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Original Qigong workshop

Clubs & Groups in Common, The

I would like to invite everyone to join a new qigong workshop in Ipswich on 26 September. The workshop will be about learning Wu Ji Qigong form which is also known as ‘The Original Qigong’ and ‘Tai Chi for Liberation’. It is an excellent exercise for ... [ more ]

Any Tradesman

Give, Lend & Borrow in Castle Hill

Some time ago I bought a Router because of circumstances I have never used it,  it is like brand new, with four cutting blades/bits, still in their package, this is not a toy and should only be used by some one who knows what they are doing, anyone ... [ more ]

Computer help

Recommendations in Westerfield

Gillian M
I am using windows 7 when the display and my start bar opens it brings up a square above the task bar which blocks part of the display it has a small arrow at the bottom pointing to the task bar. I have done a scan and used c cleaner it does not go. Any ... [ more ]
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Gillian M
Thanks Mark will keep an eye on it thank you for screen shot am still considering but if things go wrong it is usually me they go wrong with ought to be used to it by now ha ha

8ft trampoline for sale

£30.00 in Ipswich Town Centre

Julie B
8ft trampoline for sale Good condition Comes with enclosure and a cover for winter Elastic that holds up enclosure could do with being replaced as they have stretched over the years Collection from IP1 Mornington avenue Will be taking apart at the ... [ more ]

Wanted please, pedal toy for 3yo

Give, Lend & Borrow in Ipswich Town Centre

Jan D
Hi all, I recently got a second-hand one of these for £20 from one of the local garage sales for my grandsons' 3rd birthday. The trouble is, they're twins and I need another similar toy (with pedals please) before 31st Aug! Have been looking on gumtree, ... [ more ]

Skatepark for Whitehouse Park gets the go ahead!

Local Conversations in Westerfield

Community Team IBC
Plans for a skatepark in Whitehouse Park have been approved by Council planners. The skatepark, which is supported by the North West Area Committee, will now be built by Wheelscape for the North West Ipswich Big Local Trust and the Sita Trust, who have ... [ more ]

Gas ovens

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Some time ago on streetlife people were have their gas ovens cleaned, I now find myself in a similar position, although its not dirty-dirty it needs sorting inside and out, also new oven bulb needed, any one know of some one? and of course the cost.
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Hi everybody I have been in touch with Chris and every is sorted thank you all for you help. Kuhli your pics were helpful Ta ever so
No problem Watchfull.  I hope you got all the pics, looks like you might only have three. The ones showing the inside of the oven are missing from my message.

car body dent

Recommendations in Castle Hill

Paulene M
Hi got a small dent in the back of my car (dont remember it happening!!)  Anyone out there  recommend  someone who would do a decent,inexpensive job in repairing it ??  Thanks neighbours
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Sarah S
Eric Poole and Sons, Unit 37 Claydon Business Park Ip6 0NP. Telling No 01473 830966. I had my car repaired by them when it was less than a year old. They are very good and do repairs for dealership garages in the area.

lost braclet

Lost & Found in Great Blakenham

Mick C
   A bit of a long shot but my wife has lost a Pandora silver charm bracelet, that has great sentimental value and has been missing since Friday 21st, could be Claydon  or Ipswich. Any news would be much appreciated.  Mick.c

Plumber wanted

Recommendations in Westerfield

Hugh B
We have Michael Hunt, 01473 216202, do most of our plumbing work. Smaller jobs I will tackle myself but it takes me a lot longer.

Fireworks - Dog

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Sarah L
My dog is scared of fireworks to the point where she shakes, sick and diarrhoea. We have taken her to the vets and they gave us some calming tablets + told us to get a defuser as this all helps. Cost us a lot of money and does nothing to help her. Just ... [ more ]
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Sarah L
Thanks for all your comments, seems to be no real solution to help this. Maggie: I haven't heard of one of them before, if you have no use for it, it's probably worth me giving it ago, as long as your sure. If so please feel free to private message me. ... [ more ]

Old Ipswich Police Station ???

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Does anyone know what's happening to the land the old police station in town is going to be? I went past the other day and it's practically demolished. More flats? Not another Tesco's I hope...
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Andrew T
Nosey Ron you don't know all the facts i.e. you don't know what he said to me in private messages. But i have had enough of it anyway.

Summer Fete at Prince of Wales Drive residental home.

Clubs & Groups in Maidenhall

Theresa H
there is a summer fete being held at prince of wales residential home. on saturday the 15th August from 2-4pm.  The home is on prince of wales drive, maidenhall.  please come and give support to this wonderful care home. There will be a few stalls where ... [ more ]

Road Closed

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Terry M
The lower end of Larchcroft Rd is closed today and maybe tomorrow if not finished for resurfacing from about 7.45a.m.  Peace at last from the inconsiderate speeding motorists. Wonder how these motorists would feel if I sped along there road and injured a ... [ more ]
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Toby P.
Larchcroft Road is a rat run made worse by school run parking, both for the Dales Road school and the Montessori School in Larchcroft Road.
Suffolk County Council
Hi everyone Just to let you know, you can request traffic calming measures by using our online reporting tool – highways will investigate and contact you to let you know if there is anything we can do. In ... [ more ]

Power cut

Local Conversations in Sproughton

Val S
On Wednesday evening, around 11.00pm, we lost all electric power.  After waiting a few minutes to see if it came back on we went outside to check our neighbours houses.  All seemed to have power. And we found that our electrical board was all OK.  no ... [ more ]
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Alex G
Val S. When you say that you checked the neighbouring houses, did you actualy check several adjacent houses? Quite often, the three phase distribution system means that every third house is on the same phase, so just checking your next door neighbours ... [ more ]
Val S
Hi Alex.  I didn't know that about the three phase distribution system and just saw that lights were on in direct neighbours houses.  Mind though it was pretty late at night so would be feasible that lights were out anyway. So glad to have received all ... [ more ]

Small wired hair terrier

Lost & Found in Ipswich Town Centre

Carole R
Small grey wire haired terrier type dog wandering about Defoe Rd near Thurleston School this afternoon. My friend has taken it in and its in her back garden to be safe. Has a collar but no tag and seems very friendly. Will give you address if anyone ... [ more ]
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Carole R
Thanks for that but did already know. The little dog s owner was found about an hour after posting details so a happy ending.

Happy Place

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

13-30hrs ITV News Ipswich have been voted the third happiest town in the UK Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho how many times have I said on streetlife one must have a sense of humour,--very much lacking with a lot of punters on here, don't you think?
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Jan B I think it was closed down because of lack of use-- I could be wrong but I think the big shops are closing down--leaving-- because of high rent and high business rates-- are not these issues controlled by central government and not by the Ipswich ... [ more ]
Jan B
But that Park & Ride ( Bury Road) always looked busy. In the week people used it to get to work in town, weekends to go shopping. They overstrectched by building the Martlesham one, cutting down many old English hardwood trees in the process, despite ... [ more ]

Cant get me money

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Have anyone noticed that Barclays ATMs are not working at supermarkets and other places-- this has been going on for over two weeks now-- I found out at ASDAs Customers service Counter it is all down to some glitch--why have Barclays not made this known? ... [ more ]
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I received a phone call from Barclays with an apology, to a point it was satisfactory but not conclusive, if I do get any more information I will put it up on here. Buzz R your one of them thats got what I keep on about SOH  please have a look at ... [ more ]


Lost & Found in Ipswich Town Centre

Sarah L
Recently I have spotted every now and then a black cat withwhite feet not sure if there all white. walking up Rosecroft Road everytime I see the cat it looks like it's getting thinner and thinner. I have tried to get the cat to take a picture but it is ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Bramford

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John B
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Black Cat

Lost & Found in Little Blakenham

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Afternoon tea

Recommendations in Westerfield

Gillian M
Can anyone recommend a good afternoon tea we have been to Tiptree at £12.50 which was very good but wondered if anyone knew of another good one. Thank you.
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Susan H
They do a lovely afternoon tea at Ickworth in the hotel, (proper one with little sandwiches as well) and we paid for ours with a Tesco 'day out' voucher!

Any Connection?

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

ATM cash points at local ASDA not dispensing cash-- anyone noticed problems elsewhere--any thing to do with HSBC closing down??
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Boarding kennels

Recommendations in Maidenhall

Robin H
I'm going away for a weekend in August and cannot find any friends willing to look after my dogs. I'm loathe to put them in kennels, as I don't think they will cope well with it, but see no other option. Can anyone recommend a good boarder in Ipswich (Or ... [ more ]
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Recommendations in Whitton

Hi can anyone recommend a good reliable builder that they have used please. I have a couple of smallish jobs I need doing.  Mine was supposed to start work today and never showed. Unable to contact him.
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Sarah L
I use RW services for all my work. Not 100% sure he would be able to do them but may be worth giving him a call? Reasonable prices and very reliable. 07506697313.