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Clubs & Groups in Grundisburgh

Veronica S
Hasketon Women's Institute meet on the third Thursday of the month at 7.15 the Victory Hall in Hasketon (opposite the church).  We have space for new members or you can come along as a guest and just pay £3 a time.  We are a very friendly, ... [ more ]

Police speed check on Playford Road Tue 24th Feb

Recommendations in Playford

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Richard G
Thats what progress is all about . How many people were killed by cars in 1820 ? How many people died in plane crashes in 1775 ? People are happy to take the benefits of progress like foreign holidays , cheap chinese imports , automatic washing machines ... [ more ]
Julian M
Speed plays such I minor role in causing accidents but it's the easiest to measure and make money out off. If it really was just about saving lives then they wouldn't stick their vans in the biggest grossing roads like 40mph duals but in 20mph ... [ more ]

Heating oil club

Clubs & Groups in Woodbridge

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Cass D
In Hollesley there is Boyton and Alderton who both run oil clubs. Details in the local Village Voices.

Mantair septic tank conversion

Recommendations in Mill Hills

Dan C
Our septic tank is trouble and needs to be updated. I'm thinking of investing in one of these inserts from Mantair that converts your tank into a sewage treatment plant. Does anyone out there have one of these systems? Is it effective or an expensive ... [ more ]
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Tidy our garden

Recommendations in Martlesham

Carrie A
Does anyone know a local person who can help us tidy up our garden. We live in Woodbridge and will pay of course. We need our lawn cleared of leaves, treated for moss and mown and other general tidying jobs.
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Jennie W
My husband does gardening work, regular and one off, no job to small, reasonable rates, just retired from full time work so looking for gardening work to keep himself busy. Contact info. Ronnie Wood 07765961631 or 01473 737571

New Store - Martlesham Heath Retail Park

Local Conversations in Martlesham

Does anybody know what the old Seapets shop is being turned into? I've heard rumours of Aldi, Poundland and others? If you've got a news article about this, could you send it my way? Thanks,
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Stephen D
I think it's the parking and traffic issues that folk are worried about, not the fact that it's TKMaxx as such. Anyway it will be interesting to see what the traffic and parking are like once Poundland have opened later in Feb, as the TKMaxx planning ... [ more ]
Marie S
It would be good to see them doing something to 'pedestrianise' the area a bit too. There needs to be a safe and reliable way of getting from Beardmore Park to Tesco. An underpass, dedicated path and lights maybe. People do visit these areas on foot/bike ... [ more ]

Guys and Dolls - production by The Junior Otley Players 13th, 14th February

Local Conversations in Little Bealings

Next Friday evening and Saturday (matinee and evening) The Junior Otley Players will be performing the ever-popular Guys and Dolls at Otley Village Hall.  Come and sing along! Tickets are still available: Adults £6 and Children £3, available from 01473 ... [ more ]

Someone to upgrade memory on a laptop

Recommendations in Martlesham

John-and A
I am looking for someone local to Woodbridge who could upgrade the memory on my laptop from 1 GB to 4 GB. Recommendations please
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Keith F
John-and A, it would be nice to know which path you chose to go down, and how well you got on, then others could benefit too! :-)
John-and A
Many thanks all.  I managed to find the video showing how to dismantle the Acer to change the RAM. I am wondering whether to go down this upgrade route, or to go instead for a higher-spec device, maybe second-hand through eBay or maybe a modern tablet ... [ more ]


Classifieds in Boot Street

FEB 02
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Waldringfield Village Hall
Libby R
Eurochat, our European language conversation club, is on  tonight at 7pm in Waldringfield Village Hall, until 8pm approx. We have a new Spanish tutor, Lucy, who will be joining us, along with regulars Barbara and Elisabeth (German and French). Cost is ... [ more ]

A Field Mystery

Local Conversations in Rushmere Street

Eric F
Maybe this has already been mentioned, but I saw 2 people each with a large white letter H [about 5' by 4'] stomping about the field between Fentons Wood and the disused radar mast site - about 2 months ago. The H has very sensitive instruments [so Mr ... [ more ]
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Steve B
For all the latest news on the developments in this area see There are definite planning applications to build on this land but so far have been resisted.
Laurence H
I happened to look at the website fro Kesgrave Covenant after they hacked back the trees on Millenium Way.  They put a submission to SCDC that there was too great a tendancy to allow residential development in the Martlesham Area which will add to ... [ more ]

Activity Play Gym

Give, Lend & Borrow in Great Bealings

Sarah R
Hi there, We are looking for an activity play gym for our baby boy. Something like the attached is what we are looking for. Willing to pay!!

Once a month song by John triple-tracked

Give, Lend & Borrow in Martlesham

John-and A
Here is my once-a-month triple-tracked song for January 2015. The sad but romantic "Les Feuilles Mortes", made famous in 1946 by Yves Montand. Click if you want to hear it Let me know if you would ... [ more ]