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Wandsworth Community Transport

Clubs & Groups in Stockwell

Wandsworth Community Transport
WCT is a locally based mobility Charity for everyone within the Borough of Wandsworth.  There are two classes of membership - for those over the age of 60 and who are active there are a series of outings called "Silver Day Trippers" and for people with ... [ more ]

Bird Bath, in stone or wrought iron needed

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Bryan S
hi anyone who has a bird bath , in stone or wrought iron , they no longer need I would really appreciate it please , or have one to sell at a reasonable cost, Please get in touch,
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Vicky K
Oh dear, I didn't notice a crack either, but haven't looked at it in years. Would some cement/filler do the trick (this from the woman who is a disaster at DIY). If not, try the bird food and know the birds will thank you.

Does anybody know of a 1bedroom flat to rent landlord must be willing to take part Dss payment

Recommendations in Stockwell

Mo T
I am looking for a 1 bedroom flat to rent locally within a 5-6 mile radius of Clapham . I am a quiet, clean person willing to upkeep the flat to a high standard. Please inbox me if you know of anything.

Carpenter / joiner recommendation

Recommendations in Battersea

Matthew C
I am looking to find someone to refit some kitchen units to a wall and also cut and fit a new piece of worktop. Also to re paint and tidy up the kitchen. Can anyone recommend anyone?
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Cat Found in Stockwell

Lost & Found in Brixton

Amelia V
Neighbours in Stockwell have found a white cat with a black tail and black spot in one of our back gardens. Very cute, but very loud - he was crying all night and won't seem to leave. Based on condition, we think he belongs to someone locally. Please ... [ more ]
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Painting techniques with charcoal – advice needed

Recommendations in Herne Hill

Charlotte D
Hi all. Painting is my big hobby and I start to practice it after more than 15 years break. Last week I received a gift from my husband – wooden box with several different kinds of charcoals, three different erasers and one strange white thing that looks ... [ more ]
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Marcelle B
Have fun - get messy- experiment - some suggestions for warming up on a roll a roll of wallpaper lining paper. try: strokes:  heavy/soft  -use tip of charcoal/side of charcoal -  break a stick into different sizes - crumble - crush, smudge, w fingers, ... [ more ]
Charlotte D
Thank you all for the great comments and tips, especially to you, Morgana! Yes - I was planning to use the charcoal for a drawing (without paint)… I’ll keep you in touch for the results .

Crooked shopkeepers

Local Conversations in Dulwich Village

Carl L
I have noticed how some shop keepers are grossly overcharging on black foods drinks and products I make it a point not to buy the items when they flagrantly are grossly overcharging I can point out at least 10 black drinks and food products which these ... [ more ]
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Carl L
Miss o it's called capitalism and commerce and customers should always benefit from the best price that's why I shop around on the Internet and I tell them before I buy i can get the same thing from Mr eBay amazon argos or evrn curry for a better ... [ more ]
Danny C
If you tell them you are going down the road to buy the item at a cheaper price, and the item exists elsewhere at a cheaper price, isnt that the same as say Tescos versus Harrods ?. Its often possible to buy Items cheaper in some corner shops than in ... [ more ]

Cleaner required - Reliable, trust worthy and have attention to detail.

Recommendations in Brixton

Darryl B
Hi All, Im in need of a good reliable cleaner in Stockwell area. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated. Thanks,
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Darryl B
Hi - How about 7pm tomorrow, Wednesday? Also, can you please bring ID - and do you have any references? My mobile is 07968 829547. 94 Hargwyne St SW9 9RJ.
Miria B
Thats perfect . I have many references. I will send for you later on your mobile.

knitting machine

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kennington

Hello Streetlifers Does anybody have a knitting machine they no longer use that they could give or lend for a few months.  I am wanting to complete a project I had in mind and if successful I might go out and invest in one. Thanks all
Hi SB, if you find one I'd willingly borrow it after you've finished for a few things I have planned too! I went along to a Knit & Sew show and there is a lady in Hertfordshire who runs classes and sells refurbed machines, however I didn't want to ... [ more ]

Blacksmith near SW4 area

Recommendations in Balham

Bryan S
hi I'm looking for a local blacksmith, or anyone who can supply a 7 foot length of a metal pole, to hang my bird feeders on, any suggestions welcome , thanks.
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Cleaner in Brixton

Recommendations in Stockwell

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Sharyn D
Hi Could you send me this persons details please.. Would really appreciate it. Is she looking for more work...

Electrician required

Recommendations in Balham

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Hello Bryan S, We'll be more than happy to provide you with an experienced professional- electrician or gardener, depending what is the job. If you're interested, give us your phone number or call us directly on 020 3404 0454 to discuss the job in ... [ more ]

Dog Found A23 near Streatham Common SW16 Female Shih Tzu type dog

Lost & Found in Streatham Park

Lily W
Please note I am not the finder. Cross posting from info on Doglost Found 16th July matted and smelly but good bodily condition. Gold/sandy and white. Friendly and has some training. Was dodging traffic on A23. Dog warden informed. ... [ more ]
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Lily W
Sorry you asked what will happen. If you contact Lambeth Dog Warden they will be in charge of what happens if she is not claimed. Usually they are rehomed via Battersea Cat and Dog home. 7 days after they are reported found or 28 days if staying with the ... [ more ]
Karen M
I hope the little dog is reunited or rehomed. We have a Shitzu mixed with Cairn and Jack Russell - loads of fun but he loves everyone which is good but does mean he could wander off with someone if he thought biscuits might be on offer! Having dogs and ... [ more ]

Local Landscape Gardener

Recommendations in Brixton

Amelia V
Hi lovely locals, I'm looking to overhaul my garden and would love to employ a native landscape gardener who's used to these tiny victorian terrace gardens. I'd be very grateful for any recommendations - it's mainly ripping up the decking and paving ... [ more ]
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Pascale D
Hi., you could give Diarmuid a call 0207-840-0678. He is based at the Oval. Very reliable, reasonable kind person.

Affordable Spanish lessons

Classifieds in Brixton

Monica A
Hola! I offer affordable group lessons to adults in Brixton. The class size is 6 students, you will speak from the 1st lesson and I always attempt you have fun while learning. Please, check my website for more information.

Refurbishment of property - where to start?!

Recommendations in Stockwell

Mimi P
The biggest part of the refurbishment would be to re-configure the layout of the kitchen and dining area to make it more open plan.  This would involve knocking down a wall or two (don't think they are structural walls) and putting in a new kitchen. ... [ more ]
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Mimi P
Thank you all for advice and suggestions.  I am going to look further into Heather's suggestions - many thanks.
Rebecca R
call doran brothers on trinity road, they can do all the work for you and quote very good prices.  try then first, then go to others, then go back to them to get it done :-)

Missing male dog

Lost & Found in Kennington

Anne E
My dog was let out of my back garden while I was out and is now missing. Please if anyone has any information about him please could you contact me. His picture is my profile picture. Me and my daughter miss him very much. I hope he is safe and well.
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Lily W
Anne there is a very useful website called where you can add your missing dog. Also have you checked with Battersea cat and dog home? You can make a lost dog report on their website or over the phone. I will share on Twitter too.

Kigali cleanest plastic free city in the world

Local Conversations in Dulwich Village

Carl L
I was watching a you tube video about a city by the name of kigali which they say is the cleanest plastic free city inafrica or evrn the world and in the video thry asked the woman mayor of the city how did they do it she said we started by ... [ more ]
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Shelagh K
I totally  agree that plastic bag use is excessive and would dearly like a campaign to convince people to stop using them. It is largely laziness and people not being aware of the impact on our landfill and on wildlife It may well be that there are ... [ more ]

Man (or 2) and van

Recommendations in Stockwell

Nigel W
Hi all. Can anyone recommend a reliable and careful driver with van to collect and move a 6' 8" glass doored cabinet. Clapham area. Many Thanks

Free Caravan Magazines

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Bryan S
I have roughly 25 copies of caravan and practical caravanning magazines, if any one would like these , please message me

Home swap

Local Conversations in Lambeth

Debbie M
I live in a 3 bedroom Geogian converted house with its own entrance door and small garden in Vauxhall. I am close to shops, parks, 10min walk either way to 2 tube stations and over ground station, bus stops 2min walk. I am 10 walk away from the new ... [ more ]

Calling all dog lovers...

Classifieds in Hammersmith

The Hamilton Group
Just what every pampered pooch needs - a thermostatically controlled, outdoor doggie mixer shower. This was actually the brain child of a builder we do a lot of plumbing / heating work for, so unfortunately we can’t take all the credit for this one. He ... [ more ]
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Brad K
Ah yes joanne a thermostatic mixing / blending valve. That is a good idea. Typically they can be used to regulate the temperature between say 35 - 65 degrees (like you say, to prevent people from getting scalded), so you could set the temp to say 45 ... [ more ]
There's a valve on it that I turn one way to make it hotter and the other way for cold water. To be honest I don't water the garden much as I've got artificial grass but in the summer I keep it cold to fill up the dogs paddling pool then I turn it up a ... [ more ]

I need someone to tidy up a garden in East Dulwich...mow lawn, trim bushes etc

Recommendations in Clapham

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Share Community
You might like to try Share Gardening, which is run by a local charity, Share Community. For a personal and friendly service, give our senior gardener, Elke, a call on 0740 008 6073, or email, to get more information or a ... [ more ]

Looking to hire Hairdresser

Recommendations in Stockwell

Lidia L
The salon of a friend of mine is recruiting a hairdresser who know European and Afro hair. The salon is in Brixton.

Make a difference to mental health!

Clubs & Groups in Dulwich Village

Mosaic Clubhouse
A group of staff and members at Mosaic Clubhouse are taking the Thames Path Challenge to spread the word that people affected by mental ill health have the right to dignified and meaningful lives! You can support our team by going to our page on ... [ more ]