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Proofing for a book

Diego C in Nine Elms
Hello, I am looking for someone who would like to enjoy to proofing a book. My novel is set also on Brixton, particularly at the Brixton Market. Is there anyone who love reading interested in? Many Thanks
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Diego C
Hi Mike, I totally see your point and I can assure you that the grammar in my book is a lot better. I paid a lot of attention more. It would be great to send you a couple of chapters so you can have an idea. Would you mind to send me your mail in a ... [ more ]

Removal company

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Reliable Cleaner needed Clapham Common Northside

Lotty in Stockwell
Can anyone personally recommend a reliable, diligent and good cleaner for 3 hours a week? My cleaner has had to leave due to health problems and I'm struggling to keep up with keeping the house clean. I'm looking for someone who is quick and ... [ more ]
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Donny L
Hi Lotty, I provide Cleaning services. Doing Weekly Cleans, end of tenancy clean or one-off clean. contact me on 07903042271 or

Guided Tour of Brixton Windmill

Quai G in Dulwich Village
I have 2 tickets for this Sunday 18th September at 2:00pm if anyone is interested.  Website: Design Trail & Harvest Festival:
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Quai G
Knowing how high demand is, I tried to give them away. It's wonderful it was such a great day 😊.


Jane B in Brixton
Hi, I am currently looking for a glazier to repair or replace a skylight. Could anybody recommend one in the Clapham/Balham area. Jane

Removal Boxes

Tree surgeon Stockwell SW9

Elaine K in South Lambeth
I am looking for a tree surgeon who can prune a large apple tree and a couple of other trees, remove a dead tree and remove high growing ivy
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Lesley W
Ivy that is 10 years old is a valuable source of nectar and pollen in winter. Please only remove from buildings, we must support and prvide for pollinators in winter

Hostess Trolley

Bryan S in Balham
Hi , I am looking for the above , nothing  to posh , just a 2 or 3 tier shelf ,not one that keeps food hot,  more important to me is the wheels , as I use a stick I find it difficult to carry items  to the patio,  so this would be great to have , ... [ more ]
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Lee I
Hi I was wondering if anybody has got a bmx they're willing to give away? Big enoughfor a 12yo. Cheers!

Wooden chairs to fix

Iona K in Clapham
Hi all, I have three chairs which have broken at various joins and I need someone to fix them. Can anyone give me a recommendation of where to take them. One is a shaker rocking chair and 2 are very old (1950s?)curved back wooden chairs. Thanks all Iona
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Iona K
Most definitely they were my Mothers chairs for 50 years and she was always fixing things herself but with my clumsy family things break!
The success of the repair will depend directly on how much of the old glue could be removed and how deep did it soak in. Why don't you bring in one chair and I will see what I could do with it?

Electric Avenue

Karin C in Brixton
Hi, is there anyone else on this who lives on Electric Avenue?   Would love to talk through some of the ... challenges... we are facing at the moment. Karin

Skill Swap - Photographer & Mac Technician

Hayden Murtagh in Earlsfield
Hi all, I have a bit of dilemma. I have accidentally put one of my SD cards down the CD drive of my iMac. I have tried retrieve it with a paperclip/bit of card with a L shape. Thanks to the university of Youtube:-)  I have not been able to rescue ... [ more ]
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Mark Shipton
Hi Hayden, Seems like you have a result! Would you be interested in doing a skill swap for some web or graphic design work in future from myself in future? I might need some profile and promo shots of myself for my website soon. Let me know ... [ more ]
Hayden, that's fine but you know that I know you and plans can change dramatically... ;) Just drop me a message when you have the car and know for sure. D

Landor Road Car Free Day 24th September!

Valcie in Herne Hill
Car Free Day Festival - Landor Road SW9 24th September 2016                  With just over a week to go, before 'End Summer' Event. WANTED:    Arts  & Craft Market stallholders - Soft drinks -  Bike workshop - Tour Guides- children ... [ more ]

Garden tools to cut a hedge please SW2

Ms O in Stockwell
Please could somebody lend me a hedge trimmer. I only need to use it once for a hedge. I live in a top floor flat. So no space for any garden tools. But really would like to try and tidy an outside hedge. I am in Brixton Hill. Great care would ... [ more ]
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Single divan bed with headboard, mattress and 2 drawers

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Virginie R
Hello! the bed is 190cm long (75inches) by 90cm wide (35 inches) and 55cm high (22 inches). the headboard adds 10cm in width (4inches)

Lost cat

Mary L in Nine Elms
My beloved cat never returned home on the night of the 7th. He has been missing now for 3 days. I am beside myself with worry as he has never spent a night away from home. Please can you look in your sheds or any outside enclosed space near in case ... [ more ]
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Jess C
Hi Mary My cat turned up today after 3 and half weeks so keep looking out for him and don't give up hope. We put posters up in our nearby neighbourhood, and when we still hadn't found him, went even further with the posters and someone spotted him. ... [ more ]
It's a good idea to walk around your surrounding streets in the dead of night when it's most quiet.  Call out your cats name and take some of their familiar smells with you - their food, toys or bedding.  Be patient - call, then wait for a response.  ... [ more ]

lost purse

Ayesha R in Nine Elms
Purse found outside Kabul Darbar restaurant on Upper Tooting Rd this afternoon at approx 3pm. PM me.

lost purse

2 FREE Yoga Classes

YogaClass London in YogaClass London
Whether you're looking to increase your core strength, improve your flexibility or find your inner calm - our yoga classes can help. At YogaClass London, we're looking to build a community of like-minded people who want to get fit, socialise and have ... [ more ]
YogaClass London
Hi Johanna, We have 3 venues to choose from and you can attend any of these for your 2 free classes. Wednesday 14th and 21st September from 19:30 - 20:30 at Auriol Rowing Club, 14 Lower Mall, Hammersmith, W6 9DJ Thursday 22nd and 29th September ... [ more ]

Reliable cleaner needed

Maude H in Tulse Hill
Can anyone recommend a good cleaner around Herne Hill? We need someone to come once a week for 2 hours to clean our kitchen, bathroom and staircase. Please let me know if you know anyone efficient and trustworthy who we can get in touch with! Cheers!
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Peter H
I live in Elmwood Road and our excellent cleaner would like some extra hours in the area. If you still have a requirement, please let me know. (She also irons!!!)
Bobby P
My cleaner also works in Herne Hill area. If you're interested, here's her contact details Mishel- 07939057900 or

Wanted please Baby Bouncer

Ms O in Stockwell
Has anybody got a baby bouncer, that your little one has grown out of. Would love to borrow or buy from you please. Thank you x

Anyone ever used Airsorted?

Mariann S in Stockwell
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with using the Airsorted service, I'm too busy to manage my home of Airbnb? Also has anyone any experience of listing their home on the website? Thanks

Wanted. Please Judo/Karate Suit. To fit boy 6-7 years

Ms O in Stockwell
Anybody selling or getting rid of a Judo/Karate suit to fit age 6-7 years. Please X

Wanted please. Boys Judo suit age 6/7. Plus baby bouncer thing

Ms O in Stockwell
Hello. I would be so grateful if anyone has a judo /karate suit no longer needed or to small. To fit a boy age 6 years. Plus. If anyone body's little one has, grown out of a baby bouncer, one of those that hang on to the door and baby bounces X. ... [ more ]

Lambeth Palace Garden Party

to ,
Lambeth Palace Garden
Rotary Club Battersea Park in Upper Tooting
Up and coming event, see flyer for more details, if you have never been in the grounds of Lambeth Palace, it is a must see. The money raised will go towards the Rotary Club of Battersea Park 'Christmas Day for the over 65's', who would otherwise be ... [ more ]
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Angela R
Hello, I would like to bring my mum to this- she needs a wheelchair- is there any blue badge parking nearby ? Thanks

Charger for Black & Decker

Bryan S in Balham
Hi , I am looking for the above for my cordless screwdriver the part number is 905527 type 1 ,the screwdriver model number is EPL71 , I have tried Black & Decker and the usual outlets , no joy , willing to pay for it  ,, thanks
Bryan S
Hi with the help of  SC M , I managed to get the part I was looking for , from a company in Liverpool , so any one else looking for spare parts  try this site ,,  Thank you so much SC M  great work