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Police present in Sidmouth

in Sidford
Why all the police cars and large vehicles in Sidmouth today. At least 7/8 police cars at the station along with other cars involved ?.
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We've made the Daily Mail !

Mary W-T in Salcombe Regis
Video of the cliff fall is worth watching. EDDC can't just sit and watch this happen, we need the BMP now
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Shed falling into sea at Sidmouth

Jan in Sidford
My first thought at seeing this on the news was why hadn't the shed been demolished already as it was so close to the cliff edge? The house owner must have known it was at risk some time ago. One report stated that he was just about to get/had ... [ more ]
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Mary W-T
She has good steady hands, she should be proud of her skill as well as being thankful that she was there at the right time.

Kitchen fitters

Old Boot in Cotmaton
A friend is seeking recommendation about a certain kitchen fitter, and asked me to post this: "The company is Martha Mockford, and they are at Buckerall, just beyond Honiton. The fitter is called Neil Wilson, and the guy running the company is ... [ more ]
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Old Boot
Barbara...would you be willing to speak directly to my friend, please, as direct word of mouth and maybe answering a few questions, as that is what she is hoping for. The company couldnt/wouldnt give any references, which seemed a bit strange.. ... [ more ]

Two kittens need home

in Stowford
Two female kittens ( about 7 months old) need a loving cat friendly home.  If you can offer one, please pm me.  Thank you.

Recommendation Podiatrist/Chiropodist

Karen S
in Stowford
Please does anyone have a recommendation for a podiatrist/chiropodist in the sidmouth/exmouth/ottery/honiton area?  Anywhere that's within a 30 minute drive. 
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Sidmouth parking laws

Emily R in Sidmouth
Welcome to Sidmouth , Please note we have completely different driving laws here . You are allowed to park ANYWHERE , especially on the pretty zig zags that are painted near zebra crossings and even better if they are near a small roundabout. Please ... [ more ]
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If it t was turning right (as some comments state), the driver missed the turning. It looks to me that the car is outside the Sue Ryder shop; the only right turns are at Newtown at the corner of SR and after that, at Salcombe Road. As you can see ... [ more ]

Horse Riding in Town

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Ann L
Maybe the horse on the inside was inexperienced and was being shielded. In view of the stupidity of some motorists most horse riders don't ride two abreast without good reason.
I've seen a horse or two being ridden through the town and enjoyed the sight (I was walking, not driving) and two ladies on horses came through Salcombe Road, single file, last week. I loved seeing them and hearing the clip clop..........

Handyman Needed Urgently

in Bridge End
Does anyone know of someone who could or help me put together a Hutch/Chicken Run combo. It is W.6ft x L.9ft x H.5ft. Includes Apex roof. Having a degree in reading the worst instructions I've ever had the misfortune to come across would be a great ... [ more ]
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Thank you Ian, I'll keep you in mind for any more jobs I need doing. He asked for £250 to start with, but I said i would rather pay an hourly rate. I was prepared to pay up to £150 to get the job done in a hurry. I'm not usually that generous though.
John M
I would like to know of a handyman too - not urgently required. For lifting  and moving heavy things, cleaning gutters, etc. John M.

NHS in Crisis. Book early for coach to Mass Rally in London on Sat 4th March.

Jackie G in Newton Poppleford
Healthcare campaigners from across the whole country will be joining together for a mass protest in London on 4th March, 2017. East Devon Alliance (EDA)are organising a coach, at modest cost, for those attending from East Devon. Details to be ... [ more ]
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Jackie G
Going back to the reason this thread was started, here's a quick recap:  The NHS is in crisis. There are staff shortages; closures already of GP surgeries, pharmacies, community hospital beds, and hospitals; and more cuts coming. Social care budgets ... [ more ]
George E
On the BBC News last night, if I heard correctly,  it was said that there would soon be a 1.3 Billion shortfall in the NHS funding . Coincidentally I read in the morning paper that the Government plans to spend 1.3 Billion on aid to "middle income" ... [ more ]

Drill Hall, not an argument

Mary W-T in Salcombe Regis
I thought I remembered someone on here recently saying something about people congregating around the back of the Drill Hall but I can't find the info now. Does anyone know where the comment can be found please? Or know anything about such activity?
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Mary W-T
Rozzy, that is very interesting. I can't PM you for further details as I refuse to verify my address; I am not keen on website bodies 'knowing my business' as my Mother-in Law would have said. She was a Lancastrian and obsessed with the fact that she ... [ more ]


Stuart H
Not in the Sidmouth /Sid Valley area Sam yesterday we only had 7.4mm with highest hourly rate of 2.4mm. It is when we get storm events and more than 25mm falling we could get problems. We had some further problems in Sidmouth last week during the ... [ more ]

Sidmouth Crafters

to , (ended)
Leigh Browne Room, Unitarian Church (opp. Tesco), Sidmouth
Gillian O in Weston
Sidmouth Crafters * Crafts * Create * Coffee and Chat * Beautiful handmade items for sale or try one of our taster sessions in various crafts (£5 with materials provided). FREE CUP OF TEA OR COFFEE

Pancake Races Tuesday Feb 14th

Sid-Valley in Stowford
Once again, Sidmouth Esplanade will be the venue for the annual Pancake Races organised by the Sid Valley Rotary Club in it’s role of being involved with the local community. The races are open to both juniors who race for fun (and perhaps a ... [ more ]

Electrician Required

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Dog sitter

Cake baker in Sidford
I'm looking for someone to come and live in our house and care for our dogs when we go on holiday, any recommendations?
I've used "mindmyhouse" Excellent website and had lovely people house sit and took the dogs walking ... never any problems You pen your needs and wants ... then wait to b contacted as opposed to emailing from the list I always asked for a mature ... [ more ]
Kim L
Thanks Daffie.  I have used a house/dog sitting agency for several years.  Very happy with people who come to stay and look after my dog, but now very expensive (Plus 20% VAT) so am looking for an alternative.  I will definitely look at "mindmyhouse".

Cinerama Search for Paradise

Sidmouth Methodist Hall
Michael E
in Sidmouth
Showing at 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm.  A charity Cinerama Screening on the giant Omniscope curved screen with full stereophonic sound.  Admission Free - non obligatory retirement collection.


Adrian G
in Bulverton
I like my weekly 'fix' of chips from the chippy, my regular being Bloaters. Tonight (Friday) they were closed until the end of the first week in February. Went to the Rickshaw in Newton Pop, where we love their Chinese takeaway, to try their chips ... [ more ]
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Dishwasher repairs

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NHS in crisis: government's 'cure' already putting patient care at risk?

Jackie G in Newton Poppleford
That's why healthcare workers and campaigners from across the whole country, including East Devon, are assembling in London (Sat 4th March).  As Cllr Dr Cathy Gardner says in her letter in the Sidmouth Herald (27 Jan), “.. a review of the true ... [ more ]
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Peter S
Jackie G  Got agree with you Jackie on this one ! Also think that something as big as this, should also be non political because they all use it as a political football, which sometimes is not in the best interests of the patients.

Fire Brigade Scam

Peter S
in Stowford
Dear All, Please be aware of the following Community Alert recently sent by Police in relation to bogus Fire Officers. Please be aware of bogus callers from the Fire brigade: On Saturday 21st January 2017 a male and female, claiming to be ... [ more ]

BT Call Protect - a warning

Derek H
in Sidmouth
In response to a letter from BT inviting me to access the free service Call Protect I followed the instructions on their website feeling happy that I would no longer be bothered by cold callers.   However, I then discovered that my 1571 service for ... [ more ]
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Mary W-T
Article in the Telegraph They think BT may be about to start investing.

London A- Z street Atlas 1999

Bedford Steps

hibou in Sidford
The access to the beach from the West side of Bedford Steps is not very attractive now that you have to wade through the water coming down from under Station Road. It wouldn't take much to make sure the water didn't flow all over the steps. Who is ... [ more ]
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Mary W-T
One of the discussion groups at the Neighbourhood Plan event was about commercial and tourism matters. I think this problem is something which should be mentioned in the NP because I have seen many people with children and pushchairs, or with sticks, ... [ more ]
Real Sidmouthian
I don't think the neighbourhood plan will include this type of thing as that's a planning and land use document. But it would be good to see if during the beach management plan process these changes could be considered. If we are changing beach ... [ more ]

Transport and help with part house clearance

William F
in Sidmouth
I wonder if anyone out there could help with transport for my brother in Sidmouth when it is required in say 3 weeks time with regards to clearing out some of his possessions perhaps to charity shops

Drill Hall

Mary W-T in Salcombe Regis
Yes, I know, some people want to knock it down! If you are one of these please stop reading now or you will get annoyed ;-) For those who want to save it or who haven't made their minds up yet I just wanted to say I have put up a companion site to my ... [ more ]
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Real Sidmouthian  Sorry mate. It is now owned by EDDC, the local authority, which is not at all the same thing as "the public". EDDC make this distinction very clear, very often. See the notice at the entrance to the Knowle about the Public Right of ... [ more ]
Real Sidmouthian
Well that's exactly the point HF. It's theirs to make the most out of on our behalf and as you quite rightly say: We do the electing.....and on my behalf they can go ahead and replace it with something much more fitting and in harmony with our town.

Credit card found

Irene H
in Salcombe Regis
This is a message for Jamie Stone, I have found your Nat West card on Beatlands road this morning whilst walking the dog. I will take it into the bank tomorrow unless you pm me. If anyone knows Jamie please pass on this message.
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Dogs and children and young people on the Ham

ST in Sidmouth
Last year I took the grandchildren to the Ham on a few occasions who rolled around on the grass in the sun and played ball games. Recently I have walked pass the Ham and it seemed that people are taking and letting their dogs foul there. Is this ... [ more ]
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Ali B S
There will always be people that do not clear up after their dogs. So this being the case, when out walking, why not just pick up after those people. I know it's not very nice but it least it gets the mess in the bins where it should be. My ... [ more ]
Barnacle Bill
............. and the birds Ali B S - not just the seagulls but the sparrows and starlings. Hung my smalls out t'other day and a sparrow hit it on the wing! Something needs to be done - a cull perhaps?

Former pet shop in Church Street....

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The Knowle and Pegasus

Mary W-T in Salcombe Regis
I have just seen on the Herald website that today EDDC have agreed to abide by the Information Commissioner's ruling and release information, which is excellent. However, I was surprised by this quote  “Furthermore, we can confirm that there has ... [ more ]
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Mary W-T
I read them on the  and was surprised at how much Pegasus increased its offer after the 'interviews' mentioned in the Savill's report. I wonder what was said in person that Pegasus had not been aware of ... [ more ]
Mary W-T
It has just been pointed out to me that my previous post could be seen as suggesting something untoward went on at the 'interviews'. This was not my intention. I was simply thinking that some more information must have come to light to account for ... [ more ]