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Sharon B to Upper Tooting and 4 more areas

We need a photographer for a party

Does anyone know a photographer who can take photos of a 21st birthday party later in the year in Central London? Someone who can capture the atmosphere of the evening.......
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Filmmaker Sandra
Hello Sharon ... I am sandra local filmaker and photographer. Thanks everyone for your recommendations, it was very lovely to hear positive comments about my work. Sharon I can both film and take pictures. I can also edit the footage and add music , ... more »
Aussie Caramel
Another option might be to buy disposable cameras and ask the guests to take photos??? That way you collect all the cameras when the party is over and you get to keep the photos you like/want. If you wait for everyone to email you the ones they took on ... more »
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Liz C
Hi seb , I use Antonio he has a good attitude to complete a tidy job on time . He works for other people in battersea . reliable and punctual Great guy and very good rates 07899176157 He is also a great organiser ,sheds ,garages ect Good luck
Valerie T
I'm not being competitive .. but I should have said that Peter lives and works from Ritherdon Road useful info re parking tickets) and was recommended to me through Streetlife.
Lucy S to Earlsfield and 9 more areas

Smugglers Way dump closed today - anyone know why? lots of staff hanging about ..

went to the dump at Smugglers Way with a car full of borage and bindweed & it was shut.  there were lots of staff milling around, does anyone know whether it is likely to reopen later or not?  my car is going to be full of snails if its tomorrow.
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Jill C
No idea Lucy, but thanks for telling us. I was thinking of packing my car with green waste too.
Julie M to Wandsworth and 4 more areas

Digging up brambles

Hi,  I'm looking for someone to help do some digging in my garden... Any ideas?
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Jack S
Hi, I can help!! I LOVE digging and I am BIG and STRONG, and always happy to help a damsel in distress.... Can provide own gloves and spades/forks.  Experience in basic gardening.  Have good references.  I usually like to listen to dance music whilst ... more »
Lucy S
well Jack is evidently much more butch than me... can't compete with that, tho' i do garden in silence and take stuff to the dump and am teetotal.... depends on how big yr brambles are, if ginormous well established several years worth of growth, then ... more »
Loraine L to Battersea and 1 more area

free books and dvds

Am spring cleaning and have too many books and DVDs for our small flat.  Please come and see if there is anything you like before I cart them to a charity shop.
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Loraine L
I am off St. John's Hill.  Will be back by 2.0.  Loraine
Robin FT
Really sorry - can't do today now as I've arranged to meet friends at 3.00 and won't be back til late. Maybe tomorrow...I am not far away - just up the other end of Lavender Hill so can cycle over at a convenient time for you.
C Q to Balham and 5 more areas

Stolen carpet

We just had a roll of grey carpet -just newly delivered- stolen from our drive !!! Omg what has this world come to???
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Sorry to hear this, which area do you live in
I'm with Cumin Club
Flair Fairy
Happened to someone near me where the tiler left his tools on the front door step (hidden from view) while he parked his van (less than 10 minutes he was gone and he was only a few hundred yards away). In that time, the tools were stolen! Makes you ... more »
Filmmaker Sandra to Battersea and 5 more areas

Fault f4 on my fridge Miele

Since few weeks, my fridge alarm start and stop every now and then. The fault is displayed as f4 and I have no idea what it means.... Is it worth to have it repaired or should I just get a new one? If repaired, how much a f4 fault will cost to be ... more »
Filmmaker Sandra
After reading advices on the internet, I turned it off for 48 hours and the freezer is now working fine. The thing is that now since restarting the fridge area is not working anymore. It was working fine before. I am puzzled. Now the fridge displays a f2 ... more »
Zlatko Z
Sandra, there is a web site where you can chat with fridge experts. I d give them a try: Apart from that, fridges don't have many serviceable parts I am ... more »
gem to Battersea and 5 more areas


Hi, can anyone recommend a painter/decorator to paint the exterior of my house in the SW11 Northcote Rd vicinity. Many thanks.
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Louise hannah Design
Hi please feel free to have a look at my website at I have experience of working on exterior of houses in the area and know a good scaffing company. I am happy to come and see the property and give a quote for the work as I ... more »
ella l
Hello if you still looking for a painter my husband  makes a great job all clients are happy if you need more recommendation no problem ,07786605463
Sarah to Balham and 6 more areas


Hello I'm looking for a handyman to put up some blinds, a curtain rod, fix a sticking back door, fit a new latch lock in the front door frame, fit a tiny piece of lino, and silicon over discoloured grout in the bathroom. It would all add up to about a ... more »
Liz C
Hi , I needed a similar collection of jobs done . I used Antonio , he was great ,polite and finished to a good standard , £60 a day was such a bargin . Antonio 07899176157
Thats so helpful Liz.  I will give him a call. Many thanks Sarah
Farrokh H to Fulham and 4 more areas

Gardening work

Hi everyone. We need someone to do a small garden, trimming, mowing, cleaning, flower planting. Can anyone help. Thanks
Hi Farrokh,  Can help you with that. Run my own Gardening/Handyman business.  Charge 15 pounds per hour.  Public liability insurance.  See my website: Or call me on 07553115382 to book an appointment.  Thanks,  Pete
Sara R
Brendan is good and does just that sort of work reasonable rates phone 07859066502
Tash to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Furniture for flat to let

Does anyone know of a good place to get reasonably priced furniture for a flat I intend to let out? The furniture shop in Endeavour Way seems to have closed down. Thanking you in advance!
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Maroussia R
The British Heart Foundation has several furniture shops in the area and are very reasonable as to price.  They will also deliver, not too expensively.  The shops I know of are, one in Wandsworth High Street, one in Brixton just up the hill from Lambeth ... more »
Jessica T to Earlsfield and 4 more areas

Tree cutting

Hi there, Does anyone know a good and reasonably priced gardener who could cut down and dispose of some tree branches? Pretty straightforward task. Many thanks.
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Grischa D
I'm a gardener and I can have a look at the extend of the work needed. For maintenance I charge £50/half day and £90/full day. For heavy duty, building work and carpentry Iit's £70/£130. There would be an additional charge large amounts of green waste. ... more »
Valerie T
Try Peter Norey 07973 885 797.   He took down my pyracantha and carted away very efficiently.
SammySamak to Battersea and 5 more areas

This is BIG: 5 days to go to the biggest Ironsides rugby match ever!!!

This is BIG!!!  Battersea Ironsides RFC 1st XV are in the semi-finals of the RFU National Junior Vase competition!!! This game is being played THIS SATURDAY 19 April 2014 on our Garrett Green pitch kick-off at 14:30 against Longlevens RFC, a team from ... more »

to ,

Garrett Green

Apr 19
Shahid Rafiq
A few other facts: Players who have played for the Ironsides have represented: Gibraltar, Hong Kong & Pakistan
Leanne U
Is garrat green the field opposite burntwood, will definatly come down and support the team.
Selina S to Balham and 5 more areas

2 armchairs to give away..collect tomorrow please

i have 2 lovely armchairs, nothing wrong, just getting some new furniture and we need to make space.  1 brown leather tub chair 1 large squashy feather armchair Collection from Rayes Park SW20 tomorrow or an evening ...
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Selina S
Hi Carole R now in Wandsworth   I am in SW20, Raynes Park and the red one is still available. At a later date the 3 seater sofa may be up for grabs that matches the res armchair !!
Carole R now in Wandsworth
Thanks for the response, My house is too small for a 3 seater sofa, so probably best you keep them all together for someone.
Donna B to Sands End and 9 more areas

Coffee table required

Has anyone got a coffee table you don't need, also a chest of drawers ..
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Hi Donna, I got your message, ty. I do not have a Chest drawer, but there is an old one i do not think you will like it, if you want to see it ask for a pic of it ok Here i am sending you the Wardrobe and the coffee table pic, and i have a table as ... more »
Filmmaker Sandra to Battersea and 5 more areas

lovely easter egg hunt at kls today

We had such a wonderful time at the katherine low settlement today. Around 200 children came today to look for chocolate goodies hidden in Fred well gardens in battersea. Lovely facepainting, hotdogs and cakes for the local kids. Kls will celebrate is ... more »
Filmmaker Sandra
I posted this article on my phone and cannot edit it. It should say 90th aniversary instead of 9th ! Sorry about this... My phone like to autocorrect what I write every now and then ! Lol
Donna B
That's terrific new Sandra, send my regards to all at KLS 😃
Donna B to Sands End and 9 more areas

Chester drawers and wardrobe

If anyone has a Chester drawers and wardrobe We would be most grateful, my daughter is moving into a flat and has no furniture....
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Just a bit of fun and much more polite than drawing attention to Donna's glaring spelling error! You have to laugh, don't you?
sc m
I do love a joke and certainly understand we all need to have a sense of humour, it is very good for ones health. However in this case, I support that both Christine N and the OP Donna B can have the right to disagree. Firstly, the OP is asking for ... more »