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McColls Martlesham Heath

Jeff W in Warren Heath
I don't know if its just me but I am finding the service here appalling. I have spoken to the manager there but they are restricted by head office. I have sent a message to head office with the normal response but if others were to complain I wonder ... [ more ]

A long shot

Debbie W in Brightwell
After a little bump on a Foxhall roundabout (whoops) now looking for bonnet for Peugeot 406 Rapier HDI estate1997cc 11/09/2001. Many thanks.
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Jeff W
I did a Google search for Peugeot 406 Rapier parts and came up with

Car Wash

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tree puller

Central Heating Engineer

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
Can I  say "thank you" to all those who suggested local engineers when my Central Heating went "phut" recently. Ian Banks (Accredited Heating Services) came out, diagnosed the problem and promptly fixed it. Great service - his name's in my book. ... [ more ]

McColls Martlesham Heath

Amanda P in Maidensgrave
Absolutely disgusted that McColls in the square has been broken into twice in the last 10 days! Even more shocked and appalled that the broken glass door has still not been repaired. Come on McColls treat your staff with respect! 😡😳
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Rushmere Handyman
I expect it hasn't been repaired as it may be being upgraded as far as security is concerned. The biggest issue is that local councils rarely give permission , if ever for roller shutters , which would stop it ever happening again.
Naomi E
My understanding from the staff in mccolls is that alcohol was stolen, not cash. They do need to get the door fixed though and update security. Really shocked something like this has happened so close to home.

Free Admission Today

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Newbourne Village Hall
Debbie W in Brightwell
Come and join in the fun at our Christmas Bazaar. Carols and festive songs with the Sutton Heath singers at 2pm

Central Heating Engineer

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
It's winter and that's when the heating packs up ! Does anyone have the name of a reliable central heating engineer ? Upstairs heating is ok but downstairs seems to have given up the ghost (it's not the thermostat, I have replaced that !).
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Anne W
Iain Jack of Accredited heating services covers this area and is second to none. Would wholeheartedly recommend him, 01206855856

Eagle Way/Orwell Bridge

John B in Martlesham Heath
Presumably those responsible for closing the Orwell Bridge for half a day are the same individuals who left traffic lights operating in Eagle Way over the weekend with no obstacle other than the actual traffic lights.
Richard B
I came over the bridge late on Monday just before the bridge was closed and felt the wind but not enough to move the car. As Ipswich does not have a plan if the Orwell Bridge is closed we are at the mercy of the Highways Agency and their over caution ... [ more ]

Family Fun Day/ Table Sales

Millenim Jubilee Hall. Millenium Way, Kesgrave
Balkees J in Brightwell
A family fun day with bouncy castle and table top sales. Raffles too. An opportunity for the children to have some fun, the adults to mingle and raise money for two local children from the community!

Christmas wreath workshop

Jen R in Bucklesham
There are a couple of places left on the Christmas wreath workshop to be held in Newbourne Village Hall on Sunday 27th November, starting at 10am. The cost of £20 includes mulled wine and mince pies, lunch, and tea and cake in the afternoon if you can ... [ more ]

Primary school choice

Louise B in Kesgrave
I just wanted to ask other peoples experiences with Gorselands and Birchwood primary schools. I need to choose between these two for my son next autumn.  He has a slight language delay at the moment so I am uncertain whether he would be best suited ... [ more ]
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Tom W
Today birchwood just published there ofsted report. They got outstanding for everything. The full report is on the birchwood Web site

Christmas Bazaar

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Newbourne Village Hall

Traffic at Suffolk Retail Park.

Peter W in Waldringfield Heath
I can't imagine that this hasn't been remarked on before, but the gridlock today (Sunday) to get out of the Range/Dunelm/Halfords car park was beyond endurance. We went in unsuspecting at 12.30, and escaped just before 2, having inched round the lanes ... [ more ]
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Sue M
Yes I got stuck there too on Sunday for around 45mins, absolute madness, will give it a miss in future, I've heard of other people parking at sainsburys or the mermaid and walking down,not good if have heavy items though
Jeff W
I don't think anyone cares as long as the traffic jam doesn't effect the main roads. Its been like this ever since it was created.

Trapped Bird.

Margaret G in Great Bealings
Hi I have a Bird trapped in the chimney breast, wondering if anyone can help as to what to do, or can release it for me, am in Martlesham. cheers.
Balkees J
Have you called the RSPCA? Sorry I cannot be of more help- the thought of going up a ladder to roof height scares me!
Louise B
I've had this happen twice. Once I had to smash through a blocked fireplace in my bedroom and another time remove a gas fire in the lounge ( which was more costly since gas safe had to be involved). Do you have such access points?

Fancy dress

Silvergran in Playford
Hi, I've been trying to find an adult witch's outfit for Hallowe'en without success.  I've got the hat but need a long black dress.  I'm size 12/14.  Does anyone have anything suitable that I could buy or hire please.  I've tried everywhere but few ... [ more ]
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Thanks S F but I didn't want to take the risk as I need it by next Thursday.  However I went online again and managed to order one from Asda which I'm picking up early next week.  Just hope it fits!
Laurence H
The Salvation Army shop in Upper Brook Street opposite Sainsburys does fancy dress hire for adults as well as children.    There is also a fancy dress shop in Felixstowe if no luck in Ipswich

broadband speed

Jeff W in Warren Heath
can any residents who live in the Martlesham Heath complex please tell me what broadband speed they are getting through their telephone line Thanks
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Robert R
Thanks for your good wishes Stephen D.  Hopefully, fellow residents in Foxhall are registering their interest in superfast broadband. If, by chance any readers in rural areas are suffering stoppages of broadband signal my experience might possibly be ... [ more ]
Stephen D
One other thought for Robert R and maybe others who live around here. This company are offering wireless based broadband from the old mast in Foxhall Rd.  They are really targeting rural areas by daisychaining the service from ... [ more ]

Wreath Making Workshop

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Martlesham Heath Pavillion
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Kingston
Come and join us for a wreath making session. £10 per person which includes the wreath ring and refreshments. Please bring  your own foliage and decorations. Contact  01473 621104 or to find out more information or to ... [ more ]

scammer alert: Top Marshalls Driveways

Nicole Boitos-Hayworth in Melton
hello everyone -  We had a very alarming verbal altercation with a trio of young men going door to door on Cherry Tree Road last evening claiming to be representatives from Top Marshalls Driveways. The trio verbally abused an elderly passerby who had ... [ more ]
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Teresa B
I have just spoken to gentlemen fernhill close that had his driveway done and was really pleased with the work price and they were polite. They also did a drive nextdoor and they also pleased. So not quite sure if its the same people
Andrew G
All, I have only just seen this post. Just to make you all aware that signs may say "Marshalls register". These are generally a legitimate business who have been vetted by Marshalls paving prior to installing their products. Use any  search engine and ... [ more ]

Caretaker Wanted

Kesgrave Community Centre in Kesgrave Community Centre
Kesgrave Community Centre are seeking someone to take care of their facilities at weekends, someone who is reliable, efficient and flexible to work as a Caretaker in their busy centre providing support for the many events and activities that take ... [ more ]