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Elizabeth R in Earlsfield
Hi I need a plumber to install a shower and toilet who could do this really well and fairly speedily (as we would be without a shower!). I had a couple of recommendations from Streetlife before but none have responded to messages. Does anyone know of ... [ more ]

Bosch Dishwasher repairs

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Vanessa G
Thank you, Robin. They offered me a date in the middle of August, saying they were only dealing with 'under warranty' machines for the time being. It was just marvellous to have someone who came within 24 hours -and was efficient!

Dog Friendly Cleaner Recommendations Please

Rita Miller
Hi there, call Man Friday 020 3598 2669 if you are still looking for an excellent cleaner. I use them for over two years. Strongly recommend! Hope it helps! R

IKEA foldable steel tube guest bed to give away

Kristian W in Barnes
IKEA foldable steel tube guest bed colour: red Size Length: 194 cm Height: 32 cm from the ground Width: 80 cm comes with mattress to be given away. First come - first serve - to be collected in Putney SW15 1LR

Motor Bikes

Alan P in Furzedown
I know I have mentioned this before, but why is it some nutters on motor cycles are allowed to use Trinity Road as a race track??. I have seen them at more than 60mph, up on one wheel and ignoring the keep left signs. They make the most horrendous racket ... [ more ]
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We got hit by one of these f*ck-wits on Queenstown Road a few years back. Sitting in the car waiting to pick up a takeaway at Holy Cow and he came speeding up, lost control and smashed into the rear door where we had a sleeping baby. Indeed  Jane E , the ... [ more ]

Invisible mending for jacket

J L in Battersea
My son has ripped his new jacket (polycotton sports jacket) - it's a branded item which he bought on line with money saved ....oh dear. Am looking for recommendations for someone to make it look as good as new! The rip is near the pocket and he wants it ... [ more ]

Blue sofa going free

King Size Duvet to give away

Battersea Park retains its prestigious Green Flag

Wandsworth Council in Roehampton
Battersea Park has again been confirmed as one of the best green open spaces in the country after successfully retaining its coveted Green Flag award. Described as “the jewel in the crown of London's parks”, the award from leading environmental ... [ more ]

Kitchen Bits

Bubba in Upper Tooting
Hi Streetlifers, I have just changed my kitchen and have a few bits which don't match the new colour scheme. All free and must go by end of day otherwise going to the charity shop. Items include dish drainer, vegetable rack and cutlery holder.

food colouring

Jenny S in Wandsworth
Does anyone know where I can get liquid black food colouring? I do't want the gel as it is to put into a small bird bath/water feature, to try to control algae. I have tried the big Tesco at Clapham South and the Waitrose in St Johns Road.
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I'd try algae-busting dye from pond /fish shop, which is designed to last outside in sunlight and to be animal safe. Algae in small water bodies often stops of its own accord due to using up nutrients, but this won't happen if you keep cleaning/adding ... [ more ]

Clothes airer

Random Bits 'n bobs

Sarah C in Wandsworth
Hey Streetlife! Myself and four others have recently moved into a new house in Clapham Junction& are in desperate need of some dinner plates & any secondhand vacuum cleaner on the off chance should anyone be giving away any of those?! Happy to ... [ more ]
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Susan H
there is a takeaway restaurant by the southern bus stop near battersea bridge and they have been clearing out some plain white plates etc very cheaply. I am not sure what is left but worth a look

New Back to netball group in Wandsworth- come give it a go!

Back to Netball South London in Wandsworth
We are looking for new people to join our New Wandsworth Back to netball group! Do you want to get back in to Netball? Enjoyed playing at school? Or are you a beginner wanting to try something new!? Back to Netball is the session for you, great fun, ... [ more ]
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Back to Netball South London
Hi Ladies. Yes exactly what Amanda said (thanks Amanda). Its on every Tuesday 5.30-6.30pm in the sports hall at the Wandle Rec centre. No need to sign up in advance, just turn up on the day and bring £5 in cash.  You will be welcomed when you arrive! ... [ more ]

wedding magazines...

Editrix in Balham
Is anyone getting married and would like about 6 or 7 wedding magazines? They're expensive to buy, bought in the last few months  and it seems a shame to throw them away but i no longer need them.

Lock smith Tooting needed plus logs need some!

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We have a wooden pallet in our garden - some loft insulation material was delivered on it and it was left by the deliverers.  You are welcome to this but would need to chop it up
Cosmo H
I have a wood burning stove, (clean burn and outside of the M25). I burn wood taken from skips. Its free (if you ask the builders). Fantastic source of free heat. Now is the time to buy it so it can season and dry out. Worth investing in a moisture meter ... [ more ]

terracotta window box containing herbs

Julie W in Balham
does anyone want a terracotta window box containing some sage and rosemary? Unfortunately I can't take it to the US with us :0(

Flower bulbs

emmsar in Wandsworth
Hello Streetlifers, Some of you had shared the bulbs collection I had bought some months ago. I wanted to know how they turned out - did they flower? Were they satisfactory? Please let me know nd post pictures if you have them. Thanks
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Michelle G
I also had some and put them In a pot , they flower through from Spring but have now finished , will post a pic next spring :)

Rumoured plans for building at the top of St. John's Hill.

Iris W in West Hill
Has anyone else heard the rumour that the old St Johns hospital site which is now Council flats is to be demolished and turned into a multi-story block of flats. I was told by a neighbour that this is not yet at the planning stage. This would make a ... [ more ]
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Robert S
Hi Ian, Iris Yes that is the agent's brochure for the sale of the site... it is said to be "Under offer" but no further information has been issued, the agents and the Planning Dept are being tight lipped about the scheme as no formal Planning ... [ more ]
Vivienne J
Hi Robert, Good to see you on here... and it is a good platform I am sure for gathering support. Whilst here , have you heard of anything happening to the community centre on the entrance to the East HIll Estate.. was a day centre for the elderly until ... [ more ]

calor gas canister

Julie W in Balham
Hello  I am moving and I have a calor gas BBQ canister if anyone would like it. Apparently you can get a deposit back if you return them but only if you have a receipt - which I don't. Hard to tell how much gas is left but its only been used about 4 ... [ more ]
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Ania O
Hi Julie, I've done some research on the web and unfortunately this type of canister and adapter is not suitable for my camping equipment. Hope you find somebody to take it off your hands - a picture would be useful perhaps? Ania O
Julie W
Hiya  I will just return it to calor gas.  Had just thought someone might want to make use of it for their BBQ but seems more complicated than I realised

Cost of ceiling

Suki G in West Hill
Just wondered if anyone had a ceiling replaced recently and could offer a bit of advice... I have a bedroom (roughly 12' x 15') which is in desperate need of a new ceiling, it is traditional lathe and plaster Victorian one! What is a rough ballpark ... [ more ]
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caroline w
It should cost £500.  It's half or three-quarters a day's work for a plasterer and his mate. Clear the room and leave it to them.  They'll have the old ceiling down in an hour and the new plasterboard ceiling up in another 2 hours.  And then an hour to ... [ more ]
Suki G
Thank you all very much for your advice, gratefully received and giving me food for thought! Husband has just gone upstairs to look at the ceiling again in light of all your comments!

Random garden items

Amy W in Wandsworth
Hi,  We have a few garden items available if anyone wants some or all of them: a rotary washing line, a rake, a hoe and a bike rack. To collect from SW17.  Thanks
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Amy W
Nicci H - Hi, yes, the bike rack is still available. Let me know when you want to pick it up. Many thanks.

Childs Stair Gate

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liquitex spray paint

Free Lamp

Julie W in Balham
does anyone want this lamp?  Its been in storage for ages and I just tried it but not working - may just be the bulb or may need someone more competent than I to fix it!
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Hilda susan H
Hi Julie, If by any chance the lamp is not collected we would love to give it a good home . And we can collect to suit you . Thanks in advance Susan & Garry