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Martlesham Heath covenant deed

Tom W in Martlesham Heath
Hi,  I wanted to knock down an ugly brick wall on my front boundary and replace it with a little white fence. On the covenant deed we have in martlesham heath it states we need to seek permission before altering any fences, walls of hedges on the ... [ more ]
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Beverley J
Yes Tom, it is a covenant that is frequently overlooked and will result in additional paperwork and expense when the property exchanges hands in the future. Unfortunately, some purchasers of property on Martlesham Heath are not advised correctly about ... [ more ]

Hire Car

ks in Martlesham Heath
Hello All, We have family visiting us in May and I am planning to take them to scotland. A we will be total 6 I will be hiring a car (ford galaxy or Zafira) for a week, I have some questions 1. How does breakdown cover work with hire car companies? Do ... [ more ]

Removal of 30mph road markings

Charlotte I in Woodbridge
Can anyone shed any light on why the 30 mph road markings have been removed on the old felixstowe in Martlesham the one behind Tesco's where the Rspca is?
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Old Plod
I remember hearing that if we spent twice as much money building our roads, they'd last four times as long. I'm also given to understand that, when we see grass verges between road and pavement, they usually cover ducting which carries our services ... [ more ]
Christine S
Brigid R I don't think it the case that the road are not built to the same standard. It's done to discourage heavy's from using certain roads bearing in mind that roads were built years ago were not built like they are today. Horse and cart spring to ... [ more ]

Dog Sitter

Kathy A in Hasketon
Can anyone recommend someone who could dog/house sit for a week in June this year.
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Photographer - Family photoshoot

ks in Martlesham Heath
We are planning a family photo shoot on the first birthday of our daughter, any recommendations, i went to mothercare pixiphoto but they have very expensive packages. thanks ks
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Janet B
Had some 60th birthday photos taken by Cherrywood Studio UK nr. Ipswich. Very impressed with their professional work, made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable, excellent photos. They do photos of babies and toddlers as well. Examples of their work on ... [ more ]

Reminder - Jumble Sale & Home-made Cakes

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St Michael's Church Hall - Martlesham Heath

Anybody interested in audio recording ourselves very small group singing in HARMONY

John-and A in Martlesham
Anybody interested in AUDIO RECORDING ourselves as very small group (3-4) singing in HARMONY - John 01 394 383054
John-and A
Thanks - let me know what kind of songs you would choose for this. I am 69 years old and remember the Everly Brothers (Devoted To You etc), Beatles (If I Fell etc) and Simon and Garfunkel. I have recordings of the parts of duets. trios, quartets that ... [ more ]

What does streetlife think?

Ernest G in Broke Hall
The Public have got their way at last. Ropes Drive Roundabout Traffic Lights have been switched off. The result for many, it's a distinct improvement, and well worth while. But for some others, morning rush hour traffic flow is no better. This is ... [ more ]
Old Plod
Like the idea of a roundabout for Main Road/Bell Lane. The more traffic is kept moving - even if only slowly- the less pollution from idling stationary engines. I don't feel competent to comment on the other proposals as I don't live in Kesgrave.
Laurence H
The council are looking for ideas for the land being sold next to Tesco Metro.  Seems it would make a few good allotments.

Giving away an old electrically assisted pushbike small wheels mains charger

John-and A in Martlesham
Anyone near Woodbridge please contact me because I am GIVING AWAY an old electrically assisted pushbike "Powabyke" John 01 394 383054


Ann B in Martlesham Heath
Does anyone know of a gardener to help with my small garden also a  handyman for odd jobs Please.
Helen B
Hi Ann if you need someone to sort out trees, bushes, any fencing , grass cutting or maintenance jobs the you could try David Mayhew on 01473 811755/07900934494. He's handy around the garden but probably not for indoors! Honest and reliable and will do a ... [ more ]

Wanted - A2 Blackboard

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
Hi, I am looking for an old but serviceable Black Board about A2 Size (12" x 16") - nothing fancy - it is for notices within our Bowls Club. On that note thank you to the great response at our Green Opening last Saturday. We had about a dozen leads for ... [ more ]

VHS video player required

Terry G in Melton
Turning out a cupboard in a spring-cleaning frenzy I came across some old VHS videos. Would be nice to run those through again, but, alas,  nothing to view them on. Does anyone have an unwanted VHS video player in working order before I venture onto ... [ more ]

Upholstery and carpet cleaning

Keith F in Maidensgrave
Can anyone recommend a good local business to clean upholstery and carpets please. We have already had a quote from Essential Carpet Care, so any others to consider? many thanks.
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Debbie W
If your carpets have stain guard on them when you buy them I dont know if cleaning them removes this? With the carpet cleaners you hire and do yourself a soapy residue is left on the carpets which I have heard makes dirt adhere more? However, most ... [ more ]

Missing cat

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Be Warned !

Gary P in Rushmere St Andrew
The 'door knockers' from Nottingham or wherever turned up on Grange Farm today. Claiming to be part of a government scheme they are offering for sale household items at wildly exorbitant prices.
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Gary P
M&M R you have been suckered. There were a number of postings on this subject a few months ago when they scammed Martlesham Heath.  Your are SUPPOSED to feel sorry for them but they are frauds.
Richard G
Most of the stuff they sell they source for minimal outlay , like 10p for diahcloths they then sell for £4-5 ! Door to Door selling is so outdated i am surprised they still do it. A Pedlars certificate is required to sell door to door issued by the ... [ more ]

Quiz 'n' Chips - Fundraiser for Three Bears Playgroup, Kesgrave

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Fiona F in Warren Heath
Quiz ‘n’ Chips. Friday 20th May, 7pm - 10:30pm (7-8pm for food). Dinner, 7pm - 8pm . Quiz + Raffle, 8pm – 10:30pm. Bar ‘til midnight. Teams of 4 – Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last plaice! £12 per person (including dinner) Choice of fish ... [ more ]

Jumble Sale & Homemade Cake Sale

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St Michael's Church Hall - Martleshan Heath

Tai Chi, New Class

Melton Burness Parish Rooms. The Street. Melton. IP12 1PW
Suffolk Tai Chi Academy in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy
A New Beginners Class will for every Tuesday morning. Starts 17th May 10 am. This class is part of the Suffolk Tai Chi Academy that teaches the Master Moy style.  Further information can be found on our website or phone Lyn ... [ more ]
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local tiler recommendation

ks in Martlesham Heath
Hello I have got some tiling work to get done, any recommendations for local tilers ?
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Graham this is for kitchen wall tiling, for a tiled splash back around the work top

Handyman wanted

Sue V in Beacon Hill
I am looking for a handyman who can do some "jobs" around the house for me. Can anyone recommend one for me.
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Marti L
Thanks. Ken B must be good as several others have suggested him to me. But thank you for adding to recommendations as it really inspires confidence.

Adjustable Perching Stool

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Lack of zebra crossings

Eric F in Rushmere Street
Ever tried walking from one cluster of stores to another, or over to Tescos, at Martlesham Heath, at a busy time? As a nation of car-worshippers, we have made no provision for pedestrians. Come on! Just one or two zebra crossings in strategic places ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Hi to you all, Just to add SCC welcome any comments/complaints to help improve services. More information and contact details are available on our website. Rita K - as Mel mentioned if a dropped kerb near to a roundabout has the coloured raised area, ... [ more ]

St George's Day activities at Landguard Fort

Viewpoint Road, Felixstowe IP11 3TW
Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
There will be drawing and colouring activities for the younger visitors in the Schoolroom at the Fort on Saturday.  Normal admission prices apply and a donation for materials used would be welcome

Adjustable Table

Local Hotpoint repair Dishwasher and Oven

ks in Martlesham Heath
Any recommendation for a local electrician to get my dishwasher and oven repaired? thanks
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Shaun N
Anderson appliance repairs.  Used him for years, very reliable and won't rip you off if something doesn't need doing!