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Open Day

Classifieds in Prom and Beyond

MAR 08
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32 Kelvin Road, Ipswich, IP1 5EH
Prom and Beyond
Please feel free to come along to view our stock of nearly 300 dresses for Proms, Parties, Balls and Weddings. Entry to Prize Draw with every dress purchased. Also you can view  on   or ring 01473 371634. Thank you.
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Sarah S
It is a place to get information out to the locals. With proms coming up soon I don't blame them putting something on here. It is a local business and it is good to support local businesses. It will help parents too by being local and saving them money. ... [ more ]
Jo G
I agree Sarah, we all look for our best buys, to be able to go along and view a selection is brilliant. I know a couple of people who have bought from them, and they have been thrilled with quality and choice.

Speed limit on the A12

Local Conversations in Washbrook Street

Tina Y
Does anyone know how long the work between Ipswich and Colchester is going on for. Going towards Colchester I can see that they have resurfaced the road, but I never see the workmen at work. Just wondered.
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Owners no longer informed if dog gets run over!

Local Conversations in Wherstead

What do you think about the fact that road workers are not required to check the collar and micro chip of dogs that get run over, and that their bodies can be disposed of without telling their doubtless worried owners? Will any of our politicians be ... [ more ]
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Emalkuda Looks like it's for any domestic pet but still sounds like it's going to take a while to bring in. It's informing all county councils but doesn't mention the numbers of parish councils etc. I fear it's going ... [ more ]

Birthday cake

Recommendations in Mace Green

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Linda C
Yes they are Michelle W everyone commented on how nice my cake was and she done me a 3 tier one. brilliant, I think she added the photo to her FB page it was 3 tiers with gold roses.
Michelle W
Same here she done my daughters birthday cake it was delicious normally cake gets wasted cause it goes dry not this one every piece went her work is really the best and at good prices 2

If you need a carpenter or plaster

Classifieds in Maidenhall

Unit 3 Cycle Repairs

Recommendations in Chantry

Steve W
My son and I have both used Roy at Unit 3 Cycle Repairs on Hawes Street and had a fantastic service. Quick, cheap and easy to deal with. If you need any bike repairs, go and see him
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Ipswich Lad
John W - "I like the sound of the Cycle Doctor" So, what sort of sound does a cycle repairman make? I imagine it's a sort of "pssssssst ding ding".

old picture

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Andy A
How is it possible the picture here of majors corner was taken in the 1940s ??????? I doubt it  ...Check it and see what you think. There is a big clue in the picture. ... [ more ]
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Robert H
I can just about remember the H-ariels, though I don't think they were in use at the time.  I can remember some houses had two ariels, from the days when you needed two different ones for BBC an ITV. We also had Rediffusion cable, with an enormous ... [ more ]

Table Top sale

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

MAR 21
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The Meeting Place Community Centre, limerick close, Whitehouse
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tumble dryer broken

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Linda L
Hi, does any one know someone who can fix my tumble dryer at a reasonable price, it is making  a hell of a noise
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Jean G
I have used peter were many times going back to when he first started and that's a lot of years .very reliable friendly chap !


Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Jenny G
Wanted.. Room to rent in Ipswich, ideally close to the town or in the Ravenswood area. Professional male in 30's. Works alot and is extremely clean and quite. Please contact me. 07983537690. Jenny.
Jenny G
hello Liz, i am inquiring for my partner, he is renting a room in the whitehouse area, but due to the owners putting the house on the market, he has to find accomodation within a month. he is employed in the europark area so would ideally like somewhere ... [ more ]

Table Top Sale

Clubs & Groups in California

FEB 28
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Castle Hill Community Centre

Shredded paper?

Recommendations in Rose Hill

Kathleen E
In the last two months, it has been noted the amount of shredded paper that is being deposited on roads & paths in the Stoke Park Area. This occurs after brown bin collecting lorries have been in the area. Are you having the same problem? May I ... [ more ]
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Dave L
I'm Ipswich rather than Babergh but having read this I checked with the council and the same applies, i.e. shredded paper should go in the brown bin (or be use for kindling, pet bedding, present packing, etc) or if you have your own composter then ... [ more ]

speed limit

Local Conversations in Gainsborough

Just been reading about proposal to reduce speed limit on the Orwell bridge from 70mph down to 50 mph ,I personally think it would be a good thing.anything that stops any chaos,people getting hurt, traffic being held up should be worth considering
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I have much respect for lorry drivers and I always stick to the rule, that if I can't see their mirrors, then they have no idea I'm even there. As an ex biker, I always was given respect on the roads by truckers, other motorists just tried to kill me on ... [ more ]
Linda C
some people forget they were learner drivers once, it does not take a lot to be courteous on the roads these days.

Chantry Library Author talk and Friends AGM

Clubs & Groups in Copdock

MAR 16
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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive
Cathy G
Come and hear best selling local author Charlie Haylock on "the eccentricities of the English Language"- this is part of the Friends of Chantry Library (FoCL) AGM- all are welcome to this free event which includes a buffet supper and an opportunity to ... [ more ]

Number of news feeds.

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

I elected to get my daily news feed from in and around Ipswich, yet. There were only 4 feeds today. Does anyone know how someone decides what we get and why I only got 4 conversations before, when even the one in which I am participating, wasn't there?
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Is it done through the council? Looking at what is at the bottom of the page I see that one can contact Streetlife about all sorts of things..... Think I'll do that now and ask what is happening to our news feeds. Watch this space.
Doing this on my phone...not easy. I can only say that perhaps we should all read the stuff on the contacts page and see if we can fix things. I can't see how I can fix mine till we get back to the UK and I can use the proper computer. Sorry.

A whole world of song – a concert of exquisite harmony singing

Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

MAR 07
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St Peter's by the Waterfront, College Street, Ipswich IP1 1XF
Chris R
In January 2015 an intrepid bunch of singers braved the cold and wet to set off on an imaginary Singing Safari to collect songs from all over the world. Their journey ends on Ipswich waterfront where they will share the songs they've learnt. As usual ... [ more ]

Singing: it's a man thing - a singing day for men only

Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

FEB 28
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St Peter's by the Waterfront, College Street, Ipswich IP1 1XF
Chris R
Fancy taking up a new hobby? Always wanted to sing, but never got around to it? Want to impress the missus? Bored with the bass line? Now's your chance! Come and feel the buzz of singing with a bunch of like-minded blokes. Learn to sing and get some ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Wherstead

Suzanne M
Hi there, Anyone know of a good seamstress who can make to order net curtains for three windows? Recently moved house and do not have the space or time to make them. I have the material and getting fed up not being able to open the curtains due to the ... [ more ]
Martin H
Hi Suzanne, My wife has been a seamstress for 35+ years and does clothing alterations for people now and again. She does do curtains as well and I'm sure the net curtains you need made would not present any problem whatsoever. I will pop a private ... [ more ]

clock repairers

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Jean G
can anyone here on streetlife know of any clock reparers in Ipswich I have a very old clock with weights it used to go for about 3 days then stop for no apparent reason then when we took it down when we decorated it wont go anymore it is my late ... [ more ]
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Jean G
thanks Ipswich lad have written the address down and will be in touch when the other chap has given me an estimate so I can copair the two .

Nacton Road Fish Bar

Local Conversations in California

Peter M EADT reports that the Nacton Road Fish Bar has won this award for the second year running.  I've not been there before mysef, but may have to give it ... [ more ]
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Peter M
It's in the part of Nacton Road where the shops are and that part of the road is usually busy.,1.186849,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0...

Man and a Van

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Jim G
Hi dont know if I can put this on here.  I am looking for a man and a van for 4 hours on Saturday 21/02/15 between 8 and 12 approx to move from IP1 to IP2 washing machine, frideg freezer, 3 seater sofa table and chairs.  I can supply help to the driver ... [ more ]

Community cafe

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
The Meeting Place Community cafe limerick close, Whitehouse Rd open every Monday to Friday 10am til 3pm all welcome and we are right near the park so if looking for a little trip to the park with the children you can pop in for a cuppa to warm ... [ more ]

foxhall stadium boot sale

Clubs & Groups in Castle Hill

Jim J
I seen a board outside foxhall stadium advertising the boot sale,there was no definite start date on it does anybody know when ??
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Baby Activities.

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Can anyone tell me of any baby groups or activities in the Stoke Park, Maidenhall or Pinewood areas please. This will be for a six month old plus Nana. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks Jean G. That's handy for me, only a short bus ride away. Have only got the little one on one Friday next month so all being well will go down.  By the way, you were almost right, it's 8.45 to 11.30am.
Jean G
your welcome smm I used to go down to the church on a Tuesday for there lunch club and keep fit on Wednesday morning that's how I know about that !

Dance for Parkinsons

Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

Christine B
Do you have, or know anybody with Parkinson's? DanceEast has joined English National Ballet to bring specially choreographed dance classes to people with Parkinson's. They help improve balance, mobility, strength, confidence and general well-being. The ... [ more ]