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Garage recommendation

in Greenwich
Can anyone recommend a garage in Ipswich that will service and MOT our car at a reasonable price? Thanking you..
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Jacqueline S
Landspeed....opposite holiday Inn at Copdock (so very near you). It's large and behind the Proveeda garage. Very straightforward and profession. Average prices I think.

Next Death Cafe and keeping in contact

Liz O
in Gainsborough
The next Death Cafe will be held on Thursday March 16th, 2pm, at the Cycle Cafe in Tower Street. With the closure of Streetlife and move to Nextdoor we don't want to "lose" anyone who has or would like to attend the Death Cafe. If you would like to ... [ more ]
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Charlotte B
You sound like a friendly group but unfortunately I'm at work in the afternoon when you meet. When I saw an evening meeting advertised on the cafe Facebook page I thought you also did an evening meetings.

Someone to wash van

Anna D
in Rose Hill
Hi, would anyone be interested in washing my transit van once a month for £10? Someone still at school maybe? Rosehill Road area.
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Free greenhouse

Hayley C
in Stoke
6 x 8 feet in a fair condition. Is erected so taker can view whilst standing. Taker must dismantle and arrange own transport to take away.
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Caterer required

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Logs wanted.

Jack in Ipswich Town Centre
I wondered if anyone can suggest where I can get decent netted bags of logs in or round Ipswich? I used to get them from Rackhams, the fuel merchants in Wickham Market but that's a bit of a way off now I've moved. I don't want the mean little ... [ more ]
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Death Cafe

in Ipswich Town Centre
Don't forget.....Death Cafe, Thursday, 2pm at the Cycle Cafe. See my wonderful tee shirt, all the way from Mexico, chat about death and associated things, have tea/coffee/cake and meet some lovely people.  See you there.
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Interested  how are you going to let people know about the meeting times etc when streetlife shut down if you do it through Nextdoor you will lose your privacy?
Liz O
Watchfull Anyone who is interested in joining or continuing with the Death Cafe can Private Message me their email address so we can keep in contact after Streetlife closes. It looks like Interested has left but I already have contact details.

SCC survey residents parking Stoke Bridge area

Chris M1
in Ipswich Town Centre
The subject of residents parking in the Stoke Bridge area is being discussed once again. (3rd time since I have lived here!) Personally I think it is a waste of time. I think this is what could happen: There will be some time limited parking bays for ... [ more ]
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Victoria W
I‚Äôd like to thank Suffolk County Council for the opportunity to comment on these proposals. However, I have to say that the Consultation Leaflet came through the door with the usual fast food offers and it was only as I put it in the bin that I ... [ more ]
Paul S
Very well put Victoria W,i don't know where you live but you are looking at 2 sides. They have started to look at the Stoke area of town First,i know of a lot worse,all those side roads between Bramford rd and Bramford lane,not only is it difficult to ... [ more ]

Good quality carpet needs a good home

in Broke Hall
I've been gifted a large amount of very good quality deep pile carpet, far more than I need for the job. One of the off-cuts is small room size ¬†10' x 10+' - ¬†box room or child's bedroom. It's a kind of silvery - green colour. ¬†It's such good quality ... [ more ]

Big glass bottle for keeping change

Leigh R in Stoke
Hello, This year I want to collect change and was wondering if anyone has a large (empty of course) whiskey bottle or something like that which I can pop my 2p's and 5p's in. I'll pay a bit for it of course. Thanks!!
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If you're local to the Fat Cat on Spring Rd, they do a giant Grouse Whiskey bottle. Might be worth asking if they have one. Do pop and have a drink of course, be rude not to. :) Failing that, I might have one kicking around. They are about 4 litre ... [ more ]

Tree surgeon

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Carpet fitter required

in Broke Hall
Hi Are there any carpet fitters on SL? I have a stair carpet to lay. Nothing complicated at all. One small turn at the bottom of the stairs.
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Kyle S
I'd highly recommend Suffolk Carpet Weavers in Martlesham. Used them for most of our house over the last couple of years.

Communal Drumming group wanted

Leigh R in Stoke
Hey, I want to get involved in one of those group drumming events - where everyone sits around with a djembe drum and gets in a trance with the beat and rhythm! Does anyone know of one, or would anyone want to start one with me?
Liz O
The Wednesday sessions in Alison's link are not running at the moment. There might be a monthly group starting. If you're on Facebook join the Ipswich African Drum Group for more info. If you decide to start something, yourself, I might be interested ... [ more ]

Footcare 2U - mobile foot care in the comfort of your own home.

Footcare 2U - Mobile foot care clinic.
in Footcare 2U - Mobile foot care clinic.
My name is Deborah, I am a registered foot health practitioner, fully insured, offering foot care in the comfort of your own home. I cover Ipswich and the surrounding area. I treat all ages, many of my clients being elderly, I have experience with ... [ more ]


John W inactive in Westbourne
Like being outdoors, want some exercise but don‚Äôt want to go to the gym, like to have a go at growing your own, don‚Äôt mind a bit of hard word? Then why not take on an allotment? Email for further details if you‚Äôre ... [ more ]
Jean A
We also have some vacant plots at Castle Hill Allotments.¬†¬† We are also working on setting up a community plot which will be for people who don't want a full allotment but would like to grow a few vegetables ¬† For our community plot, there will be ... [ more ]

Free to a good home large amount of unused premium carpet grippers

Graham H in Ipswich Town Centre
There are quite a lot which had been hidden behind an oven we have just replaced probably around 40 FREE if you come and get them now .. Call me on 07875720623

Electrician to fit a cooker

Graham H in Ipswich Town Centre
We need someone who is properly qualified but doesn't cost a packet to remove one oven (we've already done most of it except the wiring ..) and wire up another in its place. Call Graham 07875720623 ASAP
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June P
electticty is something you should not mess with unless you know what you are doing.this is how fires start faulty wiring.

What's happening near Stoke Bridge?

Graham C
in Gainsborough
Anyone know what's happening in the closed car park at the Stoke Bridge end of the Waterfront? The site has been sold and now they're digging big holes! I must have missed a notice somewhere... hope it's something exciting ūüėČ
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Ipswich Ltd
Archaeological. It is a requirement before they can build on the land. A lot was found rather close many years back including when they did the Star Lane gyratory.

Ipswich Museum

Ipswich Ltd
in Pinewood
I have stumbled across information on the I-AM project. This is... Ipswich Arts & Museums. I have to say I am glad Ipswich Borough Council failed to obtain funding from the¬†Heritage Lottery Fund. A rarely seen YouTube video of the plans aimed to ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Ltd
The reason I asked about the future of Ipswich's Museums is we already know of the joint scheme between Ipswich and Colchester but in order to get their funding they formed a new charity called the Ipswich Arts and Museums Trust¬†(I-AM). The members ... [ more ]

Plumber Recommendation?

Martin H
in Ipswich Town Centre
We need to find a good plumber please to sort out some problems with our system. A local firm fitted a new bath, shower and basins etc and our water pressure has been absolutely rubbish ever since. They fitted a Salamandar pump but that's just packed ... [ more ]
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Martin H
Hello Andy, not sure what I did wrong but I thought I'd sent a private message yesterday lol. I will text you my landline number instead. Many thanks
Lewis L
I use Cleanup Services for plumbing and electrical work because I like the convenience of being able to book an appointment online.

Save IBC Ipswich crown pools creche

Kevin A
in Sproughton
A very recent announcement has been made with regards to the closure of creche facilities at Ipswich crown pools. This is very sad news that would affect the pools and society. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AGAINST THE CLOSURE OF THE CRECHE ... [ more ]
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Sheila O
Nosey ron cant imagine a busy mum taking her child with her to the gym cant take a child on the treadmill !! Also have you not heard of mums just having a little space while you are busy at work you are able to talk to your nearest collegue mum has 4 ... [ more ]
Nosey Ron
To run you don't need a treadmill , walking is also very good for the child too. Why should taxpayers pay for the parents jolly ? People get too many easy options now , bad for all of society imho.

Bulk bag.

Mark O in Priory Heath
Hi all streetlifers hope all is well are any of you or knows someone who is having building work done if you or they have any bulk bags that you or anyone wanna get rid of please can you let me know please. Thanks

Man (or Woman!) With A Van needed

in Broke Hall
Does anyone know of someone with access to a van in the Ipswich area, please? It's not a huge job and no lifting required (we can do that part!). I've been given several off-cuts of new carpet to re-cover our stairs and spare room but we've¬†only a ... [ more ]
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Laptop repair

Joan L in Greenwich
Can anyone recommend a reliable person to sort out my laptop before I throw it out of the window please. Since upgrading to Windows 10 it's not been right.
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Although Windows 10 is not everyone's cup of tea, there are ways to make it work better. Come and speak to one of our local IT experts for free at Suffolk AgeUK Ipswich Help Centre (in Town Centre, opposite Sainsbury's) to get some some impartial ... [ more ]
Nothing wrong with Windows 10... you just need to read, search, and the set it up the way you want too.. Mine works just like Windows 7.. but its faster, and more secure. Just stick with it... it,s the best operation system.

New Year's Resolution- Join Rushmere Creative Writers

Rushmere Creative Writers
in Rushmere Creative Writers
Hi, we're a friendly group who enjoy writing and we're looking for new members to swell our numbers. Enjoyed writing at school? Always thought you've got a novel inside you that just needs coaxing out? Why not give us a try? We meet on Wednesday ... [ more ]
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Lynn L
Thank you for a super evening, I really enjoyed myself and went home in a very enthusiastic mood, I hope it lasts. I meant to ask you Sandie where you go for Tai Chi, if that's how it's spelt?