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Ian Bull to Balham and 9 more areas

A Victorian Marvel - Tour on Sunday 30th

Hullo everyone If you have any interest in Victorian architecture, design, and technology you should read this now. On Sunday 30th there are 10 places available for an extremely rare guided tour of the remarkable Crossness pumping station. This grade 1 ... more »
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Ann P
Wow!  You've totally sold it to me, too!  But I too have Mother's Day duties to perform.  Do we have to wait so long for the next opportunity?  I'll sign up for alerts for future TfL walks - I didn't know about them till now.
Ian Bull
It's quite difficult for Crossness to offer guided tours as the site is under constant restoration and the components are so  large and heavy it just wouldn't be safe. TfLs 'Walk London' project offers lots of free guided walks over three weekends each ... more »
P-G to Clapham Park and 4 more areas

Photographic experts

I have some antique photos that need reviving , and some possibly to be enlarged for framing. These are all monochrome, some even sepia.Can anyone suggest someone local
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Robin FT
I am a local portrait photographer with photo enhancing / repairing skills using Lightroom and Photoshop. I recently did this for a large collection of old family photos, some of which were torn, and many had dust marks and colour fading, and in all ... more »
Thanks for all this input - I am spoilt for choice!
Hayden Murtagh Photography to Clapham and 9 more areas

iMAC clean up/calibration

Hi, I am a photographer looking to get a complete MAC clean up and have my monitor calibrated. Prefer if the work was done onsite (at home). Can anyone recommend someone that for this job. Thanks
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Linda S
Hi there, I am a photographer too I had mine done from Jeff at Second Byte in Earlsfield , amazing and cheap:)
London Mac Geek
I am based in Putney and can travel, let me know if you still need any help.  My email is Thanks,  Luke
P-G to Clapham Park and 4 more areas

no cold calling

After some research Cold Calling is not illegal, on the doorstep or by phone - but if it is unsolicited and you feel is a breach of your privacy, then it becomes illegal. So there is a fine line....Police, if they see a cold caller, will actively move ... more »
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Philosophy in Pubs - PIPS to Clapham and 5 more areas

Next PIPs Tuesday 25 March at Bread and Roses, clapham 7pm - 9 pm

Tomorrow we'll be looking at privacy.  We know more about each other than ever before. Whether we want to or not. We know a remarkable level of detail about the lives of a great many people, many of whom we have never met.  If this trend continues, ... more »

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Bread and Roses, Clapham Manor Street, Clapham

Mar 25
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P-G to Clapham Park and 4 more areas

no cold calling zones

In the short time we have moved to the Balham Tooting neighbourhood We have had 15 knocks on the door from people who wnat either to sell something or are asking for charity. It is technically illegal to knock on private residences to ask either for ... more »
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Jane L
I think that, to sell door-to-door, you need something called a Pedlars' Certificate from the police.
Geoffrey C
I live within the borough of Wandsworth and we have a "no cold calling zone" set up by the council covering Thirsk and Longbeach Roads, Sisters Avenue and Marjorie Grove in Battersea. The scheme works well.
Giovanna to Battersea and 5 more areas

PC to give away

Hello I have an HP computer to give away asap as I need the space. Screen is 16"x14", box is 16"L x 6.5"W x 15"H.  I have used until recently and it's in good working order. Collection preferable. I'm close to Battersea Park. Mouse and wires all included.
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Hi Popette,  I'm afraid it was collected last night.  Have a great weekend,  G
Thank you for letting me know. Have a great weekend too P
Cherie Kong-Colucci to Kennington and 9 more areas

Silent Disco for UNICEF

DANCE the night away or hang out with friends without loud background music, the DJ will be pumping out tunes of various genres through wireless headphones so everyone can have the best of both worlds! You can also try your hands on entertaining the ... more »

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The Riverside, Vauxhall SW8 2LE

Mar 22
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Cherie Kong-Colucci
It'll be a great night!
Louise H to Brixton and 8 more areas

Dementia Carers Support Group

Meeting up from 11.30am to 1pm at the Healthy Living Club in Stockwell. We are talking about managing stress and the pressures of caring. All carers looking after someone with dementia or memory loss are welcome. Call Louise on 020 7642 0038

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Lingham Court, Lingham Court Road, Stockwell, SW9 9HF

Mar 19
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Suliat A
this is a good thing which will give the carers more understanding and relief that they are not alone.
Zoe Dee to Clapham Park and 5 more areas

Hanging Wallpaper

Hello We are looking for someone who is experienced and good at hanging wallpaper, any recommendations would be a big help to us? Thank you Zoe
Natalie D
Try njd.painters, 07717311093 There are an excellent and reliable painting company that's reasonably priced
Nicki B
Hi try Andy, he has hung all my wallpaper and carried out other decorating tasks for other people on Streetlife. He us a good worker. His number is 07961425328
The Healthy Living Club at Lingham Court to Brixton and 5 more areas

Arty person with confidence...

Do you know an Arty/Crafty person  who may be able to facilitate a weekly workshop for a small groups of elderly people –some of whom happen to be  living with dementia– due to start in Stockwell on Wednesday afternoons?  We'd be able to pay the person ... more »
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Filmmaker Sandra
Hi I just looked at your website. You are doing a wonderful job. :)
Alise K to Stockwell and 4 more areas


Anyone interested in the last 14 monthly editions of wired magazine? Otherwise I'll take them to a GP or something...
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Jill S to Brixton and 4 more areas

Odd Job Person

Can anyone recommend an odd job person - I have several small bits and pieces that need sorting, eg screening needs replacing in the garden/patio (very small space) but involves moving heavy pots etc.  Also have small jobs around the house. Am looking ... more »
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Nicki B
I have a great handy man who has carried out tasks for other people on Streetlife. Please give him a call. His name is Andy and his number is 07961 425328.
Jill S
Thank you, I shall.
Debbie T to Stockwell and 4 more areas

Mobile Hairdresser

Hello - I am looking for a good local hairdresser that can do home visits. Anyone help?
Caroline R
Nancy is doing my hair (in my flat in SW4) right now - I can't recommend her enough, she's super-talented. Contact details here:
Marianne I
If you are interested in a hairdresser who does house visits (therefore charges cheaper rates), then I recommend Anthony, who does my hair. He can be reached on : 07943-752907 Please feel free to mention my name :) Good luck, Marianne
Fred S to Stockwell and 4 more areas

Double Bed Frame and Mattress to give.

Would anyone like a Double Bed Frame with mattress? Collection off Brixton Hill. Wooden Frame and mattress in good condition. Frame has been dismantled into three parts (backboard, base and front frame) for easy pick up.
Heather M
Dear Fred, I'm looking for a double bed frame, so that would be ideal. I would need to arrange pick up so please let me know, possibly later today, Friday. thank you  Heather
Barry McVeigh - Osteopath
It would be worth getting in touch with Oasis. As far as I know they will collect for free