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EADT Article 22 May 2015

Clubs & Groups in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy

Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
It may not have the high-flying kicks and karate chops of some martial arts – but the ancient Chinese technique of tai chi is proving a knockout among practitioners in Suffolk. The Suffolk Tai Chi Academy was formed just two years ago in Ufford, near ... [ more ]
Jules P
Good article Ray, and quite true, so many health benefits. I've been practising  Tai Chi for a good few years now but even after only a few months my circulation was so much better. Keeps the old joints supple too. Every little helps as we get older. ... [ more ]
Brenda A
Highly recommend Tai Chi to all. I've been practising since 2000 and can confirm all the benefits mentioned. There is also a great overall, good feel psychological factor when you have finished the session. Take this from someone with arthritic fingers ... [ more ]

HELP WANTED to replace shed roof - materials ready - been let down by a friend

Give, Lend & Borrow in Ufford

Lesley K
We have a very good garden shed, that needs roof replacing. All boards and roof felt etc have been purchased with sealant etc. Sadly friend unable to complete task. We can offer: - money - exchange for services e.g. cleaning/gardening etc
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Louise W
I am sure either Beil or Pete will have managed to help you.But if not I have  just  had m y shed roof refelted and some wood repairs as it  was in quite a stae and some fencing  repaired which was all done  my Scott Price who did a brilliant job. Scott ... [ more ]

Sutton Heath Junior Football club Presentation Day

Clubs & Groups in Kingston

JUN 06
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Hollesley Village Hall Woodbridge IP12 3QR
Tom J
I am not much of a football person but I will say Sutton Heath FC is a really friendly club, who put an emphasis on having fun, not just about competitive winning. My ten year old son has been playing for them for two seasons now. If you are hanging out ... [ more ]

Reclaimed Sleepers ...any idea where to buy?

Recommendations in Melton

Louise B
I ordered some reclamation sleepers but the supplier based in Norwich has let me down on two occasions. Can anyone recommend a supplier? I need 8 standard lengths and they must be able to cut me 8 shorter lengths. I will also need someone who has the ... [ more ]
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David S
Jeepers sleepers , from Martlesham take the road to waldringfield , on the left before the golf course, very good ones

Sunset Boulevard at the Ipswich Regent!

Local Conversations in Martlesham

If anybody is interested, I'm taking part within Ipswich Operatic & Dramatic Society's production of Sunset Boulevard this week at the Ipswich Regent Theatre! Shows start tonight & run until Saturday where there is a matinee & evening ... [ more ]

For sale Half price fabric

£20.00 in Kesgrave

Sandie B
I bought 4 metres of greeny grey material from Dunelm today to cover my headboard but found it was totally the wrong shade. I paid £9.99 a metre. Would anyone be interested in buying it off me for half price £20? 62 inch width (158cms) it is called ... [ more ]
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Carpenter to build small shed

Recommendations in Hasketon

Kathy A
Can anyone recommend a person who could build a small shed/summerhouse for me. Its to fit in a specific place so not easy to buy "off the shelf". Or we would consider buying one second hand that could be altered. Any suggestions?

Grrr More lazy dog owners in Melton it seems

Local Conversations in Ufford

Teresa B
I have been walking my dog around Ufford and occasionally will fine some lazy person that haven't picked up after there dog. I walk my dog round leeks hill area and I must have come across at least 3 lots of dog  S--t.  Im sorry but surely if you have a ... [ more ]
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Shirley G
I saw a programme on TV where a lady put sticks with bright orange flags on next to the dogs mess to highlight it and afterwards she found there was only one or two still doing it. About a year ago on the grass area on the entrance to Bury Hill someone ... [ more ]
Dawn N
Some dog owners just don't care.  Some pick up but then hang the bags in trees (why?).  There is not even the excuse of no dog bins in the Leeks Hill area as there is now one at the entrance to the woods opposite the footpath from Fern Hill.   Shame on ... [ more ]

Strawberry Fayre & Table Top Sale

Clubs & Groups in Kingston

MAY 30
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Waldringfield Village Hall , IP12 4QP
Ann A
'Strawberry Fayre & Table Top Sale' 2 pm. on Saturday May 30th at Waldringfield Village Hall , IP12 4QP In aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance & St Elizabeth Hospice.   Admission 25p Cream Tea with strawberries £3.00 There will be stalls : ... [ more ]
Ann A
1 Table left for the sale of Hand made Crafts £10 at our Strawberry Fayre & Table Top Sale  2.00pm on Saturday 30th May at Waldringfield Village Hall In aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance & St Elizabeth Hospice. Contact: Alexis 01473 ... [ more ]

Pig Racing

Clubs & Groups in Kingston

JUN 06
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Woodbridge Football Club
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
The Hog Roast Runners, a dynamic team of battery powered, pink porkers will be returning to the track on Saturday June 6th, at Woodbridge Football club. Individuals will be able to place their bets on their favourite, and hope that their oinker makes it ... [ more ]

Rubbish dumping

Local Conversations in Maidensgrave

Amanda P
I have just found a black bag of rubbish in my wheelie bin that isn't mine! I've also seen two random people in the last few weeks dumping rubbish in my neighbours bins. What can I/we do about this?
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Jo L
Sadly it is not only people who live in flats who are doing this.  This happened to me - kitchen rubbish dumped in my recycling bin, including a glass jar!! And this rubbish wasn't even in a bag!!  My road has only homeowners and some rentals.  I have to ... [ more ]
Stephanie F
Jo L,  I like your idea but I can hear the refuse collectors moans from here let alone the amount of extra time it would take to complete the bin rounds.  Also the refuse collectors have trouble putting bins back to their rightful addresses even when the ... [ more ]

Paella & Bingo Evening

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

JUL 10
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White Lion Ufford
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
Hosted by the Ufford white Lion, In aid of the Home Start Suffolk Coastal, your compares for the evening are Mr Alex Bringinshaw & Russel Stowe. Tickets are £20.00 per person which includes authentic Paella cooked on a wood fire by Nina, Stephan ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Ufford

Yay!  The Swifts are here at last, I heard them and saw them swooping overhead today.  Fabu;lous!  I hope they choose to nest in my neighbours eves again. I hear the Cuckoo when walking on Sutton Heath.
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Carol and David
Swifts and nightingales - all wonderful! We joined the Suffolk Wildlife Trust walk yesterday evening to Kyson Point and heard nightingales at Broom-heath, quite a magical sound. Thank you all of you for your swift news, it's good to know that there are ... [ more ]
Yes I have listened to the Nighingales at Sutton Hoo, we recorded them on our phones!   Also heard them in the woods at Melton near the playing field. It was there I was lucky enough to see one singing!


Lost & Found in Martlesham

Brigid B
I am in Woodbridge , just off Seckford street. I have just discovered a hive of bees crammed into Bird box on the fence. Is there a bee keeper nearby who could advise me what to do or maybe someone able to take them?
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Jackie N
Hi. As a local bee keeper we keep being called out to these bees.they are likely to be tree bumblebees. They are new to the country and nest in bird boxes . Not a problem on the continent as they do not put up bird boxes but may cause you a problem if ... [ more ]
Brigid B
I no authority but these look like honey bees to me, certainly not bumble bees. Thank you to everyone for your advice I will try to find a local bee keeper or contact Suffolk Wildlife.


Recommendations in Burgh

Shona H
Can anyone recommend a reliable handyman who could do things like mend a fence or lay a couple of paving slabs for a reasonable price? Would be very grateful to hear of anyone.
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Lost & Found in Woodbridge

Janice B
Lost a fellow dog walkers pair of glasses during a walk through the woods opposite the Martlesham Community Hall. If found please let me know. Thanks.
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Janice B
Yes. I saw them but didn't know at the time who they belonged to so left them hanging in the tree. When we went back a couple days later they were gone.
Ohh, shame that's why I left them thinking they would find them there, maybe they got handed to council office across road. Fingers crossed


Local Conversations in Methersgate

Carol and David
I am pleased to see swifts flying around above Woodbridge again. It must be summer, well, almost! These birds are so amazing but sadly these days it is becoming harder for them and also house martins and swallows to find nest sites as people improve ... [ more ]
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Susan T
We are lucky to live in Swallow's Close in Hollesley where the houses were built with holes for the swallows in some of the roves.It is a delight to see them flashing across our village at this time of year.

Carpenter / odd jobs

Recommendations in Great Bealings

Clare F
Can anyone recommend a carpenter who would be willing to put up shelves and a few other "odd jobs" for my Mum who has just moved to Woodbridge / Melton?

Turks Head

Local Conversations in Melton

Louise B
Does anyone know if the Turks Head in Hasketon has 're-opened and if not when they plan to?
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Kim S
Would be really nice if you could arrange a grand opening BBQ or something 😄🇬🇧
Jemima W
Im sure we will do something to say 'thank you' for all the support we have received from the village.

Can anyone help with a Tip Run?

Local Conversations in Maidensgrave

Amanda P
I have several items I need disposing of at the local Tip but I don't have a car. Could anyone help me out and take them for me? An old kettle bbq, a broken 42" TV and a computer desk. Please let me know? Thank you! Ip5.
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Amanda P
Hi Tim, thank you so much! I will message you my address in the week if that's ok? Amanda x

Window Cleaner - Woodbridge/ Melton

Recommendations in Methersgate

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Brenda A
Hello Julie, Here's another window cleaner you may wish to try. His name is Dave, contact no. is 07730 094 664. He has his own company but works alone through choice. He is also a lovely human being.
Jill R
I may be too late - or repeating other people's advice which I've not seen, but I can thoroughly recommend Stephen Burton, from Ipswich, who comes here regularly once a month. (Saxon Way) His mobile number is:- 07783442902


Local Conversations in Woodbridge

Anne B
Does any one know who the peacocks that keep coming into our garden in Main Road Martlesham belong to? There are three of them and - beautiful as they are - one of the males in particular is being pest in the evenings. Please ring me on 01394 380102
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Beryl W
The peacocks have been in the area and visiting our garden for the past few years. The original pair and some chicks disappeared sometime last year, so actually there are fewer than there have been. They are behaving no differently now than they ever ... [ more ]
Anne B
Thank you to everyone for helping to answer my original query about these peacocks. I think we now all know what the situation is.

bathroom fitter builder wanted

Recommendations in Kingston

Jane M
can any one recommend a good builder/ plummer i want to put in and en suite bathroom needs building as is going in a bedroom
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Lynn J
We have just had walls reconfigured and a wet room put in by Lewis Culf, can only highly recommend their work and staff. Family business that can do it all.
Maureen S
Jane I can recommend Carl Lewis -  He did an excellent job with my bathroom - I think Muzz was impressed!

Pudding Night

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

MAY 14
to , (ended)
Bell Inn, Kesgrave
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
Pudding Night in aid of local family support charity Home-Start. A range of puddings to try for just £5pp Tickets are now available from or direct from the office on 01473 621104 or £5 per ... [ more ]
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Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
This is now only a week away, and there is less then 10 tickets remaining, so if you are planning on coming along phone Louise or Sarah on 01473 621104 or email to get your tickets now


Recommendations in Mill Hills

Stella N
My elderly neighbour is in need of a reliable gardener who can bring his/her own lawnmower. Ideally, she requires assistance in her garden for one half day per week - preferably Wednesday afternoons - throughout the summer months and, if necessary, ... [ more ]
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Andy S
I am an experienced gardener working in Woodbridge and surrounding villages. My number is 01394 412029. Andy
Stella N
Thank you all for your speedy replies. I will let my neighbour know of your willingness to consider helping her and will contact you again shortly. Many thanks once again. Stella