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Douglas Bader

Michael Hallatt
in Maidensgrave
I live in close proximity to the Douglas Bader pub.  Has anybody else heard the loud music and shouting?  On Friday evening 13 Jan 2017 the new landlord held a live band party and the music was very loud, not only this but a large group of young ... [ more ]
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David R
You live near a pub, it gets a bit noisy on Fri Sat evenings. It has always been the case Complaining about the noise is like living in the countryside and complaining about the sound of tractors or the smell of manure.
June B
A bit unfair David R. Think of all those pubs in Ipswich, sourrounded by homes. I use to live between two pubs. At o e e d, never heard a thing. At the other end, never heard a thing until it was given license for live bands and that was when the ... [ more ]

Roofing work

Helen M in Woodbridge
Can anyone recommend someone to kill some moss on a high roof and replace a couple of tiles? Many thanks
Ginny B
If your roof is high you will need scaffolding, which is expensive so might not be worth it if your slipped tiles are not letting in water.   In our experience the most reasonable firm is IKM, who we have used 3 times. Ring Adam on 07880 706487 or Ian ... [ more ]

car body welder

Tanning voucher

Carrie A in Martlesham
I have a voucher for 30 minute tanning course at Topaz in Ipswich if anyone wants to come and get it. Expires 31/3/17 Worth £17.50

Curtain Making & Soft Furnishings

Karen L
in Woodbridge
Hi Anyone know of a teacher who is trained in the above to come and give me tuition in my own home or I am prepared to travel to surrounding areas around Woodbridge on the following:- Curtains - various styles Tie Backs Roman Blinds Tablecloths ... [ more ]

Gas Cooker

Alan G in Martlesham
Hello, can anyone recommend a reliable reasonably priced  gas fitter/plumber  to fit a new gas cooker thanks Alan
Beverley J
We used Tony Fisk - 07710747455, as recommended by Hughes where we recently purchased a new gas cooker. He took our old cooker away.

Christmas cards

Jill R
in Broom Hill
This is probably  a fruitless question, but I have a bag of some 100 cards & wondered if anyone has requested old cards this year.- for  re-use in classrooms or whatever, before I put them out in the blue bin?
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Linda W
Hello Jill, I teach in a Nursery School and we can always use old cards. I can come and collect them if you like. Send me a private message with your details. Thank you.

Handyman wanted

Woodbridge Farmers' Market 14th January

Cordelia R
in Kingston
Our first market of the year will be held this Saturday at Woodbridge Community Hall, 9am - 12.30pm. As well as the regular favourites we will have a new stall selling fudge - welcome to The Quince Tree!  We'll have a cafe as usual and whatever the ... [ more ]

popup singles cafe

Ian H
in Woodbridge
hi i have had roomers about a popup cafe for singles in the Ipswich area ,has any one heard any thing about this

Lost my watch, probably on Kingston Fields this morning, Seiko, metal bracelet type

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Jules P
in Ufford
Black wooden TV stand. 3' wide 2/3 shelves. flat packed but all tge bits are there to put it together. Private message me for details.

free Headboard

Important study into dog health related to physiology

Graham K
in Mill Hills
My son is doing his final year dissertation in Animal Biology at Nottingham Trent Uni. He needs to film dogs with rear dew claws walking. From that he will be able to determine whether these dogs are predisposed to hip and other issues. This in turn ... [ more ]
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Dog barking

Jeanette G
in Woodbridge
Why is it that some resident in School Lane feels it's acceptable to let their dog bark constantly. If you are going out, don't leave the dog in the back garden so is barks at everything that goes past. Hours upon hours this dog barks
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Cass D
Thanks David for realising the point I was trying to make. Of course we all let our dogs out into the garden, and sometimes they see things that cause them to bark. I was referring to dogs that are put out in the garden all day whilst owners are at ... [ more ]
Annie C
My understanding re RSPCA policy is that as long as dog(s) have water and shelter there is nothing they will do - unless clear evidence of neglect/cruelty. Dogs are social creatures and I (personally) cannot understand why anybody would want a dog and ... [ more ]

Land North of Woods Lane opposite Bredfield Road with permission for housing

Barry W
in Ufford
Does anyone know what the timetable is for the housing development at the above site and what the arrangements are for accessing Bredfield Road when it is complete. It really needs a roundabout or traffic lights but I understand that Suffolk Highways ... [ more ]
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Deborah P
If we are trying to be pedantic, we don't "give away" anything to developing countries.  We return a small proportion of what we took from them to use to develop our own wealth.
Christopher B
Deborah P Ps. I've no objection to given targeted aid to some unfortunate countries, especially in times of a natural disaster. But not the aid we dole out to dictatorships and just vanishes, the money that disappears into the pockets of the aid ... [ more ]

Accordion upcycling

Martin W
in Broom Hill
Hello Anyone have an old unplayable accordion cluttering their spaces? I have a few! ... but mind are almost playable and I'm looking for some spare parts. Also - always interested to meet up with fellow accordionistas?

Free Chair!

Need wooden kitchen worktop refurbishment - sanding and oiling

Chris R
in Woodbridge
Some of you were kind enough to recommend people to do this for us, but they all ended in blind alleys! It seems that kitchen companies are quick to install wooden kitchen worktops, but it's proving difficult to get anyone to maintain them. We need a ... [ more ]
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The Thoroughfare - A signwriters dream!

Roger RT in Woodbridge
So, is the Thoroughfare pedestrianised or not? We now have a committee, yes a committee, (EADT, 7 Dec 2016) trying to interpret what the road sign means at the entrance to the Thoroughfare. In trying to please everyone the designers of the sign ... [ more ]
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Alan P
We seem to have rather drifted off the point into a futile Brexit cul-de-sac. We are supposed to be discussing Woodbridge traffic issues in this thread. Let's stick to the point.
David S
Alan P, For once its relevant because 2016 saw a massive change in the representation of the people that that has resounded across the UK. It reflects local issues enormously - which is why in 50 years, despite air traffic growing by over 400% , we ... [ more ]

Small double glazing unit replacement

Martin S
in Woodbridge
Does anyone have a suggestion for a local company to supply and fit a small replacement double glazing unit? Woke up this morning to find the outer pane of our bathroom window broken. Thanks, Martin
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Only just seen this post Try Admiral home improvements I  and my family have used them a lot Hampstead House Felixstowe Rd Ipswich  IP10 0DE 01473 659062

Reel-to-reel tape spools

Keith F
in Maidensgrave
I have 17 boxed empty 7" reel to reel tape spools up for grabs. Brand is Philips. First come first served!

Stair gate

Sonia J in Melton
Does anyone have a Stair gate that they no longer need, I need it to keep the dog off the stairs, thanks

Found: "Grandad" keyring

Caroline Page in Woodbridge
Can we reunite "Grandad" with his property? I found this key ring on pavement near Notcutts (Station Rd, Cumberland St junction) in #Woodbridge on Tues 13 Dec. Looks like its got a lot of sentimental value. Inner ring says "Granddad" under 2 baby ... [ more ]

Last Woodbridge Farmers' Market of the year

Cordelia R
in Kingston
Our last market of 2016 will be held this Saturday, 17th December at Woodbridge Community Hall, 9am - 12.30pm for the best local seasonal food which you can eat straightaway, buy as gifts or take home to cook. See you there!