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Bus Pass

Local Conversations in Wherstead

My husband over heard a conversation in a shop in town (he is always earwigging) that the pensioner bus passes are to be stopped. Anybody know if it is true?
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Trevor C
I think this is a media issue. These days there are too many news channels on TV or internet and they all have to fill whole days with 'stuff' and I don't think they take too much care about whether it's true or not. When two or three completely ... [ more ]


Local Politics in Ipswich Town Centre

Further to the thread about who one should vote for, this may help.   If you click select all it takes ages but it may be helpful. 
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Michael L
Richard, it is clear that we will never agree but I am interested in your comment that zero hours suits more people than it hinders. Where have those statistics come from and what criteria were used in their collection? As for your 'decent' future for ... [ more ]
Richard G
Zero hours contracts is an avenue into working , you will find many people who have found them a useful stepping stone . If you asked them soon after getting the Zero hours contract they would have said something quite different . They also allow the ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Warren Heath

Reg S
Strange though in my road they have special parking area. But they seem to park on the street instead just drive a few yard to the rear of their property then they wonder why their cars get vandalised

Street Lights

Local Conversations in Blacksmith's Corner

Pat H
Thought that "certain circumstances" enabled the street lights to be left on when needed. Obviously the council did not think it would help with the forecast high winds last night for people to actually see the trees or large branches on the ground ... [ more ]
Roger A
Betfred on Felixstowe Road lost a section of panelling.  Whether anyone felt sufficiently sympathetic to tell them that part of their exterior was lying in the gutter, remains to be seen.  Premises used to be a bank if my memory serves me correctly.

steam cleaner

Clubs & Groups in Gainsborough

dog and guinea pig boarding

Recommendations in Greenwich

Angela W
Can anyone recommend a dog kennel in Ipswich? I've seen a couple advertised but they seem rather big and I'm not sure they would be suitable for a nervous dog.  Also I have two guinea pigs which I need to board, any ideas?
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Kathy P
Sorry Maisie, no difference!  I don't tend to use the phrase dog boarder as that's also what kennels do, and looking after someone's dog in your own home is nothing like putting them in a kennel!


Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

MAR 29
to , (ended)
Waldringfield Village Hall
Libby R
Informal European language conversation group. Join us for chats in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish or Norwegian. Tutor in Spanish and German will be on hand. £2.50 including drink
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Libby R
Eurochat started in January, so it a relatively new venture which has so far advertised in the EADT, shops and libraries in Woodbridge and Felixstowe and various places online. We have tutors in French, German and Spanish to help out, but the emphasis is ... [ more ]


Lost & Found in Ipswich Town Centre

Teresa P
Please could you keep your eyes out for a missing small black female cat about 10 months old. Last Thursday 12th March she escaped from her carrier while on route to Cliff lane vets, last scene Holywells park area. Her name is Pixie and she belongs to a ... [ more ]
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Shirley H
So pleased there's possible sightings. I would poster in doors etc as much as poss then where sightings have been do food stations to keep her in that area. Use smelly tinned sardines , I help search for lost dogs all over the country but my cat went ... [ more ]
Teresa P
Shirley H, Thank you. A lady who had a cat fitting Pixie`s description visit her garden last night, is putting food out. I am about to print off more leaflets which will be posted in that area along with posters. The lady in question tried to take a ... [ more ]

quiz afternoon

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
If you get bored cause the weather is a bit pants today The Meeting place, Community Centre,Limerick Close IP1 5LR is a holding a Sport/Music Quiz today from 3.30 if you want to rustle up a team of 4/6 its £5 a per person includes Jacket Spud bring ya ... [ more ]

Landguard Fort

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Ray C
Landguard Fort Felixstowe will be open from Sunday 29th March until Sunday November 1st During the school holiday the Spring trail will be available once again for children at an extra £1 per child on top of normal admission price. On completion collect ... [ more ]

Easter holiday activities for young people in Ipswich

Clubs & Groups in Stoke Park

Community Team IBC
There are lots of sporting & craft activities going on over the Easter holidays for young people in Ipswich including basketball, football, arts & crafts, snorkeling, table tennis, archery & much more. Details can be found here: ... [ more ]

What kind of area Renfrew Road is???

Local Conversations in Gainsborough

Internet Beans
Hi, I am thinking about renting a house on Renfrew road Ipswich and wondering if anyone can help me and give some feedback about this area. Is it good place to live? Thanks, Sami
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Jeffrey C
I do not live on Rushmere  estate but have always lived in or near Ipswich and I think that Rushmere is considered by many as the best council estate in Ipswich with a lot of the houses now being privately owned.It has very good facilities and all the ... [ more ]

Air born dust

Local Conversations in Warren Heath

Reg S
Is there any body who find their car covered in light film of dust. My son has a black car so he notice it more
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I've noticed my car being covered in dust, just being parked on Coronation Road. By the looks of things, everyone else in the street have the same issue.

Wanted oil drum

Give, Lend & Borrow in Warren Heath

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Reg S
Hi. Keith. Many thanks the drums are fine but every body say no rain. Sods law. Thanks again. Reg some body is nearly as old as me. He asked about Fuel Injection Mr. piper was the guv I know 1 mech is still about and 1 more. Live in ... [ more ]

HWRC Customer Satisfaction Survey IT failure

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Roger A
Ha!  Devise a questionnaire, then have it sent into the ether! Those officious administrators at Suffolk County Council don't really want your views it seems. And that question:  'Are you willing to pay for your visit to the recycling centre?' is absent.
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Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

Computer classes

Clubs & Groups in Castle Hill

Does anyone know of any part time adult computer learning classes for beginners in or around Ipswich. The local college use to do adult leisure courses some years ago but that seems to have stopped, same with the library. My wife needs to learn how to ... [ more ]
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Hi Johnny Realise Future (01473 23860) have also their IT courses at Castle Hill Community Centre Highfield Road Ipswich IP1 6DG on Thursdays.  Here is their online brochure for their ... [ more ]

Ipswich Borough Council volunteers for community shops

Local Conversations in Pinewood

John S
Shop Volunteers Needed... We need volunteers for community shops. You will be provided with all the support you need. If you are unemployed volunteering can help your skills and boost your confidence. You'll meet new people and improve your CV at the ... [ more ]
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Table Top sale

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

The Meeting Place Centre
Reminder of Table Top sale this Saturday 11am til 3pm at The Meeting Place Community Centre, limerick close, Whitehouse Rd, Ip1 5lr Teddy Tombola, Raffle, Cake Stall, and the cafe will be open please tell ya friends. Tables £5 to book please ring the ... [ more ]

Mobile phone

Local Conversations in Stoke

I require a mobile fone, for emergency preferable with it,s own number, to use for texts only must be reasonable to purchase. Condition not a problem as long as it works ok.
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Spotty Dog
Same phone as on Amazon at Carphone Warehouse is £9.99

Please vote for my pup Jack

Local Conversations in Bramford

Abbi L
Hi please vote for my pup Jack in the East Anglian Air Ambulance charity competition. It's on Facebook. Click on the link below and like Jack's picture to help him win! Thank you :-) ... [ more ]
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Brown Bins

Local Conversations in Maidenhall

Linda E
Does any one know if the brown bins are likely to be emptied this week in the Blenheim Road area. They should have been emptied on Tuesday. Don't know whether to leave the bin out or not. I've go loads of green waste so in wil be refilled as soon as it's ... [ more ]
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Have you tried looking on their web site, Babergh council gives an update of bins that ate late being collected


Local Conversations in Washbrook

Carol B
the allotments at chantry for 2 nights broken into smashed sheds glass plots damaged if these idiots.(could find better word but not allowed)if they new how much work goes into these plots.the older plot holders its there life.thats all they have left.I ... [ more ]
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Harley T
If you think they might return and you'd like help conducting a stake-out, I'm more or less nocturnal so I'd be happy to take a shift. Also if there's mess that needs cleaning up feel free to message me. I live nearby (assuming you're talking about the ... [ more ]
Harley what a lovely selfless offer, I wish there were more people in the world like you. I have nothing to do with this post but felt like you deserve a pubic reply.

Monthly Meeting, Ipswich Branch, Suffolk Family History Society

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

MAR 19
to , (ended)
The Red Cross Hall, Chevallier Street, Ipswich, IP1 2PF
Howard K
Gill Blanchard, presents  "Tracing your East Anglian Ancestors". Gill, professional Genealogist and author, publishing a well received book on the topic. She runs genealogy courses and has researched for journalists, ... [ more ]

Ipswich Borough Council volunteers for community shops

Clubs & Groups in Pinewood

John S
Shop Volunteers Needed... We need volunteers for community shops. You will be provided with all the support you need. If you are unemployed volunteering can help your skills and boost your confidence. You'll meet new people and improve your CV at the ... [ more ]