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Doorstep sellers in the area

Graham C in Gainsborough
We've had a visit this evening from a young man claiming to be on a prison release programme. He showed a card with photo ID, saying his name was Cameron.  He had a large black bag on his back.   I politely told him I do not buy goods on the doorstep ... [ more ]
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Nick G
Yvonne B, the wildlife conservation was a genuine caller, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, and carried a proper identification card. I know as he knocked on my door, leaving a leaflet and offered to call back the next night. I read the leaflet, and also ... [ more ]
Yvonne B
I know he was probably genuine but I said no because I pay into several charities and there is a limit to how much I can pay out on a pension plus it was dark and I live alone I seem to have these callers all the time its OK to say it's only Pound a ... [ more ]


Louise M in Common, The
Hi, I am looking for a beginners yoga class. There was a post a while back with lots of local sessions but I can't seem to find a search facility on streetlife?

Upper Orwell Crossing - Ground Investigations

Ipswich Ltd in Ipswich Town Centre
Last week Suffolk County Council put in an Planning Application (16/01121/FPC) to undertake ground investigations for an Upper Orwell Crossing. An daily (Mon-Fri) 24 hour operation for 4 months is going to terrorise local residents (streets below), ... [ more ]
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Suffolk County Council
Ipswich Ltd Hello Ipswich Ltd - Just so you know you can include our name in posts - it does make it easier for us to see which ones people would like us to respond too.   I have referred your post to the Upper Orwell Crossing team and they have ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
Thank you for the information Matt. Do you know anything about the road infrastructure either side of the main UOC bridge? I assume on the East side they will be installing a roundabout? Is the bridge going to be positioned horizontal or diagonal?

We have Sox Appeal!

Emmaus I in Castle Hill
Emmaus Ipswich Sox's Campaign. Help us collect 1000 pairs of new socks over the festive period to gift to people who are homeless or vulnerable. Drop your SOXs off @The Dales

Continuation NBP

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Streetlife have closed our NBP debate down which is their policy to do so after six mouths-- and I think we ought to thank Streetlife for allowing us to run for that length of time-- should we keep this continuation going at least until we get the ... [ more ]
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Martin C
The problem the Ipswich Star have is they are a newspaper. The NBP was news last week, but its not this week, there's nothing new to say about it so they are saying nothing. I would assume at some point they will be publishing the results of their own ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
That is people for you Martin. They jumped on the bandwagon out of frustration as they took ages to get to work etc. Despite it happening to the many of the very same people before on numerous occasions, they have no desire to follow it through.  You ... [ more ]

Painting Christmas Robins Art Workshops

AmyNB in Ipswich Town Centre
Hello everyone, here is a great Christmas art workshop I will be holding at Ipswich County Library this Friday 9th December 10am -2pm . All details are on the poster attached. Please feel free to send me a message if you would like to know more.

Driving instructors

Jack D in Westbourne
Can anyone recommend a driving instructor that could teach a pupil in an automatic car around the Ipswich area.

Santa in the Buttermarket

Maud C in Westerfield
Following a message I read on here,  my 2 sons & their wives took their children to see Santa in the Buttermarket on Saturday & they were very impressed.  They said that Santa spent time talking to the children, including a 2 year old who ... [ more ]

Nisa Shops

Beryl G in Claydon
Does anyone know where there is a Nisa shop in Ipswich which sells Heritage food. Their lasagne is really lovely, but now our Village shop has closed I cant find anywhere that stocks them now.
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Jeremy C
If you put Ipswich into Nisa shop locator on their website it on shows Clacton shop as being open today. Nearest one outside that is Haverhill.

Suffolk Soul Singers' Christmas Concert

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St Peters by the Waterfront
Graham C in Gainsborough
Soul and gospel - and some seasonal favourites - with jazz stylings from our community choir and childrens' choir. Tickets only £10 from the venue or from Suffolk Soul Singers. Afternoon event!

Professional accompianist

Karen L in Ipswich Town Centre
I'm a professional Actress and singer and need a good pianist accompianist to practise going over some songs for auditions. Thanks Karen
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Fridge stopped workinh

Joe S in Claydon
Our hot point fridge has stopped working. Could be because one of us left the door a bit open or because we have it in the garage where it was very cold last night. I have checked the fuse in the plug. Would be grateful for any suggestions of what we ... [ more ]
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Joe S
Thanks for the posts. It has started working again thank goodness. Had a. look at the handbook which said it should NOT be in a room where the temperature goes below 6 degrees C for prolonged periods. It has been that cold recently, minus 4 one ... [ more ]


Michael L in Whitton
it was great to read such positive comments about changes in Ipswich reported in the free edition of the Evening Star yesterday. It was also good to see yet another new shop in the centre of town and we had an excellent meal in Wagamuma last night, ... [ more ]
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Jeremy C
There was talk of a phase 3 to the road changes from last year with a slip road from Havens to A14 avoiding the roundabouts but this sensible idea has not been done.
Ipswich Ltd
Having an office in West Road I know too well the difficulties you are facing Nigel. A major advantage of being your own boss is being able to be flexible with your working hours - and I think an increasing number of businesses are doing this for ... [ more ]

Wii fit

Eagle in Lowestoft

Andrew H in Ipswich Town Centre
Did anyone spot a large Bird of Prey, in the car park next to the Court house in Lowestoft? Largely black or very dark brown with a white rump. Slightly bedraggled. Can't tell you more as I was taken be surprise and was on the top of the No.1 bus (me ... [ more ]
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Santa at TK Maxx - Buttermarket

Kitty Bank in Sproughton
Santa is taking a break from the North Pole and will be arriving at Buttermarket this December from the 1st right up to the 24th! You'll be able to find him on the ground floor of the Centre by the TK Maxx Queen Street entrance & for just £4.50 ... [ more ]
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Jean G
that's very good news as I was looking for somewhere to take my grandson on Friday week to see a father Christmas . its a great tradition that should carry on ,I used to take my two girls to the coop in town there's was the best in those days . I will ... [ more ]
If you click on the link Kitty put on the first link it gives you day by day all the opening times. Look forward to seeing him - thanks Kitty 👍🏻

student/ person to help carry some boxes upstairs?

Venetia C in Ipswich Town Centre
hello, i 'm coming up to my parent's house in Ipswich (nr christchurch park area) on Monday to store some stuff which has been in storage near Brighton. My sister and I can not carry boxes upstairs so i decided to see if anyone on streetlife would ... [ more ]
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Andrew H
I am up for doing this, and am around all day today. Aged 42, quite fit, very healthy and have worked as a removals man.

Christmas carol concert

Lorna S in Chantry
If you feel like getting into the Christmas spirit come and join the Belstead singers and the children of Halifax school. We are putting on a performance at Halifax school , Prince of Wales Drive, Ipswich on Saturday 3rd December at 7pm. Tickets are ... [ more ]

The Orwell Singers present Angel Delights

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St Michaels Church Martlesham Heath
Barbara C in Westbourne
This Saturday, celebrate the coming of Christmas with an evening of seasonal music, words and festive fayre. Tickets on the door. Adults £8.00. Children 50p. Ticket price includes refreshments.

Dyslexia Support

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
Dyslexia. One element of the work North West Ipswich Big Local Trust strives to do is to empower members of our community to improve services for others in the area. We have many examples of how well this is happening, here is just one of the ... [ more ]
North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
Hello Andrew, thanks for getting in touch. It's a case of starting somewhere to be honest but in time it is hoped that we can expand into adults too. The idea was presented to us by a young man whose focus is based upon his own experiences as a child. ... [ more ]


Barbara in Ipswich Town Centre
Wouldn't it be a good idea if we could have something a little more unusual in Ipswich, to draw people an ice skating rink for example? I'm sure it would pull in business to the town, there aren't any others around this area to my knowledge.
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Caroline S
Was Snoasis ever built? Chelmsford have an indoor one all year round which was really popular when I went but it's so far away. Would love one closer.
Chrissie W
Where is the Felixtowe one and when does it open? I'd support a permanent one here, although Chelmsford is not that far and the rink is only 15 mins walk from the station.

The so called christmas tree

Jack D in Westbourne
I know we are a few weeks away and next month the Christmas decorations will start to appear in the town centre, what are the chances of us having a real tree instead of the abstract excuse for a tree again.
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Well I have just taken friends, visiting for the weekend, on a brief version of my walking tour of Ipswich. They were enthralled by Christchurch Park and the Mansion, loved the Ancient House, and really liked the xmas tree and lights. Once again, I ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
You touched on a good point, I don't want to take this off-topic, so I will create a new post ...   I am really passionate about upselling Ipswich's history - people are genuinely appreciative of ... [ more ]

Blue Badge drive through Ipswich to see the lights.

Lyn A in Ipswich Town Centre
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew if Ipswich Borough Council are allowing Blue badge holders to drive through Ipswich Town center this year to see the Christmas Lights as if they are I would very much like to take my residents.
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June B
I agree, we could learn a lot from Bury St Edmunds. I am spending a day out there next Monday, on a coach trip and starting next years Christmas shopping . Lol

Bad Drivers

Bob F in Common, The
Just like to say Orwell Bridge closure is no excuse for bad driving.This morning I had an appointment at the doctors surgery, on hearing the bridge was shut decided to walk into town.On trying to cross Valley road crossing, on the way in, motorist ... [ more ]
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And I meant to suggest that people using the crossing on Anglesey Road, near The Greyhound, take great care. In the last couple of weeks I have had to stop half way across as 2 cars didn't bother to stop but just zipped along to the junction, and the ... [ more ]
Jeremy C
I have seen a person that crossing hit by a car. There is a problem there when there is a low sun and drivers getting dazzled. They then can't see the person waiting to cross. As a pedestrian I also have the same problem in that section of Anglesea ... [ more ]

Death Cafe

Interested in Ipswich Town Centre
And the next Death Cafe is coming up; next Thursday, Nov 24th at The Cycle Cafe in Tower Street. It'd be lovely to see lots of new people there as well as the delightful people I met last time. There's lots to talk about, new friends to be made, and ... [ more ]
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As yet, yes, because it's an easy place to get to and Anna and I get on well and she always gives me a good room. Why? Do you have a better place?