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Curtain alteration required

Yvonne D
Can you get them altered at the dry cleaners, I've had weatherproof trousers taken up by them

Possible accident Roneo Corner Area

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Coral G
I live opposite a mini roundabout near the college & we have had our fair share of accidents because no one wants to give way or slow down. I can sit watching tv & hear all the near misses, screeching of tyres, numerous emergency vehicles ... [ more ]
George B
Too many people (and I have to say women mostly) do not give way to traffic and don't know who has priority at/ on roundabouts. The absolute chaos outside the schools at kicking out time speak for itself on Dagenham Road.

Wooden extension

Ann N in Castle Green
Hi has anyone see the eyesore that going up round a fast food shop at the fiddlers and they say they have permission it's a bloody eyesore they all sit outside of a night time and light a barrel barbecue and drink food come in a car from what must be ... [ more ]

Development plans for River Rom

Lesley G M in Romford
I have just heard that there was an open day at Grenfell park , roneo corner in August to discuss development plans for the River Rom by an environmental charity Thames 21. Apparently  the proposals are to improve access to the river , the Chase, ... [ more ]
Lesley G M
Alao we are having a meeting with the environment agency to dsicuss the flooding at roneo corner in October, so any info would be useful.

Spirit of adventure

Ann B in Upminster
If anyone is interested in travelling to far flung places (or even to do day trips such as hot air ballooning or a trip round Silverstone); thought it would be nice to let people on here to be able to get in touch (via private messages) so they could ... [ more ]
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Ann B. It looks like Carmel was right about your post being hijacked going by your comments. 😉
Judith P
Worth going to see the Terracotta Army at X'ion!  We just got back from there this week.  China is an interesting place, and if you're thinking of going, take wet wipes and tissues with you. Even if you're going on a Tour ... (Hole in the floor ... [ more ]

Valentines Mansion and Gardens, Ilford

Bonita H in Chadwell Heath
Had a lovely afternoon out with Rita K today. We visited the restored Valentines Mansion and Gardens. The house is fascinating. Car parking and free entry. After looking around the Mansion we went to the Gardener's Cottage Café and had a spot of lunch ... [ more ]
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Diana D, I replied but told it wouldn'y get to you as I sent it via some not reply posting or whatever.  I don't really understand what they are talking about.  Anyway, I am sorrry to hear about your health roblems.  I hope you are having ... [ more ]

fusion 5 browser help

miss in Corbets Tey
hey can anyone tell me why my browser shuts down àfter a few mins on sertain websites on my fusion 5 pc/laptop?. doesnt do that on my home computer only this pc/laptop based pad. very annoyi g when im trying to search things etc.
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Baz B
Javascript is a programming language used in a web browser. You must have an android tablet then. It can only be either android,  ipad OR desktop. You should have access to the PlayStore to install apps. You could try to uninstall the browser and then ... [ more ]

Toshiba television.

Linda A in Becontree
Would like to thank Daniel and his family for the great gift of this tv.  Is really much appreciated by the lady who eventually is sitting watching.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Elm Park Baptist Chutch, Rosewood Avenue, Elm Park
John D in Romford
Come along on Friday for coffee, home made cakes and a chat to support MacMillan for their annual coffee. All welcome. admission Free. From 10am to 1pm.

A Slice of Saturday Night

Brookside Theatre, Romford
Harri S in Hornchurch
The time’s around 1964 A year either side though it could be more Where the hems were high and the fringes low And Saturday night meant the Club A-Go-Go As the Beatles emerged from their Cavern, nightclubs sprouted up all across the country to ... [ more ]
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To all sports clubs in Romford...

Mr. Artiste in Gallows Corner
If you use a local park to train or play, is it too much to ask you to BIN YOUR LITTER! I'm sick of seeing your discarded water bottles, drink cans, snack wrappers etc. Is it too much to ask your team/group, team mates, fans & parents. To pick ... [ more ]
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nobby 35
It all starts with being bought up right, like taking ones rubbish home my kids was boughrpt up like that and their kids,but I think it has stopped there as the parents have become lazy and foget its their resposability to guid.
nobby 35
I'm being a bit ufair we had a war to distract us,cips in newspaper sweets were non existant rappers were used time and time again rappers are so called singers now.

The Jubilee Restauant Havering College, Quarles Campus.

Antonio P in Dagenham
Dear Friends, I hope you and your family are all well and I trust you had a great summer! Our catering students are now back and looking forward to cooking and serving you. I am very pleased to inform you that our Jubilee Restaurant will be open ... [ more ]
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Marion G
We had the most wonderful afternoon there today. The food was excellent. The service was ace. We really enjoyed it. Thank you very much.

Derek Acorah

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Brookside Theatre, Romford
Harri S in Hornchurch
STRICTLY LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE With countless hours of spirit contact, one-to-one readings, numerous TV appearances and twenty years of live stage shows, Derek Acorah is unquestionably the most time-honoured and respected Spirit Medium in the UK ... [ more ]
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Dee S
Harry R my sentiments exactly but I thought I might get shot down in flames by a Hammers supporter ! LOL !


Thomas P in Rush Green
we have three hedgehogs that visit us every night. They love my scones and fruitcake.  I've had to put a little ladder in my pond so that they can climb out when they fall in.
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Thomas P
Last night we had a fourth hedgehog join our three regulars that have been coming for some time.Imanaged to photograph them but i'm not sure how to upload it. They love any left over dinner that we put out. also I make a fruit cake  and they love this ... [ more ]


Mary B 🐱 in Dagenham
Went shopping at Tesco Goodmayes yesterday. See a mouse run under the shelves where the rice is stored, and a sparrow sitting as pretty as you please on a shelve above.
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Jill B
Sarah P - are you answering my post?   Did I say it was good?  Just glad they are, apparently, gone.  It's not nice when your cat brings you a little present......
Yas R
I worked @ tesco.We had rats in loading bay,stock rooms and even had a customer bring her cereal back with the mouse still in it.Always seeing mice across shop floor


Anne T in Rush Green
Can anyone recommend a chiropodist who does home visits, or one that works from a clinic please .
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Anne T
She told us about her lab, and we told her about our boxer that died of cancer. We told her about Eastbrook End Country Park and how large it is, so she is going to try it.
She rehomed Ruby on my recommendation.  When she first came to me she asked me what breed she should rehome.  Silly woman!  Ha!  Ha!


Robert l C in Cranham
Can one recycle CDs.Printer cartridges,Chinese takeaway plastic cartons if so where ? I think if we all put our minds to it most stuff could be recycled.
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Colin F
Robert IC - I tend to agree with LeeC, in that blank CDs, by which I think you must mean recordable CDs, (CD-R and CDRWs probably) would best be advertised on Freegle or Freecycle (complete with cases and liners). Someone with a PC or laptop might ... [ more ]
Ian P
I put a lot of different types of plastic, including takeaway containers, in the mixed plastic bins in Sainsbury car park.


Linda E in Rush Green
I have decided to take the plunge and do something about my grey hair. Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser, mobile if possible
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Hope4Havering homeless shelter

Linda E in Rush Green
Re Saucepan. Thank you to all who responded to my plea. I am now the proud owner of a pot big enough to cook tonight's chicken casserole!! To everyone who has offered other donations, yes we would be grateful for donations of clean bedding, ... [ more ]
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Linda E
Hi Zoe, yes North Street Halls are Friday and Sunday. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are St Andrews in Romford, Wednesday is Harold Hill and Saturday is Wykeham Hall in Romford

LLBD - Green Waste

Anne T in Rush Green
Just had a leaflet delivered by Barking and Dagenham Council, to ask if we are prepared to pay a £1 a week to collect green waste - £52 p.a. Bearing in mind green waste not collected from 31st September to 1st April, and then collected every 2 ... [ more ]
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Anne T
I've only got a small garden, not big enough for a bonfire, we burn bits in our chimnea, we don't really have big stuff, mostly weeds and hedge trimmings.

Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri - An Acoustic Journey

to ,
Brookside Theatre, Romford
Harri S in Hornchurch
Presented by RLN Music For almost two decades, Kiki and Carmelo have been touring their spellbinding acoustic live show across the UK and Europe. Performing in this stripped-back fashion allows their exceptional talents to shine through, and ... [ more ]

Spar elm park to close down

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Anne R
I'd love it to be a children's soft play centre, shoe shop, h&m's, cookery school or a pub. Elm park needs a pub.

SCAM on Havering Freecycle

Esmeralda W in Elm Park
I received this to from Havering Freecycle Dear members We have become aware of a post of a knitting machine being offered but with the poster seemingly relocating to Scotland and asking for you to send money to a courier company. This is a common ... [ more ]
I had a very similar experience with Gumtree.  They wanted money via Moneygram for a courier. I reported it and was told it happens alot and there is very little they can do about it.

The Fifties: 100 Hits in 100 Minutes

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Brookside Theatre, Romford
Harri S in Hornchurch
Brookside Theatre favourite, Peter Gill (The Jerry Lee Lewis Story, Rock n Roll Double Bill) is back at the theatre with his accomplished band of musicians, The Reduced Rock Company, and a brand new Rock 'n' Roll show. In 100 fun-packed minutes, ... [ more ]
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Lynne F
A minute is quite a long time actually.................especially if it's a song you dislike, or someone boring droning on!
Liberty A
Yeah I admit it can be like that sometimes. I do like lots different types of music except opera that for a min would do me in lol

Be careful when parking in Romford Market

Lorraine Moss in Rush Green
On the 7 July my partner was picking me up from work, I was due to finish at 7pm but got tied up with a call. He decided to pop into Aldi as he wanted to get some compost for the garden. When he was at the till he noticed that there was a traffic ... [ more ]
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Heather S
Dot D   - Grosvenor is one of the roads opposite Harrow Lodge park / swimming pool it links  Hornchurch Road and Osborne Road.
Steve D
If you know that parents park there because of the local school, and half the residents park in the road you are surely making matters even worse are you not?  Grosvenor Drive and all the other roads that run parallel with it are major cut-throughs ... [ more ]