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The Ladykillers

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Putney Arts Theatre, Ravenna Road, Putney SW15 6AW
Ian H in Southfields
The Ladykillers opened to raves from a packed out audience last night. "Fantastic, cracking performances, an awesome set and very very funny" JB.   "A Triumph! Superlative in every aspect of production. *****Five Stars" BB. "A Fantastic show - superb ... [ more ]

Nanny / Nanny share

Kate S in Southfields
Hi everyone, I have a great nanny (all the checks etc) for one day a week for my 11 month son, her other job has just given her notice and she's looking for work for the rest of the week.  I'd happily do a nanny share with someone for some of that time ... [ more ]

Free Kent Gas BBQ

help with growing grass on my lawn

Jo in Summerstown
The grass in my back garden looks awful and has terrible bald patches. In the past, I have tried reseeding but it never really works. It is not a big garden and I want it to look nice this summer. Has anyone got any suggestions for strong easy to grow ... [ more ]
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I've found in the past that it's sometimes easier to get a couple of rolls of turf from Homebase and cut them to shape to fit the patches. Also, depending on the state of the current lawn, it may be possible to put down a thin layer of compost over the ... [ more ]
Thanks all very much. I think I'm going to put down turf as I want it looking nice quickly. Best Jo

borrow a fridge/freezer?

Emma T in West Hill
Hi! My  fridge/freezer has broken and I was wondering if anyone had an old one/ one you were going to get rid so i can of keep my food frozen! Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks

Keep Southfields as it is. Make your voice heard.

Clive1 in Southfields
I know that there are a couple of threads on this, but we need to keep this topic alive. There is about the plan to change the small shops near the new M&S into residential flats. If you want to keep Southfields as it is with its local community ... [ more ]
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Wandsworth Council
Wandsworth Council has designated this particular row of shops as a protected shopping frontage, therefore they enjoy a greater degree of protection from redevelopment and from planning applications that would seek to switch their usage from retail to ... [ more ]
Jennie A
Thanks for your help in making the process of objecting easier, Clive, and I agreed with your points, John, and tried to include them all in my objections.  Interestingly I passed a well to do man, possibly of Asian extraction, on the pavement opposite ... [ more ]

Workshop space for fabrication of steel sculpture needed

Almuth T in Summerstown
Is there a steel fabricator in South London who could rent a bit of space to a steel sculptor? I am pretty self sufficient but need a space with a workbench and power supply.

Singing teacher

Stephen I in West Hill
Would anyone know a singing teacher who can visit our house in Southfields or teaches locally? It would be for my two daughters aged 5 and 9. Thanks
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Missing Black and White Cat

Sophie B in Southfields
Our cat Bea went missing on Monday and we are very worried about her, especially since the storms this week. She is black with white patches (picture below) and quite small, with short glossy fur. She does not wear a collar (although we are aware that an ... [ more ]
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Sophie B
Thanks Clive. Sadly not Bea as Bea has less white patches. Thank you so much for checking though
So sorry. I thought as much, but difficult to see from your photo but worth a try. I will keep looking out for her. Very best of luck in finding her.

Summer Job for first year Chemistry student at Uni

Tash in Southfields
My son is looking for a summer job in the City, he is interested in stocks and shares and would like exposure in this field. He is back in London end of June. Please let me know if you or anyone you know can accommodate him even if it is shadowing ... [ more ]

The Ladykillers

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Putney Arts Theatre, Ravenna Road, Putney, SW15 6AW.
Ian H in Southfields
Don't miss out on one of the best ever comedy crime capers. Based on the classic Ealing Studios' film and adapted for the stage by Graham (Father Ted) Linehan, The Ladykillers runs from Tuesday to Saturday this week at 7.45 plus a 3pm Saturday Matinee. ... [ more ]
M & M building & landscaping
Hi Ian ... If your part of the lady killers would you consider putting on at another venue ? We have a very special venue with a 1000 capacity .. If you think you might be interested then please get in contact . Regards Benjamin

does anyone know a good upholsterer to fix leather settee cushions?

Jo in Summerstown
I would really appreciate any recommendations for someone to fix a split leather cushion which has come apart due at the seam. I am in Earlsfield so someone near would be good. Many thanks Jo
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Hi all Just reporting back that I used Wimbledon Upholstery 5 mins from me and he did a very good job. It did take a long time as he is very busy.
Ellie B
Stuff & Cover 399 Durnsford Rd, London SW19 8EE, United Kingdom  8947 4330, cross the road from Sainsbury Local.  used them many times and will collect large items.

Looking for a brass band (a trio or the like) please - any recommendations please?

Hicky K in Summerstown
Hello! We're having a street party for residents on our road in Earlsfield on a Sunday in June - keen to have a small brass band (trio or the like) for a couple of hours during the day - anyone have any reasonably priced recommendations please? Thanks!
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Sue L
Guildhall school of music have a commercial arm which provides chamber groups, string, brass etc. at very reasonable prices. I have used them twice with a woodwind group and a brass group. both were great.


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Mortgage advisor

Naomi E in Earlsfield
Hi, Does anybody know a small company mortgage advisor who could help out with a challenging mortgage? Thanks
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Madeleine B
What a find..I was also just looking for someone..My "old" advisor no longer resides in UK and I was worried..what would happen, as I am pretty clue less as where to turn in 8 months time...Thank you.

Window Cleaner

Almuth T in Summerstown
I am looking for a window cleaner to tackle mostly ground floor windows in a large-ish domestic building. Is there a section on Streetlife where recommendations for services are pooled and one can look up past comments?
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Daniel W
Hi Almuth my name is Daniel and my company Brighter aspect window cleaning can help you out with this. I have many recommendations on street life and have over 10 years of window cleaning experience, if you should wish to get in touch my contact number ... [ more ]

Nat West

Louise S in Putney Heath
Is Nat West going??????? One of the helpful ladies in there said she had been made redundant. This will be terrible and not only because they are so helpful but also the the ones here will be empty all the time due to the pressure of people using them. ... [ more ]
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Anna A
I have written to the Bank Manager in Southfields and asked him to pass it on to the Head Office about how sad I am about the treatment of their staff.  I always get a welcome when I go to the bank so the news is very sad/
Christine B
I will be devastated if NatWest Southfields goes as I use them a lot and agree the  cashiers are   always so helpful.     I will check with them when I go in next on Tuesday and see if there is anything we can do. I also heard that Foxtons are coming ... [ more ]

Skylight options?

HDO in West Hill
Hi, Our loft room has a skylight. It's not a window that can be opened and just a simple glass on the ceiling (photo attached). I'm a bit lost on options what to do, as you can see I just put some paper to reduce the light. Any ideas and any ... [ more ]
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Thanks Perry. But this is not a Velux window though. Just a glass on the ceiling. Would that work?
Perry Star
Both options would work the Velux is an example heres a better one.


Frankie D in Southfields
Can anyone recommend any fox deterrent, they are using my flower bed as a toilet and digging up the plants?
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Theresia B as experience shows, when people find gold, oil, gas, etc... they won't leave until it is no more... Foxes are clever, so don't expect them to leave the place where they found food!

Zumba classes in/near Southfields?

Jane S in West Hill
Does anyone know of Zumba classes being offered in Southfields or surrounds? I don't want to pay a gym membership but was hoping to find somewhere in a hall or something like that...
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Sophie B
There's another Zumba class on Wednesdays at 8pm at St Barnabas Church too - its really good and only £5 a session! PM me if you want contact details of the instructor x
Jane S
I tried the one with Ewa on Saturday morning at St Mary's church in Putney - can recommend, Ewa was excellent

Another Apple ID Scam (via Text Message and Email)

Vincent S in Wandsworth
I just wanted to alert people about this scam. Three of my clients have received this in the last month. Some of them have received these as text, email and in some cases both.  On the text or email, it will say something along the line of "Your Apple ... [ more ]
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Hayden Murtagh Photography
My flatmate got the message on Saturday and well i doubt apple would delete your account, its in their interest to keep you spending with them. I told her to block, delete and ignore.
I just got one of these texts referring to me as my son's name's mum. Remembered seeing this post so thanks for the tip off. I feel reassured that interstate having their names used but including my son is creepy

Accountant - for contractor

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Ellen S in Wandsworth
Can anybody recommend a local accountant to help a contractor with company accounts and tax (just one person company - nothing big)?
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Jonathan T
I would highly recommend Jacques Steenkamp of Easy Online Accounting. The majority of his clients are contractors such as yourself, and he works to a very high technical standard. Furthermore he provides all his clients with free access to his own ... [ more ]
Ann B
because I have an unusual name /email address I'm sick of being told I've got it wrong.  this is a message to Street Life you need to get your electronic act together

Recommendations for Painter/Decorator

Stephanie K in Southfields
Dear Streetlifers ant recommendations for Painter/Decorator I need a hallway decorating please
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Betty D
Hi Stephanie, I can recommend my partner Gabor. You can reach him on this number 07702285181 Betty
M & M building & landscaping
Hi Stephanie . We have a great set of decoraters . If your close to Wimbledon village your more than welcome to come to 1 of our jobs and see our work for yourself before you decide .. Let us know if we can help you with anything .. Have a great day ..

Tailors Dummy

RPR in Southfields
Does anyone have a tailors dummy they're prepared to lend or give away? Making  wedding dress and need something to hang it on. Thank you.
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Andrew T
I have one you can borrow. It expands to accommodate different sizes. I'm in Earlsfield (07720416070
Thanks so much Lisa T. Please ask your friend to call me on 07976 341356 Thanks also Andrew, really kind of you.

junior bed to give

Lisa B in Southfields
Child bed 140-69cm (55-27 inch) to give away,to be collected.
Holly T
Hi Lisa, we might be interested in this - could we come have a look first or do you have a photo?