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dog and guinea pig boarding

Recommendations in Greenwich

Angela W
Can anyone recommend a dog kennel in Ipswich? I've seen a couple advertised but they seem rather big and I'm not sure they would be suitable for a nervous dog.  Also I have two guinea pigs which I need to board, any ideas?
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Kathy P
Hi Jean, it is illegal for anyone to board dogs without a licence, but it is a relatively straightforward process to be licensed, assuming you have safe premises, a fire policy, indemnity insurance, first aid kit, proper records, waste disposal ... [ more ]

Bus Pass

Local Conversations in Wherstead

My husband over heard a conversation in a shop in town (he is always earwigging) that the pensioner bus passes are to be stopped. Anybody know if it is true?

quiz afternoon

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
If you get bored cause the weather is a bit pants today The Meeting place, Community Centre,Limerick Close IP1 5LR is a holding a Sport/Music Quiz today from 3.30 if you want to rustle up a team of 4/6 its £5 a per person includes Jacket Spud bring ya ... [ more ]


Give, Lend & Borrow in Stoke Park

Lynda H
First time I've posted to you lovely community out there.....does anyone have any snowdrops, bluebells, primroses looking for relocation by any chance? Would be ever so greatful! Please and thank you! X

Easter holiday activities for young people in Ipswich

Clubs & Groups in Stoke Park

Community Team IBC
There are lots of sporting & craft activities going on over the Easter holidays for young people in Ipswich including basketball, football, arts & crafts, snorkeling, table tennis, archery & much more. Details can be found here: ... [ more ]


Lost & Found in Ipswich Town Centre

Teresa P
Please could you keep your eyes out for a missing small black female cat about 10 months old. Last Thursday 12th March she escaped from her carrier while on route to Cliff lane vets, last scene Holywells park area. Her name is Pixie and she belongs to a ... [ more ]
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Teresa P
Thank you Mary J, I have been out again leafleting doors on the Rivers Est. The owner had a call about seeing a black laying under a tree in Holywells park, We just need more sightings so we piece together where she is hanging about. So please people on ... [ more ]

What kind of area Renfrew Road is???

Local Conversations in Gainsborough

Internet Beans
Hi, I am thinking about renting a house on Renfrew road Ipswich and wondering if anyone can help me and give some feedback about this area. Is it good place to live? Thanks, Sami
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Jeffrey C
I do not live on Rushmere  estate but have always lived in or near Ipswich and I think that Rushmere is considered by many as the best council estate in Ipswich with a lot of the houses now being privately owned.It has very good facilities and all the ... [ more ]

Air born dust

Local Conversations in Warren Heath

Reg S
Is there any body who find their car covered in light film of dust. My son has a black car so he notice it more
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I've noticed my car being covered in dust, just being parked on Coronation Road. By the looks of things, everyone else in the street have the same issue.

Wanted oil drum

Give, Lend & Borrow in Warren Heath

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Reg S
Hi. Keith. Many thanks the drums are fine but every body say no rain. Sods law. Thanks again. Reg some body is nearly as old as me. He asked about Fuel Injection Mr. piper was the guv I know 1 mech is still about and 1 more. Live in ... [ more ]

HWRC Customer Satisfaction Survey IT failure

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Roger A
Ha!  Devise a questionnaire, then have it sent into the ether! Those officious administrators at Suffolk County Council don't really want your views it seems. And that question:  'Are you willing to pay for your visit to the recycling centre?' is absent.
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Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
The Meeting Place and Wot's up just want to say thanks to all who had tables at The table top sale £250 was raised again thankyou. Was a really good day

Ipswich Borough Council volunteers for community shops

Local Conversations in Pinewood

John S
Shop Volunteers Needed... We need volunteers for community shops. You will be provided with all the support you need. If you are unemployed volunteering can help your skills and boost your confidence. You'll meet new people and improve your CV at the ... [ more ]
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Table Top sale

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
Reminder of Table Top sale this Saturday 11am til 3pm at The Meeting Place Community Centre, limerick close, Whitehouse Rd, Ip1 5lr Teddy Tombola, Raffle, Cake Stall, and the cafe will be open please tell ya friends. Tables £5 to book please ring the ... [ more ]

Mobile phone

Local Conversations in Stoke

I require a mobile fone, for emergency preferable with it,s own number, to use for texts only must be reasonable to purchase. Condition not a problem as long as it works ok.
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Spotty Dog
Same phone as on Amazon at Carphone Warehouse is £9.99

Ipswich Borough Council volunteers for community shops

Clubs & Groups in Pinewood

John S
Shop Volunteers Needed... We need volunteers for community shops. You will be provided with all the support you need. If you are unemployed volunteering can help your skills and boost your confidence. You'll meet new people and improve your CV at the ... [ more ]

Lost chicken

Lost & Found in Gainsborough

Graham C
We have lost one of our pet chickens... She is a lavender (silver grey coloured) frizzle - very distinctive, as her feathers point towards her head instead of away, giving her a ruffled appearance. She is small - bantam sized. We'd be grateful for any ... [ more ]
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Household items needed for move

Give, Lend & Borrow in Maidenhall

Tina H
Just a long shot.... We are having to move at the end of this month as my landlord is selling the house we are currently renting. I am having to downsize but need some furniture if anyone knows of anybody getting rid of items. I need a wardrobe as this ... [ more ]
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Hi Tina, You could have a look at Ipswich freecycle, they can have some decent stuff on there, also they have a wanted section, if you need something specific. Happy moving
Mike B
Check streetbank too They have a large number of items people want to give away.

Owners no longer informed if dog gets run over!

Local Conversations in Wherstead

What do you think about the fact that road workers are not required to check the collar and micro chip of dogs that get run over, and that their bodies can be disposed of without telling their doubtless worried owners? Will any of our politicians be ... [ more ]
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Beryl E
ur all so rite but the matter is the owners its got to be sad wen they find out ,i would be mad if they hadnt told me , i think they should bring the licence back ,
Sorry if it's already been mentoned but I read that it was going to be law from next year to have all dogs micro-chipped due to the expense councils pay looking after strays. So, surely it follows that they will scan all dogs, dead or alive?


Recommendations in Greenwich

Joan L
We inherited a garden pond when we moved. It is well stocked with fish and we are struggling with blanketweed. Used chemicals last summer but would prefer to use other methods if anyone has any suggestions please. We are new to pond maintenance!!
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Andrew T
I have about 5 koi which are about 9 to 12 inches long and about 20 smaller fish about 3 to 6 inch mixed goldfish and koi. plus the grass carp and 2 gudgeon to take care of any sludge etc.
Graham S
I work at the Environment Agency and we recommend this website we also have staff who can advise particularly if it is an invasive species call 03708 506506

Counter Top Oven & Grill

Give, Lend & Borrow in Rose Hill

Ipswich Lad
Does anyone want a grill/oven that sits on top of the counter. It's really a combination microwave but the microwave's packed up. It's probably fixable but we're about to change our kitchen and my good lady has decided it must go. It's now in my boot ... [ more ]

Registered cake maker

Classifieds in Greenwich

Lynn C
Hi I am a registered cake maker and can make all kinds of cakes. If you are interested you will find all of my cakes at

Now taking orders for easter cakes

£20.40 in Greenwich

APR 04

Unit 3 Cycle Repairs

Recommendations in Chantry

Steve W
My son and I have both used Roy at Unit 3 Cycle Repairs on Hawes Street and had a fantastic service. Quick, cheap and easy to deal with. If you need any bike repairs, go and see him
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Steve W
hawes street is the road which runs between Ip City Centre and Stoke Bridge. Perfect service and at £22 for two new tyres, brake pads and delivery very cheap
Ipswich Lad
Actually, it's not! Hawes Street runs from IP Centre roundabout out towards Wherstead Road (where the Riverside Industrial Park is). Vernon Street runs from Stoke Bridge towards the IP Centre. On the left on Vernon Street past Dock Street, before ... [ more ]

LINK: Faith Film Night

Clubs & Groups in LINK

MAR 16
to , (ended)
The Thomas Wolsey Pub, 9-13 St Peters Street, Ipswich, IP1 1XF
What are the films that take a leap? What movies make you believe in something? Come and help us discover that story that changes your life. Join us for great movies, engaging discussion and growing community. The idea is you bring along your favourite ... [ more ]

Table Top sale

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

MAR 21
to , (ended)
The Meeting Place Community Centre, limerick close, Whitehouse
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