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Welder wanted

Lux Farm

Gillian G in Martlesham
Does anyone have any idea why Lux Farm farm shop and cafe closed permanently. It seemed so well supported and the quality of their deli counter and the meat counter was superb.

Shower service

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Andy S
Hello, I am looking for someone who would be willing to change my shower head. I have a mixer shower and combi boiler, I have purchased the new shower head and support for it. Hopefully it won't be too expensive
Alan H
Hello Andy S as I previously suggested to Patrick R my son is an expert in this field so give him a ring on 01394211169 and his name is Wayne.


tigerlily in Bucklesham
Went to Aldi this morning and boy it was like a freezer, why do they keep this store so cold? I could swear I had a mild case of hyperthermia when I left, even turned my car heater on..
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Alf B
Sorry tigerlily I'm blushing here at my desk I will have a go at Aldi tomorrow :- Haven't been there for months

Free dishwasher

DMonkey Computers in Kingston
White Beko Works fine but does have a couple of issues... Bottom kick plate falls off - just needs taping on. When the salt gets low it leaves a residue so I've been running it without salt and works ok. Apart from that it's in good condition. Collection ... [ more ]

Good builder wanted

Tony E in Kesgrave
We are trying to find a builder to take out a structural wall between kitchen and dinning room and fit a new kitchen. We have drawings and have applied for building control but alas still need a builder. Has anyone had this type of work done well? Any ... [ more ]
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Sustainable Energy: Information & Discussion. Mon 7th 5.30pm

Charlie Z in Martlesham
We, Transition Woodbridge, are co-hosting an event on Monday 7th Sept, 5.30-7pm at East Green Energy,  26 Quayside, Woodbridge, IP12 1BH. We want to find out more about how renewable energy can benefit us. Please come and share experiences you may have ... [ more ]

Millenium football field

tigerlily in Bucklesham
While taking my dogs for a walk this morning I stopped to watch the youngsters playing football just love to watch them brings a smile to my face when they score a goal, they put everything into these matches, more than I can say for the people ... [ more ]
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David B
So long as Suffolk Coastal and not the Town Council is responsible for these matters there can be little improvement. If only the Town Council would put pressure on the district council to give us a better service! Go to Woodbridge and Felixstowe and see ... [ more ]
Laurence H
The grass will be long on Millenium Field because it is warm and sunny and we have had a lot of rain.  Without the rain the grass would not need cutting and the council is not like you and I who can go out and cut our grass when it needs it they have ... [ more ]

Anyone got any astro turf they do not need?

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
At Landguard Fort we bought a Lewis Gun and we have it in a nice display case but we think it would look better if there was some artificial grass underneath it. I will come and collect if you can oblige
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Brian C
Glad to help, the gun looks great in its case with the grass when I visited yesterday. Keep up the good work there Laurence.


Michael B in Boot Street
I have some dark green painted alloy garden furniture available for free: 5 chairs with arms, a bench seat and a 4ft round table. The paint is peeling here and there but the main problem is that the metal is brittle; I loaned the chairs to someone who ... [ more ]

Free - Teenager's Study Bunk Bed (Model B with two wardrobe doors)

Bob B in Kesgrave
Originally purchased from Moriati's Workshop, Kent for a teenage daughter's 6'4" x 12' bedroom, this study bunk bed (like picture but with two wardrobe doors and wider clothes rail) accommodates a 6'2" x 2'6" mattress (not supplied). It is plastic ... [ more ]
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Andy S
I think my daughter may be interested if the bed is still available, they should be home from holiday by Monday


Emma R in Martlesham
Thank you for the offers of help. The place to re home the peacocks is the other side of Sudbury (not Woodbridge as I previously thought). I had a detailed conversation with the owners who breed peacocks who are experienced in catching them. It is ... [ more ]

Up Pompeii - Stage Door Theatre Company

Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre
Allan R in Playford
Following the success of last years Fawlty Towers, Stage Door Theatre Co are bringing this iconic comedy to life on stage in Kesgrave. Up Pompeii is a hilarious romp based on the TV show of the seventies, written by Miles Tredinnick. The action centres ... [ more ]
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Allan R
I've seen the rehearsals so far, and the show promises to be a great night out! 
John H
A great show. I played the Roman Captain who arrived to claim his bride, in a production in Surrey, a few years ago. I would like to see this production.

Comedy Tonite

Martin K in Melton
The Deben Rotary club are putting on a show at the Seckford Theatre on Saturday 17th October. Entitled Comedy Tonite, it features Gordon Peters, an actor whose CV includes Dad's Army and One Foot in the Grave. Gordon starred in our successful Flanders ... [ more ]

Skydive For Suffolk in aid of the Blue Cross and pets in need

Laurence H in Rushmere St Andrew
Takes place at Beccles Airfield on the 19th September, this will help raise the money to complete the brand new re-homing centre where we can double the number of pets we care for. To find out more please visit or ... [ more ]

Washing machine repair

Mike P in Rushmere St Andrew
Anyone know a good washing machine repair man? We have a Bosch logixx8 that has a mind of its own!

Shepherd & Dog

Anne C in Maidensgrave
Went to She[ & Dog other night  Absolutely chaotic.  Skeleton staff, long queues etc and food nowhere as good as it used to be.  A gentleman in the queue told me it was closing next weekend and would be taken over by Toby's.  Anybody clarify/verify ... [ more ]
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Tony G
Keith,Maidensgrave,or,more commonly Maidensgrove is the area of Woodbridge occupied by the John Grose Ford dealership.

Woodbridge Country Market

Woodbridge Country Market in Bromeswell
Please look at the Woodbridge Country Market organisation page to find information about this small but very valuable local market every Thursday morning, selling lovely homemade food, veg, craft, and other items.  Better still, also come along and visit ... [ more ]


No, but what I can suggest is a new course on FutureLearn starting on 15 September. I have done several FutureLearn courses and they are excellent being run by various Universities including the OU, renown for distance learning. There are usually ... [ more ]
Martin W
Hi sandie b, I've been teaching the 8 week mindfulness course locally 3 times per year since 2004; currently run from Framfield house medical centre, Woodbridge. The next course starts Sept 29, 5.30-7.30. Still taking bookings ..See ... [ more ]


Shelagh K in Woodbridge
Anyone know of a campervan for sale? Just need something roadworthy and reliable, a good runner able to get us up to the Highlands and down to Cornwall to visit family
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Babysitting for pets

Bronwyn L in Martlesham Heath
Morning a friend of mine wants to go on holiday but he needs to put his Aunt into a home for a week, but he also needs someone to look after the cat and parrot just popping in and feeding and giving them water does anyone know who or where he could get ... [ more ]
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Helen T
You could also try The Cinnamon Trust - a charity organisation set up for helping with pets for similar reasons. See their web site. They might have a volunteer in the Melton area

Looking to start a new drama group

Cathy M in Martlesham Heath
If you love to act come and join my new drama group in Martlesham Heath. I hope to start soon depending on how many budding actors and actresses there are out there. Just bring your enthusiasm and a passion for theater, that’s all. Please email me ... [ more ]

Hotel on land at BT Roundabout - Outline Planning Permission

Stephen D in Martlesham
At a planning appeal hearing in July outline planning consent was  allowed (subject to certain conditions) for a hotel of up to 80 bedrooms, of 2862 sqm, with 67 car parking spaces on the land next to the BT roundabout (where the secondhand car lot used ... [ more ]
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Keith P
We need to remember that we create the traffic that earlier objectors feared. I appreciate that it won't please many but development means jobs and employment and for those that need work, albeit low paid work if it is hotel trade it isn't in a ... [ more ]
Stephen D
Sorry about the link folks. Go to the link below and enter Barrack Square in the search box.

Lost Licence

Charlie S in Martlesham
Moved to Woodbridge from London a short while ago and paid a visit to the doctors yesterday morning. Came out of doctors and drove home. A short while later me and the wife saw a police car pull up across the the road. "Who's in trouble?" we thought. To ... [ more ]
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Patricia K
We moved into the area in October returning from France and like the other newcomers we have found Suffolk people to be very helpful and friendly we have some wonderful neighbours who have made us feel welcome
Penny H
Similarly, I dropped my purse at the Tesco petrol station last year. It was handed in at the police station the following day. I was amazed. Certainly a good place to live, for this and many other reasons.

Need lawn bowls

Karen C in Waldringfield Heath
Hi I am looking for 4 size 0 Medium weight lawn bowls. Only just started playing so I don't want to spend a fortune I am willing to pay a fair amount though if they are in fair condition. Thanks hope someone out there has some they no longer use or know ... [ more ]