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Jean G in Ipswich Town Centre
thank  you to everybody who replied to my comment about a b.t scam I was receiving i've ignored it as I wasn't happy about it but it's nice to have other peoples opinions on the matter I can rest now that I did the right thing .
Hayley S
Nikki B - I think Jean means she wasn't happy about the BT scam not people's replies! ūüėÄ

Tv repair

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central Services (who used to be at Spring Road/ St John's Road junction) have always provided a very good and economical repair service for me. The problem might be that they are now at Manningtree. It ... [ more ]
Roger S
I had a 40" Samsung led tv that failed, took back off only two circuit boards there, a power board and a everything else board, as my tv powered up got a everything else board off eBay, just put in the board number, working fine now, cost ¬£42, the chap ... [ more ]

Old batteries or cable please?

Andy P in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, Has anyone got any old Car/Van or Truck or leisure batteries sitting around which they don't want, I could do with a few and would be willing to collect from the local area? Ideally they can still hold a bit of charge, but not essential as I dont ... [ more ]
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Andrew T
solar/ wind power ??no, but I don't quite understand your question? good luck with the welding, I reckon if it did work you would need batteries in really good condition and really really high amperage cable.

Access restricted in St Stephen's Lane over next three weeks

Ipswich Star in Ipswich Town Centre
St Stephen's Lane will be partly closed off during the evenings over the next three weeks as work gets underway on removing the iconic glass atrium ... [ more ]
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Carol C
Looking on Google Earth there is quite clearly also a red circular 'cars and motorbikes prohibited' and 'Except for Loading' sign at the entrance to St Stephens Lane.  Seems there is a hard core of people who think that these signs don't apply to them.
Joanna A
@CarolC I agree. I have contacted IBC about this before. As long as it's not being enforced people will take advantage of it. There are no signs restricting parking which is why it is not enforced. All they need do is put signs up. The access signs is a ... [ more ]

Free Topsoil

Laurie in Rose Hill
Hello we have several bags of good quality topsoil if anyone needs any? Ideal for raised beds, pots, planters, borders or even baskets. Free to anyone who can collect (if you're local in IP3 or IP4 we could possibly deliver too). Thank you. Enjoy the ... [ more ]
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Foxhall stadium

James in Castle Hill
I was at foxhall stadium car boot sale sunday people complain about litter that is left from events on the area, i am complaining about the land mines (dogs poo) that are ignored by the dogs owners ,and for those that make the effort to bag it and the ... [ more ]
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John j
James and Alan h as much as I totally disagree with what you say glad Alan that you will carry on posting as your comments have made a lot of other people take part and that's what this sort of site needs input for all walks of life and if you've made ... [ more ]
P Heather
Steve I agree with you entirely those thoughtless / lazy dog owners should be fined I believe that owners can be asked to remove mess if seen, I once requested this and although the young woman initially denied it, When I informed her I would report her, ... [ more ]


O J M in Ipswich Town Centre
I seem to have lost the connection from my TV to my Virgin box. ¬†I have pressed buttons and moved cables as instructed by Virgin but just get the message 'powering up, please wait'. ¬†I have moved so many cables now I feel qute dizzy. ¬†They suggest it may ... [ more ]
Graham C
Surely the 'powering up' message is from the Virgin box, nothing to do with the TV... insist on a Virgin engineer's visit as your box is faulty


Pauline L in Greenwich
I think this is another scam,I have just taken a call from a foreign speaking lady telling me I have serious trouble with my windows on the computer,when she found out that I was not playing ball with her she slammed to phone down,so be on your guard.
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Ian W
If in doubt, Google it. By the time they get round to you, it's likely that they will already have tried it on with lots of other people. A few of those people will be tech-savvy or banking experts and they will have posted warnings on the net. At the ... [ more ]
Steve S
If anyone is interested , there is plenty of info on this site ..not just scams ,but general rip offs and justice

New Regular Qigong Classes from 31 May

Qigonguk in Qigonguk
Join us for our set of friendly and relaxing Qigong classes starting 31 May 2016 in Ipswich. Discover the health improvement and self-development system from the heart of ancient traditions. Learn how to: increase your energy levels and open energy ... [ more ]
Just a few days left before the fresh start of our regular sessions. Join us to discover how qigong can help you gain your inner strength, improve health and grow spiritually. Everybody is welcome!

Chantry Walled Garden Plant Sale

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Chantry Walled Garden - Chantry Park
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Join us at Chantry Walled Garden (Chantry Park) for our plant ¬†sale with a huge array of fantastic perennials and shrubs. All shrubs and perennials will be priced at only ¬£5/ plant! Come and make your garden or green space bloom for summer! All ... [ more ]

University of the Third Age

Albchiv in Racecourse
I keep hearing of older people in other parts of the country getting a good experience from joining this organisation. Does anyone know whether our local U3A is very active and what is on offer?
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Sheila B
I joined in Feb e¬†and have attended Three of the talks, these were well attended and I always sat next to someone who like myself lived on their own and we soon got chatting.¬† The talks were interesting although the PA system could sometimes have been ... [ more ]

Public Toilets in Ipswich Town Centre/Waterfront

Claire R in Akenham
Decided to take a walk down to the waterfront with my daughter one evening last week. Apart from Majors Corner public toilets (anyone know the opening hours for these? ) realised that the lack of facilities is actually dreadful. Unless I wanted to go ... [ more ]
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The only thing I can think of to recommend is popping into a pub etc and buying a bottle of water. Then you can legitatmely use the facilities.
Andrew T
NatureGal20 days "The only thing I can think of to recommend is popping into a pub etc and buying a bottle of water. Then you can legitatmely use the facilities" of course the trouble with this is that once you've drunk the water you need a wee wee ... [ more ]

Ipswich Community Play Bus

Jenny H in Maidenhall
For some time now on a Tuesday morning the Ipswich Community Play Bus had not been able to park at Griffin Wharf, by the Audi Garage on Bath street. I think it is the third week in a row now that the bus has had to turn away and go elsewhere. My 2 year ... [ more ]
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Buzz R
I have very fond memories of the Playbus. I used to take our son to it several decades ago now, when Mary Hughes and Carol Francis-Smith ran it. An invaluable service.
Liz H
Thank you to Jenny for the cones and Buzz that's a long time ago I knew Mary well she was a great community person.

Major's Corner and Mulberry Tree, Ipswich roadworks

OnTwoWheels in Westerfield
I've just seen via the Ipswich Star website that this work is to commence this week. When the plans were originally published on the Travel Ipswich site I raised serious safety concerns about the design of the merge into Woodbridge Road coming from St ... [ more ]
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Free computer advice and support session at AgeUK Ipswich (2 June)

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AgeUK Help Centre, 41A Upper Brook Street, Ipswich Town Centre (opposite Sainsbury's)
Kennedy in Ipswich Town Centre
AgeUK Suffolk and Lxpert are offering FREE computer advice and support to older people. Those browsing at the AgeUK shop in Ipswich Town Centre will have an opportunity to speak to one of Lxpert's volunteering local IT experts about any computer, ... [ more ]

Free computer advice and support session at AgeUK Ipswich (26 May)

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AgeUK Help Centre, 41A Upper Brook Street, Ipswich Town Centre (opposite Sainsbury's)
Kennedy in Ipswich Town Centre
AgeUK Suffolk and Lxpert are offering FREE computer advice and support to older people. Those browsing at the AgeUK shop in Ipswich Town Centre will have an opportunity to speak to one of Lxpert's volunteering local IT experts about any computer, ... [ more ]


Angela W in Greenwich
I can't help thinking the anglers I see in Chantry Park and other parts of Ipswich have a disproportionately negative affect. They ride their motorbikes to the lake where they camp out for days, they leave a huge amount of rubbish both in and outside of ... [ more ]
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Angela W
Nick G. I also clear up a lot of cans and litter myself, just goes to show how much there is. The ones causing the most problems have expensive motorbikes and camping equipment,
Nick G
Camping equipment is almost part of the fishing life, and it doesn't have to be expensive, a basic tent costs around ¬£50ūüėČ I actually used to fish the lake regularly, but the anti social behaviour from some people, not just anglers, but dog walkers as ... [ more ]

Garden Furniture Wanted

Chris M in Warren Heath
Hi does anyone have any old garden furniture that they want to get rid of also looking for paving slabs , we moved last November and have a huge garden to sort out , thank you for reading.
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Tommy S
I have a garden table and four chairs with cushions they just need cleaning up you can contact me on 01473424639

WW2 History Festival - 18th June

Waterfront Building University Campus Suffolk
Nick P in Ipswich Town Centre
Packed day of talks, films, debates, music and more.... Come and join us to learn more about the American 'friendly invasion' during WW2. Book Now!

Lloyds Bank Cornhill Closing?

Buzz R in Castle Hill
Hello folks. Does anyone know what's happening with the Lloyds Bank on the Cornhill? Allsop estate agents have a brochure offering the premises for sale.¬† I can't imagine this will please many Lloyds Bank customers and hopefully won't end up as a ghost ... [ more ]
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Sylvia M
I thought the old PO/ Lloyds closed a while ago....main branch opposite is still up & running. My son works there & no mentions of it closing so far.
The smaller branch (Lloyds Cornhill South) which I believe was previously a TSB has reduced opening hours which are Wednesdays only. This is officially 10am-2pm although sometimes it might open around 11am. If you need to go into the bank on a Wednesday, ... [ more ]

Garden flints.

Tony G in Whitton
I have some very large flints, ideal for a rockery or other garden use. Free and ready for collection.
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Tony G
Hi Andrew, I think the system to follow is for you to send me a private message and I can then respond to you direct with my address.

#Forknight has begun!

Helen D in Ipswich Town Centre
Food and Drink #Forknight has begun in Ipswich and we've got everything from belly dancing to butchery to keep you entertained. There are also several offers to take advantage of, including the popular Dine for ¬£15, the Great Ipswich Bake Off has ... [ more ]

Ipswich Emotional Overeating Group

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Suffolk Mind, 46-48 Westgate Street, IP1 3ED
Fiona E in Ipswich Town Centre
The Emotional Overeating Support Group meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month, at 7pm in the Group Room, Suffolk Mind, 46-48 Westgate Street, Ipswich, IP1 3ED. The main focus of the group is peer support and open discussion in a ... [ more ]

Latitude Festival ~ Do you have an unwated ticket for Fri 15 Jul?

Roger A in Ipswich Town Centre
An expensive outing when one simply wants to hear one musician. Thanks for considering request.

give away

Marzena K in Ipswich Town Centre
if anybody needs beds, cupboards,wardrobes I can give them for free because i am moving from my address
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Joe S
Sorry Marzena, the wardrobes are not quite what my son is looking for. The Heart Foundation and the Furniture Project collect furniture. There are also websites you can put your stuff on. Ipswich Free cycle and Ipswich Freegle. Joe