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parkign outside my local in elmpark

miss in Corbets Tey
has any one else noticed that when the lines we repainted they have removed some parkingbays  and replaced them with 2 sideways loading bays only?  they are outside the  garden shop, cardz and joyfull. Some people havent noticed this as they are still ... [ more ]
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That is why  loads of corners have now got double yellow lines to stop commuters from parking on corners sad really they have not got the brains not too
Verity C
Commuters park where they want, do not give two hoots. People have got very lazy and do not walk anywhere now.

Old Romford

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Not quite sure how this scam works but surely it must involve the culprit coming back at some point. I would have thought Tesco would have it covered by cctv sonthere must be a good chance they can nab them.

Van Thefts

Peter F in Romford
Just heard on the radio, there has been a lot of thefts from vans of tools, mainly Ford vans, thieves have a device that unlocks vans, they take the tools, then lock the vans with the device.
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I think cash converters  and the like have to take more blame for this kind of thing as they do very little checks on where things have come from i think you should have to prove its yours before it is sold for instance do they check with a infrared  ... [ more ]
Mary C
i agree with waterboy  i remember going back about 2 years someone i know was short of money  they took some gadgets into cash converters  and as far as i am aware they were not asked for any prove  so yes there should be a check   yes this person ... [ more ]

MXV tv box

Norman C in Chadwell Heath
I was given a MXV tv box so that I could SPORTS which I enjoy Pleas can any help to set up the box to get football Regards and anticipated thanks Norman
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In The Mercury Mall

Peter F in Romford
Went for a coffee in Sorriso near Asda at the above this afternoon. They were raising money for Children's Cancer. And they have an event coming up, someone may be interested

Meet-Up Monday 15 February

to ,
The Dairyman, High Street, Brentwood, next door to Argos
Peter F in Romford
Meet -Up with other like-minded Streetlifers for a nice friendly chat, have a laugh, drink, and maybe something to eat. We will be sitting by the Windows on or near the big round table, all Streetlifers from all Streetlife areas are most Wellcome to ... [ more ]
Peter F
Looking forward to a nice cooked breakfast in the morning just £3.09, and unlimited filter coffee just £1.05, menu below. It will be nice to sit on the big round table by the window, so we can all join in the nice friendly conversation.

Bird Watch starts this weekend

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blue badge parking

Ann B in Upminster
My mother has just received her blue badge. Just as Elm Park apparently have no free parking for blue badge holders on the Broadway or by shops. Does anyone know which (if any) car parks allow free parking for blue badge holders? Web sites don't give any ... [ more ]
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Christine C
I was asked to give the registration of three cars that I was likely to travel in when I applied for my blue badge and for the renewal although I can still travel in any car and use my blue badge. Also I agree with Sandra you can definitely park on ... [ more ]

Mobile Phone

Dave in Chadwell Heath
I have a Samsung Galaxy Fame smartphone I need to be rid of. It was originally on a TMobile tariff. Would be ideal as a starter phone for a young teenager at school, or younger. PM me if interested..

consultation on Thames Crossing - Rainham to Belvedere (now closed

Colin F in Harold Wood
It's a bit late now, but I've only just discovered, from a short article in the Enquirer free newspaper, that there was a consultation, organised by TfL, about a Thames crossing from Rainham to Belvedere (and another on a crossing at Gallions Reach, near ... [ more ]

Dog attack 8/1/2015

Dave J in Rush Green
it could have been you walkinig your dog on a lead when 2 off lead dogs attacked .it on a cold january afternoon last year. the victim had to throw herself on her diog to protect it and got bitten in the palm . her dog required veterinary treatment. ... [ more ]
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Ca C
Even people. Maybe it's just me but I thought that was who parks were for. Came past Valence library at 12.45 midday today and there was a steaming pile of dog poo outside the right hand gate. Big dog too by the look of it.

Tree surgeon needed

Coral G in Rush Green
Anyone have any recommendations for a tree surgeon. I have an old Apple tree that desperately needs pruning before summer. Thanks
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Irene C
Sorry Coral G. I've got 3 phone numbers for Kingscuts Tree Services: 0800 311 8733 0208 592 5254 07467 944671 Hope this helps.

Missing Cat

Susan T in Gidea Park
Our Jonah has been missing since early this morning from RM1 area. He is black 20 months old and is chipped. Please check sheds and out houses if you live in this area. Thank you.
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Dot D
I know what a worry that can be as I've been in that position a couple of times . Great news , really pleased for you .

Where to find quality plywood (3mm - 12mm)

Marcin G in Rush Green
I'm trying to find a good quality, smooth looking plywood for hobby use. The big DIY stores carry only the poor looking building stuff. Do you know any shops that sell hobby plywood in our area?
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Alan F
The shop at Roneo Corner was called Cliffords and the man that ran the shop worked there for over fifty years. If they didn't have what you wanted they would order it for you. Theres a similar type of shop in Collier Row called Chamberlains that has been ... [ more ]
Stephen R
Barton Timber (01708 448805), Wedlake Close,  just off North Street, Hornchurch (between the library and the telephone exchange. They have been there over 60 years and sell good quality wood and board at much keener prices that the DIY superstores. The ... [ more ]

New yellow lines

Samuel T in Rush Green
Hi, Really annoyed about the yellow lines on whalebone grove. They are not needed and done really badly! Any ideas how to change/ get them redone?
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Julia H
Samuel you can make representations to the council.I actually asked for some at the top of the hill where I live as people were parking in such a way as to make it difficult to come off the main road.They have put some in which has really made life ... [ more ]
Stephen R
Might be worth checking with the residents in Whalebone Grove (assuming you are not one) in case they actually asked for the yellow lines to be put there.


May F in Elm Park
On Tuesday at 8pm my son went to Sainsbury to get some shopping for me. He was amazed to find that he was the only customer in the whole store. The sales assistants were so glad to see him  and said they had never known it happen before that so early in ... [ more ]
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Lynne F Apparently some of Tesco's suppliers were badly hit by the floods around Christmas time, hence any items supplied by these firms are "temporarily unavailable".

Motorbike stolen!

Regia in Harold Wood
Last night my brothers motorbike got stolen off his drive! Some scum took it. It's unbelievable how some people have the nerve to just do that! He is so upset, I really feel for him. His always worked from a very young age and pays his way in society. ... [ more ]
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I just didn't see why you had to put council estate. Thieves come from all backgrounds and as Jan A wrote, a lot of council houses are now owner occupied
Ok. I get it. But like I said I didn't mean to offend anyone. The reason I said council estate was to sort of pin point the area near the greyhound. And also coz that's how the police described the area not coz I believe theives are all from council ... [ more ]

washing machine

nobby 35 in Becontree
hi all streetlifers, this is a very long shot .but does anyone know of a  anyone in leigh on sea that fixes washing machines. thanks in advance
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nobby 35
Thank you for advice.but i really think they need someone to lookat it..i was just trying to help out Thank you once again but need someone in leigh.0n- sea
Karen G
you are right Dave, my washing machine stopped pumping out water.  I called in a mechanic who found a sock had got in the water filter.  Cost me £30 call out.  Won't forget that again.

Battle of Verdun centenary

Beth W in Gallows Corner
It is almost 100 years since the First World War's Battle of Verdun, the longest campaign of the conflict, kicked off. Did a family member of yours serve? Or do you have any other stories? Get in touch by emailing or calling ... [ more ]
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Wreckless E
Deirdre, What a very sad story, my grandad also had the silver badge (its one one my proudest possessions, along with his two medals). He wore his silver badge in his lapel everyday.I hope he was very proud of himself

Nuisance Calls

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So glad I got a phone that blocks certain calls - every afternoon I put it on 'do not disturb' so I don't even have to hear the silly devils trying to get through.
John P
Just goes to show you need to be on your guard the whole time, as soon as someone wants money or any details of birthdates, debit/credit card details etc. put the phone down.

Neighbours from hell

Mary C in Newbury Park
you will remember i have been on here coming up to 2 years  asking advice what to do regarding my neighbours from hell  just to remind you i reported them to the antisocial team at the council and also i went to see my MP Jon Cruddas He was very helpful ... [ more ]
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Laraine T 😍
Peter when it gets that bad you simply have no alternative! We lived in our home for 22 years! Eventually we were driven out as the justice system was a total failure!
Pam K
Bad neighbours will make one very UNhappy: good neighbours are a blessing and I must say that I am so blessed

Missing cat

David T in Gidea Park
Missing from Kingsmead Avenue Romford since about 0900, 11 Feb. 18 month old male cat, black with small white patch on his belly, answers to the name of Jonah, when he is in the mood. Wearing a collar but no ID disk. Microchipped.
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Lesley G M
Unfortunately male cats like to wander and quite often have big territories which means they can get into all sorts of scrapes. So walkabouts are not unusual- there was one on the TV last night called Bob who had quite a wide range in Bristol . Plus he ... [ more ]

cd players- old technology?

Lesley G M in Romford
My cd player gave up the ghost last year and it taken me till now to start looking for a new one. I was in John Lewis browsing and the salesman there suggested I not buy one since it was investing in "old technology ". He advised me to load my music onto ... [ more ]
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Jeremy C
Dave   Bose is like buying a Mondeo, compared with a Bentley , if you want  quality sound you need a DAC ,

Romford Dogs

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Miryam B
Dog thefts happen daily in this country Peter. We never get to hear much about it as it doesn't seem worthy enough to give this subject any air time on our local news stations. A lot of dogs are also being stolen from people's homes. The low life's will ... [ more ]
Lesley B
Take your dog for a walk, not shopping!! Miriam B is spot on, you hear it or read about it every day now, dogs stolen, abused, farmed, baited, we live in a sick society.