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Pat G in Bromeswell
Hi all, I live in Melton and I ( supposedly ) have bt infinity broadband. Always problems during wet weather and particularly weekends and evenings. Does anyone else have these problems ? Also, does anybody have a non-bt based broadband signal that ... [ more ]

Window cleaner

Sarah F in Ufford
I would welcome recommendations please for a good, reliable and local window cleaner who charges reasonable rates for a job well done.
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Tom W
Hi Sarah, I clean windows, doors and frames included at very reasonable prices. I would be more than happy to come round and give you a quote. You can contact me on Kind Regards  Tom
Brigid R
Nick Frost has been cleaning my windows for aeons and is very reasonable.  Tel. 01206 616052; mob. 07793 018022.  I can thoroughly recommend him.  Brings his own water too!

Can you recommend a cleaner please

Richard P in Bromeswell
Hello Am looking for a cleaner for a 2 bedroom house in woodbridge. Should take between one and a one and a half hours. Recommendation greatfully recieved. Thanks.

Camping outlets

Shelagh K in Woodbridge
Anyone know if there is a large centre anywhere in Suffolk ? Have sons in Scotland and Cornwall so need to stop off en route but our old stuff needs updating. Trailer tent/ camping centres seem impossible to find!

Dog Sitter

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Alice K
Hi Kathy. I live in woodbridge and work part time. I adore dogs and walk my own every day. I would happily dog sit whilst my own are taken care of by my mum. If interested get in touch. Alice

Super-8 cine film

Keith F in Maidensgrave
Does anyone have any vintage super-8 cine film languishing unwanted in their loft?  I can make use of it if you want to find it a good home!

Removal of 30mph road markings

Charlotte I in Woodbridge
Can anyone shed any light on why the 30 mph road markings have been removed on the old felixstowe in Martlesham the one behind Tesco's where the Rspca is?
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David S
I guess the road is not a designated occupied area and does not have the required street lighting along it's whole length to automatically make it a 30 mph zone, and the council can't randomly allocate 30 mph zones. Personally I'd make it a 30 mph limit ... [ more ]
Douglas B
As the speed limit in Main Road is 30 mph, and there are no "National Limit" signs in Old Felixstowe Road, then it follows that the speed limit is still 30 mph, and doesn't need any additional signs.

Stair lift?

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Woodbridge Friday evening

Julie P in Hasketon
Can anyone shed any light as to what happened on Friday evening around 9.00 pm by the railway line, several emergency vehicles including fire engines attended.
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Ideal Choice Home Improvements

Gerry M in Maidensgrave
This company are blitzing the area. As I was in I decided to get a quote for work I know needs to be done. But it was a bit of a pantomime with the nice bloke who was doing the estimate ringing his office trying to engage me in a today only offer. The ... [ more ]
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Lyn S
They called on my husband and pushed into the house without an invitation. Then they phoned back and kept phoning when we said we didn't want work done. Finally I reported them to Trading Standards.
Mary B
They should be reported to the neighbourhood watch team as those more vulnerable in the community might be a target.

Reminder- Jumble Sale & Home-made Cakes

to , (ended)
St Michael's Church Hall - Martlesham Heath

Tumble dryer repair.

Anybody interested in audio recording ourselves very small group singing in HARMONY

John-and A in Martlesham
Anybody interested in AUDIO RECORDING ourselves as very small group (3-4) singing in HARMONY - John 01 394 383054
John-and A
Thanks - let me know what kind of songs you would choose for this. I am 69 years old and remember the Everly Brothers (Devoted To You etc), Beatles (If I Fell etc) and Simon and Garfunkel. I have recordings of the parts of duets. trios, quartets that ... [ more ]

Giving away an old electrically assisted pushbike small wheels mains charger

John-and A in Martlesham
Anyone near Woodbridge please contact me because I am GIVING AWAY an old electrically assisted pushbike "Powabyke" John 01 394 383054

VHS video player required

Terry G in Melton
Turning out a cupboard in a spring-cleaning frenzy I came across some old VHS videos. Would be nice to run those through again, but, alas,  nothing to view them on. Does anyone have an unwanted VHS video player in working order before I venture onto ... [ more ]

Patio / path cleaning

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Upholstery and carpet cleaning

Keith F in Maidensgrave
Can anyone recommend a good local business to clean upholstery and carpets please. We have already had a quote from Essential Carpet Care, so any others to consider? many thanks.
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Debbie W
If your carpets have stain guard on them when you buy them I dont know if cleaning them removes this? With the carpet cleaners you hire and do yourself a soapy residue is left on the carpets which I have heard makes dirt adhere more? However, most ... [ more ]

Snowflake Ball

Milsoms Kesgrave Hall
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Ufford
Come along to our Snowflake Ball on Friday 20th May at Milsoms, Kesgrave Hall, 7pm onwards. A glamourous night of fine dining, music and entertainment! Tickets are £55per person to include an arrival drink and three course meal with entertainment ... [ more ]
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Jumble Sale & Homemade Cake Sale

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St Michael's Hall - Martlesham Heath

Tai Chi, New Class

Melton Burness Parish Rooms. The Street. Melton. IP12 1PW
Suffolk Tai Chi Academy in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
A New Beginners Class will for every Tuesday morning. Starts 17th May 10 am. This class is part of the Suffolk Tai Chi Academy that teaches the Master Moy style.  Further information can be found on our website or phone Lyn ... [ more ]
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Handyman wanted

Sue V in Beacon Hill
I am looking for a handyman who can do some "jobs" around the house for me. Can anyone recommend one for me.
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Marti L
Thanks. Ken B must be good as several others have suggested him to me. But thank you for adding to recommendations as it really inspires confidence.

Woodbridge Farmers' Market

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Woodbridge Community Hall
Cordelia R in Kingston
Reminder that it's the Farmers' Market this Saturday! Please do come along and support your local food producers. There will be plenty of seasonal vegetables, rhubarb, eggs, meat etc. We are also running an exciting competition for children! If you're ... [ more ]
Cordelia R
Hi Jeannie, Thanks for your interest in the market. At the moment the stallholders need to leave at lunchtime as they're busy elsewhere in the afternoons. We'll bear your comment in mind though. Cordelia

Adjustable Perching Stool

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Someone to Supply and put up a fence

Jules P in Ufford
Recommendations required for a reliable person to put up a new fence and take away a dead hedge. Would also like to replace a rose arch with a garden gate please. thanks in advance Jules
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Clothing / Bedding donations for Refugee Crisis

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Maureen S
Marti -  My kind of directions so I know the roundabout - thank you.  I will contact the RSF.  And thank you David G for asking.
Shona H
If you are thinking about the refugees in Calais there is a group at Suffolk university campus who are collecting and delivering stuff. There is also a group from Essex university going to Calais regularly. They had a collection place in manningtree but ... [ more ]