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Spectacle cleaning fluid

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Roger A
Hi all I have polycarbonate lenses (not glass).  Has anyone found a cheap fluid in a bottle or aerosol spray?  Where to purchase it? Thanks in anticipation Roger
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I used to work in various opticians. Please don't use fairy liquid. It can cause the coating on the leases to break down. If they are polycarbonate (which they would only be if rimless or safety glasses, regular plastic lenses are not made of ... [ more ]
Gillian M
I used fairy liquid on my coated specs and it took the coating off I use spray from spec savers

Bus Pass

Local Conversations in Wherstead

My husband over heard a conversation in a shop in town (he is always earwigging) that the pensioner bus passes are to be stopped. Anybody know if it is true?
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I need to find the correct figures but the current government have borrowed more money in the last 5 years, than Labour have in their entire time in power. Doesn't sound like an improvement to me. IDS alone has cost the taxpayer billions with his failed ... [ more ]
Richard G
The dramatic increase in yearly borrowing occurred after Labour came to power , the last few years of Conservative rule were very low and were even positive following what the Conservatives had in place , but then ! Borrowing peaked under Labour 09/10 ... [ more ]


Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

Christine B
A poetry class has come to an end and a couple of us want to start a group; Reading and discussing poetry and occasionally bringing poems we have written for constructive comment. Anyone interested? Does anyone run/go to such a group and can offer any ... [ more ]
Robin H
I am interested. I have been to the poetry group that meets at Arlington's, but my work schedule changed and I can no longer do Tuesday evenings. So a group meeting on a Thursday or Monday would be much better for me. Somewhere like a cafe in town would ... [ more ]

Tennis Club

Clubs & Groups in Maidenhall

Louise W
Looking to join a Tennis Club? Why not join Roundwood Tennis Club, Salmet Close Ipswich. Very friendly club, good standard of tennis , 3 floodlit courts. League tennis available, also regular club play sessions. For more information phone Louise on ... [ more ]

to buy

Give, Lend & Borrow in Washbrook

Jumble / Book sale

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
Saturday 25th April 11am til 1.30pm jumble jewellery book sale. With Raffle and cake stall, Refreshments lots of bargins to be had. At The Meeting Place Community Centre, limerick close, Whitehouse Rd, Ip1 5lr please share, other events an ... [ more ]

Landguard Fort Felixstowe 18th-19th April

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Ray C
On Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of April the 95th Rifles will show how Napoleonic soldiers lived and fought with talks and demonstrations as they display Re-enactments. This is a popular event especially as their is no extra admission fee. Times ... [ more ]

Speed limit on the A12

Local Conversations in Washbrook Street

Tina Y
Does anyone know how long the work between Ipswich and Colchester is going on for. Going towards Colchester I can see that they have resurfaced the road, but I never see the workmen at work. Just wondered.
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Linda C
Well if they can't get at you with the town roadworks they are trying it a different way. sounds like our council or SSC.
I travel from Ipswich to Stratford St Mary every day and have noticed that permanent speed cameras have been installed on both sides of the carriageway in the Stratford half of the 40mph zone. Colchester bound - first camera is just after Woodgates ... [ more ]

Lorries in Ipswich.

Local Conversations in Blacksmith's Corner

Pat H
Can anyone tell me why there were 23 lorries within 10 minutes passing me travelling along Colchester Road, Valley Road and Yarmouth Road in the direction of Woodbridge and Felistowe at 9 30 p.m. on Tuesday evening 7th. Was there a problem on the Orwell ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Hi everyone, Our highways team can look into any damage which has been caused by HGVs. We’d appreciate if you can put the details in our online reporting tool to ensure that we have all the details we need to investigate this. The A14 is maintained ... [ more ]
Ian W
Despite a great deal of local opposition Suffolk Coastal have allowed Trucks R Us to open a distribution depot on Main Rd Kesgrave nr the school..  This adds more than one hundred Tipper and Low loaders trips per day onto urban roads.


Recommendations in Priory Heath

Alison M
Can anyone recommend a good Vet in East Ipswich. I know where they are I just would like a recommendation.
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Shirley H
Look into vaccines our breed don't do them after first year as trigger auto immune problems. Overdosing each year when don't need them isn't good. Also shouldn't do pups before 12 to 14 weeks again can trigger things.

Driving to London via A12, best place to park.

Recommendations in Westbourne

John W
We've been invited to a friends flat in Docklands to watch the marathon on the 26th April. The train is an option but fairly expensive, plus potentially unreliable. We have parked at Gants Hill in the long distant past and got the tube in, is this still ... [ more ]
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Mike B
Jan D. When I clicked your link I got redirected to which I added to My Favourites. Do you still get money off when I use it or do I need to keep the whole link you provided. If so, how ... [ more ]
Jan D
Mike B, sorry I've no idea, haven't used the referral link before. It says if someone uses my link to book we both get a fiver, so I would assume when you're ready to book just go through my link, presumably it logs it somewhere. If it doesn't appear to ... [ more ]

Knife skills training

Recommendations in Gainsborough

Hi, I just wondered if anyone knows of reasonably priced knife skills training locally, or not too far away?  Thanks in advance.
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Oh that is a beautiful kit and as much as I would love it, it is way beyond my price range. Thanks for the offer though. At the moment I just have a Mora knife and I'm hoping that it will be sufficient for learning.

Street Lights

Local Conversations in Blacksmith's Corner

Pat H
Thought that "certain circumstances" enabled the street lights to be left on when needed. Obviously the council did not think it would help with the forecast high winds last night for people to actually see the trees or large branches on the ground ... [ more ]
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I didn't know that. When my motorbike was repeatedly vandalised and they attempted to steal it, nothing was ever done. The only reason it stopped was because I got rid of the bike. Our lights are always off at midnight, even when I reported what had ... [ more ]
Ours were on but I didn't realise why until after a few weeks when police were doing house to house enquiries after a neighbours garden was vandalised. The PC who called at my house explained it to me. A few other similar incidents meant they were on for ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Mace Green

APR 04
Pauls social club
Steve R
Disco required for a party at Pauls social club on the 29th August Need to book asap Please private message me Thanks

Ipswich Star / Ipswich Spy

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Ian W
I've recently discovered Ipswich Spy here  I find a much better source of local information than the Ipswich Star which often seems to publish sensational trolling presumably to get clicks but even thats poorly written and poorly ... [ more ]
Janet R
Hi Ian, Just had a look at the site, and you're right, Much more information than the star and very user friendly.

steam cleaner

Clubs & Groups in Gainsborough

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Maggie F
Bought the small Karcher steam set, love it and use it a lot. remember that  what you have cleaned needs to dry completely before the full effect of your efforts can be seen, so dont over steam, especially wooden floors !!! also be aware when starting, ... [ more ]

Essential electrical works affecting county council services during Easter weekend

Local Conversations in Pinewood

Suffolk County Council
Hello everyone, Just wanted to make sure you were aware of some essential electrical works being undertaken over the Easter holiday weekend which will interrupt some county council on-line services. There is a full press release ... [ more ]

dog and guinea pig boarding

Recommendations in Greenwich

Angela W
Can anyone recommend a dog kennel in Ipswich? I've seen a couple advertised but they seem rather big and I'm not sure they would be suitable for a nervous dog.  Also I have two guinea pigs which I need to board, any ideas?
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Kathy P
Sorry Maisie, no difference!  I don't tend to use the phrase dog boarder as that's also what kennels do, and looking after someone's dog in your own home is nothing like putting them in a kennel!


Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

MAR 29
to , (ended)
Waldringfield Village Hall
Libby R
Informal European language conversation group. Join us for chats in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish or Norwegian. Tutor in Spanish and German will be on hand. £2.50 including drink
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Libby R
Eurochat started in January, so it a relatively new venture which has so far advertised in the EADT, shops and libraries in Woodbridge and Felixstowe and various places online. We have tutors in French, German and Spanish to help out, but the emphasis is ... [ more ]

Gas fitter

Recommendations in Maidenhall

quiz afternoon

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
If you get bored cause the weather is a bit pants today The Meeting place, Community Centre,Limerick Close IP1 5LR is a holding a Sport/Music Quiz today from 3.30 if you want to rustle up a team of 4/6 its £5 a per person includes Jacket Spud bring ya ... [ more ]

Landguard Fort

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Ray C
Landguard Fort Felixstowe will be open from Sunday 29th March until Sunday November 1st During the school holiday the Spring trail will be available once again for children at an extra £1 per child on top of normal admission price. On completion collect ... [ more ]


Give, Lend & Borrow in Stoke Park

Lynda H
First time I've posted to you lovely community out there.....does anyone have any snowdrops, bluebells, primroses looking for relocation by any chance? Would be ever so greatful! Please and thank you! X

Easter holiday activities for young people in Ipswich

Clubs & Groups in Stoke Park

Community Team IBC
There are lots of sporting & craft activities going on over the Easter holidays for young people in Ipswich including basketball, football, arts & crafts, snorkeling, table tennis, archery & much more. Details can be found here: ... [ more ]

What kind of area Renfrew Road is???

Local Conversations in Gainsborough

Internet Beans
Hi, I am thinking about renting a house on Renfrew road Ipswich and wondering if anyone can help me and give some feedback about this area. Is it good place to live? Thanks, Sami
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Jeffrey C
I do not live on Rushmere  estate but have always lived in or near Ipswich and I think that Rushmere is considered by many as the best council estate in Ipswich with a lot of the houses now being privately owned.It has very good facilities and all the ... [ more ]