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Recommendations in Upper Tooting

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Recommendations in Summerstown

Imperial Durbar this Thursday from 7.30pm for Nepal Relief Aid.

Clubs & Groups in Balham

Bobby S
Please all come to Imperial Durbar this thursday from 7.30pm and support. There are thousands of people without shelter and it is vital to put a roof over their head before the monsoon season starts and thus brings in other disease such as cholera.
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Bobby S
Hi Jill .Many thanks for your reply. I wouldn’t regard my actions as heroic. It’s merely a case of one human being helping another regardless of age, gender, race or religion. Being a Sikh the fundamentals of our religion are based on equality and ... [ more ]
Jill C
Thanks Bobby. I'm all for equality and helping others less fortunate........but sometimes life gets in the way. You may not be a hero but you haven't let it get in your way. Have a good night. Sorry I can't be there. Can't think of a better occasion to ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Streatham Hill

Karen H
A big thank you to St George's for prompt service. On Saturday my husband had a heart attack within 6 minutes of our call an ambulance arrived, he was admitted to A&E who where brilliant, was referred for treatment within an hour. Yesterday he came ... [ more ]
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Mary W
My son had a seizure when he was 2 and stopped breathing. The quick response vehicle was here in just 90 seconds, we just couldn't believe it. Ambulance 5 minutes behind. God bless St George's and the NHS. We are never moving away from Tooting!

Fox repellent - advice, please!

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Liz B
I need to stop the foxes coming into my garden, especially as the other night one got into a nasty scrap with my small dog. I think they had been eyeing each other for a few weeks. Can anyone recommend a good repellent, please?
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Rick S
Sorry, I'd forgotten that Liz, like you, is a dog owner - I don't really know what effect it has on them. From looking online I gather that dogs can hear the Foxwatch but they react in a different way to foxes and don't get distressed by it - but that ... [ more ]

Trinity Road closure having awful effect on roads around it

Local Conversations in Tooting Graveney

Sandy G
Ever since the closure, cars, HGVs and god knows what else have been racing up and down Eatonville Road - setting off car alarms they are so heavy and are travelling at such a pace. Is there a way to ask Wandsworth Council to limit traffic on this road ... [ more ]
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Agree Mary W. If I see any of the SGN and TfL workers standing around doing nothing or standing around watching someone else doing nothing (a common sight with road-works) I'm going to lose the plot! Sorry to recommend your road Kirsty E. I will bear ... [ more ]
I really do sympathise with you all. This chaos is even stretching down as far as Tooting Broadway - and by that I mean 'total chaos'. Every route into or out of this area is grid-locked. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea for the Council to approve the ... [ more ]

New theatre in Streatham

Local Conversations in Streatham Park

Scott A
Don't want a white elephant theatre for Streatham? Then go to he Planning Applications Database (simply requires registering giving name and address and email and choosing a password) Mega bowl ... [ more ]
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Mike M
Can you enlighten me as to where ANY theatres are located in Streatham ? And hardly any space to walk on the streets ? I find that a strange observation.
Joao C
I was refering to cinema theatres. I work in architectural field and if one does a traffic flow simulation analysis, it would be evident that at the end of the show, it would be mahem on the streetwalk in front of Caesar. The same is already happening in ... [ more ]

Removal people recommendations please

Recommendations in Balham

Peter H
Hi I'g looking to get a few items moved, mainly garden pots and a couple of white goods, so do not need a huge van. Its only going about 20 miles away Any recommendations appreciated Thanks Peter
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Paul F
Hi Peter I know a French guy with a van who is excellent and very reasonable. Let me know if you want his number thanks Paul

Blow torch

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

altered bus routes

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Anyone know what has happened to the 219 and 319 bus routes through Wandsworth? In particular the changes to accommodate the three-month road works project in and around Trinity Road. The authorities have removed all my favourite bus stops in both ... [ more ]
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Thank you Jo M.  But I think you mean that the 219 & 319 now turn LEFT, when heading south, from Bellevue into St James Drive, stopping at Old Hospital Close, and then onward as normal. When heading north the 219 follows the usual route along Trinity ... [ more ]
Jo M
Yes, all very confusing.  My daughter now has to walk to Routh Road just to get onto the 219 to school which is quite a trek too.

Conservation area

Local Conversations in Streatham

Melanie R
Hi there Streetlifers, I hope you can help me. I live in a conservation area in Streatham Common. I want to make a few improvements/ adjustments to my property such as moving a gas meter and replacing windows and garage door. Does anyone know if you ... [ more ]
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Melanie R
Thank you everyone for your help and advice. We are definitely not in an article 4 direction area. It seems planning is for any demolition work. From what I gather replacing/repairing windows have to be like for like to keep the character of the area so ... [ more ]
Elizabeth S
Hi Melanie we replaced the church windows ~ having the added problem that the hall is covered by conservation area but the church (as an ecclesiastical building is supposedly exempt!) the like for like rule applied which was fine for our purposes.  ... [ more ]

Tickets to Milan Expo

Clubs & Groups in Balham

Age UK Wandsworth
Age UK Wandsworth  has received a donation of two tickets to the Expo in Milan 2015. Usual price are 32 euros each. The theme of this year’s Expo is food. This is a fun consumer show  These tickets would be ... [ more ]
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Age UK Wandsworth
Brilliant news, thanks very much indeed!  Wonderful that you will be in Milan this summer. It was so lovely to receive these tickets as a donation to help us raise money for Age UK Wandsworth. The total cost on the tickets is indeed 64 euros for the ... [ more ]

New term starting for Tia Chi and Chi Gong in Balham

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Jonathan Priest
This group is for all ages and abilities from complete beginners to advanced. I have been going for a year now and find these gentle but precise exercises very rewarding. Derek Pierce is a wonderful teacher and you could not wish to meet a nicer group of ... [ more ]

Gone within two hours.....

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

clare rees
I left two large sacks of unwanted clothes outside my front door this morning - partially hidden-for collection by a recycling company. When I checked at 11 a.m. They had gone so I naturally assumed they had been collected. Imagine my surprise when an ... [ more ]
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Joanne that was a very well worded response and I was essentially thinking along a similar vein.  If something is unwanted then I am grateful to anybody who takes it or wants it and usually no good deed goes unrewarded.
Jane L
Yes I agree.  And if someone needs a doormat more than me, well then they must be VERY much in need and they are welcome to it.  I have replaced the stripey Ikea one with a rather kitsch one from the market with wreaths of flowers and "Welcome" in florid ... [ more ]

Wandsworth's tree policy

Local Conversations in Putney

Jane E
I have just returned from Kew Gardens.  What a brilliant experience made even better by the intelligent spacing of trees, so that it was possible to admire individual trees.  How different from what Wandsworth has done on the open space opposite me.  ... [ more ]
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Jane E
But I am sure they are cheap and it gives the boys a chance to pretend to know what they are doing whilst climbing trees!!
Jane E
I was looking for an email address for Wandsworth's tree people in order to forward a link to this discussion.  I did find this:  which seems to imply that they have no plans since 2013 for any ... [ more ]

Volunteering my time as a Reflexologist

Give, Lend & Borrow in Streatham Park

Hannah C
Hi Everyone I am wanting to volunteer some of my time and skills as a Reflexologist.  I have just called UCLH cancer ward but they are not recruiting at the moment.  Does anyone know of anywhere locally that would appreciate a highly experienced ... [ more ]
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Joanne H
Would you consider offering your services to disabled/elderly/housebound people? When I was recovering after a long serious illness in St Thomas' Hospital I had three sessions with a reflexologist which made s huge difference to pain levels and enabled ... [ more ]

22 Paving slabs to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

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Hayden Murtagh
Hi Guys Veronica B and Lorna D/  BEAUTY THERAPIST  or anyone that is interested!! The slabs have not gone. I will give them away on a 1st come 1st serve basis!! Hayden 07903 141 248

Advice on giving notice to a tenant

Recommendations in Streatham Park

Ann W P
I have a difficult tenant who is threatening and abusive so I have given him one month's notice .... on a 6 month Shorthold tenancy agreement in month 7. He insists that I need to give him a reason for it .... and get a possession order from the courts ... [ more ]
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Maria S
Sean P You are right... If it became a periodic tenancy from AST, it is only the tenant that can give a month's notice. For the landlord it is still two months.
Jeroen Hoppe
Sean P  is right, on an AST the LL must always give 2 months' notice and the tenant 1 month. Use the correct notice otherwise it'll be invalid. You should see some of the tricks tenants use to stay put. Go on to channel 5 on demand and watch last night's ... [ more ]

"Track and trace" leak detection

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Sarah M
Can anyone recommend a company which won't charge the earth to confirm the source of damp/water leaks?   We are 4 flats in conversion of a Victorian house and our insurance company won't pay for this so we don't want to be charged the earth.
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Hi Sarah, Do you have any idea where the leak is coming from. ie an internal pipe, the roof, the foundations/shower/bath...this may determine which trade you need to get in. I have had numerous leaks from pipes/showers/roof over the years..but always ... [ more ]
Sue C
You can hire the cameras that you put down inks  & drains etc. Afraid I don't know where from or how much. but it might be the answer,


Recommendations in Upper Tooting

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Mantas P
0 Hi, I highly recommend A&M Mercury Properties LTD. Fast,reliable and quality works. Please contact Alex on 07715380565 Mantas 07520217669 for free estimate.

Free refrigerator/freezer

Give, Lend & Borrow in Tooting Graveney

Mel S
Hi All, I'm moving home and there is a fridge in the new kitchen so I have this one to give away. I'm on Franciscan Rd, Tooting. Any takers? Mel
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Mac Clean

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Hayden Murtagh
Hi I am a Photographer with a Mac that needs a good clean as its become cluttered!! Its has suddenly slowed down but would like it cleaned. Can you recommend a good fast Mac service person to help. thanks. Hayden 07903 141 248
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Quai G
I highly recommend Dele Ojo, who has been my IT guy for the past 10+ years via remote access. T: 07868 717 458

Help with basic computer skills on Microsoft surface 3

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Jo V
My neighbour has just bought a Microsoft surface 3 laptop/tablet but is having difficulty using it. Are there any budding IT people out there who might be able to help her for a couple of hours with a how to tutorial. Gemma is happy to pay a small ... [ more ]
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Anyone have a cat tree/tower or hooded cat bed/igloo that they no longer need?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

I have rehomed a RSPCA rescued puss and am looking for these items. I can buy but would rather recycle unwanted items. Please PM me with phone number if you live locally and what to get rid of catty accessories. Thank you
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Job moving some paintings this morning in Sloane Street!

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Sally H
Are you free fancy some cash? My husband Tom runs a Film prop transport company and has been let down if you fancy earning some cash today call 07836659227 NOW!  Thanks Sally