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Towers Demolition

Tina S
in Hornchurch
Does anyone know why it is taking so long to pull down the Towers Building in Hornchurch, I read a couple of weeks ago in the Recorder that there was a problem with the council giving permission for the works to go ahead because of the worry of the ... [ more ]
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2 x wooden pallets

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Hackers in Romford

in Rush Green
Had lots of hacking attempts on me over the last few days, you get a screen come on your screen saying someone is attempting to attempt to get into your account, and it says don't Allow or allow, then I have had lots of screens come on asking for me ... [ more ]
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Hi Raj S, AVG can work with multiple devices but will cost a little more than single device. However strangely there is no app for ios devices, i know avg did provide them at one point but for some reason at the moment they do not. Ios devices do not ... [ more ]

iron gate

mo fox in Chadwell Heath
hi , is there anyone on here that can supply and fit a wrought iron gate on my kitchen back door , thanks in advance x
I had gates fitted by Dave of Brooks Metal Design and was very pleased with the work and the price. Have a look on his website.

Nhs and queens

Michael F
in Hornchurch
So many people complain about queens hospital and the nhs but on Tuesday I called an ambulance for my grandson. It arrived in minutes took us to queens where six medical staff were waiting in a cubicle for us. They were brilliant and when he had to go ... [ more ]
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So refreshing to read everyone's positive comments about our wonderful NHS, my daughter is in her last year of training to become an adult nurse, not only do I take my hat off to her, but also to all the many health professionals myself and family ... [ more ]

Rubbish Collector

Claire in Romford
Hello everyone.  Can anyone recommend a reputable Rubbish Clearance person?  There will be about 15 large, full bin bags and an old mattress for me to get rid of.  I live up a flight of exterior steps.  Thank you.
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Hello Barry, do you have an email address?  I'm not able to leave you a private message on here, without giving my Bank details.

Five Elms Post office

Apples in Romford
Does anybody know why the Post office at Five Elms in Wood Lane is shut today? Mum went past it twice today,said shutter was up but all in darkness?
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Susan G in Romford
Can anyone recommend a fencing company, reasonable prices. It is for my elderly mum in Hainault
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Susan G
Hi David, I will give the info to Mum, she is very independent at 93 and likes to make her own decisions, but I am sure you will hear from her. Thanks
David L
Ok that's great. We are happy to come around and give you a no obligation quote. I will privet message you my mobile number. Thanks suave Susan


Jamie C
in Ardleigh Green
Can anyone recommend a reliable and reasonable cleaning company that do one off cleans?  For end of tenancy cleaning, builders cleans etc.

Need help of who to contact in the Council please

Hayley N
in Ardleigh Green
I have just witnessed deliberate damage to council property. Namely a bollard which was put in situ to stop dangerous parking being rammed by a skip lorry whilst collecting a skip on the corner of Woburn Avenue. There were three men trying to kick it ... [ more ]
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Music storage

Angie S in Rush Green
Afternoon all Looking for some advice on the best product for portable music storage. Previously used my iPod touch but been told I can't upgrade to the latest version of iOS so think I need to get something else. Any advice appreciated Thanks Angie
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I am completely dedicated to digital music storage.  I am a Sax player and a piano/keyboard player so my requirements are quite extensive.  I already store thousands of sheet music arrangements on my equipment. Firstly when reading anything like sax ... [ more ]
Colin F
Is there some confusion here?. Are you looking for someway to store your music files - MP3 and the like?. If so, you might like to investigate a NAS - Network Attached Storage. It is a kind of external hard drive, which attached to your router (not to ... [ more ]

House prices in Romford area

in Romford
Saw this in the Evening paper, the 300k houses in Greater London are disappearing as the ripple effect from London spreads out, Gorseway was £240,000 in July 2013 now £368,000, a couple would need an joint income of 50k, and a deposit of 75k.
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Burn's Week and Voucher ( A choice of a Three Course meal with coffee for only £7.50 and a complimentary glass of wine)

Antonio P
in Dagenham
Dear Friends, Next Tuesday 24th January, we cooking a Scottish Menu giving you a Taste of Scotland. ( A choice of a Three Course meal with coffee for only £7.50 and a complimentary glass of wine) Please find attached Menu and discount voucher. ... [ more ]
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Cushion Floor Fitter

Claire in Romford
Hello,  can anyone recommend a professional Cushion Floor Fitter please?  I have 1 bedroom, 1 Lounge and a Hallway which I want to cover with Cushion Floor.  Thank you.
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Prime Property Services
We use a great carpet/vinyl fitter, Anthony Coltman, he can bring samples if you know roughly what you want, or match a carpet from the likes of carpet right. He is always a great price as well. His number is 07958 740285 if you tell him you got his ... [ more ]
Thanks very much Prime Property Services, but I've already got someone lined up for the Cushion Flooring.  Thank you, Claire

Cardmaking Workshop

to ,
Tesco Community Room Roneo Corner
Deborah A
in Rush Green
Workshops take place on the third Saturday of each month.   This is a small, friendly group where we aim to make three cards each workshop. It is £5 per session and this includes all resources and equipment needed as well as tea/coffee and ... [ more ]
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Excel centre parking prices

Bumbledee 🐝🐝🌻 in Elm Park
I went to the excel centre yesterday to visit an event I'm interested in and haven't been there for a few years... the last time I was there parking was £5 for 2hrs... £10 for 4hrs or £15 all day....well yesterday the parking rates have now changed to ... [ more ]
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Ernie W
Don't think parking prices are ever gonna come down, yeah madness £ 15, what are they gonna be next year & what can we do about it, I hate to think how much parking costs, central West End on the meter per hour ??


Claire in Romford
Hi,  I forgot to mention that I also need a reputable Handyman to fit a Cat Flap in the front door (PVC door).  Thanks so much.
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DIY Person

Claire in Romford
Hi everybody.  Can anyone recommend a reputable Handyman?  I need a strong metal clothes rail put up, going from one side of the room to the other.  It measures approx. 9 to 10 feet.  Thank you.

Meditation class?

Andrea Q in Romford
Hi, Just wondered if anyone could recommend a decent meditation class in the Romford or havering area? I work full time so evenings or weekends would be good! Really want to start doing this regularly. Thanks Andrea
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Sheila J
Rita hurry@ The Sanctuary,Pea lane, upminster, very good class, unfortunately she is having to change the venue, and is trying to find somewhere in upminster, contact
Andrea Q
Ooo thanks Sheila! I will contact Rita. I missed the one at Hornchurch tonight due to train delays! Am thinking a weekend class or later weekday class would be ideal.

post office

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Mick S
Diane This is not a criticism , but genuine interest. What are a your reasons for 1) first post office was in Hornchurch. The only connection I can find is that Thomas Wittering who was head of PO in 17th C bought Nelmes Estate and died in HX 2) The ... [ more ]

Stamps to help the Blind

Dee S
in Ardleigh Green
If s/lifers could save all the used stamps on their xmas cards, just cut about 1cm around them please and after xmas just p/m me and I will tell you how to get them to me, there is no postage needed you just write ARTICLES FOR THE BLIND on the ... [ more ]
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thanks for info yvette and elizabeth. ill take them to me local shop then, just hope they can use them.

old morrisons store

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Angela L
I have heard that some of the small Co-op have been sold off. I cannot remember t he name of the of those that have bought them.

Romford station bus stop

Bumbledee 🐝🐝🌻 in Elm Park
Contractors working on behalf of LB Havering will be starting the next phase of the CCM works. As a result of these works, Eastern Road will be closed between its junctions with South Street and Chandlers Way. Buses will be diverted as follows: ... [ more ]
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Paul C
Bumbledee 🐝🐝🌻 Had to pick my little one up from her stage school tonite and all back to normal. Did get a bus to the bus terminal but the 86 travelled its normal route from the station to London road. Hope thats the end of it.
Sam H
Strange that TFL still says stops at Romford Station are closed heading towards Dagenham and Hornchurch. Also seems that Western Road stops will be closed again from Monday for one week.

The Three Travellers, Becontree Heath

Dave T in South Hornchurch
Went past there on Sunday afternoon and there were about a dozen people queuing to get in. Were they queuing for Sunday lunch? Any ideas?
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TV ariel

Chris W
in Rush Green
Hi, My aunt has a small TV in her kitchen but for the past week or so can only get BBC channels on it.  I have tried updating the stations but still couldn't get ITV on.  I tried plugging it in to the aerial in the living room and it worked, so ... [ more ]
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Chris W
The aerial she is using is through a socket point that connects to the same aerial as the one in the living room although I noticed the actual connection is different.  The kitchen one has a thin pin coming out and the other one (which is newer) has a ... [ more ]
Don K
The socket should look like the one in the attached photo. The actual thickness of the inner socket shouldn't matter too much, as long as the pin on the plug that goes into it is a snug fit. When you tried the kitchen TV in the living room, did you ... [ more ]