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Peter E to Capel St Mary and 9 more areas

Capel R.O.M.E.O.

The next Capel Men's Lunch will be held at the "Harvest Moon" cafe in Capel St. Mary from 12.30 on Thursday, May 1st. All men very welcome, but please let me know ahead of the day if you intend coming. Tel. 01473-310096 You can be assured of friendly ... more »
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SuffolkBoy1956 to Capel St Mary and 9 more areas

The Case is Altered - Bentley

Great to see The Case is opening next week as a Community Pub. With all the bad news about pubs shutting down and communities losing their hubs it's good to see one bucking the trend. Let's hope the people of Bentley make good use of it. ... more »
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Carole A to Capel St Mary and 9 more areas

Balls of wool (acrylic)

Does anyone have any balls of wool (100% acrylic actually), or partly-used balls, which they don't need?  I knit hats to go in shoeboxes, which get sent to children in Eastern European countries at Christmas time.  I have lots of small amounts of wool, ... more »
Marijke M
Can you use bits of ribbon, the are miss printed ribbon but the other site is good, I use it for doll making but have soooooo much, when tou think you can use this p,ease help your self to it, I get so much every month from a friend and help quilters ... more »
Carole A
Thanks for your offer of bits of ribbon, but unfortunately I don't use anything else except the wool for my hats.  I'm sure somebody must have a use for them, though.....
Peter E to Capel St Mary and 9 more areas

Capel R.O.M.E.O.

Men's Lunch...........first  Thursday each month Capel St. Mary "Harvest Moon" from 12.30...Free?..Interested? Join us for food and fellowship! We are a group of Christian friends from local churches and would love to welcome you. Friendly staff/good ... more »

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"Harvest Moon", Capel St. Mary

Apr 03
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Chris G to Washbrook and 9 more areas


Hi, I live in Washbrook & am looking for a local Yoga class...anyone know of one? Also if you want a good meal that's not microwaved & with locally sourced produce try The Brook in Washbrook...highly recommended...
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Joan D
Hi Chris I attend a yoga class at Stoke High School at 6.45p.m. on Mondays. There's a second class at 8p.m. You can just turn up to try it. It costs £5.50 per session.
Chris G
Thanks so much Joan, I've got a couple of leads now. x
Linda P to Capel St Mary and 9 more areas


Is there anyone who does crochet for people.   I have a 'cuddly tortoise' pattern that I would like to have made up.   I would be happy to pay for the time and skill involved.
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SuffolkBoy1956 to Capel St Mary and 9 more areas

Anyone tried Symprove?

Our Drs surgery has started promoting a product called Symprove. They're dropping a leaflet in patients' packs of medication (through the pharmacy). It's some sort of probiotic, and I guess it's one of those harmless/useless snake-oil type things and ... more »
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Paul F
I haven't tried it myself, but I do use other probiotics which seem to work reasonably well for me.  I had a look online and found this link that might give you a steer: ... more »
Leon to Belstead and 9 more areas


Oh no! My new girlfriend likes to dance at clubs and pubs but I never have danced....which isn't good for a night out lol. Anyone know of any good places to learn? I now wish I attended all those school disco's years back lol :)
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Malcolm S
Leon You don#t say what type of dance you wish to learn - if ballroom/jazz then try the Lait Dance club they are based in Clarkson street, although they also offer classes at other locations for more details see their website - 
Thanks folks!!! I may try Beryl's advice and do it with my girlfriend after a few beers lol :) I also considered those Xbox 360 Kinect Disco Dance games but not sure if they would help much.
Robert A to Belstead and 9 more areas

Wind Turbine Hurry to Object Now!

The application for the Pannington Farm turbine has been registered at Babergh. Ref no. B/13/01476 Time to write an objection letter to the Ipswich Wind Turbine Now !! You have untill the 28th Feburary 2014 ... more »
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Celia C
The worrying thing about this application is that it will act as a precedent allowing turbines to be built near peoples homes anywhere a landowner feels tempted by the large subsidies we all have to pay. The area it is in is heavily used by thousands of ... more »
Nicola S
I bet Jimmy Doherty wouldnt agree to having one so close to his own home, but happy to spout on about green energy as long in some-one else's backyard.
Elsie R to Raydon and 9 more areas

hadleigh hairdressers

I want to recommend Elaine at FRIZZE CUTS!!! Elaine is a genius: she spends ages understanding how your hair behaves and has a great feel for what suits your hair, and how YOU want to feel. I spent years hating my hair and now I love it=all thanks to ... more »
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Phil B
So clearly male customers should insist on their cut being done by Elaine, not by her male trainee!
Elsie R
All I can say is that, in my experience, Elaine cuts my difficult hair (fine & slightly curvy) and has transformed it to a horrible spiky mess (all other hairdressers insisted I had it short) to a lovely longer style. And my partner's thick wavy hair ... more »