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Teresa in Playford
I know this is a bit un-pc, and sorry if i offend anybody, but does anyone know if there are Gypsies around the area. I have spotted the same white van coming out of 3 different tracks in Little Bealings and Hall Road today. The first time i saw it they ... [ more ]
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Hi Brigid, We have today been told by police that we are not allowed to block the track with our car because it is a fire exit for the farm buildings. (The buildings are empty and falling down but i suppose they could still catch fire) So I also am ... [ more ]
Brigid B
What a world we live in! Make sure you stay alert, secure anything that is movable. Not a lot more one can do. Good luck.

Free - caulking gun and silicone

John-and A in Martlesham
Free to a good home - Brand new - bought in error Roughneck 280mm 11" Skelton Caulking Gun plus Bostik Evostik Multi purpose Silicone cartridge Brown that fits the gun

Escaped Dog

Pam T in Boot Street
My elderly neighbour who lives at High Purvy, Martlesham Road, re-homed Melony a grey brindle whippet aged 8. She came home on Sunday, but has escaped by opening a downstairs window, overnight last night - Tuesday. Please contact me by text to 07880 ... [ more ]
Hi, has this dog been found yet...if not could you put it on DogLost group and they're really helpful JeanettešŸ¾

new boiler recomendation and local installers

ks in Beacon Hill
My boiler has packed up, insurance cant repair as beyond eco repair (its a 12 yr old keston c25) any recommendations of good efficency boilers and installers who can do all job (intall + electric) i have a tank on 1st floor that stores water in the ... [ more ]
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Alan H
Try my sons firm they are very efficient with over 40 years experience with fantastic feedback. Ring Southgate and Cullam on 07595793197 and mention my name and get a good deal.
update on this my boiler insurer replaced the burner and a rubber pipe which just sits over boiler, it is running again i have some time now to get quotes and get the work done.

Bring and Buy Cake and Coffee morning

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12 Fynn Road, Woodbridge IP12 4LS
Sue V in Beacon Hill
We are holding a "Bring and buy cake and coffee morning " in aid of dementia research. Please come along and support this very worthy cause. See you on Saturday


Mat S
Hi Shona I used a chap from Woodbridge round the corner from me who re plastered the whole kitchen called Danny 07766 098622.Ā  Very Good and reasonable. Will be having him back for other ceilings. Mat

Loud bangs

bunnykins in Great Bealings
Did anyone in the Kesgrave area hear 4 very loud bangs on Friday evening about midnight? Sounded more like shotguns rather than fireworks. It was suggested to me that it could have been lightning as this can cause loud crack sounds.
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Rita K
Didn't hear it but friends were talking about it and they too said it sounded like fireworks.
Chrissie C
Think the bangs came from a party along the main road at kesgrave. They tend to let them off quite reguarly and don't seem to care what time of night it is or that there are children asleep or animals that get frightened.

jam jars

Lost glasses

Wendy M in Great Bealings
Hi, If anyone comes across a dark red glasses case somewhere along Theatre Street/ Burkitt Road could you please let me know? Many thanks Wendy
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Wendy M
Thanks so much. I'll go and look. I did walk along there a couple of times and left a note in the Police Station but didn't look in the gardens. Wendy
Wendy M
I've got them!! Can't tell you how relieved I am and it looks like the they survived being run over. Please pass on my huge thanks to your friend. Wendy

Childrens mental health

Mrs B in Woodbridge
Im really battling to get my child (12) to get some mental health support, i just keep getting passed around .. please please can someone that has experienced 'the joys' offer me some wise words/advice
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Lisa F
Oh Marti,Ā  I am sure your advice is correct too! there are so many different agencies and routes and my comments were only suggestions. I think we all sympathize with Mrs B and want to help please don't bow out because of what I wrote im sure you have ... [ more ]
Mrs B - please call the Just42 office on 01394 380992, we might be able to offer some support and help, ask for Caroline.

The fly past for the Queen's 90th celebration

Brigid B in Martlesham
Recently somebody posted the flying timetable of this flight that forms up over Southwold. I want to get out to watch it go over. Can anyone say when it is happening & also recommend a good spot around Woodbridge area to watch?
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Classical Guitar teacher wanted

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Kate N
Mike Hynes in Woodbridge is an excellent guitar teacher for all ages and styles. He has many years experience and has taught several people I know, with good results . His mobile is 07823 331435.
Richard P
I am the pupil. Can read some music. Was self taught but want proper instruction in technique as I haven't played for a long time. I'm in my fortys. Please let me know fees.

Roofer needed

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Mark at MJS roofing, really reliable and will give you a no obligation quote. Ā Fantastic work :) 07783 773345 Ā  or 01473 720 377 here is his index page

Wet room

Meg P in Beacon Hill
I'm looking to replace en suites with wet rooms. Any recommendations for local plumber/company please.
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Bring and Buy Cake and Coffee morning

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12,Fynn Road, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 4LS
Sue V in Beacon Hill
My mum died in November 2013 from vascular dementia. my family and I have held a bring and but cake and coffee morning for the last two is year three. Last year we raised Ā£400 for dementia research please come along, bring a cake, ... [ more ]

Woodbridge drama festival

Carrie A in Martlesham
A big thankyou to all those who have organised the festival . Such a lot of hard work and time and money spent ! To date it's been really great! I am VERY disappointed that a town the size of Woodbridge can only muster audiences of about 40! Where is ... [ more ]
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Roy A
I would like to add my comments to what I thought was an extremely excellent event. We are new to Woodbridge and ashamed to say that we missed the various promotions (perhaps it was that we were otherwise engaged). However we did see on street life ... [ more ]

Cassette Player.

Michael L in Playford
Hi, I am looking for a small cassette player that works. This is to use on stage in a play. Must be small as I have to take in out of a suitcase. Thanks, Michael.

Lack of zebra crossings

Eric F in Rushmere Street
Ever tried walking from one cluster of stores to another, or over to Tescos, at Martlesham Heath, at a busy time? As a nation of car-worshippers, we have made no provision for pedestrians. Come on! Just one or two zebra crossings in strategic places ... [ more ]
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Marilyn D
I was thinking about a zebra crossing it's a nightmare at times trying to cross in the Tesco M&s area you have to look 4 ways
John G
Hi Eric, You CAN walk to Tescos at MH by using the cycleway. It starts behind the library and past the farmhouse pub and the old control tower. Lovely walk in good weather and you will never encounter a car just some people on bikes.