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Velux roof window

Recommendations in Beacon Hill

MAY 04
Sue V
Can anyone recommend a company/person that could help me repair the Blind in a velux roof window. Thank you in anticipation.


Recommendations in Burgh

Shona H
Can anyone recommend a reliable handyman who could do things like mend a fence or lay a couple of paving slabs for a reasonable price? Would be very grateful to hear of anyone.
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Cass D
I can absolutely recommend Ray Cooke from Boyton. He's excellent at all sorts of jobs and has very reasonable rates. I'm sure he'd be happy to give you a quote. He has laid concrete down, removed fencing, put up new posts, always very efficiently and ... [ more ]

Drawer knobs spindles need shortening...

Recommendations in Little Bealings

Carol L
Hello. I have some ceramic drawer knobs I bought for my upcycled sideboard. Annoyingly, the spindles are too long and stick out too much once in place. The instructions say to cut away the unwanted part using a small hacksaw and smooth off with a metal ... [ more ]
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Car Tyre Pressures

Recommendations in Great Bealings

Sue C
Where is the best garage Kesgrave/Martlesham areas - to check tyres ? I have lost confidence in some garages in the area for accurate readings. Thanks.
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I don't trust the gauges on the inflators and have a metal one too that reads different and I believe more reliably from the way the car handles

Afternoon Tea at Seckford Hall

Classifieds in Beacon Hill

Seckford Hall Hotel
Come and enjoy one of our special Afternoon Teas in our colourful gardens in the amazing sunshine or newly refurbished beautiful Garden Room looking out on our beautiful gardens if the weather’s not so hot. Mention “STREETLIFE DAFFODILS" when making the ... [ more ]
Seckford Hall Hotel
To all our local friends and neighbours, We'd love to welcome you to enjoy our newly refurbished Seckford Hall.  How about a spot of lunch in our garden? Latest additions to our menu are: fresh asparagus, dried ham and Hollandaise or simply Heritage ... [ more ]

Woodbridge Litter picking

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

Charlie Z
Following on from a post on here previously, Transition Woodbridge are organising a day of litter picking to publicise Earth Day on 22nd April. We will be meeting at: 9.15am outside Kyson School main entrance, 2.30pm outside ... [ more ]
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Carol and David
Hi, Keith, so glad you enjoyed helping with the litter picking. I thought Houchells Meadow, nearby open space and the surrounding pathways looked really good after our effort. Didn't see you to thank you when we'd done, but thank you and everyone else ... [ more ]

Matthew Percy

Local Conversations in Great Bealings

APR 22
How very very sad to hear of the passing of such a young man. I didn't know Matthew personally but he was a regular friendly and helpful contributor to Streetlife and a valued member of the Kesgrave Town Council. I pray his family and friends receive ... [ more ]
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Stephanie F
Matthew was a kind and caring young man and a bright light has now been extinguished. He was about to serve on Kesgrave Town Council for the first time. And he had been re-elected as a Martlesham Parish Councillor as well.such a tragic waste of a ... [ more ]

creaky floors

Recommendations in Rushmere Street

Eric F
Can anybody recommend a creaky floor fixer? It's a curse of new-build and is owing to cheapskate building companies using nails instead of screws on the planking.
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Ian T
There are lots of reasons for creaky floorboatds. Some are very easy to rectify others less so! If you decide to go down the drill and screw route then take the board up first to check for cables and pipes.If you don't fancy that then as and when you ... [ more ]
Eric F
Re the creaky floor: Thank you everybody for your helpful comments. I'm thinking of going with the butter solution. But salted or unsalted, or simply the BEST? Seriously, I think I've found the right person for the job - I shall let you know how things ... [ more ]

lawn mower repair/service wanted

Recommendations in Beacon Hill

Jerry S
Where can we get our lawnmower serviced quickly? everywhere we have contacted are saying 4-6 weeks, grass will be a foot high by then!. We know it's the start of the season and yes we should have thought about this earlier but here we are so anyone got ... [ more ]

Moving to Kesgrave

Recommendations in Martlesham

I'll be moving to Kesgrave near the Bell Pub and wondered whether anyone could recommend any nice local takeaways, shops, restaurants, open spaces etc. which are in that area. I currently live in Woodbridge so I pass through Kesgrave, but don't know it ... [ more ]
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Last time we went to the Farmhouse, we waited 30 minutes for our meal while people who came in after us got served before us.  When my husband went to see how much longer we would have to wait, we were told another 30 minutes.  We called the manager ... [ more ]

Woodbridge Spring Treewatch

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

APR 11
to , (ended)
Meet at the Cherry Tree pub Car Park
Charlie Z
Transition Woodbridge are really lucky to have two local tree experts give us a tour of special trees in Woodbridge. Martin Minta and Steve Coghill, both local arboriculturalists, will be taking us around Woodbrdige on a 1-2 hour walk for a look at our ... [ more ]

Compost/Manure needed

Give, Lend & Borrow in Playford

Doug S
I'm looking for a large quantity of compost - the Council no longer sells it in bulk.  A load of well rotted manure would be just as good - any ideas please?
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Peter W
Be very, very careful when buying compost from the council, or indeed anywhere else. The 'Sunday Times' called it 'a perfect starter kit for Japanese Knotweed'. Just a cm or two of the root can grow to literally destroy the value of your house.
Carol R
Do you have a trailer as i have loads of well rotted horse manure, straight from the field so no straw, i sell it and give the money to a dog charity.

Hasketon Women's Institute - Talk by First Responders

Clubs & Groups in Grundisburgh

Veronica S
Hasketon WI are meeting on Thursday 19th March at 7.15 p.m. in the Victory Hall (opposite Hasketon Church).  We are having a talk by First Responders and would love to see any guests or prospective members.  We'll just ask you for £3 and that includes ... [ more ]

Wonderful singing concert for Water Aid 28th March

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

John-and A
The wonderful Woodbridge-based OK Chorale have their annual spring concert in Woodbridge on 28th March It would be lovely if you could pop along to support us (and the charity WaterAid). Full details below. Tell all your friends! THE OK CHORALE ... ... [ more ]

New Store - Martlesham Heath Retail Park

Local Conversations in Martlesham

Does anybody know what the old Seapets shop is being turned into? I've heard rumours of Aldi, Poundland and others? If you've got a news article about this, could you send it my way? Thanks,
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Carrie H
I agree, Marie. We occasionally walk through the retail area and the pavement/bike lanes come to an end at the vehicle entrances so to enter the sites you have to walk down those. Some do have pedestrian entrances, eg Next, but not all.
Ian W
There application actually claimed there was good pedestrian/cycle access both to the site and between the stores. The actual lack of it was one of the key challenges. What I found intresting was how they used the national transport plan to encourage ... [ more ]

Live Music!

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

MAR 20
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The Angel, Theatre St, Woodbridge
Charlie Z
Hello all! Transition Woodbridge are hosting a free gig, with wonderful local bands, to celebrate the Spring Equinox on Friday 20th March! Come & enjoy the music with us & find out about projects we are running in our local community, including ... [ more ]

Request to find two young ladies to appear in 'Sand Castles' a beside the seaside comedy

Clubs & Groups in Playford

Michael L
WANTED  Pretty Girls Are there two who are willing to step up? For Grundisburgh's Spring Play  'Sand Castles' 11th - 12 th - 13 th June in the Village Hall. GADS are beside the seaside, so if you have what it takes and are between late teens and early ... [ more ]

Oops message not finished ! Schreiber Bedroom Unit

Give, Lend & Borrow in Great Bealings

Sue C
As I was saying... the unit is no longer needed. Its probably 1970's. Charity shops are not interested, neither is the Ipswich Furniture Project. They  say people do not want this type of furniture, It could be heading for Foxhall Tip.  Shame really, ... [ more ]
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Selina G
Try gumtree..usually someone will pick up if it's free...actually Schriber has had a revival..I sold a dressing table I refurbished on ebay for £60.00 it only cost me £10 from the charity shop ! Trouble with your unit is its size..I bet if you separated ... [ more ]

Tidy our garden

Recommendations in Martlesham

Carrie A
Does anyone know a local person who can help us tidy up our garden. We live in Woodbridge and will pay of course. We need our lawn cleared of leaves, treated for moss and mown and other general tidying jobs.
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Berry D
What a good idea this website is. I recently needed the services of someone to replace my old garden fencing and rang David Mayhew as recommended on this website recently. He has made a good job and I am happy to recommend him. Contact details ... [ more ]

Motorhome storage

Recommendations in Rushmere Street

Kate Y
We have recently purchased a Motorhome and are looking for storage in the the Martlesham area can anyone recommend anywhere please.
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Richard G
I have heard Birchwood Services are good for caravans but presume they do Motorhomes too . Also Kesgrave tyre and exhaust on foxhall road do alot of motorhome work . I believe they a contract with a local supplier to do their work , they always have one ... [ more ]
Karen C
Brightwell Barns, Waldringfield Road, Brightwell, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP10 0BJ they store vans my sister has hers there.

Free wardrobe Unit made by Screiber)

Give, Lend & Borrow in Great Bealings

Sue C
We have an all in one unit comprising of a double wardrobe with inside shelf & cupboard above, dressing table with mirror (a light above mirror) drawer and a small wardrobe with 3 drawers underneath. It all comes apart in 3 pieces.(bolts together).

Writing Bureau repairs

Recommendations in Great Bealings

Sue C
My teak (Remploy) writing bureau is in need of repair. One of the hinges on the drop down front (desk bit) has dropped out and has splintered the wooden surround. Any advice please or details of a cabinet maker/furniture repair person.  Needs more than ... [ more ]