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Lost and Found

Janet B in Kingston
I have lost a gym card for Deben pool gym. Probably fell out of my purse on Saturday 10th October in the Beardmore Park area of Martlesham Heath. Photo ID Card is the size of a credit card. It may also be a blue and white Kentica card of the same size. ... [ more ]

Walking for leisure

Sue V in Bucklesham
I moved to Kesgrave a couple of years ago and formed a walking group. We walk three times a week but that's not obligatory! The usual distance is about 3 miles and we get to see the beautiful surroundings we have in this area. If you are interested in ... [ more ]
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Lost cat

Tina B in Little Bealings
Hi, today at 6am our beloved cat Toby went out of our house after eating breakfast and has not yet returned, he has never done anything like this before and has lived with us for 12 years, we are desperate to find him , he is very fluffy and black and ... [ more ]
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Tina B
Hi Stephanie thanks so much for your comment I really appreciate it, thankfully we found him after a terrible night worrying, he's clearly traumatised after his 24 hour roam about tho as has hidden in a bedroom since being found. Thanks again

Woodbrige Autumn Treewatch

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Meet at teh Bandstand in Elmhurst Park
Charlie Z in Martlesham
Join local tree expert, Martin Minta, for a gentle 2 hour (approx) walk around Woodbridge looking at our wonderful autumnal trees. Meet at the Bandstand Elmhurst Park. £2.50 / person (ALL money raised will go to planting trees in Woodbridge and ... [ more ]

Discussion Group Starting

Debbie C in Broke Hall
I am interested in starting a discussion group somewhere local like the Farmhouse pub. Is anyone interested in joining a few people discussing anything that interest them. I am retired now so it could be afternoon or evening, whatever suits everyone.
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Debbie C
Thanks to everyone who came to the discussion group last week. We had an enjoyable couple of hours talking about a wide variety of subjects and I for one certainly learnt a few things! If anyone wants to join us this week, it is at the same place and ... [ more ]

Double glazing, soffits and fascias

NorthernBlond in Bucklesham
Recommendations for excellent quality double glazing, soffits and fascias. Need all new windows and doors but don't want the nationals, would ather someone local who is highly recommended.
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New local gym - Grangeside Fitness - now open on Grange Farm

Grangeside Fitness in Grangeside Fitness
This new gym opened on 26 September 2015.  Quality equipment on 2 floors.  First 100 members will receive a free t-shirt and 30 minute induction/personal training session.  Subscription £25 per month. Get in touch and have a look. Address: Unit 5 The ... [ more ]
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Grangeside Fitness
Richard - Grange Fitness closed about 2 years ago.  This is a new gym - same location - but new owners and excellent  equipment - longer opening hours and no booking system.  Suggest you take a look at their website -  Thanks

Handyman for painting windows- Also Forever Home wanted for Fostered Lurcher

Tina C in Kesgrave
My friend is trying to find someone to prepare and stain 5 windows and 3 doors on a house in Leiston. Any suggestions? Happy to pay cash. I am wondering if this forum can help me find a loving home for a 4 year old Lurcher that I'm currently fostering. ... [ more ]
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Sandra M
I would love to take on a dog and like Lurchers. Unfortunately I work and therefore would have to leave it alone for long periods.

Home grown produce

Stephanie H in Kesgrave
We have quite a lot of quince, free to anybody who can pick them up......but can we have a couple of jars of whatever you make?!
Deborah P
Hi, would be very interested in some quinces, when I can get them I bottle them with apples or pears for winter use, whereabouts are you?  My baby quince tree has two whole quinces (first year of cropping), more would be very welcome! regards, Deb
Stephanie H
Hi, We have given them to the greengrocer in Woodbridge to sell, we may get some back, as most people don't know what to do with them! In which case will come back to you.

The Permaculture Way - Free Film Night!

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Council Chamber, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Melton Hill, IP12 1AU
Charlie Z in Martlesham
Hello! Transition Woodbridge & The Green Print Forum will be showing a free film about Permaculture. Learn more about Permaculture and join us for a discussion afterwards, including hearing all about our Forest Garden! Refreshments will be provided. ... [ more ]

Up Pompeii - Stage Door Theatre Company

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Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre
Allan R in Playford
Following the success of last years Fawlty Towers, Stage Door Theatre Co are bringing this iconic comedy to life on stage in Kesgrave. Up Pompeii is a hilarious romp based on the TV show of the seventies, written by Miles Tredinnick. The action centres ... [ more ]
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Allan R
Hi Karen. Tickets can be bought via the Wolsey website, or will be available on the door before each performance. Card or cash payments only. Hope you enjoy the show! 

Circuit Training

Stephen P in Warren Heath
I am looking for a circuit training session around Kesgrave or Ipswich, can anyone recommend a good one to go to that is friendy and inclusive. Thank you
Cheryl H
Good Morning Stephen You do not mention if you are looking for day time or evenings?   Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre have circuit training during the day on a Wednesday morning.    Alternatively  Matt Hunt runs sessions on a Tuesday evening ... [ more ]

Wanted: Tree surgeon

Dave R in Martlesham Heath
Hi, I have 3 25-foot-high trees which need a tidy-up. Can anyone recommend a tree surgeon who knows their stuff and are reasonably priced? Thanks!
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Julia G
Hi, To throw another into the mix, you could also try Ben Jordan, Jordan's Tree Care Solutions on 07549 401040.  Again,  good tree surgeon, good and fair price and also really good at clearing up afterwards.  Good luck.


Stephanie H in Kesgrave
Any recommendations for a local gardener, someone who can mow the lawns, trim shrubs when needed, generally help keep our garden tidy, husband now finding it very difficult due to illness.
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Stephanie H
Going to hang on to your number Stephen, and will come back to you. Husband thinks next year when our garden really needs attention. Thanks.
Ash S
Hi. I would recommend Colin. His number is 01473 623074. His excellent and reasonable in price.

Kitchen fitter

Stephen P in Warren Heath
I am looking for someone to do a small job for me. I wish to replace my built in single oven for a double oven and need someone to install the oven, rebuild and make good my kitchen unit. I have been told that I need a kitchen fitter rather than a ... [ more ]
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Teresa in Little Bealings
Has anybody had a domestic biomass boiler fitted recently? Looking into getting one and would be interested to see how they compare.
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Bill J
I had one fitted in March of this year and so far I am pleased with the result However I have not been through a winter yet so have not put it through its paces You are welcome to inspect but on holiday in Cyprus till Monday Leave a message if that is ... [ more ]
Thank You Bill. That's very kind of you. I wouldnt mind coming to have a look. My husband is away next week so I will message you in due course so we can arrange to pop over. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Original Qigong workshop

Olya in Culpho
I would like to invite everyone to join a new qigong workshop in Ipswich on 26 September. The workshop will be about learning Wu Ji Qigong form which is also known as ‘The Original Qigong’ and ‘Tai Chi for Liberation’. It is an excellent exercise for ... [ more ]
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Kath B
Hi, I just wanted to check how intense the exercise is going to be? I still have weak knees, so not sure..

Bealings Pop-up Pub

Michael L in Little Bealings
Last night I walked up to the Bealing Hall for the pop-up pub. Half empty - no life at all, most people sitting around looking at their phones. People around here will have to give these events more support if we are to convince posible buyers to move in ... [ more ]
Richard G
Pubs that do not provide great food are dramatically declining. Many people do not want to just go for a drink and hence the decline . The idea of a pop up pub selling alcohol only will never attract many people . The Admirals Head was a nice place to go ... [ more ]
Michael L
The pop-up pub did have food on offer.  It is a long time since The Admirals Head was a good Pub, allowed to run down by the owner who continues to live there.  It is a fair size place though and with the right  ownership could be a good place again.

Welder wanted

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Paul H
Hi Julie I can pop round tomorrow evening if that's ok to have a look, just need to know here you are on martlesham heath. Thanks paul

Shower service

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Richard G
Andy .... Is it just the rail and a new head you are putting on or does the head come out from the tile/wall . Simple to do if the first . Most things are quite simple to do yourself if only you have the confidence .


tigerlily in Bucklesham
Went to Aldi this morning and boy it was like a freezer, why do they keep this store so cold? I could swear I had a mild case of hyperthermia when I left, even turned my car heater on..
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Alf B
Sorry tigerlily I'm blushing here at my desk I will have a go at Aldi tomorrow :- Haven't been there for months

Sustainable Energy: Information & Discussion. Mon 7th 5.30pm

Charlie Z in Martlesham
We, Transition Woodbridge, are co-hosting an event on Monday 7th Sept, 5.30-7pm at East Green Energy,  26 Quayside, Woodbridge, IP12 1BH. We want to find out more about how renewable energy can benefit us. Please come and share experiences you may have ... [ more ]

Millenium football field

tigerlily in Bucklesham
While taking my dogs for a walk this morning I stopped to watch the youngsters playing football just love to watch them brings a smile to my face when they score a goal, they put everything into these matches, more than I can say for the people ... [ more ]
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David B
So long as Suffolk Coastal and not the Town Council is responsible for these matters there can be little improvement. If only the Town Council would put pressure on the district council to give us a better service! Go to Woodbridge and Felixstowe and see ... [ more ]
Laurence H
The grass will be long on Millenium Field because it is warm and sunny and we have had a lot of rain.  Without the rain the grass would not need cutting and the council is not like you and I who can go out and cut our grass when it needs it they have ... [ more ]

Windows to Mac - Anyone done it ?

Richard G in Boot Street
I have always used Windows ever since i started using a computer . I am a great fan of Apple products and have several but would like to buy a Macbook Pro especially for the Retina screen as this is where we would view all our photos .  So i am ... [ more ]
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Ernest G
I would suggest any one looking for a second hand Apple Mac, go on the web to, Apple Mac Certified Products first, to see what is available,
Spotty Dog
Macbank sell second hand macs and they are based in Ipswich. Apple sell factory refurbished macs on their main website with warranty


Michael B in Boot Street
I have some dark green painted alloy garden furniture available for free: 5 chairs with arms, a bench seat and a 4ft round table. The paint is peeling here and there but the main problem is that the metal is brittle; I loaned the chairs to someone who ... [ more ]