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Alice K to Mill Hills and 9 more areas

Looking for a pond expert to help us get our pond in shape.

We have moved into a house in Woodbridge with a well established pond. It's home to lots of fish and newts so hesitant to empty the water. It once had a working pump and waterfall but these are beyond repair.
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Rachel S
Hi, we recently installed one at home for wildlife - it depends what you want - we deliberately didn't want fish because they eat just about everything else including frog spawn, ergo, no frogs!  So we have deliberately let it colonise itself so now ... more »
Carolyn R
Can only agree with Rachel's comment we started our wildlife pond over 20 years ago and it has given us so much pleasure.  One thing to be avoided is fallen leaves getting into it and causing a build up of toxins.  This can be avoided by netting over the ... more »
Louise B to Mill Hills and 9 more areas

Need a Roofer / Builder...can anyone recommend?

I need to obtain some roofing quotes to re-roof my garage, which after removing a Jasmine Plant planted by the previous house owner it appears to have allowed the wood underneath to rot.  I need the whole lot re-done as its not worth trying to patch it ... more »
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Hi Louise we can highly recommend Alexander builders. 07876 348062. Contact name is Darren. His standard of work is excellent and his rates are very reasonable. Mention abi & roy drake.
Andy S to Sutton and 9 more areas

House clearance sale

We are having a house clearance sale at 8 Greenways, Sutton Heath on Saturday 19th April from 11am to 4pm. Lots of bargains from furniture to electrical goods, mirrors, pictures, ornaments etc.

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8 Greenways, Sutton Heath

Apr 19
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Jules P to Mill Hills and 9 more areas

Bed and Breakfast

No room for guests? I have a lovely double room with en-suite facilities available for your friends or relatives to stay. In Woodbridge and very convenient for all that Woodbridge has to offer. Very reasonable rate at only £30 per person per night to ... more »
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Lyn Y to Woodbridge and 9 more areas

Do you need help?

I live in centre of Woodbridge...Do you need a hand with Housework, Ironing, Shopping or even Light Gardening (grass cutting etc) even if it's only an hour a week... give me a call LYN YATES 01394 615691 or 07801 816845 £10 per hour
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John-and A to Mill Hills and 9 more areas

7.5 mile walk

Who is interested in taking a train from Woodbridge to Campsea Ashe one day and walking back 7.5 miles - stopping half-way for a picnic? Fare a few £ - we will ask for group rate.
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Jackie C
If it's later in the year I would be interested, say July/August.  Keep me posted on other walks you may do in the area, though.  Thanks Jackie Catterwell
John-and A to Mill Hills and 9 more areas

Creating recordings of multi-track harmony singing

In the Woodbridge area, are any singers interested in collaborating using our equipment to create high-quality multi-track RECORDINGS of unaccompanied (voices only) harmony songs? John does the techie stuff that makes it a lot easier than you would ... more »
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Slightly off topic but John, do you have reel to reel recorders? I'm trying to find one to check out what is on some tapes I have come across. Thanks.
Louise B to Mill Hills and 9 more areas

putting up a!

Help! I have tried and failed miserably to put up my's 6x4 plastic and metal. Does anybody know anyone who will do this for a fee? The base is done and the door and window I have's just the rest...Please help!
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Louise B
Tried to call again but can't get you.. next week would be really super, do you have a mobile I can text address to? Are you available Monday evening for me to quickly show you where everything is and to go through the progress? Thanks Lou
Andy S
Sorry we keep missing each other. I don't get any mobile signal here, so send me a private message with you address and phone number and I'll call you this evening.
Kevin S to Broom Hill and 9 more areas

Transition Woodbridge - Regular open meeting (April)

Maybe you're keen on starting a community farm, a pig club or an orchard. Perhaps your interests lie in reducing energy consumption in your home, street or a community building. Whatever your ideas, if they're focused on making our local economy robust, ... more »

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The Cherry Tree Inn, Woodbridge

Apr 23
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Carol and David
We're enjoying our involvement with Transition Woodbridge, a friendly group busy doing positive things to help our local environment and promote the local economy.  We've helped plant fruit trees, clear waste ground to plant wildflowers and plant up tubs ... more »
Sarah L to Martlesham Heath and 9 more areas

French Film Club

A French Film club is starting in Martlesham Heath Pavilion!   Membership fee of £20/year, covering 6 films, in the 12 months starting 1st May 2014 - 31st April 2015.  This works out as £3.33 per film, if you come along to all 6 films (showings would ... more »
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Chris R to Broom Hill and 9 more areas

The OK Chorale in concert

Back for the second year running but hoping there will be no snow this time, The OK Chorale are delighted to present their annual spring concert at St. Mary’s Church, Woodbridge on Saturday 29 March at 7.30pm. Tickets £5 (£2 under 16s), all profits to ... more »

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St. Mary's Church, Market Hill, Woodbridge IP12 4LU

Mar 29
I'm with The OK Chorale
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Steph to Maidensgrave and 9 more areas

Live music at The Coach & Horses Melton

There's live music at The Coach & Horses Melton tomorrow evening (Wednesday 19th March).  It is a local guitarist known as Guitarra Herrero . . . worth a visit if you're free and it starts at 7pm.
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Thanks Caro B . . . I don't actually work at The Coach & Horses I'm afraid but I will pass that information on via friends and I'm glad there's someone like you out there keeping an eye on things like that for Coeliac sufferers.  I don't know if ... more »
Caro B
Thanks - will look out for him!  Couldn't make it last night unfortunately.
Louise B to Mill Hills and 9 more areas

Mounting a TV on the wall

Hi I'm looking for someone who can fix a tv bracket to the wall to mount my 29" tv to. I'm a bit nervous about making a hash of it. I'm sure it will take someone ten minutes...but would take me hours! Can offer a small cash payment. Thanks Lou
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Patrick R to Martlesham and 9 more areas

B & B

I wonder if anyone can help me, about 8-9 years ago my wife and myself used to belong to a B & B club, I think they were based in Ipswich, The idea was that you signed up with them, paid a yearly subscription , and got a membership card, plus list of ... more »
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John P to Maidensgrave and 4 more areas

Solar Panels

There has been a discussion about solar panels so I thought I should mention the discount club for electricity. Send me a personal message if you'd like an invitation.
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Sarah L to Martlesham Heath and 9 more areas

French Conversation Club (Intermediate +)

Just a reminder that the French Conversation Club (Intermediate+) will be starting TOMORROW NIGHT, 7.30-8.30pm at the Douglas Bader. Please contact me for more information! Sarah 07780 738414 /
Rachel S
Hi,  When the beginner one again?  Thanks
Sarah L
Hi Rachel, The next beginners' club is 11th March, 7.45pm Martlesham Heath Pavilion.  You're very welcome, but it would be helpful for me to know if you're planning on coming, to help me with my preparation :) Sarah
Carol and David to Bredfield and 9 more areas

Tree Planting today

How about helping to plant some fruit trees this afternoon! Come and help a few members of Transition Woodbridge to plant pear trees at Melton Riverside at 2.30 p.m today, Friday 21st February.  We are hoping to create a small Community Orchard so the ... more »
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Rachel S
Nice one Ann thanks for the info!
Candy B
Beccles Sewing and Handicrafts has an excellent sewing machine repair and servicing section