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Shower service

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Alan H
Hello Partick R my son is an expert in this field so give him a call 01394211169 and his name is Wayne ok. Glad I could help.
Andy S
Hello, I am looking for someone who would be willing to change my shower head. I have a mixer shower and combi boiler, I have purchased the new shower head and support for it. Hopefully it won't be too expensive

Apple pressing equipment availble to use

Betsy R in Broom Hill
Apples are ripening fast and it looks like a good crop. Borrow (for a minimal charge) the Waldringfield Gardeners apple press to turn your glut into juice.  Also available is a pasteuriser - does 14 Kilner type jars at a time - bottled fruit lasts longer ... [ more ]

Bring and Buy

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St Mary's Church, Newbourne
Debbie W in Brightwell
Join us for a little shopping opportunity, refreshments and enjoy the singing of the Cantus Frimus Choir, who will be with us between 12.15 - 12.45 Look forward to seeing you there.

Free - Teenager's Study Bunk Bed (Model B with two wardrobe doors)

Bob B in Kesgrave
Originally purchased from Moriati's Workshop, Kent for a teenage daughter's 6'4" x 12' bedroom, this study bunk bed (like picture but with two wardrobe doors and wider clothes rail) accommodates a 6'2" x 2'6" mattress (not supplied). It is plastic ... [ more ]
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Andy S
I think my daughter may be interested if the bed is still available, they should be home from holiday by Monday

Shepherd & Dog

Anne C in Maidensgrave
Went to She[ & Dog other night  Absolutely chaotic.  Skeleton staff, long queues etc and food nowhere as good as it used to be.  A gentleman in the queue told me it was closing next weekend and would be taken over by Toby's.  Anybody clarify/verify ... [ more ]
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Tony G
Keith,Maidensgrave,or,more commonly Maidensgrove is the area of Woodbridge occupied by the John Grose Ford dealership.


No, but what I can suggest is a new course on FutureLearn starting on 15 September. I have done several FutureLearn courses and they are excellent being run by various Universities including the OU, renown for distance learning. There are usually ... [ more ]
Martin W
Hi sandie b, I've been teaching the 8 week mindfulness course locally 3 times per year since 2004; currently run from Framfield house medical centre, Woodbridge. The next course starts Sept 29, 5.30-7.30. Still taking bookings ..See ... [ more ]

Looking to start a new drama group

Cathy M in Martlesham Heath
If you love to act come and join my new drama group in Martlesham Heath. I hope to start soon depending on how many budding actors and actresses there are out there. Just bring your enthusiasm and a passion for theater, that’s all. Please email me ... [ more ]

Need lawn bowls

Karen C in Waldringfield Heath
Hi I am looking for 4 size 0 Medium weight lawn bowls. Only just started playing so I don't want to spend a fortune I am willing to pay a fair amount though if they are in fair condition. Thanks hope someone out there has some they no longer use or know ... [ more ]

Found in the woods

Christine S in Great Bealings
Hullo This teddy was found in the wood beside the Police HQ this morning. I was a bit wet so have been taken home to dry off. If you know who the owner is please pm me and I will tell you where it can be collected from.
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Paul C
If you go down to the woods today you're in for a big surprise. If you go down to the woods today you'll hardly believe your eyes. Poor Ted missed his picnic in the rain!!

Crime Brief 11 - 17 August 2015 - Kesgrave, Martlesham and Rushmere

Swan Close Scheme in Bucklesham
Criminal Damage Woodbridge Road - overnight 12 – 13 August – rakes and green damaged on golf course Rushmere Heath - 13 August 2.40pm – golf green damaged when pedal cycle used to skid on green. – Offenders identified Vehicle Crime Foxhall Road ... [ more ]


Sharon M in Playford
Just wondering if anyone on here could recommend a reliable , company to come and clean my oven, As I have been let down twice, Many thanks
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Richard G
My wife cleans our oven and my mums with a kit you can buy , cost very little . It is amazing the difference , does it every year . £70 to clean an oven ! There are also many ideas on youtube with peoples own ideas .
I use Zest Oven Cleaning, fabulous job looks like a brand new oven when finished cost £57 for double oven...absolutely no regrets!

Free - Starwriter 30 Personal Publishing System

Bob B in Kesgrave
This is a working personal electronic document writing/storage/printing system complete with power supply, user's guide and floppy disk with a letter head file. Ideal for writing letters without a computer. Uses Canon CR-100 ribbon which is still ... [ more ]

Old Felixstowe Road cycle lanes

Anne C in Brightwell
I have just driven home via the old Felixstowe Road (between Crown Point and Tesco) where I met an oncoming car driving full pelt towards me in the middle of the road,  I was forced to almost mount the kerb to avoid being hit.  I'm sure I'm not the only ... [ more ]
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Charlotte B
I followed a woman in a Ford Galaxy down there a few weeks ago and it was very scary. She was driving straight down the middle. The car in front if her was driving in the cycle lane as was I behind. It was a busy morning, with cars coming up the road ... [ more ]
Jeff W
Either they do not know or more likely do not care. How many of the newcomers from Europe understand our driving rules and regulations?

PC keyboard

Silvergran in Playford
Does anyone have an old pc keyboard suitable for a Mac computer please.  Thanks.
Plenty on ebay - about £7.59 for a wireless version.

Derbyshire Dales

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David B
If you are in the peak District - this is a place to see

Inconsiderate Neighbours

Paul C in Playford
How does one stop a neighbour placing their rubbish in my wheelie bin when it is out for collection. Today I found pots full of rubble and earth in the general refuse bin - clearly the wrong bin even if this was my waste
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Jeff W
If you think you know the culprit then ask them if they know who is doing this. If they apologise say thanks. If not tell them that you are going to install a camera for the council to see who is. Be friendly as nightmare neighbours can and will affect ... [ more ]

TV/DVD player

Anne C in Brightwell
If anybody is interested in a 22" Bush colour flat screen TV and DVD player (going for free) please give me a call on 07907594713 after 6.00 p.m.  Perfect working order. Ideal for a small bedroom. Genuine callers only please.  First come, first served.
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Anne C
Yes, still available. Ring me after 4.00 today (and use your tag of Masked Firefly so I'll know who you are.

Kesgrave, Martlesham, Rushmere Crime Brief 28 July – 3 August 2015

Swan Close Scheme in Bucklesham
Criminal Damage Brendon Drive - between 27 and 31 July – glass in upstairs window smashed by stone being thrown Vehicle Crime Dodson Vale - 30 July between 10 and 11.59pm – wheelie bin kicked over. Wing mirror damaged. Theft Edmonton Road - ... [ more ]

Kesgrave, Martlesham, Rushmere - Crime Brief 21 - 27 July 2015

Swan Close Scheme in Bucklesham
Thefts: Brookhill Way - between 21 and 23 July – parcel left in insecure porch has been removed. Wainwright Way - between 25 and 26 July – chain link fencing removed from posts and stolen.

idiotic cyclists

Silvergran in Playford
Whilst driving along Colchester Rd this morning towards Heath Rd, a couple of cyclists on racing bikes  who I should say were in their 20s, were ridingmslowly,  two abreast and holding up a flow of traffic as there wasn't room to pass due to oncoming ... [ more ]
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Hop .
Sorry Jamie, are you saying that if a vehicle driver fails to look with due diligence and pulls out in front of a cyclist then it's the cyclists fault for (a) being smaller than a car and (b) travelling slower than a car but faster than you think is ... [ more ]
Barrie S
The recommendation is that if you are cycling over 15mph you should be using the road. As a keen cyclist I do use the cycle route to Martlesham via Grange farm but only when commuting at slow speeds. The cycle paths are too dangerous to cycle fast. Too ... [ more ]

Disco Cabaret

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Kesgrave Community Centre
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Kingston
With an exciting demonstration of Ballroom & Latin American dancing & the outstanding vocals of Rachel Foskett and Pete Long in Cabaret, a demonstration by Richard Miller followed by a Disco With DJ Steve Springett Tickets £12 includes a light ... [ more ]

Police - Ipswich 'On Tour' Event

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Ipswich – the Corn Hill
Swan Close Scheme in Bucklesham
Chief Constable Gareth Wilson and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Tim Passmore will be going ‘on tour’ this year, visiting town centres across the county. Tim Passmore has said: "Public engagement is a crucial element of my role and I thoroughly ... [ more ]

Kesgrave & District Crime Brief 14 – 20 July 2015

Swan Close Scheme in Bucklesham
Burglary/other building Bixley Drive - between 6pm 12 and 8pm 13 July – entry to property in process of being demolished. Lead stolen Martlesham - overnight 16 – 17 July – forced entry to workshop by breaking door locks and wooden door. Commercial ... [ more ]

Car Paint Repair

David in Waldringfield Heath
I am after a recommendation for firm that can repair car paint chips and scratches. Any suggestions for a local firm? Thanks.
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Vandalism at MH Control Tower site.

Ian L in Kingston
Hi, I'm a member of MHAS and we have suffered some vandalism in the area behind the tower where the Anderson Shelter and Underground Bomb Shelter are. The Safety fencing was ripped away from the fence around the entrance to the bomb shelter, leaving ... [ more ]
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Ian L
Thanks for the information to "Paul S". I was so frustrated I shot the item off before checking it.! The Tower is a local resource, open every Sunday until September from 14.00 until 17.00. All residents on Martlesham Heath live on what was RAF ... [ more ]
Hope this has been reported to non emergency police?! If not it may well be as I know of an instance end of last week where a bike was stolen and also a scooter was smashed up? May not be anything but possibly linked?!