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Tracey R to Colliers Wood and 9 more areas

Where to sell old cameras?

Does anyone know where one might be able to sell old cameras in excellent condition? I have an old film camera (SLR) and a digital "hybrid" that both work brilliantly, but I want to upgrade to one really good digital SLR. Any suggestions (besides eBay) ... more »
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cash converter also do it, you can take it there to sell it, there is one in Balham high roadsw12 , and in streatham sw16 my son work there as well. Chanda
Computer Exchange may take your cameras (branches in Tooting Broadway and Streatham) but the best place is Ebay.
Laura H to Balham and 5 more areas

Carpenter needed

Hi, Can anyone recommend a carpenter please that is experienced in built in wardrobes and cupboards etc? Many thanks Laura
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Gemma R
Rob from Wimbledon Wardrobe is excellent. Apart from the work being great his prices are  hard to beat. 07778 296596.
Julia K
hi my son is a carpenter does lots of wardrobes and cubbards my number is 07854108933
C Q to Balham and 5 more areas

Stolen carpet

We just had a roll of grey carpet -just newly delivered- stolen from our drive !!! Omg what has this world come to???
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So sorry to hear that - it nearly happened to us - the delivery van had it's doors open with our carpets in the back and a white van pulled up with a screech - I looked out the window to see two men get out and run up to van but the carpet fitters were ... more »
I ask myself.....Do we need an organised 'Neighbourhood Watch' scheme - supported by the police, bien sur!
Tim H to Upper Tooting and 4 more areas

Short term Let

Does anyone know of a short term let available anywhere in SW london or ideally the Surrey / Hampshire? It's for my old mum while she is looking for a new house. From 5th May onwards - two to three months...
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Michelle G to Upper Tooting and 5 more areas

Window cleaner needed for house in Tooting Bec

My regular window cleaner has moved on and is no longer able to clean my windows. I am looking for someone to replace him who is reasonably priced and will do a good job. Any recommendations? Thanks. Michelle
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alison b
The wonderful Jimmy Davis comes toT ooting Bec every month on Saturday morning to clean my windows and is a great character.
alison b
Oh sorry, his number is 07958228842
Karen S to Upper Tooting and 6 more areas

Want to learn how to play Squash? Total beginner? So I am!

I am thinking about learning how to play Squash and take lessons in Balham but then I will need some other total beginners to practice the game! Does anyone want to join me in learning?
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Karen S
Great.  I will e-mail you all with my telephone number.
Karen S
We are looking at Tues 6th May.  7.30pm.  £10 per person.  Let me know if anyone else wants to join and I will send more details. Thanks
Lucy S to Earlsfield and 9 more areas

Smugglers Way dump closed today - anyone know why? lots of staff hanging about ..

went to the dump at Smugglers Way with a car full of borage and bindweed & it was shut.  there were lots of staff milling around, does anyone know whether it is likely to reopen later or not?  my car is going to be full of snails if its tomorrow.
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Looks like it is open now, because I just checked out the livecam and saw cars going in. Thank goodness for that, because I've got bags of borage too!
Lucy S
i'll be borage delivering later then.  followed by paving slabs (nasty concrete ones, only two, no one would want) and broken bricks.  nothing like heaving heavy weights in a hot sun is there?
Sally H to Clapham and 9 more areas

We are Looking to rent storage space in Park Royal can anyone help?

We are Looking to rent storage space in Park Royal can anyone help with this?  Sally
I'm with Sweet Dimple
Hi Sally, I work in Park Royal (oh the joy) and there are lots and lots of empty units. Are you looking for long term or short? If it's short I may be able to help depending on what needs storing...
Sally H
Hi  Jo  thanks for replying we are looking for aprox 1 year lease, it's to store film props we need about 2,000 sq feet, love to know where they are... happy to pop along, we are quite flexible Sally and Tom
I'm with Sweet Dimple
Ru to Upper Tooting and 6 more areas

Camera repair - Canon SLR

We have a Canon SLR that's gone on the blink. Works sporadically but very unreliable. Bought in US and too old to be under warranty. Can't find any recent threads on repair so wondering if anyone had any suggestions - preferably local rather than West ... more »
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Amanda J
Fixation are brilliant.
Vix W
I agree about Fixation - I use them for my Nikon and they have always been good.  One suggestion though, do look on the Canon UK website and see if they have their own service centre here - in the past I have also had repairs/clean done by Nikon ... more »
Jane E to Battersea and 7 more areas

Cyclists and dog walkers spoil the day

Yesterday, I took advantage of the weather to walk from Tooting Broadway to Colliers Wood and back to Wandsworth, mostly along the Wandle.  Only 2 things spoiled it.  The first were the cyclists who came up fast from behind with no audible warning (I had ... more »
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Sandy B
I always pick up my dog bits.  And put them in the bin.
Jane E
Sandy and Alex: as a non dog owning walker, I am always very grateful to those who are thoughtful.  In fact, just to encourage responsible behaviour, I try to thank those who are considerate. I suspect some dog owners think I am made when I thank them ... more »
Tracy B to Streatham Hill and 4 more areas

Promotional event at Streatham school for local therapists/beauticians and beauty retailers

Are you a freelance therapist or beautician? Do you sell beauty products? Do you have a health or fitness business you would like to promote? If so, come along to our pampering event at Henry Cavendish Streatham on June 12th and meet over 70 local women. ... more »

to ,

Henry Cavendish Streatham, Dingley Lane, Woodfield Avenue SW16 1AU

Jun 12
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Barry McVeigh - Osteopath
Hi Tracy, I am an osteopath based in Balham. I would love to learn more about this event. It would be great to hear from you: Cheers Barry
Tracy B
Hello Great to hear from you both. I'll send you through more details tonight when I'm back at my pc. Best wishes Tracy
caroline w to Upper Tooting and 5 more areas

The Lodge - Tooting Bec Road

I notice the site is up for rent.  What happened to the plan to rebuild the lodge and do a classic car saleroom and a coffee bar and make it all beautiful and suchlike? It's still a walled-up tip and the chimney has fallen off the top of the Lodge, it ... more »
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Jean G
I have had replies from the councillors and they have been on the case  since March 3
Sue C
Is that all they told you? No mention of whether they have got anywhere and what is happening with the building?
Inanna to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

iDVD and Premiere Pro (CS5) - Tech question

Hi there, A question for the techie folks out there.  I'm creating a DVD in iDVD with videos created in Premiere Pro CS5 (mac version).  The videos have worked fine.  However, when I import them into iDVD, i lose a great slice off the left hand side.  ... more »
Filmmaker Sandra
I found out that with the dvd authoring program Idvd, it likes the QuickTime video format best. Also did you film in HD and in 16: 9 . Check that the idvd output is not in 4:3. For video conversion, I use a freeware program called oxelon. Hope that ... more »
thanks for the recommendation about oxelon
I'm with Eat Play Love
SammySamak to Battersea and 5 more areas

This is BIG: 5 days to go to the biggest Ironsides rugby match ever!!!

This is BIG!!!  Battersea Ironsides RFC 1st XV are in the semi-finals of the RFU National Junior Vase competition!!! This game is being played THIS SATURDAY 19 April 2014 on our Garrett Green pitch kick-off at 14:30 against Longlevens RFC, a team from ... more »

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Garrett Green

Apr 19
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Leanne U
Is garrat green the field opposite burntwood, will definatly come down and support the team.
Wishing Ironsides every success on Saturday, they deserve it after all their hard work.  Sadly we will not be in London over the weekend but fingers crossed will be supporting Ironsides at Twickenham - what a momentous day that will be!!
Sandy B to Balham and 4 more areas


Does anyone know where I can have some curtains made?  I bought the material but have no clue about where in Balham or Tooting to go to.
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Ella - Could you do roman Blinds? My wife is desperate to find someone....
Sandy B
Thanks Ella.  I will call you.  Busy tomorrow so will call you on the phone on Friday.  Thanks for that.  Great news. 
Sharon B to Upper Tooting and 4 more areas

We need a photographer for a party

Does anyone know a photographer who can take photos of a 21st birthday party later in the year in Central London? Someone who can capture the atmosphere of the evening.......
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Filmmaker Sandra
Hello Sharon ... I am sandra local filmaker and photographer. Thanks everyone for your recommendations, it was very lovely to hear positive comments about my work. Sharon I can both film and take pictures. I can also edit the footage and add music , ... more »
Aussie Caramel
Another option might be to buy disposable cameras and ask the guests to take photos??? That way you collect all the cameras when the party is over and you get to keep the photos you like/want. If you wait for everyone to email you the ones they took on ... more »
Dave to Balham and 9 more areas

Car body work repair

Hi all, Can anyone recommend a garage to do body work repairs on a car? Thanks!
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caroline w
Carpenters don't do body-work but they recommend a company down Mitcham way called NC Coachworks. I find Springbok expensive, so I would recommend getting a quote from them and from NC. NC Coachworks are a bit remote in an ... more »
Thanks all! I have used Carpenters before - but was aware that they didn't do bodywork. Will try Springbok and NC coachworks (and will report back after!) Dave