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Child sitter

Heather M in Brixton
Lior Sorry but I lost your contact details, if you are still interesting in keeping company/looking after my 9 year old please get in contact. Thank you Heather
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Heather M
Hello Lily Thank you very much for your help.  I have to wait for my address to be verified but that's ok, Lior is highly recommended.


Samantha L
in Kennington
Hi there. I'm looking for someone to make up some tote bags for me. I have all the fabric, handles, etc. I just need someone to cut the pattern and make them up. Can anyone help or recommend anyone?? Many thanks. Sam
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Alison E
Why don't you contact all sewn up in mowl street, just off Brixton road. Either sign up for a sewing course yourself, or there may be a student who would like to do it. Contact Alessandra email is
Philip H
Hi Samantha, I used to work in that shop, me & my friend 'O' we could sew your tote bags for you, please contact me at if you want to contact me or 07956-908844

Wanted: TILER

Man with a van needed

Jola G
in Clapham
I am looking for a man with a van (small van will be fine) available on Sunday, 12th February, not costing loads as I will have 3 helpers to move things and only a couple of not too heavy pieces of furniture.  thanks Jolanta :)
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Do you know a good builder?

Kenneth K in Nine Elms
Can you recommend a good and reasonable builder? The one who promised to do the job has gone AWOL. It's a bathroom wall rebuilding and tiling work in Clapham Common SW4. Thank you in advance!
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Damon H
Hi Kenneth, I do kitchens and bathrooms, have just finished one on Clapham Common. Give me a call if you'd like a quote 07725 917452 Damon

I have a 3seater and 2seater leather sofas just over 2yrs old from new must b picked up sunday afternoon on 5th of feb no money

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Playing Bridge

Jojo S
in Nine Elms
Is anyone interested in meeting up to play bridge?  I know the basic rules of the game but would like to learn more and play each week if possible.
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Jojo S
Jaquie F  Hi Jaquie, I am just trying to get 4 (or more) people together to play with. I know the basic rules so need to practice.  I live in Clapham North if you are interested in playing one day a week.... let me know.

Lamp repairer

Ali C
in Stockwell
Can anyone recommend a lamp repairer?  I have an old trumpet lamp and a vintage Angle Poise lamp which need repair.
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Sarah C
Take it to MrSparx in Arthur Road Wimbledon Park - they mend all sorts of lamps and are fully qualified NICEIC electricians you can park for 20 mins for free outside 10-3pm

Squirrels in roof space

Virginia U
in Balham
We have squirrels in our roof space. There's no access to the roof space from inside, so none of the pest control people we have contacted can help. Can anyone suggest to whom we should turn? Thank you.
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Eoin T
Had this exact same problem! Kept coming back. After some googling I tried chilli. Scattered loads of chilli flakes and some paste around the attic and they never came back!
Alanna H
Hi Virginia , I had them in my loft some years ago and right pests they were . Wandsworth council got rid of them for me . I do have inside access to my loft .

Little white lost terrier

Sarah C
in Upper Tooting
Hi there, just to say that I've just seen a white Westie, running off a lead along Kings Avenue in the direction of the South Circular, I really hope it is going to be ok.
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Bar M
in Stockwell
Looking for a pianist, familiar with songs from the Jazz era, e.g. Cole Porter, Gershwin etc, to join me as a vocalist to create a short repertoire of 45 minutes. Some rehearsal time required. "This could be the start of something big......" Barry


Bar M
in Stockwell
Wondering if anyone has any nice bits of G-plan furniture they might sell. We could be interested in a sideboard, for example, or a set of dining chairs, or a bookcase. BarryMc

Parking for Scooter

David C in Stockwell
Hi! Does anyone have any secure parking near Clapham North tube station available to rent for my scooter? Thanks in advance!
Mona H
Hello, yes, I have a free garage spot in a shared garage that could easily accommodate your scooter. The garage door can be opened by key or fob. We have a Porsche in there and 3 scooters, as well as about 5 bikes, all secure. I am referring you to a ... [ more ]


in Stockwell
Hello Streetlifers I'm looking for a reliable/trustworthy cleaner once a week for the Stockwell area (close to tube).  Two bed, two bath flat to include windows once a month.  I anticipate it taking a good 2 hours a week but perhaps need to speak ... [ more ]
Carl M
I'm self employed and service a number of properties in your area every week. I've got excellent references, DRB checked, fully insured and I'm the key holder for all properties. If you'd like me to pop by and advise how I can help call on 07904 ... [ more ]

Disabled access 2 bedroomed home needed

Jill G in Stockwell
Disabled wheelchair using woman working for a charity in Vauxhall, plus husband and son, looking for affordable 2 bedroomed accommodation with access, and walk in shower. Please contact me with any ideas.

Wanted: Bedroom study desk

Quai G
in Dulwich Village
If anyone has a brown study desk they're thinking of getting rid off, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. The space in my lad's bedroom measures 150 x 53 cm, so anything that fits within would be great.
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Wanted freestanding shelving units

S B in Kennington
Hi All, I am looking for two freestanding shelving units to put books in mostly.  Does anybody have anything they are willing to offer.  I am near Kennington. Thanks S x
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Are there any handymen available please?

Sue I
in Clapham
The council have installed a new front door in my flat.  It must have been designed for someone over 6ft tall.   As I'm only 5'2,   it is useless for me.  I asked the council about it and was told it's the standard door and nothing they can do about ... [ more ]
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Hi Sue, I would be very glad if you could give details of a recommended handyman in the area. Amny thanks Iona

Laminate flooring

Jelena Z in Clapham
Hello, Can anybody recommend a handy man who can lie a laminate floor. I need it only in one room for now. Also suggestions welcome about where is the best place to buy laminate. I cannot spend a fortune but want a quality one. 😆
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Clapham Electrician

Edward A
in Clapham
Can anyone recommend a professional outfit to look at some lighting issues at our house near Clapham high street / old town?
Rebekah G
Steven from Silver Maintenance. He's based just around the corner from you. He's very professional and friendly and doesn't overcharge. His number is 07718091593. His email is I do some of his admin for him. He had a ... [ more ]

Curtain maker

in Streatham Hill
Can anyone recommend a curtain maker? I am looking for someone who can make interlined curtains.
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Cherryl S
I'm a local curtain maker in Summerstown please give me a call on 07759 547430 Thanks Cherryl
Philip H
Hi I am local my website is: to see my work free measuring & fitting service.  I have done many interlined curtains in the area, I used to work in the shop 1st floor inBalham & they will overcharge, please avoid.