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Terra Construction and Gardening is looking for an experienced handyman to join our team

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Anna S
Our friendly team at Terra Construction and Gardening is looking to recruit someone who is experienced in construction or as a handyman (preferably with a driving licence). If interested please forward your CV to Good ... [ more ]

Guinea pigs

Local Conversations in West Kensington

Polly H
I have a feeling it was on this site that someone was trying to find a new home for two guinea pigs?  If so, I might be interested! Polly
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Polly H
Many thanks to you both - I was asking on behalf of a friend who has a hutch - sadly the guinea pigs have died. The family are keen to adopt unwanted pets of they can.  If we can't track down the lady advertising here, I will get back to you, Barbara.
Barbara J
hi polly, thats ok  just thought i would let you know before i  advertised them i rescued my two guinea pigs from pets@home in the re homing part  i ask them for two females which i got and they where both pregnant

Baby and Toddler Group

Clubs & Groups in Fulham

Angelique S
Our group is open on a Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings between 9.30-12.00 Arts and Craft Dressing up section Reading Corner Musical Instruments Play Kitchen Ride-upon Toys Slides Indoor Bouncy Castle Water/Sand Tables in Garden Areas ... [ more ]

Minies and Minders - Baby and Toddler Group

Clubs & Groups in Fulham

JAN 19
to (ended)
East Hill Baptist Church
Angelique S
Fun activities for toddlers and babies. Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays 9.30 - 12.00. Including School Holidays Arts and Craft Dressing up section Reading Corner Musical Instruments Play Kitchen Ride-upon Toys Slides Water/Sand Tables in garden ... [ more ]

Katherine Low Settlement is Hiring!!!

Clubs & Groups in Fulham

Katherine Low Settlement
Katherine Low Settlement has worked with older people since our conception in 1924.They are a core part of the community that we continue to work with. We’re expanding and developing our Older People’s Staff Team and have two paid positions available. ... [ more ]

Putneymead Channel 5 TV program starts 4 Feb, 8pm

Clubs & Groups in West Hill

Victoria D
The first episode of "GP's Behind Closed Doors" programme that was filmed entirely at Putneymead will be aired Ch 5 Wednesday 4th February 8pm and thereafter for 8 weeks. There is some info about the programme on TV times scheduling website and the ... [ more ]
Fiona H
Thanks for Info- I was wondering when it would be shown! I must say I declined when asked in the waiting room,when asked ...

Recommendations: Design & build refurb project for summer

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Urgently looking for recommendations on design and build builders for a ground floor refurb , kitchen and decoration work for a project in April/May Please contact to come and have a look.
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Anna S
Hello, My husband Tomas runs a small building company and would be delighted to provide a quote. Photos of his work can be viewed on the Facebook page - Terra Construction and Gardening  He can be contacted on 07553 90 90 77 or 07588 673 738/ ... [ more ]

free VAX filter kits

Give, Lend & Borrow in West Brompton

Lynne J
I have two new VAX Filter Kits Type 60.  Each contains Pre-motor filter and Anti-bacterial H12 HEPA filter.  They were the wrong ones for my cleaner, but if they fit your model, they are going for free (in Fulham area).

Recommendation of good reliable energy provider

Local Conversations in Parsons Green

Lucy F
I'm about to move suppliers as end of my tariff -   Let me know if you would recommend Extra Energy, First Utility, E-on or any others ...I know little about these co's. Want to switch with as little fuss as possible!
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Sarah D
Go to Utility Warehouse you may have to do it through me they are on 0844 815 7777 my name is Sarah Duncan & I am one of their distributors.  They do gas/elec. all phones/internet/mobile & it all comes on one bill & they are cheaper than any ... [ more ]

Two single beds going free to make space for double

Give, Lend & Borrow in Parsons Green

Frances L
One single careful owner.   Two beds not same size but in good condition.   Free if you can pick them up fairly soon. Call 0207 610 6826

Promotional code for theatre tickets?

Local Conversations in West Brompton

Lynne J
I wonder if anyone knows how to get a promotional code for theatre tickets?  I want to take some friends to The Jersey Boys, but tickets are expensive and I wondered if there was a way to get a discount? Any tips welcome.
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49 inch Sony Bravia - screen broken

Recommendations in Walham Green

Angela S
Does anyone know what/where/who is best to take TVs that are broken? I doubt we will get any money for it as the screen has a huge line down the front, where the screen was damaged, but we are thinking we could sell it for parts? Does anyone have any ... [ more ]

Parking in Fulham

Local Conversations in Putney

Richmond gives its residents 30 mins free parking & parking  and permits for council tax payers  to be able to have guests/workman at vastly reduced rates.  Surely time we did the same and encourage everyone to get on and get going with stuff. It ... [ more ]
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Filmmaker Sandra
Hi flower, the first floor of my building is a sheltered accommodation for people with mental health problem and visitors cannot park to visit them. You cant even park in the evening due to the 24hours parking ban. I am with you on the isolation thing as ... [ more ]
Sarah D
I live on the Clem Attlee estate Fulham & parking restrictions have been totally dropped, so everyone parks all over the place.  But I agree with the idea of 1st hour free, it is the best way to encourage people to shop locally.  They used to have ... [ more ]

Bosch Freezer making a noise that stops when freezer door is opened.

Recommendations in Putney

I have tried googling this but its all gobbledook. It seems with the older Bosch fridge (12/15yrs) freezer when this noise starts there is something that can be done to extend life of the machine. The rest of it is fine.  Is there anyone who can do  this ... [ more ]
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Thanks Lorraine, that bit went over my head.. I can't understand any of it. Futile to try, like getting a man to pay attention to intricacies of baking. They just want to eat the cake. Hoping to  see John.
Hi John,  I can't thank you enough for coming round to look at  the Fridge/Freezer. You are an absolute genius for fixing it and getting rid of that hideous noise. Its so wonderful that there are people  who have fridges and freezers as their hobby and ... [ more ]

Dressmaker for major alterations

Recommendations in West Brompton

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Give, Lend & Borrow in West Kensington

Hi Im looking for a double matress as my parents are coming on tues to see my newborn baby. Even if I could just lend one for a week. Im a little stuck. Live sw6

Help required to install and use a Sony flatscreen Smart TV

Local Conversations in Parsons Green

Lucy F
I have just got a new Sony flatscreen ? tv.  I am having trouble in booking someone from Peter Jones (where I bought it from) to show me how to install and use.  I wondered if there is anyone locally who would help me with this and also guide me on how ... [ more ]
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Lucy F
Thanks Toby. I don't need the tv put on the wall just a bit confused how to set a smart tv up and connect properly to get all the services and wi-fi etc. I was very happy to plug in my last old tele and plug in the aerial but this seems a bit more ... [ more ]

Local Car ride offered

Give, Lend & Borrow in Putney

Hi if there are local elderly people struggling to get to hospital appointments put me down on your list as volunteer helper to give a short car lift . If I can, I will.

Wedding invitations

Recommendations in Fulham

Gemma B
Could anyone recommend someone/somewhere for wedding invitations? Any other recommendations for weddings would also come in handy as I am planning mine at the moment! Thank you in advance street lifers!
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Cheap zip repair Fulham?

Recommendations in West Kensington

Georgina P
Hello, the zip has gone on a pair of denim shorts I own. I asked one place for a quote on the repair and they said £18! I do love them but they cost me about half that in the first place (from a charity shop) so I was hoping someone could recommend a ... [ more ]
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Re-progamme my TV

Recommendations in West Kensington

Sarah D
Back from holiday & my old tv needs re-programming.  Does anyone know who could come & do it for me please?  I am off the North End Rd. Fulham.

7am, Tuesdays, Wandsworth Radio

Local Conversations in Sands End

Al C
My new radio show, started last week, and is every Tuesday, 7am-8.30am. Do listen in online , or using your phone (with an app like TuneIn). If you want to send out a message to your fellow Wandsworth'ers, feel free to tweet me ... [ more ]

In anyone needs to relax

Recommendations in Putney

There is a special one off  teach 3 techniques of relaxation yoga class in Putney tonight. Its brilliant to learn to

Sewing machine person needed..

Give, Lend & Borrow in Fulham

Ian S
I have 6 long sleeved think cotton shirts that I want made into short sleeves shirts with a nice turn up finish - the local dry cleaners etc seems to want to charge a lot of money to do it - would anyone who is a wizz on a sewing machine like to do it ... [ more ]

Help, just seen a mouse

Recommendations in Putney

Eeks I'm standing on a chair.  Mouse trap does not work.  Someone dropped round glue traps but what do you do if they catch it? Does vegetable oil work to release it and how do you that?  I wouldn't be any good at handling  a live mouse. Does someone ... [ more ]
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Sarah D
None of above (soft) solutions will work. U have to block all possible entries it has taken me 3 mths. to get rid of them in my flat in a block. Call Ed 078 667 41069 he will do it for you.... Think his company is London Pest Control or similar.
Miranda C
We had a mouse once, they will keep returning once they find food.  We found the point of entry (he'd nibbled through a rotten piece of door from garden) but we shoo'ed him out and replaced the door.  Make sure you find out how it's managed to get in. ... [ more ]