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Garage recommendation

in Greenwich
Can anyone recommend a garage in Ipswich that will service and MOT our car at a reasonable price? Thanking you..
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Jacqueline S
Landspeed....opposite holiday Inn at Copdock (so very near you). It's large and behind the Proveeda garage. Very straightforward and profession. Average prices I think.

SCC survey residents parking Stoke Bridge area

Chris M1
in Ipswich Town Centre
The subject of residents parking in the Stoke Bridge area is being discussed once again. (3rd time since I have lived here!) Personally I think it is a waste of time. I think this is what could happen: There will be some time limited parking bays for ... [ more ]
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Victoria W
I’d like to thank Suffolk County Council for the opportunity to comment on these proposals. However, I have to say that the Consultation Leaflet came through the door with the usual fast food offers and it was only as I put it in the bin that I ... [ more ]
Paul S
Very well put Victoria W,i don't know where you live but you are looking at 2 sides. They have started to look at the Stoke area of town First,i know of a lot worse,all those side roads between Bramford rd and Bramford lane,not only is it difficult to ... [ more ]


John W inactive in Westbourne
Like being outdoors, want some exercise but don’t want to go to the gym, like to have a go at growing your own, don’t mind a bit of hard word? Then why not take on an allotment? Email for further details if you’re ... [ more ]
Jean A
We also have some vacant plots at Castle Hill Allotments.   We are also working on setting up a community plot which will be for people who don't want a full allotment but would like to grow a few vegetables   For our community plot, there will be ... [ more ]

Ipswich Museum

Ipswich Ltd
in Pinewood
I have stumbled across information on the I-AM project. This is... Ipswich Arts & Museums. I have to say I am glad Ipswich Borough Council failed to obtain funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. A rarely seen YouTube video of the plans aimed to ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Ltd
The reason I asked about the future of Ipswich's Museums is we already know of the joint scheme between Ipswich and Colchester but in order to get their funding they formed a new charity called the Ipswich Arts and Museums Trust (I-AM). The members ... [ more ]

Plumber Recommendation?

Martin H
in Ipswich Town Centre
We need to find a good plumber please to sort out some problems with our system. A local firm fitted a new bath, shower and basins etc and our water pressure has been absolutely rubbish ever since. They fitted a Salamandar pump but that's just packed ... [ more ]
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Martin H
Hello Andy, not sure what I did wrong but I thought I'd sent a private message yesterday lol. I will text you my landline number instead. Many thanks
Lewis L
I use Cleanup Services for plumbing and electrical work because I like the convenience of being able to book an appointment online.

Laptop repair

Joan L in Greenwich
Can anyone recommend a reliable person to sort out my laptop before I throw it out of the window please. Since upgrading to Windows 10 it's not been right.
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Although Windows 10 is not everyone's cup of tea, there are ways to make it work better. Come and speak to one of our local IT experts for free at Suffolk AgeUK Ipswich Help Centre (in Town Centre, opposite Sainsbury's) to get some some impartial ... [ more ]
Nothing wrong with Windows 10... you just need to read, search, and the set it up the way you want too.. Mine works just like Windows 7.. but its faster, and more secure. Just stick with it... it,s the best operation system.