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Virtually brand new single duvet -FREE

Give, Lend & Borrow in Clapham Park

Help with creating a website

Recommendations in Clapham

Bring Furniture Back To Life
Hi I am in search for someone's help to put together a website for my small business. I paint furniture and just want a simple, crisp website. I  previously got some great recommendations on different websites to potentially use from Streetlife recently, ... [ more ]
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Image Cleaners
Hi Joan. Our site is fully interactive and Rob manages it online. He also built it. He arranges the hosting for a very reasonable cost. Should you call him say Russell at Cast.

Tiler wanted for small jobs

Recommendations in Clapham

Hello, I need a recommendation of a tiler to replace a cracked tile + fix a few other loose tiles. Not too expensive and preferably in the next week or two.

Wandsworth Arts Festival: The Pied Piper Creative Workshops 3-8 May & Storywalk Event 9 May 2015

Clubs & Groups in Upper Tooting

MAY 03
Sprout Arts 74 Moyser Rd SW16 6SQ
Sprout Arts
Sprout Arts welcomes the Wandsworth Fringe again. 'The Pied Piper' workshops have now started at Sprout Arts for the build up for the Pied Piper Event on Saturday 9th May. The festival this year will be based on the myth of the Pied Piper. This May, ... [ more ]

Fabric material -FREE

Give, Lend & Borrow in Clapham Park

June B
Remains of finished projects or projects not even started, but no longer likely to! Several metres of some fabrics. Could be useful for schools/local craft groups. Photo attached. PM if interested.

Bamboo (with roots)

Recommendations in Furzedown

Richard W
Do you know somewhere local which sells inexpensive bamboo (looks very expensive in B&Q)? Or, if you have some spare bamboo, please do let me know as I'm hoping to put some in my terribly boring garden. I'm more then happy to dig it out, though you ... [ more ]
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Mary F
Hi  - I have a rapidly spreading black bamboo giving up shoots of different sizes if anyone wishes to dig them up, you are most welcome. Sorry, I have broken wrist.  It is up to 8-10 ft tall in parts. Black bamboo really should be contained in a pot.( I ... [ more ]

looking for someone to trim large privet hedge

Recommendations in Furzedown

Hi, can any of you recommend someone to trim a large and long hedge of privet? I am very particular (there is another word for this but not this early in the morning!) - it must be cut straight. Also need their own trimmer because mine is damaged. ... [ more ]
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Dan L
Yes, can do asap, £10 however long, I'm a an artist who works with a professional landscaper, know what I'm doing, obviously, might take only 30 mins to 1 hour max. £10! E-mail me asap, I'm in brixton! yours, dan Langton (

Meditation course in Tooting - early bird places available

£59.00 in Tooting Graveney

Em O
Weekly meditation course, and monthly Bubbles, Brunch, Meditation & Pilates Life can often seem hectic, stressful and frustrating. My experience of mindfulness and compassion training is that it can help people find peace, deal with stresses, and ... [ more ]
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Shanta B
Hi Em, your course has just come at the right time.  I've just booked for the meditation course.  Looking forward to it. 
Em O
Thank you Shanta B, I'm very happy that the timing has worked out well - and looking forward to meditating with you!


Local Conversations in Furzedown

Alan P
I found a Bentley car wind deflector today, looks like new, still in a very nice case. I will not say where I found it, for obvious reasons, but it is a high value item, looking on Google, over £1000. If you are the owner, please contact me. I have also ... [ more ]
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Alan P
So there are some decent people about, over 1 week since the Bentley owner got his £1200 wind deflector back, and not a word of thanks, would I do the same again??.
Yes, I woman's wallet complete with ID, cards, cash of about £1000 in US and £ notes, and a Drycleaning ticket. I found her through the Dry cleaners. She came round to collect it and did not even bother to thank me. such is life!

Curtain Rail Fitter Wanted

Recommendations in Upper Tooting

Free ticket needed for Grand Design Show on Sunday or next wk

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Michelle G
Does any one happen  to have a FREE ticket that they will not use for the Grand Design show at Excel this weekend or next week or know where I can get one. I tried to get a free ticket from various websites, but they have all gone. Am happy to collect ... [ more ]
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Anett F
Hi there, check this one out. someone is offering free tickets on nvn.

Looking for Streetlifer Joao C

Give, Lend & Borrow in Furzedown

Margaret A
I promised 2 Arabic Dictionaries and a few Classical CD's to this person and have unfortunately mislaid his e-mail address. If you contact me again Joao, I now have the items ready for you. Please private message me.
Marianne I
If you use the "Search Streetlife" facility, in the middle of the toolbar, at the top and enter "Joao C", you will find this person's Streetlife Profile page: Streetlife | User Profile - Joao C There you can contact ... [ more ]
Joao C
Hi Margaret, great to hear from you.  I am still around and have left you phone messages and PM's to collect but unfortunately I had not heard back from you. Happy to collect today later today else tomorrow pretty much anytime at your convenience. Thanks ... [ more ]

anyone happy to give me their annual accounts for BTEC students?

Local Conversations in Mitcham

Lucy S
Hi - i'm currently teaching business studies at a school in SE London & my year 12 (penultimate school year) BTEC business study students have to learn about company accounts as part of one unit.  while their selected organisation for most of this ... [ more ]
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Marianne I
The Accounts which get filed at Companies House are only the Abbreviated Accounts consisting of (in my case) only a few pages, as follows: Accountant's Report Abbreviated Balance Sheet Notes to the Abbreviated Accounts I expect what you are after, Lucy ... [ more ]
Lucy S
yup, full accounts is what i want.  problem is, the business they've selected to look at for the unit is a large supermarket, Tesco, and i want them to practice on a smaller company's accounts before they tackle a huge company's accounts - i wasn't there ... [ more ]

Curtain rail fitter

Recommendations in Battersea

The plastic curtain rail in our bedroom needs replacing, preferably with a metal one with hooks which don't keep snapping off. Can anyone recommend a reliable fitter?

Large brown suede beanbag to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Clapham Park

Has been well used and loved, it's clean and has plenty of life left but has sprung a small leak and I'm losing white pellets all over the house so it needs TLC and small patch. I have refilled with new pellets and also hv large spare bag of refills to ... [ more ]

Wheatsheaf pub is saved (finally, finally, for good)

Clubs & Groups in Furzedown

Dan Watkins
Good Evening Tooting, I'm pleased to tell you that a revised planning application for the Wheatsheaf Pub was approved by the Council's Planning Committee tonight. This means that the ground floor of the pub will be retained and the first floor will ... [ more ]
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Sarah B
well hopefully tomorrow will see a political cross-section of the community turning up for the photo shoot so that there are no political points to be made.
I have just been to the new Wheatsheaf in Tooting Bec. What a transformation. Great food, good selection of ales and fantastic decor particularly the toilets. Definately my new local.

building work rubbish collection

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Rupert D
hi i have pulled up an old kitchen floor acumulating about 25 bags of waste and am just wondering whether anyone knows of a cheap way of having it removed/collected?
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FREE Dressers: 2 free Ikea Malm 3 drawer dressers

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

jody f
Free: 2 free Ikea Malm 3 drawers chests in natural birch veneer: w:80cm d:48cm, h: 78cm They look like this but in birch: Now outside on the pavement in front of 30 Mayford Road, SW12 8SD. ... [ more ]

Anyone interested in LH Berlioz?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Singing lessons

Recommendations in Tooting Graveney

Lianne R
Hello. I have two boys aged 14 and 16 and am looking for singing lessons for them. The 14 year old is studying grade 5 but doesn't get on with his teacher at school and the 16 year old has just started grade 6 but is moving schools and cannot do it at ... [ more ]
Marcin K
Hi Lianne R, I have master's degree in music tution, can give singing lessons easily and do some voice training as well. I live on Mitcham, so not very far. I work in Polish church in Balham as organist so I play and sing. If you would like to know some ... [ more ]
Polly M
Hi Lianne, I am a singing teacher, living in Earlsfield. I have taught teenage boys, girls (as well as younger ones) and adults for the last 14 years, including being an in house teacher at Eton College. I would be very interested in chatting to you ... [ more ]

tabby cat in Dornton Road

Lost & Found in Upper Tooting

Donna C
there is a tabby cat hanging around our flat helping himself to food etc. I cant get close enough to take a photo or get him to a vet to have microchip scanned. He is quite a gangly cat, with a white front leg and quite a lot of white on his/her face. I ... [ more ]
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Looking for a book keeper

Recommendations in West Hill

Caroline G
I'm looking for a book keeper that might be able to help one/two days a week looking after inputting invoices, reconcing monthly statements & the bank, credit cards & expenses for my business. If you know of anyone suitable I would love to hear ... [ more ]
Hi Caroline I am a retired bookkeeper -were you looking for full days? I can send my CV. Would be looking for no longer than a couple of 4 hour stints. I am in Tooting Graveney -so fairly local. What is the nature of your business please? Sylvia
Caroline G
Hi Sylvia, thanks for coming back to me. I have a catering business. A couple of 4 hr shifts a week would probably work. If you could send me your CV, that would be lovely. Thanks

Recommended Certified Electrician

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Gareth H
Hi all, As the subject matter says, I am looking for a recommended certified electrician to re-wire a socket for me. I would say that it is a small job, which I should be able to do it myself but in this day and age of health and safety I thought that ... [ more ]
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Fabric Ends to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Upper Tooting

Merilyn P
Would anyone have a use for a bag full of fabric off cuts?  Originally ;bought to cover a foot stool and also some dress fabrics.  Available to anyone who can collect and use the bagfull. Please contact Merilyn Potter on 0208 673 3113.
Anna M
Hi could u inbox me ur address I will come and collect if still available

Wandsworth Arts Festival: The Pied Piper Creative Workshops 2-8 May & Storywalk Event on 9 May 2015

Clubs & Groups in Upper Tooting

MAY 02
Sprout Arts 74 Moyser Road SW16 6SQ
Sprout Arts
Sprout Arts welcome the Wandsworth Fringe again. 'The Pied Piper' workshops have started at Sprout Arts for the build up for the Pied Piper Event on Saturday 9th May. The festival this year will be based on the myth of the Pied Piper. This May, the ... [ more ]