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computer repair

Elsie R in Mace Green
If you ever want your computer mened go to Neil in Hadleigh (Homecomputers). He's excellent.

R.O.M.E.O. Coffee Break

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Residents' Lounge, Dove Close, Capel St. Mary
Peter E in Holton St Mary
We invite local men to join us for coffee next Wednesday morning. Drop in for a few minutes or stay for the morning. Meet up with other men from the village. Meet old friends and make new ones. Free admission; donations to cover expenses welcome. We are ... [ more ]


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Well we went and thought it was fabulous...even if we were a little scared by the size of the bonfire. It is the first year we have visited and thought it was good value and fireworks were good. Wondering if we were in a different field to you Capel Lady ... [ more ]

Capel R.O.M.E.O.................Men's Lunch

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"Harvest Moon" Cafe in Capel St. Mary
Peter E in Holton St Mary
Have you become a Capel R.O.M.E.O. yet? Our monthly lunch is currently drawing more than 20 men to share an informal meal and a good chat. We extend a warm invitation to all men to join us and become part of our friendly community. If you have neighbours ... [ more ]

Capel Spice

It's a little quiet here at the moment!

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