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Gillian G in Woodbridge
I have a pair of trousers which are a shade too big and need taking in, can anyone recommend a dressmaker who can take on alterations.
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Strange noise in Dobbs Lane

Janet F in Martlesham Heath
I was woken last night about 3.00 because something was making a weird noise in the woods. I think it might have been a fox but it just kept on and on. Anyone got any ideas?

Job Opportunities

Kesgrave Community Centre in Kesgrave Community Centre
Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre (KWMCC) on Twelve Acre Approach are looking for additional staff to support a small but busy team overseeing the operation of the facility which serves both the local community and business hirers in a variety of ... [ more ]

Parking on verges

Cleopatra J in Rushmere St Andrew
I know it is not illegal to park on the pavement or grass verges, except for HGV's, but it is getting common place now, particularly overnight or the vehicles don't move for days. Before long they are going to cause ruts in the grass, particular in wet ... [ more ]
Charlie R
If possible don't park on Ropes Drive - it's a bus route. There are only one or two residents who seem to be unable or unwilling to walk the extra metres from their designated parking bay but if the trend should continue chaos will ensue.
Paul C
The Council have said they will start to charge the offenders for the cost of repair. I hope someone from their department is keeping a note of the offending vehicles

Chiropractor or Osteopath

Jay in Playford
Hi, could you recommend what would be ebst for upper back pain and muscles spasms. All help appreciated
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Thanks for all the suggestions, please keep them coming as it is helpful to know that others have suffered too in the past with these problems.
Sheila B
I had  whip lash a few years ago and  and my neck was very painful and went to Keven Correll in Norwich Road and he  got me right once more  - it took a few visits.  I would recommend him , his father was a chiropractor before him and in my younger days ... [ more ]

SCC treatment of the disabled

Ernest G in Broke Hall
It is not good enough for the Highway Dept to rely on their planed cutting of wayside verges as adequate. When the only route from Kesgrave for the disabled using Electric Buggies to the Ipswich Hospital is completely blocked by over grown Bracken at ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
Last year my friends and I did an exhibition in Aylesbury in the Stoke Mandeville Sports Centre and were put up in the next door Olympic Hotel.  The whole area is deliberately designed for the disabled and for wheel chair users.  I have to say it was an ... [ more ]
Andrew H
I was quite surprised by S.C.C. reply. Not exactly customer friendly. Why not, ' We have noted your complaint and are passing it to the Highways. In future if you have more concerns about Highways and footpaths you should use the following address' Then ... [ more ]

Theatre in the Fort, Gullivers Travels

Landguard Fort, Viewpoint Road, Felixstowe, Ip11 3TW
Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
The Pantaloons Theatre Group are back again this time doing Gullivers Travels.  Show starts at 5 pm on Sunday and the forecast is for a mild dry evening.  Chairs can be provided but bring your own if they are more comfortable, many people bring picnics, ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
To be honest I am not a great lover of Theatre but many people are.  The shows in the Fort are always well attended and those who come seem to be well prepared so they must have been before so that says something.  The performers like doing the Fort as ... [ more ]

Speeding In Kesgrave Area

Pam S in Playford
I have never posted on here, so here goes.  I've recently moved to Bell Lane area Kesgrave. I've been incredibly shocked that in such a populated area the majority of drivers do not abide by the 30 MPH limit. Most are travelling at 40, 50 or even 60 MPH. ... [ more ]
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Bob B
As Andrew H has said that Tim Passmore  wanted to know where to put SID, tomorrow (27th July 2016) at Ipswich Cornhill is the time to catch him whilst he is on a county tour with the Chief Constable. They are there from between 11:00 and 14:00 hrs. They ... [ more ]
Pam S
Thanks for info re: Tim Passmore. I was aware of his interest in this but didn't know he was to be in Ipswich centre tomorrow. Unfortunately I cannot be there due to work commitments. However I do plan to write to the Police Comissioned with my views

Prime Spot

Alan H in Broke Hall
Its occurred to me Weatherspoons must pull out of building new Pubs such as in Felixstowes prime spot where the surgery was and just leave a heap of nasty rubble where reasonable buildings were once. Why is such a huge concern so worried about paying out ... [ more ]
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Spot on Graham D, I will put it to the board of directors tomorrow. This is getting exciting, I can imagine sitting on the balcony with my pint of cheap John Smiths watching the world go by. Mustn't get too noisy though.

Chief Constable and Police Crime Commissioner on Tour

to , (ended)
Ipswich -Corn Hill
Swan Close Scheme in Swan Close Scheme
Chief Constable Gareth Wilson and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Tim Passmore will be going ‘on tour’ again this year, visiting town centres across the county. Throughout the summer holiday period, the Chief and PCC will set up base within towns ... [ more ]

Martlesham Heath Green

Michael Hallatt in Maidensgrave
Hi Everybody, The green I am talking about is the one with the pavilion on and near the Bader pub.  Just thought I would let off a bit of steam about the young people (13 - 17 years of age) who all congregated under the horse chestnut trees yesterday ... [ more ]

New Dog Training Class starts Wednesday 14th September at 8pm

Martlesham Heath
Dave's Dog Training in Dave's Dog Training
Dog training classes for all levels/ages/breeds. Taken by Dave P, a retired Home Office drug detection dog handler and trainer. Please call to register your interest. Also, one-off Scent Detection Training Days: next one is Sunday August 14th,10am - ... [ more ]
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Dave's Dog Training
Hi, I have only a couple of spots left on the September class. Please therefore give me a call on 07759 227459 or PM me your contact number to discuss your training needs. Dave P
Carole F
Thanks Dave - only just picked this up. Will call you in morning. Many thanks. Carole

Martlesham Heath Aviation Society

Alan P in Martlesham Heath
Don't forget our Control Tower Museum at the rear of Parkers Place off Eagle Way is open every Sunday 2 to 5pm. Drop in and be amazed at the rich aviation history of the village. Helpful volunteers always on hand to help Refreshments always available. ... [ more ]
Liz E
We recently visited and it is a treasure trove of memorabilia, with really interesting volunteers. Well worth a visit!

Bell lane development

Keith P in Kesgrave
I've heard rumours that the 300 home development has been turned down again at a recent planning meeting. Can anyone shed any light on it ? as I can't find anything online about it.
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Police warning of doorstep fish sellers flouting Suffolk Trading Standards

Swan Close Scheme in Swan Close Scheme
Residents are being warned by Suffolk Trading Standards to be aware of door-to-door fish sellers who are currently calling on households in the county, most recently in the IP2 area. The trading standards team are asking people to watch out for ... [ more ]

Green Days School holiday programme for girls

Caston Woods (Martlesham)
Bec E in Martlesham Heath
Green Light Trust are running a School Holiday Ecotherapy programme for girls aged 13-18 struggling with anxiety or low confidence and self esteem. The programme runs mon -fri during school holidays (exc bank holidays).  The programme will include bush ... [ more ]

False black widow

Laura T in Kesgrave
Hi, I'm not even sure if this is what they're called but I seem to keep finding false black widow spiders....I've one in my shed, one near my back gate and one near my front porch....has anyone else found any??? What do I do about them? They are quick ... [ more ]
They are not little they have a large bulbous brown body with cream markings and are shiny and have almost transparent legs. I have had a couple in my garden under pots.


Sue C in Kesgrave
Looking for a large/deep pond to be emptied with fish 50+ removed and area filled in and covered. Any recommendations? Would wish fish i think mainly koi and carp (not coloured) to be rehomed
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Underpass overgrown!

Janet G in Martlesham
Have this morning walked through the Martlesham underpass at park and ride roundabout, it's so overgrown with brambles and shrubs! Must be a nightmare for cyclists ! Please could we have this cleaned up!

new boiler recomendation and local installers

ks in Beacon Hill
My boiler has packed up, insurance cant repair as beyond eco repair (its a 12 yr old keston c25) any recommendations of good efficency boilers and installers who can do all job (intall + electric) i have a tank on 1st floor that stores water in the ... [ more ]
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Alan H
Try my sons firm they are very efficient with over 40 years experience with fantastic feedback. Ring Southgate and Cullam on 07595793197 and mention my name and get a good deal.
update on this my boiler insurer replaced the burner and a rubber pipe which just sits over boiler, it is running again i have some time now to get quotes and get the work done.

Rogue Doorstep Traders

Swan Close Scheme in Swan Close Scheme
Suffolk Police has received a couple of notifications from Norfolk Trading Standards that rogue traders have been calling at doors in locations close to the Suffolk border. There have been reports of pressure washing and tree surgery doorstep traders ... [ more ]

Low flying something!

Nikki B
We had something flying very low over Hollesley last night. I fell asleep eventually around midnight. I wonder if it was the same thing?
Christine S
Probably the police helicopter which was over Martlesham. I understand there was a catalytic converter stolen from a Lorry on the industrial estate around about 11.30pm.

Carpenter needed - banister broken

Heidi M in Kesgrave
Hi, can anyone recommend a reliable but relatively cheap carpenter? My banister has broken in one place and I'd like to have it fixed or replaced. Many thanks

Martlesham Heath Retail Park

Steve B in Kesgrave
Does anyone know what shops are going into the Martlesham Heath Retail Park in between Topps Tiles
Janet F
It was in the eadt a while ago. M&S are expanding into Brantano, Brantano are going where Lings were and Hobbycraft going into where Conways were

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