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Local Conversations in Little Heath

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Marion - that's a good idea, I find that often businesses/authorities etc. are telling porkies when they say letters have been sent on a certain date,  the date may be on the letter but they sit about in offices for ages before they are actually sent and ... [ more ]
maybe its time that all important mail like bank pins and appointment letters should be sent by signed for delivery if royal mail as standered at least that way it can be tracked and if lost possibly traced to last location. and hopefully more mail not ... [ more ]

unnecessary information

Local Conversations in Elm Park

May F
My son took  me shopping for cleaning materials. Whilst waiting at checkout he was idly reading the print on the toilet tissue and was surprised to find pictorial instructions on how to use it.  So that's what it is for.

wanderers rehomeing centre

Local Conversations in Rainham

i must say how disappointed i am with wanders rehoming centre at Cranham Upminster we are looking to rehome a cat but after trying to email them messaging on Facebook phoning them to no avale we went up to the centre  to be told we are closed this is not ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Romford

Hornchurch has been voted 9th most healthiest High Street in the London area!!
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Over 50s club

Clubs & Groups in Elm Park

MAR 27
Rush green community association , Rush green road.

LED street lights

Local Conversations in Elm Park

Graham P
We had new LED street lights fitted this week although very nice but as any one got any idea why they are 24 hours day? Seems a waste if they are trying to save money.
thats deff a glitch and they should automatically turn on at dask and turn of at dawn, if still on between those times contact streetcare and report it to get it sorted out.

Reminder of our Charity Quiz Night Event This Coming Friday

Clubs & Groups in Elm Park

Adam M
Hi Folks,  Just a reminder of our Charity Quiz night this coming Friday at the golden lion pub in Romford, Starts at 7.30pm for a 8pm prompt Start. Ticket`s are £5 available from Veterans of war Shop for up to teams of 8 people, Quadrant Arcade, Romford ... [ more ]
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Lesley C
Thank you for the info, but I could not go tonight, something came up, I am glad you made some money for the 2 charities, and all had a good time. Lesley.C
Dot D
Pleased that it was such a success and a good amount of money raised . Our team of 8 had a good night and thanks to Lesley and Linda and anyone else involved in the organisation .

prom transport

Recommendations in Elm Park

Geri L
Hello everybody I am looking for transport for my daughter and her 5 girlfriends to her school Prom on the 9th July I would appreciate any ideas numbers contacts as I am beginning to become stressed with it all and make up & hair for 6 girls ... [ more ]
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Ca C
Never had non uniform days when I was at school. And teachers were expected to dress smartly not casually. Very strict rules about polishing shoes and wearing berets to and from school. Detention if flouted, for pupils. Although there was a little of the ... [ more ]
Ca C
Forgot to say I paid £1.99 for the dress material out of my own pocket money as it wasn't until the last minute you knew whether your best behaviour allowed you to go. And spent most of the school year making the dress.  Wore it for years afterwards for ... [ more ]

Handy man Mr B

Local Conversations in Hacton

Sandra F
I found a great handy man (Gary) on here last year under the name of HandyManMrB and he did some nice work for us. I have only his email address but have tried to contact him but have had no reply. Does anyone know if he is still running his ... [ more ]

Lunch at The Teapot

Local Conversations in Gidea Park

APR 01
to ,
The Teapot
Esmeralda W
Hi folks, There will be another meet up for  Lunch at the "Upstairs Teapot" in Romford Shopping Hall on Wednesday the 1st April at about 11.30 am until we have worn ourselves out with talking. There is a nice selection of hot and cold food, or just a cup ... [ more ]

Masked people at bus stop

Local Conversations in Romford

Coming home from Romford on a no.5 today about 1.20pm the bus pulled up at 5Elms school stop. There were 2people 1 wearing a large rubber pigs head mask the other a horse head mask similar to what u may see on crimewatch ect,thankfully the driver diddnt ... [ more ]
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Wooden flooring tradesman

Recommendations in Havering-atte-Bower

Emma B
I am looking for a recommendation for skilled wooden floor layer please. Have called so many who haven't called back or have made appointments and not turned up. Need this job done fairly promptly. Thank you
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Richard C
I've used floor coverings direct in rainham. Chris or Craig should be able to help. Very customer focused. Carpets and Floor Coverings Direct 215 Upminster Road South Rainham Essex RM13 9BB. United Kingdom 01708 554459

Firefly Live Performance

Local Conversations in Upminster

Jan W
As some of you have listen and commented on my daughter's music heres a chance to see her perform live at the Bethel Church Dagenham on 12th April
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elm park libary/ summer reading challenge

Local Conversations in Corbets Tey

with the hours of elmpark library reduced down to a minimum of 24 hours from april - what are your thoughts on it and how do you think it will effect schemes like the summer readign challenge etc?. im saddened  that according to the living mag that the ... [ more ]
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Chris N
A sad story.  Will the library be open only a day or so, or a few hours every day?  The reading challenge for the children is a very good scheme which presumably is no more.
some good news for now, having spoken to some one in elmpark libaray i was informed that as far as they are aware the summer readign challenge will go ahead this year, but next year who knows, the person i spoke to said they are having a meeting soon and ... [ more ]

disabled problems

Local Conversations in Romford

Liberty A
I have to admit that there are 2 things that really annoy me and cause me frustration about this great area that I live in. It's the amount of broken glass that is on the pavements in this area. It seems no one bothers to pick it up. This means I am ... [ more ]
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At the top of a street (Audrey Road near to The Seventh Day Adventist Church/Winston Way Roundabout) off Ilford Lane, Redbridge, we once had a pretty planter with shrubs and flowers in it. The look was attractive enough for Zoopla - the housing prices ... [ more ]
Valerie N
Why cant  glass bottles be replaced by plastic ones it would stop quite a lot of the problems. I also clear the pavement outside my house of rubbish inconsiderate people throw. I do wonder what their homes are like.

Elm Park Quiz Night

Clubs & Groups in Upminster

Ann B
Am trying to get a team together (6 people) for the quiz night at Elm Park Tennis Club Sat 11th April. Anyone interested?

Calling all photographers & wildlife walkers

Local Conversations in Dagenham

Mel S
A few of us have talked about arranging a walk over chase nature reserve / eastbrookend country park to take photos & look at the wildlife. If you are interested in coming, please comment below with the days you are free for the next fortnight then ... [ more ]
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Mel S
Ted S  thats a lovely idea of yours to do trips to other places to walk as well. Im up for it, could we have a chat about it next time we meet up cos trips like that all meeting up first for transport somewhere usually take a lot more organising!

Not the Rolling Stones

Local Conversations in Elm Park

Ken G
Classifieds Anyone fancy going with me this Saturday night to see this Stones tribute band at the Brookside Theatre Romford? As of last night tickets are still available
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Dee S
Cant understand why you cant go on your own Ken ? your a big boy now and don't need someone to hold your hand surely ?only joking Ken ! lol!

Reminder of Craft Evening - yes tonight, Thursday!

Clubs & Groups in Romford

Andrew M
Tonight! Craft Evening at New Manor Hall, Manor Road, Romford RM1 2RA, 7-9pm. refreshments provided. Come and join us for an evening of crafting, materials provided. If you prefer feel free to bring your own project!
Laur R
Hi Andrew M is this every Thursday or bi- weekly, monthly event? Am interested as not sure I can come tonight but am interested for future .
Andrew M
Hi Laur R, This is our first Craft Evening tonight and we plan to hold others but not sure at the moment when the next one will be. It will be advertised here though. Hope you can come along tonight!

Housing refurbishment (Bathrooms & Kitchens)

Local Conversations in Seven Kings

Lisa W
does anyone know how Barking & Dagenham Council & their contractors preference which property to refurb first? Under the new scheme, I thought an whole area was chosen & all the properties that needed doing, was done! I'm confused by it all, ... [ more ]
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Pete M
Hi Lisa, (info only) Just to let you know, we do all renovation work, from flats to houses, bathrooms to kitchens, anything and everything in the building industry. We are based in Ley street, Newbury park,Ilford. opposite fags & mags. Should anyone ... [ more ]
Brian D
Hi Lisa Havering Council / Keepmoat are doing  Kitchens and bathrooms at this moment we were informed by letter the kitchen would take 15 working days to complete Our kitchen was started on JANUARY 23rd and as we stand today we are still requiring 3 ... [ more ]

Weekly craft and social Club

Clubs & Groups in Romford

MAR 26
to , (ended)
Osborne Square Church Dagenham
Liberty A
Hi we run a craft and social club where you can bring along your own craft and meet with other craters for a chat. There are no teachers just like minded people joining together for a relaxing afternoon. It's is held every Thursday 1- 5pm It is free, ... [ more ]

royal mail post

Local Conversations in Corbets Tey

is any one else finding that post is dissapearing or wrong addressed items put through letter box lately?  as my mail has gone from almost every day to perhaps twice a week if im lucky. had a letter for some one in a  different address to mine. how it ... [ more ]
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Closed down shop elm park

Local Conversations in Elm Park

Dee dee
cant remember the name of this shop that closed not long ago in elm park on the hill in between dawns barbers and bits and bobs they had laurel and hardy pictures on their shop sign, well today i saw a small notice on the closed shutters saying that ... [ more ]
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I'd like to see a small peacocks type shop As for messy shop ,perhaps old misery was in there overseeing the sale of stock to ñew people. Savers will be more competition . But better than empty shops I suppose.
Chris N
Whoever runs it, I hope Messy remains the same with similar stock/prices.  You could get anything in there.  Yes Maureen, a Peacocks type shop would be really useful and does anyone miss the herbalist/healthfood/acupuncture place near the bingo hall? ... [ more ]

Stolen dog

Lost & Found in Marks Gate

Lynda M
STOLEN DOG Just read on another site re a burglary in Rush Green/Romford last night where as well as stealing goods the owners small dog ( - looks like a chihuahua )was also taken.Main concern is for the dog who has a 9 day old pup at homewho ... [ more ]
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Msg on Facebook from the owner Rio AutoCentre Ltda  couple call me this morning say he's found sophya at cemetery 3 miles from house!  She's looks fine and has been cleaning, thanks everyone for the support God bless all

Help me please Urgent

Lost & Found in Rush Green

Mara A
On the 21/04/15 someone broke in to my house and took my chihuahua, she has a baby and it's only 9 days old, the baby won't stop crying. If anyone know anything I will reward £1.000. 07883843120 Mara
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