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Bad manners havering show

Local Conversations in Elm Park

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Romford Cats

Local Conversations in Ardleigh Green

Peter C
Read this post this morning from my Isle of Wight Streetlife Area I am following about Cats, do you think people should keep there cats in, or is he being unreasonable
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Donna W
Cats pooing in our garden are annoying and I'm now getting really fed up with our neighbour's cat jumping on our conservatory roof and trying to get in the open bedroom window. Seriously, we should be able to have a window open at night without someone ... [ more ]
K-lee W
Cats arent indoor animals, they originate from the wild, cats shouldnt be kept indoors unless necessary, its unhygienic!! Most cats do cover up, unlike foxes, n their poo is quite similiar too. Ive heard cats dont like peppermint oil or lemon/citrus, ... [ more ]

Catering assistants Job available

Clubs & Groups in Heath Park

Hayley C
Hi We have got a catering assistant position available at the YMCA in Romford, hours are 4.30pm-7.30pm  Tuesdays, 10am-3pm Fridays, 8.30- 3pm Saturday, 3pm - 9pm  Sundays      = 21.5 hours per week , rop £6.60   Overtime available Duties- Serving food ... [ more ]
Lesley D
Recommend to go to the Havering Show, brilliant. Boney M was excellent so was James Smith. So many more stalls and shows than last year

dog boarding needed

Recommendations in Dagenham

Ann H
Does anyone know of someone who does home boarding for just one dog, our dog is only 7 but blind and it would be too much for him to be with several dogs.
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Retired Engineers' Club

Clubs & Groups in Hornchurch

Mel B
Does anyone know of (or would like to form) a retired engineers' club in and around the Romford area? Maybe just for a chat or maybe more. Electrical, electronic, mechanical and model.
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Peter C
Hi Dot I have read everything, disappointing Lynne and Mel planning to leave Breakfast club, could of done a different day for there new club
Lynne T
O my goodness Peter what are you talking about?  No I am not planning to not come to the Breakfast Club again. Although I will be away this week with family as lasts weeks visit got cancelled because of dreadful weather and hoping for an improvement on ... [ more ]

Lunch at "The Sunrise Cafe"

Clubs & Groups in Elm Park

SEP 02
to ,
"The Sunrise Cafe"
Esmeralda W
Hi folks, There will be another meet up for Lunch at "The Sunrise Cafe" next to "The Teapot" in the Romford Shopping Hall on Wednesday 2nd September at about 11.30am until we have worn ourselves out with talking. There is a nice selection of hot and ... [ more ]
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Lynne T
Ow shucks this looks like its going to be a really good meet Esmeralda  W  and lots of new people going too, but going to be away with family for a couple of days after changing my plans from last week to next to avoid the constant rain. Hmm doesn't look ... [ more ]

Closed Waitrose building Hornchurch

Local Conversations in Hornchurch

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Lynne T
International Supermarket is a chain of stores and also one in Walthamstow. waterboy  is correct in saying mainly for Asian, Eastern European etc and from their pictures they like to fill up the pavements outside their shops. I hope this wont be the case ... [ more ]

Loft conversions

Recommendations in Heath Park

Andy N
Hi Can anyone recommend a builder who does loft conversions? Ideally sepne who has carried out similar in your home. Also any indication of cost for converting space into bedroom? Many thanks
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Brenda P
Oh ok. I have heard good reports, but maybe give them a miss if Patricia is anything to go by.  There is a website called Rated |People where you can tell them what your job is and they will come round and give you quotes.


Local Conversations in Romford

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Ca C
Officially Dagenham schools go back 1.9.15. here's the link: But the schools get 5 days they can each slot in where ever they please on their own calendar. So you'll find a ... [ more ]

dagenham to beckton

Local Conversations in Romford

Before anyone says anything i have tried looking this journey up but its not clear. Mum needs to go from Dagenham to Beckton retail park by bus, does anybody know if a no.5 or 173 goes from here and will it take her into the retail park?
The 173 goes to Beckton Triangle retail park,  but not galleons reach shopping park, for that you need a 366 from Barking.  I am going by a tfl bus map [paper version - Jan 2015]  hope this helps.

Discouraging Spiders

Recommendations in Hornchurch

Mel B
How do I discourage spiders from entering/living/breeding in my garden workshop? I don't really want to kill them, it's just that I don't want them in there.
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Romford to Newport IOW

Clubs & Groups in Ardleigh Green

Peter C
Had a message from Streetlife, got the Newport Area there, made contact with two people, will try to set up a Breakfast Club there in the near future
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Peter C
We are so fortunate in Romford to have a nice friendly Streetlife that people enjoy chatting about various subjects, been trying hard on the Isle of Wight to do the same, but they are not use to doing that there, been putting a nice different feature on ... [ more ]

South Hornchurch Walk In Centre

Local Conversations in Romford

Anne O
The South Hornchurch Walk In Centre, at 106, Southend Road, Rainham Essex RM13 7XJ is very good.  Had to go there a couple of weeks ago at 6pm on a Thursday evening.  Only waited about 20 minutes to be seen.  There is a free car park right behind ... [ more ]

Romford Dogs on Leads

Local Conversations in Ardleigh Green

Peter C
When i was away i went for a walk every morning along the beach, got chatting to a guy who does the same. He told me he lives near a park, and for many years would have a walk around the park, but he had to stop walking around the park because he has ... [ more ]
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Identification please

Recommendations in Elm Park

Dee dee
i bought this cordyline looking plant ages ago when small and this year its sprouted an extra bit can anyone tell me the right name please and what to do with this extra bit ... many thanks in advance
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Diana M
I'm beginning to wish we hadn't dug our large one up when it died, because I think we might have got some new ones growing from the base. Trouble is I'm impatient and want it tall immediately, that's why we bought a new large one. Lol! Xxx

Streetlife Monday Walking Club

Clubs & Groups in Ardleigh Green

AUG 24
to , (ended)
The Manor, Settle Road, Harold Hill, RM3 9XR
Peter C
Meet at the car park, there is usually about 10 of us, Enjoy a nice relaxing stroll and a chat for about an hour, dogs welcome. We might be lucky with the weather
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Linda R
Hi Peter Sounds great but committed for charity event for B H Monday. Hope to join you next week. Hope the weather holds fine for you Linda

Tuesday 28th July, Friends Of Harrow Lodge Park Start Up Meeting

Local Politics in Rush Green

Lorraine Moss
On Tuesday 28 July at 8pm in the board room at Harrow Lodge Sports Centre, a meeting has been arranged in order to try to arrange for a friends group to  be formed. Please share these details with anyone who would be interested in getting involved.  It ... [ more ]
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Paul D
Thank you for the progress update Lorraine, really sorry to hear about the poor birds. Don't mind me asking, who is actually taking the lead in forming the group, following up on contact details, arranging possible future meeting etc?

I need to thank you

Local Conversations in Elm Park

Nora L
Thank you Streetlife. So far I have been given a list of decent handymen and dentists, an honest window repairer and free swimming lessons. You are all wonderful!
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Alison M
Lindsey B - Yes someone posted free swimming lessons think it was in Ilford somewhere ?? Don't know if it was just in the 6 week holidays though. If you put 'free swimming lessons' in your 'search streetlife' box, you should find it.
Nora L
It was. Free swimming lessons for teachers needing assessment. All us adults got one to one tuition for the full one and a half hour sessions for the four days.

Parking on grass or yellow lines

Recommendations in Dagenham

Ben S
I always have people parking outside my house on double yellow lines or or corner or on grass (green) contacted coucil not interrested and police! What should i do?
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Carol W
Bob C we used to have a neighbour like you he didn`t like cars parked outside his house, he never had a dropped kerb or even owned a car but he did not want anyone outside, miserable old ... he use to put nails under tyres but thank god his dead now and ... [ more ]
Bob C
Carol - Just to inform you that I did reply to your message but Streetlife deleted it as they said it might (take note MIGHT) be misinterpreted. The main part if it was that I do not know where you got it that I do not like parking outside my house ... [ more ]

Streetlife Monday Walking Club

Clubs & Groups in Ardleigh Green

AUG 31
to ,
The Manor, Settle Road, Harold Hill, RM39XR
Peter C
We meet every Monday, including Bank Holidays and Rain, at the car park there, there are normally about 11 of us, being a Bank Holiday Monday, maybe not so many, for a nice relaxing stroll and a chat for about an hour, Dogs Welcome

New ticket machines

Local Conversations in Elm Park

Dee dee
went into hornchurch town centre today and noticed that Dorrington car park has new machines, and noticed that you have to enter your reg and then pay for a ticket, or which i know if i want a free 30 min you have to enter reg, is this to stop tickets ... [ more ]
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Valence fair

Clubs & Groups in Rush Green

AUG 29
Valance house. Becontree Ave Rm8 3HT
Coral G
Inspired by the Town show of 1965 including Traditional fair ground games such as coconut shy & test your strength. Dancing Cake stalls & baking competitions Vintage stalls Kids activities Dagenham girl pipers @ 1.45
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Never mind, long as we both had a good time.  I expect there were a lot of black trousers about , you sure yours are red ? I did see a lady in sort of dark pinkish trousers and a lacy/crocheted top with another younger lady [dark hair] but they had a man ... [ more ]

hedge trim

Recommendations in Becontree

Norman/ beryl H
hi all. can anyone  recommend a hedge trimmer, reason  is my husband cannot do it anymore. it is 6ft high with alleyway on one side thanks in advance
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Norman/ beryl H
hi dave j. what a lovely thought but im afraid it is a big job that we need doing. Dagenham is great PLACE no matter what people say. its only people that spoil it.
Kalah S
Hi Norman think I posted on your other post. Richard strike maybe able to help you, very good price, insured and registered company. Has a lot of great reviews/recommendations on here and on face book page esteem uk ltd. hope this helps xx

We Got A Parking Ticket !

Local Politics in Rush Green

Lorraine Moss
I am fuming !! Now I am sure that you will all recall that I expressed concerns about the fact that you can no longer get residents parking permits directly from the PACS centre and now have to apply online. I was worried about how this would ... [ more ]
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Bob C
Oh dear things are hotting up??. However, just one point, the so called 'workers' could use a bit more common sense rather than accept 100% of the rules made by the Havering heads as Romfordian points out so I think it is sometimes down to the workers to ... [ more ]

Front door needs sealing against rain

Recommendations in Romford

Heather B
My front door is soaking up every drop of rain making it difficult to open/close/lock in wet weather.  I need someone to come and seal it for me asap.  Any recommendations?