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Woodbridge drama festival

Carrie A in Martlesham
A big thankyou to all those who have organised the festival . Such a lot of hard work and time and money spent ! To date it's been really great! I am VERY disappointed that a town the size of Woodbridge can only muster audiences of about 40! Where is ... [ more ]

Lack of zebra crossings

Eric F in Rushmere Street
Ever tried walking from one cluster of stores to another, or over to Tescos, at Martlesham Heath, at a busy time? As a nation of car-worshippers, we have made no provision for pedestrians. Come on! Just one or two zebra crossings in strategic places ... [ more ]
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Marilyn D
I was thinking about a zebra crossing it's a nightmare at times trying to cross in the Tesco M&s area you have to look 4 ways
John G
Hi Eric, You CAN walk to Tescos at MH by using the cycleway. It starts behind the library and past the farmhouse pub and the old control tower. Lovely walk in good weather and you will never encounter a car just some people on bikes.

Leather Shop

Veronica S in Grundisburgh
I was appalled to see a notice for staff in the window of what was the off licence in The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge.  How was consent given for a new leather shop to open right opposite the long established Leather and Sheepskin Shop? How incredibly ... [ more ]
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Brigid B
Yes Nikki, I guess that's a blessing you are right, we should all continue to support what we have. I remember when I was a child my father had a serious operation in Ipswich Hospital (before the days of Nhs) my Mother came specially to the leather ... [ more ]
Rachel J
I am equally appalled to see this new shop opening up, and almost opposite, of all things, shocking! I will continue to support the original leather and sheepskin shop!

Greetings Cards Display Stand

Carol L in Little Bealings
My husband is soon to be exhibiting at Snape. Does anyone have a greetings cards display stand we could borrow please? Preferably the rotating type you would get in a card shop. Many thanks.
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Carol L
Hi Ian. I could do with getting it 24th May and could bring it back 2nd June. Thanks!
Ian B
Hi Carol, That would be fine! Are you able to leave a £10 fully refundable deposit. Give me a ring at Woodbridge Post Office 01394 382080 Regards Ian


Ann K in Boot Street
Morning don't know if anyone can help me but I have siactia (painful ) not had it before so don't know how to deal with it and am going on holiday next weekend thank you xx
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Veronica S
Hi Ann I have suffered with sciatica on and off since the age of 19 when I fell down the stairs at my aunt's house!  Mine is triggered with cold and/or damp feet and sitting in the wrong chair, i.e. those awful plastic things you get at public events. ... [ more ]

Cat sitter

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Jo G
Muddy Trails and Waggy Tails Phone Jess 07738875110 I highly recommend her, she has even stayed at my home while I've been away for the weekend.

Can you recommend a cleaner please

Richard P in Bromeswell
Hello Am looking for a cleaner for a 2 bedroom house in woodbridge. Should take between one and a one and a half hours. Recommendation greatfully recieved. Thanks.
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Tai Chi, New Class

Melton Burness Parish Rooms. The Street. Melton. IP12 1PW
Suffolk Tai Chi Academy in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
A New Beginners Class will for every Tuesday morning. Starts 17th May 10 am. This class is part of the Suffolk Tai Chi Academy that teaches the Master Moy style.  Further information can be found on our website or phone Lyn ... [ more ]
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Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
Now just under 2 week's till the start on the new class on Tuesday 17th. For those of you who are signed up remember just to wear comfortable clothing and flat footwear. Tea and coffee will be supplied for after.

Woodbridge Bowls Club - Open Morning

Malcolm O in Broom Hill
Woodbridge Bowls Club are having their annual Open Morning this coming Saturday 7th May from 10:00 'til 12:00. If you fancy having a try at bowls, or are already a player, then come along and see what our club has to offer. You will be able to bowl a few ... [ more ]

Garden Tractor Service

wesley in Boot Street
Does anybody know anybody that services garden tractors at your home. The guy I used to use is no longer in business. Thanks

Anybody interested in audio recording ourselves very small group singing in HARMONY

John-and A in Martlesham
Anybody interested in AUDIO RECORDING ourselves as very small group (3-4) singing in HARMONY - John 01 394 383054
John-and A
Thanks - let me know what kind of songs you would choose for this. I am 69 years old and remember the Everly Brothers (Devoted To You etc), Beatles (If I Fell etc) and Simon and Garfunkel. I have recordings of the parts of duets. trios, quartets that ... [ more ]

Giving away an old electrically assisted pushbike small wheels mains charger

John-and A in Martlesham
Anyone near Woodbridge please contact me because I am GIVING AWAY an old electrically assisted pushbike "Powabyke" John 01 394 383054


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Andrew S
Wouldn't disagree with Egyptian Goose, give away signs are the pinky coloured legs, black eye and ring around the neck. Although not native there are a few resident in East Anglia, around the London and South East area and into the East Midlands.
Raymond B
Thanks, Yes it looks like an Egyptian Goose. Thia was one of a pair on the Meare at Thorpeness. I looked at every duck picture I could find on the web and nothing matched as its a goose!

Handyman wanted

Sue V in Beacon Hill
I am looking for a handyman who can do some "jobs" around the house for me. Can anyone recommend one for me.
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Marti L
Thanks. Ken B must be good as several others have suggested him to me. But thank you for adding to recommendations as it really inspires confidence.

Spectrum jazz quartet

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The Farmhouse
Sara H in Great Bealings
Spectrum jazz quartet are gigging next Saturday at the farmhouse, kicking off at 9pm. The quartet is made up of all local musicians. If you love jazz come along.
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Washing Machine Repair

Brigid B in Martlesham
Can anyone recommend somebody reliable and not too expensive to fix my AEG washing machine. It no longer heats the water
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Wanted - 8x6 sized shed

Gregory G in Bromeswell
8x6 sized shed wanted, in good condition and local to Woodbridge, to use as a childs play house. Thank you. Greg