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Volunteer at Christmas

Sally H in Earlsfield
My daughter and I would like to help a Charity  at Christmas, we are good at cooking, chatting washing up etc. We have tried a few charities and they are full! S o if anyone knows a good local set up in need of  volunteers please let us know Sally
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Dawn B
Hi Sally, I am thinking of volunteering at Spires  in Streatham(not done before, and came across it recently. Also would consider The Salvation Army. All the best
Michele B
Check out GLASS DOOR that feeds the homeless in various churches incl Wandsworth. I prepare food at Chelsea Methodist Church Monday nights from next Monday.

Someone claiming from the council asking people to validate their address?

HDO in West Hill
Has anyone else come across someone claiming from the council to check if you have updated your address in the electoral roll?  This person has my name and address on it and asked to sign on the form if we are still who we are, i.e. still the person ... [ more ]
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Bridget C
My impression from the letter received on 02/09/16 from Wandsworth was that this is not the normal registration form, but a way of checking who is eligible to register to vote at each address.  The penultimate paragraph says "it is not a registration ... [ more ]
Joannie Tee
If it's in Wandsworth phone 02088716000, press 7 for the automated switchboard and ask for electoral registration. They'll tell you if people were going round and also tell you how you can make sure your records are up to date.

Advice for sorting out my business VAT

Jo in Summerstown
Does anyone have any advice for the cheapest way for me to do my  limited company accounts incl paying my VAT bill? I have an accountant and am paying him a small fortune to do my very simple accounts. I don't employ anyone and have one invoice a ... [ more ]
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Charlotte G
There are a number of online / cloud bookkeeping tools. Those liked by bookkeepers and easy to use include Quickbooks online (chargeable) or Quickfile (free if very few transactions).  I know this having recently receiving my bookkeeping practice ... [ more ]
Sarah K
I've just started using the Xero online software, it really is amazing and saves bags of time. You link it to your bank account and it learns as you use it so regular payments are automatically reconciled. It's genius and dirt cheap!

Warm Clothes Needed

Jo W in Summerstown
Hi there!       I'm collecting the following items to help men and women (adults/families) keep warm in the camps in Greece (the children are being provided for by another group). The following are hugely welcomed: Thick warm leggings Thick warm ... [ more ]
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Tom B
Hi Jo. A few jumpers ready for delivery or collection from S Wimbledon. Tom

Stair gate wanted and carrier for puppy

Sally H in Earlsfield
Can any kind person lend me a stair gate?  Plus I have an 9 week old labradoddle pup I want to take her in car but my current crate which she sleeps in  is very heavy does anyone have a carrier/ crate for the car I can borrow to transport her? Thanks ... [ more ]
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Repair to chest of drawers

Caroline in West Hill
I have an antique chest of drawers and the bottom of one of the drawers has completely broken and needs a new one made, I think a carpenter could do it as it does not need restoring. I would be very grateful if anyone knew someone who might be able ... [ more ]
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double mattress wanted

Teresa G in Furzedown
Hello, is anyone getting rid of a clean, double  mattress?Please let me know.Thanks.
Anna K
I have one you can have. It's been well used but there's life in it yet. I'm in Wimbledon, near the YMCA. 

Juliet balcony

Teresa G in Furzedown
I am looking into installing one in my new loft conversion. Needs to be custom made to size. Any recommendations? Would prefer to use a local company.Many thannks

Ikea Footstool to give away

Jane Anderson in Southfields
Giving away this Ikea footstool as we no longer have space for it. The Cushion being a very light colour is slightly grubby but nothing some soapy water won't fix. For pick up only. Thanks
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Jane Anderson
Donald C  I shall leave it outside in my front garden at the above address as I am out today. Thanks

Ladies golf club set (right handed)

brillo in West Hill
Hi. Does anyone want to sell a ladies golf club set ? I am a beginner who wants to give golf a try ! Thanks.
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John S
Hi Brillo, If you are thinking about starting to play golf, a good start would to get some lessons, and that way the Professional will get you started on the right road and should able to help with getting some golf clubs that will be good for you.
Thanks to you both - I am keeping a watch on Gumtree and Ebay but so far nothing suitable hence my request. I  am  having group lessons at the golf range and don't want to invest a lot of money at this stage..........

Old Laptop?

Elizabeth R in Earlsfield
Hi, Does anyone have an old laptop that they would be happy to give away? It would need to be in working order and able to be used. I am looking after 4 young people aged 19-21. 3 are at uni and one finishing school. They have no computers at home ... [ more ]

Limited Company Records

Stuart W in Balham
I closed my Limited Company nine years' ago.  Does anyone know how long I have to keep the company records, accounts, etc for?  Thanks you.
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Apple Mac

James in Furzedown
I have an Apple Mac desk top 2008 model and it offers me free upgrade to siera but when I click free upgrade it said it is not possible???? James
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The down side is that Apple has just increased prices of their products here in the Brexiting UK due to pound downfall. Time to think about a Hackingtosh?  ;) As for the consumer laws you get 6 years of expected service from a new computer. Your claim ... [ more ]
Sangita Dressmaker/seamstress
I had the white mac book which was about 10 years old. I had to buy a new Mac in the end because the old one could not cope with a new operating system. It slowed the whole computer down and it was just time to upgrade😊

Someone to clean gutters

Andrew B in Battersea
Hi, Looking for a recommendation for someone to clear gutters from a two storey terraced house in Earlsfield. Have got a few quotes from professional gutter cleaners online and thought they were very expensive! Thanks, Andy

Must see Hitchcock film with live music

Jo in Summerstown
I have x2 tickets to see the amazing North by Northwest, with live orchestra playing the soundtrack at the London Coliseum. Unfortunately, I can't make the date which is very annoying. I love the film so they are great tickets with excellent view. ... [ more ]

Gas plumber needed

Genna S in Southfields
I am in need of an experienced gas safety engineer that is  corgi registered to install my free standing gas cooker, who can also provide the certification required upon installation. Looking for a fixed price with material costs included. any ... [ more ]
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David G
If you should need another person to try, I'd recommend Roye Chapman on 07836 280826. He's Gas-Safe registered, installed and maintains my whole heating system, and has a number of references on Streetlife. He seems happy to do small jobs as well as ... [ more ]

DIY special: Underlay for tiled floor, cork underlay, bayonet pendant light fittings, TV aerial chimney bracket and a ratchet!

Richard C in Tooting Graveney
Hi all, Part 3 for tonight is very practical... Shlüter Ditra bathroom tile underlay offcut, 1m by 1m Roll of acoustic underlay in cork, 1m wide, pretty full roll.  4 off bayonet pendant light fightings TV aerial chimney bracket and pole Jumbo ... [ more ]
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billy bookcase to give away free - 80cm(w) x 106cm (h)

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Simon L
hi, it is white - i am around for the rest of the day if wither of you can collect today,  looks like this but just different dimensions :- let me ... [ more ]
Vanessa G
I am assuming it is, therefore, half the height of the catalogue one you have shown I can collect later this evening ,about 7-8p.m.Please PM me

anyone got a few Norwegian kroner lying about?

Allison in Balham
I bought some Norwegian kroner for a holiday from a currency exchange place and want to sell back to them what I didn't use. Annoyingly I am about 10 pence worth of kroner off the minimum for being able to sell it back! If anyone has a few coins lying ... [ more ]
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Alan J
Allison I wouldn't make too much of an effort or special journey to go to exchange your coins at London Bridge, especially if you're paying for the journey - 48Nkr will get you back about £4.50 - even less if dire exchange rate for coins. You never ... [ more ]
that's an excellent point Alan J. Yes it's incredibly expensive so I'm amazed I managed to get out with any kroners left over at all.

Crazy objects of interest: car mirror, army backpack and a peculiar light...

Richard C in Tooting Graveney
Last one for this evening (The finale of The Fall is on...) Here's a list of interesting objects... A cleaned up car mirror from yesteryear.. perfect shaving mirror?? An old metal framed army backpack, in need of repair A crazy lab light... have a ... [ more ]
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Georgia P
Hi Richard, I would be interested in the bag if still have it.  When is it a good time to pop in and collect it? Best Georgia

Southwark Cathedral filled with beautiful music Sat 5 November

Jeremy C in Putney
There will be no bonfire at Southwark Cathedral on Saturday! Just the extraordinary harmonies of Durufle, Poulenc and Vierne sung by over 150 voices of Wimbledon Choral Don't miss it. You can see Guy Fawkes next year! ... [ more ]
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Small dehumidifier available

Stuart W in Balham
I have a small dehumidifier available free to collect. Used only once to get rid of moisture in a car.  It worked.
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Free small trampoline for anyone who'd be happy to collect it

Hicky K in Summerstown
Perfect working order but really v shabby on top cover bit as per pic. Measures 140cm in diameter by 38cm in height. Free to anyone who's happy to collect it from SW18

Children's toys available

Stuart W in Balham
My children have outgrown the following, fully working toys.  Available to collect free: Laser Tag (two guns and two wearable targets) age 5+? Electric hobby kit age 9+? Various fishing tackle, inc folding rod age 5+?


Viola in Summerstown
Hi everyone, We have an aquarium to give away. Approx size is 70 cm long, 50 cm high and about 30 cm deep. Looks a bit of a mess as it is in need of a good clean but is otherwise absolutely fine. Let me know if you are interested. Collection only ... [ more ]