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Honest, reliable cleaner wanted

Susannah L in Brixton
I'm looking for an honest, reliable cleaner in the Brixton area to clean my flat. Please message if you are one or know of one.
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Monika R
Hello Susannah, My name's Monika. If you didn't find yet a cleaner I live in Stockwell and I love cleaning and ironing. I have a wonderful clients, who can give you a plenty references. I am not saying that I am the best, I don't like to compliment ... [ more ]


Lorna D/ BEAUTY THERAPIST in Stockwell
Sorry but I erased some contact details I got recently.  I wonder If any one reading could refer someone who could help me put up a curtain rod ASAP.  I am very local next to Brockwell/Waterlane entrance

The Abbeville Fete

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Abbeville Road, Clapham, SW4
Sam B in Streatham Hill
Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the annual Abbeville Fete will return to Clapham this summer on Saturday 25th June 2016. Taking place on Abbeville Road, SW4, from 12pm to 6pm, the fete celebrates London’s diversity, community spirit and local ... [ more ]
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Anyone missing a very sociable ginger & white cat?

David C in Wandsworth
Do you own this lost (or very adventurous) ginger-and-white cat in the Lavender Hill area?  Clearly comfortable with people but is very, very hungry and super keen to be indoors and fed, cause for concern is that over the last two weeks since we first ... [ more ]
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Sally H
That's brilliant news. Will you let us know when he gets reunited with his owners? So glad he's being looked after at the gets if he's poorly. Well done to All Creatures for taking him in.
Emily D
Let's hope it all ends well for him. Well done for being so caring and looking after him.

Single Mattress

Margherita C in Nine Elms
My friend has a single mattress to give away. It is good quality, pocket spring with 1400 pockets. It cost around £250 It is a few years old, but completely clean and still usable, pity to throw it away! She doesn't want it hanging around and it will be ... [ more ]
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Wardrobe fitter/carpenter

Janice in Streatham Park
Anyone know of a good carpenter to make some built in wardrobes for us? Would prefer to use a decent craftsman who is local if possible.
Angelo A
Hi Janice I can Recoomend Sinueh. He is italtian and is amazing. He has a workshop in brixton and has temendous people and social skills and his workmanship is high quality. 07513940567. Angelo
Millie T
Dear Janice   I can recommend Tomas, does a very great job. Before and after gallery is here ~> 07553 909077

FREE Multi Surface Paint

iDecorate in Stockwell
I have around 2 Litres of Multi Surface Paint in soft satin silver which is suitable for Masonry Tiles Plaster Metals Fibreglass and more It looked amazing on bathroom tiles I painted to get rid of the mould in the tile grout and changed the ... [ more ]
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sc m
Hi Michael. Was really lovely to meet you yesterday. Thank you again for the paint and decorating tips. Look forward to experimenting with this paint on my next project. Kind regards. Stella
Hi Stella, It's a pleasure and your most welcome, please let me know how it goes and thanks ever so much for the biscuits as I've had a few already Kind regards Michael

Be alert

Alan R in Clapham Park
Just had a visit from the police. Apparently our neighbour lost £600 from two men who claimed to be from the water board and said they had to check his taps. They may try again if this happens to anyone phone the police on 101 or 999. This was in the ... [ more ]
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Stand up for The Loss Foundation - Comedy Night 2016

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Union Chapel, Islington
The Loss Foundation in Stockwell
Back by popular demand and due to be a sell-out event, the funniest comedy night of the year is back! Presenting Stand Up for The Loss Foundation, a comedy night where your laughter benefits charity. We have side-splittingly good comedians lined up to ... [ more ]

FREE Dulux paint

iDecorate in Stockwell
I have 2.5 Litres of White chiffon in vinyl soft sheen which is excellent for bathrooms and kitchens. Inbox me to arrange pick-up
Hi all, Thank you for your interest, the paint has been currently reserved and if anything changes I will post that it's available again. Kind regards, Michael Barsoum iDecorate

Cleaner Clapham North

Lululu in Clapham
Does anyone know of someone in the area who could do a bit of cleaning and ironing? Not a regular job, just need a bit of extra help! Thank you so much
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Alice M
Since five months I'm trusting only companies especially one. I've been lied too many times from individual cleaners. The company number is 020 3746 2485. Good luck

Urine for Foxes?

Margherita C in Nine Elms
Is it true that mens Pee Pee, keeps foxes away? I am having problems with one who attacked one of my cats last night!
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Hilary L
We had problems with foxes, but the ultrasonic deterrents Pest Bye, and Fox Watch helped. It took a few weeks for the foxes to learn to keep away, but we have far fewer stinks, no poo and less destruction. The Pest Bye is cheaper, but seems more powerful.
Margherita C
Thank you, but un ultrasonic deterrent  would probably upset my cats ! I have a friend who is a hairdresser so I'll probably try human hair.

Decorator, plus.

Matthew R in Clapham Park
Hi Liz can you detail full extent of jobs I'm sure I can do all them trades for you and I'm value for money to bring forward please contacte on 07908494225 Matthew thank you.


Rosy S in Stockwell
Please be aware that there is a scam that was tried on us today.   A man pretending to be from the post office delivering a letter which needed payment.  He gets your card and tries to make you type in your number into a rather ropey machine, in fact a ... [ more ]
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Anna K
I mentioned this scam to my hubby, and he says NO-ONE from the post office is allowed to take money on the doorstep. If a card/ parcel arrives for you into the post office. the postman won't deliver this but he will put a card through the letterbox ... [ more ]
Phil B
I have heard of a similar scam involving bogus flower deliveries - supposedly for a neighbour, but requiring payment for the delivery. I refuse to make any payments (or buy anything) from unexpected callers these days!


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Victorian Loo no longer needed -

Piano Available - Removal Costs Only

Graham C in Brixton
John Brinsmead upright piano available, recently tuned and with good tone. Suitable for child learning to play for first time or pub singsong. Cost of removal only
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Jeremy Z
Hi I would love to collect the Piano. It's for a 5 year old boy and it would mean the world to him if he got it! Usually don't write this kind of stuff, but he is the only child of a single mother. A mother that is trying to get work and I would just ... [ more ]

Anyone got any cardboard boxes they don't want?

Karen S in Clapham Park
Moving house and after some boxes - thought i'd check on here first to see if anyone local has any to give, lend or sell? Thank you!
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Anne M
Sainsburys are very helpful about providing boxes for moving or storage. Just see one of the managers or supervisors.

Stamp collection

Cosmo H in Stockwell
Any idea what to do with a stamp collection, which is surplus to requirement. I doubt it is top class but too good to dump. Who buys things like this? Cosmo
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Jackie P
Recommend Stanley Gibbons too, I had similar collection and booked an appointment with them. They looked through and (sadly said) that they were not worth much to sell. Did not charge for this.

Bronze Cutlery Cleaning Ideas

Bryan S in Balham
Hi , apart from hot soapy water any ideas for the best way to shine up bronze cutlery ?
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Sarah H
Add 1 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of white vinegar. Use a small quantity of flour to make a paste with the solution. Apply a layer of the paste to the bronze cutlery, and keep it aside for 15 minutes to 1 hour. Rinse the paste off under clean, warm ... [ more ]
Sarah H
Have a look at this, I have used this method from quite a few appliances round the house... Really works and no need for expensive products

Vicorian Loo with system complete

Wooden rocking chair with cane backing

Training bike.

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Lawrence C in Brixton
Hiya, am hoping to sort out my small garden. Probably needs turfing and some inspiration. If anyone recommend a good local gardener? Thanks, Lawrence
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Gillian G
I also very highly recommend The Green Team who have been looking after my small garden for 3 years or so and always manage to rescue it from the after effects of my 'gardening' activities ;)  - just had my lawn re-turfed. Very reasonable rates for very ... [ more ]

Maths coach for 8 year old

Dingle Bell in Brixton
Can anyone recommend an experienced maths coach for a lively, intelligent 8 year old?
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Jojo S
I used to tutor children for the 11+ and had an excellent success rate.  If interested please email me