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How to sell a house

Hopeful in Larks' Hill
We are selling our house but finding it difficult to get viewings, I suspect as the relatively large size is only apparent as you walk through. Other houses have a bigger frontage and same price range, but are actually smaller seem to be getting the ... [ more ]
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Mike S
My friend has been trying to sell her bungalow for 6 months and has used 3 different agents. Very few viewings, only 4, and the agents do not keep in contact. They promise much but deliver very little!


RM in Rushmere St Andrew
Hi can anyone recommend a printer copier mine has just stopped working !
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John W
This is a good site for reviews of technology, they take other reviews and collect them all together, the link goes to the printer section.
Teresa P
I changed our printer a while ago from a Cannon to a H.P Envy 5534 it came with 2 months free instant ink, we do a fair bit of printing so this is fab as we never run out of ink, it is sent out automatically and you are charged monthly. All I can say I ... [ more ]

Want to sing?

Sandy H in Broke Hall
If you love to sing in the bath/shower or in the car come and join our new choir/singing group. We hope to start in September, just finalizing venue.  Just bring your enthusiasm...don't worry if you don't read music or your voice is a bit wonky...just ... [ more ]
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Car Damaged in Tower Road

Karen F in Kesgrave
On Saturday 29th between 3.00pm and 4.30pm my car was hit when it was parked outside my home in Tower Road IP 7PR Although I was in the house at the time I just thought that someone had slammed a front door and therefore did not look out of my window. ... [ more ]

house insurance

Stephen F in Kesgrave
I have just contaced lloyds bank to renew my house insurance and have been refused because ip5 2hd is a flood risk has any body else come across this.
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Keith P
Are you near a sewage pumping station? The one in Dobbs lane floods the road regularily if a neighbour has made a flood damage claim that might be what has triggered their response.
We are near the pumping station and have never had a problem with getting house and contents insurance.  We found Saga the best when we renewed ours earlier this year.  I don't think any of my neighbours have put a claim in because of the flooding when ... [ more ]

Shower service

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Andy S
Hello, I am looking for someone who would be willing to change my shower head. I have a mixer shower and combi boiler, I have purchased the new shower head and support for it. Hopefully it won't be too expensive
Alan H
Hello Andy S as I previously suggested to Patrick R my son is an expert in this field so give him a ring on 01394211169 and his name is Wayne.

Charity Disco & Raffle in Aid of St Elizabeth Hospice

to ,
Kesgrave Social Club, Edmonton Road, Kesgrave, IP5 1EE
Hannah G in Kesgrave
As last years Disco was a great success and we raised £1420 for St Elizabeth Hospice, we are hosting another Charity Disco and Raffle again this October 9th. All proceeds are going to St Elizabeth Hospice so they can continue with their amazing work. ... [ more ]


Jill D in Kesgrave
I'm having several trees removed in the next few weeks and there will be plenty of woodchip to be disposed of. If anyone would like it delivered to Kesgrave or the surrounding area please let me know


tigerlily in Bucklesham
Went to Aldi this morning and boy it was like a freezer, why do they keep this store so cold? I could swear I had a mild case of hyperthermia when I left, even turned my car heater on..
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Alf B
Sorry tigerlily I'm blushing here at my desk I will have a go at Aldi tomorrow :- Haven't been there for months

Good builder wanted

Tony E in Kesgrave
We are trying to find a builder to take out a structural wall between kitchen and dinning room and fit a new kitchen. We have drawings and have applied for building control but alas still need a builder. Has anyone had this type of work done well? Any ... [ more ]
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Raw Milk

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Bunk bed

Heather O in Kesgrave
Free -Silver, Single bunk in good condition, mattress if wanted. Has a desk and storage room underneath.great for a small bedroom. Has been dismantled instructions also available. Unable to deliver large car roof rack/ van will be needed.
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Peter E
Hi Heather - do you by any chance have a picture of it . I know you said its dismantled - its just that my daughter is looking for a bed with storage underneath  , however , she does not want a bunk bed that is too high up :)
Heather O
Sorry just realised Gumtree won't allow me to copy photo. Will get off computer and send later. However this is a standard height bunk bed, not low. Kind regards.

Noise nuisance at one stop bixley farm

Julie H in Broke Hall
Is there anybody else out there who lives near one stop on bixley farm or along broadlands way who is sick and tired of inconsiderate youngsters who park at one stop make a lot of noise and then drive along Broadlands way at dangerous speeds ?
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Karen H
How ironic, that the Police were spotted "hiding up" along foxhall road, catching out people going home from work, a few days ago... So easy, to extract £££ from a working tax-payer who is 5mph in excess of the limit.... & so very, very difficult, ... [ more ]

Millenium football field

tigerlily in Bucklesham
While taking my dogs for a walk this morning I stopped to watch the youngsters playing football just love to watch them brings a smile to my face when they score a goal, they put everything into these matches, more than I can say for the people ... [ more ]
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David B
So long as Suffolk Coastal and not the Town Council is responsible for these matters there can be little improvement. If only the Town Council would put pressure on the district council to give us a better service! Go to Woodbridge and Felixstowe and see ... [ more ]
Laurence H
The grass will be long on Millenium Field because it is warm and sunny and we have had a lot of rain.  Without the rain the grass would not need cutting and the council is not like you and I who can go out and cut our grass when it needs it they have ... [ more ]

Anyone got any astro turf they do not need?

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
At Landguard Fort we bought a Lewis Gun and we have it in a nice display case but we think it would look better if there was some artificial grass underneath it. I will come and collect if you can oblige
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Brian C
Glad to help, the gun looks great in its case with the grass when I visited yesterday. Keep up the good work there Laurence.

Windows to Mac - Anyone done it ?

Richard G in Boot Street
I have always used Windows ever since i started using a computer . I am a great fan of Apple products and have several but would like to buy a Macbook Pro especially for the Retina screen as this is where we would view all our photos .  So i am ... [ more ]
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Ernest G
I would suggest any one looking for a second hand Apple Mac, go on the web to, Apple Mac Certified Products first, to see what is available,
Spotty Dog
Macbank sell second hand macs and they are based in Ipswich. Apple sell factory refurbished macs on their main website with warranty

Piano teacher?

Mickey in Martlesham Heath
Does anyone know of a piano teacher in the Kesgrave, Martlesham area, to teach grade 5 piano? Thanks.
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Gwyneth R
If she has spaces, I cannot speak highly enough of Kate Parish in Bealings. She is on the music teacher website.

Original Qigong workshop

Olya in Culpho
I would like to invite everyone to join a new qigong workshop in Ipswich on 26 September. The workshop will be about learning Wu Ji Qigong form which is also known as ‘The Original Qigong’ and ‘Tai Chi for Liberation’. It is an excellent exercise for ... [ more ]
Claire F
I'm interested, how much is the workshop, and are there follow on sessions. If so, would they be evenings/ weekends? Many thanks, Claire
Thank you, Claire. The cost is 60 pounds (20% off concessions), follow on sessions will be organised at evening times after the workshop. You are welcome to book your place in the workshop via booking link at Please ... [ more ]

Free - Teenager's Study Bunk Bed (Model B with two wardrobe doors)

Bob B in Kesgrave
Originally purchased from Moriati's Workshop, Kent for a teenage daughter's 6'4" x 12' bedroom, this study bunk bed (like picture but with two wardrobe doors and wider clothes rail) accommodates a 6'2" x 2'6" mattress (not supplied). It is plastic ... [ more ]
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Andy S
I think my daughter may be interested if the bed is still available, they should be home from holiday by Monday

Gardener / handyman/woman

Karen C in California
i am needing a gardener / handyman, must like pets. . 4 hrs a week, more initially to get up to scratch . General gardening, weeding mowing, small pond maintenance and small general repairs as required. . flexible in attitude. friendly and fair. bungalow ... [ more ]
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Karen C
Many thanks to all i have found a lovely chap, so if i havnt got to speak to you to say so, many thanks for your replies,  if for any reason in the future  i need help then i would be happy  to contact you , cheers . karen xx

Wanted Aquaroll 50litre

Jill R in Boot Street
Is anyone thinking of selling an Aquaroll 50litre now or at end of camping season?

Cavity wall insulation recommendations please

Jill D in Broke Hall
Has any one recently had cavity wall insulation installed and can recommend an installer? There seem to be some very negative reviews on line about local companies
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Jill D
Hi Tracey, was your daughter happy with the workmanship? My fears come from my mums experience a couple of years ago where the bungalow was left in a pretty poor state both outside and in. It was eventually resolved but with an awful lot of hassle. I ... [ more ]
Tracey R
Hi Jill, Yes very happy. No problems. They made a very neat job of filling the holes too. All inspected afterwards also.

Area needed to shoot air rifle.

Mark L in Rushmere St Andrew
I've just bought my son's air rifle off him as he wasn't using it and needed some money. All I need now is somewhere local to use it. My garden is a bit too small and I'm not interested in joining a club yet. Does anyone know of anywhere I might be able ... [ more ]
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Up Pompeii - Stage Door Theatre Company

Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre
Allan R in Playford
Following the success of last years Fawlty Towers, Stage Door Theatre Co are bringing this iconic comedy to life on stage in Kesgrave. Up Pompeii is a hilarious romp based on the TV show of the seventies, written by Miles Tredinnick. The action centres ... [ more ]
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John H
A great show. I played the Roman Captain who arrived to claim his bride, in a production in Surrey, a few years ago. I would like to see this production.

Artificial grass

Susan W in Martlesham Heath
Hi, I am looking for a reliable person to lay artificial turf to an area in my garden that is a lawn at present, approx 25ft x 12ft. The grass has been damaged by my dog ie brown dead areas and dry weather. I can supply the artificial turf. If anyone can ... [ more ]