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Spring is here as pond toads are frisky in three and foursomes

Sylvia in Upper Tooting
Pleased to announce that this year my toads have returned and are currently 'at it' in my bathtub pond.
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Will F
YYes, , fish love frogspawn as do other pond preditors like dragonfly larva . Also, water snails love them too. Wise to separate the spawn and give them a fighting chance.. If the black dots turn white after a week or so then it means they have not been ... [ more ]
Thanks Will. Good advise! I am glad that I have taken my frogspawn out of the fishpond now.

Bricklayer for a front wall?

Dan G
Hi there Send info details of the job to Good team and prices
Michael Z
Hi I am Michael call me and I can sort that out to you 07969 287104 well I can give you a quote if you want

carpenter/handy man to build small tiled box to hide pipes

Jo V in Earlsfield
Hi We have recently had our boiler replaced and the wooden tiled box which once enclosed the boiler pipes now doesnt fit as our new boiler is mounted higher up on the wall and the configuration of the pipes has changed. We are therefore looking for a ... [ more ]

Clothes to give away

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Email From Wandsworth Council: Bogus Charity Fundraisers & Gas Men

Love Generation in Wandsworth
People are warned to beware of conmen claiming to be raising money for Africa. The young men have been spotted in Wandsworth and neighbouring boroughs claiming to be raising money for a charity called TackleAfrica. The charity is genuine, but is keen ... [ more ]
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Lily W
Two of the boys with a football were asking for money last week as I walked back down New Park Road. They had a sponsor form but I was with my dog so they did not pursue it witj me. A few years back I did give £5 to some lads with a football and a ... [ more ]
Michele B
There is a lady that comes asking for a contribution for a book she is publishing. Comes in the evening & had done this for years. Bogus. Also a lady w a burnt face is bogus. Beware.

Astrameria needs new home.

Gwen E in Earlsfield
This plant, lovely though it is, is taking over my garden. It may not be the best time to replant it but if anyone would like to try, feel free to come round and dig some up. I live off St Johns Hill.
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Window cleaner

Veronica B in Earlsfield
Can anyone recommend me a window cleaner who can clean my first floor flat windows. Am near Tooting train station. Thank you! Xx
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Layla M
Hi, I have the number of a local company that did window cleaning for me twice 020 3746 2485. They give free estimates. Hope this is helpful.
Michelle G
You can use Daniel. Very friendly. I live in Tooting area. He always text to say when he is coming and organises to collect money at a time that suits you even weekends. I know other street lifers recommend him too. His number is 07940 159640.

Full services building / maintenance company needed

Mrs H in Clapham
Can anyone recommend a company with all the services (electrician, plumber, decorator, roofer, handyman etc) under one roof / umbrella? No building work as such needed, but everything else desired! Thanks
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Michelle G
I agree with Sylvia. I've used them for gardening but I know they have plumbers, electricians, handy persons etc. I found they are not expensive compared to other quotes I got.

Goldfish to give away

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Hi Popette- Yes I have some still available- could you collect later this week? Please PM me for details on collection Hi Maria S, Yes, I'll still have some spare to give away. Please PM for details on collection.

Sparrow hawk seen near trinity road

rosie m in Earlsfield
We saw a sparrow hawk last week just sitting in a tree in our garden just off Trinity Road. By the time I got my camera it had flown away. I wondered if anyone had seen it. Was quite an impressive looking raptor. Interestingly there wasn't a single ... [ more ]
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Simon W
Actually, I went on a school trip to Devils Bridge in Wales in 1971 specifically to see the 6 or so pairs of kites that had then recently been re-introduced. (it rained non-stop for a week!) So it amazing to me that that 40-odd years later they are ... [ more ]
Yes, it's an amazing success. The rspb needs to update it's bird encyclopaedia because in addition to the original 2002 edition I've also got the 2014 edition and it still claims they are only found in Wales!

Garden designer wanted!

louisatroy in Earlsfield
Hi It is looking as if our house could be featured in a national interiors magazine and tour. The house is finished but we need to redesign the garden. Wondering if there are any garden designers out there who would be interested in doing the design for ... [ more ]
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Derrick B
I'm an interior Designer and do small scale designs on the side. Busy doing s house in Totteridge and starting on another in bishops avenue.
Alex R
My friend Emma is a garden designer, here is a link to her website She is local too, based in Earlsfield!

Sourdough srarter

Yvonne D in West Hill
Hi all, anyone want some sourdough starter? It's getting out of hand again.. Am on Wandsworth Common West Side, you'll need a smallish container..
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Vanderli B
"The Pasta Madre"? Then, yes, please. Can my husband pass by today around 3ish to get some sourdough starter? Which is the address, please? Tks.

50cm x 70cm card sheets free

Yvonne D in West Hill
Hi - anyone have a use for 11 sheets of 50 x 70 medium weight pale pink card ? Handy for various kinds of craft projects, or decoration making? Must go this week. Thanks.
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Fireworks or gunfire between Earlsfield and Tooting

Jane Anderson in Southfields
Hi everyone, I was wondering if there has been some sort of incident last night (26th March) we could hear lots of bangs which sounded like gunfire. I know this may seem unlikely but wanted to check if anyone else heard it or knows if anything happened?

Free Hutch cover

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Surveyor required

Jimi S
Orbital Chartered Surveyors based in Streatham.  40 plus years experience. 0208 679 6363
Bill B
I agree with Jimi, Angela has been a surveyor, since they started building houses. She's not just a surveyor, she's also Chartered and Party wall.

Financial advisor

Tash in Southfields
Does anyone know of a good financial advisor to advise on general finances and investments? Also looking for mortgage advisor
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unblock drainage cleaner wanted

Emily M in Merton
Hi neighbours : the drain outside the house is block!  can any one recommended  an unblock drainage  cleaner ?  thanks.
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scaffold planks for allotment

rosie m in Earlsfield
Wondered if anyone had some scaffold planks to make raised beds? There was a posting a few months ago for similar. I could go half shares if someone else needs the same. I need about 15 planks. I can collect in local area.


clare rees in Earlsfield
I would appreciate any recommendations for someone to lay a new lawn. Quite a small area - approx 10m X 15m Many thanks in advance!
Dave C
Hello Clare, I'd be happy to have a look and give you a quote, I've laid many lawns, from small to large, forgive me if I'm wrong, but are you sure your measurements are right? It's just that you say you have a small area, 15mtt X 10mtr is a rather ... [ more ]
Stephen T
Hi Clare,   I would be happy to provide a quote for you, if you would like to contact me on my email or through my website Thank you

Constant House Alarm Going Off

Gareth H in Earlsfield
Good evening all. I am on Briscoe Rd and since last night I have been having to listen to a house/commercial premisses alarm going off constantly. I believe it is coming from somewhere in the Robinson Rd/Colliers Wood High Street area (this is only an ... [ more ]
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Gareth H
Thankfully awoke this morning to find that the alarm is no longer going off. I had reported it too the council but outside of office hours is hard to get people.

Filing cabinet to give away

Amy N in Merton
I have a 4 drawer grey metal filing cabinet to give away. In very good condition. Has key and includes files - see pictures. Collection tomorrow from tooting please.

Recommendation for bathroom renovator

Rebecca K in West Hill
Can anyone recommend a bathroom renovator? We had a plumber all but destroy our bathroom last year by creating huge cracks in the bathtub and ripping out/cracking most of the tiling. So we need to have a new bathtub installed, wood replaced, and all of ... [ more ]
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Ann B
Chris at, just made beautiful job of my sons bathroom.. Very reasonable and cleans up at the end of the day. Vy important!

Ashtanga Yoga where in SW18?

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Elocution classes

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Judith C
Hello - I can highly recommend Rachel Preece : As a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I have sent several students of mine who needed accent reduction work, with very good results, so I'm sure she will be ... [ more ]