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Exhibition of Fulham Artists and Potters

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Fulham Library, Fulham Road

Reliable and hard working cleaner required

Stacy G in Fulham
Hello, I'm looking for recommendations for a cleaner (who doesn't mind ironing) to clean our flat for a couple of hours each week. We're based near Putney leisure centre. Many thanks
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Sarah C
Hi Tash, she will be with me tomorrow afternoon. I will ask her then. How many hours are you looking for, and how often. I am not an Agency. I'm just trying to help a very good worker, and people in my area. Can you PM me your telephone number. Many ... [ more ]
Sarah, I need 3 hours on Friday pm. Will inbox you my number for some reason I am not getting my messages and can't use private message function on my phone. Maybe because I am using the App

Lady Margaret School Christmas Fair

LMS PTA in Fulham
Tabletops for this event on Saturday 26th November (11 am - 3 pm) are selling fast if you're interested in selling merchandise to over 500 local people contact
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Thanks Barbara sorry we couldn't accommodate you at this event.  Perhaps we'll see you at our Garden Party in the summer.  Do come to the Fair and say hello.

Lady Margaret School Christmas Fair

Double McLaren pram found

Melodyroad in West Hill
Hi Someone has left a double McLaren pram outside 39 Birdhurst Road.  Odd thing to steal or leave outside another flat. Please collect it if it is yours. Thx
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moving boxes wanted plz can collect

Steve B in Hammersmith
Hi there fellow streetlifers. Im looking for moving boxes.trunks.really useful plastic sturdy tubs. Anything that i can use to help move home. Old wheeled suitcases Thanks Can collect 07960909384
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18mm MDF offcuts free

Nat H in Fulham
We had some storage made in the week and have got quite a few pieces of MDF left. 4 pieces 2.4 m long x 0.4, 1 piece 2.4 x 0.7 and smaller cuts. Ideal if you are looking at building shelves. Message me to get the address in Fulham. We'll take it all ... [ more ]

Wanted Cushion Covers made

Hannah J in Parsons Green
Would love an introduction to someone who can make cushion covers from material that I would provide.  I am in Fulham so someone fairly local would be great.  Thanks so much.
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Remember 1980s pop band Tight Fit?

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Civic Suite, Wandsworth Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street SW18
Wandsworth Oasis Tooting in Clapham
The Red Ribbon Cabaret is back for its 4th year - hosted by broadcaster Paul Ross and featuring Tight Fit (The Lion Sleeps Tonight), the Dame Edna Experience, Who's Molly and Ben Ofoedu from Phats & Small to mention just a few of the fabulous ... [ more ]

Replacement Gas Boiler

Linda H in Southfields
My combi boiler looks like it will soon need to be replaced.  Can anyone advise whether to get British Gas to replace it, which I believe can be very expensive, or can anyone recommend another service?  Any advice would be welcome, thanks!
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Jeanette A
I had new boiler put in few years ago by SWALE heating I thought they were so proffessional and reasonably priced They had an inspector come around after to check all work was done to a standard then you are given a certificate
Linda H
Thanks to you all for all the suggestions, you really are most helpful. Sorry to read your tale of woe Sylvan- what a nightmare for you, poor thing.

Deep cleaning Window Frames & Blinds

Vivienne J in Parsons Green
Looking for recommendations for deep cleaning window frames and blinds. Needs doing this week if possible.
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Angie D
Try dirtyblinds Earlesfield for ultrasonic blind cleaning 020 870 9960. They're a good local and business and been around a long time. Sorry don't know anyone for window frames.

Grey's Anatomy Textbooks

Terrell R in Fulham
Hello, does anyone have any spare anatomy textbooks (Grey's or Netter's preferably) for a 2nd year med student? Would be much appreciated.

Just moved into Sand's End

Owen D in West Brompton
Just moved into Sand's End and we only have beds!! Does anybody have spare furniture to help some poor graduates?
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Sylvan M
As just posted.  I have one 3' mattress and bedding and sheets for two single beds  You just need to collect from off Munster Road.
Barbara C
I have an Ikea type rectangular table.   Also a wooden stool and an upright chair.   I am near Fulham Palace road but  can deliver if you are interested.

3' Mattress and bedding

Sylvan M in Fulham
I have a nearly new 3' mattress, protector, duvets, duvet covers and sheets (blue & white) if anyone would like to collect them.  I have swapped two singles for a double mattress.

tissue paper flowers/pompoms

Tony H in West Hill
Anyone know how to make multi-coloured tissue paper flowers /pompoms?  I am looking for someone to make about 12 - I will supply all materials Please get in touch asap as I have quite an urgent deadline for sourcing these. Many thanks Tony H
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Marcia S
No problem. I absolutely LOVE my crafts and am I'm happy to help whenever I can. :)

Free jumbo sacks!! Great for garden waste.

Simon G in Fulham
I've put this on before, and had lots of people come and collect. I've got more bags going, lots more!! So if you need one or ten drop by and pick them up.. Text/call 07976204442 or just pick up 87 Plough Road, SW11. They are in front of the house you ... [ more ]

thanks to everyone

Non-cash resources needed: domestic violence charity

Michelle D in Chelsea
Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I work for a small non-profit charity based in Hammersmith. The purpose of the organisation is to safeguard women and children who are in imminent danger of domestic abuse. I am reaching out to local community ... [ more ]
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Deborah O
Hi Michelle. I have baby items which I would like to donate. I am familiar with the organisation’s that you have mentioned as I used to work in the sector. Would it be easier for you to call me or email me: my email is Would ... [ more ]
Michelle D
Hi all, Please see below for where you can donate unwanted baby goods! Many thanks Michelle

Problem on Wourcester Bosch boiler advice

Jeanette A in Parsons Green
Can anyone help me with advice on my boiler It keeps going off and the blue and reset lights go on and off Yesterday the pressure was down so got it back up but it keeps going off with the blue and reset buttons flashing The heating works but the ... [ more ]
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Charles D
You will be able to bleed the boiler somewhere, there might be a bleed valve above the boiler or somewhere at a higher level. If its making gurgling bubbling noises when switched on, then it probably is an airlock. The hot tap water will come ... [ more ]

Gas Safe Engineer to Fit an Air Conditioning Unit

David M in Putney
Hello, We are based in parsons green - SW6 4TJ. We are buying a split system air con unit (Model: KFR-53IW/X1CM) and it needs to be installed by a qualified F Gas Engineer, with Installation Certificate & receipt. Can anyone make a recommendation? 
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David M
Thanks Dmitriy but that email didn't work. Would you have a number or another email address?

Looking for a share garden/allotment!

Max E in Summerstown
Hi! I'm looking for a shared garden/allotment somewhere in Wandsworth as I am a very keen gardener and struggling with the prospect of waiting years on an allotment list! If anyone knows of anyone who is interested in sharing and/or renting out an ... [ more ]
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Maggie B
I think Age Concern runs a scheme where you can garden a local elderly person's garden and share the produce with them.  Worth a google...

Christmas concert 10th December - date for your diaries, Streelifers !

St Stephen's Church, Gloucester Road, SW7
Sarah G in Hammersmith
Fulham and Hammersmith Choral Society are holding a concert to celebrate Christmas (with carols for choir and audience). Come and join us !

Siemens Eco Sense Dishwasher won't power up. Any recommended repairers?

Richard N in West Hill
Dishwasher went dead after it'd finished a cycle.  All fine until then, never had a problem. Pimlico Plumbers quote £95 for turning up - then there's the price of the part on top. Any suggestions welcome.
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Laura B
I recommend Kaiza hi's very good enginner, he has done all i need.The number is 07740428152
Ellie B
Yes have one to recommend.    After being let down by a couple of bods, one was SO expensive, to mend my tumble dryer, found really excellent one who does all home appliances and came to Southfields.  Rang to give ETA, arrived on time, did the job ... [ more ]


Maxine C in Sands End
Can anyone recommend a boiler engineer as I think mine needs replacing
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Louise M
I can recommend Christopher Green he is excellent 07956528171 he was reasonable price wise
Sarah D
I have used Davis & Gold for 2 boilers & annual check. They can usually come quickly or sort problem over the phone. Probably not cheapest but excellent call on: 020 8805 4371


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Val B
Xylia Tree Services - TW3 2HQ Hounslow - 020 8755 2385 I used the above to dig out bamboo which decided to move across the lawn, big job bit very successful.