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Afternoon tea

Recommendations in Westerfield

Gillian M
Can anyone recommend a good afternoon tea we have been to Tiptree at £12.50 which was very good but wondered if anyone knew of another good one. Thank you.
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Susan H
They do a lovely afternoon tea at Ickworth in the hotel, (proper one with little sandwiches as well) and we paid for ours with a Tesco 'day out' voucher!

Missing cat

Lost & Found in Rushmere Street

Margaret R
Missing since Saturday black & white female cat.  Apart from white chest & paws she has feathery white hairs on tip of tail and a small black spot on one paw (can't remember which one).  She is inclined to go walkabout but not for this long.


Recommendations in Westerfield

Shaun N
Hi We are in a bit of a pickle.  Due to go on holiday for 2 weeks on Sunday and our front door latch has decided to pack in (old one, the spring has gone).  Trouble is its a unique Victorian latch lock and I can't get one anywhere. Does anyone have any ... [ more ]
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John W
We needed a key cutting for a French lock, we tried everywhere as it was an unusual very old design with a groove down the length of the key, eventually we found Suffolk Locks who made us some new ones, very quick and helpful and reasonably priced. ... [ more ]
Shaun N
Hi Thankyou everyone for your suggestions.  Unfortunately I couldn't wait and phoned someone before I saw these replies, so ended up taking pot luck!  Otherwise I would have tried the people you mention. Will see how it goes and keep these in mind for ... [ more ]

Any Connection?

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

ATM cash points at local ASDA not dispensing cash-- anyone noticed problems elsewhere--any thing to do with HSBC closing down??
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Expert wanted to service a vintage pair of binoculars, prior to selling.

Recommendations in Broke Hall

Furniture Upholstery

Recommendations in Westerfield

Has anyone used a service to reupholster furniture that they would recommend please? Many thanks
Angus M
We used a little company called Anglia upholstery. They are in Farnham on the A12 beyond Woodbridge, but the owner lives in Ipswich and will call round with fabric samples to give you a quote and he'll pick up and deliver. Did an excellent job on our ... [ more ]

Skill to share: Book keeping

Give, Lend & Borrow in Westerfield

Come along to the North West Area Committee!

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

JUL 28
to , (ended)
Whitton Baptist Church, 209 Highfield Road, IP1 6DH
Community Team IBC
If you live in Whitton, Whitehouse or Castle Hill, you can come and raise local issues at the North West Area Committee. This is a public meeting between residents, Councillors and the Police, and your opportunity to get involved. You can find the ... [ more ]

Keys found

Lost & Found in Ipswich Town Centre

Sadie C
Set of keys found by my husband on Christchurch Park today, around 6.15pm near the vicinity of an icecream hut. Please message me if you know anyone that has lost some.

CCTV Cameras

Local Conversations in California

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Felix F
I'm fine with with CCTV being used for traffic surveys - but doing surveys just as the schools start their holidays will give a very odd picture of traffic flow. It seems to be much easier to get out in the morning without the school run and the ... [ more ]
Mike H
It would appear that all of the cameras have gone now so the schools starting there holidays will not affect results, however all of the roadworks that were going on would have affected the results.

traffic cameras

Local Conversations in Westerfield

Jules K
Dies anyone know why there are little cameras popping up on A14 and woodbridge road roundabout?
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Recommendations in Common, The

Janet A
Hi can anyone recommend an electrician? One of my douyble sockets in the kitchen is making an electrical buzzing noise & needs to be looked at.
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Pat R
I would like to name and shame a company that came out to Claydon to fix our  aerial in kitchen all they did was extend aerial wire put plate back went into the loft and said to check aerial played about with some electrical gadget came down said some of ... [ more ]

Be on your guard

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Four or more shed's broken into on Whitton Church lane allotments, all allotment holder's else where be on your guard, about this time last year allotment shed's all over this area were going through the same thing, whoever they are they are at it again, ... [ more ]

What's going on then?

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Some time ago I joined the police email, and we use to get emails every day of crimes/ breakin's etc etc covering North Ipswich, I also know that other streetlifers belonged to this email alert system, we use to get alert's nearly every other day, it was ... [ more ]
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I also emailed them. got a reply by phone but got the impression they were hedging. nothing clear came out of the conversation.

Share your views on crime in Suffolk

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Community Team IBC
University Campus Suffolk (UCS) is working with police in Suffolk and Norfolk to understand the public’s perceptions of crime, anti-social behaviour and local policing services in their area. You can fill in their survey here: You ... [ more ]
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Several years ago I phoned in to report a robbery in progress. The uninterested female who took the call said they would send someone if they had the time. I won't bother again.
Buzz R
Richard G -the fight in question lasted a sight longer than a few minutes. None of the "participants" would have had the facility to call the police, even if they were so inclined. I would never consider criticising the health service who do an ... [ more ]

Vax Hover help

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

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Hello Guy's been to Ajax they have found the fault-- took it this morning can pick it up tomorrow job done thanks for all your help,

Ball Gowns

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Paul K
Hi Folks, My wife has 3 ball gowns, that need dry cleaning, is there anywhere local to Rushmere st Andrew that caters for these? Any recommendations.  :-) 
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Area Committee projects in May / June

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Community Team IBC
Here are a few of the projects funded by Area Committees in May / June: Central Area Committee: - Alley gates in Surrey/Sirdar Road to tackle anti-social behaviour. - Holiday at Home at Christ Church for local elderly residents. North West Area ... [ more ]

Wheelie bins

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Zena W
Does anyone know why the brown bins weren't emptied today in the Beechcroft Road area?
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I looked on the council website just now and it said to find out what was happening go to the news report, all that said was there are problems due to staff shortages. I'm in IP2 so Norwich Rd problems wouldn't affect me. My brown bin should have been ... [ more ]
Peter M
A bin depot at the end of the street?  I wouldn't want to live in the house at the end of the street in that scenario.

Cats the killing of.

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Just recently I have heard that in the crofts area some one has been snaring cats,this is near to where I live. I have four cats which are part of my family. If any one knows any thing about this or the perpetrators,I ask please give the information to ... [ more ]
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Because of their nature cats will roam they were not designed for cages. I prefer cats to mice or rats neither of which invades my home bringing diseases with them,not forgetting the droppings, also mice are incontinent which means they are continually ... [ more ]
Jo S
The cat torturing will not be ignored by the authorities as it is recognised that those who start by torturing animals in this way are possible candidates to migrate to other species.... A lack of empathy and enjoyment of cruelty are signs of a mental ... [ more ]

School Summer Fete

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

JUL 10
to , (ended)
St Pancras Primary School - Stratford Road
Everyone welcome and welcomed! Homemade cakes and jams. Raffles, tombolas, games, books and bric-a-brac. Trampoline, bouncy castle and beat the goalie! Relax with something cold and a burger from the barbecue whilst watching a karate demo and listening ... [ more ]

Car Boot Sale Claydon High School PTA

Clubs & Groups in Claydon

JUL 04
to , (ended)
Claydon High School playground, Church Lane, Claydon, IP6 0EG
Craig R
Saturday 4th July - 9am – 12pm (sellers from 8.30am) At the school IP6 0EG Proceeds from pitches to Claydon High School PTA, 20p entry fee (to be donated to Claydon Pre-school) Cars £5 pre-booked, £7 on the day Vans and trailers £8 pre-booked, ... [ more ]
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Claydon High PTA
Thankyou to everyone who came to support us - buyers and sellers. It was a small but successful event with a really friendly bunch of people and we as a family were very happy to return home with only one car full instead of two.....but with the addition ... [ more ]
Nadine H
Disappointing that there were not more stalls. But my girls had a great time and it would have cost me a fortune if there had been more! Perhaps you should try running it on a Sunday next time so you're not competing with needham car boot sale. Also, the ... [ more ]

Look after your neighbour

Local Conversations in Westerfield

Tina B
Our wheelie bins are emptied on Tuesday, however, it is now Thursday and walking to my gym class tonight I noticed both black and brown bins, still on the pavement. As a good neighbour I have wheeled them back on the driveway of where I believe they are ... [ more ]
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John B
Do things for the right reasons, not just to get a thank you, and you won't be disappointed :)
Mary T
Yes, over the years we have been truly neighbourly all round .  Not just us..  Looking out to help if needed.  And I know so many people doing the same in different locations. So do join in the folk that might be in a position to do so...

Qigong seminar for beginners 18-19 July

Classifieds in Qigonguk

We would like to invite everybody to take part in the next Zhong Yuan Qigong Level 1 seminar which will take place on 18-19 July 2015 at Castle Hill Community Centre. You will be able to learn about an ancient self-development system from the heart of ... [ more ]
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Would it be an option to do the Saturday this time and the Sunday at another date?
Hello Samantha, you are welcome to do just Saturday this time. There are two options - paying full seminar to attend Saturday this time and second day next time and getting a certificate; or paying half price to attend on Saturday without certificate. ... [ more ]

Broomhill Summer Fete

Clubs & Groups in Westerfield

Annie M
Our Summer Fete is on Saturday 4 July 12 - 4 pm, including bouncy castle, Punch & Judy, Face Painting, Craft Stalls, barbeque and entertainment by the Samba Band and Jitterbugs Dance Group.   The Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Glen Chisholm will be ... [ more ]
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