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Peter F to Putney Heath and 9 more areas

Putney Station Improvements

If you use Putney railway station or any of the stations into Waterloo, this upate report should be of interest:
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James D
One [just one at the moment, I think] was running last week, and here it is at Waterloo. It looks pretty similar to the other predominantly blue trains which have been serving WT for the last ten years, but it can be distinguished by the different shaped ... more »
jessica c
Thanks James D! Sound great, I hope they roll the rest of these out soon. Hopefully these will help commuters from WT.
Debbie S to Southfields and 4 more areas

Our lovely cat is back!

Thank you so much everyone for all your support, Max turned up lst night at almost exactly the same he went missing a week ago! Very hungry but in good health, we are so happy. But very curious as to where he has been! Thanks again x
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this is just a theory - no evidence whatsover - someone who saw mice in their house befriended him for a week - pampered him as an indoor cat - the mice smell the cat and go away - the cat is told - thank you for helping us - now you can go back to your ... more »
Diane N
I'm soooooo pleased for you, what a relief
Ian T to West Hill and 2 more areas

Meet the biographer of Roy Jenkins and Mrs Thatcher

John Campbell, whose latest book has been very well reviewed will talk about political lives, from his wealth of experience from writing about Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher and now Roy Jenkins.  This is a free event, organised by the church for the ... more »

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St Barnabas Church, 146 lavenham Road, Southfields

Apr 09
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Sarah T to Battersea and 5 more areas

Mother and Toddler Groups

Any recommendations for pre school groups in Wandsworth/sw18 area for my daughter who is moving here with her young family gratefully received.
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Laura L
If you are near windmill nursery, there is a lovely playgroup at the Westside Church and also at St Ann's church. There is Amanda's Action Kids at the cafe in Wandsworth common plus lots if classes like Monkey Music or Tim Pan Annie at various ... more »
Sarah T
Thank you Fran for the really useful tooting baby list and Laura L for those great suggestions. Wonderful to know there is so much going on around here for little ones.
David J to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

railway sleepers

In have 7 railway sleepers of various lengths to give away. Ideally I'd like to give them to somebody who can take them away today. Thanks
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Ann P
We'd love them too, if David doesn't take them.  Can't collect until 6th April though. Ann
Elaine F
I do not have railway sleepers .... BUT..... I do have a considerable woodpile in my patio garden, collected when I was planning to do work in my garden.  Time has moved on........ and the work never happened ! If Anne P or Daphne S or any one else is ... more »
Lorraine W to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Spare fridge to lend?

My fridge/freezer broke down on Monday and when the new one was delivered today we discovered that the pipe to plumb it in has been hidden underneath my kitchen cabinets with no easy access.  So they had to take it away until I can get hold of the ... more »
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Lorraine W
Yes Keith, the problem was they couldn't disconnect the old one.  Anyway builder coming this afternoon, fridge being redelivered on Wednesday so fingers crossed.
That explains it then. Cold drinks all round then on Wednesday
William A to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Home IT advice

I need an IT expert to sort out my home IT needs. Improve internet (wired and wifi) connectivity Look at our Macs (2) and ensure they are upgraded to latest spec. (We have one mac in the house and another in office in the garden) Advise on our email ... more »
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Dear William A Sorry if I'm a little late to the party, but just in case you've not had enough choices Id like to suggest our service to you. We specialise in providing an excellent service to customers in SW London and have a friendly team of ... more »
William A
Thank you all for your very helpful advice. Will look into all options
Polly M to Earlsfield and 4 more areas

Spring Concert - Southwest Songbirds

Please come to our Spring Concert at St Andrew's Church, Earlsfield, Garratt Lane. Raising money for UK Flood Funds. Ticket to include wine/drink and canapés. £7.50/£5 per ticket.

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St Andrew's Church, Earlsfield, Garratt Lane

Mar 29
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Simon Lawson at Huguenot Editions to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Local orthodontist for teenager requiring teeth straightening.

My 14 year old daughter recently attended St Georges where a it was decided that what was required to straighten her teeth was not severe enough to be performed in hospital and that long term retention would be sufficient. We were referred back to ... more »
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Michele B
Try the excellent in Earlsfield.  My son was turned down in two orthos for NHS treatment (private in SW19 is £3000 and in Battersea was £2500) but he received excellent care from the lovely orthodontist.  Highly recommended. ... more »
Anita M
Amazing orthodontist Stephen powell Barham road 0208 8946 3064
ALISON L to Southfields and 5 more areas

One-off top to bottom house clean

Am finding some of the usual well known companies hugely expensive. Can anyone recommend a good local reasonably priced cleaning company that could do a one off full clean of my 3 bed/3 bathroom house for me. Thank you!
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Stephanie B
Hiya I have used a company called They were recommended to me previously on here and I have used them a couple of times for end of tenancy cleans as I have a few properties I rent out. They have cleaned ovens so badly ... more »
Anja S
Hello I to used the above company after seeing a recommendation on here. I was moving into a new flat and they did an end of tenancy clean and were great. Ii think it was Irene I spoke to, her number was 07535 974 054.
Julie D to Wandsworth and 4 more areas

Room to let in house/flat

Does anyone have a spare room to let in a house or flat in Wandsworth or surrounding area? My nephew's friend works in Clapham and is looking for a room to let. Her name is Annie. Please e-mail her directly:- if you can help. Many ... more »
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Julie D
Hi Chandra, I've e-mailed Annie your phone number. I put her e-mail address on the first posting. Many thanks. Julie
Julie D
Sorry Chandra,I e-mailed another person's contact no. to Annie who private messaged me. Please can you e-mail Annie directly as I've just put this posting out on her behalf.  Many thanks. Julie
Sharon B to Earlsfield and 4 more areas

Leros board game- does anyone know it?

Our son needs to understand how to play this really complicated tactical game by tomorrow evening for his work, does anyone know the game made by the 'the Gamers' company and would they be prepared, for a fee, to help him learn it tomorrow, Sunday 23rd ... more »
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Emily B to Southfields and 4 more areas

Lost cat: Please keep an eye out for Danny the maine coon

Our small maine coon boy has been missing since Tuesday night, and we're really worried about him. If you could get in touch if you see a very long-bodied, slender, dark brown/black tabby fluffy cat, we'd be most grateful. He's missing from the Longstaff ... more »
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Elaine F
Postmen do know about cats.  Several decades ago when living in Strathville Rd, one of our cats went walkabout two summers runnning,  eventually coming back when the weather became colder. After the second summer, our postman told us that he had seen him ... more »
Diane N
Any luck finding your cat? Do hope Danny's home safe and sound
Debbie S to Southfields and 4 more areas

Our lovely cat is missing

Please can people who live near us - we are on Engadine St between Replingham and Brookwood - look out for Max, he is black and white, red collar, 7 months old.  We haven't seen him since Saturday and his brother Sid is missing him and so are we.  Any ... more »
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Sarah B
Oh Debbie S - i do hope you find your lovely cat soon - he looks so adorable......  i know that i would be so upset if my lovely Nemo disappeared..... Good luck!
sc m
Hi Debbie S, If Max is not home yet? Hopefully will be soon. Do you know of this free website? All the best!
Ursula M to Southfields and 4 more areas

Mobile Cat Groomer needed urgently...

I am looking for a mobile cat groomer. There are some around but I can't seem to find a local one that will come to my house. My cat is very matted so needs a radical hair cut! Thanks
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Rachel B
You could try Clare Thomas. I have one of her cards that I got from Broadway veterinary clinic. She does grooming and cat sitting. Her details are: 07773416794 or 02086462929. Her email is
Ursula M
Thanks Rachel, sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I will try Clare as I can only get people in East London.
Charlotte G to Balham and 4 more areas

Sky broadband and plusnet UKanytime

Due to various company takeovers I am now  with sky broadband unlimited and plusnet Ukanytime and would not incur any penalties if I left.  I would like to move to either sky or plusnet for both broadband and phone.   I am interested to hear your views ... more »
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Jill S
Plusnet is owned by BT but is run independently .  I have checked out Utility Warehouse and it would be more expensive for me but will explore the options if I move everything across - thanks for that Jonathan Priest
Charlotte G
Interesting  to hear that sky and plusnet both use BT systems.  It may be down to a careful look at pricing  for the services I needed.  As I use the internet and phone for work purposes the first criteria is reliability and then price.
Claire M to Battersea and 9 more areas

Wanted: 2 Bed flat/house with private garden £1000

Hello we are looking for a two - three bedroom house in the surrounding area. We know we may have to move a little further out, but of course, would rather not. If you do know of someone who would like a family in their property, for a long term ... more »
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You MIGHT like to come and see my house in North Battersea? May not be exactly what you want. Phone me on 07790 620644 for details. I need tenants for 2 years +
Joanna G to Southfields and 5 more areas

Car insurance broker?

Anyone know a good one?
Sarah H
Alan Cook at M&S Duggal Ltd (020 3056 1161) found me a reasonable car insurance after I had been given ridiculous quotes by three different insurance companies.
Russell or Geoff at Caithness & Co.  They've insured my cars and contents for years (and many of my friends).   Do tell them I sent you!
Brooke R to Roehampton and 5 more areas

Found: Young white and tan young male cat on Putney Heath

A very friendly young un-neutered male cat (under 1 year old) followed my husband home from Putney Heath (Wildcroft Road) last night. He is incredibly friendly. He is also the hungriest animal I have ever seen! We took him to Medivet last night in order ... more »
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Brooke R
Oops...just read my heading. I guess that everyone will know that the cat is young! I cannot figure out how to edit the heading. Apologies for the typo.
Peter W to Earlsfield and 4 more areas

carpet cleaning

Would appreciate any recommendation for a reliable and economical carpet cleaning company ...sw 18 area
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I have used this company twice and was pleased with results. They cover this area and you can also find them on Check a Trade
Carrie M to Balham and 9 more areas

Window Fitters needed

Hi, I would like someone to come and provide a quote for new windows on my flat in Colliers Wood next Saturday. Any recommendations? Not sure how i feel about mainstream Safestyle, Everest etc.  thanks
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Jean-jacques L to West Hill and 8 more areas

Would exchange French classes for accommodation

Any one interested in French classes? I need accommodation from 24th March to 31st March / 1st April and would be keen on exchanging these services. I am a certified Teacher of French as a Foreign Language to Adults (International House London) and an ... more »
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Jean-jacques L
I went for a more classical solution, i.e. rented a room. Thanks anyway for reading, Jean-Jacques L.