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White Lines on Roads

Local Conversations in Kesgrave

Jackie T
Is it me or has anyone else noticed the deterioration in the white lines on roads? Last night in all the rain I had to go to work in the dark and not for the first time noticed how difficult it is becoming to see the white lines, several times I nearly ... [ more ]
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Jo L
I agree with Jan D, it's not specific to Suffolk.  I do a lot of driving in several counties for my leisure activities, and find my return journeys after dark quite difficult particularly on country roads. I do try wherever possible to use better roads. ... [ more ]
June B
Glad to hear of other people complaining about white lines when it is wet and dark it's very hard to drive there should be luminas paint in these lines

LondonMetric press release on TK Maxx development at Martlesham Heath

Local Conversations in Kesgrave

Miles W
The property company that owns Martlesham Heath Retail Park have issued a press release regarding the proposed TKMaxx development. Have a read at to ... [ more ]
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Christine S
Just been to Pets are us. People parking in their bays and walking away. The car park opposite was absolutely full. They need to change the land next door to the car repairs into parking.
Janet B
I have just returned from Marks and Spencer. Parking was very difficult with cars driving round and round to find a space. Looking across to Next their car park looked as busy. Some of this extra traffic is undoubtedly be due to the novelty value of a ... [ more ]

Singing Tutor

Recommendations in Waldringfield Heath

Terri R
Hi, Could anybody recommend a good singing tutor to give just a couple of lessons to someone preparing for an acting audition that also requires 2 songs, one without accompaniment ? The audition doesn't require a perfect voice, just a bit more confidence ... [ more ]
Claire A
I have lessons with a lady called Jules Shevlin. It wont let me copy and paste her number but if you google her shes on the music teachers website. Shes in Ipswich and has flexible times and teaches singing and has a background in drama so she'd be great!

Walks in Kesgrave/ Martlesham or ltl Bealings

Recommendations in Kesgrave

Lama B
Hi  Everyone, Can you recommend any walks in the area? preferably suitable for a buggy ? I know a few parks in Ipswich but was wondering if there any walks / parks here. thanks
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Laurence H
You can also visit Kesgrave Town Council offices on Ropes Drive near the little Tesco. They have a selection of booklets with local walks in them which are very good. They are open Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings 9 oclock until 1oclock.


Recommendations in Rushmere Street

Meg P
Please can anybody recommend a local plumber.  My washing machine has stopped working, since Anglia Water flushed the main supply in January.  I have contacted Anglia Water, they suggested stone(s) and dirt may be causing this problem ref. their flushing ... [ more ]
Laurence H
Not with us but look in the Kesgrave News they have plumbers advertised. We have used lots of the guys from there over the years and they have all been brillant.

Inflatable Bathing Chair

£140.00 in Rushmere St Andrew

Ray R
Chair fits into your bath and using a remote inflates and allows you to sit on chair before lowering you into water.Simply press remote to be raised from bath. Deflated chair lifts from bath for normal use. Costs £350 minimum new

Badminton for Beginners

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave Community Centre

Kesgrave Community Centre
Kesgrave Community Centre offer a Badminton for Beginners Class for those aged over 18 on a Wednesday evening between 6pm and 7pm in the Kesgrave Sports Hall. All equipment is provided, and the coached sessions cost £4 per person per week to attend. ... [ more ]
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Kesgrave Community Centre
Thank you for your comment Heather. At the current time, due to sports hall capacity, we offer coached badminton sessions on a Wednesday evening between 6pm and 7pm, or there is a daytime session on a Tuesday morning between 9.30am and 10.30am which is ... [ more ]

Coal effect gas fire.

£20.00 in California

Heather O
We have a Canon Coalridge Balanced Flue gas fire (coal effect) instructions re installation and Maintenance plus spare coals. (Replaced with Electric fire) In good order as new , working fine when removed, flue also. Was fitted to outside wall. Need ... [ more ]

Kesgrave, Martlesham, Rushmere Crime Brief 18 - 24 February 2015

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
Vehicles Holly Road - At around 1am, Saturday 21st February, an offender was seen entering an insecure silver Renault that was parked in Holly Road, Kesgrave. Two Motorola walkie-talkies and some cash were stolen from within. Police would like to ... [ more ]
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Garland Pub

Local Conversations in Playford

Carol R
Noticed that the metal fencing has been taken down that was in front of the pub car park, does anyone know what is happening, is it going to be demolished and housing in its place or reopen as a pub?
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Jo G
Paul F I have been to the Golf several times for lunch recently, I have not had a bad meal yet, so think they must have a different chef. You don't get children running around then as they are mostly in school. Might be worth another try. It's a shame ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Playford

Sharon M
I need my lawn renovating , and re- turfed, because I only had it done last year , and it looks like a mud heap already 😡 , if anyone could give me a good recommendation , of anyone that could do it, or does anyone know how I could help the grass come ... [ more ]
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Mrs Tiggywinkle
I'm reading all the comments with interest as I've got the same problem with parts of my lawn....and I have 3 might be a hopeless case for me!

Slide projector

Give, Lend & Borrow in Broke Hall

stroller A
Does anyone have an old type slide projector that is capable of showing 35 mil. photo negative strip? I have a large amount of these that I would like to have processed but I will have to check them out first. I have a battery driven slide viewer  but it ... [ more ]
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Kesgrave cameras .
Hi Stroller A. Please do give me a call on 01473 610005 on Thursday. Carol R, please contact me also about your scanner requirements

Kesgrave Crowned Suffolk's Most Active Town

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave Community Centre

Kesgrave Community Centre
Forget the Brit Awards and the Oscars we have won our very own award here at kesgrave! Did you know that Kesgrave has been crowned the most active town in Suffolk and KWMCC are very proud to be at the heart of this active community. Suffolk County ... [ more ]

NANT loses High Court Appeal against 2000 Adastral Park houses

Local Conversations in Kesgrave

Miles W
NANT have lost their appeal against SCDC plan for 2000 houses at Adastral Park. See for links to press releases. Miles
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Double glazed window

Give, Lend & Borrow in Playford

Free to good home!  Double glazed unit, 4 ft x 4 ft, white PVC frame.  First come, first served.
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new to this area

Recommendations in Kesgrave

Jackie T
Hi having  just moved to the area, I discover several small jobs that need doing around the house, plumbing -waste pipe installations, door needs reducing in height as catching on carpet, integrated appliances need to be disconnected and removed , to ... [ more ]
Laurence H
I can recommend a carpenter for your door his name is Ian and you can contact him on 01473 731979 or mobile 07867852241. We have used him several times and he is very good. Also you will get Kesgrave News magazine every month through your door. A lot of ... [ more ]

Puppy travel

Local Conversations in Beacon Hill

Patricia G
I am getting a puppy soon can anyone tell me if I have to pay bus fares for her  and  what the rules are for travelling on buses and trains . Thank you.
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Internet on Martlesham Heath.

Local Conversations in Kesgrave

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I changed from BT to Plusnet and it was put in place last Wednesday.  So far no probs, in fact the speed seems quicker than BT was (I don't have Infinity, just the normal).  So fingers crossed.  While I was with BT I was always having problems with ... [ more ]

Body Control Pilates Classes with JazziPilates

Classifieds in Kesgrave

I am a qualified Level 3 Body Control Pilates Teacher and Registered Exercise Professional offering tuition in small, friendly classes for personal attention. Suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities. Mondays 6:00pm - 7:00pm ... [ more ]

Kesgrave News - New Photographer

Local Conversations in Brightwell

Kesgrave cameras .
I'm delighted to announce with great pride that I've been appointed the new resident photographer for our local free monthly magazine 'Kesgrave News'. Many of you will remember Keith Beecroft, a lovely guy who had provided the magazine with many stunning ... [ more ]
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Janette R
Life is what YOU make of it.  But if you want suggestions of what's on in the area - why not visit Ipscene?  The site was set up by a lady fed up of hearing people saying 'there's nothing to do around here' - covers IP1-IP17 postcode area.

Police Message - Attempted burglary, Martlesham Heath 16 Feb 2015

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
WO/15/293 BURGLARY - DWELLING (attempt) LARK RISE MARTLESHAM Heath 16 February 2.35pm – entry to via insecure door. Victim has called out on hearing door open. Two youths seen running away. Nothing stolen Please ensure your doors ... [ more ]
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Old Plod
Sympathy for the victim. It makes me angry when people acquire stuff dishonestly. Was it the front or back door?
Swan Close Scheme
I understand from the Police Connect message that it was the front door. Nothing was stolen in this case but as you say, it is a bit of a shock having to challenge strangers in your own home.

Cycling Road Road

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave Community Centre

JUN 14
Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre
Kesgrave Community Centre
A community cycling event for all the family will be taking place on Sunday 14th June 2015, 3 days before the Friends Life Women's Tour passes through Kesgrave on Wednesday 17th June 2015. Come along and have your bike security marked by the police, buy ... [ more ]

Looking for a garage to rent

Recommendations in Beacon Hill

Ady Q
Im looking for a garage to rent in the Kesgrave / Martlesham area to store a car in. Single or double garage considered...

Computing for Beginners

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave Community Centre

Kesgrave Community Centre
Concerned that many of us in our local community are missing out, we are offering Computer courses for complete beginners every Thursday at KWMCC, to help you get online. These lessons are for complete beginners and offer easy-to-follow training in a ... [ more ]

Suffolk Police - Non urgent crime reporting via the web (an alternative to 101)

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
There is a Police contact web page for any information you are able to provide in relation to crime or suspected crime. Ideal if you don't like phoning 101 or you are an avid texter. You need to be in 'View All' mode to activate the blue hypertext.
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Peter L
Robert Peel put the Police out on "Foot Patrol" in order to prevent a and apprehend crime, and in each community. Progressing from that through Bicycle Patrol to Large Fast Motor Vehicles, loaded with technology and weapons has'nt really taken too long. ... [ more ]