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Knitting needles

Girly G in Chantry
Wanted knitting needles to borrow or keep size 1. 2.5 MM mine broke in the middle of a project they are very thin ones thank you so much

Big Garden Party

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People's Community Garden - Maidenhall Allotments, Halifax road, IP2 8RE
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Big day out at community garden’s annual fun day The People’s Community Garden is making ready for its Big Garden Party on Saturday 23 July from 11am to 3pm on Maidenhall Allotments. There will be Mr Bean’s circus skills, face-painting, a bouncy ... [ more ]

iPad screen

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Cat Found in Balmoral/Holyrood Close, Belstaed Road.

Veronica B in Greenwich
Does anyone know anything about a smallish ginger cat in the Balmoral /Holyrood Close area. It has been hanging around my garden now for 5 days. Do you know anyone that is missing a cat in this area. It cries incessantly.
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Veronica B
The power of the internet. In the past I would have been knocking on doors to see if anyone or knew of anyone who was missing a cat. I would never ever go to the RSPCA as years ago when I found a kitten they told me to take it up the road and loose it.

Lost Dog Collar and tag on ellenbrook green park

Jules in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, I have lost a brown leather dog collar with tag on the ellenbrook green park on Saturday 9th July in the afternoon.  My dog was running around playing and then came back without his collar on.  If anybody finds it could you please contact me. Many ... [ more ]

Scramble Bikes at Bobbits Wood

Wendy W in Rose Hill
Has anyone reported the scramble bikes that continue to ride from the field on A137 opposite the ski slope through Bobbits wood to Belstead/Stoke Park? We call the police at least once a week to report this constant drone of bikes but nothing is done. ... [ more ]
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I have an allotment at Bobbits Lane and they are there every weekend. We have watched police go up to the field this summer but not very often. I will keep a note and inform Environmental Health. The more people that do this the better though.
Wendy W
They are breaking the law. The land belongs to Paul's who have put up fences to stop them entering but they find a way around them at the top of A137 by ski slope on the footpath or via Belstead end. Environmental health is a very good idea. We will keep ... [ more ]


Wat Penh in Stoke
Cycling from town up Landseer Rd I passed several drains and noticed every one was completely blocked with debris not surprised Holywells Rd often is flooded and the road is cut off....
Mark Newton
Report it! Use the SCC Highways Reporting tool here:
Lesley A
Hi Wat Penh, we regularly walk into town and always notice that the drains on Landseer Road are always blocked, will use the link and report to the Highways Deprtment

Lost dog

Mark in Greenwich
Hi all, lost dog in the Queensway area of Nacton. Owners looking for her now. She is a cockerpoo, cream off white colour with brownish ears. Spotted outside KFC at St Augustine's. Not good with strangers very timid and shy.
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Hayley S
Fantastic news, i always worry when dogs get lost or go missing that they will end up in the wrong hands. So happy for this little ones family - they must be so relieved. I like a positive story to start my day!

Wanted someone to sew in a zip

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Local Gardener Needed

Martin H in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend a local gardener please? We're on the Pinewood estate close to the Copdock Tesco. It's just for general weeding and cutting back some out of control wisteria. No heavy work/digging etc. TIA
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Football area in parks?

Kathy P in Pinewood
Does anyone know a good park for playing football? My son says the Ellenbrook green area is too rough (though I often see other lads playing there!). A permanent goal would be ideal, though not essential, just flattish grass! Thank you for any ... [ more ]
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Alex G
Top end of Christchurch Park is often used by Ipswich school children playing football. Nearest entrance to the area is in Westerfield Road.

Sewing group knitting craft groups

Girly G in Chantry
I am looking for a sewing group and or a knitting group in Ipswich that myself and my guide dog would be welcome at I have a lot of projects on the go and find it is nicer to work with a friendly group of people rather than on ones own sometimes thank you
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Cockatiel Found

Jan B in Freston
Hi has anyone lost a Cockatiel in the IP3 area ? please message me if you have Thanks

block paving

Jean G in Ipswich Town Centre
hi street lifers does anyone know of anyone who could urgently lift some block paveing and put it back for me ? I am going over to virgin and might have to have a cable from the bottom of the drive to the top and the virgin people will not do it for me . ... [ more ]
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Jean G
thanks chris . still waiting for virgin to check the box on the side of house .

CRESS Community Cafe and Market

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CRESS Halifax Pavilion - Halifax Road, IP2 0HH
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Taste of Summer at Community Garden market Fresh produce harvested from the People’s Community Garden will be on offer at CRESS Community Market on Pavilion on Friday 17 June, from 10am to 1pm. We are also expecting a visit from the Mayor of ... [ more ]
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Sheila O
I am hoping to attend this on Friday paticularly the man shed as I will need some d I y done in the not too distant future

Holiday rental required

Joan L in Chantry
Does anyone have or know of an apartment in the Alicante region of Spain which is available to rent for around 4 weeks later in the year. We would like at least 2 bed and 2 bath with access to a pool. Flexible with location and accessible from the ... [ more ]

Old batteries or cable please?

Andy P in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi, Has anyone got any old Car/Van or Truck or leisure batteries sitting around which they don't want, I could do with a few and would be willing to collect from the local area? Ideally they can still hold a bit of charge, but not essential as I dont ... [ more ]
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Fire Engines

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The Fire Bike was probably on its way to the Suffolk Show. It is purely used for publicity at various shows and events, to promote motorcycle safety and their own Biker Down workshop/course.

Old Carpet

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Lego needed

Sue S in Ipswich Town Centre
Hello the young people of the church of St Francis in Hawthorn drive are hoping to build a model of our church / hall / bell tower out of has been estimated that just for the church alone we will need 2000+ bricks. If anyone has any they no ... [ more ]

Dog Boarding Kennels

Patricia D in Ipswich Town Centre
Could anyone recommend a really good, fairly small if possible, boarding kennel for our 7 month old puppy? We may need to board her in September for 11 days. It will be her first time away from us and we should like to find a kennel where the dogs really ... [ more ]
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Canine Wellbeing in Wattisham is very good. Pick up and drop off, walk everyday.


Jean G in Ipswich Town Centre
thank  you to everybody who replied to my comment about a b.t scam I was receiving i've ignored it as I wasn't happy about it but it's nice to have other peoples opinions on the matter I can rest now that I did the right thing .
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Jean G
yes Hayley I was very happy with what people wrote as I said its nice to know other peoples opinions that I did the right thing !!

Chantry Walled Garden Plant Sale

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Chantry Walled Garden - Chantry Park
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Join us at Chantry Walled Garden (Chantry Park) for our plant  sale with a huge array of fantastic perennials and shrubs. All shrubs and perennials will be priced at only £5/ plant! Come and make your garden or green space bloom for summer! All ... [ more ]