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Re-Caning Chair

Molly S in Walham Green
Would anyone be able to recommend a re-caning person, for a chair seat ?, please. Merry Xmas !.
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Lynne J
Jeremy Cuss in Chiswick does excellent re-caning, 020 8994 4030. He's at 17 Arlington Gardens, W4.

Any canva userrs out there that can offer some advice on creating a design in A6 size

Guy D
in Putney Heath
I'm trying to do a collage of pics for a card, but need it to be A6 and landscape.  Canva seems to have an A4 setting but nothing else?  I can obviously find out the measurements of an A6 size but no idea how this translates into pixels, so can't use ... [ more ]
Guy D
OMG, yes you can! Thanks, how dozy of me not to click on that dropdown :) 

Fulham Garden Centre

Lisa L
in Fulham
I drove past the old derelict garden centre a few days ago and to my joy I noticed the sign saying we are getting a new garden centre next spring - I'm thrilled, as I'm sure many other people are. Just thought I'd share the good news. Thank goodness ... [ more ]
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Jo M
I filled it in too : )  Thanks for posting.  Yes, TG not more flats.   I asked for a composting heap, so we could bring our stuff there.  My compost bin is full.  And nip in for a coffee too!

Needed english speak Cleaning agency

Brennie D
in Parsons Green
hi everyone Would any one be able to help me out as desperately need an english speak Cleaning agency for my home that would be happy to help with shopping also The payment would be invoiced paid   Thanking you all in advance for any directions you ... [ more ]
Jonathan K
Hi Brennie, I have a family run cleaning and maintenance company for many years here in London. We would be very pleased to assist and we are English, so we speak English and other languages too. We have lots of satisfied clients of whom would give ... [ more ]

Just mived to the area

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Upholstery wanted as an Xmas present!

Alexa K in West Brompton
My young dog has chewed through both mine and my Mum's sofas! I want to get her 1950's sofa and chair re-upholstered as an Xmas present! Her sofa is in Isleworth, and if I can afford it, mine is in Fulham! However, hers is the priority. I seem to ... [ more ]
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Simon G
Hi Maje - I do , but if it needs sewing I can only work with fairly thin leather not thick hides . What kind of job is it ?
Alexa K
Hi Simon and Charlotte  - thank you both for getting back to me! Simon, I will PM you with details and I think we have met before when you came to my house re decorating a couple of years ago. Many thanks to Charlotte for the endorsement and happy Xmas! 

Any spare Bubble wrap

in West Brompton
Hi does anyone in Fulham or Sheen have some spare bubble wrap?  Around 44cm by 186cm long or more, I can always cut it? Thanks

Random act of kindness - there are some lovely people out there in this season of goodwill!

Guy D
in Putney Heath
A nice local mum kindly offered me her children’s trampoline earlier this week, she lives about a mile or so from me towards Earlsfield station. I popped over to get some of the legs and other bits in the car and decided the aggro of lashing the 6ft ... [ more ]
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Penny N
in Battersea
Hi. Does anyone know of a furrier who could repair a vintage mink coat. Enquiring for a friend who lives in the Alps!
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Rose pruning

YD in Putney Heath
Does anyone know of someone who might be able to prune roses correctly? I have a climbing rose and several others that need pruning. Many thanks
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Carolyn D
Hi Allison I charge £25 per hour and £3 per bag of rubbish if any needs taking away. I have a round of clients in Wandsworth, Notting Hill and Kensington. If you need a bit of background I trained at Kew. Hope that helps. Carolyn
Hi I am a local battersea based gardener and could help with this request. Please check my website. I am fully insured and am a licenced waste carrier. Regards Steve r


Madeleine B
in Brook Green
I'm looking for a decorator to paint a ceiling in a tiny room , about 3 square meters. White emulsion. Max 2-3 hr job. Unfortunately can't do myself....Fulham. ... A job for a handyman...
Milidar B
Hi Ms. Madeleine. I am a painter, Milidar and can finish the job on Monday afternoon... please, contact me inbox for details and address... tnx, Milidar

Has anyone got a Swish Sologlide fixing bracket they would like to get rid of??

Computer problem - any suggestions please?

Anne K in Parsons Green
I have a friend with a computer problem. Their computer is connecting via wifi to their router but  the network connection is "public" when it ought to be" private" and internet connection is not possible. There seems to be no way to change this. The ... [ more ]
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Anne K
Thank you so much - it did not occur to me to click on Ethernet to manage a wifi connection - I'll try it tomorrow and post the result
Yes, Shahid nailed it. If anything your friend was actually better protected than otherwise, but... When computer thinks that the network it is connected to is public then it is applying more strict rules to traffic from it. The downside for this is ... [ more ]

Iphone and laptop advice

Guy D
in Putney Heath
Some strange happenings with my iphone tat I hope someone may be able to help with. When connecting to my laptop, there seems to be an automatic process where a new directory is created periodically that the the latest photos on my phone are in, ... [ more ]
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10 Ltr. Green – metal Quantum –VW/ Audi – unleaded Petrol Tank to be given away

Kristian W
in Barnes
Due to disposal of vehicle this 10 Ltr. ‘explosafe’ metal VW/ Audi Quantum tank WITH 10 litres unleaded fuel is now surplus. If you are interested – get in touch 07770 500 203. In West Putney, off the Lower Richmond Road.

DL envelopes

Louise W
in Brook Green
Box of unused envelopes some of the sticky seal has gone but perfectly usable. Great for a start up business trying to save some cash! Need collecting in next 24hrs.

OKA as new velvet cushion for SALE

in West Brompton
2 raspberry red, 2 fern green, 2 turquoise blue Original price: £59 Cover + Pad each Selling at £49 each CASH only  Can be delivered in Parsons Green, otherwise to pick up
The two blue cushions have gone... Greens and reds are left ! Sale...  £40 Cover + Pad or £36 Cover only !

Can anyone recommend a local car repair garage?

Keith R in Parsons Green
Hi.  Can anyone recommend an honest, competent, inexpensive local garage capable of servicing/repairing a ten year old Ford Fiesta (i.e. nothing complicated)?  Anywhere is SW London is fine.  I used to use G&L Motors in Fulham but they seemed to ... [ more ]
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Molly S
I have happily used Sparrowhawks, under the arches, off Munster Rd for years, I find them, honest, competent, and I feel they dont rip me off. They have kept my old banger going !. 0207 610 9848.

Duvets and mattress protectors

Sylvan M in Fulham
I have a single winter and a summer duvet and three single mattress protectors to give away if you will collect. I'm off the Munster Road

London doesn't stop for winter!

LMA Property
in LMA Property
Property Management issues become more numerous in winter (think boiler break-downs, leaks from wind and rain...), and some people still have to move home. Get in touch to have someone else deal with the hassle of the management of your property. Or ... [ more ]

Broken shower

Simon G
in Sands End
My Mira electric shower has broken down - any recommendations for a repair man ? Failing that someone to install a new one ?
Charles D
If its an electric shower, try putting some Viakal in the shower head to get rid of the limescale, it might just be slightly blocking it and the heater will trip because it overheats.
Simon G
Have tried that already , no joy . Thanks anyway Charles. Btw just seen your hints for boiler problems - going to give it a go !

Help needed with damp

Miranda F
in Putney
These damp patches have appeared in my kitchen, think it is coming from a down-pipe on the outside of my building any recommendations to help me gratefully received.
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james d
Given the distance between damp patches shown on the pictures, I would lay money on the source being from the flat above. You don't need access to the flat above so much as getting in  contact with them to sort it out themselves and to give you their ... [ more ]

Want to borrow or buy 2nd hand glue gun

Double mattress for collection

K G in West Brompton
Hi, We have a double mattress available to anyone that wants it? We have only used it for a couple of weeks while we waited for our new bed to be delivered. We are based in SW11. Thanks, Karen


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