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Speeding Vehicles in North Ipswich

Mick in Castle Hill
I see from previous entries, that 4 YEARS ago people were complaining of vehicles travelling at illegal and dangerous speeds in North Ipswich. Now a 20mph limit is being considered. This seems pointless if the current 30mph limit can not be enforced!
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Jill W
Speed humps seem to work anywhere although not popular with road users but if these idiot drivers will not keep within the law then this is the answer !!
Richard G
People only slow down for the humps ! Others go on a different route to avoid them. Reducing a sleed limit has lost little effect on the law breakers .

Northern Bypass for Ipswich

Watchfull in Castle Hill
It has be suggested that we bring this subject up again--can we have your views on this and the reason why--if the Orwell bridge shut down the Valley road gets grid locked--if the big expansion comes about North of Westerfield--it will get worst--I can ... [ more ]
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Would the suggestion of a super council such as the amalgamation of Cambridge--Norfolk and Ipswich help Ipswich and Suffolk--or would we be left at the bottom of the the pile--as we are now in trying to get a NBP--A daft question needs a daft answer some ... [ more ]
To Matt  Suffolk County Council I have been wondering why it has not been possible for you to give me/us a name of the person who might be able and who could tell us the time scale for the feasability study/ options regarding the NBP/ a northern ... [ more ]

Grey cat

Hayley J in Ipswich Town Centre
There's a small Grey cat with collar in our area and we haven't a clue who it belongs to. I haven't seen it but my neighbour has and she says it doesn't look well. Has anyone lost one? Please PM me .
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Zumba Friday Mornings 9:30!

Sarah Ann Gray in Castle Hill
9:30-10:30am at Bramford Road Methodist Church IP1 4AY Drop the kids off at school (if you have some), then come shake your stuff! A great way to start the last day of the week - with a party! Suitable for all levels and ages.  ... [ more ]

Planning applications

Jean M in Ipswich Town Centre
Anyone know how to access on line planning applications to Ipswich Borough Council? Trying to find out what is happening to the B & Q site after they close. Read in Ipswich Star that an "indoor entertainments company" were applying for planning ... [ more ]
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Loss of national rock station for East Anglia

Jan D in Ipswich Town Centre
I really hope no-one minds me posting this. If no interest, please just scroll past! I listen to Planet Rock all day every day and a switch to new transmitters means many areas of the country are losing it, being expected to listen online, which just ... [ more ]
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Martin C
Well that's it then. They turned the station off for all loyal DAB radio listeners in this area yesterday it seems. Yesterday morning in the car I still got them as I was travelling around Suffolk and Norfolk. Today its just a rolling advert telling me ... [ more ]
Jan D
If looks could kill my car DAB would be dead, I gave it a proper glare when I sat in the car this morning! I've tried a few other stations, briefly, but there's nothing whatsoever that plays any music I like, or can even tolerate! Thankfully I still have ... [ more ]

I am trying to find a guy called Martin.

Theresa H in Maidenhall
I am sorry, but I am trying to find a guy on here called Martin who took away some kitchen units from us a few months ago for his garage. I just wanted to say a special THANK YOU for putting some photos through our door. You have done a most wonderful ... [ more ]

Diabetes UK

Watchfull in Castle Hill
Diabetes Uk meetings held at St Augustins Church hall are trying to increase their membership--Please take note--it would help if they published the DATE & TIME of these meetings--then they might get more to come along--
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Lewis L
The 2016 Diabetes World Summit is a free online event running from the 18th of April  to the 25th.  See
the bees knees
Lewis L, thank you for this very interesting link.  I agree with the findings of the third chat that I read early am this morning. Have you read it yet? 

A good home needed for a Meditec stairlift.

Theresa H in Maidenhall
My partners parents are moving from Hollesley into a bungalow and will no longer need their stairlift. It is a few years old but is in good working order and has recently been serviced.  They are quite happy to let it go to someones home free of charge. ... [ more ]

Artificial nails.

Theresa H in Maidenhall
I need some help please Does anyone know of someone, whether it be one person or a small business, where I can have some nails put on for my holiday?  I live off the Norwich Road so wouldn't want to go miles out. If so, let me know please.  I would need ... [ more ]
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Amy B
Dial lane next to Berridges but you will need to call & make an appointment as they get very booked up.

Bathroom Refurbishment

Linda E in Maidenhall
I have recently moved into a flat and need the bathroom refurbished. Electric shower and cubicle plus tiling. Any recommendations welcome. Linda E.
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Theresa H
I had a guy called Adrian who made a wet room for my dad a couple of years ago and did a very good job indeed. So much so that I am going to use him this summer to sort my bathroom out with a complete new bath suite and tiles. He lives in Colchester but ... [ more ]

Is dialling 101 a complete waste of money and time

Gruffalo in White House
Just had someone knocking on my door from an alleged prison release programme, peddling door to door to increase their confidence . . well, following a brief 'I don't buy from Peddlars and asking him for ID', he got a little arsey and accusatory that I ... [ more ]
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Citizen of Ipswich inactive
Our PCC only seems interested in wielding the government's axe and cutting our police force down to nothing. It amazes me that a party supposedly keen on law and order has no qualms about making society less safe. And I'm even more amazed when people ... [ more ]
Richard G
Before PCC's there were Police Authorities. The system has allowed PCC's to become too involved in Policing , weak Chiefs in the Police who do not stand up to them . Why did Doug Paxton ( Suffolks old Chief Constable ) retire so quickly when Tim ... [ more ]


Jennifer H in Bramford
Hi im a very young 65 year young lady separated looking for friends for friendship and to go to the d &s club car boot sales ect who can drive will share petrol money soh prefered will reply to all replies
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Trudy S
Hi Jennifer you can get bus as its main Library upstairs just ask and they will point you in right direction when you get upstairs, not sure if I will be ther this week as I have to take my daughter for xray but will try Trudy
Jennifer H
I cant travel by bus mobility probs plus anxiety so if you know of anyone who could give me a lift let me know please I would pay petrol money hope your daughter is ok

FOCUS: Contemplative Meditation Group

to , (ended)
La Tour Cycle Cafe, Tower House, 17, Tower Street, Ipswich, IP1 2PP
Timothy Yau in Whitton
An open group were we explore contemplative meditation as the practice of focusing or quieting the mind, sometimes called ‘mindfulness’, which in turn, opens us up to a relationship with the Divine. COST; Donation towards room hire TEL: 07964 ... [ more ]


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Sheila O
We used to have a toad every year in our garden but remarked the other day i haven't seen one for the last 2or three years goung off subject a bit we used to have a squirrel that used to scuttle along our fence bur he has vanished as well but the trees ... [ more ]
Susan H
Our garden is full of toads, but then we are in countryside. We also find newts. As for squirrels, don't get me started. I had 3 bird feeders destroyed by the blighters last year, despite having 2 dogs who'd love to have squirrel for dinner. I have to ... [ more ]

local gym

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quiz in aid of Barnardo's

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Tuddenham village hall
Gillian M in Westerfield
There are still places for the Barnardo's quiz. A team of 6 for £36.00 or singles to make up a team at £6.00. Numbers by Sunday please to Pat 01473 252326 or Pat 01473 240844

Day of hope big funday

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Foxhall community centre, Foxhall road
Michelle D in Ipswich Town Centre
Amazing funday for pregnancy, baby & childloss with megaslide, tots corner, football shootout, a balloon release many great stalls & more All in aid of bear for an Angel
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Waste petrol

Ian P in Castle Hill
Dear friends Recently my lawn mower would not start 1st time this spring and was advised it was because I was using stale petrol that I had kept over the winter. I was advised to use special fuel and this cured the problem. But I now had a gallon of ... [ more ]
Angus M
yes, adding to your car is the solution, best to add to a nearly full tank. I'm sure this year you'll empty the mower at the end of the cutting season. I tried to get rid of some old paint. IBC do have a procedure, but it's enough to put most people off. ... [ more ]

Bake for bears, coffee morning

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The meeting place, Limerick close, Ipswich
Michelle D in Ipswich Town Centre
We are holding a coffee morning with cakes, coffee, tea & more to raise funds for our no sew teddy bear package's,

Cats Protection Ipswich - Car Boot Sale

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Foxhall Comunity Centre (ex St Clements Sports & Social Club), Foxhall Road, Ipswich Ip3 8ls
Kitty Bank in Sproughton
Our Boot Sales are continuing into 2016  We'll be on site at Foxhall Road from 10am for those wishing to set up If you'd like to book a pitch please call Dave on 01473 680210. £5 a car, £7.50 for car and trailer/van Free entry to public to ... [ more ]

House Building on Westerfield railway site

Linda E in Maidenhall
The East Anglian Daily Times on Saturday had an article re. proposed house building on an 8 acre former railway site at Westerfield. It stated that Suffolk Coastal District Council are likely to give planning consent for 35 houses to be built. If this ... [ more ]
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Martin C
that's a big failing of this daft website. It seems to be very selective in what it shows to people, so often people don't get to see stuff that of general interest to the whole town. Try this link for the Northern Bypass discussion. ... [ more ]
Richard G
The fact that you are limited as to what areas you can see is a big failure of Streetlife.

Cats Protection Ipswich - Quiz Night

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Bourne Vale Social Club
Kitty Bank in Sproughton
7pm arrival, quiz starting prompt at 7:30pm Tickets are just £8 per person and include entry to the quiz and food. The menu for the evening is jacket potatoes with chilli (mild), cheese and beans or cheese and coleslaw. Teams should consist of 4-6 ... [ more ]

Cat Protect Ipswich Quiz Night

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Bourne Vale Social Club
Kitty Bank in Sproughton
7pm arrival, quiz starting prompt at 7:30pm Tickets are just £8 per person and include entry to the quiz and food. The menu for the evening is jacket potatoes with chilli (mild), cheese and beans or cheese and coleslaw. Teams should consist of 4-6 ... [ more ]

Cats Protection Ipswich - Spring Fayre + Rehoming Day + Neutering registration

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St Augustines Church Hall, Bucklesham Road, Ipswich IP3 8TH
Kitty Bank in Sproughton
Cats Protection goodies for sale, raffle, coffee and cake, FREE Neutering registration and all our current resident kitties will be there, hoping to meet their new owners. Do please come along and support us.