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where to go for lunch?

Julia D in Broom Hill
Can anyone recommend a pub for a midweek lunch, please? Just simple good value food would be ideal. Thanks
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Anne D
Our favourite is The Table in Quay Street.  Lovely atmosphere, outside tables in this lovely weather, and excellent food at reasonable prices.
Peter W
I take it all back - miraculously prompt service at a crowded Wilford Bridge on Bank Holiday Monday. Nice food, too. Endorsing the previous comments, don't go to the 'Greyhound' expecting 'cheap and cheerful'. That's not what they do

Bowls green .

tigerlily in Bucklesham
Is there anyone that has the know how on cutting a bowls green please. Our green keeper is going on holiday for two weeks and we desperately need to find cover for him.

Ladies Golf Course

Kathy A in Hasketon
Have you thought of trying golf? Fynn Valley Golf Course are running a fantastic course and I would like to attend but they are a bit short of numbers – if you are interested please contact Alastair, details below. He will postpone for a couple of ... [ more ]

luxury vinyl flooring

Sandy in Martlesham
I'm confused with flooring options. Has anyone got Karndean or Amtico? Is it ok or does it mark/scratch easily? We're considering Karndean Opus and Amtico Spacia. If anyone has used independent local shops to prep floors and fit it would be good to ... [ more ]
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Kate H
We have Karndean in bathroom laid 9 years ago and we had it put in the kitchen 3+ years ago. Its been excellent. Both were laid by the people updating the rooms.

Looking for reliable electrician to fit porch light

Chris R in Woodbridge
Our outside front porch light got damaged by builders and doesn't work. We need a new one wired in, possibly on a timer switch. Also suggestions for exactly which kind of light fitting works best. Can anybody recommend a local reliable electrician? ... [ more ]
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Another vote for Mike Martin, he trades as 'Leading Light Electrical Services'. Excellent job, a perfectionist.

A New Beginners Tai Chi class in Kesgrave.

Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
A new Beginners Class starts in Kesgrave on the Monday 12th September 2016 10am at Scout Hall Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave, Ipswich IP5 1JF Your instructor will be John Robertson The Suffolk Tai Chi Academy formed three years ago in Ufford, near ... [ more ]
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Lost parcel!

Bronwyn L in Martlesham Heath
Did anyone find a parcel it was wrapped in light blue paper.i dropped it in Deben Valley Drive or Ropes Drive today as I put it on the top of my car was wasn't a great idea I came back but 10 mins later but someone must have picked it up.
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kids love big boxes!

Keith F in Maidensgrave
If your kids are bored they might like this.  Following a delivery I have a sturdy cardboard box taking up space in my garage.  It measures 73cm by 54cm by 46cm. If anyone has a use for it it's yours for the taking! Bury Hill area, Woodbridge.

Abandoned child's bike

Marjorie D in Rushmere St Andrew
There has been a child's bike padlocked to the lamp-post adjacent to Battles Lane bus-stop, Grange Farm Kesgrave since approx 5th August if you are missing a bike perhaps it is yours. There was an adults bike as well but that was removed about a week ago

Painting Furniture

Louise B
Lisa Earthroll does lots of this work. Can't recall the name of the business but she does a great job; 07931794587

Bank Holiday

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Selling stuff on EBAY

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
I have sold quite a lot of stuff on EBAY but the last item I sold I thought I would take advantage of the cheaper rate of delivering through ARGOS.  Silly me, it uses more petrol to get to Warren Heath than to go to Penzance Road.  Then when I got ... [ more ]

Man with a van

Gwen R. in Brightwell
Can anyone recommend anyone, need a small sofa taking to the dump. Have been in touch with BHF, just postponed and we're desperate for the space.
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Gwen R.
Thanks everyone. British Heart should be here tomorrow so will give them a last chance, if not I'll be in touch with your suggestions. Particular thanks Herbert P 😊

New Learn to nordic walk classes

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Robert W
Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group are running a first lesson on Tuesday evening 23/8/16 for those that missed the start of this session. Contact Lesley  07967653217

Painting Furniture

Sky fibre broadband

bunnykins in Great Bealings
I am thinking of cancelling my BT broadband and going over to Sky. Does anyone in the Kesgrave area use Sky fibre broadband? I just want to check it is as good as they say it is ?! Thanks.
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Iain W
I would have thought that performance poor enough to warrant escallation within BT and Ofcom.  If rain stops service there is most likely water in a joint and BT should fix it (assuming it is within their wiring rather than within your house).
Jeff W
I report it, they fix it. Openreach will not replace a certain cable across the A12 because it is too expensive and not cost effective. They lay underground cables less than a metre from the surface which allows the farmer to cutsthrough them. ... [ more ]

Water Pump - For Use From Water Butt and Outside Tap

SMC in Boot Street
Am thinking of buying a water pump to use from an outside tap or from the water butt. Do any streetlifers have experience/recommendations of these/any particular brand/costs. Would I need any extras fittings as well as a pump? Look forward to replies. ... [ more ]
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Thanks to all for the recommendations. Definitely a pump for the water butt only, especially after Tom W's advice. Have a smallish garden on two levels.The higher level accessed by a metal staircase. A water pump from the butt will solve the problem, ... [ more ]
Richard G
You cannot draw water off the main any faster than its delivery pressure anyway. We replaced our water main recently with a larger bore pipe from the meter , it is about twice the diameter of the old lead pipe , the pressure did not in rease much tbh ... [ more ]

Solar pv panel installation

Tony E in Kesgrave
We have not been in our house very long so we have missed the chance of the high feed in tarif but still would like to do our bit by installing panels. Given that there is a good population of panel arrays on the Heath does anyone have any advice? Are ... [ more ]
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Brian B
So, how much interest is the bank paying you? 0.5? Even now with the lower FIT (which goes up over time, well ours has), You will still get a much higher rate of interest along with the free elec. (We can run the washing machine and dishwasher at the ... [ more ]
Richard G
You need to take into account the loss of the initial cost of the installation , that is the most influential part of the calculations. With an interest bearing investment account you will still have your initial £5-6000. Look at what the standard ... [ more ]

Telephone Extensions

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Richard G
I have just bought three cordless phones for my parents for £39.99 includes an answer ohone in the base station too. Having extra extension sockets is a thing of the past for voice calls.

dumped bicycle

Keith F in Maidensgrave
A bicycle has been dumped in the Bury Hill area.  If anyone has recently lost one or had one stolen, pm me with a description and if it matches you can collect it from me.  If no-one claims it by the end of the month it will be disposed of.
Teresa B
I reported to the police when I found one and then if not claimed by owner you can claim it or give it to local charity, My daughters got stolen I got that back but in the mean time found another and called the police
Shirley G
We had a bike dumped outside our house about a year ago and I phoned the police so they came and collected after a couple of days. I think they go into a sale if not claimed for a good cause.

WANTED - Greenhouse builder

Pam T in Boot Street
Hi I am having 3 secondhand greenhouses delivered and need help putting them up. Anyone interested in a few hours work please and how much? Pam

Escaped cockatiel

Pam T in Boot Street
Hi all One of my newly fledged cockatiels has escaped. I keep hearing it calling and parents responding, but so far it hasn't come back to the aviary. It is grey and yellow. If spotted please call me on 07880 713540. Thanks Pam

Curtains Turned Up Please

Jay in Playford
Hi, does anyone know if there is anyone local to the Kesgrave/Martlesham Area who can turn up a pair of lounge curtains. Probably about three/four inches too long. Would like a good job well done but not too expensive.Thanks in advance.
Teresa T
I don't know of anyone in the Kesgrave/Martlesham Area, however you could try based in St Helens Street Ipswich.

Looking for local digital camera repair

Chris R in Woodbridge
Does anybody know anyone local to the Woodbridge/ Ipswich area who repairs digital cameras? I have a Lumix (non-DSLR) camera that seems to have a water smudge or similar inside the lens or camera body. I'm reluctant to send it away for repair.
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Richard B
Hi Chris. I had a problem with my compact digital camera, the shutter got bent and wouldn't open. We were on holiday and I took it into Jessups in Exeter, they quoted £80.00 to inspect it and a minimum £70.00 to repair. When I got home I took it to ... [ more ]

Chiropractor or osteopath

Lynne D in Little Bealings
My chiropractor is away and I don't want to see someone else without a recommendation... Can anyone help me with one? Thanks!
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Karin H
I have had excellent treatment for a frozen shoulder from a new cruise chiropractor in Wickham Market. Richard Antony is young and practiced in the latest techniques and it worked well for me. He helped by concentrating on releasing tight muscles as ... [ more ]
Charmian B
I would totally recommend osteopath Jacki Wright working from Grundisburgh Road in Woodbridge - she is superb and has kept my back ticking over for several years with maintenance and emergency appointments but it always works !!!