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TV Stand

K G in West Brompton
We are moving house and no longer have any need for this TV Stand. It is in excellent condition with no scratches etc. If anybody wants it you are more than welcome - collection SW3. Dimensions L109, D45, H53
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2 bird cages

Gervase B in Wandsworth
one big and one small birdcage ready to go to a good home. complete with feeders etc. Pick up off Wandsworth bridge road. 0207 736 8784.

IOS 10.0.2 update trouble...?

Marianne I in Wandsworth
Since I updated my iPad to IOS 10.0.2, I am experiencing annoying "bugs", such as not being able to get a direct response when clicking on virtually any link or website..... Instead it just opens the general browser window. I invariably have to return ... [ more ]
I would call apple and ask for a call back. If you have your serial number to hand and explain the problem they will be able to tell you if your device is compatible with the upgrade. Had the same problem with my MacPro which is now classed as ... [ more ]

Labradoodle Breeder

Sally H in Earlsfield
Does anyone happen to know, or can recommend a breeder for large labradoddles. It's a mine field out there! Thanks
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Advice for sorting out my business VAT

Jo in Summerstown
Does anyone have any advice for the cheapest way for me to do my  limited company accounts incl paying my VAT bill? I have an accountant and am paying him a small fortune to do my very simple accounts. I don't employ anyone and have one invoice a ... [ more ]
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Gayle Y
I use SJD accounting.  You fill in their template every quarter and send it back to them and they do the rest.  You get emails and reminders from the same person every time (and/or their manager) and they also respond to ad-hoc questions or support.  ... [ more ]
Morris Walkden
I can also recommend Jacques from EOACC in Wimbledon. He has software where you can download your bank statements into his online system and then go through what the entries refer to etc. Once set up, it's cut down my time spent ... [ more ]

Chest of drawers

K G in West Brompton
We are moving house and no longer have any need for this chest of drawers. They are in excellent condition. If anybody wants them you are more than welcome - collection SW3. Dimensions H 94, W 83, D 44.8
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At last- No Cycling signs on The Scope

David R in West Hill
So many cyclists don't understand the Signs at either end of the diagonal pathetic across this 'wild' part of the Common that children, mums and 'oldies' have been at great risk from great speeds. Today I saw clear signs have appeared on a few ... [ more ]

Your Local Electrician

R. S Stockham -Electrician in R. S Stockham -Electrician
With 20 years experience covering Surrey and South West London, specialist in domestic electrical repairs and minor works. Please check out my facebook page to see the services I provide or just drop me a line with your enquiry . Same day service ... [ more ]
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R. S Stockham -Electrician
From changing a plug to a full rewire we are here to help . Take a look at my facebook page for all the services I provide .

Bag of materials, embroidery silks, crochet hooks etc

Anne K in Parsons Green
Would anyone like a bag of material offcuts (ideal for patchwork/small articles) and embroidery silks and sets of crochet hooks? Collection from north Battersea on Saturday afternoon.

Advice on the best way to back up a massive photo library

Jo in Summerstown
I have over 1000 photos in an iphoto library on an old mac. Does anyone know the best way to back them onto an external hard drive? There are so many on the market and whilst some say they are mac compatible, the reviews say otherwise. Also what ... [ more ]
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Shahid Rafiq
Frank, sorry for the late response. Yes there are loads of online back supplies for businesses I currently use Mozy ( They are expensive but have been very good when I ever needed to retrieve files from backup. For home users I have in ... [ more ]
Marianne I
Just joining this conversation, as I need to buy another external hard drive, not for a Mac! A 2-TB would be my choice; which brands do you recommend then? I have used "Freecom"; still use one of those, but it's full, the other one (oldest) no longer ... [ more ]

Outdoor Animal Run

Stephen I in West Hill
Good morning. Would anyone have an outdoor run to sell or give!? We are looking to adopt Guinea Pigs from a rescue centre but they require an outdoor run to qualify. Many thanks

Need some one to take in jeans and tweed coat.

R D in Sands End
Hi Gang Does anyone know where I could take my jeans and one coat to have them altered, taken in at the waist. I lost weight and now my jeans are too big. My coat I want to have taken in at the sides. Any recommendations please!
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Gillian P
Yes Sangita all in one piece front and backs no knee seams !. Those were the days 2 of us working in Kings Road Chelsea we made up to 10 pairs a day between us no Mistakes either!. 😄

round the World in 40 Minutes

Macbook Pro - upgrade

Marie B in Upper Tooting
Hi lovely Streetlifers ... my Mac is getting very slow and I know it needs some more memory added and a 'tidy up' ... am sure that's not the right description ;)    it's about 7 years old but I'm hoping to eek it out for another while yet as I'm not ... [ more ]
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Take Carolyn's lead... Vincent is technically in the same business as I am but he is a decent guy and I am happy not to jump the queue for him.
Hi Marie,I would go to E-Computing in hildreth street Balham,I am just about to let them upgrade my daughters Mac book.They give a fantastic service and most importantly a decent guarantee when the work is finished. 0208 6730300 James

Spirit of Christmas- complimentary tickets wanted please

Miranda F in Putney
I have already posted for this year but am still hoping that there might be a company out there who is selling at Spirit and has any complimentary tickets or code available to get hold of one! It is a fab fair and I am always very successful at ... [ more ]
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Warm clothes

Sharon S in Clapham
I have some warm clothes I was hoping to donate to someone going to help the refugees. Is anyone doing a run soon that would like them?
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Michelle D Bright Beginnings ... [ more ]
Jo W
Hi Sharon, if they're for adults that would be wonderful.  I could pick them up on Sunday?  Thanks, Jo

Kitchen installation.

Jane S in Fulham
I'm looking for a man to make a new kitchen for me. I don't like anything I've seen so far in all the various catalogues. Thanks.
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Diana W
I know one of the top designers for Holloway's of Ludlow. They specialise in bespoke kitchens - using unusual materials and totally tailored to you. However they aren't cheap. The guy I know is called Richard McGee and he works out of their Brook ... [ more ]
Polly H
Hi Jane I am a local Interior Designer (Fulham) and may be bale to help - do give me a call: 07976 955648 I will be more than happy to pop round without charge and help in any way I can. I have a team of craftsmen who can help make/fit a new ... [ more ]

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Viola in Summerstown
I am wondering if anyone can recommend a place where I can have my tablet looked at, get some advice and hopefully have it repaired. Can't get it to charge. I have done everything that Lenovo have suggested apart from buying a new "original" charger; ... [ more ]
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iMac problem

Lynne M in Wandsworth
Hi I wondered if anyone can tell me what a 'core telephony trace file error' is ? I'm running OS X El Capitan version 10.11.16 and lately I get this message as I turn on - it goes on to say that I may be out of memory - but this does not appear to be ... [ more ]
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Michael P
Hello Lynne, I am an IT Professional. You are not alone in experiencing this problem of which is caused by a bug  in El Capitan. Try the steps below to resolve the problem. If it does work, you may give me a call on 07768 564974 if you wish. 1. ... [ more ]

Cat Portrait Painter

Caroline in West Hill
My daughter has a very loved cat and I was thinking I would like to get his portrait painted as a Christmas present for her, does anyone please know of someone who could do this at a reasonable cost? Thank you
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Fiona M
I can very much recommend Judy Young who lives in Battersea.   I have seen her SUPERB dog portraits but believe she does cats equally well.   (I bought a very fine picture of a sea gull she did which is very much admired by all my guests; she also ... [ more ]

Can anyone recommend someone to do small job on some guttering on the roof?

Sally H in Earlsfield
It's not a big job so a roofer might not be keen, i have a small section missing needs along ladder Thanks
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Carpenter needed

Matty Matt Man in Wandsworth
To replace pvc facia's around 2 large bay windows and a couple of other windows. As well as various other jobs! Any recommendations greatly received!
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Pilates classes at Dimson Lodge, Battersea Church Road

emmsar in Wandsworth
Hello everyone, Today we had the first class of Pilates, we were not as many as we would have wanted, Raquel gave us a good work out. We would like to have another five participants for the 1pm class. We will probably combine the 2 sessions to have ... [ more ]
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Ladies, no Pilates at half term . We resume November 2. I hope all the emergencies have been unfounded and that everyone is on the road to recovery - Mary Jane, Stella's grand-daughter and Pat. We missed you all!
sc m
Yes thanks emmsar. All better than good! No broken bones and swelling has improved. See you on the 2nd Nov. Stella x

Is Your Dog Scared of Fireworks?

to ,
The Telegraph Pub, Telegraph Road, SW15 3TU
Diane K in Battersea
Is your dog scared of Fireworks? Join us for our 2 hour talk on how to support your dog over the firework period.

Reliable and competent ironing person required In Putney

Tony H in West Hill
I need  a wonderful person to help me sort out my ridiculous ironing back log - not urgent, but there is quite a lot, mostly shirts and T-shirts. Ideally, I would like to find someone who preferably lives in Putney and who is prepared to do it in ... [ more ]