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Cat accident

Hilary in Rush Green
My cat Theo, only has been run over at craigdale road and longfield avenue corner on Friday am, if anyone has any info about what happened, if he was killed outright or not, as I have only just found out from knocking at neighbours doors. He was ... [ more ]
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Carole M
Hi all, you can get cat trackers, they are special collars, and some you can have on your smart phone, if you google cat trackers you can have a look through, they vary in price etc, hope this helps :-) x
Sounds like they may be better than the chips supplied by vets for data base, thanks for the info Carole.

Flats on Oldchurch site

Rita H in Ardleigh Green
Has anybody got numbers of flats on the Oldchurch site, can't bellieve they are still building there
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Lynne T
Charging who Richard? Those who have paid into it all their life or those that have just come into the country? It should never have been free for the world as it simple cannot sustain that.
Lynne F
But Lesley - if you don't need to be seen for another year, that's ok, no? I go to the rheumatology clinic twice a year, and frankly I'm glad my condition doesn't require more frequent visits!

Candy Magic - sweet gifts, candy trees, candy cones and Balloons

Tanya B in Rise Park
We cater for all occasions. We can supply Candy Cart Hire - balloon decor - sweet treats for all occasions and seasonal events. We have Halloween supplies and Christmas goodies coming soon! Please point to my page on Facebook. ... [ more ]

Virtual tour: Chase Local Nature Reserve & Eastbrookend Country Park

Markus K in Rush Green
I thought you may enjoy a virtual tour of the local nature reserve/ parks - and with today's weather be insprired to go out for an autumnal stroll:

Friday lunch

Mary C in Newbury Park
i have not heard anyone talk about the Lunch in Greenlane in Goodmays that  started a few weeks back  is it still going
Dee S
I have been for the third time yesterday, they really  are nice people who run it they cant do enough for you. Yesterday inc myself only four people showed up, I think the drawback I you have to order the meal for the following week before you leave , or ... [ more ]

Music in Havering.

Glenn A in Hornchurch
Good morning, I could get a lot of the info on the web, but I would love to know from those that went to see unknown or little known singers, groups in the area during the 60's and 70's. I understand that David Bowie and progressive rock group Yes both ... [ more ]
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Glenn A
Good morning Esmerelda, thank you for the addition to what is becoming quite a list and only after a day of being listed! Gene Pitney had a massive following in the UK, did he not? As a v.small boy, I can remember '24 hours from Tulsa' being played on ... [ more ]
Glenn A
Good morning Lynne T, You saw the Beatles at which Granada please, and when? The Black Lion became a favourite of mine when we bought a house in Stopford Road 30 years ago, only stayed in the area for 5 years. I would love at some point fairly soon to ... [ more ]

Lunch at "The Sunrise Cafe"

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The Sunrise Cafe
Esmeralda W in Elm Park
Hi folks, There will be another meet up for Lunch at "The Sunrise Cafe" next to "The Teapot" in the Romford Shopping Hall on Wednesday  7th October at about 11.30am until we have worn ourselves out with talking. There is a nice selection of hot and cold ... [ more ]
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Lynne T
Hi Coral this does seem a pretty awful experience for your daughter. Is this the first kitchen that your daughter has worked in? Only saying as over the years I have often topped up my day job as a part time waitress. I have worked in may places ... [ more ]


Rose W in Elm Park
Anyone interested Going to Alexandra palace for the knitting andstitching show on Friday 9th October
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Joy N
Hi Lynne, just had a look which other days this is on but only 10th to the 12th, so can't do any of those days unfortunately.  Just looked in the diary and I have two tickets for the Hobbycraft show myself that I had completely forgotten about, but then ... [ more ]
Lynne T
Hello Rose W  thank you for arranging a really lovely day at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandre Palace. Esmeralda  W   Rita, Joy N  and myself had a great day out and also enjoyed meeting your lovely group. xx

Disabled parking permit rules

Richard B in Ardleigh Green
Hi all, information required please. I took a 91 year old diabled friend to Queens Theatre. Used my car and displayed her parking permit as required. Free disabled parking in theatre car park is NOT permitted by LBH unless the car used is a REGISTERED ... [ more ]
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Stolen Van Dagenham Heathway area

Karen H in Upminster
Ford Transit van stolen from outside my Son in Law's home Heathway area - Reg. No. LL10WNO, work's van so could you please keep an eye out for it & let me know or the Police, Thanks
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Brian P
If the police had it on a watch list then yes it would "ping" ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition ) cameras not only at Dartford crossing but loads of other roads around that area, ie M25, M2 etc. It just depends if they had put the vehicle on the ... [ more ]

Hair colour Specialist wanted

Zoe F in Rush Green
Does anyone know of a good Hair colour Specialist in the Romford area? I want to go from really dark to darkish blond and have been to most of the hair dressers in the high streets and they want a fortune to do it. 
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Zoe F
Thank you all.  I have found a Beauty Accademy in Romford, South street called Halls of Ivy.  They charge £10 for each strip then £15 for the colour on top (as a model for the students).  I went to have a patch test done there yesterday and they seem ... [ more ]

carpet fitter?

Rita T in Rush Green
Our lovely Shepherd dog has taking a liking to our stairs carpet and has ripped carpet off the bottom step of the stairs and today he pulled up upstairs carpet and chewed the underlay. Therefore we need someone to relay the carpet and relay the bottom ... [ more ]

Tesco green points

Susan G in Romford
Just been shopping at Tesco Roneo, didn't realise they have stopped green points. Seems very mean, we are now being penalised for taking our own bags. They obviously want to make money out of everyone, not worrying about the environment which the green ... [ more ]
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Christine S
I do put cooked food waste in my compost bin. Worms don't mind whether it is cooked or not, it all turns into compost eventually.  I don't understand why Havering Council don't collect food waste.  The community farm has a system for turning it into ... [ more ]
Ann W
You are always told not to put cooked food into your compost bin. I think it's to do with pies and puddings etc attracting rats and mice. Maybe they don't like the taste of green stuff.

Nosiy and abusive neighbours

Sara R in South Hornchurch
I'm posting on behalf of a friend to see if anyone has had similar experiences re above. My friend has had to put up with a house of multiple occupancy (over occupied) and possibly being used as a brothel (from the amount of men going in and out) eastern ... [ more ]
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upvc window's

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Romford to your Favourite Pier

Peter C in Romford
I often go to Southend -on- Sea, love going on Piers, so when I am there I like to have a walk to the bottom and back, When its nice and sunny I like to go up on the sun deck, that's above the RNLI shop, I was there a day before that bad fire, and I saw ... [ more ]
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Gerald S
Hi Peter., Will do.Semi mobile at moment with dodgy knee and stuck at home with sick wife but will try and make it one day,will let you know.

BHS disabled toilet in Romford

Carnation in Gallows Corner
Whilst the other toilets were being "cleaned" had to use the disabled toilet. Well! Needs a thorough deep clean as dirty walls, paint peeling off, tap loose and have to put belongings on floor as no coat hook. Surely BHS can afford a couple of tins of ... [ more ]
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Glenn A
Good morning Brenda, a couple of pics over a short period showing the filthy conditions would do the job! I would certainly email the CEO at the HQ - should be easy enough to find out who that is - will 'ave a look at BHS/Compass and see who's who. I ... [ more ]
Lesley D
I agree with everyones comments re the loos. I think they are still the original ones from when the place opened, but don't forget the company was sold for a £1 to investors so not sure who owns it now.  Have to admit the toilets are falling to pieces ... [ more ]

Re. Special Kinda Madness night at the RUSSC club

Ken G in Elm Park
I have purchased 9 tickets from Pete for the show on Friday 16th October at £10 each. As discussed at the Tea Pot meet up today these are for Ken G, Monique, Lynne T, Joy, Janice P, Lesley D and  three of her friends. I will collect the money on the ... [ more ]
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Lesley D
Thanks Ken, its really appreciated.  I have phoned my friend tonight and she said to say thank you to you and they will definately be there.  If you require the money before hand, please let me know.

Knit and Stitch...... Felt Making

Kirsten C in Hacton
I saw a few of you were organising a trip to the Knit & Stitch and thought you may be interested in my felt making course. I'm a local teacher for Havering Adult College and this year they have added new and exciting creative courses including my ... [ more ]

Every Thursday Breakfast Club

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The Worlds Inn, South Street, Romford, near McDonalds
Peter C in Romford
Pop in any time that suits you, for a nice friendly chat. Breakfast £2.59, Unlimited Coffee 89p. We will be sitting near the back of the Pub, one of us will be wearing a Streetlife Badge

Car accident third party denying liability

Sara R in South Hornchurch
My husband dropped at Queens on 24/9 then.had to.go.and.collect kids.from school, with our.youngest in car, he.was.sitting in dagenham.road, just before BP petrol.station in left hand lane when a van came past on ... [ more ]
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Hair Salon

Apples in Romford
just wondered if anybody has used Scruples hairdressers at five elms in Dagenham and decided not to return? Also can anyone reccomend The Lounge in Becontree Avenue near Lidl please?
Linda A
My mum used Scruples for years, but around 2 years afo their service, hospitality and importance of regular customers went out the window, they preferred to just chat amongst their mates.  She went round the corner and has been there ever since.

Romford School Holidays

Peter C in Romford
A lot of parents of school children find it difficult just taking there annual summer holidays in the 6 week school holidays, prices can be three times the price of none school holiday weeks, and some people can't take there holidays in that slot, I was ... [ more ]
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Donna W
Pauline B in my experience, as a mum in the school playground, the majority of patents that took their children out of school were the ones who also took them out for birthdays, day trips or "duvet days". I also don't see much educational value in ... [ more ]
Mandy F
My husband works for Fords and so we have only ever had the option to take our  holidays with the children during first 3 weeks of summer holidays when he is on shutdown which is the only time he could take off......always just looked at dearest time in ... [ more ]

Roy Orbison & The Travelling Wilburys Tribute Show

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Brookside Theatre
Harri S in Hornchurch
The late 1980's saw the birth of one of the most famous supergroups of all time, The Traveling Wilburys. Featuring five individual icons in their own right, this formidable team created an album that completely rocked the music industry and sold over ... [ more ]
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Cat loving volunteers needed

NS in Emerson Park
PussyCat Lodge is a registered charity taking in and re-homing abandoned cats. We are based in Brentwood, we also cover Havering.  We need volunteers every morning including Sat and Sunday - from 9am - 10.30am. You need to be 18. A volunteer can ... [ more ]
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Hi Michelle W I can't advise you on this myself but if you contact Jacqui via the website  go to  "contact us" and fill in the form, she should be able to advise you.
Michelle, if cat looks thinner, he may have an infection or illness, but keep feeding him. That's probably why he hisses etc, he may be in pain . Go with N'S, s advice and phone for support. Well done for looking out for him, he obviously likes you a ... [ more ]