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Antonia M to Clapham and 5 more areas

Property accountant/advice needed please

Hi, I am after advice on what taxes I will be stung for if I refurbish a second property and sell it on. I will be living in my current flat that I own and presently have no other job and plan to do as much of the work myself. Many thanks in advance ... more »
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Hi Antonia, You will only pay capital gains tax on any profit on the sale of an investment property (non principal private residence), so you will add on to the cost of the property you have all the refurbishment expenses, buying costs (incl stamp duty ... more »
Antonia M
Thank you both for your replies, much appreciated : )
Corinne W to Summerstown and 4 more areas

Giveaway: Pine Single Bed

I have a pine single bed with a green/blue paintwash to give away.  It's been dismantled into head end, foot end & slatted base. Showing pic of the head end. It's pretty solidly made, but paintwork is a little scruffy. Collection ideally by the ... more »
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Corinne W
Yes Sandra it's a standard single.  Have one lady interested from yesterday, but if she doesn't take it, will let you know
Sandra O
Thanks Corinne, much appreciated.
C Q to Balham and 5 more areas

End of tenancy clean

Hi good experience or recommendation to share please? Moving out early May at terraced house Thanks!
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Bonnie P
Hi, I know the perfect person for the job! He lives locally, is super reliable and extremely thorough. Please consider him as you would most defininatly not be dissapointed :-) 07904 803243
Stephanie B 2 ladies do the end of tenancy cleans and they are fabulous. Even estate agents have asked me for their cards they have left my flats so clean.
Sharon B to Earlsfield and 4 more areas

Need an AS Eng Lit tutor

Anyone know an experienced AS English Literature tutor who can teach 'Frankenstein' and Yeats poems?
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Judith C
Go to, where you will find a wide range of excellent tutors in all areas of London, and it's free to users. You can read their profiles and check their charges before contacting any of them for a first meeting. Good luck.
Battersea Social to Clapham and 5 more areas

Private tour of Parliament (Common and Lords)

Dear Members, We have had an invite to have a private tour of Parliament at a date to be fixed in October - probably a weekday at 11am but not agreed yet. I am just sounding everyone out to see if enough would be interested in going. These private tours ... more »

Houses of Parliament, Westminster

Oct 13
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Battersea Social
Unfortunately as these tours are sponsored by our MP only people who are residents of Battersea can come on this tour. However, if you check with your local Council you may find that there will be a tour at some stage for residents of Streatham.
I live in SW18 so does that count me out?
Michelle D to Wandsworth and 4 more areas

mechanic wanted

Can anyone suggest a good mechanic that does mots ..reasonably priced . New to area so don.t want ripped off . Thanks
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Lucy S
the completely wonderful Trevor Matthews and his team at AutoTechnics in Merton.  tel: 0208 543 1233.  did my MOT in the autumn for my ancient Merc and it cost me around £50.
Zlatko Z
Agree with Claudio. Have been taking my car(s) to Zoran at Z Cars Engineering for years and always will. I can guarantee that once you take your car to Zoran he will change your perception of car mechanics and you will never ever look for another ... more »
Sue I to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Recommendations for a plumber to install an outside tap

Can any one recommend a plumber to install and outside tap for me? Needs to drill through a wall and a bit fiddly as a 1st flat so needs a run of pipe work, Many thanks
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Sue I
Thanks so much  -  will be contacting them today!! 
bob zozo
07460916677 1 email hidden from Timeline
Lorna P to Earlsfield and 4 more areas

Recommendation - Garden help/work

My husband and I are looking for someone to complete work on our garden & courtyard with materials supplied (but advice very much welcome) to include paving, laying of artificial grass, seating build etc. Would like to get our outside spaces ready ... more »
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Angie F
I can recommend Bulut Gardening Services. Very competitive, reliable, honest and hard working. Prefer to use ypur equipment/tools. 07808116823
bob zozo
Mobile Phones 07460916677 07440 113427 Address london Email
HannekeK to Battersea and 5 more areas

DIY Helper required (Not a skilled handy man!)

Hi - we are moving house and need someone just to help with odd jobs around the house for a couple of days (sanding a bench/bits of wood, holding things whilst my partner builds furniture, a bit of easy painting, helping to lift things). There was an ad ... more »
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Angie F
I can recommend Secho Bulut 07808116823. Reliable and hardworking. Charges £10 per hour.
bob zozo bob 07460916677
Lucy T to Battersea and 5 more areas

Piano teacher for adults

Hi, does anyone know a piano teacher in the Tooting / Streatham area please, to teach a rusty adult?! Many thanks.
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Lucy T
Thanks Joanna - I will give him a call. I fear that will be my problem too!
I would highly recommend my lovely piano teacher Anna who has been teaching me for 5 years (and my husband and two children!), she has just moved to Streatham and as well as teaching adults teaches at a number of schools including Honeywell in SW11 where ... more »
Jane E to Battersea and 7 more areas

Cyclists and dog walkers spoil the day

Yesterday, I took advantage of the weather to walk from Tooting Broadway to Colliers Wood and back to Wandsworth, mostly along the Wandle.  Only 2 things spoiled it.  The first were the cyclists who came up fast from behind with no audible warning (I had ... more »
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Dianne Meyer
I agree with everything Jane has said.  I guess you have to catch them in the act.  If like me you actually have caught them, you might get a bit of verbal abuse, but as childish as this may be I have taken photos of the culprits and their dogs and sent ... more »
Jane E
Respect, Dianne!!  I'm not sure I would dare, but I have stood pointedly and watched someone until they did pick up and then thanked them for respecting the environment.  (I do also thank those who pick up without me glaring as I thank cyclists who warn ... more »
Toni K to West Hill and 8 more areas

Curtain maker

Can anyone recommend a good curtain maker and/or supplier of reasonably-priced curtain fabric?  Thank you.
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Irene S
Thanks I will try them next.
Polly H
I also make up curtains and blinds and supply very reasonably priced fabrics - do call for a chat if you wish: 07976 955648 Irene - try for shutters
Tash to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

Estate agents to manage rental property

We are debating whether to manage our own flat which we will be letting out or getting an agent to do it. Any recommendations of local agents in Southfields worth their weight in gold????
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sarah o
I would second Colin Brown of Seymour Green aswell.
I do manage my own property in Putney and have had no problem so far. If you live locally there is no need for an estate agent in my opinion.
John to Battersea and 5 more areas

odd job guy - friendly and reliable

Anyone looking for a chap to do odd jobs, had a Frenchman helped me move and with odd jobs. Also has done garden clearance, cleaning and painting for another streetlifer who has a profile here and would vouch for him. Friendly, reliable, enthusiastic. ... more »
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My French is pretty fluent, but would like to know his name?  He sounds ideal.
I'm with Judy Young Art
Inanna to Wandsworth and 5 more areas

iDVD and Premiere Pro (CS5) - Tech question

Hi there, A question for the techie folks out there.  I'm creating a DVD in iDVD with videos created in Premiere Pro CS5 (mac version).  The videos have worked fine.  However, when I import them into iDVD, i lose a great slice off the left hand side.  ... more »
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Hi Sandra, thanks so much for getting back to me.  Quicktime - for some reason, proved problematic.  But importing videos (exported from prem pro) into imovie and exporting to itunes to create .m4v videos worked well.  Checking out link to oxelon. Much ... more »
Filmmaker Sandra
You are welcome. I am glad you managed to find a way. idvd is a fantastic dvd authoring program but I find it a bit selective with the type of file it accept. I had a similar issue when trying to burn a video made with Corel video studio pro. However it ... more »
Marianne I to Balham and 9 more areas

Have you seen the new signs......?

Have you seen the new signs? All those years, we have all been doing it wrong......; I remember my grandfather taking me, aged 2 or 3, to the park on his bicycle, to feed the ducks😀 So is Brown bread ok? I like the small print: "Grains, seeds, vegetable ... more »
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Janette B
Apart from feeding the duck I think sadly general litter which includes fast food is contributing to the expanding waistlines of rats just as it is in humans! But I certainly wont be feeding the ducks (rats) so as not to encourage them not to rely on ... more »
Lucy S
do you think the foxes would pay attention if i put up a sign telling them not to bring their takeaway rubbish into my garden?
Fred to Balham and 5 more areas

Painting of Tree Stump at Clapham South

Hi I dont know if this is in this area or not, but there is a tree stump on Clapham Common by Clapham South Station which has been painted with very bright colours and a bird attached to the top. Does anyone know anything about it? Who did it? Does it ... more »
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As long as it is confined to tree stumps i wholeheartedly support it. The bird on top looks more seious to me so i wondered if it was semi official. Fred
Janet J
I like it! Imaginative and cheerful! But please no copycats or it gets boring