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Missing cat

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We need a Security Camera in the the underpass tunnel...NOW

Paula E in Kesgrave
Hello Can we please campaign for a Security Camera to be positioned in the underpass from Eagle Way to Tesco's..Perhaps Tesco could link it into their Security Camera ¬†Monitoring system? My husband has frequently had to take a brush¬†¬†and sweep up ... [ more ]

Saturday morning Dog Training Classes starting 12th November

Scout Hut, Martlesham Heath
Dave's Dog Training in Dave's Dog Training
Classes run by Dave, a retired Home Office scent detection dog handler and trainer. All breeds, sizes & ages can benefit from this training. Handlers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Call to find out more or book your place 07759 227459. ... [ more ]

Decking protection

Debbie W
Check Osmo. Recommended by my carpenter for internal floors but they do exterior products. Also Sadolin & Sikkens. Good luck.

Dog Excrement on Footpath across Martlesham (Black Tiles to Tesco's)

Keith C in Great Bealings
I regularly use the path across the heath from Black Tiles to Tesco's, but I am becoming increasingly concerned but the number of 'deposits' left on the footpath by dogs.¬† I do not like using this media for complaining but how can the obvious dog ... [ more ]

A14 cones

Jeff W in Warren Heath
Why are there dozens of cones left in the central reservation near the Trimley exit. Been there for months with a idiotic 50mph warning sign which is obstructed  if you are overtaking a lorry?
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Enter The Zombie Fortress

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Landguard Fort, Viewpoint Road, Felixstowe, Ip11 3TW
Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
Following an unidentified infection outbreak in Felixstowe, the 'URE' (Undead Research Establishment) has been set up at Landguard Fort.¬† Our dedicated doctors, scientists and military personnel are caring for your infected family & friends.¬† The ... [ more ]

Food banks

Marjorie D in Rushmere St Andrew
Could somebody tell me where a local food bank is situated in Ipswich please. I want to do a reverse advent calendar by putting a food or toiletries etc item in a box everyday in December. Advent calendars you take out a chocolate etc but I would like ... [ more ]
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Charlie Z
Lovely idea! FIND as Charlotte suggested are great. Its just behind Aldi, out on Felixtowe Road way. They aren't open for drop off's all the time so check the website first.

Black cat needs re-homing

Stephen P in Warren Heath
I have an 8 year old black cat that i need to rehome. He is 8 years old and fully innoculated until mid 2017. He can be quite nervous and shy and needs a quiet home ideally without any other cats or dogs. He is litter trained and goes outdoors but ... [ more ]
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Missing Florence

Carol B in Martlesham Heath
Florence is a long-haired tabby cat. She lives in Lark Rise and has been missing for 4 days. Please could you check your sheds and garages as she may have got shut in somewhere. Tel 01473 624341 or 07866 157736
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Learn to Nordic Walk

Melton Playing Fields
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Telephone Master Socket? Broadband Problems

Jay in Playford
Does anyone know if it is possible to have a new master socket installed, and how much it may cost. Moved into a property with has just one telephone point in the hall and no electric socket, and every time phone rings I lose my BT¬†TV channels, ... [ more ]
Derham @ DMonkey Computers
Hi Jay, Probably lack of, or faulty, filter. Each socket that is in use needs one. It's a small box that splits the high and low frequency signals and stops the ringing signal hitting the router I hope that helps but feel free to call if you need any ... [ more ]
John-and A
Yes I found the small filter box solved the problem and not expensive. As Derham says you need to get one for EACH phone socket around the house

Plasterer needed

Heidi M in Kesgrave
Hi, I looking for someone who can plaster two / three walls in my lounge. Any recommendations? Many thanks Heidi
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weird, wanton damage

Sheila B in Kingston
Weird, wanton damage. ¬† Woke up this morning and someone (probably more than one) has ripped out a waterbut, pushed it over and stamped on it. There is a security light right above it. ¬†It was full of water so it was no mean feat - we couldn't have ... [ more ]

New shower unit

Julie L in Rushmere Street
Any recommendations need a quote for un suite. New shower cubicle, might need new shower and tiles
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Anne T
Try Sheldon Jolley on 07748 021735. Just done us a new luxurious shower unit and tiling

Owl and Pussycat Felixstowe

Jeff W in Warren Heath
Been there 3 times in the past month and was appalled at the service, or lack of it. Only one person taking customers orders for meals and drinks. Combine the delays here with those waiting for your meal does not bode well for people in their lunch ... [ more ]
Alan H
Well it cant be that bad if you went 3 times in only one month lol. We have always found the pub to be excellent with good service, food and cheapish drinks.
Alf B
Don't waste your money in those places most of the food is frozen, invite a few friends round and if you have a small group regular pool money for food and drink and save pounds besides the good company

Abandoned Car in Century Drive?

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
It possibly is not abandoned but I have seen a black Clio outside number 61 for weeks if not months with a flat tyre so it is obviously not being used.¬† In the old days with a tax disc on the window you could tell when it was out of date that the ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
I used that website Richard and it is very good.  Seems the owner has got a SORN which is naughty as the car is still parked on the road
Richard G
Just report to dvla that you have seen it on the road and describe its location.

Wasp Nest Removal.

Julie G in Little Bealings
Hi. I have a wasp nest above our patio door and although we have tried to leave it as long as possible they are now regularly coming into the kitchen. Can anyone recommend someone who would be able to deal with this for me. Can't get near it with wasp ... [ more ]
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Ashley S
Thanks a lot Keith glad you are happy with the service received I try to stay prompt friendly and as cheap as possible regards ashley
John R
I agree with Keith C. .. Ashley came to ours yesterday and dealt with a hornets nest in the eaves, very promptly and efficiently, in fact they were all gone in a few hours. Excellent job Ashley, and can thoroughly recommend.¬† Only problem we could not ... [ more ]

Puppy Classes - Martlesham Starts 29th September

Martlesham Village Hall
Top Street Dog Training in Top Street Dog Training
Top Street Dog Training's next 6 week puppy class has a couple of spaces left !! Our aim is to get your puppy to pay attention to you and give you the foundation of a good recall. We will cover many other topics including manners, eg. jumping up, ... [ more ]

Old Singer Sewing Machine & Lots Of Bits - Free To A Good Home

Jane in Martlesham
Yes, I have been having a clear out ;-) This is not one of the classic looking ones¬†and I am not sure if it is working or not as I am a novice on sewing machines. It's at least 30 years old, but the power seems to be fine - things turn when you press ... [ more ]
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Thanks everyone for your help and interest. Glad to say it's gone to a good home on a first come, first serve basis. I suppose I better tackle a few more boxes now :-(

Scent Detection Dog Training Day

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Martlesham Heath, near Douglas Bader
Dave's Dog Training in Dave's Dog Training
Has your dog got what it takes to be a Sniffer dog? A fun day of activities for you and your dog, following a Home Office programme of training. This is the last one this year, so to register your interest call Dave on 07759 227459.¬† Sunday 2nd ... [ more ]

Gas fire disconnection

Christina B in Great Bealings
Hi, we're looking for someone who can disconnect a gas fire without charging exorbitant call-out charge. We think we could probably do it ourselves but 'Google' says it should be done by a 'competent person'. Thanks in advance!
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David R
Illegal? Depends on how it has been installed. If it has an isolator tap (as it should) then you can turn the tap off and disconnect the compression joint on the gas fire side. You need to make sure the gas tap can't be turned on again, of course ... [ more ]

planning 10th marriage anniversary

Inks P in Kesgrave
Hi All, We are planning our 10th Wedding anniversary in December, wife wants a place with some lots of sun and just relax there not too much travel once we are there. Kids will be accompanying us. Do you have any recommendations and pointers on ... [ more ]
Denise G
Ask the experts - Deben Travel in Woodbridge have been a mine of information and helped us find holidays we hadn't thought of. Just pop in and see them and speak to Lee or Abbey, it's like family! Give them a budget and let them come up with some ... [ more ]

Argos home delivery

Jeff W in Warren Heath
any idea of their unpacking policy of large items ie fridge freezer to an 89 year old man?
Sandie B
No but be warned they deliver on Sunday's up to 9pm, which can worry some people I had it last winter and the delivery man who was not English speaking did not answer to my question to who was there. Hopefully you will receive a notification of arrival.

Pirate Weekend, (International Talk Like a Pirate Days) 17th & 18 September

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
Ahoy there me hearties! A weekend of pirate-related activities and fun at Landguard Fort. Come and meet a motley band of pirates, smugglers, cutthroats and wenches, having made landfall at Felixstowe to carouse and celebrate their success on the high ... [ more ]