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O J M in Ipswich Town Centre
I seem to have lost the connection from my TV to my Virgin box.  I have pressed buttons and moved cables as instructed by Virgin but just get the message 'powering up, please wait'.  I have moved so many cables now I feel qute dizzy.  They suggest it may ... [ more ]
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Old batteries or cable please?

Andy P in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, Has anyone got any old Car/Van or Truck or leisure batteries sitting around which they don't want, I could do with a few and would be willing to collect from the local area? Ideally they can still hold a bit of charge, but not essential as I dont ... [ more ]
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Andrew T
solar/ wind power ??no, but I don't quite understand your question? good luck with the welding, I reckon if it did work you would need batteries in really good condition and really really high amperage cable.
Andy P
I built myself a workshop over the last two years in my Garden, got some of my grandads old tools, I like to experiment and fiddle with things, last year I made a big electro magnet, for no reason other than see if it worked, cleared out over winter, now ... [ more ]


Jean G in Ipswich Town Centre
thank  you to everybody who replied to my comment about a b.t scam I was receiving i've ignored it as I wasn't happy about it but it's nice to have other peoples opinions on the matter I can rest now that I did the right thing .
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Jean G
yes Hayley I was very happy with what people wrote as I said its nice to know other peoples opinions that I did the right thing !!

Foxhall stadium

James in Castle Hill
I was at foxhall stadium car boot sale sunday people complain about litter that is left from events on the area, i am complaining about the land mines (dogs poo) that are ignored by the dogs owners ,and for those that make the effort to bag it and the ... [ more ]
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John j
James and Alan h as much as I totally disagree with what you say glad Alan that you will carry on posting as your comments have made a lot of other people take part and that's what this sort of site needs input for all walks of life and if you've made ... [ more ]
P Heather
Steve I agree with you entirely those thoughtless / lazy dog owners should be fined I believe that owners can be asked to remove mess if seen, I once requested this and although the young woman initially denied it, When I informed her I would report her, ... [ more ]

New Regular Qigong Classes from 31 May

Qigonguk in Qigonguk
Join us for our set of friendly and relaxing Qigong classes starting 31 May 2016 in Ipswich. Discover the health improvement and self-development system from the heart of ancient traditions. Learn how to: increase your energy levels and open energy ... [ more ]
Just a few days left before the fresh start of our regular sessions. Join us to discover how qigong can help you gain your inner strength, improve health and grow spiritually. Everybody is welcome!
A quick reminder that our sessions will restart from tomorrow 31 May 7pm at Castle Hill Centre. Please wear comfortable soft cotton clothing, and make sure you are warm enough during the class. Socks are recommended for feet. Looking forward to seeing ... [ more ]

Chantry Walled Garden Plant Sale

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Chantry Walled Garden - Chantry Park
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Join us at Chantry Walled Garden (Chantry Park) for our plant  sale with a huge array of fantastic perennials and shrubs. All shrubs and perennials will be priced at only £5/ plant! Come and make your garden or green space bloom for summer! All ... [ more ]

Major's Corner and Mulberry Tree, Ipswich roadworks

OnTwoWheels in Westerfield
I've just seen via the Ipswich Star website that this work is to commence this week. When the plans were originally published on the Travel Ipswich site I raised serious safety concerns about the design of the merge into Woodbridge Road coming from St ... [ more ]
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Angela W in Greenwich
I can't help thinking the anglers I see in Chantry Park and other parts of Ipswich have a disproportionately negative affect. They ride their motorbikes to the lake where they camp out for days, they leave a huge amount of rubbish both in and outside of ... [ more ]
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Angela W
Nick G. I also clear up a lot of cans and litter myself, just goes to show how much there is. The ones causing the most problems have expensive motorbikes and camping equipment,
Nick G
Camping equipment is almost part of the fishing life, and it doesn't have to be expensive, a basic tent costs around £50😉 I actually used to fish the lake regularly, but the anti social behaviour from some people, not just anglers, but dog walkers as ... [ more ]

Lloyds Bank Cornhill Closing?

Buzz R in Castle Hill
Hello folks. Does anyone know what's happening with the Lloyds Bank on the Cornhill? Allsop estate agents have a brochure offering the premises for sale.  I can't imagine this will please many Lloyds Bank customers and hopefully won't end up as a ghost ... [ more ]
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Sylvia M
I thought the old PO/ Lloyds closed a while ago....main branch opposite is still up & running. My son works there & no mentions of it closing so far.
The smaller branch (Lloyds Cornhill South) which I believe was previously a TSB has reduced opening hours which are Wednesdays only. This is officially 10am-2pm although sometimes it might open around 11am. If you need to go into the bank on a Wednesday, ... [ more ]

Latitude Festival ~ Do you have an unwated ticket for Fri 15 Jul?

Roger A in Ipswich Town Centre
An expensive outing when one simply wants to hear one musician. Thanks for considering request.

low humming noise

Natalie R in Maidenhall
Can anyone else hear a low humming noise ? There were lots of comments on this site 10 months ago, with several people suggesting it was the cement works. We are in IP2, the noise woke my partner up last night and he can still hear it this morning, he ... [ more ]
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Droning noise back again all of yesterday and last night until approx 6am this morning. It is now becoming noticeable how it regularly seems to happen at weekends. I wonder how this corresponds with the arrival of the Southern cement company ship at ... [ more ]

Metalworker wanted

Irene G in Wherstead
Can anyone recommend anyone who could make me a metal fence with a metal gate adjoining. Would like it about 6ft tall .
Tim F
Hi Irene....yes I can help...Haven't been welding long but sure it can't be that hard. I've even put a new blades in my hacksaw. Will pop over ok


Tony O in Copdock
Hi.Can anyone recommend  a recycle place or group that will take in left over paint. many thanks Tony O
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Nikki B
Tony - I think soil does just as well.  We put a little soil in ours and left them to dry out.  But dependant on how much is left in the can, just leaving the lid off will dry them out in no time once the sun comes out. I was told by Foxhall tip to leave ... [ more ]


St Peters by the waterfront
Carol W in Belstead
providing children and young people with workshops to develop their creative skills through songwriting. book now or telephone 01449-761930 for more information.

christchurch car boot

Euro 2016 Panini Sticker Swap

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich, IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
Chantry Library is hosting a Euro 2016 Panini Sticker Swap event! Simply bring along your spare stickers, swap them and stick them! Get the stickers you need! This event is open to all and runs from 09:30am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm.
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camera lost on Chantry park is this you

mph in Castle Hill

Norwich Road Parking Enforcement

Jeremy C in Castle Hill
Any one else noticed that in past few weeks the IBC Parking Officers have been ticketing illegally parked cars outside shops on Norwich Road.
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Steve S: excellent idea. I doubt very much whether it would take a few months to resolve the problem. A week at the most. Word would soon get round that there are consequences if regulations are ignored.

Dog groomers

Andy G in Stoke Park
Hi can anyone recommend a good dog groomer in the area,I recently bought myself my a little friend and he needs his first trim !
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Patricia D
I recently asked for grooming recommendations, the results of which may still be on Streetlife. Four Paws in Foxhall Road was suggested by a number of members and I took my cockapoo there last week. They do a bath and brush and very light trim for a ... [ more ]


Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
Has anyone noticed the huge amount of rubbish laying around the shops at Stoke park ? Not sure why this is not cleared up as have seen people picking litter in the area.
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Suffolk County Council
Hi Chrissie, Not us this time, again IBC would be able to help you on that one. Details can be found on the Ipswich Borough Council Website  Many thanks- Lisa


Keith H in Castle Hill
Well so much for the 60 mile speed limit to stop accidents on Orwell Bridge  Mr Gummer.This is only the second week and a lorry and car crashed on the bridge causing congestion once again. this morning in rush hour
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Not to go off the OP, but I disagree that the A12 is calmer I'm afraid.  I have seen the same accidents happen after the speed camera installation as before they were switched on, these being as a result of the short slip roads and that not all cars have ... [ more ]
Steve W
The OP is misguided I think. Firstly, the new limit was never guaranteed to stop accidents. Secondly, the lorry that crashed is limited to 60mph on a dual a carriageway anyway. I drive over 20,000 miles a year and can say without reservation that speed ... [ more ]

Shout out a Shakespeare Sonnet (or listen to them!)

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Chantry Library, Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QY
Chantry Library in Chantry
Help celebrate Shakespeare's 400th birthday by reading out your favourite sonnet to a captive audience. If you would like a time slot please contact the library and let them know what sonnet you want to read or recite (telephone 01473 260880)


Ryano in Gainsborough
Hi Streetlifers, My wife and I are looking at buying a house in the new development in Ravenswood and I was looking for any information good or bad about the area before we take the purchase any further. There doesn't seem to be much online and I would ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Beer Festival

Jeremy C in Castle Hill
Does anyone know when or if the beer festival is taking place in Ipswich this year?
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NHS Dentist

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Ted M
My wife was misled by Elm St charging for work she was led to believe was free on NHS. If so many people warn about Elm St and so few are satisfied you should all beware !!