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Looking for a cleaner

Recommendations in Romford

Jutta T
Does any one know a good and reliable cleaner (woman or man) that does not charge more than £10 per hour and live not too far from Romford?

begging on disctrict line train

Local Conversations in Corbets Tey

on the train coming home a lady said excuse em n put a packet of klenex tissue with a note on top, on reading it briefly it said she was not getting enough money to pay rent n feed her two kids, so could help her by buying the packet of tissues.  she ... [ more ]
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Maria C
May the grace of god my life never has to b there and none of the privelged middle classes in this area quick to criticise without any idea how it comes to this. A v good friend of mine a multi millionaire investments bankervin new York who has lost ... [ more ]
Maria you know nothing about anyone else 's life on this thread yet you are making assumptions about us by saying "privelged middle classes in this area quick to criticise"....... "all too quick to judge"..... as it's previously been said begging ... [ more ]

New mobile phone.

Recommendations in Elm Park

Ken G
Im thinking about getting a modern mobile phone. The one I have now is"pay as you go" and I had it bought for me when Jesus was a boy. I now want a phone with a contract. Can I ask your opinions about what good deals are available or where to go for ... [ more ]
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Ken, when one of my kids or grand kids upgrades I have their cast offs. I've got an iphone I'm very happy with right now. And if they need help buying an upgrade I'm glad to treat them because at least I know it's a Christmas or birthday present they ... [ more ]

School Parking , Havering Road

Local Conversations in Heath Park

Denis S
Anyone else fed up with their drive being covered and the terrible parking tried to ring up today someone hit the lamp post not for the first time. Went through the system and told to send in an Email. What is happening to our council is there no one ... [ more ]
Coral G
It seems everywhere you phone, you spend at least 10 mins going through the computer system- press 1 for ... ,2 for..... 3 for....., etc IF your lucky you'll find the option you want, if not you are put on hold for ages or told to hang up ( as all the ... [ more ]
Lesley D
Bad news people.  For those of you who haven't read todays Recorder, there was an article saying that although Havering are already working alongside Newham Council which caused redundancies for staff, they are now also in talks with another council ... [ more ]

Dishwasher repair

Recommendations in Cranham

Renaming Hillrise Flats

Local Conversations in Heath Park

Denis S
A letter has gone out to residents in the Hillrise Flats about renaming the blocks with Commonwealth names. At a cost of £130,000.00. Just remember that residents have to bear any costs to change your address on many documents and Government papers. Your ... [ more ]
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Phil Wailing
The MP for Romford, Andrew Rosindell has told the deputy leader of Havering council (his boyfriend) to do this and it is pretty much irrelevant how much you protest it will happen and £130,000 of our council tax will go straight in the bin. Meanwhile ... [ more ]

Cot with Mattress wanted

Give, Lend & Borrow in Elm Park


Local Conversations in Romford

bird feed and bird bath

Recommendations in Newbury Park

Mary C
Hi everyone  where is the cheapest place to buy bird seed  i know i have asked before at the moment i buy from Wilkinsons  and i changed the food  i have gone for Peckish Complete 5 in 1 bird food  the little birds love  i filled the 2 feeders a few ... [ more ]
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Hi Mary, Did you try b&m? I think they have some cheep stuff, I usually buy my gardening tools from there.
Mary C
Thank you Rosemarie and AJ  and no i have not tryed these Stores  i am going to look at b oth of these Stores  one day next week

Carpenters looking for work?

Recommendations in Rush Green

Hi there, my partner is a foreman on a large building site in Camden and is looking to hire carpenters asap for full time work. If you know anybody that would be interested please let me know, thank you!


Recommendations in Havering-atte-Bower

Roundup sprayed on weeds gets them down for 3-6 months. A lot cheaper and more effective (instantly) than a gardener.

Rise Park Academy, Annan Way, Rise Park.

Clubs & Groups in Heath Park

Domestic cleaner required

Recommendations in Rush Green

Vicki K
I'm looking for a reliable trustworthy thorough house cleaner for regular work in Romford. I would be grateful to receive recommendations or if anyone is interested please can you contact me? Many thanks Vicki
Busy bees Of Essex ltd
Hi vicki We have lots of regulars in Romford and would love to help. Please inbox us with a contact number and I'll get a cleaner booked in and see if your happy to make it regular. Prices start at £10 ph for minimum 2 hours. Hope to hear from you ... [ more ]

Chair Zumba

Clubs & Groups in Elm Park

Rose W
Just had a very enjoyable 3/4 hour doing chair Zumba for the first time, getting parts working I didn't know I had, if you are interested walking or wheelchair bound, come along next Thursday 9th July ,2p.m. At Rush Green Community Association , ... [ more ]
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Re: Dishwasher Repairs

Recommendations in Rainham

Newcomer on "Streetlife". Our dishwasher is making a humming sound and not circulating water within the dishwasher. It maybe a problem with the inlet valve or the circuit board. Can anyone recommend someone who is reliable, who does not charge for ... [ more ]
Peter H
Hi Mitch, welcome to Street Life. If you haven't found anyone already you could try  F.A.S.T appliance repairs - Brad & Alex. I have met them before although I haven't had work completed by them yet. They were very friendly and seemed to know their ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Harold Wood

Barry ⚒
To all of you who have an iPhone. I have just tried to update one of my apps but before I could do this I had to agree to iTunes new terms and conditions, you must click to say you have read them and agree with all that it says, fair enough but these new ... [ more ]
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Alternative option to block paving driveway

Recommendations in Rainham

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Can anyone recommend a local firm that deliver slabs for paving a partial area of garden. And bull nose blocks for a front door step.
Rita B
Thank you Jamie C (ERB), please Pivate Message me with your contact details, so I have them to hand. Having internal work being done at the moment.

Trusted tyre shop

Recommendations in Rush Green

Marcin G
I torn my tyre a bit today and I'm looking for a trusted tyre shop. I need someone who will tell me if the tyre is safe instead of trying to sell me a new one unnecessarily.  Thank you for your recommendations!
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Roy F
Marilyn C, possibly correct (  we are members but rarely go there as  other deals are elswhere) but found when I need tyres they  didn't have our  'make' or  size we needed, I think they only stock the more popular sizes.  as we were willing to use ... [ more ]

Directions needed!

Recommendations in Romford

i want to go to Stone Glow candles in selinas lane but dont know how far down there it is or if its easy to get too? i dont drive so directions from morrisons by bus or foot would be appreciated please.
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Only reason i ask for directions on here is my internet is limited sometimes and thought i could get a quick answer from streetlife

Ladies watch found

Lost & Found in Elm Park

75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

Local Conversations in Gallows Corner

Beth W
July 10 marks 75 years since the beginning of the Battle of Britain. Do you have a family story about someone who fought in it? Or are you holding an event? Contact Beth by calling 020 8477 3988 or emailing


Local Conversations in Little Heath

Stephen S
I reported a burglary to my next door neighbors house in Marlborough road in January just to let you know the scumbags have been caught they was a Rumanian gang working the area and police have said that if anyone have callers knocking for anything ie ... [ more ]
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Peter C
Agree Veronica, if we all work together and report any bits of info it will help, I have been burgled twice over the years, last time they broke my garage door to get in garage, then found a screw driver and damaged my patio door, I don't leave any ... [ more ]
Veronica Harrison
Linda D, this is our chance to regain community spirit. I everyone does nothing nothing will be done. Everyone must be working together to outsmart burglars. I have started a specific thread for this

Bird food

Local Conversations in Elm Park

May F
"Don't put bread out for the birds, it is bad for them" Is the latest notice from the council. So I bought a packet of oats (only the very best brand) and hopefully put them out. The birds won't even consider them whilst all the other bird food is ... [ more ]
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Chris B
I've been told by my son, who was told at school that you should feed ducks frozen peas rather than bread!? Will go to park soon to test this theory.
Teresa D
absolutely no bread, 200 ducks were killed 2013 here due to over feeding bread. you can use oats and seeds too. I try to set up a stand in raphaels park to show and promote why we need to stop bread in the lake. sadly this week adults just turned their ... [ more ]

Lunch at "The Sunrise Cafe" instead of "The Teapot"

Local Conversations in Elm Park

JUL 01
to , (ended)
The Sunrise Cafe
Esmeralda W
Hi folks, There will be another meet up for Lunch instead of at the "Upstairs Teapot " we will be meeting at "The Sunrise Cafe" next to "The Teapot" in the Romford Shopping Hall on Wednesday 1st July  at about 11.30 am until we have worn ourselves out ... [ more ]
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Peter C
Glad you all had a good day, hope it had aircom, I was sunning myself and swimming in the sea, hope to do next join up if I am not away

Advice needed

Give, Lend & Borrow in Romford

Helen M
Can anyone give me some advice please.  A friend of mine has purchased a flat in a block.  She pays towards the building insurance of the block.  Unfortunately the flat above hers flooded and has damaged her contents, eg carpets, clothes etc.  The ... [ more ]
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Don N
If you can ask and find out why the problem as it can happen again and again.....I know this happened with an office I worked in and there was flooding from the flat above ...several times!
Peter C
If the problem wasn't sorted out, then it keep happening, public Liability cover within Buildings Insurance will sort it out , cover is normally for 1mil+