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Rushmere Commoners

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Duck in residence

Local Conversations in Rushmere St Andrew

Hi we have a duck nesting in our honeysuckle which is on a roof 6ft off the ground. Does anyone have any experience of this & how long before they hatch out and can they fly down ok ?. We think she may live across a busy main road outside our gate ... [ more ]
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Gary P
Ducks are stupid in their choice of nest site but the general advice is to leave them alone.  They usually find their way down O.K.  Sadly, a high percentage of ducklings fail to reach adulthood because of predation,  Any cats around?
We don't have cats but we will be keeping an eye on our dog just in case. Would it help if we filled our paddling pool do you think ?


Recommendations in Playford

Carol R
I have a friend who needs sleeves put in a top for an event on the 1st August, she is happy to pay for this service if anyone is able to help please.

Puppy/dog training

Recommendations in Beacon Hill

Patricia G
I have a 4month old puppy, I would like to enroll her in a training course. She already  knows and does the basics .  Thanks in advance.
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Jackie S
I would suggest asking if you can go and watch a class first and see if you like it and ask how qualified the trainer is before committing to a course.

Trading Standards alerts

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Avril L
Hi.  I am a new `consumer champion` for Ipswich Trading Standards alerts.  If you would like to be added to my mailing lest for this informative selection of current local scams and the excellent work Trading Standards is doing, please pm me with you ... [ more ]
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person to fit zip

Recommendations in Rushmere St Andrew

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Messages not been getting through hopefully ok now so resenting this message.. Many thanks to everyone for your help in finding somewhere to get a zip fitted I have now got it sorted out.

Bumble Bees

Recommendations in Greenwich

Teresa C
Advice needed please! My garden shed seems to have been taken over by a large number of bumble bees who come and go through a small hole at the bottom of the shed door - as I don't want to harm them in any way, how on earth do I get rid of them? I have ... [ more ]

Police requesting your help

Local Conversations in Rose Hill

Walter S
Police are appealing for witnesses after eggs were thrown at people and properties over the past few weeks in Ipswich. On Tuesday 23 June, around 11pm in Greyfriars eggs were thrown at a person. The following took place on Monday 29 June: - ... [ more ]


Lost & Found in Priory Heath

Karen N
Missing - I am a pet sitter and two of my clients have lost their cats this week. Both female, tortoishell adult cats. One went missing from Cemetery Road area of Ipswich, the other from Chatsworth Drive. Completely out of character and two very ... [ more ]
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Kiwi C
I follow several lost pets Facebook pages as I am looking for a missing dog  & there has been an upsurge in lost cats in Ipswich in the last month or two. Do not let your cat out at night.

Cat found by RSPCA

Lost & Found in Gainsborough

Lesley F
There is a rather an unhelpful message from the RSPC a posted on a pole in Murray Road saying cat found. There is no description but If you have lost yours, it may be worthwhile to give them a ring.

Blue Badge - Disabled Parking

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

I was wondering if anyone has a Blue Badge, and if so, how long did it take to arrive? I applied just over a fortnight ago, paid the fee and I was informed that the badge would arrive between 5 & 10 working days. It has since gone past the 10 ... [ more ]
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John B.....if you still need it please renew it. Yes there are a lot of people using the spaces. .....not all legally 😢.....but there will be times when you wish you had renewed it. It's also useful to take with you when out with other people so you ... [ more ]
Alan H
Spot on bunnykins I would never be without mine even if so unfortunately we are expected to pay for car parking. What if you cannot find a spot on the car park John B be glad to just park it carefully on the road wont you?

built in wardrobes

Recommendations in California

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local knoledge

Local Conversations in Priory Heath

Mark O
hi all can some one tell me why the footpath along college street still not finish after building a wall there as it look unsightly.
Suffolk County Council
Hi Mark O, Any footpath issues can be reported using our on line reporting tool. This will ensure the Highways team have all the information they need to investigate the matter for you. They'll then be in touch with you directly with any updates. All ... [ more ]

bathroom fitter

Recommendations in Gainsborough

Paul D
Hi, We've just moved house and would like to change the bathroom suite. Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for anyone that has done a good job, on time and on budget? Thanks in advance
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Susan S
Hello Paul I can recommend Tim Butler Plumbing & Heating Service Ipswich, a friendly professional workman. Look him up on Telephone 07785 725648 and 01473 414546. Will do an excellent job.

Garden help please

Recommendations in Westbourne

Tre W
Long shot but are there any cheap gardeners out there? My niece has moved into a new house and the garden is in a terrible state. She needs help as she can't do it herself. In the Whitehouse area.
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Matthew B
Hi I'm a local handyman, I can come and give you a free no obligation quote, competitive rates, either give me a message or call me on 07876 240267. Many thanks Matt.

Qigong seminar for beginners 18-19 July

Classifieds in Qigonguk

We would like to invite everybody to take part in the next Zhong Yuan Qigong Level 1 seminar which will take place on 18-19 July 2015 at Castle Hill Community Centre. You will be able to learn about an ancient self-development system from the heart of ... [ more ]
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Hello Samantha, you are welcome to do just Saturday this time. There are two options - paying full seminar to attend Saturday this time and second day next time and getting a certificate; or paying half price to attend on Saturday without certificate. ... [ more ]

Eurochat cancellation Monday 6th July

Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

Libby R
Due to last minute, unforeseen maintenance work at Waldringfield Village Hall, tomorrow's Eurochat is cancelled. The next session will be on Monday 20th July. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Recommendations in Rose Hill

Bridget E
Sitting in the garden and saw a Billywitch. Question! Has anyone ever had one fly in there hair ?
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Brian T
Not all Billywitchers are Cockchafers; some are the smaller Rose chaffers and Garden chaffers, there are many flying at dusk at this time of year.
Selina G
We get 50 plus flying around our Silver Birches and Lime trees..They are definitely attracted by Silver Birch - which has a sticky residue this time of year - perhaps this attributes to thier sticky reputation ?? :)

Street garage sale westbury rd and NORBURY rd Ipswich

Local Conversations in Rose Hill

Leeann H
Westbury and NORBURY road off Colchester rd Street and garage sale Saturday 11th July 10-2pm Support treehouse childrens charity . Please do come along
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Leeann H
Hi nosey Ron , we have never done a street sale before , this is not rushmere rd, pls come along to see and let me know yr feedback ,so far we have 40 houses selling .

FREE to a good home- jam jars with easy open lids!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Rose Hill

Anne S
If anyone would like some jam jars I have plenty. They're 1lb size and with easy open lids. So any jam, lemon curd, marmalade makers, out there, feel free to contact me!

Looking for a helper

Recommendations in Stoke

Marina man
I'm looking for someone for a couple of days a week to take my brother out who has mild learning difficulties . Doesn't require any carer or nursing qualifications as mainly just going for walks etc , very flexible working hours to suit - please private ... [ more ]

36th Ipswich Scout Group Summer Fete 2015

Clubs & Groups in Wherstead

JUL 04
to , (ended)
sprites school playing field in chantry
The 36th Ipswich scout group is holding its annual fete on the 4th of July. As the fete falls on Independence Day we have chosen an American theme. We have lots of fun things to do, great food and interesting entertainment. Please come along and support ... [ more ]
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Here's thought- I always took my children to this event and remember losing my daughter there one year ( only for a few minutes) She must have been about 3 at the time although I can recall it as if it were yesterday! She's 28 next birthday so that ... [ more ]

Furniture repair

Recommendations in Rose Hill

stained glass

Recommendations in Rose Hill

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Dental Implant

Recommendations in Rose Hill

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Buzz R
Ken Ng is an excellent dentist (in fact I believe he's the Ipswich Town FC dentist). We've been going to his practice for years. They take NHS patients. 62 Berners Street.
Patricia M
I like the combination of NHS and Private, Buzz. I do have some dentistry done privately, white fillings etc.  But if I can have some work done at nhs prices, I go for that!