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Double Divan Bed

Nikki C in Putney Heath
Double Divan Bed and mattress to give. Mattress comfortable, but slight pale staining. One drawer in base has slight musty smell which I've located to the under fabric of drawer which can easily be removed. Was going to tip, so apologies for upright ... [ more ]

2 x bedside drawers

Nikki C in Putney Heath
I have a set of 2 x bedside drawer units. Heavy; one with 2 drawers the other with 3. One set has chipped across tthe front, which would be fine be if anyone wanted to you paint them and both have a couple of chips and scratches. Dimensions are: ... [ more ]
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Doodle Mania

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Nature Study Centre Wandsworth Common
Amanda R in Earlsfield
We are Doodling Mad this May Half Term. Come join us for Doodle Mania! Tuesday 31st May - Friday 3rd June, 4 - 6yr & 7 - 12yrs Half Day 9:30am - 12noon, Full Day 9:30 - 3pm A crazy ‘ Doodle week’ of drawing imaginative shapes, line drawings, ... [ more ]

Cleaner needed

Elizabeth R in Earlsfield
Hi, I know there have been requests on this before and am happy to go on an old thread if someone would tell me how?  I am looking for a cleaner in Wandsworth Town? Thanks
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Alison K
Hi You could try my cleaner Mariya. She's lovely, great value and cleans for another Streetlifer too. Her number is 07473 669539. Her English isn't great so to avoid any mix ups text might be best. Alison
Lumi D
Hi!If you're still interested for a good cleaner in Wandsworth town please do not hesitate to contact me on my no 07507877340.Regards!

Do you have any decorations for street party I could borrow - bunting, flags etc?

SLSH in Furzedown
We are having a street party in mid June and we would like to keep the costs to a minimum so we can make a donation to St Georges instead. If anyone has any bunting, flags or any other suitable decorations lying around that we could borrow, we would be ... [ more ]
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Angela H
Hi   I have some bunting that you are welcome to borrow after next weekend! 5 strings, each approx 8 metres long. 07792 612530.

Cali facials

Sharon S in Clapham
I am a cacii facials virgin but feel it's about time I gave them a go. Can I anyone recommend somewhere locally that they use? I live by battersea rise. New face for summer !!
Sandra B
Never heard of this - are they supposed to be good.   Found website with list of salons and there is one in Clapham.  Please let us know how you get ... [ more ]
Sallyann H
There is a place near Clapham South Tube Station called Bellissimo

TV engineer wanted

Piers T in Sands End
Can anybody recommend a good tv engineer who is familiar with multi room systems. I'm struggling with Sky multi screen, copious amounts of wiring and 4 magic eyes! Many thanks.

Tuition in computing for GCSE exam

TP in Upper Tooting
Does anyone know of a good tutor that could help my son with his computing revision over half term (next week)?
Nathaniel M
Our company would be able to help if you can't find someone locally. Simply Learning Tuition 0207 350 1981

Car Key Cutting - recommendation needed !

Marie B in Upper Tooting
Hi - just wondered if anyone has used a company other than their car dealership for a key replacement ? I need to get a second key cut and I'm trying to avoid the rather high costs at Peugeot.  Any recommendations - gratefully received :)
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There's a great place opposite the wimbledon sewing machine shop in Tooting who will do it for a fraction of the dealership
Rachel B
Definitely Saxon Security Locksmiths at Amen Corner! A friendly, helpful and efficient family run business. I have used them many times over the 18 years I have lived nearby. They will be able to do it for you at a fraction of the price from a ... [ more ]

Free seedlings!

Marianne I in Wandsworth
Does anyone fancy trying their hand at growing some Capsicum (sweet peppers)? I have an abundance of seedlings. Just potted up almost 60 of them and I still have 150 seedlings left........ They are mainly at a 2 or 3 leaved (a few with 4) stage and need ... [ more ]
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Marianne I
@ Dimitry, Sun is needed, so a good sunny garden, will help; Mary told me that she grew them successfully in her garden (in London), outdoors, before. Linda had success with her plants on her windowsills, indoors....... I have borrowed a mini-greenhouse, ... [ more ]
Marianne I
All my spare Capsicum seedlings have now been allocated & collected, so there are no more available, currently. Good luck to all! Happy growing 😀

Gardener - help required

Julia in Tooting Graveney
Sadly I've been let down by forest and stone today. They were due to install a rose arch in my garden but have failed to turn up. I'm hoping they are ok but in the meantime I really need some help with installation of a rose arch in my garden. Any ... [ more ]
Marianne I
Maybe Robin can help you with this. He can be reached on: 07905 824344 Good luck, Marianne

Folding 2-Seater Teak Bench - FREE

Nathalie M in Wimbledon
In need of a little love after the winter and has one rotten slat, but if anybody is interested in making it beautiful again, it's all yours!  Earlsfield area.

Anyone have any packing boxes

Lavish Habitat in Furzedown
Hi - I'm moving home soon and wondered if anyone has any spare packing boxes? I previously had some but gave them all away on streetlife.  thanks Jane
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Alice T
Hi, again; Could you let me know if you're interested? I have a range of sizes of box, and some bubble wrap. I live in the So. Wimbledon area.
Jane F
Hi Alice Sorry - I've been out the last few days. Yes please I'm interested. I will contact you this evening.  Thank you Bruna for the top tip. I will try this also. xx

WLFE Motor Company

Alan H in Summerstown
Booked an MOT on line with this company last week and recieved Email to confirm booking only to turn up today and find no such booking. Aviod this place
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Alan H
I got it done with Wandsworth Council as recomended by others. I could except things go wrong but the atitude was what made me angry.


Gillian D in Balham
I've been managing my tax return on my own but now need an accountant's advice on some aspects.  Don't know where to start so grateful for any personal recommendations.
Frances C
Hi Gillian,  My accountant is great, can highly recommend him. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to give you some advice.  Jacques Steenkamp Easy Online Accounting Limited 02034052320 Frances 

Have you seen my stolen red & grey Piaggio Gilera Runner 125cc Scooter Reg. V89 MGO?

Colin T in Tooting Graveney
This morning I woke up to find my driveway gate had been forced open and my 16 year old grey & red, Piaggio Gilera Runner 125cc Scooter, Registration V89 MGO, had been stolen, even though it had a chain and padlock round the front wheel. My Solar ... [ more ]
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Colin T
I still feel very violated and worry that they will come back and break into my bungalow. Your responses have really lifted me. Thank you, everyone.

problems with wi-fi broadband. HELP!

Allison in Balham
Hi all, hoping someone might have some advice... My wifi broadband signal keeps dropping out. I have had a BT technician here to run all the tests and we are getting a good strong signal to the hub so that's not the problem. We have the usual gadgets ... [ more ]
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I know! I can't quite believe it. The one I got doesn't seem to have a brand on it (I got it from my husband's IT department) but there are various ones for sale at Currys for between £10-£20 which seems like the bargain of the century. Thanks all for ... [ more ]

Blockage on Trinity Road

to , (ended)
Gwen E in Earlsfield
What has caused the stoppage at the top end (Windmill Road to East Hill) of Trinity Road this morning? Lots of police no ambulances....
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Offered free: G4 MacPro (not working) for spares

David C in Southfields
Old G4 MacPro offered for spares. Good condition. Includes keyboard, power cable, but drive removed for obvious security reasons. Was working recently. Now machine does not boot but power comes on briefly. A computer whizz might be able to fix it but ... [ more ]
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Great live music on Friday evening in Balham in three venues

Mat S in Streatham
The Wine Tasting Shop in Hildreth Street, the Balham Bowls Club in Ramsden Road and The Payday Salon upstairs at The Bedford on Bedford Hill, all just a stone's throw from Balham station, are all kicking off Bank Holiday Weekend in fine musical style. ... [ more ]

Black kitten found in Battersea

Amy in Battersea
Posted on LostBox today - info here: "... found on Dagnall St, Battersea SW11 (London)"

Rock and Roll pianist

Diane M in Summerstown
Hi Anyone know a guy or gal who can play rock and roll Jerry Lee Lewis on the piano......and a local Elvis impersonator??
Kim N
Trevor is a local Elvis impersonator and is amazing...
Tony P
Claire Hamlin plays rock'n'roll piano:  I know many guys who play Jerry Lee type piano but they mostly are miles from London or abroad. Claire is quite local and plays frequently in London with various bands. I'm a great ... [ more ]

Possible collection

clare rees in Earlsfield
I have purchased an item (table) which need transporting from Stoke onTrent and am wondering if anyone is making a journey to London from that area who would be willing to bring it down. Of course I would contribute to petrol. I realise this is rather a ... [ more ]
Lily W
Have you heard of I was going to use them for a sofa I was bidding on In Manchester but ended up being outbid. Msybe someone else on here has used them?

Anyone want a sturdy cardboard box with bubble wrap/fragile packing?

Clare B in Upper Tooting
Hi, I've taken delivery of an item today that was packed in a large sturdy cardboard box (54cm x 44cm x 23cm) filled with bubble wrap and those plastic pockets of air. Before I pop the bubblewrap and breakdown the box I thought I'd offer it (the box and ... [ more ]
Diane N
What a shame I have only just seen this message, my friend happens to be moving in a months time and I'm collecting boxes for her.....

Recommendations for someone to attach a door number plaque to my steel door

Kim N in Summerstown
Hi, I have now received my new door plaque: and require it to be screwed into my new steel door (see photo). I have the fittings ... [ more ]
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Alan L why would you buy more expensive magnetic tape if you are not planning to keep numbers changing on the door? Some good bond-it-all glue will do the job nicely. You may want to get the one what is flexible when set, as daily exposure to sun and ... [ more ]
Alan L
Dmitriy, £2.34 is not really very expensive, when you consider the alternatives. For this cost you get a hole free door and no glue to mark the paintwork remove, or rub down when you paint the door in the future. If Kim ever wants to get a new number ... [ more ]