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Woodbridge Art Club Exhibition

Jess H in Bredfield
Autumn exhibition starts this weekend - Saturday 29th October and is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 4pm till 27th November. Paintings in a range of styles and media, pottery both decorative and functional and lace items on show, all for ... [ more ]

Gardener required

Rachel J in Kingston
Small garden needs loving tending please, to be brought back to life! Not too much work involved as mostly gravelled, although weeds have broken through the membrane underneath. Best to come and view first. Please private message me if interested, ... [ more ]
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Thomas H
Hi, I am a garden designer, landscaper , permacultralist and maintenance tradesman. I specialize in organic gardening if you still need help I am able to. I have a background of sustainable style of gardening I'd this interests you. If you want to ... [ more ]

Free train tickets Woodbridge to London return

Cordelia R in Kingston
Unfortunately I can't go to London as planned today, Wednesday 26th October. If anyone can use my ticket I would be pleased. It's for the 13:18hrs train today, returning at 13:00hrs on Friday 28th October. If you can collect you can have them. I live ... [ more ]

Free Chair

Rachel J in Kingston
Free cream wicker indoor chair, sprung seat, with pale green flower thick removal cushion. No room for this.

Window Repairs

Glen N in Woodbridge
Can any one recommend someone who can replace a smashed inner panel of a double glazed window
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Julie B
We used Mr Misty too as one of our double glazed Windows became steamed up. They replaced it at a reasonable price and very pleased with the job!

Plastic Flower Pots

Susan S in Woodbridge
I have dozens of washed plastic flower pots to give away if anyone is interested in collecting them. various sizes and colours. mainly black.
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Chris M
Hi, Susan. I need some pots to transplant shrubs during a building project. If you've got any to spare, I'd be happy to come and collect. You can ring or text me on 07341261357. Many thanks, Chris
Ethna B
Can I tag along on your notice Susan. I also have pots I don't need any more, mostly 1 and 2 litre. I live in Woodbridge

Soft coated Wheaten Terrier

Teresa B in Ufford
I own a sweet natured wheaten and she is nearly 5 and is do to come into season very soon (cant remember when) I live Woodbridge area. We are thinking about getting another dog. This will be the last chance she will be able to have pups. I am putting ... [ more ]
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Cass D
Hi Teresa, are you thinking about having pups so you can keep one or are you getting another different dog?  The Wheaten Club will advise you about the various health tests you should have done before breeding from her.  I don't know if there are any ... [ more ]

Winter Sunshine

Debbie W in Broom Hill
At the end of February we are thinking of going to the Canary Islands (the Caribbean would be nice but funds won't stretch that far!) We like to hike and are looking for somewhere on the quieter side. If anyone has been to this area in the winter or ... [ more ]
Linda M
La Gomera is the place to go! It's a small island off the coast of Tenerife. It's very popular with walkers, fantastic scenery and undeveloped. We have been there several times between February and April. It's reached by short hydrofoil crossing from ... [ more ]

Nordic Walking Classes

Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group in Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group
Why not come along and get the benefits of Nordic Walking.  We are a friendly group and once you have completed the course you can join our weekly walks.  Get more information from Lesley 07967653217/


Advertise your company by sponsoring charity

Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Ufford
Would your business like to advertise whilst supporting a local charity. Local family support charity Home-Start are running they're Pig Racing Night on Saturday 12th November for which there are sponsorship opportunities available from as little as ... [ more ]

Woodbridge Farmers' Market: 22nd October

Cordelia R in Kingston
Our next market is on Saturday, 9am - 12.30pm at Woodbridge Community Hall. We have lovely stalls run by local people who have a real passion for what they do. There is a mixture of cakes, bakes, pasties, marmalade and gluten free as well as fruit, ... [ more ]

Free Leather lounge chair


Jackie C in Broom Hill
The immersion heater in a bedroom has been leaking through the carpet and floorboards and onto the ceiling and polystyrene ceiling tiles in the room below.  I don't have central heating but somebody has said a dehumidifier is the best way to dry ... [ more ]
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Kevin L
hi jackie, i have a electric amcor tc 120 dehumidifier you can try if you still need one and just £20 if you'd like to keep it.
Jackie C
Thanks Kevin.  A good offer which I would take up but a neighbour is lending me a dehumidifier next week and I think that will be easier for me. 

Free yellow bathroom suite (used)

Keith F in Maidensgrave
Apparently coloured bathrooms are coming back!  I don't believe it myself, but prove me wrong and come and help yourself to a genuine 70's original suite in Lemon Yellow. Comprises bath, basin with pedestal, and low-level wc pan/cistern.  Ready for ... [ more ]

scammer alert: Top Marshalls Driveways

Nicole Boitos-Hayworth in Melton
hello everyone -  We had a very alarming verbal altercation with a trio of young men going door to door on Cherry Tree Road last evening claiming to be representatives from Top Marshalls Driveways. The trio verbally abused an elderly passerby who had ... [ more ]
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Teresa B
I have just spoken to gentlemen fernhill close that had his driveway done and was really pleased with the work price and they were polite. They also did a drive nextdoor and they also pleased. So not quite sure if its the same people
Andrew G
All, I have only just seen this post. Just to make you all aware that signs may say "Marshalls register". These are generally a legitimate business who have been vetted by Marshalls paving prior to installing their products. Use any  search engine and ... [ more ]

Home-Start Pig Racing Evening

to ,
Woodbridge Town Football Club, Fynn Road, IP12 4LS
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Ufford
At Woodbridge Football Club on Saturday 12th November, 6.30pm, the Hog Roast Runners, a dynamic team of battery powered, pink porkers, will be returning to the track and individuals will be able to place their bets on their favourite, and hope that ... [ more ]

lost cat

Liz D in Mill Hills
Has anyone found a lost cat. She went missing in Wickham Market in the area of the old George pub on Wednesday. She is 16 years old and answers to the name of Pooh. She is black and white.
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Liz D
My daughters cat is still missing. It is over a week now since she has been gone. Could anyone living in or near Wickham Market check their sheds to make sure she isn't hiding in one. Thank you

Lost drone!

Tamsin P in Woodbridge
My son's drone took off on Tuesday. He was flying it quite high (not dangerously) and called it back but it didn't respond and took off over the hedge. We are in Ipswich road, opposite the surgery, and it went in the direction of the Duke of York, ... [ more ]

Pig Racing

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Woodbridge Football Club, Notcutts Park, Woodbridge IP12 4DA
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Ufford
Come along to our fundraising Pig Race night. Home-Start is hosting a Pig Racing night at Woodbridge Football club on Saturday November 12th. Tickets are £5pp or £15 for family of 4 and include a Bacon or Ploughmans butty. Suitable for families of ... [ more ]

Green House

Free - Caravan/Trailer Wheel Lock and old style Hitch Lock

Bob B in Kesgrave
Bulldog Titan 180/F Wheel Lock (Haven't found keys yet but number known) and old style Titan Hitch Lock (with keys).

Art Class

Jules P in Ufford
Reccomendation I have found a really good art class in Melton, Wednesday mornings at 9 30 -12 30, which surprisingly has a few spaces available. The teacher, Ed Cooper, is very friendly, informative, knowledgeable and manages to create not just good ... [ more ]
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Marilyn B
I love the sound of this group, my class at the Cruising Club has finished as there weren't enough of us for the tutor. What day is it and am or pm? Thanks

Wanted: Boys Suit - age 8

Louise B in Melton
We are attending a family wedding in a few weeks and I need to get a suit for my son. I'd be happy with just trousers and matching waistcoat but an additional jacket and shirt a bonus. I've trawled Woodbridge and Beccles charity shops without joy. My ... [ more ]
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Louise B
Hi Carol. Thanks really kind. My son is very small for his age so I think this will be too big. Thanks for your offer.

Goldfish need a new home

Pat G in Bromeswell
does anyone have a pond that would welcome 20 or so goldfish - small/medium size, used to living outside in a pond all year round - free to new home, currently in Orford but could be transported within reason.
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dear Pat and Allen... thank you both so much ...the fishes are in the pond whizzing around in their new palace. MY fishes have never known such luxury ...I am so grateful to you both.....Caroline.
Dear Pat and Allen... Just to tell you that the tiny fish are really happy in the pond...they survived a large poodle cross cocker spaniel puppy jumping in. I did think they had been eaten by their larger friends but they hid under a lily pad and ... [ more ]