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Heath Road Hospital

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Alec B
I visited  a patient in Heath Road Hospital today.  In spite of notices showing that smoking is prohibited in the buildings and the grounds, I passed thousands upon thousands of "dog-ends" littered around seating areas and by doors leading into the ... [ more ]
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Heather O
It's amazing what is free on NHS but everyone's entitled to care. I do however think that however poor people are there could be small monetary fee for prescriptions for everyone. Rather than huge charges for a small percentage. Sorry I digress still ... [ more ]

Web developer needed for start up business!

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Nicola L
Hello Does anyone know of a student web developer who has some time to work for a start up business.Skills required are some familiarity of C sharp and an awareness of SQL - there is a mentor available and more details if anyone is interested. 01473 ... [ more ]

Any Tradesman

Give, Lend & Borrow in Castle Hill

Some time ago I bought a Router because of circumstances I have never used it,  it is like brand new, with four cutting blades/bits, still in their package, this is not a toy and should only be used by some one who knows what they are doing, anyone ... [ more ]

Computer help

Recommendations in Westerfield

Gillian M
I am using windows 7 when the display and my start bar opens it brings up a square above the task bar which blocks part of the display it has a small arrow at the bottom pointing to the task bar. I have done a scan and used c cleaner it does not go. Any ... [ more ]
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Gillian M
Thanks Mark will keep an eye on it thank you for screen shot am still considering but if things go wrong it is usually me they go wrong with ought to be used to it by now ha ha

8ft trampoline for sale

£30.00 in Ipswich Town Centre

Julie B
8ft trampoline for sale Good condition Comes with enclosure and a cover for winter Elastic that holds up enclosure could do with being replaced as they have stretched over the years Collection from IP1 Mornington avenue Will be taking apart at the ... [ more ]

Wanted please, pedal toy for 3yo

Give, Lend & Borrow in Ipswich Town Centre

Jan D
Hi all, I recently got a second-hand one of these for £20 from one of the local garage sales for my grandsons' 3rd birthday. The trouble is, they're twins and I need another similar toy (with pedals please) before 31st Aug! Have been looking on gumtree, ... [ more ]

Skatepark for Whitehouse Park gets the go ahead!

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Community Team IBC
Plans for a skatepark in Whitehouse Park have been approved by Council planners. The skatepark, which is supported by the North West Area Committee, will now be built by Wheelscape for the North West Ipswich Big Local Trust and the Sita Trust, who have ... [ more ]

Gas ovens

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Some time ago on streetlife people were have their gas ovens cleaned, I now find myself in a similar position, although its not dirty-dirty it needs sorting inside and out, also new oven bulb needed, any one know of some one? and of course the cost.
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Hi everybody I have been in touch with Chris and every is sorted thank you all for you help. Kuhli your pics were helpful Ta ever so
No problem Watchfull.  I hope you got all the pics, looks like you might only have three. The ones showing the inside of the oven are missing from my message.

Looking for Carpenter for shelving project

Recommendations in Broke Hall

Angela B
Wondered if anyone could recommend a skilled carpenter who would be able to build me some flexible shelving in a large understairs cupboard.  I'm in East Ipswich. Would be grateful for any recommendations. Thanks, A.
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Free Maths, Science and English sessions Kesgrave Community Centre

Clubs & Groups in Castle Hill

Claire M
The Community Schools are holding free back to school sessions during the morning of the 28th August at the Kesgrave Community Centre. We will have Maths, English and Science teachers to help students aged from 8 to A Level prepare for the new academic ... [ more ]

Want to sing?

Local Conversations in Broke Hall

Sandy H
If you love to sing in the bath/shower or in the car come and join our new choir/singing group. We hope to start in September, just finalizing venue.  Just bring your enthusiasm...don't worry if you don't read music or your voice is a bit wonky...just ... [ more ]
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Sheila J
I have been thinking about joining a choir for a while so would be very interested to come along when time and place is decided. Sheila J

Plumber wanted

Recommendations in Westerfield

Hugh B
We have Michael Hunt, 01473 216202, do most of our plumbing work. Smaller jobs I will tackle myself but it takes me a lot longer.

fishing buddy

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Tom C
is there anybody  in the ip6 area who enjjoys sea fishing and would like some company .i am new to witnesham have transport but dont know anybody to fish with so anybody interested let me kjnowtom

Parking charges

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Some friends and I had arranged to meet at Christchurch Park for a game of tennis and a picnic. I was a little on the drag otherwise I would have caught a bus, I anticipated problems with parking but was pleased to find a space along Fonnereau Road. ... [ more ]
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Levenheath,  you may have been badly advised. If your Daughter is on high rate DLA or equivalent she would probably get a blue badge on the strength of the difficulties you describe. My son has severe autism but no physical disability and has always had ... [ more ]
Jackie T
Levenheath, I agree with A C, many people with the difficulties you describe have need of a Blue Badge, not sure who you spoke to but I would suggest you try again or CAB for help. I have worked all my life with people with Disabilities and conditions ... [ more ]

Furniture Upholstery

Recommendations in Westerfield

Has anyone used a service to reupholster furniture that they would recommend please? Many thanks
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Lucy C
I can second Sew Chic Homes - I've had curtains and cushions made and a headboard recovered by Angela. She even sells fabric and was able to order in what we wanted from one of her fabric books - it was Clarke and Clarke I believe. Extremely reasonable ... [ more ]
Margaret D
Jayrest is a good company based in Haleigh.  They made our sofas and made a good job of the loose covers.  They probably do upholstering as well.  They have lots of fabrics, the cost depending on the quality of course.  I wouldn't say they are cheap but ... [ more ]

Old Ipswich Police Station ???

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Does anyone know what's happening to the land the old police station in town is going to be? I went past the other day and it's practically demolished. More flats? Not another Tesco's I hope...
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Andrew T
Nosey Ron you don't know all the facts i.e. you don't know what he said to me in private messages. But i have had enough of it anyway.

Power cut

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Val S
On Wednesday evening, around 11.00pm, we lost all electric power.  After waiting a few minutes to see if it came back on we went outside to check our neighbours houses.  All seemed to have power. And we found that our electrical board was all OK.  no ... [ more ]
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Alex G
Val S. When you say that you checked the neighbouring houses, did you actualy check several adjacent houses? Quite often, the three phase distribution system means that every third house is on the same phase, so just checking your next door neighbours ... [ more ]
Val S
Hi Alex.  I didn't know that about the three phase distribution system and just saw that lights were on in direct neighbours houses.  Mind though it was pretty late at night so would be feasible that lights were out anyway. So glad to have received all ... [ more ]

Happy Place

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

13-30hrs ITV News Ipswich have been voted the third happiest town in the UK Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho how many times have I said on streetlife one must have a sense of humour,--very much lacking with a lot of punters on here, don't you think?
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Jan B I think it was closed down because of lack of use-- I could be wrong but I think the big shops are closing down--leaving-- because of high rent and high business rates-- are not these issues controlled by central government and not by the Ipswich ... [ more ]
Jan B
But that Park & Ride ( Bury Road) always looked busy. In the week people used it to get to work in town, weekends to go shopping. They overstrectched by building the Martlesham one, cutting down many old English hardwood trees in the process, despite ... [ more ]

Cant get me money

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Have anyone noticed that Barclays ATMs are not working at supermarkets and other places-- this has been going on for over two weeks now-- I found out at ASDAs Customers service Counter it is all down to some glitch--why have Barclays not made this known? ... [ more ]
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I received a phone call from Barclays with an apology, to a point it was satisfactory but not conclusive, if I do get any more information I will put it up on here. Buzz R your one of them thats got what I keep on about SOH  please have a look at ... [ more ]

Afternoon tea

Recommendations in Westerfield

Gillian M
Can anyone recommend a good afternoon tea we have been to Tiptree at £12.50 which was very good but wondered if anyone knew of another good one. Thank you.
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Susan H
They do a lovely afternoon tea at Ickworth in the hotel, (proper one with little sandwiches as well) and we paid for ours with a Tesco 'day out' voucher!

Missing cat

Lost & Found in Rushmere Street

Margaret R
Missing since Saturday black & white female cat.  Apart from white chest & paws she has feathery white hairs on tip of tail and a small black spot on one paw (can't remember which one).  She is inclined to go walkabout but not for this long.


Recommendations in Westerfield

Shaun N
Hi We are in a bit of a pickle.  Due to go on holiday for 2 weeks on Sunday and our front door latch has decided to pack in (old one, the spring has gone).  Trouble is its a unique Victorian latch lock and I can't get one anywhere. Does anyone have any ... [ more ]
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John W
We needed a key cutting for a French lock, we tried everywhere as it was an unusual very old design with a groove down the length of the key, eventually we found Suffolk Locks who made us some new ones, very quick and helpful and reasonably priced. ... [ more ]
Shaun N
Hi Thankyou everyone for your suggestions.  Unfortunately I couldn't wait and phoned someone before I saw these replies, so ended up taking pot luck!  Otherwise I would have tried the people you mention. Will see how it goes and keep these in mind for ... [ more ]

Any Connection?

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ATM cash points at local ASDA not dispensing cash-- anyone noticed problems elsewhere--any thing to do with HSBC closing down??
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Expert wanted to service a vintage pair of binoculars, prior to selling.

Recommendations in Broke Hall

David S
I have an old pair of Zeiss binoculars I would like serviced. Does anyone have the expertise to do it?

Skill to share: Book keeping

Give, Lend & Borrow in Westerfield