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Local Conversations in Maidenhall

Keith H
Why do they have to have traffic lights up on Felixstowe road yet again this time they are working in side road  laying kerbs so why do they have them up in road they are not working in.Crazy.
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Suffolk County Council
Just to reply to Ernest's opening paragraph - which is not the case, but we are only able to do so much. I hope people on Streetlife understand that Nicola, Claire, Janine and myself are not able to answer everything - sometimes we simply do not have ... [ more ]
Ipswich has become a nightmare traffic wise. I'm physically disabled so I avoid Ipswich Town centre like the plague now I can drive. Recently I discovered it was easier to drive to Felixstowe and use the WHSmith there, rather than deal with the traffic ... [ more ]

chimney breast removal

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Give, Lend & Borrow in Ipswich Town Centre

What type of area Hadleigh Road is ?

Local Conversations in Gainsborough

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John W
If you find your area on this map it will give you an idea of the crimes reported recently. It can help to spotlight hotspots for things like antisocial behaviour.

Key for Car Radio

Recommendations in Wherstead

Any suggestion where I can get my car radio turned back on. Don't have the key code to use to turn it back on after battery had to be disconnected
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John W
Have you tried the Honest John technical forums yet? I have seen many many requests, probably hundreds, for radio codes, all answered there.

LINK: Power Movie Night

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MAY 18
to , (ended)
Thomas Wolsey Pub, St. Peter's Street, Ipswich
What does it mean to be in power, what are the consequences of its misuse? Come and vote for your favourite power themed film and let the debate ensue. The idea is you bring along your favourite DVD on the theme, you tell us about why it's so great and ... [ more ]
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Sounds interesting and will try and make it, work permitting. I'm not sure if I have an appropriate POWER themed DVD as the movie I would have selected, the Great Dictator, is currently at a friends. p.s. I've checked out your link and facebook pages and ... [ more ]
Dear Diceman, I've never seen the Great Dictator, that would be a great one to watch. The LINK welcomes everyone, whether you have faith or none, it's a place for the curious and a place for sharing ideas. Hope you can make it.

A decent plumber for bathroom refit?

Recommendations in Gainsborough

Sophie T
Hello! I'm looking for a reasonably priced, reliable plumber who would be available to do a bathroom refit before the end of September. I've had problems just trying to get someone to answer the phone without charging really high rates! Any ... [ more ]
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Andy S
Been plumbing for 20odd yr call om me Andy I will pop around tell you how much will cost a thing for me to come and look 078916560488 thank you

Man and a van..

Local Conversations in Maidenhall

Janet R
I need a someone to pick up a sofa, and deliver it to me Both addresses are in the ip3 3-4 miles at the most. Must be reasonable..


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local knowledge.

Local Conversations in Priory Heath

Mark O
hey there streetlifers any one know when the next felixstowe carnival is as last year one was very it was hot too.

pond snails

Local Conversations in Warren Heath

Colin C
Cleaned out my garden pond today but all the snails seem to have vanished, any pond keeper out there want to supply me with any surplus
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Ipswich Superhero Buggy Push for Bliss 2015

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

Liz H
Hi there I am holding the second 5km sponsored buggy push for Bliss in Christchurch Park on June 27th. Last year local parents and children pushed their way to a £1000. We are making an even bigger 'push' towards a larger total this year and I was ... [ more ]

Quiz afternoon

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Community Produce Market and Cafe at Halifax Pavilion

Clubs & Groups in Gainsborough

We will be having a community market and Cafe on Friday 15th 10-12.30 at Halifax Bowls Pavilion on Halifax Road (IP2 8RE). The market will have fresh produce  and plants from the community garden and also plants from Chantry Walled Garden and the ... [ more ]

Lorries in Ipswich.

Local Conversations in Blacksmith's Corner

Pat H
Can anyone tell me why there were 23 lorries within 10 minutes passing me travelling along Colchester Road, Valley Road and Yarmouth Road in the direction of Woodbridge and Felistowe at 9 30 p.m. on Tuesday evening 7th. Was there a problem on the Orwell ... [ more ]
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Michael A
I beg to differ with you I've had four incidents in the last eight years each of which was a vehicle hit me in my HGV I do know what I'm talking about where these vehicles are concerned as l have been driving HGV for over 30 years. One of my friends ... [ more ]
Ian W
The figures are DFT stats, the key point though which we both seem to agree is that HGV's are not a suitable vehicle to share the road with vulnerable road users. Their design is the result of poor legislation and changes are scheduled (delayed by Volvo ... [ more ]


Give, Lend & Borrow in Ipswich Town Centre

Hi does anyone want a vibrapower disc its a toning machine as seen on TV ideal world, I paid £150 for it rrp is £250, need its space free to a good home also CD with it ,1st wants it ,it will be yours
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Planting of roadside trees. Who orgnises them?

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Roger A
When a roadside tree near us died, the IBC said a replacement tree would be planted. Who do I contact to ask for a replacement tree to be planted? What sort of tree, that is low and bushy, might be suggested? Thanks in anticipation.
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Suffolk County Council
Hi everyone, Our highways team are responsible for maintaining most of the highways in Suffolk, including highway verges. If you have any queries or suggestions for verges which can be improved, please use our highways reporting tool to give us all ... [ more ]
Tony G
Thanks for your response Nicola, but the problem we have is in trying to deter motorists from parking on the grass verges, BEFORE they cause damage, not after. There have been numerous site inspections in Cheltenham Avenue over the last 12 months. The ... [ more ]

for sale

£150.00 in Gainsborough

I have for sale a light weight fold up wheelchair £60, a three wheeled walker £25, a handy trolley £20, a perch stool £10, a bed room chair commode £10, please private message if you are interested in any of them.

local knowledge

Local Conversations in Priory Heath

Mark O
hi all would anyone know who is responsible for looking after sir bobby robson bridge as i drive past it every night and can see that it looking very filthy as no one have been keeping it clean and this will put off visiters from coming to ipswich. there ... [ more ]
Sheila O
Re bobby robson bridge perhaps some volunteers or community charge people could clean it !!

Quiz, Disco

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
Quiz afternoon 10th May 1pm til 5.30 pm Teams 4 / 6 £5 jacket spud, bring your own drink. Book teams in by Friday 8th contact me on 07985638026 or 01473 745470. Disco and Solo Singer Andre 23rd May tickets £5 please purchase by the 22nd of may. ... [ more ]

one week to go

Clubs & Groups in Rushmere Street

metal fabrication

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Recommendations in Priory Heath

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Lyn P
We use Orwell Vets for our cat and dog and have been very pleased for several years with all their services.
Carol R
I use Smith Ryder Davies in Woodbridge, they have looked after my dogs and horses for over 25 years and are brilliant.

television repairs

Recommendations in Warren Heath

Sycamore seedlings

Local Conversations in Rose Hill

APR 29
to (ended)
Stoke Park, Ipswich
Kathleen E
Have you noticed the thousands of sycamore seedlings that have rooted and are growing in this part of Ipswich. When carrying out our monthly litterpick along the greensward in Belstead Road, the amount of seedlings that have landed and rooted are ... [ more ]
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Paul B
I do not remember so many before. We always have quite a few, but this seems exceptional. I am fortunate enough to have an old garden vac, ands filled two black bin bags almost full just from our smallish back garden!  is this some weird alien invasion ... [ more ]
Janet A
I've had loads of Sycamore seedlings too - they are everywhere much worse than usual.  Maybe the conditions are just right for most of them to grow this year -what an awful thought a lawn full of trees!!  Better get back out there & pull them all up!