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Castle Hill Community Centre Announcement & open meeting

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Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich, IP1 6DG
Anaick S in Ipswich Town Centre After much consideration, Community Action Suffolk will not be extending the lease of the Castle Hill Community Centre in Ipswich, when it ... [ more ]
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Sheila L
Hi. Can anyone tell me how the meeting went last night please? I couldn't make it but very interested in keeping the centre going. Thanks xx
Anaick S
Hi Sheila L, thanks for your interest in CHCC and sorry to hear you couldn't be there yesterday but please keep in mind there should be further meetings before the end of the year. I'm also hoping that someone took some minutes of yesterday's meeting.  ... [ more ]


DAF in Ipswich Town Centre
I saw a advert on the television last night and thought of all the dogs who will no doubt be stressed out in the coming weeks, its for a Adaptil plug in diffuser which should help to calm a dog in stressful situations. As I used to have a dog who was ... [ more ]
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Elaine D
My dog was scared and would lay under the plug and go to sleep, so it worked for her. I have two young dogs now and they don't seem too bothered thank goodness.
Jackie S
You can try preparing dogs by playing firework sounds (you can usually find something online) on your laptop, you then have control of the volume, put them on while you feed or play with your dog they then start associating the noise with something ... [ more ]

The future of Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich

Anaick S in Ipswich Town Centre
Many thanks to all the locals who came yesterday at the meeting discussing the future of the centre. As a 1st meeting no solution has been found yet but the current situation and ideas have been discussed. The future of this lovely community building ... [ more ]

St Matthews Street

Finchy in Ipswich Town Centre
The vacant flats above the shops along St Matthews Street are undergoing another paint job. Going for dazzle camouflage this time around.
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Charity Shop

Peter M in California
Does anyone know if the local charity shops will collect from a home?   Or failing that of a charity shop with easy parking access?    I went to a drop box at the weekend with some books.  I also have quite a few records that I would like to donate, ... [ more ]
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Suzanne M
You can drop off at the back of The Mind Shop opposite The Wolsey Theatre. Just bang on the metal slide door. They love books and records. Pass the Black Horse pub and car park, turn left and pass another car park and the back of Mind is on your right ... [ more ]
Peter M
And the winner is ......   Barnardo's at Ravenswood.   Parking outside, job done. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.    I knew that it should have been easier than the high street locations.    I also looked at the shop next to Tesco in Kesgrave, but ... [ more ]

Help needed

bryan P in Greenwich
Hi Folks I am looking for a young lad to help and learn the carpet trade, must be able to lift and be available as and when needed .  also looking for local painter to paint reskimmed ceiling and coving  thanks very much
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Mark C
Busy bodys is very harsh Helen 😕 ,he was given some good advice on possible legalities and unfortunately no matter how indescreet asked it's too easy to come unstuck on such matters. I was gonna apply as the young applied to me but I'm a young 40 ... [ more ]
Paul H
Figure of speech. It's a Suffolk thing I guess. When I need a hand in the building trade, I ask in the builders merchants if anyone knows of a lad not afraid of hard work. Way of life. In over 10yrs, I can count on one hand the female "trades" I have ... [ more ]


The Meeting Place Centre in Ipswich Town Centre
TABLE TOP SALE AND CREAM TEA. This Saturday 11am til 3pm at The Meeting Place Community Centre, limerick close ip1 5lr. All welcome. Fundraising for new carpets. Any unwanted items we have a small charity shop in the community centre and would ... [ more ]

Street Racing

Steven K in Greenwich
Could anyone else hear the cars racing around the centre of Ipswich last night. I could still hear them at 3am.
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Steven K
Well it started again last night so i called 101 and spoke to the traffic police over at martlesham( the operator said he heard it sat night) they said they'd put it out on the radio and shortly after it stopped. Hopefully if people keep phoning itll ... [ more ]
I heard it quite clearly on chantry. Thought it was motor bikes heading to chantry but none arrived. Surely the police would have heard it? More speed bumps needed maybe. About two feet high that collapse when normal people drive over them! Will leave ... [ more ]

Private Landlords

Chris M in Warren Heath
Hi does anyone on here know any Private landlords please we have just been told that our flat is to be sold , we have lived here for 5 years and have excellent references from our existing landlord. must be in Ipswich .
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Kevin B
Hi Chris , Best if i can contact you privately via email,busy for the next couple of hours but will sort out contacting you and give details. Kevin

Pet Service

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All Hallows Church, Landseer Road
Christine M in Greenwich
We are having a pet service outside All Hallows Church on Sunday afternoon.  It will last about half an hour.  Everyone is very welcome with their dogs, cats, rabbits etc.


Stuart G in Rose Hill
hi I am looking for a secondhand greenhouse .I had a plastic one but it has seen better days anything reasonably priced considered  regards Stuart.
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Learn how to play Bridge

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Kesgrave Community Centre

Pro/Am Halloween Cabaret Event

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St Peters Church by the Waterfront
Peter M in California
Entertainment & Activity Including star act - David & Poppy Peter Kerr Band & Singers 4Seasons local Theatre Group Best Halloween Dress Competition and other guest entertainers Tables and single seats £11.50 per person ... [ more ]


A J in Maidenhall
does anyone have a pair of tartan curtains size 66 x 90inches. To sell or enough material to make  same please. (red & cream) please
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Anne C
We are IP4 , Holly Road. We can come to you are you are welcome to stop by here if you would like to have a look.

Coop foxhall road

DAF in Ipswich Town Centre
The co-op on Foxhall rd ,(Camden rd) has closed down,anybody know what's going to be there instead?
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Teresa M
I did like my local Camden Rd CoOp. Very sad that it's closed. I hope the staff have been offered jobs in other branches.
Jo G
Selkirk Road Co-op has been refurbished, they have done away with the bakery, such a shame. No where near as good now,

advice please

Angela W in Greenwich
My neighbour is  elderly and is looked after by home help who come several times a day.  One of them spends the majority of her time in her car smoking and texting.  This may be legitimate however I am concerned that my neighbour could be being ... [ more ]
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Anne L
How long are they spending inside the house? Visits last from 15-60 minutes, depending on what care is required. It is most likely though that they have arrived early and are waiting.
If I was you I would ask the carer .I am a home carer and quite often get asked by a neighbour how a person is getting on ,they won't mind if there's nothing to hide

Table top/craft sale

The Meeting Place Centre in Ipswich Town Centre
Table Top Sale/ Crafts/Cream Teas 3rd October  11am til 3pm all welcome Tables £5 Contact Mags on 01473  745470 or email  to book. Fundraiser for the new carpets for the centre. The Meeting Place Community Centre, Limerick ... [ more ]

Guitar lessons for children

Colin O in Greenwich
Hi all, can anyone recommend a qualified and trusted guitar teacher for children under 10 please? Many thanks
you could try Matthew Long @ Rocket music store 6-8 St Nicholas St, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 1TJ. 01473 216911 They give lessons, or you could try plant music @ martlesham  or there's lots of online ... [ more ]

Visitor to Suffolk

Ken F in Warren Heath
On Friday Lesley from New Zealand is in Ipswich and would like to meet any one who has connection with the Chisnell Family from the south of Suffolk.

Removal of large hedge and a large lelandi tree

Maureen W in Rushmere Street
Can anyone recommend someone to totally remove my hedge, including roots; remove a large tree and dispose of the evidence!
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Sue W
All depends what he does but believe me I am new to Suffolk and when I first came here I got ripped off left right and centre.  Dave is very inexpensive.
Patricia G
I would recommend Owen Akers too, he's done work for me ,is very reliable ,reasonable prices and a really nice guy. ive got his mobile number as  07826 581243 not as Christine has stated.

Name of 1980s Coffee Shop in Tavern Street?

Finchy in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone remember the name of the coffee shop in Tavern Street during the mid/late 1980s. It was on the corner where Norwich & Peterborough Insurance is now - opposite H&M. They served coffee in brown stoneware pottery mugs.
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Larry Fulcher
Before I lived in Ipswich, in the 80's the lovely smell of coffee from Pickwicks in Dial Lane was away's worth a visit. Recently I was searching in Ipswich for a supply of genuine Blue Mountain coffee beans in a larger quantity. Have now found that ... [ more ]

garden slabs and fencing

Chris M in Warren Heath
Hi does anyone have any old fencing, garden slabs or garden furniture  furniture they no longer require  ?? We are trying to do our garden up and the fencing is the most important to make it secure for our dog. Thank You
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Chris M
hi Sherri I am interested in the slabs can I get back to you tomorrow as we have had bad news and it is not a good day
Chris M
Hi Sherri we would love the slabs we had a death in the family yesterday which is why I did not get back to you before. Could you message me your contact  details please . Chris

Ipswich Old Cemetery

SMM in Ipswich Town Centre
Has anyone been to the baby area at the old cemetery over the last few days? I went up there this afternoon and was very upset to see that it had either been vandalised or that when the strimmers went between the tiny graves  they did quite a bit of ... [ more ]
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Gillian M
I hadn't done so but you are correct I should have done so will do . Strength in numbers .

missing cat

Diane J in Rushmere St Andrew
Has anyone seen GUS two year old tabby cat missing from Bixley road area, never known to wander near the main road. He has been missing for ten days now...much loved and greatly missed.. no collar but has a chip..if anyone has spotted him or (fingers ... [ more ]
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Diane J
I'd love to tell the world he is home safely Debbie, but guess I will just have to be patient... thank you tho

harvester Ravenswood

Colin C in Warren Heath
after the initial problems with this food outlet when they first opened we decided to give it a second chance, last night about 7 p/m our family party of 7 had to wait 70 minutes to get a table usually set up for 4 people, very cramped conditions, the ... [ more ]
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