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Ipswich Traffic Light Scheme

Brian B in Gainsborough
Why are our local MP's not creating an outcry over the fiasco traffic light scheme in Ipswich. I believe the cost was in the region of 20 million pounds and is now looking like being three years overdue. How many potholes would that have filled?! In ... [ more ]
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Thanks Neil P --got it--John E B thanks for that much appreciated--add exactly 20 on to that and you've got it--LOL--Hello Interested where have you been all my life?SOH

Fohall stadium car boot

Jim J in Castle Hill
The car boot starts Sunday the 27th March and is on the 28th Bank holiday Monday according to the stadium management, i have been told there will be no car boot on the( suffolk showground ) trinity park this year .Don't forget to put your clocks ... [ more ]
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Paul B
We used to go every sunday, but haven't for a while as it was getting thin on the ground, and also as Heather O says. Be interesting to see whether it does improve.
Sherry F
Thanks for letting us know on here Jim. It's better than wondering exactly when you start up again. Can't wait, my hobby is bootsales its gets you out in the fresh air, plenty of excercise and you just don't know what you will go home with!

Cold room

Christopher R in Priory Heath
I have lived in my two bedroom house for the last 5months my bedroom has always been cold two weeks ago I went in my wardrobe and got some clothing out and the were damp and mouldy I look around and found in the corner of the ceiling a patch of water ... [ more ]
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Graham D
Chrisopher.Something to bear in mind,Most people feel it necessary to ram as much insulation into the loft space and up against the roofing felt.As a roofing contractor this is not good practice ,you must always leave a void between the felt and ... [ more ]

Moblie Found

Beth T in Gainsborough
A black ASUS INTEL ZENFONE has been found on Landseer Park this morning, Sunday 7th Feb. If anybody knows who it may belong to please reply to this message and I will arrange to return it to them. Thanks
I was getting excited then! Still no word on my Samsung Galaxy s4 mini (burgundy with flowers) which I lost outside Lloyds Bank, Nacton Road on Friday 22nd January :(  Hopefully this phone can be reunited with its owner - have you checked to see if there ... [ more ]

Chantry Library

Steve W in Chantry
Hi, Several months ago I posted about my wife arriving at the library to return some books 10 minutes before closing time to find them already closing up. Unbelievably it happened to her again on Friday. Our books were due back and she arrived at 4.55, ... [ more ]
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Steve W
i wasnt going to add any further comment, however, I cannot believe the number of people who have tried to champion second rate as being acceptable and somehow trying to infer it was our own fault by not turning up earlier or not going online. because ... [ more ]
You must have thought that they would probably be closing up by 4_55 when your wife went before at 4_50 it's rubbish trying to blame the staff for wanting to get home on time .They had probably been standing around waiting for somebody to come in and ... [ more ]

Tiler Needed

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If anyone else needs a tiler, I would also recommend Roy Cattling. Just as Andy B said, he is very honest and reliable and his work is excellent.

Fresh Start for Hens Rehoming

Collection from IP4 area of Ipswich
Donna V in Westerfield
I am running a collection point again on Saturday March 19th for Fresh Start for Hens. We are a not for profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to rehoming hens from the commercial egg production sector. OUR AIM is to ensure as ... [ more ]

A Tribute To Norman Carter

Dennis M in California
Norman Carter Who Live and Worked in Ipswich, Died in September 2015 Norman was well-known as a promoter of charity shows And has raised thousands of pounds for various causes over the years. So Sunday 8th May 2016 I am putting on a Tribute show for him ... [ more ]

Crafting shop

Jennifer M in Gainsborough
Hi all, hoping for some help.... there's a shop that definately used to be on a corner of the one-way system by the waterfront - they sell other people's hand crafted items. I was told that they moved to St. Peters street, but having walked the whole ... [ more ]
I think it's Cake and Cat Walk which has moved near Love One, opposite the knitting shop.
Beryl M
If you are in that area there is also Wiggly Woos Craft Emporium in Gower St just over Stoke Bridge. Worth a visit!

Not for profit Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich

Marc L in Rose Hill
New Tai Chi Class for Beginners with Marc Levy Thursday 4th Feb at 5.45pm - 7.15pm.  At Witnesham Village Hall. Church Lane, Witnesham, IP6 9JD. No joining fee, no upfront payments. Just £5 each week. Looking forward to seeing you there.  Marc. tel ... [ more ]
Marc L Hi to all interested new beginner tai chi students here are two videos of the beginning of our Tai Chi. Don't worry we will not be doing it outside as in the videos. ... [ more ]


Asset in Priory Heath
Could anyone recommend a reputable and reasonable carpenter to fix broken cupboard doors in our kitchen. Many thanks.
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Royal Memorabilia wanted for a local Suffolk charity to celebrate the queens 90th birthday at evants.

Garry S in Chantry
Hello, a local Rural Charity The Rural Coffee Caravan is looking for people to donate any royal memorabilia relating to the queen that they have and don't want, for exhibiting at fun royal cream teas that they will be ... [ more ]
Garry S
Thankyou Roger, yes i can pick up we need them for lots of events in April-July could you lend it to us for that long? I am in eye today so could pick up if convenient around 11.30


Bob A in Maidenhall
I have just dismantled a wc including pedestal, cystern and masher system - anyone interested

one bed flat looking to rent on dwp

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Chris M in Warren Heath
Hi does anyone have a wheelbarrow that they could lend us for a couple of weeks we have a 50 metre path to our garden and we have a lot of stuff to take down there as we are both pensioner it is not easy for us we would gladly pay for it if it was not to ... [ more ]
Rachel R
hello Chris M.   we have a wheelbarrow and you are welcome to borrow it!  call me on 07935211634  if you still need one, and we can arrange to bring it to  you.


Jo B in Warren Heath
Hi We had 2 slate tiles slip and break this weekend. Anyone know how much it would cost to fix? And any good roofers you know.
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Patricia G
Mark  at M.J.S Roofing . 07783 773345 or 01473 720377.                                           We have used Mark for our old house and our new bungalow, he is reliable,polite and gives a very fair price for excellent workmanship. Here is a Link to his ... [ more ]
Cynthia S
Re Mark MJS Roofers. So very pleased with the work carried out. Excellent communication and job well done, helpful advise also. Gold stars all round

Help needed please Ravenswood area

Pat H in Blacksmith's Corner
I am looking for a window cleaner and an indoor cleaning person for a disabled couple living in Ravenswood. Please let me know if you can recommend either people. Thanks
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Giles W
Hi. Please PM me if you still require a window cleaner. I have an extensive round in the area. No problem if you are already sorted.

flying scotsman

Sheila O in Priory Heath
hi is there any train buffs out there who tried to get tickets to go on the flying scotsman from ely to cambridge ? i tried to get tickets but the message came back they were sold out .were you lucky to get tickets? think the only way we will see it is ... [ more ]
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Graham F
When BR banned all steam Flying Scotsmen was the only locos allowed on the main line. It brought a limp to my throat to hear it roaring through Sandy In Bedfordshire. I have ridden behind from ipswich to York and ipswich to Norwich. My point us that 4.2 ... [ more ]
Ernest G
To  Graham F. Maybe you are right. The refurbishment cost of 4.2 million to preserve the Flying Scotsman is rediculous, considering just how much of the original metal parts had to be replaced to make it function, and we can only hope, the future ... [ more ]

Asthma COPD exercise class Ipswich

Gloria E in Gainsborough
If you have asthma or COPD a regular weekly exercise class specifically tailored round your needs has just started at WHITTON SPORTS CENTRE . If you get short of breath and feel a full class is not for you then try this. After each session there is free ... [ more ]
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Gloria E
Hi Paul Whitton is the only one running in Ipswich at moment. It is newly set up by Pulmonary Rehab course patients who wanted to continue what we have been taught after the course had finished. The only other one is at Felixstowe at the moment.
Harjeet K
I would love to have but I am based more central and don't drive. If there are any plans to offer another session more central to Ipswich I would be very interested. I have had asthma for the last 10 years, it takes me a long time to build up stamina to ... [ more ]

Special needs provision

Paul R in Castle Hill
More delay..... Suffolk County Council has postponed a formal consultation over proposals which could see eight centres for children with additional needs and two special schools’ residential units close.
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Michael B
This seems a useful review to make best use of Special Education services, and provide them equitably. On the face of it, it does not seem to be a cost cutting exercise. Anyone with experience of children with special needs, will know how valuable ... [ more ]
Sandy Martin
I think there are four "red-lines" we would want to stick to: 1) Is the County Council going to maintain the amount of finance (they say they will, but don't hold your breath...); 2) Are the number of children helped going to go up; 3) Are the number of ... [ more ]

Repair DeWalt drill

Poppy in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi.  My other half has a battery powered DeWalt drill which has just stopped working.  We have checked the batteries for it and they are fine.  It may be that the drill is worn out (just our luck) but before disposing of it I wondered if anyone knew of ... [ more ]
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Paul P
Take your drill to new gasses on martlesham Heath they repair all sorts of machinery , including cordless drills !
Lee C
It's a throw away society I'm afraid, unless it's an SDS drill (professional drill) it would be uneconomical to repair

Sport & Music videos

Lynne M in Stoke
Does anyone want Ipswich Town, West Ham, F.A. Cup finals and Cricket videos we have quite a few but if anyone can make use of them they can have them

Mobile Hairdresser

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Michelle W
Sorry I have been without internet access due to changing provider, I have now private messaged the hairdressers number to all who requested it, she is a great hairdresser and her prices are extremely good

Re-using pictures from old calendars

Linda R in Greenwich
Does anyone know of an organisation /individual who can make use of pictures from old calendars?   I have a selection of cats, flowers, landscapes etc., various sizes. It seems a shame to dump them if someone could re-use them.

East Anglia

Linda C in Maidenhall
I have just been thinking and wondered if anyone on here could give substance to this question.. I always thought Norfolk and Suffolk were actual the most part of east anglia , do any of you think that Essex is part of east Anglia
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Mike T
Hello Ipswich Lad, I don't come from South Essex but the other half does and she operates a reign of terror! She could hardly be called polite or civilised. P.S. I hope she never reads this.
Sandy Martin
Originally Anglia was the Kingdom of the Angles and was subdivided into the North Folk and the South Folk, and Essex was the East part of a Kingdom of the Saxons which also included Middlesex and Sussex (and Surrey and other bits).  The Saxon Kings ... [ more ]