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Surveyor required

Jennifer P in Southfields
To quote on block of 30 flats in Earlsfield for painting exterior etc. Any recommendations?
Jimi S
Orbital Chartered Surveyors based in Streatham.  40 plus years experience. 0208 679 6363
Bill B
I agree with Jimi, Angela has been a surveyor, since they started building houses. She's not just a surveyor, she's also Chartered and Party wall.

Financial advisor

Tash in Southfields
Does anyone know of a good financial advisor to advise on general finances and investments? Also looking for mortgage advisor
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Paul B
Cash, I don't mind helping you. I previously worked in asset management and am a CFA charter holder.


clare rees in Earlsfield
I would appreciate any recommendations for someone to lay a new lawn. Quite a small area - approx 10m X 15m Many thanks in advance!
Dave C
Hello Clare, I'd be happy to have a look and give you a quote, I've laid many lawns, from small to large, forgive me if I'm wrong, but are you sure your measurements are right? It's just that you say you have a small area, 15mtt X 10mtr is a rather ... [ more ]
Stephen T
Hi Clare,   I would be happy to provide a quote for you, if you would like to contact me on my email or through my website Thank you

Sofa and mahogany cabinet to give away

Sarah O in Summerstown
I have a 2 1/2 seater sofa (170cm (W) x 78cm (H) x 96cm (D)) available. Also a mahogany cabinet (96cm (W) x 76cm (H) x 34cm (D)). This has three shelves inside. See pictures - collection from Wimbledon Park by Sunday, 27th please.
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Jane S
Hi Sarah - no problem,knew I was down list,my fault not looking earlier,realy was nice though so worth a try - thanks ever so much for letting me know : )

Recommendation for bathroom renovator

Rebecca K in West Hill
Can anyone recommend a bathroom renovator? We had a plumber all but destroy our bathroom last year by creating huge cracks in the bathtub and ripping out/cracking most of the tiling. So we need to have a new bathtub installed, wood replaced, and all of ... [ more ]
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Ann B
Chris at, just made beautiful job of my sons bathroom.. Very reasonable and cleans up at the end of the day. Vy important!

Moving - need boxes

Hari T in West Hill
Hello StreetLifers, I'm moving and need cardboard boxes to pack stuff in. Any suggestions? Hopefully, free boxes :)

Elocution classes

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Judith C
Hello - I can highly recommend Rachel Preece : As a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I have sent several students of mine who needed accent reduction work, with very good results, so I'm sure she will be ... [ more ]

Cook/Chef/Catering Recommendation Please

Mateen2011 in Upper Tooting
Hello all, I am looking for Indian food / BBQ-style party catering for a birthday celebration. Can any caterers/chefs/cooks please contact me? I'm based in Earlsfield. Thank you.
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Isabel H
Justin does amazing BBQ parties but not sure if he does oriental... He's based in Earlsfield! I highly recommend him: +44 7740 444546 catered by Justin is the name of his firm
Lily W
there were a few mentioned on a previous thread.

50s+ Walking Football in Wandsworth

drole in West Hill
Free session at Wandle sports centre, great fun. Newcomers welcome


Mer Y in Wandsworth
Hi, I looking for a good cleaner in the area, do you have any good recommendation? Thanks. Best regards Mee
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Builder/ Roofer

Rosemary D in Southfields
Does anyone know of a reliable local builder who is able to remove moss from my roof and clear out the gutters. Thank you
Jennie A
R&S Roofers based on Southfields Grid are very good at all roof and guttering work

looking for volunteer(s) to help with PR work on charity challenge

Lucy S in Mitcham
anyone out there interested in learning about the world of PR?  building a portfolio to help get a job?  or want to get back into the swing of PR after some time away?  or passionate about supporting any effort to help school children and young people ... [ more ]

adult nappies

Carolyn R in Southfields
i have 4 or 5 bags of them - all unopened (like new) and i just wondered if there was anyone out there who had a need ? otherwise to the tip
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Dalebury Road entrance closed for works

Teresa G in Furzedown
It has been ten days since the entrance to Dalebury Road from Trinity Road has been closed and there does not seem to be an end to this completely unnecessary exercise ( scheduled to finish on 25 March...)The corner of the road has been corrected by a ... [ more ]

new grey carpet large offcuts

JIGGS W in Summerstown
Hi, I have 3 pieces of new grey carpet to give away. The carpet is good quality 80% wool blend with short twist pile. All measurements approx. Piece 1, is 195x157cms Piece 2, is 160x104cms Piece 3, is  390x70cms
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Stephanie k, please call me on 0794 1081215 ASAP. I seem to have mixed up who is getting the carpet. I appear to have contacted someone else, thinking it was you. Please call me so I can sort it out. Very very sorry. Jiggs

advice needed for selling preloved pictures

JIGGS W in Summerstown
Hi, We have a number of framed preloved  pictures that we would like to sell. Can anyone recommend a gallery or similar that might be interested. They include signed limited editions, art posters and some ethnic art. We are looking for alternatives to ... [ more ]
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Valerie T
Any you decide aren't quite valuable enough to be worthwhile selling, you might consider giving to Trinity Hospice, where I gave some paintings I had accrued,  after being assured they had on board people who understood the value of things, or how to ... [ more ]

Wanted to borrow - sack barrow

Kate B in Summerstown
To help with moving the gas cooker I am collecting next week a sack barrow or similar would be very helpful.  I've posted on Streetbank but no replies so maybe Streetlife can help again.  I need it for Tuesday/Wednesday next week please.
Kate, we've got one and I think it's at the front garden by the patio doors. We are four doors up from you! You are welcome to come and pick it up. I'm away but David is here. Email me and I'll give you his number. Kat.
Kate B
That's terrific, thanks.  I'll need it on Tuesday and can return the next day.  Hope you are having a good time.

Spring garden tidy up

Jo M in Summerstown
Anyone have a contact for someone who would come in and do a spring half day garden tidy up? Lawn, flower beds, prune etc Ours needs a bit of attention!
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Forrest W
Hello Jo M and all the others. I can recommend the local company I work with - Gardeners Wandsworth. For regular gardening maintenance, the price is £33/hour. This includes tasks such as lawn mowing, weeding, trimming, and so on .. If you have some ... [ more ]
Following this post I called Peter who was recommended.  He came and gave our garden a spring 'tidyup', chopping back branches, raking, removing dead plants etc.  He was punctual, efficient and very reasonably priced for what he did.  Would definitely ... [ more ]

Local schools - BIC The Writing Instruments Recycling Programme

Beverley E in Wandsworth
The Writing Instruments Recycling Programme​ are now looking for waitlisted schools to become BIC Community Champions and enable local people to recycle their writing instruments. Spaces are limited and strictly on a first come first serve basis. The ... [ more ]

still wanted - gas or electric cooker

Kate B in Summerstown
I am still looking for either a gas or electric stove with grill for my 'old lady' friend.  Sadly missed out on what looked like a good one.  Finance is a real problem.
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Kate B
I have very little experience of Ebay but there is a lot of quite good looking stuff there.  I've looked on Gumtree too so I hope to find something suitable soon. Thank you

Dvd player


Leanne U in Upper Tooting
After celebrating England's grand slam on Saturday my partner misplaced his iphone 5s somewhere near Clapham south tube, it's a long shot I know!! Reward if anyone finds it.

Easter craft session

to , (ended)
Tooting Market

Football Club positions offered

Tonsley Man in Putney
A friend of mine runs Kensington Dragons Football Club in Kensington and they are now looking for someone to fill the following two posts - If you are interested do please apply: We plan to hire 2 part time, self-employed ... [ more ]

Chimney sweep

Matt K
Hi, we always use Costertons - not exactly local, but a family business and always in London. Highly recommended for a very clean job! Tel. 01372 826206 or 020 8914 8895