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Alarm clock to give away

Cathy V in Furzedown
Does anyone want this alarm clock? It works fine but the ticking is too loud for me! Needs 1 AA battery Pick up from Woodland Way CR4 2DY behind Tooting Rail station
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IKEA changing table

Mary S in Tooting Graveney
IKEA changing table available in return for a small donation. Good-as-new. Mat and boxes NOT included. Available for pick up from Tooting. Send me a private message if you're interested.

Echium plants

Ali P in Upper Tooting
I still have dozens of  Echium seedlings if anyone wants them.  They can grow 3-4 metres high and have blue flowers which the bees love.  They take 2-3 years to grow and flower depending on the weather.  PM me if you would like some.  Alison
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Ali P
Hi Fiametta.  Yes they might though they put down long tap roots.  It might restrict their ultimate size.  Alison

VW Polo - Electrics

Jack in Tooting Graveney
Hi, I am looking for someone to fix the electrics on my VW Polo. The passenger side window is jammed and does not open. In addition, the car boot only opens at times. Can someone recommend a good mechanic please. Thanks. 
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Switching to Flow Energy

Angela Bunt in Streatham Park
I am thinking of switching to Flow Energy as it seems to have one of the cheapest deals for dual fuel.  I would appreciate some feedback from anyone who is already using them. Are they any good? I'm currently with Eon and coming off a fixed rate on 13 ... [ more ]

Clock Repairs

Bridget D in Wandsworth
Can anyone recommend a first rate clock repairer?  I have an ancient bracket mounted chiming clock which has great sentimental value.  It has been taken several times to Simmons in Garrett Lane who have spent hours on it, but it has stopped again. I want ... [ more ]
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Grannie Annie
mr. laucher is a must.   he repaired my beautiful metal watch whose straps had been removed by my 3 year old grandson!   and also takes great care when fixing the actual workings of a watch and seems to regard any difficulties as a challenge to be ... [ more ]

Barclays bank Tooting

Lavish Habitat in Furzedown
Apologises if there's been a thread on this and I've missed it, but does anyone know the fate of the old barclays bank. Renovation works have been stepped up recently, so I'm assuming there's something planned to go there!
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Ursula B
That is wonderful news.  for some reason it has taken an awful long time to get started.  I am happy to hear that it is now happening.

Good restaurant for lunch needed Brixton/Balham or Dulwich

Jo in Summerstown
Can anyone pls recommend somewhere nice to eat for lunch? Looking for somewhere not too pricey but would be a treat. Thanks
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Geovanny J
Jo, Inside Brixton market there is a really nice  Colombia restaurant,  you  can have a traditional Colombian lunch for £7.50. You can eat main courses for £ 8p. £12p. bottle of beers for £3p. People  are very friendly.

Need a school sports bag handle stitched

Editrix in Wandsworth
The over the shoulder strap on my son's regulation school sports bag has detached from the bag. Does anyone know where I could get this firmly stitched back on? Thank you
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Your Views for TfL on Wandsworth Town Centre Road Modernisation Plan

Aussie Caramel in Wandsworth
I received the details below in an email. This is a good opportunity to have a say in what happens in the area... Transport for London would like your views on our plans to transform Wandsworth Town Centre, as part of the Road Modernisation Plan. ... [ more ]
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Citizen Smith
The general idea of converting back to two-way streets looks good and long overdue. One- way systems in old cities don't work, so consign them to the same fate of loon pants and cloggs, and take a step back to what did at least work.. But then they throw ... [ more ]
Tracey R
I like the IDEA of 2-way traffic.... BUT... The A3 is a major major route travelling from East to West through that part of London and this proposal will effectively be putting a dam to that flow by not having a suitable EFFICIENT alternative to driving ... [ more ]

HELP!!! Emergency Plumber

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Someone to fix a communal light

Linda P in Summerstown
The communal light in the hallway of our flats stays on. I have tracked it to one switch which doesn't pop out as it should. Can anyone recommend someone to fix this, or give a DIY tip. Many thanks Linda
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John Mulvey
This is a common problem with these switches, Its either someone putting drawing pins in, to keep the light on. (this causes groves in the plastic which get stuck, also the timer on the inside may need adjusting, if you unscrew it, you will see a copper ... [ more ]

Sprout Arts Christmas Market

SproutArts, 74 Moyser Road, London, SW16 6SQ
Sprout Arts in Upper Tooting
Looking for original and unique Christmas gifts? Do not miss the Sprout Christmas Market in the heart of the Furzedown. Please see below for opening days/times or click here for more information. We look forward to seeing you. Grand Opening Saturday ... [ more ]

Women of the Cloth Exhibition - Sprout Arts

SproutArts, 74 Moyser Road, London, SW16 6SQ
Sprout Arts in Upper Tooting
Women of the Cloth are delighted to be returning to Sprout Community Arts in Furzedown for the fourth year.  If you would like to find out more about the exhibition or the workshops, please click here. Women of the Cloth Christmas Sale, Exhibition ... [ more ]

Getting a moped valeted

Replace sash windows

Oskemen9 in Upper Tooting
Can anyone recommended a company to replace sash windows in the Heaver Estate?  We'd like to use a company that has done jobs in the neighbourhood since the windows are intricate.  Many thanks!
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Amrit S
I used refurbasash in my old place and then in my current house. excellent quality and service in the first house, not quite as excellent in this place but still pretty good.

Wandsworth cutting costs?

Sarah L in Battersea
I'm wondering whether Wandsworth Council have cut back on street cleaning and maybe also recycling as a cost cutting exercise? For weeks now I've been applying online for more recycling bags but none have been delivered and I've seen little evidence of ... [ more ]
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No not saying they make a special trip out for each's done on the day the bins are emptied in my experience, so not using any extra fuel. I was being sarcastic saying it's a luxury after living (suffering) in Lambeth council area. Now in ... [ more ]
Sarah L
The bags are only usually delivered the day of the bin collection, however this was a one off personal trip because there had been so many reports of missed deliveries and the man just wanted to check that all the bags had now been delivered. Normally he ... [ more ]


Super Sally in Upper Tooting
I know there have been countless posts previously, but can anybody recommend a reliable, reasonably priced plumber who is local to Clapham/Balham. Many thanks.
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Adriano S
Hi Sally give AGS Plumbing & Bathroom Design a call on 07723546514 He is local reliable trust worthy and no call out charge. He is your man. I used him for a long time. Check out his website at Take care Adriano
Benazir C
Hi Sally,  John Leatham from "Blue Wave" plumbing is one of the nicest plumbers I've met and he is really honest and meticulous with his work. His mobile no is 07843262071, or there is a freephone no: 08008030823.

Missing elderly female Staffie Cross dog SE19 since Tues 24/11/15

Lily W in Streatham Park
Martina went missing whilst being walked by a family friend of her owner. There have been sightings but not for a few days. The sightings were Crowne Point and St Joseph's college. People are searching day and night but need help with sightings and ... [ more ]
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Printer Cartridges to give away

Naomi T in Upper Tooting
I have some PC World branded printer cartridges that my Epsom printer rejected. They are for printers which use T1281/2/3/4 All four colours are full, though three of the packs were opened. I also have some unopened WHSmith printer cartridges.  These ... [ more ]

Pedestrian Priority

Jane E in Putney
There is so much being done for cyclists, often costing lots of money. It seems, though, that nothing is done to encourage or help pedestrians. 1. Street furniture should allow the blind and wheelchair users to make easier progress (the back of CJ ... [ more ]
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andrew h
I too have lived inSantiago. I spent around 4 years on and off on the 1990's. It is quite ridiculous to compare the pavements there to those here. There are many many suburbs of Santiago which have no pavements at all. Please don't get me wrong however: ... [ more ]

Kids lunch bags to give away

Naomi T in Upper Tooting
I've got a Cars 2 and a Buzz Lightyear kids lunch bags to give away as my kids have outgrown them.  They have been well used but are still functional and a shame to throw away if anyone can make use of them. I have attached close up pictures to show ... [ more ]

Alarm clock for the deaf

Andrea H in Streatham
Can anyone recommend a vibrating alarm clock for an elderly slightly confused lady? It must be simple to use. We have tried one brand but it just didn't wake her up and she can't hear anything without her hearing aids.
Alan L
Have you tried the shake and wake? Most of the reviews on the RNID are four or five star and it's currently on offer.

"New World Noel" with Colliers Wood Chorus

to ,
Christchurch, 58 Christchurch Road, Colliers Wood, SW19 2NY
Gina in Streatham Hill
Colliers Wood Chorus is joined by Going for a Song, legendary Jazz guitarist Pete Downes, Andy Coe on double bass, accordionist Martina Schwartz and Lewis Davies on percussion, for our themed concert of Chistmas Music from the Americas. The programme ... [ more ]
Tickets are selling fast so contact if you want to buy or reserve tickets!

Loreal Casting semi-permanent hair dye (Amber 645) to give away

Allison in Balham
This is an unopened box of Loreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss, colour Amber 645. Semi permanent lasting about 28 shampoos. I bought the wrong colour. Does anyone want it? Seems a shame to throw it away.