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Has anyone eaten at....!

Sheena L in Streatham Hill
Evening all! Has anyone eaten at the Cornish Tiger on Battersea Rise? I love the look of the menu and just wanted to see if anyone had tried it out and could give a review for me! Thanks in advance!

Information from SNARL about the awful killing of cats

Rosanna F in Furzedown
M25 ANIMAL KILLER - WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP: As most people are now aware, there have been a number of victims of the person killing cats and foxes in the M25 area. In brief, confirmed cases include: Ukiyo in Addiscombe Amber in Shirley Oscar in ... [ more ]
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Mandy Thomson
I've just been on SNARL's Facebook Page and found the below post they made on 9 February.  It looks like the killings are beginning to happen in other parts of London (so far, the Finchley and Brick Lane areas).   Please share this and ensure that ... [ more ]
Sarah J
Tony & Boudicca run SNARL, I don't think they are a charity,yet Linda, so fund themselves! I know they don't like asking for money but they do have a wish list on Amazon & there was a giving page to help pay for the autopsy. I totally agree with ... [ more ]

Boxes & bubble wrap free

Hi Jo L,  I have a friend who will contact you soon by phone or text as she is interested in having some of the boxes + bubble wrap as she will be moving home soon ..She can pick up tomorrow if you like . Angi 

20mph. Chance to have say in your road.

Sarah M in Furzedown Great news that all residents will have a chance to have a say on introducing 20 mph zone their roads - if they want one. See details above.
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John G
Totally with you there Joanne H. I once represented a young male driver who was prosecuted for causing death by reckless driving after he struck a young boy who ran across the road from between cars to get back home after one of his friends told him as a ... [ more ]
Definitely, right now many didn't realise that they just enter a 20mph zones. Having a borough wide 20mph limit is safer. Many arguments have been said in this thread and I can't agree more with the supporters of the 20mph limit.

Bench - exercise

Wendy M in Upper Tooting
Same cellar clear out and have free bench, rather unattractive as it is really an exercise bench (although I am told not to call it that as it could be confusing apparently). Essentially padded top and good for 'doing weights etc'. Free for collection ... [ more ]

found black cat

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Ms Smiley
What part of Merton? A black and white cat was found Church lane area (SW17) a week ago, I wonder if it could be hers. I posted a photo of the cat last week on Streetlife.

Need curtain hems let down - know anyone?

E-J in Clapham Park
I have 3 pairs of ready-made curtains, all need their bottom hem letting down to the maximum possible length. On a budget! Can anyone help, or recommend someone who can, please?
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My wife and I can thoroughly recommend Ella who lives in Tooting. She is very professional and reasonably priced. Her number is 07786 605463

Lost black and white cat?

Ms Smiley in Furzedown
Has anyone lost a friendly black and white cat (probably female) around Church lane SW17? She's been hanging around the area since Friday and my lovely neighbour felt sorry for her so she took the cat in. If you've lost your cat or know anyone who did ... [ more ]
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Super Sally
Such lovely news that she will have a new home should she not be reunited with her owner. My sister took in a stray 4-month old tabby kitten 3 weeks ago. Battersea have been amazing & they have now fostered the kitten. All in the family are so in ... [ more ]
Nia F
Hi Ms Smiley! I saw your comment on another post a missing cat. Unfortunately this isn't her, I hope this little one gets home soon! Heres a picture of my cat incase she turns up in the area :)

Wardrobe available

Jill C in Balham
Someone has dumped a perfectly serviceable 2 door wooden wardrobe (hardboard back) outside my Mum's flats on North Drive SW16 1RJ (opposite the Lido). It has a few scrapes on the leg but is in pretty good condition IMO, and is very light. Unfortunately I ... [ more ]

Where can i find a driver??

Katie G in Furzedown
Can anyone recommend/suggest where I can find a temporary driver, to ferry an employee around to jobs? Thought would suit a retired person/someone 26+yrs who is flexible (as some days may only be for a couple of hours). Not sure where to look/start. TIA
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Ambulance by Chestnut Grove School

Fiona V in Clapham Park
Does anyone know what happened outside Chestnut Grove School in Balham on Wednesday?  The shop keeper said there was a young man being treated by the paramedics.
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Sarah B
no problem Allison - i just don't like things to get too personal, especially when your post wasn't supposed to be critical of the whole school.... i hadn't heard of ANY kids drinking on the Common - was it in the papers??  Does anyone happen to know ... [ more ]

Virgin Media Broadband Fault at SW17

LG in Balham
Anyone else having serious issues since Monday? They won't explain what is,wrong, just that there is a fault. I'd like to know what it is but seems I'm not allowed to. Anyone know?
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Valerie T
I have a Virgin phone line and bt hub and no problems with either service.  Perhaps it is a localised problem;  I wonder if the two services ever speak to one another?

Can you recommend a Tai Chi class for beginners ?

Diana S in Wandsworth
Can anyone recommend an evening Tai Chi class for beginners in the Northcote Rd/Thurleigh Rd area ?
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Sandra N
I spoke to Hamid and he sounded lovely. I'd like to tag on this conversation to see if anyone know of a day time class in Tooting/Balham area.

Brilliant news.

Ana W in Balham
Our lovely cat Bonnie has be reunited with us after 5 months. Battersea dogs home phoned this morning. She has been living in Tooting for 3 months with disabled couple who couldn't take her to get scanned. We are over the moon and she and her brother ... [ more ]
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Sarah B
oh Laura B - has Bear really been missing for a year......  my heart goes out to you and i do hope he comes home soon......  they really are little buggers, making us worry so much!

crossrail2 digging

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Rebecca R
If the conditions are more *difficult* in Tooting, they could still go ahead as the increased cost would be covered by not having to dig on wandsworth common, and they persevered with the same conditions at Farringdon so why not here to stick with the ... [ more ]
Sarah B
wherever they do decide to dig, it's going to be a traffic nightmare for years to come..... and i can't imagine the log-jam when all the people using Crossrail 2 decide to get on the tube at either Tooting Broadway or Balham.....

Zumba classes during the day?

J L in Tooting Graveney
Does anyone know of any Zumba classes relatively local to Tooting that happen during the day in the week (not weekends) on a drop in basis?
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Estelle is also at the Penfold Community Centre behind Southside Shopping centre (the road can be accessed through the rear entrance near Waitrose or going around the road where the COOP is.) Her class is on Thursdays from 9.30am. Why not drop in and ... [ more ]

Are there any citizens advice bureaus in the area

June C in Balham
a work colleague has been living in a family house (owning a quarter share) caring for parents. Both parents have now  passed away and his sister having got power of attorney (having changed all bills Council Tax into her name)  has been leasing out ... [ more ]
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Michelle R
Try, lots of info on their website. Also Fadiga & co in Balham offer a free 30min assessment every Saturday 11am - 1.30pm (I think its same company that biscuite is referring to). Wandsworth citizens advice are now based in ... [ more ]

Terrazzo (?) pathway needing repair

Katie L in Streatham Park
Hello!  We need to repair our front path (in the Balham Hyde Farm conservation area) which I think is Terrazzo - it's very cracked and missing chunks. Does anyone happen to know of any companies who deal with this sort of path repair? Many thanks in ... [ more ]
Suzanne R
Hi I always recommend forest and stone landscape gardens. They do all types of paving, walls and other heavy duty landscaping. Mark: 07715 802778

Appliance repair

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Stainless Steel Wall Tiles - Scratch Removal Tips Needed

Maia A in Balham
Hello, can anyone give me a few tips on removing fine scratches from stainless steel mosaic kitchen tiles? I stupidly cleaned them with an abrasive sponge which has left scores on the tiles!
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Mo T
Hi you could try and use bicarbonate of soda with a little water on a soft cloth. Rinse it off dry and buff it up with a bit of flour. Odd I know but it works try it on your draining board or so k to see the result.magic

Window Company Recommendation

Gail J in Wandsworth
We are looking to replace a timber sash window with a uPVC sash window but all quotes seem to be very expensive. Can anyone recommend a good window company who do uPVC windows? Thanks so much.
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Loewe 32in Flat Screen crt TV to give away

George T in Summerstown
This was a very expensive TV when new (about £1200). Its got 3 scarts so I used sky,freeview box and a dvd player with it....It will auto find the channels. Its called a Loewe Mimo and is quite a cool retro TV and I have the remote and will dig out the ... [ more ]

Needed - unwanted/old bra's

Tracey R in Upper Tooting
Hello Streetlifers, I've volunteered as a CupHolder in the general Tooting/Wandsworth area, for an initiative to recylce old/unused bra's for use in the poorest communities in South Africa. (I'm from S. Africa myself) I have 3 "asks" please! I have 3 ... [ more ]
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Sue H
Hi Tracy, think we had a private conversation but now can't seem to find it!  Have sorted out the Bras I brought back from my Mother's house, and from my own drawers - pm me about how I can get them to you. Sue
Tracey R
Hi Sue, sure, I'll PM you now - and thank you!! I've just been packaging up bras which are travelling to Durban with a friend on Monday :)

Free gypsum board / plasterboard at Homebase

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Pest snails for tank

Samantha M in Upper Tooting
Does anyone have a fish tank which contains those annoying snails. I need some snails. Pet Shop ones aren't as good as community tank ones. Please let me know if I can have some of your pests. Thanks