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Kesgrave, Martlesham, Rushmere - Crime Brief 21 - 27 July 2015

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Thefts: Brookhill Way - between 21 and 23 July – parcel left in insecure porch has been removed. Wainwright Way - between 25 and 26 July – chain link fencing removed from posts and stolen.

idiotic cyclists

Local Conversations in Playford

Whilst driving along Colchester Rd this morning towards Heath Rd, a couple of cyclists on racing bikes  who I should say were in their 20s, were ridingmslowly,  two abreast and holding up a flow of traffic as there wasn't room to pass due to oncoming ... [ more ]
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Hop .
Sorry Jamie, are you saying that if a vehicle driver fails to look with due diligence and pulls out in front of a cyclist then it's the cyclists fault for (a) being smaller than a car and (b) travelling slower than a car but faster than you think is ... [ more ]
Barrie S
The recommendation is that if you are cycling over 15mph you should be using the road. As a keen cyclist I do use the cycle route to Martlesham via Grange farm but only when commuting at slow speeds. The cycle paths are too dangerous to cycle fast. Too ... [ more ]

Disco Cabaret

Clubs & Groups in Kingston

SEP 12
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Kesgrave Community Centre
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
With an exciting demonstration of Ballroom & Latin American dancing & the outstanding vocals of Rachel Foskett and Pete Long in Cabaret, a demonstration by Richard Miller followed by a Disco With DJ Steve Springett Tickets £12 includes a light ... [ more ]

Police - Ipswich 'On Tour' Event

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

JUL 27
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Ipswich – the Corn Hill
Swan Close Scheme
Chief Constable Gareth Wilson and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Tim Passmore will be going ‘on tour’ this year, visiting town centres across the county. Tim Passmore has said: "Public engagement is a crucial element of my role and I thoroughly ... [ more ]

Kesgrave & District Crime Brief 14 – 20 July 2015

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Burglary/other building Bixley Drive - between 6pm 12 and 8pm 13 July – entry to property in process of being demolished. Lead stolen Martlesham - overnight 16 – 17 July – forced entry to workshop by breaking door locks and wooden door. Commercial ... [ more ]

Car Paint Repair

Recommendations in Waldringfield Heath

I am after a recommendation for firm that can repair car paint chips and scratches. Any suggestions for a local firm? Thanks.
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Vandalism at MH Control Tower site.

Local Conversations in Kingston

Ian L
Hi, I'm a member of MHAS and we have suffered some vandalism in the area behind the tower where the Anderson Shelter and Underground Bomb Shelter are. The Safety fencing was ripped away from the fence around the entrance to the bomb shelter, leaving ... [ more ]
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Ian L
Thanks for the information to "Paul S". I was so frustrated I shot the item off before checking it.! The Tower is a local resource, open every Sunday until September from 14.00 until 17.00. All residents on Martlesham Heath live on what was RAF ... [ more ]
Hope this has been reported to non emergency police?! If not it may well be as I know of an instance end of last week where a bike was stolen and also a scooter was smashed up? May not be anything but possibly linked?!


Clubs & Groups in Brightwell

JUL 20
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Waldringfield Village Hall

A12 Traffic Alert - Latitude Festival 16-17th & 20th July 2015

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Suffolk Police are reminding motorists that there may be traffic delays on the A12 around Henham Park as thousands of festival goers head to the Latitude site.  Slow moving traffic is expected north of Yoxford and police are reminding drivers that they ... [ more ]

Safer Neighbourhood Team - Security Awareness Day

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave

JUL 17
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Wyevale Garden Centre
Bob B
Whilst not in our SNT area, Members of the Woodbridge Safer Neighbourhood Team invite you to have a chat about any of your policing concerns.  The mobile police station will be parked in the garden centre car park and you’ll be able to get leaflets ... [ more ]

Crime Brief 6 - 13 July 2015

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Vehicle Crime Curtis Way - between 11 and 13 July – side panel scratched and dented. Thefts Main Road - 2 July - wheelie bin removed from outside of property when left out for collection. Ropes Drive - 6 July 6.40pm – mans white Hardrock mountain ... [ more ]

Beware door to door tradesmen

Local Conversations in Playford

This afternoon, a scruffy looking man knocked on our door wanting to know if we wanted any work doing. Without asking what work or look at the cards he was carrying, I told him we weren't interested.  It seems strange that it happened at the same time ... [ more ]
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Michael L
Yes lack of sites and control of these people is causing so much trouble for us in the area. They must be treated fairly and aloud to have a child christened if they wish.  Travelers live on their wits and by a code that is is unacceptable to most of us. ... [ more ]
Why do 'local' inconsiderate dog-owners not attract the vituperation directed at our visitors?  I recently had excellent service from 'cold-call' operatives.  'Living in the "real" world'?  Everyone lives a life divided between a shared commonality and ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Playford

Linda L
Why would someone light a bonfire at 5.30 in the evening. Our home smells of smoke. It is the third time in just over a week this neighbour has lit a fire at this. Total disregard for his neighbours.
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Richard G
To please you ? A Bonfire is destroying something whereas a Barbeque is cooking something , like comparing a gun to an oven ?

Nathan display unit

Give, Lend & Borrow in Martlesham Heath

Andy S
available to anyone who would like it a smallish Nathan display unit, with cupboards at the base, drinks cabinete, 1 small drawer and glass display shelves.    would need collecting from Martlesham heath, but in  very good condition for an article that ... [ more ]

Window fixer?

Recommendations in Waldringfield Heath

Karen C
Can anyone recommend a local company that could fix my window it is permanently shut as the handle just moves up and down so the inner mechanism must have gone wrong? Thanks in advance.
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Debbie W
Still procrastinating!! Kirton Windows recommended by several neighbours, recently replaced all my parents windows and did a brilliant job. They also done a small repair on my neighbours window. Another neighbour has used Mr Lawrence to replace glass ... [ more ]

Adjustable dress forms

Give, Lend & Borrow in Maidensgrave

Maureen R
Does anyone out there have an adjustable dress form they no longer use, have never used or just don't like? I have clothes to alter and am sure I would find one of those dress making forms useful. Maureen R
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Eurochat cancellation Monday 6th July

Clubs & Groups in Brightwell

Libby R
Due to last minute, unforeseen maintenance work at Waldringfield Village Hall, tomorrow's Eurochat is cancelled. The next session will be on Monday 20th July. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Solar panels

Recommendations in Bucklesham

Jen R
Can anyone recommend a local person who can supply and fit a couple of solar panels to a campsite shower/toilet block please?

Paint Sprayer

Give, Lend & Borrow in Brightwell

Andrew G
Looking to borrow a paint sprayer suitable to spray Breeze Blocks on new extention
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Richard G
My house is all rendered and if i could spray it on i would , be assured of that , this is the fifth time painting it all . You need to put on two coats and don't skimp on the thickness you apply it . Our house takes 25litres for 2 coats . Eight people ... [ more ]
Andrew G
Hi Richard I appreciate your comments but just to give you an idea of the sheer scale of work I am trying to complete I have attached a file, this is only one side. Andrew G

Printer servicing

Recommendations in Bucklesham

Jen R
I am looking for someone to come and service my Epson WP-4525 printer. It's being a bit erratic - looking for attention I think! I am in Newbourne, so Ipswich. Woodbridge, Felixstowe are all convenient.
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Repair/Assessment of double glazed windows

Recommendations in Brightwell

Woman Driving Instructor

Recommendations in Waldringfield Heath

Any recommendations for a woman driving instructor in the Kesgrave area? Thanks.
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Carol N
Hi Roadcraft is very local patient female 25 years experience excellent pass rate 07739123215

adult bicycle

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kingston

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Pam S
We are selling a gents Holdsworth Ventura road bike in excellent condition, 20 gears £70 o.n.o. in Kesgrave
Keith B
I have a bike which works OK, but gears need attention. Free of charge, but perhaps a small donation to charity.  Ring 01394 383929.

Woodbridge and District SNT - Crime Brief 17 - 21 June 2015

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Thefts: In Woodbridge Thoroughfare - 17 June between 9.45 and 10.15am – purse removed from bag. Quayside - 20 June between 2 and 4.30pm – purse removed from elderly person whilst in busy location

Burglaries - Martlesham Heath and Rushmere

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Suffolk Police Reports: wo/15/1044 burglary - dwelling lancaster drive Martlesham Heath between 5.15pm 16 june and 8am 17 june – entry to property via garage window. old copper piping removed from room at rear of property wo/15/1045 ... [ more ]
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Swan Close Scheme
The Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team will be holding a public meeting in Grundisburgh on Monday 13 July 2015. The meeting, being held at the Playing Field Pavillion at Ipswich Road in Grundisburgh, from 6.30pm, will give you the ... [ more ]