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Handyman/carpenter required

Pauline C in Summerstown
The door sil/threshold on my back door needs replacing. Can anyone recommend a carpenter/handyman who would be able to replace. I live in Wandsworth. Thank you.
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It may then be impossible to put the new sill in without taking tiles and their base out. In my parent's house that was a similar case. I've ended chiselling out the rotting wood and filling in the sill with concrete, whilst putting in a metal bar across ... [ more ]

Recommendations for electrician (to do EPC and fitting smoke alarms) needed please

Pina Patane in Putney
Hello All I need an electrician to do EPC and to fit smoke alarms for a rental property. Needs to be of high safety standards Recommendations only please Thanking you in advance
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Beth D
Hi Pina, Most electricians are not qualified to carry out an EPC, they need to have completed a special course to be able to do so. We use a guy called Alex, he is lovely and very reliable his contact number is 07940 080724. Let him know the girls at ... [ more ]
Mark- Local Electrician SW11
Hi Pina. I'm a local Electrician on Street Life. I can fit and install - Smoke Alarms or any advice you might need. If it's for renting purposes. Now Law for all Landlords!! Generally you will need 1- on each landing. & 1- Carbon Monoxide near or ... [ more ]

Tree pruning

Jennie A in Southfields
Could anyone recommend an experienced tree pruner for a garden tree that's about 40 ft high? It doesn't need surgery - just the leafy branches reduced on top and sides.

Wanted: Circular saw blade sharpening machine to borrow

Dmitriy in Balham
Has anyone got a circular saw blade sharpening machine that I can borrow or knows a place where I can get a saw blade sharpened locally?
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Join our Welcome Team at the new Tara Theatre!

Tara Arts in Sands End
We need your help in making Tara Theatre the most welcoming theatre in London. Join our volunteer Welcome Team and take part in Tara - from ushering shows to spreading the word in the local area. Interested? Of course you are! Talk to Alex on ... [ more ]
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Tara Arts
Yes, that is correct. Our address is: Tara Theatre 356 Garratt Lane SW18 4ES If anyone requires further information or is interested please do let us know.

New Back to netball group in Wandsworth

Back to Netball South London in Wandsworth
Do you want to get back in to Netball? Enjoyed playing at school? Or are you a beginner wanting to try something new!? Back to Netball is the session for you, great fun, great fitness and back to basics netball! Sessions provide a gentle ... [ more ]
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iPhone & iPad random email deletion warning

Dmitriy in Balham
I have now come across a fourth case where an iPhone would delete a random period of time of emails from a connected account when the connection is made via an IMAP protocol (which is almost always). I recommend making a regular backup of your emails. In ... [ more ]
Dmitriy: Me too. Somehow all my sent emails have disappeared. I was getting an increasingly slow service so attempted a Mail rebuild on my desktop Mac. Wrong! That's what did it (and that was with a POP account). When I try to access any current email I ... [ more ]
Your problem is different to the one I am warning about. POP and IMAP both do email delivery into your device but they work very differently. POP is a one way system and IMAP is two way system. If you have managed to delete you Apple Mail messages AND ... [ more ]

We're Wilde about Lady Windermere

to (ended)
Putney Arts Theatre, Ravenna Road, Putney SW15 6AW
Ian H in Southfields
PTC's production of Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermere's Fan got off to a rousing start last night, with audiences calling it "superlative", "marvelous" "gloriously lavish" "wonderfully funny and moving" and "not to be missed". Some tickets at just £14 are ... [ more ]
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Ian H
Thank you Andrew. Delighted you enjoyed it. Everyone worked incredibly hard on the show so, it's good to know it payed off.

Southfields shops under threat

Eileen J in Wandsworth
Golfrate have submitted a new application. Details on

Help - need a good roofer

Jo in Summerstown
The rain has given me a lovely present, A wet bedroom ceiling and peeling wallpaper. I  Can anyone a trustworthy and professional roofer?  Thanks
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Tracey D in Southfields
I need someone to fix my toilet seat. It keeps coming off, even when I've superglued it! Happy to buy a new seat and start all over again if someone can put it on for me. Thanks
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gardener SW18 area?

KM in Earlsfield
My partner died unexpectedly last year.  I am now finding the garden a hassle which he always kept neat and tidy.  Its small but has hedges all around it.  I get lots of gardener cards through the door but would rather have recommendations.  It probably ... [ more ]
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I've used mark for a long time. Can't recommend him highly enough, he does lots of work for me, friends and family. 07899 778279

GCSE Punjabi

Bubba in Upper Tooting
Does anybody know where I can study for a qualification in Punjabi? I can speak it fluently, but would really like to learn to write it.
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Alyson E
You could also look at the Open University maybe, to do an online course - they have a lot of courses

Violin quarter size wanted

Ivy N in Putney Heath
Is anyone selling a quarter size or 1/4 violin with bow, neck rest and case? Thanks very much!
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A Wilde night

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Putney Arts Theatre Ravenna Road SW15
Ian H in Southfields
Still a few tickets left for the final performance of PTC'S "superlative" production of Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermere's Fan. 7.45 tonight. Buy on the door.

Domestic helper

Anne F
Hi tricia hour many hours a week? And what type of domestic work many thanks Anne

Yoga classes

Clare J in Summerstown
Could any one recommend a yoga class in the local area. A morning class would fab. Thanks.
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Tish D  We offer morning yoga classes in the Wimbledon location just outside the station.  We have yoga or Pilates at some point every morning.
Anne P
If you would like a small friendly class in Southfields contact my neighbour Ursula . Anne 

Free Bosch washing machine to who ever wants to collect today

Ellora C in Southfields
Bosch free washing machine collection Skeena hill to anyone who wants as have new one coming next week


Miranda F in Putney
After another terrible night of storms and my outside stairwell filling with water and the fire brigade to the rescue for the second time in a week, I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can help or advise me on what to do? I live in a ... [ more ]
I'm afraid I can't offer anything but sympathy. The rains last night were alarming and must have been even more so for those in a basement property. Is there no advice on the Government website? I thought they promised to invest in preventing flooding a ... [ more ]
Susanna R
Hi Miranda I presume that you have a drain in your stairwell, in which case, see if you can fit a non-return valve, which at least stops the water coming back up when the sewers are full.  We have a basement well which filled with water probably the ... [ more ]

Lady Windermere's Fan

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Putney Arts Theatre, Ravenna Road, Putney SW15 6AW
Ian H in Southfields
Don't miss out! Oscar Wilde's witty and wonderful play comes to town. Opening tonight at Putney Arts Theatre, in a ravishing production from resident company PTC. Some tickets still available from tonight until Saturday but it's selling fast. Call ... [ more ]
Ian H
Thank you Nigel. Delighted you had a good evening. Everyone seems to be loving it so far.

Free wine glasses

Yvonne D in West Hill
Hi all - just got some new wine glasses as a birthday present, so have 12 - 13 old ones to give away - mixed, four large, the rest medium, packed into boxes of six - anyone use them? Maybe anyone got a party coming up? Vonnie

Water pump to lend if anyone is flooded nearby.

Dmitriy in Balham
I'm on hill (Ellerton Rd) and have no general danger of flooding but I have a small pond fast disappearing in my back garden. If anyone has an issue that needs pumping H2O out I have a submersible pump to offer on "use & return" basis. PM me.

Looking for a video editor in South West London

Lizzie G in Wandsworth
Hello Is anyone able to recommend a good and reasonably priced video editor in South West London? We have video footage of our wedding taken on two normal (amateur) handheld video cameras, and we're looking for someone who will be able to edit the ... [ more ]
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Jane L
Hi Lizzie, I have experience editing Wedding Videos and have good availability next week. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss what you'd like and what I can bring to your special project. Jane 07748 178 704
Karina P
Hi Lizzie, We are Southfields based videographers specialised in working with family videos, "day in the life" projects, keepsake videos and wedding footage. If you would like to give me a call we can talk about your footage and expectations and I will ... [ more ]

Free sofa

House cleaning earlsfield

Peter W in West Hill
Still hoping to find a new cleaner. 3 hours a week. Modern house in Earlsfield. If you have a cleaner who needs a few extra hours or if you can recommend anyone I would be really grateful. Peter
Karen P
Hi Peter. I am a local cleaner. I have a few Streetlife clients that can vouch for me. If you'd like to know more please send private message. Karen.