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Help with shopping / cleaning

Noel W in California
Hi everyone Can anyone recommend a person to help with a bit of shopping and cleaning for my elderly relative a couple of hours a week , they live in the Norwich road area of town ? Thanks
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Andrew T
Hi do you still need someone for this only i have had no reply from you? Hope everything is ok with you and your relative. Take care Andy.

Broom Hill Swimming Pool.

Andrew T in Westerfield
It looks like Broom Hill might once again be open to the public, i heard on the radio today that they have secured some serious funding. A spokes person for the project has said that if all goes well the pool could be reopened in about 2 years. This id ... [ more ]
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Roger A
Brian P "I actually preferred Pipers Vale swimming pool ! It's a pity it started to leak badly and slip into the river " Might not be true, rather IBC trying then to justify its closure. I'm looking forward to Broomhill reopening and my resulting ... [ more ]

Person With Van

Alex in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, We have been offered a second hand double mattress. Only problem is, it is in Felixstowe and we are disabled, in Ipswich and don't have a vehicle big enough. I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone whose body works properly and has an ... [ more ]
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Apples and pear

Reg S in Warren Heath
Any body want any. Plenty of pear and apples pick your own have a good ladder at your own risk. Free At home all day
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Two tickets for Boris Godunov available.

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Cineworld. Cardinal Park Ipswich
Interested in Ipswich Town Centre
Would anyone like to buy from me 2 tickets to the opera Boris Godunov, to be shown at Cineworld on March 21st next year? This is an event cinema showing and the opera is part of the Royal Opera 2015/2016 season. The seats are P17 and 18, that's right at ... [ more ]
Ian H
hi their is a meeting of the Ipswich diabetic support group . it is at st Augustine's church hall  on Thursday the 22 October at 7 pm . 

More Abandoned Shopping Trolleys?

Citizen of Ipswich in Sproughton
Will the 5p charge for shopping bags mean an increase in abandoned shopping trolleys littered around Whitehouse and Whitton estates? There's already a huge number of Asda trolleys one wonders why they don't do what Aldi do and make you put a pound in to ... [ more ]
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Oct 12th page 15 in the Sun customers put snaps on facebook of trolleys stacked with goods in their homes--one man of Trowbridge Wilts posted a picture of one in his kitchen and said--5p for a bag. Get  f----d  I got a trolley for a £1--when people have ... [ more ]
Derick L
I do agree with the comments with regards to the shopping trolleys.   I am fairly sure that Sainsbury's have a system that locks the wheels on their trolleys if an attempt is made to take then outside of the shop area.    Just maybe, if this is correct, ... [ more ]


O J M in Ipswich Town Centre
Does anyone know of an oven repair person?  My oven is not heating up enough so am assuming it's something to do with the element.
Hello. When we had a problem with our cooker we used Carey's in Ipswich. Quickly and easily fixed with an honest approach. Family run friendly knowledgeable business. 01473 233 533.

black cat with white patch on chest

Tracey L in Castle Hill
Has anyone lost this in classified section by mistake.seen in shafto road in poor state and very skinny.
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Tracey L
It is difficult as I cant see in my garden from my lounge,my kitchen faces garden.trying to find out if it belongs to anyone first.havent seen it again since Saturday,only see it now and again.thank you all for your help,will keep you posted.


O J M in Ipswich Town Centre
Belstead allotments have vacant plots looking for keen gardeners. For less than £40 a year rent you can grow and eat your own produce, enjoy the fresh air and peace and quiet, take advantage of offers by joining Ipswich Allotment Holders Association and ... [ more ]


Joan V in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, can anyone please recommend someone to take a look at my fridge/freezer? It is leaking and won't seem to defrost think there is a blockage somewhere Don't want to spend a fortune on a call out fee. Many thanks
Have you checked the drainage hole at the back of the inside? Have you switched it off, pulled it out and checked if there is a drainage tray over the motor full of water ? Remember to switch on again when you put it back! How old is your appliance?
Anna D
I used 01473 414196 Very reasonably priced and showed me how to clean out the drainage hole myself if it happened again

Busking/Street Performance In Ipswich

Finchy in Westbourne
Thankfully the trumpet guy seems to have disappeared, he was the worst busker I think I've ever heard. But accordion man (regularly near Debenhams) must be second worst.
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Diane B
Wow! Thanks Buzz R. I'll pass on your complement. It'll build their confidence for next time. Best thing is they really enjoyed busking together - " It was fun".

Washing Machine Repairs

Janet A in Common, The
Hi can anyone recommend a washing machine repair person. I think the bearings have gone on my Indesit washer tumbler. Thanks
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Janet A
Thanks everyone I rang Peter Wier but it was too expensive to fix a new drum would have been £250 so have had to buy a new one.  Will bear him in mind if this one goes wrong.
Peter B
Likewise I've just spoken to Peter Weir, who tells me the bronze on the shaft of my Zanussi wears so the water is no longer sealed out of the bearing. (I replaced them just 18 months ago). The machine is uneconomical to repair, and Peter does not sell ... [ more ]

Photo ID.

SMM in Ipswich Town Centre
I am after a some information please. I'm going to have to get some form off photo ID (Can't open a new bank account, take out a new phone contract, can't get a new dentist etc.) with out doing so regardless of the fact I've lived with 10 miles of my ... [ more ]
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It's not going to be cheap Spotty Dog. I need to get a medical report from my doctors (Private appointment not NHS) same with opticians and my licence might not be renewed and according to the lady I spoke to at the DVLA this morning could take approx ... [ more ]

For Sale New-Ladies-Military-Army-style-olive-green-Cotton-Jacket-Coat-UK-Size-14-EU-42 New-Ladies-Milit

Laminate Floor Recommendation

Lottie L in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi. Can anyone recommend a person or company to supply and fit a laminate floor in my living room? I am not looking for anything expensive and I would like an all inclusive quote and service.
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Richard G
Consider Karndean flooring also if you are thinking of laminate flooring. Looks the same but quieter and warmer under foot. Easy to repair and maintain

Good progress being made on the Whitehouse Skatepark!

Ipswich Area Committees in Ipswich Area Committees
Attached are a few pictures of the progress being made on the new skatepark in Whitehouse Park, NW Ipswich. This new facility will provide a much needed community activity for young people in the North West area of Ipswich and has been funded by the ... [ more ]


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Road and Pavement Works

Emma in Ipswich Town Centre
The council resurfaced the pavement outside my driveway last week without giving any notice to myself or my neighbour that it would affect our access for a large part of the day. If it hadn't been for my neighbour bumping into the people placing the ... [ more ]
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Anne D
Sarah M - take a look at Suffolk CC Highways Map on their website for information. I think there is work in Edinburgh Gardens 8/9 October and Anglian Water are working in Lancaster Way
Maureen R
There is alot of old cones at the back of our garages leading off Edinburgh gardens someone has placed them there to stop people parking there when they are dropping the children off at school now they are parking down are end and blocking on occasion ... [ more ]

idiotic parking

Dawn C in Westbourne
If anyone knows of the idiot who drives a little black peugeot parked at the end of Broom hill road and has been for the last couple of days get them to move it. It is parked in such a way that the dustmen cannot get up the road and bins not been ... [ more ]
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Elaine D
Yes Marilyn you are right, add into the mix the houses around by us with a garage which is too small for a car! We can all see where the problems are.
Gillian W
You've missed the point surely off loading children on the road is dangerous to my mind its an accident waiting to happen, why can't they get out onto the pavement perhaps it because of the churned up verges rather muddy shoes than an injured child.


DAF in Ipswich Town Centre
I saw a advert on the television last night and thought of all the dogs who will no doubt be stressed out in the coming weeks, its for a Adaptil plug in diffuser which should help to calm a dog in stressful situations. As I used to have a dog who was ... [ more ]
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Tracey L
Personally I get fed up of the fireworks,its great on Nov 5th or a couple of nights either side of that but they go on for weeks.You think its safe to walk your dog or let them in the garden and then more fireworks go off.poor dogs get so frightened.

The future of Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich

Anaick S in Ipswich Town Centre
Many thanks to all the locals who came yesterday at the meeting discussing the future of the centre. As a 1st meeting no solution has been found yet but the current situation and ideas have been discussed. The future of this lovely community building ... [ more ]
Anaick S
Andrew T
It will be a very big shame if this wonderful building and asset to the community closes. I can remember my first ever visit to this building when i was about 17 years old that's 30 years ago. when me and a group of guys rehearsed our band there for the ... [ more ]

LINK: Mid-life Movie Night

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The Thomas Wolsey Pub, 9-13 St Peters Street, IP1 1XF Ipswich, Suffolk
Timothy Yau in Whitton
Being a grown-up is worth celebrating. Come along and show us your mature side. Which film epitomizes the ups-and-downs of adult experience. What's the archetypal mid-life rights and responsibilities movie. Bring along your movie and help us to decide. ... [ more ]

Ransomes Europark Bus Shelter Timetables for Suffolk County Council

Jeremy C in Ipswich Town Centre
The bus shelter time tables on the Europark are now nearly 4 months out of date! They show the route 1 details when this route was cancelled at end of May. Details of replacement x3 route and times have not been installed.
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Jeremy C
The timetable was changed Monday nearly 5 months after the service changed! Good Luck Kesgrave

Castle Hill Community Centre Announcement & open meeting

to , (ended)
Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich, IP1 6DG
Anaick S in Ipswich Town Centre After much consideration, Community Action Suffolk will not be extending the lease of the Castle Hill Community Centre in Ipswich, when it ... [ more ]
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Sheila L
Hi. Can anyone tell me how the meeting went last night please? I couldn't make it but very interested in keeping the centre going. Thanks xx
Anaick S
Hi Sheila L, thanks for your interest in CHCC and sorry to hear you couldn't be there yesterday but please keep in mind there should be further meetings before the end of the year. I'm also hoping that someone took some minutes of yesterday's meeting.  ... [ more ]

Suffolk Dinner Down Memory Lane

all over Suffolk - 13-22nd November
Angela B in Ipswich Town Centre
Marie Curie is calling on food fans in Suffolk to hold a retro-inspired dinner party in aid of the charity this November. Retro food is having a revival and Marie Curie’s new fundraising campaign, ‘Dinner Down Memory Lane’ is about holding a dinner ... [ more ]
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Angela B
Hello Sheila, thank you for your offer, I will get the registrations off today and can let you know? of my favorites!!! thank you for the offer.