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Fancy dress

Silvergran in Playford
Hi, I've been trying to find an adult witch's outfit for Hallowe'en without success.  I've got the hat but need a long black dress.  I'm size 12/14.  Does anyone have anything suitable that I could buy or hire please.  I've tried everywhere but few ... [ more ]
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Thanks S F but I didn't want to take the risk as I need it by next Thursday.  However I went online again and managed to order one from Asda which I'm picking up early next week.  Just hope it fits!
Laurence H
The Salvation Army shop in Upper Brook Street opposite Sainsburys does fancy dress hire for adults as well as children.    There is also a fancy dress shop in Felixstowe if no luck in Ipswich

broadband speed

Jeff W in Warren Heath
can any residents who live in the Martlesham Heath complex please tell me what broadband speed they are getting through their telephone line Thanks
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Robert R
Thanks for your good wishes Stephen D.  Hopefully, fellow residents in Foxhall are registering their interest in superfast broadband. If, by chance any readers in rural areas are suffering stoppages of broadband signal my experience might possibly be ... [ more ]
Stephen D
One other thought for Robert R and maybe others who live around here. This company are offering wireless based broadband from the old mast in Foxhall Rd.  They are really targeting rural areas by daisychaining the service from ... [ more ]

Wreath Making Workshop

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Martlesham Heath Pavillion
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Kingston
Come and join us for a wreath making session. £10 per person which includes the wreath ring and refreshments. Please bring  your own foliage and decorations. Contact  01473 621104 or to find out more information or to ... [ more ]

scammer alert: Top Marshalls Driveways

Nicole Boitos-Hayworth in Melton
hello everyone -  We had a very alarming verbal altercation with a trio of young men going door to door on Cherry Tree Road last evening claiming to be representatives from Top Marshalls Driveways. The trio verbally abused an elderly passerby who had ... [ more ]
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Teresa B
I have just spoken to gentlemen fernhill close that had his driveway done and was really pleased with the work price and they were polite. They also did a drive nextdoor and they also pleased. So not quite sure if its the same people
Andrew G
All, I have only just seen this post. Just to make you all aware that signs may say "Marshalls register". These are generally a legitimate business who have been vetted by Marshalls paving prior to installing their products. Use any  search engine and ... [ more ]

Caretaker Wanted

Kesgrave Community Centre in Kesgrave Community Centre
Kesgrave Community Centre are seeking someone to take care of their facilities at weekends, someone who is reliable, efficient and flexible to work as a Caretaker in their busy centre providing support for the many events and activities that take ... [ more ]


Jo G in Hemley
I understand there is a very good joiner who has/does make spiral staircases somewhere in Newbourne. Does anyone know his name and where I might find him please? Many thanks

Free - Caravan/Trailer Wheel Lock and old style Hitch Lock

Bob B in Kesgrave
Bulldog Titan 180/F Wheel Lock (Haven't found keys yet but number known) and old style Titan Hitch Lock (with keys).

Decking protection

Jeff W in Warren Heath
Can anybody recommend a good oil/preservative for soft wood decking.
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Craft Fair

Northgate School
Silvergran in Playford
A craft fair is being held on Sunday, 16th October from 10 am to 3 pm.  There will be many craft stalls selling lovely gifts.  If you are looking to buy an early Christmas present, come along to this event.  Admission is free.
I've been asked by the person organising the craft fair to put the address of Northgate School for those who don't know where it is.    Address is:  Northgate High School, Sidegate Lane, Ipswich, IP4 3DL. Thanks.

Learn to Nordic Walk

Melton Playing Fields
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Carpet repair man

Sandie B in Kesgrave
A few years ago I had a insurance claim for a burn on a carpet and a gentleman came and plucked carpet strands out from a the carpet in a corner and repaired the carpet burn. I do not want to claim on insurance,does anyone know a retired carpet repair ... [ more ]

Control Tower Museum

Alan P in Martlesham Heath
Only another four Sunday afternoons until the MHAS Control Tower museum closes for the winter period. Come along and be made welcome. 2 pm to 5pm

We need a Security Camera in the the underpass tunnel...NOW

Paula E in Kesgrave
Hello Can we please campaign for a Security Camera to be positioned in the underpass from Eagle Way to Tesco's..Perhaps Tesco could link it into their Security Camera  Monitoring system? My husband has frequently had to take a brush  and sweep up ... [ more ]
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Nosey Ron
Look at Bixley Farm shops area where youths hanging about has been a problem for 10 years, local councillors and Police have been involved. If youths choose an area to frequent an area then that is what will happen and very little will change that. I ... [ more ]

Need someone to sand and re-oil our wooden kitchen worktops (Woodbridge)

Chris R in Woodbridge
Need someone to strip our wooden kitchen worktops back to bare wood and oil them again (Woodbridge). They are very tired looking and have stains after 5 years! Not a hard or big  job, but I simply don't have the time or equipment. Any suggestions? Chris
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Bronwyn L
His a excellent worker he has has many years experience Chris he has worked with my husband as a boatbuilder and cabinet maker for years and I have met many clients that have had him too!! Hope this elodea Chris sorry about the spelling!
Sarah D
Proasis is my partners business. He's recently set up as self employed so doesn't have a website at the moment.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

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Waldringfield Village Hall
Lynn J in Maidensgrave
Tomorrow is Our annual MACMILLAN Coffee morning so come and join us for some delicious home made cakes and freshly brewed coffee/tea. We will slso have the following table top sales: Cakes and produce Bring and buy Pre-loved jewellery, bags and ... [ more ]

Saturday morning Dog Training Classes starting 12th November

Scout Hut, Martlesham Heath
Dave's Dog Training in Dave's Dog Training
Classes run by Dave, a retired Home Office scent detection dog handler and trainer. All breeds, sizes & ages can benefit from this training. Handlers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Call to find out more or book your place 07759 227459. ... [ more ]
Dave's Dog Training
Hi Anne. Really sorry for the delay in replying. I have been in a very poor internet area for a few days. The classes are £40 for 4 one hour classes. If you supply a contact telephone number I can give you more detail. Cheers for now D

Looking for someone to clean the outside of our house (render)

Chris R in Woodbridge
Does anybody know of a company or individual who could pressure clean the render on our house (and maybe clear the gutters at the same time)? It's got rather dirty over the years with bits of green growing on it. This is a last-gasp effort before we ... [ more ]
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David G
Highly recommend Suffolk Brick & Stone Cleaning Co.Ltd  - 01359 242650  - - they steam clean  -  this is what they do  -  if you want expertise, get in touch with them. David G

Missing cat

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Dog Excrement on Footpath across Martlesham (Black Tiles to Tesco's)

Keith C in Great Bealings
I regularly use the path across the heath from Black Tiles to Tesco's, but I am becoming increasingly concerned but the number of 'deposits' left on the footpath by dogs.  I do not like using this media for complaining but how can the obvious dog ... [ more ]

A14 cones

Jeff W in Warren Heath
Why are there dozens of cones left in the central reservation near the Trimley exit. Been there for months with a idiotic 50mph warning sign which is obstructed  if you are overtaking a lorry?
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Missing Florence

Carol B in Martlesham Heath
Florence is a long-haired tabby cat. She lives in Lark Rise and has been missing for 4 days. Please could you check your sheds and garages as she may have got shut in somewhere. Tel 01473 624341 or 07866 157736
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Owl and Pussycat Felixstowe

Jeff W in Warren Heath
Been there 3 times in the past month and was appalled at the service, or lack of it. Only one person taking customers orders for meals and drinks. Combine the delays here with those waiting for your meal does not bode well for people in their lunch ... [ more ]
Alan H
Well it cant be that bad if you went 3 times in only one month lol. We have always found the pub to be excellent with good service, food and cheapish drinks.
Alf B
Don't waste your money in those places most of the food is frozen, invite a few friends round and if you have a small group regular pool money for food and drink and save pounds besides the good company

Puppy Classes - Martlesham Starts 29th September

Martlesham Village Hall
Top Street Dog Training in Top Street Dog Training
Top Street Dog Training's next 6 week puppy class has a couple of spaces left !! Our aim is to get your puppy to pay attention to you and give you the foundation of a good recall. We will cover many other topics including manners, eg. jumping up, ... [ more ]

Scent Detection Dog Training Day

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Martlesham Heath, near Douglas Bader
Dave's Dog Training in Dave's Dog Training
Has your dog got what it takes to be a Sniffer dog? A fun day of activities for you and your dog, following a Home Office programme of training. This is the last one this year, so to register your interest call Dave on 07759 227459.  Sunday 2nd ... [ more ]

Gas fire disconnection

Christina B in Great Bealings
Hi, we're looking for someone who can disconnect a gas fire without charging exorbitant call-out charge. We think we could probably do it ourselves but 'Google' says it should be done by a 'competent person'. Thanks in advance!
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David R
Illegal? Depends on how it has been installed. If it has an isolator tap (as it should) then you can turn the tap off and disconnect the compression joint on the gas fire side. You need to make sure the gas tap can't be turned on again, of course ... [ more ]