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David in Waldringfield Heath
Hi, My wife and I are looking at Nurseries in the Kesgrave area for our son. We are aware of several nearby, however can anyone recommend a particular one? Thanks.
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Joanna H
Rhymes is good for younger kids, my son went there. My daughter is currently in the Nursery at Heath school which is excellent if your child is over 3
Julie S
Our grandson of 18 months has been going to the Roundabout Nursery (behind the Kesgrave Church Hall).  He is doing extremely well there, and we/his parents would highly recommend it.

Woodbridge drama festival

Carrie A in Martlesham
A big thankyou to all those who have organised the festival . Such a lot of hard work and time and money spent ! To date it's been really great! I am VERY disappointed that a town the size of Woodbridge can only muster audiences of about 40! Where is ... [ more ]

Lack of zebra crossings

Eric F in Rushmere Street
Ever tried walking from one cluster of stores to another, or over to Tescos, at Martlesham Heath, at a busy time? As a nation of car-worshippers, we have made no provision for pedestrians. Come on! Just one or two zebra crossings in strategic places ... [ more ]
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Marilyn D
I was thinking about a zebra crossing it's a nightmare at times trying to cross in the Tesco M&s area you have to look 4 ways
John G
Hi Eric, You CAN walk to Tescos at MH by using the cycleway. It starts behind the library and past the farmhouse pub and the old control tower. Lovely walk in good weather and you will never encounter a car just some people on bikes.

Kesgrave Family Fun Weekend 11th - 12th June

Kevin A in Rushmere St Andrew
Only two weeks to go. Fun run, children's races, archery, 5 aside Competition. Live 1940's Music, live theatre with a East End singalong. Children's arts and crafts, Face painting, Bouncy Castle.   Loads of stalls and exhibitions ands it's FREE. Posters ... [ more ]

Grass cutting

Silvergran in Playford
Once again the grass at the junction with Dobbs Lane and Foxhall Road needs cutting as the view when trying to get onto Foxhall Road is now dangerous.  why do we have to report this every year when it is obvious at this time of year grass cutting at ... [ more ]
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Kevan H
Nearly had a coming together this afternoon because I couldn't see thru the grass at a junction I was at . Old Newton , church rd , where it meets Whitehouse lane /rd In hope Kev
Peter D
Gary P, what does it mean then, calling someone pigheaded !....!.....! Lights on or off it's down to the driver, end of...

Dog Training for all levels

Scout Hut, Martlesham Heath
Dave's Dog Training in Dave's Dog Training
Dog training classes for all levels/ages/breeds. Taken by Dave P, a retired Home Office drug detection dog handler and trainer. Also, one-off Scent Detection Training Days: next one is July 17th 10am - 4pm. Call for further information or to book your ... [ more ]

Long very long grass

tigerlily in Bucklesham
Taking my dogs for a walk along Century Drive this morning I almost lost one in the grass. Talk about picking up the poo I could hardly see my dog let alone the poo.

Idiot cyclist

Silvergran in Playford
This is a message to the idiot cyclist on a racing bike  who raced through the lane from Dobbs Lane to the Millennium Field this morning, nearly knocking my dog flying, who incidentally was on the lead at the time.  This lane is a public footpath, not a ... [ more ]
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Carole E
Same problem on Rushmere common, there are footpaths but no cycle paths and cyclists seem to regard walkers as the problem! Some of them go so fast they would have no chance of avoiding anyone or anything in their path!
Laurence H
I thought this was a Bridleway rather than a mere footpath so horses and cyclists are allowed on it.  That said he should have considered you and your dog but I do find that not all cyclists feel they should show regard to other road or path users.  ... [ more ]

Free - 2x arcopal unbreakable, dishwasher safe, microwaveable dinner sets

Bob B in Kesgrave
Two used dinner sets (8 place): less two bowls and one dinner plate.  Ideal outside gatherings, barbecues etc. - don't wreck your best stuff!
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Greetings Cards Display Stand

Carol L in Little Bealings
My husband is soon to be exhibiting at Snape. Does anyone have a greetings cards display stand we could borrow please? Preferably the rotating type you would get in a card shop. Many thanks.
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Carol L
Hi Ian. I could do with getting it 24th May and could bring it back 2nd June. Thanks!
Ian B
Hi Carol, That would be fine! Are you able to leave a £10 fully refundable deposit. Give me a ring at Woodbridge Post Office 01394 382080 Regards Ian

Replacement double-glazing

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Sid K
Give Chris King Windows,Doors and Conservatories a call, Ipswich 274725 or 07957 282 488, Local tradesmen,
Pat C
Windrush Windows. Excellent tradesman. Local. Very competitive prices. He's done all our windows 07961 010496

Water Main Replacement

Richard G in Boot Street
I need someone to replace the main water pipe from the water meter to my house. Any reccomendations ? Thank You
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Richard G
Aviva don't cover deterioration/corrosion according to Ruth Glynn of their claims dept ! Our lead pipe is 90 years old , probably about time it was replaced . I estimate it will cost around £500 to replace , so those with lead pipes ought to consider how ... [ more ]

Cat sitter

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Jo G
Muddy Trails and Waggy Tails Phone Jess 07738875110 I highly recommend her, she has even stayed at my home while I've been away for the weekend.

Gardener / Landscaper required.

Julie G in Little Bealings
Hi. Can anyone recommend someone who would be able to quote on re-laying a patio and also widening a garden path to make it more wheelchair friendly. Many Thanks..
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Paul H
Hi Julie, Danny who runs & owns D&G ground works. Excellent workmanship. Extremely reliable & very good on pricing: 07427 625482.
Ash S
I would use 4 life landscapes. Matt Curran is excellent. Reasonable in price. You can check him out on check a trader. Matt has done my patio a few days ago. If you would like to come round and view it then let me know. Ash

Dark Green Leather Armchair

Andy S in Little Bealings
This chair is in good overall condition, there are a few rub marks on the leather but nothing much, it has a mahogany surround and mahogany feet, it has all fire certificates  the leather is cracked on one arm, see photo but I have treated the leather ... [ more ]

Puppy Training Course Martlesham

Martlesham Village Hall
Top Street Dog Training in Top Street Dog Training
Top Street Dog Training's next 6 week puppy class has a couple of spaces left !! Our aim is to get your puppy to pay attention to you and give you the foundation of a good recall. We will cover many other topics including manners, eg. jumping up, food ... [ more ]

Update on propsed development of Long Strops

Stephanie F in Brightwell
KTC's planning committee is meeting on Monday 9th May at 6.15pm at the Council offices. One of the items on the agenda is an update from a recent meeting held between the developer and SCDC. My gut feeling and it is just that tells me it's not good ... [ more ]
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Stephanie F
Apparently a decision hasn't been reached yet - likely story. Before anyone attacks me for that comment I saw the furtive looks and whispering at last night's meeting.

Fencing needs to be repaired

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
Hi - I've got a bit of latent damage from the recent winds. Our back fence is loose and needs attention. It backs on to the communal carpark and is the stronger panels on to 4" x 4" posts, rather than lighter panels slid in between grooved concrete ... [ more ]
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Debbie W
I can recommend Miles Guntrip of Miles Better Fencing. He has just replaced 8 panels for me and I am very pleased with the work. He was also competitively priced. His number is 07747023998.

Waterbutt - Free to a good home

Paul in Little Bealings
I have a waterbutt i no longer need. With tap and lid. Please PM me if you would like it (Martlesham Heath). Would need to collect.

Tai Chi, New Class

Melton Burness Parish Rooms. The Street. Melton. IP12 1PW
Suffolk Tai Chi Academy in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
A New Beginners Class will for every Tuesday morning. Starts 17th May 10 am. This class is part of the Suffolk Tai Chi Academy that teaches the Master Moy style.  Further information can be found on our website or phone Lyn ... [ more ]
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Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
Now just under 2 week's till the start on the new class on Tuesday 17th. For those of you who are signed up remember just to wear comfortable clothing and flat footwear. Tea and coffee will be supplied for after.


tigerlily in Bucklesham
Has anyone heard any more about the land next to Orwell vets? Are they still going to build a Co-op store there.? If so when.

Garden Tractor Service

wesley in Boot Street
Does anybody know anybody that services garden tractors at your home. The guy I used to use is no longer in business. Thanks

Anybody interested in audio recording ourselves very small group singing in HARMONY

John-and A in Martlesham
Anybody interested in AUDIO RECORDING ourselves as very small group (3-4) singing in HARMONY - John 01 394 383054
John-and A
Thanks - let me know what kind of songs you would choose for this. I am 69 years old and remember the Everly Brothers (Devoted To You etc), Beatles (If I Fell etc) and Simon and Garfunkel. I have recordings of the parts of duets. trios, quartets that ... [ more ]

What does streetlife think?

Ernest G in Broke Hall
The Public have got their way at last. Ropes Drive Roundabout Traffic Lights have been switched off. The result for many, it's a distinct improvement, and well worth while. But for some others, morning rush hour traffic flow is no better. This is ... [ more ]
Old Plod
Like the idea of a roundabout for Main Road/Bell Lane. The more traffic is kept moving - even if only slowly- the less pollution from idling stationary engines. I don't feel competent to comment on the other proposals as I don't live in Kesgrave.
Laurence H
The council are looking for ideas for the land being sold next to Tesco Metro.  Seems it would make a few good allotments.

Giving away an old electrically assisted pushbike small wheels mains charger

John-and A in Martlesham
Anyone near Woodbridge please contact me because I am GIVING AWAY an old electrically assisted pushbike "Powabyke" John 01 394 383054