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Romford M P Speaks Out

Peter in Ardleigh Green
After the tragic death of the three year old boy in Essex, that dog was not on the banned list, how effective is the dangerous dog act 25 years on in Romford, can you ever trust a dog around Children ?
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Terry M
JB - You obviously know nothing about police dogs or their training. Can you inform me of any incident in the last 10 years where a police dog has bitten anybody other than somebody breaking the law? It would appear that you are unaware of the ... [ more ]
Mary B 🐱
Sorry i don't want to get into this argument. But a couple of years ago a police dog on duty bit a policeman, thinking he, the policeman was the absconder. It was in the papers, so that just one in a few years, don't know about ten years.



Sandra Davis in Marks Gate
I seem to be having trouble with my Computer I wonder if anyone can download it all and start again fresh please I don't know if this can be done thank you

Romford church

Ann N in Castle Green
Has anyone else seen all the young well they look homeless lying around the graves and drinking sleeping spitting ect ect they were their as I was coming out of the church on Friday. Is it me or has no one got any respect for the dead
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Rita W
Keith. Every disability case is different. I actually know people who are totally quadriplegic and cannot speak or swallow. The odd thing is that those people never moan at all. Money is scarce and if people can go for assessment I would say they are ... [ more ]

Builder recommendations

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John P
Likewise with previous comments. Unless it is minor works you need not an extension or loft conversion. Many medium sized builders only work on 4 week projects or less. But always seek a referral from previous clients.

Strang Plant

Jan A in Castle Green
Hi All you gardeners out there, anyone recognise this? Sorry the picture's not too good but I had to climb onto a 6ft fence to get it. It's growing on scrub land behind my garden, the council are planning on clearing it & I'd like to know if I ... [ more ]
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Stephen S
Il be passing there at about 3pm today if thats ok with you i can meet you by the entrance if you like i drive a Renault silver color but needs a wash lol just let me know


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Terry M
Pinney Rogers PLC offices in North Street Hornchurch next to the job centre and Station Road Upminster opposite Rooms. They have dealt with a lot of my legal work and their prices are reasonable as solicitor fees go.

household register email

miss in Corbets Tey
hi has any one else had trouble using the email to do their voting form check online at  as clicked this few times n all i get a black screen with wordings asking me to purchase the domain..
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lego advent calenders

miss in Corbets Tey
hi if you missed out on the lego advent calenders for kids  last year i've just ordered one from i know mega early, but sold out very fast ... [ more ]

hav eyou been to this place?

miss in Corbets Tey
got this email this morning, any one been to this place or eaten this type of food?. One Dickie Fitz all From: "Time Out Offers" Today's new offers Exclusive Three courses and a half-bottle of Yalumba wine at Dickie Fitz This ... [ more ]
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Ajit S
That's great sense of humour 'Miss'  One Dickie Fitz all, and 'Time out offer' makes it even more interesting , and did you notice most of this comments on this topic above is by you Girls  !! You girls are so full of life , God bless you all. By the ... [ more ]

Serving Alcohol in Iceland

Diana D in Ardleigh Green
I was just in Iceland, Harold Hill, when there was an altercation at the till.  A lady with her daughter was putting her shopping through and the till girl said she couldn't serve her the bottle of wine she wanted as her daughter looked underage. ... [ more ]
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Don K
George B  The Daily Mail article was the first one to come up on an internet search. The same information about 2 packs being voluntary, & that legally they can sell up to 100 tablets was also reported in:- The Daily Mirror ... [ more ]

Fiskardo in Fairlop

Apples in Romford
Just wondering if anybody has been to Fiskardo's in Fairlop for a meal? I was thinking of having a family meal there for my birthday in November.
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Pamela M
Been there in December for the last 2 years and going again this year. There's a lovely atmosphere, and good music, the staff are friendly and the food is good.... Enjoy your birthday in November.


Patricia R in Romford
Gale singers ladies choir rehearse every other Tuesday at Eastbrook Community Centre, Dagenham. Our next rehearsal is 9.45 until 11.45 on Tuesday 30th August, if you love singing come and join us. We have two concerts a year, our next one is on ... [ more ]

Replacement boiler

The Boiler Replacement Company(essex)Limited in The Boiler Replacement Company(essex)Limited
10 year parts and labour warranties Lifetime heat exchanger replacement Europe's most efficient boiler Superb savings on your fuel bills Gassafe registered Which?trusted trader Havering based heating company If interested please call 01708 226682 or ... [ more ]

D700 camera wanted

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Dumped Caravan

Mary B 🐱 in Dagenham
I come through Sandy Lane Aveley this morning on the way to Thurrock garden centre. Couldn't believe my eyes there on the road in a lay-by was a dumped caravan. I've seen some things dumped in my time but never a caravan.
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Route 5 proposed change Romford to Canning Town

Steve M in Rush Green
TfL is proposing the following changes to route 5: Buses would be rerouted at Rom Valley Way to serve Queen's Hospital, Oldchurch Rise, and Oldchurch Road. Buses would use these roads in both directions Buses on route 5 would no longer serve the ... [ more ]
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Colin F
PS - now looked at website, and discovered that it is still at the proposal stage, so have now filled in the consultation document. Wouldn't have known about it, so thanks, Steve M
Don K
If you want to see what other Streetlife members think, there are already 2 conversations about this:-


June A in Becontree
Has anyone a contact for a poly carbon roof repairer please. One of mine has not been installed properly and needs attention.  When it rains it just pours in.  Would appreciate any help in finding someone.  Thanks.
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Berther road parking restrictions

Jennie L in Cranham
Since June, Berther Road in Hornchurch became a controlled parking zone, with large signs at both ends of the road. You are only allowed to park in the bays, parking on the yellow lines between 11am-10pm, 7 days a week, will result in a parking ... [ more ]
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Sandra L
Good points. But aren't all disabled people vulnerable? I know Top Golfer that a Blue Badge is not tied to one vehicle (I believe 3) that has nothing to do with the recipients of the car in my story.
Top Golfer
Sandra L I know that wasn't the point. But can anyone be 100% sure the dolly day dreams hadn't dropped of the blue badge holder off and parked up and then trotted on back up the road.

D'UkesFest by D'Ukes

Martin (of D'Ukes) in Romford
Last Sunday's free ukulele music fest at the Queens Theare was brilliant. A great local festival also attended by people outside the borough. Great performers traveling from Kent ; Richmond and Clacton. Here's some pictures of the mass jam taking ... [ more ]
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Martin (of D'Ukes)
Hi Dee I did - about two weeks before the event. I'd created an event on Street Life but it received zero 'likes' . The Facebook page however got over 600 'likes', I will keep posting on StreetLife. Cheers Martin
Dee S
hello Martin thing is that different areas of s/life dont get all the posts, no matter how many times I have heard s/life members say I did not know about that, the powers to be seem to like it that way and a lot of news gets passed on by word of ... [ more ]

havering council

ground controller in Elm Park
anyone noticed how hard it is to contact havering council web site tried to report something yesterday using my email and pass word  all i get is time out  havering won't residents to report via there web site totaly useless phoned instead and was ... [ more ]
Problem is ground controller since the elections in 2014 our councillors have pocketed £2.5 million of our council tax and now there is no money to pay for people to answer the phone or fix the web site. Havering council is in crisis and on the verge ... [ more ]

Calling all Handymen

Bonita H in Chadwell Heath
I'm clearing out my shed. I have about 2 dozen jars of screws, brass and steel, all sorted by size and most of the jars are labelled. I'm looking for someone who might find a use for them. Free if you can collect. If I get no takers they will have to ... [ more ]
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Bonita H
Screws all gone. Now have 3 empty shelves in the shed to fill with more rubbish Lol. Nice to meet Jo and her husband.

whalborn lane sedation clinic

miss in Corbets Tey
be warned....was refered back to whalbornlane for sedataion dental work, only thing is they won't treat me as they said I reacted to the sedation, they didn't say a word whilst it was being done nore did they say anything after its all done to me or ... [ more ]
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woo p cushen
miss, doesnt matter what angle i gagg. they wont even try doing impression. i dont eat before so not like its a risk. been trying with different dentists for 8 years and still no luck.
ok so heres a update, since as i am not aloowed to be treated at whalborn i went to the chadwell heath sedation clinic, nothing like whalborn, no patcient parking as you have to findparking in a side road, looked like to housesknocked together n ... [ more ]

tax refund

ground controller in Elm Park
just had a email from h m r c i have got a refund of income tax who are they kidding we all know hmrc dont contact by email ITS A SCAM please don't be fooled proberly comes from africa
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George B
HMRC are currently at war with the self employed, and in particular anyone who has done business with the public sector. I have been investigated twice by them, and now having found nothing wrong I am instructed that I will have to complete a self ... [ more ]
Kris 💩
Dunno I got an email saying I was due a refund because I use my own car for work (not sure how they knew). Anyway I looked into it and found that I was due a refund but the company emailing me wanted 30% of the money. So I went on HMRC website spent 2 ... [ more ]

Garden pots

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Bonita H
Pots all gone for now . Nice to meet Michael. Still a long way to go in the black hole that is my shed, so watch this space for any other items that may be of use to someone else.