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Door repairs

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Airport taxis

Gillian M in Westerfield
Can anyone recommend a good reliable taxi service to Stansted airport please for 4 people with luggage. Thank you.
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Charles W
National Express run their buses  every two hours direct to Stansted without changing  but they do go through Colchester and Braintree to collect passengers so that might take a little bit longer but still very good value, where they drop you  reasonably ... [ more ]
Maureen R
Cost me and my husband seventy seven pounds to go stanstead same coming home we book with Topmark telephone 01206395449 they pick up outside your home never ever let us down very reliable hphpe this helps

Gardener needed

Heather O in Westerfield
Can anyone recommend a good gardener to just tidy up and maintain my garden please. Would prefer someone who is retired etc rather than a company as have been ripped off previously. Thanks.
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Neal S
I'm a gardener and would be quite happy to pop over and have a look at your garden for you. My number is 07980895147. Thanks Neal

Gardener needed

Heather O in Westerfield
Can anyone recommend a good gardener who can help maintain my garden please. Would rather have someone who is retired etc rather than a company as I have been ripped off in the past. Thanks

Parking on Grass Verges

Albchiv in Racecourse
My wife tells me she saw a person writing down the registration of vehicles parked on the grass verge in Renfrew Road. Does anyone know if he is a council official, a road tax official or a concerned local resident collecting facts to present a case to ... [ more ]
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Northern Bypass for Ipswich

Watchfull in Castle Hill
It has be suggested that we bring this subject up again--can we have your views on this and the reason why--if the Orwell bridge shut down the Valley road gets grid locked--if the big expansion comes about North of Westerfield--it will get worst--I can ... [ more ]
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Martin C
Hi, as noted above I contacted Mr Gummer about the NBP as this was most definitely something he was planning to act on prior to the election and has had brief mentions in his publicity since. A Northern Route is a stated part of his 6 point vision for ... [ more ]
When I started this debate--Because a streetlifer suggested that I do so--I said that I would do all that I can to get an answer from the SCC if we were able to get 100+ hits-- since then Martin C has come to my aid and believe me when I tell you this ... [ more ]

French Conversation

Margaret P in Ipswich Town Centre
I have seen somewhere, but not sure it was on Streetlife, reference to a local French Conversation Group. Does anyone know or have any information please? Thanks
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Avril L
Hi - for anyone a member of U3a I run a conversation group for beginners.  The group is full at present, but you can put your name on the waiting list.  There is also an intermediate group.

Fresh Start for Hens Rehoming

Collection from IP4 area of Ipswich
Donna V in Westerfield
I am running a collection point again on Saturday March 19th for Fresh Start for Hens. We are a not for profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to rehoming hens from the commercial egg production sector. OUR AIM is to ensure as ... [ more ]

Time to Talk Day 2016

Community Team IBC in Akenham
We are proud to be supporting the Time to Change - Time to Talk day 2016.  It's easy to get involved. Just have a chat about mental health with a friend, loved one, colleague or even your Streetlife Neighbours, in any way that suits you.  Let's get the ... [ more ]

Jubilee Park Play-Space Survey

Community Team IBC in Akenham
Do you live in the Jubilee Park area? If so, we need your help!  Please take 5 minutes to complete our survey on the play-spaces in the community: Your feedback is really appreciated.
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Buzz R
The football/netball/basketball area next to the play area has high fencing which would be virtually impossible to climb. Similar fencing around the play area would pretty well ensure its security overnight.

white van man

Julie M in Rushmere St Andrew
I live in the sidegate area does anyone know or see the guy with the white truck which collects metal ?? as I have an item he can have thanks
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Lee K
Ah ok i'll drop by and collect that for you Julie don't think you can message me on here so can you text me your address on 07592948523 i'll try drop round tomorrow if you reply in time

Ipswich Hospital Care Parking

Val S in Sproughton
I am so fed up with the car parking situation at Heath Road.  Sadly we are in the position of having to visit the hospital frequently to attend appointments and the time lost by driving endlessly round and around the car park looking for a space is ... [ more ]
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Patricia D
I started a thread about trying to save the park and ride some time ago as  have found it so easy to attend the hospital. One can wait inside the spacious hall at either end so no need to be cold or wet, and the bus stop at the hospital is covered. If ... [ more ]


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Rita P
We had a party when we made our wills and gave a copy to each of the executers so there would be no unpleasant surprises for our children.

Special needs provision

Paul R in Castle Hill
More delay..... Suffolk County Council has postponed a formal consultation over proposals which could see eight centres for children with additional needs and two special schools’ residential units close.
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Michael B
This seems a useful review to make best use of Special Education services, and provide them equitably. On the face of it, it does not seem to be a cost cutting exercise. Anyone with experience of children with special needs, will know how valuable ... [ more ]
Sandy Martin
I think there are four "red-lines" we would want to stick to: 1) Is the County Council going to maintain the amount of finance (they say they will, but don't hold your breath...); 2) Are the number of children helped going to go up; 3) Are the number of ... [ more ]

Rushmere Sewing Group

Jo L in Ipswich Town Centre
Rushmere Sewing Group An informal relaxed group that meet at The Indoor Bowling club(Ipswich) every 1st Saturday of the month from 10.30am to 12.30pm to chat, exchange knowledge, work on your own project and make items for the St Elizabeth ... [ more ]
Marie sophie F
I have a guide dog I would love to attend how much and where is it I can bring my knitting how do I get there from tower ramparts postcode or street please

Computer repairs

Christine R in Westerfield
I have a problem with my printer. Please can someone recommend a reputable computer engineer, who would come to my house to repair it. Thank you Christine
I have always found Penny Lane Computers on Dales Road to be very reliable and charge reasonable prices. If not, Wake Up PC on St Helen's Street are very good too.
Christine R
Thank you Madge for your reply. Penny Lane I have used before, and I agree with you that they are good. However, they are so short staffed, that they couldn't come out for a fortnight! I will remember the name of the other firm for future reference. ... [ more ] where are the geese no?

Sandy H in Broke Hall
I haven't seen the geese in ages, not since I got back after Xmas anyway. So where are they hiding?

Epson Printer

Gillian M in Westerfield
I have an Epson RX685 printer with an extra set of inks it is about 8 years old. Prints black and white but colour a bit iffy. If this would be of any use to someone they are welcome to it rather than sticking it on the dump


Brian P in Westerfield
The County Council has told the farmer to restore the footpath to the state before he ploughed it upo. The farmer says " he wasn't aware of the fact that it had been confirmed as a public right of way" or words to that effect . He must think that we are ... [ more ]
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New year

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I will confess, it took me a while to figure out that a lot of what is said on here, was tongue in cheek, and not certain folks being utter buggers. *Looks at no one in particular* That said, learning how to write sarcasm is not quite as easy at the ... [ more ]
Margaret D
I think people just like to let off steam wherever there is a listening ear!  At least we don't have to take it personally, we just need to be patient.  At least it is helping in some way.


Brian P in Westerfield
The Public Footpath from from Picton Avenue to either Westerfield or the Fonnereau Way has been deliberately ploughed up by the farmer making it difficult/impossible for walkers to use. The County Council has been informed and hopefully they will either ... [ more ]
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Richard G
Those rules are like the Highway Code , they are guidelines and we know what reality now tells us about guidelines in a modern society. Just look at how many highway code breaches you see every day and there is now no enforcement (well very very rare)
Suffolk County Council
Hi everyone, I think you may find the answers you're looking for on this website. It contains information for users and land owners. However, if you have noticed an obstruction or something else that may be hazardous to the public on a right of way, ... [ more ]

Once a thieve

Mars in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi guys. I'm a private landlord who rented his house to a couple in Chantry. Husband works for Ipswich buses. Unfortunately I did not register their rent as I did not realise it was the new law. This couple haven't paid rent in 5 months. I have engaged ... [ more ]
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I think you need to take a stand with your sister. Sometimes one has to actually stand firm with someone, even if it is a family member. Do you have no rights regarding YOUR house? It's bonkers that you have to work more hours because your sister's ... [ more ]

Thefts from Millenium Rose Bush Memorials

Lottie L in Ipswich Town Centre
I am now getting totally fed up with the constant thieving from the Millenium Cemetary following the theft this month of a Xmas wreath placed for my my late Mother In Law. It follows the repeated theft of my flower vases and the multiple losses of ... [ more ]
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Andrew H
Unfortunately there are thieves who specifically target cemeteries & mourners knowing those are mostly unguarded & often preoccupied respectively. I would be interested to know if they have some self-justification (like "afforded burial so haz ... [ more ]
Lottie L
Thanks for your support everyone and Andrew H for making me smile about the chrysanthemums because even if the deer dont like them - the rabbits certainly do! I have no issues with wildlife behaviour as they have need. I think those who steal from ... [ more ]

Carol singing teens

Liz F in Greenwich
A few days ago a friend had 2 older teenage boys ring the bell and start carol singing. (Scruffy, no christmas dress or accompaniment etc). She did not open the door but went and checked the back door to make sure there was not a third trying to break ... [ more ]
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Andrew T
I wouldn't worry about the carol singers but if you are not sure about people coming to your door keep it bolted and turn the lights off in the hall, they will most likely just go away

car repair

Jim G in Common, The
hi all does any body know of a good cheep road side mechanic to do my pads on front of car thanks and happy christmas all
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James L
Hi Jim Did you see Watchdog program re fake brake pads? Be very careful with 'cheap' repair. Few extra pounds could save your or somebody else's life.
Richard G
What is meant by cheap is dependent on what car it is , what pads are used and how easy or difficult they are to fit. I would go to Halfords or similar . Working at the roadside tnis time of year is nobodys idea of fun either. First start if not going ... [ more ]