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Squirrels in roof - grateful for recommendations

Sarah M in Balham
We had squirrels in a difficult-to-access roofspace 18 months ago and a seemingly-efficient pest controller set traps and caught two.   He said that many people had to call him back every year.   We've since had considerable work done to roof including ... [ more ]
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Jimi S
I echo the recommendation of Jason from Pestalance.  A bit cheeky of that other pest controller to see it as a repeat business opportunity.  I'm sure Jason would proof the place against future invasions.  That's part of his recommendations on what he can ... [ more ]

Charity/organisation for homeless people in Wandsworth

Agnes J in Merton
Dear Streetlife community, Does anyone know of charities or organisations working with homeless people in Wandsworth? The council doesn't seem to have a list with the names/details of theses organisations. I also contacted Steeetlink and not been ... [ more ]

web desigher

emmsar in Wandsworth
I am looking for modst web desginer for just for up  and down load video and audio albums and simple adminstration .
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Matthew R
Johan Wilkinson can help you build the Web site you want very good rates and listens to meet your demands contact her on 07460469786

Top soil wanted

Agnes J in Merton
Dear Streetlife community, Spring has arrived and I would like to pot and repot some plants in my garden. I'm looking for good quality top soil to mix with compost. I can collect over the weekend (preferably) or an evening after work (next week). ... [ more ]

Green vertical line on TV screen

Rachel B in Upper Tooting
I have got a Samsung 32" Smart TV, and it has developed a bright green vertical line down the right hand edge of the screen. The TVs is only about 18 months old, but, by Sod's Law, is just outside its warranty. Does anybody have any experience of this or ... [ more ]
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Jacqueline B
According to the May edition of Which? magazine: "Using your remote control, press the Menu button, then navigate to Support>Self Diagnosis>Picture Test.  If the picture you get is fault-free, you should reset the picture settings by opening the ... [ more ]
Rachel B
Thank you Jacqueline B. I have done all that you recommended and it still was there, which is what led me to contacting Samsung. Seems I now need to either steel myself for a battle with Currys or admit defeat and start saving for a new smart tv!

Missing Tabby Cat

Louise Georgina in Upper Tooting
My friend cat is missing in the Tooting area. Please get in touch if it have any info he is extremely worried. Cash reward offered for safe return. X
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Marian C
I've just seen a tabby cat with white paws in Elmfield Road looking a bit lost and nervous, and he has gone into Cheriton Square.  He has a collar.  Mine went missing for a week and turned up in my neighbour's spare bedroom so keep hoping. All the best.

Free Thomson wireless ADSL router for PlusNet broadband offered

John F in Tooting Graveney
I no longer need this Thomson TG585 v 7  ADSL wireless router, which came free with PlusNet service at a previous address. Tested and works fine. It remained with my after my contract with PlusNet was fulfilled, i.e. legally mine to give away.  Complete ... [ more ]

Nanny / Nanny share

Kate S in Southfields
Hi everyone, I have a great nanny (all the checks etc) for one day a week for my 11 month son, her other job has just given her notice and she's looking for work for the rest of the week.  I'd happily do a nanny share with someone for some of that time ... [ more ]

Recommendation for architect and builder for extension

John Hartson in Merton
Hi.  Can anyone recommend an architect and builder for an extension?  Looking at both extending downstairs in the kitchen and a loft conversion. Thanks!
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Una J
Have a look at Space2Build They are on Check a Trade and have been vetted. Have used them on a regular basis. You can view the jobs their working on at the moment and also jobs completed. No money up front and your invoiced for work carried out to date, ... [ more ]

Light bulb disposal

Samantha M in Upper Tooting
Does anyone know how I can safely dispose one of those tube long lightbulbs. It's over a meter long. Online it says to recycle lightbulbs but says nothing about tube ones.
David C
If you're passing near the Wandsworth Riverside waste centre on Smugglers Way, they definitely accept the tubes for recycling.  Otherwise, it's quite tricky as they're quite fragile, and the glass is thin if they break and tends to cut through ... [ more ]
Samantha M
I am never over that way but I guess I could see if I could get there. I always assumed that breaking them was dangerous. I might wrap it newspaper then put it in a bag and maybe think of doing it that way. Thanks for your advice.

Need a little helping hand in the garden?

Share Community in Sands End
Do you need a little help tidying up your garden in time for the summer? If so, then get in touch with Share Gardening, a social enterprise run by local charity, Share Community, that provides gardening maintenance and planting services. For a personal ... [ more ]

Thai Restaurant

Phil M in Tooting Graveney
Anyone who has not tried PLOY will get a pleasant surprise. Good value  family runTHAI restaurant which is a few minutes walk along Trinity Road from Tooting Bec Tube Station.
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agree with all of this! plus our kids love their stir fried rice which is another bonus

help with growing grass on my lawn

Jo in Summerstown
The grass in my back garden looks awful and has terrible bald patches. In the past, I have tried reseeding but it never really works. It is not a big garden and I want it to look nice this summer. Has anyone got any suggestions for strong easy to grow ... [ more ]
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I've found in the past that it's sometimes easier to get a couple of rolls of turf from Homebase and cut them to shape to fit the patches. Also, depending on the state of the current lawn, it may be possible to put down a thin layer of compost over the ... [ more ]

Cricket for 6 year old

Skippy in Clapham
Hi there We have just been camping for the weekend and my year one son enjoyed camping with friends whilst there and seems keen to get further involved. From my brief search it looks like lots of clubs are all full already - does anyone kindly have any ... [ more ]
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C Tooting
I would highly recommended Dulwich Cricket club, my son played at Spencer for a couple of years - he didn't like the set up - so we moved to Dulwich - he's loved it and been playing there for last 7 yrs and is now in the adult development team. Very easy ... [ more ]
Haggis W
S&S cricket run holiday camps in Wimbledon (they might do other venues). Not sure what age they start, but my son has loved it with them.

FREE trampoline for the garden suit child 3 years to 15 years Tooting Broadway

n w in Furzedown
FREE trampoline for the garden suit child 3 to 15 years old, no holes in the outer meshing and zip works perfectly well. We are located in Tooting Broadway Not the best picture of it as my neighbour just had her tree cut back and all the shavings fell ... [ more ]
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Ali P in Upper Tooting
This is a good airer but it doesn't fold down and I don't have the space to store it.  Free to anyone who wants it. It's slightly more orange than this picture.  I will take it apart so easy to take away.  Free to anyone who wants it.  Alison
Monica C
Hi there  see you have a animal i have been to the new easipetcare clinic, low cost vets who care. very reasonable, clean. you can go to their website, \norbury

Soil fertiliser recommendations

Louise H in Earlsfield
As a rookie gardener with our first garden, I have been told to get some fertiliser for the soil in our garden. Does anyone know where I can find some? Or the best fertiliser to get?
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Joao C
My soil readings last year on my new plot suggested I do not add anything on my new plot. I went by these readings (as the plot was not cultivated for several years, hence rich in nutrients) and had a great crop. Also, I normally keep a Powerpoint ... [ more ]
Rosy S
Composting is a great idea but don't forget you need two bins, once one is full it takes a long time for it to rot down, 6/12 months during which time you use the other bin!  I put all my veg peelings, not too much grass cuttings and add some newspaper ... [ more ]

Edwardian Door Restoration?

Oskemen9 in Upper Tooting
Does anyone know a good company or person who could restore an Edwardian front door, i.e. sand and paint, etc? I think someone may have asked the same thing recently on this website, but I can't find it...thanks
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Hi Oskermen9, there are a variety of Edwardian doors and it depends how far you want to go with it.  Applebie Interiors should be able to help, call them on 07956655437.
Tony M
Hiya Oskemen, I have seen your post here, please do call me to discuss your renovation programme.  You can reach me on: 07576 189 363 My best, Tony Murphy

Dog sitter

James in Furzedown
I am looking for someone who looks after dogs in their own homes and does not have dogs or cats of their own.I posted this message a few weeks ago and received some interesting enquirers but I would still like to meet some more dog sitters. Thanks James
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Clare B
I have a dog of my own so can't offer to help directly. Have you tried ? Also, if you are interested in working with your dog to reduce their anxiety around other dogs I suggest contacting Craig Steiff of Mild Mannered Mutt dog ... [ more ]
Sheila P
I do know of a dog sitter but I think she is on holiday at the moment so I can't ask her to make contact with you.  I haven't used her but can tell by the way she talks about her "lodgers" that she seems good.  I will email her and ask her to make ... [ more ]

Lost cat Wandsworth Common area

Alison B in Earlsfield
My black cat Jefferson managed to escape this morning and as we have only just moved in he will be completely lost. He is a completely black short haired male about 8 years old, has a collar with my name and number and a cat chip, and distinctive big ... [ more ]
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does anyone know a good upholsterer to fix leather settee cushions?

Jo in Summerstown
I would really appreciate any recommendations for someone to fix a split leather cushion which has come apart due at the seam. I am in Earlsfield so someone near would be good. Many thanks Jo
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Hi all Just reporting back that I used Wimbledon Upholstery 5 mins from me and he did a very good job. It did take a long time as he is very busy.
Ellie B
Stuff & Cover 399 Durnsford Rd, London SW19 8EE, United Kingdom  8947 4330, cross the road from Sainsbury Local.  used them many times and will collect large items.


Dave M in Streatham Park
Can any recommend a good place in Tooting (or surrounding areas) to get a chair re-upholstered?
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Internet engineer

Jane A in Balham
My broadband has become incredibly slow and there is no diagnosable fault on the line.  Does any one know of an affordable internet engineer?  BT prices seem very high.
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Benazir C
Hi Jane, We used to be with BT had this sort of Internet issues all the time and had a similar story where everyone weer called them they quoted is some very expensive prices to have an engineer come out as the problem was "bound to be on our end ... [ more ]

Garden design/ Astro turf specialist

Saskia W in Upper Tooting
Do you have any recommendations for cost efficient garden design and Astro turfing. We desperately need help as currently we have a fox, which has buried itself under the decking in the garden making it unstable!