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Douglas Bader

Michael Hallatt
in Maidensgrave
I live in close proximity to the Douglas Bader pub.  Has anybody else heard the loud music and shouting?  On Friday evening 13 Jan 2017 the new landlord held a live band party and the music was very loud, not only this but a large group of young ... [ more ]
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David R
You live near a pub, it gets a bit noisy on Fri Sat evenings. It has always been the case Complaining about the noise is like living in the countryside and complaining about the sound of tractors or the smell of manure.
June B
A bit unfair David R. Think of all those pubs in Ipswich, sourrounded by homes. I use to live between two pubs. At o e e d, never heard a thing. At the other end, never heard a thing until it was given license for live bands and that was when the ... [ more ]

Suffolk School Admissions Portal - What a Palava! Please help....

Balkees J in Brightwell
I have just registered myself, got an account and tried to "add" my child's name and details to apply for a school. The deadline for applications is 15/Jan, so I thought I had better make an application. Unfortunately, the portal won't save child's ... [ more ]
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Iain W
What a ridiculous situation where users are prevented from using a local authority system simply because they use an Apple computer rather than a PC.  Wake up SCC there are many operating systems and browsers out there.  If you require someone to use ... [ more ]

What is the truth about climate change?

Keith P
in Waldringfield
Monday 20th February. Waldringfield Village Hall. 7.30pm    Greener Waldringfield has invited Prof John Midwinter FRS to give a talk about the effects of climate change. John has developed a deep understanding and extensive knowledge of the subject ... [ more ]

Unwanted unused printer cartridges - free

in Bucklesham
Changed my printer and have some unused cartridges going for free... 1) Canon HP364 (Black & 3 colours). Unopened from Tesco. 2) Assorted Epson... XP series XP-102/202/402/205/305/405/30 Black 1x Stylus D78/DX4050/DX5000/DX6000 Black 2x, Yellow ... [ more ]

Miller and Carter

in Playford
Has anyone eaten at Miller and Carter (what used to be the Shepherd and Dog)?  If so what is it like, ie is the food good and reasonably priced for what you get, ie is it value for money.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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I never said I had had a meal there, I was just asking for everyone's opinion so please read my posts correctly before accusing me of complaining.  Admittedly my previous post should have read 'I've decided against this particular place' and I also ... [ more ]

Cars not using lights

in Playford
I could not believe the amount of cars driving in thick fog this morning without any lights whatsoever.  Do these idiots realise it is dangerous not to put car lights on in this sort of weather?  Shame there weren't any police about to pull them up.
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2 large vintage delsey suitcases

Karen C in Waldringfield Heath
2 large hard shell suitcases, bit worn but still useful with keys etc free, have just upgraded and seems a shame to throw these away if someone could make use of them. Can drop off if not too far from Martlesham.

Need wooden kitchen worktop refurbishment - sanding and oiling

Chris R
in Woodbridge
Some of you were kind enough to recommend people to do this for us, but they all ended in blind alleys! It seems that kitchen companies are quick to install wooden kitchen worktops, but it's proving difficult to get anyone to maintain them. We need a ... [ more ]
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Martlesham Area stolen Christmas decoration

Gina R in Martlesham Heath
Last night someone stole our Christmas decoration that was on our front door. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up who also has things hung on there front doors or decorations as this happened late last night. Pretty sure it was stolen as the ... [ more ]
Alf B
Sorry to hear about your loss but they steal anything now and if its no use they just throw it on the road side Happy New Year

New Years Eve Celebrations

Asus Tablet

Karen C in Waldringfield Heath
Hi, can anyone direct me to a recommended person who can look at my Asus Tablet? Its a Memo Pad and has decided to keep shutting down and restarting, freezing when I'm in the middle of something or playing music? I've tried the usual deleting and ... [ more ]
Easy PC  2 Bixley Rd, Ipswich IP3 8PL  01473 728811 Efficient service, user-friendly, value for money

Does anybody know the Christmas bin collection dates for Martlesham?

Gina R in Martlesham Heath
Cannot find the information online and wondered when they will be collecting as usually are collected on a Monday.  Thanks
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Barbara R
Found this on SCDC website, a leaflet is being delivered to everyone. All recycling and refuse collections will run as usual until the week commencing the 26 December. During that week only, collections will be made one day later than usual.
Gina R
Thank you Christine for posting the tag.  Our bins are collected on Monday's so probably will go home today to find the tag on our bin! Thanks for all your help.

Thank you- cat collar returned

Sara H
in Great Bealings
Thank you to the kind gentleman who returned our cat collar that had gone missing off our cat two weeks ago. Thank you for your concern regarding the cat. He is fine and now has a replacement collar. I am surprised how far he travels! Titan says thank ... [ more ]

New zip

Louise B
in Kesgrave
Does anyone know of someone who could replace a zip at a reasonable price please?  I have asked for a quote at a couple of dry cleaners and they are very expensive.   It is a coat with a removable inner section so although only the outer zip is ... [ more ]

Lost earrings in Woodbridge...Maybe!

in Kesgrave
This is just in case anyone shopping in Woodbridge over the last few days, has found any silver hook through earrings, which are quite sparkly and shaped like a leaf.  I wore my hat and scarf at the time and maybe they became unhooked from my ears ... [ more ]
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Car Wash

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Cardinal B
I took a look at them washing cars and took mine into town to the place in St Margaret's street. Ive been very happy with their service.

McColls Martlesham Heath

Jeff W
in Warren Heath
I don't know if its just me but I am finding the service here appalling. I have spoken to the manager there but they are restricted by head office. I have sent a message to head office with the normal response but if others were to complain I wonder ... [ more ]
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Lynn J
I just popped in yedterday ro get some stamps around 11.15 and the queues for both tills were reduculous, so, i just walked out. My husband did exactly the same thing, earlier in the day ad all he wanted was a newspaper. I feel for the Staff and ... [ more ]

A long shot

Debbie W in Brightwell
After a little bump on a Foxhall roundabout (whoops) now looking for bonnet for Peugeot 406 Rapier HDI estate1997cc 11/09/2001. Many thanks.
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Jeff W
I did a Google search for Peugeot 406 Rapier parts and came up with
Debbie W
Thank you Jeff. Yes this site did pop when we googled, but were hoping something local would come up so so we could go and have a look.

tree puller

Central Heating Engineer

Charlie R
in Martlesham Heath
Can I  say "thank you" to all those who suggested local engineers when my Central Heating went "phut" recently. Ian Banks (Accredited Heating Services) came out, diagnosed the problem and promptly fixed it. Great service - his name's in my book. ... [ more ]

McColls Martlesham Heath

Amanda P
in Maidensgrave
Absolutely disgusted that McColls in the square has been broken into twice in the last 10 days! Even more shocked and appalled that the broken glass door has still not been repaired. Come on McColls treat your staff with respect! 😡😳
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Rushmere Handyman
I expect it hasn't been repaired as it may be being upgraded as far as security is concerned. The biggest issue is that local councils rarely give permission , if ever for roller shutters , which would stop it ever happening again.
Naomi E
My understanding from the staff in mccolls is that alcohol was stolen, not cash. They do need to get the door fixed though and update security. Really shocked something like this has happened so close to home.

Free Admission Today

to , (ended)
Newbourne Village Hall
Debbie W in Brightwell
Come and join in the fun at our Christmas Bazaar. Carols and festive songs with the Sutton Heath singers at 2pm

Central Heating Engineer

Charlie R
in Martlesham Heath
It's winter and that's when the heating packs up ! Does anyone have the name of a reliable central heating engineer ? Upstairs heating is ok but downstairs seems to have given up the ghost (it's not the thermostat, I have replaced that !).
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Anne W
Iain Jack of Accredited heating services covers this area and is second to none. Would wholeheartedly recommend him, 01206855856

Eagle Way/Orwell Bridge

John B
in Martlesham Heath
Presumably those responsible for closing the Orwell Bridge for half a day are the same individuals who left traffic lights operating in Eagle Way over the weekend with no obstacle other than the actual traffic lights.
Richard B
I came over the bridge late on Monday just before the bridge was closed and felt the wind but not enough to move the car. As Ipswich does not have a plan if the Orwell Bridge is closed we are at the mercy of the Highways Agency and their over caution ... [ more ]