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Where is the Gurney clock now? And why is it not on public display?

Gareth L
in New Catton
Where is the Gurney clock now? And why is it not on public display? The Gurney clock was removed from the Castle Mall about 14 months ago and since then nothing has been seen or heard about. It is almost like the City Council want this issue to ... [ more ]
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Gareth L re no reply to your letter from the council- that's why I suggested on masse emails, strength in numbers and all that.
Rita P
When I tried to follow the link I could not get it and had to turn my lap top off and restart it to get anywhere. Good luck with whatever you do about this, it is a wonderful thing, enjoyed by Children and Adults alike.

The Bull Hellesdon!!!

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Nik, Whiffler is only a 20 minute walk away, I do it regularly from about the same distance. Don't need to use the car for that.
Janette W
Like NikGrey we are also on Links Avenue and would like to see a vibrant Bull pub within easy walking distance. The Bull is in a superb position - right in the middle of Hellesdon. Over the years we have lost The Firs (Tesco), The Man in the Moon ... [ more ]

help required

Davina B in Norwich City Centre
Hi I bought two Gerbils after Christmas for my two grandchildren. ¬†I have had gerbils before and lived to a ripe old age. ¬†I am very concerned as one of the Gerbils is very viscious and I can not go need the cage without it flying up and hanging on ... [ more ]
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Rita P
If the Pet Shop agrees, I think you would find Hamsters easier. The only problem there is they fight each other. We had to keep the male and female in separate cages and try them together every night. If they fought, it was back in their cages and if ... [ more ]

Drum For Love

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The White House, Foulgers Opening, (off Ber Street), Norwich NR1 3AH
Chlo√ę Swinton
in Golden Triangle
Drumming is therapeutic and powerful; accessing your whole body and mind; bringing healing, relaxation and positivity. During this focused drumming evening, we will set intentions and drum for ourselves and others, and also experience a drum ... [ more ]

Bubble wrap

in Golden Triangle
I have a large bag of Bubble wrap if anyone would like to have it. It contains an assortment of different sized pieces. Free to collect.

Gluten Free and Vegan Indian Restaurant

Pauline Stickler in Norwich City Centre
I feel I must recommend the Namaste Village Indian Restaurant, Queens Road Norwich. ¬†Menu has ¬†vast Vegan and Gluten Free options all clearly labelled. ¬†No meat or fish is served. ¬†The food is very different and delicious. It is lovely. There is ... [ more ]
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Marmite Hater
Sorry but must disagree. Took my wife and daughter (vegan of 20+ years) a few months back and non of us would go back again. Mini poppadums were great. One starter came out 20 mins before others. Other 2 starters were good. Main courses were what let ... [ more ]
Bruce & Linda B
We have used the small Opie st resaurant and put recommendations on Streetlife in the past. The food has always been excellent there but the service and dealing with queries can be a bit amateur I must me it just adds to the experience as ... [ more ]

Seeking Small Bags

Mary D
in Golden Triangle
I need a bunch of small, nice, bags for a stage project I'm showing on Jan. 20. The piece is called "BRA-VO!" and the hint is in the title, it's about bras. The bags don't have to reference a lingerie shop,¬†they can just be pretty.¬†I'm NOT looking for ... [ more ]
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Shena H
Yes, I'm in the midst of a massive de-clutter and will gladly save them for you for awhile. You can message me privately if you need my home details and good luck with your project.
Mary D
Hi Shena, We finally got the bags sorted out at rehearsal yesterday, so I won't take you up on your offer. Thank you for the offer!! Cheers, Mary

Good local repair shop

Jane M
in Norwich City Centre
Just wanted to sing the praises of Link Repair Shop in Hellesdon. I have a 12 year old Sebo vacuum cleaner that I thought was beyond saving. As a last ditch attempt to avoid the expense of a replacement I took it to Link. It cost me ¬£25 and my Sebo is ... [ more ]
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Links Repair Shop.
Hi All, I'm afraid I dont fix things outside of my workshop - if you can bring it in I can probably help but things like dishwashers and washing machines probably have problems concerning electronics which is something I know nothing about. I mainly ... [ more ]

Baby swimming class

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Karyn M
I have used Waterbabies and Splash and Giggle they are both good. In hindsight what I think I might have done instead is classes at Bannatynes on a Weds morning, where you pay as you go rather than by terms. I haven't been but have heard good things ... [ more ]
Sian V
At a reunion yesterday (of parents having attended our antenatal classes) they were talking about baby swimming lessons in Swardeston at a private pool behind Bobbins farm shop. ¬†Really great classes and more affordable than some of the bigger brands ... [ more ]

Anon Street Team (AST) Norwich - wish list

Rosemary M
in Hellesdon
As most of you who know me, I am one of the volunteers with the Anon Street Team, several of you support us either by helping out on Sunday evenings at the jewellery stall (Haymarket) or by collecting and donating goods You will all know how cold it ... [ more ]
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Rosemary M
It was lovely to meet Jackie¬†G¬† tonight and thank you for coming out with our team, I will pm you my details for facebook then you can join our group or one of the others, it will be lovely to have you with us and thank you also to Eileen for the hat ... [ more ]
Jackie G
Thank you for welcoming us to your group Rosemary - my granddaughter and I look forward to attending the next time. You are doing a great job there - well done Rosemary x

Blood donor session

Assembly House Norwich
in Golden Triangle
I was at The Assembly House (next door but 1 to Theatre Royal in Norwich) earlier today and spotted a flyer advertising a blood donor session tomorrow, Monday 16th January. Apologies but I didn't have my phone on me to photograph it for details. ... [ more ]

Recommend my Plasterer!

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Tracey L
Thanks for sharing this with us Andree. It's always good to know about tradesmen who are good at their job and don't rip you off. So many cowboys out there

Craft supplies

Stephanie I
in Catton Grove
Hi, I will be tidying my hobbies room next week and will therefore have some craft items and fabric that will be needing a new home. Will be available at end of next week if anyone can use them.
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Stephanie I
Hello me again. I have sorted things out and given first person who said they were interested the option of having the things I no longer need. Thanks everyone else for your interest. Stephanie

Anon Street Team (AST - Norwich) seeking a lady to say thank you to

Rosemary M
in Hellesdon
I have received a message from one of the Team Leaders out last Sunday (Carol) who would like to pass this on please Last Sunday I had a very shy lady turn up with some donations, she stayed to see what we did whilst waiting for her bus. I spoke to ... [ more ]

Norwich Seed and Plant Swap 2017

to ,
Harford Manor School, Ipswich Road
Colin H
in Catton Grove
Attention all you green-fingered Streetlifers! The date for the third Norwich Seed and Plant Swap has been finalised for Sunday February 26th at Harford Manor School on the Ipswich Road. Come along with any surplus seeds or potted plants you might ... [ more ]
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Colin H
HI Bee, thanks for your help. As Fran says Grapes Hill will be there. I have contacted the Norfolk Organic Group but have heard nothing back. It would be great if you could remind them. They did have a stall last year.


Christine R
in Norwich City Centre
Does anyone have any single duvets/curtains bedding they no longer require I work across two supported housing schemes in Hellesdon and we could use them when people move into our schemes with nothing.
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Moira T
I have at least one set of single bed linen which you are welcome to have. Also may have some curtains. Please PM me. Moira

Grapes Hill Community Garden January Newsletter

News of our latest National Lottery Funding

Grapes Hill Community Garden Group
in Norwich City Centre
We are pleased to announce that the Grapes Hill Community Garden Group has been awarded National Lottery funding to expand our work. We will be carrying out community consultations, putting on more events and workshops, improving our signage and ... [ more ]

Bosch washing machine

Lonicera in Norwich City Centre
My nearly new Bosch washing machine did not spin after washing cycle finished and the separate spin cycle only drained the machine. Next day the machine worked ok. In the meantime I heard from another person hers does not spin occasionally but it is a ... [ more ]
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Letizia M
I've also had exactly the same as Moira and Missy with a one and half year old Bosch washing machine, I thought it happens when overloaded and just did 2 separate spin, but it sounds like something worth investigating.
Engineer‚Äôs report. Nothing wrong with the machine. We have to learn how to balance our washing as all the new machines have ‚Äúout of balance protection‚ÄĚ. He advised to put an other article in the spin eg towel. Found an article which might be ... [ more ]

Trade School Norwich - January Classes

Colin H
in Catton Grove
Trade School Norwich is a learning project that runs on barter. Anyone can teach something they are skilled at, or passionate about. Pay for class with a barter item (like food, supplies, or advice) that your teacher requests. This month Trade ... [ more ]
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Colin H
Hi Rebecca¬†B, if you mean cash then there is no payment. Trade School operates on a barter system. If you look at the website you'll see that the teacher has asked for various barter items in exchange for the class. When you book you are asked which ... [ more ]
Gareth L
There have now been 3 garden/allotment related Trade School Norwich Sessions added to the current list. Saturday 25th of March 10am until midday. How to Make and safely use Organic and Natural Liquids for Allotment, Garden, Greenhouse and Lawn. 1) A ... [ more ]

hats, ties suits, waist jackets, trees

in Lakenham
hi all me again, im looking for hats (not beanie hats) flat caps, top hat bowler, sun hats (you know what i mean), suits mens and womens, ties, waist jackets, long dressers, jewellery can be broken, ¬†and watching can be broken, any thing i can alter.. ... [ more ]
Cheryl S
Hi I have about 3 bags of all sorts of things,was going to take it to my daughter's club tiday (nansa ) so if you would like it, you came and got a Xmas tree from me in lakenham. Cheryl.

Lgbt party for people with learning disabililties

Hayley B in Norwich City Centre
I am a self advocate from opening doors, a charity run by people with learning disability‚Äôs for people with learning disabilities, and my name is Hayley i am the chair person of the charity. And we are going to have a party at the castle pub in ... [ more ]

Antiques & Collectables Fair

Roxley Hall, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew, NR7 0QZ
in Great Plumstead
There will be an Antiques and Collectables Fair on Sunday 22nd January at The Roxley Hall, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew, NR7 OQZ from 9am to 3.30pm.  Refreshments will be available.   Admission £1, children under 12 free. Fundraising for PACT.


in Lakenham
hi all im still collecting donations to fund raise ¬†for cot death m for me to buy the breathing machine etc i need to collect more donations...if you have any xmas items youre not wanting (trees, decorations unwanted gifts) i would be very grateful ¬† ... [ more ]
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Jill R
OK Liz! What would you suggest about my tree? I'm just off Unthank Road. What would be the tree's destination, as I could maybe drop it off myself?

Carpet cleaning

Pat T
in Thorpe Hamlet
Can anyone reccommend a carpet cleaning service ,i need help with moving furniture as its quite heavy ,lounge carpet only ,approx 21ft x13ft .second floor flat .
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