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Philip T to Becontree and 4 more areas


I am disabled pensioner/carer and desperately need someone for 2 hrs,once a week to tend our garden which is large,but grassed over.terms arranged. very close to Morrisons supermarketwould appreciate a genuine offer.
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i maybe interested too....
Happy to help :) I'm a carer too and I love gardening. I'm very local to you and am flexible about days/times.
Sam G to Romford and 4 more areas

Romford Market Trader Cries

Hi guys I'm hoping to do a feature in next week's Romford Recorder about the famous cries heard from traders around Romford Market.  We've been contacted by a man who used to frequent the market in the early 60s and remembers vividly hearing one man ... more »
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Harri S to Romford and 9 more areas

Classic Weekend of Rock!

The Brookside Theatre on Eastern Road, Romford are proud to present a weekend of Classic Rock on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th May 2014 with top tribute acts to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Queen. Saturday 17th see Purple Zeppelin come to Romford ... more »
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Mary C
hi everyone wheres Eastern Road in Romford
Raymond P
Hi Mary C, Eastern Road is on the other side of the road from Romford BR On the other side from the taxi rank. if you want the Brookside Theatre it is about 3 mins walk. It is actually behind a building so ask when you can.
Lisa W to Dagenham and 9 more areas

False widow spiders

Hi all i have found 3 false widow spiders and a nest full of babies in my porch does anyone know who to contact i have 5 children under 9 and am really worried about one of them getting bitten i have called LBBD and called environmental health yesterday ... more »
Raymond P
Just put boiling water over them.
Sam B
Hello Lisa W, When did you find these?  I'm a reporter at the Romford Recorder.  Can we have a chat about this?  Email or call 07785 616 229. Thanks, Sam
May F to Hornchurch and 9 more areas


Last year I had these two beautiful fish in my pond..then they spawned..I now also have about 40 baby fish as well as the parents. Has anyone any idea how I can dispose of the surplus?
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Ken G to Corbets Tey and 9 more areas

Comment by Nick Clegg

I was listening to the Nick Clegg phone in part of Nick Fararis programme on LBC Radio this morning and someone phoned in to ask Cleggs opinion about money being sent to third world countries for aid or weather that money should be used in this country ... more »
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Ray Harris
You are assuming that both are mutually exclusive or are alternatives!  The sad truth about overseas aid is that it is not largely used to make communities self-sufficient, it is used to fund goods that are unwanted or surplus commodities, or contracts ... more »
Which is use your vote. The government is dependant on being voted in. The previous lot filled their boots while claiming to represent the working class. And emptied the coffers to the point of bankruptcy. Most of that cabinet had scottish links and ... more »
Bonita H to Chadwell Heath and 8 more areas


I can highly recommend HandyManMrB. He has left my place a while ago having worked solidly and hard for 2 1/2 days re claiming my garden from the weeds and rubbish two seasons of neglect had caused. New felt on my shed, new fence at the back boundry, ... more »
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Phil E
Need some info please as I am looking to get some work done on my garden. I live in Dagenham
Janet B
I live in hainault and have seen all comments made about handymanb. My phone number is 07738625273 and need work doing inside and outside if you could get in touch. THank you
du to Coldharbour and 9 more areas

Havering Tories in postal poll card scam?

The local party wrote to residents telling them to register for a postal vote and then send the filled in vote cards to them at the local Tory HQ. This breaches voting guidelines and leaves them open to vote rigging allegations.How low can they stoop.
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Ray Harris
If you can obtain a copy of that letter you should send a copy to the Chief Executive at Havering Council.  She is the returning officer for the local elections and if there is a suggestion of electoral fraud she should be aware of it.  I am sure that if ... more »
deereman to Elm Park and 9 more areas

council houses

does any body know how long havering council leve houses emty i know of three council houses that have been vacant for two months or more in these times when people are crying out for some where to live thay should be turned around as soon as posable and ... more »
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Linda F
it may be a private house.  We have one in our close, empty almost 2 years now and no forseeable change in sight.  The owner was foreign with no relatives here in UK. I have been told by a friend that the very few relatives back home had not had contact ... more »
Jan W
LBBDC are now compulsory purchasing empty private houses there was a notice in the Post this week. May be worth calling the council re the property.
Don K to Becontree and 7 more areas

Misleading wording on Poll Card

I received my Poll Card on Sunday. On the back it says that there are 2 elections, Local Government & European Parliament. In bold lettering it says:- "If you are a European Union citizen you will receive a yellow Local Government ballot paper, ... more »
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Mary B
I'm born and bred in England, and have those words on my postal poll card. So does my husband, bit confusing really. Will wait and see what ballot papers we get.
Anne D
European Union Citizens can vote in our local elections if they register to vote but have to register separately to vote in EU elections.
summertime to Becontree and 9 more areas

anyone want to swap or know of anyone

anyone know anyone that wants to swap a 3 bed flat for a house due to medical reasons i need lower down iam on the 4th floor this is the top i will pay towards decorating to there taste and van ect to move  my illness is getting worse and there is no way ... more »
Daphne F
have you tried HOMESWAPPERS, an excchange list.the council pays for you to get on it, & theres gumtree . free to go on. & lists areas seperate.
Nicole W
It depends where you want to live and where you live on that homeswapper site. I have been on it for years looking for a 2 bed house or Bungalow in Elm Park or Hornchurch and all the adverts say "No Dagenham" like Dagenham is the very most horrible thing ... more »
deereman to Elm Park and 9 more areas

sanders draper school

how do you feel about sanders draper school changeing its name to just sanders i think its wrong after all the man gave his life so outhers could live  ( romford recorder )
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Jules J
I think it's simply as Karen H says so as not to confuse with the new Drapers Academy. I must admit I thought they were the same school until I visited Drapers Academy. They are totally different schools,
Dee S
I am with Ken on this one and see the whole thing as money down the drain,if its not broken don't fix it comes to mind.After seeing all the posts I still think its disrespectful to that extremely brave and selfless pilot.
Dudeson to Chadwell Heath and 4 more areas

Lady in Whalebone Lane?

There is a lady who is English with Dark long hair around late 40's and well dressed wearing black and red with white dr martens came up to me outside the garage nr Morrisons yesterday afternoon. She was begging and asking everyone for help and or money. ... more »
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Rabinder P to Elm Park and 9 more areas

Easter wishes

This site is and has been a great eyeopener since i have joined.From basic help and ideas to reports of incidents in and around the borough.Happy Easter to all From Jasdeep School Of Motoring
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Dee S
I second that Lynne,Rabinder, you sound like a proper Essex boy and I hope you had a really good family get together.You must join us on a Streelife meet up if you are not too busy and tell us some of your leaner driver tales.When I lived in  Dubai one ... more »
mad artful dodger greg s to Chadwell Heath and 9 more areas

romford ice rink

can anybody tell  me why romford ice rink has not been built on yet queens hosp is using the ice rink car park as an over spill car park for visitors and staff  when are they going to build on it if there going to build on it  why did they close the rink ... more »
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Vicki F
Remember this havering residents???? 1 year on and nothing has happened 500 kids still without a rink or even a hope of a new one. This is conservatives
you notice no comment  from the conservatives councilors  thay no they are going to get a very bad beating its about time we got rid of them .
Harri S to Romford and 9 more areas

Jack The Ripper – The Romford Connection

A LOCAL MAN AND THE RIPPER MURDERS... A little known fact is that for a time, Scotland Yard believed that a Romford-born, George Hutchinson (born in Romford about 1860) may have somehow been involved in the tragic murders that took place in the Autumn of ... more »
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Kim R
lol thank you Ken will have a look if I go there :-)
Lynne T
Ha ha Ken G, if you had looked upstairs, you would have seen many more of these fabulous plaques and pictures displayed around. Although I am sorry you never found us  :(
Ken G to Corbets Tey and 9 more areas

House full of memories

Today we had to clear my Mother in Laws house. She passed away a while ago and her house is sold and the new people wanted it cleared of the few bits of furniture remaining. After it was all loaded up and ready to be taken away I stood for a short while ... more »
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Phil E
Just last year I went to back to see the home I spent my happy childhood in. When I got was looking at the front of it as nice lady come out and asked if everything was ok and I told her about growing up there. She and her husband invited me to long ... more »
Phil E ...what a lovely thing for that lady to do to let you look around your childhood home....ever lovelier that you got to take a memory away with you of one of your old toy cars.
Jennifer J to Heath Park and 9 more areas

Haynes Park Court Residents Penalised by L&Q HT

L&Q Housing association are implementing a new parking scheme where residents will have to pay outside their own homes! There is a residential car park with plenty of spaces which has been free for 50 years for residents to use. We pay rent and ... more »
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Irene J
I agree there should be room for residents parking without charges, you would not have to pay to park outside or within the confines of the property where you are a resident, and a space that would normally go with tenancy can be used for your guests to ... more »
Jennifer J
The car park is free and always has been since 1960s. Why charge us now? There is no problem with parking. It is a cash cow. As for Rana, it is her responsibility to make residents aware that they will be penalised and she has failed, which is why I ... more »
DiDi to Rush Green and 9 more areas

Garden Advice.

Have moved into a property and now the garden has finally dried out, it is evident that there is a hell of a lot of rubble in the soil and the tiniest patches of grass. It needs clearing before we can even consider what to do with it. Any advice bearing ... more »
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Linda H
Well du my son and I spent some long tiring hours digging out mounds of couch grass and did very well today, we share a plot and and a lot of it has come from there.  We get a lot more slugs and snails in our back garden than over the allotment funnily ... more »
Good luck you have done well.We have lots of slugs, snails, pigeons and assorted vegetable munchers over at the Dunningford site. Glyphosate is my friend it has killed almost all the twitch and other nasty weeds.
Kim R to Rise Park and 8 more areas

Urban Fox's

Anyone having problems with Urban fox's? I have a den at the bottom of my garden  and thee are 3 of them now so are breeding , so far they have attacked my cat and given me  vet bill, dug up my daughters buried Guinnea pig and ripped my garden apart ... more »
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Joy N
Thanks for that tip DiDi
Ann W
The best way I have found to keep cats from pooing in the garden beds is to put lots of little sticks in the ground making it uncomfortable for the cat to leave its mess in your garden and hopefully to go home and do it there. The foxes don't like them ... more »
Barry ⚒ to Ardleigh Green and 9 more areas

Wonders of Havering

Went for a walk over Ingrebourne Country park yesterday with my daughter and her dog, as we were passing the lake we heard this unusual noise that sounding like hundreds of ducks or geese chattering away but when we looked nothing was there, we got ... more »
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Dawn C
These are marsh frogs. Very noisy at the moment. I found this online  They were introduced in the 30s. It doesn't say that there are any in our area, but there are plenty. If you go down to Rainham Marshes at ... more »
Sam G
Hi Barry This is really interesting, I'd like to do a piece on it for the Recorder if possible. Is this something you'd be interested in? Thanks Sam G -