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Gardener wanted

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Black Shoe cabinet for FREE...

in Wildernesse
Shoe cabinet needs a new home... (See photo, but colour is actually BLACK). I have 3 of these if anyone can find any use for it, it's hard plastic, so can be used for outdoors too. Barely used in last 2 years, was just used to store shoes I never ... [ more ]

Rockery stones

Peter M in Kippington
I have recently dug up a large rockery and now have approx 100 stones to dispose of. These are free to collect. Any ideas on who would like these?
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I have about 50 left from my own dug up rockery a couple of years ago for anybody who wants them when Peter's are gone - similar sizes by the looks of things

Laminate floor layer

Amy inactive in Kemsing
Hi Looking for someone local to lay a new laminate floor, the company we bought the floor from charged a fortune and it's only a small room and would take a matter of hours. Any suggestions or recommendations would be great. Thanks
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Ladies Dressmaking Services

caroline bruce designer dressmaker
in caroline bruce designer dressmaker
Hi I am a ladies wear designer and dressmaker with over 30 years experience. I specialise in mother of the bride dresses and outfits, evening and ocassionwear. I create bespoke garments made to measure and can make virtually anything you want! I am ... [ more ]
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Hi Caroline,  would it be possible for you to let me have a contact number for you.  I am interested in having an outfit made. Thanks Pat

Tree pruning

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Do you miss having the companionship of a dog?

Barking Mad
in Barking Mad
Love dogs? Miss those cuddles on the sofa? This could be for you.... Barking Mad is a Dog holiday company with a 5* Trustpilot rating. My name is Alix and I cover Sevenoaks and all the surrounding areas. I am looking for dog loving families, ... [ more ]
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Barking Mad
Hi Cheryl Anne, Thanks for your question it is a bit of both really; our host families sign up with Barking Mad as they love dogs but cannot own one full time for various reasons, financial, want to travel, have children, age.. etc it gives them the ... [ more ]

Rabbit in need of loving home

David R
in Godden Green
Hi I have a 7/8 year old rabbit which belongs to my son. He has now left to university I am not able to give it the care and love it needs. If anyone is interested in owning her please let me know.
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Hello David R  - a few months ago I sadly lost a beautiful rabbit and his companion is very lonely. She is a very sweet, gentle and docile rabbit. I have been looking for a rabbit of about your rabbit's age. Am not sure of temperament and whether 2 ... [ more ]
David R
Sounds good to me my rabbit is not neutered either as she was a lone rabbit. She is not vaccinated either so if she is going to live with yours you may want to get her vaccinated.

Labourer Required urgently

Cathy G in Childsbridge
Hi there, Local builder based and working in Otford Village urgently needs a labourer to help him - initially for a couple of days but may lead to longer term work. Immediate start Call Dimensions on 07754 666421 or 07813 927705

Z bed/ chair

Tracey D
in Dunton Green
Has anyone got a z bed that turns into a chair they no longer need please, my grandson stays sometimes and he has to sleep on the floor at the moment. Preferably in the Sevenoaks area , many thanks.
Rachel P
Hi. I have a chair that turns into a single bed. My email- If you want to get in touch to see if it is suitable? Thank you. Rachel

Russel house school

Nigel S
in St John's
Has anybody on here is having a good moan about that idiot who's parked his Ford Focus car In the main rd down from the school causing rush hour chaos in the morning and evening .....where's the authorities when one wants them 😡😡😡
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Tricia M
Nik - it's not usually the RH parents that drive dangerously, it is usually the impatient drivers that won't wait for the queue into the car park to move and dangerously overtake. I have been a parent there for 10 years now and am well aware of the ... [ more ]
Thanks Tricia.. at least the school are aware of the issue. And are trying to help . The car parked is legally parked i believe. Once one person parks there expect more... i fear.. look at otford pre 8 oclock. It only took one person to start ... [ more ]

London2Brighton ultra challenge walk

Nigel S
in St John's
Hi Everyone, I am doing the London to Brighton walk on May 27th 2017, which includes no sleep, I done it last year in 26 hrs, this year I'm doing the walk for M S,so if you would like to sponsor me it would be very much appreciated and thank you, my ... [ more ]

Local developments.

Reg O
in Heaverham
Worth keeping an eye on as this things do have a habit of creeping up. The Western side of the wildlife reserve has been all but killed off due to years of noise coming from the West Kent Cold store development. Now other areas could be under threat. ... [ more ]
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Suzanne M
Do we have the infrastructure for lots more homes?  I must admit that I am not condoning building more houses on land - far from it - but we would also need more doctors surgeries, we would have more traffic on the already-congested roads, especially ... [ more ]
It is inevitable that they'll be more developments. As Suzanne says it's the infrastructure that developers won't provide that causes the problems. Not sure how you force a building company to invest in local amenities? Obviously there's something ... [ more ]

Yoga classes on Fridays in Kemsing

Angelina B
in Noah's Arks
Hello , I am a trainee yoga teacher, will be graduated in April. I am teaching Hatha yoga on Fridays at 7.30pm in St mark collet pavilion, Kemsing. If anyone is interested, please come and try yoga with us. It is free , donations welcome :-)
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Angelina B
If anyone can not find the place or enterance door is closed you can call or text me at 07949891746. Looking forward to see you there.

Mid sleeper cabin bed

Rabbit in need of a loving home

David R
in Godden Green
Hi I have a 7/8 year old rabbit which belongs to my son. He has now left to university I am not able to give it the care and love it needs. If anyone is interested in owning her please let me know.
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Toilet flush problems

Patrick N
in Kemsing
Can anyone recommend a plumber who will fix our toilet as the full flush is not working ?  I think a new inside works may be required ?
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Kitchen Tap

Sally W
in Noah's Arks
I need to replace my kitchen tap anyone with plumbing experience happy for an afternoon or evening job ?
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Carpet fitter

Cindy R
in Kippington
Looking for someone to fit and cut to size a carpet remnent 16ft X 13ft to fit  11ft X11ft underlay and grippers already in place. Also help move a sofa bed to ground floor .
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lost cat found on Brittains Lane/Beaconfields

Marion Crist
in Riverhead
I have just had a guy come to our door this morning trying to locate the owners of a missing fluffy black cat who was found just off Brittains Lane/ Beaconfields in some goal nets! The cats fur is apparently frozen! Unfortunately I didn't get the mans ... [ more ]
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