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Antique wardrobe for pick-up

Linas A in Balham
Hi, We are giving away this lovely wardobe (Edwardian/Arts and Crafts). 199 high, 97 wide, 46 deep. It has a sliding rack for hangars and hooks on both sides. Slight nicks and some wear, but in good working order. Thanks,  Linas
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Linas A
It is quite a nice wardrobe, and I'm sad to see it go. Bonnie, I've sent you a PM. We're having some work done tomorrow in the room, so it would be ideal if someone could collect it tonight or tomorrow morning. (Sorry, short notice, I know!)

Fircroft Primary School Christmas Fair

Nicki W in Tooting Graveney
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!! (eeek) And the Fircroft Primary School Christmas Fair is just under two weeks away :) Friday 16th December, 5.30-8.30 pm. We have over forty fantastic, festive stalls provided by the school and ... [ more ]

Chopping Boards - Free

Jonathan S in Tooting Graveney
1 set of, and 1 wooden, chopping board to give away. Both used but have plenty of life left in them. Too good for landfill. I will split them if need be. Pick up Earlsfield
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Technology Help and Tea - Free! (1st trial of our community research)

to , (ended)
Battersea Library, 265 Lavender Hill, SW11 1JB
Matthew R in Clapham Park
Hi all, I am from Imperial College University and am a member of the research group looking into how we can improve our sense of community. After some fantastic feedback from Streetlife members we will be piloting our first ever event: A gathering ... [ more ]
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It was lovely to see such bright and community minded students - well done.  Special thanks for my session on Excel pivot tables that will be hugely useful to Citizens Advice.  From random observations it seemed that most of the enquirers wanted help ... [ more ]
Matthew R
Thank you for all the positive comments and useful feedback! We really enjoyed meeting you all, and this is something we definitely would like to continue. For those asking when the next session is, please stay tuned - there are currently 5 of us in ... [ more ]

Fed up with Virgin broadband and considering Sky Q

urbangardner in Wandsworth
I've been with Virgin for years, so paying through the nose (administrative inertia!). I'm prompted to action now because their broadband recently has been rubbish, my TV  box and router are both antique and haven't been upgraded, and it seems as if ... [ more ]
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Jon W
Depending on where you are located it might be worth not getting into a long-term contract in case Wandsworth's Community Fibre one day make it to your house - possibly the fastest residential internet in the country but currently only serving ... [ more ]
Thanks to everyone for really useful, thoughtful comments.  The consensus seems to be stick with Virgin but beat them up about service, old kit and cost.  I will gird my loins for battle accordingly.  Ironically, the service is so poor today that this ... [ more ]

SW Racetrack

Alan P in Furzedown
I am writing this as I sit here listening to the high power very noisy motor cycles using the SW London racetrack, AKA Trinity Road!!. Is there nothing that can be done to curb the antics of these lunatics, there has just 1 gone past speed has to be ... [ more ]
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Alan P
Jason R So what you are saying never mind if anybody gets killed or seriously injured, just move!!, rather a narrow minded view, are you one of the boy racers??

Printer recommendations please

Chris F
First ask yourself what you are going to use the printer for. If for home use go for an own brand/printer on offer from Rymans or Maplins or PC World. Remember the cost of ink is a rip off. Ask about which has the cheapest prices for ink. I got ... [ more ]
Vincent S
Hi J P Like Chris mentioned, you need to specify what is the main use. You mentioned printer, not an All-in-One (Scanner, Copier & Printer). If this is the case, you could decide if you need a colour printer. I can strongly recommend a Laser ... [ more ]

Wood wool / wood shavings

Viola in Summerstown
I have a large carrier bag of "wood wool" - could this be of use to someone? Collection from Earlsfield.

Any Swedish speaking Streetlifers out there?

Viola in Summerstown
I have an "Alfapet" game (Swedish version of Scrabble) to give away. Collection from Earlsfield. Delighted if someone can use it. Thanks.

Help feed a homeless person this xmas

Jo in Summerstown
On 23 December, I will be delivering hand made goodies to a Missionaries of Charity hostel. It is a hostel and soup kitchen in SE1 nr Elelphant and Castle. The nuns do a great job and it is very satisfying to do something in the true spirit of xmas. ... [ more ]
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Michelle G
Hi Jo I think I recall you doing this a couple of years ago and I brought some cakes to your house. Are you at home during the week at all in the day time. If so, I will try and drop some thing off to you next week at some point. Maybe you can let me ... [ more ]

plant pots - apart from what was Neals and is now Capital - and B&Q - where can i find some?

Lucy S in Mitcham
am looking for some pots that are worthy of being Christmas presents and holding 5 hyacinth bulbs, to go outdoors.  Neals didn't really have anything that i liked that i hadn't already given on a previous year .... where else can I go and look for ... [ more ]
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Lucy S
I could come and make beautiful arrangements for you?  i'm going to have some spare grape hyacinths of various kinds - not just the normal ones, but latifolium which is weird and wonderful, various pale blues, and the fluffy late one, blue spike.  and ... [ more ]
Lily W
Lucy that is so kind of you but I have nowhere decent to put them. Working from home has taken up all the space. I will PM you my address. I just have to move the car.

Social media help required

Philip Williams in Upper Tooting
I need help with my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I want to promote my business through these channels and I am struggling. I am on a budget (!)  Can anyone recommend anyone?
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Andre A
Hi Philip , I would be more than happy to help you with it in case you haven't found anybody yet. You can drop me a PM here or send a message via my website: Thank you and good luck! Andre ... [ more ]
Philip Williams
Hi all Thank you so much for getting in touch with me regarding my Social Media issues.  For the moment, I have got things sorted out, with the help of the person who created my website. But I appreciate everyone's offer of help, which just reminds ... [ more ]

CD player needs fixing.

JG in Summerstown
My good old "Hi Fi" system has a broken CD player. The CD collector where you place your CD on - will Not open - its stuck? Everything else works, except this part. Does anyone know someone who could fix this for me? (photos are attached)
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Usually this little hole is on the right hand side, just below the tray door. This is why not seeing any blurred markings there that I presume no hole on this device. Depending on the age on this player it may also be that the rubber band that ... [ more ]

Southwest Songbirds - Christmas concert

to ,
St Andrew's Church, Garratt Lane, Earlsfield
Mrs H in Clapham
Join the Southwest Songbirds for a candlelit concert of Christmas choirs and carols at St Andrew's Church, Garratt Lane, Earlsfield on Friday 9 December at 6.30pm. Tickets on the door, £5 adults, £2.50 children with all proceeds going to Just Shelter, ... [ more ]

Why the buzzsaw sound all the time?

ABC in Tooting Graveney
I live in Boundaries Rd / Eatonville Rd / Upper Tooting area, and there seems to be a semi-constant circular saw that goes on every weekend from 7am til evening, without much downtime. Does anyone live in the area and have any idea who is producing ... [ more ]

Making sure your car is locked at night!

Khalid A in Balham
Hi all, My name is Khalid and I'm new to streetlife! A short message to remind residents to be extra vigilant when locking cars at night. (seldom do we forget to lock, however at times we may forget). Last Saturday I found my car (which I ... [ more ]
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Dawn B
Forgot to lock my car about 3 months ago out side my home. In the morning found boot open and the contents of whole car ransacked, items in my boot on the floor/road. Inside was a mess...Reported to police who advised opportunists/vagrants as they ... [ more ]

Travel Cot

Emma H in Earlsfield
Any chance anyone has a travel cot I can borrow/have for my niece over the Christmas period? Thanks!

Local choir- Clapham Chorus

shelley hj in Wandsworth
If anyone is interested in coming to see or joining a local community a cappella choir, please come along to our free concert at 8-9pm on Thursday 8th of December. Venue: The Church Hall, The Church of the Ascension, Malwood Road London SW12 8EN ... [ more ]
Ania O
Am attaching a flyer with details of the inaugural Clapham Chorus Christmas Concert. Our repertoire includes songs from around the world as well as a few carols; all sung a cappella. Do join us on Thursday for some wine and a mince pie!

Armchair offered for free

the green door in Furzedown
Originally purchased from IKEA. A good solid chair, in good condition and no defects except for the covers needing a wash for just the day to day grime. Cotton covers on cushions and frame are removable and can be washed. You're welcome to view. ... [ more ]
Jennifer A
Hello 'The Green Door' ! I sent you a PM yesterday , as I would be very grateful for the chair if it is still available . Please PM me with your contact details and I will phone you . Many thanks. Jenny

Advice needed from a local enough baker to know Paul Bakery/Cafes and their caneles.

Dmitriy in Balham
Under the threat of having my message removed, I wonder if there is someone local enough to know Paul Bakery/Cafe (local to London and France, but I don't speak French). I'm trying to figure out how to make those caneles they bake. All recipes on the ... [ more ]
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Or did you mean that link from If so then it may be the case that I fell for the "wrong" version of caneles and even if they are considered inferior by the majority of purists it is that "wrong" one that I'm struggling to recreate.

stair lift engineer required. please help.

Park mobile.

Simon S in Summerstown
This service never fails to get me going. The time on my phone is set by the O2 network. Every time i use this service lately, it starts with three minutes on the clock, so overcharges me. But to cap it all, today it sent me not on but two messages ( ... [ more ]
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Sally H
They do have a contact number which costs 60p per minute! Rachel B, it's worth disputing your mother's ticket. Send them an email at stating your case which is a good one by the way. It's worth a try. They may waive ... [ more ]
Karen H
I totally agree Sally.   Why should we be forced into only having one payment option.  It's typical, of the drive towards a cashless society.  We are all being railroaded into using automated everything, with little help if things go wrong.  

Missing Cats

Kelly C in Tooting Graveney
My 2 Cats are missing, please keep an eye out for them. They are chipped, but will not wear collars! They are 2 boys named Frankie and Arthur. Please let me know if you see them 😔
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Sally H
Hi Animda, no never had any cats come in. Which is another good thing. They walk across the fence and sometimes step onto the mesh but only go so far as it is unstable for them to walk on. Also one my cats is very territorial so wouldn't give them a ... [ more ]
Great thank you very much I'm getting quotes now for the cat proofing stuff and will get back to you :)

Soft Toy Sale

Brian s in Balham
Just a reminder that Isabelle's soft toys are on sale today at Pop Brixton Market between 11am and 6pm.  Pop Brixton is at 49 Brixton Station Road, London, SW9 8PQ.

Car hire

Nikki M in Merton
Could anyone recommend a local car hire company? I have family coming for Christmas and need a bigger car for a few days to cart things round!
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Valerie T
I use Whitgift Car Hire in Plough Lane next Greyhound Track 8870 0408, small but reliable.   Also Enterprise Cars in Durnsford/Merton Road,  a larger chain.   Waste no time as they all get very booked up.