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Bumble Bee Hive

May F in Emerson Park
My bumble bees have settled down well into their new larger hive. As you can see my gardener, Catherine, has made them very comfortable surroundings I sit by the pond and watch the antics of the goldfish, newts, tadpoles bees etc. with the robin sitting ... [ more ]
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Sue M
May F Awww!  Thats lovely.  I was wondering whether to get one of these bee hotels.  I think i'll make do with what I've got.
Brian S
I have had bee hotels for three years now and every year they are full. In fact last years brood have all left home now.

Queens hospital

Ann H in Dagenham
Anyone who needs to go to queens should be aware the extra car park next to what was the ice rink is now closed. The queue today to get into the hospital stretched to the lights at Roneo Corner. I dread to think how many people couldn't find anywhere to ... [ more ]
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After all these years, it's unbelievable that we STILL have found no overall cure for cancer.........we can invent self parking cars, every possible tablet to preserve a longer life, but still nothing with cancer. I hope I'm still here to see if it ever ... [ more ]

kids playing football

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Bob C
Ah now I see where I went wrong as the I does not look like a capital L but a capital 'eye'.  Now I do not  need to go to specsavers.
Ca C
Bob, whenever I see LBH I always assume it stands for London Borough of Hackney or possibly Harringey until the content puts me on the right track, on street life.

McDonald's romford

Dee dee 🌻 in Elm Park
Who has been in this McDonald's by romford station...what's your views on the system they have!! I feel like I'm in argos, you have to queue to order and pay or use the machine they now have to order and then they give you a receipt to queue again for ... [ more ]
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Trolley mix up

Dee dee 🌻 in Elm Park
Thought to share with you what happened and might make you giggle.... Went to B&Q Wednesday and paid a £1 for the trolley while looking at some karcher window cleaner vac I went to put the box into the trolley and noticed that the trolley had been ... [ more ]
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Ive lost a few coins and fake coins in the trolley's at Tesco gallow corner, just emailed and told them my coins were falling out somewhere in the store or car park and they sent me £5 giftcard


Sara J in Upminster
Hi Has anybody applied for planning permission to do an extension but had a council property next to them? Do the tenants get an opinion on  the application? Thanks
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Suzie H
I had single storey extension done and up to a certain distance from the house (3 metres), it was fine to do. Views from neighbours were sought but their reasons for denial would have to be pretty severe for planning permission to be denied on a standard ... [ more ]
Ca C
A family member did have a letter from the council about his next door neighbour, whose corner property actually had the front door on the next road. They wanted to extend the back of the house and had applied for planning permission. My relative was fed ... [ more ]

Harrow Lodge boating lake

Barry ⚒ in Harold Wood
Thames Water discovers cause of pollution at Harrow Lodge Lake, see link below.
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Glenn R
Probably comes from the KFC drains at Gallows corner, because "apparently" it built on top of the river Ravensbourne which feeds the lake. :-)

Cleaner needed


deereman in Elm Park
more travellers in the bough this time on a vacant site  on orchard village Rainham  more expense to remove and clear up
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Terry M
You would not believe that there are traveller sites in Dagenham and Thurrock would you. But wait, they have to pay rent to the local council. the reason Havering closed their traveller site was due to the fights and criminal damage to the site. £12000 ... [ more ]
Brian S
I have had a look at the Travellers' site in Orchard Village.  They are on a development site which has ground to a halt several weeks ago.  The security of the site and the surveillance was obviously not up to scratch.  There were about 5 caravans on ... [ more ]

Legal Highs in Romford

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Crazy Tuesday 14th June 2016, Royal Ascot Menu

Antonio P in Dagenham
Dear Customer, I am pleased to announce that The Royal Ascot menu will be available on Tuesday 14th June 2016 for £6.95 As it is the last week of our term we are giving you the opportunity to sample our cuisine for a special price for Tuesday ... [ more ]

Doctor's surgery

Donna W in Rainham
I was sitting in the reception of my GP surgery and heard four or five people try to make an appointment. The first available appointments were for the 13th June. During the same time 6 new patients came in, with their registration forms, to join the ... [ more ]
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What an eye opener as to how bad the situation is was a visit to King George's A&E during the evening a couple of weeks ago. There were around 100 people in the waiting area when we arrived, the majority of whom did not appear to have been in an ... [ more ]
Ca C
KG staff also have to deal with the wandering day release patients who go in for their daily meds next door. They often cause problems hanging around for attention. Queens haven't got a mental health hospital on their doorstep. I remember seeing one ... [ more ]

Free or £1 London-Bournemouth coach ticket from National Express Coach

Sesame in Romford Sounds like a good deal.

Pen & ink Drawing

Denis S in Heath Park
Does anyone know of an artist that can draw over a pen and ink drawing. It is not valuable it is a caricature of the wife.  
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Hope they can help or maybe know of someone who can. Would love to know how he gets on, kind regards Lark


Greta J in Rise Park
The Certified Electrician came and said the electricity's installation wasn't right too,hmm.. I did contacted agency and didn't hear back from them for 3 weeks now.
Bob C
Presume this is the continuation of the 'Safety Notice' post where there were alot of comments given. Don;t pay anything until you get it sorted out as the Agency are in the wrong.

Silversurfers card

Ken G in Elm Park
I just had a Silverserfers + card delivered. Its supposed to give you discounts on many things. Do any of you have any experience of using this card and is does it give a true saving on prices?
Ann N
Well Ken g if it anything like the forces card I have no one has even see one got it because son in navy but not had a penny discount since I had it .vue do accpect them but discont is Deere than the oap so what the point .

Dagenham Police Station Open Day

to ,
Dagenham Police Station, Rainham road South, Dagenham RM10 7TU
Dave J in Rush Green
Police horses Police dogs Marine support offcers Firearms offcers Vintage vehicles Custody suite
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It's definitely still open as I had to go there yesterday. They gave it a revamp a few years ago. Does anyone know if they hand out the children's safety wristbands that you can write a mobile number on in case your child gets lost or separated from you. ... [ more ]
Ca C
So why do you see them meeting up behind Dagenham Iceland then, if they've got a massive Dagenham building?

How to remove glue residue

Bonita H in Chadwell Heath
A friend of mine makes jam, I collect all my small jars for her. My problem is with the original labels. I soak the jars in warm soapy water overnight, and peel off the labels, some come off clean but some leave a sticky residue. I have tried scraping ... [ more ]
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Five Elms Dry Cleaners

Apples in Romford
Dont suppose anyone knows a price list for the Dry Cleaners at 5 Elms wood lane? I have looked everywhere on net but they dont seem to have a website. Only want to know how much one pair of mens trousers are to clean.
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cash machines gone

miss in Corbets Tey
noticed the two cash machines have been removed from the outside of the old barcleys bank in elmpark next to the fishmongers. hope no more cash machines get removed other wise those that need cash out of shop/banks/post office hours will #be in trouble, ... [ more ]
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Anne T
Not being very mobile and my bank being Nationwide, there are not many branches, so I do most of my banking on line. It is so easy and convenient. Only go to bank if I have to pay money in or to see advisor. Perhaps working with computers at work ... [ more ]

Ripple effect in Romford House Prices

Peter inactive in Ardleigh Green
House prices in London jumped 30k in March because of mainly landlords trying to beat a 3% increase in buy to let tax before 1April, I wonder if there will be a ripple effect from London out to Romford and beyond, as people have to buy outside London at ... [ more ]
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Harry R
Alan F  studios as I said at the start are a non starter the Montgomery Cresecent is cash only  must be the lease the, The same agent has flat in Rainham for 150k has major issues   Haart   ... [ more ]

fatal collision on rainham road by brettons zebra crossing

miss in Corbets Tey
police sign up stating that there was a fatal collision on the rainham road ,its just near the zebra crossing by brettons. any body know any thing about it? as couldnt read the sign as went past. n having bad memory doesnt help.
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Michele S
It was at 7.08 am on Wednesday 11 May and asking for anyone with information to come forward but don't know anything more than this.

Streetlife Coach Trip to Whitstable Oyster Festival

Lynne T in Goodmayes
Hi folk, anyone interested in going to the Whitstable Oyster Festival this year please let me know? I have been to this festival before and it is a great day out. Lots going on and it is an interesting old seaside town to explore. There will be a local ... [ more ]
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Streetlife Meet-Ups From Monday 16 May

Peter inactive in Ardleigh Green
Monday 16 May 9-12, The Dairyman, High Street, Brentwood, next door to Argos. Thursday 19 May 9-12 The Worlds Inn, South Street, Romford, near McDonalds. Saturday 21 May 10-12 The Fountain Inn, Cowes, Isle of Wight, by the Red Jet Terminal, sit outside ... [ more ]
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Carla R
Peter, are you still meeting at the Dairyman in Brentwood? Monday is a good day for me as I am usually busy on Thursday.
Peter inactive
Hi Carla R, nice to hear from you, I am back home on the Isle of Wight for the rest of the summer, but I will pop in to Romford Breakfast Club occasionally when we are back to see the family for a few days, Brentwood has combined with Romford for the ... [ more ]


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Colin F
If you don't mind 'going private', I can recommend the Western Road Dental Practice, at 97 Western Road, Romford RM1 3LS (near the entrance to Asda Car Park),, 01708 203146. If you intend to stay with them for regular dental ... [ more ]