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Still interviewing for Creative Assistant for Children's Creative Club Assistant

Lucy F in Putney
This Club will now be held over 3 days from Tues 27 - 29th October 9am - 4pm.    It will also now be held at my home in Fulham not at Parsons Green Prep due to the school having refurb work done.   The club will be for 8 - 10 children maximum.  I have ... [ more ]


Gwen E in Earlsfield
Anybody want to make Quince jam? My ornamental canomeles (sp?) has for the first time ever, produced several rock hard fruits. The experts at Neals Nursery says they are edible. Personally I really dislike quince jam because we were fed it at school for ... [ more ]
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Gwen E
Thanks Jiggs W for the information.However, nothing will change my mind - I consider this fruit to be unfit for human consumption. The tins we got at school were industrial sized and lasted for three years. My quinces were from an ornamental chaenomeles ... [ more ]


Iris W in West Hill
It seems I have been awarded Bronze Plus Badge. This is because I have been registered since September 2010 but because I have never understood how to use the site I only got actively involved last week. Ca anyone tell me the significance of this ... [ more ]
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Reliable and responsible baby sitter for the next coming weekend – recommendation wanted

Bianka C in Sands End
Hi all. Can someone recommend experienced, reliable and responsible baby sitter? We need her only for the coming weekend. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
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Bianka C
Thank you all for your great recommends! Appreciated! Unfortunately this makes the choice really hard... I can't contact all of you, but I probably do it in the future. All the best, Bianka

Where ever e be, plant an Avocado tree - an old Southern Rhodesian expression....

Tonsley Man in Fulham
I have 6 Avocado saplings to give away - grew up in our compost box - Does anyone want one ? Collection from Bulawayo.......................sorry I mean SW18...
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Jumpers for Goalposts

to (ended)
Putney Arts Theatre
M K in Putney
Tickets still available for Putney Arts Theatre's Jumpers For Goalposts, a heart-warming tale about a gay and lesbian football team. On 'til Saturday including Saturday Matinee.Tel 02087886943 for tickets or book via our website ... [ more ]

Looking to build storage under eaves

Caroline C in Parsons Green
Can anyone recommend a builder, carpenter or handy man to build storage under eaves? Just need to build a wardrobe and a few drawers but I have no idea as to who can do that.
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Dougal S
I can recommend paul (( great newzealander works out of the goldfinger factory. . These guys use recycled wood when ever possible! Good rates too!!! If interested, my number is 07939850150


Joanna c in West Hill
Any of you nice painters out there got a couple of free days immediately? We have scaffolding up now and need to get some external stuff done before it goes early next week.  Just off West Hill.  Urgent!!
Nikki C
Try Justin on 07815 797663. He is brilliant. Very high standards and has also done several jobs with streetlifers always with good feedback. I don't know his prices, but very good.

Painter needed urgently

Joanna c in West Hill
We have scaffolding up for only next few days so urgently need exterior paintwork completed in that time - are any of you lovely decorators out there available almost immediately??
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Thomas Home Improvements
Hi Joanna, we do exterior decorating and are based in Putney. Give us a call on 07845 546 817 and we'll drop by to provide you with quote really quickly. At the moment we have availability.

Electrician needed

Janette B in Putney
Can anyone recommend a good electrician? I need someone experienced to fix a light which works intermittently and to wire in a built in oven.  Thanks
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Janette B
Hi everyone, thanks for all your recommendations. I had Dave White come round yesterday. He is a really good man and demonstrated excellent knowledge and a passion for his work, he sorted all my problems (the electric ones haha) with charm and ... [ more ]
Mark Electrician SW11
Hi Janette. Mark - Local Electrician. It looks like you've found a good electrician already which is always nice. Just saying as a back up. Or in case people go on holiday or are too busy in the future. Over 20 years experience and have worked with many ... [ more ]

Looking for a cleaner

Nat H in Fulham
Hi all, I am desperate for a VERY VERY good cleaner: One who scrubs rather than wipe, who can use a steam cleaner on dirt around taps, on Windows, oven, and dishwasher hinges, who gets that dust and dirt also hide in non visible places, that radiators ... [ more ]
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Penny N
I'd also be interested.  I only need 2 and half hours on Monday or Wednesday mornings.  Easy house to clean no children/pets and tidy.  Just dusting and hoovering. Must speak English.
Aga S
Helo I'm cleaner ,live on Southfields .I have experience,good reference.Please if you intrested my email Or phone number 07586031029.thank you

Cat food to give away

Janette B in Putney
Hi my cat had to be put down just over a year ago and I am finally getting rid of his bits and bobs. I have some Bozita (15 packs approx) and Sheba (2 boxes) cat food and anyone who would like to take it away would be welcome to it. Please message me ... [ more ]
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Clare G
Asda at Clapham Junction also have a box for donations in kind, near the Customer Information desk.  Any contributions go to the Sutton Cats Protection rescue, I think.

Packing boxes to give away

Nicky K in Fulham
I have lots of packing boxes after our recent move if anyone would like them before I take them to the tip? Many of them have been collapsed, but I can give you some tape for you to make them into boxes again. Different sizes. I'm not very often on ... [ more ]
Nicky K
The first lot of boxes have all been collected. Alexandra, I've got you down to collect any more I empty this week. Probably towards the end of the week would be a good time to collect. Thanks! Nicky

Cycling buddy

R K in Parsons Green
Hi all, Is there anyone out there who loves cycling and fancies training 2 or 3 times a week?  I'm in training for a 50k charity cycle ride and would benefit from some companionship whilst I'm in training.  I'm currently doing about 20km need to work up ... [ more ]
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I think this would be great to start a cycling group.  Glynis P,  I'm in now way a Chris Froome 😊 😊   I just love to cycle and I'm doing one for charity.     But I definitely be up for a meet up on our bikes.  I'd love that.  Through this post there are ... [ more ]

Gas Boiler repairs and servicing

richard s
Try Glowarm 020 8685 9498. They been servicing my and neighbours boilers for years. Good price and reliable and flexible about time,

Window Cleaner Needed

Looking for a reliable electrician

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Spiritual parenting - A journey to develop your own spirituality and support your children in exploring theirs.

Fulham - Kingwood Road
Dina M in Fulham
A journey to develop your own spirituality and support your children in exploring theirs. This programme offers spiritual and practical tools for raising children in a peaceful environment. It empowers parents to guide their children in making their own ... [ more ]

Cardboard boxes needed

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Barbara H
I have 12 small cardboard 30x40x30cm which you are welcome to have, they came from home base  collect from tadema rd
Nicky K
Hi Anne, I've just posted that I have lots of removal boxes. Please call me on 07970 674529 if you're interested. I'm local.

Deep Housecleaning Following Construction

Daniel N in Fulham
We're having a new bathroom put in and once the work is finished, we will need a heavy-duty housecleaning (dust everywhere!) by people who bring their own equipment. Any recommendations?
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Thomas Home Improvements
I guess this is a bit late but next time try 981 Cleaning. Reliable, conscientious and pleasant to deal with. Speak to Andrei on 020 3488 0981 or 07837 591 513.
Victoria S
Hi Daniel, I'm sorry to hear they weren't up to the job, I will most certainly re-think using them in the future and try to find other more effective cleaning companies. Many thanks for letting me know. Victoria

Need a builder to quote for water damage repairs to a 1 bed flat

Lionel in Wandsworth
So the chap upstairs had a leak that has been fixed now (apparently). However, there is a good amount of damage to my flat. I need a builder who is willing to come a quote for the repairs. Any recommendations will be very gratefully accepted.
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Judith M
Hi, you are probably OK now but my husband Simon Grove, (stone is a builder , lives locally would be happy to come and have a look and give you a quote. 07976204442

Servicing electronics (e.g. an amplifier)

Al C in Sands End
My domestic amp needs a service, can anyone recommend anywhere I can get that done? I'd also like to repair my speakers...

Eeks Kings Road by Lots road one way most of 2016!

If they are doing this they need to make arrangements to open up Chelsea harbour to locals with Hammersmilth and Fulham residents parking. Some joined up co=operation would  be helpful here. Chelsea Harbour has done very little to help the local ... [ more ]

End of tenancy cleaning

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