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Alan P in Furzedown
I saw about 10-15 green parakeets roosting in a big tree on Trinity Road, yesterday evening. Have they moved into the area?

Chimney flue fitter please

David N in Balham
Hello all, I'd really appreciate it if someone can recommend a person/company that can fit a chimney flue for a log burning fire we want to install. We need to get it done whilst the scaffolding is up so would appreciate any quick recommendations! ... [ more ]
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Ian N
Ebay is pretty good for woodburners. It might be wise to get your installer ( if and when you find one! ) to check out the suitability of your preferred burner before you order.
Yvonne M
I would recommend Piotr,he installed a gas fire, surround and lining for me last year and did a gas safety check on the fire this year. He is a gas safe engineer. His number is 07928 277 404. Tell him Yvonne from Tooting recommended him.

silly bus stops

DaisyDog in Earlsfield
Having newly installed bus stops facing different directions is daft. So many are sited in the middle of the pavement and facing away from traffic, contrary to common sense. I have managed to get one of my local bus stops changed but TfL are ... [ more ]
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Alan L
Joyce L that would give some conformity and clarity as a guide:) which I think  DasiyDog is seeking. Jo P  I like the idea ☺ Its a bit like they did in the USSR. Have a look at this video of photos by Christopher Herwig who spent 12 years traveling ... [ more ]
Joyce L
And of course, Alan, that is completely beyond the capabilities of Tfl!  I'm sure there are many other examples we could give.

watch repairs

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Kim R
There is a clock/ watch unit in Tooting Broadway market. I had a watch repaired there two weeks ago. Think the repair man only comes in certain days but I had it back within the week.

Do the ponds on Wandsworth Common have names.......?

Marianne I in Wandsworth
Having arranged to meet friends near the Bolingbroke Grove pond, on Wandsworth Common, I wondered if the ponds actually have names? During my Internet search, I came across the following bit of local history, which I thought I would share: "Main pond ... [ more ]

Missing white cat - St Georges' area

Elvira in Merton
My cat Ziggy has not been seen since yesterday morning and I am starting to get worried. He is a very big, long-legged, short-haired white cat with long legs. He has a long face and green eyes. He was wearing a red collar and is microchipped.  If you ... [ more ]
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Sheila P
I had only just seen this and was starting to get anxious as I opened it so what a relief for me - let alone what it must have felt like for you!! Great news.

Tooting tutors

Helen S in Upper Tooting
Does anyone know of any local Tooting tutors for GCSE level Maths and Physics & Chemistry. My son is just about to go into school year 11 (second year of his GCSE studies) and thinks he would really benefit from some additional help. We would ... [ more ]
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Helen S
Thank you so much for all the contacts - that's a great help. I think it would be really useful if we could find a tutor who could help with both the maths and science subjects. This would hopefully mean added flexibility as to which study areas my ... [ more ]

Tooting Foodival 2016

Mushkil Aasaan, 222 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7EW
Malsara in Earlsfield
Tooting Foodival, the award-winning celebration of local food growing and cooking, returns to Tooting in two weeks’ time. We are hoping for a bumper harvest of locally grown fruit and veg to be donated by a multitude of local growers at our Saturday ... [ more ]
Richard C
I'm really looking forward to this! Transition Town Tooting and particularly Jenny T, Sharon, Mal, David, Charles, Hilary and Belinda have done loads to make this community celebration of locally grown food fantastic! Do come along and bring anything ... [ more ]

Urgently need handy person to put up four IKEA beds and do a handful of Diy tasks before tenants move in

Alex T in Balham
Hello there - does anyone know someone who could put up four IKEA beds, fit a couple of door handles and prop up a couple of floating shelves which no longer float? Needs doing by early next week. Thanks!

Can anyone recommend a wedding band please

Thinkerbella in Upper Tooting
Hello, We are getting married in Oct 2016 and I am thinking I would much rather have a band than the DJ we have booked. Any recommendations please? Thanks
Kate B
If you like 50s & 60s stuff I can recommend a great girls' band called the Daisy Chains.  The leader of the group is Sophie Burke (nee Byrne) who is a very talented musician / actor / dancer and grew up in Streatham Vale (I know cos I used to ... [ more ]
Lol S
Hi, My band Creole Moon play weddings as well as pub and club gigs. Our style is soul, funk and old school R&B with lots of good dancing numbers. We have a monthly residency at The Long Room, Tooting and will be there next on Friday 16th ... [ more ]

My kittens haven't come home ...

Deniz S in Balham
Hi guys. Sad news.... Both of my kittens ran away or somebody else is feeding them, not too sure what but I haven't seen them for a month now. If anyone in tooting/Balham/streatham have seen them or heard of any 'strays' near Elmbourne road please let ... [ more ]
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Wasps Nest Removal

Jane R
Try Neil Tedeschi.  07971 673 623.  He recently removed an ants nest for us and is efficient and very nice.  Jane

Builder for renovation

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Trombone teacher

Jane R in Streatham Hill
My son watched the Quincey Jones prom the other night and was inspired to pick up his old trombone again, the first time since school.  He used to be a reasonable jazz/blues player (with the school bands who travelled internationally) but will need ... [ more ]

New vacancy - Senior Gardener and Business Lead

Share Community in Sands End
New vacancy - Senior Gardener and Business Lead. This is very much a hands-on role where you will be responsible for building and developing the Share Gardening business. 15 hours per week, £24,000 - £27,500 pro rata (depending on experience), ... [ more ]

Rusty bbq

Elderly woman robbed of £5000 Brixton distraction crime

Lily W in Streatham Park
Do you recognise the woman in the photo, see link for details. Brixton.
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Jean G I am not sure if a lot of people are completely unable to use a computer, some yes, a lot, well, I would like to have statistics about it. One can get a computer for les than £30 that would be completely adequate for basic needs, failing that ... [ more ]
Jean G
I  am 83   and I  love  my  computer  and I don't  know  what  I  would  do  without  it    but I  know  people    younger  than  I  just  don't  want  to  even  try

framer wanted

Jenny S in Wandsworth
I need a plain wooden frame for a picture. Needed quite soon as it is for a wedding present. All the local (Battersea) framers seem either to have closed or gone on holiday. Any suggestions?
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There is one in Southfields (bit further away, but....) 169 Replingham Rd, London SW18 5LY Hours: Open today · 10am–5:30pm Phone: 020 8870 8458
Hi Jenny. For years we have gone to The Frame Factory on Gleneagle road in Streatham. They are really good, reasonably priced and might be able to do it quickly.

6 dogs stolen from walkers van SE23

Lily W in Streatham Park
Today 6 dogs were taken from the back of a dog walkers van Kemble Road SE23 Forest Hill 1 dog a Shih Tzu has been recovered from Crystal Palace Park. To date 5 still missing. The van that was used to steal them was a black transporter van.
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Cat carrying basket, cat lit tray and scoop to give away

Diana S in Wandsworth
If anyone needs a cat carrying basket, cat lit tray and scoop, I have one to give away if you can collect.
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Hi Diana, do you still have the carrier? I have new kittens to take to the vets and my old one is broke on me. Thanks Ali

Balham Churches Flower Festival

Balham Baptist Church, 21 Ramsden Road SW12 8QX
Kate A in Southfields
All are welcome at the Flower Festival being organised by Churches Together in Balham and Upper Tooting at Balham Baptist Church, Ramsden Road (off Balham High Road opposite Waitrose car park.   Drop in to see glorious floral arrangements on the ... [ more ]


Nina in Balham
Has anyone else's home been invaded by enormous spiders? They seem to be more, bigger and earlier than in previous years. Any tips on deterrents would be very welcome.  Thank you!
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Jill C
Jo H. I saw that film. The Secret Life of Houses or something like it. Soon after I was confronted by a massive house spider and I only had a bucket to hand to put over it, hence making it impossible to see. Eventually got an LP cover underneath and ... [ more ]
Jo H
Dmitriy - I did consider photographing him as he was so big but having successfully contained him, didn't wish to risk his escape. Jill C - Yes, the correct container is the key to success. My spider was so large I did contemplate a wider clear pot ... [ more ]

I'm recommending a carpet cleaner

ianfreeman in Balham
Instead of asking for recommendations, which I usually do, I'm giving one. Just had my carpets cleaned by Kevally, run by Kevin Bushell. I got four quotes, one of which was far too cheap and two of which were far too expensive. Kevin's was in the ... [ more ]
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Linda S
We used rug doctor to clean my dads flat. We had thought about getting new carpets because of the stains. The carpets came up like new. Don't stint on the cleaning fluid and my dad's carpets were quite long pile and good quality so maybe that helps ... [ more ]

Has Cedric lost his Sun Hat?

Marianne I in Wandsworth
Found (last week), in Salcott Road, SW11, (the top end near Wandsworth Common) a child's Sun Hat, with the name "Cedric" hand-written inside! Is it your child's or do you know someone with a small child called Cedric?

Someone to Plumb in a dishwasher?

Becsbehaviour in Furzedown
Hi there I am purchasing a Dishwasher this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for someone local who could come and plumb it in for me? Thanks in advance
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Alistair D
Hi Becs, I do odd jobs and IT for StreetLifers and I'm just back in action following an injury. I can plumb that in for you and I only charge £40 plus parts for a simple job like that. Drop me a txt on 07926 167 886 or a message on here and we'll ... [ more ]
Dom T
Hi Becs, I always use Callum from Veteran Plumbing. Reliable, reasonably priced and punctual - as long as you don't mind a bit of Scottish banter ;) 07850087373