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Streetlife Breakfast Club

Clubs & Groups in Ardleigh Green

Peter C
Thought it would be nice for anybody that fancies a nice Breakfast for £2.59, and meeting up with people from streetlife, so from next Thursday, meeting in the Worlds Inn in South Street Romford from about 9.30, I will be there at the back of the pub, I ... [ more ]
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Bonita H
Hi, I haven't finalised my planned trip away yet, so will try to make it. If anyone who is planning to go hasn't got a Streetlife Badge and would like one, post here or pm me. Bonnie

Proposed Parking Permits/CPZ in Rush Green - Urgent Message

Local Conversations in Rise Park

Elaine A
Re the proposed plan to introduce yellow lines / parking bays / permits on both the east and west sides of Rush Green.   The council led meeting at BDC on Wednesday collapsed due to the unexpected storm of protest they received from residents against ... [ more ]
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Ann H
I don't know where the CPZ costs £25 but we have been told the permit for Rush Green will cosy £48 a year per car and most probably a lot more expensive each year after.
Terry B
Just had a look at the website for the survey please could someone tell me why the council needs to know if I am a transgender or what ethnicity I am to park a car ??

The Sun Pub London Road Romford

Local Conversations in Ardleigh Green

Peter C
Been going to the Sun Pub London Road Romford for couple of years, use to like the Kareoke on a Thursday and Sunday, they have had to cancel most of them because hardly anybody goes now, gone tonight, no Kareoke there , only one or two a month now, not ... [ more ]
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Peter C
Hopefully the new owner can improve things there, the pub itself is nice, with a big garden to sit in, entertainment Fridays and Saturdays and occasionally Kareoke, good food menu at reasonable prices, its been there a long time, don't want it to close ... [ more ]
Pete L
I found the entertainment there too infrequent to attract a regular audience. The pub seems to be used by most people for a warm up before going elsewhere, either into Romford or to the nearby restaurants. Plus the management change too frequently so the ... [ more ]


Lost & Found in Heath Park

Bob C
Have what appears to be a normal pigeon that has been around  for about 6 months and gets fed every day with others. However, this one has a blue ring on its right leg and is lightish grey with a slightly darker head so it mght be a racing pigeon that ... [ more ]

Rude Bus Driver

Local Conversations in Romford

How can i make a complaint about a very rude and dangerous no.5 female bus driver? I've had two incidents happen now by the same woman and i've had enough,probally wont get me anywhere but i think its worth reporting.
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Ca C
Dee dee, We'd all find it easier to move around the bus if it was stationary when we're carrying heavy bags of shopping by choice. However it seems to tickle some drivers to get the wellie action going right after you've touched your pass to the reader ... [ more ]
Please note not all buses running through Romford and surrounding areas are stagecoach some are first and arriva. If you make a note of the number above the entry doors, the time direction you was travelling and a brief description of the driver. You ... [ more ]

Cuckoo sighted at Dagenham Chase Local Nature Reserve

Local Conversations in Rush Green

Dave J
grab your binoculars    as a Cuckoo Cuculus canorus can be seen and heard. species number 71        last Sunday Fast fliers cuckoos' migrate for the winter. Tracking Cuckoos to ... [ more ]
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Dave J
As an armchair birder I saw cuckkoo on Dagenham Chase is a big place and I'd need a mountain of bird books
Dawn C
If cuckoos are seen anywhere at the moment they are unlikely to hang about for long as they are heading south on migration. The best time to see them is earlier in the year (May) when they arrive back in their breeding areas. As there favourite host bird ... [ more ]

Upminster Tithe Barn Open every month on the first weekend day

Clubs & Groups in Rush Green

AUG 01
to , (ended)
Upminster Tithe Barn Museum of Nostalgia. Hall Lane, Upminster. RM14 1AU.
Dave J
The museum includes all manner of domestic and craft items. There's a kitchen full of pots, pans and china, a front room setting with pianola and chiming clock, another section is devoted to the local Upminster brick works and yet another to old ... [ more ]
Mary B
Went to the Barn this morning with hubby, what a beautiful old barn, the ceiling was magnificent with the wooden structure, and beams everywhere.  And the wonderful old things inside bought back such lovely memories. The people who opened up this morning ... [ more ]

Bingo Hall

Local Conversations in Elm Park

May F
Noticed today they are digging a deep hole in the Bingo Hall carpark.Looking for oil?  gold?  fracking?
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Robert Z
I reckon they may just retain the front facade allowing flats to be built behind it. It has been done to a cinema in Streatham and did look rather in keeping too.
Jamie C
It would be nice if they can convert and extend the existing building. Or at least keep  the front facade as Robert Z suggests.

Trailer electrics

Recommendations in Rush Green

Doreen H
Hi does anyone know of anyone that comes to the house that can sort out trailer electrics , not someone that over charges though
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Donna W
Tow rite in Upminster come to your house to fit tow bars. Have used them for several different cars. Always been very happy with them

Keys found

Lost & Found in South Hornchurch

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Gill G
Agree with Sarah and Richard - good on you, Luke. Yet, it's a sad reflection on our society that this is considered the exception rather than the norm.
Colin F
Next time you are in Romford, Luke, I suggest that you hand them in to Romford Police Station as 'lost property'. It's in Main Road, past the library, going out of Romford (Might be a nearer police station to you (Hornchurch?) but I'm bnot sure if.when ... [ more ]

Junior Rangers

Clubs & Groups in Rush Green

AUG 01
to , (ended)
Meet Millennium Centre Car Park Eastbrookend Country Park
Dave J
Junior Rangers 11am - 1pm Join ranger Andy Wragg for the Big Butterfly Count. make new friends as you learn about the wildlife and understand why we need insects as food for birds. The Big Butterfly count is a national audit where children can ... [ more ]
Dave J
Junior rangers is on the first Saturday every month at 11am   Meet Millennium Centre Car Park Eastbrookend Country Park. Free but bring a drink and a snack

Junior Rangers Hibernation Habitats.

Clubs & Groups in Rush Green

SEP 05
to ,
Meet Millennium Centre Car Park Eastbrookend Country Park
Dave J
Junior Rangers 10am - 12.30pm Join the Rangers for the Hibernation Habitats. Meet Millennium Centre Car Park Eastbrookend Country Park No driving licence or car required..  On 174 bus route.

What's happening on the field???

Local Conversations in Harold Wood

Can anyone share some light on what what goes on the field on the A12? Not sure of the name of the field. Sorry. It's the field on the left hand side as u pass the moby dick junction on the a12 before the aldi junction? Every Thursday I'v noticed the ... [ more ]
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Golden lion

Clubs & Groups in Becontree

Ted S
Hi and good morning, It was good to meet and chat to fellow Streetlife's last night. It was not possible to chat to everyone as the music was there but I will go again. Peter C has the breakfast meet sorted and that sounds like a better place to talk, so ... [ more ]

Walking Football @ Romford YMCA

Clubs & Groups in Rush Green

AUG 03
to ,
Romford YMCA, Rush Green Road, Romford, RM7 0PH
Dave J
Thought your footballing days were over? Think again! Tapestry (formerly Age Concern Havering) is currently working in partnership with the London Borough of Havering to run a series of Walking Football sessions. Walking Football is a slower-paced, ... [ more ]

Eastern Bazaar

Clubs & Groups in Rush Green

JUL 31
Romford Market in front of Tollgate House on market days
Dave J
Romford Market shoppers are havng a taste of the orient with an Eastern Bazaar set up for business until Saturday 8 August.​ The area in front of Tollgate House has been transformed with stalls selling handmade leather and wicker bags, handmade ... [ more ]
Linda P
Belly dance costumes are mentioned - does anyone know of any belly dance classes being run in Barking or Dagenham?

Car body repair

Recommendations in Cranham

Ruth J
Following an argument with a post in Sainsbury's car park, I'm in need of my bumper re-spraying, can anyone recommend any where local please?  i.e. Hornchurch, Upminster.  Thanks
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Pauline D
Glad you agree Miryam B. He searched the world for new windscreen wipers for me. My van's 30 years old and has more rust than metal. I take it to him periodically when it springs a leak or I have spare cash. He always does a little bit more than I ... [ more ]
Patricia B
I went to Mick who is based just inside the entrance to copseys in Crow Lane, he did a great job with a very reasonable price. I called one recommended by my main dealer who asked for £550 , I saw him off , went to Mick who apologised for having to ... [ more ]

Catering assistants Job available

Clubs & Groups in Heath Park

Hayley C
Hi We have got a catering assistant position available at the YMCA in Romford, hours are 4.30pm-7.30pm  Tuesdays, 10am-3pm Fridays, 8.30- 3pm Saturday, 3pm - 9pm  Sundays      = 21.5 hours per week , rop £6.60   Overtime available Duties- Serving food ... [ more ]

Longbridge road shut

Local Conversations in Romford

Does anybody know know why some of longbridge road was blocked yesterday afternoon,lot of fire engines too?
Bob C
Probably a fire somewhere in view that there were lots of fire engines. lol  Nice moggy is he/she still going strong.

Lunch at "The Sunrise Cafe" instead of The Teapot

Local Conversations in Elm Park

AUG 05
to ,
The Sunrise Cafe
Esmeralda W
Hi folks, There will be another meet up for Lunch instead of at the "Upstairs Teapot " we will be meeting at "The Sunrise Cafe" next to "The Teapot" in the Romford Shopping Hall on Wednesday 5th August at about 11.30 am until we have worn ourselves out ... [ more ]
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Lost & Found in Romford

Karen E
Hi. My cat Brandy has gone missing. Not been seen since Saturday lunchtime. I live in Clifton Road RM11 and if everyone can check their garages and sheds I'd really appreciate it. It's very unusual for her and we are very worried. Unfortunately she ... [ more ]
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Lorraine Moss
Hi Karen, when I shared on facebook I also shared to a group in Hillcrest Road.  One of the members have contacted me and said they saw a cat that looked similar to Brandy at the bottom of their garden.  If you could pm me your contact details and I will ... [ more ]
Karen E
Thank you for your call Lorraine. I didn't hear from the other person yet but still keeping positive and hopeful. I will keep this updated and prayer Brandy turns up xx

Another power cut?

Local Conversations in Rush Green

Lesley G
Hi, anyone else in Hornchurch notice another power cut had occurred approx 4am this morning? Stopped my clock/alarm from working, so was late getting up for work! Was good to sleep in though 😄
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Petition against new flats/houses in Rush Green

Local Conversations in Rush Green

Markus K
Barking and Dagenham College has proposed to build 30+ flats and 125+ houses in Rush Green on Green belt land to meet a budget deficit within the college. If permission is given, then a precedent would have been set and consequently no green belt in ... [ more ]
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Markus K
@ John B They cannot, it doesn't make sense as clearly there isn't enough space now. They are looking at building a multi-storey car park in the back of the college - for students and staff. Apparently, it's 2-storeys only but common sense would suggest ... [ more ]
Markus K
Dear all, In case you haven't seen it yet, our protest and petition has generated some ripples and has been featured in this week's Barking and Dagenham post: ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Rush Green

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Isn't he nice Doreen? Glad he was able to help you.  Genuine man and you don't feel intimidated by him, do you? Hope you post a review on his website!

Havering Hospitals

Local Conversations in Heath Park

Denis S
Did you notice in this weeks Romford Recorder that our MP  Andrew Rossindell was not in Parliament when the Area Health Authority trust was debated this includes Queens Hospital. But it was important for him to comment on the Green Belt so watch out for ... [ more ]
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Lesley D
Will have to see if any others are interested Linda.  Will have to get advice from  a Solicitor though as I have a feeling we may end up in the police station that night!  Its good to know that  there is one supporter on here.  Thanks Linda.