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Solar panels

Recommendations in Bucklesham

Jen R
Can anyone recommend a local person who can supply and fit a couple of solar panels to a campsite shower/toilet block please?

Paint Sprayer

Give, Lend & Borrow in Brightwell

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Richard G
My house is all rendered and if i could spray it on i would , be assured of that , this is the fifth time painting it all . You need to put on two coats and don't skimp on the thickness you apply it . Our house takes 25litres for 2 coats . Eight people ... [ more ]
Andrew G
Hi Richard I appreciate your comments but just to give you an idea of the sheer scale of work I am trying to complete I have attached a file, this is only one side. Andrew G

Printer servicing

Recommendations in Bucklesham

Jen R
I am looking for someone to come and service my Epson WP-4525 printer. It's being a bit erratic - looking for attention I think! I am in Newbourne, so Ipswich. Woodbridge, Felixstowe are all convenient.
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Adjustable dress forms

Give, Lend & Borrow in Maidensgrave

Maureen R
Does anyone out there have an adjustable dress form they no longer use, have never used or just don't like? I have clothes to alter and am sure I would find one of those dress making forms useful. Maureen R
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Repair/Assessment of double glazed windows

Recommendations in Brightwell

Woman Driving Instructor

Recommendations in Waldringfield Heath

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Carol N
Hi Roadcraft is very local patient female 25 years experience excellent pass rate 07739123215

idiotic cyclists

Local Conversations in Playford

Whilst driving along Colchester Rd this morning towards Heath Rd, a couple of cyclists on racing bikes  who I should say were in their 20s, were ridingmslowly,  two abreast and holding up a flow of traffic as there wasn't room to pass due to oncoming ... [ more ]
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Paul S
To recap, the cycle lane is a 'shared use' path. Lots of junctions, lots of concealed driveways, pedestrians, dogs, obstacles. In short, it's not really a cycle lane at all and is way more dangerous than being on the road, a choice the cyclist is legally ... [ more ]

adult bicycle

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kingston

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Pam S
We are selling a gents Holdsworth Ventura road bike in excellent condition, 20 gears £70 o.n.o. in Kesgrave
Keith B
I have a bike which works OK, but gears need attention. Free of charge, but perhaps a small donation to charity.  Ring 01394 383929.

Woodbridge and District SNT - Crime Brief 17 - 21 June 2015

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Thefts: In Woodbridge Thoroughfare - 17 June between 9.45 and 10.15am – purse removed from bag. Quayside - 20 June between 2 and 4.30pm – purse removed from elderly person whilst in busy location

Burglaries - Martlesham Heath and Rushmere

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
Suffolk Police Reports: wo/15/1044 burglary - dwelling lancaster drive Martlesham Heath between 5.15pm 16 june and 8am 17 june – entry to property via garage window. old copper piping removed from room at rear of property wo/15/1045 ... [ more ]
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Swan Close Scheme
The Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team will be holding a public meeting in Grundisburgh on Monday 13 July 2015. The meeting, being held at the Playing Field Pavillion at Ipswich Road in Grundisburgh, from 6.30pm, will give you the ... [ more ]

Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team

Clubs & Groups in Kesgrave

JUL 13
to ,
Playing Field Pavillion at Ipswich Road in Grundisburgh
Bob B
The Kesgrave & District Safer Neighbourhood Team will be holding a public meeting in Grundisburgh on Monday 13 July. The meeting, being held at the Playing Field Pavillion at Ipswich Road in Grundisburgh, from 6.30pm, will give you the opportunity ... [ more ]

Alert: fraudsters are sending spoof text messages

Clubs & Groups in Bucklesham

Swan Close Scheme
The scam text messages claim that there has been fraud on the recipient's account or that the account details need to be updated. The texts encourage people to call a number or visit a website, often claiming the matter is urgent. However the telephone ... [ more ]
Swan Close Scheme
Further details on how to protect yourself from this crime are at ActionFraud's web site at:

Need help with kitchen unit - kitchen fitter or handyman

Recommendations in Woodbridge

Chris R
We have a large, heavy kitchen cupboard that needs fixing. It's a fairly small job. Can anyone recommend a handyman or kitchen fitter who might want the work? Thanks. Chris
Ian T
Hi Chris. I am Ian of IT Carpentry and live in Martlesham. If you still need it fixed then contact me and I am sure I could get it done in the next few days. I would be happy to call to give a free competitive no obligation quote.

Roofer tiler needed

Recommendations in Warren Heath

Patricia G
I would thoroughly recommend M.J.S. Roofing  07783 773345  , I have had several jobs done on my roof over the years. Mark is friendly ,honest and reliable and does a great job. MJS is also on


Local Conversations in Brightwell

Woof W
If you are interested in wildlife, and see a hedgehog (dead or alive) please log it on the Suffolk Wildlife Trust website:
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Laurence H
I refer you to the poem Death & Doctor Hornbook by Robert Burns who sadly passed away in 1792.  The word I used is correct and accurate and comes from Old Scots or Lallans.  Poop means passing wet wind
Thought this would of been a polite way of saying the never know who's reading these posts...poem or not!

Proposed Building!

Local Conversations in Maidensgrave

Amanda P
Attached is a letter proposing a Co-op Store in the middle of a residential area on Grange Farm. Please read and lodge your petition if you feel that this should not go ahead! Thank you.
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Charlotte B
You can't speak for everyone who lives near by because I know a few people in that area and even live on that road and the next one over and they think it is a good idea.
Stuart R
This sounds like a "not in my backyard" statement. I'm sure that this project is still in the planning stage, and things like those mentioned (road widening, entrance and exit, loading area for HGV's etc) will be taken into account before planning ... [ more ]

Invitation to Join Streetlife

Local Conversations in Playford

Paul C
What a surprise to receive a letter this morning addressed to "The lovely person who lives at......" On opening it I found an invitation to join Streetlife. The fact that I am writing this tells you that I am already a member of the Social Network. How ... [ more ]
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Stuart R
Haha, mine was addressed to "The lovely person who lives at.......". I thought it can't be talking about me, so I put it in the bin 😄 (I did get it out again and subsequently registered).

Pig Racing

Clubs & Groups in Kingston

JUN 06
to , (ended)
Woodbridge Football Club
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
The Hog Roast Runners, a dynamic team of battery powered, pink porkers will be returning to the track on Saturday June 6th, at Woodbridge Football club. Individuals will be able to place their bets on their favourite, and hope that their oinker makes it ... [ more ]
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Teresa B
I hope you raised lots of money as The pig race on Saturday at the Woodbridge football club was a fantastic family evening. It made a change from do the same stuff at the weekend Thank you

PIRATES Skull and Crossbones Flag

Give, Lend & Borrow in Waldringfield Heath

Paula E
Does anyone have a Large Flag that I could borrow for a Pirates theme fete which is being held at a Residential Home in Ipswich on July 11th. I am helping them with a stall to raise funds. Any Pirate theme item would be very welcome and can be returned ... [ more ]

Football programme

Give, Lend & Borrow in Little Bealings

Any collector or Liverpool fan who wants the FA Cup quarter final programme (Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool) is welcome to it.


Local Conversations in Playford

Roger B
Once again Kesgrave has been left untidy with regard to the grass cutting regime. This is not only making the (town) look untidy but is a dangerous health and safety concern with regard to the local children who are on holiday from school this past week. ... [ more ]
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Denise H
Here goes Richard G again .... Sooo glad where you live is obviously perfect how lucky you are. May be a few problems on Grange Farm but we are still happy here thank you.

Distraction Thefts

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
Attached are CCTV pictures of two people who the police would like to speak to in relation to distraction thefts in our area. Members of the public are reminded to be vigilant if they notice any suspicious activity inside banks, at ATMs or card payment ... [ more ]


Clubs & Groups in Brightwell

JUN 08
to , (ended)
Waldringfield Village Hall
Libby R
Ciao a tutti! After a (very long, it seems) Bank Holiday break, Eurochat resumes on Monday 8th. So if you’re about to fly to sunnier climes and fancy a bit of practice, join us at Waldringfield Village Hall at 7pm. We have tutors in French, German ... [ more ]

Police Advice during Warm Weather

Clubs & Groups in Swan Close Scheme

Swan Close Scheme
Police advice to deter opportunistic criminals: The forecast is for warmer weather. We are creatures of habit and will:- • Leave windows open, • Leave doors open when working in the garden. • Leave tools in the garden - you’ll be needing them ... [ more ]

Free top soil and paving slabs -Martlesham Heath

Give, Lend & Borrow in Kesgrave

Ash S
Hi. In a couple of weeks I will have some old slabs (suitable for shed base) and top soil available if any one is interested.
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