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Another sad road collision

Local Conversations in Heath Park

Valerie H
Yes see it every day as I have to go past.  There was another one some years ago a young boy at exactly the same spot. Driving too fast down London Road all the time. Very sad.
Jac T
I actually passed the sign again today it occurred just gone midnight, not sure if it was due to all the traffic and foot flow after the dogs as it's always so busy around there when we drive past

plusnet Broadband

Recommendations in Newbury Park

Mary C
Hi everyone  hope you all had a nice Easter  i want to know if any of you are with Plusnet foryour internet? and are you happy with them/ Thank you
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Mary C
Donkey i agree with you and i have always said this  You re only a number i mean this in every aspect of life  i always said this in the work place  once you leave or die you re soon forgotten  i have always my best at my Job but once i leave that ... [ more ]
Don K
Mary C  I've only been with Plusnet for a couple of months. I've thrown away all my calculations now, but at the time I listed down all the costs (line rental, anytime plan, caller ID, broadband, etc.) & compared BT with plusnet. From memory, I ... [ more ]

orange recycling bags

Local Conversations in Elm Park

Dee dee
has anyone been left out of the orange bag delivery i have run out and have noticed they have been delivering them but we havent got ours yet, i know you can get them from the library but just wanted to know if anyone else is waiting or someone has ... [ more ]
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Richard J
I may be wrong but I seem to remember Barking & Dagenham said they were no longer going to supply Orange bags, we could continue to use any existing ones we still had but after that , we just put the rubbish straight in our brown bins.
elm park libarary have a car park right next to it, so you can get a free parking ticket for 20 mins which is plenty of time to go to the libarary and get extra recycle bags.

New street lamps on 24x7?

Local Conversations in Little Heath

We’re in the Wood Lane area and have been getting these new street lamps installed. They have to dig at the base to replace the existing street lamps. A few points 1) New street lamps are VERY bright that is probably because 2) New street lamps ... [ more ]
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What annoys and amazes me is the fact that down my banjo at the other end the 2 lampposts are one on each side - up here [my end] they are both on the same side - not mine;  so any light never reaches my path or sideway.


Give, Lend & Borrow in Little Heath

Stephen S
I have a lovely cockerel to any one that would like it its got a bit violent towards my chickens and appears to be pecking at there heads for no reason so im looking to give it a good home

wartime friends

Local Conversations in Elm Park

May F
My friend Nora has died. During the war she worked in the Foreign office on the South Bank and was there when it suffered slight war damage as the gun "Big Bertha" was let off for the first time nearbye. There was just one casualty, a soldier hit as the ... [ more ]
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Chris N
If you are interested in this sort of thing try Mammoth Book of Eyewitness Britain: Eyewitness Accounts of Great Historical Moments from 55 B.C. to a.D. 2000   a good read.
May F
Thank-you. I have just ordered this book from Abe books £2. 80 post free. I buy all my books from them at incredibly low prices,usually as new. It is cheaper than buying a magazine and certainly longer lasting.

String on hat

Recommendations in Upminster

Ann B
Hi, need to get a "string" put on a cowboy hat. This requires eyelets being punched in hat (leather) and a string put through so it doesn't blow away in the wind. Anyone know who could do this sort of thing?
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Chris N
Have a look on EBay for eyelets.  Choose the size you want.  They cost very little and come in all sizes with a gadget that does the job when you bash it with a hammer.  We've just put heavy duty ones all round an awning.  The hardest bit is getting the ... [ more ]

Queens Hospital Car Parking

Local Conversations in Romford

I have been given an appointment at Queens for an MRI scan at 9.10 pm (21:10) on 1st May. Does anyone know if parking regulations still apply at that time of night? Will I be able to park out in the open space rather than in multi storey? Any advice ... [ more ]
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Shirley N
Yes Jean. We never even knew about it until my hubby had to have chemo. We were walking from the main car park!!! That's right as well they clamped down. But the layout of parking is ridiculous at queens. When you feel unwell, the parking from A&E is ... [ more ]
Zena E
They had to clamp down on people using the oncology carpark who weren't using the oncology dept because cancer patients couldn't get parked.  Even the staff aren't supposed to use it.. In my experience of hospitals, Queens is one of the better ones for ... [ more ]

Cleaner wanted in Hornchurch/Elm Park Area

Recommendations in Gidea Park

Karen G
Can anyone recommend a good cleaner please.  I have a couple of agency numbers but I would like personal recommendations.  I have come to the realisation that I now need help around the house and want someone who can come in and sort me out. I would ... [ more ]
Jacky O
Hi Karen Give Maryse a ring. Her company Clean and glow are fabulous. She loves cleaning and takes a real pride in what she does and leaves everything super clean! Her number is 07508 651967 Or email her Good luck with the ... [ more ]

free tickets

Recommendations in Elm Park

Dee dee
fancy visiting grand designs at Excel on the 2nd may claim your free tickets asap on using this code ESFTIXMAY in the buy tickets section

Cooker repairer

Recommendations in Rush Green

Jodie W
Hi I'm looking for a cooker repairer, my metal bit between temp dial and Cooker has snapped off the dial is fine just needs the metal D shaped piece any help gratefully recieved ty x
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Havering out of town car park charges

Local Conversations in Gidea Park

Phil Wailing
Be aware the out of town car park charges have just has a five fold increase for 1 hour and a 7 fold increase for 2 hours. The first 20 minutes is free but then it is £1.00 and £1.50 for 2 hours. Also be aware that the Rex Close car park in Collier Row ... [ more ]
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Bill E
If you run out of orange sacks and you can't access free parking at any of the libraries to get more then put all your household waste in your black bags... You don't have to use orange bags...
Lin M
We all know Rosindell is a control freak, he tells them to jump and they say how high. That's why he wanted rid of previous councillors like Alby, he wants yes men on his team and young ones who won't give him any grief and as we all know Rosindell ... [ more ]

tree pruning who does this?

Local Conversations in Corbets Tey

who do you contact to get trees pruned/chooped back that are  along the public roads etc? as this two trees  on rainham road havent been pruned back and have grown over, so now semi covering the lights opposit them.  its lucky they are strong brances ... [ more ]
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Maria C
As it is a public site it is the responsibility of Havering Council.  Go onto their website and you can make a complaint for the environmental area to request these to be cut back.  Or you can contact them and ask to speak to someone in that area to ... [ more ]
Have you asked for a site meeting to discuss this, usually tree officer will meet on site to discuss options, Streetcare contact centre 01708432563?

Architect/Kitchen Designer

Recommendations in Collier Row

Alison S
Can anyone recommend a local architect who can draw up plans for a kitchen refurb and 3m x 3m single storey extension on my house in Romford?  Need someone who can handle all the building control stuff with the council etc.  Any recommendations would be ... [ more ]
Irene C
Alison S. You could try my brother in law John Slater at He has many years' experience in domestic building design and building regulations.

Dumper trucks

Local Conversations in Little Heath

Stephen S
Why in the hell are these bloody trucks allowed to drive along Mawney road ripping the surface up again that has just been repaired and by the lights on the A12 has a load of stones that spilled out on the road right by the lights
Max H
Because it's surprisingly difficult to prevent a correctedly taxed vehicle to stop using a public road.  Likewise, it quite difficult to get roads closed, look at all the notices in the local press. To be fair, Mawney Road is hardly a side street, it's ... [ more ]

anyone local with fibromaliga or me (cfs) that knows of suppoert groups

Local Conversations in Barking

just wondering if anyone local has this illness like me that we could mabe get together if if it makes you as ill as iam . i have went froma healthly mother of 4 to stuck in my home day and night getting out or to speak with other people once a month if ... [ more ]
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Lesley C
Thank you for the email, is the Eva hart a pub, also see the latest talk I have put on about a show at Olympia, The we might get some help, you can get free tickets.

Dog Grooming

Recommendations in Heath Park

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Unwanted TSB bank account

Local Conversations in Rise Park

Greta J
Just received TSB bank card, pin code,online banking...!!! I haven't opened any bank account myself and, I guess ,it means that bank is stealing personal details! What do I do? They may buy whatever without my knowledge????? That's a fraud! I'm very ... [ more ]
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I'm really surprised at this as when I opened an account with Santander I had to take my passport and an online application would not be accepted without an interview and showing documents. They explained that this was the law now under the prevention of ... [ more ]
Greta J
Me too,I've never thought that this is possible because when I've opened my account with Barclay's ,I had to provide passport,2 proofs of address and be there myself in the bank! That what I thought was everywhere! If that is a law,TSB is braking it.

Doctors appointments

Local Conversations in Gidea Park

Phil Wailing
2 months ago my wife phoned our GP's surgery, (Lynwood in Collier Row) and she was told she was number 6 in the queue. It took their receptionists 31 minutes to answer the phone. They then offered my wife an appointment that was over 2 weeks away. She ... [ more ]
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I last went to the doctors 25 years ago, when I had a persistent cough. He said it would go away on its own, but to come back in a couple of weeks if it didn't. He said he didn't treat well people and he was right as it went away on its own. The come ... [ more ]
Ray Harris
No miss, it is a GP practice.  It was the former officers' mess and is in a turning (Astra Close) just after the mini roundabout at Wood Lane if travelling from Abbs Cross.  The postcode is RM12 5NJ if you want to Google it!

Special offer

Local Conversations in Dagenham

Antonio P
Dear Friends, I hope you are well and had a good Easter Break.  The Jubilee Restaurant is a training restaurant run by tomorrow's catering professionals at HAVERING COLLEGE, Quarles Campus Harold Hill. RM3 9ES Tomorrow, Friday 17th April and ... [ more ]
Antonio P
Dear Vivienne, I can organise a full vegetarian meal for you if you would like to make a booking. Please let me know what you would like and I will do my best. Regards Tony Tel 01708 462886

Odd job person

Recommendations in Rush Green

Alan S
Hi Maxi I can possibly assist with those jobs, you can call me on 07921682991 or send a private message to discuss. Hope that helps .....
Sue Tyrell
Maxi P  You could also try Kevin, done work for myself and other streetlifers, Usually busy but worth a call. I will private message you his number. Sue

Odd job person

Recommendations in Rush Green

Parking Fee Consultation

Local Conversations in Rainham

Donna W
I was told today that three public meetings were held for residents to discuss the increase in car parking charges and that apparently all households should have received a letter notifying them. We didn't receive a letter, did anyone else? The first I ... [ more ]
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Ron O - you will go down in history for killing off the high St and local shops - well done that man !
Clare D
It makes you wonder if these increases were always the long term plan. I didn't think that parking costs would ever stay at 20p. I too would like to see how much these machines, maintenance, signage and enforcement officer wages will cost. Will it be ... [ more ]

Block paving

Recommendations in Romford

Piano and bike?

Recommendations in Gallows Corner

Roberta L
Hello fellow streetlifers, I am looking for an upright piano, possibly not too expensive as it'll be for my daughters to practise on. Also, I'm looking into buying a second-hang, good condition bike for my twelve-year-old daughter (just under five feet ... [ more ]
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Lynne F
I posted on here earlier, but my comment seems to have gone - not sure whether it's been removed, but as Roberta's request was successful I'm trying again! - I am looking for a bike for my 11 yr old granddaughter to use when she comes to visit over the ... [ more ]
Bob C
Lynne F - yeh I saw your post so do not know why it got removed but have noticed this happens quite alot. Mel who had the bike is even not on here.