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Laminate Floor Recommendation

Lottie L in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi. Can anyone recommend a person or company to supply and fit a laminate floor in my living room? I am not looking for anything expensive and I would like an all inclusive quote and service.
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Teresa C
Watching with interest! Ideally looking for a small company who could come and measure, quote, supply and fit - or is that asking too much ? :-)

Dunbarton Road Recreation Ground

Jo G in Ipswich Town Centre
I have heard from two different sources today that the council is going to build houses on this site. I hope it's not true, many children play there, and many people walk their dogs over there too. . There is no where else nearby for the children to ... [ more ]
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Janice P
I used to play on there as a child in the early 1960's, i think it is very important that wherever we live children must have play areas, or some recreation area to let off steam ....

Feeding Seagulls

Andrew T in Westerfield
Could the person over the back of us who is feeding the seagulls please stop as they are classed as vermin and create a lot of mess with their droppings. They have also attacked a couple of people in the area.
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Help Needed For Local Couple Stranded Abroad With Premature Baby

Citizen of Ipswich in Sproughton
A local couple have been left without medical insurance abroad after their daughter was born prematurely.  Many will have seen this heartbreaking story in the Star and EADT but I would appeal to Streelifers to consider making a donation and sharing this ... [ more ]

Washing Machine Repairs

Janet A in Common, The
Hi can anyone recommend a washing machine repair person. I think the bearings have gone on my Indesit washer tumbler. Thanks
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Janet A
Thanks everyone I rang Peter Wier but it was too expensive to fix a new drum would have been £250 so have had to buy a new one.  Will bear him in mind if this one goes wrong.

Burglary - Valley Road

Karen H in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi everyone, we just wanted you to know (as we would want to know if this happened in our area) that we were burgled last Wednesday 16th September 2015, we are in the stretch of Valley Road IP1 between Westerfield Road Roundabout and Henley Road Traffic ... [ more ]
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Karen H
Thank you everyone for your kind words, having been renovating the property for the past 18 months, the burglar alarm was next on our list, we even had a chaps name and number ready, we've since had 2 alarm companies out to quote, (shutting the stable ... [ more ]
Paulene M
Horrible thing to have happen to you, thank you for allerting the local community. Some low lifes out there,have no respect for anyone. We all need to be on the ball in keeping watch for this type of crime, as with police cuts ongoing, soon it will down ... [ more ]

Boiler service recommendation please

Jan D in Westerfield
Hi all, can anyone recommend a registered plumber to service an 18 month old gas combi-boiler please? The original installer isn't someone I'd like to use again. Thanks in anticipation
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Macmillan Coffee Morning @ Castlehill Community Centre

Janet A in Common, The
10:00am to 12:00 Noon, 25 September 2015 CASTLEHILL COMMUNITY CENTRE Highfield Road, IP1 6DF Castlehill Knit & Natter Group's 3rd Macmillan Coffee Morning Hand Knitted Items , Baby Knits, Toys, Craft Stall, Raffle ***Free Admission*** ... [ more ]

Want to sing?

Sandy H in Broke Hall
If you love to sing in the bath/shower or in the car come and join our new choir/singing group. We hope to start in September, just finalizing venue.  Just bring your enthusiasm...don't worry if you don't read music or your voice is a bit wonky...just ... [ more ]
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Douglas W
>>> ANAM CORA <<< Sounding in Sacred Spaces - A Sung Meditation 11 October 4:30 pm - St. Andrew's Church, Bramfield, Suffolk Everyone is welcome. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... [ more ]
Jennifer S
Sounds interesting ,look forward to hearing where and when,I've never sung but would love to have a go

Event cinema

Interested in Ipswich Town Centre
Did anyone go and see Aida the other night, an Event cinema thing at Cineworld? If so, what did you think of it?
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James L
I was at Aida, enjoyed it, bit confused by mixture of traditional &modern dress though. Good production but not as spectacular as last years Madam Butterfly. Well acted and sung, with excellent orchestra. ROH have edge on these shows, with interval ... [ more ]

Cat found

Andrew H in Broke Hall
I have a white cat (see photo) who keeps coming to my door desperately meowing, presumably for food. I live in the Shetland Close area. Is anyone missing this cat?
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Macmillan Coffee Morning @ Castlehill Community Centre

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Janet A in Common, The
10:00 to 12:00, Friday 25 September 2015 Castlehill Knit & Natter Group's 3rd Macmillan Coffee Morning Hand Knitted Items , Baby Knits, Toys, Craft Stall, Raffle ***Free Admission*** Wheelchair Accessible 10am - 12 Noon


Painter and decorator

John E in Westerfield
Can anyone recommend a reliable painter and decorator in north Ipswich please? Many thanks.
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Language class for children?

LCF Ipswich
We are running a Spanish Club on Saturdays at 10:00 am - 11:00 am for children. First class is free so children can check if they like the Club! Your son/daughter is welcome to attend next Saturday (12th September), for a free session. Send me his/her ... [ more ]

Help with TV recording

Brian P in Westerfield
I am having trouble making my DVD recorder, Virgin box and TV 'talk' to each other. Can anyone recommend a competent engineer who can help

8ft trampoline for sale

Julie B in Ipswich Town Centre
8ft trampoline for sale Good condition Comes with enclosure and a cover for winter Elastic that holds up enclosure could do with being replaced as they have stretched over the years Collection from IP1 Mornington avenue Will be taking apart at the ... [ more ]

Furniture Upholstery

Omo in Westerfield
Has anyone used a service to reupholster furniture that they would recommend please? Many thanks
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Margaret D
Jayrest is a good company based in Haleigh.  They made our sofas and made a good job of the loose covers.  They probably do upholstering as well.  They have lots of fabrics, the cost depending on the quality of course.  I wouldn't say they are cheap but ... [ more ]

TV engineer wanted

Brian P in Westerfield
I am having a problem getting my TV, DVD recorder and Virgin box to talk to each other. Can anyone help or recommend someone who can ? Brian

Web developer needed for start up business!

Nicola L in Castle Hill
Hello Does anyone know of a student web developer who has some time to work for a start up business.Skills required are some familiarity of C sharp and an awareness of SQL - there is a mentor available and more details if anyone is interested. 01473 ... [ more ]
Celia F
We know a programmer who works with C++ and knows SQL, who would be interested in your start up business. Please e-mail him at

Any Tradesman

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Some time ago I bought a Router because of circumstances I have never used it,  it is like brand new, with four cutting blades/bits, still in their package, this is not a toy and should only be used by some one who knows what they are doing, anyone ... [ more ]
1020 w Power Router 240v-- variable speed control--5 piece bit set--  skirtings--frames for decorative finishes on doors, windows or picture frames--suitable for rebating and shaping, your name Steve rings a bell.

Computer help

Gillian M in Westerfield
I am using windows 7 when the display and my start bar opens it brings up a square above the task bar which blocks part of the display it has a small arrow at the bottom pointing to the task bar. I have done a scan and used c cleaner it does not go. Any ... [ more ]
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Gillian M
Thanks Mark will keep an eye on it thank you for screen shot am still considering but if things go wrong it is usually me they go wrong with ought to be used to it by now ha ha

Wanted please, pedal toy for 3yo

Jan D in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi all, I recently got a second-hand one of these for £20 from one of the local garage sales for my grandsons' 3rd birthday. The trouble is, they're twins and I need another similar toy (with pedals please) before 31st Aug! Have been looking on gumtree, ... [ more ]

Skatepark for Whitehouse Park gets the go ahead!

Community Team IBC in Westerfield
Plans for a skatepark in Whitehouse Park have been approved by Council planners. The skatepark, which is supported by the North West Area Committee, will now be built by Wheelscape for the North West Ipswich Big Local Trust and the Sita Trust, who have ... [ more ]

Gas ovens

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Some time ago on streetlife people were have their gas ovens cleaned, I now find myself in a similar position, although its not dirty-dirty it needs sorting inside and out, also new oven bulb needed, any one know of some one? and of course the cost.
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Hi everybody I have been in touch with Chris and every is sorted thank you all for you help. Kuhli your pics were helpful Ta ever so
No problem Watchfull.  I hope you got all the pics, looks like you might only have three. The ones showing the inside of the oven are missing from my message.