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Thai restaurant

clare rees
in Earlsfield
HI streetlifers I'm looking for a Thai restaurant in the area which is both authentic and good value - have been disappointed in the past with overpriced and mediocre food. look forward to your responses. thanks and merry Xmas!
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Another vote for Pepper Tree from me. And they do a really good ginger martini.

Last few days to have a say on Quietway cycle routes consultation

Wandsworth Council
in Roehampton
Residents and businesses have just a few days left to comment on revised proposals for two new Quietway cycle routes through Wandsworth The consultation closes at midnight this coming Sunday so people who would like their voices to be heard, but ... [ more ]

Very helpful IT support

Debbie S
in Wimbledon
I contacted Shahid who some of you will know from this site as I was having  problems transferring from my old android phone to a new iphone.  He came over the next day and sorted everything out for me so I am now up and running.  The best thing was ... [ more ]
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Kate B
I know there are several good (IT) guys out there but I have relied on Shahid since I met him a year or so ago.

Carol singing from Bluebird Care Choir

Hiliwona Solomon in Wandsworth
Bluebird Care, Wandsworth has started a Christmas Choir! Made up of our team members and  their families, we'll be visiting a number of our customers on December 21st from 6pm. We will be singing Christmas carols on their doorstops, spreading some ... [ more ]
I have an elderly neighbour who doesn't have any family. Could you let me know if you still have places available and I will ask her if she would like a visit.  This sounds like a lovely idea visiting isolated older people at Christmas.


Louise S
in Putney Heath
We are looking for kittens. We already have 2 cats. Please does anyone have a litter ready to be rehired? I am keeping a look out at Battersea were our fabulous 2 came from.
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I'm surprised as I thought it was illegal for pet shops to sell cats and dogs. Or perhaps I just assumed it because I haven't seen it for decades! Definitely go for another visit Elizabeth C as it sounds pretty awful. I'd go myself except I'm right ... [ more ]


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David G
Hi Liz That's a good question Dmitriy asked - I could recommend my plumber / heating engineer, Roye Chapman, who is frequently called upon to put right what other 'plumbers' have done wrong.  But he won't want to bodge something while leaving an ... [ more ]


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Random act of kindness - there are some lovely people out there in this season of goodwill!

Guy D
in Putney Heath
A nice local mum kindly offered me her children’s trampoline earlier this week, she lives about a mile or so from me towards Earlsfield station. I popped over to get some of the legs and other bits in the car and decided the aggro of lashing the 6ft ... [ more ]
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Carols and more at Earlsfield Station

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Earlsfield Station
Nick B
in Earlsfield
Once again, SingSWell Community Choir will be joining with local people at Earlsfield Station on Monday 12th December to help you get in the Christmas spirit with some carols and seasonal favourites. We'll be singing from 7pm. (If you like the idea ... [ more ]

Gingerbread Houses and Biscuit Making for Famiies with Carol Singing

Caz L in Southfields
Down at the Anchor Church Centre 273 Garret Lane  near Brocklebank Health Centre , we are making time to have fun and make and bake and eat and sing!! Monday 19th Dec  2pm-5pm     Tuesday 20th Dec 2pm-5pm  this is free and all materials provided ... [ more ]

Free Xmas lunch for those Alone over Xmas

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Isabel H
in Summerstown
If you know of somebody alone this Christmas, there are a few places where free Xmas lunches will be provided for them around SW19. Please forward this info. Below some information from the Wimbledon Guild: Dear Volunteer, As we approach ... [ more ]

small freezer

Jane S
in West Hill
Hi,i know this is a longshot,but is anyone thinking of getting rid of either an under counter or worktop freezer? Mine has packed up and don't have funds right now for a new one, thanks ever so much

Recommendations are sought for alcohol-free Xmas hampers place by mail order.

in Balham
Has anyone got a recommendation for a mail order company to sell alcohol-free Xmas hampers? Ideally something with a selection of smoked fish, meats, cheeses and other accompanying foods.
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Caroline W
Artisan & Vine has just opened at 175 Lower Richmond Road. They do hampers and you could probably go in and make up your own selection.  I haven't checked this but you could phone them and ask.

Anyone have room for Pair of brown leather and velvet vintage chairs?

Debbie F in Southfields
Wondering g if anyone has space to have these 2 gorgeous armchairs over Christmas so I can fit my Christmas tree in my sitting room? I live on Engadine. They are lovely and photos or come and see Thanks Debbie
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Paul M
Hi Debbie, We're looking for some armchairs and these could be just right. Any chance that you can post/send some photographs of the chairs? Thanks, Paul

Rose pruning

YD in Putney Heath
Does anyone know of someone who might be able to prune roses correctly? I have a climbing rose and several others that need pruning. Many thanks
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Carolyn D
Hi Allison I charge £25 per hour and £3 per bag of rubbish if any needs taking away. I have a round of clients in Wandsworth, Notting Hill and Kensington. If you need a bit of background I trained at Kew. Hope that helps. Carolyn
Hi I am a local battersea based gardener and could help with this request. Please check my website. I am fully insured and am a licenced waste carrier. Regards Steve r

Cleaner wanted for disabled lady

Isabel H
in Summerstown
I'm trying to find someone who could help clean the very small flat of a lady who has great difficulty walking and who lives on Effra Road, SW19. Small 2 bed, hardly any mess, no pets. Easy access to Wimbledon station. She can pay £10//hr, needs ... [ more ]
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Linda H
Your welcome, I have spoken to her today and she is looking for more work. She is trustworthy, very reliable and hard working, good luck.

Free Xmas Lunches

Isabel H
in Summerstown
If you know of somebody alone this Christmas, there are a few places where free Xmas lunches will be provided to those alone. Below some information from the Wimbledon Guild: Dear Volunteer, As we approach Christmas, please find below some ... [ more ]

Wandle Trust Christmas Cleanup Sunday 11th December 11 am to 3 pm Trewint Street

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Trewint Street, London SW18 4HD
Mark McLellan
in West Hill
You're invited to a Wandle Trust Christmas Cleanup Sunday 11th December 11 am to 3 pm Trewint Street Meet here! What to expect For our Christmas Cleanup we are nipping back ... [ more ]

plant pots - apart from what was Neals and is now Capital - and B&Q - where can i find some?

Lucy S
in Mitcham
am looking for some pots that are worthy of being Christmas presents and holding 5 hyacinth bulbs, to go outdoors.  Neals didn't really have anything that i liked that i hadn't already given on a previous year .... where else can I go and look for ... [ more ]
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Lucy S, for my own purposes I've been researching online pot suppliers and found these people - - these Kew pots took my fancy but might be too much for your needs? I suspect they might be ... [ more ]


Jo W
in Summerstown
Can anyone recommend someone who cleans and irons in the Earslfield area?  Please contact me!  Thank you.
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Iphone and laptop advice

Guy D
in Putney Heath
Some strange happenings with my iphone tat I hope someone may be able to help with. When connecting to my laptop, there seems to be an automatic process where a new directory is created periodically that the the latest photos on my phone are in, ... [ more ]
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Christmas day transport required from Brighton to Southfields please

Lily in Wandsworth
Does anyone have friends or family travelling  by car from Brighton or Hove to Southfields (or nearby) on Christmas day morning? If so, my son would love a lift and pay a share of the petrol. I gather no trains run that day.
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Local cleaner

in Southfields
I'm looking for an independent  cleaner local to Wandsworth/Southfields area to clean a flat in SW19. Cleaning is of communal areas kitchen (i.e oven, hob fridge/freezer) and bathroom, the bathroom is small. Not a large space. I'll contact all ... [ more ]
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Chris J
Dear Pett I highly recommend Eden cleaning. Their standards and professionalism is very high and their prices are very comfortable. Here is the contact Roberto 07832980337 Thank you

Park mobile.

Simon S
in Summerstown
This service never fails to get me going. The time on my phone is set by the O2 network. Every time i use this service lately, it starts with three minutes on the clock, so overcharges me. But to cap it all, today it sent me not on but two messages ( ... [ more ]
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How frustrating. Did you get a ticket Simon S?   What gives me the irrits is the ones that want to know how long I am going to park before I even start. It forces people to over-estimate (ker-ching!) and you can't do that civilised thing of giving ... [ more ]

Hifi cartridge alignment help

Anthony W in Earlsfield
Hi all Vinyl junkies.  Can anyone give me advice on alignment of  an  AT120eb cartridge in a Linn Akito arm on Linn Asix deck ?
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caroline w
Vinyl does just that because it's analogue and, potentially, the sound reproduction is infinite. Digital music on CDs has already had the upper and lower extremes chopped off because they are deemed to be outside our hearing range.  MP3s take it even ... [ more ]
George T
Well said Caroline...Couldn't have said it better myself...good to know many people are returning to vinyl and many bands are actually releasing their new work on vinyl as well