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Waldringfield Open Gardens

Clubs & Groups in Broom Hill

Betsy R
Waldringfield Gardeners is holding its annual OPEN GARDENS on Sunday 17th May.  Ten village gardens will be open to view between 2.00 and 5.00 p.m. with parking at the village hall and cream teas available throughout the afternoon.  Buy your ticket at ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Kingston

Bridget P
We're plagued by hoverflies in the garden, at least I think that's what they are! No problem until they fly in the house. Does anyone else have them? Any advice on what to do about them?
Frances C
magnetic closing fly screens will stop them coming in the house, I use them every year ,obtainable from coopers mail order or amazon,

Koi carp

Local Conversations in Maidensgrave

APR 18
Lynn J
We have an abundance of Koi Carp in our pond all around 8-10 inches some longer. If anyone is interested in them please make contact. We would like a donation towards some further pond work. Many thanks Lynn J
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Woodbridge Litter picking

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

Charlie Z
Following on from a post on here previously, Transition Woodbridge are organising a day of litter picking to publicise Earth Day on 22nd April. We will be meeting at: 9.15am outside Kyson School main entrance, 2.30pm outside ... [ more ]
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A Not for profit Tai Chi Class.

Local Conversations in Kingston

Dawn N
We are a not for profit Tai Chi Class. Health and fitness to most people means how fast or far they can run or how heavy a weight can be lifted, or winning a sports match. But Tai Chi is health & fitness through flexibility, improved circulation, ... [ more ]
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Dawn N
Hi Sue V We have 'beginner' classes in Ufford on Friday afternoons at 3:30 - 4:30 and also as you mentioned starting on 29th April at Ufford St Mary's hall. The cost £2.50 Wednesday eve £3.50 on Friday afternoon £5.00 at the Witnesham Class. If I ... [ more ]
Dawn N
So this new class will start as a mixed ability class. 7pm Wednesday 29th April Ufford St Marys Parish Hall IP13 6DS. With Tim Haxell & Ray Norris. If we have a number of beginners then we can adapt the class. We can discuss this with the class once ... [ more ]

Afternoon Tea at Seckford Hall

Classifieds in Beacon Hill

Seckford Hall Hotel
Come and enjoy one of our special Afternoon Teas in our colourful gardens in the amazing sunshine or newly refurbished beautiful Garden Room looking out on our beautiful gardens if the weather’s not so hot. Mention “STREETLIFE DAFFODILS" when making the ... [ more ]

Fossil Ladies Analogue Watch

£40.00 in Hasketon

Gemma F
I am selling my lovely Fossil analogue watch. I have looked after it very well and so it is in excellent condition, full working order with no scratches. It also comes packaged in it's original Fossil tin (which is spotless) and has the warranty enclosed ... [ more ]

Help Needed Please!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kingston

Rachel J
Disabled young pensioner needs help of various kinds, both in house and garden please. Back done in, yet again, so paid help is now required please! Postage stamp sized garden so not a great deal to sort, but an old wrought iron table and 2 chairs, plus ... [ more ]
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Hi Rachel, I have two hours free on Wednesday mornings and charge £10 per hour.  I live in woodbridge. I'm 60 and already help/work for several people.  I do domestic work and light gardening, as in mowing weeding and pruning.  I do not have garden ... [ more ]
Deborah P
I go to Foxhall Recycling quite often (most months) with a trailer,  let me know, and I can collect from you on the way. Deborah 01394-387651

Model reqjuired for photo shoot Sunday April 19th

Clubs & Groups in Melton

Terry G
Each summer I arrange outdoor model shoots at various locations to which amateur photographers from Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk are invited. These are some of the most talented amateur portrait photographers in the area. On Sunday April 19th we have a ... [ more ]

Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team - Priority Setting Meeting

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

APR 16
to , (ended)
Swan Close Scheme
The next priority setting meeting for the Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team will be held from 6:30pm on Thursday 16 April at Parish Room in Felixstowe Road in Martlesham. These meetings give residents the opportunity to raise any issues ... [ more ]

Vertical blinds

Recommendations in Maidensgrave

Lynn J
Recently there were recommendations, could anyone let me have any local people who supply and fit vertical blinds. Many thanks
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David M
I would also recommend Turners Blinds at Martlesham Heath. Superb service have used them for made to measure blinds at both my house & business.

Items needed for Melton Village Fete - Bric-a Brac, Books & Toys

Give, Lend & Borrow in Ufford

Jemma S
Melton Village Fete is a great community event which raises much needed funds for Melton Primary School and St. Andrew's Church, Melton. We are looking for good quality items for Bric-a-Brac, children's toys and a book stall. If you are having a spring ... [ more ]

Dance/Fitness classes

Clubs & Groups in Maidensgrave

Anne C
Can anybody recommend a "low energy" dance & exercise class  (preferably for senior citizens here on Martlesham Heath - or Kesgrave?  I have slight mobility problems and desperately need to raise my fitness levels.  Any suggestions/info would be very ... [ more ]
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Hi Anne. We have Tai Classes in Ufford which is about 5 miles from you. If that is not too far then this exercise would be perfect for you. Please see for more information and class times.
Anne C
So many suggestions/recommendations now! Thank you very much Jeremy.  I have tried pilates - many years ago.  I'll certainly consider that.

Missing Cat: Woodbridge, neighborhood by Kingston Field

Lost & Found in Melton

Nicole Boitos-Hayworth
Our dear sweet Scorpio has gone missing in Woodbridge - we live very near Kingston Field on Cherry Tree Road. He is a young black male cat, small white marks on his chest and between his hind legs. We mostly call him "Peeps" or "PP". He chirps more than ... [ more ]
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Nicole Boitos-Hayworth
yes, he is neutered - we got him from the RSPCA. I think he had his ritual morning-afternoon sleep in the sun in a neighbors garden for the first time. We received a few calls that he had been seen lounging in a few gardens, the luxurious little bugger. ... [ more ]

Pension Scams

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
Pensions are changing. From April 2015, pension scheme members can access their pension savings in new ways. Pension scammers will try to lure members with promises of one-off investments, pension loans or upfront cash. Most of these are bogus. ... [ more ]

Why no vegetable stall outside Fivewinds????

Local Conversations in Ufford

Does anyone know what happened to the vegetable stall that was outside Fivewinds Butchers at Melton every Saturday? I have been buying my veg from them every week. When I went along this week they weren’t there? I hope they haven’t gone forever?
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Elizabeth A
I got caught out too on Easter Saturday morning, v surprised they weren't there on such a busy trading day. Springside Nursery to the rescue but their fruit & veg are not as fresh.
Cass D
Let's hope they've just taken a well deserved holiday and they'll be back soon...

One man went to mow?

Recommendations in Broom Hill

Slimline T
Hi there Can anyone recommend a reliable man/woman who mows lawns. I don't need a gardener but I have some medium sized lawns and no lawn mower! It is just occasionally I need them doing as rabbits seem to have kept them under control - at least so far ... [ more ]
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Andy S
Hi I cut grass and do gardening for a living my rates are very resonable and I have my own equipment. I would be pleased to give you a free quote. My No. 01394 412029

treadmill repair/sale

Recommendations in Kingston

Jo L
A challenge to repair a full size studio treadmill. It switches on but does not Start. Not wanted anymore. Ideally I would like to sell it and I would accept offers to collect in present good condition (fairly new but not under guarantee) if buyer is ... [ more ]

Local builder recommendation

Recommendations in Maidensgrave

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Chrissie P
Hello, I would recommend matt: great work and prices. Chrissie.
Tom J
I can also vouch for Ben Childs if you've not already got someone, BC property services, based in Woodbridge / currently fitting my kitchen / has done other work for me too. Ben hasn't balked at some of the non standard requests I have made / very ... [ more ]

Moving to Kesgrave

Recommendations in Martlesham

I'll be moving to Kesgrave near the Bell Pub and wondered whether anyone could recommend any nice local takeaways, shops, restaurants, open spaces etc. which are in that area. I currently live in Woodbridge so I pass through Kesgrave, but don't know it ... [ more ]
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Last time we went to the Farmhouse, we waited 30 minutes for our meal while people who came in after us got served before us.  When my husband went to see how much longer we would have to wait, we were told another 30 minutes.  We called the manager ... [ more ]

Woodbridge Spring Treewatch

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

APR 11
to , (ended)
Meet at the Cherry Tree pub Car Park
Charlie Z
Transition Woodbridge are really lucky to have two local tree experts give us a tour of special trees in Woodbridge. Martin Minta and Steve Coghill, both local arboriculturalists, will be taking us around Woodbrdige on a 1-2 hour walk for a look at our ... [ more ]

M R King (parkers) garage grove road A12

Recommendations in Ufford

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Julian H
Hi Teresa, I found them a good family run company , I bought a car from there Woodbridge branch last July and got good service . QUALITY ! ☺ ☺

Dog Socialising

Clubs & Groups in Broom Hill

Claire A
I have a one year old boxer dog who we've had since 8 weeks old. She's pretty nuts but has a big heart. Over the past few months we've met several rescue dogs who have either been very nervous of people or other dogs and it made me wonder about starting ... [ more ]
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Patricia P
Hi all, I´m sorry we didn´t find anybody... we are new in Suffolk and took a while to find the place. I don´t even know if we were in the right park. We arrived at 10:45 and were alone in the enclosed area with the double door (I´ve attached a picture). ... [ more ]
Christine S
Hi Patricia I don't really know where you went but it looks interesting! I met up with everyone with my 2 dogs but decided to take a walk around the heath. I was joined by Susan and her dog - we had a great walk together. We are meeting again tomorrow - ... [ more ]

Knitting club

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

Anne B
Anyone know about a knitting club in Woodbridge which meets at the old fire station ? Days ? Time ? Can anyone join ?
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Mary L
No fee just turn up I look forward to meeting you all do you have needles and yarn?

Patio slabs needed

Give, Lend & Borrow in Ufford

Beccy C
Morning!  Hoping that someone may have some patio slabs laying about not required? Recently moved to new home and would like to spruce up the sorry state of a garden!  Would be great to hear from yo, can pick up pretty much anywhere. Thanks in ... [ more ]
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Keith F
We have some to spare too if you want to get in touch.  Woodbridge / Bury Hill area.