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A big thumbs up

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I have to give the Ipswich Ambulance service and Ipswich hospital a very big thumbs up, my husband took ill last night and the ambulance arrived very quickly, the paramedics were wonderful and the staff at A & E brilliant, hopefully I will be ... [ more ]
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Gillian W
I had to call on the ambulance service a couple of times when my husband who has terminal cancer needed help. They were prompt efficient and very kind and left us reassured. My husband is now in St Elizabeth Hospice all the staff are so caring for both ... [ more ]
Hi Gillian W I am truly sorry that your husband, you and your family are going through such a difficult time, I know it can be very hard to stay positive, I lost my twin brother to cancer 8 years ago an now one of my sisters has cancer for the second ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Just finished volunteering at a charity shop in Meredith road and what do I see, a middle aged man stealing a wooden jewellery box that cost all of £2.50. WHY BOTHER?? Hang your head in shame whoever you are.
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One of my point's exactly, and the police will in most cases take the version of the criminal, not so long ago two lads were causing damage and thieving, they were threatened with the police, they were most cheeky and just said prove it, they got a smack ... [ more ]

Absolute stupidity

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Joan L
I was washing up this morning and looking out of the window when a young couple stopped their car. The young lady got out and took a young child from its seat in the back and placed it on the drivers lap. They carried on driving down the road with the ... [ more ]
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Joan L
I have read your comments and agree that health and safety has, in places gone mad. BUT, I have witnessed a baby being thrown from a car because it wasn't restrained. When a child can make the decision to risk its life I suppose that makes this kind of ... [ more ]
I agree with Joan L, the actions of these parents are totally inappropriate, it would only take a small bump or braking sharply and the child would be straight through the windscreen and that would be horrendous.

Airport transfers

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

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Mark J
Hi Avril, my dad is an experienced taxi driver with a hackney license. He also drives the Ipswich Town FC reporters to all away games. You can reach him on 07743034164.
Richard G
Classical touch are ok , try Trevor Dines Private Hire (Google him) ,  ExPolice too .... But nowadays that doesn't appear to hold much standing !

Reliable Builders

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Teresa T
I'm looking to get some quotes for some building/alteration work to my house. I'm planning to use part of a large bedroom to change the use of it to shower room with sink and toilet facilities. Does anyone know of  good reliable builders?
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Linda C
That is a good thought Buzz R maybe we could do it on the site then it will have reliable well known for work tradesmen who anyone can call on when necessary. thankyou for the idea.
Charlotte W
Leon Taylor 07711 752697 He's very quick and neat. We're going to be using him for all of our building work and he does plastering, etc... too (also very neat). Highly recommended.

whitehouse park

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Peter P
It seems the park near meredith rd has been invaded by caravans, and I spotted one person driving a motorised quadbike with a child on the front racing round the park, with no thoughts of safety to the child or other park users. We need action to stop ... [ more ]
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Citizen of Ipswich
The 'travellers' at Gippeswyk Park also left bits of broken glass scattered over the grass that the council clean up crew missed. I heard reports of dogs getting cut feet. Just watch your step.
Julian J
So if I make a mess is it OK if taxpayers pay for a skip so I can clean up my mess......don't think the councils money would last lo g if they gave us all skips.what people trying to say is why should we pay for there mess they make and why do they have ... [ more ]

Get involved at your next Area Committee!

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Community Team IBC
The details for the next round of Area Committees are available; these are your opportunity as residents to have your say in your local area, raise local issues with your Ward Councillors, and hear priorities from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team ... [ more ]

Roadworks yet again in Birkfield Drive

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Alan O
Most annoying hold ups for traffic being held up at the bottom of Birkfield Drive there is only one lane open, there is no work done to the road but trying to work on the pavements why hold up traffic to the main road into Chantry there is no need to ... [ more ]
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Alex G
It is good to see this problem is being dealt after such a long time, and whilst I can understand the need to divert the traffic flow; I don't see why the  diversion and temporary traffic signals were left in place and operating over the whole Bank ... [ more ]
Suffolk County Council
Hi all, If you’d like to raise your concerns with our highways team, you can report it directly to them by using our online reporting tool. Just to let you know as well, if you’re ever after more information on road closures, is a really ... [ more ]

Jumble sale and cake stall

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Diane W
Can anyone suggest a printers that are cheap and able to print a relatively small amount , for a charity promotion. I need some flyers for the 'Lark in the Park' event on Gypeswick Park for Chantry Ladies Club, we are trying to organise a table/tombola ... [ more ]
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Fridge Repairs

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Hayley S
Hi folks, can anyone recommend someone who repairs fridges and is reliable and not extravagantly expensive please? Thank you.
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wandering black cat

Lost & Found in Ipswich Town Centre

Hayley J
I'm concerned about a black unneautured cat that is wandering around Aster Road Chantry and in the grounds of The Oaks Primary School. He is thin and looks like he's got mange. Very shy he won't come near. Is there anyone that could help him in any ... [ more ]
Hi Hayley Animal Search Uk has details of a missing cat in that area - may not be the same cat but worth asking!


Give, Lend & Borrow in Ipswich Town Centre


Local Conversations in Common, The

Janet A
Has any one had a problem with having lots of moths in the house this year?  I had some the end of last year especially in the kitchen then it stopped but now it's awful & has been for over a month now. Does anyone know where moths like to nest & ... [ more ]
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Helen M
Oh glad you found them, I hope that is the last of them. I believe the ones we had were in a few packets which shows how messy I am!
Janet A
I did find a Tub of parmasan cheese that looked suspect & threw that out as well.

What type of area Hadleigh Road is ?

Local Conversations in Gainsborough

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John W
If you find your area on this map it will give you an idea of the crimes reported recently. It can help to spotlight hotspots for things like antisocial behaviour.

Key for Car Radio

Recommendations in Wherstead

Any suggestion where I can get my car radio turned back on. Don't have the key code to use to turn it back on after battery had to be disconnected
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John W
Have you tried the Honest John technical forums yet? I have seen many many requests, probably hundreds, for radio codes, all answered there.

LINK: Power Movie Night

Clubs & Groups in LINK

MAY 18
to , (ended)
Thomas Wolsey Pub, St. Peter's Street, Ipswich
What does it mean to be in power, what are the consequences of its misuse? Come and vote for your favourite power themed film and let the debate ensue. The idea is you bring along your favourite DVD on the theme, you tell us about why it's so great and ... [ more ]
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Sounds interesting and will try and make it, work permitting. I'm not sure if I have an appropriate POWER themed DVD as the movie I would have selected, the Great Dictator, is currently at a friends. p.s. I've checked out your link and facebook pages and ... [ more ]
Dear Diceman, I've never seen the Great Dictator, that would be a great one to watch. The LINK welcomes everyone, whether you have faith or none, it's a place for the curious and a place for sharing ideas. Hope you can make it.

A decent plumber for bathroom refit?

Recommendations in Gainsborough

Sophie T
Hello! I'm looking for a reasonably priced, reliable plumber who would be available to do a bathroom refit before the end of September. I've had problems just trying to get someone to answer the phone without charging really high rates! Any ... [ more ]
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Andy S
Been plumbing for 20odd yr call om me Andy I will pop around tell you how much will cost a thing for me to come and look 078916560488 thank you

How do you go about getting an extension on a house?

Recommendations in Stoke

I am moving to a new house and wondered if I could afford an extension? But I have no idea of how to get one and what is involved or even how much it will cost? Has anyone got any tips? Do I need a builder or an architect or both?
Citizen of Ipswich
You'll need a builder to build it and an architect to draw up the plans. Contact the councils local planning office first to find out the sort of extension that's allowed in your area. Some don't need planning permission but still need approval. Simple ... [ more ]

Someone to repair lawn mower

Recommendations in Westbourne

Barbara C
Can anyone recommend a petrol lawn mower repairer. The self propelling mechanism has broken and it also needs a service. Thanks
Sally M
Sproughton garden machinery repairs 77-79 Cullingham Road, Ipswich IP1 2EG01473 251526 We have used them and for a small fee will asses and advise on cost before starting, if needed.

Washing Machine repair

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

I have a Siemens WXD1260 washing machine (approx. 10 years old) in need of repair - it sounds like a drum bearing has gone.  Can anyone recommend an engineer who could call and repair?
Richard G
Peter Weir .... Cannot find his number at moment but used by many people i know , but at ten years old i would replace it , unless you have a water softener that is .
I have had peter weir repair my machine before very good I have 01473 718626 as his number.

Wildlife Area at Whitton Community Primary School

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Community Team IBC
Attached are a few pictures from the wildlife area at Whitton CP School which is nearing completion. The North West Area Committee part funded this project along with funds from SCC & the North West Big Local Trust. Previously this area was ... [ more ]
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Pig Racing

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

JUN 06
Woodbridge Football Club
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
The Hog Roast Runners, a dynamic team of battery powered, pink porkers will be returning to the track on Saturday June 6th, at Woodbridge Football club. Individuals will be able to place their bets on their favourite, and hope that their oinker makes it ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

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Couldn't possible do that?

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

Baz M
Reluctant partner? Not sure what it's about? Curious and intrigued? Game for a laugh? On ones bucket list? Ladies - ever wondered why women enjoy a lifestyle without clothes (weather & circumstances permitting). Springwood Sun club nr Colchester are ... [ more ]