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idiotic parking

Dawn C in Westbourne
If anyone knows of the idiot who drives a little black peugeot parked at the end of Broom hill road and has been for the last couple of days get them to move it. It is parked in such a way that the dustmen cannot get up the road and bins not been ... [ more ]
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Elaine D
Yes Marilyn you are right, add into the mix the houses around by us with a garage which is too small for a car! We can all see where the problems are.
Gillian W
You've missed the point surely off loading children on the road is dangerous to my mind its an accident waiting to happen, why can't they get out onto the pavement perhaps it because of the churned up verges rather muddy shoes than an injured child.

More Abandoned Shopping Trolleys?

Citizen of Ipswich in Sproughton
Will the 5p charge for shopping bags mean an increase in abandoned shopping trolleys littered around Whitehouse and Whitton estates? There's already a huge number of Asda trolleys one wonders why they don't do what Aldi do and make you put a pound in to ... [ more ]
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Kenneth H
I had an Aldi trolley (it had a coin slot) abandoned on my drive. After 4 fruitless phone calls I emailed a bill to their head office charging them £10 per day storage charges. It was picked up the next day.
Citizen of Ipswich
I've seen the occasional Sainsbury's trolley too and even a B&Q trolley (for large items), but they are hugely outnumbered by Asda trolleys. It just makes the area look dreadful. Asda are not concerned though.

Road and Pavement Works

Emma in Ipswich Town Centre
The council resurfaced the pavement outside my driveway last week without giving any notice to myself or my neighbour that it would affect our access for a large part of the day. If it hadn't been for my neighbour bumping into the people placing the ... [ more ]
Sarah M
Hi Emma, on a similar theme, cones have appeared outside 2 houses in Edinburgh Gardens and we keep expecting a skip delivery or a dropped kerb to be installed but nothing seems to be happening. They've been there about a week now.


Jean A in Westbourne
Three weeks ago, some graffiti appeared on the railway arch in Ashcroft Lane; the next weekend another lot was added. I reported it to the Council (which I have done in the past and they then painted it over promptly which stopped further graffiti) but ... [ more ]
It has been proved that if graffiti is removed asap, people stop doing it because they realise that others care about the place. If graffiti is left, it will proliferate because it appears that the area has been abandoned. Same with broken windows. If ... [ more ]

LINK: Mid-life Movie Night

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The Thomas Wolsey Pub, 9-13 St Peters Street, IP1 1XF Ipswich, Suffolk
Timothy Yau in Whitton
Being a grown-up is worth celebrating. Come along and show us your mature side. Which film epitomizes the ups-and-downs of adult experience. What's the archetypal mid-life rights and responsibilities movie. Bring along your movie and help us to decide. ... [ more ]


Trudy S in Castle Hill
Hi I am new to the area, I am retired but dont get out much as I am my husbands carer 24/7 it would be lovely to find others who are in the same situation to chat to now and again.
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Derick L
Dogs,  A few days ago it was requested that the topic of Seagulls was changed to another subject.   I must say before any further comments that I am a real dog lover, had dogs of my own from the age of 10 while living in the country during the war years, ... [ more ]
Trudy S
Hi Jennifer, Sorry to hear about your husband, and to have him in a home that u cant get to easily must be hard for you both especially if you cant drive. I agree its the isolation that is hard, my husband has Brain Tumour and is unable to communicate, ... [ more ]

Suffolk Dinner Down Memory Lane

all over Suffolk - 13-22nd November
Angela B in Ipswich Town Centre
Marie Curie is calling on food fans in Suffolk to hold a retro-inspired dinner party in aid of the charity this November. Retro food is having a revival and Marie Curie’s new fundraising campaign, ‘Dinner Down Memory Lane’ is about holding a dinner ... [ more ]
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Angela B
Hello Sheila, thank you for your offer, I will get the registrations off today and can let you know? of my favorites!!! thank you for the offer.

St Matthews Street

Finchy in Ipswich Town Centre
The vacant flats above the shops along St Matthews Street are undergoing another paint job. Going for dazzle camouflage this time around.
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Feeding Seagulls

Andrew T in Westerfield
Could the person over the back of us who is feeding the seagulls please stop as they are classed as vermin and create a lot of mess with their droppings. They have also attacked a couple of people in the area.
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Help Needed For Local Couple Stranded Abroad With Premature Baby

Citizen of Ipswich in Sproughton
A local couple have been left without medical insurance abroad after their daughter was born prematurely.  Many will have seen this heartbreaking story in the Star and EADT but I would appeal to Streelifers to consider making a donation and sharing this ... [ more ]

Window Cleaner

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Dave L
I'm in IP2 and have used Giles White for over 17 years. 16 windows (3 of which are dormers), two doors and two large patio doors for £13 - 07711 596847

Help needed

bryan P in Greenwich
Hi Folks I am looking for a young lad to help and learn the carpet trade, must be able to lift and be available as and when needed .  also looking for local painter to paint reskimmed ceiling and coving  thanks very much
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Mark C
Busy bodys is very harsh Helen 😕 ,he was given some good advice on possible legalities and unfortunately no matter how indescreet asked it's too easy to come unstuck on such matters. I was gonna apply as the young applied to me but I'm a young 40 ... [ more ]
Paul H
Figure of speech. It's a Suffolk thing I guess. When I need a hand in the building trade, I ask in the builders merchants if anyone knows of a lad not afraid of hard work. Way of life. In over 10yrs, I can count on one hand the female "trades" I have ... [ more ]

Washing Machine Repairs

Janet A in Common, The
Hi can anyone recommend a washing machine repair person. I think the bearings have gone on my Indesit washer tumbler. Thanks
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Janet A
Thanks everyone I rang Peter Wier but it was too expensive to fix a new drum would have been £250 so have had to buy a new one.  Will bear him in mind if this one goes wrong.

black cat with white patch on chest

Tracey L in Castle Hill
Has anyone lost this in classified section by mistake.seen in shafto road in poor state and very skinny.
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Tracey L
It is difficult as I cant see in my garden from my lounge,my kitchen faces garden.trying to find out if it belongs to anyone first.havent seen it again since Saturday,only see it now and again.thank you all for your help,will keep you posted.

Youth Forum

The Meeting Place, Limerick Close
Pat S in Castle Hill
Are you aged 12 to 25 and living on North West Ipswich? Want to make a change in your area? Got an issue you want to do something about? Decide how to spend funds for young people in your area. Join the Youth Forum and make your voice heard. The North ... [ more ]

FREE Triple P Teen Parent Group

ASDA Community Room, Whitehouse Industrial Estate, IP1 5PD
Pat S in Castle Hill
The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is holding courses throughout October, November and December • Triple P allows parents to choose techniques that work best for them and their families. We provide the information, but you choose the ideas to use ... [ more ]

Youth Forum

Pat S in Castle Hill
Are you aged 12 to 25 and living on North West Ipswich? The North West Ipswich Big Local Trust are holding Youth Forums at The Meeting Place, Limerick Close on the last Wednesday of every month beginning 17:00 to 19:00, 30th Sept Want to make a ... [ more ]

Dance classes


Linda E in Maidenhall
I hope to be moving soon and have found great disparity in the quotes obtained from local removal companies. Can anyone recommend a local firm that they have used recently?
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Jean A
I don't know if they still do so, but Wyards used to offer an hourly rate for removals within Ipswich.  If you are in a 'chain' then an hourly rate may not be cheaper if the people moving from the property you are going to are taking longer to 'get out' ... [ more ]
Gary W
Risdales at Newbourne were brilliant a year ago when we moved into Ipswich, they were able to help when we had a last minute panic owing to someone further down the chain playing silly b..... .They were very reasonably priced as well

R G M Landscapes.

Adrian C in Castle Hill
I am trying to contact Robin Meekings of the above company, but have lost his phone number. I think he used to live in Waverley Road. Can anyone help please. Thanks

Learn how to play Bridge

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Kesgrave Community Centre

Graffiti on Railway Arch in Ashcroft Lane

Jean A in Westbourne
Two weeks ago, some graffiti appeared on the railway arch in Ashcroft Lane; last weekend another lot was added.  I reported it to the Council (which I have done in the past and they painted it over promptly which stopped further graffiti) but now they ... [ more ]

Macmillan Coffee Morning @ Castlehill Community Centre

Janet A in Common, The
10:00am to 12:00 Noon, 25 September 2015 CASTLEHILL COMMUNITY CENTRE Highfield Road, IP1 6DF Castlehill Knit & Natter Group's 3rd Macmillan Coffee Morning Hand Knitted Items , Baby Knits, Toys, Craft Stall, Raffle ***Free Admission*** ... [ more ]

Join us on a "Sentimental Journey" through the 1940s with live music, dancing & lots more!

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The Manor Ballroom, Ipswich
Julie A in Westbourne
Come and join us on a "Sentimental Journey" through the '40s, with Ipswich-based trio Roger, Jane and Julie, as we bring you a nostalgic trip through the songs of World War II with live music in costume dress, including cabaret spots, quizzes, dancing ... [ more ]
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Theresa H
Thank you for advertising this event. It sounds great and I hope that my partner and I will be able to attend. Do I get my tickets from there?
Julie A
Hi Theresa H :) Yep you can contact them online or by phone. Hope to see you there!

Shed Repair.

Phil V in Westbourne
Hi. My shed needs to come down, be repaired,  and re-erected. Can anyone recommend somebody please?