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Cold room

Christopher R in Priory Heath
I have lived in my two bedroom house for the last 5months my bedroom has always been cold two weeks ago I went in my wardrobe and got some clothing out and the were damp and mouldy I look around and found in the corner of the ceiling a patch of water ... [ more ]
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Graham D
Sounds like a cold bridging problem ,where insulation has not been fitted all over,you may need to go into loft or above the problem area and investigate yourself.(if you own the property)

Parking on Grass Verges

Albchiv in Racecourse
My wife tells me she saw a person writing down the registration of vehicles parked on the grass verge in Renfrew Road. Does anyone know if he is a council official, a road tax official or a concerned local resident collecting facts to present a case to ... [ more ]
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Sandra G,  if these cars are owned by a motor trader, it is possible that they are not insured or taxed either. Maybe worth an on-line DVLA vehicle check on one of them.
Jill W
Margaret P Hello Margaret, We have this problem with a neighbour who drives on our kerb driveway to park outside his home . Destroying the grass verge leaving it looking like a mud pond this time of year is sickening. Thank god the Grandchildren check ... [ more ]

Ipswich Emotional Overeating Support Group (2nd & 4th Wed)

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Quaker Meeting House, 39 Fonnereau Road, Ipswich, IP1 3JH
Fiona E in Ipswich Town Centre
This week we have guest speakers including a clinical psychologist. Next meeting will be 24th Feb. When you arrive at the group you can expect to discuss themes related to emotional overeating, share useful book recommendations and get help accessing ... [ more ]

Support Group for Emotional Overeating and Binge Eating Adults

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Quaker Meeting House
Fiona E in Ipswich Town Centre
When you arrive at the group you can expect to discuss themes related to emotional overeating, share useful book recommendations and get help accessing other services in your area. The groups are a chance for you to share your emotional overeating ... [ more ]
Fiona E
Hi Alison, our next meeting is Wed 10th Feb. We have a couple of guest speakers including a clinical psychologist. The following meeting is on 24th Feb. Best wishes Fiona

B&Q site

Natalie S in Westbourne
What would you like to see on the B&Q site?
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Jill W
Dave L A skating rink would have made sense in this area like we had way back when ! Market days on a Sat was always popular.

Tolly Cobbold

Natalie S in Westbourne
What do you make of the plans for the former Tolly Cobbold brewery?
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Dave L
The Waterfront pretty much stops after Aurora, the area beyond Patterson Rd being a mix of warehouses, industrial units and waste land. I often run through this area and find it quite depressing. The Brewery Tap itself is a great building and if a way ... [ more ]
Richard G
The new crossing planned at this location may well change the area of this building , not for the better. I think the bridge will go ahead as nobody really has any clout that objects to it. The Waterfront (nicer) area will start at the bridge , the out ... [ more ]

Chantry Library

Steve W in Chantry
Hi, Several months ago I posted about my wife arriving at the library to return some books 10 minutes before closing time to find them already closing up. Unbelievably it happened to her again on Friday. Our books were due back and she arrived at 4.55, ... [ more ]
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Jean G in Ipswich Town Centre
can anyone recommend a reliable trustworthy garage  to do an m.o.t and service ?preferably on a bus route so I can get back home or at least into town whilst it is being repaired . thanking you in advance!
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Sam S
Mark Thomas mobile mechanic. He'll pick your car up and drop it back. He's brilliant, everyone I know uses him now. 07910 273565

TK Maxx are on the move

Natalie S in Westbourne
As much as everyone loves to complain about Ipswich Town Centre, we cannot deny that things are starting to change for the better. TK Maxx is moving downstairs in the Buttermarket, making way for the new cinema. But what other changes would you like in ... [ more ]
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French Conversation

Margaret P in Ipswich Town Centre
I have seen somewhere, but not sure it was on Streetlife, reference to a local French Conversation Group. Does anyone know or have any information please? Thanks

Ipswich Traffic Light Scheme

Brian B in Gainsborough
Why are our local MP's not creating an outcry over the fiasco traffic light scheme in Ipswich. I believe the cost was in the region of 20 million pounds and is now looking like being three years overdue. How many potholes would that have filled?! In ... [ more ]
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Chantry High School Building Site

NatureGal in Belstead
I just wondered if any other residents were as fed up with the construction noise as I am? The works are now way over the estimated completion of Summer 2015. I am not even that near the School but it is bad enough at times here. I contacted the ... [ more ]
Citizen of Ipswich
There's usually a contractor's board outside, if so give them a call and make complaint. If not contact your local councillors and see what they can do. I have to say I was very surprised just how much of the old school has been demolished when I drove ... [ more ]
As far as I know at the moment the demolition and re build of the actual school building is complete. It's all the periphery work on site which hasn't got an end date and with new projects apparently planned. I did hear a rumour things were knocked down ... [ more ]

Time to Talk Day 2016

Community Team IBC in Akenham
We are proud to be supporting the Time to Change - Time to Talk day 2016.  It's easy to get involved. Just have a chat about mental health with a friend, loved one, colleague or even your Streetlife Neighbours, in any way that suits you.  Let's get the ... [ more ]

Electronic bus timetables

Jean M in Ipswich Town Centre
How long does it take to get the powers that be to fix the electronic timetable for the busses at Norwich Road Bridge? It's been out of order since before Christmas!
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Steve C
Jean I guess the point I was trying to make is that where buses provide a regular service i.e 10min intervals the electronic timetable is pretty much redundant. Out in the countryside, where the service only runs half hourly or perhaps only hourly these ... [ more ]
An electronic timetable yes perhaps I agree, but the bus companies are supposed to be working towards fitting all buses with live tracking, this is where the screens come in handy, even for 10 minute frequency services. Having been stood at a stop many ... [ more ]

Looking for reliable plumber

Sherry F in Ipswich Town Centre
Does anyone know of a plumber who would be able to urgently replace the filling system in my loo please?
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Sherry F
Thank you very much for your responses, however they did not come through to me until I received the daily email which is a shame as I did manage to find someone yesterday. For info Karen C his name I Darren May of Water Works plumbing & heating ... [ more ]

Jubilee Park Play-Space Survey

Community Team IBC in Akenham
Do you live in the Jubilee Park area? If so, we need your help!  Please take 5 minutes to complete our survey on the play-spaces in the community: Your feedback is really appreciated.
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Buzz R
The football/netball/basketball area next to the play area has high fencing which would be virtually impossible to climb. Similar fencing around the play area would pretty well ensure its security overnight.

Stolen Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: 11am Friday 22nd January

Laurie in Rose Hill
Today I dropped my phone when I got out of the car. I didn't notice. I went in the bank. When I realised I didn't have my phone I checked everywhere. Staff at the bank (Lloyds on Nacton Road) checked on CCTV and TWENTY seconds after I dropped it a man ... [ more ]
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Thank you both for commenting - I thought I'd posted it where nobody could see it (I've never started a post before). Yes, reported and statement given. Blocked it online at 'immobilise' too (great to register all the details of all your gadgets incase ... [ more ]

Ipswich Waterfront Transport Study

Optimist! in Whitton
Over the last few months (years?) there have been many topics which discuss the traffic situation in Ipswich, in particular the balance between car users and public transport/pedestrians/cyclists, and the issue of the Star Lane gyratory system and Wet ... [ more ]
Roger A
"Ipswich becomes a ‘Town on the Waterfront’ rather than a ‘Town in a ring road’ This won't be achieved if the northern development goes ahead and especially if housing development sprawls out to Rushmere, swallowing up agricultural land as it does so.

Good dentist

Bill G in California
Hi, I moved back to Ipswich a couple of years ago and need a new dentist. Used to be with Mr Fordham, but don't want to go back. Any ideas?
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Richard B
I can recommend Orwell Dental Surgery on Nacton Road - as far as I know they are still taking on NHS

counselling for men who have been in an abusive marriage.

Theresa H in Maidenhall
Hi! Please can someone offer some help? I need to find out if there is any support groups or counselling services which offer MEN support with depression linked to having been in an abusive marriage. My partner thankfully is now out of that marriage ... [ more ]
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Hi Theresa. The name is Angela Emmerson. She's in IP3. 01473 727197 I hope she can be a help to your partner.

Ipswich Branch, Suffolk Family History Society Meeting Thursday 25th February

to ,
The Pioneer Hall, Co-Op Education Centre, 11, Fore Street, Ipswich IP4 1JW
Howard K in Ipswich Town Centre
John Field presents: "Giles and his adopted Town - Ipswich . A description of the cartoonist Carl Giles, and his life, exploring the degree which Ipswich and Suffolk locations form the setting for many cartoons. Then looking at the various local ... [ more ]

Not for profit Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich

Marc L in Rose Hill
New Tai Chi Class for Beginners with Marc Levy Thursday 4th Feb at 5.45pm - 7.15pm.  At Witnesham Village Hall. Church Lane, Witnesham, IP6 9JD. No joining fee, no upfront payments. Just £5 each week. Looking forward to seeing you there.  Marc. tel ... [ more ]
Marc L Hi to all interested new beginner tai chi students here are two videos of the beginning of our Tai Chi. Don't worry we will not be doing it outside as in the videos. ... [ more ]

New trampoline park

Natalie S in Westbourne
The latest empty unit to be taken over is Gym and Trim at Cardinal Park. And it will be transformed into a trampoline park. What are your views? Will this be a good attraction to bring in younger people? or would you rather see something else in the ... [ more ]
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Leeann H
That's fantastic evening we go to jump street every hols , does anyone know when it opens ...? We do need more for the older children my 11 year old has grown out of play centres 😄😂
Mark O
you can check jump street prices on their website as there one in colchester.

New session added walking football

Noel W in California
Due to its popularity with the over 50s we have added a extra session of Walking football starting tonight and every Tuesday evening at 7.00pm in the main hall at Kesgrave high school . So if you thought your playing days were behind you think again and ... [ more ]
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Michael B
Is it possible to export a leader/ref for a local 'taster' session? We'd like a go in Bentley! Otherwise do you have any contacts to try to help, please?
Noel W
Hi Michael I would be happy to help by coming along explaining the rules and run a taster session for you if you can arrange the venue and organise the players to attend . Give me a call on 07846241518 if you wish as am happy to help Noel


Asset in Priory Heath
Could anyone recommend a reputable and reasonable carpenter to fix broken cupboard doors in our kitchen. Many thanks.
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