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Rocking chair required

Allan R in Playford
Hi Streetlifers. The Company of Four are looking to borrow a rocking chair for their panto. Red Riding Hood's granny needs somewhere to sit! Has anyone got one we can borrow for just over a week?? We will need it for opening night on Friday. Thanks
Allan R
Hi Rosalyn. Thanks for your response. I have just heard that one of my fellow cast members has found one. Thanks so much for your offer, but I don't think Granny will need two. 

Tree felling on Foxhall rd near Bell Lane

bunnykins in Great Bealings
Anyone seen all the trees being felled by the side of the road? It has been confirmed by Spedeworth that it is nothing to do with them so obviously the owner of the land doing it......anyone know why? Sad to see woodland being removed!
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Charlie R
Well, houses sound likely (don't mean to be a prophet of doom) but if they build near the Stadium is that a coffin for Spedeworth !! Let's hope it is just coppicing.

can anyone recommend a good, reliable HONEST plumber/heating tech

Karen C in Waldringfield Heath
Just had to have heat exchanger renewed in combi boiler due to scale was charged £316 I am since told these cost around £50 fed up with being ripped off by plumbers :-|
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Alan H
Hi Karen, My sons firm is the best of the best and are top notch, so no need to look any further. Also will never rip you off and are very pleasant and friendly. Just give my son a call on 07595793197. Cheers Alan

Clothes dummy

Christine S in Great Bealings
Does anyone have or know where I can get a full size clothes dummy to display a uniform in a museum? We are able to pay a small amount.
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Dining Room Tables

Stephanie F in Brightwell
I have two dining room tables which I need to sell. The first one is a six seater glass topped table with chrome legs and six high backed black leathrr look chairs. It has two extendable end sleeves and is in good condition. The second is a round ... [ more ]

Kesgrave Ropes Drive roundabout lights

bunnykins in Great Bealings
Brilliant news.....lights off permanently! Pity they didn't listen to residents in the first place!!
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Stuart R
Signs to tell you to indicate? Whatever next? When the electronic signs were erected around the outskirts of town (which I hasten to add would give useful and meaningful information) there was so much opposition to them (and not just the position of ... [ more ]
Barbara C
What a great idea! I would say 50% of drivers dont use their indicators at roundabouts. I have waited many a time at Tuddenham Road roundabout waiting to turn right, and could have proceded if only motorists indicated that they were about to turn into ... [ more ]

table top charity

Eric F in Rushmere Street
If anybody has any suitable material for our table top sale @ Kesgrave Community Centre in February, in aid of Portuguese Animal Welfare UK, please let us know! We are happy to collect. Tel 01473.613379 Eric
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Eric F
Sat 20th Feb.  We need stuff a few days beforehand to sort out and box up to transport as it's a 9.00am start on the day of the sale. My tel: no is 613379 if that helps. Thank you. Jillian

Zumba Fundraiser

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Foxhall Community Centre (situated at the back of St Clements Hospital, adjacent to the golf course)
Fiona F in Warren Heath
In aid of Three Bears Playgroup, Kesgrave.  Zumba session (just over an hour - instructor Emma Spall) followed by raffle and cake sale. Raffle prizes include a voucher for The Farmhouse pub in Kesgrave; vouchers for 'Tonic' and 'Little Luxuries' salons ... [ more ]

Free AEG Oven Grill Pan Handle

Bob B in Kesgrave
AEG sent me this pan handle in error and asked me to dispose of it whilst they send the right part. Apparently may fit many AEG cooker products. Of any use?

Large quantity of cat/kitten toys

Sara H in Great Bealings
We are having a clear out and have come across a very large quantity of cat toys free to a good home. There is also a lead along with two variable sized cat harnesses.
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Sara H
Hi Carole and Susan I have spoken to the blue cross who are going to have them in a weeks time at their new venue in Ipswich. Thank you for your ideas.

New Tai Chi Class

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Sudbourne Village Hall
Suffolk Tai Chi Academy in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
Just a gentle reminder I have a new Tai Chi Beginners class starting Wednesday 13th Jan. 11am Sudbourne Village Hall. The style is as taught by Master Moy. This is a community class I will charge just £4 to cover costs only any surplus will be ... [ more ]
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Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
Just 3 days to Lyn Eatwell's new class. Remember this class is for beginners so don't think that you maybe out of your depth. Lyn will take it very gently. We are all a very friendly bunch☺
Jules P
If anyone is still undecided about learning Tai Chi, I can definitely  give my support to the benefits of Tai Chi. It helps circulation, breathing, joints, balance and memory of which we all need help. It's not an immediate solution but takes time. ... [ more ]

Nordic Walking Course

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Melton Playing Fields

Christmas cards

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Janet B
M&S at Martlesham Heath do not have a collection for recycling Christmas cards. I asked today, Fri. 8th. Maggs, did you mean the M&S in Ipswich?
Yes I did mean the Ipswich town centre one, I forgot there is one at Martlesham.


Raina B in Warren Heath
Needed someone to bake a cake for my son's first b'day on 16th.someone from kesgrave would be ideal.
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Claire M
Rachel's Cakes Ipswich, lives in Martlesham, good price and tastes great


Doug S in Playford
Does anyone have some bricks they don't need - preferable old but clean? I want to make a pathway and don't want it to look new. I can collect - small or larger amounts.

LEP's Required Road crossing

Ernest G in Broke Hall
To start the year. A vital Question that perhaps Liz H would like to answer as a IBC councillor. Are the promises made by the Prime Minister prior to the Election valid? Or just hot air? The reason for asking is:- We are not receiving and never had an ... [ more ]
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Jeff W
Well done Ernest G for your comments. Having read an article in the Ipswich Star quoting "the bridge may not be able to accomodate some of the taller boats that use the mooring, with some as high as 40 or 50ft high." Now calculate the value of those ... [ more ]
Ernest G
Factual Information: - Regarding a Wet Dock Road/Rail Crossing. that the public should be made aware of. In a letter to Dr Daniel Poulter MP, on the 26th of October 2012. The Area Manager, Eastern Environment Agency, stated: - “It is our view that ... [ more ]

Family Solicitor

Hilary A in Broke Hall
Can anyone recommend a good Solicitors in Ipswich or surrounding area who specialise in family law. Many thanks
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Graham D
Hilary.All solicitors are good and they have specialist in all fields of law,if you are new to the area take note of suggestions by others who have experienced local solicitors.As suggested earlier I have used Birketts for over 50 years  and still using ... [ more ]
Hilary A
Thankyou for all your suggestions and advice.  I will start phoning around some of these firms tomorrow.  Many thanks

Very large Burgundy Bean Bag free to good home

Sara H in Great Bealings
Hand made heavy duty fabric. Holds nearly four bags of beans! Great for gaming or just plain old relaxing. Space needed and doesn't match new sofas.
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Kitten found

VPC in Rushmere Street
Please contact me if you've lost a kitten in Martlesham Heath or the east Grange Farm area of Kesgrave. We've found one safe and well that ran into our house!
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Laurence H
My wife volunteers at the Blue Cross at Felixstowe, they may take the kitten if the owner is not found. I know from her that are trying to foster animals out at the moment ahead of the new move on the 15th January to Wherstead, but you could always give ... [ more ]


Christine S in Great Bealings
To the small white van that came along the main road at Martlesham about 20 minutes ago - if you hadn't being going so fast you wouldn't have struck the central reservation and had to fight to stay in control of your vehicle.
Bronwyn L
That's when you need a camera on the dash I was passing a chap driving in a small blue van on Thursday morning driving along the road to Woodbridge between roundabouts swivelling about on the road when I passed him he was shaving!!! I said I wished I had ... [ more ]

Local Electrician recommendations.

Julie G in Little Bealings
Hi. Having just lost half of my downstairs electrics, was wondering if anyone could recommend a good local electrician. Thanks.
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Keith F
Glad you got it sorted out Julie, well done Richard for the advice! However, if you do need an electrician any time in the future I recommend Mike Martin who lives in Woodbridge.  His numbers are 01394 388372 and 07854 986230. Happy Christmas to one and ... [ more ]

Tumble Dryer

Linda L in Playford
Can anyone in the Kesgrave area recommend someone who repairs tumble dryer. It is urgent as family has three children. Thank you

Tumble dryer