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Laptop\Desktop etc Recommendations Please

Recommendations in Boot Street

My laptop has just about expired and has managed to stagger on with XP Windows. Am now considering just where to purchase a new laptop or desktop and I understand Windows 10 is just about to be released (29th July). Any recommendations on where to ... [ more ]
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DMonkey Computers
Thanks for the heads up Richard. I reported this problem yesterday and was promised it was sorted. Apparently it is another website on the same server misbehaving. Sorry for any inconvenience.
I usually buy from ebuyer but bought a HP pavilion a few days ago from pcworld for 349 which looked good value. They said you need a 32g USB to back the operating system with. Pcworld do try and sell you other stuff. You also need to check if your ... [ more ]

Family Garden Party

Clubs & Groups in Little Bealings

Helen C
Please join us on Sunday August 23rd from 2pm - 5pm for tea and games to raise funds for our local church rood repairs! Adults £5, children under 12 free!  Leawood House, Sandy Lane, Little Bealings, IP13 6LW. Please RSVP so we don't run out of scones! ... [ more ]

Community Litter pick - melton & Woodbridge

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

Charlie Z
Just to remind everyone that a week on Friday, 7th August, we will be doing another litter pick - we will be meeting at 10am outside McColls newsagent in Melton and at 2pm outside the cafe on Kingston Fields in Woodbridge (children can come to this one ... [ more ]
Laurence H
Good luck with this although living in Kesgrave I will not be joining you.  I am often found on Longstropps and Dobbs Wood with a carrier bag I have found filling it with the rubbish left by the less caring in our community.  I do find though that if ... [ more ]

Patio pointer

Recommendations in Great Bealings

Hailey B
Hello, can anyone recommend someone local to playford who might be interested in re-pointing our patio please? The old grout is all dug out ready for the new stuff. Many thanks

Gardener / handyman.

Recommendations in Martlesham

Alan G
Can anyone recommend a gardener/ handyman who could tidy up my garden, cut back a quite tall hedge , and remove rubbish . someone reliable and reasonably priced.Thanks.
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Bowls for sale

£50.00 in Beacon Hill

Sue V
Two sets of Bowls for sale: Taylor Ace Size 2, 4 Bowls in a carrying case price  £50.00 Henslite Tiger 2, Size 3 heavy, 4 Bowls in a carrying case  price £50.00

shoe rack

Recommendations in Rushmere Street

Eric F
Can anybody recommend someone who could make a wooden shoe rack, similar to an open bookcase?

Hedge cutting

Recommendations in Burgh

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Thomas H
Hi, I am a gardener and landscaper who can do jobs like this. I have lots of tools required for various jobs. Hope I can help you. Contact me on 07557518391, if you are still looking for someone.
Shona H
Many thanks David, Helen and Thomas, I should certainly be able to find someone from all your recommendation s.

70th Anniversary of the end of World War One ......Woodbridge

Clubs & Groups in Beacon Hill

Sue V
The Royal British Legion is celebrating;        The end of WW1 and the Suffolk County Rally  on Kingston Park Woodbridge                      Saturday 18th July 2015 from 2pm until 8.30pm  The celebrations start at 2pm with The County Rally of ... [ more ]
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Peter T
I wondered this as VE day was in May and as you rightly state Laurence that VJ Day and the end of WW2 was in August. If we are to celebrate momentous occasions in our great nations history and remember the brave exploits of our then young men shouldn't ... [ more ]

Charity event Bring and Buy cake and coffee morning

Clubs & Groups in Beacon Hill

Sue V
My mum died in November 2013 from vascular dementia. Last year we raised over £500 for dementia research  at a            BRING AND BUY CAKE AND COFFEE MORNING so we are doing it again this tear. Saturday 27th June 2015 10am until 2pm So please come ... [ more ]
Sue V
Thank you one and all, what a fantastic morning we had. We raised a magnificent £400...........You supported us both with your time, your wonderful cakes and of course the money we raised. Great full thanks to one and all.

Litter Picking

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

AUG 07
to ,
Tea Hut Kingston Fields, Woodbridge
Charlie Z
Hello all you wonderful litter pickers! Following a very successful litter pick back in April we, Transition Woodbridge are organising another 2 on Friday 7th August! It was a really social event and we love meeting new people. Please do come along. ... [ more ]
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Emma D
If you contact Suffolk Coastal Dc they will drop off litter pickers for you and you can arrange for them to come and collect all the bags of litter.


Clubs & Groups in Rushmere Street

Eric F
We are a couple with a very small charity. We need to learn how to organise some office basics on our computer, e.g. putting documents and photos into folders and files,so that we can find everything when we need it. We are generally computer literate ... [ more ]
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Community group in need of some things!

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

Charlie Z
Hello! Transition Woodbridge have a Forest Garden Allotment and we need some old (but usable) garden chairs and a shed (ideally a potting shed). If anyone has one we can come and collect it. Or, if you would like to come along and join us in the ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
Hi Charlie, my number is 01473621923 although I shall be out this afternoon, the Fort number is 01394675900 and Shirley the manager knows about the sheds. I will be in the Fort all day tomorrow but would warn you there is an event on called Crossing ... [ more ]
Laurence H
Sorry Charlie but I have to take back the offer of the sheds, one of our other members has plans for it so we can't let you have them.  Sorry to have built up your hopes for nothing

Litter Picking!

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

AUG 07
to ,
McColls Melton
Charlie Z
Hello all you wonderful litter pickers! Following a very successful litter pick back in April we, Transition Woodbridge are organising another 2 on Friday 7th August! It was a really social event and we love meeting new people. Please do come along. We ... [ more ]

Car Hit by Lorry

Local Conversations in Broom Hill

Sarah S
Hi, on Thursday morning (11/6/2015), I drove into Bealings Lane from Great Bealings to find several cars up the bank with a blue DVS articulated lorry coming towards us.  Unfortunately, he did not stop, even though I was up the bank he hit my black ... [ more ]
Sorry to hear that, I had at happen to me once whilst stationary and a lorry scraped the side of my car.  I had two witnesses, and like you one followed the lorry and got his reg number and the firm he worked for.  I told my insurance company and when I ... [ more ]

Hazel bush

Give, Lend & Borrow in Burgh

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Shona H
Thats great Graham. If you could phone me 387144 and arrange to come and get it that'd be fine. Afraid you'll have to dig it up but don't think it will be difficult.

Talk about Felting at Hasketon Victory Hall

Clubs & Groups in Grundisburgh

Veronica S
Hasketon WI are having a lady called Elizabeth Taylor talking about felting at their next meeting - Thursday 18th June at 7.15 p.m.  Visitors are welcome to the meeting at the Victory Hall (opposite the church).  An entry fee of £3 will be charged but ... [ more ]