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Mower / Strimmer repairs

Recommendations in Little Bealings

APR 25
Julie G
Can anyone recommend someone who is able to repair petrol mowers and strimmers. I have a Strimmer that refuses to start and a mower that starts but then stops pretty much straight away. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Perils of the A12 roundabout.

Local Conversations in Waldringfield Heath

Peter W
Something really will have to be done about the difficulties of leaving Eagle Way at the Tesco roundabout. People do seem to be abiding by the new lane changes now, and we're all used to queuing for a gap in the traffic, but I hadn't reckoned on the ... [ more ]
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Sue C
Perhaps we should bring these Streetlife conversations/ particular feelings and concerns to the attention of the SCC Highways Dept/whoever ? How does one go about that then ?
Andrew C
Traffic Lights at large roundabouts are a nightmare and a nonsense - see Army & Navy in Chelmsford for a great example of this. Dumbing down roundabouts for people that are not confident enough to drive in Norfolk or Suffolk, let alone Essex or ... [ more ]

Pub Quiz Team

Local Conversations in Playford

Carol R
My friend & I are looking for 2 to 4 ladies to join us on a regular basis at the Cherry Tree Woodbridge Quiz,held on Thursday evenings, we have found quizes to be a fun evening, but have struggled to encourage friends to participate, so if there are ... [ more ]
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Carol R
Thank you ladies for your replies, the Cherry Tree quiz requires teams of 4-6 people, obviously the more brains we have the better, but it is actually just a bit of fun and an evening out, what people do is have something to eat before hand, and then the ... [ more ]

Car Tyre Pressures

Recommendations in Great Bealings

Sue C
Where is the best garage Kesgrave/Martlesham areas - to check tyres ? I have lost confidence in some garages in the area for accurate readings. Thanks.
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Laurence H
Good idea Stephanie, I may invest in one.  It should save me money in fuel and replacing tyres earlier than otherwise with wrongly inflated tyres.

Chimney cowlings

Local Conversations in Beacon Hill

Patricia G
I am looking for two Pepperpot chimney cowls. Can anyone help, have you one or both that you do not want, do you know where I can get them from at a reasonable price. I have looked on ebay but they are so far away.
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Bronwyn L
Hello Patricia when we needed to buy a couple we brought them from ridgeons in Martlesham very good prices & they are very helpful. Best of luck

Roof repair

Recommendations in Larks' Hill

Some birds have made a hole in felt underlay by eaves on my roof. Anyone know of a repairer? In other places several tiles need replacing. Thanks in anticipation.


Give, Lend & Borrow in Playford

APR 24

Mending a fence

Recommendations in Kesgrave

Barbara C
Does anyone know of anyone who would carry out a small job to repair a board at the bottom of a fence at the bottom of my garden, please? The board has come loose, at one end, and is full of screws and nails and is directly on a public footpath! I have ... [ more ]
Kesgrave cameras .
I would have no hesitation in recommending Sandy Lane Repairs from Bucklesham. Sam Cracknell from there build me a complete new fence around two sides of my back garden and did a great job at a very reasonable price. Sam will also take on a lot of ... [ more ]

Small Cylinder Mower.

Give, Lend & Borrow in Greenwich

APR 19
Pick up
Peter L
Does anyone have or know of someone who wants to get rid of an old push Cylinder Mower, I am in the market for one. Give me a ' Personal Message' on , thanks.

Matthew Percy

Local Conversations in Great Bealings

APR 22
How very very sad to hear of the passing of such a young man. I didn't know Matthew personally but he was a regular friendly and helpful contributor to Streetlife and a valued member of the Kesgrave Town Council. I pray his family and friends receive ... [ more ]
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Stephanie F
Matthew was a kind and caring young man and a bright light has now been extinguished. He was about to serve on Kesgrave Town Council for the first time. And he had been re-elected as a Martlesham Parish Councillor as well.such a tragic waste of a ... [ more ]

Beware: Bogus Cloned National Savings & Investments website

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
Message from Action Fraud: Fraudsters have set up a bogus website claiming to be the official site of National Savings & Investments (NS&I) and are contacting members of the public, cold calling them and offering them the chance to invest in 65+ ... [ more ]

Pudding Night

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave

MAY 14
to ,
Bell Inn, Kesgrave
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
Pudding Night in aid of local family support charity Home-Start. A range of puddings to try for just £5pp Tickets are now available from or direct from the office on 01473 621104 or £5 per ... [ more ]

Glasses found

Lost & Found in Kesgrave

Loo C
Glasses found in the Mill Stream Nature Reserve. They are on the bench at the Euston Avenue entrance for collection.
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Liz M
There is a lovely circular walk, partly via a boardwalk built by Greenways, which goes through the woods and criss-crosses the Mill Stream.  There are other parts of the Reserve which I have not explored but here is the leaflet: ... [ more ]

It can be very loud

Local Conversations in Rushmere St Andrew

Laurence H
If you visit Landguard Fort this weekend be aware that the 95 th Rifles, a Napoleonic reanactment group are visiting the Fort and from time to time they will fire their guns which can scare the dogs and young children.  Otherwise they are great fun and ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
Thanks Patricia we had 264 visitors yesterday and I reckon they all enjoyed the displays except one little black and white dog which had to be taken away with the shakes.  In fairness I had warned her when she arrived but as their other dog was a gun dog ... [ more ]
Laurence H
Sorry Marie but this is the first look at my e-mails since Saturday morning.  The Rifles will be back first weekend in October so come along then.  From what I saw yesterday they stop for lunch so 12.30 to 2.30 would be a safe time to avoid the noise but ... [ more ]

Beach Hut Repairs

Recommendations in Playford

Paul C
I have a beach hut in Felixstowe and need a door replaced and some roofing work don - any recommendations please
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Andrew G
Hi Paul Just had a Beach Hut Built in Felixstowe, He did a good job, give Matthew Maddison of Felixstowe Fencing a call 07949 408268, hope it helps


Recommendations in Warren Heath

David M
I require some fencing replaced in my rear garden, can anyone recommend a good reliable tradesman please.
Richard G
I could do what you need . I have worked for several other Streetlifers . Contact me if you wish at I can call round and discuss with you but would need you to get the timber ordered and delivered yourself and i would then do the ... [ more ]

New Body Control Pilates Class at Angel House 10:00am Tuesdays

Classifieds in Kesgrave

I am a qualified Level 3 Body Control Pilates Teacher and Registered Exercise Professional offering tuition in small, friendly classes for personal attention. Suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities. I currently have spaces at the new time ... [ more ]
I still have few spaces available left at Angel House 10:00am on Tuesday's. It's a lovely friendly class. Come and give it a try. No previous experience of Pilates needed.

creaky floors

Recommendations in Rushmere Street

Eric F
Can anybody recommend a creaky floor fixer? It's a curse of new-build and is owing to cheapskate building companies using nails instead of screws on the planking.
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Ian T
There are lots of reasons for creaky floorboatds. Some are very easy to rectify others less so! If you decide to go down the drill and screw route then take the board up first to check for cables and pipes.If you don't fancy that then as and when you ... [ more ]
Eric F
Re the creaky floor: Thank you everybody for your helpful comments. I'm thinking of going with the butter solution. But salted or unsalted, or simply the BEST? Seriously, I think I've found the right person for the job - I shall let you know how things ... [ more ]

Kesgrave Pamper Night

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham Heath

Alex Heeney
Hi everyone, don't forget about the pamper night happening tomorrow evening at Kesgrave High School, it promises to be a great night filled with shopping and professional treatments. It costs just £3 to enter the event at the Thomas Theatre at the ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Playford

Sharon M
Does any of you know a shop that sells a good variety of material , As I used to go to fabric 8 in felixstowe , but that has now closed down , Don't really want travel miles away , so around ipswich preferably , Thanks
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Jo L
Hi, It's a bit of a treck but well worth it. Walthamstow lots of fabric shops and stalls and haberdashery. I stock up twice a year. It's worth the cost in petrol. Hope to go again soon :). If anyone is interseted im setting up a new sewing group.   A ... [ more ]

Computing for Beginners

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave Community Centre

Kesgrave Community Centre
Just a reminder that KWMCC will be resuming the Computing for Beginners sessions on Thursday's from 16th April 2015 after a short break for Easter. Day time slots are available for groups of up to 4 people. Laptop computers are available so you don't ... [ more ]
Kesgrave Community Centre
Good Afternoon The laptops which the classes are based around are not Macs, but the software is Microsoft Office and is compatible for Mac users.  If you are unsure, please do come along on Thursday between 10am and 2.30pm to speak to one of the ... [ more ]

Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team - Priority Setting Meeting

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

APR 16
to , (ended)
Swan Close Scheme
The next priority setting meeting for the Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team will be held from 6:30pm on Thursday 16 April at Parish Room in Felixstowe Road in Martlesham. These meetings give residents the opportunity to raise any issues ... [ more ]

Charity sale

Clubs & Groups in Playford

Carol R
Hello, on the 18th April I am holding a charity clothing, bric a brac sale in aid of a dog charity, the location is The Martlesham Heath Pavilion from 10.30am till 12.30am, If anyone has anything they would like to donate for this worthy charity please ... [ more ]
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Sue B
There is an icon showing an open envelope on the top dark bar of the page, near the Streetlife logo, click on this and you will be able to send a private message.   Note :  You will need to make sure you have the recipient's name written or firmly in ... [ more ]

electric lawn raker

Give, Lend & Borrow in Warren Heath

Jeremy H
Hi, Does any kind person in Kesgrave have an electric lawn raker / scarifier that i could borrow for an hour or two ? I did have one which i lost in a shed fire ( not caused by me ) I have a tiny little patch of grass which i really want to get into ... [ more ]

Kesgrave High School Pamper Night

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham Heath

APR 17
to , (ended)
Thomas Theatre, Kesgrave High School
Alex Heeney
On Friday 17th April I am organising a pamper night in order to raise funds for a school expedition to South Africa, in which a team of us are going on in 2016 to help improve the lifestyles of commmunities who live out there. At the evening there will ... [ more ]