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The Bus Shelter Ipswich

The Bus Shelter Ipswich in Woolverstone
As some may of seen on social media and the press, we are in the process of getting and converting a double decker bus into a permanent hostel for the rough sleeps in ipswich. The bus will consist of 16/18 sleeping pods, kitchen, chill out area and a ... [ more ]

Laptop repair

Joan L in Greenwich
Can anyone recommend a reliable person to sort out my laptop before I throw it out of the window please. Since upgrading to Windows 10 it's not been right.
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Nick G
Windows 10, absolutely awful operating system. Take it back to an older version, or go Apple
Although Windows 10 is not everyone's cup of tea, there are ways to make it work better. Come and speak to one of our local IT experts for free at Suffolk AgeUK Ipswich Help Centre (in Town Centre, opposite Sainsbury's) to get some some impartial ... [ more ]


Girly G in Chantry
Wanted a pram or pushchair for a new grandma what is a reasonable price I don't mind second hand but I have just brought a lovely one and sadly no good breaks on it so starting looking again
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New Beginner Tai Chi Class

Witnesham Village Hall
Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
A new Beginners Class starts in Witnesham on Thursday 2nd February 2017 5.45pm. At Witnesham Village Hall, Church Lane, Witnesham. IP69JD £5 per class. Your instructor will be Marc Levy. Tai Chi is suitable for all adults. We welcome new beginners ... [ more ]
Hi, Can I join these classes at any time? Through work commitments I wouldn't be able to attend any session until March. I've viewed your website, seen other classes and locations, the same applies but some beginners classes and their time and ... [ more ]
The classes always welcome beginners. Anyone is free to learn by following any of our classes. We are all very generous to beginners and accepting of their limitations. Hope to see you soon.

X large dog crate for citron Picasso f

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Peter P
girly g, if you ring me I will try and bring it to you. I will be home about 7 pm thanks.

Ipswich Crime

Ipswich Ltd in Pinewood
Very concerned about the crime spree in Ipswich recently.  Ten years after the serial killings and zest nightclub shootings, our very "sleepy town" has been awash with crime. Two fatal stabbings (two murders), arson, two more stabbings, and at least ... [ more ]
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Joanna A
I have no problem with paying higher taxes to fund things which benefit us all such as the NHS, education, law enforcement, the fire service, broader social care and many other things. The problem is in this country the politicians (of whatever ... [ more ]
Thomas L
Dear Joanna,  I couldn't agree with you more. It is my perception that developments will completely overtake the politicians - the pressures will just be too great. The country cannot afford the costs of care for the elderly based on the current ... [ more ]

80's/90's video themed fancy dress party night

Cathy W
in Pinewood
Hey all, are you in need of something to look forward to? Well.... I'm organising a fundraising event which is an 80's/90's video themed party Night it'll be held on Friday 28th April at the Manor Ballroom Ipswich tickets are £10 all proceedings are ... [ more ]

Ipswich buses

Angela C
in Ipswich Town Centre
I have just returned from town on a no 15A bus a young mum got on the bus with a tripper and lots of bags of shopping. People helped her put her shopping on the rack but by the time she reached her stop most had got off. The young lady driving the bus ... [ more ]
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Ipswich Ltd
I think Alex was referring to buses generally - but it was important to make the distinction as with the title of the topic. Chrissie W, this is the man running the bus company...

Sailmakers Post Office

Ipswich Ltd in Pinewood
What are your experiences of this post office? Yesterday there was a 5pm cut off point. I was in the long queue at the post office. 3 members of staff were at the self-service machines (if you call them that) in the way so you couldn't use them. A ... [ more ]
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Nick G
I must admit I do still occasionally use The Post Office as I do still send letters and cards to friends and family, and I prefer to pay my rent, and buy my fishing licence through the post office in person. I dislike self service queues, and refuse ... [ more ]
Ipswich Ltd
Apparently the move is going ahead to WH Smith. By doing so they are opening themselves up to a lot of competition unless they were really struggling in Tower Ramparts for their up-sell.

Merry Christmas

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Damaged or unwanted alloy wheels wanted please

Andy P
in Ipswich Town Centre
HI, I am looking to buy any old or damaged alloy wheels you may have laying around? Condition, age or fitment does not matter, Prices vary depending on size and wether they have tyres or not? (£1 deducted for each tyre to cover disposal fee) I am ... [ more ]

Damaged Alloy Wheels

Andy P
in Ipswich Town Centre
HI, I am looking to buy any old damaged alloy wheels you may have laying around? Condition, age or fitment does not matter, Prices vary depending on size and wether they have tyres or not? Kindest Regards Andy
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Angela C
in Ipswich Town Centre
We have recently cancelled our Virgin Tv subscription, it was getting far to expensive. Can anyone recommend someone who can sort out our TV for the freeview channels and internet please as its a bit beyond  me. Thanks in advance
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Paul C
I have had Freesat for a few years now and suits me fine as I don't watch much sport. Also use Chromecast (£20 - £30 for the dongle) which allows you to "cast" the internet (plus anything else on the computer) so Iplayer, Youtube, etc can be accessed ... [ more ]
Steve S
Sky basic which is cerebellum their flagship channels ie sky1 sky 2 over 300 channels phone and broadband but sh*t speed about new Q box about ,£28 per month for the first year plus {£15 Mau have to haggle but that's what we were ... [ more ]

CRESS Community Christmas Market - Halifax Pavilion

ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Community Garden Market promises a green Christmas! The CRESS pavilion will open its doors for its popular Christmas market on Friday 16 December from 10am until 1pm. Julie will be running her ever popular café with festive cakes and a warming ... [ more ]

Branching Out and Growing Together -Garden Project for Older People at Chantry Walled Garden

ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Branching Out – Growing Together A community project for older people at Chantry Walled Garden Chantry Park, Hadleigh Rd, Ipswich IP2 0BS Tuesdays and Thursdays If you are an older person, living in the area, and would like to learn skills, ... [ more ]

New Year's Eve disco

to (ended)
The Meeting Place Community Centre Limerick Close Ip1 5lr

Rukus Band and Disco

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The Meeting Place Limerick Close Ipswich Ip1 5lr

Dog walkers

Andrea B
in Stoke
Hello I live on Wherstead road and I need to find a reliable dog walker as I have to start work full time in a couple of weeks and am really worried about my little dog being on his own all day I'm currently part time but needs must and have to go ... [ more ]
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Christmas Fair

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Chantry Library and Hawthorn Children's Centre
Cathy G
in Copdock
Fun for all the family, with raffle (display of prizes and tickets available from the library now) Gifts and crafts, refreshments, tombola, cup cake decorating, lucky dip, bargain books, children's games and stories and a chance to see Father ... [ more ]

Christmas Coffee Morning and Plant Sale

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Chantry Walled Garden, Chantry Park
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
ActivLives Chantry Walled Garden is holding a Christmas Coffee Morning and plant sale on Thursday 1 December 2016 from 10.30am until 2.30pm. There will be pansies galore to brighten up the winter months, and primroses to welcome in the Spring, ... [ more ]

Power cut

D in Washbrook Street
Has anyone else had a couple of power cuts this evening in the Pinewood/Belstead area? couple of seconds each but enough to knock out TV and broadband. One at about 8.20 pm and one at about 7.10 pm
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Ruth L
Virgin was affected by the power problems too,  that was mentioned on facebook last night...the text updates I got was that a cable was fixed in Birkfield drive, though the loud bangs worries me...
Ipswich Ltd
It is poor. Telecommunication companies should have Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS -  Google it, not science fiction!) to stop any problems. Not exactly a diesel backup generator but should have enough capacity for 10 minutes battery-backup ... [ more ]

Wanted baby stuff

Girly G in Chantry
Wanted baby stuff for a grandchild expected in May can't remember all I need and could anyone advise where to find maternity things for a first time mum thank you
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If you are on Facebook or know someone who is, there are groups that you can join which sell specifically baby stuff. It's great as you can see photos and know what area and price is wanted straight away. Prices are normally very cheap, it's well ... [ more ]

Charity gig/disco

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The Meeting Place Community Centre

Think Hedgehog

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People's Community Garden
ActivGardens in Ipswich Town Centre
Think Hedgehog! Put on a woolly hat and turn out to do your bit for nature on your doorstep! Activity Saturday at the People’s Community Garden, Maidenhall Allotments, Halifax Road, Ipswich IP2 8RE Saturday 26 November 12.30 to 3pm Winter is ... [ more ]