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Dying Towns

Buzz R in Castle Hill
People on Streetlife often denigrate Ipswich or areas of Ipswich for being run-down, with boarded-up shops, and so on. I am currently reading 'Thunderbolt Kid', a Bill Bryson account of his childhood in Iowa, and came across this passage: "...most ... [ more ]
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Jim D
Kuhli, I've got quite a lot to do. With the whole “internet of things” taking off I see a lot of work coming down the line. That's what I meant when I was talking about it being very hard to recruit. There's a lot of highly-paid work coming: for those ... [ more ]

St. Johns Scout Hut and Asbestos Roofing

Buzz R in Castle Hill
Hello. Does anyone know the situation regarding the asbestos roofing at the St. John's Scout/Cub hut in Britannia Road? My grandson is attending as a cub but there are signs saying "Danger" and referring to the fact that the roof is made of asbestos. ... [ more ]
Reg S
Sir I was under the impression that asbestos is safe as long as it not disturbed been around the damage stuff for many year's I am only 84
Buzz R
Reg S Thanks. Yes, I agree. I told my daughter, who is somewhat paranoid about asbestos, that it was bonded in cement and therefore "as safe as houses", so to speak and assured her that we, her parents, lived through the rigours of asbestos and ... [ more ]


James in Castle Hill
I went to B&Q Saturday afternoon they are either getting ready to shut the doors or doing some refurbishment just about all the kitchen displays have been sold some of the shelves are almost bear
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Toby P.
That settles that little problem. B & Q stays open and Home Base has been taken over. Can we move on now?.


Lou P in Belstead
Can anyone please provide a removal service on either Monday 3 October or Wednesday 5 October to move the contents of a 3 bed house in Holland on Sea to Ipswich? Not tons of boxes, mostly a couple of sofas, beds and bikes/golf clubs but would ... [ more ]
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Town centre shops

Andy A in Ipswich Town Centre
Does anyone know of any shops in the town centre that sell interesting gifts and things like vintage style stationery. There used to be a really good shop behind the bank on Cornhill that sold a large variety of really nice and unusual gifts.
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Linda E
The Tourist Information Centre in St Stephen's Church have lots of nice gift ideas; mugs, prints, books, jewellery etc as well as cards.

asda supermarket

Jean G in Ipswich Town Centre
hi streetlifers does anyone know what they are going to do at asda stoke park ? as today when I went down there they had blocked some of the carpark of and put loades of portacabins there . I thought that the petrol station that they wanted to build ... [ more ]
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Shall not be using Asda until works are finished,parking already can be tight there let alone losing all those parking places , be it temporary.
Simon B
Every time I have been to Asda, either in the car or on foot, never had an issue with parking in the 7 years that the store has been open.

Two Rivers Medical Centre Cont.

Ben Gummer in Ipswich Town Centre
I wanted to update you on what I have done since concerns were raised on Streetlife earlier in the summer. I have had a number of discussions with the practice GPs and manager, as well as a conversation with the local GP federation. In short, there ... [ more ]
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Pauline D
Martin O - I also have never had a problem with my surgery (Barrack Lane and Stoke Park Medical Centre)   The receptionists at both surgeries are always polite, helpful and very understanding.   They always try to fit me in with an appointment to suit ... [ more ]

Ipswich Waterfront

DC in Stoke
Imagine if our Council and associated organisations promoting Ipswich actually had a vision and truly believed in turning the axis of the town centre we could have ended up with something like this  Maybe then ... [ more ]
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Joanna A
People would just complain if the council bought the Odeon, just as they would if they bought town centre shop sites. Look at the ridiculous road system, SCC had a plan, it has failed spectacularly, councils don't acknowledge the problem, local print ... [ more ]
Ipswich Entrepreneur
The problem with Ipswich is the "elite" few are bums on seats all over the board. They take up posts in political decision making all the way down to non-profit organisations. You know, just to add to the portfolio.... A new evil that has appeared in ... [ more ]

Poorly bird

Anita in Stoke Park
I live on the edge of Bourne park, found a small bird in my garden . I've been told it an American White Bob Quail . Does any body know of anyone that keeps them nearby ?
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Wanted scrap metal or old wire/cable please

Andy P in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi I'm looking for scrap metal old wire or car or leisure batteries in the Ipswich area please? I can collect in my car, I can cut bigger items down and some times have access to a friends van, I appreciate any offers and pleased to help make some ... [ more ]
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Chair repair

Janice W in Ipswich Town Centre
My beech carver needs a new arm.  Can anyone recommend a joiner/carpenter with such experience, please?

Coffee morning

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Belstead allotments
Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi all you walkers and dog walkers, we are having a coffee morning in aid if Somersham ward the cancer unit support group at Ipswich hospital. There will be cakes, jams, chutney a book sale, also a tombola. If anyone is interested in taking a plot or ... [ more ]

Former Barnes store Upper Orwell Street

DC in Stoke
I cannot find the original conversation for the life of me but I remember reading that the Barnes store which has stood empty in Upper Orwell Street is being scheduled for demolition. At the time someone raised that this was very strange that it had ... [ more ]
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Richard G
Look at ipswich vision document to see what is planned for that area.
Iain C
Richard that was the ham fisted document I was referring to. It would appear that the redeveloped buttermarket has take the leisure aspect with restaurants and bars etc. So be interesting what they do. The main issue with this area is the land ... [ more ]

Garden fence

Jenny A in Ipswich Town Centre
We are looking for a reliable and efficient fencer to replace the slatted fence at the end of our garden. Can anyone recommend please?
Joan L
Boxted fencing. 01206 272797 they fabricate panels so are more competitively priced. They use their own people. We have used them many times and have never been unhappy.

Foxhall stadium car boot

James in Castle Hill
The car boot is going to run into October (subject to the weather being ok ) now and not finish on the 25th September as originally planned

Poundland Carr Street Ipswich

DC in Stoke
The front of the store next to Argos (ex- QD store) is now festooned with posters announcing the closure of the store on Wednesday 21st September obviously 3 Poundlands was too many for the town to support. It does sadly mean that there is now a big ... [ more ]
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Tommy S
same old Ipswich story half finished buildings around the docks and now another empty building the coop ,7 screen cinema  high car park charges what will be next ?
I expected one of them to close, but thought it would be the old Woolies. The one closing is much nicer than that one!

Bus route

John W in Westbourne
With reference to the bus route 14, I’m very sad to note that the Saturday time table has been reduced to 3 buses per day. This means that should I need to go into town after 2pm for whatever reason I will have to get a cab or struggle up the hill to ... [ more ]
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Spotty Dog
@SF, yes of course his post gets "seen by others" wherever he posts it but is less likely to gain sympathisers and supporters for his cause. Perhaps I should have added that it would be better for John W to change the area in his profile to the area ... [ more ]

Foxhall Stadium boot sale

James in Castle Hill
It has been confirmed that Foxhall stadium car boot sale which runs on a sunday is to run through October (weather allowing) and will not finish next Sunday the 25th September as originally planned,thanks to that I won't be doing tasks at home on a ... [ more ]

Autumn Colours Health Walk

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich, IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
Chantry Library is hosting another health walk, and this time it is to Belstead Brook Park, as advertised in the 'Stepping Out in Suffolk' brochure. This is a 90 minute walk. Appreciate the changing colours autumn will bring, and then return to the ... [ more ]

Author talk with Cara Ellison

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich, IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
Computer games critic Cara Ellison spent a year living with and writing about games developers around the world. She will be discussing the experience and her book on gaming 'Embed with Games’. Tickets to attend are £6 and can be bought in the ... [ more ]

Where are our police after 6pm

Kathleen E in Rose Hill
I live just off Belstead Road in IP2 area of town. We are now having to put up with revving noisy speeding racing motorbikes & scooters in the Stoke Park area and along footpaths from Belstead Road to Downing Close, where are the police to prevent ... [ more ]
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Kathleen E
I do hope to be attending the SWAC meeting at St Peters Church this coming Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. I will be interested to see if this question regarding lack of police on our streets after 6pm is tackled!

Another New Beginners Tai Chi Class!

Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
It's a busy time for Suffolk Tai Chi Academy.   A new Beginners Class starts in Ipswich. Tuesday13th September 2016, 2:00-3:30pm. Location the Dove St Inn on Grimwade St and Dove St. IP4 2LA. £2.00 per class. Your instructor will be our newest ... [ more ]
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Eddie M
Sammi M  I believe that parking is available if you go down Grimwade St, then down the second turning on the right into the College. Otherwise try a bus if you have the time. Good luck, look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Eddie
Sammi M
Thank you for getting back to me  Eddie M .  I'm sorry to say that I was unable to make the class this week.  Let's hope next week holds out better for me.

Children's toys

Jenny A in Pinewood
We have a lot of really good quality toys, games and books ,outgrown by my grandsons. Sure Start is unwilling to take them. Has anyone any suggestions as to how I can get these things to children who would really benefit?
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Jean G
give them to a charity shop ,I work at cat protection on bramford lane ,and we very are always grateful for good quality toys to sell .  I have bought most of my toys from the shop for my grandchildren to play with when they come and are really good ... [ more ]

Waste Site Extended Hours

Keith D in Chantry
Now that we're into Autumn, officially anyway, the extended hours at the local site and I guess all of them no longer apply. That is six hours less opening. Local site was as busy as ever today. So I guess we can look forward to it re-opening on ... [ more ]

Kindle fire

Leavenheath in Wherstead
Anyone able to recomend where I can get my Kindle fixed. Didn't charge last night, already getting withdrawal symptoms!
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Thank you everyone, The hard reset worked Richard G, should have thought of that, done it before. To many things on my mind is my excuse!