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Fore Hamlet Ipswich

Alison M
in Priory Heath
Does anyone know what was going on last night around 6ish with all the flashing blue lights at the bottom of the hill?
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Nick G
If a driver in an incident was to blame, maybe it could be classified as driving with undue care and attention? Oh, I'm sure that is already an offence...

Death Cafe

in Ipswich Town Centre
Next Death Cafe meeting is next week, Thursday Jan 26th. Everyone is welcome. We meet at the Cycle Cafe, Tower Street, Ipswich at 2pm. Be lovely to see you there. Easy to recognise me as I'll be the one in the Death Day tee shirt. (Believe me, you'll ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Christmas Fair

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Jacqueline H
I also remember the indoor market at the  Corn Exchange albeit only vaguely but I am certain that it was successful and well attended. I recently visited Tavistock Market which is 800 years old and open six days a week. It will close later this year ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
The market was indoor at the Corn Exchange for several decades. I haven't seen a UK outdoor supermarket yet... perhaps people would appreciate an indoor market?

Phone/letter scam - TSB

P P in Gainsborough
My elderly mother-in-law received a letter today purporting to be from TSB that claimed she'd opened an account with them (she hasn't). They asked her to ring a number where she'd have to give some personal information, which she did! (Daft old bat!) ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Ltd
Thanks P P. One of the problems nowadays is everyone has gone away from being ultra professional with decent looking letterheads to easily forged letterheads (including HMRC, councils etc.) presumably to save money. (High volume litho can be very cost ... [ more ]

baby / toddler clothes swap

Glen P in Greenwich
I've got a 3yr old girl and just had a Bab boy. Looking for someone who perhaps have already got a boy and recently had a girls so we could do a like for like clothes swap, as I've been told boys can't wear pink !
Caroline S
I found this place a godsend for baby clothes. You can buy second hand and sell your old ones too.

Window cleaner

️️Ash Kemp
in California
Hi everyone. A man advertising window cleaning came by today but I missed him. Guy on his own with blue/yellow business cards I think. Just wondered if anyone got his details so I could contact him? Cheers.


Melanie S
in Westbourne
Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can recommend someone who could replace the stair banister for me? Also need spindles for stairs and landing. Haven't got a huge budget but need to make them safe and look nice too!
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Terry M
Can strongly recommend Simon Chittock 01473715794 // 07599538917 He replaced our stair and Landing bannisters plus spindles. He is also a locksmith but did carpentry apprentice, Was recommended to us and did an excellent job and at the same time  ... [ more ]
Jacqueline H
Hi again Melanie - the first tradesman has called and given me a very reasonable quote. He was also extremely polite and knowledgeable and knows of other tradesmen who can do anything he can't. His name is Johnny/Ionuto and his email address is: ... [ more ]

Illegal Parking in Arras Sqaure

Martin C
in Priory Heath
Everytime I walk through St Stephens Lane/Arras Square now there seem to be more and more cars parked there. Its got a lot worse since BHS closed.  I assume they are all parked illegally but why is no one enforcing the restriction here? And if there ... [ more ]
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metal detector permission

Steve S
in Westbourne
I am looking for a piece of land ie field ect to metal detect, is there anyone who could help , or suggest anywhere ....I would obviously need permission  from a land owner first ...

Here We Go Again....

Brian B
in Gainsborough
Barely two weeks into the New Year and already traffic chaos in and around Ipswich due to road works. Handford Road, Woodbridge Road, St Helen's Street, Wherstead Road all single lane or temporary traffic lights. In the case of St Helen's Street, the ... [ more ]
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Ruth L
but they're not working seven days a week, are they? And when you say remodelling, how? The traffic at the moment is fighting to come out of an exit that was created by the council that goes against all common sense? No temporary lights were placed on ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
Take Princes Street for example, when work finally got going they did it relatively quickly. Not fast but not too unreasonable. Before that it was months of little progress.

Cliff Lane School paper bank permanent removal

Roger A
in Ipswich Town Centre
It always comes as bit of a shock  when habits lasting years suddenly come to an end. Checked with school staff just to make sure that the car parked in the bins place was not my mind playing tricks on me.

Free computer advice and support session at AgeUK Ipswich (19 January)

to , (ended)
AgeUK Help Centre, 41A Upper Brook Street, Ipswich Town Centre (opposite Sainsbury's)
Kennedy in Ipswich Town Centre
Would you like to learn to use a computer, tablet or the Internet? AgeUK Suffolk and Lxpert are offering FREE computer advice and support to older people. Those browsing at the AgeUK shop in Ipswich Town Centre will have an opportunity to speak to ... [ more ]

Woodbridge Road East Chemist

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Linda M
The empty chemist use to be the Lattice Barn which then changed to Boots which is now moved into the new Two Rivers Medical Centre
I'm a bit late to this thread but, having gone through it, I think there's a huge amount of snobbery surrounding Greggs. True, their stuff is mass-produced (although baked savouries are cooked on the premises) and not particularly healthy if you're ... [ more ]

Carpenter needed

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Non francise Volvo garage

Ian W
in Racecourse
Hi  I have recently bought a Volvo and wondered if anyone could recommend a non-francise garage which specialises in working on Volvo cars in the Ipswich area. Thanks Ian
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Gardener Recommendation

Peter M
in California
Hi, can anyone recommend a gardener?   Have someone looking for assistance at their home in Little Bealings Thanks
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Suffolk Wellbeing Practitioners Network - Wellbeing Open Day

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Quay Place, St. Mary on the Quay, Key Street, Ipswich, IP4 1BZ
Jo B
in Ipswich Town Centre
A great event open to everyone interested in Health and Wellbeing! There will be tasters, workshops, an opportunity to meet the wellbeing practitioners and find out more about their work and maybe try a mini treatment! There will also be an ... [ more ]

80's/90's video themed fancy dress party night

Cathy W
in Pinewood
Hey all, are you in need of something to look forward to? Well.... I'm organising a fundraising event which is an 80's/90's video themed party Night it'll be held on Friday 28th April at the Manor Ballroom Ipswich tickets are £10 all proceedings are ... [ more ]

The Golf

Bob A
in Gainsborough
If I didn't know better I would say the pub had been set up for foreclosure. Can we make sure the local community gets what it wants out of redevelopment not a greedy developer?
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Just been in the Golf for a meal and was disappointed.  The decor is ok but with no carpets or curtains, it is too noisy, also cold even though the radiators were on.  The bar area looks more like a kitchen and too many tv's on the walls plus music ... [ more ]

Quiz Night

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The Bell Inn, 129 Main Road, Kesgrave, Ipswich, IP5 1AA
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Westbourne
Beat The Post Christmas Blues With A Fun Quiz Night Have you had enough of those dark evenings in? Come along for a fun Quiz at the Bell Inn, Kesgrave on Sunday 5th February 7.30pm for 8pm start. Tickets will be £5pp to include food (a vegetarian ... [ more ]

Ipswich Cornhill

Joanna A in Ipswich Town Centre
During the week or two around Christmas I had to visit Ipswich town centre a couple of times. Here are a few pictures of the Cornhill during that period..... the peak shopping period around Christmas. Why isn't this situation sorted out? This is the ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Ltd
I am very much in agreement with Nigel J. However, I am not keen on a Cornhill market, but if it is to be held here the suggestion of less frequent but much improved is a wonderful idea.  My reasons are the people of Ipswich favour the supermarkets. A ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
Nigel J: Remodelling Cornhill... I don't think Ipswich needs too much of a drastic change. I will be criticised for lack of aspiration I am sure but the brick block-paving is very dated, replace it... job done. New design, fresh and if we can trust ... [ more ]

Free computer advice and support session at AgeUK Ipswich (12 January)

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AgeUK Help Centre, 41A Upper Brook Street, Ipswich Town Centre (opposite Sainsbury's)
Kennedy in Ipswich Town Centre
Got a new tablet or computer from Santa? Would you like to learn how to use it? Do you wonder what the Internet is and what it can do for you? AgeUK Suffolk and Lxpert are offering FREE computer advice and support to older people. Those browsing at ... [ more ]

New and used jigsaw puzzles

CJH in Racecourse
Sadly my mother died just before Christmas. She loved jigsaw puzzles and has over 180 in her flat that I need to find a home for. Some are brand new and still sealed in cellophane. Others are 'used', but she was meticulous in putting the pieces into a ... [ more ]
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David F  So you have knowledge about how every charity shop is run? Goodness, you must be very high up, perhaps Chair of the Charities Commission?  Nobody suggested that all charity shop workers are diverting donations, merely that some might be. I ... [ more ]
David F
PP Sorry, I don't know about how " every " Charity Shop is Run as you very well know. I think you will find that the " managers " are employed for their honesty amongst other things and are likely to employ honest staff. If you have evidence of ... [ more ]

Old-school "copper" needed for research

P P in Gainsborough
Hi I know this might sound like an odd request but I'm writing a book at the moment and I need to speak to someone (probably now retired, I guess) who might have been a serving police officer in the late '60s/early '70s. I just need to get a matter ... [ more ]
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Nosey Ron
You don't need to give your card details. Just enter your address , quite simple . You get three card , by post or by govt records


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