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Recommendations in Harold Wood

Hi was wondering if any one could help. My brothers own a property in collier row. Our parents live with them. It's getting difficult for my dad to use the stairs. We're thinking if they could build an annex at the bottom of their garden? I would like ... [ more ]

Local job

Recommendations in Harold Wood

Hi. Does anyone know if there is currently any vacancy anywhere? My brother is desperately looking for a part time job. He is 17 goes to college full time. Would like a job to jus get him by. If anyone can help please get in touch. His really a good hard ... [ more ]

Tfl at Romford station

Local Conversations in Gidea Park

Robert Z
I've noted the signs about TFL taking control of Romford station on the 31st. Does this mean that freedom passes can be used before 0930am?
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Christine W
On 31 May the National Rail stations from Brentwood to Maryland will be under the control of MTR- The company which will eventually evolve into Crossrail. During the transistion the current rules which apply to Tfl and Lorol services will come into ... [ more ]

A127 Traffic Chaos

Local Conversations in Harold Wood

Barry ⚒
Just got back from one of my regular walks which takes in Cecil Ave when I got to it's junction with Ardleigh Green Road and Squirrels Heath Lane there were four way temporary traffic lights and although some lanes were coned off there was no sign of any ... [ more ]
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George B
@Cat: Yes - some people are FINALLY getting it? Slowing traffic down to a crawl creates pollution. But - anyone who actually knew how an engine worked already knew this? Next shocker: "sunrise follows sunset"
Colin D
You aint seen nothing yet! in a few months time the A127 will be reduced to a single lane in each direction at Ardleigh Green, and with closure of Bryant Ave you can expect a lot of frustrated drivers and pedestrians. It's either replace the road bridge ... [ more ]

Good door fitting services in Elm Park?

Recommendations in Rainham

Michael L
Could you pls advise? I need a new front door. (Mine is a semi-detached house). My budget is about £600. Is there a good door fitting service that you can recommend? Thank you
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Recommendations in Becontree

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Hi Janice if your looking for a fresh look for your driveway we supply resin bonded and bound systems. It is permeable and the finishing look is stunning let me know if you would be interested in a quote or some pictures of our work and I will email you ... [ more ]

Age UK cleaning services

Local Conversations in Hacton

Sandra F
Saw an advert in the Recorder about AgeUK offering cleaning services. This sounds ideal for my Mum, does anyone know if they are any good and how much they charge?
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Sandra F
Thanks Lesley, I will check on prices, she does have a cleaner but I was hoping it would be cheaper for her, but judging by what you have said maybe not.
Rosie K
My Name is Rosie Safo,  i owe and run an Eco-Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services was established in 2007, we provide a full range of natural cleaning services for residential and commercial customers. It still amazes me what we can clean ... [ more ]

Special Offer (Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd June 2015 Lunch -Time only)

Local Conversations in Dagenham

Antonio P
Dear Customer, I hope you are well. Next week, The Jubilee restaurant will be closed to the public but we will be back to serving you on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 On Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd June 2015, our catering students are carrying out their ... [ more ]
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Antonio P
Hi Linda, The Jubilee Restaurant is open to the public lunch and dinner Lunch is open from 12;30 until 3;00pm The last order is at 1;00pm Dinner is open from 7:00- 10:00pm The last order is at 7:30pm To reserve your table please email ... [ more ]


Clubs & Groups in Rush Green

Joanne J
Street cleaner on motorised cart has just come down my road with all the parked cars and rubbish bins and bags everywhere up the road, I ask what was the point, its beyond a joke now
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Mark P
am just saying that I know that the council comes round different days of the week to different areas of Dagenham, we all have bin day collection times..but our are on Friday and have.nt been picked up in 5 weeks seems that other areas are collected on ... [ more ]

Stevensons Farm Boot Sale

Local Conversations in Hacton

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Give, Lend & Borrow in Little Heath

Stephen S
Looking for good homes for my young chicks that are now hatching and want to give them away not hard to look after they only need a 10ft by 10ft space to live in cheep to feed but lay lots of eggs when 21weeks old so you will not have to buy them any ... [ more ]

Valence Family Fun Day

Local Conversations in Dagenham

MAY 28
to ,
Valence House Dagenham
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Planning Permission

Local Conversations in Gallows Corner

Gillian S
Does anyone know if you need planning permission to turn a normal 3 bed house into 6 studio flats?  and should the surrounding neighbors be informed?   Its just this has happened opposite my house and I am not impressed as the parking in this street is ... [ more ]
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Linda D
it seems they don't planning permission at present so this will continue until Article 4 is put into place. Other boroughs have already done this but it takes time!
Very helpful group here who are knowledgeable & dealing with the council, councillors and relevant parties  Protect Our Neighbourhood STOP multiple Occupancy Builds

fly tipping

Local Conversations in Rainham

why are havering council not doing anything about the fly tipping in  station parade elm park went by to day and it looks disgusting house rubbish all over newly planted ground i thought we had CCTV in elmpark these people need prosecuting for fly ... [ more ]
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Hayley A
Hi waterboy  I'm Hayley from the Romford Recorder.  Would you be up for a chat about this?  My number is 0208 477 3719.  Thanks,  Hayley
Ed M
Waterboy - take up Hayley A's offer. We had issues with a building contractor & rubbish collection out the back of our property. No luck with the council processes, but when the Romford Recorder stepped in, bins were emptied within 24 hours & ... [ more ]

Charity event

Local Conversations in Heath Park

Bob C
This is just a reminder to a previous post of the 'First Step' charity Table Tennis event taking place at the Coopers' Company Coborn School, St. Mary's Lane, Upminster tomorrow Tuesday the 26th  starting at 2pm. Please see the original post under ... [ more ]

Charity Event

Local Conversations in Heath Park

Bob C
First Step, a local fund raising charity, are holding a family Table Tennis event on the 26th May at The Coopers' Company Coborn School, St. Mary's Lane, Upminster, from 2pm to 5-30pm in conjunction with the Romford & District Table Tennis League. ... [ more ]
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Bob C
I hope so Dan H but being on a Tuesday it may dampen the attendance but the kids are on half term so hope alot will come as we do try to encourage the youngsters to play the game.
Bob C
Just a reminder that the Table Tennis Charity event is upon us  on Tuesday 26th May at the Coopers' Company & Coborn School, St.Marys Lane, Upminster from 2pm. This is the first time an event like this has taken place so come along and support this ... [ more ]

New Kitchens

Recommendations in Rush Green

Ian W
Has anybody used either Wickes or Wrens for buying and installing kitchens? If so what are your thoughts on them? And have you had any problems?
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Stuart M
Hi just got my kitchen from BQ great service installed by Ray recommended by friend great job contact number 07880731203

Tasty Treats Tea Room

Clubs & Groups in Upminster

Elizabeth P
Pop into our tasty treats tea room at First step, Tangmere Crescent, Hornchurch RM125PP (next to R J Mitchell School)  for hot & cold refreshments and delicious  cakes. Tasty Treats Tea Room is supported byvolunteers to help raise funds for First ... [ more ]
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Elizabeth P Good luck with the fund raising. A worthwhile cause. My granddaughter attended First Steps as a young child. She's now 21. Dave

proposed parking restrictions in the Drill Roundabout area, Romford

Local Conversations in Harold Wood

Colin F
It would seem to me that the Council are determined to kill off all the small shops and local tradesmen. I was walking in the area of the Drill Roundabout in Romford yesterday, and happened to notice a couple of notices attached to lamp-posts where the ... [ more ]
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George B
I popped my suit into the dry cleaners this morning and noted the installation of parking meters. Yeah - I guess the local council don't want any local businesses - and when they are gone where do they they are going to get their business rates income? ... [ more ]
Ed M
Actually, the small chain supermarkets of Tesco, Sainsbury's and there ilk will have more of a negative effect on local businesses than many realise. Why do we need a small Tesco's when a 'superstore' is only one mile away? The local off-licences will ... [ more ]

Heath park fun day

Clubs & Groups in Barking


Recommendations in Rainham

Donna W
Can anyone recommend a good jeweller to possibly replace the claws on a diamond ring? I took it into one shop for a very minor repair and after a mishap it was returned to me with the advice that all the claws holding the stones in place were missing ... [ more ]
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Laur R
Horrified to read some of the above comments, and the deceit of the jewellers, please try pommerance in ilford, myself and my family have used these jewellers for 40 years plus, reliable , honest ..
Esmeralda W
We have used Romford Gold in the Romford Arcade for years. I have bought most of my jewellery from them and also had quite a few items of gold jewellery made by them.

Litter Louts (Name and Shame)

Local Conversations in Romford

Dave W
If like me you are fed up with the litter that is throw on to the streets of Havering, I think it time to start naming and shaming  these .litter louts. I'll start with the female driver of K13 KKK. Who at  5 clock drove along East Road Rush Green and ... [ more ]
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On a more serious note....this is about parenting and what you teach your kids. I dont live far from that apaulling school Bower and can say the manners and language and rubbish created by pupils from that school is immense. Briing back corporal ... [ more ]
Georgina H
I totally agree with Trains2Gain. If a child is not told and shown what is right and wrong, they will never learn. Parents should set a good example about litter, behaviour and just about being a good member of society. There is a absolutely no excuse. ... [ more ]

drive ways

Recommendations in Becontree

Janice W
Hi all hope someone can help has anybody had a driveway done either by avelon paving or four oaks landscaping if not can someone reccomend a good company who does a good job thanks .
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old lighting shop hornchurch

Local Conversations in Elm Park

Dee dee
another restaurant coming soon in hornchurch billet lane, the old lighting shop its going to be a turkish restaurant called mirrors
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Local Conversations in Castle Green

Can anyone advise me who to contact apart from council planning regarding new Eastbrook School building as I am not happy with the bright colours I have viewed of it. Such a shame as it being built on beautiful green land which continues onto the ... [ more ]
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Robert Z
Why do people think Queens is going to be a hotel? Beside not being in a popular tourist area - The hospital has plenty of rooms with no windows. Who is going to stay in those rooms. I suspect the majority of us will be long gone before they decide on ... [ more ]
Roy F, I meant for GBS to contact the Councillors re Eastbrook School, rather than Queen's Hospital. Accountability seems thin on the ground everywhere these days.  There appears to be little honour left among politicians or senior management who seem ... [ more ]