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Litter strewn streets

Local Conversations in Westbourne

John W
As a change from walking my dog in the park, sometimes I walk around Henley Road, Berners Street, Bedford Street, St Georges Street area of central Ipswich and I'm horrified at the amount of litter, it seems to be getting worse. The gutter in Henley Rd ... [ more ]
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Gary M
I`ve notice a lot of litter has been dropped from bin lorries as they lift them never seen a refuse worker pick it up, why not?
Gary M ... because most of these guys are lazy oafs who couldn't give a monkey's. Much like their truly awful bosses at Ipswich Borough Council.

Busking/Street Performance In Ipswich

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Thankfully the trumpet guy seems to have disappeared, he was the worst busker I think I've ever heard. But accordion man (regularly near Debenhams) must be second worst.

Arboretum Pub

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Noticed today that the Arboretum pub has a homemade 'To Let' sign outside. Hardly seems 2 years ago when James - former landlord of The Grinning Rat - took over. For a while it was a really lively and fun venue, the opening night was crazy! But it went ... [ more ]


Give, Lend & Borrow in Westbourne

Pamela G
I am planning a trip to refugees in Calais 4th October. I would like to take a car load of food, sleeping bags, underclothes for children and adults. If you would like to contribute anything useful please ring me on 07733368292. Thank you

pond filter

Give, Lend & Borrow in Stoke Park

Any Tradesman

Give, Lend & Borrow in Castle Hill

Some time ago I bought a Router because of circumstances I have never used it,  it is like brand new, with four cutting blades/bits, still in their package, this is not a toy and should only be used by some one who knows what they are doing, anyone ... [ more ]
1020 w Power Router 240v-- variable speed control--5 piece bit set--  skirtings--frames for decorative finishes on doors, windows or picture frames--suitable for rebating and shaping, your name Steve rings a bell.

Original Qigong workshop

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

I would like to invite everyone to join a new qigong workshop in Ipswich on 26 September. The workshop will be about learning Wu Ji Qigong form which is also known as ‘The Original Qigong’ and ‘Tai Chi for Liberation’. It is an excellent exercise for ... [ more ]

Computer help

Recommendations in Westerfield

Gillian M
I am using windows 7 when the display and my start bar opens it brings up a square above the task bar which blocks part of the display it has a small arrow at the bottom pointing to the task bar. I have done a scan and used c cleaner it does not go. Any ... [ more ]
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Gillian M
Thanks Mark will keep an eye on it thank you for screen shot am still considering but if things go wrong it is usually me they go wrong with ought to be used to it by now ha ha

Wood floor and wallpapering

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Oliver B
Hi Can anyone recommend someone who can lay wood flooring, skirting and hang patterned wallpaper please? Need to be reliable and reasonable prices. Thanks
Matthew B
Hi I'm a local handyman and I can come and give you a free no obligation quotation. My number is 07876240267. Many thanks Matt.

8ft trampoline for sale

£30.00 in Ipswich Town Centre

Julie B
8ft trampoline for sale Good condition Comes with enclosure and a cover for winter Elastic that holds up enclosure could do with being replaced as they have stretched over the years Collection from IP1 Mornington avenue Will be taking apart at the ... [ more ]

3 wheeled walker for sale

£35.00 in Westbourne

Janet A
3 wheeled mobility walker with bag. Adjustable height and in very good condition. £35.00 ovno. Phone 01473 742721

Wanted please, pedal toy for 3yo

Give, Lend & Borrow in Ipswich Town Centre

Jan D
Hi all, I recently got a second-hand one of these for £20 from one of the local garage sales for my grandsons' 3rd birthday. The trouble is, they're twins and I need another similar toy (with pedals please) before 31st Aug! Have been looking on gumtree, ... [ more ]

Children's knitting patterns

Give, Lend & Borrow in Gainsborough

Brian B
My partner has just retired and is going back to knitting. That being the case, has anyone got any children's knitting patterns, in good condition, to give away. I would obviously pick them up as long as it is reasonably local.
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Joan B
have 3 knit airy time knits  and the country dairy book of knitting books    teddy bear knits       fairy time  knits and country diary book of knitting          doll knit patterns
If you join on the net there are, literally, thousands of patterns you can download free and others you can pay for.  It's a fantastic resource, and you don't get pestered by them if you do join.

Gas ovens

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Some time ago on streetlife people were have their gas ovens cleaned, I now find myself in a similar position, although its not dirty-dirty it needs sorting inside and out, also new oven bulb needed, any one know of some one? and of course the cost.
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Hi everybody I have been in touch with Chris and every is sorted thank you all for you help. Kuhli your pics were helpful Ta ever so
No problem Watchfull.  I hope you got all the pics, looks like you might only have three. The ones showing the inside of the oven are missing from my message.

car body dent

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Paulene M
Hi got a small dent in the back of my car (dont remember it happening!!)  Anyone out there  recommend  someone who would do a decent,inexpensive job in repairing it ??  Thanks neighbours
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Sarah S
Eric Poole and Sons, Unit 37 Claydon Business Park Ip6 0NP. Telling No 01473 830966. I had my car repaired by them when it was less than a year old. They are very good and do repairs for dealership garages in the area.
Sharon B
MARK J AUTO LOOK Closed over a year ago as the owner died. MSO BODY up Faarthing road near indoor karting is great

Any St Mark's parents on here?

Recommendations in Maidenhall

John B
Hi - are there any St Mark's Primary School parents on here? Still trying to sort out my after-school childcare situation... Would welcome some advice from fellow parents at the school!
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Have you tried contacting the early years team at Suffolk County Council? They have suggestions for childminders and child care where they collect the child from a particular school. May be worth a try.

Traffic lights.

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Keith H
Cant believe they now have  temp  lights other end off  foxhall road near Railway pub causing more problems again this was only like this a few weeks a go.feel sorry for people going to work.

Christchurch Park

Local Conversations in Westbourne

The benches and tables, with umbrellas, have been replaced outside the cafe by the round pond. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Van hire

Recommendations in Castle Hill

man with a van

Recommendations in Bramford

Harry P
Thanks for streetlife for help with van needed,i was reccommended several leads and settled for :the van about town:excellent service,very resonable price t/phoe 07470503760
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Maureen S
Paul's number is 0476984344. He has a large box van so can take quite large items - he states he is registered for this work which is really important!

free bath/basin

Give, Lend & Borrow in Westbourne

Margaret N
I have an avocado green bath and basin standing outside my garage at 51 Kelvin Road FREE to anyone who would like to collect it.

Ipswich Hospital

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Karen C
Had to have a colonoscopy yesterday which wasn't pleasant but was made so much easier by the lovely staff in that department could not have had better treatment privately I am sure so thanks very much to them and also met a lovely lady Mary who I am ... [ more ]
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Yes Karen I do understand the point you were making, but I was drawn to your post because of the procedure you had gone through, my wife also had a colonosopy, I myself have had a cystoscopy so I do know how you were feeling and thinking, if you want to ... [ more ]
Ruth L
We had to call for help last night and ended up in A + E. It was quite busy so we had to wait in the corridor to be seen, but I must admit all the staff were pleasant, and they even laid on a free taxi to get us home in the early hours!

Fireworks - Dog

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Sarah L
My dog is scared of fireworks to the point where she shakes, sick and diarrhoea. We have taken her to the vets and they gave us some calming tablets + told us to get a defuser as this all helps. Cost us a lot of money and does nothing to help her. Just ... [ more ]
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Sarah L
Thanks for all your comments, seems to be no real solution to help this. Maggie: I haven't heard of one of them before, if you have no use for it, it's probably worth me giving it ago, as long as your sure. If so please feel free to private message me. ... [ more ]

Van needed

Give, Lend & Borrow in Bramford

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Paul D
Hi Harry & Robert Thanks Victoria I offer a man and a van service, I can carry single items right through to full loads, just let me know the details and I can give you a quote. I cover and strap down all items so that they are protected, I am also ... [ more ]

Charity collections

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Until some months ago charities would leave bags for later collection requesting that we donate any clothes, shoes, etc for which we had no further use. I haven't seen any around my area and wonder if the collections have been discontinued.
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Sue G
There is a clothes bank in the playground of Bawdsey school. I think it also takes shoes and bedding.
I always take mine to the charity shops,recently had lots to dispose of so gave it to three different charity's.