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Dogs and or cats need Foster Homes now please

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
My wife is a volunteer at the Blue Cross centre in Felixstowe.  Her duties include socialising with the cats to keep them accustomed to human company and to walk and excercise the dogs.  She was telling me yesterday of how some of the dogs get very ... [ more ]

Traffic signs on Woodbridge Road

Jackie T in Kesgrave
Wondering if anyone knows why there has been a recent Traffic Matrix Sign appear near the Bent lane/ Woodbridge Road junction for traffic travelling from Woodbridge? It seems to have appeared very suddenly and today it was lit up saying Test in progress. ... [ more ]
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Heather O
Dear Suffolk County Council how about making sure that apparent road works coned areas and additional traffic lights are removed when no men at work or evidence of work ? Surely traffic flow should be the priority not useless signs !
Carolyn L
Dear Claire, there are two things that could be done to have a massive impact on traffic flow, one going into Town ,one coming out. The first is to enable cars to travel down Rope Walk at non college hours, this would allow ease of congestion for at ... [ more ]

Bucklesham Shannon

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I agree Kesgrave cameras; The Shannon is indeed (or was) a lovely pub, and it will be a great shame if it goes. I was using the word "appreciate" in it's widest sense - ie not that the locals didn't like it, but that they didn't recognise its value as a ... [ more ]
Bernard U
This seems very sudden. We were thinking of booking for their Christmas menu and this appeared online 1/10/2015 Had not read these reviews then. Such a shame, we have had great meals there in the past.

Can Anybody Help

Jo W in Kesgrave
Can anybody in the Jeavons Lane area of Grange Farm help with any information on our devasting news and loss of our beautiful kitten/cat milo on Friday?? Someone took him to Orwell Vets but any extra information would be much appreciated 😞 Apparently he ... [ more ]
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Stephanie F
Do you have proof that it was this dog which killed Milo, if so the owners can be prosecuted so I am told. If proof is there I would insist the dog is muzzled and some sort of recompense is paid you your little girl for her loss.

Laminate Floor Recommendation

Lottie L in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi. Can anyone recommend a person or company to supply and fit a laminate floor in my living room? I am not looking for anything expensive and I would like an all inclusive quote and service.
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Teresa C
Watching with interest! Ideally looking for a small company who could come and measure, quote, supply and fit - or is that asking too much ? :-)

Discussion Group Starting

Debbie C in Broke Hall
I am interested in starting a discussion group somewhere local like the Farmhouse pub. Is anyone interested in joining a few people discussing anything that interest them. I am retired now so it could be afternoon or evening, whatever suits everyone.
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Debbie C
Thanks to everyone who came to the discussion group last week. We had an enjoyable couple of hours talking about a wide variety of subjects and I for one certainly learnt a few things! If anyone wants to join us this week, it is at the same place and ... [ more ]

Dunbarton Road Recreation Ground

Jo G in Ipswich Town Centre
I have heard from two different sources today that the council is going to build houses on this site. I hope it's not true, many children play there, and many people walk their dogs over there too. . There is no where else nearby for the children to ... [ more ]
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Janice P
I used to play on there as a child in the early 1960's, i think it is very important that wherever we live children must have play areas, or some recreation area to let off steam ....

weekly evening paper kesgrave

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Kevin M
ive solved the issue turns out the new kid that delivers the paper has decided that as my porch door doesn't have a letter box she's not going to bother to try the door behind it.

Double glazing, soffits and fascias

NorthernBlond in Bucklesham
Recommendations for excellent quality double glazing, soffits and fascias. Need all new windows and doors but don't want the nationals, would ather someone local who is highly recommended.
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New local gym - Grangeside Fitness - now open on Grange Farm

Grangeside Fitness in Grangeside Fitness
This new gym opened on 26 September 2015.  Quality equipment on 2 floors.  First 100 members will receive a free t-shirt and 30 minute induction/personal training session.  Subscription £25 per month. Get in touch and have a look. Address: Unit 5 The ... [ more ]
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Grangeside Fitness
Richard - Grange Fitness closed about 2 years ago.  This is a new gym - same location - but new owners and excellent  equipment - longer opening hours and no booking system.  Suggest you take a look at their website -  Thanks

Twinlock CrystalFile Foolscap Suspension Files

Grandad John in Rushmere St Andrew
I have about 75 of these - used but still serviceable.  FOC if anyone wants them?

Handyman for painting windows- Also Forever Home wanted for Fostered Lurcher

Tina C in Kesgrave
My friend is trying to find someone to prepare and stain 5 windows and 3 doors on a house in Leiston. Any suggestions? Happy to pay cash. I am wondering if this forum can help me find a loving home for a 4 year old Lurcher that I'm currently fostering. ... [ more ]
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Sandra M
I would love to take on a dog and like Lurchers. Unfortunately I work and therefore would have to leave it alone for long periods.

Home grown produce

Stephanie H in Kesgrave
We have quite a lot of quince, free to anybody who can pick them up......but can we have a couple of jars of whatever you make?!
Deborah P
Hi, would be very interested in some quinces, when I can get them I bottle them with apples or pears for winter use, whereabouts are you?  My baby quince tree has two whole quinces (first year of cropping), more would be very welcome! regards, Deb
Stephanie H
Hi, We have given them to the greengrocer in Woodbridge to sell, we may get some back, as most people don't know what to do with them! In which case will come back to you.

The 95th Rifles are back at Landguard Fort

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
The 95th Rifles are a Napoleonic re-enactment group and they will be living in Landguard Fort all over this weekend.  They will be parading, drilling and from time to time firing their rifles.  This can upset dogs and small children but excite the older ... [ more ]

Hand Operated Mincer

Debbie W in Brightwell
Does anyone have metal above that you attach to kitchen table. Like grandma used to have! Thank you.

Water Pressure in the Hartree Way Area

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
Has anyone else noticed a drop in mains pressure lately ? Is Anglia Water trying to save consumption ??
Iain M
Worth checking your water meter. When we lived in Turing court the water meter broke internally, our water pressure dropped massively. It was easy to see something was up as the meter stopped going round!

Cat flap

I have one for my dogs and its a godsend, you need to get in touch with a window company I had Kesgrave windows do mine.

Walking for leisure

Sue V in Bucklesham
I moved to Kesgrave a couple of years ago and formed a walking group. We walk three times a week but that's not obligatory! The usual distance is about 3 miles and we get to see the beautiful surroundings we have in this area. If you are interested in ... [ more ]
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If you click on Sue's name it will come up with her User Profile and at the top of that there is a little blue box that says "private message"

paving slabs

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Young Violin players

Mike P in Rushmere St Andrew
Hi, our son is currently learning violin at school but its a struggle to motivate him to practice. Despite this, he is quite good and his teacher wants him to do grade 5! Anyone else in the same predicament? Or know of any 9-11 yo violin players looking ... [ more ]


Karen C in Kesgrave
Hi guyz and Gals,  i rescue ex battery hens and am in need of a regular supply of newspapers , especially now coming into more wetter days.   if any one can save up there papers and i can collect , or if your passing main rd i live near the chippy. ... [ more ]
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good mechanic wanted

kesgrave man in Warren Heath
Hi, Can anyone recommend a good and trustworthy mechanic in or around Kesgrave or Martlesham. I currently know a brilliant guy but we may be loosing him soon. Preferably i would want someone who is either working alone or in a smaller team and they must ... [ more ]
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Carpenter required

Carole F in Kesgrave
Hi - I am looking for a local carpenter to carry out work to box in pipework within Grangeside Fitness, a new local gym which opens on 26 Septermber.

Good Decorator required

Bathroom tiling

Julie C in Kesgrave
We are looking to have our bathroom completely retiled, walls and floor.  Can any recommend a good local tradesperson to do this please
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Daniel T
Handyman looking for work. Please share and like this page.
David B
Ceramic Elegance [found on] did a first class job on our kitchen. Contact Alan Peters for a free quote at