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Few more pieces to give away

Aisha S
in Southfields
Hi everyone, Few more items to give away! A pair of blinds w - 120cm l - 160cm, two shower curtains, and the toaster from my last post (two of its four slots work). Aisha x

Wooden Flooring

Zaki K in West Kensington
Happy New Year Streetlifers,  I'm looking to install wooden flooring for a double reception room on the ground floor of my house in Fulham. Any recommendations? Looking for something reasonable, nothing fancy. TIA.
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terry w
Hi there my name is terry ward and im a handyman based in Wandsworth feel free to call me on 07933043515 kind regards
We used One Stop Flooring and were incredibly pleased with what they installed throughout our house (including stairs and nosings). We liked what Natural Wood Floor Company had to offer, but One Stop were better priced and we preferred the colour of ... [ more ]

Driving instructor

Lucia W in Fulham
Hi Streetlifers, Can anyone recommend a good driving instructor in the Fulham/Putney area? And are there any benefits of learning manual vs automatic? Thanks
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Lucia W
I guess I could try manual for a few lessons and see how I get on? Just wondering how many cars these days are manual?
Herbert D
I think that's a very good approach. Here I think it's 50/50 manuel vs Automatic but some other countries over 80% of them are Automatic.

Cleaner Battersea Bridge area

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Rubbish clearance (or chainsaw?) for 3-seat sofa

Claire G
in Parsons Green
Can anyone recommend someone (probably two strong people with biggish van) to remove my old sofa from 2nd floor flat?   Or, is there anyone  with a chainsaw or similar who will come and chop it up(!) so that I can easily transport it to the dump?  A ... [ more ]
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caroline w
I've broken up a few sofas in my time. In my experience, all you usually need is a hammer, a screwdriver and a few good kicks.....

Electric Piano Sought

Al C
in Sands End
Hi, I am trying to learn the piano this year, and have just signed up to and started an online course. However, I am currently doing the exercises on my touchscreen keyboard, which is proving quite tricky!! Not knowing a huge amount about electronic ... [ more ]
Natalia E
I started learning this year and rented a brand new Yamaha keyboard with properly weighted keys to get an experience as close to a piano as possible without buying one. This allows you to think about the kind of instrument you want and what your ... [ more ]

Few pieces to give away

Aisha S
in Southfields
Hi everyone, Trying to have a New Year Clearance! I have a toaster, TV/stereo speakers, vibrating head massager and a metal plate rack to give away Notes: - Toaster is a four slicer, but only two work now, otherwise in good knick - Speakers require ... [ more ]
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Looking for carnauba wax

Andrea B
in Clapham
Hello everyone, Happy new year! Looking to get some organic carnauba wax for home use. Would like to make some home made lip balms with my daughter as she loves them. Any advice of where to find/buy locally would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Andrea
Try baldwins great supply shop for all things natural and cosmetic

Looking for garden clearance

Editrix in Putney
O'm looking for someone who can remove a fence and attached greenery and take it away soonest please at a reasonable price from a house in Putney?
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Thanks Jake, Annie and Barbara, My neighbour found someone before you replied so think we're okay. Thanks very much indeed for getting in touch. Best wishes

Computer advice

Susan P
in West Kensington
Can anyone offer advice - I am being inundated with files in my File folder, often spreadsheets, and a few filenames are repeated over and over so that I end up with hundreds, sometimes not in English or in an English alphabet. Following deletion, ... [ more ]
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Charles D
Hi Dmitriy I don't think it was anything very much. Sue had her Bluetooth switched on for a remote keyboard and I think the probability is that there was a nearby device which communicated with her tablet which could probably have downloaded various ... [ more ]

Desperately searching for a Cleaner!

Zohra N
in West Brompton
Hi there, My cleaner is unfortunately returning to the Ukraine. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance Zohra
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Jeff V inactive
Hi I am a builder And I have access to anyone you may need You seem to have tons of offers So I presume you are sorted out If not Feel free to,text me And I'll put u onto people I can recommend All the best Jeff Dekor homes


Sharmon E in Putney
Hi, can anybody recommend a solicitor, who, specialises in WILLS. Without, going into to much detail: Myself, and my two children were evicted from our family home. My X husband had put it in his mums name. He, evicted us. His, mother has left the ... [ more ]
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Caroline W
You should not use a small one man firm you need to fight fire with fire and STB are well known . I have used them for various things over the years Good luck

An IKEA shelving free

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Jameela J
Yes I do have someone to help with the collection. Let me know tomorrow - my number is 07900 357900 (I don't have my phone with me now).

Bird Food (Cereal) Available Free

Jane H
in Parsons Green
Does anyone know any bird lovers / animal shelters that would take about 30 boxes of Kellogg's cornflakes which expired on 16/11/16? Feed the birds? I just opened one up and they are perfectly fine - stale but fine - stored properly, etc. I can only ... [ more ]

Builder - damp wall

Elizabeth B in Fulham
Hello and happy new year.  I have damp coming through the outside wall of my loft extension, it is happened before and I would be grateful for a good builder who can resolve the issue for a reasonable price. Many thanks for recommendations.
Kim S
Hi you could give Alex (husband) a call on 07710 247888 he will come and have a look and give you a no obligation quote

Small electricals repair.

Ann R
in Parsons Green
Years ago I remember taking electrical things for repair but there's nowhere now. Is there anyone who can check if a repair is possible rather than dump it in landfill? I have two small fan heaters and a desk fan which need fixing. Can anyone help ... [ more ]
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Hedi R
Ann, so sorry I have only just seen this.  Hope it's not too late! Macleod's is between Quinton Street and Isis street

Need recommendations for honest plumber

Anne S in Fulham
Hello, Can anyone recommend their plumber to remove  electric shower and replace with new Mira one. In box awaiting installation: simple to do apparently...Fulham.
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Nancye G
I would recommend Kevin O'Rourke highly - very honest, straight forward and has helped me frequently over the past 15 years, installing a new bathroom, a boiler and dealing with leaks from above.  07951 597 408.   He is based off the North End Road.
Anne S
Thank you all very much for your answers but particularly Nancye as she gave me some details of why she recommended Kevin.

Car Stolen

Janette B
in Putney
Car Stolen  Not exactly lost, my car has been stolen. I would be grateful if anyone who sees it would let me know. It is a pale green Nissan Micra, 5 door hatchback MD05 NRF.  Please PM or call 07774 796 022 if you see it.  Thank You.
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Sandy H
Hi Janette,  Happy New Year! So pleased to read you got your car back, that must have been awful for you :( Have you got a crock lock for the steering wheel? They are so good & would highly advise a purchase. Try Halfords, Amazon etc ... [ more ]
Janette B
Hi Sandy thank you so much for getting touch. No problem at all saying my car is old, that gives it character as far as I am concerned! It has little monetary value but is of great value to me!. Thanks for the suggestion and yes I got a crocklock, ... [ more ]

Solicitor Recommendation who specialise in leasehold and freehold

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Sarah D
I got the details of Elizabeth Marrinan from Streetlife & she negotiated a lease extension on my mother's flat in Kensington.  She wrote extremely detailed & clear emails & I was impressed.  Rodgers & Burton ... [ more ]

Mediation Group

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Lina N
I'm so sorry I meant meditate. I'm kind of new (again) to London and wish to join in meditations sessions preferably in my neighbourhood Battersea Bridge. My telephone 07525817903 email: Thanks
Lina N
Dear Carole Thank you for your  message. Can you tell me where and when please? I'm kind of new (again) to London and wish to join in meditations/mindfullness (with yoga why not/) sessions preferably in my neighbourhood Battersea Bridge. My ... [ more ]

Ikea office chair to give away

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Peter - Herbalife Member
Hello Karen, It's still available. You can collect it this evening. Can you text me what time you will come and I'll text you my address. I'll be home after 17:00. My mobile number is 07739738212.

Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix Base

Pilates Group

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Peter L
Susanna a qualified body control teacher runs classes at Ethelburga Community Centre on Worfield Street contact her at
Margaret O
Thanks both of you. Am still I hospital. Will get medical clearance r. When out and will contact you. Have Togo Sri Lanka. Friday. Work. Not holiday so she I return. M


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Jack B
Hi Lina For me to give you a quote I would need to know how big the two TV's are that you would want mounted and if you you would be supplying the brackets and what type of wall they are going on to . I can give you an estimated quote but for me to ... [ more ]

Parquet floor layer

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