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Douglas Bader

Michael Hallatt
in Maidensgrave
I live in close proximity to the Douglas Bader pub.  Has anybody else heard the loud music and shouting?  On Friday evening 13 Jan 2017 the new landlord held a live band party and the music was very loud, not only this but a large group of young ... [ more ]
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David R
You live near a pub, it gets a bit noisy on Fri Sat evenings. It has always been the case Complaining about the noise is like living in the countryside and complaining about the sound of tractors or the smell of manure.
June B
A bit unfair David R. Think of all those pubs in Ipswich, sourrounded by homes. I use to live between two pubs. At o e e d, never heard a thing. At the other end, never heard a thing until it was given license for live bands and that was when the ... [ more ]

Lost dog Martlesham

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Laurence H posted by one of China's previous fosters Yes, really good ideas, Jeanette - I'll pass these on, hadn't realised the Blue Cross had a place up there. If you have a chance then pls pass on a big 'Thank you' to those on Streetlife for ... [ more ]

What is the truth about climate change?

Waldringfield Village Hall. IP12 4QP
Greener Waldringfield
in Greener Waldringfield
Monday 20th February.      Waldringfield Village Hall.  IP12 4QP      7.30pm Greener Waldringfield has invited Prof John Midwinter FRS to give a talk about the effects of climate change. John has developed a deep understanding and ... [ more ]
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Ian C
To me it is not complex at all, but very simple. It is all very well saying that one eighth of power is wind generated, BUT that is not a CONSTANT eighth. Where does the electricity come from when there is no wind or sun?  As I write, the rest of our ... [ more ]
Jim D
Parts of Spain (e.g. El Hierro in the Canaries) have certainly managed it. It's not actually too hard, it's just a matter of doing it. It's all about storage and we've managed to do that in (for example) Scotland. We also got the tidal power coming ... [ more ]

Tanning voucher

Carrie A in Martlesham
I have a voucher for 30 minute tanning course at Topaz in Ipswich if anyone wants to come and get it. Expires 31/3/17 Worth £17.50

Suffolk School Admissions Portal - What a Palava! Please help....

Balkees J in Brightwell
I have just registered myself, got an account and tried to "add" my child's name and details to apply for a school. The deadline for applications is 15/Jan, so I thought I had better make an application. Unfortunately, the portal won't save child's ... [ more ]
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Iain W
What a ridiculous situation where users are prevented from using a local authority system simply because they use an Apple computer rather than a PC.  Wake up SCC there are many operating systems and browsers out there.  If you require someone to use ... [ more ]

Gas Cooker

Alan G in Martlesham
Hello, can anyone recommend a reliable reasonably priced  gas fitter/plumber  to fit a new gas cooker thanks Alan
Beverley J
We used Tony Fisk - 07710747455, as recommended by Hughes where we recently purchased a new gas cooker. He took our old cooker away.

New Beginner Tai Chi Class

Witnesham Village Hall
Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
A new Beginners Class starts in Witnesham on Thursday 2nd February 2017 5.45pm. At Witnesham Village Hall, Church Lane, Witnesham. IP69JD £5 per class. Your instructor will be Marc Levy. Tai Chi is suitable for all adults. We welcome new beginners ... [ more ]
Hi, Can I join these classes at any time? Through work commitments I wouldn't be able to attend any session until March. I've viewed your website, seen other classes and locations, the same applies but some beginners classes and their time and ... [ more ]
The classes always welcome beginners. Anyone is free to learn by following any of our classes. We are all very generous to beginners and accepting of their limitations. Hope to see you soon.

Central Heating and Boiler engineer

Av A
in Rushmere St Andrew
Help!! Can anyone recommend someone who can look at our central heating, it has just stopped. Boiler does not come on. Thanks very much.
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Av A
Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Someone coming round this morning to fix the problem. Really appreciated, xx

Miller and Carter

in Playford
Has anyone eaten at Miller and Carter (what used to be the Shepherd and Dog)?  If so what is it like, ie is the food good and reasonably priced for what you get, ie is it value for money.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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I never said I had had a meal there, I was just asking for everyone's opinion so please read my posts correctly before accusing me of complaining.  Admittedly my previous post should have read 'I've decided against this particular place' and I also ... [ more ]

New Year's Resolution- Join Rushmere Creative Writers

Rushmere Creative Writers
in Rushmere Creative Writers
Hi, we're a friendly group who enjoy writing and we're looking for new members to swell our numbers. Enjoyed writing at school? Always thought you've got a novel inside you that just needs coaxing out? Why not give us a try? We meet on Wednesday ... [ more ]
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Lynn L
Hi Sandie, I'd love to give it a try but I'm about to go away for a few days, could I start on 25th when I'm back?
Pat C
Hi Pauline it's a really friendly group & I'm an OAP also. It's a small group & we give each other helpful feedback on our efforts. Hope to see you

Cleaner Needed

Lost Cat

in Playford
We lost our cat back in November, but have had a possible sighting this week in Brook Lane, Playford.  His name is  Elvis.  Would be grateful if anyone living in that area could keep an eye out.
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Thank You Barbara. Our cat was chipped so it probably  wasn't him. It was really nice of you to let me know.

TV Repairer Wanted

in Kesgrave
Can anyone recommend someone who repairs home entertainment systems, specifically my DVD Player/TV Programme Recorder? Thanks

Cars not using lights

in Playford
I could not believe the amount of cars driving in thick fog this morning without any lights whatsoever.  Do these idiots realise it is dangerous not to put car lights on in this sort of weather?  Shame there weren't any police about to pull them up.
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Kittens stolen from RSPCA Martlesham

Debbie C
in Broke Hall
I have just had a message on Facebook that RSPCA Martlesham was broken into last night and two kittens were stolen. A tabby and a black and white one. They need a special diet apparently. Can anyone help?
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Tracey C
I was told that the RSPCA at Martlesham was not really connected to the main one and relays mainly on donations how true this is I don't know . But they do have s lot of lovely volunteers who help out a lot . Most organisations have the fat cats on ... [ more ]

2 large vintage delsey suitcases

Karen C in Waldringfield Heath
2 large hard shell suitcases, bit worn but still useful with keys etc free, have just upgraded and seems a shame to throw these away if someone could make use of them. Can drop off if not too far from Martlesham.

baby \ toddler clothes swap

Glen P in Rushmere Street
I've got a 3yr old girl and just had a Bab boy. Looking for someone who perhaps have already got a boy and recently had a girls so we could do a like for like clothes swap, as I've been told boys can't wear pink !

Painter and Decorator

Emmie H in Culpho
Hi just wondered if anyone can recommend a painter decorator who can paper and emulsion stairs. Thanks
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Christmas Lights - Deben Avenue, Kesgrave

Doug S
in Playford
We were walking the dog after dark and went along Deben Avenue, Kesgrave - what a joy to see all the lights at so many houses - well done.

Kesgrave Computer Club

Brian C
in Great Bealings
Myself, Punna Athwall and Gavin Hamilton are starting up a local Computer Club in Kesgrave. We will be meeting at the Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre on Thursdays 10.30 am to 2.30pm starting 2nd Feb 2017. Sessions are free (£1 for Tea & ... [ more ]
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Asus Tablet

Karen C in Waldringfield Heath
Hi, can anyone direct me to a recommended person who can look at my Asus Tablet? Its a Memo Pad and has decided to keep shutting down and restarting, freezing when I'm in the middle of something or playing music? I've tried the usual deleting and ... [ more ]
Easy PC  2 Bixley Rd, Ipswich IP3 8PL  01473 728811 Efficient service, user-friendly, value for money

Stair gate

Sonia J in Melton
Does anyone have a Stair gate that they no longer need, I need it to keep the dog off the stairs, thanks

Thank you- cat collar returned

Sara H
in Great Bealings
Thank you to the kind gentleman who returned our cat collar that had gone missing off our cat two weeks ago. Thank you for your concern regarding the cat. He is fine and now has a replacement collar. I am surprised how far he travels! Titan says thank ... [ more ]

Cat Found on Nock Gardens

Sara R
in Little Bealings
We awoke early yesterday morning to a cat on our kitchen roof.  She came in to keep warm (it was freezing out) and we took her to the vets to see if she was chipped.  She's not.  They recommeded we leave her outside again but she was back very late ... [ more ]
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Kate P
Has the cat been claimed by anyone? There is someone in Little Bealings who has lost a tabby and white cat

Mobile phone screen repair

KitKat in Rushmere Street
Good evening all! Unfortunately my mum tripped on a pot hole earlier today and fell, smashing her iPhone screen. I've said I will get it fixed and wondered if anyone knew a good place to take it locally? Thanks for your help!
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Lynn H
It is a computer shop on Spring Road, we have used them for our repairs etc. to our phones and Computers, that's all I know about it.