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Glove up gym

Recommendations in Sands End

Oliver B
I had a class at glove up today, at the back of Wandsworth high street. A really nice place that offers lots of different classes like boxing, Muay thai, self defence, general fitness. I found it to be very friendly! Check it out, local small businesses ... [ more ]

Recycling Plastic

Local Conversations in Tooting Graveney

caroline w
Can anyone clarify, for me, exactly what plastics are recyclable and should be put in the recycling bags? And can someone tell me why plastics that can't be recycled can't be turned into something else?
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Ruth B
Good to know about Lush, and Scrapstore. A while ago I took a bunch of stuff to the dump, including some plastic bags, which I was told had to go in the landfill bit as they couldn't be recycled, so I do hope something actually happens with the ones ... [ more ]
Ania O
For those of you concerned about plastic, there is some good news......a bloke in Japan has invented a way of converting plastic back into oil! This technology is ... [ more ]

Wheatsheaf pub to reopen

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Sadiq Khan MP
Good afternoon Streetlifers, I know many of you will have been concerned to see the doors of The Wheatsheaf pub, Tooting Bec, close yesterday, with no news of when it would be reopening. Antic, the tenants, saw their lease come to an end at the end of ... [ more ]
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Tennis coach

Recommendations in Furzedown

Cherryl S
I'm looking for one to one tuition ( for a beginner) once a week local to tooting/wandsworth common. Thank you
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Amy R
Hi Cherryl Hope you're well. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. My hourly rate would be £20 per hour plus court fee. Tuesday or Friday would be ideal but I understand you may have work commitments. All the best Amy
Matt B
Hi Cherryl, If you live in Earlsfield you should try Spencer Club on Fieldview Non members can get coaching at £30/ hr inc of a £5 court fee Feel free to pm me and I'll put you in touch with a suitable coach

Locked out!

Recommendations in Furzedown

Hello There- I've just locked myself out my flat! Is anyone a locksmith or know a good one which isn't too expensive? Local to the Balham area Many thanks
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Rachel B
Call Saxon Security Locksmiths at Amen Corner on 0208 767 6281 and I'm sure hey will be able to help you! They are a family run business and are always really helpful and friendly. I have used them several times and highly recommend them. If you speak to ... [ more ]

Oven repair

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Hi everyone, my Bosh fan oven (about 10 years old) stopped working last night, so looking for a reccomandation for a repair. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance! Valeria
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Michael K
Hi, Yvonne W and James, there might be a slight confusion there. Thank you Yvonne W for your nice words but the link you gave was for my Electrical side of the company. The one you are after is https:// for ... [ more ]

HD Video Camera Repairs

Recommendations in Summerstown

Matt D
Has anyone got any recommendations for a repair of my HD video camera? Local it not so local, would rather go with a recommendation than just a search engine! The lense is the bit that needs repair, if that helps! Many thanks!

book keeper, paye etc

Recommendations in West Hill

Matthew S
Hi everyone We are looking for a local person that could look at our business financial and tax records and give recommendations as we grow.   We are based close to Wandsworth Common, Any recommendations appreciated. Thank you Matthew
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Mark H
I use Jenny Gosney of Humm Accountancy. She is a Streetlife member and lives and works locally, 07789 851 348. Mark

Laptop / macbook

Give, Lend & Borrow in Southfields

Has anyone got a laptop or MacBook they no longer need. I would be interested in buying one for a few months for her internship
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MUCH better than Jigsaw try the Apple Store online - refurbished & clearance Macs, iPads, iPods etc. - refurbished models are often simply excess stock or machines that didn't get through initial ... [ more ]

Sand floor boards

Recommendations in Tooting Graveney

Ann A
I would like to find a tradesman who specialises in sanding original floor boards. I have no idea of the condition of mine and would appreciate some Streetlife recommendations.  Thank you
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Carpenter / Handyman

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Julie H
I have some leftover bamboo worktop from my new kitchen.  Does anyone know a carpenter or handyman who could make me some chopping boards or something, rather than just dumping the wood? Thanks
Shar G
I know a really good handyman can do everything ie tiling fitting kitchens etc. contact Richie 07462 887 727.
james d
Contact Darren Murray 07971 093 787 who has been doing just what you want as Christmas prezzies for a large group of friends and family, v imaginative and good. Regards James d

IT help

Recommendations in Wandsworth

To those Streetlifers looking for IT help like backing data, streamlining the working, adding hardware, re-installing the operating system and tackling hard and software problems etc; I would like to recommend Bashar who is an engineer recently ... [ more ]
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Bashar told me that he has been contacted by some Streetlifers. I must say that I am glad to help and hope that I can read the positive feedback from those who have approached Bashar for assistance.

Painter wanted

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Laura F
Hi there, We are looking for a painter to paint the front of our house and need him to start soon. We are in Wandsworth/Earslfield area. Recommendations gratefully received. Thanks
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Toby C
Hi Keith Thanks for the words of advice and wise at that. I do honestly believe I'm trying my beat to so what's right here and also within my capacity. I absolutely take reaponsabity for what happened and am very sorry to have caused Carole so much ... [ more ]
Carole R now in Wandsworth
Keith; Thank you! Good to see some rational supportive behaviour.  Toby worked for me for two days, which @ £140 = £280 (I assume he is counting the time he came to clear up in 'about £350'? I was always in conversation with him to try and resolve ... [ more ]

Goldfish to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Would anyone like some goldfish for an your outsite pond as my goldfish have multiplied. These goldfish can grow up to 200mm so not for a goldfish bowl.
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the bees knees
Sue I too think it  is better to move the fish in warmer weather - could you keep a couple or three for me please?  Do they prefer company? I have never kept fish before, just ponds.
Sue B
I'm happy to give some of my pond gold fish to people who have asked. Not until the weather is warmer though. I can only assume they like a bit of company as they seem to be reproducing at a rate of knots! They've gone from about 20 to about 120 in 3 ... [ more ]

Update on last night's AFC Wimbledon meeting

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Sadiq Khan MP
I just wanted to give you a quick update on last night’s important public meeting on AFC Wimbledon’s proposals to return to Plough Lane. I am pleased to report that despite the cold weather, more than 200 local residents attended the meeting at ... [ more ]
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Agreed - there has been a campaign for years about running a bus from, say, Tooting Bec up Trinity Road and over Wandsworth Bridge into Fulham. It's one of those places that is very near but seems to take ages to get to!
Jenn A
I can understand the concern about traffic but it will be limited to home games on a saturday afternoon or tuesday evening. It is not a constant addition to the traffic flow and certainly not during every rush hour. I can also understand the concern ... [ more ]

double buggy

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

Elizabeth G
Anyone have a double buggy they no longer use? it would help a mother I know with a new baby & toddler who has fallen on hard times
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Elizabeth G
That would be brilliant thank you. I can arrange to pick up for her as she is a bit stuck living on 17th floor flat in Wandsworth town
Inma G
Hi Elizabeth would you like to pick it up this weekend? Let me know what day/time would suit. I will send you a pm with my mob number

Burntwood school looking for judges for student business competition

Local Conversations in Mitcham

Lucy S
Hi there - Burntwood school, where i've recently been doing my school placement as part of teacher training, is running the LionHeart challenge for its students.  this is a nationwide business competition for school students to present their business ... [ more ]
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David S
Hello Lucy I'd be interested in helping with this. I was MD of a leading market research company for 14 years and now carry out such projects on a freelance basis. I'll PM you with my contact details. Dave
Lucy S
Thank you all for yr help - judges all booked for both days,so please stand down - but I certainly intend to keep yr contact details for next year.

Looking for damp proof specialist

Recommendations in Fulham

Have dampness problems in my bedroom in the basement, see picture below. Also causing fuse to trip when I plug things into the sockets. Think it is rising damp, any recommendations who could take a look and sort it out ? Thanks, Pete
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07802 825530 Eric Farrell law preservations . They specialise in basement damp proofing We used them and they are excellent
Mary D
I've used EDT and they were great - sorted a problem that others couldn't - see details here:

Hairdresser Recommendation

Recommendations in West Hill

Sandra E
Hi there, I need my hair cut badly.  Could anyone recommend a hairdresser who is good at giving you a new style that really suits your face shape and lifestyle. Thanks. Sandra
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Claire G
Very reasonably priced and excellent cut at the Hairdressing Station in Earlsfield.  I'm one of those people who can never describe how I want my hair cut but the lady I have (whose name I can't remember unfortunately - she has blonde hair!) always gets ... [ more ]
Sandra E
Dear All Thanks for taking the time to give me your recommendations.  It has made the process of finding a new hairdresser so much less daunting. Have a good weekend. Sandra

Event at the Indigo Tree, Streatham

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Tracey R
Bronwen (a long-time Streetlife member & contributor) is at the Indigo Tree today till 4pm for anyone who'd like to pop in and test and play with magic makeup :) Her Arbonne products are truly lovely, and the Indigo Tree is a hidden gem of a gift ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Upper Tooting

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Hi Nirmalee If you scroll down the posts, you'll find a fairly recent one from Rosie about a painter and decorator, with a few more names there.

Are you tired of waking up to a weak shower every morning?

Classifieds in The Hamilton Group

The Hamilton Group
Do you suffer from...low water pressure? Well, you’re not the only one. We're finding it’s becoming an increasingly common problem throughout South West London (where we do the bulk of our work), and we get calls weekly from customers asking us to ... [ more ]
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Karen C
Hamilton Group have now fitted a small in-line pump to the shower feeder pipe and it seems to have solved the problem completely.  There is now a strong, reliable flow of water to the electric shower on the second floor, even when taps are being used ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Upper Tooting

Jan S
hello, anyone know where Paul has gone ? He is the best hairdresser I have ever found and has left Broadway Hairport and they can't tell me where he has gone ?
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Jan S
Yes , I think it was the owner, you could sense the tension in the staff at times. He was much too good to be there, hopefully the other good staff get away soon .

Photographic Studio to hire in SW London

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Hayden Murtagh Photography
Hi all I am looking to hire out a Photographic studio in SW London on a regular basis. Can anyone recommend any that are reasonably priced. I only need enough space for about 2 or so people (4 x 3m) - not an entire ITV production studio. Or if anyone ... [ more ]
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There's also a studio on Brixton Hill, bedside the old petrol station, opposite Tudor Close, I think they hire out their space but have never been in so no idea of what's available.


Recommendations in Earlsfield

Yvonne W
I am suspecting that my 25 year old daughter may be Dyslexic.  I have looked on line for a test and can only find one for £450, which seems a little steep!  Can anyone offer any advice please? There are FREE do it yourself tests on-line but we need an ... [ more ]
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Julian G
Hi Yvonne - no problem and hopefully you will get something positive come back. Good luck to you and your daughter.