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Another New Beginners Tai Chi Class!

Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
It's a busy time for Suffolk Tai Chi Academy.   A new Beginners Class starts in Ipswich. Tuesday13th September 2016, 2:00-3:30pm. Location the Dove St Inn on Grimwade St and Dove St. IP4 2LA. £2.00 per class. Your instructor will be our newest ... [ more ]
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Eddie M
I shall be instructing you for the first 17 moves of the 108, hopefully you will want to go on to a continuing class where you learn the rest of the moves. It should be fun as well as instructive, (otherwise I'll be doing it wrong!) Apart from all ... [ more ]

Gardener recommendation

A G in Ipswich Town Centre
Hello We need a gardener please who can also take away all the rubbish as well in relation to clearing a garden? We wouldn't need any landscaping etc it would be to clear an overgrown garden to a manageable level. Anyone have anyone they can ... [ more ]
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New car park in Elm Street

Jean M in Ipswich Town Centre
The new car park in Elm Street is fantastic, 60p an hour and close to the town centre. Well done Ipswich Borough Council. BUT - a glaring mistake, there is no indication that the exit is the same as the entrance! You enter and exit the car park at ... [ more ]
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IBC just don't want cars in this town, carry on just like they are doing this will soon be achieved, but this will not help all the empty shops situation that we already have-- no parking spaces-- no cars-- no people-- no town,  wont need shops--

Tooks old Bakery site

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Came past there this morning digger on site grubbing the concrete slabs-- is this just a site clearance or have they started getting ready to build? anyone know whats going on-- any planning permission been applied for?-- very interesting--
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Cat Found Dead

Sarah L in Ipswich Town Centre
Just removed a Cat from the road which had been hit by a car. Knocked on a few doors and unfortunately nobody knows who's it is. A kind gentleman has put it in a box in his Garden and is taking it to the vets in the morning. Found at Powling Road, ... [ more ]

Pop up picture sale today - Thursday 25th August

Emmaus I in Castle Hill
The heat has got to us and we've decided to have an impromptu picture and frame sale here at The Dales. Most large pictures are £1, medium 2 for £1 and small 3 for £1, some amazing bargains to be had.  We're open until 5 today.
Ray L
Sorry, but I only received this message this morning (Fri) - please post a few days before your event if you want to get people on streetlife to come!

Sushi to go

Ipswich Entrepreneur in Chantry
I hear that a new restaurant (and takeaway) is to open in Fore St selling sushi. Something I feel was long overdue in Ipswich, plenty of Chinese, Indian and Asian fusion...  Does anyone know any further information about it? I stumbled across a ... [ more ]

Lost Black Cat

Lesley S in Stoke Park
Has anyone seen Sammy in the Berners Street/St George's Street area?  He's all black, not very bright, but very affectionate in a "formulaic" way when hungry.  By that I mean he doesn't actually love you, but he's heard that if he rubs round you a lot ... [ more ]
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Sally H
My friend has lost her little black cat. Went missing sat 13th august, from chatsworth close stoke park. Desperate to find her.
Lisa L
This cat isn't very little ....but have a look at the photo to check. Think I've see your friend's posters. .... hope she finds her soon.

FOCUS: Contemplative Meditation Free Open Taster Session

to ,
La Tour Cycle Cafe, Tower House, 17 Tower Street, Ipswich, IP1 3BE
Timothy Yau in Whitton
Contemplative Meditation FREE Open Taster Session Exhausted? Overloaded? Stressed? Stop, be still, and learn to be present in the moment. If you're in or around Ipswich and you know someone who might be into trying something new, bring them along ... [ more ]

Electric Bicycles

Robert R in White House
Can anyone recommend an electric bike or a shop which sells them. I've been to Halfords and was astonished that they don't stock them or seem to have any interest in them. I can find manufacturers and dealers on line of course but as the bikes cost ... [ more ]
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Sue B
I too have a powercycle from e bikes. I've had it for 4 years and it has never let me down. Reasonably priced too.
Lyn D
Halfords at euro park were really helpful. I bought mine from there last month in the sale for under £500, it's a fold up bike too. Nippy, attractive and lots of fun. Good luck

Buying a new small hatchback

Lewis L in Ipswich Town Centre
I am considering buying a new small car such as a Ford Fiesta or Suzuki Swift and would like to identify dealers who are polite and helpful and treat their customers with courtesy and respect.  Have any of you had really good or really bad experiences ... [ more ]
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Jean M
We have a Suzki Splash, great little car, loads of room. Bought from John Banks. Helpful, friendly and not at all pushy.
Jean M I have come to one conclusion when buying a car and that is-- if one is happy with the car that one has bought that is all that matters-- I have had the same car for seven years never been any trouble-- passed all its MOTs-- only replacements ... [ more ]

Security System

Watchfull in Castle Hill
My old security cam has gone kerput its the old VHF system-- can any one help me to obtain new HD system working on harddrive-- get the parts/ etc and instal for me-- I will willing pay for parts in advance and come to an agreement for who ever do the ... [ more ]

Remember those days?

Angela B. - Marie Curie in Ipswich Town Centre
Host a dinner party for Marie Curie The recipe for a memorable night begins with a mix of good friends and family, followed by a sprinkling of stories, all served over a delicious meal.  ​Our Dinner Down Memory Lane campaign launches this week, ... [ more ]

Charity car wash

Emmaus I in Castle Hill
Hello!  Come and get your car cleaned today for a great cause. We have a charity car wash in our car park at The Dales - £4 for the exterior and £7 for the exterior and interior. Have a browse in the shop while your car is being made beautiful :-)
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Mass R
Yes I visit the shop at least once a week often with my grandchildren who think it's great to get recycled toys and books with their pocket money as well as learning about how you help others who are less fortunate.
Emmaus I
Awww, that's lovely to hear Mass R, we're really grateful to all our customers & the those that have donated goods. We've had a warm welcome from the local community.


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Gary B
Earning a little extra doing a few hours a week as a gardener is probably ok at £10 per hour. If looking to become a full time self employed gardener then I see a number of issues with that rate. I am not in that trade but Joanna A is right about the ... [ more ]


David R in Westbourne
In garden this morning probably brought in by a Fox, a stuffed toy could be an 'angry bird' if you are missing this get in touch.

Surbiton Road Post Office

Mass R in Castle Hill
Anyone heard why the post office on the corner of Surbiton Road and Bramford Lane is closed.  It was closed yesterday and still not open today.  No notice on door telling customers the reason or if and when it is likely to reopen.
Mrs B
Apparently it is closed as it is changing hands. I asked in the coop yesterday. No idea when it's reopening.

Continuation NBP

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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COR  Derick L that was some smack on the wrist-- any thing I may say in this post you can check back on by using the link to the first part of the debate that Martin C has provided on here-- if memory serves me right Richard G was one of the first to ... [ more ]
Susan H On the-- That Hum topic-- this lady said her house is surrounded by fields I can appreciate her feelings but is this why she is so against the Northern fringe big build and our NBP request--


Terry M in Westbourne
Reference my existing rails not 6 x 2 but 4 and a half ins x one and a quarter inches just amending as someone could be put of by the larger size


Terry M in Westbourne
Does anyone know of a good carpenter to replace 4 doors upstairs and replace the stair rail. Got Approx 6 x 2 plain Wood with 2 on stairs and 4 on landing want to replace them with single rail and upright spindles. Would appreciate a few ... [ more ]


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David R
I use toolstation, seems to be cheaper than B&Q but do not confuse cheap with poor quality on the whole it appears they stock things for people like me 'occasional' use or the more high end stuff for tradesmen. Asda appears to have a reasonable ... [ more ]
Richard G
B&Q own Screwfix and don't always think Screwfix will be cheaper. A drill i bought recently was £30 cheaper at B&Q than Screwfix. Worth checking if spending over £100.

Two rivers medical centre

Karen L in Ipswich Town Centre
I've had my Doctors appointment cancelled but not given a reason why, so I now have another appointment, also I'm told could be cancelled. So that's 6 weeks wait for an appointment. I had to go in to get an appointment as couldn't get thru on the ... [ more ]
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Barbara C
Chelle, I agree with you, people are very quick to criticise. My son had a problem, rang the surgery for advice at 11am, was given an appointment with a doctor at 4pm, an appointment made for him at the hospital two days later where he was in and out ... [ more ]
Ray L
Chelle, in an earlier post you said, "If you want to see a particular Dr routinely then book in advance and you won't have a problem, could it be the old lattice barn pts are not so confident as it appears the biggest change in staff familiarity has ... [ more ]

That HUM

Interested in Ipswich Town Centre
Just heard most of a fascinating programme with Steve Punt about the 'World Hum', that awful hum that some people hear, sometimes, but often at night. There are many theories about it ,ranging from the sound of fish calling to each other to high ... [ more ]
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KH1964 in Ipswich Town Centre
The engine management light has come on on my car. Does anyone know much it costs to have a diagnostic check ?
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Brian B in Gainsborough
Today in Ipswich we had Sky Ride with a few mindless idiots, in the minority I must add, who seemed to think Upper Brook St was a 100 mtr race track. Now let's have Car Ride! Turn of all of the traffic lights in Ipswich for a week and let's see what ... [ more ]
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Linda C
there was an idiot in a car who came to Duke Street which was closed off and there were enough signs to show him but he still tried to go through and was not allowed the police were there too so he had to turn the car around and go right back round ... [ more ]
Linda K
Sounds a great idea Martin C, but there are still people who attend church services in the town centre on a Sunday morning and require 'door to door' transport  because of age or disability. Perhaps an afternoon closure?