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Audio Tapes

Roto in Bramford
I wonder if there is anyone out there who still has, or knows someone who has a working tape player and could use some old audio tapes. Having a clearout and hate to throw things away so thought I'd post this on the off chance that someone knows someone ... [ more ]

Fundraising valentines ball

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The manor ballroom, 4 St Margaret's green, Ipswich
Bear for an Angel in Bear for an Angel
£10 pp or discounts on 6 or more people for example 6 people would be £40 (saving £20) A fun and laid back event to raise money for a local not profit organisation with disco, buffet, bar & raffle With room for 200 people this event is not to be ... [ more ]

Santa comes to the Buttermarket

Buttermarket Shopping Centre
Kitty Bank in Sproughton
Bring the family along and meet Santa and his elves. Admission is £4.50 per child and includes a gift. Santa’s grotto is located next door to Calendar Club and opposite the NEW New Look store (opening 12th Nov) Dates ... [ more ]
Jean G
thank you  kitty bank for all of this info as I was wondering where to take my grandson one Friday now I know  what a shame I see there is only one Friday hopefully there may be more come up in the town before Christmas is here !!

Parking Space

Lphilly in Rushmere Street
Is there any kind soul on here that would have space for my Zafira 3 days a week on their driveway very close to the hospital. I have just lost my parking space and am desperate to find somewhere else. I dont wish to line the pockets of the hospital and ... [ more ]
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Richard G
So who should pay for their parking then ? If you have a car you can afford the parking cost , if not , sell the car . It is quite simple . I know several people who live less than a mile from the hospital but drive ! Your home location should dictate ... [ more ]
Alex, my daughters in law do some overtime but not very often, the youngest has just returned to work after having her first child so at the moment only wants to do normal hours. Both girls are happy to pay parking charges and when shifts allow will car ... [ more ]

Hedgehog Care

Citizen of Ipswich in Sproughton
My dogs found a small hedgehog in my garden, which was hiding under a small pile of leaves, I recovered it but it hasn't moved in two days. It doesn't seem big enough to survive the winter, especially under such a small pile of leaves. Also my dogs won't ... [ more ]
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Carol C
For info, if anyone finds one in need of help, this is local. Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue
Paul C
If the hedgehog is under 450g (1lb in old money) it will not survive until spring and it will need caring for. We found one last week (400g) and so it is now in a large plastic box (not sealed) with a shelter inside made from a small cardboard box with a ... [ more ]


Jo G in Ipswich Town Centre
My daughters cat has been missing for nearly 2 months, Colchester Road area, near Kingsgate Drive, they have just told me he may have got into the Tesco delivery van and could be any where in Ipswich. Please keep a look out, his name is Buster and my ... [ more ]
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Jo G
Well Buster is still missing and my daughter has now heard of 3 more missing from the same area, another has also gone missing from not too far away.  Makes you wonder what is going on.


Brian P in Westerfield
The footpath from Picton Avenue to either Westerfield or the Fonnereau footpath (going round the back of the School playing field) is now fully open and signposted.


Gillian M in Westerfield
Does anyone know of a good engraver please. A fine engraving on a small special piece of jewelry. Thank you.

Fundraising ball

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The manor ballroom, 4 St Margaret's green, Ipswich
Bear for an Angel in Bear for an Angel
£10 pp or discounts on 6 or more people for example 6 people would be £40 (saving £20) A fun and laid back event to raise money for a local not profit organisation with disco, buffet, bar & raffle With room for 200 people this event is not to be ... [ more ]


V B in Castle Hill
Can anyone recommend someone to repoint a bungalow

Broomhill Christmas Fayre

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Broomhill Library, Sherrington Road IP1 4HT
Annie M in Westerfield
Something for all the family including stalls, face painting, Father Christmas, refreshments.  Come and support your local Library.

Cat Antifreeze Poisoing

Carol C in Sproughton
On Saturday I lost my dear sweet little cat to suspected antifreeze poisoning.  She had been off her food for several days but tests revealed her kidneys had suddenly lost all function and there was nothing that could be done.  I am in Fircroft Road near ... [ more ]
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Nikki B
Just read the posts here, and it looks like we are all in agreement that Ryder Davies are fab.  My dog was put to sleep 5 weeks ago, and I have nothing but praise for the way they handled a grief stricken 'Mum' who would talk for crying.  They are very ... [ more ]
Ian H
hi nikki they are not just pets but a very important member of your family ,i expect the same treatment from my vet as if not better than the hospital ,and i have nothing but praise for ipswich hospital ,so ryder davis are tops for their  services

More Roadworks. More Delay

Citizen of Ipswich in Sproughton
As well as the usual delays caused by the slow progress of the roadworks up by the Euro Park, I was further delayed yesterday by temporary traffic lights on Henley Rd, Bramford Rd and at the junction of Nacton and Landseer Rds. None of these delays were ... [ more ]
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We all know that the SCC cant do without their little red lights, stick all them thar lights on the Cornhill that would brighten the place up.
Suffolk County Council
Hi everyone,  Just to let you know, we've had some information from our highways technician about the signs.  Our information is sourced from other departments within the council as well as from the internet, media and our own traffic information. ... [ more ]

Dishwasher for sale

Heather O in Westerfield
White Beko dishwasher in good working order, bought a new one so needs to go! £25. Thanks

Suspicious activity.

Lindsy C in California
The Lawns/ Rushmere road/digby road/St Albans school area - just been asked by police if I've seen a group of 3 Middle aged males. They have been trying back and front doors and going over fences. .........Make sure you keep your doors locked folks !!
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Acupuncture recommendation

Brian J in Stoke
I've been advised by hospital to try acupuncture treatment for very painful neck problems. Can anyone recommend an Acupuncturist in Suffolk or Essex Area please. Many thanks. B
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Simon C
Brian I can highly recommend Suffolk Community Acupuncture based in 4a Fore Street.  Good success with pain relief and first session for new customers is free. Contact 01473 222328.
Tina B
Try Wayne Johnson @ The Aspen Centre @ Claydon - I doubt you will find anyone better. Tel 01473 831135/07882 624228

Winter Fayre - Rushmere

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Community Hub (Humber Doucy Lane)
Jo L in Ipswich Town Centre
Winter Fayre Saturday 21st November 10.30 to 2.30 At the Rushmere Community Hub Humber Doucy Lane, Ipswich  Refreshments, Raffle, Crafts, Xmas gifts & Cakes Tombola, Santa in his grotto.

Barking Dogs

Nigel S in Bramford
It seems to me it is the fashion nowadays to keep a dog, with that comes a responsibility, in the last few months dogs seem to be barking most of the night somewhere along Henley Road. Why can't people control their dogs - especially when people are ... [ more ]
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Sloe berries

Emalkuda in Ipswich Town Centre
Just wondered if I was too late picking sloes or if not does anybody know where there is some please? Thanks
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Denise H
not too late and there are some up the lane heading to blue leighs static home next to the chequers pup have to walk right up....
Just want to thank you all for your replies. I was hoping to go last weekend but things cropped up unexpectantly (as they do). I will go this weekend and hope they are still there, if not - thanks Dave for your offer, very kind of you 😀

Volunteering opportunities

Gemma P in Racecourse
Hi I am looking for volunteering opportunities for 16-18 year olds. For one or two hours once a week on an on going basis for the next year. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks Gemma
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Samantha in Ipswich Town Centre
I know there have been several conversations regarding problems between pedestrians, cars and cyclists I have often thought how petty this; is considering our infrastructure does not accommodate for us all. Consequently (my way of thinking) we have to ... [ more ]
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Andrew H
Thank you Graham D for trying to calm it. This discussion was getting more adversarial than Ipswich traffic is :-) . What I feel mainly about Ipswich drivers, cyclists & pedestrians is how nice they are! Compared to pushy angry London suburbs ... [ more ]

Martial Arts Class.

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Witnesham Village Hall

Garden Village

Brian P in Westerfield
I've just been to see the revised Ipswich Local Plan. There seems to be no changes in the plans for the Northern Fringe development. They still plan to exit all cars onto either the Henley Road or Westerfield Road. They told me that they thought that ... [ more ]
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Brian P
Norfolk County Councillors found money to extend their bypass round Norwich. Clearly they care for Norwich more than Suffolk Councillors care for Ipswich!
Funny thing you said that--at the time I checked the SCC accounts they had quiet a large surplus of cash--enough for a Northern Bypass--but I got the impression that they were holding back because central government were  holding back on their ... [ more ]

Fundraising for the St. Elizabeth Hospice

Douglas W in Ipswich Town Centre
Would anyone like to help us with raising money for the Hospice ??? We are organizing an event this Saturday afternoon at the Selkirk pub in Rushmere ... there's an "Open Mic" and a raffle ... so we would love it if you could come and join us ... have a ... [ more ]


Museum Methodist Church. Ipswich
Barbara C in Westbourne
The Orwell Singers with guests 'Something Different ' present a concert for Save the Children in aid of children of the European refugees. £5 admission to include refreshments. 7.30 pm.