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Easyjet hand luggage

Bumbledee 🐝🐝🌻 in Elm Park
Has anyone flown with easyjet and been allowed to take a cabin bag and a handbag together or would the handbag need to go inside the cabin bag website doesn't seem to explain well and thought to ask before I call
Travelled with them a couple of months ago .. and yes handbag had to go inside hand luggage


Jane A in Fair Cross
Hi everyone my great grandma wants start doing knitting she 93 and will help her bones in her hands to move doctors orders. Please please can you kind people out there donate wool for her she would be so happy . She can't go out to to buy thank you guys
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Michael B
My wife has plenty of wool - if you would like to call her on 0208-220-0814 (Margaret) then I'm sure she'll be happy to donate some for your grandma.

38 degres

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Please vote for Peaced Together

Mel S in Becontree
Peaced Together is a creative arts course for women - with a difference. Using beautiful themed craft projects, it encourages women to reflect on their lives and set out on a personal journey from brokenness to hope. Every person has life events and ... [ more ]

DLA payment or pip

Stephen S in Little Heath
I'm looking for people that have applied for the new PIP payments and have been refused payment stating you have scored 0 over the entire forms or you have had an assessment and still been refused payments  if this is you please let me know as i am ... [ more ]
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Maggie S
is not the assessment office not on ground floor at chelmsford, as romford said i cant go romford as the assessment office is upstairs and the lift cannot be used if there was a fire and i cant be helped on the stairs to get down quickly. so i have to ... [ more ]

Third Runway for Heathrow

Dave in Chadwell Heath
What do people think of the Governments decision to give the OK for expansion at Heathrow. Do you think that MPs and now the PM are a law unto themselves and change their views once in office? Read this and make your own mind up. ... [ more ]
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Peter E
Alan F   Can we stay on subject please: This thread is about Heathrow, not Brexit. My point is that Heathrow is full: Export goods are taken to by road/ferry to Continental airports in order to be flown out; business people both to and from foreign ... [ more ]
Eric W
She is wearing two hats, PM  role-all for UKplc we need another runway, and her MP role she needed the votes  so became a Heathrow hater. We need the 3rd runway in 5 yrs not 10 we also need Gatwick to have more capacity. But we can't do both at the ... [ more ]

DLA @ PIP payments

Stephen S in Little Heath
High guys im now looking to find out where you people had your assessments done mine was in Barking  so just let me now im going to take this further ive go a solicitor involved and he is going to look into this with me as things are not right with ... [ more ]
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Maggie S
ive just been called back for my 3rd year ESA assessment, how life long health problems get better after 3 years, i dont know as they only get worse. they wont let me go to my local romford because of the stairs and are sending me to chelmsford ... [ more ]
John D
For information an organisation named DIAL is available to help residents for dealing with PIP & DLA forms. Contact them via CAB or through me on 07770 760137

D'Ukes - the end of the year show

BT landlines

Carnation in Gallows Corner
Is anybody having problems with BT land lines as phone not working just states no line. Went on fault page and just says problems in Romford area on broadband.
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Colin F
The information you need will be on the TfL website - - try using the Plan a Journey facility on the front page, or go to Maps>Bus Maps>spider maps>Havering


Stephen S in Little Heath
We have now decided to get another kitten So if any of you guys know of someone who has kittens and want to sell please let me know thank you guys for all you comments they was lovely
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Sharron T
Try Celia Hammond at Canning Town she has so many to find homes for. We will have a few in about 5=-6 weeks time they are too young at the moment. I have 2 great older kittens they are now coming up to 7 months old. Brother and sister who were ... [ more ]


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Regia in Harold Wood
Can anyone please recommend a good reliable conveyancer who charges reasonably amonunt and local too. Thank you in advance
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Donna B
We used Natacha Gomes at HSH Solicitors in North Street Romford for both our sale and purchase. It was one of our lowest quotes, no hidden charges and the service was excellent. Natacha was very approachable, answered all our queries quickly and ... [ more ]

Hope4Havering homeless shelter

Linda E in Rush Green
Re Saucepan. Thank you to all who responded to my plea. I am now the proud owner of a pot big enough to cook tonight's chicken casserole!! To everyone who has offered other donations, yes we would be grateful for donations of clean bedding, ... [ more ]
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Queens Hospital

Sandra Davis in Marks Gate
Hi Friends I know the Queens  get a lot of bad write ups etc. But I would like to thank them all very much for the care and attention my mum got they really couldn't do enough for her even the Ambulance Staff were excellent I was very impressed with ... [ more ]
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Rita W
The complaints are largely about the parking facilities, not the staff.
Alan F
I have always found the treatment and medical staff absolutely brilliant. The admin side could be improved, and IMO the hospital design is horrendous, mainly because  of the windowless wards and lack of sufficient parking spaces.


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Anne T
I agree with some of these comments. I have type 2 diabetes , have lost 5 stone in weight, but like one of the people I have had back problems for 34 years, have had 2 hip replacements, one of which was not successful and is unstable, and I am in my ... [ more ]


Linda A in Becontree
Are there any kind souls out there could help me bring a piece of glass from my car to the garden? It is a table top, measures 106 cm and is circular, but soooooo heavy.  It took 2 to get it in.  Thanks.
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Linda A
Thank you all for your kind offers, I really do appreciate.  I have long term back problems also have a problem with trapped nerves which is also non  mend able, really would need two men with muscles like brussels, not bodies like Noddy.  Will get it ... [ more ]
Stephen S
you don't need muscles to carry glass, you just need to know how to carry it, always better done by one person, I used to be a glass carrier carrying 2, 8x4 sheets at a time,

Beware of FAKE MS Security Essentials

B K in Rush Green
Hopefully this post doesn't get deleted Just a note for all to be aware of the FAKE Microsoft Security Essentials applications which doing the rounds. ... [ more ]


Patricia F in Romford
a few weeks ago there was a telephone number for someone who repairs saniflow systems but I have lost the number can anyone help me please.

Burglery in rush green

Coral G in Rush Green
FYI A neighbour in Lincoln ave, Rush Green has been burgled today. Please keep your eyes open & your doors locked
Linda A
Jeezus, Christmas shopping time for thieves is here already,  would you not think they could at least wait til after bonfire night!  My sympathies go out to the unfortunate family, my grandma got broken in twice, the police took over a week to send ... [ more ]
Thomas B
Hi Coral sorry to hear this, I do know there has been a lot of burglaries in the the Rush Green area of late. My company is currently offering a free security and lock check if anyone is worried about their current set up. Thanks


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Peter A
Can be bought 52 weeks of the year at Barleylands Farm Shop call them on 01268 288886

Romford needs your vote for Britain's Best High Street

The Great British High Street Competition in Gallows Corner
Romford has been revealed as having one of London's best high streets by being shortlisted in the Great British High Street Competition. To be crowned champion, Romford needs your votes! Romford High Street is in the running alongside Lower Marsh ... [ more ]
Image that links to
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Moving van and man

Jules J in Rush Green
I need to move some furniture to a property in Southend can anyone recommend a moving van/man would need furniture taken up 2 flights of stairs.
Leanne M
Im moving house and the storage company have recommended someone. Ive not used him yet but I will be.  He is Chris 07982 836603.  I understand he charges £35/hr and there are 2 of them with a van.

Can anyone recommend a carpenter?

Linda A in Becontree
I have  swapped  a petrol lawn mower for 2 doors, french doors.  Would like them in my hallway but need a frame and someone to hang them.  Not too expensive would be a bonus, Thanks.

Liable for a ticket slaney road car park

Bumbledee 🐝🐝🌻 in Elm Park
Have noticed now a numerous occasions that this car park sometimes cover up the ticket machine on certain days and if you park there while the machine is covered you will get a parking fine..looks like it's closed during certain days to public but ... [ more ]
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They did have a yellow sign on the pavement a few days ago saying the road was going to be closed for a while and buses would be diverted. Couldn't see when, though; the bus I was on was going too quickly to read all of it.