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Jean G in Ipswich Town Centre
can anyone recommend a reliable trustworthy garage  to do an m.o.t and service ?preferably on a bus route so I can get back home or at least into town whilst it is being repaired . thanking you in advance!
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John C
Try CVS in Duke St, they work on the basis if it works why replace it, on 6/6a Bus Route £1 fare to centre if you dont want the waterfront walk!
Thomas L
The best and most honest I have come across is  United Vehicle Services Limited. They are in 14-28 Unity Street Motors on the way to the Brewery Tap. Post code is IP3 0AP. Tel 01473 806121. They have never let me down - have all the necessary kit - they ... [ more ]

bungalows to rent

Jean G in Ipswich Town Centre
hi streetlifers I have a friend who has just two weeks to get out of the house he is renting as the owner wants to sell up . he would desperately like a bungalow as he has a few probs getting up stairs . the place must have animals allowed as he has two ... [ more ]
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Jean G
hi angela i'm sorry I tried 3 tims to private message you but it wouldn't send it but as above please send me details many thanks jean

seen a ginger and white cat in the Royals area. appears very thin and was meowing. Has anyone lost one.

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Veronica B
But he is suffering. They have 3 cats. The owners are at work all day. The cats are shut out in all weathers and have no means to get indoors ie. no cat flap. The cats constantly sit at my back door and rush in whenever we open the door. Most nights they ... [ more ]
Jean G
ahh poor little thing I would hate to see suffering like that perhaps the owners should reconsider keeping an animal if they are out all day like that !

Fohall stadium car boot

Jim J in Castle Hill
The car boot starts Sunday the 27th March and is on the 28th Bank holiday Monday according to the stadium management, i have been told there will be no car boot on the( suffolk showground ) trinity park this year .Don't forget to put your clocks ... [ more ]
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Jan D
Sorry Heather, I only went a couple of times last year, I can't remember! I like the ones at Dan's Meadow, Martlesham - monthly starting in April. Late risers, not silly o'clock like most of the others!

Chantry Library

Steve W in Chantry
Hi, Several months ago I posted about my wife arriving at the library to return some books 10 minutes before closing time to find them already closing up. Unbelievably it happened to her again on Friday. Our books were due back and she arrived at 4.55, ... [ more ]
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Paul B
Everyone wants to get home as soon as they can. However its just a sign of our times that Clock watching is general. I worked in shops some years ago - we would put up the Closed sign on time but never hurried any customers already in the shop, and many ... [ more ]
Peter M
It's more a case of corporations crushing the family run shops of old.   If you work for a big corporation, I would say when it's time to leave, you leave.

Ipswich Traffic Light Scheme

Brian B in Gainsborough
Why are our local MP's not creating an outcry over the fiasco traffic light scheme in Ipswich. I believe the cost was in the region of 20 million pounds and is now looking like being three years overdue. How many potholes would that have filled?! In ... [ more ]
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Story Time Special at Chantry Library

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn drive, Ipswich
Cathy G in Copdock
Story time special aimed at children under eight to celebrate World Book Day. Stories at 1.00pm, 2.30 and 4.00 with games and refreshments between each session

Brickie needed.

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Gill S
Spec building services 07795102372 very reliable reasonable prices 20 years experience

Chantry High School Building Site

NatureGal in Belstead
I just wondered if any other residents were as fed up with the construction noise as I am? The works are now way over the estimated completion of Summer 2015. I am not even that near the School but it is bad enough at times here. I contacted the ... [ more ]
Citizen of Ipswich
There's usually a contractor's board outside, if so give them a call and make complaint. If not contact your local councillors and see what they can do. I have to say I was very surprised just how much of the old school has been demolished when I drove ... [ more ]
As far as I know at the moment the demolition and re build of the actual school building is complete. It's all the periphery work on site which hasn't got an end date and with new projects apparently planned. I did hear a rumour things were knocked down ... [ more ]


Steve R in Mace Green
Does anyone do catering I am looking for a price for 100 people to attend a a 60th birthday party

Royal Memorabilia wanted for a local Suffolk charity to celebrate the queens 90th birthday at evants.

Garry S in Chantry
Hello, a local Rural Charity The Rural Coffee Caravan is looking for people to donate any royal memorabilia relating to the queen that they have and don't want, for exhibiting at fun royal cream teas that they will be ... [ more ]
Garry S
Thankyou Roger, yes i can pick up we need them for lots of events in April-July could you lend it to us for that long? I am in eye today so could pick up if convenient around 11.30

The Waterfront Again.

Kuhli in Pinewood
I've just read via The Ipswich Star that new signs for Ipswich are in the pipeline, guess what? Welcome to Ipswich ... East Anglia's Waterfront Town Is that what we are to be known as now?
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Roger A
Thomas L said: "the Waterfront/docks are actually no longer docks where the title applies - the docks are further along - so why not call the area the Waterfront with the yacht marina etc - its an accurate description." Oh yes! Anglo Norden will really ... [ more ]

one bed flat looking to rent on dwp

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garden shed to donate

Joan L in Chantry
6 x 4ft garden shed needs attention. Needs new felt and minor repairs to give away. Must dismantle and take away ASAP please.

wanted metal bins

Ken L in Ipswich Town Centre
wanted metal bins medium size perhaps with lids aroun 4 needed for waste bins anthing cosidered thank you

Grand book sale

to (ended)
Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive
Cathy G in Copdock
Grand book sale- many bargains- all books 20p or 6 for £1- mixture of ex-library and donations to help Friends of Chantry Library

Take the first step in overcoming the fear of speaking in public

Keith D in Chantry
Ipswich Speakers Club is running a workshop to help overcome these nerves and fears we all experience. All welcome, no obligation to speak. Work at your own pace in a friendly and supportive environment. Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 7:30 PM at the ... [ more ]

Help needed please Ravenswood area

Pat H in Blacksmith's Corner
I am looking for a window cleaner and an indoor cleaning person for a disabled couple living in Ravenswood. Please let me know if you can recommend either people. Thanks
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Giles W
Hi. Please PM me if you still require a window cleaner. I have an extensive round in the area. No problem if you are already sorted.

Minecraft group

to , (ended)
Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive
Cathy G in Copdock
First Minecraft session in library - aimed primarily at 8-13 year olds - bring your own devices or use ours
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Recommendation for cattery please.

Brian H in Stoke Park
Hi, can anybody recommend a cattery, preferably not too far from central Ipswich, for our timid rescue cat to be boarded for a few days?
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David G
Acorn cattery at Copdock is fantastic. The owners are a bit eccentric but the care the cats get is second to none. The cattery has outside runs so the cats get to sit out on their shelfs watching the wildlife. Fantastic rural position cant recommend ... [ more ]
Shaun N
We always use Woodside for our two  Lovely place and great environment and lovely people who run it.  They were more than happy for us to come and have a look around when we inquired.  Our cats seem to be very ... [ more ]


Michael R in Chantry
I assume that many of you will have seen the mess around the shops on Pinewood,opposite Sprites school.The hedgerows are full of empty wine bottles,cans and other rubbish.The recycling area looks like fly tip site.Who can be contacted to remedy this ... [ more ]
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Anita S
And just to add to all the usual rubbish,our road is getting the Subway cups and wrappers to add to it,which by the way IBC,are not getting litter-picked properly lately.
Alex G
I did notice that there has been some more trash blowing about recently, and it seems to have tied in with the trash collection. Some months ago, I came home and saw identifiable paper that I had thrown out that morning with my recycling waste. Is it ... [ more ]


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Lost please help cat

Marie sophie F in Chantry
My cat is 7 and much loved I am blind so don't know where to look or post this please look in your sheds thank you
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Marie sophie F
Thank you so much for everyone's help he now has a new safer collar and is not interested in going out at the moment getting lots of rest x

Missing Cat

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Roger A
Has the Evening Star reported it yet, or will it be confined to the Leeds newspaper?

decorator wanted

George W in Maidenhall
Can anyone know a reliable painter/decorater to help me finish decorating my living room  I need one wall papered, and the ceiling and 3 walls painted I live in Chantry area Thanks
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Yvonne B
I have been using a painter called Dave for several years never had a problem although he does get very busy so you may have to wait a bit his number is 07766774420 if that helps