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Filmmaker Sandra to Battersea and 5 more areas

Videos of local venues in Battersea for birthday & events

As a Streetlife member, I often came across posts seeking advices and ideas for children birthdays. As a local filmmaker, I am filming at local venues for birthdays or Community events. Last month, I filmed the birthday of two siblins who had a Prince ... more »
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Great videos Sandra. Do you have a website?
I'm with Eat Play Love
Caroline A
la gothique at Royal patriotic building good for events and Wandsworth common next door good for kids to play when they get bored.
Tony H to West Hill and 5 more areas

Quality Craft Papers

I have just finished an art project and I have quite a lot of art quality coloured paper and card left over, which I would like to go to a good home. It's mainly A2 and A3 size, with  a bag of useful size scraps - many colours. Perfect for a children's ... more »
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Tony H
Sadly, Diana, I have just contacted the chap who got in first and he is about to collect. There may well be other art/craft materials available in the future, when I have had more of a sort out. If you give me an email address I can contact you when I ... more »
Diana T
That would be lovely, thank you. I'd be thrilled. My email is: Best wishes, Diana
Olga A inactive to Parsons Green and 4 more areas

Room wanted for a solicitor!

Dear All, I am looking for a room to rent in South West or West London. I am a full-time solicitor working for a top city law firm. I am a very easy going, sociable and clean person, working very long hours. I respect landlord's privacy therefore I do ... more »
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Mary W to Sands End and 4 more areas

Keep Fit

Hi there I am looking for a keep fit class for the over 60s in the Battersea area and, so far, have been unsuccessful.  Can anyone help me out on this one?
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Wandsworth Council
The council's Sport and Leisure Services team have a programme of community physical activity sessions called Active Lifestyles. There are several classes specifically for people aged 50+ located in the Battersea area. The classes are led by expert ... more »
John to Battersea and 5 more areas

Good worker available for anything for minimum wage

I can recommend a very nice young French fellow who is available for cleaning, gardening, dog walking or any odd jobs. He helped me move house and worked like a trojan. His English isn't very good, but a delightful and trustworthy chap. He works three ... more »
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Hi Caroline his number is 07459168227 , maybe worth texting in the first instance as his english isn't good and he can use google translate if he struggles
Thanks John, I will  give him a text as you suggest.  I probably am looking to do the work at the beginning of May.
SHF to Parsons Green and 5 more areas

Spare LARGE Plant Pots please?

Hi, Does anyone have any large plant pots they no longer need please? We're renovating our house and would like to remove our garden bushes/trees so they don't get wrecked by the works. The plants will have to live in their pots for a number of ... more »
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Alastair H to Fulham and 4 more areas

First Aid Course

Hello, I am keen to do an essentials First Aid course, as I am conscious that I have next to no idea what to do should I be called upon in an emergency!  Can anyone suggest somewhere locally that offers this or is good place to start making inquiries ... more »
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Alastair H
Thanks very much for the advice everyone, much appreciated.
linda j
Hello Alastair I am a qualified first aid instructor and have several years of experiences teaching as young as secondary pupils to adults. If you require further information plesse do not hesiate to contact. Many Thanks Linda
Vires to Parsons Green and 4 more areas

Part time baker wanted - 3 hours daily

We are a small cafe in Parsons Green - with a strong family clientele.  We want a good baker who can come in daily (weekdays) either between 0700 - 1000, or between 1800 - 2100 to bake cakes, muffins, croissants etc; and to prepare some simple foods for ... more »
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Anneke M to West Brompton and 5 more areas

Good painter for flat in hammersmith

Hi there, I'm looking for a painter decorator who can paint my sons flat. The ceiling has to be lined and painted and generally the flat needs to be painted. Can anyone recommend someone? Would need to be done in the next few weeks. Thank you, Anneke
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Martin J. Gilbert
Afternoon Anneke, My father in law is a professional high end painter/decorator, with 17 yrs of experience. Works fast and with an exceptional attention to detail. Very reasonably priced. Highly recommend. Kindly give me a call if interested. Thank ... more »
Anneke M
Thank you Martin but I have employed a painter already. Kind regards Anneke
Leslie P to Parsons Green and 4 more areas

Broken electronics

I have a broken Sony flat screen TV. The screen was hit by a football! I don't know how to dispose of it or if it can be fixed? Any advice? I also have a broken karaoke machine. Also don't know if someone out there can fix it? Advice needed or ... more »
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Annette G
You can dispose free of charge at the Recycling Centre, Smugglers Way
Marta to Wandsworth and 4 more areas

a bed to give away

I have a double bed base from Ikea. One of the sides where the legs go, is broken but I think it will be easy to repair, the base is in a very good condition.  I will take it to the dump otherwise by the end of the week.
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Lynne J to West Brompton and 4 more areas

Flat-share or room to rent in Fulham area

I have a male friend looking for a flat-share or room to rent, preferably in the Fulham area, for £550-700 per month. He is in his mid-40s, fluent Spanish speaker, non-smoker, and needs somewhere by the end of April.  Any suggestions very welcome.
Glynis P
I have a spare room with own bathroom in Barnes very near to Hammersmith bridge. This is a very quiet area with good transport links from Castlenau at the end of my road. Let me know if you're friend is interested. Best, Glynis P
Lynne J
Thank you so much for your quick response.  I have let Barry know, and if he would like to come and meet you and see the room, I will email you to arrange a convenient time.  Thanks again, Lynne J
TB to Battersea and 9 more areas

Looking for a handyman

hi ! looking for a handyman to come in for an hour to do some odd jobs esp around the bathroom . Take out nails, fill the holes , fix mirrors ..that kind of stuff . Please get in touch if interested.
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Grischa D
Sorry I meant TB. Best wishes, Grischa
Carole R now in Wandsworth
I recently moved into my home in Wandsworth. Before I did I employed Gabor to do some handy work for me.  He has completed the work with the upmost care and attention in a professional manner. This has lead me to giving him extra work - so he is not ... more »
ann & roger to West Hill and 5 more areas

leaking roof

We have a very small leak in our attic ceiling from the roof. Any recommendations for someone to have a look and repair?
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Stephen A
Hi Zac, This is something we can help you with. Please do have a look at our website or contact via email or telephone,, 02077354889 Look forward to hear from you regards Stephen
Stephen A
sorry, I mean ann & roger
ann & roger to West Hill and 5 more areas

need some built in storage cupboards

I'd like to replace some old built in cupboards not making the best use of the space inside. It would need some ceiling and wall plaster repair work too.Any recommendations?
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hi ann & roger, my husband is a highly experienced, local and reliable carpenter. he does lots of work for people in this group so can provide local recommendations. stephen would be happy to have a chat with you about your requirements. his details ... more »
ann & roger
Thanks for 3 good recommendations. All 3 have quoted and I now have a broad range of work and prices to chose from.