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landlords who wont allow pets

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Jack D
Why do landlords discriminate against propective tennents because they have a pet. These are more often than not part of a family with 70% owning pets. You wouldnt say that a 2 year old child cannot be part of your family because he may make a mess!
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Clive M
Its not personal no pets no kids or over 35's its just some people do not give a toss when its not there place! Then on the other hand do not be fooled by professional working singles or couples  some times they can be the worse I have a friend who ... [ more ]
John W
Certain estate agents handling lettings  seem to be more dog friendly, Clarke and Simpson in Framlingham ( again, rural agency, seem more dog friendly) possibly one, whereas Thomas Gaze in Diss seem to have hardly any properties for animals.

Afternoon tea

Recommendations in Westerfield

Gillian M
Can anyone recommend a good afternoon tea we have been to Tiptree at £12.50 which was very good but wondered if anyone knew of another good one. Thank you.
John W
We tool my mother in law to Tilly's in Southwold, it was very good with a mild 1920's theme. Next venue we had thought of trying is The Wentworth at Aldeburgh

Van needed

Give, Lend & Borrow in Bramford

Dales pub

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Rosemary S
Please help us save our local pub The Dales. We have seen many pubs close in and around Whitton and Castle Hill over the past few years, so it's not just a plea for a small area. It seems the council are allowing the change of business without a full ... [ more ]
Something does not appear correct here.  From a look at the Planning Portal website,  I would conclude that a pub. changing to residential use does require planning permission. However, it may be that it already has such a permission which was not used.

Closure of The Dales Pub

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Brian S
The co-op rents out the Dales pub the landlord and lady have been given one months notice to terminate one the 31st August 2015. this means that they will be homeless and without a job and they have done such a great job over the last 5 year. Making the ... [ more ]

Gas Engineer and Plumber

Recommendations in Maidenhall

John B
Can anyone recommend a gas engineer (for boiler servicing) and a plumber (mainly for issues with radiators and internal pipe work), covering the Maidenhall or Chantry area, please?
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Christchurch Park

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Georgina K
I visit the park almost every day, and am so disappointed that the benches and tables outside the cafe by the round pond have disappeared. No-one seems to know if they will be replaced. Is their disappearance permanent?
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Chelle H
I understand all that but some simple investments can bring in more revenue and support for our beautiful local places , perhaps the cafe will put some tables out front , it maybe worth their while for more business.
Georgina K
Chelle H, I agree with you. Small businesses need all the help they can get as they retreat from the town centre, and blaming inheritance tax reductions isn't very helpful. Let's hope that a little spare money can be found.

Some sort of after school club or arrangement?

Local Conversations in Maidenhall

John B
Are there any others locally in the same position as me - my son is starting primary school in September and finishes at 3-something in the afternoons, but is too young to attend an after-school club at the school. Is this an issue others have, and is ... [ more ]
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Barbara C
Agree with Andy B. My daughter only had the choice of one child minder, but having met her, she soon realised that she was good. All child minders have to be registered and I think they are OFSTED now.
Karen C
I had this problem with my son as he was four when he started primary school. Luckily the nursery/daycare nearby took him as 'wrap around care' until he turned five. The Willows children centre provided this and I'd be surprised if the one at ... [ more ]

bathroom fitter

Recommendations in Gainsborough

Paul D
Hi, We've just moved house and would like to change the bathroom suite. Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for anyone that has done a good job, on time and on budget? Thanks in advance
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Paul D
Thanks for all the replies. Well who would have thought it would be so difficult to get a bathroom fitted. We had 6 people come round in the end (and a couple that said they couldn't do anything until the end of the year / next year), all said, 'The ... [ more ]

J Smith Tree Care & Landscapes

Recommendations in Maidenhall

John B
Hi - has anyone local had experience with J Smith Tree Care & Landscapes, please? Considering using them for some fence and lawn work.

Double glazing

Recommendations in Westbourne

Miriam K
I am looking to have two windows replaced on the first and second floor does anybody know someone who is reliable and not too expensive?
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Derek F
Used a company on Nacton Road - L & M Home Improvements - very good but having trouble in getting our certificate from them - do not appear to be certified!
Adrian C
I have used Darren Wegg, Blue Light Windows, lives in Elmcroft Road. Very genuine and fits good products. Plus he enjoys his work! Mobile 07772808076 or home 410622 Well worth a try.


Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

AUG 03
to ,
Waldringfield Village Hall
Libby R
Eurochat is on again this Monday 3rd August. Friendly, informal chat in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Please note, our Spanish and French tutors will not be in attendance, but our German tutor will be there to help out.


Local Conversations in Bramford

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Lost & Found in Greenwich

Any Connection?

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

ATM cash points at local ASDA not dispensing cash-- anyone noticed problems elsewhere--any thing to do with HSBC closing down??
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Boarding kennels

Recommendations in Maidenhall

Robin H
I'm going away for a weekend in August and cannot find any friends willing to look after my dogs. I'm loathe to put them in kennels, as I don't think they will cope well with it, but see no other option. Can anyone recommend a good boarder in Ipswich (Or ... [ more ]
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Temporary lights

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Angus M
Be aware there are temporary traffic lights at the Dales Road shops crossroads. Went up last night (Mon 27th July) No idea how long they'll be there.
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Hi Angus. Looking at the Roadworks Website it should be Anglia Water doing the work and it says 27th to 29 July so hopefully they have finished tonight. Inga Lockington

Help needed to re-wire a phone socket.

Recommendations in Westbourne

Tony M
Hi all, can anyone recommend a local electrician or someone with electrical knowledge to run an external supply wire from an outside telecommunications box to a socket situated in a bedroom directly above ! ! ! I recently removed an old supply wire ... [ more ]
Dave L
It really shouldn't be too difficult to sort this out. You shouldn't connect anything to the box outside as the demarkation point between you and BT/whoever is the master socket inside the house (often in the hall or living room). It is from this socket ... [ more ]

Brass on the Grass

Clubs & Groups in Maidenhall

JUL 19
Christchurch Park, Ipswich
John B
The Brass on the Grass 2015 season kicks off with a favourite band from last year- the Ipswich Community Wind Band :) See more at: More events on subsequent Sundays

Lawn Care Companies

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Carole P
Has anyone has had any experiences with a lawn care companies. Our grass looks pretty awful despite trying to do all of the right things so wondered if it would be worthwhile getting a professional in and what it may cost. 
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Carole P
Thank you Angus M for such brilliant advice. Must admit lawn feels very lumpy and looks dry. I suspect it was laid by the builders as I have a reasonably new property, and probably wasn't done with the best of care. Looks like very inferior turfs were ... [ more ]
Tony G
I did use Greenthumb, but now use Grasshopper and much prefer them. Excellent advice from Angus,, if the soil is poor, you'll never get a decent lawn and so far better to relay.


Recommendations in Castle Hill

Jim J
I have some extremely tall conifers 60 ft ish can anybody recommend anybody to cut them down for me
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Angela W
When we used them they provided the cheapest quote out of all the tree surgeons.  We did use an unqualified person to cut down a conifer a couple of years previously and the mess was unbelievable with sawdust covering our entire garden. It took months ... [ more ]


Recommendations in Westbourne

Jack D
Im after advise on the best carpet company to quote for an insurance claim to do hall, landing, stairs and lounge carpets. Must be able to remove old carpet as well.
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Lewis L
In my experience some carpet fitters expect to find a room empty, lay the carpet as quickly as possible and then shoot off to the next job.  I need someone to come in and move furniture, lay the carpet and then move the furniture back.  I expect to pay ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Washbrook

Carol B
Just come down St Helens St before old county hall there are four shops.hairdressers-hairdressers-tattoos-hairdressers.I know that the council has to pay business tax after three months for empty shops I would say this is ridiculous.
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John W
You were commenting on empty shops in the town centre, Tiger will be filling one of those empty shops. Conversations are allowed to stray from their starting point, that's the nature of a conversation.

Disco Cabaret

Clubs & Groups in Westbourne

SEP 12
to ,
Kesgrave Community Centre
Home-Start E.Ipswich & Coastal
With an exciting demonstration of Ballroom & Latin American dancing & the outstanding vocals of Rachel Foskett and Pete Long in Cabaret, a demonstration by Richard Miller followed by a Disco With DJ Steve Springett Tickets £12 includes a light ... [ more ]

Gardener or Garden handy man.

Recommendations in Westbourne

Can anyone recommend a gardener or someone who has retired but still does some gardening in the Ipswich Norwich road area. Would be grateful for a recommendation. Thanks
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Richard G
Reasonable rates ? What do they actually charge , i have heard gardeners charging £22.50 an hour and don't take the waste away either , but they still get plenty of work !
R W services (see above) come round to your house you tell him what you want done and he gives you a price there and then. It was a good job well done.