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Noise nuisance at one stop bixley farm

Local Conversations in Broke Hall

Julie H
Is there anybody else out there who lives near one stop on bixley farm or along broadlands way who is sick and tired of inconsiderate youngsters who park at one stop make a lot of noise and then drive along Broadlands way at dangerous speeds ?
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James W
Julie There is a definite commitment to deal with these incidents as appropriate. There are three separate car parks. The Parish Halls Committee (of which I am not a member) were advised by the police to put barriers across their car park and post ... [ more ]
James W
I have met with both local PCSOs on this and other matters. If anyone is interested in the new dispersal orders the Parish Council have a copy of the legislation. I've also asked for this to be an item for information from the Police to brief all Parish ... [ more ]

Pesky Estate Agents!

Local Conversations in Kesgrave

David B
I have started to wear a grove in the carpets and floors between our front door and the blue recycle bin outside the back door due to the vast number of unwanted free offers of a house valuation from estate agents. If ever I want to sell, I will contact ... [ more ]
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David B
I have even had a rep from one Ipswich estate agent leaving his business card thru my door with 'Phone me' written on it. Needless to say I rang as it seemed like he may have wanted to contact me for a good reason. When he started his spiel about valuing ... [ more ]

Laptop\Desktop etc Recommendations Please

Recommendations in Boot Street

My laptop has just about expired and has managed to stagger on with XP Windows. Am now considering just where to purchase a new laptop or desktop and I understand Windows 10 is just about to be released (29th July). Any recommendations on where to ... [ more ]
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Paul S
I'm going to assume that you just want to browse the web and send email etc., so any laptop you buy with Windows 10 installed will be fine. It's a new operating system and as such requires newer hardware to run well so you don't have to worry too much ... [ more ]
Bob B
I bought a cheap laptop with Windows 8 on it just to keep up with my granddaughter and found the interface almost impossible to use after having used XP since it was brought out (she had no problem not having used XP!). Its non-functioning 'Start' button ... [ more ]

Jacket found in Broke Hall Park

Lost & Found in Kesgrave

Marilyn C
Last Saturday I took my Grandson to Broke Hall park quite late in the evening. The park was empty except for a very nice men's/large boys hooded jacket. It was just laying on the ground and had obviously been left behind. As the forecast was for heavy ... [ more ]

Garden full of clean light coloured shingle FREE!!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kesgrave

Kerry P
Instead of removing the whole lot and dumping it I thought I would see if anyone would like to grab a sack and help themselves? Saves me a job and it mist help someone else with their project.
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Recommendations for carpet cleaners

Recommendations in Kesgrave

Paul E
Hi all I'm looking for recommendations for a good carpet cleaning company to clean all of the carpets in our house, which is in Kesgrave. Obviously I have Googled and come up with numerous ones, but I think people's experiences speak more than web site ... [ more ]
We bought a Vax carpet washer (not a steam cleaner) for £65 from the Factory Shop at Felixstowe and when our dog had a bout of diarrheoa on a light carpet, it got the stain out completely.  The cleaner's always there, refills £1 a bottle and cheaper than ... [ more ]

Kesgrave, Martlesham, Rushmere - Crime Brief 21 - 27 July 2015

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Thefts: Brookhill Way - between 21 and 23 July – parcel left in insecure porch has been removed. Wainwright Way - between 25 and 26 July – chain link fencing removed from posts and stolen.

Horse Riding

Recommendations in Playford

Carol R
Hello, Probably a long shot but are there any knowledgeable horse riders on this site, who could recommend a very understanding riding instructor for a lady in her 50's with a confidence issue.
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Cheryl W
Valley Farm run 'Take back the reins' courses for people returning to riding who have not ridden for a while. Nicky is very patient and encouraging and lets you proceed at your own pace. Highly recommended as I did it myself and am still riding!

Dog Sitter

Recommendations in Rushmere St Andrew

Sue W
Looking for somebody to look after a cockerpoo for three weeks in January can anybody recommend please live in Rushmere St Andrew
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If you are looking for a good dog-sitter then I can recommend Julie Baker - she has been doing this for years for loads of people, including my dogs.  Give her a call - 07739 476922.

Yoga classes in kesgrave and martlesham

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave

Wibbs C
Hi all So I was advised I should come On here by a friend at work and just put some feeler out for my yoga classes. I am teaching twice weekly, Sunday at millennium hall kesgrave 10-11am and Tuesday martlesham community hall 7-8:30, I also teach ... [ more ]
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Wibbs C
They have now started. I have just been very word of mouth till now, trying to get things moving a little more now. Taught this morning and will be again on Tuesday ☺️

Make my friends grandson a special birthday cake

Recommendations in Playford

Alan H
Hello all again, my friends grandson is 5 in a few days time and she wants a special birthday cake made for him at a VERY reasonable price. It needs a speedway rider on it and perhaps in a 5 shape, is there anyone out there you can recommended that will ... [ more ]
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Andrew G
Hi Allan sorry for delay in reply been away Rachels Cakes of Martlesjam, made us a great Anniversary Cake would definately reccommend Andrew G
Trevor W
My daughter in law makes some real magic cakes. Her website is as follows: As for price, my son continually tells her she doesnt charge enough, so they must be reasonable

Does anyone know of an excellent curtain/Roman blind maker

Recommendations in Kesgrave

TV reception.

Local Conversations in Rushmere Street

Sandra H
Is anyone else having poor tv reception on freeview channels in the Kesgrave area at the moment?  Our picture keeps breaking up.
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Lawn care specialist

Recommendations in Martlesham Heath

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David B
Green Thumb 'service' my front lawn which had been a mess of weeds. I don't find them all that expensive when I consider the cost of the treatment materials I would have to purchase and apply myself, something I did when I was younger and fitter! ... [ more ]
Janet F I run my own lawn care company, I am based in kesgrave. please feel free to call me on 07766670524 i would be happy to come and have a look and make my recommendations.

Fridge freezer enineer

Recommendations in Kesgrave

Karen H
hi i have a frost free fridge freezer it is 7 years old . First the freezer lost temp and won't freeze again and this has now affected the fridge . is it worth looking at repairing it or ditch and get a new one ?

Driving While On The Phone

Local Conversations in Rushmere St Andrew

Rita M
I am concerned about the number of drivers that pass my house that are using their mobile phones.One driver in particular passes several times a day and is always texting .There is a child in the car how irresponsible is that. Will some drivers never ... [ more ]
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Kesgrave cameras .
As a former police worker, I have to say that Elaine C is correct in her statement above. Police require the additional statement of an independant witness, also  affirming they are prepared to attend court if need be, before they will even consider ... [ more ]
Steve W
Most people have a video camera on their mobile, so if you keep seeing the same person using their phone, it won't be that hard to catch then on camera. Then you have them..

idiotic cyclists

Local Conversations in Playford

Whilst driving along Colchester Rd this morning towards Heath Rd, a couple of cyclists on racing bikes  who I should say were in their 20s, were ridingmslowly,  two abreast and holding up a flow of traffic as there wasn't room to pass due to oncoming ... [ more ]
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Hop .
Sorry Jamie, are you saying that if a vehicle driver fails to look with due diligence and pulls out in front of a cyclist then it's the cyclists fault for (a) being smaller than a car and (b) travelling slower than a car but faster than you think is ... [ more ]
Barrie S
The recommendation is that if you are cycling over 15mph you should be using the road. As a keen cyclist I do use the cycle route to Martlesham via Grange farm but only when commuting at slow speeds. The cycle paths are too dangerous to cycle fast. Too ... [ more ]

Does any body make and sell trellis?

Local Conversations in Tuddenham

Anne C
Hello Just wondered if there might possibly be any one that makes trellis as I would like to buy some. The main size would be to fit 6 ft panels but I do also have some smaller odd sized panels as well. I would either like it 2ft or 3ft high. I thought ... [ more ]
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Papworth Trust at bottom of Foundation Street (dock, sorry, Marina, end) make some along with planters, bird boxes, insect boxes and a lot of other wooden things. My daughter who has learning difficulties goes there, have had some nice planters and bird ... [ more ]

Disco Cabaret

Clubs & Groups in Kingston

SEP 12
to ,
Kesgrave Community Centre
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
With an exciting demonstration of Ballroom & Latin American dancing & the outstanding vocals of Rachel Foskett and Pete Long in Cabaret, a demonstration by Richard Miller followed by a Disco With DJ Steve Springett Tickets £12 includes a light ... [ more ]

Recommendation for a roofer

Recommendations in Broke Hall

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Patricia G
Mark of MJS Roofing  has just worked on my chimney stack, he also did work on my previous house .He is Honest and Reliable and has made an excellent job .


Lost & Found in Kesgrave

Penny P
Hi everyone, I would really appreciate it if you could keep an eye of for my friend's cat Daisy. She was last seen at the top of Wilkinson Drive, Grange Farm on Monday evening. She is micro chipped so if anyone does find her, please take her to Orwell ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Playford

Alan H
Hi everyone, could sometime recommend a really good honest pc engineer they know is reliable to do a good job?
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David B
I am interested to know what goes wrong with a PC that warrants the attention of an engineer. Unless your machine has suffered physical damage it is surely a matter of software not running correctly. Do you use a program such as CCleaner to get rid of ... [ more ]

Book Club Starting In Rushmere St Andrew

Clubs & Groups in Rushmere St Andrew

Kim H
I will be starting a book club at my home (at least the first meeting).  It must be during the day.  Please let me know if you are interested by sending me a personal message so that I can give you my details and we can find a day that suits us all - for ... [ more ]
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Maria L
Hello Kim, I have finished 'The Girl on the train' - it was a super read. Can you please forward the questions to me? Many Thanks, Maria

Police - Ipswich 'On Tour' Event

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

JUL 27
to , (ended)
Ipswich – the Corn Hill
Swan Close Scheme
Chief Constable Gareth Wilson and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Tim Passmore will be going ‘on tour’ this year, visiting town centres across the county. Tim Passmore has said: "Public engagement is a crucial element of my role and I thoroughly ... [ more ]

Kesgrave & District Crime Brief 14 – 20 July 2015

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Burglary/other building Bixley Drive - between 6pm 12 and 8pm 13 July – entry to property in process of being demolished. Lead stolen Martlesham - overnight 16 – 17 July – forced entry to workshop by breaking door locks and wooden door. Commercial ... [ more ]