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Ken G to Corbets Tey and 9 more areas

Meeting at the Golden Lion on Thursday

I was there at 6pm. Nobody else appeared to show up.
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Lesley D
Musical chair Lynne?  Everytime they sing another song downstairs we can move round!  Ha Ha!
Lynne T
Ha ha Lesley D, I like that. Crikey, I gotta stop waking up in the middle of the night and putting laptop on lol.  I am volunteering at The Squirrels Heath Gardening Club on Sunday 10.00 until 12.00. Anyone fancy coming along and buying all your ... more »
Melissa M to Becontree and 8 more areas


I still cannot believe that a man was murdered & disposed of so brutally in my area. The mind boggles as to how human beings can do such a thing to each other. It's like something out of CSI Miami, except it isn't, it's practically on my doorstep! I ... more »
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Donna W
I watched a programme the other night about the lack of social housing in Tower Hamlets. People were leaving Bethnal Green to come and live in Barking and Dagenham because rents are cheaper and below the housing benefits cap. A man from Tower ... more »
different class of scum getting nearer
DiDi to Rush Green and 9 more areas

Garden Advice.

Have moved into a property and now the garden has finally dried out, it is evident that there is a hell of a lot of rubble in the soil and the tiniest patches of grass. It needs clearing before we can even consider what to do with it. Any advice bearing ... more »
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Thanks Martin I will bear that in mind.
Yes do it a little at a time get as much compost into the soil as you can and concentrate on small areas.Over time you will clear it and not get tired of it.
Ken G to Corbets Tey and 9 more areas

Next door have sold their house

I shudder to think who might move in. Ill just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope! I was only saying the other day to someone what nice neighbours I had on both sides and now they are moving away.
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Lorraine Moss
Mary C, sorry to hear of the problems that you are having.  If there are any further incidents make sure you keep a log of the date and time.  Please see  Usually when you get in ... more »
What have the parents done Mary? Kids and balls are an age old issue. We have all caused and suffered this problem throughout our lives. They shouldn't be in your garden without your permission though.
Lynne T to Ardleigh Green and 9 more areas

Would any streetlife members like to meet in Romford

Hello everyone. Would anybody like to meet up this Thursday at the Golden Lion at approx. 5.30 ish. Everyone welcome to come and have a chat and meet new friends and old. Sorry I keep trying to put this on in different areas but can only seem to put in ... more »
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Ken G
Lesley D, you said "it would have been better with your company." That's debatable. Im sorry I missed a good night. I have sent you a PM
Sam B to Romford and 9 more areas

Local elections - Do you live in Romford, Collier Row, Gidea Park or Ardleigh Green?

At the Recorder we're gearing up for our local elections coverage and we want to know the burning questions you would like to ask the people who wish to represent you in the council. This week we want questions from people living in Romford, Collier ... more »
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Ricky K
i live in the squirrels heath ward. thats the ward where the council leader stands. like having the prime minister in your area, you will never see him. he now has a high paid job with BT and so we still do not see him. we have a floppy lovely cocker ... more »
Ken G
There were 30+ to a class when I was at primary school 60 years ago. Closing schools over the last few years have not helped things.So much for progress!
Dee dee to Elm Park and 5 more areas

Bagel shop

went through Elm park today and noticed a new shop opening soon called the Bagel shop which was the dry cleaners next to the pie and mash shop
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Nicole W
I like the pizzas from Manghi's.
Ken G
I love Greggs sausage rolls. I used to work for them as a Healthy food Consultant. ( joke ) Manghis  in Elm Park for taste and value sells the best fried chicken around for my money.
Rita B to Elm Park and 6 more areas

downstairs toilet

I live in a middle terrace Rosewood property, the door from the hall leading to the kitchen (was a galley kitchen) was blocked up and the kitchen was extended into the lounge. The area now created in the hall albeit small (dead space), we are thinking ... more »
I have seen many, options are:-  if close to existing sewer pipe connect directly if not an electric system (Macerator?) or something. Which allows small bore sink waste type pipes to be used. Get a good plumber. ... more »
Rita B
Thank you Techy, most helpful x have a nice easter.
Bonita H to Chadwell Heath and 8 more areas


I can highly recommend HandyManMrB. He has left my place a while ago having worked solidly and hard for 2 1/2 days re claiming my garden from the weeds and rubbish two seasons of neglect had caused. New felt on my shed, new fence at the back boundry, ... more »
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Linda H
MrB, it is so nice to see some one who is honest and hardworking and not out to rip anyone off. Well done.
Thanks ever so much Linda, Really nice of you to say that about me. Regards MrB
I'm with HandyManMrB
Sam B to Romford and 9 more areas

Bears in Noak Hill

Hello all, A pub in Noak Hill kept bears in the 60s and would bring them out to meet the punters, I am told.  They would even let the bears have a drink of ale and a packet of crisps. Does anybody remember, or know anything about this?  It really is ... more »
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Sam B
Hello all, I'm sure someone has a photo of the bear knocking about somewhere.  It turns out they're quite hard to get hold of though. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot, Sam
Stephen S
yes i remember this pup mum and dad always took me and my brother there the first thing dad had to do befor he could have a drink he had to buy 2 cokes 3 bags of crisp one bag for the bear it was like a small zoo peacoks moneys chickens and rabits have ... more »
mad artful dodger greg s to Chadwell Heath and 9 more areas

romford ice rink

can anybody tell  me why romford ice rink has not been built on yet queens hosp is using the ice rink car park as an over spill car park for visitors and staff  when are they going to build on it if there going to build on it  why did they close the rink ... more »
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David G
Last year we fought hard to get answers, they promised they would help out 'getting deal with other rinks etc'. Their promises are worthless. I offered to run the rink free of charge if they would help fund it, the answer was no! My wife and 10 year old ... more »
Sue G
It was one year this week that the rink closed....... We were told by the now ex leader that all would be in place in 2 to 3 years...... So that now means 1 to 2 years. Both figure skaters & ice hockey skaters fought tooth & nail to keep Romford ... more »
Karen H to Elm Park and 9 more areas

Candle holders for Marie Therese chandaliers ?

I need new white candle holders for my chandalier & have tried online but the only company I could find did the wrong size.Travelled to Hornchurch to try Havering Lighting, only to find it shutdown. Anyone know any other light shops or suppliers, ... more »
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Rita B
You could try Hans Electrics in Elm Park Broadway - 01708 446060 - 22 The Broadway - 9.00-5.30 Mon-Sat x hope this helps.
Karen H
Thanks, Rita, they are within walking distance from me, didn't think they'd do that sort of spare part, but worth a try.
Debra W to Elm Park and 5 more areas

Reliable Cleaner

Hi All Would anyone be able to recommend a local cleaner ? Just be for 2 hours per week, vacuming, dusting and floor washing. Thanks Debra
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Georgi D
Hi again Debra. just to let you know I inboxed Tracy's number to you last weekend, please let me know if you have troublle accessing it, if you are still looking, Best regards, georgina.
Debra W
Hi Spencer. Thank you.
Kim R to Rise Park and 8 more areas

Urban Fox's

Anyone having problems with Urban fox's? I have a den at the bottom of my garden  and thee are 3 of them now so are breeding , so far they have attacked my cat and given me  vet bill, dug up my daughters buried Guinnea pig and ripped my garden apart ... more »
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Christine M
I have sprinkled neat citronella on my garden and within 2 hours the squirrel is digging the same area to bury/look  for nuts, by the next morning there are 3/4 piles of poo [cats] there as well. Tried the same thing with black pepper and still makes no ... more »
Joy N
Thanks for that tip DiDi
Denis S to Chase Cross and 9 more areas

Alarm Salesmen

Please be aware that the 2 young men showing ADT on their jacket has to  show you some ID. I have contacted ADT about this. 
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I had one guy apparently from ADT I told him I wasn't interested to which he replied"don't you want to secure your house " he had a piece of scrap paper and I saw him put a mark against my house number I live in Chadwell heath and apparently we have the ... more »
Denis S
See my earlier post for the number to ring or check on their  website. They should have ID.
Justina B to Ardleigh Green and 9 more areas

Employment Opportunites

Hi, I have been out of work for a while and am looking locally to avoid the drag of the train and tube and I have been to a few agencies to no avail. I don't really know much about the area apart from surrounding south street, I am looking in the ... more »
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Elizabeth M
AllClear Travel Insurance are looking for sales agents their website address is they are based in Harold  Hill behind  B and Q good luck
Bonita H
Hi Justina, about TJ Hughes, their head office is in Liverpool and they have a website, you could try contacting them to ask if theu are coming back to Romford and about jobs there.