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Looking for a venue to teach a Postnatal Pilates class

Recommendations in Wandsworth

Sarah C
hi  I'm looking for a venue in Balham to teach a Postnatal Pilates class where mums can bring their babies on Tuesday mornings.  I have tried a few places to no avail so far.  Has anyone got a suitable space I could hire for an hour or can anyone ... [ more ]

Has anyone in Battersea had problems with Virgin broadband?

Local Conversations in Clapham Park

I keep having problems with my Virgin broadband ever since I changed to it from BT. It seems to be a regional problem only effecting one area in Battersea and wondered what others have been told as to the cause.
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It's finally on again - don't forget to claim your compension for each day it has been off. He told me they do not automatically pay it you have to ask.

Meet our Key Stage 2 Leader joining us in September

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Wandsworth Prep School
We are delighted to introduce Jo Fife, our Key Stage 2 Leader, who will be joining Wandsworth Prep in September 2015:

Gressenhall Road Mosque Planning Exhibition Invitation

Local Conversations in West Hill

Sarah R
I live locally to the Gressenhall Road mosque and consider myself a "local resident" yet I and other locals have not received the invitation leaflet through our door for the following planning consultation.  Unfortunately, the PR company and the mosque ... [ more ]
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Richard N
They'll maintain it's necessary because of the ever increasing number of attendees. They shouldn't have been allowed permission three years ago to increase the size of the facility in this residential area, as there were many objections - I don't know ... [ more ]

Electric Hedge Trimmer

Give, Lend & Borrow in West Hill

Matthew S
Evening everybody, I have a Black and Decker electric hedge trimmer to give away less the plug and the cord. I accidentally cut through the cable and I have lost the flex. Apart from that it works. I now have a petrol hedge trimmer and therefore no ... [ more ]
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Unwanted caller

Local Conversations in Wandsworth

Bridget D
Last night (21st May) at around 8.30pm I noticed a man walking quickly along Hillier Road.  He caught my eye and rang the doorbell.  I did not answer and he rang again, a long ring; again I did not answer whereupon he came and knocked aggressively on the ... [ more ]

Can anyone re-cane my chair?

Recommendations in Wimbledon

Wanted: Aloe Vera plant or cuttings

Give, Lend & Borrow in Earlsfield

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I am on the Southfields grid and always have an aloe vera around for burns and cuts. If you want a offshoot, let me know. They grow like crazy. 

Community Garden

Clubs & Groups in Kambala Estate Residents Association

Kambala Estate Residents Association
The start of our Community Garden, a team of volunteers who are at present building works at Battersea Power Station, came over to kick start our garden, very grateful to Eva and Fran at Corilian. The Residents Association is in full swing and we are ... [ more ]
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Tony P
I was very sorry to see the rose bushes have been dug up and have died, some were already in bloom. Hope they will be replaced and the mess all cleared up soon

Help needed to move stuff Into storage

Recommendations in Putney

Janette B
Odd job person needed. I am having my flat painted, shelves put up cupboard built etc.. The flat is small and I am short of time so could do with some help to move my stuff into storage temporarily till mini refurb is done.  Can anyone help for a ... [ more ]
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House Elf
Hi Janette,  How are you? Hope you're well.  I run a concierge company in Balham and have helped people with this (plus many similar odd jobs!) since 2009 and have built a strong reputation. We charge by the hour and would be more than happy to have a ... [ more ]

Thank you to Sarah Halksworth!!

Clubs & Groups in Balham

Age UK Wandsworth
A huge thank you to the very wonderful Sarah Halksworth who ran the Virgin London Marathon for Age UK Wandsworth , donations to her Virgin Money Giving online fundraising page are still coming in! Her current total is £1698.75. Every penny she has ... [ more ]
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Age UK Wandsworth
Thank you so much for your very kind words Valtw, I am delighted to hear that we were able to help your mother and the other older gentleman was helped by an Age UK in Kent. Thank you Susanna for your comments too, it is good to have the opportunity to ... [ more ]
Susanna R
Feeling very guilty about having a junk mail rant at clearly the wrong people! My sincere apologies to Age UK Wandsworth who it seems do a tremendous amount of good locally and deserve admiration rather than denigration. However, if you can pass on my ... [ more ]

SUNNY NEWS - Wimbledon Park Road Southfields under threat of closure

Clubs & Groups in Earlsfield

Richard N
Sunny News is under threat of closure as its lease expires. If you want to support Sunny and object to the potential re-development of the site, you can register your objection on the planning application section of the Wandsworth Council website. Also, ... [ more ]
J SW11
Good luck with the objections. Judging by comments on this site in relation to other planning applications it looks as if they count for very little with Wandsworth Council.


Recommendations in Wandsworth

Pamela M
I have recently lost quite a bit of weight and need to have trousers, dresses, skirts etc. taken in. Can anyone recommend someone who could alter clothes? Many thanks.
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Mary D
I've had a few items of clothing altered and re modelled by Carolyn at and she's fantastic - prices are also great too and not at all as expensive as I was expecting for the location. 😀
Vanessa G
I can also recommend TNS on corner of East Hill and Alma Road; easy to access, close bus stop or pay and display parking on Alma road, Dempster Road.

Should we make Wandsworth look like Piccadilly Circus?

Local Conversations in Battersea

David K
Two ugly hoardings have just been erected by the Council on bridges over Trinity Road, despite local opposition.  The Council now hopes to erect a massive, illuminated hoarding on the north side of East Hill at the junction with Trinity Road – as high as ... [ more ]
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Citizen Smith
Thanks for that David. Not only informative but good points made. The only thing that is surprising, however, is that one of the three Fairfield ruling-party councillors voted against, but then it is in his back yard, so to speak.
Almuth T
This is really sickening - I'm sure the decision decision does not reflect the wishes of the local residents. Why would it? A hideous big eyesore. If it isn't about the revenue this will bring into the council's coffers what would speak for it?

Pilates at Kambala Community Hall

Clubs & Groups in Kambala Estate Residents Association

Desperately need to borrow a charger for an iphone 4, help!

Give, Lend & Borrow in Putney Heath

Guy D
I've had a bit of disaster this morning and my iphone 4 won't charge. I think it may be the charger so wondering if there are any kind souls with the same charger who could lend it to me today for an hour or two to find out. Will return same day if it's ... [ more ]
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Guy D
Thanks Rachel B , iand  Louise S it was indeed the cable and a kind neighbour has given me one. I also discovered they sell them at Poundland...

i Phone Screen Repair

Recommendations in Furzedown

Barney J
Please can anyone out there recommend a reputable mobile phone local repair shop? I'd rather not give i-Smash another £110! Thank you!
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Postal Deliveries

Local Conversations in Putney

Jane E
We have recently been getting postal deliveries later and later in the evening. Today I left the house at 5.30 pm and when I got back home found a note to say that a package I had been expecting has been returned to the local sorting office. The time ... [ more ]
Anna M
Jane E I was expecting a parcel on Tuesday I spoke to the people who sent it and got the tracking number when I checked it said they had tried to deliver it and had left a card There was no card so I couldn't go to collect it I rand their customer ... [ more ]
Graham H
I was left a delivery card with absolutely no information on it, no boxes ticked, nothing! There are four flats in the property, could be for anyone, or none at all.

White paint to give away

Give, Lend & Borrow in Parsons Green

Planning Application: Homebase, 198 York Road / York Place, 2015/0881

Clubs & Groups in The Candlemakers Apartments

The Candlemakers Apartments
This application is likely to be presented to the PAC for consideration on 21st May, 2015. The RMC expects that the planning dept. will recommend it for approval, as they did the Lookers application. As with previous applications, the RMC instructed our ... [ more ]
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Christian S
@Jean H: The link posted by the RMC points to a zip file containing the reports mentioned in the post. The space where the files are stored belongs to Sync Music, a London-based music consultancy, hence the background graphic.

Post deliveries in Cicada Road

Local Conversations in West Hill

Andrew H
Does anyone else get the feeling that Royal Mail are treating the daily delivery as an option at the moment? Last week Time Out (which is due on Tuesday) arrived on Saturday; and today there was no post at all, although Time Out and a letter posted early ... [ more ]
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Miranda F
I live on corner of Allfarthing and Crieff, and mine is patchy, and also the postie can't seem to tell the difference between 1a and flat 1 or flat a!

Encaustic tile cleaning

Recommendations in Summerstown

The tiles in my hallway are original Victorian ones and after 100+ years are in need of a deep clean.  Does anyone have any recommendations please?  Neither of the companies I have found through Google have kept their appointments to estimate. Many ... [ more ]
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Chris M
Hi PL. I absolutely agree with James - this is a specialist job.  The London Front Garden Company deals with Victorian tiles all the time outside (restoring and replacing) and we are often asked to give a facelift inside for many of our clients. It does ... [ more ]
Thanks everyone, I realise it's a more specialist job than a general cleaner can do.  I will check out your recommendations.  Best wishes, PL.

New Poster Missing Cat

Lost & Found in Putney

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Claire F
Our neighbours in the Sisters area just lost their Bengal. Devastating!  We have friends in Earlsfield road who have Siamese cats too.  I will forward your poster and ask them to put the word out.  Really hope you find your lovely girl.

Be a Friend reaches 100!

Clubs & Groups in Balham

Age UK Wandsworth
Age UK Wandsworth service Be-a-Friend is very proud to announce that Derek and Iain  – our newest match for the project marks 100 placements in the Borough of Wandsworth. Iain joins the ranks of 96 fantastic volunteers who are visiting people in the ... [ more ]

Community Hall for Hire

Clubs & Groups in Kambala Estate Residents Association

Kambala Estate Residents Association
Hi all, Just to let you all know that the Community Hall if for Hire, excellent Rates and a lovely refurbished condition, we also have a kitchen available for a little extra cost. Please email me for a viewing