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Gardener needed

Offered Recipes etc for 16th century re-enactment

Janet in Saltaire
Hi I used to work for a school and we visited Clarke Hall in Wakefield for a whole day.  I tended to be in charge of the kitchen so have a folder with numerous authentic recipes etc if anyone would be interested. It seems a shame to throw them away. ... [ more ]
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Yes please if you would like to ask him.  They are 16th century not sure what East Riddlesden Hall is, although I have been there many times.  Thanks


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Jane B
Thank you for the info.  I will try Baildon centre first but will certainly bear Heather in mind if it doesn't work out.
Nicola A
Not in Baildon, but I would thoroughly recommend Mary's classes at Bingley Fitness centre She has classes on Friday mornings as well as some evening ones. There is currently a class at 10.30 on ... [ more ]

Postage stamps

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Polly C
There is a box in the Post Office in Gilstead.  If Bingley Post Office is nearer to you, it may be worth trying there.
Andrew C
Used Postage Stamps We collect used postage stamps at Holy Trinity Church Bingley & St Wilfrid's Church Gilstead, to pass on to benefit the Annette Fox Leukaemia Fund. There's a box for these at the back of each church. Alternatively, they may be ... [ more ]

Music Centre

Maureen E
in Cottingley
Anyone got an old fashioned music centre. One with a turnstile, radio, tape or CD player, in a stacking style system. They usually have speakers too, lost mine in the flood.
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Phil R
Yes but I trust nothing, yes I've had a confirmation email but that could be bogus.  I just click remaind me later like every other pop up.

Garage door

Alan N
in Bingley
Can anyone recommend someone to repair our garage door? I've been told it does not need a new door. The spring on one side has come adrift

Computer Desk

Cynthia & atma T
in Frizinghall
Computer Desk offered free.   Also office swivel chair, which has a small tear on seat.  Tel: 01274 598455.

Dyson spare parts

Janet in Saltaire
Anyone know of a charity that may take lots of spare parts for Dysons.  These can be sold on Ebay for a reasonable amount if someone has the time to post. Thanks Janet

Electric oven

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Jill F
Andrews Electricals every time.  You will get a best internet price and also good after sales service

work dun

David S
in Heaton Royds
Hi to anyone i have already worked for can you plz leave a revenue on my paged on here.DAVID'S DAISY'S. As i would like to build my customer  base on this page thanks in advance

IKEA birch CD/DVD shelves

James R
in Heaton Royds
2 spare sets of IKEA CD/DVD shelves in birch free to anyone who'd like them

Guttering to be cleaned

Libby T in Shipley
Has anyone any recommendations for someone to clean guttering, please?
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Libby T
Thanks for your message Anita. My father in law is in his 90s, so really needs someone understanding and helpful.

Bathroom, joiner, hard wood floor...

Free bed-settee

Sylvie N
in Shipley
If anyone wants a free three seater bed-settee, or knows someone who might, let me know. It's an old M&S one which I put a new cover on. Probably needs another new cover (not sure this one is fire-proof) but the settee is comfy and it's a ... [ more ]
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Sylvie N
This is still available if anyone is interested. If not I will arrange for it to be disposed of, but it would be a shame because it's a good sofa.
Yordano Z
I messaged you to go and see it but haven't got a replay. I am interested, I just want to make sure it will fit in my space.


Dina P
in Shipley
Why was the march on 21st January in Shipley (1,400 ) reported nationally but absolutely nothing on local news? Look North etc never even mentioned it. Described to me as 'best event in Shipley for ages'
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Liam M
It is sad that this even has to be discussed tbh. I remember a few years ago Philip Davies MP saying that people who commit crime "forfeit their human rights". Human rights are, by definition, the most basic rights as a human being. You do not get ... [ more ]
Cat C
Dina, to answer your original question, the Yorkshire Evening Post and Radio Aire covered it though as you say, not tv, disappointingly. Even those who don't agree with the march can acknowledge that such enormous crowds are unusual in Shipley and ... [ more ]


Lia B
in Shipley
Looking for a knowledgeable somebody to diagnose the state of walls in our home in Saltaire. Very recently purchased the house, and stripping off wood-chip wall paper to reveal a whole array of random patch work, modern plaster on top of old ... [ more ]
Andy R
Hi Lia - I have just used Daz Ellis (D S Ellis) for a job who - a) returned my call; b) came and gave an estimate and; c) has done the work - all in the space of a week! After waiting for three months for 'other' plasterers I am now delighted! Daz ... [ more ]

Fitted Wardrobes and Cabinets

Dominique G in Shipley
Are fitted wardrobes and cabinets expensive to have done? Who would you recommend? Interested in putting some in our bedroom and possibly some cabinets in our lounge and bathroom.
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Jean S
We have just had fitted wardrobes done by Bernard Hobson from Baildon.excellant quality lovely man to deal with,can be found Google.
Susan B
Johnny Whitham 07793083138 made fitted units in our little bedroom (old cottage with not one straight wall and a sloping ceiling) and a storage cupboard downstairs out of MDF which he paints whatever colour you want. He uses MDF as it can be cut to ... [ more ]

Northcliffe Big Garden Birdwatch - Sunday 29th January 2017

to , (ended)
Near Northcliffe Allotments
Liz H
in Shipley
Come and join Friends of Northcliffe for the RSPB big bird count this Sunday. Refreshments will be available at the allotments. Everybody welcome.


Jean M
in Heaton Shay
Can anyone recommend someone who supplies and fits kitchens
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Jean M
Thank you so much to everyone who responded to my request for kitchen suppliers and fitters, I won't be able to start the kitchen until around October but will keep all your recommendations in mind, thanks again.

Cold weather and homeless

Dina P
in Shipley
If you see/are approached by homeless people in Saltaire looking for help, please be aware that under the cold weather regulations they should be offered a place for the night if the temperature drops below 0. Please contact Hope Housing on ... [ more ]
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Dina P
Hope housing, and others, operate all year round. It's not an easy situation and I think we all feel a bit helpless!

Wool Yarn

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Judy R
I understood that Saltaire Yarns had closed some time ago. I hope I'm wrong. Kay Krafts in Bingley is also worth a try.
Dominique G
Thanks for the suggestions. I've ended up ordering online from a local shop in Chapel Allerton that supplies local wool from West Yorkshire Spinners of Keighley.

Double glazed timber sash windows

Jaime L
in Frizinghall
Hi. I'm trying to find a local company who could provide a quote for a timber window. We have had another window done a few years ago by Kingfisher but their price this time round is far too high. Any help appreciated.
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Washouse dirt

Dina P
in Shipley
Might I ask that Saltaire residents living in the proximity of the Washouse Gardens on Caroline Street keep a watch out for whoever is allowing their dog to foul on the slabs and not cleaning up after them? Today's count was 3 piles! This is an ... [ more ]
Alan & Maria P
I agree for one who has always been a responsible owner it  not only a menace unhygienic but a total disregard and respect for others including children  take some responsibility for goodness sake.


Anne H in Saltaire
Changing light bulbs, screwing up a ceiling rose that is loose and a couple of other things. Just off Saltaire roundabout as was.
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Help in garden

Dina P
in Shipley
I'm looking for someone to help me with a little light gardening? Any one out there? I've got the tools ( I think!)
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Dina P
Yes, Andy from ACH, Helen A. He does trees too. I'm pleased with what he he done here