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Responsible and reliable tenant looking for an affordable 2 bedroom property in Southfields area.

Recommendations in Putney Heath

Hi. I am looking for a long term rental, two bedroom property in or around Southfields. I will pay deposit and 1 month rent in advance. I have employment's reference, current landlord's reference and clean credit. Private arrangement, no agents please.
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Asmaar Traders
Hi. I am looking for a long term rental as well i will pay first three month in advance. please contact me if still available. Thanks Dawood 
Asmaar, the contact details for the flat are on the link above.  Please contact them direct.

FREE 2 sofas, Wardrobe and Pine Table

Give, Lend & Borrow in South Wimbledon

Angela I
I have just seen all the above in a front garden and they will be ruined when the rain comes. AS far as I can tell the sofas are in extremeble good condition. NAvy blue 2 seater with all the cushions, the wardrobe is ok and the table is a four seter. ... [ more ]

Flotsam and Jetsam - new deli on Wiseton Rd off Bellvue

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Jonathan Priest
Went to this new deli on Sunday for brunch, brilliant flat white and posh poached eggs and bacon with hollandaise sauce and sourdough toast. If you don't want a cooked breakfast there's a choice of porridges with fresh fruit etc. It's run by a kiwi ... [ more ]
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Sarah M
It was packed at lunch time today - good to see a new successful business in the road.


Recommendations in Tooting Graveney

Sarah H
Hi  I am looking for a good local gardener who knows a little about plants too to maintain my garden.  Anyone know anybody? Thanks Sarah
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Vicky K
Mark is in Earlsfield and helps many Streetlifers. His number is: 07899 778 279 and he'd be happy to help.

Lots of local news - local Councillors' new blog just out!

Local Conversations in Councillors Fleur Anderson and Dr Rosena Allin-Khan

Loo handle falling about

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Gillian P
Tenants have done something with loo handle it's all loose and have to push down 3-4 times to make it work . Took off top of loo there seems to be bits missing? As nothing in side cistern bit just loop of metal going to thingy . Is it easy to replace ... [ more ]
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It looks like the screw which tightens the lever arm to the handle stem is missing. You may have something around which fits into this. Otherwise, you can buy a new handle and lever arm kit at Homebase or b&q, which is what I did ages ago.

Getting fit!

Recommendations in Sands End

Oliver B
Hi I just saw that my personal trainer is offering a boot camp - Check him out as he is very good.

Website for small business

Recommendations in Summerstown

Bring Furniture Back To Life
Hi, I am looking to build a website for my small business and wondered if anyone could recommend a reasonably priced, good online website builder I could use ? Also which company is good to register my domain name? Very much appreciate any help and ... [ more ]
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Incomedia WebX or Ashampoo webbuilder have free/cheap website building programmes which might be worth a look.  I've heard Wix is good too. Netnames or nominet for registering domain names.  Usually about £10 for and £20 for .com names.

Burn on wooden top

Recommendations in West Hill

georgina y
Can anyone help me with removing a burn mark on a kitchen wooden top? any suggestions are welcome.
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Matthew J
Maybe a not so light sand on the actual stain and light sand around that white ring and then try and match up the wood stain / colour - There's a place in Smugglers Way which sells those types of accessories ... [ more ]

Missing cat: B/W Male, Daphne St, SW18

Lost & Found in West Hill

VHS to cd or dvd transfer

Local Conversations in Wandsworth

I have several family VHS's which I would love to transfer to cd or dvd  - does anyone do this? 
Filmmaker Sandra
I do this. I can put your film on DVD or USB key. I would personally recommend USB as you can put more than 1 tape on it. And if you want to edit it or make several copy on computer external hard drive it is the way to go. Computer manufacturer have ... [ more ]

International Women’s Day

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

MAR 05
to , (ended)
Mushkil Aasaan community centre
Sadiq Khan
On Thursday 5th March I am hosting an event to celebrate International Women’s Day and it would be fantastic if you could join me. The event is taking place at Mushkil Aasaan Community Centre, 220-222 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7EW from 11am until ... [ more ]
Pamela M
Hi Sadiq, I shall definitely come with my colleague Jenny, we work with women at the Spires in Streatham, 0208 6960943
Sadiq Khan
Brilliant Pamela M, look forward to welcoming you on Thursday. Please do spread the word. Best wishes, Sadiq

Grants available for aspiring entrepreneurs

Clubs & Groups in Furzedown

Dan Watkins
Hello All, I've been working with local charity Business Launchpad to put together a fund that offers grants to young entrepreneurs looking to start a business in our area. I'm pleased to report that this effort has been successful and grants are now ... [ more ]
Cllr Antonia Dunn
Great work Dan - Launchpad is a really good organisation and I am really please to see you are working with them. I regularly meet young people who need help getting started with a business idea, so this will really help our community. This is just the ... [ more ]

30th March: 100 years of SW19 Choral at Royal Festival Hall

Local Conversations in Battersea

Jeremy C
The Wimbledon Choral Society celebrates 100 years on March 30th at the Royal Festival Hall with a performance of the magnificent Brahms Requiem. With 200 voices, Wimbledon Choral is one of the finest large amateur choirs in England and after 100 years, ... [ more ]

Can anyone recommend a gardener to do a tidy up

Recommendations in Merton

Roz H
I wasn't able to do a proper tidy-up in my garden before the winter set in and it's really suffering for it now.   Can anyone recommend a gardener who can sort it out for me?   Probably a days work with the option of more regular hours in the future.
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Hi, I can do this for you no problem. Have 4 years experience working as a gardener. Feel free to call me on 07553115382. Website:
Actually I think we may have spoken already on the phone! Apologies for posting !

Free Trial Body Alignment & Posture Class based on The Ehrenfried Method

Classifieds in Body Alignment & Posture Re Education

MAR 03
to , (ended)
St Mary's Church, Putney High street, London SW15 1SN
Body Alignment & Posture Re Education
Come for a free trial Body Alignment & Posture session on Tuesday, 3rd March, 6-7PM at St Mary's Church in Putney High street. The entrance is through the Pantry Café, first floor. Please bring your own mat and come with comfortable gym clothes. Book ... [ more ]
Barry McVeigh - Osteopath
As an Osteopath, I highly recommend this class which includes lots of great exercises for improving your posture and advice on different self-therapy techniques. Do take up this great offer, you won't be disappointed!

German speaking playgroup

Local Conversations in Wandsworth

Sonja M
Does anyone know of a German speaking playgroup in or around Earlsfield / SW18? Or would anyone be interested in establishing one?
Naomi E
I have a young German tutor living in my house who is great with children. She's studying for her Phd so wouldn't set up a playgroup and could be involved in some way.
Mrs B
Hansel and Gretel in Herne Hill. Has been going for years and is very friendly.

Bring your under 5's to Neighbourhood Network Rhyme Time

Clubs & Groups in Neighbourhood Network SW12 and SW17

MAR 04
to , (ended)
Southside Scout Centre, 197 Balham High Rd SW12 9BE.

Old suitcase

Give, Lend & Borrow in Southfields

Paul H
Wanted for a school project: old suitcase. Battered and well travelled with old stickers on it would be fine (but not falling apart). Can be leather or that vulcanised fibre material with corner reinforcements that they used to use. Preferred size ... [ more ]

Fixing a flat screen tv

Recommendations in Battersea

Maureen C
Hello streetlifers. Does someone know if a flatscreen tv can be mended. It wont switch on. there has been no trauma. If fixing can be attempted is there any advice on how, who or where? Many thanks Maureen
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Maureen C
Thank you to everyone for these helpful suggestions. I am working my way through them.
The TTT Restart parties have been excellent! At one they carefully took apart my flatscreen TV (quite scary!) and found the £15 component that needed replacing.  Great given that it was barely weeks out of warranty. Would be infuriating to have to bin ... [ more ]

Be cautious opening the front door to strangers

Local Conversations in Furzedown

I don't want to alarm anybody and encourage unnecessary suspicion and I know there have been plenty of discussions on here about cold callers etc... BUT, yesterday at about 5pm I got a knock on the door - I don't know why but I just felt cautious, went ... [ more ]
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Jean G
I have both gas and electric with British Gas   and I wasn't given any choice they just came and changed the meters.Perhaps if you would like them it would be a good idea to ask
That is a very creative and impressive solution Ann Z :)) !! I didn't know you could get digital meters that can be checked remotely by the utilities company. Is that how they work  Jean G? I've got the old kind, but I'm still not going to let anyone in ... [ more ]

Part Time Bookkeeper

Recommendations in Putney

Neil F
I'm looking for an experienced part time bookkeeper to help with a growing small business in Wandsworth.  We use Sage 50 Accounts and are very flexible about hours and office/home working.  Has anyone got any ideas to help or recommendations?
Savill Young
Contact: Jacques Steenkamp Easy Online Accounting Ltd Collingham House 10-12 Gladstone Road London SW19 1QT Tel: 020 3405 2320 Mobile: 97769 705 635 Email: Web:
Deirdre K
I am retired now but years ago I used Sage 50 & 100 I dont think it would take me long to get used to it again. If you are interested.

What's happened to Superdrug in Tooting?

Local Conversations in Streatham Vale

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Sunny P
No one cares about Independents or Market Traders. If you do use them,so they won't close. Where will one park? Use you feet. What did our parents and their parents do.
Stephanie Dearden
It's about time we had an Aldi, that will really make Sainsburys wake up as they will have all the best competition on their doorstep :)

Age UK Wandsworth RideLondon-Surrey100 Fundraising Places x 4

Clubs & Groups in Balham

Age UK Wandsworth
Age UK Wandsworth has 4 Ride London-Surrey100 fundraising places left for this year, event date 2nd August. Please contact Hicky for further information if you are interested in being a fundraising and cycling legend!!   ... [ more ]

extending flat lease

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Rebecca R
im wondering if anyone would share their flat lease extension stories with me as im maybe purchasing a flat with 72 years remaining on the lease.  this is something ive not been though before as ive only ever dealt with houses.  the seller has already ... [ more ]
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Jane S
You could ask sellers to get a " section 42" this passes the right to renew straight onto you on completion, you could ask to drop the price according say £40000 to cover this, they should be in agreement to this and you may even end up a bit in pocket! ... [ more ]
Rebecca R
thank you everyone for the comments.  I'd never come across the marriage bit before but the section 42 is already in place with a suggested premium for the extension I may try to haggle down ;-)