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Black leather sofa

Do you have any un-wanted Toys...

Teri A in Southfields
Hello, We are looking for anything that can be used by the children at Lunchtime, We would love Doll's and teddy bear's, ball's and games. They can be brought in to Allfarthing school or we could arrange to collect them, anything your children no longer ... [ more ]

Stevie Wonder Ticket 10 July 2016 - Hyde Park

Hayden Murtagh in Earlsfield
Hi all, I am looking for ONE ticket to see Stevie Wonder at Hyde Park on July 10th. Happy to pay, but hopefully not over the odds. If you happened to know of any such ticket going spare please please get in touch. thanks a million ... [ more ]
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When Stevie Wonder played on Clapham Common last year....a whole group of us took drinks and a picnic and sat outside the fence....we could hear perfectly and if you stood back a few feet were able to see the screens over the fence. A great time ... [ more ]
Hayden Murtagh
Hey guys Sitting outside is a great idea, as we have done this with numerous concerts on Clapham common. One time we actually got two free tickets, score! However on this occasion, one friend has not got a ticket, so they would be all alone outside :-(

Aggressive Black Labrador called Bonzo?

Lily in Wandsworth
My chocolate labrador-type dog suffered an unprovoked vicious attack on Wimbledon Common this morning at 9.20 by a black labrador whose female owner wasn't in the slightest concerned. I had to intervene while she ignored the incident. I managed to get ... [ more ]
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Dave W
I would not put to much store in either ,I had the top part of my Ring finger bit badly and had to have more amputated after a Pit bull attack my old staff in King Georges park back in may ,Police took witness statement and WPC came to my home ,I gave ... [ more ]
Jaquie F
A Labradoodle attacked my dog while she was minding her own business and was nowhere near him. It was an unprovoked attack and I contacted the Parks Police who visited the owner. My vet bill was £90 and the man gave me £70 saying he thought I should ... [ more ]

Office chair.

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Shower needs attention

Linda P in Summerstown
Can anyone recommend a plumber to come and look at my shower, which is leaking. Thank you in anticipation. Linda
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Shaun O
Hi Linda, We may come and have a look next Wednesday around midday. Drop me an email with your details. You may check the website for more information

Open Garden Squares Weekend

to (ended)
Sue L in Southfields
This weekend is the annual Open Garden Square Weekend where you have the choice of 220 secret gardens throughout London to visit. We have some good gardens in the South West Region including the Share Community Garden in Tooting, Roehampton University ... [ more ]
Naomi L
The Natural History Museum Wildlife Garden is open for OGS too. In fact it’s open every day at the moment and it’s free. The chalk downland is looking very pretty and the bee orchids might just still be in flower if they don't get rained on again. ... [ more ]

External TV Ariel

Lucinda P-J in West Hill
I have looked on past posts and not sure what I need is there.   Our TV reception is very bad, pixilated and poor on many channels even the big 5.   The houses round me are much taller and I imagine they may be interfering with reception - I have ... [ more ]
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Lucinda P-J: You're welcome. 🙂 You can reach them either by phone or email - per their website support page -

Hazel seedlings (will be trees or bushes)

Jenny S in Wandsworth
There are six more in pots just inside the gate at 110 Chatham Road, getting copiously watered (6.30 Thursday thunderstorm). They are in small pots so should be planted out soon.

Bad TV reception and Freeview signal

Lucinda P-J in West Hill
for anyone following my TV problem of bad signal, the phone number for Freeview is 0345 650 5050 and apparently 4G phone masts are often the cause of interference and if you call a company called At800 on 0808 1313 800 they can find out for you and ... [ more ]

Paint to go...

DaisyDog in Earlsfield
I have a 5 litre can of Ronseal Fence Life One Coat paint in Forest Green.  It was bought in error as wrong colour for my needs. Opened and tested only.

Free Suspension Files A4 size

Marianne I in Wandsworth
I have about 40 vertical Suspension Files looking for a home. Unused as not the right size for my system; these are A4 ! Most are Manilla coloured, some are Blue and they are free. Collection in Battersea/ Wandsworth Common.
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As you now realise, there was a problem with O2 and I was ringing you about 10 times over several hours not realising the problem and thinking you had other commitments and not wanting to turn up to an empty house when you might be on a school run! ... [ more ]
Marianne I
There seem to be various, very annoying, communication problems in the area, including O2 (it would now seem), Vodafone (texting) I know from my own experience (which works when I am in a different area!?), then also Sky broadband (a friend one street ... [ more ]

Japanese Knotweed

Dbra in Upper Tooting
Has anyone had any experience with Japanese Knotweed in their garden and eradicating it? I have got a flat in Balham where the garden backs on to the railway line, where a small section of Japanese Knotweed has been found in a survey.  I have read a lot ... [ more ]
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Clare K
We had this on the railway bank (network rail) behind our properties and Network Rail must deal with it. Get on to them ASAP as per comments above. They move faster when threatened with legal action as a tip!
Thank you all.  The Japanese Knotweed is about 17 metres from my flat the neighbours flat.  I believe that it had been treated by the previous owners but I am in the process of finding that out.  I will contact the rail company as well. 

Tapestry/needlepoint items to give away

Sylvia in Upper Tooting
Pieces of unmarked canvas -c. 20 skeins of mainly green coloured thread by Anchor and a sheet of instructions. Please PM me if you can collect from Tooting Graveney.

Free Top soil - clean 15 kg bags

Charlie in Southfields
There will be 12 bags in the front garden for collection from Friday morning.  12 have already been collected and I am replenishing.

help needed to clear garden pebbles

Jo in Summerstown
I have some old pebbles in my small front garden and need to clear them away in order to put down new ones. Does anyone know who I can get to do this? The stones would need to be taken to a tip and are too heavy for me to carry or transport. Many thanks. ... [ more ]
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Allfarthing Primary School Summer Fair 18th June 12-3pm

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Allfarthing Primary School SW18 2LR
jingo_x in Earlsfield
Dear Neighbours, Please come along and join us at our Summer Fair on Saturday 18th June 12-3pm, kindly sponsored by local estate agents Cound. Join us for a delicious barbecue lunch and stay for a jug of Pimms, strawberries and cream and the cake ... [ more ]

garden fencing

David S in Wandsworth
Hi all, dose anybody know a good garden person to replace two wooden fences and a post
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Hi David, I can highly recommend Mark 07899 778279, he's very hardworking, honest and does a great job, he's done lots of fencing and gardening work for me, friends and family. He lives in Earlsfield so he's local. Thanks Joanne.

Tour de Tooting wheel-themed Film Night!

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Tooting Market 21-23 Tooting High Street, Tooting, SW17 0SN
Richard C in Tooting Graveney
We'll be showing 3 short films about wheels - the Bicimaquinas of Guatemala, Vive Le Tour! and a third secret surprise.... - followed by our feature, Breaking Away from 1976. Guaranteed to get you screaming from your seats during the final race of the ... [ more ]

Air conditioner serviceman recommendation please

Kim N in Summerstown
I have a Galanz wall-mounted air-conditioning unit in my lounge (yes, it needs it in summer), model AUS-12H53R130L4 and it has never been serviced. There is an external unit mounted on a shelf outside and it is leaking when the unit is on, right in front ... [ more ]

Chestnut grove dentist

June C in Balham
I know this subject has come up before but my appointment has now been cancelled for the 8th time - the excuse this time is that the dentist has to go on a course!
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Valerie J
I wonder if they would be so understanding if you had been the one cancelled. I'm fairly sure you would have been charged for wasted appointments!
June C
No probably not = I think you have to give at least 24 hours notice or pay a penalty - I noticed when I passed today that they now appear to be open - my 9th appointment is due next week  - watch this space! 

Does Anyone Own A Cat

caroline w in Tooting Graveney
Does anyone in the Coteford Street/Trinity Crescent area own a young black/ginger cat with a white tail-tip and a pale streak down its nose? It has been hanging around my place for a couple of days.  It looks slim but it may be skinny and lost. If I ... [ more ]
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Lily W
No problem. Shall keep an eye out on the listings. You could add hs details to if the collar brings no news.
caroline w
Last call for any owners...  She (for it is a she....) has had a collar on for five days with my number on it and I have scoured all sites to look for any reported missing cats. On Thursday, she is going to have her bits snipped and subjected to the ... [ more ]

Free - Hydrangea neon pink

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Open Garden Squares Weekend 18th and 19th June 2016

Share Community in Sands End
A reminder that the Share Garden will be open for Open Garden Squares Weekend this weekend. This garden is not normally open to the public so it is a chance to see a little hidden gem in Tooting suburbia, with its Bee Lovely Garden, and herbaceous ... [ more ]

paving for front garden

Bids (Clare B) in Summerstown
I need  to repave my front garden which has steps up to the front door and add a concrete base for a bike shed. Anyone have a good recommendation ?
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Donna P
I can recommend Kenna Plumbing & Heating they have a team of tradesman that carry out all types of work. They are currently doing a lot of work in my property at the moment which will include re-paving my garden. They are extremely good and ... [ more ]
Isabel H
A very reliable, reasonable and local hardscaper is Mike Sheppard from Wood n Stone. 07817 533937 he has done work for me and many neighbours. No complaints.