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Gas Engineer and Plumber

Recommendations in Maidenhall

John B
Can anyone recommend a gas engineer (for boiler servicing) and a plumber (mainly for issues with radiators and internal pipe work), covering the Maidenhall or Chantry area, please?
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Boarding kennels

Recommendations in Maidenhall

Robin H
I'm going away for a weekend in August and cannot find any friends willing to look after my dogs. I'm loathe to put them in kennels, as I don't think they will cope well with it, but see no other option. Can anyone recommend a good boarder in Ipswich (Or ... [ more ]
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Robin H
Thanks for all the advice and offers. Thankfully I have found someone willing to look after the dogs for the first weekend away, and can chase up the other suggestions for the latter weekend. I don't drive, so would struggle getting to some of those ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Maidenhall

Janet R
Passed the KFC on Felixstowe Rd today and it is no more. Anyone know if its moved somewhere else or just closed down
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Carol R
The good thing is John B & DAF I have lost weight, and feel healthier with much more energy, I used to feel quite sluggish after a take-away, but never feel like that when I home cook.

music noise

Local Conversations in Stoke Park

Surely the music and back beat I've heard all day ( Sunday 26 July) can't be coming all the way from Jimmy's farm sausage festival to Belstead rd area. If so how loud is it out there?
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Ray L
I would like to back up Keith's comment. I didn't go near Jimmy's farm but my Saturday, visiting my elderly mother in Clacton was spoilt by getting caught on London Rd approaching the Copdock interchange as there was total gridlock, due to tailback from ... [ more ]
John W
Ray L - Of course, you don't mind polluting the atmosphere with your exhaust fumes or the noise pollution that your car causes. I object to the fact that I cannot have my windows open and listen to the TV or radio because of the noise of cars continually ... [ more ]

Responsability for Roads and Paths on Jamestown Boulevard - No Mans Land!

Local Conversations in Stoke

What happened to common sense
Jamestown Boulevard is a housing area with a mix of social and private housing. A month or so ago the council without warning - well all the neighbours I know were unaware - dug up three circles on the large green, fenced it off and planted in it. The ... [ more ]
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Richard G
This is the biggest problem of joint private/rented/housing association areas . Who do you pay the money to for maintenance ? How is it paid ? Surely the people you pay will have the answer ?
Christine G
Most housing associations have anti social behaviour officers who might be able to help. I wonder if focusing on the behaviour might start to get results. Contacting the developer before going to the press might also be effective. Good luck.

event tickets

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Ken L
can anybody recommend where l could get some tickets printed  at aresonable cost pleasese in ipswich

Brass on the Grass

Clubs & Groups in Maidenhall

JUL 19
Christchurch Park, Ipswich
John B
The Brass on the Grass 2015 season kicks off with a favourite band from last year- the Ipswich Community Wind Band :) See more at: More events on subsequent Sundays

Grand book and cd sale

Clubs & Groups in Copdock

AUG 04
Chantry Library
Cathy G
Only 10p per book or 12 for £1! Bring your children along to our wildlife event on the same day (11-3)  Tea, coffee and soft drinks also available

large plasma tv

Give, Lend & Borrow in Greenwich

Steven K
Last week i replaced my 40" plasma tv as it stopped working. I did read up and sounds like it needs a new part sourcing and fitting. I need to get rid of it but seems a waste taking it to the tip. Just wondered if anyone knows of a charity,training ... [ more ]
Janet A
Try TWAM - Tools With A Mission an Ipswich charity they repair & send items out to 3rd World countries.  They are based on the Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate Address is 2 Bailey Close, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 0UD Telephone: 01473 210220 Email: ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Castle Hill

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Angela W
When we used them they provided the cheapest quote out of all the tree surgeons.  We did use an unqualified person to cut down a conifer a couple of years previously and the mess was unbelievable with sawdust covering our entire garden. It took months ... [ more ]

Charging for Brown Bin Collection

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Ray L
It is reported that Suffolk County Council are planning to charge £50 per year for brown bin collections; the exception is Ipswich Borough Council who plan to continue to subsidise the annual collection to the tune of £124000 annually. Good for me as I ... [ more ]
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Toby P.
It's the modern world Brian T. The government and banks are the worse offenders. Men in grey suits all sit round  a table after a liquid lunch and discuss ways of making more money out of people like you and me. The more money they make the bigger the ... [ more ]

local knowledge

Local Conversations in Priory Heath

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Neal S
I was running a stall there and it wasn't to bad in the afternoon and lots of people there. The air show was good. If you have a chance pop down today and take a look.


Lost & Found in Priory Heath

Karen N
Missing - I am a pet sitter and two of my clients have lost their cats this week. Both female, tortoishell adult cats. One went missing from Cemetery Road area of Ipswich, the other from Chatsworth Drive. Completely out of character and two very ... [ more ]
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Karen N
Good news is that one of the cats, Jilly, has turned up safe and well a couple of streets away from where she went missing.  She was found on a roof looking rather hungry, but is now back with her family thankfully.  Unfortunately no news on Olive who is ... [ more ]
Hayley G
Still no news on my missing cat Olive, missing since 1/7/15. If you know anyone who lives around broke hall area please please ask them to double check garages, sheds etc... Any news at all would be much appreciated... I'm on 07854454304 or call pet log ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Washbrook

Carol B
Just come down St Helens St before old county hall there are four shops.hairdressers-hairdressers-tattoos-hairdressers.I know that the council has to pay business tax after three months for empty shops I would say this is ridiculous.
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John W
You were commenting on empty shops in the town centre, Tiger will be filling one of those empty shops. Conversations are allowed to stray from their starting point, that's the nature of a conversation.

Disco Cabaret

Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

SEP 12
to ,
Kesgrave Community Centre
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
With an exciting demonstration of Ballroom & Latin American dancing & the outstanding vocals of Rachel Foskett and Pete Long in Cabaret, a demonstration by Richard Miller followed by a Disco With DJ Steve Springett Tickets £12 includes a light ... [ more ]

seamans dairies/dairycrest dairies.

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

OCT 24
to ,
belstead village hall,grove hill,belstead ipswich, ip8 3lu
Ken L
invite to former employes and there partners to meet for an informal evening there will be a bar,buffett to people from dairies former dairies at ipswich (howard st,knightsdale rd,) felistowe,ixworth,frinton,clacton,1&2,sudbury,brentwood, ... [ more ]
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Val S
Hi Ken.   My sister worked for Seamans  in the 70's.  She now lives in Kent but will show her this notice.

Roadworks in Cavendish Street

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Ruth L
does anyone know when they will be re-opening Cavendish Street at the Alan Road end, it was closed for re-surfacing about two months ago...
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Suffolk County Council
Hi everyone, Our highways team are more than happy to get the answer for you. If you can pop your details on our online reporting tool, we will investigate and come back to you. Thanks - Laura
Ruth L
yes, Cavendish was closed due to the resurfacing, then if I remember right, the gas board were on upper Bishops Hill and UKPN were at the bottom, but they're both done with I think...

Car boot

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Janet C
Does anyone know why the portman rd car boot sale was not on last Sunday and if it will be on this Sunday?
Christine G
It was cancelled fairly early as it was a wet morning...but the sun came out later and it would have been a good day. There is usually a post on Facebook if it is to be cancelled.

Big Garden Party at The People's Community Garden

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

Just to let everyone know we will be hosting our 7th annual Big Garden Party at the People's Community Garden this Saturday (25th): The People’s Community Garden celebrates its 7th Annual Event with some reptilian fun! We are also marking ‘Year of the ... [ more ]
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Ray L

help needed

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
The Meeting Place Community Centre and wot's up are looking for volunteers becoming paid support workers flexible hours, job share felxabilty in helping in the cafe and supporting customers with learning difficulties. Please contact me on ... [ more ]

Lost phone

Lost & Found in Maidenhall

Andrew H
I lost a Samsung Galaxy S4 in Luther Road late last night, and was hoping some kind person has found it and was looking for its owner.
John B
My dad mislaid his phone and was insulted to find that someone handed it in to the local police station. Mind you it was one of those ancient Nokia models with a green screen. Probably the person who found it didn't want to be seen with it :)

Lost Flying Thing

Lost & Found in Ipswich Town Centre

Jerry T
Hi, has anyone found a little helicopter type flying thing. It is a mini drone. Nothing scary, just a toy. We were learning how to fly it and a gust of wind took it away. It's not worth much but we were a bit disappointed to lose it. It's white and black ... [ more ]
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Jerry T
Well! How amazing! little flying tinker was found way beyond its given flight range and is now home and drying off in front of its charger. Many thanks to the kind neighbours who found it. Streetlife really works.

Grand book sale

Clubs & Groups in Copdock

JUL 18
Chantry Library
Cathy G
Choose from a huge selection of books, 10p each or 12 for £1. We'll also be providing cakes and refreshments and the Gruffalo will be meeting children every hour on the hour
Eileen B
It was great I got some good bargains, but there was no indication  outside of the sale. Somebody had made a great effort to make cakes and drinks. Thank you to the staff at Chantry Library.

Colchester Zoo

Recommendations in Maidenhall

John B
Wondering if it's worth getting a new season ticket for Colchester Zoo at the moment. Has much changed in the past couple of years? I know what it says on their website but what's your experience please?
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Debbie D
We went to the zoo today, we have yearly passes and had a great day, the zoo is improving the enclosures and are currently redeveloping chimp world.

Temp Cameras "Civic car park and Belstead Road"

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

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