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Electrician needed urgently

Maureen S in Melton
Does anyone know of (or are you?) an electrician who would be able to fit an outside light for my son as soon as possible?  He is paraplegic and has difficulty getting out of his car with his wheelchair when he gets back from work in the dark.  Many ... [ more ]
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Neville K
I recently used TW Electrical Services Tel: 07773 247905 5 Yarmouth Rd, Ufford, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 6EP He was very good and reasonably priced.
Maureen S
Thanks very much to everyone who has responded.  My son is in contact with one of the above and is hopeful about a speedy solution to his problem.

Dishwasher repairer?

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Woodbridge Farmers' Market

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Woodbridge Community Hall
Cordelia R in Kingston
It's the Farmers' Market tomorrow! We have a new chocolatier, The Chocolate Studio, just in time for Valentine's day as well as our existing Deepmills Chocolate. In short, there will be plenty of chocolate as well as apples from High House, cheese from ... [ more ]

Home-Start Jail & Bail

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The Thoroughfare and Shire Hall, Woodbridge
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Ufford
Home-Start Suffolk will be holding a 'JAIL & BAIL' event on Friday 11th March, from 10.00am, starting in The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge.  Volunteer 'Prisoners' include: The Mayor of Woodbridge - Josh Sayles The High Sherriff - Judith Shallow Landlord ... [ more ]

Rush seating

Lynne D in Little Bealings
Hello neighbours! I have a couple of chair frames that are in need of a rush seat. Does anyone know someone who does this?

new cover for chair

Mrs j M in Woodbridge
please can anyone recommend an upholsterer? small armchair requires new cover - no repairs needed just new cover to suit current decor. j.m.
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Dog Grooming

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Bev L
We have found Ceri at Pawticulars in Melton, near Kent Blaxill to be knowledgeable, caring and professional. Her website is informative and includes photos of work she has done.

HD reception Sky

Moira D in Bredfield
Is anyone else having problems with TV reception on HD, we keep losing the signal. This has been like this for several days.
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If it's a Sky dish, no need for transmitter enquiries. We had the problem 'Paula T' describes after high winds last year. Went up the ladder to discover I could move the dish with my hand. Needed pushing back and bolts tightening.

Snowflake Ball

Milsoms, Kesgrave Hall
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Ufford
Come along to our Snowflake Ball on Friday 20th May at Milsoms, Kesgrave Hall, 7pm onwards. A glamourous night of fine dining, music and entertainment! Tickets are £55per person to include an arrival drink and three course meal with entertainment ... [ more ]

Cleaner needed (monthly only)

Chris R in Woodbridge
We're looking for a reliable cleaner to dust, vacuum, clean, etc. but only every 3 or 4 weeks. Does anybody know of someone who would be interested in this?
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Cass D
Hi Chris, just to let you know that Maggie's Mops has been and put a sparkle back into our home!  We were very pleased with her work and have now asked her to come for a few hours each week.  Happy to recommend her if you're still looking? Cass

Fitbit found in Porter's Wood

Graham K in Mill Hills
I found a Fitbit device alongside the path through Porter's Wood this morning. It is a belt clip-on type, blue in colour with a blue rubber cover. It is functioning. Must have fallen off a runner/walker's belt. It's a long shot, but if you can put the ... [ more ]
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Dianne W
I agree, don't be too hasty with the recycling 'road'Fitbit only want us to purchase another one! They r not daft. Hang on for a while, someone is very distraught about the loss. No luck with the teacher then?. I walk my dog daily on that route, and see ... [ more ]

Small space fridge-freezer

Jill R in Broom Hill
I bought a Fridgemaster  fridge-freezer just before Christmas and used it for about 2 weeks to take extra food for my guests. Since I live alone, it is now surplus to requirements and I am offering it for sale for £100 ( I paid £214 for it from Hughes) ... [ more ]
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Jemma W
Hi Jill, I was wondering if you still had your Fridge freezer for sale? If so, are you able to post a picture up on here please?  Thank you.

Woodbridge Community Car Service

Keith F in Maidensgrave
This is aimed at anyone who has difficulty in using public transport or even their own, and is considerably cheaper than using taxis. The drivers are all volunteers, and the cost is 45p per mile to cover the driver's entire round trip mileage from their ... [ more ]

TV Ariel Install

Mark W in Broom Hill
Hello all. Can anyone recommend professional TV ariel installer that will supply and fit new ariel and tune TV Thanks
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Beverley J
Have used TC aerials in the last 2 weeks.  Excellent service, would definitely recommend.

Curtains & Roller Blind

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TV signal

Mobile hairdresser

David G in Broom Hill
My wife is looking for a mobile hairdresser  -  we live in Melton  -  any recommendations ? David G
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Cardboard / boxes required!

Keith F in Maidensgrave
St Johns Church Woodbridge are running a holiday club for children in 2 weeks time at half term, and as the theme is castle-based they are in need of cardboard and boxes (Amazon packing boxes are ideal) to make props and use for craft activities.  They ... [ more ]
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Keith F
Thank you Eileen, do you live in Woodbridge?  If so please private message me with your address, and I'll see if I can collect.
Shirley G
Hi Keith, When my friend moved from Woodbridge she got lots of cardboard boxes from Browsers bookshop in Woodbridge. They have their books delivered in them so are a nice size. They are flat so you need to make them up. It might be worth asking them ... [ more ]

Half Term holiday club

St Johns Church Woodbridge
Keith F in Maidensgrave
Watt-A-Lot Castle is for 5 to 11 year olds, it runs from 9.45 am to 12.30 pm each day.  Places are filling fast so if your child wants to attend and they do not have a registration form (some schools have them) please contact Mary on 01394 382083. The ... [ more ]

woodbridge budgens /sainsburys

Ian H in Woodbridge
hi does any one have up to date info on the proposed Sainsbury's take over of the budgens store ,it was supposed to happen in November but which one .      ian h
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Julie B
Parking is a real problem and does put people off coming to Woodbridge when you can just drive an extra mile or two and be at Martlesham and park for free. Still hoping Sainsbury's will be coming but haven't heard anything recently.
Teresa B
I so agree the council should do a similar thing to Littlehampton W Sussex. Give a parking disc for 2 hours free parking then charge a after that. It would bring business in as I am one of those people that hate paying parking as I think it should be ... [ more ]

Petrol lawnmower service

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Fabric needed

Julie P in Hasketon
Does anyone have any oddments of fabric they do not need? I am making little cot quilts for premature baby unit so pastel colours pale pinks, blues yellows etc . Also same colours in no longer required duvet covers. You can see from the attachment one ... [ more ]
Nikki B
I am getting rid of my spare room throw and its barely used. Its mainly cream with a few gold embroidered bits here and there.  PM me if you are interested you can take it.  I might have a few other bits too, like pillow cases in the same fabric and ... [ more ]
Mary B
I have a bag of oddments left over from my quilting days.You are very welcome to it. Please contact me on 01473 610042.

Clothes dummy

Christine S in Great Bealings
Does anyone have or know where I can get a full size clothes dummy to display a uniform in a museum? We are able to pay a small amount.
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Train Alternative

Debbie W in Broom Hill
Am planning to travel to London Liverpool Street by train in March and am advised that services disrupted and buses will be laid on for part of this journey (the price of tickets £40 same day return remains the same despite inconvenience!) Is there ... [ more ]
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Boyton Suffolk
We've occasionally driven into Stratford and parked at the shopping mall for onward travel which should be easy on a Saturday And have you checked out car sharing if appropriate for what you need to take.
Debbie W
Thank you all for your great advice. Either way it's going to be a very interesting day for this country bumpkin!!!

Balls of wool: a bag-full if anyone wants it

Chris S in Melton
I have a carrier bag of balls of wool of various colours and types. Originally bought for weaving. If anyone can use them, they are welcome to them
Pearl L
Hi yes please would love the wool for my ladies at work . Rendlesham care centre Thanks when shall I collect please