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Pagan Council Open Day

Clubs & Groups in Maidenhall

JUL 11
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Ipswich Oddfellows Hall, High Street
Robin H
A day of talks, storytelling, music and discussion panels exploring the polytheist & pantheist religions (such as Druidry, Wicca, Heathenry, Kemeticism etc.). Free to attend, refreshments provided during the day. The event is aimed both at pagans and ... [ more ]

Lights x2

£25.00 in Castle Hill

Marie S
Two ceiling lights for sale Matt black with 5 bulbs each excellent condition...I'm replacing with ceiling fan's ready for the hot weather ☺ £25 the pair .........

Clean up - Castle Hill to Whitehouse Park

Local Conversations in White House

Pat S
Thank you to the Big Clean Community Heroes for all their hard work in helping to clean up litter between Castle Hill Community Centre and Whitehouse Park today. 3.4 miles, 6899 steps and a mountain of sacks later...but surprisingly, it was actually ... [ more ]
Marie S
What good news wish I'd have known about it..i often walk my dogs in the little park between Shakespeare rd and old Norwich rd..i always see lots of rubbish around the park and take it upon myself to pick some of it up as i walk my dogs, its such a ... [ more ]

Whitton Baptist Church

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Whitton Baptist church
Everyone is welcome to our lovely Whitton Baptist church ..great Christian company and a wonderful service held by our Minister Stuart Balmer come and praise God and learn more about the Chtistian faith 🙏☺🙏☺🙏


Recommendations in Common, The

Janet A
Hi can anyone recommend an electrician? One of my douyble sockets in the kitchen is making an electrical buzzing noise & needs to be looked at.
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Maria S
Someone that does not know anything about electrics might not think of switching off the mains. As a young bride I thought I was being very clever and independent when I changed the wire on one of the wire fuses of the mains box without turning anything ... [ more ]

Selling New Burmatex Carpet Tiles to raise funds for St Michael's Community Centre

£39.90 in Ipswich Town Centre

The G
We have about 200 boxes (with 5 square metres in each box) of these tiles for sale. They were donated to the refurbishment of St Michaels Church and Church Hall, but unfortunately we can't use carpet for the hall as it would limit the multi-purpose ... [ more ]
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Wow! What a bargain at a fraction of the cost! I'm sure somebody must have a need for them... cheap conservatory floor; added warmth in the workshop/garage; children's playroom (with easy replacement of damaged/dirty squares); comfort in the dog kennel; ... [ more ]
The G
Laurie Thanks for the comment Laurie, yes the people who have bought some have come from quite far to collect because they have the same type and know the excellent quality, so they are very happy with the great deal!

Cats the killing of.

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Just recently I have heard that in the crofts area some one has been snaring cats,this is near to where I live. I have four cats which are part of my family. If any one knows any thing about this or the perpetrators,I ask please give the information to ... [ more ]
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Eddie M
I have known a few cat owners that have been responsible and have trained their cats. I speak from experience. Watch films and adverts with cats in. They can be trained. Having been in close contact with elephants, if they are treated correctly and ... [ more ]
Derick L
I have been reading the comments with regards to pets and their control.   I have no time for folks that administer cruelty to any animal but, there must be a reason why folks take to this kind of action.    I do not have any pets at the moment due to ... [ more ]

Jumble Sale

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

JUN 27
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11th Ipswich Scout Hall, Chesterfield Drive, Ipswich
Jumble sale lead by local Scouts and leaders fundraising for future planned activities for the group. Refreshments and cake stall also present. Come and support your local group.
Fernando C
Hi there, i will pop with my soon is 6 years in July , what is the age to join the scouts? Thanks
Hi, Please have a look at their website for a closer look at the group. Your son would be old enough to join Beavers, but please either pop along and have a chat with someone or give Fiona a call on: Beavers ... [ more ]

Car valet

Recommendations in Westbourne

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Marie S
Yup I've been there and the rates are good its very clean you can wait in the clean waiting room or go do some shopping in town while its done ... 😉

Garden fencing

Recommendations in Stoke Park

Brian H
Hi. Can anybody recommend a fencing contractor for a job in central Ipswich please. I need the existing fencing removed and replaced by a 2mt high x approx. 50mt long, close boarded fence, plus 2 side gates.
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James H
I can recommend someone myself, ive done a lot of fencing in the past and still do. references available. here is my number 07901381057 .james

Cones on Public Council Land

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Morning all, Thought I might start a debate! I have noticed a huge increase of people putting cones out on council verges (outside their homes) and wondered what the majority of Streetlife readers thought - is it right or wrong?
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Honesty may hurt
In complete agreement about time to walk into town. Public transport is as said expensive, unreliable and can put those that are frail weak or vulnerable at risk. The papers are full of incidents. I digress, this is about us legally parking on council ... [ more ]

What do you know about the history of Castle Hill Community Centre?

Local Conversations in Common, The

Castle Hill Community Centre
We were given this amazing photo of Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road. This is what it looked like at the beginning of the last century. What do you know about the history of our building? It would be great to hear from you.  Thank you. ... [ more ]
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Free radiators

Give, Lend & Borrow in White House

Stuart H
3 x Radiators free to a good home or scrap yard. 1500x740mm 1270x740mm 1270x740mm Call 07771666791 for collection.

Broomhill Summer Fete

Clubs & Groups in Westerfield

JUL 04
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Broomhill Library, (formerly Westbourne Library) Sherrington Road IP14HT
Julie A
The new Westbourne Samba Band will be performing - a lovely warm-up to get toes tapping before jitterbug dancing!

Litter pick

Local Conversations in White House

Pat S
On Wednesday 24th June, from 10am to 1pm there is to be a litter pick supported by the East of England Co-op between Castle Hill and Whitehouse Park.  Be part of the amazing loop of generosity, giving your time to improve the environment for everyone. ... [ more ]

Personalised teddies

Recommendations in Westerfield

Does anyone out there make or know of some one who makes personalised teddies ? A young friend of mine would like some personalised teddies made for her wedding in August. Don't know exactly what she wants, that would be for both parties to discuss.
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Derick L
If you wish to purchase BEARS of value then go to:- If you wish to visit this shop then you will find the lady owner very helpful and polite.  The address is: Jeffries of Bacton, Broad Road, Bacton Stowmarket.   This is a garage ... [ more ]

Funding for groups in Castle Hill, Whitton and Whitehouse

Clubs & Groups in White House

Pat S
Do you run an organisation that benefits people in Castle Hill, Whitton and Whitehouse? Or maybe you would like to start a group activity.  Did you know that the North West Ipswich Big Local Trust has lottery money to spend on projects like these?  The ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

It's 6pm, I'm in IP1 and there has been an incessant him for the last couple of hours. Anyone got any ideas as to what it might be?
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Margaret D
Hi Buzz, only just spotted your reply about the 'thumbs up' question.  Thanks for that! I am really enjoying the back and forth banter of the conversation.  Its really funny at times.  It gives us all a laugh.
Glen H
My brother pointed out the hum was actually featured in an episode of the Xfiles titled "Drive" as well. I'd forgotten about it as I hadn't really re-watched it since it was first on TV!

Car Boot Sale Claydon High School

Clubs & Groups in Ipswich Town Centre

Craig R
Car Boot Sale Claydon High School Saturday 4th July - 9am – 12pm (sellers from 8.30am) At the school IP6 0EG Proceeds from pitches to Claydon High School PTA, 20p entry fee (to be donated to Claydon Pre-school) Cars £5 pre-booked, £7 on the day ... [ more ]
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Claydon High PTA
We haven't decided on a date for the next one yet but we'll put it on Streetlife asap. This is the first one and we'd love to make it a regular event.


Recommendations in Castle Hill

Please can anyone recommend a good florist to do wedding bouquet reasonably priced.
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Julie C
If you want Local belles bouquet really reasonable lives in Cromer road really good can find her on Facebook I will double check her Web ☺

Cruel People

Local Conversations in Common, The

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Hayley J
Thankgod for a happy ending. Keep them safe now and let's hope for a punishment to the culprits who inflicted such cruelty.
Karen H
Let's hope the culprits are found, I have no faith in that though. The cats are now at a different address away from that area. I just hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else's cat or dog or indeed any other poor animal that happens to cross this ... [ more ]

shower fitter wanted

Recommendations in Ipswich Town Centre

Toby P.
Try Gary Green on 07795262020. He's fitted two for me. One in my old house and another when I moved house. He's very good and reasonable.

IPscene New Entertainments Website LIVE Today

Classifieds in Ipswich Town Centre

The NEW updated, easier to use IPscene website is here TODAY! Details of hundreds of groups and clubs in the IP1 - IP17 area. For Adults and children. Something to suit everyone.  Majorettes, Football, Arts, Crafts, Dance, Fitness, Sports and more! - ... [ more ]

seamstree recomendation

Recommendations in Whitton

Please could I get recommendations for a good seamstress, I need a bridesmaid dress done, at a fair price. I wanted the lady from all about the wedding but the shop has since closed and don't know where she now is? Thanks
Boutique of Alterations - Heidi 01473805540 She used to work for a lot of the bridal shops doing the alterations, now set up on her own. Fantastic work.
Martin H
Hi Samantha, if you have no luck finding someone to help, my wife used to make bespoke wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses. She still does alterations etc for a lot of people - including wedding dresses - so send me a PM if you need assistance. She ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Just finished volunteering at a charity shop in Meredith road and what do I see, a middle aged man stealing a wooden jewellery box that cost all of £2.50. WHY BOTHER?? Hang your head in shame whoever you are.
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Peter M
In that case I need to explain further.  The incident occurred.  P57 took to Street Life to comment on the experience.  However there was criticism that this wasn't the best way to handle the situation.   I think that is a fair summation. My point is to ... [ more ]
Derek F
I used to work part-time for a charity shop way back in the nineties.  The problem then was that the goods were donated and therefore did not in theory belong to the shop. If the manager ever saw stealing she would shame them and make them put the ... [ more ]