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Local Conversations in Gipsy Row

capel lady
Hi all just want everyone to know there are travellers in a car park on way to Ipswich town centre also some in a children's play area that has toilets next to it too in Norwich road .
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lace making group

Clubs & Groups in Mace Green

Elsie R
There is a lacemaking group at Hadleigh library. I think they meet every Tuesday. Ring the library for details.

Lost Cat

Lost & Found in Potash

Sylvia P
LOST: My cat has been missing since 21.4.15., from IP9, Capel St Mary. He needs a special diet and regular vet visits. ¬†He is not a stray but a much loved pet and last gift from my terminally ill sister. ¬†Please check your sheds and if you see him or he ... [ more ]

Clothes Rail Wanted

Give, Lend & Borrow in Capel St Mary

Request for information, please!

Local Conversations in Raydon

Carole J
Trying to trace an old school friend from the 1960s, who I believe lived in Holton St Mary. In the first instance, would anybody be able to confirm that there was indeed a family by the name of Hammond in the village at that time, please? Many thanks.

Missing young cat Capel St Mary

Lost & Found in Great Wenham

Lynn M
Our young grey cat, about 6 months old went missing last night after someone left the door open... She is very small, grey, short-haired with big green eyes, she has big ears and is wearing a blue, plastic collar. Her face is light grey around her nose ... [ more ]
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capel lady
Glad you have your cat back ,very worrying when they go missing. An old fashioned remedy to stop them getting lost is to put butter on their paws when you first get them ,think they lick it off but they do follow the trail back home .