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Pump & Grind Gt. Colman Street

Johan in Ipswich Town Centre
The doors were fixed open , so while  waiting for the bus today I stepped inside to respectfully ask the Manager if he could provide an ash-bin for his customers who clearly go outside onto the pavement during the evening in order to smoke.  The pavement ... [ more ]

Ceefer Cat - please check your sheds

Poppy in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi.  My cat, Ceefer, has been gone from home since around midday today.  Whilst that may not seem long before I start to get concerned (!) he does usually make an appearance for his tea.  He is a big cat - toffee coloured ginger tom, with a very long ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Town Centre - Another White Elephant?

Paul C in Broke Hall
I've just been sent a survey about a proposed redevelopment of Ipswich Cornhill that involves building some weird tower or water feature on the Cornhill.  Am I the only one who thinks that what Ipswich Town Centre needs isn't another expensive white ... [ more ]
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Graham D
Interested.Clearly you are not in the building trade.Primark have kept trading whilst developing the adjoining shop,not easy to do.I commend Primark for having faith in Ipswich and they are proving a success story.

Gearbox transfer

Ryano in Gainsborough
Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who could transfer a used gearbox from Whip street motors breakers yard in Paper Mill Road in Bramford to a garage down near UCS (GW Autos).  It is drained of oil but still maybe a bit grubby. I can't as my car ... [ more ]
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I know someone who could do it for you for a charge, if you still need someone to get it for please private message me with information. Thanks

Italian club

Robin H in Maidenhall
Is there a social club or association for Italians living in Ipswich? My partner would like to socialise with fellow Italians occasionally.
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Jacqueline H
And, of course, also in St Peter's Street, is Locanda di Parma, which, I believe, is actually run by Italians ...
Lynda H
There was a part time pizzeria above lings motorcycles in Foxhall road that seems popular with the Italian community and families

Painter/odd job person

Jacqueline H in Ipswich Town Centre
I'm looking for someone, not necessarily a professional, who is prepared to climb a ladder in my hall and paint the areas I can't reach, i.e. do the cutting in. I'm a little too old to do this now and have gone as far as I can with an extended roller. ... [ more ]


Ryano in Gainsborough
Does anyone know a local trustworthy conveyance company here in Ipswich, to help us whilst we are buying a property...

Road maintenance!

Jennifer S in Pinewood
Hello, I have reported the shocking state of Sheldrake Drive and had a reply from the council stating this road is not an issue. Anyone else feel this road is in need of attention?
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Paul H
Shame Boris pulled out of the running, he would have looked after his cycling buddies. I know of a couple of guys who used to cycle to work using modern expensive bikes that seem vogue. Now reverted back to their cars as they are worried about the ... [ more ]
Ipswich Entrepreneur
Christelle,  Why does the council turn a blind eye when people are reporting issues but as soon as it gets in a newspaper or someone publish reference to it online, you stop and take note?

Majors Corner Death Trap

Brian B in Gainsborough
Would somebody please tell me how to negotiate the slip road from St Helen's Street into Woodbridge Road? Since it re-opened I have nearly had two accidents. Firstly, I stopped at the junction to allow traffic priority coming across Mulberry Tree corner. ... [ more ]
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Martin C
I sat behind someone today who got to the end of the slip road and stopped! They waited for a gap then crossed straight to the other side of Woodbridge Road. I've merged once or twice without stopping but its not even a solid white line there now, so ... [ more ]
Peter M
Matthew H, I would say the best approach is to circle around Old Foundry Road - Great Colman Street and approach Woodbridge Road that way where you be in the left hand lane.   You might consider that a bit of a long way round but it may be safer and ... [ more ]

Ipswich Park & Ride

Ipswich Entrepreneur in Chantry
Ipswich Park & Ride due to close after the festive period; what are your views on the service and the concept? Does anyone else use it? I use the London Road site and there is 3 really annoying bugbears... 1. Concession tickets. 90% of users of ... [ more ]
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Dave L
For me the P & R just doesn't work. Living just off Stonelodge Lane it's further for me to drive to the nearest P & R than it is to drive into town. Even for others who live closer to the P & R there's also the Catch 22 situation regarding ... [ more ]

garden bench

Rick T in Stoke
Would anyone like a metal large garden bench, it came from crown pools when t was refurbed. Its curvy and very comfortable. I cant deliver and its to heavy to carry myself. Its going to the dump this week. I dont have room for it.
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Simon D in Maidenhall
Does anybody know of a good cleaner that could help me for a day to do a deep clean in my kitchen. Thank you.
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Simon D
Sorry some one beat you to it. I'll call you if it doesn't work out. Thanks.

Old Zest/Hollywood night club...

Graham C in Gainsborough
... would make a perfect ice skating centre! Ideal location near the railway station. Big space inside for the rink, with many bar/dining spaces. Such a shame to see its being marketed as a potential office building - totally inappropriate for that, and ... [ more ]
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Mechanic needed

Grace A in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi.  I need a good mechanic for my 2005 Ford Fiesta.  Any recommendations please?  Thanks.
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large eucalyptus

Rick T in Stoke
I have a very tall eucalyptus tree I need cutting down. I would like to keep the timber for myself. Any ideas who can do this for me and cheapish please. Quotes needed asap
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Chris R
Hi. My son's business is Acorn Trees. He's been a fully qualified and insured (which is important) tree surgeon for ten years. I'm sure he would make a good job of it for you and wont be too expensive. His number is Ipswich 405427 or mobile 07747697901. ... [ more ]

Domestic Help

Sue F in Gainsborough
Last time I advertised our need for 2hrs weekly cleaning help in the house I found someone who has proved hard working and thorough, but for acceptable reasons is finishing soon. We are a senior couple just needing some extra help now. Ironing would be ... [ more ]
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Barbi H
I myself just starting up a little cleaning business for myself as I have been finding it hard to find work.. I am a mature woman who loves to clean and have everything tidy.. Please call on Ipswich...809688/07495018885 Thank you...

Garage clearance

Donna L
Move it, clear it, find it store it. Matt did my house move andprovided an exceptional & efficient service. 01473 736026 or 07756 221 912

IBC employees littering

Joanna A in Ipswich Town Centre
Following a council vehicle along Belstead Rd this morning I was absolutely disgusted to see the passenger throwing food wrappings out of the window. What an example to set!! The vehicle reg was AV10XJN, I wonder if they can trace who the employee was.
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Andrew T
Very bad behaviour, i expect if you spoke to the individual he would say he was keeping his mates in road sweeping in work.
Angela W
At least they were on the road, I frequently see their vehicles driving or parking on the pavement or charging across the park at speed

Knitting needles

Girly G in Chantry
Wanted knitting needles to borrow or keep size 1. 2.5 MM mine broke in the middle of a project they are very thin ones thank you so much
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Jean G
its not near any other shops its near housing on the corner of Richmond road . I'm sure somebody would help you if you asked .


DAF in Ipswich Town Centre
Has anyone got a small bird cage I could borrow for a couple of weeks. My son found a house Martin which had fallen from the nest should have left it there but he brought it home .If anyone could help me out would be grateful. Thankyou.
Madeleine C
Have you contacted the RSPB or RSPCA for advice? I am not sure that trying to raise a House Martin in a bird cage is in the best interest of the bird.
At the moment I've only got it in a cardboard box and it's flapping his wings trying to get out feeding very well.In a cage will give him more room I only got him Saturday night I think he will soon be ready to be off , my son will take him back to where ... [ more ]

Poor TV reception caused by new mobile phone mast

Pauline D in Stoke
I posted a few weeks ago that I had lost quite a lot of my freeviewchannels and some others where "not perfect". I have now found out that it is caused by a new mobile mast that has been errected in Ipswich area. Apparently if you contact them they will ... [ more ]
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Pauline D
Hi Robert - I only heard about from a neighbour.   I have called them on 08081313800 and they checked my postcode and they say that my poor reception could be down to the new mast and they are sending me a filter free of charge to put in the back of my ... [ more ]
Pauline D
Robert H - an update on the tv interference from a mobile phone mast.   The filter I received from them didn't work - only made it worse.   We have had an aerial contractor fix a filter or something to the actual aerial - now everything is working again ... [ more ]

Baby Peregrin Falcon found dead

Ellen A in Stoke
Have just walked my dog down Great Whip Street and unfortunately saw dead in road near Whipstreet Motors the baby falcon. I dont have a garden and anyway had no way of picking it up, seemed awful to leave but who should I tell, such a shame. Any ideas?
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Kate L
Good of you to take the trouble. There are wildlife rescue centres - probably overstretched -not sure how current, but there's Ipswich Wildlife Care and Rescue Ipswich 401829/07706229820 plus one for hedgehogs if ever needed- Ipswich Hedgehog Rescue ... [ more ]

Ipswich Music Day

Christchurch Park
Peter M in California
Lots of music going on in the park today - but I wanted to just point out some other related events that may easily be missed Ipswich Arts Association Christchurch Mansion Art Gallery: Ipswich Suzuki Group, Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Society, ... [ more ]
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Thanks for this. Wouldn't have known about it had you not put it on here. I don't know why Ipswich don't put prominent posters up in town anywhere.....or have I missed them? I don't read the Evening Star or any local papers and I don't listen to Radio ... [ more ]
Alex G
There was list of summer events posted on the noticeboards in Christchurch Park. I took a picture with my mobile and use that for reference. Lots of good things going on at weekends, and not just Christchurch Park!

Big Garden Party

to , (ended)
People's Community Garden - Maidenhall Allotments, Halifax road, IP2 8RE
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Big day out at community garden’s annual fun day The People’s Community Garden is making ready for its Big Garden Party on Saturday 23 July from 11am to 3pm on Maidenhall Allotments. There will be Mr Bean’s circus skills, face-painting, a bouncy ... [ more ]
This event was superb last year. Definitely going along this year. Come on people, please get involved!

Smell of burning

Linda E in Maidenhall
On Wednesday evening there was a very strong smell of burning in the Valley Road area. It git so bad that I had to close my bedroom window because of the fumes. I haven't heard any news of a big fire anywhere. Any one else smell anything?
Peter S
Yes, we got it as well along Henley Road. We had to shut all the windows because it was affecting our breathing! Our thoughts were that it was a garden bonfire which was a bit antisocial on one of the hottest evenings of the year when most people had ... [ more ]