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Slugs in the kitchen

YD in Putney Heath
Yesterday I found a slug in the under sink cupboard and today another one creeping along the kitchen floor! The garden doors have not been opened and it seems to be happening at night. Could they be living under the floor boards as there is a void ... [ more ]
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Bali R
Use sticky copper tape around door frames and any inlets you might see them come through. I use that and around the rim of my plants. Stops them going in the pots. Especially Hostas. They love that plant.

Room to hire for coaching sessions

Bruna in Battersea
Hello dear neighbours,  I hope you enjoyed the sun today! I am a life coach and I am looking for a private room to hire for an hour once in a while for my coaching sessions... for a reasonable price. Do you have any suggestion? Maybe you know if ... [ more ]
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Embody Wellness
If our location in Vauxhall suits, we have a treatment room which can be used for talking therapies. This room can be hired on an ad-hoc basis for £20 per hour. For more info visit our website or contact reception on 020 7099 0048.


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Anna S
Hello Debbie, My husband Tomas would be able to provide a quote. His details are 07588 673 738 or email Best regards, Anna
Mac D
Hello Debbie . I'm over 15 years experienced painter , City and Guilds qualified, my website is . I will be happy to come and give you a quote. Mac 07725817753

Plumber needed for Central Heating repair

R D in Sands End
Hi Has anyone had a central heating unit and piping done by a professional plumber of firm? I need some large work done on my existing Worchesterr Bosh Combi boiler and Rad pipes re- positioned. I am looking for a very knowable, intelligent, good ... [ more ]
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Anna S
Hello, Nerijus Vinskas NV Plumbing & Heating 07588 505390 We haven't used him, but a friend just had her boiler moved/replaced and mentioned he was good. Best of luck.
Rachel B
I have just had a new Worcester Bosch boiler installed by Maintracts Services and cannot recommend them highly enough! They have been excellent at communicating throughout the whole process - from assessing the original broken boiler, arranging a ... [ more ]

Free guided walk - This Sunday 25th

Ian Bull in Wandsworth
Hullo everyone This year I've offered a few guided walks in attractive parts of London through Streetlife. They've proved most popular with the participants and this Sunday I'm conducting a repeat of the walk I offered in August. You can see the ... [ more ]
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Ian Bull
Thanks everyone. There are still a few places left on this extremely attractive walk and there's still time to send me a personal message to get one of them! The weather is looking good and I think we're going to have a great day. A little reminder to ... [ more ]
Ian Bull
Many thanks to all who took part in this walk, great company on a splendid day. I thoroughly enjoyed our stroll and I think you all did too. As said to those who asked I might offer one more walk this year, most probably a little nearer to SW London ... [ more ]

Builders wanted for kitchen renovation/loft extension

Katherine T in Southfields
Can anyone recommend some good value and good quality builders that I could contact to get a quote for a kitchen renovation and loft extension in my house in Wandsworth? Many thanks Kath
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Lorna G
I would highly recommend Peter Stone, Built by blueprint; they did an amazing extension for me and do a lot of work in the Putney, Fulham, Wandsworth area. Peter's number is 07810 697433
Anna S
Hello, Katherine, My husband Tomas would be able to quote for the kitchen installation (if you would consider having different companies doing this and the extension). He can be reached on 07588 673 738 ... [ more ]

Integrated dishwasher

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Sky viuchers needed

Tash in Southfields
Has anyone got a friends and family sky voucher I can have. My contract is coming to an end and they want £80pm for just TV no broadband. Otherwise will consider migrating to Virginia who supply my broadband. Any views on Virgin TV out there??
Terry R
The only problem we have with Virgin is no subtitles on the films which we older folks need. They say they are reliant on those who provide the films to them.
Jane F
It's worth telling Sky that you're leaving, unless they offer you a better deal.  When I did this, they fell over themselves cutting my monthly subscription and also gave me £50 credit!!!

Looking for a cleaner

Nandita N in West Hill
Hi, I am looking for a cleaner to come to my place in Putney for 3 hours every 2 weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, Nandita
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Mac networking

David C in Southfields
Looking to buy an hour of someone's time to help me configure a home network with old and new Apple kit working together. I've been using macs for 30 years so I'm not totally ignorant about them but getting too old for new learning curves - really ... [ more ]
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Ian Bull
Hullo David This chap has been very helpful to me. Paresh Dudhaiya He's very understanding of older Macs, even my 'high end' (!) G5s! I too have been working with Macs for 30 years. All the best - Ian

Looking for an experienced and dependable cat sitter

Claire M in Parsons Green
Can anyone recommend an experienced cat sitter who covers the Clapham Junction area please? Ideally I am looking for someone who is also a veterinary nurse, as my old girl relies on daily medications and needs a carer who is used to this.
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Barbara C
I use Allan Newbury who lives in Battersea   Suggest you email him and give him your phone number to contact you. Otherwise contact Stone Line Vet Hospital Wimbledon 020 8946 4228 which part of the Goddards group and ask them which ... [ more ]

Work experience wanted

Maureen C in Battersea
My 15 year old grandson has to find a week's work experience in October. He's a painfully shy young man, polite and literate but finds new places and people very tough to deal with. He finds noise difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what ... [ more ]
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Maureen C
Thank you for these lovely ideas. I'll add them to my research. As you say travel would be an issue as he can't ride a bike. He has dyspraxia so has always shied away from our attempts to get him to cycle.
Another thought on the City farm theme - what bout Deen City Farm in the Wimbledon/Morden Hall/Mitcham borders ( - I don't know if they take on WEx kids but might be worth a try? For other inspiration it would be nice to ... [ more ]

Free !!! Jumbo Bags !! Perfect for Garden Waste

Simon G in Fulham
Hello to all readers, I'm doing a spot of building and have about 20 Jumbo Bags used for sand. They make great compost liners of if you need to get garden wast down to the tip. I hate to throw them away as if you want to buy them they cost £5,- to ... [ more ]
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Meeting new people from the area

Nandita N in West Hill
Hey everyone,  I recently moved to the area. I have an online business and I work from home. It would be great to meet more people from the area that work from home or are freelancers.

Offer: 2 water tanks, from attic

Camilla Y in Clapham
These have been used til 2 days ago so are leak free - I've been told they're good as garden ponds!?  I don't know their capacity but photographed one near the gate to give an idea of size. The smaller one is already on the pavement & the other ... [ more ]

Fridge Freezer

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Anne R
Hi Linda, please would you let me know if you are still looking for a fridge-freezer as if not then Heather might be interested? Would be keen to see it go this weekend so if I don't hear from you by tomorrow I'll assume you no longer want one. Thanks.
Simon G
Hi all I have two fridge freezers, they are two years old, been used by tenants, so not in perfect nic.. Need a clean but are in working order. If any one is interested??

Canon i6500 printer broken - 7 orange flashes and 1 long green flash

Ivy N in Putney Heath
I need to get the above printer repaired. I believe the error flashes mean print head but this is still not solving the problem for me. Anyone know anything about this or who can fix it or where to fix it? Or do I get on with it myself? Thank you.
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Tony P
There may be an alternative to Dmitriy's suggestion, as others are reporting that the 7 and 1 pattern can be to do with the waste ink tank? But it seems clear that there can be more than one explanation, ... [ more ]
Ivy N
Hi Dmitry, Hi Tony, thank you for your help! Dmitry, The lamps are not flashing on the ink tank - I don't think there are even lamps on the ink tank - where are they, I can't see them. Tony I tried to do the spell on them but I got to step 5 it did ... [ more ]

Sky Boxes

Tash in Southfields
I have 3 used sky Hd+ boxes going for free if someone needs then. To be collected from Southfields
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Concert and Opera programmes

peter k in Putney Heath
I have about 200 classical concert programmes and about 100 opera programmes from the 1970's onwards (nearly all London based, and bulk of concert programmes are Proms, mostly with advert pages removed). Some have press review clippings inserted for ... [ more ]

Pest Control Services - Mice, Bed bugs, Rodents - say no more

Fantastic Services in Fantastic Services
How many times you've heard it - "Get a Cat" or "Move out" ? We won't treat the  symptom, we will treat the reason! No more crawling or flying pests, no more rodents. Fantastic Pest Control Service includes: - Complete Care: survey, treatment, ... [ more ]
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Cat sitter for xmas

Sandrine L in Summerstown
Hi I live in Franche cout/Garrat Lane and I am looking for a cat sitter available from the 19/12 to 25/12 any suggetions? I would prefer a young person 14 to 19 years old in the area looking for parti-time jobs and wanting reference in order to get ... [ more ]
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cleaner wanted

Sandrine L in Summerstown
I am looking for someone who can come once a week to clean my flat ( 2 bedrooms) and during holidays act as a cat sitter (feeding the cat only - no litter)
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Karen P
Hi Sandrine I already clean for a few Streetlifers so getting references is easy. Please private message if you'd like to trial me. I am available to start whenever you like 😊 Karen
Sandrine L
Thanks for all your replies -I have tried to send private message but I dont seem to be able to do so. I dont know why. HoweverI have now find a cleaner.  Regards Sandrine

Stolen dog outside Clapham junction

Jeanette A in Parsons Green
This is the poster for queenie he was stolen outside whole foods Clapham junction can you post around and ask friends and relatives to do the same
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Nuffield Health Southside formerly Virgin Active

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Hari T
The staff are the same, but it does seem to be a bit better. I guess the Virgin attitude and Nuffield attitude are different.
Matt D
I worked there for a while when it was VA, a few years ago now. Moved on after attending a 'management course' where my suspicions were confirmed that it wasn't about the members, or the staff, but all about the $... People are people, so hopefully ... [ more ]


I can highly recommend Neil Shelton 07541 297749 He did my electric in my shed - highly recommend him! Say Deirdre recommend him:)