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Secret Benefactor.........

Marianne I
in Wandsworth
A very big THANK YOU! to a secret (local neighbour?) benefactor, on Tuesday..... I had to, urgently, have a key cut, so I set off to SDS, in Northcote Road, (who amongst, many, other facilities offer an outstanding and extremely well priced, ... [ more ]
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Hari T
I also put back tickets with unexpired time. (Don't know if it is legal or not :)  )  Now, with more and more electronic parking...


in Wandsworth
Goodbye Streetlifers! Thanks for your advice, information, items, collaboration, friendship and generosity. Good luck and bless you all. Mythili

The search is on for Max the cat

Camilla T
in Wandsworth
To everyone in the Wandsworth area: we have called in professional help to find our lovely cat Max, who has now been missing for over two weeks. A team from Animal Search UK will be in the area on Friday 10 February. They may come knocking on your ... [ more ]
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Camilla T
Thank you everyone for your help and support in our search for Max. Unfortunately, he is still not home, but we are not giving up. Please keep spreading the word to everyone you know in the area - ask them to check their gardens, garages and sheds and ... [ more ]
Krissy H
Eyes still peeled & ready to take photo - hopefully will be successful - will mention it to neighbour's - good luck !

Free small fridge - come collect from Garratt Lane, Earlsfield

Inactive inactive in Battersea
Few small marks, has been well used, but still in good working order. Doesn't have trays inside, but the light works!  Click on the image to reveal more images. Will need lifting down some stairs, but I can help you. 

French books to give away

in Walham Green
we have quite a few french novels to give away suitable for ages 11+ up to a level.   Would like to give the whole lot away to one person. Many thanks
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A free wardrobe, or two? (or 3, or 4...) washing machine...

Hari T
in West Hill
House clearance! Wardrobes, table, sofa, sideboards, upright freezer, washing machine... ALL FREE. Yes, the stuff is old and it WORKS! :) Sunday 19th February 10:30-12:30, 63A West Hill. You must bring your own transport, and be prepared to do the ... [ more ]

New vacancy: Horticulture Trainer, Assessor and Deputy Manager

Share Community in Sands End
We are looking for a creative and skilled trainer and assessor who can work alongside our Horticulture Training Manager to deliver horticulture training, support the work of our gardening social enterprise and fulfil assessor duties for all of our ... [ more ]

Man/woman and van

Jordan D
in Wandsworth
Hello! Can anyone recommend a 'man with van'? (Reasonably priced) I need to take 3 large rolls of carpet and a dismantled bed to a waste disposal center in Nine Elms. Any recommendations?
Annabel C
Yes Jordan, I can highly recommend Andrew Grainger who moved a couple of items of furniture for me recently. I found him recommended on here by other Streetlifers. He will do a good job and charges only £40 an hour. Contact him on 07411 633551.

virgin media

Louise S
in Putney Heath
Service even worse not really working at all. Found out that Branson has sold it off for tax purposes it seems. The new owners are a huge American company called Liberty Global. One can only guess as they are based in the States they will not care ... [ more ]
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Alexander F
Louise. Go for it. I fully back you. They call it high utilisation. Notably, if you complain on a regular basis you'll get £8 back each month. They should also let you out of your contract for the same reason. I'm yet to test that one. If it ... [ more ]
Jaquie F
I'll add my email address too. I'm fed up with the outtages, it happens all too frequently. Write to CEO Michael Fries at Liberty Global Address: Griffin House, 161 Hammersmith Rd, London W6 8BS Phone: 020 8483 6300

Rug Doctor carpet detergent to give away

Car wash exterior and interior

Sarah K in Balham
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced car valet cleaning service for inside and out? I went to the one by Wandsworth Homebase a while back but it wasn't there when I went on Tuesday. Thanks in advance

Work top off cut wanted

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Diane R
Hi Marie Sorry I seem to have missed your messages.  There is one piece 160 x 60, another 76 x 60 and a couple of smaller pieces (the plumber cut the wrong size hole for the sink so quite a lot of waste)! Regards Diane
Thank you so much Sylvia. But it seems Diane has a larger piece which would work out better. Diana thank you so much, that's perfect. I'm in Southfields too, when could I collect please? Unfortunately I can't pm you, so here's my mobile if you ... [ more ]

Plumber - tiler

Editrix in Balham
Shower leaking into the floor below and looking for a good all round plumber tiler to come out soonest ? To sw12 thank you
Jack S
Dear Editrix Call Joel on 07715206815 or see the link for your shower leaking and tiling. Regards
Tato N
Hi. Have u sorted out the problem with ur shower. If not give me a ring . I can help u on that problem u got. Tato 07802698063. I live on the area

iMac problem

in West Hill
My iMac has failed to start properly after freezing while using Gmail. It's quite old but was able to run with El Capitan OS. Now it loads very slowly and leaves a grey screen and no programme. I managed to run disk utility but no improvement. Has ... [ more ]
Vincent S
Hi Have you backed up your data? Do you know which year, you Mac is from? I can have a look at it this evening or tomorrow. 07590197399


Jane H
in Parsons Green
Can anyone recommend a local acupuncturist? I have a fellow but he's in Herne Hill and I'd rather a Fulham- or Wandsworth-based facility. Thanks!
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Amy G
Hi Helen, we don't do acupuncture but you could check out Mint Wellbeing in Wandsworth for all round wellness.  Please call if you want a chat.  Amy
Louise W
Hi Jane, Live Free Wellness at 265 Putney Bridge Road does Acupuncture. Have a look at their website Good luck!

Cordless phone conundrum.....

Marianne I
in Wandsworth
One of my 4 cordless, Panasonic, telephone handset suddenly needs recharging much more frequently. [1GAQA053166 CE0470 Model No KX-TGA850E] As I do use this one a lot, maybe most often?, I was not entirely surprised. So I thought I would change over ... [ more ]
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I too had this problem and I replaced the rechargeable batteries in all the handsets and problem solved.
Angela S
One of my handsets has just 'gone dark' it still rings and I can use it to answer but not for making calls as it doesn't show anything, any idea's anyone please, even my basic technology seems to be getting at me at the moment

Netgear router going free

Camilla Y
in Clapham
I'm giving away my Netgear modem router - bought 2010 and unused since last June. It works great but last year I signed up to a new ISP & was sent a new router . See photos of the box which shows details. Would anyone like this? Please PM me? ... [ more ]
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Scaffold shelving

Nick L in Earlsfield
Hi all, I am looking for someone who can build me some scaffold shelving (example pic attached). Thanks.
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ply off cut

Virgin Broadband.

in Summerstown
We have had lots of problems with our broadband recently. Well - more than usual... An engineer changed the router yesterday but we have no connection at all since then. We were told last night it was a local problem and that it would be fixed by 9 ... [ more ]
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Louise S
internet slower than ever this weekend. Have complained by e mail again the emails come form the

Floor polisher / sander to borrow please?

in Pimlico
Does anyone have a floor polisher I could borrow for a few hours? I want to apply oil to a wooden floor. Many thanks!

Any skip hire recommendations?

in Balham
It's been a while since I needed a skip and the company I have used is no longer around. Before SL dies, may I have some recommendations for legal rubbish disposal in the area? Thanks.
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Yes, I'm kicked over to ND... Kicking, screaming and spitting but I have little choice. Hippo has great bags and  but quite high prices. I could not have taken that particular waste to the Smuggler's way as it is commercial waste and there is no way I ... [ more ]

loft ladder needed

June C
in Balham
can anyone who has had a loft ladder installed please suggest anyone who could help. thank you. I for one am really going to miss streetlife.
I had one installed a few years ago by Matt Sherman Very happy with the quality of the work and end result Matt is a carpenter who is also doing some other work for me at the moment He is amazing 07970 100880

Scam Commercial Register letters.

in Balham
Beware, the scam that tries to lock you into a contract and looking official is again making rounds by post. An official looking letter from "Commercial Register" tries to make you fill out a form that looks official but is a pure directory scam. ... [ more ]
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Christine S
Thank you Dmitriy, I'm also very glad you are on my ex-Streetlife contacts. You really have your figure on the buzzer with all that is going on and what could easily pass me by.  

Kitchen Fitter recomendations

Clare W in Wandsworth
Hello, Can any one recommend a good kitchen fitter? I need one in the next few weeks. I know that most of the good ones will be booked up and am hoping that someone will have a cancellation. Attention to detail is very important and it would be great ... [ more ]
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PerfectWorks Painting & Renovation
Hi Clare, we are a renovation company and can come and give you an on-site quote. We offer a full kitchen remodel - flooring, tiling, cabinets and appliances installation, painting. Give us a call on 020 3670 4540 Regards, ... [ more ]
Jack S
Dear Clare See Geolida Properties Limited for your kitchen fitting or see the link Regards