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It's a little quiet here at the moment!

Don't feel deflated if your neighbourhood hasn't yet collectively wiped out crime, saved your local high street or got together to dredge a lake or plant a forest. To help get things going, why not:
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R.O.M.E.O. Lunch

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"Harvest Moon" Cafe, Capel St. Mary
Peter E in Potash
Capel Men's Group invite all men to join them for their monthly Lunch. Are you retired and looking for a┬ásociable group to spend some time with? You will find a friendly welcome here. Around 25 of us meet each month to share an informal meal and take ... [ more ]

Wanted - boxes for moving

Melanie S in Lattinford Hill
Just wondered if anyone has any moving boxes laying around or know anywhere i could ask? We are moving house soon and need to get hold of some but would rather recycle than buy new ones. Thank you.
Melanie S
I'm only moving within the village so won't be needing a removal company but will need boxes to pack stuff into the van which I will hire.