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Some sort of after school club or arrangement?

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John B
Are there any others locally in the same position as me - my son is starting primary school in September and finishes at 3-something in the afternoons, but is too young to attend an after-school club at the school. Is this an issue others have, and is ... [ more ]
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Barbara C
Agree with Andy B. My daughter only had the choice of one child minder, but having met her, she soon realised that she was good. All child minders have to be registered and I think they are OFSTED now.
Karen C
I had this problem with my son as he was four when he started primary school. Luckily the nursery/daycare nearby took him as 'wrap around care' until he turned five. The Willows children centre provided this and I'd be surprised if the one at ... [ more ]

Holywells Park is a 67-acre public park in Ipswich, situated between Nacton Road and Cliff Lane, near to Ipswich dock.

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Clive M
Visited this park for the 1st time, can not believe living in the area I have never been it was such a lovely day the sun was shining kids where having fun, beautiful gardens great place to picnic lovely court yard Really enjoyed taking the family for ... [ more ]

bathroom fitter

Recommendations in Gainsborough

Paul D
Hi, We've just moved house and would like to change the bathroom suite. Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for anyone that has done a good job, on time and on budget? Thanks in advance
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Paul D
Thanks for all the replies. Well who would have thought it would be so difficult to get a bathroom fitted. We had 6 people come round in the end (and a couple that said they couldn't do anything until the end of the year / next year), all said, 'The ... [ more ]

J Smith Tree Care & Landscapes

Recommendations in Maidenhall

John B
Hi - has anyone local had experience with J Smith Tree Care & Landscapes, please? Considering using them for some fence and lawn work.

Gas Engineer and Plumber

Recommendations in Maidenhall

John B
Can anyone recommend a gas engineer (for boiler servicing) and a plumber (mainly for issues with radiators and internal pipe work), covering the Maidenhall or Chantry area, please?
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Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

AUG 03
to ,
Waldringfield Village Hall
Libby R
Eurochat is on again this Monday 3rd August. Friendly, informal chat in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Please note, our Spanish and French tutors will not be in attendance, but our German tutor will be there to help out.

any chilli growers?

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Walter C
I have some potted chilli plants which I occasionally take outdoors (weather permitting). Young buds are developing, but also black rings around the stems where the chilli is attached. Is this normal or a blight? First time experimenting with the chilli ... [ more ]
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John W
Nothing sad about growing your own! My personal experience though is that there are certain vegetables that are just easier to buy in the shops, although nothing beats freshly dug potatoes out of your own garden.
Walter C
I agree with that. Two years ago I had a crop of five different varieties, which lasted from August to December; some I had never seen before. I was told the shops wouldn't stock some of them because of their ugly appearance. Reminds me of the saying: ... [ more ]


Lost & Found in Greenwich


Recommendations in Copdock

Tony O
Hi can anyone recommend some one to cut my hedge.The Hedge is 12 ft high and I want to get down to 6ft.It is 24ft long x 3ft wide. And they need to take it away. Thank you
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Chris R
Hi. Try Ben Miller at Acorn Trees. He is good, professional and very reasonable. He's had his own business for ten years and has a truck and chipper. He's also fully qualified with appropriate insurance, which helps! On Ipswich (01473) 405427 or mobile ... [ more ]
Philip A
You could give my pal  Paul Anderson a call on07963627221 Hes alandscape  gardener  has done loads of work for me over many years and wont charge a fortune!


Recommendations in Westerfield

Shaun N
Hi We are in a bit of a pickle.  Due to go on holiday for 2 weeks on Sunday and our front door latch has decided to pack in (old one, the spring has gone).  Trouble is its a unique Victorian latch lock and I can't get one anywhere. Does anyone have any ... [ more ]
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John W
We needed a key cutting for a French lock, we tried everywhere as it was an unusual very old design with a groove down the length of the key, eventually we found Suffolk Locks who made us some new ones, very quick and helpful and reasonably priced. ... [ more ]
Shaun N
Hi Thankyou everyone for your suggestions.  Unfortunately I couldn't wait and phoned someone before I saw these replies, so ended up taking pot luck!  Otherwise I would have tried the people you mention. Will see how it goes and keep these in mind for ... [ more ]


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Janet R
Passed the KFC on Felixstowe Rd today and it is no more. Anyone know if its moved somewhere else or just closed down
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Alf B
It all Brown Brown paintwork I thought their colours were Red when I went passed this evening and it was open

harvester Ravenswood

Local Conversations in Warren Heath

Colin C
after the initial problems with this food outlet when they first opened we decided to give it a second chance, last night about 7 p/m our family party of 7 had to wait 70 minutes to get a table usually set up for 4 people, very cramped conditions, the ... [ more ]
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Karen H. Why do you feel the need to knock Nacton? Having eaten in cheap and cheerful restaurants and expensive ones in and around Ipswich,I can honestly say service and food is down to individual experience on the day. As for calling the Harvesters ... [ more ]

Charging for Brown Bin Collection

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Ray L
It is reported that Suffolk County Council are planning to charge £50 per year for brown bin collections; the exception is Ipswich Borough Council who plan to continue to subsidise the annual collection to the tune of £124000 annually. Good for me as I ... [ more ]
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Given how much money the council waste, I think this is a cheek. I have just seen 2 men and 2 vehicles, digging up two little bits of pavement opposite our house. They have to redo the surfaces because ONE person phoned to complain about the state of the ... [ more ]
Alf B
Saw same on Bixby Road Ipswich 2 Vans, don't know how many men barriers road signs and working on the pavements.

Boarding kennels

Recommendations in Maidenhall

Robin H
I'm going away for a weekend in August and cannot find any friends willing to look after my dogs. I'm loathe to put them in kennels, as I don't think they will cope well with it, but see no other option. Can anyone recommend a good boarder in Ipswich (Or ... [ more ]
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Expert wanted to service a vintage pair of binoculars, prior to selling.

Recommendations in Broke Hall

Intern static bike cycling fundraiser for East Anglia's Children's Hospice

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

SEP 04
to ,
The Cornhill, Ipswich
Hannah L
Nine interns from Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Coastal have planned a fundraising event for the charity East Anglia's Children's Hospital on the 4th August. They will be, as a team, cycling the distance of the 7th stage of the Tour of Britian -- ... [ more ]
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Responsability for Roads and Paths on Jamestown Boulevard - No Mans Land!

Local Conversations in Stoke

What happened to common sense
Jamestown Boulevard is a housing area with a mix of social and private housing. A month or so ago the council without warning - well all the neighbours I know were unaware - dug up three circles on the large green, fenced it off and planted in it. The ... [ more ]
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Richard G
This is the biggest problem of joint private/rented/housing association areas . Who do you pay the money to for maintenance ? How is it paid ? Surely the people you pay will have the answer ?
Christine G
Most housing associations have anti social behaviour officers who might be able to help. I wonder if focusing on the behaviour might start to get results. Contacting the developer before going to the press might also be effective. Good luck.

event tickets

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Fiona W
Or if you want printing Hot off the Press offer a great fast service - they are on Tacket Street and a good, local business.

Brass on the Grass

Clubs & Groups in Maidenhall

JUL 19
Christchurch Park, Ipswich
John B
The Brass on the Grass 2015 season kicks off with a favourite band from last year- the Ipswich Community Wind Band :) See more at: More events on subsequent Sundays

Going to Arsenal v Chelsea FA Community Shield2015 on 2Aug?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Stoke

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Local Carboots

Recommendations in Stoke

Mark J
Hi all, I'm planning on doing a carboot next Sunday and usually go to Trinity Park as it is always busy, so fairly certain to make back the £10 sellers fee. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a better one with regards to seller fee and footfall? ... [ more ]
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Keith H
The best one is Ardleigh boot its  a bit dearer but you get the people there.I have allways done well.Foxhall is not so good now as it used to be nor Trinity it was better when it was just the one they used to be huge then.
St. Clements.  £5.00 per car.  Slightly more for vans and trailers.  On most Sundays and run by the social club.  There are at least two charities who run their's there.

Grand book and cd sale

Clubs & Groups in Copdock

AUG 04
Chantry Library
Cathy G
Only 10p per book or 12 for £1! Bring your children along to our wildlife event on the same day (11-3)  Tea, coffee and soft drinks also available

large plasma tv

Give, Lend & Borrow in Greenwich

Steven K
Last week i replaced my 40" plasma tv as it stopped working. I did read up and sounds like it needs a new part sourcing and fitting. I need to get rid of it but seems a waste taking it to the tip. Just wondered if anyone knows of a charity,training ... [ more ]
Janet A
Try TWAM - Tools With A Mission an Ipswich charity they repair & send items out to 3rd World countries.  They are based on the Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate Address is 2 Bailey Close, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 0UD Telephone: 01473 210220 Email: ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Castle Hill

Jim J
I have some extremely tall conifers 60 ft ish can anybody recommend anybody to cut them down for me
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Angela W
When we used them they provided the cheapest quote out of all the tree surgeons.  We did use an unqualified person to cut down a conifer a couple of years previously and the mess was unbelievable with sawdust covering our entire garden. It took months ... [ more ]

Looking for recommendations for acupuncture

Recommendations in Broke Hall

Angela C
Hi new to the area and site, so hope I'm posting this in the correct place.  Has anyone had acupuncture and would recommend them? TIA
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