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Queens Theatre

Claire in Romford
Hi all,  Is anyone interested in a trip - or two - to The Queens Theatre, Hornchurch?  I looked at the Des O'Connor Show, which is in in February, but it's fully booked!  I saw him last year.  He has aged a lot, but is still a great Entertainer. ... [ more ]
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Hi George,  I've seen "How Sweet It Is" at the Queens in Hornchurch, four times.  It's so good! I think Hornchurch people must be a little more reserved, because bopping ladies have never been a problem there.  But then, I always go for seats near to ... [ more ]
Joy N
If it was Motown you saw George, the women dancing were probably 6o somethings lol. That is really something that iritates me, not being able to see because the people in front stand up and it should be banned in all theatres.

Protection for laptop

Michelle W in Chadwell Heath
Hi    i have a dell laptop (not impressed with it) and need to put some security on it, I have AVG installed (was free) Can someone in the know recommend which security to use, as when google searching dont which which are genuine or not,  I ... [ more ]
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The hacker you need to be most wary of is YOU. "Hello. I'm your bank. Please enter your security details." No protection program can really stop you doing it. Only YOU can. It's like crossing the road. Don't walk under lorries, OK? Though ... [ more ]
Bumble P
Donkey I absolutely agree with your comment. Yes we have to be careful when we respond to some convincing spam caller. I personally know of two  persons who has fallen foul with spam caller( a very intelligent person in the society) giving bank ... [ more ]

new shopping options in Romford

Colin F in Harold Wood
Following up on some previous threads about new shops in Romford -  The Co-Op have put up all their signs and logos outside the small grocery shop that was Morrisions (at one time) near to Romford Station, so is likely to be open soon. The Argos ... [ more ]
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Paul C
Craig D  Yes Craig cant deny that but as you enter Romford town centre from London road the sign close to Cottons park clearly states Welcome to Romford Historic Market Town. Who are this illustrious council trying to kid?


Ann N in Castle Green
Well I seen everything this afternoon in Romford saw a store security Guard dragging a woman by her handbag from a food store all along the concourse into a fast food restaurant. She was shouting I haven't got anything talk about heavy handed why ... [ more ]
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Education & Empathy
Ah yes, but where can you run to?   If only there were some Utopia where we could find a peaceful haven.....although I must say I was walking across Valentines Park early one morning last week and it was absolutely beautiful.  All the grass was ... [ more ]
Rosie S
I used to work in Woolworths in East Ham and the shoplifters were a variety of people , we got to know who they were, but no one would guess and they looked ordinary. But it was the purse snatchers that caused the most stress to the victim, one old ... [ more ]

One bed flat deep clean next week

Eileen C in Rush Green
Hi all Does anyone know of/have previously used a cleaning company for end of tenancy/move into new flat deep clean?  My daughter is moving into a flat next Friday and before that we have access and need the whole place deep cleaned.  Nothing nasty, ... [ more ]

Shop Closure

Sandra Davis in Marks Gate
I was surprised walking down South St this afternoon to meet a friend to find that Evans are closing on the 15th Dec I was shocked they have been there for years.

Christmas Lunch - Cosmo

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Cosmo - Romford Brewery
Esmeralda W in Elm Park
Hi Everyone, Just a reminder that our Christmas Lunch meet up is @ 11.45 am on Wednesday the 7th December at  Cosmo, in Romford Brewery. We will not be meeting @ Sunrise Café as we normally do. This is the List of who is going. Dee Mags Linda Sue ... [ more ]
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Glad you all had a nice time, you are all welcome to the Streetlife meet up tomorrow at The Worlds Inn, South Street, Romford, anytime 9-12 ish, you will see the joined up tables as you walk in, keep the fun going😀☕️🍽🍷🍺
Shame you missed out Ken, you should've still come along because they were a bit late opening up so you would have had time to stuff your face while we were still there. Hope all went well at the hospital. Many thanks to Esme for the arranging, others ... [ more ]

Mobile Phone Mast ?

Michelle W in Chadwell Heath
Hi Does anyone know how I can find nearest mast? I am with EE and lately the internet at home is slowing and also hard to get to make phonecall on mobile indoors The large building New Enterprise House on High Road adjacent to Sainsburys which is ... [ more ]
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How long does it take you to log in in the morning, Anne T.  And have you got caller id?  I have been waiting for caller id for 7 years, so I am thinking of getting rid of them.  £53 for internet and telephone.  They keep telling me I have television, ... [ more ]
Anne T
Hi Jean, on lap top a couple of minutes or so after switching on, logging in etc. However on my iPad and iPhone it is instant. I have got caller ID on landline, it's a godsend as I get up to 40 unwanted calls a week, family name comes up any ... [ more ]

Pets at home opening times

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Brookside Theatre

Claire in Romford
Hello everyone,  There are lots of shows coming up soon, at the Brookside Theatre, Romford.  If anyone's interested, please let me know.

Romford Shop Closing

Peter in Rush Green
There is a shop closing in South Street Romford opposite Yates, looks like some bargains there, £1 jumpers
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Go into Home Bargains in Romford Market and buy the equivalent there.  Much cheaper and just as nice, just like all their sweets!  I am addicted to their Newberry Fruits!
Pennie W
Jean, that is so true, or next door , not sure if I can say the name of the shop, but the initials are B&M, we love that store, their cat food is best price anywhere.


Michelle W in Chadwell Heath
Hi  (me again)   Have twin boys who are nearly 10 and one is sports crazy especially climbing and athletics Any one know any athletic clubs near? Thanks
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There's one at the Jim Peters Stadium on Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. There's also a climbing wall there too
Garry W
There is Ilford Athletics Club, based at Cricklefields Stadium. and Woodford Green AC based at Ashton Playing Fields. There is a free Parkrun in Valentines Park every Saturday morning - but ... [ more ]

c.a.b scam caller

miss in South Hornchurch
had a call showing as jane windle, answerd itn got a foreign bloke claiming to be from c.a.b and that he wanted to talk about unpaid debts. fake scam caller. i said nout n hanged up on him and he hasnt called back. number on me block list. warn ... [ more ]

CLIC Sargent Concert.

Carmel in Ardleigh Green
I am happy to support CLIC Sargent tonight at The Royal Albert Hall in aid of the cancer in children Charity. It promises to be a brilliant night of music if former years are anything to go by. ... [ more ]
It's a great Charity to support, Wetherspoons have raised over 11m over the years for the above👍
I didn't know Wetherspoons supported the charity Peter, but fair play to them for doing so. I'm looking forward to the concert tonight.

Streetlifers Christmas Trees

Peter in Rush Green
Last year several Streetlifers let us see there Christmas trees, thought it would be nice to see this years Trees, I will start it off with mine
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Just walked down Romford Market, the flower stall near the ice skating have lots of 🌲 for sale, any tree £20, they look nice 🌲


Gary M in Gidea Park
Hi, looking for recommendations to a loft conversion done in terraced house in Hornchurch? Any advice would be grateful? Thanks
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Dave K
Just has a loft conversion done Hillview Avenue Hornchurch by a builder called Gavin, great job, on time and good price. You are welcome to have a look. He has done over 300 in his career so knows what he is doing. Please give me a call if you need ... [ more ]

Party Wall Surveyor

Helen R in Rush Green
Can anyone recommend a Party wall surveyor? Our neighbour is having work done and we have been inundated with surveyors letters offering their services, but would rather use one that comes recommended.
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Helen R
Thank you for your recommendations, i will give them a call. yes, the letters i have received state that the owner of the property having the building works done pays the surveyor.

Dickens Festival

Alan F in Hornchurch
If anyone was thinking of going to the Dickens Festival in Rochester but are put off by thoughts of heavy traffic or parking, its a really easy journey by train. We caught the 1038 from Romford to Stratford, got on the DLR to Stratford International, ... [ more ]
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Angela G
Mags, I thought the Kirby trip was on December 10th, I have something else to do on the 10th. I would love to have gone today. Where did the coach leave from?
Angela G, I think they are doing one next week but just an ordinary trip. We picked coach up from Hornchurch, other pick ups Romford, Collier Row and Harold Wood. We only found out as my friend phoned then up didn't see it advertised anywhere.

Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

Ken G in Elm Park
Anyone fancy making up a group to go out for a drink at Christmas and New Years Eve? Last year some of us went to George the Second in Hornchurch and had a great time.
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Lesley D
Hi Claire.  I advertised it last year because it had been taken over by new Management and a few of us ladies had been in there and it was done up really nicely.  I only have half a lager.  The only other pub I go into where I feel safe is the Golden ... [ more ]
sarah b
If you want a great atmosphere and family feel, please consider The Bank new to elm park, its a bar/restaurant. the new place to make your own, just give it a go, bookings will go fast because the phone is ringing off the hook. look out for the ... [ more ]


Mick Shirl B in Heath Park
Can anyone recommend a place in the Elm Park area that does garment alterations, I need a pair of curtains shortened. Ta.
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no traffic que

miss in South Hornchurch
no que at traffic light junction on southend road for airfield way, why you ask? no traffic lights working. zero que and no horn honking. perhaps the lights should bedone away with altogether.
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Ian W
Lee K. has hit the nail on the head, no lights would be a problem for pedestrians mums with kids would be at a tremendous disadvantage.
Chris W
then why not put pedestrians lights ( crossing ) there winner all around.... people can cross and no traffic win win..

Large Old Houses Next To Robert Jeyes (X Library)

Michelle W in Chadwell Heath
Noticed that the large old houses next to the community centre high road chadwell heath are boarded up, Any idea what is going to happen to these? Also old coopers pub? More flats probably    Thanks Michelle

black bin bags

ground controller in Elm Park
why do people put there bin bags out over night  came past a house this morning  loads of thare rubbish blowing down the road  for somebody to clear up bags should be put out before 7am on collection day  and not over night  do thay not ... [ more ]
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Linda H
I saw a lady rummaging about in wheelie bins this morning before they were emptied, she had shoulder length grey hair a black coat on and bright red trousers, (Mrs Santa Claus )...

Long Term Train Disruption

Woman's Black Safety boots - size 37/4

Lesley G M in Romford
Does anybody want a pair of women's safey boots size 37- black and lace up. Free to a good home if anyone wants to collect .  And before you ask no I don't have a photo. Please message me
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