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Replacing front path (victorian?) mosaic tiles

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Jay Bee
We want to get our mosaic tiles outside the front doorstep replaced - probably like-for-like. I'm guessing they're the original tiles, so they're quite old (1900s?). The base will also need to be re-done too as it's very uneven. I'm also considering ... [ more ]
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Kieran S
I can recommend Urban Oasis as well. Make sure you know exactly what they are quoting on though, e.g. thickness of stone slabs etc.
Yes, thank you Mary P, Urban Oasis is the company I meant. They took a photo of our original, and copied it in the new tiles.

live daphnia for my pond - and weed too

Recommendations in Mitcham

Lucy S
anyone know where i can get some live daphnia for my pond?  and possibly some water weed? its a shallow pond which is really for frogs.   happy to buy daphnia if necessary. any recommendations gratefully received.
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Lucy S
fabulous.  the hunt goes on ... tho' i might well try the Amazon deal first.  i had hoped that the daphnia in the lily bucket would function as my daphnia breeding ground for the pond, but the ones in the pond survived the winter and the ones in the lily ... [ more ]

Brand new ERIK filing cabinet for sale

£50.00 in Earlsfield

Veronica B
Bought this super filing cabinet - grey - ERIK from Ikea, it's £55 new on the website. I built it, and realised its too big for our flat. So with the added bonus of it already being built, am offering it for £50. Pick up only from our flat near the ... [ more ]
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Recommendations in Earlsfield

Hayden Murtagh
Hello all, I need my existing Cat Flap thats fitted into the wall replaced with new micro chip sensitive one (already purchased). Can anyone recommend a cat flap fitter. thanks Hayden
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Sally C
If you still need someone I can recommend Phil Fitted a sure flap for me in a UPVC door.

Sorting wardrobe 16-18 outfits for sale

£20.00 in Summerstown

Juliette F
I am sorting wardrobe so have sizes 16-18 dress and jackets, dresses, tops, skits, coats for sale.  Please call 07768 302 323 to come and look in Southfields. Ideal for office and going out! Juliette

Quick Question for Tooting Common Dog Walkers

Local Conversations in Wandsworth

Love Generation
Last week a young puppy was attacked on Clapham Common. The little puppy is OK because the attacking dog was muzzled. He was a muzzled Dalmation who was off-lead. Had the Dalmation not been muzzled the puppy's owner is certain that her dog would have ... [ more ]
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Rosie Pawesome!
Just as a note, as the structure of Parks Police has changed recently. These are handy numbers to have in your phone. Patrolling mobile: 07500 95 94 42 General enquiries: 020 8871 7532 Email:
Joanne H
RSPCA has wide legal powers but also aims to HELP people care for their animals better. By all means try the Dog Warden but if that fails at least discuss the situation with RSPCA. My concern is the Dog Warden may just put the dog's owner off using the ... [ more ]

Spare Packing Boxes

Give, Lend & Borrow in Putney

Janette B
Does anyone have any spare packing boxes? I need them urgently and would love to pick them up this Sunday 7th if anyone has any within the Wandsworth area or close by.  Thanks 07774 796 022 Janette
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You are Very kind to respond and thank you, sadly its a bit far though i am west putney. I am hoping to get a big stash of boxes for moving home with, When we moved in here i put 40 boxes to the rubbish collectors. Such a waste. I need to move again to ... [ more ]

Confidential waste

Recommendations in West Hill

Hazel H
Thanks for all the recommendations for getting a new fence in my garden. 'Much appreciated. I need to get rid of a bin bag's worth of confidential waste. I remember there was a newsagent in Tooting Bec (?) who offered this service. Can anyone help out, ... [ more ]
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Jill C
Hazel, I think it might have been Miss U on Trinity Road as they used to provide lots of different sevices. Don't know if they still do.

offering old slate tiles now

Give, Lend & Borrow in Summerstown

I have old slates that were on my roof to give away. If no one wants them they will be taken to the dump by the builders so I would like to see them recycled, if poss. They are thinnish and quite flakey. Possibly they could be chipped, (quite a job!) and ... [ more ]
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Hi Liz I look forward to hearing from you. If you don't want them, please let me know on here as someone else may?? Perhaps? Thank you.
Karen S
Hi Jiggsw, If the tiles are still available I would like to take some..... I don't have a car, so it would just be some of them. I will in be in Earlsfield later today, so could pop by to collect. Thanks K

Wanted - hanging baskets, terracotta plant pots

Give, Lend & Borrow in Tooting Graveney

Richard C
Hi all, A few families around my way are starting to grow veg together and would love to find some hanging baskets/pots/other growing vessels to mix up what we grow stuff in.  I thought I'd pop a message on here to see if any Streetlifers have some ... [ more ]
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reliable local teen for gardening work/dog walking/computers

Local Conversations in Putney Heath

Louise S
My reliable hard working son is finishing his GCSEs and needs to earn some pocket money doing any or a combination of the above. We live in the grid area of Southfields. If anyone has jobs like this need doing please PM me. Thank you

coat hangers!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

Pamela M
Does anyone have coat hangers to spare. Just the ordinary metal type from dry cleaners would be great. Many thanks Pamela
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Angelique S
I have a bag full they are plastic.  I was going to take them to the charity shop next week you are welcome to collect them.
Suki G
Hi Pamela, I have a large box full of assorted hangers of all descriptions going spare. You are very welcome to collect them if you would like them - I live in Southfields and today would be perfect, just let me know!

Recommendation for local Optamologist

Recommendations in Roehampton

Sheira C
Hello does anyone know a good local optamologist or optometrist? Prefer to avoid high street brands as I have found they are more intent on pushing new prescriptions/ glasses rather than customer care. Thanks!
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Nadia P
I can recommend Specsavers in New Malden High Street.  I have been particularly pleased with Ahmed Silverdeen. Their prices are quite competitive and they often have good deals.
Vanessa R
Hi Sheira, I can thoroughly recommend Karen Lockyer Optometrist at the bottom at Battersea Rise (address 98 St. John's Road, Battersea). Karen is an Optometrist and Southfields resident. She's incredibly thorough, personable and very well respected in ... [ more ]

Teen girl/ladies clothing and shoes

Give, Lend & Borrow in Summerstown

My teenage daughter and I had a clear out and have approx. 5 bin bags full of clothes/shoes to give for charity. We want this to go to a charity only- no money making ventures please. Come and collect by arrangement. Thank you.
Hi Maryam, We are collecting for the homeless, the drop off site is Kambala Community Hall 126 Fawcett Close SW11 2LU. WOULD be great if we could have them

Singing/Story Leader Wanted for Toddler Group

Recommendations in Fulham

Angelique S
Talented singing/story time person wanted. Our Baby and Toddler Group needs your talent. Monday’s and Friday’s 10.30 -12.00 including school holidays. Your own little one is welcome to come along. We are based in central Wandsworth. You don’t need to ... [ more ]

someone to water our garden during July? (Gardener, pensioner, teenager)

Recommendations in Wimbledon

We are looking for someone to care for our garden while we are away and have our house rented out in July. This would involve mostly just watering, particularly during any dry or hot spells. Mowing tiny lawn once could also be negotiated, but not ... [ more ]
Suki G
Hi Michal, My son Rory (17 years) would love to be considered to water your garden during July. He is very reliable, honest and has watered a number of gardens last summer! We live on the grid and he is in the 6th form at Saint Cecilia's school. ... [ more ]


Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

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Anne-marie N
Hi James, that would be great - I'm expecting some wood chips to be dropped off at the front off my house and I'll have to move them to the back garden.  I'll call you later about collecting it.  I'm on Trinity Road so not far. Thanks
james d
Anne- Marie,I will be coming past Trinity Road this and tomorrow eve @ 7.15 so why not give me a call with your address and I can drop it off for you. regards james d

scratched CDs - any hope?

Local Conversations in Mitcham

Lucy S
i'm going through my CDs and find many jump - if they were records, i'd say they sound like they're scratched.  is there any chance of resuscitating them?  there are various products on the market that claim to do it, do any of them work?  i'd rather ... [ more ]
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Joel Simister
Or get Spotify Premium for £10 a month and never buy any music again. That's what I do, the thought of spending days ripping CDs doesn't appeal. You can also then download playlists onto your phone and listen 'offline' on the tube or wherever
Sam K
A friend from USA brought me a cd repair kit like 10 years ago when I had a huge collection of CDs. It really worked, not like it totally repaired but it was enough to upload all my songs to iTunes. The CDs got the same problem again but I stopped using ... [ more ]

Picnic in the Park, Sunday

Clubs & Groups in Putney

Jane E
Sunday: Picnic in the Park.  The Government is planning to test all 4 year olds.  Parents will realise how silly this is.  A child who is about to turn 5 is very much more advanced than the child who has just turned 4.  This baseline assessment will stay ... [ more ]

Picture Framing

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Gareth H
I recently received two pictures as a present which I would like to get framed as soon as possible so I can hang them before they get set to one side and forgotten about. With that in mind, can anybody recommend somewhere around the Tooting/Colliers ... [ more ]
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Jennifer C
I remember seeing - quite recently - someone asking for an upholsterer and there were replied, can I ask someone for these details again pls?
Naushaba K
I highly recommend Charles at 128 Kingston Rd, SW191LY. He has done all our framing for over 20 years. He is an excellent craftsman.

Garden shed - to be dismantled and removed

Recommendations in Wimbledon

Looking for recommendations for a company that will dismantle a garden shed (7ft x 5ft) and also remove (licensed waste carrier). Both jobs to be done at same time. Thanks
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J SW11
In our case the flytipping was dumped on private property. The Council would not remove it even when asked for a price and we had to contact licensed waste carriers who will generally only provide an estimate with a firm price provided when they arrive ... [ more ]
Anna S
Dear Ruth, My husband Tomas runs a small landscaping company and can be contacted regarding this. He is not licenced to take away the waste, but desposes of it legally and can provide paperwork to support it. Kind regards, ... [ more ]

Where to find a non-memory foam topper (double bed)

Recommendations in Wimbledon

Is there a local place I can buy a double non-memory foam topper for a bed? We have a guest bed that is rock solid, which I love, but I seem to be alone in that.
I had the same problem and bought on-line as it was the cheapest option. One is RestAssured -double goose feather about £40.
Charlotte F
I got one from Amazon which is amazing and transformed my sleep. I paid about £60. I trawled through all the ones listed on their reading the reviews etc. Have had a few over the years which were cheaper and went flat within week but this one is the best ... [ more ]

Does anyone need part time help this summer?

Local Conversations in Wandsworth

susanne m
Hello Streetlifers My delightful Italian friend,Valentina, has fallen for London and is coming back to spend the summer here to improve her basic English and experience living abroad. She may stay longer as her school has offered her a sabbatical if she ... [ more ]
Joanne H
I have an adult son with special needs. He is on the autistic spectrum. He is usually charming and friendly. He would love someone to take him to localish gigs and some London sights. The only query is how he would cope with her poor ENGLISH. Maybe ... [ more ]

Old Clothes

Clubs & Groups in Kambala Estate Residents Association

Kambala Estate Residents Association
Hi everyone, if you have any old clothes or anything that would be useful to homeless people, we are collecting and the Community Hall will be open Sunday Mornings between 9-13.00 please help where you can, Kambala Community Hall 126 Fawcett Close SW11 ... [ more ]
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Missing cat from Swaby Road

Lost & Found in Southfields

Anthony C inactive
Dear neighbours. We have mail dropped 280 doors today with a note of our missing silver and white cat. Thank you to those who have sent us kind messages. Her name is Luna and she is only a year. She went missing Friday 29/05 from Swaby Road. She is very ... [ more ]
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Anthony C inactive
Dear RSPCA Wimbledon & District. Thank you so much sharing Luna's details on Facebook. Hopefully owners searching for their missing pets will feel encouraged by this happy outcome. Never give up. - And we must all remember to look up!