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Local Conversations in Woodbridge

Anne B
Does any one know who the peacocks that keep coming into our garden in Main Road Martlesham belong to? There are three of them and - beautiful as they are - one of the males in particular is being pest in the evenings. Please ring me on 01394 380102
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Karen C
I do love the countryside and our natural wild life Polly but I do not live in India or Sri Lanka which is where peacocks originate these are 'pets' which are causing a nuisance to people, I am just glad that we are far enough away for them not to bother ... [ more ]

DIY Handiman

Local Conversations in Brightwell

Andrew G
Local handiman competent at DIY required to take on a small counter repair job on Burger Van  would suit retired tradesman

Perils of the A12 roundabout.

Local Conversations in Waldringfield Heath

Peter W
Something really will have to be done about the difficulties of leaving Eagle Way at the Tesco roundabout. People do seem to be abiding by the new lane changes now, and we're all used to queuing for a gap in the traffic, but I hadn't reckoned on the ... [ more ]
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Debbie C
I am perfectly well aware how people drive in London Andrew, I lived there until I was in my mid twenties and drove a London Transport bus there for a few years! I am more than capable of driving there if I have to as I still have family there that I ... [ more ]
Andrew C
Good for you - nice to see a confident driver in Silvergran - I'll look out for you in my rear view mirror! ;) @DebbieC - I totally agree with you that Suffolk is a nicer, more polite and slower paced place to live. We totally agree there. It might be ... [ more ]

Local Electrician Required

Recommendations in Rushmere St Andrew

Mike B
I'm looking for a local electrician in the Grange Farm area to be able to give me a quote for an insurance claim due to some water damage.  Does anybody know of a good, reliable one? Thanks in advance
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Andrew G
Neil Francis has been working on our Recreation Hall and New Toilet and shower block at Dan's Meadow Caravan Rally Park at Martlesham and I would recommend him to you, he has also wired up our complicated Hot water System. Why not give him a call 07894 ... [ more ]

Velux roof window

Recommendations in Beacon Hill

MAY 04
to (ended)
Sue V
Can anyone recommend a company/person that could help me repair the Blind in a velux roof window. Thank you in anticipation.

Nightingales - any near you?

Local Conversations in Brightwell

Woof W
It has been great to hear the nightingales this week. One lot are on the Western Corridor, on the corner of the path that leads to the windsock on Eagle Way. Another pair are on the path that runs behind BT's huge satellite dishes. Last year they were by ... [ more ]
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Kate C
we get them on the land behind carol avenue but since the council has allowed building on it we won't get them for much longer

Drawer knobs spindles need shortening...

Recommendations in Little Bealings

Carol L
Hello. I have some ceramic drawer knobs I bought for my upcycled sideboard. Annoyingly, the spindles are too long and stick out too much once in place. The instructions say to cut away the unwanted part using a small hacksaw and smooth off with a metal ... [ more ]
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Strawberry Fayre & Table Top Sale

Clubs & Groups in Kingston

MAY 30
to ,
Waldringfield Village Hall , IP12 4QP
Ann A
'Strawberry Fayre & Table Top Sale' 2 pm. on Saturday May 30th at Waldringfield Village Hall , IP12 4QP In aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance & St Elizabeth Hospice.   Admission 25p Cream Tea with strawberries £3.00 There will be stalls : ... [ more ]

lost keys found

Lost & Found in Melton

Southwold Railway gets to Southwold

Local Conversations in Rushmere St Andrew

Laurence H
Sadly it is not the return of the old 3 foot gauge steam trains yet but a model railway exhibition in St Edmunds Hall, Cumberland Road, Southwold, IP18 6JP on this Saturday and Sunday 10.30 to 5 then 10.30 to 4 on Sunday the 3rd May. Tickets are £3 ... [ more ]
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Nat Bocking
A railway would also be another attraction to Southwold, so the increase in footfall another attraction would bring (and which is cited as a benefit) would likely cancel out entirely any benefit of it being used as a park and ride for the town. I very ... [ more ]
Laurence H
I used to share similar beliefs to you but realisticaly they fail as people like to use their cars.  Look at Malta where the buses were ridiculously cheap and year on year people switched to car ownership. Buses into Southwold is a good idea but from ... [ more ]

Control Tower car park

Local Conversations in Broom Hill

Janet G
Just taken my dogs for a walk to Portal Woods and past the Control Tower, my what a difference, a group of such dedicated people working so hard to expose the sandbags round the car park . It looks great and what dedication of these people! Well done! ... [ more ]
Charmian B
Wish I could have been there to give a hand but husband just been sent home from hospital so wasn't able to help !

Car Tyre Pressures

Recommendations in Great Bealings

Sue C
Where is the best garage Kesgrave/Martlesham areas - to check tyres ? I have lost confidence in some garages in the area for accurate readings. Thanks.
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I don't trust the gauges on the inflators and have a metal one too that reads different and I believe more reliably from the way the car handles

Mower / Strimmer repairs

Recommendations in Little Bealings

APR 25
Julie G
Can anyone recommend someone who is able to repair petrol mowers and strimmers. I have a Strimmer that refuses to start and a mower that starts but then stops pretty much straight away. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Give, Lend & Borrow in Playford

APR 24
to (ended)

Afternoon Tea at Seckford Hall

Classifieds in Beacon Hill

Seckford Hall Hotel
Come and enjoy one of our special Afternoon Teas in our colourful gardens in the amazing sunshine or newly refurbished beautiful Garden Room looking out on our beautiful gardens if the weather’s not so hot. Mention “STREETLIFE DAFFODILS" when making the ... [ more ]
Seckford Hall Hotel
To all our local friends and neighbours, We'd love to welcome you to enjoy our newly refurbished Seckford Hall.  How about a spot of lunch in our garden? Latest additions to our menu are: fresh asparagus, dried ham and Hollandaise or simply Heritage ... [ more ]

Mending a fence

Recommendations in Kesgrave

Barbara C
Does anyone know of anyone who would carry out a small job to repair a board at the bottom of a fence at the bottom of my garden, please? The board has come loose, at one end, and is full of screws and nails and is directly on a public footpath! I have ... [ more ]
Kesgrave cameras .
I would have no hesitation in recommending Sandy Lane Repairs from Bucklesham. Sam Cracknell from there build me a complete new fence around two sides of my back garden and did a great job at a very reasonable price. Sam will also take on a lot of ... [ more ]

Pudding Night

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

MAY 14
to ,
Bell Inn, Kesgrave
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
Pudding Night in aid of local family support charity Home-Start. A range of puddings to try for just £5pp Tickets are now available from or direct from the office on 01473 621104 or £5 per ... [ more ]
Kesgrave cameras .
A very worthwhile cause, and after the fun we had covering your Jail and Bail day in Woodbridge last month, I would love to attend to take some pictures for you (without charge - just a bit of pud perhaps?) to cover this one for you too!

Woodbridge Litter picking

Clubs & Groups in Martlesham

Charlie Z
Following on from a post on here previously, Transition Woodbridge are organising a day of litter picking to publicise Earth Day on 22nd April. We will be meeting at: 9.15am outside Kyson School main entrance, 2.30pm outside ... [ more ]
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Carol and David
Hi, Keith, so glad you enjoyed helping with the litter picking. I thought Houchells Meadow, nearby open space and the surrounding pathways looked really good after our effort. Didn't see you to thank you when we'd done, but thank you and everyone else ... [ more ]

Matthew Percy

Local Conversations in Great Bealings

APR 22
How very very sad to hear of the passing of such a young man. I didn't know Matthew personally but he was a regular friendly and helpful contributor to Streetlife and a valued member of the Kesgrave Town Council. I pray his family and friends receive ... [ more ]
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Stephanie F
Matthew was a kind and caring young man and a bright light has now been extinguished. He was about to serve on Kesgrave Town Council for the first time. And he had been re-elected as a Martlesham Parish Councillor as well.such a tragic waste of a ... [ more ]

Beware: Bogus Cloned National Savings & Investments website

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
Message from Action Fraud: Fraudsters have set up a bogus website claiming to be the official site of National Savings & Investments (NS&I) and are contacting members of the public, cold calling them and offering them the chance to invest in 65+ ... [ more ]

Koi carp

Local Conversations in Maidensgrave

APR 18
to (ended)
Lynn J
We have an abundance of Koi Carp in our pond all around 8-10 inches some longer. If anyone is interested in them please make contact. We would like a donation towards some further pond work. Many thanks Lynn J
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It can be very loud

Local Conversations in Rushmere St Andrew

Laurence H
If you visit Landguard Fort this weekend be aware that the 95 th Rifles, a Napoleonic reanactment group are visiting the Fort and from time to time they will fire their guns which can scare the dogs and young children.  Otherwise they are great fun and ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
Thanks Patricia we had 264 visitors yesterday and I reckon they all enjoyed the displays except one little black and white dog which had to be taken away with the shakes.  In fairness I had warned her when she arrived but as their other dog was a gun dog ... [ more ]
Laurence H
Sorry Marie but this is the first look at my e-mails since Saturday morning.  The Rifles will be back first weekend in October so come along then.  From what I saw yesterday they stop for lunch so 12.30 to 2.30 would be a safe time to avoid the noise but ... [ more ]

Rubbish around Bloor Mill Heath site

Local Conversations in Brightwell

Woof W
I know we had high winds the other day, but the empty building materials bags and other associated debris outside of the building site fence on the footpath and heath make a sorry sight. Hopefully Bloor or Howard Builders will send someone out to clear ... [ more ]
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Janet G
It looks like Bloor have cleaned up most of the builders rubbish! I walked there this am and was sad to see so much dogs mess left beside the Heath path! It doesn't take long to just pick it up and bin it PLEASE keep our heathland as pleasant as possible ... [ more ]
Woof W
I managed to get there for a walk today, and as you say Janet, it looks like they have had a tidy up.  Isn't it strange that a friendly word from a few to the Bloor show home produced no response, but a bit of public naming and shaming on here seems to ... [ more ]

Beach Hut Repairs

Recommendations in Playford

Paul C
I have a beach hut in Felixstowe and need a door replaced and some roofing work don - any recommendations please
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Andrew G
Hi Paul Just had a Beach Hut Built in Felixstowe, He did a good job, give Matthew Maddison of Felixstowe Fencing a call 07949 408268, hope it helps

creaky floors

Recommendations in Rushmere Street

Eric F
Can anybody recommend a creaky floor fixer? It's a curse of new-build and is owing to cheapskate building companies using nails instead of screws on the planking.
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Ian T
There are lots of reasons for creaky floorboatds. Some are very easy to rectify others less so! If you decide to go down the drill and screw route then take the board up first to check for cables and pipes.If you don't fancy that then as and when you ... [ more ]
Eric F
Re the creaky floor: Thank you everybody for your helpful comments. I'm thinking of going with the butter solution. But salted or unsalted, or simply the BEST? Seriously, I think I've found the right person for the job - I shall let you know how things ... [ more ]