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Window cleaner

Local Conversations in Claydon

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Joe ... 01473 681107 Will text the day before he arrives, very reasonable price for a good job. Nine windows plus patio doors only £10

Birthday cake

Recommendations in Mace Green

Open Day

Classifieds in Prom and Beyond

MAR 08
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32 Kelvin Road, Ipswich, IP1 5EH
Prom and Beyond
Please feel free to come along to view our stock of nearly 300 dresses for Proms, Parties, Balls and Weddings. Entry to Prize Draw with every dress purchased. Also you can view  on   or ring 01473 371634. Thank you.

help needed

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Michelle D
We require stall holders for our upcoming event, we are also looking for any donation's for our raffle & someone to help out with refreshments & snacks
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Thomas Wolsey School
No problem!  Well, apart from sticking your posters up anywhere and everywhere you can think of, there are a few online places you can advertise: streetlife is a great place to start and assume if you have a group facebook page and website etc you'll be ... [ more ]

spring Craft Fair

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

APR 04
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Castlehill community cente, Highfield road, ipswich
Michelle D
Many great craft stalls, sand art, angel card readings , refreshments & raffle £10 & a raffle prize for a stall Contact michelle: 01473 464588

Quiz Night - Fundraising event for "Got To Read"

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

MAR 24
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Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich, IP1 6DG
Castle Hill Community Centre
Thanks to their previous successful Quiz events "Got To Read" has decided to organise another Quiz night this year here Community Action Suffolk - Castle Hill CC, plenty of parking available. The date to remember: 24th March 2015 from 7pm. £6 per head, ... [ more ]

More stalls & helpers required for Spring Craft Fair!

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

Castle Hill Community Centre
More stalls and helpers are required for the Spring Craft Fair organised in aid of Bear For An Angel held at Castle Hill Community Centre on 4th April 2015. Please contact Michelle on 01473 464588 if you are interested. Many thanks for supporting this ... [ more ]


Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

FEB 27
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St Pancras Primary School
Friendly group wanting new people to enter into their quiz night, with a money prize for the winner. £5 per person includes some table nibbles. Doors open at 7pm, quiz starts at 7:30pm. Stratford Road, Ipswich

Quiz in aid of Barnardo's

Clubs & Groups in Westerfield

MAR 18
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Rushmere village hall , Humber Doucy Lane
Gillian M
Quiz evening in aid of Barnardo's . Preferably teams of 6 for £36.00 but smaller entries can be accepted on request for £6.00 each and will be made into full teams as possible. Please contact 01473 252326 or 01473 240844 for entry forms by 10th March to ... [ more ]

Handyman needed

Recommendations in Stoke

Brian J
Can anyone recommend a handyman in the Ipswich area (mainly Norwich Road and Stoke Park areas) who can do a bit of gardening; fit a new gate or handrails, fencing etc. Must be someone who is reliable, reasonable and willing to do small jobs?  Many thanks
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Brian J
Re My request for a handyman Thanks everyone who responded; I'm pleased to say I have now found someone from all your messages.  Very helpful thanks.

Dyson digital slim vac.

Recommendations in Sproughton

Val S
I am thinking of buying a Dyson digital slim vac but cant find anyone who has got one.  Do you have one and can give me any comments please?
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Richard G
I cannot see that the smaller less powerful motor can be as effective as the upright corded version , they are similar money too , we quite fancy one to just hoover up the odd thing here and there rather than using it to replace an upright ... We will ... [ more ]
I can only say that, in my experience, the Gtech is more effective than the corded vacuums, including the dyson. I have quite a big house, and a cat, and it is the only vacuum I use now, as it does not give me backache.

Anyone know of a Polish teacher PLEASE

Recommendations in Sproughton

Ruth S
Looking for a teacher of Polish who can help a pupil work towards a GCSE in this subject. The pupil in question is Polish. Thanks
I used to go to someone in Trimley St Martin.  This is quite a few years ago so I am not sure if she is still there.  Her name is Joanna and her phone number was 01394 279229.  You might want to try Kesgrave High School for info as she used to teach ... [ more ]

New volunteer(s) needed at Castle Hill Community Centre

Local Conversations in Common, The

Castle Hill Community Centre
Did you know that volunteering is a great way to boost your confidence to go back to a working environment? In over 12 months we had 4 volunteers here at Castle Hill Community Centre and we are proud to say that all of them are now working. We are ... [ more ]

Street Fit classes at Castle Hill Community Centre

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

Carol and rob C
how do i get is  there any one in or around forester walk go there what sot of fitness is it as im limited to what i can do

Qigong classes restarting from 21 January

Classifieds in Qigonguk

After the holiday break, Qigong classes will restart from 21 January at Castle Hill Community Centre. People interested in qigong, looking to improve their health or grow spiritually, are welcome! Address: Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield ... [ more ]
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Hi Eric, you are welcome to join our classes. Healing Qigong is known to be helpful for back problems, as you continue to practice the energy blockages in the body will go away and your condition improve. Our instructor was trained in qigong in Shaolin, ... [ more ]
Eric M
Splendid! That's great. I look forward to meeting you all on Wednesday evening. Kr, Eric ;)

Castle Hill & Whitton 20mph Speed Limit Proposal

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

Castle Hill Community Centre
Suffolk County Council is proposing a 20mph Speed Limit scheme for Whitton and Castle Hill. There is a display at Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich, IP1 6DG with all the information about this proposal. There is also a ... [ more ]
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Control solutions pest control
Well i don't see the point the speed limit is not enforced now how will reducing it help the same people will still be speeding.why not spend the money on enforcing the speed limit word would soon spread and people will slow down.
Richard G
Introducing a 20mph speed limit is a councils idea of improving road safety on the cheap. As the poster above says , the 30mph limit is not enforced now and the same will be when its 20mph . Why this area anyway ? Whats the reasoning? But then you have ... [ more ]

Knit & Natter group at Castle Hill Community Centre

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

Castle Hill Community Centre
Our Knit & Natter group has started again for the new year. Full house today with our regular ladies but they would love to see new faces. Why not joining them for a chat, a drink/biscuits/cakes and learn/share your skills at Castle Hill Community ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Washbrook

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Well that drawing of Chevalier St and Norwich Road, the page 2 bit, makes the junctions look huge and spacious.....which is not the case.  Putting in those bollards to make Chevalier St one lane until just before the roundabouts was bonkers and makes for ... [ more ]
Citizen of Ipswich
A friend got fined for speeding (50 in a 40mph zone) on the A12 a few years ago. The speed restriction was because of road works, but at night there was no work being carried out and all the bollards were off the road so he assumed the speed restriction ... [ more ]

ipswich star

Local Conversations in Washbrook

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Linda C
I agree with you Dorothy C it is our local paper but every week there are pages 3-4 of them all about Felixstowe and what is going on there don't get me wrong I like Felixstowe but I would rather read about what is going on in Ipswich that is what I buy ... [ more ]
Roz B
ipswich star has up gone in price to 65p it is not alot  in these days such drop the price down on it or change it back to evening star again you alot more it

Toy camel

Lost & Found in Maidenhall

Linda E
A toy camel was found in Blenheim Road on Friday, probably dropped by a child to/from Norwich Road Surgery. it was put on a wall for retrieval but fell down on the wrong side so couldn't be seen from the road. I have now taken it indoors to dry off and ... [ more ]

Dead cat

Local Conversations in Belstead

Harley T
Does anybody that lives on/near London Rd have a ginger cat with a white tummy? If so, I'm really sorry to tell you this but I've found him lying dead on the pavement outside 'Kelmscott' about 2 hrs ago. I've contacted the council and they said they'd ... [ more ]
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Amy W
Sounds like it's him from the description on here and from the lady that collected him from what she put on Facebook. Thanks for the responses everyone.

Quiz Night 29th Jan from 7pm

Clubs & Groups in Sproughton

Kitty Bank
Banish those January blues and come join us on January 29th. There’s plenty of fun to be had at Foxhall Community Club (formerly St Clements) Doors open 7pm, Quiz starts at 7:30pm. Up to 6 people per team. Please e-mail Pat Kettle at ... [ more ]
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Kitty Bank
Hi Sue B, thanks for your interest in this event.  I have checked and the e-mail address is  The lady who is compiling the teams, Pat, is a volunteer and not always at home.  Please keep trying or leave a message :o)

Table Top Sale at Castle Hill Community Centre

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

FEB 28
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Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Rd, Ipswich, IP1 6DG
Castle Hill Community Centre
Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich, IP1 6DG  TABLE TOP SALE YOUR WANTS & NOT WANTS  - VERY LARGE RANGE OF ITEMS 28th February 2015  9AM TO 2PM Sellers tables can be booked at £8 per 6' run, tel: 01449-761930 - or by visiting ... [ more ]

New Danse/Fitness class at Castle Hill Community Centre

Clubs & Groups in Common, The


Local Conversations in Claydon