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Roofbox needed for trip to Cornwall

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Sir Lurchalot
Does anyone have a roofbox we could borrow between 10th-17th August?  We are travelling to Cornwall for a week camping and our car (Seat Leon Y-Reg/2001) is full up. We would buy one, however we have no where to store it, hence why I am asking.

Mending costume jewellery

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Sheila P
I have a piece of costume jewellery which needs to be fixed (or I need to know it can't so I can finally throw it away!)  Does anyone know of a place or person to go to where I won't spend a fortune? Many thanks.
Sylvia on Streetlife (use search option) makes costume jewellry. She could probably help you out. Cheers.


Local Conversations in Summerstown

Anyone interested in a bit of extra cash?? I have a back yard in need of a good mow/strimmer as my old petrol lawnmower has finally given up the ghost i think so it has gotten away from me this summer! So unless u can get mine going u would need your own ... [ more ]

The Lodge

Local Conversations in Upper Tooting

Battersea Summer Scheme Sport In the Park - Come and join the fun!

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Kate M
It is that time of year again when the Battersea Summer Scheme holds sport In the Park. Based in Battersea Park there is plenty for all young to do (recommended age 6-16) but there are a few things for younger children to do as well. No booking needed, ... [ more ]
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Small builder

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Sheila P
Do you know of a reliable, reasonably priced builder who could give me a quote for putting in a skylight, possibly with a ladder. Thanks

getting Tivoli PAL radio fixed - any suggestions? & a service for a BOSE CD player if poss

Recommendations in Mitcham

Lucy S
hi there - i've just broken the ariel off my trusty Tivoli PAL audio radio - no,its not digital - and while it still seems to work, i wonder if there is anyone out there who could actually fix it, ie by putting on a new ariel?   while i'm asking about ... [ more ]
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Joel Simister
Lucy, you would be best looking at the Bose dealer listing and getting a genuine part. Alternatively these days there are plenty of ways to get extremely high quality from streaming music so it could be worthwhile investigating that option. Happy to help ... [ more ]

Moth proof floor covering

Recommendations in West Hill

Hazel H
Can anybody recommend a good bedroom floor covering that is resistant to the moth population that has set up home with me? I'm on the first floor so it can't be noisy. My wool carpet has hosted loads of parties for the moths, but I want to spoil their ... [ more ]
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Hazel H
Thanks for all the advice. Very useful. I feel I have used or am using every anti moth treatment known to man. I've never heard of anybody actually getting rid of them completely so I guess once they arrive you are stuck with them. I will look into some ... [ more ]
Catherine T
I had the same problem 10 years ago. I removed the old wool carpet, and underlay, sprayed it twice with moth killer and replace with a wool carpet. They also feed on all the dry ingredients in your kitchen cupboards, so I replaced all the flours, grains, ... [ more ]

I'm looking for some free goldfish

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Some big ones with bright colours and good tails, getting too big for my pond - catching them might be a challenge! PM me to arrange.

Sofa bed on offer

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Ayodele R
Hi anyone out there need a sofa bed? I may be able to drop it to anyone interested who does not have a car Best Maxine

Free drawing & painting, photography, writing & poetry and bowls taster sessions in August

Local Conversations in Upper Tooting

Sprout Arts
Sprout Arts are offering FREE drawing & painting, photography, writing & poetry workshops led by Lucinda Denning, Gary Heiss and other local artists at Streatham Park Bowls Club. Each workshop also includes a bowls taster sessions. ... [ more ]
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Sprout Arts
A rogue x has attached itself to the earlier post. To book a place (maximum 10 people per workshop) on one or more of these workshops please complete the booking form by downloading from, email us at, ... [ more ]
Tracey R
Just to say a big "thank you" to Lucinda, Sprout Arts & the Streatham Park Bowls Club for a really enjoyable drawing class on Saturday - and the bowls taster session was a hoot!

Trinity Road roadworks

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

I wonder if others have found the disruption less than feared. Traffic seems to flow well with no significant hold ups. I am surprised to find that with Wandle and Brodrick Roads temporarily closed for through traffic life seems much more pleasant. No ... [ more ]
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Alan P
I have almost been run down by lycra louts on bikes, on the pavement, going the wrong way, needless to say, all I got was a mouthful of abuse when I said something.

I'm looking for someone to cut an overgrown hedge.

Recommendations in Wandsworth

My hedge at the front of the house is wildly overgrown and needs cutting back. It's not a large area but the guy who regularly does it hasn't knocked on the door for ages. Recommendations please ? Thank you
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Want a Scrarble set? Old, but with all bits and clean and tidy..........

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

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Calling all Battersea residents: please sign the petition | Homebase development 2015-0881

Clubs & Groups in Stockwell

The Candlemakers Apartments
The Mayor of London and the GLA are due to meet on the morning of Thursday 6th August, 2015 to decide upon planning application 2015-0881 – the Homebase site on York Place. There were 169 objections to this application which Wandsworth council ignored. ... [ more ]
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Wayne D
One of the biggest issues here really is that of light. The plans and computer generated images of the proposed buildings suggest that they will be much more attractive than the Homebase building and car park, and thus enhance the appearance of that part ... [ more ]

Chauffeur scam - beware

Local Conversations in Balham

Kevin B
Watch out for a bald man in his 50's smartly dressed in a white shirt, dark tie and identification badge, claiming to be a chauffeur whose car has run out of petrol. He asks to borrow some cash (£3)  so that he can walk to a garage and buy some petrol. ... [ more ]
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June C
Same scam just of Nightingale Lane a couple of weeks ago - I was about to go into my house and a guy came up claiming to be staying with a neighbour and he had just shut himself out only this one wanted £4 - as soon as I got my purse out it went up to £8 ... [ more ]
Officially I don't carry cash (actually this is becoming true with the new contactless cards) , unofficially I don't believe a single person that says he needs cash for an emergency because it is almost never true.

please nominate our local honey shop

Clubs & Groups in Streatham

Greetings To All
Can you please help the hive honey shop, our local family run honey store by nominating them for the urban food awards 2015. Please do it quickly as nominations close on August 11th.  Here's the link > click ... [ more ]
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2 wardrobes to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

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Louise D
Ok . Great! These have served me well since I bought them a year ago! PM me your number and I'll text you when they're ready to collect . Louise

Road safety, Balham Boulevard and lots more news

Local Conversations in Upper Tooting

Fleur A
The latest blog from local Councillors for Tooting Bec and Balham (Bedford Ward) is out. We have a petition about safety on Balham High Road, news of Balham Boulevard plans (not much) and changes to Dr Johnson Avenue (lots) as well as other news from the ... [ more ]
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I take it the Balham boulevard is the Extension of Balham High road from the tube to the Bec. Strangely enough the sign at the cross roads says Balham High Street. Agreed, there should be trees planted from Ritherdon road on - there is plenty of room. It ... [ more ]
Rosena A
Thanks to all who have read our blog! Sarah B, we work very closely with Antonia, our third ward councillor. She too has her own blog. I am sure she would be happy to share her link with you. We are all committed to serving the community regardless of ... [ more ]

Battersea Riverside / York Road / Lombard Road Development 'Consultation'

Clubs & Groups in Stockwell

The Candlemakers Apartments
We attended Wednesday evening's public exhibition (I just can't bring myself to use the term 'consultation'!) and were appalled to discover that the attitude of the council towards local residents is far worse than we had imagined - it could aptly be ... [ more ]
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The Candlemakers Apartments
Dear Neighbours, Thank you to everyone who has added their voice to the petition. Such is the strength of feeling within the community that in a little over 24 hours we have achieved 99 signatures. Please continue to share, forward, post the link ... [ more ]
Alexandra B
There is a piece in the Sunday Telegraph about Southwark Council refusing to allow the FT building to be developed into flats now that the FT has been bought by Nikkei (but the building has been retained by Pearson). This topic has moved up the agenda as ... [ more ]

Curtain Alterations

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Marianne I
Yes, you should contact Sylvia, here on Streetlife; here are her profile details and a link: Streetlife | User Profile - Sylvia "I'm a seamstress offering alterations (shorten those trousers/jeans/skirts/sleeves!), ... [ more ]
ella l
Hello.I'm a curtains maker working for company and from home as well , if you still looking for someone give me a call 07786605463.Ella


Recommendations in Tooting Graveney

I'm interested in investing in good soundproofing for the party wall in my house. Has anyone done this before? Any recommendations of a good tradesman who can help with this? thank you Julia
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Hi CJDG Thanks so much for this information and endorsement. I met Daniel today and he really did come across very well and clearly knows a lot about sound proofing. Ian - I let him know you had recommended him and he was very chuffed. Really ... [ more ]
Thanks Julia. Glad all is working out. Daniel did a wonderful job for me and the standard of his work and the finishes are excellent.

Can you spare anytime?

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Kate M
We are getting sport in the park together for this year...see attached poster and as of this day have no one to help with tennis. It is one of the many popular sports we like to lay on - can you play, can you give up or volunteer any time (expenses can ... [ more ]
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Kate M
Sc m thank you! I believe we have some help.....but there will be plenty to,do! The wonderful man with his animals will be there every day. Street athletics is on Wednesday. The,hire rope and climbing wall as always. Judo, booking, circus skills, ... [ more ]

Looking for a flooring company good with vinyl/linoleum

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Catherine A
Is there any one out there who could recommend a good and friendly flooring company who would be able to advise, supply and install vinyl or linoleum floor for a retail business? Had an awful experience yesterday with probably the most unhelpful company ... [ more ]
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Sandra D
No not floors for thought Battersea Rise. I went in there for advice and was wanting a quote . The man couldn't even be bothered to get out of his chair. He was so unprofessional it was unreal. Another company I went to was on Garratt Lane, on the ... [ more ]

Do you want a pine glazed internal panel door -used, but in good condition -80 x 30 inches

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Unpainted  • Size (mm): H 2032 x W 813 x D 35 3 x 5 glass panels collect from Tooting Graveney. please PM me.