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Lack of zebra crossings

Eric F in Rushmere Street
Ever tried walking from one cluster of stores to another, or over to Tescos, at Martlesham Heath, at a busy time? As a nation of car-worshippers, we have made no provision for pedestrians. Come on! Just one or two zebra crossings in strategic places ... [ more ]
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Stephen D
Below is a wheelchair user's experience in getting around the retail park (and please note that not all wheelchair users are elderly- I am a wheelchair user, and I have found a number of difficulties getting around the retail park. 1. I cannot go ... [ more ]

Tai Chi, New Class

Melton Burness Parish Rooms. The Street. Melton. IP12 1PW
Suffolk Tai Chi Academy in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
A New Beginners Class will for every Tuesday morning. Starts 17th May 10 am. This class is part of the Suffolk Tai Chi Academy that teaches the Master Moy style.  Further information can be found on our website or phone Lyn ... [ more ]
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Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
Now just under 2 week's till the start on the new class on Tuesday 17th. For those of you who are signed up remember just to wear comfortable clothing and flat footwear. Tea and coffee will be supplied for after.


tigerlily in Bucklesham
Has anyone heard any more about the land next to Orwell vets? Are they still going to build a Co-op store there.? If so when.

Garden Tractor Service

wesley in Boot Street
Does anybody know anybody that services garden tractors at your home. The guy I used to use is no longer in business. Thanks

Anybody interested in audio recording ourselves very small group singing in HARMONY

John-and A in Martlesham
Anybody interested in AUDIO RECORDING ourselves as very small group (3-4) singing in HARMONY - John 01 394 383054
John-and A
Thanks - let me know what kind of songs you would choose for this. I am 69 years old and remember the Everly Brothers (Devoted To You etc), Beatles (If I Fell etc) and Simon and Garfunkel. I have recordings of the parts of duets. trios, quartets that ... [ more ]

What does streetlife think?

Ernest G in Broke Hall
The Public have got their way at last. Ropes Drive Roundabout Traffic Lights have been switched off. The result for many, it's a distinct improvement, and well worth while. But for some others, morning rush hour traffic flow is no better. This is ... [ more ]
Old Plod
Like the idea of a roundabout for Main Road/Bell Lane. The more traffic is kept moving - even if only slowly- the less pollution from idling stationary engines. I don't feel competent to comment on the other proposals as I don't live in Kesgrave.
Laurence H
The council are looking for ideas for the land being sold next to Tesco Metro.  Seems it would make a few good allotments.

Giving away an old electrically assisted pushbike small wheels mains charger

John-and A in Martlesham
Anyone near Woodbridge please contact me because I am GIVING AWAY an old electrically assisted pushbike "Powabyke" John 01 394 383054

Wanted - A2 Blackboard

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
Hi, I am looking for an old but serviceable Black Board about A2 Size (12" x 16") - nothing fancy - it is for notices within our Bowls Club. On that note thank you to the great response at our Green Opening last Saturday. We had about a dozen leads for ... [ more ]


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Andrew S
Wouldn't disagree with Egyptian Goose, give away signs are the pinky coloured legs, black eye and ring around the neck. Although not native there are a few resident in East Anglia, around the London and South East area and into the East Midlands.
Raymond B
Thanks, Yes it looks like an Egyptian Goose. Thia was one of a pair on the Meare at Thorpeness. I looked at every duck picture I could find on the web and nothing matched as its a goose!

Quiz 'n' Chips - Fundraiser for Three Bears Playgroup, Kesgrave

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Fiona F in Warren Heath
Quiz ‘n’ Chips. Friday 20th May, 7pm - 10:30pm (7-8pm for food). Dinner, 7pm - 8pm . Quiz + Raffle, 8pm – 10:30pm. Bar ‘til midnight. Teams of 4 – Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last plaice! £12 per person (including dinner) Choice of fish ... [ more ]

Handyman wanted

Sue V in Beacon Hill
I am looking for a handyman who can do some "jobs" around the house for me. Can anyone recommend one for me.
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Marti L
Thanks. Ken B must be good as several others have suggested him to me. But thank you for adding to recommendations as it really inspires confidence.

Information regarding the traffic light switch off at Ropes Drive Roundabout

Ernest G in Broke Hall
To Streetlife. Information received from FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT 2000 In response to my requested question. Now that the Ropes Drive Roundabout traffic light trial has ended. Can you please arrange for the actual video photographic evidence, taken ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Hi Madmagpie, Apologies if this is not the response you were hoping for. Please be assured that even if it is not a high priority at the moment, our Highways team will continue to monitor the situation. If at any point you have further comments you ... [ more ]
Richard G
Another reason to sort out Dr Watsons Lane

Spectrum jazz quartet

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The Farmhouse
Sara H in Great Bealings
Spectrum jazz quartet are gigging next Saturday at the farmhouse, kicking off at 9pm. The quartet is made up of all local musicians. If you love jazz come along.
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Bredfield Bowls Green Opening

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
It's only a week away, let's hope it gets dryer ! All are welcome from 13:00 through to 16:00 on Saturday 23rd April at our Green in The Street, Bredfield. If you'd like to try Bowls, come along, wear flattish shoes and we will do the rest. Jo G. - let ... [ more ]

Tip Run

Amanda P in Maidensgrave
Hi, I have various large items that need disposing of at Foxhall Tip however I don't drive. Can anyone help me? Items include: a single mattress, computer desk, broken Hoover etc..... Thank you.


Secondary maths material

Informant in Little Bealings
I have a copy of 'Springboard catchup maths for Year 7' and 'National Numeracy Strategy' (content for 11-16 teaching) in their original (large) A4 folders if anyone is keen to take an active interest in their child's curriculum. Seems unlikely, but ... [ more ]
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Sofas going free

Av A in Rushmere St Andrew
A large three seater sofa (reddish in colour) and two seater sofa (hessian colour) to a good home. There are no fire labels attached. If anyone is interested, can send photos, pls pm me. If you know of any charities that may be interested, can you pls ... [ more ]
Mrs Tiggywinkle
Without fire labels the charities won't be able to accept them. If you use Freecycle you'll reach a wider audience, either the email one or on Facebook.

Lpg gas heating repairs and servicing?

Karen C in Waldringfield Heath
Recommendations for repairs and regular servicing of lpg mobile home central heating system?
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Alan H
Karen C Southgate & Cullam running for over 40 years with fantastic feedback.

Banking enquiry looking like a scam.

Bob B in Kesgrave
My wife received a document today from her bank requesting personal tax details. It was so complicated that it looked like a scam. Her bank however admitted they were taken by surprise by the bank's own requests but it was legitimate. It appears to arise ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
Deborah please do not just delete it.  If it claims to come from a Bank then send it to their fraud department.  You will find that address on their website under 'Contact Us'  In other cases pass them on to Action Fraud.  This is the best way for the ... [ more ]

Opening of the Bredfield Bowls Club Green

to , (ended)
Bredfield Bowls Club, The Street, Bredfield. IP13 6AX
Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
Ever fancied the idea of Bowls ?? Come and try it on Saturday 23rd April at the Bredfield Bowls Club. Wear flattish shoes to protect the Green - we will provide all you need plus encouragement, help and guidance. Nothing to pay just enjoy yourselves. ... [ more ]

Old Fence Panels Free

Richard G in Boot Street
I am replacing the fence at my sisters on Bixley Farm. Some posts broke in the recent wind but the panels are relatively ok. There are several undamaged and some need a little remedial work to make good. There are seven panels which are free to someone ... [ more ]
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LOL I see that bit.  How much is 'all of the wood'   are we talking van loads?
Richard G
There are the old posts and 8/9 Fence panels an old gate and a few odd bits of wood and the pallet the new fencing came on. You would get all of it on an 8x4 Trailer

Home computer help

Ramshead in Brightwell
I'm having problems getting laptop and printer to co-operate with each other. Can anyone recommend reliable expert who could visit (for usual fee of course) in Grange Farm?
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Thank you everyone for suggestions for computer help.  DMonkey has got me printing happily again and feeling much more confident about security issues.  I would recommend DMonkey every time - usually the local business is the best!


Michael Hallatt in Maidensgrave
If anybody would like some free topsoil, then please email me asap.  Anybody interested would have to take it up themselves and take it away.

wanted...satellite dish

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Sara H
Hi Debbie Not sorted yet so if you can help that would be great. .i will on my phone number to you