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Continuation NBP

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
The MP does get paid, not bad putting his scribble on a letter typed up by someone else, his line graph signature is very amusing.  In my view, the position holder of Central Suffolk should lose "North Ipswich" and the Ipswich MP should be ... [ more ]
Ipswich Entrepreneur on the point you have made I could not agree with you more -- but the MP for NW Ipswich do not seem to care any way -- never mind at the next election we may be able to change all that --

St. Johns Scout Hut and Asbestos Roofing

Buzz R in Castle Hill
Hello. Does anyone know the situation regarding the asbestos roofing at the St. John's Scout/Cub hut in Britannia Road? My grandson is attending as a cub but there are signs saying "Danger" and referring to the fact that the roof is made of asbestos. ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
Asbestos is around everywhere (it was only fully banned in 1999), you don't see warning notices. In order for such signs it must be damaged or a potential risk.  I was paranoid with Asbestos when I moved into my town centre offices years ago - got ... [ more ]

Dying Towns

Buzz R in Castle Hill
People on Streetlife often denigrate Ipswich or areas of Ipswich for being run-down, with boarded-up shops, and so on. I am currently reading 'Thunderbolt Kid', a Bill Bryson account of his childhood in Iowa, and came across this passage: "...most ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
IoT is getting silly. There needs to be clear understanding of what should and should not be connected to the internet. Sometimes people try too hard and over engineer things.  Susan H, Face Place sounds good... it annoys me that people are okay ... [ more ]


James in Castle Hill
I went to B&Q Saturday afternoon they are either getting ready to shut the doors or doing some refurbishment just about all the kitchen displays have been sold some of the shelves are almost bear
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Death cafe.

Interested in Ipswich Town Centre
Does anyone fancy the idea of starting up a Death Cafe? It's where people can go and chat about all things death related and anything else too, but primarily death and dying. I feel that we don't talk about death and dying enough in this country, ... [ more ]
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Robin H
I would have come along, but I work and that time isn't good for me. In the one our group ran last year, a lot of the talk turned towards people planning their own funerals so as to save relatives confusion in a time of grief. Worth being aware that ... [ more ]
That's really good to know. Thank you. If this doesn't work, the 2pm slot, I may try a different one, but I guess it'd not be in a cafe then but in a pub. Ah, that may be preferable to some. ;0)

Any truth in it?

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Rumours are flying about that the Co-oP Meredith road is closing down-- although the staff know nothing about it-- these rumours are even floating down to them-- anyone know anything?
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As you say Ipswich Entrepreneur the TUPE  is in place so the Coop employees should be alright -- I certainly hope so -- some have got a lot of service in --

Chair repair

Janice W in Ipswich Town Centre
My beech carver needs a new arm.  Can anyone recommend a joiner/carpenter with such experience, please?

1940s evening with live music and quiz

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Royal George Public House, Colchester Road, Ipswich
Julie A in Westbourne
Hi! Thought I'd let you know about a free local gig "Sentimental Journey" are playing on Saturday, starting with a quiz at 8.30pm! I am lucky to be a part of this trio, we are all from Ipswich, and play our keyboard, saxophone, clarinet, flute, ... [ more ]

Foxhall stadium car boot

James in Castle Hill
The car boot is going to run into October (subject to the weather being ok ) now and not finish on the 25th September as originally planned

Ashcroft Lane

Jean A in Westbourne
The verges in Ashcroft Lane were cut yesterday - Tuesday 13 September for the first time this year.   Perhaps someone at whatever Council is responsible for this lane read our comments about it being overgrown and in need to attention. 
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Jean A
I think that its disputed as to which Council is responsible for Ashcroft Lane.   I don't know which Council arranged the cutting of Ashcroft Lane last week but in previous years it had been an Ipswich Borough Council's employee who cut it
Hugh W
Jean A - One of the confusions of the two-Council system! I believe that grass/hedge cutting  is the responsibility of Suffolk CC, but IBC carries it out on their behalf in Ipswich. So you could reasonably contact (or complain to) either or both of them.

Is the new Poundland closing down?

Ken L in Castle Hill
A  load of signs in the windows of the new Poundland said closing 21 september. I did not go in to find out if it was for the day or for good. Anyone know?
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Roz B
I hope it not the were bus are cause good and handed the one is out to going in carr street

Bus route

John W in Westbourne
With reference to the bus route 14, I’m very sad to note that the Saturday time table has been reduced to 3 buses per day. This means that should I need to go into town after 2pm for whatever reason I will have to get a cab or struggle up the hill to ... [ more ]
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Spotty Dog
@SF, yes of course his post gets "seen by others" wherever he posts it but is less likely to gain sympathisers and supporters for his cause. Perhaps I should have added that it would be better for John W to change the area in his profile to the area ... [ more ]
Ipswich Entrepreneur
Have you considered dial-a-ride (or similar)? The following link may be of interest.

Foxhall Stadium boot sale

James in Castle Hill
It has been confirmed that Foxhall stadium car boot sale which runs on a sunday is to run through October (weather allowing) and will not finish next Sunday the 25th September as originally planned,thanks to that I won't be doing tasks at home on a ... [ more ]

Cyclists on the Pavement

Steve W in Castle Hill
Is it just me, or have all Ipswich's pavements been redesignated as cycle ways - but without the signs? There is an increasing number of cyclists, including children teenagers and adults, using the pavements in and around town even when there is a ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
I almost got hit by a red light jumper on Monday morning. A coach passed me, the green man light came on a second or two later... I looked both ways, then proceeded to cross. Stopped in the middle of the road, as a car approached... (I froze rather ... [ more ]
Mass R
Red light jumpers are rife at the Ashcroft/Norwich road crossing.  Add to that people using the entrance on to Norwich road to exit Wilco and you take your life in your hands as they usually wait for the lights to go to red for the crossing and then ... [ more ]

Citizens Advice open weekly drop in's at Whitton clinic

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
Citizens Advice Ipswich is opening a weekly drop in advice clinic based at Whitton Health Centre from Tuesday 27th September. 9.30-12pm The decision to open a service here has been driven by public demand and the additional problems for the ... [ more ]

ipswich star

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Roz B
I buy the ipswich star sometime but look at few days ago it is get better now also alot of different things and more in it to find the wild pigs still going soon be gone more wild pigs
Brian P
The Star works on the principle of 'never mind the quality of the prose look at the size of the pictures'

Architects slam totally illogical Ipswich bridge contest!

Jan D in Ipswich Town Centre
Suffolk County Council, what are you playing at? Not a great start, is it?
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Joanna A
I notice the Star still haven't mentioned this at all while running a story about IBC reconsidering the Cornhill plans due to feedback from the public. Meanwhile SCC ignores feedback from an expert body.

New Police Advice Surgeries. Meredith Road 21st Sept 2016

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
Great news! ***New Police advice surgeries in Meredith Road*** Suffolk Police’s new police advice surgery in west Ipswich give residents the opportunity to meet their local officers and air any concerns they may have within their community. ... [ more ]

Open Mic Night-photos

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
We are so proud of all these guys! The NWI BLT Open Mic Night events are hosted by, and for, our very own young people from Whitehouse, Whitton & Castle Hill. Mal and Rachel do a brilliant job putting these together and are really keen to see ... [ more ]

Recommended Gas Engineer

Charles W in Castle Hill
I'm looking for a gas engineer , who would be able supply &  install  a gas fire  and  fireplace , of course must me  corgi registered ect. Any recommendations and/or  satisfied customers ?

Flat roof repair .....

Any people out there aware of Health and Safety Act?

Theresa H in Maidenhall
Does anyone know if it is acceptable to ask a member of the public to walk onto the back of a commercial vehicle to view something?  I was asked to get onto the back of a vehicle of a furniture company recently to view a large oak wood display unit. ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
It seems very unprofessional. I don't see it as "acceptable" however not unlawful.  Both parties have an equal legal argument. They must consider your health and safety, but at the same time you are legally responsible for your own H&S to a ... [ more ]
Elaine D
As with all H&S your first duty is to yourself! Did you consider this was dangerous, why did you have to get into the back of the lorry? Did you use a tailgate?

International Speak like a Pirate Day

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Emmaus at The Dales, Dales Road
Emmaus I in Castle Hill
Come and join us for some piratey fun this Saturday, 17 September There will be Face painting, a treasure hunt, Plank walking, craft table and prizes for best dressed pirates X
Julie A
Have copied this to my facebook page, hoping friends with young children may fancy it. Hope you aaaargh inundated with loads of people!


Ted M in Westbourne
Can any one recommend a Solicitors in the are to deal with house selling that will rip me off the least !!
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Iain C
I used Jenny Dawson at Heywood Moon a few years back and know a few people who have since used the company and been more than happy. They are conveyancing specialists and also believe that they have parking at their premises.

Focus Meditation: Together Searching for the Divine

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La Tour Cycle Cafe Tower House, 17, Tower Street, Ipswich, IP1 2PP
Timothy Yau in Whitton
FOCUS: Contemplative Meditation This term we'll be exploring the attributes of the Divine. DAY: Thursdays DATES: Sept. 15th, 22nd, 29th; Oct. 6th, 13th, 20th TIME: 7.30pm - 8.30pm COST: Donation towards room hire TEL: 07964 078330 EMAIL: ... [ more ]