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Continuation NBP

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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Martin C
The problem the Ipswich Star have is they are a newspaper. The NBP was news last week, but its not this week, there's nothing new to say about it so they are saying nothing. I would assume at some point they will be publishing the results of their own ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
That is people for you Martin. They jumped on the bandwagon out of frustration as they took ages to get to work etc. Despite it happening to the many of the very same people before on numerous occasions, they have no desire to follow it through.  You ... [ more ]


Julie S in Sproughton
Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any harrassment or threats by someone living on the main High Street in Sproughton? I dont wish to say who at this stage as the situation is not too good and I cannot put myself at further risk. I'm ... [ more ]
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Thomas L
Suggest you try and take a photo of this individual on your mobile. Then the police will have something tangible to work with. No excuse for this kind of behaviour. All bullies are cowards anyway.

Carpet cleaner

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Lesley S
Ive just had my lounge carpet & suite cleaned by Hawkins Homecare, Lovely local guy & his wife. They did a fantastic job, I was so pleased. Wern't the cheapest but after initially booking someone cheaper I changed my mind & I'm so glad I ... [ more ]

Santa in the Buttermarket

Maud C in Westerfield
Following a message I read on here,  my 2 sons & their wives took their children to see Santa in the Buttermarket on Saturday & they were very impressed.  They said that Santa spent time talking to the children, including a 2 year old who ... [ more ]

Nisa Shops

Beryl G in Claydon
Does anyone know where there is a Nisa shop in Ipswich which sells Heritage food. Their lasagne is really lovely, but now our Village shop has closed I cant find anywhere that stocks them now.
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Jeremy C
If you put Ipswich into Nisa shop locator on their website it on shows Clacton shop as being open today. Nearest one outside that is Haverhill.


gas hob

Tony T
Hi Tony, Kingsley's Plumbing and Heating Services will fit it for you. £115 ish if within one metre of connection. He's local on 07823446339.

Santa at TK Maxx - Buttermarket

Kitty Bank in Sproughton
Santa is taking a break from the North Pole and will be arriving at Buttermarket this December from the 1st right up to the 24th! You'll be able to find him on the ground floor of the Centre by the TK Maxx Queen Street entrance & for just £4.50 ... [ more ]
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Jean G
that's very good news as I was looking for somewhere to take my grandson on Friday week to see a father Christmas . its a great tradition that should carry on ,I used to take my two girls to the coop in town there's was the best in those days . I will ... [ more ]
If you click on the link Kitty put on the first link it gives you day by day all the opening times. Look forward to seeing him - thanks Kitty 👍🏻

Blue Badge drive through Ipswich to see the lights.

Lyn A in Ipswich Town Centre
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew if Ipswich Borough Council are allowing Blue badge holders to drive through Ipswich Town center this year to see the Christmas Lights as if they are I would very much like to take my residents.
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June B
I agree, we could learn a lot from Bury St Edmunds. I am spending a day out there next Monday, on a coach trip and starting next years Christmas shopping . Lol

Seating in Ipswich.....

Janice S in Chantry
Morning everyone.... :) Has anyone lamented the lack of seating in the newly refurbed Buttermarket Shopping Mall?  Struggling across from the other side of town centre, the previous seats were welcome to rest weary feet for a short time before ... [ more ]
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There is a pharmacy in the centre, there should have been seating re-added from the outset, not after 12+ months. Unless there are plans to add in new stairs or lifts to access Empire, and proposed seats would be effected by those works, I see no ... [ more ]
Janice S
Ahh! ....    Thanks for for this link, NatureGal....  glad to see efforts are being made to request reinstating  a few seats..  the town is so spread out and our old legs and feet ceratinly feel it.   I wouldn't go so far as to 'sit on some retailers ... [ more ]

Bad Drivers

Bob F in Common, The
Just like to say Orwell Bridge closure is no excuse for bad driving.This morning I had an appointment at the doctors surgery, on hearing the bridge was shut decided to walk into town.On trying to cross Valley road crossing, on the way in, motorist ... [ more ]
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And I meant to suggest that people using the crossing on Anglesey Road, near The Greyhound, take great care. In the last couple of weeks I have had to stop half way across as 2 cars didn't bother to stop but just zipped along to the junction, and the ... [ more ]
Jeremy C
I have seen a person that crossing hit by a car. There is a problem there when there is a low sun and drivers getting dazzled. They then can't see the person waiting to cross. As a pedestrian I also have the same problem in that section of Anglesea ... [ more ]

Barclay's Local ATMs

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Have anyone noticed that Barclay's ATMs are no longer printing out advice slips -- phoned them and was told that this was decided by their directors weeks ago -- do you think that they should get away with it? surely if we have money in the bank we ... [ more ]
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Nosey Ron I am so please that you know him -- twist his arm for me and ask him to come back I am sure that there are others like me that think the same  Seasons Greetings to you -- and pass the same onto him if you will please --
Susan O
I like to keep tap on my balance all the time..alot of people like me that count their pennies given ever increasing cost of to check balance before spending... Barclays bank is full of it and should not be allowed to take this from ... [ more ]

Broomhill Christmas Fayre

to , (ended)
Broomhill Library, Sherrington Road IP1 4HT
Annie M in Westerfield
Meet Father Christmas , Have your face painted,  Try craft making , Have a go on the tombola,  Buy a raffle ticket,  Guess the weight of the cake, Find out latest news on Broomhill Swimming Pool  Are you looking for Christmas presents? Our stalls ... [ more ]

Save a tree

Val S in Sproughton
I want to save a tree.   I have watched this tree grow and mature over the years and now I fear it may be cut down.   Can anyone tell me how to go about getting it protected please?
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Val S
Thank you so much everyone especially Mass R,  I am over the moon to know that "my" tree is protected.

New boiler

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Steve F
Hi Ginny we are Boiler Installers for Flow energy and can give you a 10 year parts and labour guarantee on there boiler, but we can also give you a quote for Worcester as we are also their accredited installers and give you an 8 year guarantee call ... [ more ]

Does anyone know of any chess clubs in Ipswich.?

Theresa H in Maidenhall
My ex is looking at attending a chess club. He is not a beginner but has not played in years. Does anyone know of any clubs which are not too expensive? Theresa.
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Cathy G
I'm thinking of starting up a board games drop in at Chantry Library on Tuesdays from 3.30-5- if interested please let us know at the library 01473 260880. There is also a group that plays scrabble and rummicub on Friday mornings at the same library ... [ more ]
Lynda M
This looks worth a try this Saturday (19th Nov) at Ipswich County Library in town Lots of free board games and chess to play

I am contemplating buying a Patmore water softener.

Theresa H in Maidenhall
Have any of you purchased one? If so, do you like the softener? What are the pros and cons that you have experienced? Theresa.
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Chrissie W
I had a water softener put in when I moved to Ipswich over 2 years ago and found the water very hard. You are supposed not to put it on plants; it plays havoc with my hair which is very fine; it takes up a whole kitchen cupboard and  I can't change ... [ more ]
David B
Bought a softener about 8 years ago, the water is so soft that it is hard to get rid of the soap. Saved money on descaling products, chrome taps and other utensils  free of limescale. Use less soap in washing machine and dish washer (which needs no ... [ more ]


Christine R in Washbrook
The Belstead Singers are urgently looking for a local dressmaker to make some blouses and a couple of jackets for new members of our choir prior to our concert at the beginning of December.  Can anyone help please?

Decorator wanted

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Emalkuda in Ipswich Town Centre
Lost - car and door key lost in Christchurch park ipswich on Saturdays fireworks. Please contact me if found - thank you

Christmas Fayre

Val S in Sproughton
Come along to the Ascension Hall, Larchcroft Road on 19th November for our Christmas Fayre. 10.00 till 12.00. Plenty of stalls plus coffee and cake refreshments. You may find that elusive Christmas present.


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Tony G in Stoke
hi, i have some new worktops i need anybody know/recommend a local carpenter? pinewood area,  many thanks
Andrew B
Hi Tony I have just done our worktops at home and we used Marty Ablett Carpenter 07539206480. Very good and reliable.

Pooka's Pageant 2016

to , (ended)
Oddfellows Hall, Ipswich
Robin H in Maidenhall
Join us for a day of music, song, storytelling and poetry inspired by mythology and legends from around the world. This year's performers include harpist Shani Liz Wyman, storyteller Carol Tierney, poet Beverley Price, and local author Robin Herne. ... [ more ]

Sloe Berries

Emalkuda in Ipswich Town Centre
Morning all, does anyone know if there are any slow berries ready for picking yet please? Got some lovely ones last year by recommendation from someone on here last year in Great Blakenham.
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