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Margarete D to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Tutor wanted

I am looking for a tutor to help my son with his science GCSE. SW18 or SW19 would be perfect. I'd be most grateful for some recommendations and contacts.
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Clare R
I can recommend Mark Daniell - 07956 629 966.
Gerard S
Hi, I am looking for a good GCSE Maths tutor in the Southfields area. Any recommendations gratefully received. Thank you.
Popette to West Brompton and 9 more areas

Wooden blinds fitter

Hi, Could someone recommend me a wooden blind fitter please? Your thoughts about your personal experience would also help. Thanks a lot
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Hi there My names Paul Cooper and Im from "Smart Life" Curtains, Blinds & Shutters. If I can be of assistant give me a call or drop me a line. Or 07586 836 452
I'm with Smart Life
Janette B to West Hill and 4 more areas


i have some very, very heavy curtains that are thermal lined and made of thick cotton  material. will fit from floor to ceiling in approx 8ft high room and about 6/7ft wide when hung. So heavy they will need two poeple to hang them, or use them for ... more »
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Janette B
Hi Carole  you would have been welcome to them but they were picked up within a couple of hours of my post. Good luck with finding what you need.
Carole R now in Wandsworth
Well done for getting rid of them, and thanks so much for letting me know Janette. carole
Janette B to Upper Tooting and 6 more areas

Paleo converts

Is anyone out there interested in the paleo way of eating? I would love to get to know a few like minded souls or possilby share a grain free burger together :) Let me know or lets chat.
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Janette B
Matt D I recon one could guess that those Paleo women were not unlike a lioness protecting her cubs what with their men being out huntin shootin shooten 'n fishin. So if you're messin with me watch out cause I am a full on Paleo woman!!
Janette B
David, thanks for the book ideas I will take a look.
Hazel H to Balham and 8 more areas

Old videos to get rid of

Rather late in the day, we have decided to get rid of a whole load of old videos. I think someone has asked this question before - do we just throw them away, or is there an organisation that could use them? Most of them are films, and some are ... more »
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Salvation Army Shop .
Within the central area of Wandsworth we are now the only charity shop selling them.....
Wandsworth Oasis Tooting
We give ours to the Sally Army Shop in Wandsworth but vinyl making a real comeback at the moment. Interesting.
Marie B to Earlsfield and 7 more areas

Bay tree for free (but needs to be dug out)

Hi - I've got this beautiful bay tree in my garden - it's in the wrong place and is going free to anyone who will help me dig it out (as I don't want to kill it with my inexperience!)    It's about 5 foot tall. Marie
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Marie B
Hello again. If you're interested in this would you please PM me your numbers in case the person first on the list drops out as ideally I'd like to get this beautiful tree re-homed in the next week. Many thanks Marie
Marie B
Sorry if I've not got back to you but my lovely bay has now been rehomed.
Joanna G to Southfields and 5 more areas

FREE Ladies Who Latte Networking

The next Meeting of TOOTING Ladies Who Latte is Tuesday 25th March at 10am  If any of you want to bring along a visitor, you're most welcome to - the more networking, the merrier!  PREMIER INN at Merton Abbey Mills, near Colliers Wood Tube. Free ... more »

to , (ended)

PREMIER INN at Merton Abbey Mills

Mar 25
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SLSH to Balham and 8 more areas

New Tooting Betting Shops applications rejected!

Just had a note through the letterbox that the Council have rejected planning applications for both of the new Coral Betting shops on Tooting High Street and Mitcham Road.  I'd like to congratulate and thank whoever was involved for making a sensible ... more »
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Christopher M
This is actually a case where the conservatives in Westminster are doing very little to help the conservatives [if indeed they share our passion for curbing the amount of bookies in Tooting - no evidence of that yet] on the Council. For example I know ... more »
Keith G
Not politics please, Christopher M, we want just local issues getting sorted out. I appreciate Mr Sadiq can raise profile of this but law is an ass and political points scoring is just a turn off.
Salvation Army Shop . to Battersea and 7 more areas

Appeal - Sleeping Bags

Good Morning All.... We are running very low on sleeping bags for rough sleepers and this is an appeal to your generosity to replenish our stocks...They do not need to be to "Arctic Explorer" level and even the "stay over, sofa surfer" type are ... more »
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Salvation Army Shop .
Good Afternoon Elaine I too am disappointed that you were told this. not wishing to hold the Spanish Inquisition, but I would be grateful if you could describe - even if only male/female the individual concerned who passed this information to you.  If ... more »
Elaine F
Richard, I did not know about the Friday drop in service, and am pleased to hear that it takes place.  I am also very relieved to hear that I was misinformed about the condition of duvets.  Thank you for that reassurance. I will send a separate email ... more »
Charlotte G to Balham and 4 more areas

Double glazed windows blown

In my Edwardian house I had some new double glazed wood windows fitted in 2002. Now one of the casement windows has blown.  From what I have read on the internet I need to replace the unit rather than the window. I am thinking of getting quotes from the ... more »
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Charlotte G
Many many thanks for all your comments.  Much appreciated.
Carole R now in Wandsworth
On another note, Hi Charlotte - have just moved to Wandsworth Town, we must be local to each other as you appear on this streetlife. Be good to catch up, perhaps green tea / coffee?  carole railton
Marie B to Earlsfield and 7 more areas

Painter for Window Frames

Hi all ... I need to get my window frames painted and wondered if anyone has had this done recently and can recommend someone.  I know there are various recommendations on this site - but it'd great to get a current recommendation. Many thanks, Marie
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Tracey R
Hi Marie, I can't recommend someone, but do want to just give 2 bits of advice: 1 - make sure they quote to properly scrape / sand off old paint so there is a good surface to work on that won't peel in a few months! And 2 - they have a plan to sort out ... more »
Marie B
Thanks all.   Tracey R - excellent advice - much appreciated !
ALISON L to Southfields and 5 more areas

Painter needed

I need a painter to paint my kitchen ceiling next week. My kitchen is approximately 18 ft x 14 ft and I am sure the job could be done in half a day. I have a few water marks where I have recently had water ingress that I particularly need making good. ... more »
Aussie Caramel
Hello. I can recommend Lance Williams. Lance was recommended by other Streetlifers and we were very happy with his work and his price. Lance has since painted a friend's house and she too is delighted with his work. Lance can be contacted on 07831 675 ... more »
Roisin M
Hi, I recommend Tony Lalonde. He did a great job for us. Attention to detail and problem solving made him stand out from other decorators we've had. 07713241578. Good luck.
RSPCA Wimbledon & District to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Appeal for information on dumped dog

We know this isn't in the area but the national RSPCA is appealing for information after a Jack Russell cross was found dumped by the side of a busy road in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. The charity was called on Friday afternoon (7 March) after ... more »
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Dianne Meyer
Oh shame man. I can't believe how cruel people can be. This is terrible. I really hope you find a loving home for this little girl. Someone who will take far better care of her.
Rosemarie Q to Wimbledon and 5 more areas

Taxi Driver For Airport

Hi I'm looking for a reliable taxi driver for an airport run this Saturday (8th March) from Wimbledon to Gatwick, with a return the following Sunday 16th March. Must be a good driver with a decent, safe and clean car. Any recommendations? Thanks ... more »
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Angela C
No I did not see that one it only shows me greyhound cars then roehampton cars. Don't know why sorry.
Rosemarie Q
Hi Sharon We did book Saeed, and he came to collect my friends on the dot!  He's collecting them again from the airport on Sunday.  Excellent service.  I will certainly use Saeed next time I need a taxi. Thank for the recommendation.  Rosemarie
Joanna G to Southfields and 5 more areas

Oven cleaning

Hi All, anyone used anyone good and reasonable for this? Thanks
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Marie B
I've used Oven Cleaning company before - an echo Nicola and Caroline - great service & looks like new after ... which reminds me ... must give them a call I think ;)
Martin J. Gilbert
Good evening Joanna, Kindly give me a call regarding oven cleaning, as this is one of the services we offer. Thank you. Kind Regards, Martin J. Gilbert Man Friday Services (London)
AnnaGoAnna to Earlsfield and 5 more areas

Removals recommendation please

I'm shuffling furniture about (and clearing out family furniture in storage).  A little complicated as there's three locations and some antique furniture. Can anyone recommend a removals company that might be able to manage this? Thanks.
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sheila b
Can I heartily recommend all in transit. These young gentlemen are kind, courteous, meticulous and good at their job. They come to see you to work out exactly your requirements. AND they care!  The reason that I can recommend them so highly is that they ... more »
Sonia M to Southfields and 2 more areas

Creative writers in Earlsfield?

Hi all, Just wondering if there are any creative writers in Earlsfield that would be interested in setting up a group. There is a great one in Clapham Junction but if there was enough interest in Earlsfield we could perhaps start a more local group? I ... more »
Filmmaker Sandra
Hi I didn't know that there was a creative writing group in Clapham Junction. I am a local filmmaker and editor. I would be happy to collaborate with this group to maybe create and make a short film based in the area but also collaborate with anyone ... more »
Robin M
Sonia, Do you know Chalk The Sun, creative writing group in Balham?  They might be able to help. Robin 
Sharon B to Earlsfield and 4 more areas

NHS Data Exchange

I have written twice to Wandsworth Medical Practice on Garratt Lane  asking for an acknowledgment that my familiy's records would not be shared on a NHS national database and received no reply. I did get an automated response saying that I would have a ... more »
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You can fill out and sign a form at reception for opting out of the database but make sure it's not the summary care form .
Sharon B
Thank you. When someone finally called back and confirmed they had received my emails they were surprised when I asked for written confirmation. No one mentioned the form. I will get back to them.
Sunny P to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Wandsworth Libraries,World Book Reading Day

On Thursday6/3/13 World Book Reading Day was held but the following libraries; Battersea,Battersea Park,Roehampton and Southfields were shut. So does this mean the residents of these areas are illiterate.? Why don't WBC open specially for such events and ... more »
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David B
With regard to the reminders, this change happened several years ago. When I queried it, some official told me that it wasn't fair that people with internet access had an advantage. Sounded like a pretty poor argument at the time and still does. The ... more »
Sunny P
GLL reduced opening hours,reduced the availability of many periodicals. Furthermore, the Librarian has to manage two libraries as in Southfields and Wandsworth ( staff cuts). Volunteers were also recruited. WBC could have done this but I guess they did ... more »
Marianne I to Balham and 9 more areas

Water Meter or not......?

Can anyone please tell me if having a water meter works out cheaper then paying for water via the "rates" system? I have just received the new Bill for the year 2014/2015 and it has shocked me...... Living alone one does not get any reduction, as with ... more »
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Marianne I
I imagine that meter position options depends on whether one lives in a house, with one single, direct feed from the street or in a flat, where the pipes get subdivided. Hoping mine can be fitted in the pavement, outside, for minimum disruption. I ... more »
Geoffrey C
I opted for a water meter about 15 years ago when Thames first offered them for free installation. I have never felt I was conned, and my current monthly bills are still only £13.00 a month. Although I live alone, I have several visitors staying from ... more »
Corinne W to Summerstown and 4 more areas

Giving away: Kettle & lamps

I have the following available for pickup from Wimbledon Park/Southfields - can email pics if needed: 1. Kettle - Sandstrom brushed chrome 2L - still works just a bit scruffy looking and needs descaling. 2. Pair of dark cherry wood table lamps - ... more »
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Corinne W
Thanks that was my next step!
Elaine F
Thanks very much for the lamp.  Very helpful.
Sam to Southfields and 4 more areas


Hi there - looking for a photographer for 1 hour on Thursday 20th March at 11am in Brixton.  Any recommendations?  May get a bit of PR out of it as venue want to use image on social media.  Thanks.
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Brian s
I'd be happy to help with any portraits you might need.  Take a look at
Barney J
Hi Sam, please do let me know if I can help, thanks, Barney Jones Photography   07957 581612
Krys D to West Hill and 4 more areas

Free protective floor mat

I have a large contoured protective mat suitable for carpeted floors, the sort you use underneath an office chair at a computer desk to stop the carpet from wearing. It is approximately 122 cm (48in) by 140 cm (55in) and in good condition except it's ... more »
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Tracey R
Hi Krys, if this is still available I'd be interested please ! Sadly my carpet is damaged but this would prevent further damage... I'll send you a private message. Thnx Tracey
Charlotte G to Balham and 4 more areas

Reconditioning an old mantle piece clock

A local friend of mine wants to get her 150 year old mantle piece clock reconditioned.  Have you any recommendations?  With many thanks
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Charlotte G
Many thanks for all your responses for my friend.  Very much appreciated.  I will now pass them on to her.
Diane N
I have had my 100 year old clock repaired at the clock clinic, very happy with the service though as mentioned above quite pricy.