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Angela W in Greenwich
I can't help thinking the anglers I see in Chantry Park and other parts of Ipswich have a disproportionately negative affect. They ride their motorbikes to the lake where they camp out for days, they leave a huge amount of rubbish both in and outside of ... [ more ]
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Angela W
Nick G. I also clear up a lot of cans and litter myself, just goes to show how much there is. The ones causing the most problems have expensive motorbikes and camping equipment,
Nick G
Camping equipment is almost part of the fishing life, and it doesn't have to be expensive, a basic tent costs around ¬£50ūüėČ I actually used to fish the lake regularly, but the anti social behaviour from some people, not just anglers, but dog walkers as ... [ more ]

Foxhall stadium

James in Castle Hill
I was at foxhall stadium car boot sale sunday people complain about litter that is left from events on the area, i am complaining about the land mines (dogs poo) that are ignored by the dogs owners ,and for those that make the effort to bag it and the ... [ more ]
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John j
£500 for dog licence how much for a cat licence ? Maybe the licence could go towards the animal shelters that would be overflowing with pensioners pets
Alan H
Fulcrum Top comment at last a sensible unbiased posting to my also unbiased posting. You are so correct OAPs who smoke wouldn't dream of giving up to save probably around ¬£50 a week on fags, saying oh! Ive smoked all my life and Im still here!! Not ... [ more ]

Garden Furniture Wanted

Chris M in Warren Heath
Hi does anyone have any old garden furniture that they want to get rid of also looking for paving slabs , we moved last November and have a huge garden to sort out , thank you for reading.
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Pauline L in Greenwich
I think this is another scam,I have just taken a call from a foreign speaking lady telling me I have serious trouble with my windows on the computer,when she found out that I was not playing ball with her she slammed to phone down,so be on your guard.
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Ray L
I used to get unwanted/scam calls about 3 times a day despite being on TPS - scammers are illegal callers and will be unaffected by TPS as they are based abroad; the same applies to the worst of the sales calls. My solution - get rid of my landline (2 ... [ more ]
Yes, Ray L, you are correct in that several scammers are unaffected by TPS as they are usually based abroad, but many of them now have a UK based phone number. Even if¬†you don't have the¬†number, as I mentioned previously there is a reporting feature on ... [ more ]

Lloyds Bank Cornhill Closing?

Buzz R in Castle Hill
Hello folks. Does anyone know what's happening with the Lloyds Bank on the Cornhill? Allsop estate agents have a brochure offering the premises for sale.¬† I can't imagine this will please many Lloyds Bank customers and hopefully won't end up as a ghost ... [ more ]
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Sylvia M
I thought the old PO/ Lloyds closed a while ago....main branch opposite is still up & running. My son works there & no mentions of it closing so far.
The smaller branch (Lloyds Cornhill South) which I believe was previously a TSB has reduced opening hours which are Wednesdays only. This is officially 10am-2pm although sometimes it might open around 11am. If you need to go into the bank on a Wednesday, ... [ more ]

Cat Washing/Grooming

Andy B in Greenwich
Hi All, We have just been landed with a Cat that its owner couldn't keep anymore and he really needs a wash groom and¬†maybe¬†trim. Pets at home don't do cats strangely so any recommendations??. Don't think he will enjoy it but I really feel it necessary, ... [ more ]
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Andy B
Hi All, Thankyou so much for your advice and thoughts, Ralf (I didn't name him lol ),is as soft as he is daft and so loving, he's been sitting on my lap for the past couple of hours. if he is sitting on a chair and one of us sits down he will immediately ... [ more ]
Bernie A
Cliff Lane Vets 01473 216042 are brilliant and they do the the Healthy Pet Scheme see link below. This covers all injections checkups, flea and worming treatments for a monthly d/debit not expensive.

Major's Corner and Mulberry Tree, Ipswich roadworks

OnTwoWheels in Westerfield
I've just seen via the Ipswich Star website that this work is to commence this week. When the plans were originally published on the Travel Ipswich site I raised serious safety concerns about the design of the merge into Woodbridge Road coming from St ... [ more ]
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Good luck with that Martin, a lot of information relating to the TravelIpswich scheme is not available under the FOI request - strange that such a public project and much talked about and yet the information behind the scenes seems to be "not of public ... [ more ]
Steve S
Not off public interest , or not MEANT  to be off public interest ..its our town , the "improvements" are meant to benefit us , yet it is deemed to be of no concern of us ...what is there to hide ???

Off road space

Beth T in Gainsborough
Can anyone recommend a large off road space where I can take my 17 year old to practice her gear changes. The ones my dad took me to have been built on! Anywhere around the Ipswich area is fine.
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Beth T
And your advise was very welcome Diane. Some times we forget they we were once beginners in everything and needed patience from others.
Jeremy C
If you are going to use Makro area at 6:30 I would check status of bridge as there could be a lot of fed up people who have been hanging round since 5:00 to leave off work. ¬†Also what out for the barriers that go down at 7:00. ¬†The area is a lot busier ... [ more ]

Latitude Festival ~ Do you have an unwated ticket for Fri 15 Jul?

Roger A in Ipswich Town Centre
An expensive outing when one simply wants to hear one musician. Thanks for considering request.

Paving slabs

Jack D in California
I'm after a few paving slabs for a small project in my garden. If anyone has a few spares I'd be very happy to have them.
Susan V
Hi, We have an old concrete garden path which has been broken into slabs about 2 feet square . Quite thick and heavy. Any help to you phone number is 01473 677205,near sidegate Lane. Best wishes, Sue.


Amy B in Westerfield
Can someone recommend a good carpenter to make a bathroom vanity unit for a washbowl if possible.Thanks
Tina H Chris Markham comes highly recommended, lives locally & is a highly skilled carpenter

Care homes

Jo R in Rushmere Street
Can anyone recommend a good nursing home please? It needs to offer dementia care and be in the Ipswich area.
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Andy B
Ormonde in Westerfield Road, Bethesda in Henley Road, Norwood in Park Road, Prince of Wales Care Home in Stoke Park. All are wonderful and recommended.
Apart from asking on Streetlife you could look at the CQC Website (Care Quality Commission) and key in that you are looking for a Care Home in Ipswich. If I were you I would visit a few if you have the time and see/feel if it is a home where you would ... [ more ]

Waste Tip

M N in Stoke
Just been to the tip with 2 bags of soil and old turf had to pay £2 per     bag disgusting used to be 2 bags per day free.  Another council rip off   what are they doing with all this money
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Peter M
I wonder if the charge is aimed at companies - building firms etc who would regularly want to dispose of soil.   As for the general public, surely you can make other arrangements for your unwanted soil or if not then pay the surcharge.


St Peters by the waterfront
Carol W in Belstead
providing children and young people with workshops to develop their creative skills through songwriting. book now or telephone 01449-761930 for more information.

christchurch car boot

Upper Orwell St closed!

Martin C in Ipswich Town Centre
The road is closed as part of the current works in the area.¬†There was no pre-publicity¬†in the area for this actual closure, nor any¬†indication of¬†how long it will¬†last.¬†However according to the website it should have been closed from¬†18th April 2016 to ... [ more ]
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Neil P
Ipswich star today has on article Page 2 (bus journey across Ipswich takes longer than train to London), and the planners are struggling to understand why!! I think they should listen to people on here, it may well help them.

Tree stump

Teresa P in Ipswich Town Centre
I am after a log about 2ft high by 1 to 1.5 across. Was wondering if anyone has or is about to have a tree taken down. Or if someone could recommend a place where maybe possible to get one. My 6yr daughter wants to make a fairy house/garden. Thanks in ... [ more ]

Land on bishop hill

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Sheila O
Getting back to your question mark the land appears to have been brought by jj Wilson they have a warehouse in cavindish st behind it most probably going to expand
Liz H
I've tried to find out from the Council the ownership of the land which has haras fencing round it but no luck so far but there is no planning application nor land sales registered so no immediate answer. It might just be a security measure to stop ... [ more ]

Cross stitch books

Pat C in Racecourse
I have approximately 15 cross stitch books free to good home if anyone wants them? Or if anyone knows a club I can donate them to.
Hi Pat. Please could I have them, my Mum would love them. She belongs to a cross stirch club in Martlesham. If anyone else would like them would it be ok to have a few each? Thank you.

Gluten free cake

Avril L in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend somebody who could make me a gluten free birthday cake for a young child?
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Beach Hut, Old Felixstowe

Teresa C in Greenwich
I'm a bit confused!¬† I have been thinking of buying a little beach hut in Felixstowe as I'm (semi) retired -¬† beginning to realise it's not that straight-forward - i.e. am I right in being told that 'council tax' and other annual fees would apply?¬† Any ... [ more ]
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Peter T
We have a beach hut at Brackenbury Fort on the high part, second row and pay about £500 a year. To get the best value out of it you need to think about how often you use it.
Jacqueline S
We are at Manor End.....we pay approx £365 per year. Manor End huts have toilets, a children's play area and are on one level facing the beach.. J


Toby P.
Try the Star adverts in the Gardening column. Some people even give them away.

Ipswich Community Play Bus

Jenny H in Maidenhall
For some time now on a Tuesday morning the Ipswich Community Play Bus had not been able to park at Griffin Wharf, by the Audi Garage on Bath street. I think it is the third week in a row now that the bus has had to turn away and go elsewhere. My 2 year ... [ more ]
Liz H
Jenny, I'm the chair person of the Trust and we are doing all we can to help.¬† Thank you so much for bringing this up and lets hope lots of people read this and don't park in the bay on a Tuesday morning.¬† I'm so pleased you enjoy the bus isn't it ... [ more ]

New Regular Qigong Classes from 31 May

Qigonguk in Qigonguk
Join us for our set of friendly and relaxing Qigong classes starting 31 May 2016 in Ipswich. Discover the health improvement and self-development system from the heart of ancient traditions. Learn how to: increase your energy levels and open energy ... [ more ]

Murray rec

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Sue B
The toddler area (the bit that used to be in bark chippings) will shortly be reinstated and fenced off to stop dogs getting in. ¬†Also the picnic area will soon be reinstated. ¬†These parts had to be temporarily removed and the area fenced off, so that the ... [ more ]
Teresa C
Sounds great!¬† Glad the children's area will be closed off - my young dog loves children and assumes that all children will love her, which as we all know is not always the case! ¬† it will be a relief all round for other dog owners and parents to keep ... [ more ]