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Does anybody own this cat?

Lost & Found in Earlsfield

Gwen E
I live in Saint John's Hill Grove and this cat is always around, looking in the cat flap this morning at 6.45 for instance. He's a friend of my cat (her only friend in fact). He is rather mangey and very tentative. Definitely not an alpha male. I don't ... [ more ]
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Gwen E
the RSPCA is offering to lend me a cat trap. If he is prepared to get in it, I'll get a taxi and get my vet to dig around for a chip. What's this cats' protection where you are a volunteer?

altered bus routes

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Anyone know what has happened to the 219 and 319 bus routes through Wandsworth? In particular the changes to accommodate the three-month road works project in and around Trinity Road. The authorities have removed all my favourite bus stops in both ... [ more ]
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Thank you Jo M.  But I think you mean that the 219 & 319 now turn LEFT, when heading south, from Bellevue into St James Drive, stopping at Old Hospital Close, and then onward as normal. When heading north the 219 follows the usual route along Trinity ... [ more ]
Jo M
Yes, all very confusing.  My daughter now has to walk to Routh Road just to get onto the 219 to school which is quite a trek too.

New term starting for Tia Chi and Chi Gong in Balham

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Jonathan Priest
This group is for all ages and abilities from complete beginners to advanced. I have been going for a year now and find these gentle but precise exercises very rewarding. Derek Pierce is a wonderful teacher and you could not wish to meet a nicer group of ... [ more ]

Gone within two hours.....

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

clare rees
I left two large sacks of unwanted clothes outside my front door this morning - partially hidden-for collection by a recycling company. When I checked at 11 a.m. They had gone so I naturally assumed they had been collected. Imagine my surprise when an ... [ more ]
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Joanne that was a very well worded response and I was essentially thinking along a similar vein.  If something is unwanted then I am grateful to anybody who takes it or wants it and usually no good deed goes unrewarded.
Jane L
Yes I agree.  And if someone needs a doormat more than me, well then they must be VERY much in need and they are welcome to it.  I have replaced the stripey Ikea one with a rather kitsch one from the market with wreaths of flowers and "Welcome" in florid ... [ more ]

Wandsworth's tree policy

Local Conversations in Putney

Jane E
I have just returned from Kew Gardens.  What a brilliant experience made even better by the intelligent spacing of trees, so that it was possible to admire individual trees.  How different from what Wandsworth has done on the open space opposite me.  ... [ more ]
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Jane E
But I am sure they are cheap and it gives the boys a chance to pretend to know what they are doing whilst climbing trees!!
Jane E
I was looking for an email address for Wandsworth's tree people in order to forward a link to this discussion.  I did find this:  which seems to imply that they have no plans since 2013 for any ... [ more ]

22 Paving slabs to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

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Hayden Murtagh
Hi Guys Veronica B and Lorna D/  BEAUTY THERAPIST  or anyone that is interested!! The slabs have not gone. I will give them away on a 1st come 1st serve basis!! Hayden 07903 141 248

Anyone have a cat tree/tower or hooded cat bed/igloo that they no longer need?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

I have rehomed a RSPCA rescued puss and am looking for these items. I can buy but would rather recycle unwanted items. Please PM me with phone number if you live locally and what to get rid of catty accessories. Thank you
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Yvonne M
Hi Sylvia l still have my cat scratching post if you would like it. Regards Yvonne

Recommendation for a plasterer

Recommendations in Furzedown

Susan B
Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced plasterer please? I would also like to have recommendations for someone to fit an IKEA kitchen. A few people have offered their services on Streetlife as kitchen fitters - but I really would like a ... [ more ]
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Zoe H charge £ 45 per hour for a handyman. My handyman charges £ 15.
Mantas P
0 Hi, I highly recommend A&M Mercury Properties LTD. Fast,reliable and quality works. Please contact Alex on 07715380565 Mantas 07520217669 for free estimate.

Petition Battersea Park sign it please

Clubs & Groups in Earlsfield

Gillian P
Battersea Park Formula E Action Group Battersea Park Formula E Action Group 320 Signatures Goal: 1,000 Without consulting local residents, Wandsworth Council has seen fit to provide a planning consent for Formula E to race 140mph electric cars in ... [ more ]
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susan l
Odd, isn't it?Jane Ellison says she cannot interfere, yet Mayor Johnson interfered right from the start, and what a mess he caused. I am afraid that is just an excuse, Jane. 

Old Videos -- any ideas

Recommendations in Merton

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Raoul de B
Hi Roz, I'd say that's good advice from Tony. I too have a stack of VHS cassettes, which I'm planning to take up to Oxfam. You'd be surprised how many people still play them. I even have a portable TV in the kitchen with a VHS tape slot! In any case, ... [ more ]
Alan L
VHS/betamax/ etc are analogue magnetic media. DVD is digital optical media. To transfer from one media to another media, will degrade the image and sound in the conversation process. Transferring or copying from one media to another (called media ... [ more ]

Paving Slabs available - see link to ad.

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

Hayden Murtagh
Hi all I still have the paving slabs wondered if anyone knows of a bric brac person that could take them away? Or can you recommend one? thanks
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Jo R
Hi Hayden What time would suit you?  I'm due to collect the van in the morning and have some minor stuff to do around in Mitcham. Would you prefer morning or early afternoon (1-2pm) for me to collect? Have also sent you a text! Cheers Jo

Ronald McDonald House Tooting

Clubs & Groups in Tooting Graveney

Mark R
Hi All, Ronald McDonald House Tooting has a family fun day on 19th July.  This should be really good fun and what a fantastic charity to support. This is their website.  See you there I hope.
Karen M
Hope to be there. This sounds like an amazing project for parents of children in hospital Karen

Dry cleaners

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Pamela M
Does anyone know of a self service dry cleaners that deals with bulk cleaning? I have a plague of moths and just want to clean all my clothes without the expense of individual dry cleaning. Many thanks.

Current job and volunteer opportunities at Share Community

Local Conversations in Sands End

Share Community
Share Community is recruiting! We have a number of paid and volunteer positions at Share. Share provides training and employment support for disabled adults, including those with learning disabilities, physical/sensory impairments, autism and mental ... [ more ]
Dativa M
Dear Leanne Yes please I am looking for a job which kind of jobs do you have? Let me know please. Dativa Moshi

Found Rabbit: New Malden, KT3

Lost & Found in West Hill

RSPCA Wimbledon & District
FOUND: Rabbit, New Malden KT3, 29/06/15. We desperately need to find her owners. Not chipped, quite thin but friendly. Please share to spread the news, thank you. To donate just £5 to our branch: Text CATZ15 £5 to 70070

Estate Agent recommendations & sale fee

Recommendations in West Hill

Lindsay Back
Hi all, Can you please give me the local low down on estate agents? I lived in Wandsworth until a couple of years ago so have a fairly good idea but i'm sure there's been new places pop up since and good/bad/ugly experiences with many! I am looking to ... [ more ]
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Hello Lindsay I am looking for a property to buy, I will pay market price so you don't need to pay any commission. Please email me your contact details.Many thanks

Nepal Earthquake relief fundraising BBQ. Organised by Bobby Singh (your local DIY shop Guru) hosted at the Imperial Durbar

Clubs & Groups in Furzedown

The Imperial Durbar
The Imperial Durbar is hosting a charity BBQ event this thursday for Bobby Singh, who you may know from the local DIY store Russells. He has travelled out to Nepal to bring aid, equipment and help rebuilding the homes of the people who have suffered such ... [ more ]
Bobby S
Thank you so much Nick and Al for all your kind support and BBQ proceeds all going to Nepal.

Happiness: The Delight-Tree Poetry Event

Clubs & Groups in Summerstown

World Heart Beat Music Academy
The United Nations Society of Writers and the World Heart Beat Music Academy present... Happiness: The Delight-Tree A Celebration in Poetry and Song.  Happiness: The Delight Tree is a contemporary anthology of poetry published in celebration of the ... [ more ]

Cortaflex canine/feline supplement for free

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

I have an open, three-quarters-full 946ml bottle of High Strength Canine & Feline Cortaflex solution if anyone would like it. Best before date is 11/17. Collect from Southfields

Garden Labourer Wanted

Recommendations in Tooting Graveney

Colin T
My compost heap needs turning over; normally I would do it myself, but have injured my shoulder. I will supply the tools and it should take about an hour.
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Lily W
Colin here is the link to onlyme's post
Sue B
Billy did some garden work for me. He's a lovely young man. I can recommend him.

Air conditioner service person recommendation needed

Recommendations in Balham

I have a split unit air conditioner that stopped cooling. Can anyone suggest a local engineer? Thanks...
Hi Dmitriy, We have just used a really friendly and reliable company - You could try them. They have engineers all over London. Regards

Tooting dog owners beware

Local Conversations in Summerstown

Diane M
A friend of mine had her dog with her and she took it into a butcher shop but stayed at the doorway while the butcher prepared her meat. He then shouted at her 'your dog' and pointed at the door She pulled at the lead but it was empty. Thinking her ... [ more ]
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Rosanna F
Many years ago I used to leave my dog tied outside the shops, as most people did in those days, it was safe.  But now I would not leave my beautiful mongrel anywhere. Stolen dogs are sold but also used as bates for dog fighting which must be the reason ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Southfields

Bela K
Does anyone know of a good conveyance firm that is fairly priced as I am selling a house in Southfields Thanks
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sarah o
I would recommend Anoushka Parker at Alen-Buckley LLP - 0208 767 8336.   She is very efficient and local

Cat found

Lost & Found in West Hill

Sony Walkman mini disc player, etc., to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

I have a bag of vintage digital voice recording goodies to give away, including an old mini disc player - the Sony Walkman NET MD MZ N707 Type R. It comes with a little pouch, various leads, separate microphone, earphones, a stand, instructions and so ... [ more ]
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Gabor B
Hi Lily I would be interested about the voice recorder Is it still available? My number is 07835201277 Regards G.