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capel lady in Gipsy Row
Hi we keep getting planes doing stunts over Capel any ideas on who we get in touch with to complain please x
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Capel Mum
Perhaps Capel Lady could chart how often they fly over her? That would be interesting. I live in Capel,  and they are a rare treat when they fly over here; but then, I'm normally at work in the week, so perhaps I miss the weekday entertainment?
capel lady
I haven't got myself wound up about it at all it was a valid question and you all seem to think I'm in the wrong for having that opinion .i really don't wish to carry on this discussion as it is starting to become silly . I have no objection to air ... [ more ]

Could You Be A 999 Ambulance Community Responder for Capel, Bentley & Tattingstone

Andy P in Capel St Mary
Did you know that the Ambulance Service have their own dedicated team of volunteers right here in our community? Bentley, Capel & Tattingstone First Responders are trained by the East of England Ambulance Service to provide first aid and basic life ... [ more ]

R.O.M.E.O. Capel Men's Lunch Club

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"Harvest Moon" Cafe, London Road, Capel St. Mary
Peter E in Holton St Mary
Monthly lunch-time gathering open to all men. Offering a friendly, informal and relaxing social opportunity for companionship over a meal. A special welcome to those who live alone. We warmly invite you to join us and  to bring your neighbours. Please ... [ more ]
Graham M
Peter, Both gatherings sound very appealing, but I am away in Sussex on Thu 3rd. I will try to make the coffee break on 16th (I guess it is at your house?) Graham
Peter E
Graham M Hi Graham, That's brilliant! Enjoy your trip to Sussex and we shall look forward to meeting you on Wednesday, 16th. "Wenham View" is the central residential block at the Dove Close sheltered housing complex in Capel. The ground-floor lounge ... [ more ]

Skill to share: Listening/Caring

Peter E in Holton St Mary
Just to let you know that I'm happy to offer my skills in Listening/Caring to help my neighbours out.

wanted adjustable table

Elsie R in Mace Green
has anyone got one of those adjustable tables to sell? they fit over a bed.  or any table that you can adjust the height from quite low upwards.

Capel, Bentley, Tattingstone - Ambulance First Responder Group Needs Volunteers.

Andy P in Capel St Mary
We are a community based, voluntary group trained by the NHS and operating under the guidance of the East of England Ambulance NHS Trust. We are despatched by the Ambulance service in response to urgent 999 calls received from anywhere within about a 3 ... [ more ]
Andy P
Follow us on Facebook and come along to our next training night in Capel. We would love to show you what we do and see if it makes you smile.

Dry cleaners

Annie A in East Bergholt
Can anyone recommend a good and reasonably priced dry cleaners, that can turn around a suit in a matter of days rather than a week..!? Thanks very much!
Graham M
Hi Annie, There is a dry cleaners in Manningtree High Street, just beyond Tesco Express - they send items to a plant in Colchester but they are back in 2-4 days. Try also Manningtree Railway station buffet (yes! strange but true) who also act as dry ... [ more ]

Wood floor

Summer Holiday Fun for Children

Christine M in East Bergholt
Finding things to do in Rural areas used to be difficult but this year East Bergholt Sports Centre has got such a great line up of adventurous and fun activities for children and young people during the Summer Holidays.  Whether you want to just dip in ... [ more ]