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Cat Found on Nock Gardens

Sara R in Little Bealings
We awoke early yesterday morning to a cat on our kitchen roof.  She came in to keep warm (it was freezing out) and we took her to the vets to see if she was chipped.  She's not.  They recommeded we leave her outside again but she was back very late ... [ more ]
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water pressure meter

Glen P in Rushmere Street
Hi, I think the water pressure is too much for my shower. Anyone got a meter I can borrow for 5 min ?
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Glen P
The pressure seems high and might have caused failure in one of the electronic shower components and causing it to leak. Don't want to replace the component until I can rule of the pressure as the same might happen again.
Charlie R
Very, very unlikely the water company would supply at a pressure which could cause showers etc. to fail; they'd be penniless in a week from claims. All a water pressure meter will do is confirm the operating pressure. If you have a leak I would think ... [ more ]

Central Heating Engineer

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
Can I  say "thank you" to all those who suggested local engineers when my Central Heating went "phut" recently. Ian Banks (Accredited Heating Services) came out, diagnosed the problem and promptly fixed it. Great service - his name's in my book. ... [ more ]

McColls Martlesham Heath

Amanda P in Maidensgrave
Absolutely disgusted that McColls in the square has been broken into twice in the last 10 days! Even more shocked and appalled that the broken glass door has still not been repaired. Come on McColls treat your staff with respect! 😡😳
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Rushmere Handyman
I expect it hasn't been repaired as it may be being upgraded as far as security is concerned. The biggest issue is that local councils rarely give permission , if ever for roller shutters , which would stop it ever happening again.
Naomi E
My understanding from the staff in mccolls is that alcohol was stolen, not cash. They do need to get the door fixed though and update security. Really shocked something like this has happened so close to home.

Central Heating Engineer

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
It's winter and that's when the heating packs up ! Does anyone have the name of a reliable central heating engineer ? Upstairs heating is ok but downstairs seems to have given up the ghost (it's not the thermostat, I have replaced that !).
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Anne W
Iain Jack of Accredited heating services covers this area and is second to none. Would wholeheartedly recommend him, 01206855856

Family Fun Day/ Table Sales

Millenim Jubilee Hall. Millenium Way, Kesgrave
Balkees J in Brightwell
A family fun day with bouncy castle and table top sales. Raffles too. An opportunity for the children to have some fun, the adults to mingle and raise money for two local children from the community!

Plumber recomendation?

Hi Charlie, many have asked before, if you stick 'Plumber' in the search bar at the top, you should find what you're after :)

jam jars

Eric F in Rushmere Street
I got loadsa  sparklin clean jam jars complete with lids - various shapes- free to a good home - phone 01473.613379
Brigid B
I always take mine to the WI Thursday morning market at the Community Hall in Woodbridge. Just drop them into a box just inside the door. They are always very grateful to receive them

Lost cat Little Bealings

Teresa in Playford
Our black and white cat  called Elvis has not been home since 4pm yesterday. Last saw him in the fields behind grove farm area. Very worried as there were men  with big lights shooting animals in the field where we last saw him. Would  be grateful if ... [ more ]
Its now 5 days since Elvis has been home. We are all so sad.  If anybody sees him please could they let me know.

Trapped Bird.

Margaret G in Great Bealings
Hi I have a Bird trapped in the chimney breast, wondering if anyone can help as to what to do, or can release it for me, am in Martlesham. cheers.
Balkees J
Have you called the RSPCA? Sorry I cannot be of more help- the thought of going up a ladder to roof height scares me!
Louise B
I've had this happen twice. Once I had to smash through a blocked fireplace in my bedroom and another time remove a gas fire in the lounge ( which was more costly since gas safe had to be involved). Do you have such access points?

Mobile Phone Signal Coverage

Jay in Playford
Time for a new mobile package. Has anyone any experience of being with BT Mobile. They have a few good deals at the moment, but I do not know anything about how good their network coverage is in this and the surrounding local area. Do not want to ... [ more ]
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Mark D
I have been with O2, but that was rubbish and I ended up in dispute with them over my inability to make any use of my phone. I am now with BT, as is my son, and yes they do use EE. I generally get good 4G coverage, but like all operators, there are ... [ more ]
Tony H
Im with EE my signal was intermitant sometimes it was 3-4 bars and other times  0-1 bar of reception, which could suddenly end a phone call, however EE sent me a mobile phone signal booster which works through your broadband router and now I get 5 bar ... [ more ]

Free Pallets

Robert J in Martlesham
I have 9 unwanted pallets suitable for firewood or a big bonfire!  Collection from Martlesham.

Suffolk Aviation Heritage Museum Break In

Brian C in Great Bealings
The Museum situated at the old Radio Station Foxhall Road had a break in overnight between 23.30 27/10/16 and 00.30 28/10/16. Two young adults tried to break in via the main gate but when they couldn't one climbed over and spent some 45 mins wandering ... [ more ]

Lidl or Aldi in martlesham?

Stephen P in Warren Heath
A friend has said that an Aldi or Lidl will be built on the spare land in front of Next. I have searched the internet and can find nothing about it, anyone else have any knowledge of it or is it just another rumour. Notwithstanding the traffic ... [ more ]
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Jean B
I thought when Adastral park is built that BT would have a different entrance of Foxhall roundabout .I may be wrong
Mike I
Hi Have you tried the Martlesham Parish Council website for reliable information? Mike

Fancy dress

Silvergran in Playford
Hi, I've been trying to find an adult witch's outfit for Hallowe'en without success.  I've got the hat but need a long black dress.  I'm size 12/14.  Does anyone have anything suitable that I could buy or hire please.  I've tried everywhere but few ... [ more ]
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Thanks S F but I didn't want to take the risk as I need it by next Thursday.  However I went online again and managed to order one from Asda which I'm picking up early next week.  Just hope it fits!
Laurence H
The Salvation Army shop in Upper Brook Street opposite Sainsburys does fancy dress hire for adults as well as children.    There is also a fancy dress shop in Felixstowe if no luck in Ipswich

Nordic Walking Classes

to (ended)
Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group in Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group
Why not come along and get the benefits of Nordic Walking.  We are a friendly group and once you have completed the course you can join our weekly walks.  Get more information from Lesley 07967653217/

Bi-Fold doors

Bill J in Rushmere Street
Does anyone know of a joiner/contractor who specialises in bi-fold doors. I have a run of 6  as a room separator but need to be adjusted /repaired to make them run easier.


Lost dog

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M&S and Brantano Martlesham

bunnykins in Great Bealings
Solved the who is going where question....asked the builder! Brantano is moving into the new building where Chris Lings used to be. M&S have had extra electric boxes added so it seems probable that they will go into the present Brantano bullding.
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Valerie H
Spoke to one of the assistants in M&S who told me they are expanding into what is currently Brantano.  They are expanding the kitchens and the café she said.  However, there will be no extra services there, still just food.  Hoped they might at ... [ more ]
Paula E
What a shame. They could incorporate a Laptop Lounge where we could sit and have coffee, look at a big screen at their website or on our own devices and buy and return goods in this section.

Christmas Shopping Evening

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Kesgrave Community Centre
Fiona F in Warren Heath
Christmas Shopping Evening ..... Pamper Treatments available too!  Please contact Fiona Farrell on 07739 848910 or email: for tickets, pre-bookings of treatments and more info.

Caretaker Wanted

Kesgrave Community Centre in Kesgrave Community Centre
Kesgrave Community Centre are seeking someone to take care of their facilities at weekends, someone who is reliable, efficient and flexible to work as a Caretaker in their busy centre providing support for the many events and activities that take ... [ more ]