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Grey cat

Hayley J in Ipswich Town Centre
There's a small Grey cat with collar in our area and we haven't a clue who it belongs to. I haven't seen it but my neighbour has and she says it doesn't look well. Has anyone lost one? Please PM me .
Carol C
If this has a collar on may also be micro chipped. Will this cat let you pick them up so they can be checked.

Northern Bypass for Ipswich

Watchfull in Castle Hill
It has be suggested that we bring this subject up again--can we have your views on this and the reason why--if the Orwell bridge shut down the Valley road gets grid locked--if the big expansion comes about North of Westerfield--it will get worst--I can ... [ more ]
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Kathy Bole
It may be due to purdah. Although not responding at all is a little extreme. I think you may be right about campaigning for the elections.
Would the suggestion of a super council such as the amalgamation of Cambridge--Norfolk and Ipswich help Ipswich and Suffolk--or would we be left at the bottom of the the pile--as we are now in trying to get a NBP--A daft question needs a daft answer some ... [ more ]

Remaining calm at Castle Hill Community Centre!

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
Update on Castle Hill community Centre: the new team are in! Just as before, there are options for long term rentals and for room hire from an hourly basis and many of the existing users have remained and we look forward to welcoming many more to share ... [ more ]
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Julie A
I reckon my Mum might be interested in an art group as well! On another note, If you ever fancy hosting an hour or two's "dance" afternoon/evening, including a mixture of ballroom, Latin american, sequence dancing, or just a "jump and down" as my Mum ... [ more ]

Prize Draw Winner!


Keith H in Castle Hill
Well so much for the 60 mile speed limit to stop accidents on Orwell Bridge  Mr Gummer.This is only the second week and a lorry and car crashed on the bridge causing congestion once again. this morning in rush hour
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Martin C
I would assume they are set for 60 plus 10% plus 2, ie 68 as in a public meeting last year that's what our PCC Mr Passmore told me was the trigger for a speed camera etc. in Suffolk, as I think it is in many other regions. Frankly I was amazed he told us ... [ more ]
Susan H
Reducing the speed limit and introducing average speed cameras does have an effect - the sections of the A12 with average speed cameras are much calmer now. (Then people revert to tearing down the outside lane at higher speeds on the bits in between!) ... [ more ]

Zumba Friday Mornings 9:30!

Sarah Ann Gray in Castle Hill
9:30-10:30am at Bramford Road Methodist Church IP1 4AY Drop the kids off at school (if you have some), then come shake your stuff! A great way to start the last day of the week - with a party! Suitable for all levels and ages.  ... [ more ]

Zumba Ya Bumba with Sarah-Ann

Bramfrord Road Methodist Church Hall
Julie A in Westbourne
Sarah has been leading our Friday morning "party" for many weeks now, and we are trying to spread the word about this fun and friendly Zumba session! It's held every Friday 9.30-10.30am, £5, parking available, and we have all ages taking part! Whatever ... [ more ]
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Silent Auction in aid of Castle Hill Infant and Junior Schools

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
The Friends of Castle Hill Infants and Junior Schools group are holding a silent auction to raise funds and there are some seriously great deals to bid for! With 38 lots in total there is something for everyone including things like a Lush hamper. a ... [ more ]

Planning applications

Jean M in Ipswich Town Centre
Anyone know how to access on line planning applications to Ipswich Borough Council? Trying to find out what is happening to the B & Q site after they close. Read in Ipswich Star that an "indoor entertainments company" were applying for planning ... [ more ]
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Youth Session for all living in Whitton, Whitehouse and Castle HIll

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
Its almost that time again, this months youth session meets on Wednesday April 27th from 5-7pm at The Meeting Place in Limerick Close (see link for details of location) Bringing the youth (aged 12-25) of NW Ipswich together to chat about issues that ... [ more ]

NHS Dentist

Janice W in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend an NHS Dentist please, in or near town centre?
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Janet A
I also recommend Staffa Lodge on Norwich Road very friendly they also send a text to remind you when appt. is so you don't forget.

Dementia Info/Awareness stand

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Fircroft Road Shops
North West Ipswich Big Local Trust in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
Would you like to learn about the small things we can all do to make a difference to someone living with dementia? Our info stand will be at Fircroft Road shops on Saturday April 30th, 9-12. Plus we have 10 copies 'Confidence to Care' book by Home ... [ more ]


Toby P.
The pigeon racing season has just stared Shirley H. and many don't find their way home. I raced pigeons for thirty years, but not any more. The place you can report lost pigeons is the R.P.R.A (Royal Pigeon Racing Association). If you google RPRA you ... [ more ]

'Refugees: A Local Perspective on a Global Issue'

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St. Thomas Community Room Bramford Lane, IP1 5BS
North West Ipswich Big Local Trust in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
If you would like to know more about the plight of refugees or maybe you have questions, here is a great opportunity to find out more. There will be a talk followed by discussion by Karen Lawson, Suffolk Refugee Support Business Contact: The Revd ... [ more ]

Police to be dangled from crane to view whole town

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Mark B
I'm going to recommend they start a similar campaign where they dangle someone on a noose instead.

carpenter and kitchen fitters

bryan P in Greenwich
I am looking for Kitchen fitters must be reliable and reasonably priced and good workmanship also looking for a carpenter I would welcome any recomendations Many thanks

Loss of national rock station for East Anglia

Jan D in Ipswich Town Centre
I really hope no-one minds me posting this. If no interest, please just scroll past! I listen to Planet Rock all day every day and a switch to new transmitters means many areas of the country are losing it, being expected to listen online, which just ... [ more ]
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Martin C
Well that's it then. They turned the station off for all loyal DAB radio listeners in this area yesterday it seems. Yesterday morning in the car I still got them as I was travelling around Suffolk and Norfolk. Today its just a rolling advert telling me ... [ more ]
Jan D
If looks could kill my car DAB would be dead, I gave it a proper glare when I sat in the car this morning! I've tried a few other stations, briefly, but there's nothing whatsoever that plays any music I like, or can even tolerate! Thankfully I still have ... [ more ]

Single storey side extension

Pauline W in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone advise as to how much a single storey side extension would cost for example 3 rooms. two bedrooms and shower room. Note attached
David D
I had some quotes a couple of years ago to rebuild my dining room extension which was a single level tear down and rebuild, quotes around £15000 building work only, to go up another level was approx £5000 more. Would advise getting surveyor to draw up ... [ more ]

I am trying to find a guy called Martin.

Theresa H in Maidenhall
I am sorry, but I am trying to find a guy on here called Martin who took away some kitchen units from us a few months ago for his garage. I just wanted to say a special THANK YOU for putting some photos through our door. You have done a most wonderful ... [ more ]

Collections for British Red Cross!!!

Paul F in Stoke
Hi!! My name is Paul Fleet and I am the Senior Community Fundraiser for British Red Cross in Norfolk and Suffolk. The charity has been given permission to collect from 9am-5pm at the following places: • Ipswich Tesco – Thursday 5th May and Friday 6th ... [ more ]

Diabetes UK

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Diabetes Uk meetings held at St Augustins Church hall are trying to increase their membership--Please take note--it would help if they published the DATE & TIME of these meetings--then they might get more to come along--
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Lewis L
The 2016 Diabetes World Summit is a free online event running from the 18th of April  to the 25th.  See
the bees knees
Lewis L, thank you for this very interesting link.  I agree with the findings of the third chat that I read early am this morning. Have you read it yet? 

Snowflake Ball

Milsoms Kesgrave Hall
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal in Westbourne
Come along to our Snowflake Ball on Friday 20th May at Milsoms, Kesgrave Hall, 7pm onwards. A glamourous night of fine dining, music and entertainment! Tickets are £55per person to include an arrival drink and three course meal with entertainment ... [ more ]

Reducing The Strength alcohol campaign, any good?

Phil J in Ipswich Town Centre
Dear Ipswich Streetlifers, Greetings from Slough. We have heard that Ipswich has had a pioneering scheme called "Reducing The Strength" to cut the availability of "very strong very cheap" alcohol to "street drinkers". According to this article on page ... [ more ]
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Elaine D
Go for a walk along the river, from the Range towards Sproughton. The path is littered with cans and bottles, don't try and sit quietly on one of the seats, as the 'street drinkers' will make you feel most uncomfortable. If you live in one of the streets ... [ more ]

Asbestos testing and removal

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Brian P
Sperion Ltd - 01245 248718 or 408220 Have just removed the asbestos from my Garage ceiling. They did an excellent job and were £1000 cheaper than the competition

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