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Hail stones

Val S in Sproughton
We had a really heavy hailstorm in Castle Hill last night and the stones broke the roof of our conservatory in many places. Did anyone else get damage?
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Andrew H
Bramford (or at least the part I know of) got hit with 2cm hailstones & that is very close to Sproughton which Janet F reported did not. Looking at the geography in this article: freak hail at Bramford, Barham, Witnesham, Henley & Castle Hill; ... [ more ]

Majors Corner Death Trap

Brian B in Gainsborough
Would somebody please tell me how to negotiate the slip road from St Helen's Street into Woodbridge Road? Since it re-opened I have nearly had two accidents. Firstly, I stopped at the junction to allow traffic priority coming across Mulberry Tree corner. ... [ more ]
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Martin C
I sat behind someone today who got to the end of the slip road and stopped! They waited for a gap then crossed straight to the other side of Woodbridge Road. I've merged once or twice without stopping but its not even a solid white line there now, so ... [ more ]
Peter M
Matthew H, I would say the best approach is to circle around Old Foundry Road - Great Colman Street and approach Woodbridge Road that way where you be in the left hand lane.   You might consider that a bit of a long way round but it may be safer and ... [ more ]


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Jean M
Anglia Retail Park needs a shot in the arm now, I known there is going to be a trampoline centre in the old B & Q but oh how I would love to see some decent shops up there! Hobbycraft would be great but unfortunately that has gone to Martlesham. It ... [ more ]

Gearbox transfer

Ryano in Gainsborough
Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who could transfer a used gearbox from Whip street motors breakers yard in Paper Mill Road in Bramford to a garage down near UCS (GW Autos).  It is drained of oil but still maybe a bit grubby. I can't as my car ... [ more ]
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That's correct Richard, I understand if it was a new one it would be kosher, but i have the gearbox bought and paid for and am waiting over a week for Whip street to have an available van for delivery... And I have already offered both parties 20 quid ... [ more ]
I know someone who could do it for you for a charge, if you still need someone to get it for please private message me with information. Thanks

Neff gas hob

Barbara C in Westbourne
I have a problem with the sparking ignition on my hob. Every time I ignite a flame the ignition continues to spark and the only way to stop it is to switch off the electricity to it for a time. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what was the ... [ more ]

Ipswich Park & Ride

Ipswich Entrepreneur in Chantry
Ipswich Park & Ride due to close after the festive period; what are your views on the service and the concept? Does anyone else use it? I use the London Road site and there is 3 really annoying bugbears... 1. Concession tickets. 90% of users of ... [ more ]
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Dave L
For me the P & R just doesn't work. Living just off Stonelodge Lane it's further for me to drive to the nearest P & R than it is to drive into town. Even for others who live closer to the P & R there's also the Catch 22 situation regarding ... [ more ]

Italian club

Robin H in Maidenhall
Is there a social club or association for Italians living in Ipswich? My partner would like to socialise with fellow Italians occasionally.
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Graham S
Try the Italian men's clothes shop in St Peter's Street they have an ad in the window or the Thomas Woseley pub
Jacqueline H
And, of course, also in St Peter's Street, is Locanda di Parma, which, I believe, is actually run by Italians ...

Old Zest/Hollywood night club...

Graham C in Gainsborough
... would make a perfect ice skating centre! Ideal location near the railway station. Big space inside for the rink, with many bar/dining spaces. Such a shame to see its being marketed as a potential office building - totally inappropriate for that, and ... [ more ]
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Graham C
Just checked Rileys website (they are a chain) - they describe the Ipswich site as 'permanently closed'

exercise bike

Marilyn S in Castle Hill
Has anyone got an exercise bike that needs a good home? My husband needs to strengthen his thighs and calves after an injury

Dog companion required

Lorna S in Chantry
I am looking for someone to look after our dog for the odd day and when we go on holiday He is a small dog about the size of a lassa. He is nine months old and a lively little boy who loves company. He is very friendly and playful. I think he would ... [ more ]
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Norwich Road

BJN in Ipswich Town Centre
Please - does anyone know why everything is shutting down at the Norwich Road roundabout end of town? QD has just closed its doors and My Local, recently taken over from Morrison's, has now gone too...
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Ipswich Entrepreneur
I was also looking at Queen Street where Reed Recruitment was. Positive Points (Opportunities) Queen St will be pedestrianised It is very central location - stone throw from busy Buttermarket (street) - not far from Cornhill Adjacent to ... [ more ]

friends wanted

Sue S
Hi Jennifer, do you have an email address where I can send you a message? I'm similar, retired, and am a happy soul. With a car!

Allotments Plots available at Castle Hill Allotments

Jean A in Westbourne
We currently have two five rod plots (each plot about 120 square metres) available at Castle Hill Allotments.  One of these plots has a lot of fruit trees/bushes on it - cooking apple (probably a Bramley), cherry tree, blackcurrant bushes, thornless ... [ more ]

Continuation NBP

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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Thank you Matt (and good arternoon to you bore) for keeping your lot updated with this thread-- and in no way was I being disrespectful-- just an old Suffolk dumplings way of talking-- but how do you think that they will let the public know of the ... [ more ]

Dog Sitter

Lorna S in Chantry
I am looking for someone to look after our dog for the odd day and when we go on holiday He is a small dog about the size of a lassa. He is nine months old and a lively little boy who loves company. He is very friendly and playful. I think he would suit ... [ more ]
Maria B
Hi I work for Saffron Sitters. Please do give us a call on 0330 221 0583 and Helen or I will be happy to help. The website is Kind regards Maria

ipswich hosptill

Jim G in Common, The
hi i was just wondering if any body knows if the physiotherapist department is closing down in september
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Kerry O
I work for the Health & Social Care Watchdog and we work very closely with the Hospital and I have had no information about this. What makes you think it is closing?

Smell of burning

Linda E in Maidenhall
On Wednesday evening there was a very strong smell of burning in the Valley Road area. It git so bad that I had to close my bedroom window because of the fumes. I haven't heard any news of a big fire anywhere. Any one else smell anything?
Peter S
Yes, we got it as well along Henley Road. We had to shut all the windows because it was affecting our breathing! Our thoughts were that it was a garden bonfire which was a bit antisocial on one of the hottest evenings of the year when most people had ... [ more ]

Taxi for disabled

Jack D in Westbourne
Hi all i am in urgent need if a taxi which is able to transport my mother from residential place to her home in Ipswich today 2pm. I've had no joy in getting getting one with the various taxi ranks in Ipswich which highlights a big issue for disabled. ... [ more ]
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Jack D
Managed to get avenue taxi to do it, the so called care home didn't advise me nor offer any help in sorting this out. So all sorted for now but it did highlight issues.
Myra N
Until June 13 two mini buses with wheel chair lifts were available for disabled passengers in Ipswich.  They were run by Ipswich Dial-a-Ride and driven by volunteer drivers.  The service ceased due to recommissioning of providers by Suffolk County ... [ more ]

Dog sitter

Lorna S in Chantry
I am looking for someone to look after our dog for the odd day and when we go on holiday  He is a small dog about the size of a lassa.  He is nine months old and a lively little boy who loves company. He is very friendly and playful. I think he would ... [ more ]

Second hand lawn mower required for free or small price please!

Richard L in Ipswich Town Centre
I started cutting my lawn yesterday and my mower gave up half-way through, it's done well, 5 years.. so if anyone has a old mower they no longer require and it works unlike mine, I would be happy to collect, it would be great if it was free, if not, ... [ more ]
Hi Richard, do you or do you know someone who has a computer or laptop?? Sites like fee cycle are very good.

Trying to find Trixie

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Some while ago I was trying to find an old friend named Trixie-- there was a kind lady on here that tried to help me I dont remember your name-- at that time Trixie was about to move house-- she has now been in touch-- was it YOU who tried to help? if ... [ more ]
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No Andrew not stupid I use to have problems with-- LOL-- TLC-- and a lot more so I invented SOH-- yer your right CW means Country and Western-- cant stick this Line Dancing stuff-- that's not CW-- we have another name for that it's known as SK-- SOH

Diversion/Roadworks Gone Wild!

Brian B in Gainsborough
May I suggest that as well as the Pigs Gone Wild Trail in and around Ipswich, that we have a Diversion Signs & Road Works Gone Wild Trail! Visitors to Ipswich must finish with their head up their a**e trying to follow all the diversions currently in ... [ more ]
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Peter M
If any work provider is asked to quote as to how long a job would take to complete they would want to take the longer quote, i.e. 6 or 10 weeks, you would quote for 10 weeks.   That way if it ends up being 8 weeks you are finished 2 weeks early instead ... [ more ]
Shaun N
I agree there seems to be a complete lack of 'joined up' thinking in Ipswich about planning and scheduling road works and the overall impact.  To be honest I sometimes wonder if the people in charge of this are up to the job.  On the other hand it may ... [ more ]

Festival of Paganism

to , (ended)
Oddfellows Hall, High Street, Ipswich
Robin H in Maidenhall
A free event for people interested in learning about what modern day pagans do and believe, hosted by the Ipswich Pagan Council. Refreshments available during the day. Talks, discussions, storytelling, information stands. A friendly event for open-minded ... [ more ]

Window Cleaner

Pat H
Yes give Frankie a ring on 685837, local and very good, been doing mine and my Sons for a while and no complaints, Hope this helps.

Major's Corner and Mulberry Tree, Ipswich roadworks

OnTwoWheels in Westerfield
I've just seen via the Ipswich Star website that this work is to commence this week. When the plans were originally published on the Travel Ipswich site I raised serious safety concerns about the design of the merge into Woodbridge Road coming from St ... [ more ]
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Technically/legally there are restrictions- You have to say where it came from for starters, you get no warranty or guarantee that its correct either More info at:
Brian B
Here are the questions, together with the answers that I put to SCC Major's Corner and Mulberry Tree, Ipswich roadworks. 1. Why has a 2 week road closure now entering its 4th week? 2. Why have loads of perfectly good paving slabs been replaced? 3. ... [ more ]