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Leather offcuts

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Kieran S
Does anyone know where I can buy a couple of pieces of black upholstery leather - 50 x 50cm. I can find plenty of places that will sell a whole hide but not small pieces. Thanks
Georgie S
The Sewing and Craft Superstore, (next to the Hoover shop at the Tooting Bec end of Balham High Road) is a great shop for all sorts of material and haberdashery stuff.

Balham Country Market

Clubs & Groups in Streatham

MAR 07
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Balham Bowls Club in Ramsden Road
F j R
The Market is on this Saturday - home made cakes, bread, preserves and so much more! Come and have a look and maybe stay for a drink!

Rubbish collection or lack of it!

Local Conversations in Wandsworth

Rosemary H
Is anyone else having the problem that when their bins are emptied on a Friday morning the collectors only take half their rubbish?  Despite being neatly put in black sacks or recycling bags the collectors leave sacks in the dustbins.  This morning 2 ... [ more ]
Wandsworth Council
Hi Rosemary, our waste manager is happy to look into this for you. Can your email her please at If anyone is having problems with rubbish collection, there's lots of ways to contact the waste team. Details here ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Sheila P
I need a lot of jobs done around the house such as replacing window glass, grouting, fitting a radiator cover, etc.  Does anyone know of someone reliable and reasonable?  Thanks.
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Anett F
I would recommend my partner Peter. He is a handyman / carpenter/ decorator. Lives in Balham. Pls e-mail to w further info. Can provide references. Thank you.

Buying a rug

Recommendations in Furzedown

Garden Tips!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Summerstown

Jaime Johnson Garden
Todays' Garden Tip: Feed your emerging spring bulbs! It takes a lot of energy to make a flower so help your bulbs along with a feed.  Bulbs in containers need a high potash feed such as tomato fertiliser, and those in the ground could do with a general ... [ more ]
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Mary A
I'd love to receive your newsletter too. I like the fact that it's brief and to the point! Many thanks.

Tooting History Group Talk

Clubs & Groups in Upper Tooting

Sue C
A local resident who has lived in Tooting for 90 years will be sharing their memories. All welcome at The United Reformed Church, Rookstone Road SW17 @ 7.30 If you are not a member there is a small donation of just £2= Refreshments will also be available.

Whippet dog coat to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Furzedown

Tree Surgeon

Recommendations in Clapham Park

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Susila B
You could also try Jonathan Lewis - 07740 618 988 - I have been using him for years and he always does an excellent job and is very reasonably priced.

Sainsburys Orange bags

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Sprout Arts
Hi We are working on a children's art project currently and would greatly appreciate it if we could receive Sainsburys Orange bags. If you have any spare please can you drop them off to Sprout at 74 Moyser Road. Many thanks The Sprout Arts Team
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Eleanor C
Hi, I've put a request out for you with the Streatham Mums' Network on Facebook - hopefully they will inundate you with bags! Please tag me and let me know if you want to withdraw the request in the event that you become swamped! Ta
Marianne I
Yes, I agree with Lee Alley's plea, to not get new, unused, bags from Sainsbury's. As a matter of fact I am and have been an advocate for the introduction of charges for supermarket bags for a very long time, or for them to stop offering them all ... [ more ]

Balham Farmers' Market at Chestnut Grove School!

Local Conversations in Upper Tooting

Balham Farmers Market
The local farmers' market is back at Balham! This week there's a new stall starting: Madame Macaroon! Here's a little info on them: There will also be Seriously Italian selling pasta and pesto, Bath ... [ more ]

Pedal back cafe in Broadway market

Recommendations in Balham

Not sure if anyone's mentioned this new cafe/bike repair shop in Broadway market yet? Been there twice in two days for some great coffee, cake and advice from Dave, the lovely guy who can fix/adjust your bike. He reconditions old bikes to sell on too and ... [ more ]
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Looking for local handcraft business

Recommendations in Streatham Hill

elisabeth c
Hi, any local handcraft business you know in the area of Battersea / Balham / Clapham? I'm myself owning a handcraft business ( and would be really happy to discuss with some other similar businesses, to share experiences and (why not) ... [ more ]

Milliner in Balham area?

Recommendations in Streatham Hill

Karlie G
Can anyone please recommend a local Milliner to make a hat to match an existing dress for the Royal Ascot? Many thanks!
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Linda S
If you want something wonderful, eye catching and creative and in Brixton Hill, go to Andrew is wonderful too

Borrowing a stairgate or two for the weekend

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Jenny T
My lovely nephew is coming to my house on Sunday, but I live in a lethal first floor maisonette, with two steep staircases.  Does anyone have a clamping stairgate that I could borrow for the weekend? Many thanks, Jenny
Joao C
Hi Jenny, I have two of these clamp type ones at home with the opening clip type passage door in the middle. They have both slighly different dimensions so one should fit your stair wall width. My kids are overseas at the moment so you can borrow both ... [ more ]

Recommendations for economical way to heat one room

Local Conversations in Streatham Park

Flair Fairy
Can anyone recommend an economical portable electrical heater I could buy to heat one room when I'm working at home, rather than blasting the central heating. I've looked online and they say halogen heaters are the most economical followed by oil filled ... [ more ]
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Here is an interesting article I remembering reading a while back... Other than that, I used to live in a flatI which had a loft conversion bedroom, ... [ more ]
Emma S
I have the same issue - I work at home & don't want to heat the whole house. I've just had thermostatic valves installed on all the radiators in the house, so I can just turn the heat on in rooms I'm using. Much more fuel efficient to use your ... [ more ]

Lost or stolen Apple Mac- your insurance claim experiences please

Recommendations in Clapham

Karen S
Horror of horrors! I have to go and buy a new Apple Mac today as mine was lost or stolen yesterday. Nightmere. I know this is sometimes covered on your household or travel insurance but that it depends on the policy or exclusions. If you have had a ... [ more ]

HP 1280 Colour Inkjet Printer to give away -Prints on A4 & A3

Give, Lend & Borrow in Southfields

John G
Hi I have a used but still working HP 1280 colour inkjet printer to give away -with power cord and USB lead. It will need ink cartridges and the drivers can be downloaded from the HP website- unless your pc comes pre-loaded with them. Collect from just ... [ more ]
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Wanted - Gold Framed mirror??

Give, Lend & Borrow in Furzedown


Recommendations in Furzedown


Clubs & Groups in Furzedown

Has anyone else received a parking ticket after paying by phone to park mobile? This happened to me yesterday near St. Georges. I am concerned that I have no documentation to support my appeal other than the records held by park mobile which I cannot ... [ more ]
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Roz H
Their should be a record of the transaction on your bank account ti prove that you paid so would suggest you check that and send them a photocopy blanking out all the important non essential information.
Rachel M
This also happened to me but I wrote to them and included copies of the PCN and my park mobile print out (from the park mobile website) and it was cancelled. Now I have put a sticker in the car window asking the traffic wardens to check park mobile!

Have fun with watercolour in this art masterclass taking place on Friday 6th at 11am

Clubs & Groups in Upper Tooting

Sprout Arts
Tutor Maureen Sweeney is running a watercolour master clas this Friday 6th March between 11am-1pm . Fee £10. Maureen Sweeney is a qualified Art Teacher who has taught in adult educationand has exhibited with The Royal Watercolour Society. This is a two ... [ more ]
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Russ C
I know, I was trying to be funny but obviously I failed miserably. I spotted a tiny punctuation oversight that tickled me and thought it would tickle others also. I apologize profusely and promise to stick to my day job in future.

Observer Food Monthly

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

Jenny S
Has anyone got a February OFM they don't want? I must have thrown mine away by mistake and my brother in America loves them.
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Neil C
Hello again Jenny, I'm not sure whether you got my PM? Anyway, the rest of today is tricky now, but I will be here from 4:45 tomorrow or Saturday morning til 10
Jenny S
I didn't get your PM, Neil, so don't know your address. Could you give me a ring on 020 7350 2749?

Bathroom painter plus tile

Recommendations in Furzedown

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Hi Gheorghe, thanks for kind reply, i think one number missing from your  mobile number ,normally it is eleven digits but i read one ten digits, please can you send me your number again, or call me on:07783904539 ... [ more ]

6 pond goldfish to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Streatham

Melanie R
I have recently moved house & I have inherited 6 goldfish in a pond. 3 gold 3 pale/white ish in colour. The gold are larger in size, I'm guessing maybe 15-20cm in length. I have a 1yr old and don't want a pond! Free to a good home. Collection from ... [ more ]
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