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Plumber needed for Central Heating repair

R D in Sands End
Hi Has anyone had a central heating unit and piping done by a professional plumber of firm? I need some large work done on my existing Worchesterr Bosh Combi boiler and Rad pipes re- positioned. I am looking for a very knowable, intelligent, good ... [ more ]
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Philippe G
try Steve Boreland of SB Speedy maintenance; he has just re[placed my boiler and hot water tank. He is good and reliable and reasonably priced . his tel is 07951417552
Anna S
Hello, Nerijus Vinskas NV Plumbing & Heating 07588 505390 We haven't used him, but a friend just had her boiler moved/replaced and mentioned he was good. Best of luck.

Dangerous Road Crossing.

Phil M in Tooting Graveney
I learned with horror that the dangerous road crossing at Beechcroft Rd and Glenburnie Rd Tooting Bec no longer has its "Lollypop Man". Since funding was withdrawn by Wandsworth Council, i understand the 2 Local schools have provided the funding. This ... [ more ]
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When Wandsworth council decided to cut funding, Ernest Bevin and Fircroft School agreed to find the lollipop man for this junction. Fircroft also solely funds the lollipop lady on Fircroft. Bevin withdrew funding and after a while Fircroft decided ... [ more ]
You could try finding a prosperous local business to sponsor one. I think the lollipops at Honeywell School are paid for by Hamptons or one of the other local real estate agents. It's very good advertising (and helps counter the bad reputation they ... [ more ]

Burning stuff

Martin D in Balham
Who keeps burning stuff near Cambray Rd? Happens every month it seems and it's happening right now. It's getting to my head and my chest. Stop it, please!
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Anja T
Martin, could you find out the exact location. I am also in the neighbourhood and would support a complaint. I posted on Ellen's trail. Your local Councillors are your best chance for support.
Annabel R
Hi Yes it is anti-social and I have cut and pasted this from the Wandsworth Council website below  It does not mention anything about owning a property or not it looks like they have to come and investigate it  as it is taking place and if necessary ... [ more ]

Party wall agreements

Rebecca 121 in Clapham
We need to get party wall agreements for a rear single storey side extension with both neighbours. I am trying to understand what will actually be needed to be done in the party wall process and how this should add up in the costing. I have read that ... [ more ]
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Jane H
JoP.  Thank you for the advice.  I forgot to mention that we have full planning permission from the council but still need to inform another department that we are  now at the stage where we have a builder who is interested in doing the work for us ... [ more ]
john f
London borough of Wandsworth will have a legal team and I expect a firm who deals with all their party wall issues ,if you're lucky this surveyor will deal for both sides, you will also have to notify building control and serve a building notice ... [ more ]

Cat missing again

Elvira in Merton
I am sure people are getting fed up with these posts and wonder why I can't control my cat but I'm sorry to say that Ziggy the cat has gone missing again from the Summerstown area. Fairlight Road, Fountain Road, Khartoum Road in particular. He has ... [ more ]
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Kenneth - thanks for your note. Ziggy is pure white so it is unlikely to have been him - and he is sticking fairly close to home at the moment.
Alan L
Poor old Ziggy ;( I'm sure someone local is looking after Ziggy :) If not why not contact Jason L and put Ziggy on SNARL

Quote for Chimney Bird Guard.. Seems a lot

Michelle in Tooting Graveney
Hi,  I'm looking into getting a bird guard fitted to my chimney.  I have a solid fuel fire and have been quoted £354 for soild fuel terminal and Bird guard. Has anyone had one fitted before? Any recommendations? / Advice? Does this seem like alot? ... [ more ]
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Rebecca R
give him a call as he probably knows better then either of us what youre talking about.  hes the roofer for 2 of the major house developers around here
Hi all,  Just to give you an update. All sorted I put a message up on My builder and someone came yesterday. Costed £180 Thanks for all your help

Picture Frames

Sean L in Streatham Park
Hi All, I have a mixture of 14 quality picture frames. I received these from a friend who used to live in London but has now relocated to the US. He told me that they cost him approx. $200 each. I want to get them valued but have no idea where to ... [ more ]
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Sean L
Thanks Clare. They are not new but are in excellent condition. I will give these guys a call. Best, Sean

Missing Cat in Streatham Hill

Victoria R in Balham
Hi all,  My 4 yr old tabby cat (goes by the name of Amy, or any kind of whistle), has been missing since Wednesday 21st Sept.  She's never missed a meal, so this is very unlike her. We live along Ambleside Avenue, so she goes out through gardens and ... [ more ]
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Victoria R
Hi Rachel B and Sarah J - thank you so much for pointing this out again - in my speed at doing all of these posts, I've put my old street name, as we've only just moved - I'm now at Amesbury Avenue, which is right next to Streatham Hill station.  She ... [ more ]

Free wardrobe

Linas A in Balham
Hello, this wardrobe is available for anyone willing to come pick it up. 52 deep and 86 wide at the base, 182 high. It's on wheels, but surprisingly heavy. Please send me a private message to make arrangements. Thanks!

where can I print edible image?

Silvia V in Balham
Hello everyone! Is there anybody who can tell me where I can print or find edible image in Clapham? Thank you very much
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Maria M
The Crafty Superstore on Balham High Road has an icing printer. I think you need to have the image on a memory stick. I've used Cake My Face on line and they have a straightforward set up where you can upload images for cupcake toppers or cakes. ... [ more ]


Jean G in Streatham Park
Last week   there was a shooting in Mitcham Lane,  last night there was a shooting in Bedford Hill.  I feel  as though I am living in the wild west  but our  MP   tells  travellers   it is a safe place to visit
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Andrew T
As an aside, I went to stay with friends in Suffolk a few weeks back. Whilst there I went jogging through some local towns and villages. Everyone I passed said hello, smiled and made eye contact. I used to run in/around Bedford Hill and the Common ... [ more ]
Jane E
And when I walk down my street and in London I find that people also say hello - not in busy shopping areas maybe but certainly in quieter areas.

Computer table

Sylvia J
I'd be interested if table is still available. Can collect anytime. Best to reach me by text  07831 22 00 34 Thanx Sylvia
Hi Sylvia. yes, the table is available, first come first serve ,my number :07783904539  See you soon and come any time you like, in Sistova Road, Balham. Will text you tomorrow for ful address.  chanda

End of tenancy cleaner & removals/man+van service?

Eve in Upper Tooting
Hi there We are moving in 3 weeks and wondered if anyone can recommend an end of tenancy cleaner (including carpets) & a small removals or man + van service for a few hours? We are only moving from one side of Balham to the other. We don't need a ... [ more ]
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Jill C
Jake at House Elf is really helpful and would sort everything for you. Has a presence on Streetlife if you search at the top of the page.

Xero Accounts Package

Pippa :-) in Upper Tooting
Hello neighbours Is anyone an expert with Xero online accounts package and can  you give me one to one tuition at my office in Bellevue Road. I think I need 3 hours initially - this week! Happy to pay Please contact me
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Lara Z
My accountant Benazir Chatur from Alfred A Malnick & Co recommends xero. If you need help 020 8677 7113 she's worth a call. Also great accountant! Good luck with it!
James H
Hi Pippa My accountant too Jacques Steenkamp can help, email: if your other leads don't work out best regards James

Help with ceiling repair

kathryn g in Tooting Graveney
Im looking for someone that can repair a ceiling. Can anyone help? Part of it needs removing and replacing due to a leaking shower from the flat above, re-plastering and repainting. Im not really sure what this falls under? Is it a builder, carpenter, ... [ more ]
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kathryn g
Tim E Hi Tim, I did try calling a couple of times but couldn't get through. Thanks for your help though and I've now got it sorted. K
kathryn g
Frank F Hi Frank, You were right! Hamilton group has been really responsive and seem super organised. I haven't yet had the work carried out but have a lot of faith!

Re-plating silverware

Jon H
best bet would be a visit to the silver vaults in Holborn - loads of people to help there ! it is also great for a wander !

Need Computer chair

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Hi Chanda - if you're still looking for a chair I have 2 available - see photo. They are undamaged (apart from a little wear & tear on the seat of the black one) and the mechanisms work properly. Both are fairly old & a bit dusty - they've ... [ more ]

Carpet cleaner to lend/rent

Hulda O in Summerstown
Hi,  I am looking for someone who has a carpet cleaner to lend/rent for 1 day. I live in Tooting. Thanks,  Hulda
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Tony B
Beware of so-called 'professional' carpet cleaning advertisements - a friend of mine had a company send her an 'operative' who charged £60 for 20 mins work, with some apparatus that left the carpet very damp afterwards and it didn't look any cleaner. ... [ more ]

Bamboo flooring to give away

Lee-Ann C in Upper Tooting
I have one unopened pack (according to manufacturer it covers 1.58 square metres) and one opened pack (with only one plank missing - meaning there are 6 lengths - 1.85 x 14.2cm each) of woven strand natural bamboo flooring. To see what it's like see: ... [ more ]
Lee-Ann C
The bamboo flooring has now been claimed. Thanks to everyone for their interest - and the rapid response. Streetlife really is great!

Lynn and Iain Selwyn-Reeves exhibit as part of Wandsworth Open House Trail @ Sprout Arts 27 September - 9 October

Sprout Arts in Upper Tooting
Sprout Arts is on the map! Once again, Lynn & Iain Selwyn-Reeves are taking part in this years, thriving Wandsworth Artists' Open House trail showcasing their hand drawn illustrations, house portraits, typographic art, doodles, as well as ... [ more ]

Cat sitter for xmas

Sandrine L in Summerstown
Hi I live in Franche cout/Garrat Lane and I am looking for a cat sitter available from the 19/12 to 25/12 any suggetions? I would prefer a young person 14 to 19 years old in the area looking for parti-time jobs and wanting reference in order to get ... [ more ]
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cleaner wanted

Sandrine L in Summerstown
I am looking for someone who can come once a week to clean my flat ( 2 bedrooms) and during holidays act as a cat sitter (feeding the cat only - no litter)
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Karen P
Hi Sandrine I already clean for a few Streetlifers so getting references is easy. Please private message if you'd like to trial me. I am available to start whenever you like 😊 Karen
Sandrine L
Thanks for all your replies -I have tried to send private message but I dont seem to be able to do so. I dont know why. HoweverI have now find a cleaner.  Regards Sandrine

Cinnamon Trust need volunteers - dog walkers.

Lily W in Streatham Park
Cinnamon Trust is a charity that provide voluntary dog walkers to the elderly and terminally ill who are unable to give their dogs the walks they need. They have dogs in need all over the UK but the one attached, Harvey, is in Wimbledon SW19 and they ... [ more ]
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Lily W
Here is the link Thank you Irina I if you can do Wimbledon could you get in touch direct with the charity so they can get you on the volunteer list. Such a great charity and also if you find someone in need you ... [ more ]
Belinda M
What a great charity Lily, thanks for posting. I will contact them as I've missed walking a dog since my beloved Jack Russell died

Looking for recommendations for a carpet fitter

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Lily W
If you need another contact we used Lee from here on Streetlife. Lee -07958 391894 Good price, well organised. Just the spare room and we had the carpet but he did say he can get it if needed.

Shoe rack and chest of drawer wanted

Hulda O in Summerstown
Hi,  I am looking for a second-hand shoe rack and a chest of drawer. I live in Tooting and I am able to collect them. Thanks! Hulda
Hi I have  a chest of drawers but a bit big with around 5 drawers, live in Balham, colour brown feel free to come and have a look. \and also i got a computer table in grey colour good condition.  Chanda
Hulda O
Hi Chanda, I am interested in the chest of drawer. How much would be? Can you please upload a picture of that one and can you please tell me the measures? I need to understand if it fits in my room. Thanks, Hulda