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Local Conversations in Sands End

SIGN PETITION LIGHT NOT HEIGHT Wandsworth council have already approved this application 2015-0881 – the Homebase site on York Place. But the Mayor of London and the GLA are due to meet on the morning of Thursday 6th August, 2015 to decide whether ... [ more ]
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The site has been sold for £56million. If the mayor approves the scheme on Thursday, Homebase will be gone by the new year and replaced by several towers - the highest of which is equivalent to 23 stories.
Fiona M, click on the PDF in Christian S's post. It tells you what is being proposed. Yes, Homebase being got rid of to build high rise flats).

Trinity Road roadworks

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

I wonder if others have found the disruption less than feared. Traffic seems to flow well with no significant hold ups. I am surprised to find that with Wandle and Brodrick Roads temporarily closed for through traffic life seems much more pleasant. No ... [ more ]
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Alan P
It seems a lot quieter to me, with the exception of yesterday evening, about 10 loonies on high powered bikes roared through the one way system in excess of 60mph. Time for speed cameras at this end of Trinity Road, I think!.
Kirsty E
I think its only working as its summer holidays as in the few before they started, and the roadworks had begun traffic was terrible! Backing up down Burntwood lane, Beechcroft road and all the side roads. Personally I'm hoping they finish early before ... [ more ]

Battersea Summer Scheme Sport In the Park - Come and join the fun!

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Kate M
It is that time of year again when the Battersea Summer Scheme holds sport In the Park. Based in Battersea Park there is plenty for all young to do (recommended age 6-16) but there are a few things for younger children to do as well. No booking needed, ... [ more ]
Gail J
Hi Kate, This looks great! You say there are things for younger children to do. My little boy is only two. Would there be something there for him or is that too young? Many thanks, Gail
Kate M
Hmm two is quite young...he could get his face the animals..but I would not want you to make a special trip. It is £1 but it really for slightly older children and you may find that it is not for him this year. If you are in the area ... [ more ]

Electrician recommendation please

Recommendations in Putney

Christine B
You could try James Lyon, SwitchedOn  Electrics who is local,  on 07825777789.  We use him for all our electrical needs in Fulwood Walk and he is very efficient.  He charges £65 per hour.
Marianne I
Definitely try David White, for all your Electrical requirements, on tel: 07880-987.157 He is extremely good, honest, keen, reliable, polite, kind, tidy, very reasonably priced and has all the qualifications. [NAPIT registration and number 23696] I ... [ more ]

Calling all Battersea residents: please sign the petition | Homebase development 2015-0881

Clubs & Groups in Stockwell

The Candlemakers Apartments
The Mayor of London and the GLA are due to meet on the morning of Thursday 6th August, 2015 to decide upon planning application 2015-0881 – the Homebase site on York Place. There were 169 objections to this application which Wandsworth council ignored. ... [ more ]
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Wayne D
One of the biggest issues here really is that of light. The plans and computer generated images of the proposed buildings suggest that they will be much more attractive than the Homebase building and car park, and thus enhance the appearance of that part ... [ more ]

getting Tivoli PAL radio fixed - any suggestions? & a service for a BOSE CD player if poss

Recommendations in Mitcham

Lucy S
hi there - i've just broken the ariel off my trusty Tivoli PAL audio radio - no,its not digital - and while it still seems to work, i wonder if there is anyone out there who could actually fix it, ie by putting on a new ariel?   while i'm asking about ... [ more ]
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Following on: I have had CD problems with several combined players. It seems to be the first thing that fails. They're generally not economically repairable, alas.
You can get a new CD player with radio for less than £30 new, half that if bought second hand on Ebay. Unless you find a technician that wants to do you a favour I don't see how they can charge you much less than that for a repair.


Clubs & Groups in Fulham

K Chauhan
Seeking philanthropic people interested to help us organise a TEDxWandsworth talk at South Thames College, in November 2015. TEDx is a programme of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. And a TED event ... [ more ]
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K Chauhan
Thanks for your responses. As you may know, TED conferences are about the big ideas and values that can inspire and spark discussions. We’ve taken a brief look at your websites and strongly urge you to take a moment and complete the speaker application ... [ more ]
Jamie L
Hi all, if you are looking for speakers I'd like to put myself forward. I've been on the speakers circuit for 3 years and have spoken at events such as the Bett show and the digital education show as well as appearances on Radio and television, written ... [ more ]

Cleaner recommendations - Colliers Wood

Recommendations in Sands End

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Aga S
Helo my name Aga I live on Southfields.Im cleaner from 6years i have expirences and good reference.My contact number 07586031029 or email aga1977@ Thanks

Consultation on plans to replace tarmac with grass at Tooting Common

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Wandsworth Council
Wandsworth Council has unveiled proposals that could see parts of a tarmac road through the middle of Tooting Common being replaced with grass, trees and plants. The town hall is to consult people living near Tooting Common over plans to close Dr ... [ more ]
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Shahid Rafiq
I agree with Michele. The reasons offered are very daft. What a waste of money. This money should be used on projects that are really needed e.g. libraries, youth groups etc. I use the road virtually every day. If the road is closed then I can see ... [ more ]

Packing boxes

Give, Lend & Borrow in East Sheen

marina m
I will be moving in a couple of weeks. Packing boxes would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any they do not need. Thank you Marina
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Juanita B
We have some of our boxes ready. Do you know how many you would need Marina? Amanda, you are more than welcome to take the ones that are left. How many would you need? Between Geraud and myself we might be able to sort out the both of you.

I'm looking for someone to cut an overgrown hedge.

Recommendations in Wandsworth

My hedge at the front of the house is wildly overgrown and needs cutting back. It's not a large area but the guy who regularly does it hasn't knocked on the door for ages. Recommendations please ? Thank you
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Sounds like you need Mark the Hedgehunter. I got him from a recommendation on Streetlife and was very impressed . He managed to cut back our very tall and neglected privet hedge and took all the cuttings away for a good price. His number is 07899 778 279.

NHW Meeting

Clubs & Groups in Battersea

OCT 29
to ,
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Battersea Riverside / York Road / Lombard Road Development 'Consultation'

Clubs & Groups in Stockwell

The Candlemakers Apartments
We attended Wednesday evening's public exhibition (I just can't bring myself to use the term 'consultation'!) and were appalled to discover that the attitude of the council towards local residents is far worse than we had imagined - it could aptly be ... [ more ]
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The Candlemakers Apartments
Dear Neighbours, Thank you to everyone who has added their voice to the petition. Such is the strength of feeling within the community that in a little over 24 hours we have achieved 99 signatures. Please continue to share, forward, post the link ... [ more ]
Alexandra B
There is a piece in the Sunday Telegraph about Southwark Council refusing to allow the FT building to be developed into flats now that the FT has been bought by Nikkei (but the building has been retained by Pearson). This topic has moved up the agenda as ... [ more ]

Does anyone have a kids play kitchen?

Give, Lend & Borrow in Balham

Julie W
Hello  I 'm looking for a second hand kids play kitchen.  I particularly like the GLTC Super chef play kitchen (not being too specific there!!) Happy to pay a reasonable amount. Many thanks  Julie
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Hicky K
The FB pages are open to local mums to join - it's primarily the SW19 Mums page that people sell on, it's really good - lots of mums selling to each other - there are loads of members.  It's free to post things for sale too, it's fab!

Good painter needed - no VAT

Recommendations in Wandsworth

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How do I check for damage behind tiles in my bathroom

Recommendations in Battersea

Maureen C
I have had damp in my bathroom from a leak from the stairs to the flat above me fixed - fully tanked. Now I'm considering whether or not I need to remove all the tiles in the bathroom where water had penetrated or can I just seal the mouldy bits below ... [ more ]

Does anyone know the Slewinski's

Lost & Found in Wandsworth

Spencer C
I have found something belonging to the slewinski children in elsenham street does anybody know where they live? Their names are Tayo and Kai ? Please PM me
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Spencer C
Many thanks Kim I had already found him and a lady from Grid mums knew her and all the items ( Buggy and scooter!) have been picked up. Oh for social media!!

Moth proof floor covering

Recommendations in West Hill

Hazel H
Can anybody recommend a good bedroom floor covering that is resistant to the moth population that has set up home with me? I'm on the first floor so it can't be noisy. My wool carpet has hosted loads of parties for the moths, but I want to spoil their ... [ more ]
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Rosemary C
We also had a huge moth problem and have spent quite a bit getting rid of the pesky insects!  Apart from removing the carpet in our hall (where lots of them lived, in the dark alcoves under the coat racks) and replacing it with wooden floor boards, we ... [ more ]
Hazel H
Thanks for all the advice. Very useful. I feel I have used or am using every anti moth treatment known to man. I've never heard of anybody actually getting rid of them completely so I guess once they arrive you are stuck with them. I will look into some ... [ more ]

Please spread the word...

Local Conversations in Battersea

Christian S
Owing to the totally ineffective consultations that the Council conducted, very few people who live in and/or use the area have any idea about the approved plans to demolish Homebase on York Road and build several towers of between 10-23 stories. Let’s ... [ more ]
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I'm pleased to see that Jane E is a co-signatory and can hopefully help to bring these concerns to our Mayor. I'd also like to see our council leader defend the planning decision.

Can you spare anytime?

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Kate M
We are getting sport in the park together for this year...see attached poster and as of this day have no one to help with tennis. It is one of the many popular sports we like to lay on - can you play, can you give up or volunteer any time (expenses can ... [ more ]
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Kate M
Sc m thank you! I believe we have some help.....but there will be plenty to,do! The wonderful man with his animals will be there every day. Street athletics is on Wednesday. The,hire rope and climbing wall as always. Judo, booking, circus skills, ... [ more ]

Looking for a flooring company good with vinyl/linoleum

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Catherine A
Is there any one out there who could recommend a good and friendly flooring company who would be able to advise, supply and install vinyl or linoleum floor for a retail business? Had an awful experience yesterday with probably the most unhelpful company ... [ more ]
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Sandra D
No not floors for thought Battersea Rise. I went in there for advice and was wanting a quote . The man couldn't even be bothered to get out of his chair. He was so unprofessional it was unreal. Another company I went to was on Garratt Lane, on the ... [ more ]

Therapy room

Recommendations in Putney

Pina Patane
Looking for a permanent ad hoc counselling/psychotherapy room in Southfields. Can anyone help? Look forward to hearing from you Thank you
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Joy M
Hi Pine, We have a lovely bright, airy room looking out over leafy Wimbledon that will be available from mid August till 10 October if you need a stop gap? You are very welcome to view - just give me a call on 07717894414 Joy

Fill up sale form

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Tarin T
Dear all me and my wife put our flat on the market and it 's under offered now What we try to do is ask someone help us to fill in all the form and documents paper and return our solicitor ,if anyone who 've previous experience to done this matter please ... [ more ]
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Claire C
Train do you send me your number. I think you may need someone to certify copies of your passport etc which I am happy to do for any streetlifer.
Claire C
But Sarah is absolutely right, if it is about filling in sales enquiries forms, your estate agent should help you.

Sash window - replacements

Recommendations in Wandsworth

victoria c
I require new double glazed sash windows in a ground floor  Victoria flat, I think the current ones are original, they are draughty,old and a bit rotten! I did get a recommendation some time ago for a chap who did replacement windows but have since lost ... [ more ]
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Hi, I used YouCoose windows for all my windows and front door and the quality is amazing! The fitters are very nice guys. They do sash windows too
Elaine S
Hi Victoria I always use Sash Windows London, based near Clapham Junction, They're very professional, have great workmanship and you get all the appropriate legal certificates and regulation documents.

Window cleaner - Earlsfield/Tooting

Recommendations in Earlsfield

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I've just got mine cleaned by Daniel, because of other Streetlife recommendations - thank you whoever that was) and he was great. Nice bloke, really good job (my windows were filthy because of building work going on next door!) and excellent price for a ... [ more ]
Judd from "west putney window cleaning" / "watlers windows" is wonderful. His price for my windows were beyond compare and he is a polite efficient thorough window cleaner. He has many more reviews on here just search judd watler and you'll uncover many ... [ more ]