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Pop up shop

Bring Furniture Back To Life
in Summerstown
Hi, can anyone advice on how I can go about obtaining a pop up shop? There is a lot of empty shops in the local area and i would very much like to use a small empty space for short period of time? Many thanks Many thanks.
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Southfields Safer Neighbourhood Team public meeting

to , (ended)
St Barnabas Church hall, entry from Lavenham Rd

feather filled cushion pads to give away ....

Jennifer A
in Wimbledon
I have two 18" square  feather filled new cushion pads to give away . Please PM me for contact details . Jenny A
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Marble piece to give away

in Wandsworth
More sorting out of my shed... 60 x 70cm marble as per photo attached. Free to collect from Earlsfield (SW18 3).  Please DM me if interested to arrange collection.
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Wanted: lever arch files/folders

Mai F
in Summerstown
Happy New Years!! In case anyone is having a clear out, I'm looking for some lever arch files like the ones shown. They don't have to be in perfect condition, just in working order. The bigger the better. I'm pretty flexible on pick up times.
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Mary T
Hi Mai, I typed a message to you but hit return instead of posting comment duh! So needless to say it didn't go. I will be home tonight from 6.30pm if that's ok if not tomorrow between 12 midday to 1.30.

Xbox and Playstation 2 games

Mark Shipton
in Southfields
It's very unlikely anyone even has these consoles anymore, they are very old. But I thought I'd advertise these on Streetlife before putting them in the recycling. Any takers, let me know.

Kitchen Worktop pieces to give away

in Wandsworth
Tidying out my shed.. I have 4 pieces of kitchen worktop that are going begging... 1 x 60cm x 60cm 1 x 60cm x 40cm 1 x 60cm x 50cm (all with the finish as per the photo) And¬† 1 x 60cm x 75cm in a black and white laminate finish. If anyone would ... [ more ]

Rubbish clearance (or chainsaw?) for 3-seat sofa

Claire G
in Parsons Green
Can anyone recommend someone (probably two strong people with biggish van) to remove my old sofa from 2nd floor flat? ¬† Or, is there anyone ¬†with a chainsaw or similar who will come and chop it up(!) so that I can easily transport it to the dump?¬† A ... [ more ]
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caroline w
I've broken up a few sofas in my time. In my experience, all you usually need is a hammer, a screwdriver and a few good kicks.....

Man & van needed

Stephanie T in Merton
Hi, can anyone recommend a reasonable, reliable man/van to collect a double wardrobe from SW8 (Stockwell) and bring it to SW19 (Wimbledon). Dimensions are D: 580mm x W: 1000mm x H: 1880mm. Many thanks.
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Rebecca C
Hi my husband has a man and van service. Comes recommended on streetlife. Please call 07841 696 298 for any more details. Thanks. Rebecca

Missing Cats

Kelly C
in Tooting Graveney
My 2 Cats are missing, please keep an eye out for them. They are chipped, but will not wear collars! They are 2 boys named Frankie and Arthur. Please let me know if you see them ūüėĒ
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Sally H
Hi Aminda, Yes that's no problem, I will ask the guy that did it for me. He is very good. I only paid ¬£250 for the materials and then paid him to install it, not much but I guess it depends on the size of your garden. He is currently away on ... [ more ]
Thanks Sally, was the guy from protectapet because they have just quoted me nearly ¬£2,000 for materials and installation I've just emailed them to ask for a quote for materials only hoping to find a cheaper way to install it as that's too high a price ... [ more ]

How do I move hibernating frogs from my pond?

Michal in Wimbledon
We have a small pond in our back garden which is prolific in frogs. We put the pond in 7 years ago when we moved in and found frogs in our garden. Now we are moving and renting the house. Due to liability we need to fill in the pond, but I have read ... [ more ]
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Oh dear. Somehow the responses didn't come to my email and I thought no one had responded until I checked today. Thank you all. I am not sure if we are liable or not, but I would hate for anything to happen. The tenants are specific people we know and ... [ more ]

Few pieces to give away

Aisha S
in Southfields
Hi everyone, Trying to have a New Year Clearance! I have a toaster, TV/stereo speakers, vibrating head massager¬†and a metal plate rack to give away Notes: - Toaster is a four slicer, but only two work now, otherwise in good knick - Speakers require ... [ more ]
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Slim dish washer needed!

in Tooting Graveney
I know this is extremely unlikely but is anyone getting rid of a slim dishwasher? Mine's broken and I will be moving in the near future so don't want to buy a brand new one so looking for a second hand one.  Thanks! :)

Missing my dog walks

Maureen W in Southfields
Hi all, wonder if anyone has any ideas for me. I lost my dog last October and not feeling ready for another yet but miss walks and canine company. Looked at the cinnamon trust but nothing local. Looked at borrow my doggie but not heard anything good ... [ more ]
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Maureen W
Hi Sharon, I can't pm you at the moment as it seems I need to verify my address, said it can take up to 10 days . As soon as it comes through will get in contact with you x

Dangerous Mopeds Pappa Johns

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Jane S
I took this photo of a Pappa John's scooter crossing the pedestrian footbridge on Keswick Road SW15 a few months ago.

Free glass & chrome shelving unit

Suzie B
in Tooting Graveney
Free four shelf freestanding glass unit - great for a bathroom.  Height: 103cms Width: 40cms Depth: 30cms Free to collect from Tooting Bec
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Hi Suzie  If it is still available could you PM me with your details.  I can pick up tomorrow late afternoon if that works. Thanks SB

Carpet Cleaner Needed

Wayne D in Earlsfield
Could anyone please recommend a good, reasonably priced carpet cleaner with the necessary professional equipment, to clean carpets in my house? Preferably someone based in SW London.
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New production for Cineworld 4DX

in Balham
Hey, anyone heard of a new project in pipeline for Cineworld 4DX experience featuring London Sewer Tour?    ;D
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Set of three saucepans with lids

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Looking for a Chest of Drawers

Marnie H in Earlsfield
Hi,  Does anybody have a chest of drawers (width under 99cm) ?  Willing to pay and collect. Thanks!
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Hi Chris. I'm on the lookout for a chest of drawers too! If Marnie hasn't taken the wider one, I'd be interested in seeing a photo if still available? Many thanks

Slabs -ūüźį

karen l
in Wandsworth
Does anyone have paving slabs that are no longer need? I am creating a run for my rabbit but need to put slabs down so she does not escape. Thanks

Homeless man sleeping rough outside Bathroom shop on Garratt Lane

Sally H
in Balham
Really sad to see this as I was walking on Garratt Lane. A paramedic was covering him with extra blankets as he didn't want to go to the hospital. The paramedic asked me if I'm passing again to keep an eye on him and if he's shivering to call them but ... [ more ]
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Elaine F
Try not to turn this event into judgements about actions taken or not taken .... this thread, in a new year, has been heartening to read. All involved in trying to help this person, did the best that they considered they could do, and were able to ... [ more ]

Deadline fast approaching for primary school applications

Wandsworth Council
in Roehampton
Parents who want their children to start attending a Wandsworth primary school in September this year must make sure they submit their applications by this month‚Äôs deadline. Applications must be submitted by Sunday, January 15. This date applies to ... [ more ]

Family wanted to share our lovely nanny

Veronica B
in Earlsfield
Morning! We have a lovely nanny, three days a week, that we'd like to share with another family. We live near Tooting overground station and have two little girls - one is three, and goes to Links nursery every day from 8.30am to 3.30pm and the other ... [ more ]

Frank Corbyn

Neil C
in Balham
I had an enquiry on my website by this guy Frank Corbyn ..I'm on a few Streetlife sites for My electrical skills ... Anyone seen this guy post at all ? Please¬†. He left a wrong number on my website. Wanted to try to try to contact him¬† ManyThanks¬† ... [ more ]