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Majors Corner Death Trap

Brian B in Gainsborough
Would somebody please tell me how to negotiate the slip road from St Helen's Street into Woodbridge Road? Since it re-opened I have nearly had two accidents. Firstly, I stopped at the junction to allow traffic priority coming across Mulberry Tree corner. ... [ more ]
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Dave L
Jill W I do wonder whether Park and Ride would really make any difference at all. It clearly wasn't a success previously, presumably as there's little to attract most people to the town centre itself. Most of my journeys are across town and that ... [ more ]
Paul S
OK - can we calm down and as Martin C said wait until this particular part of the changes is implemented fully and people are used to it? Personally I live on Woodbridge Road and can see that this arrangement should help traffic flow around the end of ... [ more ]

Cornhill prosposals

Graham C
Caught most of it... seemed to me the consultation is a farce and the ridiculous plans for a platform across the Cornhill are already in place. I'd love to know how many residents have objected to the plans - and if you haven't done it yet you've only ... [ more ]
Steve S
what is wrong with the existing cornhill???  everything they are proposing will be a magnet for louts and Vandals ...a fountain or a tower will either  be filled with rubbish or used as a climbing frame , trees will be broken down a raised wooden area ... [ more ]

Fridge repair / Advice

Peter E in California
Hello all. My Hotpoint fridge has stopped working  - it had accumulated a lot of ice and so i  defrosted it over the weekend . However when i switched  it back on , it just stopped getting  cold. The light is still working and it makes a sound like it ... [ more ]
Steve S
If you can hear it humming , or it starts to hum then stops it is probably dead ...feel the compressor if it is hot , and the fridge is warm it will probably be dead .....when you defrosted it were you tempted to use a knife to get the stubborn bits off ... [ more ]

Ipswich Park & Ride

Ipswich Entrepreneur in Chantry
Ipswich Park & Ride due to close after the festive period; what are your views on the service and the concept? Does anyone else use it? I use the London Road site and there is 3 really annoying bugbears... 1. Concession tickets. 90% of users of ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
Well, this is why P&R should have always been commercial (perhaps with a grant from the council). Park & Ride has always been marketed for shoppers or leisure users... and have always snubbed workers - except council workers, who seem to use it ... [ more ]
I thought it was going to be taken over by Ipswich Buses and the no13 bus would be used for pick up. When did that change?


Clare L in Rose Hill
Could someone please tell me why there are so many cones on cliff lane and nacton road Probably to do with holywells park. But you are just moving the problem up the road. And it beggers belief how some people park. Not a happy person and today the ... [ more ]
Sara J
There's normally activities over the park every Wednesday in the holidays. I'm sure Cliff Lane School car park was opened last year which helped with the parking problem. I'm not sure about this year though
Liz H
Absolutely correct.  The traffic management plan states that Nacton Road, Cliff Lane and other roads on the Rivers Estate will be coned during the summer months and in particular on the Wednesdays when there are special activities for children and when ... [ more ]

NHS proposed service reductions

Christine G in Ipswich Town Centre
Apparently our CCG:NHS think they might run out of money in the coming year and are considering should they reduce IVF treatments or should they reduce the services they provide to vunerable adults. What a shocking choice. AND it's not good enough. ... [ more ]
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I am with you on this Tracy. Treating/helping vulnerable adults is far more important than having babies. Especially when there are so many children in care that need loving homes. Wait for it...
Elaine D
When the NHS was first brought it it seemed to be on an accident and emergency basis, people were so used to paying for a doctor they only used the docror when all else had failed. Obviously this is not the case today, and all treatment is very ... [ more ]

Domestic Help

Sue F in Gainsborough
Last time I advertised our need for 2hrs weekly cleaning help in the house I found someone who has proved hard working and thorough, but for acceptable reasons is finishing soon. We are a senior couple just needing some extra help now. Ironing would be ... [ more ]
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Barbi H
I myself just starting up a little cleaning business for myself as I have been finding it hard to find work.. I am a mature woman who loves to clean and have everything tidy.. Please call on Ipswich...809688/07495018885 Thank you...


Simon D in Maidenhall
Does anybody know of a good cleaner that could help me for a day to do a deep clean in my kitchen. Thank you.

Ipswich Town Centre - Another White Elephant?

Paul C in Broke Hall
I've just been sent a survey about a proposed redevelopment of Ipswich Cornhill that involves building some weird tower or water feature on the Cornhill.  Am I the only one who thinks that what Ipswich Town Centre needs isn't another expensive white ... [ more ]
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Graham D
If N.C.P.would not develope  the area you suggest and they own most of it it,s clearly because they could see it would be a non starter and how right they have been with the general decline in decent shops coming to Ipswich.I think the final nail in the ... [ more ]
Joanna A
Graham D Princes St will undoubtedly look better walking from the station to town when tenants move in so all you see isn't To Let signs. I also agree with the point about cladded buildings nowadays (was that this thread or another?) they seem to ... [ more ]

Ticket up for grabs

Sandy H in Broke Hall
I've got ONE (OAP) ticket for The Tempest at Jimmy's Farm on Saturday night at 7.30 please contact me if you'd like it.

New Creative Writing Group

Sandy H in Broke Hall
A new creative writing group is starting on Wednesday evenings from September in Rushmere. A friendly group lead by a local established playwright and short story writer. Whether you've always wanted to write and need something to get you started or ... [ more ]

Old Zest/Hollywood night club...

Graham C in Gainsborough
... would make a perfect ice skating centre! Ideal location near the railway station. Big space inside for the rink, with many bar/dining spaces. Such a shame to see its being marketed as a potential office building - totally inappropriate for that, and ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
Knock it down ...for redevelopment... or simply extend the neighbouring car park... It is approx 200m from both the railway station and football ground... could always build "riverside" flats... ideal for London commuters lol

Plasterer needed

Jo R in Rushmere Street
I'm looking for a plasterer to skim over a chimney breast for me and to possibly smooth over the artex on the ceiling. I need it done over next couple of weeks. 
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heating engineer

Ellen G in Gainsborough
Does anyone know of a local engineer that could help with a boiler problem. I have no hot water, but the heating still works.


DAF in Ipswich Town Centre
Has anyone got a small bird cage I could borrow for a couple of weeks. My son found a house Martin which had fallen from the nest should have left it there but he brought it home .If anyone could help me out would be grateful. Thankyou.
Madeleine C
Have you contacted the RSPB or RSPCA for advice? I am not sure that trying to raise a House Martin in a bird cage is in the best interest of the bird.
At the moment I've only got it in a cardboard box and it's flapping his wings trying to get out feeding very well.In a cage will give him more room I only got him Saturday night I think he will soon be ready to be off , my son will take him back to where ... [ more ]

Ipswich Music Day

Christchurch Park
Peter M in California
Lots of music going on in the park today - but I wanted to just point out some other related events that may easily be missed Ipswich Arts Association Christchurch Mansion Art Gallery: Ipswich Suzuki Group, Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Society, ... [ more ]
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Thanks for this. Wouldn't have known about it had you not put it on here. I don't know why Ipswich don't put prominent posters up in town anywhere.....or have I missed them? I don't read the Evening Star or any local papers and I don't listen to Radio ... [ more ]
Alex G
There was list of summer events posted on the noticeboards in Christchurch Park. I took a picture with my mobile and use that for reference. Lots of good things going on at weekends, and not just Christchurch Park!

Big Garden Party

to , (ended)
People's Community Garden - Maidenhall Allotments, Halifax road, IP2 8RE
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Big day out at community garden’s annual fun day The People’s Community Garden is making ready for its Big Garden Party on Saturday 23 July from 11am to 3pm on Maidenhall Allotments. There will be Mr Bean’s circus skills, face-painting, a bouncy ... [ more ]

Diversion/Roadworks Gone Wild!

Brian B in Gainsborough
May I suggest that as well as the Pigs Gone Wild Trail in and around Ipswich, that we have a Diversion Signs & Road Works Gone Wild Trail! Visitors to Ipswich must finish with their head up their a**e trying to follow all the diversions currently in ... [ more ]
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Peter M
If any work provider is asked to quote as to how long a job would take to complete they would want to take the longer quote, i.e. 6 or 10 weeks, you would quote for 10 weeks.   That way if it ends up being 8 weeks you are finished 2 weeks early instead ... [ more ]
Shaun N
I agree there seems to be a complete lack of 'joined up' thinking in Ipswich about planning and scheduling road works and the overall impact.  To be honest I sometimes wonder if the people in charge of this are up to the job.  On the other hand it may ... [ more ]

Handy person needed

Angela S in California
Does anyone know a good handy person. I need to replace a few light fittings.
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Major's Corner and Mulberry Tree, Ipswich roadworks

OnTwoWheels in Westerfield
I've just seen via the Ipswich Star website that this work is to commence this week. When the plans were originally published on the Travel Ipswich site I raised serious safety concerns about the design of the merge into Woodbridge Road coming from St ... [ more ]
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Technically/legally there are restrictions- You have to say where it came from for starters, you get no warranty or guarantee that its correct either More info at:
Brian B
Here are the questions, together with the answers that I put to SCC Major's Corner and Mulberry Tree, Ipswich roadworks. 1. Why has a 2 week road closure now entering its 4th week? 2. Why have loads of perfectly good paving slabs been replaced? 3. ... [ more ]

painter and decorator needed

Sandy H in Broke Hall
I'm looking for a house painter and decorator, must be reliable and not too expensive! ( and preferably available asap) not asking too much am I?
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William W
That £70 figure doesn't include glossing any woodwork; just preparing and painting walls and ceiling with 2 coats of emulsion supplied by yourself. Thanks Will
Jason P
Hi Sandy. I'm new on here and just noticed your request for painter and decorator. If you're still looking then use like to offer my services. Hope to speak soon. Jason


Colin C in Warren Heath
Hi Streetlifers      Can anyone tell me what the problem on the A12 was yesterday about mid morning,  I left Caister (Yarmouth) at 9-30a/m for my home in Ipswich , a total of 60 miles, arriving home at 1 p/m, there was no problem at the Lattitude area ... [ more ]
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Laurence H
Road Traffic Accident, ambulance went racing past us to the scene and we diverted via Ufford to get round the incident.  There are 2 roads, one from Bredfield and the other from Foxborrow farm joining the A12 on the single carriageway section where ... [ more ]

lever arch folders

Sandy H in Broke Hall
having a sort out and now have an excess of lever arch folders in very good condition - also a couple of box files. if they're of any use to you please get in touch.

Wedding car

Kim H in California
Does anyone know of a cheap wedding car hire?  Looking for something in blue, cream or white, classic car if possible.
Tricia W
Hello Kim, Pete Lister bottom of cavendish street has dark blue Rolls. (He has a car body spray shop)! Don't know what his prices are. Good luck

Wanted- old plastic roof guttering stuff

Raq R in California
Hello if anyone has old plastic guttering with attachments I would much appreciate it for garden watering systems thanks