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Thatched House

Mary B in Dagenham
Can anyone tell me if the Thatched House St Mary's Lane is still open. My daughters went past and said it looks like its closed down. Car park full of weeds.
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Angela H
it is open I'm booked in for lunch on the 11th food is great and the interior is lovely too was decorated not that long ago. Outside definitely needs some tlc.
Mary B
Angela - Thanks for letting me know, I haven't been in there for about six months. Its a nice place for lunch, and the food is good.

Parking on Shared Drive

Karen G in Gidea Park
Can anyone help me by advising me where to go for advice. My neighbour that I share the drive with is constantly parking either all or half their car on the shared drive.  They haven't got room for 2 cars on their front so use the drive as their own.  If ... [ more ]
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Going by what you last said Karen - I don't think a "friend chat" and letter will be that easy, going by the fact she shouted, got agitated and went back indoors the first time you mentioned it! Bad day or not, she seems a bit rude and unhelpful about ... [ more ]


Norman C in Rush Green
Dear all , Got a copy of "Little Book of Big Scams" issued by the Metropolitan Police and it is free, I think it is available at Romford Police Station. Get it --makes good reading and gives plenty of good advice to stop being scammed If you can't get a ... [ more ]
Lesley M
Thanks Norman that is useful to know - lots of scams at this time of year when people are busy and distracted, so everybody watch out
Lesley M
Hi Norman, just checked you can get it online at  . I particluarly liked the 10 golden rules- it is really helpful


Wendy L in Romford
Can anyone recommend a good photographic company or photographer who can restore old black and white photos? Theres doesn't seem to be a decent photographer in Romford, and am a bit wary of the Happy Snappy place as I haven't always been satisfied ... [ more ]
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I am a professional photographer of 40+ years and I can offer this service. I'm not sure how you can contact me other than through this message board though.
Bonita H
Hi Ivyhouse, if you click on Wendy L's name a box will come up with the option to send a Private Message to her. In this way you can safely give her a contact number for her to call you.


Ann N in Castle Green
Does anyone know the number of a good painter got to emulsion the wall husband started it but he had open hearth surgery 7 months ago and has found if to much for him thank you
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Janis C
Mdc decor. Had my hall plus more done last week 01708 534498 mark. Also registered with c heck a Brilliant. In same situation.

Lidl Romford

Rhonda M in Ardleigh Green
Does anyone know who would be interested in helping to stop Lidl doing there building work after there planned times. It's 22.25. And there drilling. Who will help. The council don't do much the police won't go and tell them and havering hasn't got a out ... [ more ]
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Heather S
Let's hope that by supporting each other things will get sorted. I had very abusive neighbours at one time and it was horrendous trying to get that sorted out. Took about a year before the owner of the house managed to get them evicted as he had let the ... [ more ]
Rhonda M
That's disgraceful. It seems with the council the worse you behave the better you get treated. Feel for you heather xx glad it's over for you now

Wool Shops? Help!

Linda A in Dagenham
Does anyone know of an old fashioned type wool shop, since the guy closed in the Heathway can't seem to find another locally.  Shame he went, was a really nice guy. HELP!
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Liberty A
Lol that's ok Linda A we always there we had another new person there this week she was doing loom type knitting it looked really interesting. At the moment my specialist has banned me from knitting and Crochet as I've injured my arm. So I spent my time ... [ more ]
Linda A
Definitely be there this week.  Got my goodies.  Be very interested to see the loom knitting, am thinking of that too.  Never gave it a thought to bring some with me.

New Shop in Romford mall

Apples in Romford
New store opening maybe tomorrow or saturday near the Chinese medicine place upstairs called Cut Label,does anybody know what they are like?
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Diana M
I went in there today, but didn't get time to look around properly because hubby had gone to the machine to pay the car park ticket!! 😩 Didn't realise they were designer clothes cheap, but recognised it as being the same as the one downstairs, which you ... [ more ]

Still looking for a builder who can do kitchens/DIY/alterations

Clare F in Ardleigh Green
Am still looking as not had much luck with the last lot of recommendations unfortunately. Any names, websites and numbers would be helpful. Thanks!
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Michal G
Hi I am Michal G, and can work in Ardleigh Green, after 6 weeks.  I have much experience with kitchen installations / fittings contact me on:  07950839506   website :
Neil W
I have a whole host of guys that work with me if that helps at all ....but I'm afraid we don't take of massive jobs Neil

Mens Free Designer Clothes

Gillian S in Gallows Corner
My 22 year old son has had a clear out of his wardrobe and I have 1 large black sack of designer clothes in good condition to give to anyone who wants them.  I know I could take them to a charity shop but I am sure they would do someone a good turn. ... [ more ]

Lunch at The Sunrise Cafe

to ,
The Sunrise Cafe
Esmeralda W in Elm Park
Hi folks, This will be the last meet up for Lunch at "The Sunrise Cafe" next to "The Teapot" in the Romford Shopping Hall for this year on Wednesday 2nd December at about 11.30am until we have worn ourselves out with chatting. There is a lift at the back ... [ more ]

dropped kerbs

waterboy in South Hornchurch
there has been a lot of comments about dropped kerbs and some councils fining people for crossing verges and foot paths why should council tax payers have to pay to repair  pavements and verges  messed up by those who think they above the law  I say come ... [ more ]
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Patricia B
Heather, I have been having senior moments, the name of the road is Burnway, the telephone 02087212512 for Emerson Park SNT. for St Andrews SNT which covers Hornchurch the 02086493527
May F
Thank you all for the dropped kerb white line advice, getting it replaced. I tried most of the addresses you offered." Fix our Street" was the best. And success the yellow lines have been repainted.  So my neighbour collected me this afternoon and ... [ more ]

Every Thursday Meet-Up

to , (ended)
The Worlds Inn, South Street, Romford, near McDonalds
Peter F in Romford
Pop in anytime that suits you for a nice friendly chat with like minded Streetlifers. We will be sitting near the back of the Pub in the middle. Breakfast £2.59, Unlimitted Coffee 85p, or have the Thursday Special Indian Meal with free drink £5.59 from ... [ more ]
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Peter F
Hi Roy R, you are probably right, Christmas shopping, other Christmas functions, hope to see you both next Thursday for the Meet-Up at The Worlds Inn 9-1, South Street, Romford, every body welcome on Streetlife, pop in anytime that suits you. Smile and ... [ more ]
Roy R
Hi, Peter,                I should be there but I don't think Carla will often be able to make it, she has a regular pupil at 11 am. We'd have to be up at Daybreak...    ... Daybreak??? By the time I crawl out of bed Day is not so much broken as ... [ more ]

Small brick wall

Kevin C in Rush Green
Could somebody give me an idea of how much it would cost to build a small brick wall leading to my garden .it will be approximately 4ft6in wide and 6ft high..bricks etc would need to be supplied also. Thanking you in advance


Sara R in South Hornchurch
Someone's dumped their accident damaged car in our street,the boot is caved in and bumper hanging off, checked online it has tax and insurance but mot run out in October, hasn't moved in over two weeks looks.abandoned but surely they would.hv cancelled ... [ more ]
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If it was an offence to be an eyesore, I for one would be in big trouble! Seriously, when roadside parking is unrestricted, it is unrestricted for EVERYONE. Some people seem to have trouble with this concept.

Are You Sitting Comfortably

Brian S in Rainham
Fabric Reclining Chair - in reasonable condition - electrics working - nice big chair - need a few stables to reattach the cover in  small area at the rear of the chair see pictures attached.  Bring help with you to collect because I am unable to ... [ more ]

Handyman/carpet fitter

Lisa S in Gidea Park
Hi all! I'm looking for a handyman to fit a carpet for me. If anyone could recommend that would be great. I already have the carpets, just need them laid in 2 double bedrooms and up the stairs. Thank you!
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Paul G
Morning people just need anything can always give me a call. I am a handyman from Rainham white English 48. 07922949110. Please call after 7pm has I am busy in day. Many thanks. Go to Google tap in adeptdecorators Rainham Essex. I cover all ... [ more ]

Mawney road school parents

Sam J in Chadwell Heath
Wow! I have just had a hideous experience. I was parked outside Tesco express on Mawney road. I went to reverse from the parking space and the payments were clear. Of course nobody let me out into the traffic so I was across the pavement. Two Mawney road ... [ more ]
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Old fashioned wool shop

Linda A in Dagenham
Does anyone know of an old type wool shop.  Can't find one anywhere.  Shame the man in Heathway shut, he was so helpful.
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Lesley M
Linda A  hi Linda Knit and Natter in romford- Where: Creative House, Bryant Avenue When: Every Tuesday Contact: 020 7993 5479 or email Also in havering libraries and 2 groups in collier row library on a friday at 11 and 1.30 ... [ more ]

Sewing machine repairs

Jacky O in Hornchurch
I'm sure I've seen someone recommended on here before for sewing machine repairs. Can anyone remember please? Thank you
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Savers new store elm park

Dinner at Ming Palace

Ken G in Elm Park
A big thank you to Joy N for organising and booking the Chinese meal we went to last night. Im sure I speak for everyone who turned up when I say what a great success it was. The restaurant, the food and the company was first class and I look forward to ... [ more ]


Sandra Davis in Marks Gate
I read a while ago there was a choir and they was asking for new members I think it was called Natural Voices I am quite interested I wonder if anyone knows anything about it thank you
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Christmas at Kew Gardens

Peter F in Romford
Looking forward to going to Kew Gardens this Christmas, if you have a Freedom Pass you can go all the way there with your Pass, Romford Train Station, 09.53 or 10.26 direct to Stratford, 8 minutes, then the Overground Line all the way there, just walk ... [ more ]
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Romford to Wallasea Nature Reserve

Peter F in Romford
Been reading about the start of the above, the soil from Crossrail tunnelling is being used to create the biggest Nature Reserve in Europe, only 8 miles from Southend, look forward to going there in 2020, video of it on the BBC news App
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