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Sholley Trolley

Jeff W in Warren Heath
Has anyone got one and what is their experience? Thanks in advance
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Ladies Golf Course

Kathy A in Hasketon
Have you thought of trying golf? Fynn Valley Golf Course are running a fantastic course and I would like to attend but they are a bit short of numbers – if you are interested please contact Alastair, details below. He will postpone for a couple of ... [ more ]

car trailer.

Looking for reliable electrician to fit porch light

Chris R in Woodbridge
Our outside front porch light got damaged by builders and doesn't work. We need a new one wired in, possibly on a timer switch. Also suggestions for exactly which kind of light fitting works best. Can anybody recommend a local reliable electrician? ... [ more ]
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Another vote for Mike Martin, he trades as 'Leading Light Electrical Services'. Excellent job, a perfectionist.

Painting Furniture

Man with a van

Gwen R. in Brightwell
Can anyone recommend anyone, need a small sofa taking to the dump. Have been in touch with BHF, just postponed and we're desperate for the space.
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Gwen R.
Thanks everyone. British Heart should be here tomorrow so will give them a last chance, if not I'll be in touch with your suggestions. Particular thanks Herbert P 😊

New Learn to nordic walk classes

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Robert W
Suffolkstriders Nordic Walking Group are running a first lesson on Tuesday evening 23/8/16 for those that missed the start of this session. Contact Lesley  07967653217

Painting Furniture

help laminate worktop

Jeff W in Warren Heath
I have stained/ burnt a area on a laminate worktop with Viakal. Any suggestions on how I remove it? Wife not happy Thanks in advance.
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Spotty Dog
I have buffed up scratches on a gloss work top with T-Cut so it should restore the gloss, after all that's what it does on car paint. Follow the instructions on the bottle/tube for the application.
Jeff W
T-cut removes layers of paint, small scratches  etc in the affected area, I need something that replaces gloss. Thanks for the suggestion.

Looking for local digital camera repair

Chris R in Woodbridge
Does anybody know anyone local to the Woodbridge/ Ipswich area who repairs digital cameras? I have a Lumix (non-DSLR) camera that seems to have a water smudge or similar inside the lens or camera body. I'm reluctant to send it away for repair.
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Richard B
Hi Chris. I had a problem with my compact digital camera, the shutter got bent and wouldn't open. We were on holiday and I took it into Jessups in Exeter, they quoted £80.00 to inspect it and a minimum £70.00 to repair. When I got home I took it to ... [ more ]


Margaret G in Great Bealings
Does anyone need newspapers, I have been collecting them, but not needed now, I think there was a lady here wanting newspapers for chickens, a while ago, or maybe use for pets. Call me on 07769815046 Thanks
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Yoga or Pilates classes

Janet B
There is a Yoga class on Thursday evenings in Martlesham Heath Pavilion. Beginners class 6-7.15 pm and intermediate/advanced class 7.30-8.45 pm. Currently the class is on summer break and resumes at the begining of September. The teacher is Manon ... [ more ]

Speeding In Kesgrave Area

Pam S in Playford
I have never posted on here, so here goes.  I've recently moved to Bell Lane area Kesgrave. I've been incredibly shocked that in such a populated area the majority of drivers do not abide by the 30 MPH limit. Most are travelling at 40, 50 or even 60 ... [ more ]
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Stephanie F
In Kesgrave and Rushmere St.Andrew we already pay for a dedicated PCSO. Andrew sorry but I don't understand your rant about workers barriers- what location are you talking about ?
Richard G
He is in Lowestoft ! Barriers cones and signs are put up by different people to those doing the work on the roads , so hardly under their control either !

Yoga/ pilates

Beki R
Manon Palmieri teaches in Martlesham and Kesgrave, she is a fantastic yoga teacher 07773456078. She will be on summer break now but will start again in September

Cot bed wanted or small toddler bed

Rebecca C in Martlesham Heath
Hi is anyone selling a cot bed or small toddler bed . I have a 15 month old who has outgrown his small cot . In the Martlesham Heath area . Thanks 😀

dog mess

Tom W in Martlesham Heath
I can't believe this for the second time someone has let their dog on a patch of flowers right by my front door, squashing the flowers down and doing a massive poo. I live on lark rise, martlesham heath, if you are the owner of this dog please don't ... [ more ]
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Know how you feel Nikki my dog has the same habit so have to keep her on a lead. I have changed my walking path because of the mess on the millennium field and woods.
Jeff W
trouble is that these sort of dog owners don't give a shit (excuse pun) about anybody else than themselves.

Super Route 66 - Don't Make Me Laugh !

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
Why is it as soon as there are a few road-works in the area travelling by bus becomes a lottery ? A Few weeks ago when they started the works near the Regent and (old Gaumont) Theatres the stops at the Mulberry Tree and Gt Colman Street were suspended ... [ more ]

Do you know anybody who will do some pointing ?

Kate H in Levington
We need pointing doing to the back of our house,it will require scaffolding. We may be able to get the scaffolding ourselves. Anybody you can recommend please? Thank you

Job Opportunities

Kesgrave Community Centre in Kesgrave Community Centre
Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre (KWMCC) on Twelve Acre Approach are looking for additional staff to support a small but busy team overseeing the operation of the facility which serves both the local community and business hirers in a variety of ... [ more ]

Martlesham Heath Green

Michael Hallatt in Maidensgrave
Hi Everybody, The green I am talking about is the one with the pavilion on and near the Bader pub.  Just thought I would let off a bit of steam about the young people (13 - 17 years of age) who all congregated under the horse chestnut trees yesterday ... [ more ]

New Dog Training Class starts Wednesday 14th September at 8pm

Martlesham Heath
Dave's Dog Training in Dave's Dog Training
Dog training classes for all levels/ages/breeds. Taken by Dave P, a retired Home Office drug detection dog handler and trainer. Please call to register your interest. Also, one-off Scent Detection Training Days: next one is Sunday August 14th,10am ... [ more ]
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Dave's Dog Training
Hi, I have only a couple of spots left on the September class. Please therefore give me a call on 07759 227459 or PM me your contact number to discuss your training needs. Dave P

Martlesham Heath Aviation Society

Alan P in Martlesham Heath
Don't forget our Control Tower Museum at the rear of Parkers Place off Eagle Way is open every Sunday 2 to 5pm. Drop in and be amazed at the rich aviation history of the village. Helpful volunteers always on hand to help Refreshments always available. ... [ more ]
Liz E
We recently visited and it is a treasure trove of memorabilia, with really interesting volunteers. Well worth a visit!

Green Days School holiday programme for girls

Caston Woods (Martlesham)
Bec E in Martlesham Heath
Green Light Trust are running a School Holiday Ecotherapy programme for girls aged 13-18 struggling with anxiety or low confidence and self esteem. The programme runs mon -fri during school holidays (exc bank holidays).  The programme will include ... [ more ]

Yours for free

Sailing Barge Victor - Ipswich

Debbie W in Brightwell
Due to ill health I have 4 tickets for high tea & cruise on above Sunday 10 July 1pm - 5pm. Can split tickets. PM for more details. All aboard!