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Christopher R in Broke Hall
I live near Queensway can anyone tell me why there is so many bluebells in this area they are nice to see but they are everywhere in my garden and the surrounding areas just a matter of interest
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Sarah W
I'm with Ernest on this, I try to get rid of the invaders when I find them.  The hybrids have the odd flower on the other side.  As Felix says the genuine English squill [their old name] has flowers on one side, and smell gorgeous when in a mass, more ... [ more ]

Lorries overtaking lorries

Jack D in California
Why oh why do lorry drivers try to overtake each over when no one can go faster than the other. Last week I sat behind a lorry parallel to another on the A14 between Copdock and asda and not one of them would give in. It's almost like a game to these so ... [ more ]
Steve S
hear hear ....get a hill one slows down and the other struggles to almost get past , then going down the other side the slower one speeds up so he cant pull in ,...drives you mad

Jubilee Park

Buzz R in Castle Hill
Does anyone know what's happening, if anything, with Jubilee Park? I know they recently removed the remains of the "play ship", but other than that nothing seems to have been done. No CCTV, no fencing, no additional facilities. On the subject of the ... [ more ]
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Toby P.
I asked the same question Alan K, and found out it was an area well known to us kids some sixty years ago. i.e Prospect street, Victoria Street, and all the other little streets that were there many years ago, with their cute little sweet shops etc. ... [ more ]
Buzz R
Not sure I'd describe it as a "treasure", though it still acts thus to lots of local kids, particularly those who, like our grandson, go to Handford Hall Primary (as our own kids did back in the day). Toby pinpointed the area. The park itself contains ... [ more ]

Gas Fitter Required -Can anyone recommend one please

Jackie S in Priory Heath
Hi, I need to get in contact with a reliable gas fitter to disconnect a gas hob and re-connect gas to a free standing gas cooker. Your help is appreciated
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Pat C
I endorse Pete's plumbing too, nice chap who doesn't rip you off , turned up when he said he would, did work quickly and efficiently and didn't leave a mess ,explained what did what to otherhalf. Job done well
Rita K
I confirm what Pat says. Used our previous plumber for many years but he charged us more than Peter from Pete's plumbing for the same job and this was 2 years ago. And indeed Peter explained everything we must and should know.

Paving slabs

Jack D in California
I'm after a few paving slabs for a small project in my garden. If anyone has a few spares I'd be very happy to have them.

Upper Orwell St closed!

Martin C in Ipswich Town Centre
The road is closed as part of the current works in the area. There was no pre-publicity in the area for this actual closure, nor any indication of how long it will last. However according to the website it should have been closed from 18th April 2016 to ... [ more ]
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New shed, base and re-paving

Teresa C in Greenwich
Hi, don't know where to start! my small back garden needs 'doing over', need old shed taking down (before it falls down), proper base put down and new reasonable quality larger shed constructed, also new paving. Can anyone recommend a professional ... [ more ]
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Base was already there,but he would of done if needed,He has family & friends who help him, He's a proper carpenter who takes great pride in his work,He made mine to measure,I don't know how to put photos on this but if your on WhatsApp i can send ... [ more ]

Advice on slate roof felting

Lynne M in Stoke
After having a loose slate fixed it was brought to our attention that our roof was not lined with felt could anyone please answer these questions for me? 1. does a slate roof in a 1928 house need felting 2. will felting our roof stop condensation in the ... [ more ]
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Lynne M
Thank you for all your advice it looks like I need to speak to a roofer as it is a very expensive job to have done which I really cannot afford :(

Wedding dress alterations

Janice C in Ipswich Town Centre
The shop I've bought my wedding dress from are quoting £250 to have it altered. I don't know if this is reasonable or not? So was wondering if others had paid a similar price or knew of someone with the necessary skills who would be cheaper? Thank you
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Cattery Recommendation please

Poppy in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi.  I need to put my cats into a cattery for a few days at fairly short notice.  They are not used to being in a cattery and I have no experience of catteries around here.  I live in IP3 so if anyone can recommend a good cattery then I'd be grateful. ... [ more ]
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Shaun N
Definitely Woodside Cattery.  Lovely lady who runs it.  Tried one or two others before but for the last few years Woodside.  Cats love it, lovely environment and we always feel OK about leaving the cats there which we didn't get the same feeling ... [ more ]
Lynn H
I can highly recommend they are in Woodbridge but are true cats lovers & my cats have been very well looked after each time they have stayed.

Mental health issues

Christopher R in Broke Hall
I to have experienced a problem with mental health problems and yes aftercare is a big problem once you have been discharged there is no backup system to see how you are copeing it has happened to me in the past and I tell them but I must stress that ... [ more ]
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Tre W
My neice is struggling with mental health problems. She is in a state and can't leave the house without having major panic attacks. Last week she got a letter saying her benefits have been stopped. Why? Because she couldn't leave the house to attend a ... [ more ]
Brett N
You'd have to check but I'm sure that in certain circumstances a home visit is possible. There must be an awful lot of people out there for a number of reasons cannot leave the house.

Public Meeting re: Holywells events

Holywells W in California
There is a notice at G. Debmans Butchers shop in Cliff Lane, advertising a public meeting on May 11th regarding "events in Holywells Park this year". Is there a sub-text here? Might it be referring to the 2 day music event that is taking place, or is it ... [ more ]
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Pauline L
Hi Liz,did not know about the South East Area committee last month,where was it advertised? The trouble is not every one has a computer or gets a paper every day I think this is where a lot of people miss out,such a shame.
Liz H
I would agree with you.  I will speak to the Council about this.  Perhaps they could put up notices around the Ward.  The next one is the 8th of June and when I get my notice I will put it on StreetLife

NHS Dentist

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Janet A
I also recommend Staffa Lodge on Norwich Road very friendly they also send a text to remind you when appt. is so you don't forget.

New Door fitters recommendations.

Mai E in Gainsborough
I'm having quotes on a new door. Iron:glaze seem like a good bet. I've also had a quote from Zenith (quite expensive). This afternoon I'm seeing XL. Has anyone had any experience of these companies? Who would you recommend?
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Pam M
I've just had all new windows and doors in the house. Used Chris King. Very knowledgable and excellent work. Would recommend him.
Joanna A
I had a replacement front door and window fitted by RightStyle last summer. A small local company based, I think, in Leiston. Their price and service was very good


Christopher R in Broke Hall
Hello I am trying to find a child's skateboard he is only four his older brother got one for his birthday who is eight and you know what it's like the other one wants to join in if anyone has one that there child has outgrown please let me know thankyou
I bought one for a four year old in The Range and it didn't cost any more than £8. It's still in use, otherwise I would happily give it to you.
Tam M
Similar in that I don't have a child skateboard to give, however there's a shop called "Wahoo" on Dogs Head Street that looked skater friendly and could potentially sell them.

Garden Furniture wanted

Chris M in Warren Heath
Hi does anyone have any old garden furniture that they want to get rid of also looking for paving slabs , we moved last November and have a huge garden to sort out , thank you for reading.

dog sitter

Chris M in Warren Heath
Hi can anyone recommend someone who looks after dogs in there own home, we have been let down by our dog sitter , he is a small dog that just wants company and a lap to sit on , we are going away July 23rd for 12 days please get in touch if you can help.
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Chris M
Thank you to everyone who replied to my post, we have met a lovely lady who has agreed to have our dog for us.

Police to be dangled from crane to view whole town

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Mark B
I'm going to recommend they start a similar campaign where they dangle someone on a noose instead.


Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
Belstead allotments have a few plots vacant, it is a lovely site at the bottom of Bobbits lane. Everyone is friendly, we have a community shed and a loo. A great way to meet new people get fit and grow your own dinner.
Angela C
Phone the council 433512 they will put you in touch with Judy Mills field secretary or look on the Belstead allotments facebook page. Hope to hear from you soon

Station improvements!

Beth T in Gainsborough
Does anyone have any information about why the supposed improvements to Ipswich station haven't materialised? All we seem to have so far, is a ticket office not fit for purpose. Or, like everything else about our rail service, this was the idea?
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Jeremy C
I ve been through the station 4 times this week seems to be working fine dispute the works. The automatic ticket machines are working if you don't want to use the portacabin. And you can still get a coffee. Shame about the reliability on Ipswich ... [ more ]

Car paint sprayer

Teresa P in Ipswich Town Centre
Need to get my car bumper re-sprayed could anyone recommend a place who are reasonably priced, but do a good job too please.
Neil H
Try T'n'c 01473 712712 Trevor was recommended by family and did a great job for me. He was over £200 cheaper than the people my dealer sent me to!!!

carpenter and kitchen fitters

bryan P in Greenwich
I am looking for Kitchen fitters must be reliable and reasonably priced and good workmanship also looking for a carpenter I would welcome any recomendations Many thanks

The True Cost

Peter C in Gainsborough
Do you know the story behind some of the clothes you buy? Come to the Ipswich Film Theatre on Monday 25th April at 6.30pm to enjoy a glass of Fairtrade wine or juice and watch this important documentary film (The True Cost) Join in the discussion ... [ more ]

unnecessary tree felling just a birds start nesting

Roger A in Ipswich Town Centre
Yellow spray marks adorn trees earmarked for felling behind Oulton Road. Poor birds!  Poor residents who are loosing their privacy.  And it's all because the IBC have failed to prune the trees on a regular basis.  Instead they go wild with a chainsaw in ... [ more ]
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Roger A
Kim C said: "the sycamores have been marked for felling" Oh dear I cannot believe that the trees officer cannot tell the difference between horse chestnut and sycamore.  It's the horse chestnut behind where I live that has yellow spray paint on it. ... [ more ]
Angela W
Emalkuda, I have no idea why the council were involved, they insisted I get my partner out of bed on a urgent matter (the hedge), despite my explaining he worked nights and was ill. It was a female council worker and I  assume the power had gone to her ... [ more ]

Collections for British Red Cross!!!

Paul F in Stoke
Hi!! My name is Paul Fleet and I am the Senior Community Fundraiser for British Red Cross in Norfolk and Suffolk. The charity has been given permission to collect from 9am-5pm at the following places: • Ipswich Tesco – Thursday 5th May and Friday 6th ... [ more ]