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Ipswich Old Cemetery

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Has anyone been to the baby area at the old cemetery over the last few days? I went up there this afternoon and was very upset to see that it had either been vandalised or that when the strimmers went between the tiny graves  they did quite a bit of ... [ more ]

missing cat

Lost & Found in Rushmere St Andrew

Diane J
Has anyone seen GUS two year old tabby cat missing from Bixley road area, never known to wander near the main road. He has been missing for ten days now...much loved and greatly missed.. no collar but has a chip..if anyone has spotted him or (fingers ... [ more ]
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Diane J
Hi Samantha. Yes this is GUS....whereabouts are allotments please...? God I hope it is him
Diane J
Hi Sheila Thanks for your input. We have been round loves houses and asked neighbours and people walking down the roads...still hoping on a return...thank you

garden slabs and fencing

Give, Lend & Borrow in Warren Heath

Chris M
Hi does anyone have any old fencing, garden slabs or garden furniture  furniture they no longer require  ?? We are trying to do our garden up and the fencing is the most important to make it secure for our dog. Thank You

harvester Ravenswood

Local Conversations in Warren Heath

Colin C
after the initial problems with this food outlet when they first opened we decided to give it a second chance, last night about 7 p/m our family party of 7 had to wait 70 minutes to get a table usually set up for 4 people, very cramped conditions, the ... [ more ]
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Mr Alex? Now there's an assumption. How, pray tell, was I supposed to know you had been seated? You didn't mention it and the way you wrote your comment, came across in a different light.

PS Vita

Recommendations in Warren Heath

Brian V
Can anyone guide me in the right direction with regards to a PlayStation Vita? I am trying to get some games installed on it using an emulator or hack. Will pay.

Portuguese and Mandarin

Recommendations in Greenwich

Elizabeth J
Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows of any Portuguese or Mandarin tutors in or around Suffolk that give private lessons? Thanks!

Mystery for solving

Lost & Found in Ipswich Town Centre

Jerry T
Just found two bags containing brand new clothing purchased from outside local area. Are they yours? Has your car been broken in to? Have you been burgled? Can't rely on local police to bother so I thought that I would use social media. Interesting ... [ more ]
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Alex G
I rather think that shoplifters are  going to br more protective sbout any valuable items they might have stolen, as resale is likely to be their motive. These items are more likely to have been mislaid by a genuine shopper, surely?

Looking for a ladies bike

Give, Lend & Borrow in Priory Heath

i am looking for a light-weight ladies bike in need of a new home either for giveaway or a small donation (i am 5ft tall with short legs).
I have a ladies bike,12 gears,rack on the front. I'm only 5ft2ins and I've ridden this bike for a few years. It's sturdy but fairly lightweight,you can have it for £20.

Any cyclists here?

Recommendations in Stoke

I'm looking for a pannier bag for my bike. I already have a rack pack. Ideally I want it to be waterproof, easy to remove from the bike and preferably having a shoulder strap. I don't need a huge one - probably about 15 litre capacity. Can anybody ... [ more ]
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Not cheap but not overpriced either as they're excellent quality - try "Basel" - I have a pair that clip on either side of my rear planners. They are very roomy and have shoulder straps. I cycled home from work in the pouring rain the other day and the ... [ more ]
Laurence H
Hope you have a helmet.  I was up in London last week and the roads are manic yet cyclists peddling away with no helmets on.  Drivers are fined for not wearing seatbelts so it is crazy cyclists are left alone.  Someone referred to them as organ donors ... [ more ]

Children's knitting patterns

Give, Lend & Borrow in Gainsborough

Brian B
My partner has just retired and is going back to knitting. That being the case, has anyone got any children's knitting patterns, in good condition, to give away. I would obviously pick them up as long as it is reasonably local.
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Joan B
have 3 knit airy time knits  and the country dairy book of knitting books    teddy bear knits       fairy time  knits and country diary book of knitting          doll knit patterns
If you join on the net there are, literally, thousands of patterns you can download free and others you can pay for.  It's a fantastic resource, and you don't get pestered by them if you do join.

railway pub foxhall road

Local Conversations in Warren Heath

Colin C
It is now evident and after standing idle for over a year planning permission is now being applied for to build 7 houses on this site, what a shame we have lost over the years locals like The Heathlands, The Blooming Fuchia and The Royal Oak, all to ... [ more ]
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Jean G
both the California club and newton road club have good music I go to newton road club practically every week and the programme for the rest of the year is looking good . I would personally go to a club like that than sit in a pub all night much more ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Maidenhall

Keith H
Cant believe they have traffic lights on felixstowe road again when they are working in Ascot drive how crazy is this.They have coned it out for a truck to stand in .I just cant understand the way they do things anymore.They just seem to be hell bent on ... [ more ]

Looking for Carpenter for shelving project

Recommendations in Broke Hall

Angela B
Wondered if anyone could recommend a skilled carpenter who would be able to build me some flexible shelving in a large understairs cupboard.  I'm in East Ipswich. Would be grateful for any recommendations. Thanks, A.
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Any St Mark's parents on here?

Recommendations in Maidenhall

John B
Hi - are there any St Mark's Primary School parents on here? Still trying to sort out my after-school childcare situation... Would welcome some advice from fellow parents at the school!
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Have you tried contacting the early years team at Suffolk County Council? They have suggestions for childminders and child care where they collect the child from a particular school. May be worth a try.

Fundraiser Disco

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

damp proofer

Recommendations in Maidenhall

urgently   needed damp proofer in ip3 area recommendations please
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Shaun N
I've always used Adrian Coe from Cotect (as Leeann says above).  Been going for years and very nice guy.  Worth a look.

Orwell Bridge disruption.

Local Conversations in Greenwich

Tina D
Work is due to take part on the bridge this autumn to prevent accidents, cameras being installed and lower speed limit signs. I am not sure how much difference that will make. Am I alone in thinking it would be a good time to also install suicide ... [ more ]
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Tina D
Nadine H , I am so pleased your Father was prevented from taking his life, and that he never attempted it again. I genuinely mean that.  Most people who are suffering from depression that leads to suicidal feelings believe that others, especially their ... [ more ]

damp proofer needed

Recommendations in Maidenhall

urgently needed,someone to damp proof two recess walls in ip3 area.

Skip Hire

Recommendations in Greenwich

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Richard G
Stand the stuff in the front garden and put a sign up saying FREE . I guarantee you will get rid of most of it in less than a week . The word FREE is a great attraction .

Bricklayer needed

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Ray L
I have 3 small jobs that need doing, probably around a day each, 2  are brickwork and a third relaying a small section of block paving at entrance to drive. This might suit someone working at the weekends. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your ... [ more ]
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Susan L
Dennis of DH Services on 07561 150608, he has done lots of work for me, very good brickie, highly recommended.
Ray L
Thanks Terri - do let me know if he is interested; and thanks too to Susan. I will give Dennis a ring. Any other recommendations?

Charging for Brown Bin Collection

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Ray L
It is reported that Suffolk County Council are planning to charge £50 per year for brown bin collections; the exception is Ipswich Borough Council who plan to continue to subsidise the annual collection to the tune of £124000 annually. Good for me as I ... [ more ]
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Sarah W
I'm quite impressed by IBC's recycling, actually, though disappointed that they only take garden waste and not all green waste.  Still, I have a large compost heap, and the only things that go in the brown bin are [1] aggressive buddleia branches [2] the ... [ more ]
Brian P
I believe that the Borough's green waste is used to help Anglia Water compost raw sewage - possibly A.W. pay for this ? I live in Ipswich but if they tried to charge me I would dump my green waste in my black bin and let the SCC burn it !

Removal of large hedge and a large lelandi tree

Recommendations in Rushmere Street

Maureen W
Can anyone recommend someone to totally remove my hedge, including roots; remove a large tree and dispose of the evidence!
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John W
If you're having a new hedge, can I recommend this guy, he renovated an old hedge for us very successfully, using traditional hedging techniques.
Paul S
Maureen, just make sure whoever you choose is legal. They need to be registered with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier and dispose of the greenery legally. If they fly tip it,  legally you could be prosecuted as well as them.

Table Top sale

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

Looking for recommendations for acupuncture

Recommendations in Broke Hall

Angela C
Hi new to the area and site, so hope I'm posting this in the correct place.  Has anyone had acupuncture and would recommend them? TIA
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Sue W
Hi Angela I moved here not too long ago and have found kesgrave chriopratic clinic Ray Martin to be absolutely marvellouos.  After years of pain he has sorted me out a treat. Tel 01473 624345 313 Main Road Kesgrave IP5 2PT Good luck
Dave L
I've had acupuncture twice at Physio7 (just behind the Novotel). Once for torn shoulder that a consultant told me that nothing could be done and a second time for sciatic nerve damage. Both are now fixed 100% and I couldn't be happier. I was a little ... [ more ]

Need hardcore for a building project?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Ipswich Town Centre

Hi.  We have just dismantled a rockery in our garden and we have a load of hardcore if anyone is looking for any.  Note - the rockery was built with concrete slabs and bricks, not real rocks (built by previous owner) so might be useful for something.  ... [ more ]