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St. Johns Scout Hut and Asbestos Roofing

Buzz R in Castle Hill
Hello. Does anyone know the situation regarding the asbestos roofing at the St. John's Scout/Cub hut in Britannia Road? My grandson is attending as a cub but there are signs saying "Danger" and referring to the fact that the roof is made of asbestos. ... [ more ]
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Reg S
Good to know all the best did you have a collection or what Reg our troops was 16 th white an yellow blimey that s 70 years ago I wonder what happens to my woggle it was ivory my granddad gave it to me

Dying Towns

Buzz R in Castle Hill
People on Streetlife often denigrate Ipswich or areas of Ipswich for being run-down, with boarded-up shops, and so on. I am currently reading 'Thunderbolt Kid', a Bill Bryson account of his childhood in Iowa, and came across this passage: "...most ... [ more ]
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We seem to have got off the original subject but may I suggest, to all those who say they are alone and have no one to see our speak to, sometimes you have to make the first move ; you can't always wait for someone else to start something or to ... [ more ]
Ipswich Entrepreneur
I get where Louis K is coming from, where do you draw the line? If racism is wrong, it is wrong full stop. The only justification for me, is older generations who use words or phrases which aren't politically correct anymore, but once was. Any slang ... [ more ]


Mark O in Priory Heath
Anyone know wether the new trampoline centre in Cardinal park is open yet as I have not seen or heard anything about the place.
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
Jean G, the problem with the NHS (in my personal view) is it has lost its roots and doesn't know where it should be. NHS should be solely for life-threatening care, assessment (GPs etc.  which should be in a minor injuries and perhaps A&E ... [ more ]
Not to mention the cost of the socks that they force you to buy -'special socks'. Flux socks are the same as Jumpers socks but neither company will allow you to wear the others in their establishment.

Ipswich Waterfront

DC in Stoke
Imagine if our Council and associated organisations promoting Ipswich actually had a vision and truly believed in turning the axis of the town centre we could have ended up with something like this  Maybe then ... [ more ]
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Iain C
The whole thing is laughable. The benefit claims could easily have been achieved direct if IBC invested themselves. I realise the idea and understand the benefits of a strategic partnership but this is very much one way with Ipswich Central ... [ more ]
Ipswich Entrepreneur
Iain C , you hit the nail on the head. Despite composing it on a train from an iphone, done a much better job than I could have done.  I was trying to evaluate their decade in control. Quite concerned that each 5 years this company can get an ... [ more ]

Water issues

Carly G in Stoke
Hi everyone , is anyone else having problems with there water? Mine is not clear it's discoloured so havent been able to use it tonight. Wondered if it's effecting others in ip2?
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Muriel R
Many residents in the IP2 area should have received letters from Anglian Water a while back.  re plans 'to flush water mains in your neighbourhood'  beginning Monday 26 September  through to, and including Thursday 29 September. The letter adds   'you ... [ more ]
Jean G
i received the letter tellingme they are going to flush the pipes out so maybe tyhats what the problem was although I have never had any probs when they have done that !!

New wellbeing service launched

Fiona E in Ipswich Town Centre Worth a look for those of us in Suffolk who live with anxiety, depression etc
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Roger A
Thanks Buzz Now why cannot the NHS offer this service?  Instead it will spends millions of pounds in creating the impression of helping the populace.  The adage smoke and mirrors come to mind.


James in Castle Hill
I went to B&Q Saturday afternoon they are either getting ready to shut the doors or doing some refurbishment just about all the kitchen displays have been sold some of the shelves are almost bear
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Death cafe.

Interested in Ipswich Town Centre
Does anyone fancy the idea of starting up a Death Cafe? It's where people can go and chat about all things death related and anything else too, but primarily death and dying. I feel that we don't talk about death and dying enough in this country, ... [ more ]
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Robin H
I would have come along, but I work and that time isn't good for me. In the one our group ran last year, a lot of the talk turned towards people planning their own funerals so as to save relatives confusion in a time of grief. Worth being aware that ... [ more ]
That's really good to know. Thank you. If this doesn't work, the 2pm slot, I may try a different one, but I guess it'd not be in a cafe then but in a pub. Ah, that may be preferable to some. ;0)


Lou P in Belstead
Can anyone please provide a removal service on either Monday 3 October or Wednesday 5 October to move the contents of a 3 bed house in Holland on Sea to Ipswich? Not tons of boxes, mostly a couple of sofas, beds and bikes/golf clubs but would ... [ more ]
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Town centre shops

Andy A in Ipswich Town Centre
Does anyone know of any shops in the town centre that sell interesting gifts and things like vintage style stationery. There used to be a really good shop behind the bank on Cornhill that sold a large variety of really nice and unusual gifts.
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Linda E
The Tourist Information Centre in St Stephen's Church have lots of nice gift ideas; mugs, prints, books, jewellery etc as well as cards.

asda supermarket

Jean G in Ipswich Town Centre
hi streetlifers does anyone know what they are going to do at asda stoke park ? as today when I went down there they had blocked some of the carpark of and put loades of portacabins there . I thought that the petrol station that they wanted to build ... [ more ]
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Shall not be using Asda until works are finished,parking already can be tight there let alone losing all those parking places , be it temporary.
Simon B
Every time I have been to Asda, either in the car or on foot, never had an issue with parking in the 7 years that the store has been open.

Water at the bottom of Cliff Lane

Pip in Broke Hall
All summer there has been nasty sludgey water covering the pavement at the bottom of Cliff Lane. I'm guessing it's something to do with the park and the waterways there. It's covered the pavement and has made it very slippery. This is rather annoying ... [ more ]
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Mike T
Thanks for advising me of the house rules Anthony P. I will of course raise any such topic as a separate issue in future. Please accept my profound apologies for any hurt, confusion or inconvenience caused.
Anthony P
Not a house rule Mike just advice cos if you raise something as a separate topic you will receive more response or advice from the other members my comments were not intended as a criticsm

Two Rivers Medical Centre Cont.

Ben Gummer in Ipswich Town Centre
I wanted to update you on what I have done since concerns were raised on Streetlife earlier in the summer. I have had a number of discussions with the practice GPs and manager, as well as a conversation with the local GP federation. In short, there ... [ more ]
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Pauline D
Martin O - I also have never had a problem with my surgery (Barrack Lane and Stoke Park Medical Centre)   The receptionists at both surgeries are always polite, helpful and very understanding.   They always try to fit me in with an appointment to suit ... [ more ]

Staff Recruitment

Peter M in California
Would anyone be able to comment on where Suffolk (or surrounding areas) business recruit office staff from?   Are there any recommended agencies, or do they use national agencies such as reed, monster etc? I'm thinking specifically about IT/Business ... [ more ]
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As a prospective candidate late last year I found Hurren & Hope to be better than the average recruitment agency. It was clear to me that they worked very hard for their clients. They are specialist IT recruiters and Ipswich-based, check them ... [ more ]

Wanted scrap metal or old wire/cable please

Andy P in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi I'm looking for scrap metal old wire or car or leisure batteries in the Ipswich area please? I can collect in my car, I can cut bigger items down and some times have access to a friends van, I appreciate any offers and pleased to help make some ... [ more ]
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Chair repair

Janice W in Ipswich Town Centre
My beech carver needs a new arm.  Can anyone recommend a joiner/carpenter with such experience, please?

Coffee morning

to , (ended)
Belstead allotments
Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi all you walkers and dog walkers, we are having a coffee morning in aid if Somersham ward the cancer unit support group at Ipswich hospital. There will be cakes, jams, chutney a book sale, also a tombola. If anyone is interested in taking a plot or ... [ more ]

New Outreach for Ipswich Citizens Advice starting at Whitton Health Clinic

Nelleke V in Ipswich Town Centre
Tuesdays from 9.30 – 12.00 at Whitton Health Clinic starting on 27 September Responding to local need, Ipswich Citizens Advice is pleased to announce we are piloting a weekly advice outreach service for the North East of Ipswich – in the Whitton ... [ more ]

Former Barnes store Upper Orwell Street

DC in Stoke
I cannot find the original conversation for the life of me but I remember reading that the Barnes store which has stood empty in Upper Orwell Street is being scheduled for demolition. At the time someone raised that this was very strange that it had ... [ more ]
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Richard G
Look at ipswich vision document to see what is planned for that area.
Iain C
Richard that was the ham fisted document I was referring to. It would appear that the redeveloped buttermarket has take the leisure aspect with restaurants and bars etc. So be interesting what they do. The main issue with this area is the land ... [ more ]

Garden fence

Jenny A in Ipswich Town Centre
We are looking for a reliable and efficient fencer to replace the slatted fence at the end of our garden. Can anyone recommend please?
Joan L
Boxted fencing. 01206 272797 they fabricate panels so are more competitively priced. They use their own people. We have used them many times and have never been unhappy.

Foxhall stadium car boot

James in Castle Hill
The car boot is going to run into October (subject to the weather being ok ) now and not finish on the 25th September as originally planned

Poundland Carr Street Ipswich

DC in Stoke
The front of the store next to Argos (ex- QD store) is now festooned with posters announcing the closure of the store on Wednesday 21st September obviously 3 Poundlands was too many for the town to support. It does sadly mean that there is now a big ... [ more ]
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Tommy S
same old Ipswich story half finished buildings around the docks and now another empty building the coop ,7 screen cinema  high car park charges what will be next ?
I expected one of them to close, but thought it would be the old Woolies. The one closing is much nicer than that one!

Bus route

John W in Westbourne
With reference to the bus route 14, I’m very sad to note that the Saturday time table has been reduced to 3 buses per day. This means that should I need to go into town after 2pm for whatever reason I will have to get a cab or struggle up the hill to ... [ more ]
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Spotty Dog
@SF, yes of course his post gets "seen by others" wherever he posts it but is less likely to gain sympathisers and supporters for his cause. Perhaps I should have added that it would be better for John W to change the area in his profile to the area ... [ more ]
Ipswich Entrepreneur
Have you considered dial-a-ride (or similar)? The following link may be of interest.

Mobile Hairdresser

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Amy Maes
Hi Jules, I am a self employed Hairdresser with my own salon based at my house in Stoke park ip2. I have 8 years salon experience and I have been self employed for 1 year. My Facebook page is below please take a look and if you have any questions or ... [ more ]
Hi Linda C, Many thanks for your feedback to my question.  Please can you let me have the names and contact no.s of the ladies you recommend in Dees Hairdressers as it's for my Mum and she wants to make contact direct. Many thanks

Foxhall Stadium boot sale

James in Castle Hill
It has been confirmed that Foxhall stadium car boot sale which runs on a sunday is to run through October (weather allowing) and will not finish next Sunday the 25th September as originally planned,thanks to that I won't be doing tasks at home on a ... [ more ]