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Mirabilis Jalapa

Local Conversations in Fulham

Ian S
If you want loads of colour in your garden this summer then get some of these and strictly between us,  the Poundshop in Wandsworth are selling 5 tubers for £1 A lovely plant

Audio books cds

Give, Lend & Borrow in Fulham

Ian S
Hello everyone - I have a long slow trip to west France planned next week and wonder if any of you will lend me some audio book cds - Boer war, French resistance stories,  Odessa file, Day of the jackal, Churchills war, Fall of Berlin, Partick O'Brien ... [ more ]
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Car seat to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earl's Court

Nicky K
Car seat free to a good home. The cover is a little faded and tired, but otherwise a very good car seat. Cover has been washed. No accidents. Available as soon as possible!
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Small couch available

Give, Lend & Borrow in West Brompton

Pablo E
I have a small, 1m 35cm wide couch to give away. It is in pretty good condition other than a small tear in one area. Free to the first person who can pick this up from Fulham. 

Wandle Trust Cleanup Sunday 10th May 2015, 11 am to 3 pm North Road, Wimbledon

Clubs & Groups in The Wandle Trust

MAY 10
to , (ended)
North Road, Wimbledon SW19
The Wandle Trust
You're invited to a Wandle Trust Cleanup Sunday 10th May 11 am to 3 pm North Road, Wimbledon Meet here! What to expect This month we'll be returning to North Road to tackle a ... [ more ]

Cleaner / LAUNDRY

Recommendations in Putney

Hi looking for a local reliable person to do the laundry and cleaning.  Must have eye for detail to make sure sheets are done properly. Its as and when needed.   Cleaning to be done at same time whilst  laundry goes in washing machine. 

We're on call this bank holiday weekend if you need us - 02077388967

Classifieds in The Hamilton Group

The Hamilton Group
We're local plumbing & heating engineers, on-call 24/7 all Bank holiday weekend. Whether it's a blocked drain, burst pipe, or a broken boiler...our qualified, experienced plumbers are here to help. Hopefully you won't have any problems, but if you ... [ more ]

Pleas support the Jubilee Bridge

Clubs & Groups in Putney

Matteo S
Planning permission have been granted to the Jubilee Bridge (or Cremorne Railway Bridge). This will link Battersea to Fulham and improve access on foot and by bicycle across river. So now we need a benefactor to come along and chip in a good amount to ... [ more ]
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Approach all builders behind the Imperial Wharf tower blocks going up.  They are going to seriously add to congestion in the area. A flyer for donations from them would be good.  I've posted link to Facebook and Twitter.
Sandra W
Just voted to support this, however, the video shows steps at each end of the bridge. NO STEPS PLEASE. It should be ramped for wheelchair, pushchairs and bicycles.

Bicycle for sale

£300.00 in Fulham

Georgiana M
Hi everybody, I have a super bicycle that I bought on a whim to take my beloved dog and myself for long rides. Novelty wore off rather quickly. I am wanting to sell it for £300 including lock, baskets etc. it has hardly been used and originally cost me ... [ more ]
Anne C
I am interested in your bike. Could I come and look at it please before you leave? I live closely in Fulham. Perhaps we could talk - how do I get hold of you? Anne

A reasonably priced Electrician

Recommendations in Parsons Green

Rosemary C
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced electrician . My doorbell isn't working . Rosemary.


Recommendations in Fulham

Sarah jane J
I have a couple of small plumbing jobs that need sorting.  Can anyone recommend a plumber please who works in the Fulham Broadway area.  Many thanks.
David C
I also have a small plumbing job for my kitchen sink. Please recommend a plumber. The property is in chiswick. Thanks

Domain Name help!

Recommendations in West Kensington

Polly H
Polly H I am completely ignorant when it come to domain names! I have a domain name that was set up by someone years ago. I now want to transfer it from the host to another host - please can anyone recommend who to go with and how to do this! Thank ... [ more ]
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Diana W
I would highly recommend Richard Fincher at Room 101. He deals with my web and email hosting/domain names etc and is a genius! It's so nice to pick up the phone and speak to a normal human being you explains things clearly. Not expensive either. Tel 0845 ... [ more ]
IT at Home
Hi Polly, we host and manage website, emails and domain names for hundreds of SME's in London and the UK.  Our service is different because we take care of all the technical details for you (although you are welcome to use our self-service hosting system ... [ more ]

Keyboard required to borrow

Give, Lend & Borrow in Putney

Lucy F
A good friend of mine urgently needs to borrow a keyboard for her son who is about to start piano lessons with me. Do let me know if you one to lend? Shes keen not to buy until her son has def decided he will pursue this hobby further than a term. ... [ more ]
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Lucy F
Thank you for all your v kind replies.  It seems a mother of a pupil of mine is in fact going to offer my friend her child's keyboard that is no longer used as she's so local I reckon this will be the keyboard my friend will probably go for.  Thank you ... [ more ]

TV stand premier glass tube

£20.00 in West Hill

I am moving and will take anything price closed to the asking price. Tks, Patty

Small Garden Shed Available - Free on collection.

Give, Lend & Borrow in West Hill

Could you use a small garden shed - picture below? It has a felt sloping roof, 155cm highest, and 135cm at front, 110 cm wide, 65 deep, with a small hinged door. It came flat packed and I've used it for about 4 years, so still has some life in it. Its ... [ more ]
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Thanks for all your interest - Mrs Q collected last night.  I will have a water butt coming up soon - might that be of any interest?
Don't want to appear greedy, but a water butt would also benefit our allotment! Let me know if and when available. Thanks again for the lovely little shed. It made our day! 😊

Plumber needed to fit bathroom mixer tap

Recommendations in Parsons Green

Karen N
Hi, I wondered if there were any plumbers who could fit a bathroom mixer tap for maximum £50. I think the water would need to be turned off at the mains outside the house because the tap located under the kitchen sink only turns off the hot water? ... [ more ]
Annabel C
I recently had an electric shower fitted by Iavor Kolev from The Hamilton Group.  He was very professional and did a fabulous job. I highly recommend him. He could certainly fit a bathroom mixer tap. Details at

Painter needed

Recommendations in Parsons Green

Esin O
Hi all, we need to have the flat plastered and painted in a limited time. We hear lots of bad stories about contractors leaving the work undone. So can you please recommend an agency or someone that we can trust?  Many thanks,
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Anne H
I know an excellent painter decorator who lives Barnes, Sean Devery, 07951 622443. Please ring him to discuss. Anne

Free networking event for local freelancers in South West London

Clubs & Groups in Sands End

Filmmaker Sandra
Come and join us for a free networking event in Clapham junction this Friday and meet other local professionals. See flyer attached for more info
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Mellissa H
Hi iv just come across this ad. I would've loved to have come, but unfortunately I'm working today. Please can you give me a heads up for the next one. Thanks

I'm giving away 2 Tickets to the London Pet Show at ExCel on 9/10 May

Local Conversations in Parsons Green

Teresa K
Hi Everyone,  I have two tickets to giveaway (worth £36) to the London Pet Show at ExCel on 9/10 May on The Dogvine, my London Dog Blog (we're from Wandsworth but try and share dog news from all over London) It's totally free too enter so just thought I ... [ more ]
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Hayden Murtagh
Hi I would love these tickets if they are still available? Could take some great photos:-) Hayden Murtagh Photography
Teresa K
Hi Hayden Thanks for the message, they are still available - please enter the giveaway on my blog: I will then draw a winner from the people who've ... [ more ]


Give, Lend & Borrow in Putney

Janette B
I bought the wrong staplers for my Stanley staple gun. See the picture and if your staple gun can accept these with an 'A' in a blue square you can pick them up from me in Earlsferry.


Recommendations in Putney

I need some coving installed where existing coving was taken down. I will purchase the materials, just need a labour price. Around 1 to 2 days work. Thanks 07557955187 Andy
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Borrow rake and 12 mm drill bit?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Putney Heath

Guy D
We live on Geraldine road, SW18, so just hoping one of kind streetlifer neighbours (ideally a short walk away) might be able to lend us either of the above for a day or two. Thanks, Guy
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Guy D
Hi Sarah K , thanks so much for your reply. I've managed to get the rake from a next door neighbour but still need the drill bit. I'm not sure how easy it will be for us to get down to your house but will see if it's doable over the next couple of days. ... [ more ]
Sarah K
Sure no worries. I'm in today and tomorrow but I do work weekends so I won't be at home. PM me your number and I'll text you :)

Missing Siamese Cat (again)

Lost & Found in Putney

My cat Marquise is missing again after we moved to our new home in Earlsfield. She might have tried to go back to our old address on Rosehill Road. So if you have seen her please contact me. See poster attached. Thank you.
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Still not a sign of my cat, please keep an eye on your gardens, sheds and garages just in case she is stuck somewhere, thanks.


Recommendations in Fulham

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Anita H
my brother in law david hoskins is an excellant paint and decorator he has reasonable rates and very good references from several companies he has painted for that own several buildings in manchester square references are available his email address is ... [ more ]

Boiler probs near Ladbroke Grove

Recommendations in Parsons Green

Kathleen E
Hi I live in Fulham but my mum (just out of hospital) lives in Kensal Rise. Her boiler seems to have died or gone on strike - I can't tell which. Any recommendations of a good, reliable affordable plumber who could come & check it out? Much ... [ more ]
Jane C
The wonderful Simon has been servicing my boiler & fixing any other issues... for years... I've passed him on to my neighbours & friends. Everyone thinks he's great. 07958 060 827
Jeff L
It might be a very simple problem such as air build up in the water supply which can be vented by finding the right lever to flush out the air.