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Read to Children!

Doorstep Library Network in Brook Green
Are you available Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays between 3.45-6.30pm during school term time? The Doorstep Library Network runs Doorstep Libraries on estates in West London - Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster. Each Doorstep Library recruits ... [ more ]
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Elizabeth F
Hi, I am most interested in volunteering for the doorstep reading programme.  I would like to come to the information session on Wednesday. I am a children's chaperone in theatre, film and TV and have a current DBS.  I love reading to children and ... [ more ]
Doorstep Library Network
Elizabeth F  Hi Elizabeth Please book into one of our forthcoming information sessions, by emailing I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Habiba

Active Retired

Melinda R in Putney
Are you interested in meeting a group of ladies who enjoy coffee, conversation, meeting for lunch and going on organised outings to exhibitions, theatre and Surrey gardens. We meet every Monday at 10.30-12.30 at Bills in Putney High Street.
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Clare J
If any of you lovely active retired would like to come out of retirement and come and be a paid companion for a few hours a week we'd love to hear from you - the older the better at Home Instead!
Joan B
I just want to say how lovely it was to meet everyone at Bills this morning.Thank you for making me so welcome.  Am looking forward to lunch on Friday. Joan

Rubbish piling up in the borough

Al C in Sands End
Has anyone else noticed how, since the council's new policy of clamping down on illegal fly-tipping by clamping down on the companies that have been picking up the rubbish dumped around the place, that there is much more rubbish dumped in piles around ... [ more ]
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karen l
I've just discovered Wandsworth report it app which is great. You can take a pic and send it through the app it also picks up the location. I've reported a tree that was falling over and. Plan to use it for rubbish and dog poo reports when I'm out and ... [ more ]
Jonathan E
I downloaded Wandsworth Report It app this morning. It's quick to upload photos of dumping sites and file a report.See also the conversation I started: Fly-tipping/Dumping St Phillip Sq SW8 (also in Wandsworth Borough)

Home for your old TV!

Pastor Mark in West Kensington
Technology moves so fast these days that flat screen TV's are almost out of fashion. Today people want UHD 4K Curved Screen TV's and the like. Our church supports a local man who is severly disabled, bed and wheelchair bound. Recently his 3 year old ... [ more ]
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Pastor Mark
In which case Amanda I don't think it will be suitable. Two remote controls will be beyond him I think. Thank you so much for your kind offer and I hope you find a home for your TV. God bless you.

local window cleaner

Cleaner for small Flat in Parsons Green

Harry T in Parsons Green
We are looking for a cleaner who will do 2 hours per week in our flat. As we travel a lot of the time we also require post to be opened and scanned and emailed to us,  so someone who is flexible would be idea.  Has anyone got such a reliable person ... [ more ]
Roberto G
Hi Harry I have the right reliable and trusworthy person to carry out that job. Please send me a PM with your details. We have recommendatios from other people in streetlife. Thanks

Mickey Flanagan

Elle72 in Fulham
Looking for 2 tickets for tonight's show at Lost Theatre. If anyone is unable to make it please message me.

Wanted - native Italian speaker to talk to my 9yr old daughter and improve her writing. A bonus if this person would also babysit

Rebecca H in Walham Green
Hello,  we are an English family living in Fulham, between Fulham Palace Road and Munster Road.  We lived in Italy for 3 years so my daughter speaks good Italian and doesn't want to forget it!  I'm looking for someone local to spend a few hours 1x ... [ more ]
Sarah H
Hi Rebecca, we have a lovely native-speaking Italian girl at learnthelingo who could be perfect for your daughter. She's joined learnthelingo as one of our language tutors but I'm sure she'd be happy to do some babysitting too. Do you want to text me ... [ more ]

Curtain maker

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Gas boiler service

Dianavp99 in West Kensington
Can anyone recommend a Registered Gas Safe Engineer in the Fulham /Hammersmith area to service my central heating boiler?
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Fiona M
Sorry, Terrence N, I THOUGHT I had thanked you very much indeed for your suggestion of Ben Chapman and, even more, for slightly restoring my wobbling faith in humanity, but I must have pressed the wrong thing because my thanks of 2 days ago was not ... [ more ]

Rattigan at Putney Arts Theatre

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Putney Arts Theatre
M K in Putney
Putney Theatre Company's production of Terence Rattigan's 'After the Dance' is playing to rave reviews. This week only with 3 performances left tonight, Friday and Saturday at 19:30 and matinee on Saturday at 3pm An attack on the hedonistic lifestyle ... [ more ]
Trish W
I saw this gripping play on Wednesday evening and it is unmissable. Very strong performances from all the actors who were excellently directed. Do go see!  I doubt very much that you will be disappointed.

Lights fused

Antonia M in Wandsworth
Hello can anyone help. I was taking a shower this morning when all the electrics in the bathroom light and fan went. I think a fuse is blown. I checked the fuse box and a fuse was down and I tried to push the switch back up but it is not going up ... [ more ]
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Your 'fuse' box actually comprises of miniature circuit breakers (mcb), not the old style fuses. The safe way to reset a mcb is: - turn off main red panel switch, so all power goes off - push the suspect mcb firmly down to off until it clicks, then ... [ more ]
Deirdre K
Check if your light has blown which will effect the fan, if so change the bulb & reset the fuse. As Michael said turn off & on the main fuse first then the bathroom. It happened to me & that's what I done no problem since. Good luck

Battersea Park threat

Al C in Sands End
I received this this morning, about protecting parks in the UK. Britain’s parks are at risk. There’s no legal responsibility to look after them and squeezed budgets mean our local green spaces - from playgrounds, to the park you relax in on your ... [ more ]
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Ian Bull
Hullo Jane. I'd say virtually all the Park is free to use, certainly much more than up until the late 1970s, and will continue to be so. My reason for writing was that there is no specific threat to Battersea Park yet the topic heading is specific to ... [ more ]
Ian Bull
Gawd, Streetlife has just deleted my typing in mid-stream! To conclude... Al C does have a valid point in that there are London Boroughs who are considering disposals of parkland for residential development but to my knowledge Wandsworth isn't one ... [ more ]


HELLEN K in West Kensington
Hi looking for someone who can do some bits for me. Maybe some tiling and maybe laminate floor. Anyone recommended?
Evette D
I can highly recommed a really good man by the name of steve 07960909384, he has done quite a bit of work for me and he is very reasonable priced .

Milk kefir grains

Joyce M in West Brompton
I have a couple portions of milk kefir grains to give away. Collection from Fulham Broadway or Parsons Green area. Please message me if interested.

Kefir grains

Joyce M in West Brompton
Hi all. I started making milk kefir recently & now have a couple portions of grains to give away. Anyone interested please send me a message. Collection only around Parsons Green or Fulham Broadway area.

Can you sing, dance, or entertain?

K Chauhan in Fulham
We are looking for a couple of acts for our event TedxWandsworth 2016 taking place on 5th November 2016 at South Thames College. You will perform for @ 10minutes and you will be filmed. To find out more about the event visit ... [ more ]

Home is where the art is

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Wandsworth Artists Open House
Angela W in Wandsworth
Check out our local artists this weekend and next. and for a Putney Trailmap some wonderful work at this annual event. See you there.

Anyone near Geraldine road, SW18 have a colour printer I could borrow?

Guy D in Putney Heath
My printer has gone on the blink at just the time I need it! I'm hoping one of my neighbours might be generous enough to print me a few colour copies of the attached poster for our Jumble Trail on 9th ... [ more ]

Fancy joining a choir in the City?

Linda H in Southfields
Hi! I sing with a small friendly choir in the city and we're currently accepting new members. We sing a lovely mix of world music, sing without sheet music and practise from 6-8 every Wednesday culminating in a small free concert at the end of ... [ more ]

Baby doll strollers

Slugs in the kitchen

YD in Putney Heath
Yesterday I found a slug in the under sink cupboard and today another one creeping along the kitchen floor! The garden doors have not been opened and it seems to be happening at night. Could they be living under the floor boards as there is a void ... [ more ]
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Bali R
Use sticky copper tape around door frames and any inlets you might see them come through. I use that and around the rim of my plants. Stops them going in the pots. Especially Hostas. They love that plant.

Looking for an experienced and dependable cat sitter

Claire M in Parsons Green
Can anyone recommend an experienced cat sitter who covers the Clapham Junction area please? Ideally I am looking for someone who is also a veterinary nurse, as my old girl relies on daily medications and needs a carer who is used to this.
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Barbara C
I use Allan Newbury who lives in Battersea   Suggest you email him and give him your phone number to contact you. Otherwise contact Stone Line Vet Hospital Wimbledon 020 8946 4228 which part of the Goddards group and ask them which ... [ more ]
Claire M
Many thanks everyone, I am meeting two potential cat sitters this week due to your help. Thanks again!

Eden Cleaning Services

Lisa L in Fulham
I used Eden Cleaning Services yesterday to clean my two bedroom and 1 hall carpet and they were excellent. Both men were very friendly, punctual and efficient. Would definitely recommend. 07832 980337. Ask to speak to Roberto Marcelo. They also ... [ more ]

New books to give away ...

Amaret in West Brompton
I have four books written for the Open University history course 'Empire 1492 to 1975' to give away. They are lovely books, completely unused. Anyone interested can pick up from me in Fulham.
Mike S
I would be interested in them if you still have them please and could collect to day if you could let me know on my new number 07850544456 thank you