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Heated airer cover (Dry-Soon)

E-J in Clapham Park
I have a brand new, boxed, unused cover for a 3-tier Dry-Soon heated airer/clothes dryer. Cover speeds up drying process. Sells for £29.99 at Lakeland, but happy to give away for a donation to St George's neonatal ... [ more ]
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Sue B
If you still have it I'd love it. We have the drier, it's great. On holiday until Sunday. Could collect Monday.
If Sue doesnt collect - I have the drier and would be very happy to donate to St Georges and to collect. Louise

Waterproof/inflatable cushion to borrow

emmsar in Wandsworth
I wonder if anyone has a cushion I could borrow, either plastic covered or inflatable to use for tomorrow evening at an event outdoors. The cushion will be returned afterwards. Needs to be light and portable to carry easily to event, perhaps a camper ... [ more ]

Southwest Songbirds - Ladies Community Choir

Polly M in Tooting Graveney
Just a reminder that The Southwest Songbirds - local ladies community choir, that raises thousands for local charities, is restarting rehearsals for their Christmas Concert on 14th September at 7.30pm, St Andrew's Church, Garratt Lane.  Our summer ... [ more ]

New Children's Choir - Junior Songbirds

Polly M in Tooting Graveney
I am starting a children's choir - The Junior Songbirds - as a branch of The Southwest Songbirds, the a ladies community choir. They will cover a wide range or music, including both sacred and secular and will have many opportunities to perform, both in ... [ more ]

Roofer needed

Giuliana B in Battersea
After yesterday rain I am in need of a roofer. If anyone can recommend a good, reasonably priced roofer that they have used in the recent past I'll be grateful.  People in the trade. no offence, but please do not reply, thanks
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F Lauder
Hi Giuliana I can highly recommend Denis of D.E Roofing Services 07932356477 he has done several jobs for myself friends and family members he's a very nice man and reasonably priced. Kind regards Francis

bathroom fan advice

Ruth B in Battersea
Hi there, I'm looking for some advice... I need to upgrade my rather pathetic bathroom fan to help deal with a serious condensation problem in the bathroom, and the area between it and the kitchen. I've had a quote from Envirovent for a 'cyclone' fan, ... [ more ]
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Mark Electrician SW11
Hi Ruth, Mark- electrician. The advice the others gave is good. The options are basically 3. 1. - Timer Fan which basically stays on for a period of time after the light has gone off. 2. - Fan which stays on very low all the time and a boost when the ... [ more ]

St Johns Road, Clapham Junction

Alan P in Furzedown
I see this road is closed again, being dug up. It only seems a few months since the council spent millions on removing kerbs and resurfacing etc. What a waste of tax payers cash and what bad planning!!.

Floor/Wall Tiler needed.

Vivienne J in Parsons Green
Am looking for a good and reasonable tiler, and also an electrician and good all round builder... Am close to East Hill.
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Come and join us at Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Wednesday Rhyme Time

to , (ended)
Southside Scout Centre, 197 Balham High Rd (corner of Elmfield Road) SW12 9BE
Neighbourhood Network SW12 and SW17 in Stockwell
Neighbourhood Wednesday Rhyme Time with  Blueberry Playsongs starts again - bring your under 5's and   enjoy  yourselves Free ( donations welcome)  Refreshments- Everyone welcome .  Neighbourhood Network SW12&17 is a group of local residents who ... [ more ]

Wandle Trust Capital Cleanup: Sunday 13th September: Ravensbury Park

to , (ended)
Ravensbury Park, Merton
The Wandle Trust in Fulham
Wandle Trust Capital Cleanup: Sunday 13th September: Ravensbury Park You're invited to a Wandle Trust Capital Cleanup Sunday 13th September 11am to 3pm Ravensbury Park Meet here! What to expect We are lucky enough to be given a Capital Cleanup ... [ more ]

Boiler Engineer

Helen H in Wandsworth
Does anyone know of a good and not too expensive local tradesperson who can fix my boiler? Many thanks helen
David G
Yes, Roye Chapman - you can look him up in other posts. He's been looking after my boiler since installing my entire heating system, and is very reasonable - also he makes an effort to get to you without delay, tells you exactly what's going on, and ... [ more ]

Lost property on underground

Kate B in Summerstown
My partner had a panic attack on the Northern Line today between London Bridge and Clapham South at about 13.00 - 15.00 and left his Fitness First bag behind in his distress to get off the train. There were several items in the bag including a white ... [ more ]
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Arthur C
I lost my wallet on the tube last year, I reported it lost to TFL but didn't hear anything back until months later when the lost and found office sent a letter to the address on my driving license saying it had been found and I could collect it from ... [ more ]
Libby B
Definitely contact Baker Street and the train depots at the end of each line. I have lost so many thinks on the tube and I know how annoying it is! Remember to take down the reference every person gives you and also try to make a note of who you spoke ... [ more ]

Double bed

Wandsworth Bake Off 2015

Northcote Records, Northcote Road, Battersea
Wandsworth Radio in Summerstown
The Wandsworth Bake Off is back on Saturday 19th September at the Northcote Records venue in Northcote Road, Battersea. The popular event was created and is run jointly by Wandsworth Radio and Wandsworth Oasis the local charity supporting people affected ... [ more ]

Old vinyl records...

TP in Upper Tooting
Does anyone have any old records they might be interested in selling/giving away? We have a 15 year old vinyl enthusiast who is getting in to the music of the 60s 70s & 80s….
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Alun P
Giga I'll have another look tomorrow since I'm going there to drop off a load of DVDs, I'll try cleaning my glasses before I go in!

Small table for sewing machine wanted

Gillian P in Earlsfield
Hi all , my student needs a small table normal height( 30 - 35" from floor to top ) for Use as a sewing machine table . Her rental property table is Not Stable unfortunately . Then I can teach her various sewing techniques to master the sewing machine ... [ more ]
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Gillian P
Hi Maria, thank you for information . Is that Ikea in Croydon please? And chance you can post a pic much appreciated , best Gillian
Hi Gillian, its Croydon Ikea. You can look  at Ikea on line, under Home Office-Table Tops & Legs-Table bar system.  I bought Linnmon/Adils  £14.90, Length 100cm, width 60cm and height 74 cm-including legs all in white. You can buy larger ones but if ... [ more ]

Garden Shed Repair

J SW11 in Southfields
Does anyone have a recommendation for someone to repair the side panel and corner support of a garden shed? Ideally shed would be moved off of existing hard standing and new hard standing put in place. Suspect that shed would probably have to be moved to ... [ more ]

Maths tutor GCSE for 22 year old

Sally H in Earlsfield
Still looking for tutor for my 22 year old son retaking his Maths GCSE in November. Any help on this would be fab!  Thanks so much Sally
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Houseboats by St Mary's church

Jenny S in Wandsworth
I'm writing an article for Battersea Matters about living on the river. I have been to two delightful houseboats on the Chelsea side, but I  haven't managed to make contact with people on the boats on this side. If anyone knows any of them, I'd be ... [ more ]
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Next SkyRide in Wandsworth/Richmond Sunday 30 August 2015 – Start Time 10:00 a.m. – 27 miles “Richmond Park Club Ride”

Romfordbluenose in Earlsfield
NEXT SKY RIDE SCHEDULED FOR WANDSWORTH/RICHMOND Sunday 30 August 2015 – Start Time 10:00 a.m. – 27 miles “Richmond Park Club Ride” Start From: Richmond Park, Roehampton Gate entrance Roehampton Café (grass outside café) SW15 5JS Come and join us as ... [ more ]

Health Rider Total Body Fitness Machine

June B in Clapham Park
Excellent condition, great for a total body workout. Moving so no longer have the space for it. Collection from Wandsworth Common.

Free IKEA Levsvik child's extendable bed - collection only

charles o in Southfields
Hi, free child's bed to be picked up from Southfields. It has been disassembled for transport but comes with instructions... See pics below. First come first served.
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Neighbouring wall problem

Stuart W in Balham
My neighbour has replaced a garden fence with a wall and a new porch extension in line with the wall.  This was all agreed and planning obtained and received.  However, the roof/guttering for the new porch overhangs the wall into our property.  Only by ... [ more ]
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Jimi S
Reading this I'm so pleased I had a word with my neighbour when they were redoing their driveway fence.  She was adding a little border there for plants.  Problem was, the edge of her paving marked the boundary of the property.  The border was taking ... [ more ]

Tooting Bec - no post

J L in Tooting Graveney
For the second day in a row I have had no post which is very unusual.  The times of our deliveries have changed, they used to be around 11-12 daily and now it is very sporadic.  I am desperately waiting for an envelope which was posted first class last ... [ more ]
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Joanne H
So sad to see our traditionally excellent post office/postal services being gradually wrecked by a gradual but nonetheless wickedly effective process of privatisation. I have lived locally for 40 years and apart from an occasional confusion between my ... [ more ]
Jenny B
well my post came late on Saturday 22nd august, my birthday, which is why I noticed.  I live in a block of flats and it just so happened that the post lady rang my buzzer to let her into the block, which I did.  excitedly, I opened the door to her and ... [ more ]

Old pillows and duvets

Peter H in Furzedown
Hi All I have some old pillows and duvets to give away. They are in great condition. Do charity shops take them ? thanks .
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Annette W
I am afraid that The Salvation Army in Wimbledon is only able to take sleeping bags and blankets, not duvets.  We occasionally take them if we have known people asking for them but not routinely as we don't have the storage space.