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Coffee Morning

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Waldringfield Village Hall
Libby R
in Brightwell
Dear all, Just a quick reminder about Monday's Coffee Morning in aid of Suffolk Refugee Support. Tea, cake and a raffle. 10-12 at Waldringfield Village Hall. Hope you can join us.

Loft conversion

Bill V
in Beacon Hill
Hi all, Does anybody know any loft conversion specialists they would recommend? Looking to uplift with family growing, rather than move somewhere else. Also, if you ever done a loft conversion, what sort of budget should I be looking at? Thanks
IT Carpentry Ltd
Hi Bill. Your first port of call should be a really good architect who should draw you up a good plan and maximize your options. These plans can then be used to gain any necessary permissions and sent out to structural engineers and builders etc for ... [ more ]
Paul H
Bill Mann kesgrave design architects. He did our plans for chalet bungalow conversion. Very & reasonably priced. I can send you his number if you like.

Roaming dog

Peter D in Newbourne
Spotted a doggy roaming around eagle way near Heathfield this afternoon around 3-30ish. Looked similar to a small greyhound, but not as big, wouldn't come when called but clearly lost, had a large collar with a black device on it, last seen heading ... [ more ]
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The number to ring if anyone sees China or a dog similar is this: 07817776280  Please save number to phone so that you can contact the owner as soon as the dog is spotted or asap!  Lets get this boy home please, thanks!
Laurence H
There was a dog roaming around Thomas Crescent , Grange Farm yesterday afternoon but this looked to be bigger than China, more the size of a big Labrador.  It had a collar on and we tried to coax it to us with a biscuit but it was having none of it a ... [ more ]

Single bed & Memory foam mattress

Kevin A
in Rushmere St Andrew
Steel frame, wooden slat adult or child bed - make a reasonable offer and collect.  Single duvet as well if needs FOC  07918 904653   Near Elmers

Dog walkers

in Warren Heath
Yet again some dog walkers along Longstrops are leaving their bags piled up around the bin near Fentons Wood because the bin is full . What is wrong with people? We are quite well served for dog bins and of course we all have bins at home . ... [ more ]
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Tracey C
They have a different person to the bin man to empty the dog bins perhaps it's cut backs due to them not emptying the bins. I never mentioned the word normal just saying at least people have bothered to pick it up ! Yes I am a fig owner and have taken ... [ more ]
Jeff W
The Government wanted to stop our dogs pooing everywhere so they demanded poo bags be used, I think there is a fine for not carrying some. They wanted owners to stop leaving poo bags everywhere and introduced bins. So who is at fault for not emptying ... [ more ]

Passport Photos for Infant

Inks P in Kesgrave
Hi I want to get passport photo done and also need an digital image to submit online on the visa forms, do you recommend anyone local who can do this. contacted snappy snaps they are charging £20-25 for that which is very high. thx
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Smart meters

Laurence H
in Rushmere St Andrew
Someone put a post on recently about Smart Meters and interestingly there was a programne on ITV last night on the subject. What I took from it is that the installers are targeted on installing 5 per day so they are pushed for the time to explain how ... [ more ]
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Woof W
Also, first generation In House Display Units don't work with solar (British Gas told me after mine stopped working after 18 months). Funny, we only had to have the smart meter fitted because we had changed to solar, and the old meter was running ... [ more ]
Andy S
I had solar panels installed, British Gas have been telling me for months that I can make an appointment for smart meters to be installed, the only problem is that the Brit Gas version don't work with Solar Panels. There is nothing on the website to ... [ more ]

Lizzie and Jack

L C in Kesgrave
Does anyone know a Lizzy and Jack on Turing Court? Post keeps being sent to wrong letterbox. Your friends Harris or Hare are trying to get hold of you.

What is the truth about climate change?

Waldringfield Village Hall. IP12 4QP
Greener Waldringfield
in Greener Waldringfield
Monday 20th February.      Waldringfield Village Hall.  IP12 4QP      7.30pm Greener Waldringfield has invited Prof John Midwinter FRS to give a talk about the effects of climate change. John has developed a deep understanding and ... [ more ]
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Robin S
The largest pumped storage scheme is at Dinorwic in Snowdonia, a site you can visit. However as an geologist and engineer all land based pumped storage scheme since in the UK have met with massive local environmental opposition which has halted them. ... [ more ]


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Latest news on the potential Co-op on Hartree Way?

Ryan K
in Kesgrave
I've had a little search on here (only just joined up so apologies if I've missed something about this!) but couldn't see anything. If anyone has any latest information that would be great as I live on the road, have done for nearly 2 years and since ... [ more ]
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Ryan K
Dave R I've heard back from someone at Co-op, due to have a chat sometime this week about it. Will report back as soon as I've had the call with whatever I find out. The reply will be on the new platform 'Nextdoor' as it appears we've only got 14 days ... [ more ]
Dave R
Cheers Ryan K, I'm on Nextdoor now so should be able to continue the thread... if I ever figure out how it works...

Takes the Kids to the Fort too

Laurence H
in Rushmere St Andrew
Should have checked my spelling before posting.  I meant Kids but bring your lids too if they want to come

Take the Lids to Landguard Fort at Half Term

Laurence H
in Rushmere St Andrew
We decided to open for the February Half Term last year and we are doing it again this year too.  There seems to be very few places available to take the kids to during the February Half Term so besides being good business for the Fort it seems to be ... [ more ]


Upskiiling for tommorrow

Looking for painter decorator

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John B
Perferido of 'Handy  Manos' did a great job of decorating for us...pleasant, helpful...and very reasonable price.    07767 159551  

Coffee Morning

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Waldringfield Village Hall
Libby R
in Brightwell
Please join us for a Coffee Morning to celebrate 'One Day Without Us'. Tea, coffee and cake in aid of Suffolk Refugee Support. Please bring homemade cakes to buy and sell, to help raise funds.

Also Sunken Drains

Alan H
in Broke Hall
There also is a massive Sunken Drain on the Main Road at the entrance to Maidstone Road this has been here for god knows how long and is a disgrace. Luckily enough Ive only driven in it once because I know its there but someone will lose their ... [ more ]
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Rushmere Handyman
Too many cars is the problem in the UK. There is now no solution imho. I do not ever got into Ipswich now . I have a Coes Account and pay into it monthly , i have not been there for 3.5 years and that is an easy shop to get to and park. I will go ... [ more ]
Graham F
Last summer I noticed new motorways being carved through rock and into new tunnels whilst travelling from Bilbao airport to San Sebastian. I wondered then what do we get. All that happens in the UK is recommendations and endless enquiries, elsewhere ... [ more ]

FREE - Dining Table

carpet fitter

Debbie W
Steve Cage 01473 602406 or 07801 844666 Father and son team are excellent. Have used them several times for small carpet jobs. You won't be disappointed.

Pamper & Shopping Evening

Fiona F
in Warren Heath
Tickets now available - please give me a shout if you're interested! Advisable to pre-book treatments (through me). Please share to help us spread the word for what promises to be a great night!

New year, new hobby!

Joanne Rolph BA(Hons), LTCL, ALCM, PGCE, FISM
in Joanne Rolph BA(Hons), LTCL, ALCM, PGCE, FISM
Piano, flute,clarinet,saxophone and music theory lessons available. Over 20 years experience and DBS enhanced check. Weekday evenings, Saturday mornings and some daytime spaces available.  Gift vouchers available. Please contact me for details.
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Elaine C
Hi Jo My daughter, when young, started with recorder lessons and then progressed to the flute etc.  She would like her six year old son to follow a similar path but is struggling to find any local teachers.  Do you teach the recorder by any chance ... [ more ]

Friendly mobile foot care in the comfort of your own home.

Footcare 2U - Mobile foot care clinic.
in Footcare 2U - Mobile foot care clinic.
Hello I'm Deborah, I am a registered and fully insured foot health practitioner, offering foot care in the comfort of your own home. Covering Ipswich and the surrounding area. Please feel free to take a look at my page. I offer a friendly, ... [ more ]
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Sharon P
Will be in touch had mine done by usual person last week and she cut my foot really badly leaving me in pain on walking not what I needed will contact you when they need doing again

New Year's Resolution- Join Rushmere Creative Writers

Rushmere Creative Writers
in Rushmere Creative Writers
Hi, we're a friendly group who enjoy writing and we're looking for new members to swell our numbers. Enjoyed writing at school? Always thought you've got a novel inside you that just needs coaxing out? Why not give us a try? We meet on Wednesday ... [ more ]
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Lynn L
Thank you for a super evening, I really enjoyed myself and went home in a very enthusiastic mood, I hope it lasts. I meant to ask you Sandie where you go for Tai Chi, if that's how it's spelt?

Trader Scam

Swan Close Scheme
in Swan Close Scheme
Payment diversion alert  Fraudsters are emailing members of the public who are expecting to make a payment for property repairs. The fraudsters will purport to be a tradesman who has recently completed work at the property and use a similar email ... [ more ]
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Stephanie F
How do these scammers know that payment hasn't already been made to the trades person. Are some trades people involved with this scam.
Swan Close Scheme
I have no reports of this trader scam happening on Martlesham Heath. However it was one of the Police Connect messages that I thought was worth passing on. Bob B Swan Close NHW Coordinator