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Free packing Boxes to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

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Jill D
If you have any left I'd be really grateful to have  a few this weekend, could pick them up later today or tomorrow, thanks


Give, Lend & Borrow in Wandsworth

2 week loan of a seat for my elderly relative

Give, Lend & Borrow in Battersea

We need to borrow/loan a comfortable but raised wing chair and raised loo seat for an elderly relative coming to stay for a fortnight on Thursday. Having seen how immobile he is this is urgent. Can anyone either lend us these or tell me where I can go to ... [ more ]
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Mick C
I have a winged armchair that you could borrow, I'm not sure how much it is raised but it's yours for a couple of weeks if you need it.

Handyman to put up wallpaper

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Lucy B
Hello - can anyone recommend someone to strip old wallpaper and put up new wallpaper please? Thanks Lucy

Looking for an aerial electrician...

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Kate L
Hi Streetlife  I have bought a flat, and there is no aerial, and keen to find someone who can give me advice on what I should do to get one installed?   if you know anyone who can help, that would be just brilliant!  Thanks Kate

Bifold door repair

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Nick B
Hi, I am looking for someone to come and sort out my bifold doors. They were fitted about 4 years ago but are now difficult to open and close so needs someone with a good knowledge of their inner workings - unfortunately the firm we bought them from has ... [ more ]

Has anyone used The London Kitchen Extension Company?

Recommendations in Pimlico

Just wondered if anyone had experience with The London Kitchen Extension Company? We are considering using them and would welcome any feedback. many thanks!
Thank you for that Bunty. Yes lots of useful info on nappyvalley. Unfortunately not much feedback on that company.

Cleaner/s in Earlsfield needed

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Ally S
Hi, I'm looking to get a regular cleaner and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? I'm looking to spend no more than £15/hour. Would appreciate any help. Thanks,
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Ala A
Hi Ally,  I recommend a really very good cleaner, it is very hard working and honest!!  She lives around Wimbledon. She does a wonderful work. This is her mobile 07516364255. Cheers!!  
Agata L
Hi, I run a small cleaning business and we have been doing lots of work for streetlifers. Our charge is £10 per hour for weekly service and £11 per hour for fortnightly service. Please email me for more details. I'll be happy to come and discuss your ... [ more ]

Tree Trimming

Recommendations in Wimbledon

I'm looking for someone to cut back a large apple tree. Can anyone recommend someone who knows what they're doing? Thanks.

Small Garden Shed Available - Free on collection.

Give, Lend & Borrow in West Hill

Could you use a small garden shed - picture below? It has a felt sloping roof, 155cm highest, and 135cm at front, 110 cm wide, 65 deep, with a small hinged door. It came flat packed and I've used it for about 4 years, so still has some life in it. Its ... [ more ]
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Trustworthy roofer / plus trusty painter for house exterior recommendations please

Recommendations in Summerstown

Sally H
Does anyone know of:  A. a good, trustworthy roofer I can ask to look at some tiles that have dropped down. B. Painter for house exterior. If anyone has had work done recently and feels the firm/s were reasonable and not a rip off we would love to ... [ more ]
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Fiona C
Hi I would recommend Denis of D.E Roofing Services 07932356477 I got him through this website and he has done a lot of work around the Wandsworth & Tooting areas

Beware parking cameras!

Local Conversations in Putney

Paul G
I was recently very surprised to get a parking ticket by post about 3 weeks after my car had been photographed in Garratt Lane outside shops not far from Earlsfield station. I had stopped for a couple of minutes during the morning to drop off or pick up ... [ more ]
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Amy N
Thanks for the warning. I got caught a few months ago in Orpington high street; visiting a friend, wasn't aware of which bays were loading etc. they all look the same and have the ticket machines next to them. I bought a ticket, and then a few weeks ... [ more ]

Holistic therapist recommendation

Recommendations in Southfields

Zoe K
Hi, I'm sadly having to give up a fantastic treatment room location on Thursday afternoon/evenings that is situated within Planet Organic at Local Motion Studios on Garratt Lane. It's going to be available from the beginning of May and I'm guessing will ... [ more ]

Furniture painted

Local Conversations in Summerstown


Recommendations in Summerstown

George T
Hi, Thinking of adding a pretty large extension to the side of my house that will almost turn it in to 2 houses. Can anyone recommend an architect who can come and have a look for me and give me planning advice etc.? Depending on what they say,I will use ... [ more ]
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Anya B
You have so many choices here, I hesitate to complicate things by adding another.  Both our families have used Liz Borowiecka (Boroviettska) She had made both our houses sensible price, comfortable and elegant without making silk purses from sow's ears. ... [ more ]
I would highly recommend Jo Cowen ( She had excellent advice for me, both practical and innovative so I could decide on which routes to take at every point. She lives off Wandsworth Bridge Road, so if you're in Sands End she's ... [ more ]

Kate found a cat without collar in tooting

Lost & Found in Summerstown

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Do you have a wood-burning stove?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Southfields

Kelly J
I have a car-load of garden-generated (and therefore untreated) logs and branches, that have accumulated over the last few years, and now need to dispose of, in preparation for moving. As I understand it, in Wandsworth you are only allowed to burn wood ... [ more ]
Richard C
Hi Kelly, what sort of sizes are the logs? I'm involved with Tooting Community Garden who could use larger logs to make things - including creating habitats - and with neighbours building dens for our kids! Do you think that might be a good use?


Local Conversations in Furzedown

Alan P
I found a Bentley car wind deflector today, looks like new, still in a very nice case. I will not say where I found it, for obvious reasons, but it is a high value item, looking on Google, over £1000. If you are the owner, please contact me. I have also ... [ more ]
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Alan P
The local police came yesterday to look at what I found. It seems they no longer take in lost property, nowhere to store it they said, so they left the item with me and said enquiries will be made. If nobody claims the item within 28 days, it is legally ... [ more ]

Plumber needed to fit bathroom mixer tap

Recommendations in Parsons Green

Karen N
Hi, I wondered if there were any plumbers who could fit a bathroom mixer tap for maximum £50. I think the water would need to be turned off at the mains outside the house because the tap located under the kitchen sink only turns off the hot water? ... [ more ]

Live from the Met ticket going cheap this Saturday

£20.00 in Wandsworth

Jenny S
I have a spare ticket for Cav & Pag at the Chelsea Curzon tomorrow. Cost £30 but available for £20 (just been let down by friend). Please contact me on

St. Michael's School 'Escape To The Country' Summer Fete

Clubs & Groups in West Hill

JUN 13
to ,
St Michael's School 'Escape To The Country' Summer Fete
Sarah R
Escape to the country at St. Michael's School Summer Fete, Viewfield Road, Southfields SW18. A great family day out with fun for all ages. We have a mobile farm, maypole dancing, a dog show, our famous plant stall, BBQ, Asian food stall, tea tent, giant ... [ more ]

Artificial grass / AstroTurf

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

After 15 years and many attempts I still haven't managed to grow and mention a lawn do you or do you know anyone that is selling artificial grass cheap (£100) recycled or free. my garden is approximately 40m2 it has become a mud slick and I feel it has ... [ more ]
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Sola A
There's one artificial grass retailer on catford high road. I bought quite a large roll and it cost me just £80. There's is cheaper than B and Q and its the better quality that actually looks like grass. I have it in my kitchen and outside decking area. ... [ more ]

Wallpaper Stripper to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

I have a Wagner Power Steamer to give way. I have just used it for wallpaper, but there are accessories for tile/window cleaning and carpet/floor cleaning. I have used it a fair bit so it looks a bit mucky. Includes instructions. To be collected from ... [ more ]
Jemma W
Hi, if you still have this I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands! I can collect this afternoon if that's any good Many thanks Jemma
Ed S
Hi Jemma, DD can't access Streetlife at the moment but I'm at the same address and she asked me to let you know.  If you send me a PM I will give you the address.

Large bag of polystyrene S shape packaging peanuts

Give, Lend & Borrow in Southfields

Paul H
To give away; one large 15 cu.ft. unopened bag of (recycled) polystyrene packing peanuts surplus to requirements, plus part of an opened bag. Very light but large bag. Located SW18 5PW. Ideal for loose fill if you are packing (lots of) delicate ... [ more ]

Can anyone recommend a technical drawing (CAD) person? I need it quite urgently

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Hi, I want to re-create drawings very similar to my neighbour for loft conversion. Anybody can or knows someone who can re-create the drawings for planning permission purpose? I don't need architect, as I know exactly what floorplans we want, so no ... [ more ]
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Rallie V I've PMed you with more details. Pls have a look and call me if you want to. thanks
George S Hi, I've emailed you with more details. Pls have a look and let me know. Thanks