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Looking for a vet? we come to your house | PawSquad Mobile Vets

PawSquad Mobile Vets in PawSquad Mobile Vets
Hi everyone - I am the founder of PawSquad Mobile Vets and we just launched our service in South West London. For a similar price as going to a traditional practice (£48), PawSquad customers get their own dedicated family vet to examine and treat their ... [ more ]
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Mag M
Best idea I have heard in ages. I have 3 cats - none of whom have been to the vet since I got them from cat sanctuary in 2009 (apart from getting spayed). Simply can't get them into cat carrier! Luckily all have been/are well. Will certainly sign up ... [ more ]


Lawrence C in Brixton
Does anyone know a good gardener who can turf a lawn, cut back overgrowth and give a bit of inspiration?
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Robin FT
I have been tidying gardens for a couple of years and can cut back overgrowth. I am actually a portrait photographer but do gardening work when photography is not busy. I can provide references if you need them. I haven't laid a lawn though so you'll ... [ more ]

Painting bathroom

Angela R in Stockwell
I'm looking for someone to paint my bathroom ceiling, tidy the grout on a few tiles. It would be a quick job-anyone know a good, cheap painter?
Donna P
I can recommend Kenna Plumbing & Heating they have a team of tradesman that carry out all types of work including decorating, tiling etc.... Mob: 07534279691

Milk Bottle Top Recycling

Heather in Streatham Hill
Hi, Does anyone know where I can donate milk bottle tops please?  There used to be a Streetlifer who took them but I don't think they do any more. Many thanks, Heather.
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David C
Without wanting to be the bearer of bad news, I'd treat the 'wheelchair' bottle top collection with some caution - a lot of people are collecting them with the very best intentions, buy may well have been led astray by a hoax that seems to have been ... [ more ]

Damp specialist/reliable builder who specialises in damp

Lindsay A in Stockwell
Hi there  Can anyone recommend someone who can sort out a damp issue?  We have quite a large damp problem in the back bedroom, which got dramatically worse over a couple of weeks. I've had someone round who took about 30 seconds to decide that it's the ... [ more ]
john f
Hi Lindsay , I can have a look for you , I've been plastering for 30 yrs and I have done many damp proofing jobs and tanking jobs , for it to get really bad in a few weeks wouldn't be done to the damp proof course as that would be a slow process over ... [ more ]

Queens Birthday Celebrations - what's happening

Michelle C in Clapham Park
Hi there Does anyone have any idea if anything is being done in Battersea Park or locally on the weekend of the 11.12 June ? Michelle
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Do you need your garden waste bags this week?

Hans Schumann in Stockwell
Is there anybody in St Luke's Avenue who does not need his garden waste bags this week?  I am doing a spring clean and my two bags are not enough. Got loads.   Happy to return the favour the other way around when needed. Hans 07795450710 ... [ more ]

Anyone missing a very sociable ginger & white cat?

David C in Wandsworth
Do you own this lost (or very adventurous) ginger-and-white cat in the Lavender Hill area?  Clearly comfortable with people but is very, very hungry and super keen to be indoors and fed, cause for concern is that over the last two weeks since we first ... [ more ]
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Natalia J
Thanks Lindsay.  Good news this evening - Bailey is back home, safe and sound! We got a call from a boy who had seen our posters and recognised the cat who had been visiting his garden this week. Thanks Lindsay A and David C for your advice. So happy! :)

Carpet fitter for small job wanted

Cleaner recommendation needed

David L in Stockwell
Can anyone recommend a GREAT cleaner in the area? I used an agency for two years and only one person they sent was ever any good. Since the contract with them expired, I've been using Taskrabbit, which is excellent but not cheap. It's also not suitable ... [ more ]
Ingrid H
I can highly recommend my cleaner Indianna. She  is very thorough and extremely trustworthy. She comes to me in Stockwell for 3 hours per week ( usually on a Monday morning) and I pay her £ 10 per hour. I know she is looking for more hours. Please get ... [ more ]

Need a little helping hand in the garden?

Share Community in Sands End
Do you need a little help tidying up your garden in time for the summer? If so, then get in touch with Share Gardening, a social enterprise run by local charity, Share Community, that provides gardening maintenance and planting services. For a personal ... [ more ]

Experienced painter & decorator needed for one bedroom

Keith H in Stockwell
Bedroom needs decorating on Ballater Road, SW2.  Has to be done w/c 23rd May, between tenants.  Should be 4/5 days work.  Ceiling tiles need to be removed.  Standard rates offered.  Photo attached.
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Matthew R
Hi Keith We at Daily maintenance can sort that room out. Like to call me on 07908494225. Thanks
Debbie O
Hi Keith, Bosh did our building/decorating/fitting work recently at our house. Great workmanship and rates. Neighbour recommend him as he does a lot of work for fellow streetlifers. Bosh 07729825746. Good luck, Deb

The Times - Friday 29th April

Andre A in Brixton
Hi everyone, Does anybody have a copy of The Times newspaper from Friday 29th April by any chance? There was an article I'd like to have read but I missed out!  Or do any of you know where/how I could a copy of it? Many thanks, Andre
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Stephen J
What's the article? I still have access to the digital edition as I subscribe and could send it to you as screenshots. Private Message reply so I can get your details to send.

Drop in water pressure

Sean M in Brixton
Is anyone else experiencing a drop in household water pressure? Recently I have felt my shower is becoming a bit sluggish. Last week all the toilets, above ground floor level, were unable to flush at my place of work in Brixton Road.
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Daniel G
It can't be anything to do with the general water pressure because the cistern may fill more slowly but when full the efficiency of the flush is dependent on the efficacy of the release mechanism and the design of the toilet bowl.  I have a new toilet in ... [ more ]
Sean M
The building manager has been informed by Thames Water that the pressure in the building has dropped. Loos on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors are unusable. My own water pressure appears to be back to normal.  Thanks for all you responses.


Carine M in Herne Hill
Hello, Can you please recommend me a local plumber who can come as soon as Monday 2nd or Tuesday 3rd? Thanks Carine
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Galaxy Golden Eggs

Helen T in Clapham
Hi, have you seen any shops around Clapham still selling Galaxy Golden Eggs or do you have some left at home and would sell them to me? I sent some to my parents in Germany and they loved them so much that they asked for more :) I'm happy about any ... [ more ]

Willow fencing, two pieces, both approx 2m high x 2m wide, to give away

Helen S in Brixton
I have some used willow fencing to give away. It's still in quite good shape - the side that was facing a wall still looks ok, that's the side you can see in the photo.The other side has been faded by the sun. It's in SW9, near Stockwell Green. ... [ more ]
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Jojo S
Great I just saw collection today would be great so please text me your address.  I am just up the road in Clapham North

Grapefuit trees in Brixton and Peckham

Mike T in Stockwell
There's a grapefruit tree in a Sudbourne Road garden overlooking the back of mine, but too far to contact, (see here) and this one in Peckham. I'd love to speak to the householders of the first if anyone can private message me any contact details. Also ... [ more ]
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David C
Surprised you can grow them here - I get a somewhat hit and miss result with grapes, which are quite a bit more hardy - but then there is a reasonably successful looking banana tree every year on Wixs Lane (it grows bananas, though they don't usually ... [ more ]
Carine M
On the same line of thoughts, there is an avocado tree with full on hanging fruits in Brixton. Amazed to see this growing and flourishing so well in the UK.

Paving slabs looking for a new home

David C in Wandsworth
Following a bit of a gardening project, we have a load of big solid paving slabs to give away. Ideal for a back yard, a garden path, an allotment, a base for a shed, etc. They're a full 5cm thick - far more robust than the usual garden centre fare - but ... [ more ]
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David C
I'm afraid they're all gone now, apart from a handful of scrappy shaped ones.  Grannie Annie - yes, we're hoping to make a bit more of a wildlife haven too, quite a few plants have gone in and seem to be doing OK after their first few days (with a lot of ... [ more ]

Can anyone recommend a reliable and not too expensive roof mender?

Jenny A in Clapham Park
I have a Victorian house and damp is coming in at a couple of spots at the edge even though I had the roof mended last year.  I need to find someone who understands these houses and can fix this properly without costing an arm and a leg!
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FREE Dulux Paint

iDecorate in Stockwell
I have about 2.5L left of this custom colour in oil based eggshell. If you would like to have it, feel free to inbox me. Excellent paint for woodwork such as doors, door frames, skirting boards, window cills
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Local Upholsterer

Nigel W in Stockwell
Can anyone please recommend a good upholsterer/restorer who is reasonably priced in the local area? I have a couple of antique armchairs that need renovating.  Many Thanks
Karen E
London Upholsterers, 44 Wilcox Rd, SW8 2UX tel: 020 7622 4998 or They should be local to you and did a fab job for me in December 2014 me, very professional prompt and helpful.

4 adult High stools or high chairs needed!!!

Carine M in Herne Hill
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could borrow me their stools or high chairs for Thursday 28th. Returning them on Friday 29th morning. I will take good care of it and you would be a life saver. It is for a tapas night I am organising. In ... [ more ]
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Transport from Peckham to Herne Hill

Quai G in Dulwich Village
Is there a kind soul who can assist with transporting a sofa (182x81cm) from Peckham to Herne Hill on Saturday morning? My 19 year old son will be there to lift, but we need one more willing pair of hands. I would naturally pay gas.

No power in Brixton

Brixton Hill area
Mike T
I went away but came back to clocks having reset and British Gas sent me a message to say the Wireless temperature control was offline.
Jenny B
Major breakdown at Effra court last sunday morning.  AppArently short breakdown forecast for some time this weekend!