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Branching Out and Growing Together -Garden Project for Older People at Chantry Walled Garden

ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Branching Out – Growing Together A community project for older people at Chantry Walled Garden Chantry Park, Hadleigh Rd, Ipswich IP2 0BS Tuesdays and Thursdays If you are an older person, living in the area, and would like to learn skills, ... [ more ]

New Year's Eve disco

The Meeting Place Community Centre Limerick Close Ip1 5lr
The Meeting Place Centre in Ipswich Town Centre
7pm till 1am Buffet Bring your own alcohol Tickets £8 adult £3 Children Tickets £5 if you do not wish to eat More info contact Mags 01473 745470

Rukus Band and Disco

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The Meeting Place Limerick Close Ipswich Ip1 5lr

Dog walkers

Andrea B in Stoke
Hello I live on Wherstead road and I need to find a reliable dog walker as I have to start work full time in a couple of weeks and am really worried about my little dog being on his own all day I'm currently part time but needs must and have to go ... [ more ]
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Ipswich buses

Angela C in Ipswich Town Centre
I have just returned from town on a no 15A bus a young mum got on the bus with a tripper and lots of bags of shopping. People helped her put her shopping on the rack but by the time she reached her stop most had got off. The young lady driving the bus ... [ more ]
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Iain C
Great to hear that there are some interactive and helpful people out there. Out of curiosity though why are SCC feeding back to teams, providing SCC links and commenting when it's Ipswich Buses and IBC? I know they operate what's left of P&R ... [ more ]
Jeremy Cooper MD IBL
Thank you for the positive comments. I am very proud to hear about our team doing a great job, despite the cold and the busy roads. Suffolk do always pass transport comments they receive onto us, even though the services in question are often not ... [ more ]

Christmas Fair

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Chantry Library and Hawthorn Children's Centre
Cathy G in Copdock
Fun for all the family, with raffle (display of prizes and tickets available from the library now) Gifts and crafts, refreshments, tombola, cup cake decorating, lucky dip, bargain books, children's games and stories and a chance to see Father ... [ more ]

Christmas Coffee Morning and Plant Sale

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Chantry Walled Garden, Chantry Park
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
ActivLives Chantry Walled Garden is holding a Christmas Coffee Morning and plant sale on Thursday 1 December 2016 from 10.30am until 2.30pm. There will be pansies galore to brighten up the winter months, and primroses to welcome in the Spring, ... [ more ]

Power cut

D in Washbrook Street
Has anyone else had a couple of power cuts this evening in the Pinewood/Belstead area? couple of seconds each but enough to knock out TV and broadband. One at about 8.20 pm and one at about 7.10 pm
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Ruth L
Virgin was affected by the power problems too,  that was mentioned on facebook last night...the text updates I got was that a cable was fixed in Birkfield drive, though the loud bangs worries me...
Ipswich Ltd
It is poor. Telecommunication companies should have Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS -  Google it, not science fiction!) to stop any problems. Not exactly a diesel backup generator but should have enough capacity for 10 minutes battery-backup ... [ more ]

Wanted baby stuff

Girly G in Chantry
Wanted baby stuff for a grandchild expected in May can't remember all I need and could anyone advise where to find maternity things for a first time mum thank you
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If you are on Facebook or know someone who is, there are groups that you can join which sell specifically baby stuff. It's great as you can see photos and know what area and price is wanted straight away. Prices are normally very cheap, it's well ... [ more ]

Charity gig/disco

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The Meeting Place Community Centre

Think Hedgehog

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People's Community Garden
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Think Hedgehog! Put on a woolly hat and turn out to do your bit for nature on your doorstep! Activity Saturday at the People’s Community Garden, Maidenhall Allotments, Halifax Road, Ipswich IP2 8RE Saturday 26 November 12.30 to 3pm Winter is ... [ more ]

Damaged Alloy Wheels

Andy P in Ipswich Town Centre
HI, I am looking to buy any old damaged alloy wheels you may have laying around? Condition, age or fitment does not matter, Prices vary depending on size and wether they have tyres or not? Kindest Regards Andy
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Fridge freezer repair person needed

IMR in Copdock
Can anyone recommend a repair person for a Hotpoint 'frost free' fridge freezer that has an ice problem in the freezer please? Thanks.

Dog cage

Girly G in Chantry
I am looking for a large dog cage for in the car for my Labrador guide dog don't know where to start looking
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Parking 17th Oct

Girly G in Chantry
I don't know who to tell this to but this car swooped on to the pavement to park directly in front of where my guide dog and I where walking so I took a photo of his pavement parking
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Steve S
shame it it on facebook , there is a page called "parking like a idiot in Ipswich" can do it anon by a PM ....
I think the trouble with the parking shaming pages on Facebook is they have little chance of being seen by the perpetrators, and even if they saw them they probably wouldn't care. Ring the council, they are pretty proactive if they know of a problem.

Baby blankets and jumpers

Girly G in Chantry
I am looking for knitted blankets or squares for knitting together for battersea dog blankets Also baby jumpers or baby blankets for a boy aged 3 months old any knitted items will be put to good use and the blanket squares are being knitted together ... [ more ]
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Girly G
The pattern for them is on battersea dogs .org website and they then go to Windsor I have a friend who delivers them I found the site on google last year they always want donations

Overcome your fear of speaking in public

Keith D in Chantry
Ipswich Speakers Club - Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 7.30pm Learn how to speak with confidence. The essentials for speakers of all abilities. No obligation to join or speak - just a friendly, supportive environment. UCS Waterfront building, Neptune ... [ more ]

Another Scam.

Sam in Belstead
Just a heads up to fellow street lifers. I've received a phone call this morning from a Windows consultant telling me that I have a virus on my computer. I was asked to switch on my computer and when logged in they would help me to clear it. The ... [ more ]
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I have a method for discouraging sales calls. Unfortunately, its description isn't suitable for those of a sensitive disposition but involves a lot of laboured breath... ;)
The whistle sounds like a good idea, will have to ask if any of my grandchildren have one going spare. I have on occasion with sales calls (as mentioned in another post) asked the caller to hold on a minute while I get the appropriate person to take ... [ more ]

Domestic Help

Dave L in Belstead
Our previous Girl Friday finished about four months ago when she found a full time job. I've managed to find a replacement but she can only fit us in every other week and barely has enough time to get the ironing done. Can anyone personally recommend ... [ more ]
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Barbi H
Hello.. I myself would very much likr the chance of a interview for your position.. Currently unemployed working as a volunteer in a local Cancer research shop. 57 years old love to clean iron etc.. Telephone 01473 809688 Mobile          07823500170 ... [ more ]

Plumber needed

Ian in Greenwich
Hi all, Looking for some help.. In need of a plumber to come and carry out a toilet repair. Have tried so many but haven't had any luck for one reason or another. Any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Patricia D
We have used Columbus Plumbing and Heating Services of Ipswich for a service and minor repair to our heating system. Excellent work and reasonably priced.

This really takes the biscuit

Simon B in Ipswich Town Centre
Some irresponsible dog owner has allowed their dog to cr@p up one of the litter bins just off Belstead Road (between Sandringham Close and Holyrood Close), why the hell did they not clean it up and place it in the dog bin which is only a meter away! ... [ more ]
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Gregory B
Hi Lol, You cannot have people on "Community Service" picking up doggy poo and litter because it would require a new Risk Assessment, Health and Safety, Equipment, Insurances and a SCC Supervisor, Manager, Audit Team (cost effectiveness against ... [ more ]
John j
I'm no longer the grey tracksuit brigade but did have a long spell unemployed and we were put on loads of course but always in a classroom never(don't mean to offend any one)what I call real work to be honest I would love to have been litter picking ... [ more ]

Garden Lawn Turf

Joanne S in Greenwich
Does anyone know the best/cheapest place to buy garden lawn turf? I'm patching in a small area so only require 2 or 3 rolls. I live in Pinewood area of Ipswich. Many thanks
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Jacqueline H
Another plus point for Victoria Nurseries is that if you spend over £25.00 they will deliver for free (easily done as they also sell local produce along with an extensive range of cakes and biscuits, etc.).
Joanne S
Thanks Vera, I brought 5 rolls from Victoria Nurseries on Friday and laid that afternoon :)

Halloween Fun at The People's Community Garden

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People's Community Garden , Maidenhall Allotments, Halifax Road, IP2 8RE
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Bats about bats? Not scared of vampires? Come along for half term fun at the People’s Community Garden! Dress up and get ready for spooky activities at our Halloween celebration at the People’s Community Garden on Friday 28th October from 11am ... [ more ]
People, if you're free Oct 28 then I urge you to please go along, these Community Garden events are absolutely terrific. My favorite one this year was their summer party. So much effort, thought and care goes into these charitable events and it really ... [ more ]

Asda trolleys

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Christine M
Buying a cheap shopping trolly on wheels comes to mind. Must be easier than trying to push a supermarket trolly any distance. But guess these people are too selfish to shell out on one!
Barry S
This problem has been going on for years ,just after Asda was opened . I was the councillor for the area and had numerous meetings with Asda . I would suggest someone contact the local councillors for help.


Sam in Belstead
Hi. I'm looking for someone to hang four interior doors, any recommendations please? TIA