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Lost 3 legged cat

Lois D in Clapham
Katie, a very shy but agile tortoise shell and white cat has been missing from the Bullen Street/Battersea Park Road area since the early hours of Wednesday morning.  She probably won't allow herself to be picked up but if you think you have spotted her ... [ more ]

Sky Broadband vs Virgin

Myriam A in Battersea
Hi Everyone, I live in Wandsworth and having terrible experience with Virgin Broadband! No internet for 4 days now 😁, a friend had bad experience with Virgin too in an other area of london and has switched to sky and said it has been great so far. Anyone ... [ more ]
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A decent cleaner required for SW18!!

Mick in West Hill
Can anyone recommend a decent cleaner, someone that will actually clean rather than just wipe. Will be required for 2 hours a week in the East Hill area of Wandsworth???
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Annabel C
Hi Mick, I can highly recommend Maria (as I often have done on Streetlife). She does a wonderful job!  Her phone number is 07538 528634.
victoria c
I can recommend Eddison, a Filipino male cleaner.He is amazing, he cleans predominantly in central London but has said to me he is willing to cross the river. He is fastidious, honest and a generally nice young chap! A couple of his clients have moved ... [ more ]

Chanteroy under threat

Patrick M in Southfields
Dear local friends, The Chanteroy Deli on Wimbledon Park Road is under threat from developers who want to convert the property in to flats. This is of course totally unacceptable and could provide a precedent for other such developments. If you wish to ... [ more ]
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Eileen J
According to the definition, frontage includes all of the existing ground floor (not basement or upstairs) so Wandsworth could block it on the basis that floor space will be lost. The problem is that it does not stop Golfrate giving notice to quit and ... [ more ]

Doggy Day Care for Friendly Shih Poo

CC in Streatham Hill
Bertie needs someone who can come and collect him at around 11.00 am and take him for a walk and either stay in his home or go to their home until around 5.30pm while I am away.  He is a really lovely natured 2yr 4month old  Shih Poo whose highlight of ... [ more ]

Anyone missing a very sociable ginger & white cat?

David C in Wandsworth
Do you own this lost (or very adventurous) ginger-and-white cat in the Lavender Hill area?  Clearly comfortable with people but is very, very hungry and super keen to be indoors and fed, cause for concern is that over the last two weeks since we first ... [ more ]
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Fixing swift nest box

JIGGS W in Summerstown
Hi, does anyone out there have experience of fitting up a swift nest box onto the house? I have a nest box ready, but it is very heavy and needs to go high up onto brickwork at the back of the house. This job also needs doing very soon as the swifts are ... [ more ]
Ian T
Great news. We have a number up on St Barnabas Church, but we were lucky that a local roofing company was able to help us- without them we would have struggled.

Looking for a vet? we come to your house | PawSquad Mobile Vets

PawSquad Mobile Vets in PawSquad Mobile Vets
Hi everyone - I am the founder of PawSquad Mobile Vets and we just launched our service in South West London. For a similar price as going to a traditional practice (£48), PawSquad customers get their own dedicated family vet to examine and treat their ... [ more ]

Single bed needed

Elizabeth G in Wandsworth
Has anyone got a single bed & mattress in excellent condition they would like to give away? For a family struggling financially who would be very grateful.
Sally H
Hi Elizabeth, I have just been told about your post. We have two single beds, one divan with good mattress One slotted base with headboards .see photo It has been on my local Streetlife for a few days ! PM for contact Sally

web desigher

emmsar in Wandsworth
I am looking for modst web desginer for just for up  and down load video and audio albums and simple adminstration .
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Andre A
Hi emmsar, I may be able to help you as well. If you could drop me a PM with a bit more info it would be brilliant. This is my website: Good luck!

Garden weeding

Lucy F in Putney
Can anyone recommend someone to weed my small 30 ft thin garden ... Its only weeding around the paving so not a huge job.. Just one im bored of doing every year! Taking dead plants out of pots etc. let me know.

Artist/ sketch / caricature pictures

Cinderella's mum in Sands End
Hi all, I'm in need for an artist that can draw/ sketch caricature animations/ pictures for an event in September 2016. Please contact me if you do this as a job/ hobby/ or studying this form of skill. Thanks
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Terence W
Hi I'm a fine artist, I will send you examples of my work. (See profile) It would be interesting to do caricature, I am currently exhibiting, and work in a primary school. mobile: 07528877597 Terence

Free Lindam flexigate "travel' stair gate

Julie W in Balham
if anyone would like a free starigate like the one below - minus the bag it came in please let me know,default,pd.html&cm_mmc=ad-css-_-ggle-shop-...
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Sarah M
If it's still available I'd love it for grandchildren.  Please PM to say when would be a good time to collect and where you are.   Thanks.

Missing black cat

Suz W in Battersea
Our black short haired cat went missing late Saturday afternoon in the Brocklebank, Bucharest and Earlsfield Road area. Microchipped, pink collar, loud bell and long rear claws. Could be trapped in a garden shed somewhere given the good weather over the ... [ more ]
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Lost Cat - Nappy Valley

Natalia J in Battersea
Bailey, our much loved, tabby, microchipped cat has been missing from his Bennerley Road home since 30 April 2016. Please let us know if you sight him anywhere (07825 275375 / 07740 844631). Thank you. Natalia
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Jeanette A
It was in hazel bury road on the even number side near the end towards stephendale road so from 78 onwards to number 90

Nanny / Nanny share

Kate S in Southfields
Hi everyone, I have a great nanny (all the checks etc) for one day a week for my 11 month son, her other job has just given her notice and she's looking for work for the rest of the week.  I'd happily do a nanny share with someone for some of that time ... [ more ]

30th anniversary decorations required

Helen M in Earlsfield
I'm volunteering for a charity in Wandsworth and it is their 30th anniversary this year. There is a volunteers celebration party planned and I am on the lookout for any decorations please! Many thanks

Need a little helping hand in the garden?

Share Community in Sands End
Do you need a little help tidying up your garden in time for the summer? If so, then get in touch with Share Gardening, a social enterprise run by local charity, Share Community, that provides gardening maintenance and planting services. For a personal ... [ more ]

help with growing grass on my lawn

Jo in Summerstown
The grass in my back garden looks awful and has terrible bald patches. In the past, I have tried reseeding but it never really works. It is not a big garden and I want it to look nice this summer. Has anyone got any suggestions for strong easy to grow ... [ more ]
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I've found in the past that it's sometimes easier to get a couple of rolls of turf from Homebase and cut them to shape to fit the patches. Also, depending on the state of the current lawn, it may be possible to put down a thin layer of compost over the ... [ more ]
Thanks all very much. I think I'm going to put down turf as I want it looking nice quickly. Best Jo

Keep Southfields as it is. Make your voice heard.

Clive1 in Southfields
I know that there are a couple of threads on this, but we need to keep this topic alive. There is about the plan to change the small shops near the new M&S into residential flats. If you want to keep Southfields as it is with its local community ... [ more ]
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Wandsworth Council
Wandsworth Council has designated this particular row of shops as a protected shopping frontage, therefore they enjoy a greater degree of protection from redevelopment and from planning applications that would seek to switch their usage from retail to ... [ more ]
Jennie A
Thanks for your help in making the process of objecting easier, Clive, and I agreed with your points, John, and tried to include them all in my objections.  Interestingly I passed a well to do man, possibly of Asian extraction, on the pavement opposite ... [ more ]

Free Boxing Fitness for 8-16 yr olds

Perry Star in Sands End
Hey Amazing People, Feel free to let your children come along to our Boxing Sessions @ Caius House they are free like everything else we do!! You are welcome to donate for entry as we are a charity and survive on donations :)
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Perry Star
There is a session after with a gentlemen called Derek from DPHFE Fitness I will get contact details over to you. Unfortunately we are CLOSED THIS WEEK as we are being used as a polling station THIS THURSDAY

Workshop space for fabrication of steel sculpture needed

Almuth T in Summerstown
Is there a steel fabricator in South London who could rent a bit of space to a steel sculptor? I am pretty self sufficient but need a space with a workbench and power supply.

Singing teacher

Stephen I in West Hill
Would anyone know a singing teacher who can visit our house in Southfields or teaches locally? It would be for my two daughters aged 5 and 9. Thanks
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Lost cat Wandsworth Common area

Alison B in Earlsfield
My black cat Jefferson managed to escape this morning and as we have only just moved in he will be completely lost. He is a completely black short haired male about 8 years old, has a collar with my name and number and a cat chip, and distinctive big ... [ more ]
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Summer Job for first year Chemistry student at Uni

Tash in Southfields
My son is looking for a summer job in the City, he is interested in stocks and shares and would like exposure in this field. He is back in London end of June. Please let me know if you or anyone you know can accommodate him even if it is shadowing ... [ more ]