of toddler and pre-school behaviour? Please join us at a highly valuable workshop for local parents with children of pre-school age, run by an early year's specialist. Tickets ... [ more ]

Bifold door repair

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Nick B
Hi, I am looking for someone to come and sort out my bifold doors. They were fitted about 4 years ago but are now difficult to open and close so needs someone with a good knowledge of their inner workings - unfortunately the firm we bought them from has ... [ more ]
Jill C
Hi Nick, I Googled 'bifold door maintenance' and got several helpful lists of what steps you could take (wikihow etc) as well as the ubiquitous Youtube video. Couldn't quite bring myself to check out how good it was. Thought you might think it's worth 7 ... [ more ]

Six 4.2m lengths of 36 x 24mm baton to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

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Don M - I was going to take them but it's too far for me to walk and I don't have a car today, so if you want them I am happy to step aside.

Large dog crate - free

Give, Lend & Borrow in Streatham Park

I have a large, sturdy, plastic dog crate in excellent condition to give away. Aprox L l80cm x w 50cms x h 65cms Similar to this one - Clapham South

Crack in exterior Wall of House/ Structural surveyor?

Recommendations in West Hill

Liz B
Please can anyone recommend a structural surveyor to look at a crack in exterior wall of my home in Earlsfield.. Thank-you Not a big job
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Savill Young
Contact: Desmond Kelly Chartered Surveyor Telephone: 020 3176 0029 Mobile: 07789 306 356 Email: Southbank House Black Prince Road London SE1 7SJ Web:

Trustworthy roofer / plus trusty painter for house exterior recommendations please

Recommendations in Summerstown

Sally H
Does anyone know of:  A. a good, trustworthy roofer I can ask to look at some tiles that have dropped down. B. Painter for house exterior. If anyone has had work done recently and feels the firm/s were reasonable and not a rip off we would love to ... [ more ]
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Tracey R
Hi Sally, I'd be happy to recommend Robert Ball for roofing work - I had my whole roof replaced in December & it was a quality job! I wrote a full recommendation here : (includes contact details) ... [ more ]
Savill Young
Contact: • Stacy Walter Series A Roofing Ltd Email: Pitched and Flat Roofs • Fascias and Guttering • Loft Conversions • Slating and Tiling • Lead Work • Pointing • STACY WALTER • • ... [ more ]

Glass Beehive is back on Northcote Rd

Clubs & Groups in Sands End

The Hive Honey Shop on Northcote Road has their 5ft glass observation beehive back in the shop. You can see 20,000 live honeybees gathering honey in Wandsworth. The bees are free flying out of a tube to the back of the shop, not trapped. They marked the ... [ more ]

Samsung Tablet sync with lap-top

Recommendations in Summerstown

Kate B
I have tried searching for how to sync my Outlook Calendar(on lap-top) with Google calendar on my Tablet.  On the lap-top I just copy the events across the screen but it doesn't sync with the same Calendar on Tablet.  The settings menu on the Windows 7 ... [ more ]
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Jim T
Do you have the (free) Samsung Kies program installed? Apparently you can do it through that using the sync tab (I don't have a Samsung tablet though so can't really verify)
Lily W
I did it by associating my hotmail/windowslive email with my phone and PC which then asked me if I wanted to include the Calandar and by agreeing to this it worked. The calendars match and update. One note though. I have a main and sub calendars so I ... [ more ]

6 sheets of 5mm ply (1220 x 2440mm) to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

Jonathan H
Interested? Get in touch. Can be easily cut to size by scoring with a stanley knife. Perfect for skinning floating shelves etc
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Large sturdy plastic dog crate - free

Give, Lend & Borrow in Streatham Park

I have a large, sturdy, plastic dog crate in excellent condition to give away.  Aprox l80cm x w50cms x h65cms  Similar to this one - Clapham South

Handyman to put up wallpaper

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Good Morning Lucy I have just seen your message and would like to offer my services.  I work for Geolida Properties Limited and would be happy to undertake the work you require at a very reasonable charge.  If you are interested in contacting me ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Furzedown

Alan P
I found a Bentley car wind deflector today, looks like new, still in a very nice case. I will not say where I found it, for obvious reasons, but it is a high value item, looking on Google, over £1000. If you are the owner, please contact me. I have also ... [ more ]
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Employment lawyer

Recommendations in Furzedown

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