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RM in Rushmere St Andrew
Hi can anyone recommend a printer copier mine has just stopped working !
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Teresa P
I changed our printer a while ago from a Cannon to a H.P Envy 5534 it came with 2 months free instant ink, we do a fair bit of printing so this is fab as we never run out of ink, it is sent out automatically and you are charged monthly. All I can say I ... [ more ]
Was looking at the HP 5530 does anyone know if this is compatible for instant ink ?

Criminal offence on Grove Lane

Asset in Rose Hill
Does anyone know what happened on Grove Lane few days ago, we had police knocking on the doors asking for information and witnesses of a criminal offence that occurred between 2330 and 5am Sunday(30th Sept) early hours in the morning.

Name of 1980s Coffee Shop in Tavern Street?

Finchy in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone remember the name of the coffee shop in Tavern Street during the mid/late 1980s. It was on the corner where Norwich & Peterborough Insurance is now - opposite H&M. They served coffee in brown stoneware pottery mugs.
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Jo G
Purdy's, I think, was where Burger King is, Took's Bakery was underneath. I remeber Olivers too, they did the best baguettes.

Want to sing?

Sandy H in Broke Hall
If you love to sing in the bath/shower or in the car come and join our new choir/singing group. We hope to start in September, just finalizing venue.  Just bring your enthusiasm...don't worry if you don't read music or your voice is a bit wonky...just ... [ more ]
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missing cat

Diane J in Rushmere St Andrew
Has anyone seen GUS two year old tabby cat missing from Bixley road area, never known to wander near the main road. He has been missing for ten days now...much loved and greatly missed.. no collar but has a chip..if anyone has spotted him or (fingers ... [ more ]
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Arboretum Pub

Finchy in Westbourne
Noticed today that the Arboretum pub has a homemade 'To Let' sign outside. Hardly seems 2 years ago when James - former landlord of The Grinning Rat - took over. For a while it was a really lively and fun venue, the opening night was crazy! But it went ... [ more ]
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Citizen of Ipswich
I think people these days are less tolerant of noise, especially amplified music, even from a venue that you might expect to generate a bit of noise, like a pub. But people have had church bells silenced after moving into a village. In the old days ... [ more ]
Eden I
Perhaps the owner has decided to move on to bigger and better things? Not everything has a negative spin. The location is not ideal for any business that is lively.

Cat found

Andrew H in Broke Hall
I have a white cat (see photo) who keeps coming to my door desperately meowing, presumably for food. I live in the Shetland Close area. Is anyone missing this cat?
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Deni P
I will post on Ipswich Missing Cats on Facebook, you could also list on Animal Search UK. I have responded to your email.
The cat could be deaf. See if it responds when you clap your hands behind it. If it is it really shouldn't be outside as it won't hear traffic coming so is an accident waiting to happen.

harvester Ravenswood

Colin C in Warren Heath
after the initial problems with this food outlet when they first opened we decided to give it a second chance, last night about 7 p/m our family party of 7 had to wait 70 minutes to get a table usually set up for 4 people, very cramped conditions, the ... [ more ]
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Raw Milk

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Best Beach around Ipswich

Saadat A in Stoke
Hi, Can anyone recommend a nice sandy beach for a day trip from Ipswich. I have been to Felixstowe and Lowestoft. Is there any Sandy beach around? How's Brighton?  Looking for some recommendations.  Thanks, Saadat
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Andrew P
Yes Walton on the Naze is good and not that far away from Ipswich if you go via Manningtree, Frinton has no shops on the front or amusements so is quieter or cheaper with the kids and only a couple of miles from Walton. Both have flat sandy beaches.

Busking/Street Performance In Ipswich

Finchy in Westbourne
Thankfully the trumpet guy seems to have disappeared, he was the worst busker I think I've ever heard. But accordion man (regularly near Debenhams) must be second worst.
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Iris M
I agree with Paulene, the bloke outside M and S is great, wonder where he has gone, trumpet man was a joke, never recognized a single tune he "played".

Litter strewn streets

John W in Westbourne
As a change from walking my dog in the park, sometimes I walk around Henley Road, Berners Street, Bedford Street, St Georges Street area of central Ipswich and I'm horrified at the amount of litter, it seems to be getting worse. The gutter in Henley Rd ... [ more ]
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Gary M ... because most of these guys are lazy oafs who couldn't give a monkey's. Much like their truly awful bosses at Ipswich Borough Council.
The blue bin men are the worst,they were in my close last Wednesday they left plastic bottles tin cans and paper all over the road, surely they could pick some of these things up. No just to lazy.

garden slabs and fencing

Chris M in Warren Heath
Hi does anyone have any old fencing, garden slabs or garden furniture  furniture they no longer require  ?? We are trying to do our garden up and the fencing is the most important to make it secure for our dog. Thank You
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Linda E
Chris the panel that remains whole is 7ftx7ft  so won't fit in your car unless your have a saw to cut it down. The other bits are half that size but damaged so may not be worth the effort.

PS Vita

Brian V in Warren Heath
Can anyone guide me in the right direction with regards to a PlayStation Vita? I am trying to get some games installed on it using an emulator or hack. Will pay.

Looking for a ladies bike

Asset in Priory Heath
i am looking for a light-weight ladies bike in need of a new home either for giveaway or a small donation (i am 5ft tall with short legs).
I have a ladies bike,12 gears,rack on the front. I'm only 5ft2ins and I've ridden this bike for a few years. It's sturdy but fairly lightweight,you can have it for £20.

Any cyclists here?

Stu in Stoke
I'm looking for a pannier bag for my bike. I already have a rack pack. Ideally I want it to be waterproof, easy to remove from the bike and preferably having a shoulder strap. I don't need a huge one - probably about 15 litre capacity. Can anybody ... [ more ]
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Not cheap but not overpriced either as they're excellent quality - try "Basel" - I have a pair that clip on either side of my rear planners. They are very roomy and have shoulder straps. I cycled home from work in the pouring rain the other day and the ... [ more ]
Laurence H
Hope you have a helmet.  I was up in London last week and the roads are manic yet cyclists peddling away with no helmets on.  Drivers are fined for not wearing seatbelts so it is crazy cyclists are left alone.  Someone referred to them as organ donors ... [ more ]

Children's knitting patterns

Brian B in Gainsborough
My partner has just retired and is going back to knitting. That being the case, has anyone got any children's knitting patterns, in good condition, to give away. I would obviously pick them up as long as it is reasonably local.
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Joan B
have 3 knit airy time knits  and the country dairy book of knitting books    teddy bear knits       fairy time  knits and country diary book of knitting          doll knit patterns
If you join on the net there are, literally, thousands of patterns you can download free and others you can pay for.  It's a fantastic resource, and you don't get pestered by them if you do join.

railway pub foxhall road

Colin C in Warren Heath
It is now evident and after standing idle for over a year planning permission is now being applied for to build 7 houses on this site, what a shame we have lost over the years locals like The Heathlands, The Blooming Fuchia and The Royal Oak, all to ... [ more ]
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Jean G
both the California club and newton road club have good music I go to newton road club practically every week and the programme for the rest of the year is looking good . I would personally go to a club like that than sit in a pub all night much more ... [ more ]


Keith H in Maidenhall
Cant believe they have traffic lights on felixstowe road again when they are working in Ascot drive how crazy is this.They have coned it out for a truck to stand in .I just cant understand the way they do things anymore.They just seem to be hell bent on ... [ more ]

Looking for Carpenter for shelving project

Angela B in Broke Hall
Wondered if anyone could recommend a skilled carpenter who would be able to build me some flexible shelving in a large understairs cupboard.  I'm in East Ipswich. Would be grateful for any recommendations. Thanks, A.
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Fence post auger

Paul C in Ipswich Town Centre
Anyone got one of these that I could borrow for  a few days in the near future?

Free Maths, Science and English sessions Kesgrave Community Centre

Claire M in Castle Hill
The Community Schools are holding free back to school sessions during the morning of the 28th August at the Kesgrave Community Centre. We will have Maths, English and Science teachers to help students aged from 8 to A Level prepare for the new academic ... [ more ]

Any St Mark's parents on here?

John B in Maidenhall
Hi - are there any St Mark's Primary School parents on here? Still trying to sort out my after-school childcare situation... Would welcome some advice from fellow parents at the school!
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Have you tried contacting the early years team at Suffolk County Council? They have suggestions for childminders and child care where they collect the child from a particular school. May be worth a try.

damp proofer

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Shaun N
I've always used Adrian Coe from Cotect (as Leeann says above).  Been going for years and very nice guy.  Worth a look.

Land for horse

Carol R in Playford
Not sure how many 'horsey' people there are on this site, but looking for paddock, with or without stabling or property with land would be considered,