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Looking for masseur

Chris R in Woodbridge
I'm looking for someone who can give a strong, therapeutic/ relaxing/ deep tissue/ Scandinavian (i.e. not sports) whole body massage early on a Monday evening once a fortnight. The lady who I was seeing is now on maternity leave. Don't want to travel too ... [ more ]
Nikki B
I have used a lady in rendlesham she works from her home and although I only went once due to not being able to drive, she was very professional.
Sarah F
Having never tried it, so don't know if this would be suitable, why don't you enquire at the Spa cafe at Woodbridge's Seckford Hall Hotel? This cafe has treatment rooms on the first floor, plus a swimming pool and gym on the ground floor. It might be ... [ more ]


David in Waldringfield Heath
Hi, My wife and I are looking at Nurseries in the Kesgrave area for our son. We are aware of several nearby, however can anyone recommend a particular one? Thanks.
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Joanna H
Rhymes is good for younger kids, my son went there. My daughter is currently in the Nursery at Heath school which is excellent if your child is over 3
Julie S
Our grandson of 18 months has been going to the Roundabout Nursery (behind the Kesgrave Church Hall).  He is doing extremely well there, and we/his parents would highly recommend it.

Grass cutting

Silvergran in Playford
Once again the grass at the junction with Dobbs Lane and Foxhall Road needs cutting as the view when trying to get onto Foxhall Road is now dangerous.  why do we have to report this every year when it is obvious at this time of year grass cutting at ... [ more ]
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Kevan H
Nearly had a coming together this afternoon because I couldn't see thru the grass at a junction I was at . Old Newton , church rd , where it meets Whitehouse lane /rd In hope Kev
Peter D
Gary P, what does it mean then, calling someone pigheaded !....!.....! Lights on or off it's down to the driver, end of...

Dog Training for all levels

Scout Hut, Martlesham Heath
Dave's Dog Training in Dave's Dog Training
Dog training classes for all levels/ages/breeds. Taken by Dave P, a retired Home Office drug detection dog handler and trainer. Also, one-off Scent Detection Training Days: next one is July 17th 10am - 4pm. Call for further information or to book your ... [ more ]

Missing cat

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Laurence H
Hi Gill Have you tried RSPCA Mill Lane to see if he has been handed in there. Also Blue Cross Rehoming centre at Bourne Hill Wherstead has stray cats handed in from time to time. Also check local vets too. Hope you find him soon.

Mind where you tread....

Peter W in Waldringfield Heath
Special greetings to the very large gentleman who chose to defecate just inside the gateway from Dobbs Lane onto Long Strops yesterday, at around ten o'clock in the morning. I think I'll change my dog-walking route for a while.
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Kesgrave cameras .
Not a nice subject, but some things in life become beyond our control and bowel movements sometimes become one of those things. As a sufferer of IBS myself, I can relate to the need to do what this chap obviously had no choice in doing. There are no ... [ more ]
Yvonne T
Perhaps we should all carry dog poo bags with us regardless of whether or not we own a dog.   There's no need to just leave it .....whatever the cause.

Idiot cyclist

Silvergran in Playford
This is a message to the idiot cyclist on a racing bike  who raced through the lane from Dobbs Lane to the Millennium Field this morning, nearly knocking my dog flying, who incidentally was on the lead at the time.  This lane is a public footpath, not a ... [ more ]
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Carole E
Same problem on Rushmere common, there are footpaths but no cycle paths and cyclists seem to regard walkers as the problem! Some of them go so fast they would have no chance of avoiding anyone or anything in their path!
Laurence H
I thought this was a Bridleway rather than a mere footpath so horses and cyclists are allowed on it.  That said he should have considered you and your dog but I do find that not all cyclists feel they should show regard to other road or path users.  ... [ more ]

Free - 2x arcopal unbreakable, dishwasher safe, microwaveable dinner sets

Bob B in Kesgrave
Two used dinner sets (8 place): less two bowls and one dinner plate.  Ideal outside gatherings, barbecues etc. - don't wreck your best stuff!
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Cat sitter

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Jo G
Muddy Trails and Waggy Tails Phone Jess 07738875110 I highly recommend her, she has even stayed at my home while I've been away for the weekend.

Fencing needs to be repaired

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
Hi - I've got a bit of latent damage from the recent winds. Our back fence is loose and needs attention. It backs on to the communal carpark and is the stronger panels on to 4" x 4" posts, rather than lighter panels slid in between grooved concrete ... [ more ]
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Debbie W
I can recommend Miles Guntrip of Miles Better Fencing. He has just replaced 8 panels for me and I am very pleased with the work. He was also competitively priced. His number is 07747023998.

Waterbutt - Free to a good home

Paul in Little Bealings
I have a waterbutt i no longer need. With tap and lid. Please PM me if you would like it (Martlesham Heath). Would need to collect.

Dog Sitter

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Alice K
Hi Kathy. I live in woodbridge and work part time. I adore dogs and walk my own every day. I would happily dog sit whilst my own are taken care of by my mum. If interested get in touch. Alice

Removal of 30mph road markings

Charlotte I in Woodbridge
Can anyone shed any light on why the 30 mph road markings have been removed on the old felixstowe in Martlesham the one behind Tesco's where the Rspca is?
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David S
I guess the road is not a designated occupied area and does not have the required street lighting along it's whole length to automatically make it a 30 mph zone, and the council can't randomly allocate 30 mph zones. Personally I'd make it a 30 mph limit ... [ more ]
Douglas B
As the speed limit in Main Road is 30 mph, and there are no "National Limit" signs in Old Felixstowe Road, then it follows that the speed limit is still 30 mph, and doesn't need any additional signs.

Martlesham Heath covenant deed

Tom W in Martlesham Heath
Hi,  I wanted to knock down an ugly brick wall on my front boundary and replace it with a little white fence. On the covenant deed we have in martlesham heath it states we need to seek permission before altering any fences, walls of hedges on the ... [ more ]
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Beverley J
Yes Tom, it is a covenant that is frequently overlooked and will result in additional paperwork and expense when the property exchanges hands in the future. Unfortunately, some purchasers of property on Martlesham Heath are not advised correctly about ... [ more ]

Reminder - Jumble Sale & Home-made Cakes

to , (ended)
St Michael's Church Hall - Martlesham Heath


Ann B in Martlesham Heath
Does anyone know of a gardener to help with my small garden also a  handyman for odd jobs Please.
Helen B
Hi Ann if you need someone to sort out trees, bushes, any fencing , grass cutting or maintenance jobs the you could try David Mayhew on 01473 811755/07900934494. He's handy around the garden but probably not for indoors! Honest and reliable and will do a ... [ more ]

Wanted - A2 Blackboard

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
Hi, I am looking for an old but serviceable Black Board about A2 Size (12" x 16") - nothing fancy - it is for notices within our Bowls Club. On that note thank you to the great response at our Green Opening last Saturday. We had about a dozen leads for ... [ more ]

Jumble Sale & Homemade Cake Sale

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St Michael's Church Hall - Martleshan Heath


Ann B in Martlesham Heath
Does anyone know of a gardener / handyman. I just need someone occasionally to help keep my small garden  tidy and maybe a few odd jobs when needed.

Keys lost !

Paula E in Kesgrave
I have dropped a bunch of keys on a ring normal type Yale for house . The Police have been informed, but anyone who picks them up, I can vefify if they are mine. Please call 07837453762

Spectrum jazz quartet

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The Farmhouse
Sara H in Great Bealings
Spectrum jazz quartet are gigging next Saturday at the farmhouse, kicking off at 9pm. The quartet is made up of all local musicians. If you love jazz come along.
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wanted paving slabs or blocks.

poppy in Bucklesham
Wanted. Any unwanted Paving slabs or paving blocks Please. Any size or colour, anything appreciated.

Bredfield Bowls Green Opening

Charlie R in Martlesham Heath
It's only a week away, let's hope it gets dryer ! All are welcome from 13:00 through to 16:00 on Saturday 23rd April at our Green in The Street, Bredfield. If you'd like to try Bowls, come along, wear flattish shoes and we will do the rest. Jo G. - let ... [ more ]

Bug starring James Norton

Kathy A in Hasketon
I have 2 tickets available for Bug written by Tracy Letts and starring James Norton and Kate fleetwood at Found111, 111 Charing Cross Road, London on Wednesday 20th April 2016 7.30pm. Cost £35 each - open to offers.

Tip Run

Amanda P in Maidensgrave
Hi, I have various large items that need disposing of at Foxhall Tip however I don't drive. Can anyone help me? Items include: a single mattress, computer desk, broken Hoover etc..... Thank you.