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Handyman Clapham SW4 Area

Vincent M in Stockwell
Can anyone recommend a good handyman in the SW4 area who can carry out some basic plumbing such as fixing a leaking toilet. Thanks very much Vincent
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Vincent M
The plastic washer that connects the cistern to the pipe will mean taking the pipe off or cistern off to replace the plastic seal.
So, the inlet hose/pipe is leaking at the point where it enters the cistern? The plastic washer is nothing more than a washer than allows the hose to hold on to the cistern... If you haven't done your own investigation and any purchasing of spares then I ... [ more ]

Drilling through kitchen wall

Quai G in Dulwich Village
I'd like to put up a floating shelf in the kitchen, but have bathroom tiles on the other side of the wall. Estimated thickness of wall is 5-6cm. Is this a problem?
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Black and white cat found dead :(

Maz G in Stockwell
Dear all This is not a nice message, but I thought I'd like to know about it if it was my kitty. While on the lookout for our Charlie, we got a call from someone who spotted a dead black and white cat on the side of Christchurch road, facing the Palace ... [ more ]

All things nautical

Scott S in Herne Hill
Hi I am looking for props for an immersive theatre production. The scene is an elderly man's bedroom which audience members will pass through. I am looking to. Decorate the scene with ships and boats- photos, paintings, models, ceramics, etc. The ... [ more ]


Sean M in Brixton
I'm looking to have a suit made to measure. Does anyone know a freelance tailor in Lambeth area. As a wheelchair user it would be preferable if the tailor could visit my home.
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Big Issue magazines

Sylvia H in Stockwell
I have a bag of back issues of The Big Issue magazine. Rather than just put them in recycling would anyone be interested in reading them for free? I'm in Clapham Old Town..

Cleaning of silver plate

Bryan S in Balham
Can any one advise where I can have some silver plate items cleaned professionally or advise  me of any tips ? I have tried all the cleaners on sale but they do not seem to deep clean good
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Hugh H
The active chemical in vinegar is acetic acid about 4 percent. It can quite quickly corrode some metals. I don't know what effect it has on silver. Parraffin you can probably get from that DIY shop opposite East Dulwich railway station. Diesel fuel ... [ more ]

Book shelf, white board and furniture free

Andrea in Stockwell
There is various office furniture on the corner of Coldharbour lane and Shakespeare Road to take such as book shelf, blue felt pin boards, white board etc, see photo.

Anyone know a good electrician? Need to get electrical safety certs

Karen S in Clapham Park
Hello! We are buying a flat and no one seems to have any electrical safety checks for it, so figure we should get them done before we buy it! If anyone could tell me of a good electrician in the South Norwood area (or thereabouts) that would be really ... [ more ]
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Patricia H
We found someone called Otis.  He updated our fuse box, sorted out a faulty wiring.  He did some work for my daughter too.  He's very efficient and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend.  Mobile: 07412778686
J Young's electrical services
Hi if you still need you property tested and inspected for a certificate on your property we can do this for you call or email if want a free survey in the South London area. 07961485801. Thanks James

FREE Clothes Rail with 2 Shelves

Quai G in Dulwich Village
The clothes rail looks like the one below, with the addition of 2 plastic shelves at the bottom. The top rail can be extended on either sides.  Collection from Shakespeare Road.
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Hi Quai If Christine doesn't take it I would find it incredibly useful. I can easily pick it up. Just let me know and I can come round when it is convenient for you.

Free guided walks from TfL - 23/24 January

Ian Bull in Wandsworth
Hullo everyone A few weeks ago I mentioned the free, guided, walks offered by TfL's 'Walk London' project. These take place on 23/24 Jan and can now be seen here... You might notice that a few have to be booked and that ... [ more ]
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Susan H
I went on Ian's Wandle walk - it was very interesting, I have lived in the area for years and somehow had never explored the Wandle, and on Saturday i walked its full length! I enjoyed the day very much, thank you Ian for your enthusiasm
Ian Bull
Hullo Susan Thanks for your kind comment, appreciated, and I'm very pleased you enjoyed the day. The next walks will be over the last weekend in May. Usually mine would be in SE London but the weekend railway service to that area is becoming so rare now ... [ more ]

Guinea pig looking for new home

MM in Pimlico
Very sweet long haired male Guinea pig looking for new home. Cage included. Would be lovely if he could go to home with another male guinea (as he was living with his brother who sadly died, and would benefit from the company ). But failing that, to ... [ more ]
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Restart Party at Brixton Pound Pop-up Shop

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Brixton Pound Pop-Shop, 2 Atlantic Rd
Janet G in Brixton
We will be fixing sad and broken electronics, and also promoting local repair businesses. Please invite your favourite commercial and/or amateur repairer to get involved or promote their work! Take back control of your e-stuff, never feel victim to ... [ more ]
Hugh H
This is a really important thing you are doing. Industry and politicians seem to have tried to disarm us from fixing things - presumably because of wanting to create markets for new things - and it is time we all put our feet down (blimey what a ... [ more ]
Janet G
Thanks Hugh, we have straight-forward H&S procedures and ways of mitigating risk. Nobody has tried to stop us, but with a couple of exceptions, nobody *big* has supported us either, but that hasn't stopped us yet!

Large House plant to give away

MM in Pimlico
Figus house plant in large ceramic pot (48cms) to give away. Very heavy - needs two people to lift! Collect ASAP near Clapham. Kindly PM me if interested and I'll send address.
Thank you for your interest. I've now promised the plant to someone who is collecting on Friday. If for some reason they don't take it, I'll contact those interested in order of the enquiries.

Camper Van

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Mick D
Maybe something like a Mazda Bongo or a Mitsubishi Delicar. They drive fairly similarly to a car, whereas a Ford Transit or Fiat Ducato was designed with builders and delivery men in mind. This looks ok ... [ more ]

A set of Viners kitchen knives **** FREE

Bryan S in Balham
I have 5 Viners knives on offer the large one has a 10 inch blade the smallest has a 5 inch blade and a meat chopper that has a 7 inch blade ,, one of the knives is a bread knife , I don't want to put up a picture of them , but they are in a new ... [ more ]
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dance/exercise class

Renee D
Hi Deborah! Check out "Shake That Zumba". They are the best classes I've ever been to in my life and are £6 on the door or you can buy 5 for £25. His classes are in different places all around here (I think he does 6 a week). All info is on his Facebook ... [ more ]

Vet Recommendation

Milo C in Clapham
Hi there. Have an 11 week old puppy, cute as a button. Looking for a friendly, reliable vet in the Clapham Common area. Would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Thank you :)
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Fire Guard

Robbie in Brixton
Hello we have a fireplace and was just after a fire guard for it. Does anyone have an old one they don't want anymore? Cheers  Robbie
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Lily W
Robbie was in there earlier and asked them to put it behind the till for you. £5 Attached a photo

Bereavement group for those who have lost someone to cancer at Stockwell Centre

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Stockwell Community Centre, 1 Studley Road, London, SW4 6RA.
The Loss Foundation in Stockwell
On the 9th of February we will be holding our monthly bereavement support group for people who have lost loved ones to cancer, whether that be a partner, family member or friend. The support group evenings are informal and provide a welcoming environment ... [ more ]

Free book shelf

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bedding towels to calais?

J . F in Stockwell
Hi,  does anyone know if or where, i can take some blankets towels etc for them to go to   Calais?  I know there have been collections in the past, I have just cleared out a lot of stuff that can go.   thanks 
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Kate D
Go to Calaid on the internet.  There was a collection point in Herne Hill when news first broke but there are still others.
J . F
Thanks I have found a place in Balham collecting.  They are going to Calais 6 am Saturday so if anyone has anything they will take it tomorrow Friday 22nd .  Mens clothes, sleeping bags, tents, Blankets , towels.       The Restore Base  Larch Close  ... [ more ]

Clothes rail

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J . F
Mary it has just gone, but Bryan only needs it for a month he said to PM him if you want it after? thanks


Carine M in Herne Hill
All, I am in need of a working small refrigerator (no freezer if possible). If you are looking to get rid of your old one or know someone who is. Please let me know Thank you in advance Carine
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Carine M
Hi Andrea, Thank you so much for touching base with me. I will certainly you a call later today. Would 4.30pm be suitable? Thanks Carine
Hi Carine, I should be free but just in case my meeting overruns, you can leave your number on my voicemail and I will call you back. Speak later Andrea

Driving Lessons in Sw2

Richard D in Stockwell
Can anyone recommend a good local driving instructor. I can drive, just need some brush up lessons as its been a while since I last drove.
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Claire from Wimbledon driving school, she is an excellent instructor which I know are very hard to find. Her number is 07525464708.