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Local Table Top Sale

Viola in Summerstown
Hi everyone,  I am looking for a local indoor table top sale; preferably taking place sometime between now and Christmas. I mainly have kids toys and kids books to sell. Any ideas? Many thanks.
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Lola L
Hi Viola, the mum2mum markets ( are indoor sales for children's stuff. The next one in Wimbledon is today ūüėź but they do lots in nearby neighbourhoods so might be worth checking out. I have only been to buy stuff but ... [ more ]
Janet D
I'm not sure but I feel there might be an nct one tomorrow at Brixton tomorrow?

Suspension files to give away

SammySamak in Summerstown
I have a large quantity of foolscap size suspension files to get rid of. Rather than bin them, would anyone like them? They are in excellent condition, some are unused. There are approx. 80 of them¬†- various makes & colours (mostly Crystalfile ... [ more ]
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No, not yet! In fact I'd concluded it'd be better to give them to a charity shop... but haven't donated them yet! Do you want them?

Free - kitchen/bathroom floor and wall tiles, 600x600mm. White and grey. Wandsworth

Mark McLellan in West Hill
Leftover Italian tiles from our kitchen and bathroom remodelling due to over-ordering by our designer :-( 10 Grey Wall 600x600 Model CGB606173 Colour Y3 Grade AAA 9 White Wall Porcelain Crackled pattern Tiles Art Num: 02333GM 600x600 Grade A 6 Grey ... [ more ]
Thank you a streatlife member her kitchen floor tiles cracked and need replacing if it's the same size it would be apriciated please save it thank you

Wood burner service, any recommendations

Naomi L in Summerstown
We are looking for a company to service a wood burner.  Has anyone got any recommendations, please.  Thanks
Naomi, when requesting things like these try providing more information on the make and model. "Wood burner" is a very generic description of something as simple as a manually fed stove in a sitting room or as complex as an automated wood pellets fed ... [ more ]
Melanie P
We used Black Cat Chimney sweep who also serviced our Chesneys stove for us. Would definitely recommend. 07948146066

Looking for a share garden/allotment!

Max E in Summerstown
Hi! I'm looking for a shared garden/allotment somewhere in Wandsworth as I am a very keen gardener and struggling with the prospect of waiting years on an allotment list! If anyone knows of anyone who is interested in sharing and/or renting out an ... [ more ]
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Maggie B
I think Age Concern runs a scheme where you can garden a local elderly person's garden and share the produce with them.  Worth a google...

After builders cleaner needed immediately

Teresa G in Furzedown
Hi, I have been let down at the last moment. Would prefer a male cleaner, some furniture needs moving into windows,clear out. 07729 761 050 The job is in East Putney near the tube station
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Track fitter required

Valerie G in Southfields
I need a metal track fitted in a bay window along with someone to hang 3 roller blinds. Can anyone suggest someone please? Wandsworth area.
Krupa P
Hi Valerie, my husband Yogi fits window blinds.  Regarding the metal track can you please provide a little more information about this and he can let you know whether he will be able to help with this as well.  Feel free to call him on 07874266617.

Siemens Eco Sense Dishwasher won't power up. Any recommended repairers?

Richard N in West Hill
Dishwasher went dead after it'd finished a cycle.  All fine until then, never had a problem. Pimlico Plumbers quote £95 for turning up - then there's the price of the part on top. Any suggestions welcome.
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Laura B
I recommend Kaiza hi's very good enginner, he has done all i need.The number is 07740428152
Ellie B
Yes have one to recommend. ¬† ¬†After being let down by a couple of bods, one was SO expensive, to mend my tumble dryer, found really excellent one who does all home appliances and came to Southfields. ¬†Rang to give ETA, arrived on time, did the job ... [ more ]

Carpet cleaner

Pamela M in Wandsworth
Does anyone have a carpet cleaner that I could borrow for 24 hours? Many thanks. Pamela
Pamela M
Hi Jacqui Many thanks for the loan of your VAX. Please may I have your address and best time for me to collect it? Pamela


Mick in West Hill
I have 4 Voiles/Net Curtains each of which are 5 foot wide that need taking up and hemming. Anyone out there that is handy with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine willing to undertake this small task for me? I will gladly pay a small fee!
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Yeah Dmitriy, I didn't want to risk the backlash if I just said Seamstress! ;-)

Piano teacher recommended

Maggie B in Southfields
Our lovely and fantastic piano teacher has some vacancies.  My two children love lessons with her so if you or your child would like to learn, please call Eva on 07867 991094.

Piano Teacher at Home

Susanna Wilson in West Hill
If you are looking for a piano teacher to come to your home to teach your children or adults I would recommend you speak to Eva Piano Lessons 07867 991094

Basketball court and team?

Hans L in Summerstown
Hello everyone, Have seen some messages on Street Life on this already, but they are quite old. Is anyone locally running a basketball team? Would love to join as want to do some sports, but really not pay for it if it can be avoided. I believe there ... [ more ]

Advice needed re neighbour's dog

Debbie S in Wimbledon
A neighbour of ours has a dog which now, either fully grown or nearly fully grown, he has decided to keep outside in the garden during the day.¬† He has fenced off the patio area so he can't go on the grass and there is a fairly small kennel. I see him ... [ more ]
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Laine B
Not interested in doing that - the dog is taken out many times throughout day & night

Pilates classes at Dimson Lodge, Battersea Church Road

emmsar in Wandsworth
Hello everyone, Today we had the first class of Pilates, we were not as many as we would have wanted, Raquel gave us a good work out. We would like to have another five participants for the 1pm class. We will probably combine the 2 sessions to have ... [ more ]
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sc m
Yes thanks emmsar. All better than good! No broken bones and swelling has improved. See you on the 2nd Nov. Stella x
To all those on the list below and those desirous of joining us. Classes start again today after the half term break. We meet this afternoon at 1pm at Dimson Lodge. Please don't disappoint! Stella Helen Jan Jaqui Caroline O Lee Mike (Lee's ... [ more ]

Sony Trinitron Digital TV to give away

Sheila in Southfields
In good working order with remote and manual.  Not a flat screen TV. Looking for a good home.
Let me give you the dimensions 88cm wide. X 34cm h X 58cm deep. Please can you pm me about collection.

Someone claiming from the council asking people to validate their address?

HDO in West Hill
Has anyone else come across someone claiming from the council to check if you have updated your address in the electoral roll?¬† This person has my name and address on it and asked to sign on the form if we are still who we are, i.e. still the person ... [ more ]
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Bridget C
My impression from the letter received on 02/09/16 from Wandsworth was that this is not the normal registration form, but a way of checking who is eligible to register to vote at each address. ¬†The penultimate paragraph says "it is not a registration ... [ more ]
Joannie Tee
If it's in Wandsworth phone 02088716000, press 7 for the automated switchboard and ask for electoral registration. They'll tell you if people were going round and also tell you how you can make sure your records are up to date.

Advice for sorting out my business VAT

Jo in Summerstown
Does anyone have any advice for the cheapest way for me to do my ¬†limited company accounts incl paying my VAT bill? I have an accountant and am paying him a small fortune to do my very simple accounts. I don't employ anyone and have one invoice a ... [ more ]
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Charlotte G
There are a number of online / cloud bookkeeping tools. Those liked by bookkeepers and easy to use include Quickbooks online (chargeable) or Quickfile (free if very few transactions).¬† I know this having recently receiving my bookkeeping practice ... [ more ]
Sarah K
I've just started using the Xero online software, it really is amazing and saves bags of time. You link it to your bank account and it learns as you use it so regular payments are automatically reconciled. It's genius and dirt cheap!

Anyone recently had a moth infestation and used a company they can reccomend?

Ellora C in Southfields
Would really appreciate any advice or reccomendations for a moth infestation to my parents house! -"" clothes been removed and washed and dry cleaned or frozen but in terms of fumigation is there any recommendation ? Thinking of replacing all the ... [ more ]
Charlotte G
I often advise customers on further prevention of moth damage which does not necessarily involve replacing all the carpets which obviously is an expensive solution.¬† Treatment can vary between moth traps, anti-moth sprays (used by you) and getting a ... [ more ]
Joannie Tee
Keep cedarwood on the home. Not as powerfully pungent as mothballs but they hate it just as much. It can be bought in attractive looking shapes and sizes so it looks like it's part of the decor.

Warm Clothes Needed

Jo W in Summerstown
Hi there!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I'm collecting the following items to help men and women (adults/families) keep warm in the camps in Greece (the children are being provided for by another group). The following are hugely welcomed: Thick warm leggings Thick warm ... [ more ]
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Tom B
Hi Jo. A few jumpers ready for delivery or collection from S Wimbledon. Tom

Upright Lindner Piano to give away

Sheila in Southfields
Will need tuning and some keys stick a bit. Free if you can collect.

Upright Lindner Piano to give away

Sheila in Southfields
Will need tuning and some keys stick a bit. Free to someone who can collect.

BBC 4 Radio Show

Molly C in Southfields
I have two complimentary tickets for 'It's Jocelyn: Tryout'. This takes place at The Albany, Great Portland Street, W1 on 8 November. I am unable to go.

Repair to chest of drawers

Caroline in West Hill
I have an antique chest of drawers and the bottom of one of the drawers has completely broken and needs a new one made, I think a carpenter could do it as it does not need restoring. I would be very grateful if anyone knew someone who might be able ... [ more ]
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double mattress wanted

Teresa G in Furzedown
Hello, is anyone getting rid of a clean, double  mattress?Please let me know.Thanks.
Anna K
I have one you can have. It's been well used but there's life in it yet. I'm in Wimbledon, near the YMCA.