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Child Safety Harness

Chanda in Furzedown
Hi there, if any body got a Child Safety Harness,that no more need it,plus a child  toilet sit  for 3 years old little girl,thanks. Chanda
Yes,thanks for reply, I appreciate  what you said,it may be for older people only ,never know. thanks .


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Jelena Z
Thank you very much, Marcelle. Its very kind of you! I already found one through Streetlife. Its very helpful site with lots of kind people.

Mosaic tiles needed for school logo

Heart in art workshops K in Vauxhall
Hi Streetlifers Does anyone have any spare tiles or crockery (Not White) that you could donate to @StMarks_Lambeth for them to make there school logo in mosaic? Message me or if you could drop them down to the school directly this would be great. St ... [ more ]

Smeg fridge door shelves

Iona K in Clapham
Hello my new e-bay purchased fridge which I love is not as sturdy as I'd hoped. The shelves which hold the heaviest items have broken in that the fixing to the door has broken. I have no idea how to fix this and wondered if anyone has skills which ... [ more ]
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btw, super glue is not a weld. Here is an example of that stuff:

Neighbourhood research meet-up confirmed - Free tea, coffee and snacks

Matthew R in Clapham Park
Hi, just confirming that there will be two meet-ups this week to get people together and discuss a project at Imperial College London looking at how we can improve helping each other with short tasks in our local neighbourhood. We will be meeting at ... [ more ]
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Matthew R
Jenny B: we have already had the meet ups so there are no other follow ups planned just yet. Thanks for asking anyway, we will be sure to post another message when there is another meet up. HCK: I'm sorry I can't help you with that one. Good luck.

Josephine Avenue. Helix Gardens residents

Ms O in Stockwell
Hello. Calling on all Josephine Avenue , Helix Gardens , etc. Residents You are needed to join the Street group. We need to keep having our street parties and Urban art. But your help is needed. Come on be a good neighbour and join the ... [ more ]

5mm hexagonal Allen key

Scarlet F in Camberwell
Does anyone have an Allen key with 2 ends and a kink in the middle like the one on the picture attached I could borrow briefly?! Trying to urgently dismantle an IKEA bed and someone has run off with the Allen key unfortunately. Thank you!
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Isabelle E
The Allen key supplied by Ikea is probably just 2 different size ends, so a set of Allens will do the trick. As Nic says, the pound shop do sets for £1...
Scarlet F
Thanks both. For this bed you need the wiggle in the Allen key or it doesn't work, so normal Allen keys are no good. We managed to track one down in the end! 😊

Combi Boiler Repair - recommendation?

K W in Stockwell
Hello. Can anyone recommend a good and reasonably priced tradesman, who is experienced in combination boilers? Heating is working fine, but there is no hot water. Have been told I need a combined boiler specialist, rather than a regular plumber (which ... [ more ]
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Lindsay A
Hey - I had the same thing, and decided to sign up to British Gas. I've had various people over the years and BG seem fine. You can usually get an appointment reasonably quickly, you pay a monthly fee and they check your boiler over once a year. ... [ more ]

Black Friday/Christmas clear out

Chest of drawers needed (any bedroom furniture welcome!)

Dav C in Stockwell
Hi all, Urgently need a chest of drawers or any bedroom storage. Storage chests or ottomans would be great as well! Thanks, Dav
Barbara K
Hello Dav C or is it Dave C?  I do have a chest of drawers you can have.  You will need to collect it but I think it would need 2 people to take it downstairs. Please email me at b.knight832@ to make arrangements. Barbara K

Free Tea & Coffee (and snacks) Please help with our neighbourhood research

Matthew R in Clapham Park
Hi all, for those that don't know I'm doing some research at Imperial College to try improve how we help each other with short tasks in our local neighbourhood. Thank you for all the help so far, I am overwhelmed by your support and would love to try ... [ more ]
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Joyce L
I really enjoyed my time with you and your colleagues and wish you all the best for the future.  Warm regards, Joyce
Fiona M
I hope you will come and join The Rotary Club of Battersea Park one Thursday lunch time at The Revolution, Clapham Junction and tell us all about it......  (If you look up The Rotary Club of Battersea Park all details will be revealed.)..  You would ... [ more ]


Berit in Streatham Hill
Could anyone recommend an electrician for a small job - bathroom lights not working.
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Jamie P
Mikey 07445 400628 did all our kitchen and soon to do the whole flat. Works for large firm, very skilled very reliable

Cleaner wanted

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Mike T
Debbie on 0795 146 4283. Hard-working, reliable, trustworthy, likeable  and a native English-speaker. Mention my name: Mike Tully.
Charlie J
Try One Cleaners, they offer several different services - 020 3868 1340. I booked cleaning and carpet cleaning with them, they did a fantastic job.

Facebook post tonight on Leander Road page: Dog found

Gabby D in Stockwell
Dog found: Tulse Hill estate / Brockwell Park Small/medium neutered male, short coated terrier (??) with Black & Tan markings. Black leather collar, no tag. Friendly but running loose, worryingly crossing Tulse Hill road to and from Brockwell ... [ more ]

Plumber wanted

Melanie L in Stockwell
We are looking for a reliable and reasonably priced plumber to change a kitchen tap and sort out a sticky overflow unit in our attic water tank which starts to leak every 6 hours or so if no one is in to use any water. Thanks for any recommendations.
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Jelena Z in Clapham
Hello, everyone! Can anybody suggest if it possible to dry out carpet after very bad lack from upstairs flat. We put new carpet a month ago with an underlying but now it's sacked wet. Is it possible to get the carpet up and change only underlay?
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Jelena Z
Thank you, Alison. I did manage to borrow 2 dehumidifiers already, thanks to Streetlife! I hope the carpet will dry out soon and I just will give it a good wash. Thanks!

Removal boxes: Unused, flat, recyclable.

Miriam M in Stockwell
I over-ordered.  They are good & strong & don't need tape.  Collect from 48 The Chase, SW4 0NH PM me if you're coming.
A Good
Hi Miriam I could use your boxes ! Shall I call you ? Or if you prefer 0783 765 0770.

WW2 in Clapham : Kids' BookLaunch/Concert,St Paul's Rectory Grove, SW4 Tues 22Nov, 5pm

Restal-Allen in Battersea
launch of new book for kids, 'Dangerous Skies', by locally born author Brian James, a fictionalised account of Brian's boyhood during the Blitz in Clapham North. A good read for kids & adults alike! Readings & a dramatised recreation of ... [ more ]

Christmas Day Event for the over 65's of Wandsworth

to ,
Marquee Battersea Park
Rotary Club Battersea Park in Upper Tooting
Rotary Club of Battersea Park Christmas Day Event for the over 65’s of Wandsworth. If you know of any elderly person who will be on their own at Christmas please tell them about this event, it is free but they need to apply for a ticket as transport ... [ more ]

Missing cat

Simone B in Stockwell
Hello, my friend has lost his cat. He is absolutely distraught. Lucky the cat went missing on Sunday 16th October. Please help keep your eyes peeled and help reunite a family.
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Carpet Cleaning

Maria A in Brixton
Hello all, what bliss! I have just had my carpets cleaned by Carl, who I book as a result of recommendations on Streetlife. He did a great job and a is very pleasant and helpful person Maria Adams
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Maria A
Hello Carl,. yes holiday booked, finalised it today! Just to mention, the chair that you cleaned for me looks great now and I'm very happy with how it looks. Also the carpets look fabulous, Thank you, Maria Adams
Carl M
Evening Maria You've just made my night!! It's always great to hear a couple of positives! Firstly and most importantly your holiday, and then the chair! There's always an improvement when it dries out fully so I'm very pleased it has worked. Thank ... [ more ]

Repair to Metal Bed Leg & Wooden Bed Slat - Urgent!

K W in Stockwell
Hello, I need a small repair done to straighten up a bent metal bed leg (on a wooden bed frame) and repair a crack to one wooden bed slat. Can anyone recommend a good local tradesman who could carry out this repair asap, at a reasonable cost? The ... [ more ]

2 types of printer cartridges free

Heather in Streatham Hill
Due to our two printers dying recently we have some printer ink cartridges (Epson & Canon) we cannot use. They are: IJ-520/521 Slim for use with these Canon Pixma printers MP540/550/560/620/630/640/980/990/MX860/MX870: Pixma ... [ more ]

How to dry carpet?

Jelena Z in Clapham
Hello. Can anybody suggest how to dry carpet. After water leack all carpet is wet is there chance it will dry out. Crpet is new - 2 month.
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Jelena Z
Thank you very much. I do have Henry however but it for dust not water. I still can use it or it should be special water hover?

I need a tall cupboard/ wardrobe/ shelving unit

Iona K in Clapham
Does anyone have a storage unit that can help me contain the mass of clothes that are exploding out of my teenage sons bedroom?!!
Mariusz C
Mc London Builders Ltd Contact with Mario we are doing wardrobes MdF painted If You need references from Battersea area please let me know.