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Traffic in Hornchurch

Teresa B in Rush Green
Does anybody know why the traffic through Hornchuch is so slow? it  just took 40mins from St Andrews Church through the high street to Northdown Road
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Rita W
Harry R. Is this the traditional black cab and the London Mercedes people carriers cabs also licenced by the Carriage Office. The problem here is that that cabbies work in London but most live in the surrounding suburbs and beyond. Will there be enough ... [ more ]
There will be black cabs running on diesel for many years to come yet. Yes, there's legislation to ensure black cabs will be all electric from 2018, but that is on new builds from 2018. The government are apparently going to give incentives for owners of ... [ more ]

New cycle lane in Romford

Peter in Ardleigh Green
Just gone past the new cycle lane in Main Road Romford, towards Gallows Corner, hope it keeps cyclists safer?
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Christine B
Lynne F - We may all pay for the roads through our private taxation but if you don't pay Vehicle Excise Duty, it is illegal to drive on them. You appear to be taking this very personally and making presumptions regarding if I am even a motorist or not, ... [ more ]
Phil W
I am sure you're correct Philip W regarding 3rd party & household insurance, but I'd never heard of this (having had said insurance for over 40 years) thought I might have noticed when my kid's stared riding? But well done for registering your bike ... [ more ]

Nuffield hospital Brentwood

Coral G in Rush Green
I have to take a relative here next Saturday @7.00 am to have cataracts done. I have never been before, does anyone know if there's a supermarket nearby so i could do my shopping while waiting & have some breakfast. Thanks.
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Alec C
Hi Coral G I had both eyes done at the Nuffield, and was offered a cup of tea , and was only in there for about an hour, in a small private room with a comfortable chair, and a bed also a tv, and my friend stayed in the room while I had the op, which ... [ more ]
Dave J
There is a big Sainsbury in Brentwood. A friend had his hip replaced at the Nuffield hospital and his partner was given tea and a sandwich, £12 was itemised for it on his bill.

Help need someone to mend by lawn mower please

Sarah C in Romford
Hello, hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather! I'm an such an idiot - only gone and mowed over the power cable of my lawn mower! Anybody know of anyone who does lawn mower repairs or a good handyman please? it would need to either have a cable ... [ more ]

Lodge Avenue/A13 road works

Dave T in South Hornchurch
Just wanted to say that after taking 30 mins to get from Asda to Lodge avenue flyover, and witnessing all the traffic chaos in the surrounding streets on Saturday afternoon, imagine my joy at seeing NOT A SINGLE PERSON working. By that I don't mean there ... [ more ]
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Jan W
They are working underneath not very visible but they are there right underneath but at the top if you understand what I mean. You need to be walking to see them
Ca C
They finish tomorrow according to LBBD's website 'news' see the link: Transport for London’s (TfL) contractors, RMS, will be carrying out essential maintenance work to the A13 Lodge Avenue Flyover over 3 to 4 weekends in April 2016. The flyover will be ... [ more ]


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Dial a chair based Parsloes Avenue, Dagenham telephone 0208 5127 682 loan wheelchairs completely free you just make a donation when the chair is collected by them. They will deliver to Elm Park. Just explain why you need the wheelchair no doctors letter ... [ more ]


Dave X in Romford
Does anyone have a Hedge trimmer or a Strimmer either patrol or electric so I can help my elderly neighbours with their gardening tasks. I am not charging them but trying to be a good neighbour.. I hope something comes up here... Thanks.

Abandoned dog

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Ruth B
As the law now states that every dog must be microchipped, surely this dog's chip will reveal his owner in seconds? If his "owners" are found, will they be the first to face a fine for not having him chipped? He looks like a beautiful dog, and I hope he ... [ more ]

Lunch at The Sunrise Cafe

to ,
Sunrise Cafe - Romford Shopping Hall
Esmeralda W in Elm Park
Hi folks, Just a reminder that there will be another meet up for Lunch at the “Sunrise Café” in Romford Shopping Hall on Wednesday (next week) the 4th May at about 11.30 am until we have worn ourselves out with talking. As you come up on the escalator we ... [ more ]

Romford Lost Shops

Linda D
Shops are still closing in Romford, adding to the amount already empty. Shoppers from out of the Borough have no need to come here any more as all 'town centres' have their own shopping malls.
We have Debenhams, the Market, and can be combined with cinema, ten pin bowling, greyhound racing, and new ice rink and swimming pool in the future.

Brentwood Breakfast Club

The Dairyman, High Street, Brentwood, near Argos
Peter in Romford
We meet every Monday throughout year, all Streetlifers are very welcome to pop in any time that suits them, for a nice friendly chat, with other like minded Streelifers, a drink, and maybe something to eat. As you walk in, we will be sitting by the ... [ more ]
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Looking forward to a nice cooked breakfast and a large Latte on Bank Holiday Monday morning, in The Dairyman High Street Brentwood 9-12. It will be nice to meet-up with other Streetlifers for a friendly chat, and have a laugh, if you are free, pop in ... [ more ]

maldon mud race

miss in Corbets Tey
Just reminder its the Maldon 2016 mud race on 1st may. Popular so be prepared to stand and watch. Who will win this year?
Thanks Miss, not heard of this before. Can't go this year but will put in diary for next year. My husband and brother-in-law got covered in that mud years ago when they came back from canoeing and the water had gone out, they had to drag the canoe ... [ more ]

feeding goldfish

May F in Elm Park
When I first started keeping goldfish many years ago there was always a pet shop in the area where you could buy live food to boost their diet. Daphnia and blood worms were the most usual. Now all those little pet shops have disappeared and with them the ... [ more ]
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May F
Yes, they usually do. I always take some out and rear in a very large pot elsewhere in the garden so at least some get to reach maturity and hop off to the wild. I also keep just a few in a large goldfish bowl so that visiting children can get a close-up ... [ more ]

Berther road parking

Jennie L in Cranham
Successful evening at the town hall yesterday. Parking bays passed to be implemented shortly in Berther Road. Finally 🎉
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Sasha V
My partner and I not have to live on Berther Road to experience your frustration....but it is the road we use to get onto to Herbert Road or either that through Park-stone Av. Whenever there is traffic on wingletyne just seem to divert through ... [ more ]

Gardeners World Magazine

Alan F in Hornchurch
If anyone is thinking of going to Kew this year, or likes visiting other famous gardens the May edition of Gardeners World magazine comes with a "pay for one and someone else gets in for nothing card".
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Sandra Davis in Marks Gate
I just want to Thank Bunty for sorting and putting my Computer right for me today words cannot thank him enough for is excellent friendly manner and time he took. You done a great job Bunty I would recommend you to anyone 100per cent Anyone out there ... [ more ]
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Hi Sandra, No problem i will try to pop over sometime this weekend i'll drop you a call just before i do to ensure it convenient 😊 hope you are well

Tiler required

Katy S
Hi Chris My husband is a local builder (Harold Wood ) and would be happy to have a chat. He provides free estimates and has a portfolio of work he can share. I have attached a pic of a recent job. His name is Tony and his mobile is 07738625440. ... [ more ]

Haart lettings agent

Sandra in Rush Green
Do not use this agent if you are going to let out your house/flat. They do not seem to have the correct workmen for the jobs that need fixing. I have got water gushing from my guttering, because it was not fixed properly.
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Michael G
Hi -Sandra just phone council health inspectors and say you have dirty water fulling down in your home and all will be resolved done it. Ps Let me know how you get on. Handy man Mike

Sainsburys Car Park, Hornchurch

Karen G in Gidea Park
Just to let you know.  You can only park for 2 hours in Sainsburys Car Park.  It used to be 3 hours but this has now changed.  Is this legal as I knew nothing about it and I park there at least twice a week.
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Elizabeth D
Having gone to Sainsbury's in Hornchurch again today, I apologise for saying the signs around the car park are blue - they're actually yellow, so I must have been seeing in negative!  And yes, the BLUE sign by the entrance does say "town centre and ... [ more ]

iPad mini screen repair

Sam J in Chadwell Heath
Hi, I'm looking someone to repair an iPad mini screen. It's got a crack in the corner and I need it fixed or replaced. Has anyone used someone they would recommend please?
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Its cheeper and easy to repair the screen yourself. You can get the kits on eBay for around d 8quid n you can go on YouTube n they show you how to replace it. It is easy. Could save yourself a tidy sum doing it yourself.

exersize bike

waterboy in South Hornchurch
hi has any one got a exercise bike they no longer use or want willing to pay a small amount for it
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Bob C
Someone else 2/3 days ago wanted a bike but I can find who it was. The post asked if it would go into a small car but it will not unless taken apart.. Come back on here or do a search under Exercise Bike of about just over a month ago which has further ... [ more ]

Stray Black and White Cat

Lark in Elm Park
I have been feeding this lovely cat for about 3 months. He is very timid and cautious, will not come for his food till I go in and lives under a bush in my garden. I've just managed to get near enough to take a photo as he backed off but didn't run away. ... [ more ]
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Cedar Road Closure Sucks!

Mr. Artiste in Gallows Corner
This road closure has been in place for a few weeks now. It continues to irritate me daily. Apparently there was a 'public consultation'? Who with? Just the residents of Cedar Road? (Does a member of the council live in Cedar?) It seems like the ... [ more ]
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Mr. Artiste
Comment removed... Sorry did I drop the S bomb! Please go back to the top and read through from the start. You are missing the point entirely Vicki A few minutes on to my travel time is nothing! I can sit and wait patiently with the best of them. I'm ... [ more ]
Edwin T
A couple of years ago we did go to meetings at the town hall with councillors Tebbut and Benham.The outcome was going to be what it is now but permanent,Unfortunatley the Council run out of funds, so this not a complete surprise to most ... [ more ]

Abandoned Cat

Dave in Chadwell Heath
My daughters ex neighbour, who was renting her house, has recently moved and left her cat behind. My daughter is, at present, feeding it, but what needs to be done for the long term? Any ideas would be welcomed.
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Philip W
We had a cat come in and eat our cats food.  He was a straggly thing and had been attacked around his tail.  He was tame and we took him to the vets in Shepherds Hill to check for a chip and patch him up.  She found out his name, previous vet history and ... [ more ]


Sandra Davis in Marks Gate
I wonder if anyone can help me my screen on my monitor of computer as expanded really big I wonder if anyone can tell me how to get it back to normal size thank you I have tried to no avail you are all very kind and helpful on here thanks
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Sandra Davis
Hi Geoff thanks for message do you think you could pop round and try and sort it out for me please I am out in the morning be home about 2oc is that ok thank you x