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Cricket helmet

Still looking for a table/bench builder!

Dave M in Streatham Park
Hi all I'm still looking for a local carpenter/handyperson to build 4 or 5 benches with seats around a metre long each asap. Anyone able to do this and to provide a quote? Please DM me. Have got a couple of leads, but they won't be able to build ... [ more ]
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David English at English Woodwork However, as he is very good and his work is in high demand, I suspect that he might not be able to carry out this commission for you quickly. Although you can but ask!

Japanese knotweed

James D in Southfields
We've received a letter from KFH saying Japanese knotweed has been found at the front and rear of 392 Merton Road - to us it actually looks more prevalent at 394. Anyway, just wanted to flag this to those living nearby. If you have not also received ... [ more ]
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James D
Thanks, Nikki. KFH seemed to be taking it seriously and were in the process of sorting a specialist to handle it.

Old Visaphone set of french language lessons including 33RPM records

Sylvia in Upper Tooting
Picture word sounds method of learning language "without Tears" in perfect order everything included. In a tan case. Anybody want? From 1961

Tutor for Wandsworth area

Simon S in West Hill
I am looking for a Tutor for my son, he is 9 years old, and needs tutoring on entry exams for Emmanuel and Whitgift Schools. Times/days I am looking for would be, between 5pm and 6pm or 4pm and 5pm, on either a Monday night or a Thursday night.  We ... [ more ]
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Angela J
Dear Simon, I have just seen your note.  I live in Earlsfield and I'm a qualified English Secondary School teacher and ex Head of English.  I now tutor.  I have over 25 years' teaching experience and I'm CRB checked.  I'm available over the summer ... [ more ]
Charlotte D
Hi, you may not need help with Verbal and Non-Verbal for those schools - I can't remember- but I'm doing holiday courses in just that (not Maths/English). And weekly sessions for Y5 starting in January. Do get in touch if you ... [ more ]

Fridge freezer not working

Joanie p in Sands End
My built in fridge freezer has stopped working. Does anyone know of a qualified person to look at it and either fix it or tell me if I need to replace it? Thanks
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Joanie p
Hi Erica - thanks for the tip. It has completely defrosted now and still not working so I don't think it was due to frost build up. Caro, thanks for the info

SHARLETTE: Brixton’s soul-deep supernova, live at Bodean's Balham on Thursday evening — free!

Mat S in Streatham
Thursday night is music night! Get your buns over here cos it's the house-rockin', jelly-rollin', juke-jointin', honky-tonkin', hound-doggin', tail-draggin', slow-smokin', butt-rubbin', broom-dustin', midnight-moanin', rumblin', tumblin', ... [ more ]

Computer engineer / technician recommendations

Suki G in West Hill
Can anyone recommend someone who is reasonably priced that could help my student daughter with a problem with her Dell Inspiron laptop (3 years old). The Wi-Fi adaptor is not working. We have tried re-installing and using an external dongle but we ... [ more ]
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Suki G
Thank you all very much for you responses and offers of help! I decided to take Yusuf up on his offer to pop the laptop into his shop in Earlsfield and I delighted to say that 3 hours later he had fixed the problem. My daughter is really pleased to ... [ more ]

Air conditioning

Elizabeth R in Earlsfield
Hi. My church is absolutely sweltering hot and wasn't built with enough windows. We are seriously considering putting in air conditioning and concerned about the  possible cost. Can anyone recommend an efficient and lower-end-of-the-cost company that ... [ more ]
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Be aware that ACs use colossal amounts of energy. Your electricity meter will be spinning faster than the wheels on an F1 car when it is on. Simple fans may get you by. The air temperature will not be cooler, but there is a pleasant relief effect ... [ more ]

Let's at home grooming alert

Diane M in Summerstown
I was at the sw17 Pets at home at 3:45 today. If you have or know if a Westie that was being groomed there I need to tell you that they were holding the dig by his lip fur while the cut his hair on his face I have my westies groomed at my house ... [ more ]
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Call to self-employed homeworkers

Angela Bunt in Streatham Park
I'm an interior designer working from home in Balham. Sometimes I go stir crazy spending a lot of time working alone and could do with bouncing an idea(s) off others - I'm sure that resonates with some of you?  I would really enjoy meeting with other ... [ more ]
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Garden table & associated flower pots

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Classroom carpet needed!

CarolineJ in Furzedown
Hello, I'm a primary school teacher and am moving to a new school in September. I'm moving to year 3 and will have a big classroom with plenty of room for a carpet area for teaching on but no budget to spend :-( Are there any teachers on here ... [ more ]
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Thanks to both of you for replying. I actually need a school rug which has separate spaces that the children can recognise as their spot to sit on. I will carry on my search!

Corgi leak sealer (two of) 500ml - free

Dmitriy in Balham
Corgi leak sealer 2x500ml for central heating. Must not be mixed with any old different brand sealers. New fill only.
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Running club on Tooting Bec common

Heavy T in Balham
Hi, Does anyone know of running clubs operating on Tooting Bec Common? Or does anyone fancy getting together for a weekly run on the Common? Ideally looking for people at around the same standard as me. My average time for 5k is about 30mins, but ... [ more ]
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Jill C
Does Park Run still happen first thing on Saturday mornings? I bet you could meet people there who were at a similar level and maybe run together at other times.
Richard S if you are into competitive running or Park Run just for fun

Freehold acquisition

Jill D in Putney
I live in a building divided into 3 flats. The flats are all owned leasehold, with the Borough of Wandsworth as the freeholders. The 3 of us owners are considering trying to acquire the freehold which we would then share. the process for doing this ... [ more ]
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Jill D
Thanks Jay Bee and Susie for your helpful comments. Not what I really wanted to hear but forewarned is forearmed!
Grannie Annie
I also live in a house conversion in Battersea to 3 flats.   so far so good, we manage to come to an agreement about each situation that comes up, including redecorating outside, communal area inside, new communal carpets etc. etc.  yes, sometimes ... [ more ]

I need help 19th,20th and 21st July.

Gwen E in Earlsfield
I'm throwing a party for people who were at art school with me In the1950s. We are (of course) very old. I have recently been ill and am now rather weak but this party must go on - it has taken months to get everyone to agree on a date (although some ... [ more ]
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Cat embroidery projects for free

Tracey R in Upper Tooting
I have 2 unfinished embroidery projects that someone might enjoy taking. Pictured - started a wall hanging of Yoga Cats - cats in yoga poses; roughly 5 ft high And a small square cushion cover with mice & cat images drawn on but not yet started. ... [ more ]
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Plasterer for small repair

James D in Southfields
Can anyone recommend a plaster for a what I hope will be a very small job: some water damage during the heavy rain a couple of weeks back has led to some ceiling plaster cracking and a hole forming - we're looking to get this repaired before ... [ more ]
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12 issues of Mollie Makes magazine

James D in Southfields
Available for free collection on Merton Road. They've been read and the occasional page has been removed but in good condition and in need of a new home/reader.
Anna L
Hi James, I would be interested and could collect the magazines from Merton Road, at a time convenient for you. Anna

washing machine repairs

Michael K Local company since 1992. Domestic appliances repairs and qualified electricians. Michael : 07956377894

Has anyone got a spare scaffolding pipe?

Dmitriy in Balham
I need (on a permanent basis) length of about 1.5m or I can cut it to size if it is over. Has anyone got one of those that they don't need? Thanks.
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DIY hedge

Jenny S in Wandsworth
I have more hazel seedlings to give away. Now about six inches tall, they will make a nice native deciduous hedge in about three years time. Come ad dig them up! Also some rosemary sprigs for roast lamb or a hair rinse. I am in south Battersea.
Rachel F
Very interested, also in South Battersea. POpping out now and may go to Lambeth Country fair but if you still have them my husband may be able to pick up today or tomorrow? Not sure if I should leave my number here or is there a way to private ... [ more ]

Missing cat in Earlsfield

Sylvia B in Earlsfield
Hi, Luna has gone missing from her home in Waldron Road, Earlsfield. Please can you check gardens and sheds for her.  She is quite a nervous cat and it is very unlike her to stay away from home for very long.  She is a fluffy, black cat with a small ... [ more ]
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Sylvia B
No, we still haven't found her. We are just hoping that she has been taken in by someone and she is being looked after!

Vintage baby pillow slips, material to give away

Tracey R in Upper Tooting
If anyone wants 2 small baby pillow slips (one is 12x17 inches, the other 11x15.5 inches) and a piece of baby/child-themed material (3x3 foot) please let me know. As per the picture, the material has images of rabbits, pigs & mice. All are ... [ more ]