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Landseer Park Dogs

Simon D in Maidenhall
Please be aware of two black labs and a Jack russel owned by a blonde lady. They just attacked my small dog. Left him with bleeding scratches and a dew claw ripped off. She said it was my fault because my dog was on a lead and it scared hers. The ... [ more ]
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Nick G
As someone who was brought up with dogs, various breeds over time, I was as a child bitten by a German Shepherd, my fault, I was playing and teasing him, note that, my fault. I learnt very quickly that you can't tease a dog. Even though his bite was ... [ more ]
Steve S
I have watched this topic degenerate from a polite warning to a witch hunt..the knee jerk reaction has exscuse the pun , kicked in ...muzzle dogs , ban dogs, keep them on a lead ... ok Ban cars , they kill and injure , ban cigarettes the kill and maim ... [ more ]

Asda trolley's

Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
$ Asda trolley’s all parked together in Stoke park drive, it is the same chap that takes them isn't there any cctv or security to stop this ?
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John W
ASDA are not interested. As I went into the store one day I reported directly to the security guy who sits just inside the door that someone had just left with a trolley wheeling it down Stoke Park Drive. He just grunted OK, and 10 minutes later I saw ... [ more ]
Richard G
It happens with all supermarket trolleys ! You don't have to put a £1 coin in either to get a trolley , just one of those trolley tokens.

Sushi to go

Ipswich Entrepreneur in Chantry
I hear that a new restaurant (and takeaway) is to open in Fore St selling sushi. Something I feel was long overdue in Ipswich, plenty of Chinese, Indian and Asian fusion...  Does anyone know any further information about it? I stumbled across a ... [ more ]

Demolition work

Mark O in Priory Heath
Hi all do anyone know why demolition have come to a halt on Felixstowe road opposite the co op As I know that there's gonna be some new buildings there but just wandering why everything has come to a halt.
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Sheila O in Priory Heath
Hello street lifers i wondered if ther is anybody who is able to look at my printer for me as soon as we put new inkjets in it refuses to print the mechanics seem to be working all right and the ink jets are the same as i put in last time but it will ... [ more ]

Lost Black Cat

Lesley S in Stoke Park
Has anyone seen Sammy in the Berners Street/St George's Street area?  He's all black, not very bright, but very affectionate in a "formulaic" way when hungry.  By that I mean he doesn't actually love you, but he's heard that if he rubs round you a lot ... [ more ]
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Sally H
My friend has lost her little black cat. Went missing sat 13th august, from chatsworth close stoke park. Desperate to find her.
Lisa L
This cat isn't very little ....but have a look at the photo to check. Think I've see your friend's posters. .... hope she finds her soon.

Ipswich Emotional Overeating Support Group

to , (ended)
Suffolk Mind, 46-48 Westgate Street, IP1 3ED
Fiona E in Ipswich Town Centre
We welcome new and returning adults to our peer support group on Wednesday 24th August. Out next meeting after this date will be in three weeks on the 14th September (August being a five week month). Our flyer is attached. When you arrive at Suffolk ... [ more ]

Electric Bicycles

Robert R in White House
Can anyone recommend an electric bike or a shop which sells them. I've been to Halfords and was astonished that they don't stock them or seem to have any interest in them. I can find manufacturers and dealers on line of course but as the bikes cost ... [ more ]
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Sue B
I too have a powercycle from e bikes. I've had it for 4 years and it has never let me down. Reasonably priced too.
Lyn D
Halfords at euro park were really helpful. I bought mine from there last month in the sale for under £500, it's a fold up bike too. Nippy, attractive and lots of fun. Good luck

Carpet layer

Giuditta P in Ipswich Town Centre
Do you know of anyone who can lay small vinyl carpet in smallest room of flat? I cut it myself and cannot get rid of bumps have another piece to fit. Or maybe just start again? Thanks
Jean G
you could try steve dale of carpet concern he lives in furness close Ipswich sorry don't have phone number but he's in the phone book !

Recommendations for Solicitors in Ipswich

A. Local in Ipswich Town Centre
Has anyone had recent experience of any local solicitors? Family law in particular? Some ideas on fees for hourly appointments would also be helpful :)
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Another New Beginners Tai Chi Class!

Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
It's a busy time for Suffolk Tai Chi Academy.   A new Beginners Class starts in Ipswich. Tuesday13th September 2016, 2:00-3:30pm. Location the Dove St Inn on Grimwade St and Dove St. IP4 2LA. £2.00 per class. Your instructor will be our newest ... [ more ]
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Teresa P in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi Can anyone recommend a gym please. My friend and I really would like to join one but really needs to be a reasonable price. Would love peoples feedback.  Many Thanks.
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Richard G
If cost is an issue then you don't even need a gym , just walking instead of bus taxi or car has a great effect. Knowing what you want to achieve by joining a gym would help. Many women don't like gyms once they get in them , have you previous ... [ more ]
Teresa P
Richard G , I don`t drive, I walk, I am active. I want to tone up. Yes I have visited gyms. If I had experienced one by use then I would of not asked about them in the first place. And yes cost is a factor, I do not want to pay out a costly contract, ... [ more ]

Remember those days?

Angela B. - Marie Curie in Ipswich Town Centre
Host a dinner party for Marie Curie The recipe for a memorable night begins with a mix of good friends and family, followed by a sprinkling of stories, all served over a delicious meal.  ​Our Dinner Down Memory Lane campaign launches this week, ... [ more ]

Skoda Fabia 57 plate hub cap

Fold up bicycle

Joan L in Greenwich
I have an older fold up bike. Could do with some tidying up but has good tyres and brakes. Free to anyone who would like it.
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Christopher R in Broke Hall
I am looking for a five draw chest of draws and a matching bedside cabinet free or for sale also I am looking for a grass spiker inbox me or phone 07766948640 thankyou

Free wooden pallatts need gone

Ken L in Ipswich Town Centre
Quantity of wooden pallatts free to collector available from sharman caravans colchester road ,lpswich need gone.
Hi, I would like to have a couple off you if you still have them available? We can collect tomorrow or Sunday if that suits you. Many thanks Louise

Chimney Cowls

Teresa T in Castle Hill
Can anyone recommend someone who fits chimney cowls? I have had problems with birds falling down the chimney.
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Senior Citizens' Concert

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Copleston High School
Jo B in Ipswich Town Centre
A FREE event, presented by Ipswich East Rotary Club and Suffolk Age UK, featuring the Suffolk Over 50's Brass Band and Richard Whymark, East Anglia's funniest comedian and ventriloquist. Refreshments and Raffle. For FREE seats contact 01473 359911
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Jo B
Ideally for those of pensionable age ie 65 for males, 60 for women, or there abouts. If you're younger but need to accompany someone eg anyone with difficulty with mobility, sight, dementia etc then that would be perfectly acceptable.

Two rivers medical centre

Karen L in Ipswich Town Centre
I've had my Doctors appointment cancelled but not given a reason why, so I now have another appointment, also I'm told could be cancelled. So that's 6 weeks wait for an appointment. I had to go in to get an appointment as couldn't get thru on the ... [ more ]
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Barbara C
Chelle, I agree with you, people are very quick to criticise. My son had a problem, rang the surgery for advice at 11am, was given an appointment with a doctor at 4pm, an appointment made for him at the hospital two days later where he was in and out ... [ more ]
Ray L
Chelle, in an earlier post you said, "If you want to see a particular Dr routinely then book in advance and you won't have a problem, could it be the old lattice barn pts are not so confident as it appears the biggest change in staff familiarity has ... [ more ]

That HUM

Interested in Ipswich Town Centre
Just heard most of a fascinating programme with Steve Punt about the 'World Hum', that awful hum that some people hear, sometimes, but often at night. There are many theories about it ,ranging from the sound of fish calling to each other to high ... [ more ]
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Susan H
Grace A, I am not a farmer, but my house is completely surrounded by farm land.

Carpet cleaner

Jules in Stoke
Can anyone recommend someone that I could take a wool carpet runner to be cleaned. Don't want anyone coming to my house would rather deliver and collect.
Teresa W
Hi Jules , I can recommend Steve turner, he has shop at Garrick way ips ( castle hill area it called get fresh ) he does carpet an upholstery cleaning


Brian B in Gainsborough
Today in Ipswich we had Sky Ride with a few mindless idiots, in the minority I must add, who seemed to think Upper Brook St was a 100 mtr race track. Now let's have Car Ride! Turn of all of the traffic lights in Ipswich for a week and let's see what ... [ more ]
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Linda C
there was an idiot in a car who came to Duke Street which was closed off and there were enough signs to show him but he still tried to go through and was not allowed the police were there too so he had to turn the car around and go right back round ... [ more ]
Linda K
Sounds a great idea Martin C, but there are still people who attend church services in the town centre on a Sunday morning and require 'door to door' transport  because of age or disability. Perhaps an afternoon closure?

Looking for someone share cost of personal course of dancing

Yun Deng in Ipswich Town Centre
Good afternoon :-) Not sure how this site works, first post , hoping will receive some response..... My name is Mingming I recently joined in Ipswich school of dancing , which is located almost in town center, and iiam very interested on one to ... [ more ]
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Tee P
Hello Mingming, while I wish you luck in your search, please do be careful when meeting strangers and certainly when giving out your contact detalls and address. I'm not being negative and have no wish to worry you, but, meeting strangers in this way ... [ more ]
Yun Deng
Hey,thanks for the advice , I found a lovely experienced lady already to be my practice partner :-) , we played with each other, it's great :-)

Domestic Help

Sue F in Gainsborough
Last time I advertised our need for 2hrs weekly cleaning help in the house I found someone who has proved hard working and thorough, but for acceptable reasons is finishing soon. We are a senior couple just needing some extra help now. Ironing would ... [ more ]
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Katherine D
Hi there l have a few clients at the moment, and have an opening l live in the ip3 area of ipswich and like to do a good job! If interested contact me 07872123700 thankyou.