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Abbi L to Chantry and 9 more areas

Doggie meet up/walk

Hello, I'm new to the website. I have a very social 7 month old puppy. I have been looking for a dog meet up/walk in Ipswich, unsuccessfully. I have a car so area isn't a problem. Wondered if dog owners would be interested in setting a meet up, say ... more »
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Sara P
We have a very friendly 7 month Cockapoo who would love to have other friendly doggies to walk with. We work so walk him evenings and weekends, so would love to hear if you arrange anything :-)
Abbi L
Anyone else interested in joining us?? Guys let me know days/times you can do. Feel free to email me Thanks
Margaret F to Stoke Park and 9 more areas

Missing Cat called Tink

Please can everyone around the Fritton Close/ Neath Drive  area please look out for a pale Ginger Cat called Tink Missing since Saturday the 12th April  please check sheds and garages please contact lee or Sharn on 07432406422 the are really upset.
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Margaret F
Thanks to those of you looking out for Tink he is still missing although people have said he been sighted over Chatsworth Close both lee and Sharn are out each day looking but nothing so far. Thanks Jean L for going that bit extra for Tink
Margaret F
Anyone around Castle Hill Community Centre tomorrow Wots up are holding a Easter Coffee Morning with Raffle and Tombola so pop if you are in the area. Mags
Claire L to Chantry and 9 more areas

Information on medical data

If you are as concerned as I am about your medical data, then now is the time to see your GP ( an extract from weblink as shown) All and any medical data held in your local Ipswich Drs office will be used by non medical departments and unless you opt ... more »
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Jean L
Claire L , thank you for bringing this to my attention, I had not a clue about it. I am going to opt out, as I have no doubt that whatever this is all about, it will be the normal sham that it is when involving large organisations such as the NHS or ... more »
Claire L
Jean L  you make some valid points concerning all things that come under that much used  throwaway excuse as you quoted "we will learn from these mistakes" and also their never ending attempts to make it sound like its the fault of anyone else but ... more »
Pat H to Stoke Park and 9 more areas


I am in the IP2 area and in need of a local plumber. Anyone know any good people who do not charge the earth for a simply job please? We have some bath taps that need a washer of similar but cannot find how to get into them so only a small job I am ... more »
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Catherine E
try glc plumbing good cheap and reliable 07415768404 i have used them my self lovely person 
Pat H
Thanks for all your help with regards to a Plumber.WE have a nice man coming to sort us out tonight. Good site for getting really knowledgeable and low priced workmen
Sara W to Chantry and 9 more areas

The Dame Vera Lynn Trust 40/80 Cycle Ride & music event 8th June 2014

We have a charity cycle ride and music event on Sunday 8th June 2014 which we would love people to take part in:- Challenge yourself this year by taking part in our cycle ride on Sunday 8th June.  There is a 40 mile route and 80 mile route at the event ... more »

Ipswich YM Rugby Club, Rushmere, Ipswich

Jun 08
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Jo G
Sounds a lovely idea for everyone to enjoy and it's really local for me, we will be there and I hope some of the men at least will do the bike ride. Hope you get lots of support.
PinkSky C to Ipswich and 9 more areas

Cycle Training for Women

Only three more places left on the course starting in Ravenswood on 29th April.  We provide bikes and equipment.  Learn to ride a bike or increase your confidence.   To find out more visit
I'm with Pink Sky Cycling
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PinkSky C
Thanks Tony, will do that. Sue
I'm with Pink Sky Cycling
PinkSky C
I have dropped off the fliers.  Thank you. Sue
I'm with Pink Sky Cycling
SMM to Chantry and 7 more areas


I've just seen an advert for a new TV programme which will give someone the chance to have their dog cloned. Do you think this is right?
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Kevin F
I agree with SMM totally. Not a good thing at all.
John G
Apparently there is a South Korean firm that will do it for £60,000. Watch tonight programme (Wed April 9th) at 10pm on Channel 4.
Jean G to Stoke Park and 5 more areas

white house community centre

hi streetlifers does anyone go to the whitehose community centre on a saturday evening ? and can let me know whats on up there for the next few weeks. .. I have been up there several times and had a programme last year but havn.t been this year yet but ... more »
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Jean G
thank you roy s I will certainly go along on one of those days I think it will be 26th as we have another  gig to go to on the 12th ,I went up there several times last year and its a nice club , will see if I can arrange with my friend to join us so  ... more »
S here
I am informed the club close this month why not join the Rosary club 170 Bramford rd
Garry S to Maidenhall and 5 more areas

Free topsoil, a whole skip's worth, on my drive come and help yourself

I have filled a skip with good quality topsoil it is on my drive 6 halifax road, Ipswich Come and take as much as you want if you need any, it has a drop down door for easy wheelbarrow loading too
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Kim H
Also thanks to NatureGal. Im late 50's and lumping around big bags of compost is becoming quite a chore (although I do think Im still quite fit and adore my garden!). The tip about Milk& More is very helpful - I will have a look at their site. Many ... more »
Garry S
Hello Kim, still a full skip on the drive for another week
Claire L to Chantry and 9 more areas

Free pink bus service in Ipswich

Can anyone tell me where on earth the Vodka revolution is  in Ipswich, where this free bus to the waterfront will be running from every 10 minutes!
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This bus is known as Service X and it started today on the 5th of April.  It will stop opposite the Old Cattle Market, Tacket Street, Foundation Street, Dance East on Foundry Lane, St. Peters Street and back to opposite the Old Cattle Market.
Toby P.
Thank you for that information GeneralSoulfly. That's a lot more than the STAR provided, other than telling us it departed from some Gin Palace.
Gary Jarvis to Stoke Park and 9 more areas

Parkrun Christchurch Park

Do you run or jog to keep fit? Do it on your own and fancy going to an organised/timed event every Saturday morning. Why not come down on Saturday morning at Christchurch Park and join us.  It's 5k and open to all ages and physical abilities. All you ... more »
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Gary Jarvis
The pensioner in his 80's, you must be talking about James.
Dave L
That's the guy - what a great chap. I once ran with James as Tail End Charlie and jokingly asked "So where are your mates today James?". His reply: "Well they only run three days a week and I like to get out for four" :D
John to Ipswich and 9 more areas

Going to a football match at Portman Rd.

Since moving to the town centre we have been discussing going to Portman Rd. to see a match, as we only live a few minutes walk away. Trouble is, not sure of the best way to buy tickets, where to buy tickets, best seats, where to sit etc etc. What seems ... more »
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Frank B
I buy my tickets online at, very easy and you can print them out to present at turnstile.Can leave it quite late if last minute decision. Co-op stand, towards one end rather than middle good compromise ... more »
Thanks Frank, very helpful, will give it a go soon.
Janet C to Stoke Park and 4 more areas

thyphoid vaccine

is anyone else having trouble getting thyphoid vaccine our surgery not got any but my daughters boyfriends surgery said you don't need it for mexico but hers said she does
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Janet C
Thank you, i have now heard unless there is an epedemic of thyphoid it isnt needed for mexico, and yet different surgeries say different things, and if you do need it you have to pay at a travel clinic if your surgery has none,  strange how they have it, ... more »
The capsules you are able to get NHS prescription and the travel clinic most probably have them as they have a standing order with the company they were back in stick for a short time a few weeks ago but now they haven't got any again . I would recommend ... more »