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Small double mattress. Firm

John T in Fulham
Hi all, perfect condition small double mattress never been used, give away. Thanks john (Fulham)
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Leah O
Hi John T  Many thanks.  Are you around tomorrow (Tuesday) daytime at all for me to collect?

3 Printers.

John T in Fulham
I have 3 printers all working need ink refills. 2 Cannon without scanners 1 Epson with scanner. Power cables I am trying to find and maybe the instruction booklets. Would like a charity to take them but anyone can have them. Thanks John.

Pointer needed SW6

Leah O in Fulham
Hi there - Has anyone got a recommendation for a brickwork pointer?  Quite a specialist area of trade that we'd prefer someone who specialises in it rather than a general tradesman or bricklayer.  Needed for the whole front of a house in the alphabet ... [ more ]
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Leah O
Thanks Jo.  A lot of people like that weather struck pointing, but I didn't realise that about the lime/cement difference thank you!  I am in talks with Chris Janice's recommendation and he seems to know what he's talking about.
Jo M
Thats great.   Weather struck doesnt actually prevent any water, as the water just trickles round, and it looks horrible, IMO.   Good luck with it.

Divers weights - free to a good home!

Siobhan B in West Hill
Have discovered a load of divers weights and weight belt - probably around 10-15kg or so. Great for anyone who is into scuba diving. These are free to a good home, but let me know before Tuesday (29th March) as am moving house then! Pick up from Putney. ... [ more ]
Siobhan B
Hi Tim - Sorry, but these have already been taken. Thank you for your message though. Regards, Siobhan

Local Charity

Barry C in West Brompton
Hi, I'm looking for a local charity that will collect items of furniture and either donate to low income families or sell on at reasonable costs. I've looked around and the nearest organisation I can find actually charge to collect, quite frankly I don't ... [ more ]
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Hi Barry, my nearest also charge £25 or around that figure to collect furniture they then sell for quite a hefty price!  As above - British Heart, Trinity Hospice and possibly Age concern all collect for free as long as it is in sellable condition.  Most ... [ more ]
Fiona M
Oasis and Salvation Army collect for free.  Salvation Army does (or used to....) give the furniture to a family in need. Trinity Hospice is such an superb organisation which always need support......I

Steam Cleaner for bathroom tiles

Juan M in West Kensington
Hello fellow Streetlifers, it's that time of the year when we all like to get things in order before the summer! I am looking around for a small domestic steam cleaner that I can use to tackle problematic tiles in our bathroom. I have been to HSS hire ... [ more ]

Lost flat keys

Doug in Battersea
Went for a run between Battersea square and Battersea park and managed to lose my keys. There are two keys with a tesco, nectar and waitrose loyalty key cards attached. If anyone knows or has any suggestions on lost and found in the area, would be much ... [ more ]
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Steve B
Hi there if its just standard yale lock i can change the barrel n provide 4 new keys for £40 07960909384
Steve! Thanks very much for the offer. But I've inherited a Banham lock. Fortunately we did have a spare set of keys. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the others.

Reliable and trustworthy car servicing needed

Anne M in West Brompton
Hi there, I am going to need to MOT and service a ford fiesta within the next couple of months and I am looking for a trustworthy and friendly large, in Fulham where I can get the work done and where they won't charge me a fortune for just walking ... [ more ]
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Anne M
Thanks everyone, I have a good few suggestions there so I definitely have a good choice. It just makes me feel much more confident to follow recommendations when it is an area I do not know much about. Thanks again.
Philip O
Anne, you could also try Galicia Motors in Astwood Mews near Gloucester Rd tube. I've taken my Ford Focus there over many years for annual services, MOT and repairs. They've always been cheaper than Ford's own dealership/repair service. Ask for Vincent.

Someone to help sort my fish pond problem needed

Sarah G in Hammersmith
Help !  Emergency !  My poor fish are at risk of dying.  The filter tank overflows and water is draining from the pond and overflowing from the tank - I urgently need someone to help sort this problem.  Any recommendations please ?
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Sarah G
Now temporarily sorted. Final solution yet to be found. Thanks to everybody for your helpful suggestions..

Sing songs from The Sound of Music - fun and free!

Susanna R in Putney
Come and sing along with the Dover House Singers and a glass of wine this Wednesday, 23rd, 7.30pm, at St Margaret's Church Hall, Putney Park Lane SW15 5HU.  No singing experience required and no need to read music - just enjoy it!
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Susanna R
Hi Laura.  Absolutely anyone! Singing for fun is just what we do - come along and see if you like us - we are a really friendly lot!
Susanna R
Laura - I tried to send you an email just now and I obviously didn't take your email address down correctly last night.  Please can you pm me here or email me at, so I can try again with the correct address!

A fishy problem

Sarah G in Hammersmith
Help !   Emergency !   My poor fish are at risk of dying. The filter tank in my fishpond is overflowing and the water is draining from the pond and overflowing from the tank - I urgently need someone to help sort this problem. Any recommendations ... [ more ]
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Sarah G
Thanks for your good advice, Cristina.. Mine is an outdoor pond so I couldn’t have a tank but your answer has got me thinking: I must have a backup system. All fish OK at the moment and I have located possible source of the problem which is a blockage ... [ more ]
Francis T
Once weed blockage starts it usually persists and returns but the better news is that if that is the problem, knowing what it is is a big step to controlling it.

Open Studios Art Show

Wimbledon Art Studios
Jacqueline Midgen in Parsons Green
I will be participating at this event on the following dates: 12 May - 18:00-20:30/45 Closed on Friday, 13 May 14 May - 11:00-16:30 15 May - 11:00-16:30 Studio 126, First Floor, Red Building

New Courses!

Lilia D in Parsons Green
New fantastic courses at Easy Studio Music School! Tango, Salsa and Singing Interpretation! For more information call 0792 3535747
Lilia D
First Salsa lesson on Thursday the 24th of March at 7.00 at Easy Studio Music School. Limited availability. For more information call 0792 3535747

Managing Agent

Flowers in West Brompton
Can anyone recommend a decent honest managing agent, local to Parsons Green. Have been stitched up by rogue managing agents from Reading. Nothing complex in small building. Requires someone who actually has ethics and knows property management.
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Hello Nilam I cant see a Mike in this thread so I assume you ment me :-) If so, could you PM me please ?
We run a short-term property management agency.  If you're interested in letting your property on short-term letting sites such as Airbnb, we can assist.  We are a small professional company and 95% of our hosts gain 'superhost' status. If you're ... [ more ]

Recommendations for a driving instructor - automatic.

Lionel in Wandsworth
Hi- would appreciate any recommendations for a driving instructor for an automatic car. I live in Tooting and plan to block book, but need someone who can do weekends given work pressures. Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

Free Fairy Lights

Tony H in West Hill
I have about 5  or 6 sets of good quality LED fairy lights to give away. They are nearly all brand new, hardly been used and most are still in original boxes. Must be collected from Putney TODAY after 4pm - otherwise will be disposed of, which would be a ... [ more ]
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Bubble wrap wanted

Louise H in Fulham
We are moving out in two weeks and require some bubble wrap for our fragile items. Does anyone have any that they would be willing to give away? I can collect this weekend. Thanks!
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Ginnette S
I always pick up pieces from the fruit and veg sections in the supermarkets. Very useful for all the parcels I send and also recycling :D

A fantastic Barber!

JG in Chelsea
I've just experienced a fantastic Barber who has recently opened at 85 Nightingale Lane, SW12, in between Endlesham Rd & the Nightingale Pub. The Barber is brilliant, many years of cutting hair. I've been visiting Hairdressers who charge between £20 ... [ more ]
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Football Club positions offered

Tonsley Man in Putney
A friend of mine runs Kensington Dragons Football Club in Kensington and they are now looking for someone to fill the following two posts - If you are interested do please apply: We plan to hire 2 part time, self-employed ... [ more ]

sports .art. free time

Monika S in Parsons Green
Hi all any tattooed people around into sports meet up for tea. Chats ..go for bike rides. Friendship. I speak spaniash too.. im into yoga .pilates. booking holidays breaks away .. ;) Anyone out there with similar hobbies.. drop a line


Madeleine B in Walham Green
I would like to join a choir..Nothing grand but I love to sing and use to be in a choir when I was younger...I live in Fulham but I could travel to Kensington or Chelsea....Any ideas?????
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Quirky Choirs' Shower Singers
Madeleine B Did you find what you after re choir? Come and give ours a go, we are on this Wednesday night. starting a little later this week only - at 7.45. Email for any questions Blessings to you. Rebecca

Good Quality Christmas Decorations

Tony H in West Hill
I have a lot of good quality Christmas decorations to give away. Medium size  crate of white and silver and bin liner of gold. Various styles bought for various jobs. Must be collected from Putney after 4pm today or will be disposed of , which would be ... [ more ]
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Tony H
Only just seen this and haven't received a private message - bit of a nuisance. Call or text me on 07770 918662 asap please Tony H

Noisy fridge

Ella W in Fulham
My fridge has started to make a loud buzzing noise but still works. My housemate has suggested it may be the motor. Anyone know of anyone who could come and assess/repair it please? People are always so helpful on here :)
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You want the Wizard of Fridges John...He's brilliant. I'll DM you. His hobby is repairing 20 year old fridges!

New Combi Boiler

Victoria T in West Hill
My tenants need a new Combi Boiler. I see British Gas are doing a special offer, where you get £400 off your old boiler.  Has anyone used them, and are they price competitive with other companies? I had an Ariston Combi boiler, and the engineer I had ... [ more ]
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Leah O
Be wary of BG as they seem ultra friendly in the early stages (when they think they're getting new business!)  They can be good, but they are usually expensive.  I've worked in property management for 9 years and so have come across them many, many ... [ more ]
Victoria T
I have now got 4 quotes under my belt, using all of your collective advice, also (I didn't bother with BG as enough warnings about them being expensive, and they couldn't send anyone until next week!) Interestingly the quotes came in at ... [ more ]

Single mattress

Andrea B in Clapham
We have a new good quality single mattress, used only for about a month, to give away to a homeless shelter or charity. If anyone has any info on Parsons Green /Fulham located shelters or charities that are willing to take it please let me know. Need it ... [ more ]
Peter B
On behalf of the SVP, I know of a family who would welcome this mattress. I could pick it up at your convenience. Please contact me for further details.