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What is the truth about climate change?

Waldringfield Village Hall. IP12 4QP
Greener Waldringfield
in Greener Waldringfield
Monday 20th February.      Waldringfield Village Hall.  IP12 4QP      7.30pm Greener Waldringfield has invited Prof John Midwinter FRS to give a talk about the effects of climate change. John has developed a deep understanding and ... [ more ]
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Ian C
To me it is not complex at all, but very simple. It is all very well saying that one eighth of power is wind generated, BUT that is not a CONSTANT eighth. Where does the electricity come from when there is no wind or sun?  As I write, the rest of our ... [ more ]
Jim D
Parts of Spain (e.g. El Hierro in the Canaries) have certainly managed it. It's not actually too hard, it's just a matter of doing it. It's all about storage and we've managed to do that in (for example) Scotland. We also got the tidal power coming ... [ more ]

Tanning voucher

Carrie A in Martlesham
I have a voucher for 30 minute tanning course at Topaz in Ipswich if anyone wants to come and get it. Expires 31/3/17 Worth £17.50

Gas Cooker

Alan G in Martlesham
Hello, can anyone recommend a reliable reasonably priced  gas fitter/plumber  to fit a new gas cooker thanks Alan
Beverley J
We used Tony Fisk - 07710747455, as recommended by Hughes where we recently purchased a new gas cooker. He took our old cooker away.

New Year's Resolution- Join Rushmere Creative Writers

Rushmere Creative Writers
in Rushmere Creative Writers
Hi, we're a friendly group who enjoy writing and we're looking for new members to swell our numbers. Enjoyed writing at school? Always thought you've got a novel inside you that just needs coaxing out? Why not give us a try? We meet on Wednesday ... [ more ]
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Lynn L
Hi Sandie, I'd love to give it a try but I'm about to go away for a few days, could I start on 25th when I'm back?
Pat C
Hi Pauline it's a really friendly group & I'm an OAP also. It's a small group & we give each other helpful feedback on our efforts. Hope to see you

Lost Cat

in Playford
We lost our cat back in November, but have had a possible sighting this week in Brook Lane, Playford.  His name is  Elvis.  Would be grateful if anyone living in that area could keep an eye out.
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Thank You Barbara. Our cat was chipped so it probably  wasn't him. It was really nice of you to let me know.

New 4 week course

Melton Playing Fields
Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group
in Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group
Learn how to walk off those calories in the New Year! Nordic Walking uses 90% of your skeletal muscles and is such a great way to keep fit in your mind and body. Come along and join the Suffolkstriders new classes and learn the technique. Tel: Lesley ... [ more ]
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Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group
Hi Jeannie, sorry I cant find any email from you.  Normally it wouldn't be a problem you coming and trying but the class is getting very full.  Its alway difficult as often people say they are coming and then don't which causes a problem.  If there is ... [ more ]
Jeannie A
Thanks Lesley, I've emailed you again.  I await to hear on Friday if it's possible to come to the first class as a taster and pay £10.  Is the session 11.30 to 12.30?  Thanks

baby \ toddler clothes swap

Glen P in Rushmere Street
I've got a 3yr old girl and just had a Bab boy. Looking for someone who perhaps have already got a boy and recently had a girls so we could do a like for like clothes swap, as I've been told boys can't wear pink !

Christmas Lights - Deben Avenue, Kesgrave

Doug S
in Playford
We were walking the dog after dark and went along Deben Avenue, Kesgrave - what a joy to see all the lights at so many houses - well done.

Kesgrave Computer Club

Brian C
in Great Bealings
Myself, Punna Athwall and Gavin Hamilton are starting up a local Computer Club in Kesgrave. We will be meeting at the Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre on Thursdays 10.30 am to 2.30pm starting 2nd Feb 2017. Sessions are free (£1 for Tea & ... [ more ]
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Stair gate

Sonia J in Melton
Does anyone have a Stair gate that they no longer need, I need it to keep the dog off the stairs, thanks

Thank you- cat collar returned

Sara H
in Great Bealings
Thank you to the kind gentleman who returned our cat collar that had gone missing off our cat two weeks ago. Thank you for your concern regarding the cat. He is fine and now has a replacement collar. I am surprised how far he travels! Titan says thank ... [ more ]

water pressure meter

Glen P in Rushmere Street
Hi, I think the water pressure is too much for my shower. Anyone got a meter I can borrow for 5 min ?
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Glen P
The pressure seems high and might have caused failure in one of the electronic shower components and causing it to leak. Don't want to replace the component until I can rule of the pressure as the same might happen again.
Charlie R
Very, very unlikely the water company would supply at a pressure which could cause showers etc. to fail; they'd be penniless in a week from claims. All a water pressure meter will do is confirm the operating pressure. If you have a leak I would think ... [ more ]