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Advertising a room

Hello, Am I allowed to advertise a spare room here, which I want to rent out. If not any website where I can advertise for getting a lodger?
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thanks All. I have put advert on spareroom. Jennie, I have emailed you the link. regards
Keith G is a really good site and easy to use  -  but you need to look into all the issues surrounding this both legal and logistical . It is essential you find someone you can share a home with ,  so it is quite unlike renting another property ... more »
Philippa H to Bucklesham and 9 more areas

Help for charity

Hello everyone, I work as a counsellor for a charity in Colchester called CARA - Centre of Action on Rape and Abuse.  The charity is in the process of setting up a counselling room in Maldon for outreach work.  We are desperately in need of items to ... more »
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Philippa H
Thanks for that Jess.  I wasn't aware that Yahoo had such a group.  I've tried the Freecycle site. Philippa
Jessica D
hi Philippa, here's a bit about it: Ipswich Recycle is Suffolk's largest recycling group. their success is due to the fantastic generosity of the members, freely donating hundreds of items to other members each month, and therefore keeping them out of ... more »
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football field

Does anyone know why the children don't play football on the Millennium field anymore.? I use to love watching the little ones play.
A friend whose son used to play there with his team has told me there are a few reasons. First, the state of the grass - very lumpy, lots of holes, etc. Second, there are no lights, so the field cannot be used in the evenings in the winter months (my ... more »
Janet E
Thanks Cen explains a lot....I am an owner of two dogs and the poo problem is getting worse, makes me very mad, I pick up as much as I can but its back the next day....
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Weekend Cleaner Required

Kesgrave Social Club are looking for a weekend cleaner, approx 3 hrs Sat morning and 3hrs Sunday morning. Experience is necessary and you will also be a key holder. Please contact me if you are interested
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Kesgrave wood

There is a big old tree in kesgrave woods, and I have noticed numerous times, that someone leaves a small bunch of flowers at the bottom of the tree, just curious , if anyone knows why?
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Sharon M
Hi Daniel , sorry to hear about your unfortunate collision , with the tree, no it's not that tree , the tree is half way down I'm the woods on a crossroads pathway ,
Sheila O
May be elves at work or fairys you never know!!
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help with a website

Can anybody out there help with the website of a local animal charity? We need to 'Facebook' it as well as generally update it a bit.
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Kesgrave cameras .
That sounds great Richard. Our only problem is cost. We are such a small club that we have very little to spare. We were promised one about three years or more ago but it never materialised and I think the person concerned has changed his business. If ... more »
Richard P
I have emailed you my phone number - for anybody else that's interested its 07971573588 and my email is
I'm with Spidersites
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Our little Elsie

We are looking for care for our miniature schnauzer over 17 nights in the school holidays, Elsie is a lovely happy non barking (only heard her bark 5-6 times) non shedding dog who is good with children loves a walk but does not need a walk. If you think ... more »
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Michelle W
I also meant to say that this lady, will also take in cats, for owners who do not like to put their cats in a cattery, they are kept separate from any dogs that she happens to be caring for. She has looked after my dogs and cats for me, not only is it ... more »
Andy S
For anyone in Woodbridge I recommend Annie Gooch. She mainly does dog walking but will also do overnight and holiday stays. She recently looked after my dog for a week and regularly sent emails and pictures to us. Her number is 07887 604175.
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Hand car wash

Does anyone know of an alternative Hand Car Wash, now that the one at Martlesham by the Red Lion has closed and why did they leave?
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Sam E
If your looking for a car washer check out Green Clean Suffolk. They have a website and offer to come and clean your car at home for you.  I had my Peugeot 206 cleaned and the guy that came (English) did an excellent job and only charged me £5. They ... more »
Ann A
Had my car done inside & out by Green Clean also - great service car looks like new.
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French Film Club

A French Film club is starting in Martlesham Heath Pavilion!   Membership fee of £20/year, covering 6 films, in the 12 months starting 1st May 2014 - 31st April 2015.  This works out as £3.33 per film, if you come along to all 6 films (showings would ... more »
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Japanese Food

Does anyone know of a good noodle bar around here.  We love going to Wagamama but the nearest is Norwich or Bury.  I've been to Mizu in Ipswich but I'd love more options.
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I can't think of any other noodle bars per se but there are Thai/Chinese restaurants in town such as Kwan Thai (Thai) on St. Nicholas Street, Baipo (Thai) on Upper Orwell St. or Trongs (Chinese) also on St. Nicholas St. Lastly, Mr Wing (Chinese) - St. ... more »
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Spring Fayre

We are holding a Spring Fayre at Kesgrave Library on Saturday 29th March between 11am - 1pm. Stalls will include Phoenix Cards, Easter Egg Hunt, Tombola, Raffle, Guess the Name of the Easter Bunny, How Many Eggs in a Jar, Cakes, Books for Sale, ... more »

to , (ended)

Kesgrave Library, Kinsey House, Kays Close, Kesgrave, IP5 2HL

Mar 29
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Karen C to Little Bealings and 4 more areas

Domestic carpet cleaning

Hi has anyone used a local carpet cleaning company and had very good results? I need my carpet cleaned its very pale cream and a berber and has some marks on it that I can't get out and now look darker :(  Thanks!
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Janet E
Hi Karen, I had allbright carpet cleaners to clean my living room carpet, and was very pleased with the finished result..I think you will find them in the yellow pages..
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Facebook expert required to give me a little tuition

Hi, Is there anyone out there that could spend an hour or two with me sorting out the Facebook settings on my Kesgrave Cameras FB page and giving me a few pointers on how to use it properly? I would gladly pay £10/hour and all the tea, coffee and ... more »
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Matthew Percy
Kesgrave cameras . I'd be happy to help you with this being someone who uses Facebook a lot for a number of purposes and having also helped total novices get on their feet on the site.
Kesgrave cameras .
Hi Matthew, Thanks for your offer of help but I managed to locate someone just yesterday. I will certainly keep you in mind for any future help I might need, as going it alone in business these days can be an absolute nightmare for someone like myself. ... more »
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Felixstowe Prom.

Went to Felixstowe this morning, looking forward to a nice walk along the prom with my two dogs. That didn't happen the prom was covered with stones and sand also building debris, made my feet really sore...Not really a great invite for people to spend ... more »
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People have always gone to the beach in the winter either to walk dogs, go for a bracing walk to brush the cobwebs away or take children along the prom so they can run around in safety.  I agree with Janet, the stones are a nuisance and do hurt ones feet ... more »
Rita S
There are quite a few people that like to go to Felixstowe to blow the cobwebs away in the winter or go for a walk. I have hip and back problems so I can't with all those stoned s.
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dog attack

Yet another dog attack on the. Mellenuim football field this time two border terriers tore into a spaniel ripping its ear and biting its belly, this is not the first attack by theses two dogs, when will these people who's dog has attacked before learn to ... more »
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Pam S
I think this is out of order!  I didnt think this site was an opportunity to talk about people behind their back who cannot defend themselves.  I will report these posts.  There are legitimate avenues to report something like a dog attack and these posts ... more »
Janet E
Sorry who's talking about people behind their backs, any one can see these posts so its not behind their backs...Still you can have an opinion like everyone else...
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Revamping kitchen

Can anyone recommend a local professional who can replace my kitchen worktop, advise on installing a gas hob in place of an electric one and replace taps/sink in Kesgrave area? Help would be much appreciated
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Janet E
For the gas hob The gas shop in Felixstowe I can highly recommend.
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B & B

I wonder if anyone can help me, about 8-9 years ago my wife and myself used to belong to a B & B club, I think they were based in Ipswich, The idea was that you signed up with them, paid a yearly subscription , and got a membership card, plus list of ... more »
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Yard Sale

Perhaps a little late, but incase anyone is looking for something to do today my family are holding a yard sale. Just about a little something of everything from children's toys and books, throughout to clothing, DVDs, household items, sewing stuff, to ... more »


Mar 15
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