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Local damp proofer

Recommendations in Southfields

Elizabeth S
I'm looking for recommendations for a damp proofer in the local area - I would like to get an intial survey /estimate done asap, in order to continue with my flat purchase. I've enquired with Damp and Timberguard in Wandsworth and they have a long lead ... [ more ]
Caroline N
Hello Elizabeth, I know Cosmo Builders they are reliable and affordable. Their office is based in Tooting so pretty local. I'm sure they will be able to help you. 0208 672 6749

Free - tall bookcase

Give, Lend & Borrow in Putney Heath

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Paulene C
Hi Dee, it's a light wood effect, don't think it's the same as Ikea currently sell. It's 2m high x 60cm wide x 30cm deep. Collection after about 5pm would be fine.

Hedgehog / rodent cage

Give, Lend & Borrow in Summerstown

Suki G
Our pygmy hedgehog sadly died so I wondered if anyone would like a large plastic cage with a wire mesh top. Measurements are 38 x 20 x 15 inches. It has a a fitted thermostatically controlled heat pad, which can be removed. The cage is in good condition ... [ more ]

Dentist in Earlsfield?

Recommendations in Summerstown

Ian M
There's an dentist opposite the police station on Garrett lane. It takes nhs patients. Can't remember the name...think it has a big tooth logo, May be green? I do go there. It seems fine. As in, I have no complaints.

Crime in Wandsworth

Local Conversations in Summerstown

Gary R
Here's a summary of crime rates in Wandsworth for the past 12 months from data-driven news site Urbs.London. Car theft highest in London
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I had my van stolen off my drive 2 years ago and they closed the enquiry down within a couple of weeks. The first phone call when I realised it had gone was to a moron in a call centre who couldn't have been more unhelpful. When the police did call back ... [ more ]
annette d
My car was driven into whilst parked outside my house in Southfields. The force was so great it was ploughed into the neighbours garden. The culprits car was damaged and they couldn't drive it away properly. They were seen, number taken and reported ... [ more ]

Glass bowl

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wimbledon

Get Active Wandsworth Festival 2015

Local Conversations in West Hill

JUL 18
to ,
King George's Park, Wandsworth, SW18 4AZ
Active W
The 6th annual Get Active Wandsworth Festival, showcasing the very best in sport, physical activity and health in Wandsworth and it's FREE! Giant outdoor stage with live performances, a mobile climbing wall, health checks, an assault course, face ... [ more ]

Missing Cat: SW19 2RQ, tabby female

Lost & Found in West Hill

RSPCA Wimbledon & District
MISSING CAT: SW19 2RQ, tabby female, 11/6/15, no collar or chip. She's an indoor cat so is not use to the outside. To donate just £5 to our branch: Text CATZ15 £5 to 70070


Give, Lend & Borrow in Wimbledon

Dogs for rehoming - can you help spread the news?

Clubs & Groups in West Hill

RSPCA Wimbledon & District
Our branch have recently expanded & have just starting to rehome dogs as well as cats. We are kicking off with trying to find new homes for two dogs called Spring & Kit who are looking for a new home each. They are both greyhound/lurcher cross ... [ more ]
Suzanne H
Hi Would love to take one of the dogs if they still around.had a lurcher for 12 years and been looking at battetsea and other dog charities fir another will email you as well

St. Michaels school fete today!

Clubs & Groups in Putney

Janine G
Come and join us. Lots of fun activities for the children, games, face painting, bouncy slides, treasure hunts, Great food - tea tent and Asian food stall. Lots of things to do and buy - books, toys, clothes, bric a brac.

Can anyone recommend a multi-fuel burner installer?

Recommendations in Southfields

We are looking for someone local to advise us on a living room, cassette-style, multi-fuel burner and associated chimney flue requirement and then install the equipment.  We would prefer to use a local installer, but who can of course issue us with a ... [ more ]
Mary D
I used a few years ago and am happy with my stove - I don't use it as much as I thought I would but it looks great!

Dressing table mirror

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wimbledon

Door to garden leaking

Recommendations in Putney

Miranda F
I have a door leading from my bedroom to garden part glass, part labels. After heavy rain yesterday water has got in needs fixing! Any recommendations for, joiner or handyman that would be suitable please?

Pine door (internal) for sale

£30.00 in Earlsfield

Karen G
An internal pine 4 panelled door available. Stripped one side, painted white with satinwood paint on the other as was used as bathroom door. Comes with chrome door knobs and with hinges still on. Buyer to collect.
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Karen G
I now want to get rid of the door and as there hasn't been any interest in buying - it's now available free of charge to anyone who can come and pick it up. Please get in touch.

Need someone to water our small cottage garden while away

Recommendations in Southfields

Shad M
We will be away from June 16th through July 6. Could someone water our garden? (Although small, there's lots to water!).  If hot and sunny, it may require daily watering...certainly every alternate day.  Pl call /text me at: 07837 590 371 and we can ... [ more ]
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Finale L
Hello Shad, I have a daughter who does babysitting, dog sitting and watering jobs in Wimbledon Village.  If you are nearby, she would be very interested.  Please contact me if this is suitable. Kind regards, Finale
Shad M
Thank you very much, Finale. My neighbour who lives right across us has graciously offered to tend to the garden. Thank you very much for responding.  Best Shad

Cider maker required for Nepal

Local Conversations in Fulham

Ian S
Over the weekend I met a chap who lives in Nepal and is interested in talking to a professional young entrepreneurial cider maker to go to Nepal to help start a cider making business - Nepal has  hectares and hectares of apple trees and most of the ... [ more ]
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Jane B
OMG don't you just love Streetlife! Please keep up informed about what happens with this. As a documentary maker I'm v interested.
Ian S
Nil desperandum everyone - I am still waiting on the email address of the chap who encouraged me to mention this and am hoping for good news soon - maybe he has gone to Nepal already..................

Free ironing board

Give, Lend & Borrow in Southfields

John R
Hi We have two ironing boards, which is definitely at least one too many. If you'd like a free one, you could pick it up from Putney Heath Lane vicinity. j
Aaron R
isit still available I broke mine sadly today lol if you could PM your contact details ill pass by asap live by dover house road not fair from Putney heath thanks
John R
Wow - you're the third person to enquire! Someone's picking it up on Sat am, but if neither of them work out, I'll drop you a line... j

Any unwanted home phone pls?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Putney

Morning All :) Suddenly my home phone went dead even after changing battery. Before going out shopping worth checking here if there's any unwanted home phone (any type) around please? I have similar to Panasonic cordless with 4-5 handsets etc but ... [ more ]
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Vincent S
Hi Arlene, I have the Landline phone with me so let me know how you get on with your existing. It's a Philips brand, I put this away in the loft when I upgraded it to 3 handset. Still working but you need some new rechargeable batteries. You can have ... [ more ]
Hi Vincent - thanks v much. I'll try yours if that's ok. I'm around Melrose Ave and also have friends in Gartmoor near Southfields. Let me know when is convenient time to collect please. sent u text :) v kind thanks

Accountant needed

Recommendations in Wandsworth

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Lara Z
Hi Gabor, I use Benazir Chatur from Alfred A Malnick and co they're based on Streatham common and she's brilliant and very affordable too! Her mob is 07957 650014. She'll do a free consultation/ meeting for you to assess your needs etc. good luck
Benazir C
Hi Gabor B   I will be very happy to discuss your accountancy requirements. You can either call the office number; 02086777113 or email me directly Benazir

Do you have time to care for older people at the weekend?

Classifieds in Home Instead Senior Care - Wimbledon & Kingston

German teacher wanted

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

German teacher sought. I placed a request some weeks ago for a German teacher but no luck. I am looking for a native German speaker. I live in Wandsworth. Someone did recommend a German friend but I never heard from her.
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Naomi E
Hi, There is a young German woman living in my house in Wandsworth who is an excellent teacher and teaching a few people locally. When not teaching, she is studying for her phd and is really nice and friendly - apart from being a good teacher! Her name ... [ more ]
Judith C
Hi - I probably told you before, but I really recommend the website, as it offers a wide range of tutors in all subjects, it's free to the user, and you can contact tutors in your area to get further information before coming to any ... [ more ]

Flymo Electric Lawnmower

£25.00 in Wimbledon

Wandle Trust Cleanup Sun 14-Jun-15 11:00-15:00 Watermeads Nature Reserve, Poulter Park

Clubs & Groups in The Wandle Trust

JUN 14
to , (ended)
Watermeads Nature Reserve, Poulter Park
The Wandle Trust
You're invited to a Wandle Trust Cleanup Sunday 14th June 11 am to 3 pm Watermeads Nature Reserve, Poulter Park Meet here! What to expect This month we are heading to ... [ more ]

Gas bottle for gas barbecue

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wimbledon

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